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tiki Qkififtiateman
t.lt J 4 . . : ; ' ; v -
'FRIDAY. EVENING, FEB.- 15, 1861.
ut: l
The Adams Express Company places os dally
under obligation to It for the very latest paper.
Item the eastern cities.
- : The American Eipres. Company ba. our
' thanki for He daily favorti In the shape of the
very latest eastern paperi. . , , ,
D. C.' La Roe's PaHorTioon of thb Wab iN
taou This entertainment, at Montgomery
' Hall last night, was a brilliant attraction
witnessed by a delighted and fashionable
audience; among" the visiters were the Mont
gomery Guards, commanded by Capt. Tcr,
We are In earnest in the belief that our . eltl
enzi will, throughout a highly luucessful season,
fall in love with and steadfastly admire this
charming and novel exhibition. It was raptu
rouslvapDlauded last evening. We cannot des
cribe It, for it Is unlike anything we ever saw
. Its base is a finely painted panorama of an Indi
an landscape, and views of oriental cities and
fortresses, the ecene of the Sepoy rebellion -
Then, upon this landscape, come motley figures
' of men, and steeds, and feats of war. They
marsh, they attack and defend, blaze with can
,aon, rattle, with musketry, and ail in an exceed
Ingly life-like manner.with an effect almost mag
ical. - We advise our readere to see the Panop
' tlcoo at Montgomery Hall.. It will be repeated
to night, and to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock.
. Dixo In this city, on Thursday evening,
the Uih Inst., Mrs. Lina Evans, wife of Mr. E.
' 8. Evans, in the twenty first year of her age.
She leaves one child, ail Infant. The remains
of the deceased will be taken this evening, by
railroad, to the resldenoe of her father, Mr.
Wm. f axeis, in west Liberty, Imogen county, i
Thus has our community been suddenly de
prived of a most amiable woman, who had
lately come to-oovclty to dwell withus; and .
jittsband and child have been bereaved of an af-1
-Ift. 4 ,A rnnA n...nf.
..v.mu. -u- M.v.uOT, K-- I
of a beloved daughter
1 t T
t . UTAn old PennBj Iranian who had immigra
ted to Ohio, took it into his head, to be ex
amined for admission to the bar. . Court was
1 then In session at Mansfield: and William
- Staisckv wae appointed, with others, to ex-
. amine,, the! candidate. ' STANBxar p opounded
'the following question:
m v i i ti a a j I
. To which our Pennsylvanlan replied, after due
"It is where
a nun kills hirst elf la self de-
Fiuman'i Statx CoNviirrion. The Flre-I
man's State Convention, at Ciroleville, on Wed
nesday, elected the following offioers to serve
during the ensning yesr: President, F.W. Mar-
t , , I
saillesj recording secretary, Wm. Van Doren;!
CorresDondinir Secretary. Jas. Stenchoomb:
in... ' . v.b.-i . - .
areuiuier, 4uicb "J'"-, I
.The next annual tournament Is to be held at
Toledo, on the second Wednesday In June. The I
next Convention will be held at Lancaster, on
the second Wednesday In February.'
DT Ths several persons whose pockets were
. picked, or who were otherwise despoiled, on
ci,ino.Mnirta.ieck.. i.niJAM..ara
"'v""l w-ea. w I
- ael
notinea toeauon major n.aum or luarsnai
UorrsoTH, at tneir respective omoes, at any i
time before Saturday, next, and describe their
losses,' whion - may be repiaoed from the
various articles taken from the piokpockets ar-
rested. 1 n ''' i ' .... . . i
ITAtilaln. hard-fisted old man called unon
t uov. uurun,, oi reonsyivania, tne otner nay.
The Governor, supposing, of course, that the
man wanted1 a'place somewhere, expressed bis
, appreciation of his past services, and said be
J was Sorry he could not reward him with an
oEoe.'i "But I don't want an offioe," said the
' bid man, "I merely called to see if you didn't
want to buy a good dog."
. ETAt Dayton, on the night of tho 12th Inst.
man by the name of Ewsamk was shot and in-
etahtly killed by the keeper of a doggery, named
. BiAOMf . ' The lattef i mmedlately gave himself
-.;,.up to the authorities, stating that the murder
ed man with several others was forcibly attempt
r 'thg to et into hla house; s he was In' the act
or shutting np for the night, i
ECT An exchange In a distant part of the
State, In notlolng the return home of a member
. of the Legislator, on Friday, . and bis staying
over i Saturday, Sunday and Monday, says the
UgUMf. obf .It twenty-four hour, in the
week. It is doubtful whether some of the mem
hers attend to legislative business that many
i hours in e, week.
UTTha fair tit tlia Ornhan'a Home, at Arm'
' . . .. o. I
ory Hall, was a very handsome affilr, leflecUng
. ji. .1 . Mi tk., kMAiMi i
t- O m
. ., .lnsjltutIon.,The receipts were not equal to last
'u -7ear, aitnougn, tne preparation oi aruciee wae
' on a scale rqaally extensive and attracting.
iTfnere are many conflicting rep
W. i l a.. ' m' . . .! C--4.
. ('i cam SO liJ0f ,andisios couai.ion ae fori
" 1 It la Ifflrtnle mattJM. in (iwm An
eniolon.i'Not so with tbeuarmenu cut oy u.
B.Kxii,Eiq.,at Clark's Net York Clothing
l ' Store-121, South High Street. m-.: i
tf Of fifty thousand persons insured in the!
TtKLiOUaon ,4 eng. auoiuchuu aevtu udui.uv. i
r i 'Comosnv. twentv-two were fatally injnred by
falls on street ilides In the eourse of single
fortnight. - - , ,7xJ j
tT Every one must admire the reply. i the
old olergyman, who, upon being complimented
- i a. a .elf-mad. man, said that he wu not made
.;; , yet his eduoation wa. still unfinished. :
n-w ir. t. mt.tA thai aawantw-nnii fiAMnnaheva
. . . . i, m imwu v j r "
naulIJi,.!!) aIl OlA MAtnnilla EnlafiODal
r. j .VWUM MU.WU,
X ' 1 . .... ' ; . a .. all
t?i -a Church in the tows . 01 t-nagrin raue, , uotot
- anrf thai alum iu,a hnntiMii and tniriw eonvex.
ions hart taken place.
-r.-; O Dr, LfwieV New Gihnastics, pnblished
c ' monthly at Boston, Mass., at only , one dollar a
ear Is a valuable and entertaining manual of
physical culture. The February" number i fair-l
ly worth the collar.
r a,l
laoHiCAL: To cafe poverty tit down audi
ttT: '.W aT.Anl Wlne noor. Br en dolntr. 11 Ka
Is el 1 i " . . " T
mt, -un sure te get rloh, Sua make yonrseir particular-
" 'Jy agreeable to everVbodyO-' ''til -
' 1 '' ' ' - r ' f r'11 .
:!-,' hiaki v.- i . . .,L.v,.
J friend, than those who Matter n. True progress
vi am requires either faithful friends, or severe ene-1
' " mlee.
" T' CT Tbs pickpocket, arrested by tht police,
on Wednesday, will hare a hearing before the
" 1 1 Msyor to morrow morning, at nine, o'docki ''
tT Bustle It not Industry any more than
recklessness Is courage.
Always Room df Staib.. A young man
was minting or studying law, saia to Daniel
Websteri '
"Mr. Webster, I understand the profession
law is quite ran, ana turn mere are more law
yers than are needed. Do jou think tnere
any ehanee for me'" . ,
"There Is always room up stairs," was the
reply, and as true as It was ingenious.- Only
few persons resch the hleh tilaoes, and these are
always In good demand. "There is room enough
First-class farmers and meoUnnloe, as well as
physioians, lawyers, etc., always find plenty
room. Blent of work, and ffood pav. Whatev
er eallins von choose, and it matters little if
oe an honest one, rewire to go in hi in upper
story: but do not try to lump there by a single
' ' .11 II 11.1 Tl-.l U 1
leap, or you mar iuu uiiooieu.
Rather begin at
the bottom of the Udder, and patiently step up
on each rouud. ' ' '-'.
U-T The great ut. jojwsow was wont to ssy
that the habit of .looking at the best side Of
every event is far better than a thousand pounds
IT uitn BWITT savs 1 never wonder 10 see
, j . . , i. ...
men wiosea; uut 1 uiten wuuuer vu tea uidu
not ashamed
BTThe Marion Mirror records the marriage
of one of Its editors, Mr. T. H. Honota to Miss.
Mattib Lii Saitib. '
Rail Road Time Table.
Lrrru Mum k Oilcmbdi k Xtma B. R.
Leaves. Arrives,
Aooommodatlon 8.10 A. M. 9.15 P. M.
No. Ex ..8.30P.M. ' 3 30 P.M.
MihtExpreaa J.45A.M. 8.45 A. M.
OiaraLAjm. Oounsui at OiwoimaTi R. R.
IxnnH and Mall 3.00 p. M. 1.40 P. M.
Miaht Sxpreeo 3:8 A. M. l:M)k. M.
OawtbalOhio B. K.
Kxpreea Train 3.00 .. M 8 30 A. M.
Mail Train 8.40 P. M. 8 20 P. M.
PiTTtco, OotOKBCe k OnwnmATi B. R.
IxpreeiTraln 3:00A.M. 9.30P.M
Mall Train 8.40 P.M. 8:80 P. M.
Oolumbua, Plqua k Indiana B. K.l .
Ixpreee Train 8:10 A.M. 11:10 A. M.
Bisreii Train 8:45 P.M. 8:10P.M.
try for several yeare, and is a speedy and ner
, tafB mn for ifr, bronchitis, asthma,
MeessfuUy compete In point of qualltywlth any
the interior rvx vmaa ataw hm macAtiu; bow
wSSWlUM lUStim tUssths
toca Bttob the only onewhtoh cannot be raveled.
1 A T.txi on Born Sibm o( the good, leaying no rW or
Alixandib thk Gxiat. Alexander con
qnered the world, and then wept for the want
of another to subdue. But James Pyle has con-1
Laered the world of spurious Saleratus makers,
with his pure Dietetic, and Is reaping a rich I
u . r. u. . -.1 J t
uarTsst irum w iiuiucuaa aoioo, auu is ury ii
from crying about it. Depot, 343 Washington
Street, New-York.
Tri GatATMT Cough MiDicmx inthc Wosld
'We take great pleasnre in callinit the atten
tion of our readers and the publlo to the won
derful virtues and numerous testimonials of
I; W . Aver'e Pdlmonio Chisxt Cordial. This
is unquestionably the orsettst ibcA prepay nfion
in tki World! It has been used in the Dootor's
aan.I.a ... .(In. I n waaiMMa n..,a .F tka Mm. a.. I
night sweats, difficulty of breathing, &c, Ac.
tie wbo aids in introducing this great prepara
tion to the community, is a benefactor to man
tCT We believe thatD. B.De Land &
the Fsirport Chemical Works. Fair port, Monroe
Co., N.Y., are manufacturing as good, If not
9IZZZ? i-L aZ.JZl
j- iu .cuu.u6,
and not used in this country, except at thia ea-1
tablisnment, places tnem in a position to sue-
manufaotnrera of this article in tho varld. I
Their Salmatui la rjerfeetlv cure, of uniform
r . I
quality, and perfectly healthful. It Is now for
bJ of the grocers thronghont the conn-
tiru-a jr r p i it a A.
!... f ah. swin. .h.-, .nv. t.in ,miHU.
u McLiam's STBMOTAnta Comal and Blood
Pour i ex, and McLxan's Volcanio Oil Lini-
can De so easily ooutnea. ineuoraiai
eslll Mnatr k klriAil ShABAierehlei e4 4k A T Ul
imm will CBre -8ee .dvertUe-
Sathvactosy. We believe that before many I
weecs snail nave gone by, every iamuy in tne
State will constantly keep Goaanev's Balm in
the house, ever ready to be applied at a- mo
ment's notice. Wbo can estimate the amount
good it has and will accomplish T . .
UT See advertisement of Prof. Millm's
Hair In vigors tor in another column.
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
; ; I
The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company1! Urst-elats
full-powered Oiyde-hullt Steamer e aail every 9ktm
nrday from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
United Btatea sun ana pwiengere, ...
BOHBMIAM .... Capt. Orange, .. ! ,
NORTH BBITOS Capt. Borland, ) -
CANADIAN ..Capt. Graham, . .
NORTH AMBRIOAN.. Capt. Alton, . . . ;.:
ANGLO-SAXON Capt. Balanune, i -
HIBERNIAN. . t . .j., .
NOBWBOIAN. ' ' i .:. . , . . i
BhmrUmtt CIie.peit .da,ckc.C.n.
Teyance from
wm aall from LIVERPOOL ewe it Wednesday.
and rrom vubbbu every Bainraayeoaiungat
LONDONDKRRY, to receive on board and land Mailt and
Panengera, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
Glugow paaiengen are farnlehed with ntrepanage
tSto aidfrom Londonderry, i , , ;
Hutiirn uokato trranted at reaneeoi raiee. '
ien rrai
An experienced Samoa attached toeachiteamer.
Oertlficatea kiiued for carrying to and bringing out pas
cal from all the principal towni ol Ureal Britain and
Ireland, at reduced ratei. by thia Una of ileamere, and
tearing Liverpool every weex.
For paeeage, apply ai ine umce. vaus
8ABEI IXABLS, Oeneral Agents,
nolO-lydatw - ' Statetmao Office, Columbui, Ohio.
' At all parties auanufacturing Sewing Machine! an ob
I lla 1a ll. Una, a llnanu ah anilna aala.l
I ' . . I . . .
I anil AM .an AntmMllan to maka ntlmllA him. mailer
h . uMmhareoid. h hooka t. .,..u.I
l manl. wrom tnti reuaoie aoaroa wa navu obtained tne
1 . II J -.-.I..: . ra ... a. 1 .l .
i tnere weraeoia, t ., . , - i ,i ,
By Wheeler at-Wlleou. ...,.,. 81. 3DS
:: ;i t. M. Iliwr At Oti.. ....... ..I0.H53
Oram Sr. Baker .,10,2btx "
Showing the sales of Wheeler Sc Wlllon te M dowMe
thoet of any other Company.".
Awarded tht hlebeet nreminxie at tht '
United Btattt fairs of lHiH, 1850 and 13C0;
. ',.;..- i . alaoat the
Ohio State lain of 1839 and 18Wi t
i and at nearly all the County fain In the Btate..
. or
I loce atWAauoninw now woui, ana miiim uiuniwa
AU wiowAaiua twrialal I viavt. ami MfmeMpw
gives ia tntlr ate, frat or entree. r '
-... m. CBABI.el High ttooiamrjai,w.
. . WM. SUMNER k CC r
eec3-tawd3bfcwa Plkt't Opera Boom. Cincinnati.
CLOVE ll Et ur&;r,!
- i I'.
a .,:-"JI'J? BIEJna?BACHEU
la store for sals by ,
?BICil BIPPCIP'-" u ! ,;f
W 31 Itnttsnaa DnllOiPg.
Mr. Rice presented a petition from Minnesota In favor
or int untttnaen resolutions.
Other petition! ol the ume nature were presented
The President's message wu postponed till Wednes.
Mr. Douglas prewnted memorial! againit changing ths
wareaoose ayiieai. .it
Tbt Tariff Bill waa taktn no. - - ' ' '
Sir. Hunter onnoied It. contendlne that the revenue
from publlo landi end the preient tarlS If suffielent to
carry on tne government ll properly aaminieiereu.
ilr. Slmmnnfl linnnrted thfl hill. ereuinff for the Bboll'
tlon of the warehousing lyilem, which waa losing the
Oerernment a million a veer,
ant senate went Into executive teitioo
Mr, gtaIlton -... .ttaIlBoil to snorter Batur-
debate. a,iDf Ooxwu therein repreeenteaaeur
i an at nun ubiibu uul uiieriu ubiu
I Mr. Oox explained, that he bad allowed Mr. Hutchias
io insert a paragraph, at ue laiier-a request,
Mr. Stanton danraoatad inch a sonree. earing It Disced
him In a noeltion of harlne allowed Mr. Oox to make a
I remanr. wnnout replying, ana oontinuea in tome severe
I w v DTunwinni
i nroeeedinaa.
Mr. Oox defended hlnualf. eurinchll remarks about
nr. uiddinta were In reference to the aooeeetor 01 ur,
Oonaiderable debate on ths lubject eniued, by Meiers.
Stanton. Oox and Uatchlns.
The PaolOo Railroad bill wae tneo eonelderea. ine
amendment that theoentral route ahall go by It. Rile,
from the mouth of the Kanaaa liver, wae atrtoken out.
The report of the oommiltee of 33 wu taken up.
Mr. Oamnbell aald If the forte and araesale be return'
ed, he would lieten to the eomplalnta and furniib a rem
edy. Be argued that the territorial queation ahould be
aeuica By ine admieilon ol new Mexico, ana ravorea ue
proposition or the committee.
Mr. Howard, from theselect committee of Ave. aubmlt
tedarenortaatothe alleded eonaniraey. The oommit-
tee aay If the pnrpoie waa at any time entertained of
rorming an onanliation to Kite ine meirici or uoiumota,
orattack the Oapitoi, to prevent the Inauguration of Mr.
Lincoln, It aeema to have been rendered contingent upon
me aeceielon ol Maryland and Virginia, ana .ine cane-
tlonTof ,one of them, certain. Unranlaattor,i In thia
Dlitrlet and the State of Maryland that, prior to
the (election, teemed to be open, political ciuba nave
since auumed the character of military organitatione,
and are now engaged In ddlllng, and expeot to provide
themielvei 1th armi.eome from Btate authorltlee, and
othen by private aufaecriptlnni. But ao far aa the com
mittee are able to learn their purpoeee, while they iym
pethlced itrongly with leceiilon, there ll no proof that
they intended to attack either the Oapitoi or the dlitrlot.
nnleie a inrrender ehould be dtmanded by the Btate to
wntcu they nroreri a high degree or allegiance.
Some of theee comoaiilea In Baltimore nrofeeled to be
drilling for the sole purpoee of preventing other military
wXhlL" f "-'m a?.1! ."."JIIuJ:
Committee failed to diicover eatiifactorj evidence that
Oapitoi or aoy other pnbiio property in the Dutrict, or
"""" mrwi. ir Ilia aanmieu Ml muj o. uin. ur-
tnuatloni were hoellle to tbe government, or entertain
ed unlawful ournoiea. they are In no proper eenie leoret
eua are not mart roro men aa an eoniempiaiea in me
reaolutlona of the Honie. The Committee ll unanlmoua-
ly of the opinion that the evidence before them doee net
prove the exiitence of a leoret organiiatlon here
or e lee where hoitlle to the government, that hu
for ite object upon III own reeponilbillty to at
tack the Capitol or any public property here,
or an interruption or tnt function! or ins govern
She Committee lubmtt all the evidence, and aak that
j""1 he report be printed, and theOommlttee
a,S?,2'd - h .u,. m. .--i.
WHO UIO mejOniy
. . . . .
Be iavi It iDiniri from the ttitlmon of Oen. Scott
that 7 oompanlee of artillery, and one of aappera and
minera, have been ordered to and quartered In the city.
unaer toe mutaken belter that the publlo property wai
in oanger, ana aui the adoption oruie following reioio-
tlon: ; . .
Jiuolced. That theanarterlna of troool of the rera-
lar army lo thia SiitrlcL and around the Capitol, when
not neoeuary for their protection from a hoatile enemy
become detractive of civil liberty: and in the opinion of
""J Houie the regular troopi now in k ought to be forth-
Branch demanded the previou. quti.n.
. vanate roiioweo, wnenar. uawee wanlea to nnow now
it oouid be a minortty report, when u majority report
M"B - ' t .
,";, ?ma UB,a m-eapern., ...
m.. n..i.i a. iK..nn,iii.. ...h.m.
to prove the exiitence of a oonipiraey waa toeauee the
- ...... . ..J- ...I..
pic-Buoe oi ,fls irvope proTcnicu il ripvoina mio inai
mn. ue movea to table air. vranon'e reeoiution.
ur. Branch remarked that hii reeoiution wae eanctlon-
ed by no other member of the committee, bie name alone
Igned the minority report) the reaaon wai tho majority
report did not go far enough.
Mr. Cochrane deprecated aa much ae any lever of civil
and religloua liberty the gathering of an armed force,
but the evidence ihowed that there waa danger at one pe
riod. Mr. gunkel wu aitlidcd that tho whole feoulilUou
originated with the War Department, or Oca. Scott.
He bclierod lie object wee to .furnleh to aba country a
planalble excuie for the concentration of a military force
at)Waebington, or elae originated with the Governor of
Maryland, or eome other emlewry had auperlndnoed the
moTement. hecaneehe waa the only man thai had the
audaoitv or tern tri ir io aisart mch a combinatioo te ex
let lu ue state of which he la the unworthy Chief Max
titrate. '"'
M r. Webeter aald Gov. Bloke acted from patriotic mo
tlver. Ills eonduotwai approved by two thirda of the
people of Maryland. After tome further debate the
re.oloUon wai tabled 1SJ agalnal 3J. '; i
Arrival of the President Elect at Pittsburgh.
PiT-muaoH. Pa..' feb. 14 Tho Preaident elect and
party left Columbui at 8 thia merntni. the train In
charge of Auiatant Huperinteadent Layng. In iplte of
tne lata, number! hgi collected la tne depot, wno IM Mr.
Lincoln adieu. At Newark, Iraeeyiburg, Dreeden,
Coihoctcn, Newcomeritown, and Urlckaville, large
crowd! of ladlea and gentlemen had collected, notwllh-
tanalng tee pelting rain. The train atoppea at uaaia
Junction, where an elegant dinner wai provided by at re.
1. L. Jewett, wife of the Preeldentof the gtaubaaville
and Indiana Railroad. Mr. Jewett wai Invited and ac
companied the train; alio the ateubenvilleeommittee.
BTioaaNviuJb The rain bad ocaeed, ana inert wee a
beautiful dcmonitration by about 9,000 people.- Amid
the firing of cannon, Mr. Lincoln aaoanded the itage and
waa welcomed by Judge Lloyd. Mr. Lincoln reeponded
briefly.. Ue laid he (eared that great, confidence la nil
ebilltlrewai unfounded. The place I am about toae
tumo ie encompaiied by vaet difflcultiee. . Aa I am, no
thing ihall be wanting on my part; unieee eoetataed by
the American people and Sod, I cannot hope to be ano-
eneful.' 1 believe the devotion to the ConaUtuUen la
equally great on both aldea of the river; it ll only the dif
ferent underetandinge of it. The only diipute la what
are their rlghti? It the majority thould not rule, who
ehould be the judgel When ouch a judge la found, we
tut be all bound by hie declelon. That Judie la the
majority of the American people; if not, then the minor
Ity moot eoatrol. Would that be right, Jbii, orgen
erouil Awuredly not. He reiterated that the majori
ty ehould rule. If he adopted a wrong policy, the op
put In my place. The time being up, the speech was cut
abort. i
Mr. MoCnllouih, Freiident of tne Cleveland Si Pitts
burgh road, got on ibe train to accompany the party to
Cleveland; alio, the Committee to invite Mr. Lit win to
tne reception at Aiiegneny uity. at weiuviiie. me
Cleveland Committee Joined the party. There wu a
ear Urea dcmonitration at thia Dlace.
A pelting rain prevented tne intended dcmonitration
to tome extent. The party proceeded In eerrtefee to the
alonongabcla uouee, nttiDurin, where nr. Llnooin aa-
d re wed an Immenee orowd. lie aald he would not give
them a ipeech aa he thought It more tare if not
more wlee for a public man. I t
Beexpreeied hli gratification and aurpria at Seeing
M mrmm t a nw.l . mnA .Mnk hnUitflLBh n t hll lUu mini.
aolf. ' Thia waa undoabtedly attributable to the poiltlon
to wsich, more by accident tnan by merit, tie Baa al
He remi ked further that If all tbeeeenenetto. whole'
eon led people whom be cue before him were for the pre
eervatlon of the Union, be did not are how It oould be in
danger. Chetilng etteg". of ."Union .as -no compro
He had Intended to lay a few wordi to the people of
Plttaburcb, the gnateetmannfactartng city In the United
BUtee, upon inch matter! ea ha believed they deelred to
hear; but as ht had adopted the plan of holding hit
tontutfor the moat part darlnt the mat canvaat and
inoe hie election, hi had, perhiui, better now hold hli
tontua. lOrieeof "toon.'!
Well. I am reminded that there li an Allegheny city.
li well as an Allegheny County, the former the banner
town, ana lire utter ue banner bounty pernapa ot tnt
world, i am a-ad to lee both or them and ine tood peo
ple of both. That I may not diiappoint Uvea. I will
eay a raw woroa to you to-morrow, aa to lot peculiar in
tereitt of Allegheny oouny. Aebe cloeed, icmeone
propoeed three ebeen for the Union aa It la, wheh ware
given with a will. . ..... i
air. ittnooin win ipeaiin ue morning ate D'ciocx,
and then be eeoorted by the military through both eitlee,
and will then leave atUa'clook, for Olavaland. Had It
naihaan h, . ulll.i anm.
the diiplay would bare been
. , a . ,
I fine. . Ilaaama na arr.n.nn
arrangements have yet been made for
m. ,eetion i. N.w.va.k.,
Michigan Will Probably Appoint Commissioners.
i v.... ! .-i. .. . i
DrraatTi feb. M. OoTeroor Blair to-day. In bit moi
tage accompanying the Joint leeolutlona ot tht New Tork
and Indiana Legislature! for tht appolntmant of CoBf
miitlonen to tfee.waihingtea react uonvenuon, aayi:
Belng BWaie or previoae acuon and legtalalion upon
thli lubiect. I navtaeaiutea nerora rartnereainng at
tention to It. bat It leemt to Be that eireomitaBeet af
fecting tht propriety of tending Commlaelenort are at
lar cnangea it .touiiirr tnt runner oonuaerautn ot tne
It wu believed that the Legislature would
liner lie acuon, ana uiti uommienonira woaia oe ap
pointed to day. .- .. .... .
United States vs. Postmaster Fowler's Bondholders.
, ; i-nr ''keUeEB.f '. r-.tf
New Tomc, feb. 14. Tht Jury tn tht Dlitrlet Court
of tht Called S tatee kavt returned a verdict agalnet the
oovernment on Inn net, in tnt oaet or roitmaeter yowl'
art bondLJMrt, on int aroana uai rowier waa a ae-
faalter te tht amoant of 50,000 when tht bocdi were
ilgoeel. tbe wit now fate .to trial before a Judge on
quations ol law. , m, ;3 .,. .;,
Adlonram.it of tha toulslana Conysntlon.
NiwOaUint, feb. IS Tbe Otnvenllon 'adjourned
yeiterday till March 4th, to await toe action of the
' Boutbiro Congress.
United States vs. Postmaster Fowler's Bondholders. Washington Items to the New York Press.
New Toil, Tab. 13. The Times Waahlngtos eerreS.
poadenlaayi: It Is reported that z-aeotctary Iloyd,
before leaving Waihlngton. oont U hie home remltlanoes
in epeeie amounung io ixv,wivaaiian.
The Senate to-day prolonged It exeeatlve seieloa
ever the nomination of PettU as Judge of Kauai. . The
deeiaion wu poetponed. ' :
Senator! Souglaeand Pagh are oppoeed to both Pettll
and Black, and their confirmation will be defeated la a
nil vote. . . : .
xeiegrame irom norm uanniaa eay w mniea wen
will bo very rloae, but the ehancea are agalnit ieoenion
The lame oorreeDondent mentlona Mr. Ba'Jarnette. of
Va., aa the member who abetraeted Irom the Bouee Ll-!
brary a large number of the booU which are now min-
Theexpoeeln the Tlmtt has had the effect of bringing
back large quantllleeot booka that nave been milling for
a long lime
Col. Drlnkberd, Chief Clerk af ths War Department,
under) Viord. la dlimliied. Mr. Potta, who wai Chief
Clerk under Secretary Conrad, fill the place tempor
arily. :
BelnforeeminU have started tor fort Tortugu, and
other relief haa been ordered from Texas. .'
United States vs. Postmaster Fowler's Bondholders. Washington Items to the New York Press. Important Item — Mr. Guthrie's Proposition
Adopted in Committee.
WAiHiaaTON. Feb. M. The teuton of the Bnb-Oom.
mlttee of the Peace Convention laeted till midnight hut
niaht. and wai at timet itonay. duthrle'a provoiition
ubatantially that of the Kentucky Legislature wee final
ly carried, with the provieo that ao territory ahall here
after be acquired without the approval of three-fourlhi
of the Senate.
Niw Tot a. leb. U. The departure of the North
German, Lloyd'a eteamer, New York, haa been poetponed
from- to-morrow to Saturday, February 83d. Thli
change hu been made eoceiaxj by her retarded srrlval
The Journal of Oommtrat etatet that ths steamer
Daniel Webiter will mil from thia port to-day, with 190
troope and mnnltlone, deelgned aa reinforoementi for
Port Plckena, Florida Bbt la chartered by the United
etatet uovtrnment, and olean tornraioi, Santiago.
Boitoh. Feb. 15. A quite wall attended eonven tlon
of colored oeoDlo waa held here laat nlihL In alalia
martin i cnurcn. eiued In anueipaiion ol an attemnt to
dlerranchlea and drive them from tbe oountrr. An ap-
The Common Connett- bare oenfer red with the Board
of Aldermen In a reoolvt Inviting Senator Crittenden
io Tim do! ion liter ine aojonrnment oi Uongreia,
PniLaOILPBlA. Vb. IS A anmirilttea nf UHtii. a...
have been anbolnted to make arraneementa far tha iTni.n
Convention, to be held here on the Vti of February.
rairi, iDioDning w pariioipair, are requci'.ed to no
tify J. M. Vau Uouten, by telegraph.
Baliioo. N. 0.. Fab. 14. The tlonaa Ilia
Mlnneeota reeoiution! embractnc the doctrine of soar.
eion, and they will probably be Indignantly returned.
Aua aieguiaiurt win aajourn nexi weea.
WAemmTow. Feb. U. At tha Peara
day leTcral addretMf ulogUtlo of th Utt Judf Wrlgbt
wvn Henive -
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, Feb. 15. 1861.
The followlne art the retail anntattnna mrwiwi h
aicAoa . nnneux, wnoieeeie ana retail grocera, No. 34
l?. 0. Sugar
uaia to
Oornw bu. ....
Butter 1
aapit do
1031)tiyrup f gal. etxS7So
Lard t, lKc
tea w i,...,auo.,7M.epi uu
Teddo Tea .1 00
Tallow 9i0c
Dried Annlea bu. .75B100;
aioOoioo e ..ixi'io
Dried Peachai....3 7V43 001
lava do Mie
White Beant bu..
Potatoet S bu. ....
Salt In tack
Salt f bbl
,7S(10U I Bice f, 6o
SMS Broomi dot. .SI 855 00
150SSV Bay t ton 17 00
ei.73Boancbox) a.... wane
Beer t cwt..
to OT Vlour 9 bbl SI KQUK
Hams ft, 12XS14c:
white Wheat do t5as 00
Rye Fkmr t bbl... .4 00
Bhouldert B iu.-
Sait Pork owt. ... $7i7JVc
wooa w eora....... xo
u and lee. UdiX. box. . Ibe
Mackerel No.lhfbbl
Mackerel No lar bbl
ASM Oheeat SI 10l2o
'j Applet w ba , 'U r5c
Mackerel Holklti..
9 7S;Bominy perbuih , 11 10
ti 00 Whliky per. tall.. .....95c
Cod FUh t, 7e Baiilna, M B. Box.. ..9 80
Herring f bbl .1 751 " Layera u ....3 00
Buckwheat flour per 1). S He Bultan V k 18Ko
Corn Meal S ba.
Sir Fin a,.
... 8ll)o
Egge f doe...
Dried Beef...
1013XS Prunei 9 t-
BKo ..
FLOUB Sales at St 9013 for red. and at 15 252 S !0
for white. ...
WlliAT Traneacttoni hare been rather mora active
I wheat daring the peat week ealet at 90c(aiSl. '
CO EN galea to Meein. J. Ai L. Settler dnrlnt tbe
week, amount to 1,850 both, bought at 23c. The mane
houie hu ihlpped to Cleveland 1,000 both, thtlled corn.
u atb uun at vuo. I
RYI Small ealee at 50c.
CLOVER BCBD Beeeipte light at S3 15.
P0IAT0P.S SaleetrtftalSJe according to quality.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 15.
ASBIS tteady and anchaneed: em lee amall nanmla.
5S0potaand55pearle. : i
FLOUR receipt! 4.9M bblir market 'ononed etradv
and cloied ihade firmer; telet 13.000 bbli. it .5aVl 10
for Super Bute, 3 1535 80 for Bxtra Btate, 5:l 10
for super weetern, S3 exsJJ eu for inferior to good i hip
ping brand! Bxtra Hound Hoop Ohio. i
bib a-iiUUK eteaoyel B4 3XaD4 in, i
WBIAT reeeiptt S8.000 buah.: market! ontfned
Iteady and cloeed a thadt firmer; ealei 35 000 buih. at
1 SV(al RSlnetoreand delivered for Mtlwaukle Olub
Amber Wleconiia and Iowa; .1 SB delivered far re
Bute, (1 43 for red weitem. ' - - i
RYE-duietl 65867. " j i j,
BARLlT-eteedy; 70fl. ... . ' I
CORN reeetptt B.taS bulk, market ihada flnaar: Oalea
000 buih. at 05c. for old mixed weaternln Inatero; 01
3 for new at railroad depot. . ..
OATS firm at SStaWSo- fer weetern, Oanadaalaa and
Btate. r... ,
PORK dan and anchaated: aaleaoT 10 hhle. at ?.
00 for men, and 113 00 tor prime. ;
bekf quiet anpunrnanged.
CUT MB ATS Iteady. dull and heavv. aalei 100 bbli.
at SKO10. i
LARDdall and heavy :at 9X10. !
BUTTER in fair xeaueat aa luatU ana 14A1S for
tate. I.,,, . ,
OHIKSB-iteadyattaiOX. .
WBISKT aaaadt Brmer and mora actlre: aalet SSO
bbli. at 17. .
BTUUB.B higher Wltn a fair boiloeee. moner and ex
change preeenl, nothing new, Oh k HI igU: Q B k Q
71X ; J 113; 0 a Tol 34; Gal k Ohio T3 0 k P tlK;
III 0 acrlp 7SX M SHX; do quoted at W, O k Tol
Inking fund 74; Pas Mall 85; Canton IS; It T 0 7,
riejux; uamox: Harlem IB; Beading 43; M
0 37;Bud!on31bondaP6: Brit 4th bondi6SK;do lit
iOiH N 8 6e 68: Boaoona 100. Treaaarr le 101 Tenn
6e 74: Ve 76,1a'-, N 0 79; Mo Se N T ItaU&i 63 and , 100,
do 71 S4 and 105, H T 0 ot o.
Cincinnati Market.
Then to but little doing In the flour mtrket. Bellen
art offering more freely, and prion are quite Irregular,
ranging irom .no w itiormpenine; vevotoajew
for TOrT tood iradet of extra; tht lut. It It aald. will
cover good qualltlet of whllt wheat extra.
whbat wu a utile more una man ytattrday, but
price! remain u then jaoted, linot tbtre it no demand
forinlpment, ." i
CORN hu lem mini, ana it may no quoted one cent
per bushel lower 33o. for tar. Shelled It only In mod
erate requett. ,'-. i
OATB are nncnangedatir7e. .' --
BARLBT ll only bought at It It required rna day
to-day; bo yen preferring to run with tho mtrket than to
take havy etocko. It ia generally aald that brewing hu
keen quite reduced In amoant. Prlett are quite Irregu
larly quo ted, tlnct many of tht taltt are made on tx
oreM or Implied ctndltlont tivtnr tbe bwer oertaln ad-
Tan tagee for a he tier rate. Prima tall It reported to be
worth 63 to 75o, according ae the traneeetioa may be
made for euh or timeir ti made of really varying gradea.
A plenty can be had at 70o euh. .
RVE-wtttlll aaott at S8c 1
WHISKY had a very good market, andadvaaced to
He. agaia ut. lew. 4o. JS.
Cleveland Market.
February. 14.
Mo ealet of oontt
fLOUR quiet and unchanged
quenee repwrted. -i v
WHEAT ealet ef 4 cart red on track at tl.Oteod
ear white at Bl.15.
OOBtf quiet at 3Se.
flirflia.nl.tatUil. t
. l
BEKDS-eelee of lota Clover 40 both tat at' 4,m:
PORK ealet or 50 bbli No. 1 meoo at f IU.W.
BOOS lower, ealet tbbrttt Hie. - .
BOOS tatee 10 head at 0.25.
BIQBWlNEB-tales 30 kbit at ISev ' ' .1
; u: . e
Philadelphia Market.
Ftoom dull and Bwrhaeged. ' WoWrt dull, red 11.-
j4,ISrJ; While I,33M5. 3a-Arm as S705c.
wauntr auii. .. i
' wm. a. uaicneior uair jjyei
Jh. Original and Best . In ths) Wotldl .
All others art Biers Imitations, and thonU bk avoided
ifyoawlthtoeioaptrldleuli. ' ' ' ''K' ',"'' ,
OBAT, BID 0B BUBTT HAIB, Pyed tnitaotiy to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, Without injury to
EairorBkin.' ;'.-.;' ' " ,h. i B4r
ttTTBKif liBSAta AND DIPl0A8 bave btt
awarded to Wat. A. Batchslorin 1839, and over 80,00
applloatloni have beta madk tfl the Balf of Hi patreae
of hltfamoutdyti-" ' -- ; ... i
or notes be llstlngulahed froea nature, tad It warranted
tot to Injure la the least, however long U aiay be eontln
sad, and tht III iffeeta ef Bid Dyn remedied; the Hair
mvlgorated for Ufa by this splendid Dye. ,
old la all elUts and (own. of the United gtateo-DrvaTaiMtn4steavoedstaltiWs-r
0lhs ftenulsthaauit namtanOI tddresi upon eittel
sltki aBmvref ea four itiltssof took, box, of WIU4AH
A, BAl'OHBLOR, ' Atertm i
m- " oaABLBBATOHBLOB,?oprletor,.:'';
JyOwly lBrlyttrtet,l(ework.
Best Cough Medicine in the World!
Great Remedy of the Age
Coughs, Colds, Throat Diseasee, Hoarseness,
Oroop, Bronchitis, Asthma, Early . Stage
Consumption, Spitting Blood, Night
Sweats, Feverish Condition, &,o.
(,,Prioo, l.
Of the great remedial which Dr. Avam (of the Throat
and Lnng Initltute, 30 Weet Fourth Street, Cincinnati,)
hu offered to tht public, there It none which has glvta
luchunlvereal eatlif action In hit practice aa tht "Pol
omio CwaaST Oobdul.''
It poHottet the most extraordinary powert, and
among tht pointt of marked tnptrlority of thli favorite
remedy are theee:
JET1 eemimiBM sat) iriorphlne. orany
thlusr ivtalch will derange the Bew-
ele rlntpa.lr tbe Appetite.
IOIt centalne tto deleterious ink.
staace whatever. j
Hj"The effect la prompt and permtt
nent. 3T7Ae a cure or preventative ef
It ba no- eqaal. None who have
ever need It have been attacked
ej q q q -q q q.q q q q
Do not Confound It with any other prepara
tion put up by any person of similar asms.
Thli Cough Cordial hu been thoroughly teited thout-
andi of timei, and In nt out hu It tver failed! .
Bear Id mind that thli 0 berry Cordial It tbt prepara
tion of a regularly educated Practicing Pbytldan, a
point not to be lightly titlmated by thoee who require a
iterllng medicine.
Oeo. W. Blot, liq., of Cincinnati, eertlflee to a re
mark able curt of Aithmt, tbt patient being hla wife.
xat remedy tnt eordiai.
John B. Be ten. In., of Cincinnati, teatlBei to a re
markablacureof chrcnlo throat dieeaae by meani of thia
great remedy.
Rev. Sr. J. F. Chalfant, Pretldlng llder. (M. E.
Church, Dayton DiitrioM eaji: "i cordially re com
SMnd Dr. Ayer't wonderful preparation to thote who
may be tnffering from chionle catarrh ordiaeuet of the
Ih.oat and liungt."
Solomon Adaol (of tht well known Importing Dry
uoodt uouie, uugnee, Adami ea vo,,; uinetnnaii, aayi:
"I heartllT commend Dr. Aver'e Cordial at iutllv de
terring tht celebrity It hu attained-"
Obu. Monroe. Ian., Cincinnati, aayt: 'I cheerfully
erpreaa my talieet conndenct in ur. Ayer t medicine.
S. R. Bates, laa., wrltet form fifth Avenue Hotel.
New York: "I ehall alwaya recommend my friendi to tbe
net of your Cordial, Heeling, that it hu effected what
eome or tbe moat eminent phyaiclana In Mew York and
Cincinnati failed to aocompllah, vlx: tbe cure of Mn.
oaiea inroai.
T. J. Imereon, Eiq., Profeetor of Vocal Muile, Oin-
clnatl, aaye. -All other rrmedlet having failed to core
or relieve my throat, I need Dr I. W. Aver'e Cordial,
and am happy to tay, It effected an tntire and perfect
curt.-' .,
L. B. Eager, Oonatable, Clevehsd. aayt: "With the
ate of Dr. Ayer't Cordial I.txperienoed the moot deckled
roller, and nave no doubt or ita antcting radical and
permanent cure." ;
Rev. 1. O. Tucker. Brookvllle. Indiana, wu eurei of
Ceoaumptlon and snllnei in tnt ttrwngeet term! to tht
woaaonui tmoaay oi tnt toraau. i
Ktr. 3. B. Allen, Putor ot the Vretbyterlan Church.
Brookilne 0.. cored of chnmlo broncbltla. aayi: "I am
now able to Bee my volet u well u at any tint during
my xeinieiry ana viiu mora enen ana oomrort. A now
roj oloe out A applied to Dr. Ayer. "
Equally atroof letlert and teatlmoniala from S. S.
Barliaow, Bapt. of Bridgeo, Cleveland: H. Banner,
Menbant; M. Banford, Merohant 0. A Tan Blyke,
Btoamboat tn llder, Buffalo; - Col. Crump, Hannibal,
Mo.; 0. P. Johneon, Eeq., City Attorney, St. Louie.
Bev. A. . Bane, Springfield, 1 lis; Moeei Cheat,
Eeq. , Civil BnglaeoY, Pittibargh; and hundred! of othen
have been receirtd.. , , ,
For talt In Cincinnati by K. 80 ANL AN a 00.,
Whoittale Agtnw, corner Vourtn and Main Streets.
Comer of fourth and Tine Street a.
Alto, at Dr. A TIB'S Qlfa. 30 Wut lavrtk Strttt.
Cincinnati, tad by Druniite generally.
for Bale by DB. e. DKN1B At BOIt. Nortk-Eutoor-
ner of Hlghand Rich itreeti.
Jan. n;-deruinwiy 1 I -
WM, KNABE fit CO.. 1
a I
NOB. 1, S, i and T N. 1UTAW ST1
' Offer for talt their celebrate
. UH.AKO i
Being highly recommended by tht Brat Profetaors and I
M mica I Amateuri or tbe country, and ,
The aaott futldlou! euitoatr may rely uroa be let I
pieaeeaia every reepecv. i
Term ueerai. w m . an ade a vw.
OetaJ;lydw. , Oolambut, Oslo.
Land for Sale.
A. new Farm, altuated in the bounty of Harloeraid
Btate of Ohio, on tht big Scioto Btver, tlx Biles west of
the town ot Marlon) It it all footed in, about 3. aorta
deadned from four to tight years. A good new Frama
Home nn it,tMui3ti aereitiearea; a gooa log mania;
about ISO young fruittret;a Bret rata well of water;
the deadlnt- It well nt In to tame True, end tee us
Bcioto for etockwater. And I will make 10. acre mora
ready for tht plow, take off all tbe timber, under fifteen
Inches, so as to mate 150 aoree of plow land' the load
la of tnt very best quality, and I will take Wm per tore
for It. I eon aider ll worth at least thirty three par acre
with 100 aorta more clearer!, bull maetaellllJ there
fore I will put It down ten dollar! below what I think it
worth If I were notobllred to nil. I have abo another
half seeuon for sale, lying In the tame notion, one nan
deadened, wnica I oner ror fis per aere. neierenot can
r bad by calling on JonphBenick who koowi all about
the land, tr on the proprietor In Marlon. 1
rebiww AiAViu ar.B.
" f.'Ai Batohelox! EairDieJ I :.
this splendid Hatr Vj ass no equal InatantaBtons In
effeot Beautlfal Black et Matural Brown 00 Staining
tht skin eriujiuuig li Sair freaiceMa gnuatr' on
effect of Bad Dyet, and invigorates the hair for life.
None art fonulae anltas signed "W. A. Batshelor."
Bold everywhere. ' )
1 l ) i 0BA8. SAtOHllOB, FsoprUtor,
" Jyttwly 81 Barclay Street, Hew Ton,
Jli Sold Bmboteod Tarlatana. tha laUit noreltB. Plain
White and Colored Tartaaaas,- White Paris audio Qran-
odlnt Bvtning nobes; fiainparty ours. - - 1
. . PlfimBaMH.
deeil . No-geBouth High etrett.
TTlBElfOIt KII eiaOVES, , i.
7S eenti per pair,- toa at sold tlstwhtre for one
'ttv9i. ! - No. SB BouthHlghttroet,
kisds ta the mott stylish and elegant manner.
MWlnvokMluatonanedbv - PBTKR BAIK.-
aeo.il. - nm to pvuui siigaerew
New ttrkt and very cheap at BAIN'S
mora. wo. ct Boain Hip eiiwei.
Jj Wide. Long and Handsome. be best Vle Impost-
ed, a new lot lust reoelvwd by PBtaia baiw.
No. 89 South Hlfrt atreet.
mnn BUKnsr.ssnM HOOP BKIASTa
JL lae most graceful and elegant aklrts jet irlred for
Sale. A new toueal oweoea ry
aeo.ll. , Mo.raaoamillati
A. All siieeaad niere last opened at BATJIB,;
dee.ll. No. StU Bouth High
n V-Aa Taa iJaraui.) VOT Salt BV
. kfoKIB k BB8T1B ADZ.
;.V,..f.,,i:Oolon 'Tea;i 1-.
. a an'-A dTa Pfll BVT1fa. A t
A .rr. r""" alosrwaTa, aativiBaTTT 't
arp7 . 14 H High street.
xyy - Dr.;-T. H. TlCiATiLWSy'-
Tho Oreatees Beated'
HOST tjzxiciotjS
ly a tcientino and
' Vegetable Compound,
procured by tht dlitil
ktlon of Boots. Herbt
a b d Barxa, fellow
Dock, Blood Root,
Baraaparilla. Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion anten Into Its
Before Taking tin acUve" remedial
i After Taking.
peindple of each Ingredient It thoroughly extracted by
my new method of dliUlllng, producing a deUcloae, cx
hileratlng epirit, and the moot INFALLIBLE remedy for
ronovalint the dleeaaed lyetem. and reitorlnt the lick.
mrrertng and debllimted INVALID to HEALTH and
Will effectually tare
Chronic or Kerroui Debility. Dlnaeee of tha Kidnen
and oil dlieuee arising from a diaordend Liver or Stom
aoh, Dyspepila. Heartburn, Inward PI lee, Aeidity or Sick
of tbe Stomach, f nllneat of Blood to tho Head, Dull
pain or twimming in toe need, mp-tatura oi int uean
f ullneat or Weight In the Stomach, Sour Eructations
Choking or luffocatlng feeling when lying down, Drrneei
or xeiiowneeior meBKinana syee. nigni sweaie; in
ward f even. Pain In tht amall of the book, cheat or ildt
Sudden f luahea of Heat, Dopreaaioa of gplriU, f rightful
Dreamt. Lancuor. DeiDondencv of any Nervoua Disease.
Bone or Blotchea on tha Skin, and fever and Ame (oi
unuuand rover.)
Over a Million ! atottlea
Have been told during tht lut tlx moothi, and In no In.
stance hu It failed In giving tntire satisfaction. Who,
then, will enfferfrom Weakoeso or Debilltv when Ho
No laneuaxe can eonre aa adeooata Idea of the Imme
diate and elxnoet miraaaloua change produced by taking
tbia Cordial in tht dieewed, deblliteted and shattered
nervous lyitem, whether broken down by exceei, weak by
nature, or impaired by lickntat, the relaxed and nnatrung
organuauon ia reatorea io iu pristine neaiui ana vigor.
Or othen eonecioui of Inability, from whatever cause,
will find McLean t Strengthening Cordial a thorouith
regenirator of tbe system; and all who may bavt Injured
themaelree by improper Indulgence!, will And in the Cor
dial a oertaln and speedy remedy. .
Te the Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
. It a tovertign and iptedy curt for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, falling of tho
Womb, Qlddineai, fainting and all Dleeisee incident to
Thar. Is no Klstak. About It.
Buffer no longer. Jaki it according to Direction!. : It
rill stimulate, ttrengthen and Invigorate you and oauat
m bloom ot neat in to mount your eneea again .
- Every bottle ll warranted to give soUitaction.
If your children art itckly, puny, or afflicted, McLean 'i
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
Oactioh. Beware of Draegtits or Dealers who may
try to Dala anon you some Bitter or Baraaparilla trash
which they oan buy cheap, by aayinf U ie joat u good.
Avoid each men. Ask lor mc wan a Btrengtnening Oor
dial, and take nothing else. It It tbe only remedy that
trill purify the blood thoroughly and at tht samo Urns
strengthen the system.
One tablespoonful taken every morning fasting, Ie s
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever, Yellow
fever, or any prevalent diseases. It It pat ap in largt
Price only 1 par bottle, ot S bottles for 5.
J.H. McLBAN, ;
Bolt Proprietor of this Cordial, .
Also McLeans Volcanio .Oil Liniment
Principal Depot on tbe eorner of Third and Pine streets,
St. Loula, Mo. r -4; ,..
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The beat Liniment in the World. Tha only safe and
oertaln euro for Cancers, Filet, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Hasclee, Chronic or Tntiimmatory Rheumatism, Btiff
awt of tht joints, contracted Muscles or Llgamanta
tJaroohe or Toothache, Braises, Bpralne, Wounds, froth
Case, Dice re, fever Sons, Caked Breasts BoreNlpplee,
Boraa. Bcalds. Bora Thoat. or any Inflammation or Pain.
no difference how severe, or bow long the disease may
have existed. McLean 1 Celebrated liinlmentM a ear
lain leaned. '
Thousands oTnamaa eeingt nave neon oavta a rut 01
deorepUade and misery by tbt use of thtt tnvaloabit sua-
otne. - . :. j j
- liniment -;: ..,
Will rellera sain ainost Instantantoaslr. and It wll
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest tore la aa inoradi
ly snort tune. ... . 1
Far Ilareee and Otber Amlmale. '
McLean a eelabrated Liniment It tht only tart sod re
liable remedy (or taeenre ef Spavin, Bins; Bone, Wind
galls. Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swellings, It
will sever foil to tart Big Bead, Poll Evil, Fistula, Old
running Bone er Sweeny, if properly applied. 1 for
sprains, 11 raises, BcmcDea, Boras or wounas, uraciea
Heels, Chafes, Saddle orColbu flails l Is on Infallible
rosaedy. Apply It M directed, and a cure is eertaia u
every Instance. ' "
Then trint no longer witn tne auoy worinwtt torn-
astsilt offered to you. Obtain a tupply of Dr. McLean I
eelebraied Liniment. It will cure yo. I
- J. II. BlelBAI, Bole rToprtotor, 1
Ooraer of Third and Pine Street. Be Louis. Vo.
VoratlabyelldrCggiatt- . .
for sale by . 1 . . . B0BEBT8 k BAMTJEL, I
attcSo-dawly Oolumbus, Okie.
"Ttitms. COL UMBtlS.
!r.-H', H1WABK OHIO. ".
niAnnraictitrora f all ntlsieU ul! Pr
gxihlt) auad SjUttionsirv- sieam v.n-
(iaas Claw niuia, wnsi jrassaw,
,,1 . -
MACBISt CO. BeaUnllll SRADlOitJl,,
( .et OO, Btamliltli 1 .-:r j
Oar Portable Eogln. and Ba Kill 1 -:
or., aaanliul Ika Bret naaailnm of BS0 at tht Indiana
Btate Mr follow, over lane ABodleyli ea aiooartof
Prici. llffhtnaB.v BinlnlloiW,- Boonomy bf inel
and .noerlot character of lumber safed. ,
fOnrllAtloiarvtnrlne wai awarded at tht tame Fair
Ka Am, nranklnm ftf BXftf. V ' " 1
- Oar Portable Bngina wae awarded .the Diet prtmlam of
B100 at the Fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blaarly'a Va-
vaU'a, Oolambui Machine Oo'l., and BradfaM Be Co e.,
by a oommlttre or practical Hallroaa Kngiaeera.
WOT Price anu wno, auurcwa ,
. j, .. ; .1 '. W1LLARD WARNBE, Treasurer,
decS-dkwlyeoli. ' Hewarg.Ohlo
front Street!, Bstween State and Town.
BHI1P ta still rannlne. and although CV.
tht preeaure of Ute years has nt heavily ri
TiBUhn; i, riSM lrUNS ROOKAWAT8, tnd
BTJOOIBB. t)Alu"..
niiaaa and BACKS. Twenty -Veart steady! mannfae-
taring has given oar .'work 'a wiist-qnnd reputation
through tht Booth and Watt. , : .1 - '
Wt therefore deest It onneeeetary to ny any thing mora
hi Mani to theouality of oar -work. Wewaaaawr
sjntT Tnncta. We eaa oelleooB JTorBDWixa from
amroase. . . ..r.i." - t
Dealeni eaa be fanrlthad erlth any Amount of work at
abort notice, and at prieea lower tliah oan be soaghtony
where In me-wtet. -sjexamaaana Buggies aaaeaiokes
ehanrt for newwormi a j I
TTTRanaiTtoia- neeiamotn ana si anon nonet, ran
toryon Front, between BuUt and Town street, Colnm-
nua, vnio. - r i
JrpAII eomaoMnanont will receive promt airenuow.
lug. 31-wly r , B. M. WtLLlAMB OH
i a:. .11-1 jfjiQl H WHEELEBs v H
2. atamuTTAW, Krrv, andjavre iwao.
Now lota; liaaiBA-Ta' ana
I Nxw loaa Liraead Oomi. Meve- Usee
lOMIce, SI BIB a B., wm, bsi
tb7-dly I .--I- ( r
r..a". . . -;i iu oe inir rana.r
.nut-oiuaj went,, that can be msde.yii i;
ntrated extract of Para Sarespkrilla.
so combined witb other eubstenc. 0 stiU
greater Alterative power a. to afford an efW
tire antidot. .'or the diee, Sortepariis
reputed to cure.- It is believed that surh .
remedy ts wanted by those ho .uffw: frotn
Strumous complainu. and that on. m
accompliih their cure must prove of imtnen,,
service to this Jarire daee of our afflir.wt ,n
tzens. How completely this compound wUl
do . hs been proven by experiment on many
of the .'"'orst cases to be found of the following
complain'"" ',' ' ' ' '
SuuorvLA and Scrofulous CoMPtAtWre,
Euuptions AMfr EauPTivB Disbasbs, Ulckks,
Piuri.E, BlotcVbs, Tuxona, Sa:. Riisch,
Scald Hbad, Stph?lis amd Smiamo Ay
fBOTiONs, MgHctraiAL Diss Age, Dnorer, Nsv
raloia ob Tio DotiLounm, Drnnrrr, Drs-
ob St. Anthony. Fibb, and indeed the whole
class of complaints Arising from IyuBUT or
thb Blood. ' ;-. ' u. v; .
This compound will be found a great pro
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fester Lit the
blood at that season of the year. - By the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
are nipped in tho bud.' Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which tha system will Strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through tho natural channels of the body
by an alterative medicine. . Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find Us impurities
bursting through the skin in pimplee, eruptions,
or sores ; cleanse it when yon find it is ob
structed and sluggish in the vein. ; cleanse it
whenever it is foul, and your footings will gcll
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing tho blood. Keep the
dioou neautiy, anu an 19 well j nut with this
pabulum of life disordered, thero can be no
lasting health, Sooner . or later something
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown ... 1
Sarsaparllla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends. But
the world has been egregiouBly deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all the virtue that Is claimed
for it, but mote because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated -extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue oT Sarsaparilla,
or any thing else. '''
During late yeare the puliljp have been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give a uuart
of Extract of Snrraparillo for one dollar. Mot
of tlicso hare been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any; Baraapa
rilla, hut often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
hat followed the use of the various extracts of
Sarsnparilla which flood tho market, until tha '
name itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat, .-Still
we call tins compound barsapanlla, and intend
to Bupply such a remedy as shall rescue the
name from the load of obloquy which rests
upon ic. Anu we uuuit wc nave ground) lor
believing it has virtues which are irresistiblo
by the ordinary run of tho diseases it U intend.
cd to cure. " Li order to securo tlieir complete
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions on
the bottle.
Price, 1 per Dottle 1 Six Ilottleo for $9.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
hat won fur iUelf such a reuotvn for tlio cure of
.every variety of Throat and Lung Curapbiut, that
it is entirely unnecessary for us to recount lite
evidence of its virtues, wherever it hat been cm
ployed. As if lias lung keen in constant use
throughout this section, ire need not do mora than
assure the people its quality ia kept up ta the best
it ever has been, and that it may bo relied on ta
do for their relief all it lias over been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Tills,
. fob thb crraa oir . . -)V
Costiveiwu, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, ' Jniljntion,
Dijtentenj, tbui Ktomach, Eiyiiptlui, Headache,
Piles, IUteximatim, limptr'mis and Sn'u Dimases,
Lio$r Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, Timor and
Salt Iilietwt, norms. Gout, Xeuralgia, at a
Dinner Pitt, and for Purifying the Blood.
They aye stigar-eonted, so that the moat se-,i-tire
can take then) plcasnntlr, and they are the
best aperient in the irorld for nil the ptirposfi of a
family physiev ... , , ..!',;;.,; '
Price 2S cents per Box t - Five boxes for 1.03.
.. Grcatnumbcrsnf Clergymen, Plivticiant,8tatea
men, and eminent personages, Imve lent their
name to certify the unparalleled usefulness of then
remedies, but our space here will not permit the
insertion of them. The Agent! below named fur
nish gratis our Ambhican Almanac in which they
are given r With also full description! nf tho. above
cc-mplaititrf,' and the treatment that thould be fol
lowed for their cure. - .
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealer! with
other preparations they make more profit on.
Demand Ater's, and take no other. The tick
want the beet aid tlrrc is for them, and they thould
have iu, .,..
All our rcmediet are for sale by
And by Druggists anal Deal are tnryvbtse. .1 ?
DVTV. I JU.VWtBVW m. , . f ' r f. I f
' : .V . . e - ,
An experienced Hnrst and female Pbytldan, pretests
, . . to tht atttntion of others, bar. ,
whtct greatly .faollitatea Use ptteen of teething, by toft-
enlng tbe gums, reducing all InnammaUon will alloy
ALL, xAxm and Iptamodio acnen, and la n
Depend upon It, ssaUers, It wilt give rest to yourselves
ltd ' - v
Wt have net qd and sold this article for over lea wears.
what we hare never been able to tay of any other medi
ANOei, TO BIIBOT A CUBS, when timely ased. Nev
er did wa know aa instance of dissatisfaction by any ana
wno usee iu un int contrary, all art awugated with tts
opera tlone, and apeak ux ttfma af eaanmeodalioa of Its
megiral eSeeta ana medical rlrtuea. Wa apeak la this
mgUtr "WtlAT wb DO KNOW, after ten yean' expe
elmoei every Inttanct where the Infant Is smTsring froea
pain and exhaustion, relief will be fouad xa Sfleaa or
twenty mtaubts attar thoByrap Is tOmta leaned
' This vtlaahle pTtriaratioa hi the pasterlntloB of one af
New Hntland. and haa been, heed with NBf IB FAIL
INtrBUOOBSBin' -o.. rtif
It not only relieves the ehild from pals, out InTiyor
atet the stomach and bowela, eorraotl acidity, tad givee
toaeandenergrytt die wnobt ey f tetaO It will alaual bv
stantly relieve "
and overcome ooBVBlttono, which, W BOttnttdlly reme
died, end In death. We beHeve H ihaBBal and BUB-
It arises float teething, at from any titer cause. Wt
woe Id tay avevary laotlarrwhaliaia ehild mdrrtng from
any of the foregoing Mmplainte DO NOT LBT VOFB
stand between yoa and your tulTering child, and the it-
iiei mai wuioeauns jee, lUDOLuraLi bl ub te
follow tht os of this medicine, if timely used. Fall di-
reetieaetot using, will aoeompany e
aoeomptny taen tottla. Hoat
enalne anleeeUitfoe-almlle of CLTlTISfc PBKKINS,
enalne anleMUitlhe-timiit or una
New Tort. Iron Urn owwiee witpper
: Bold by aU BroggUts Utrooanoat tne varld.
Prtaelpsil Office. 13 Ceelar Street N.t".
ocBI7-awli. ' .
Rts irau v t:w ' jb n x arian. v asnxa g If
Bammatloo and pain, and heals Uie worst bora,
scald, bruise, cut, or freeh eroaBd of aay Aiod, primal!
swelling snd pain fret bee ttlngt, mnaqutto bites, and
poteonoat plants, aearalgia, ebeamatlim, una in ine
breast, mil rkeam.alo. Whea taken Internally, It will
poeiMveiy care oretip In children, and sine hnmedlatt
re lief ta the treeateaoa of thie tatriWe cwiplalnti aleo.
removes beareuiiat oadl tore throat. Friwe, i Mali a
bottle. Sboaidbe In every bouee. Tnt isle by Drug-
-.l.tc and StriratrMMMra. '- ' v TaVtltSTtflNa
- - Bole yuprietr, No 1 Spruce St., Bew Vort
4 avUdkwlyla.-... , n
TJCAtK NTUAH kOANki'-Ae) AJ1 k.e
JJ tgtnt Kirbont, In great variety at BAIN'S,
Mo. W.Hitfh street.

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