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hi (Ohio 5ifltf5inmt
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-rJMr AV,L m to TwilVM nJLOCK
Tiny. thotUd t kantlea
sa (A day o ftMicaiion,
The Columbus Gazette and the Canals.
John Gaamna, wo iq hie Colombo 7eM
hubi tome OTOcesi eonteioeeiarfiif argument
tficome very much aroused and alarmed lest
the Legislature may do something "wont off the
lea from the treasury eonneotea w;to me me
..must of the Poblio Works, by lome legi
1 atlve reform oo that subject, has an boi
. .
his paper of yesterday, terribly abusive oi w
mujk-rau. it ana sieea, i""-
a. 1.-1-waa.. Kid an Atjr wmnw
f eUows,".wbomTie says are m.- --r" --1
ffort to bamboozle the KepUDlican in u.
Ulatore and get poss-alon,of the FabUo Works,
b some "tvsttanen" wnicn ae aoea not uu,
bnt with which ws suppose e is familiar; nelth-
ew does he asms) thesolas and sleek" fellows
aelhat honest men -may know
WMnh aa a feirless and aormi lOurnanB mum"
do ; but he does unwittingly name a class of men
yiii may be Identified, and who always have
$ol U eroiitflis', which may be to him of the most
oonvlnclng -obaraotcr. He s.ys. . ' .
jr 'Sum , B.epuDucau uruui ..
- th.lr nolltioal opponents' , pull the mow evei
DQllBTV iOl ""J D . . " . .
, 'their ores. DISPtNSINQ WITH THIS
-jua.icT.. . r ... .'... ..-.
In ihta "hricf rjasTaDh Uti Guinr telU the
'whole story dlseloses the class of msa who, 1
feet,"heve nerstofore operated, and ai
no eperatlbg-. not only on the Legislature, but
. 11 .-.. .t.AM'tliMntrall.
fl)a,UQl auu a " r,M 7 7 7 . 7 ...
tngTowef which will prevent leglalativeMiorm,
la the oanal , management " " be prerentea
ihU i'ear, as It; iMbtea prevented tor several
Tears past, It Is the "partisan services 01 me
, roffloe holders on lis .canal., tq, ana lor the use
of the Republican' party; thai must not be die-
1Lpen9ej with, "eten though it be demonstrated
' that somb 1120,000 .td $150,000. Tr year may
tie saved o the: txeaaurv.by a reform in the
manacement of the canals." t
' Like all individuals who embark in a subject
or take up a qaestionthtongh some other mo
Itva 'flian- bnnert conviction, the editor of the
h s9es(sv pats bis foot into a." on thls'.Canel
oueeaon,'.""4 1 " " ' ,-1 tmm
Last week he charged that Mr. Bacsos hid
r' sadly and extravagancy mismanaged bis divis-
it ion m toe Pabue wesaa uat aa nan expeww
.'k'rget';imoottr'f: .inbney, and ttat bat "tittle
Krork 'was performed,' while he extolled Mr.
(..fiaxaoav aid lit? Maarm for their, economy,
" and the floe condition "pf thelf-canals. - In his
- iassaiof yesterday, ha aaya, on tha authority of
. lis jCoahootoit AitL that Xbu Nortbern (Mr,
- Bacaros'y division of" the Ohio Canal k "ia the
beet of der, good dams and biidges have been
rebuilt lockJ are now; being1 pplledwlt1j bean
new cateaY Tvery thing ia baiag pt In'iip top,
eib-aragant order," to. and in his local col
mn.Mn apeakrnf of the Hocking Canal, (in
,,tJaV. Gsioosr's 'diflslooj jba n ,? P
- tlcms of if "the atrwogtfa of fire boat teams is
eqalred to pall, one ' boat throoghi" and eon
4oluies Ufe snide thne i ' "We hope Mr. Gas-
smai, the member of the Board having oharge
of this line of canal? will give this Important
J matter hie special attention.? .Brother Gsiiwia.
Mr. Lincoln on the Tariff
A MR Out' !A I i
. I b i rtri I ; "i i
J i.v U will be seea by teferenoe to our Ulegraphlo
' .iolumnsthat Mr.
":('- it... M. -T imAnmti Ma mMuil tn mkk
m tariff speech at Pittsburgh.
When it Isre-
-sae sabered that the report of the speech is taken
om bis own manueorlpt, deliberately prepared
ti Worekand; U wiU be) admUtad, by all to ! be
' a" I'trang) prodttcUon to come from the Preoi-
1 .flent leOt.'1 '' i.'J lit I'jOi'-i r :,i ,
euJlafently disUnot, however, to show
that Mr. Imooutt views, if they may be ealled
'iuoh. ara wtroogly tn favor of what ia termed
1 protection, and hence by his policy he would
-Uaanlhilate commerce, and destroy the capital
' Unvested in that branch, which is perhaps from
''tvw to ten times aa mach in amoant as the U-
rAivestmenU in manuEactnreS.'
4 'rre seems to Indicate that he is In favor of
the Moeaiix tariff bill now. before Congress
" whlon his leading and most sincere supporter in
the city of New York, the Ettning Port, bss
" " fhown most: eonolusl veiy,to be a bin or abomln.
'a .'atlons."'- Bhoeld It paserss appears to be ihe
StTwiii of the freetdent lect,vhe will jbe put In
-r "Pgnt papen"lo meaneto eafTy.ontha Gov
ernment, aino the revenues to be derived from
" ImporU, nnder Jts'joperaUon, aoeording to the
estimates ftbose.wbo have examined its pro-
.tlalotui, will be iuj smsll In amount. ; ' i , r
If Mr. LmeoLW's toriff notions were elabora.
ted and carried Into full and practical operation,
" ' e should lavs to need of the vast amount of
rf-vahlpping oa ear lake and. rivers, there' would
i" , be nothing for our rail roads to do, and the ships
enragod in our foreign commerce would soon
rot in their docks and what would beoomo of
Knrtfc - Wat. with bee enrahia hraail
and meat, -sodaient in quantity to, feed . the
U", .i'-.i 1 f
worm -. . ,7- r,u
f"'Wj shall look with some anxiety to see what
.the New York Euening Ptt has to say about
this' PltUbarjjbspeech" from
Honest; Old
A Poor Apology.
Ths Philadelphia Pree, in referring to the
speech of the President elect in this eity before
the General Assembly, thus' apologises for the
profound Ignorance it displayed of the real state
iljpf Ihteoontrj. . i ,
When be stated that nobody le suffering any
i thing In consequence of the present agiutlon,
his mind!evidently reverted rather to the flour-
lshlng and prosperous igriculturai region in
.jhIoh he haa long resided, and to theertlledis
jcx'lrlcte; through wbiohbe haa recently passed, than
. ,', u tba commercial and manufacturing centres,
. 7 VsVhera bBslnesedarangemeuta are most keenly
felt, where thousands ot operatives art thrown
out of employment, and where bankruptcy staree
ia the face many of the most enterprising and
useln! cltisens or our eonntry.
, f ill .'.Tila la probably da teot execuie that can be
osflrea tor file, uacolb, ana yei urn miser
ably lams one. Had he made himself at all
.ini Intort llH tli Im, t.ittii fif tblnfra In tli
i ! i a jTlcultural reglooe through which he passed oa
his Journey to the capital of Ohio, ho would
' have found great suffering there, as ri!l as In
t 'coiouiiwoiat centra,'", from the general
Ii p-vU-at;on of traJs'and business," eocsequent
upon the triumph of a sectional party ia his
lection. I
A Poor Apology. The Spirit of the Radical Republican Disunion
snasDnji"ieinilnyefforUmadeforoompromIee w eoncesaion,
V The Asht.hnla Senlinil (Ic-SHUA R.OlPDIWOi'
organ) publishes la tti last lean a totter from
lt "Wltof la Columbus, la" 'wMcV ths fw f
lowing paragraph ooonrs: tr f, r t
I see this moraine: that Mr. Kmxooo, of "JO-i R
noli, bai offered a plan of compromise. 1 mat
very sorry to tee It and 1 only nope mat
cas be dooe la that direction; and if nothings
should prevent It, I hope to eee the ooraer otaws
leav. Indeed 1 would moot heartily rejoin m
wuvia Rufi va w ---- ? . .
flieted witb the exhalations ot the Infernal lnstl
tutlon. that now suffocate us. Mst Heaven pro.'
tect us from any more efforts to save the Union,
. a a. r
than we have t mdi made, we aiana oeiorw
the world now. reeklne- with the blood from
whAra thev dallr cut awa the Aoond of teeb
8halt we stand to bate the last ebredi trimmed
from ti oowerdlv nones".
It Is this feeling la the Republiosn ranks
which thwarts end readers abortive all efforts
at compromise and conciliation. This Is the
ruling spirit lathe, parly yi-The author, of the
abovo paragraph only 'gives a bold espretaloa- to
,entlments which the demsgogues of the party
fe, wWch ft defsr wMU ,,,,0,0,11
if professing to be actuated bv lwl tor in
Union and a holy horror of those who would die
. . . , ., ,h Uin
J lnt0 of woesslonlsts, and seeking
to MnjBr he rnoture of the Confederacy perma-
. h -g-entin, the breaeh already made
w . Thcr are wrieved to see
. aMr.tlatrlve to nrevent them from effect-
,og thesalvatlonof ths Union. Sooner than have
onrprMent n.u0nal' difficulties settled In this
wouja Me the horder gt,Ug aU jMT,
I the Confederacy and jolo the States which have
already seceded, in trutn, it is cieariy maai-
eonsummaUon which the,
I a a 1 . . I .
most oevouuy iwisa .see orougn; aooui.--
They are plotting more Insidiously and treach
I ,on17 establish a Northern Confederacy
I flnnthnnMit. Talk nf Southern rebela and
traitors! We have plenty of Northern ones at
home, among the- radicals and demagogues f
the BepnbUoaaj party' -J H i ' 1 V" ' t f
A Tine Patriot.
tbli ,-eech of Gen. Hamiltom. M. C4 of Tex-
M tttoi; cooservttlve Speecbi and. fall of de
yotion to the Union. This Is the gentlemen for
wnom tne Northern Democrats voted for speak
Mt session . It will be remembered that
MN SHiaaia-i calledlhe member from this Die
trict (Mr. Cox) to account, for that "vote, be.
eause, as he falsely alleged, Gen. Hamilton
wss a dlsunlonlst and fire eater. Yet the Texas
member, amid the faithless and 'disunion spirit
abroad,' both North and South, to-day stands
faithful and proves, himself a. .patriot. , The
Northern Demoorats who ' voted for' him for
Speaker, may well be proud' c4 their sapport of
such a man, Tbe other member voted for by
the Northern Democrats ' for Speaker, Mr.
Smith, tut N. C, has also made a thoroughly
patriotic and Union speech. " " " I ,
Congressional Speeches.
. t
We. regret, our, inability, to jgotice at some
length, and-extract' from, many of the able
speeches delivered on the floor of Congress
the presenrseaelooTaIta" whiea-we hare
been favored, not o ly by members from ear
own, but other States. I
' We received from Mr. Cox, on Thursday, a
copy of ths Oho caatainiag speeohes recently
delivered by Messrs. Howaib and Alum, of
this SUte, both of which ww read with pleasure,
aid if our space would permit" we would Supply
our columns with copious extracts from t hem
Both gentlemen acquitted themselves well. , r-
' " -' I'-'
Mr. Lincoln's Speech at Indianapolis.
" At the aame time that we have tntelllgenoe
of the formation of aprorisiosal general gov.
eminent for the seceding States, we have a re
port of the speech of Mr. Lincoln at Indianap
olis, announcing eoerclou of those States, lor
his idea of the "enforcement of the laws"ia
those States Is coercion,, '
v Popular sentiment in the Worth oannot too
soon come np to the point of recognising revela
tion in the South as an accomplished fact.
Coercion is war any attempt to collect reve
nue in tbe ports ot the new government is war.
Wsr is tbe secession of all tbe remaining slavs
States and their adhesion to tbe new govern
ment.-- And this state ot wings is incurable die
solution and a nog train of Woes tbe end of
which nohuman vlalon can foresee. ' ,
The true policy of the old government Is tost
once rive reoornitton to the new. Sept ration
has taken plaoe; let it be peaceful, especially
as In peace is the only hope of reconciliation
ut amla J ( I ! 1 M 11, V V I I
But Mr. Lincoln breathes war. Let the peo
ple err : out the more, rsAcs, - macs. War
must not be. . It cannot be except at the cost of
universal desolation. i
Fortunately there ia one drawback to Mr,
Lincoln's power to make war. He cannot ob
tain money with which to maks it. The great
capitalists of the Atlantio oitiee who have here
tofore taken the government loans have Joined
in giving advice in the proper quarter that un
less the political troubles shall be adjusted they
will lend no money to Mr. Lincoln's govern
ment. .This la right.- This Is coercion of a
healthy kind. This is what Is wanted just at
this ' Juncture,7 Tan: great capitalists of this
country have no sympathy. with antl-slsvery
and civil war, and their refusal to promote eith
er will close tbe foreign money market. also to
tbe antl slavery propaganaiste. ' ,' .j
' This, then, u the best hope of peace, that
Mr. Lincoln cannot obtain too alnews of war.
We thank heaven that the purse of the
Detroit Free Press.
Gen. Scott Sanbs Massachusetts.
The Aid to Gov. Andrew, of Maseaehwetts,
la in Washington, and ealled. to-day on Lien-
tenant General ucott, it is understood, to ten
der him in the name of Gov. Andrew the ser
vices of tbe Matwtchnsetts jnllltia,' General
8cott listened to tbe proffer, and then replied
that' the; Government needed do volunteers,
end if tailed, MauuekrurtU muld not be ulttd
vtrgtus umxanan) mentirul.
ThAmKliA thnfl mAW farn. what, lain t.
feared, would not bar been officially commu
nicated at the Stato House, thst a great
deal or military preparation and i use la acne-
ral which has been going on In this State, un
der tne orders ana by the aavioe or our "Uap
tain-general and Admiral' jnight hare been
jodlcionely spared.' "General Orders'", from
No.' I. tor; Ne. ,VII.r-tbaea especially In
tended to weed out of our volunteer mili
tia all persona not wall affected to the antl
slsvery Stato administration tha emergency
rend r " Kiuu.uuu uapsaoas, naversacu,
blankets and canteens to ba furnished by tbe
SUte come now absolutely to nothing, since
tien. Boott baa made tbe response above quoted
to the Aid of Gov. Andrew. Every man with
reason In him knew this from tbe first moment
that there would. In all human probability,
be no occaakm for tbe servioee of tbe militia,
and that ahonld such occasion oome, Massachu
setts would be called upon last Her officious
proffer of troops was unbecoming her moral re
sponsibility for tbe Origin of tbe quarrel, aad
her official personages, military antl otherwise,
ought to have known that her most decent de
meanor would have been to at least antil
Boston Courier.
Food fob Sooth Carolina. The Wilmlrig
tai (N. C.) UetmU states that there arrived at
that, port, one day last week, a dosen vessels
frim the Northwestern counties of that State,
loaded with corn to the amount of 0,150 bueh
els. Between 70,009 and 100,000 bushels have
been shipped, the H truli adds, from the same
counties to the eity of Charleston.
FRIDAY, Feb. 15, 1861.
After a Vsatt efHhe Senate, the Kansas relief
bill was' taken tip, and the motion to refer to
the Judioiary committee was withdrawn, when
Mr. Jones renewed it. Lost yeas l, aayi id.
The Question reonrrlns! unon the engrossment
of Ihe bill, when it was moved to reoommlt It
to the committee of the Whole. Agreed to
Mrt BfRAGUE, from the committee on en
rollment, reported the enrollment of summary
bills. .) ' v. '. .I - .
B.' No. 247 To Increase the fees of jurors
in magistrates' courts. ' . . j
o bi. aaroaT. o . sw-ict committis. S; , ;
' Mr: MONROE, from a select committee, re
ported back 8. B. No. 45-To relieve the hold
ers ot the sotes-ioi th Seneoa County Bank,
witn a reeommenaatfon tnat it oe pastea. i i ne
Objeot le to make the Stele responsible for the
note.-) Report agreed to. and the bill earns up
on Ita engroeemenv when it was. carried.
' Those who veteo, in the amrmattve were
si Messrs.' Breck, Brewer, Bonar, Cox, Cam
Bins, Kiaher, Garfield, Glass, Leakey, Monroe,
Morse,: Parish, Potts, Potwin, Smith , and
8pragne 16.i.: ; ni,fj.' rjifr
, Those who voted in the negative were :
" Messrs. Bason,' (osier, Harrison, Harsh,
Holmes, Jones, key, MoCall, Moore, Perrlll,
Ready, Bohleiob and Stanley 13. . 1 1 , t
It waa ordered to be read a third time next
Thursday atominc. -..! m--u oj
n Leave of abaeooei was granted' to Mr. COL
LINS until Taesday P. M., and the Seoata ad
joorned.li ...it :ij..!l,n' n'. -Im.': :.,:( i i-i ) i
.' The bill reported by Mr- JONES this morn
ing "for letting the repairs of the Public Works
by contract," provides that the Boaid of Publio
Works shall divide' the canals Into short sec
tions of IS to 40 miles each, and the repalre
snail be let ty contraot lor the term ot two
years; Bidders to make affidavit, disclosing
names of all persons interested .In ..bldei that
amount of the bid has not' been made known to
any other 'person ; bond to be given for faithful
performance or the work, ana to secure the pay
ment of wasee to laborers, to. ', ' " ' '." 1
, Payment to be made by monthly drafts , but
15 per cent, of the same1 Is to be held to the end
ot jescn year as security lor performance or tne
contract. , , - ; , .
Hereafter the canal revenues ' si's to be kept
separate, and all payments for repairs are to be
nald from the BamB."--u4
This system (says Mr. ' Jones) Is wholly tin-
like laoythhig;' heretofore attempted In this
State. ' but is, as be claims; substantially tbs
system now In successful operation In the Stats
of new. Tori, under w hich the rcpslrs coat Borne
4U per cent, less than under State manage
ment.' "; " ' " ,,. ' ' .', '
. Every guard which experience can saetrest to
prevent collneion and fraud baa beca Incorpoia-,
ted In the bill, and It is claimed that under it
the 1 repairs can not fall into the hands of die
honest combinations. ,' ' ..:
' A call of the House was had. when 64 mem
bers answered to their names.. , . . . .
Mr. WOODS' said hs had been requested to
ask that Mr. Fellows and some five others be
excused, that ; they might visit a proposed site
for a new reniientiary, wnicn was disagreed to,
when ' '. . ' .," ;.' , ". ,., -.
The Sergeant-at-Armt was dtspttched for ab
sentees. ' ' '.'V ' "'' ' ' ".
By unanimous consent, Mr'. McCDNE, from
the Temperance commtttee, reported back H
B. 276 To amend tbe temperance law, when It
Was referred to tbe Judiciary committee. -,, 1 ,.
By consent, Mr. BALDWIN, from the com
mlttee on Finance,' Reported back Senate Joint
Resolution io extend the time for giving oer
tiflcates for the notes of the Seneca County
Bank, when the asms was sdopted-
H. B. 829, was indefinitely postponed,' being
m,rmrmAnA hw ,kA r.. .a. n a Af W W OO .An-
thoritlng the smonnt of depaty county 'clerks in
vseation. " -
Mr. WOODS moved that the" report oi
the Board of Publio Works of outstanding clerks,
be referred to tbe committee on Finance. -'
Mr. SCOTT, of Jefferson, moved that the re
port be laid on the table and printed, which
motion was disagreed to. ' - ' - ,
' The report was then referred to the'Flnance
eommittee. . ...... -d - . .
Mr. DAT IS offered the following resolution,
which was agreed to: , ' ' ,
' Rceelwd, That the Board 6f Publio Works 1
hereby requested to report to the House at an
early day the number and names ofhe super
intendents oa the Walhonding Canal, Ohio Ca
nal from Roseoe to Cleveland, and the Sandus
ky and Beaver Canal the amount or money
expended by each on the several subdivisions
from November 15th, 1859, to.l5th Feb., 18C1,
end lor what purpose.
Mr. WELSH moved' that all feH'rrer ' pro
ceedings under the call bs dies need with,
which was disagreed to.-
' The committee on Eorollment made a report
of sundry bllle.' '' -
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, moved thai all fur
ther proceedings-under- the eaJl b dispensed
with which was agreed to yeas 63, nays 31.
Ths Judiciary committee reported back tbs
memorial or Jonathan Urow aad others rela
tint to the Intermarriage of iret aonelns-rwhen
It was referred to the Select Committee having
in cnarge tne oiu on inni sunject. . ,
Tbe Judiciary Committee reported back 3.
B. 216 Relative to transportation companies,
with an amendment, which was agreed to
when the biu was ordered to a third reading on
Tuesday next- .'.7 . , ., . . ,
niThe committee on Fees and Salaries reported
back H. B. 282 requiring tbe return of fees of
oounty ouioers , witn sn amendment, which wss
agreed to, when the bill was ordered to be read
a third time on Wednesday neit. ; j
The eommittee on Agricnllnro reported back
H- B. 82fl eegulating side shows at agriea I ta
re! lairs, witn sandry amecdmanU, when the
bill was referred to Mr. Scott, of Warren, as
select eemmitteo. - : 1 t, -.
The Judiciary eommittee ieportod back tho
bill for .the relief of Kansas, when It was laid
on the tables . 1 1. . , , 1 .,. ' , 1 ,
The same committee reported back H. B
334 Ixing the weight of a too, and recom
mended Its indefinite noatpooement. 1.
Mr. JoALUWUv objected to tbe postpona-
ment, ana pointed out tne necessity tor s reg
nlar standard weight for a term ot so general
aseistraae. i , - --t ii rj i..,j'.
- Mrr CARLISLE oonanrred lthiii Bald
win.. TT-. w . , ' yu j.
The postponement was disagreed to, when -Tbe
bill wss ordered to be engrossed at the
clerk's desk, and read a third time, and passed
-yeas 74, nays , J U. i ' m
' The Judiciary eommittee reported back H. B.
335 To amend the Jaws regulatiog the settle-1
mens 01 oeceaents estates recommending
(e Indeflslte postponement. ; J f' -, . t,, . ,
" Mr.-VORIS explained the 'reason jroreminr
ths eommittee In this ooticlusion, and rsferrsd
to ths etetutot bow in fores pa that subject. .
The Din wss inoenniteiy postponed. !
The Judiciary committer reported back B.
238-Fixlnf the terms of Courts larthe eona-
tlee of franklin, Madison and Pickaway
oommending its passage, when . - , t
Tbs bill was passed yeas b4, naya a. , ,
The Judioiary committee reported adversely
to the petition of sundry eitisens of Richland
eoantv. for alawreaalrior security forslloosts.,
and reducing Jhe salary of county treasurers to
$1,000. AUo, tbe petition of James KIrkland
and others of jtiobiand, tor a change in the Con
stitution, so as ts redoes) tbe anmbsr of. mem
bers of the General Assembly. ' - ' -
The Judiciary committee reported back H.
B. 346 recommending its indefinite postpone
ment which was" agreed to. , - ' '' ' ; n,
The Committee on rinance made) a report ad
verse to the claim of M. Clayford, for addition"
at salary which was agreed to, when the report
wss ordered to be printed. , 1 -
The Judiciary committee reported back ti.
B. 344-Th proride for the consolidation of re
ligious or other sooieties, when it wss ordered to
be engrossed at ths Clerk's desk and reed a
third time now. j! a,.,.i 1 ,:
Mr. BURR explained the bill and its objects,
when the bill was passed, yeaa 85, nays 3.
Mr. DICKEY, from the select com mlttee to
Whom was rsfsrred' U. S. 302 Relating to.
chattel mortgagee, reported ths same back with,
on amendment, when tbe resolution was or'
dered to bo laid on the table to ba printed. , ,
The report ol the committee on Claims on
the claim Of Samuel Doyle, waa taken up; and
rviviiov iu u vummitiee en abumc lYuriot
H. a To amend the oity and village lnoor
poradon act, eo as to authorise the city of
Cleveland to fund Certain debts, was taken np,
and set for a third reading on Wednesday
On motion of Mr. STEIRS, II. B. 5297 To
exempt agrloultural fair grounds from taxation,
was taken up, when t .' T'l
mr. BALDWIN contended that this bill Wss
oonuary to the Constitution, and at the same
tims it would only take from one class of pro
party a burden to ba borne bv'snother. .. , '
Mr. BROWNE, tt Miami, sonourred with Mi.
Baldwin on the question of unconstitutionality,
ana moved thai the bill be referred to the Ju-
dloiarv committee, which waa aeraed to.
i Mr. TRIMBLI otTared a resointion nrovldinc
that a eommlttaa of thru ha annointed to visit
ths Lewietown Reservoir.and examine Its oondi.
tioa and tne cireumstanees connected witn the
submersion of land).. .
Mr. DAVIS moved that the resolution bore
ferred to the committed on Publio Works,
Which was dliacrreed to." " ' " -"
mr, bkuwwjs, of Miami, advocate the res
oiouon. t ;j".ii fAi ; ji-jt I in;
It waa then laid nrar foe discussion. ,
Mr. DEVORE offered the following resolu
tlotii which waa laid over lor disouaaioo: . ,
RtMlMdt That aov member oi this HousS
absenting himself without leave, axoept in case
of siokneee of himself or family,! shall not be
auowea nis per diem for the time absent.,,, .
ioo House then adjourned, i 1 iu: ,, ,;; j,;
SATURDAY, February 16.
Miautesof yesterday read and approved.. .
Mr. GARFIELD presented ia notltlon from
Wm.Hooper.Cant. John P. Treavot. Wm. Glenn
&. Sons, snd many other leading merchants of
iinoinnau, praying, the Ueneral Assemhy to
appropriate money liberally for the relief of tbe
famine stricken people of Kacsas-; Laid on the
taoiat. . ., . . ,
By Mr. BRECK From W. Gates and others
of Cuyahoga county, praying for an act to re
strain live stock from running at large. Agri
culture. 1 ,r. .. .,, ... , ;
By Mr. OrlK Tbe memorial of .uerard Key,
nolda and 38 others, oltlsens and business firms
of Bucyrus, holders of the notes of the Seneea
uounty Hank, or or certipeates tberetpr, Issued
to holders by J, T. Claypoole, Receiver of said
Bank, asking lor a law directing mat said cer
tificates snd outstanding notes shall be received
la payment of taxee, on and after December
1st, 18C1, and that the Reodver be authorized to
Issue such certificates to such holders ss shall
present notes to him, on or before June 12, 1861
Mr. Monroe. , " V ' '.' ' I
.. By Mr. EASON-From D.tRoblnion i ndll8
others, noiaers ot eeneoe uouoty mox notes,
praying lor a law authorizing their redemption
by tbe SUte. . Mr. Morse. i. !
1 By Mr. MORSE From Cyrus Cu nniogham
and 28 others, of Lake county, for an act for the
redemption of outstanding note of the Seneca
county dsdk. jur. monroo.
By Mr. BRECK From L.. E. Goodwin, and
36 others, of Cuyahoga, for a law giving final
jurisdiction to justices in minor criminal cases.
Mr, morse. . . 1 . .
. Br Mr. LASKEY From J. V. Jones, end 2
others, of Seneca oounty, 00, the same subject,
Mr. Morse. , ..... ' . 1
Br . Mr. PARIS'! From Jesse E.' Wood
ford and 63 others of Kelly's Island against ths
restraining of animals from running at large on
that Island.) Agriculture..
H. B. No. 271; To authorits the leseeeil of
ministerial aeotion number twenty-nine In War
ren township, Washington oounty, to surrender
their leases and reoeivo deeds.. Whole. i
H. B. No. 841 1 By Mr. HITCHCOCK-Au-
thorislng certain criminal jnriediotion in' the
probate court of Geauga county. Judiciary. ,
H. B. S47t To amend aeotion 93 of aa net en
titled aa aet of the jurisdiction and procedure
before Justices of 'the peace, aad of thadntles
of oonstables In civil ooartn. jWhola.' a 1
, U.'B.No. 275, by Mr. McCUN E To amend
section 7 pf "an act to provide for tbe organise,
tion of the General. Assembly, passed Feb. 9,
IQi;? Tli. Kill mumI a.h )t R
It authorises the ebief clerks of the General
Assembly to make oertoln appointments.
-Mr. KEY, from the select committee on Wo
man's "Kisms. reported, unanimously irons tbe
committee 8. B. No. 232 "concerning the rights
and uabtiitiee or mtmea women.-' .-
Mr: BREWER, on Uave, preaentedS. B.No.
233 To amend theaot of March 23d, ,18&0,"to
exempt the homesteads of famuiea from forced
aareon-execution to pay debte." j 1 i.'.i
By Mr. JONE9, from the Commlttoa on Ju
diciary, in favor of referring the finim of
Bartlett and Smith ' to the Committee , on
Claims. Agreed to. ' " u
Mr.' COX. from the ' Judiciary Committee,
recommended: the passage of S. B. 224 "to
punish adulterous elopements.-' 11 provides
that if any married person ehall elope with any
other person with intent to cohabit adulterously
to., both shall ne aeemeo guilty or a misde
meanor, and upon conviction shall be Imprisoned
In the Penitentiary, and kept at hard labor, not
more than three years, nor leas than one. En
grossed for third reading on Monday.
By Mr. HARRISON, from the earns commit
tee, recommending engrossment of S.1 B. No.
223, amending the 18th and 19th sections of tbe
crimes not, eo as to make It a penitentiary of
fence to steal bank bills of the amount of $35.
Agreed to; and the bill was read the third time
and recommitted to Mr. Cox for-amendment,
and them passed. ;
, By Mr. SCOLEIOH, from the sams commit
tee, recommending inaenniie postponement 01
II. B. 227, which permits parties In interest
testify In oases pending at the time ths cods
took effect. Agreed to.. 1 ;' -
- The Senate went into Committee of the
Whole on the orders of the day Mr, MoCall In
ths Chair. Aftereome tims tbe following bills
were resorted back and disposed of aa follows
i- H. B. 271 To authorise lesleee of ministerial
seotioa number twenty-nine, lo Warren town
ship,1 Washington oonoty, to surrender their
leases and receive deeds, j Jteterred to Uommit
tee on Schools. - 1 .' - . r.. .. 1
' H. B. 341, By Mr. H1TCQCOCKT Author
ising certain otimluai jurisdiction in tbe probate,
court of fteauga county, . Referred to Commit
H. B. 334-To fix ths sUndard of a ton at
2,000 lbs. ' -i-.-'UJ !
' Mr,
Monroe had leave of absence for several
f The Senate adjourned dntll Monday morning.
: Pravar bv Revi Doctor HOGE..' 1
a The following memorials were presented and
Afal-WAll. v I I .
1 By Mr. BLAKE3LEE From T. Bolton and
r40 others of Cleveland, for an appropriation for
tbe relief of Kansas. , , '
Be Mr THOMPSON, of Summit From
Wm. Beebee and 107 others of Summit, for the
asms object --- - t 1 ' .
,. Be Me. McCUNE From E. T.Stewart and
183 others, Ux payer of Huron cp'un, for the
sameoojeci, r. v-m,, ,n 7, 1 . 1
fi Mr. WUITE-An extract from tti newt
papers of this morning, asserting that ths state-
meats of l haoaeua nyan, in reinuu w aui
fering In , Kansas bsing exaggerated, which was
1 ...-.. 1 o .. ,
Mr. McCUNE sent to' the Clerks desk, lo be
read, making most distressing statements or des
titution la Kansas. .,, , ... ,
v Mr. MoCUNE also read'ahother statement,
a I , 1.-1- ; . -.
ana appeu mr ueih . 1 . . . :
. a raaalntion was adoDted directing the Ser-
geant-at-Arms to raiea th flag over the hall of
toe none during 11s session. . .....
Ths following notices of intention to Introduce
bi 1 is, were) given , .. .-,.' '
By Mr. CUA8E-pT0 mak the second eon
ylction to the penitentiary solitary confine
By Mr. THOMPSON, of erry--To amend
seotlon 69 of the general school law. ! ,
By Mr. HOWELIr-Toprsvent pbstrootlone
on Tnrnpikes snd Plank Roads. ' -
1 rTbo committee on Publla Works reported
upon the claim of Samuel Poyle, recommend
ing th payment of - bis checks upon tbe Treas
ury, and providing that ibis pajmenl shalU) io
full of bis claim upon these cbecte. ,., 1 ft j
: Mr. J10BINSON moved to amend td that it
shall bs a payment in full upon all claims.
This amendment was iiirreed to,' when Mr.
HUGHES moved to amend so as to provldoi,tbat
be eball have interest upon the checks.
Mr. WELSH objected to the payment or the
Interest, as he thought the claim was a some
what mixed one, and that the payment of the
raroe oi ma. oneosj. might be
a proper settlement.
m. PARnnTT.nnnn.,1 k. .n...ntr
Mr. Huches. as probsr and rieht. ' '
asaav ej s u , m wuvuvi liUU tUO SUUSUUMtvu, v- 1
- Mr. hrr rick- tnnk th nnitiinn f Mr.
u.i.k r
Mr. ROBINSON objected to the payment of
the Interest, as a bad preeedent tThe Btato has
not been in the habit of paying interest, at least
tillanannronrlationlsmadB. .
Mr. PLANTS thought If the Stato owed
,uS uiuiiej, it w uuiyauacvui juauuo w V
th. into.Mii . ... 1
Mr. CLAPP was w 1 nc. In the wav of com-
promise, to pay tho face of the checks, but he
sou i 001 vote lor uiteresi. . 1 n k. ' 1
mr.rAKSuna moved an amendment provi-
ju. .1... .u. . .r .t.t- .i.t v.11 k
garded by Mr. Doyle .s an entire cancelling of
bis oiaims upon tbe State, for damages under
ki. i.k o...ki.
swwwm waawassjvty w itu wuv UMtn Ttuswas
amendment was sgreed to. .. .
" " " ' . I
Mm f " I V P a-Adl Im r a- .1 tk.' Ih . I
terest. In his private capacity, he should
peot to pay it, and he did not see why tbe State
should refuse to pay It. '
i'Ai e vuntf wnv aw laiwvi urj lUK lurj- m'
Mr. viJNCJiJNT objected to the payment of a
slven claim, -with Interest, but that a cross
amount sooum do nxea, inc uding interest, .11
allowed, but not passed upon at lo,s ends.' '
ar r ...r .... a
m. I 3 t ft ..... . .
ait. hills opposed tbe payment or tne in-
terest, and Indeed did not feel disposed to vote
f. .v.. .11 .
.w. lug uibiiu . an. i
Mr. PARSONS explained that the object of
his amendment was to cut eff all future claims.
snd objected to the principle of paying interest
upon the amount, as it would establish a prece
dent thai might be troublesome, d --y. ,
Air JUri Aa explained tbeoirenmstances fur
ther, and tnat tbe checks had been regarded a
good by the State; and, therefore,, ought to be
paidoow, and tne interest also.
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, further explained
tbe nature of the claim.
Mr. COX said that he understood that the
claim was not really based upon labor done and
performed. ' If that were tho case,- be should
oppose the whole amount. " v
, Mr. ROBINSON explained further the nature
of the claim, and quoted (be report of the com
mlttee on claims. t i -. ,
Mr. STEDMAN was in favor of paying the
interest noon the claim. , .-. r
Mr. BALDWIN enquired into ths correct
ness of the claim in the premises, and explained
bis Tiewof'tie matter, and theft moved thal the
resolutlon bo referred to tho committee-on
Finance. . i3 ,; .-
m. rtTASr h:iu.i n tha .a(,.nn. nn.
necessary, slnoo tbs matter had bsen reported
,4e ,vaAv u yuivvnu iu uv vivivuuvs si mm
noon some rour times already. Ha then moved
tha npAflnna mi Am f inn wa-ritnK vara a stuatalnAfl
Y ... . . - avie
I nil ntii Wfu thpn tar en cm thm mnrimAnf.
of Mr. Husesisnd resulted yeas 56. nays 36.
The Resolution was then sgreed to yeaa 65,
.... tn ' 1 ' , ..
".i y :- -jvi. ..... .it
News from Mexico—Election of a President
V. - "-,-ro'
By the arrival of the steamship Tennessee st
New Orleans, from Vera Crux tho 8th Inst,, .we
learn tbst tbe Presidential contest as far as
bsard from in dinerent States, terminated
in favor of Senor Lerdor do Tejada, formerly a
member bf Juares's Cabinet, in variout posi
tions of trust and confidence. . Tho 'President
elect ie probably tbe ableet statesman in Mexi
co, and much good to that nnbappy country may
be expeoteo irom nis rryiiae-, - - r-. 1 1 -
The steamer veiasco, wnicn arrived at Hav
ana on the 4th from Vera Crus, brought to that
city Don t rancisoo racneoo.iate Minuter to Mex
ico from paint the Papal NnoOio, and, among
other person sees, the renowned Miramon him
self, who etcaped in disguise from Vera Crux,
where ba bad been staying with tbe rrenoh
Consnlf M 1 f" '!rl.: U7 r'i -n
Eight bishops who have been exiled by the gov
eminent and, who are expected in Havana, arrl
red at New Orleans In the ''Tennessee.'' The
authorities In ths capital have commenced strlp
ninc the churches of their rich ornaments.
From ths Cathedral alone over a million dollars'
worth have been taken.. Zuloaga has set np for
kimialf atrain. and a hnmher of ahlafa ara still
In the field, but with so lew forces thst they
cannot maintain themselves for any length of
time. If the accounts from the eipital be true.
it. is lucky that Juares's term expired so soon,
ss from tbe strong tide or reeling that bad set
! LtM am aiaa... A.,aa. . A V.I-
BMUn flllll U1I .VWUUt VI WCcu MIHUI U1D.
a revolution thst would expel him from his seat
waa very muob to be aDprehended.
Our new Minister to Mexico, Hon. Mr. Wei
ler, of California, had arrived at the capital.
and was to have presented his credentisls on the
win nit.
From Liberia.
In tbe CoZflmtflftoa. Herald, for this month.
wo find ths messsge of President Benson to tbe
Legislature of Liberia. Affairs ar in a highly
prosperous condition. The receipts into the pub.
lis treasury for the year endinc iSentember 30.
1860, wer $67,334, and the disbursements
722: th latter inoludea the payment of nearly
112.000 of indebtedness. Peace continues to
nrevall with tbe surroundinr native tribes, and
tranquility among the Liberians.- Only onedif -
ficulty remained with a tribe about thirty-five
mues irom vape raimae, auu am propriety 01
sending an expedition thither la submitted for
Th production of exportable articles In 18C0
waa more than two hundred per oent. la advance
or tbe preceding year. 1 be nstional rair, insti
tuted a few years ago, had done much to atimu
late general industry. The natives were de
voting themselves to ths production of palm oil,
dye woods, ootton cloths, Slo.; while civilised
people turned their attention to sugar. syrup,
molasses' and coffee. About thirty per cent,
of the trade was carried on with the United
States. ' ' ' " "
Pennsylvania Oil Items.
' The oil fever has broken out In Ebensbnrg.
A company has bsen formed, whose intentions
it isle leas a sit either in Ohio or Virginia.
A company baa also been formed to test the
question of lb existence of oil In Csmbrla
count. 1
A great machine for penetrating th rook
for oil has Just arrived at Franklin, in Venango,
all the way from Boston, and ie soon to bs test
ed on a sits near that plaoe,' It is to be driven
by a strong engine, and will bora a hole eight
inches in dismeter, thirty to forty feet a day.
Should these promises b rsalixed, this maohin
will be a great institution in the oil region.
. The Sewtckley company of Venango have
a 264 feet well, from which they are pumping
two barrels per hour, on the old forge tract,
Frtnch creek--: ( tj 'l'
..During the last fourteen months, 22,119
barrels ot oil were shipped for Erie, oyer tbe
Sunbpry and Erie Railroad.
J ',-..' ' ' - -r- :' v"
1812 and 18C1 Forthr British and Aoaikst
Thsir own Covhtrvmriu Ther Is a fleroely
warlike spirit in th massaohusetm iiegisisture.
The Republicans have all got astride of a tall
war horse; and some ot tnem in mat predica
ment era like tbe beesar on horseback, who
rode to ths devil. We see In th report of their
doings that they are anxious to show that the
militia can be marched across the line of the
Stste and tie employed outside' of It by com
mand of the rrutdenl. in tne last war witb
Great Britain the Legislature were just as anx
loui to show that the Preeident oould wet order
the militia out of the Stato. The Governor
refused to march them over tho llnei and the
Dolut was contested violently by the domi
nant oertv in that State. Thm they were re
quested to march against the Atritish; now tney
sre msking ready to marcu against toeir fellow
oouotrymea TAra they flatly refused to march
against foreigners! woii they show tbe greatest
Risen- to marcn against tneirown nretnren;
Lord Brougham Again.
Id a review reoently written by Lord Brough
am for La Critique Francalse, be says, casual
ly, that "In fingiand the history or partlss ana
political changes is a history or compromises
and recmrooal concessions, Rod attributes to th
foot much of th success which 'bss marksd
Great Britain's csreer. And England can com-
nromite. concede, and still betbeotrongestgor-'
eminent In tbe world, while tne Kepuonoan au
thorities of the United States cannot lower their
dltrnltv to the level of a concession., What a
comment on the' Impudent superciliousness of
tbs little minded theorists who talk of "rower-
N. Y. News.
Later from South America.
i papers have oome to pafc
Files of Veneznelean oaoert have oome to hah d
from Caracaa to the 30tb, and Lsgnayr to the
Slstu1t.s Congress was to meet at .Caracas on
the 20th, where the members were arriving
very slowly. A dangerous contplrscy was dis-
ooveraa at maracaiuo on me nigrum tnwisn,
the verv nieht tbe conspiracy bad fixed on for a
demonstration, and nipped neiore tbtj renows
m u . . . .
could do morn than fcommsnce. Most or tnem
made their escape under cover of the darkness
Aoeording-to advloes from Barcelona,, dated
Jnuary 9, Julio Monagas wss in that province,
deserted by all his followers, exoept a few dea-
Derate orlminais, Who nave no mH
m ercy In this world, snd sre afraid to snrren
, T . . . . thfl
ueoerai jobs lauea iuuuKian, wuw .p -
W'na 01 l rinioao, is earn 10 oe uuor.OB
poverty. The lnatpmoemt, 01
v"""'"' - - .T T r . . .
" " .".,""
trim dvlnir of starvation The detirS that lien-
IJZS ' .r:7,.V. h-m-
""'t,01!, . TIU " . I..-.Ti
mand In chief of.the army. seems to begenerai,
- -
The pspers are filled with etters and addresses
al. ir - av . nrL .l I .. a fata n I inm 1 no A.
UIlUD LIIH HU HQll A I1B H&im U s-Sw-U v-us-s,v
wno nave uteiy teturnea w .
furnished gratis, previous to their departure,
"i everything they needed, by Governor Yal-
r , f f" , .
D" Aoimug uuuw.
merits the gratitude ot all veuesucia.
, ,... ' t,
L " DoB ".KZ" '
rnaiunaU that fn nonlrlnry tA DtlirlA triA AmArlm.0
mm ii I i
""- - --v B
ePubl, nron8h he perils of secession, wo may
have recourse to the antecedents of history, and
. t j iiru..
,rc wereirom lessens, oi wieuom. uu
va 01 Wellington stooa at tne neim
State ander the British Government, and was
invoked by popular clamor to resist Innovation
by force of arms, presenting to bis great mind
toe aifcerna&ivea 05 urrcuuer ur uivu
be did not hesitate, but used these memorable
words: i ' If ! UTTTrv
"My lords. lam one of those who havoprob
ably passed more of my life in war than most
men, and principally, 1 may say, in civil war,
too. Let those who koow not what it Is, speak of
it In light terms, imust saytbis, tnat u
Could . avoid, by aur sacrifice whatever, even
one month of civil, war in the country to which
I am attached, I would sacrifice ' my Ille In or,
der to doit."., . f,. , 1 ?, , ... 1 . 1
Tbe question which then agitated the British
Government ' so violently waa "Catholic Eman
cipation." Sir Robert Pool stood eide by side
with the Duke,' and a happy solution rewarded
their' sagacious but seit-sacrincing policy.
VVhen-their. .pslnoip es proved uutcuabie,-
wwu.tt w.appsmttnsttoamtttm tnem was
to desUoy the peace ot toeir country and topte
Oinitato tcrrino scenes ot oiooasnea, tney no
I... . . , . , . .t 'mi
M7 "gnoreoaii party ties ana svmpsin.er. j xnis
"u u . u..v.
knemoriftli teatify to ft b&uoiVf GfratHuae there
U- - t U a TTnlfAil fiistAS n elnles.
rvr.iiw-,w it nusj. wuins. Minvta 4V on-
N. Y. Journal of Commerce
Tbe rscklng pains, ¬
ability to use a mueole without torture most in
tense. these ana many otner suuennes are
familiar to those who have beenTsfflicted with
the disease tbst beads this article; and it is
the cure of the me that : we have this day
Denned ad article in favor of Kennedy's Med),
cat Discovery. . Mr. Joseph Ewell, on of
Brat cltisens ot uuincr. says : "I was bed rid
den the whole of one winter through Rhcuma
tism six tjottles of tbe Discovery made
well ss ever." ' We conld fill our naner with
similar . testimonials, bnt we trust that this will
be sufficient to Induce Kheumatlca and all tron
bletf with humors to use this remedy. i
Strong Testimony.
. , i
Dr. Hall'i BALSAM is the strongest cerlf
fled medicine in tbe world for tbo curd
Cough$, Coldl,' Iottiet(t,-Brrmchitii, and
primary stagee ofCONSUAimON, giving Im
mediate relief, snd imparting a cbeeriui sensa.
XI- fin 1 lOClflCll 1
, El
AXKocuct mi rat Virt. hts
M I.
.':)''' Jj ' .1." 'riV'i
I '''.1 O"T,0'.'l
I '- . vj.ji;., 1
f JLip-C,: JXi'i , '
Monday LveillDg, February 18th.
IB ADINO will commence at 8 o'clock.
1 ' ' f ' 1 . ' t : -1 i 1 '
, Ticket 83 cents. For sal at J. IT, BI ley's Bookstore,
J. C . Ir'osds' Mnaie Store, or at Ihe Door . ! -
- feblJ-d2t , " : .
Titanr. bavs-comiueivcisiC".
. . ... .1 ,11 . ,7.1 on . I ,
Thnrsday. EFeninga;FeU ji; 1861.
T " r6r ttfe-MoTiD Itfechidlcal Exhibition ot the!
( The 'moat thrill tof( all aaoderR Sllracles, emoraelng
and attounding comblnltlon 1 1 J i U a.1 i
30,000 of Moving and Ao'tiiigiroJelg
Ken, Horses and 'Animals. !
It is not a Panorama, -Minted on a few hundred feet
Sat carinas,, tut Is a auurtllnfaod raltniul representation
of actual occurrences, re-enacted with hrwildKring accu
racy, by mechanical models, endowed by (renin, with
oorrect motion and Impassioned yollUun . of lite. It
th most complete and expensive comptnd ( art ever
exhibited. . - . t j . ; T
HltxhlbiUoa every night at 8 o'clock. Door
open at 7 o'clock. ; '
, ICF Afternoon Ixhlbltion lalnrday at 3 o'clock,
' 27 Unile In attendance. febtf-dl w
'. Partnership.
sob JAMS! ADQB BAIN as partner in my busl
aeas, which will hsreaf ler be eondncted ander the flnR
of Bain A Bon. P. BAIN, 29 Seuth Bliti St.
1 Oolambus, lob 15, 1BG1. , V. ; " -fbM
cloaing np his old boatmn a ooeo, and hvpes that
an persons navmg anseuwe aaossHiis en ais Doess will
glv them immedlaleatlenUoa. k ii,avjj ,
ttblt 1- . iu ,.-111 -i yi ,P, BAtlf.
stock of DRY GOODS from No. 1 South Ulih
street, to his old stand, No. -W Notts, fliiih street. In
Thompson's Building, when a writ k-apleaeed to see ail
ma old customers, ana all new ones tnaa asey 00m, where
be will tell them eheap goods.
A ranro lot of OaBPET oa ttend, Which will ke Shld
at cost, rov easa, teeiosota itook- :.m." fv ' .,
.t. at. TAfT,
janl8:dlmf Corirff High and Gay ste..OolumbuaU). .
mad la die the officers of this Bank, January Suth.
1111, to wit; WM, A. WHT, President, snd Tnostas
Moodii, Oa,hrer rsalrned thdr smoe. Davis Tivlob
Imw wa llian dented P redden! and Wm . a. u,...
poiotedOaahter.. ,,. if, -Y
, Byomerar m Board of Plreotors. " -!" -leb
6, Ibttl-dtft . W. A. PLAIT. OsSarler.'
laACitt Intra w homniTsvm j h ka,
ennt Mlbbooi. In trral vmrt.w -at. v, IIAIN'S.
eetS iMoi-tlOiUlaliitrMt:
raretll THUOAT mm ,
IiCKO GOiripi4INTS( '
tnelndla TriioOFlNO
COUGH, etsaA every
CmtlsUmt tho taroram;,
ner 1 , and Tem srctiaa I
; 5 .' V
lu . I
The Great FCEUHAS..
GIG HKMtnV and Nat
ural OPIsl Ki adana
to every apeolee ! Nr
;sns Camplalnta, Mere
ne aad threnU
HemdacUe, Hlieuma.
tlsm, Catarrh, Vaatls
ana Ear Acba, Imam mi
uia.n. and Hanrxl fl.m.
ft ft '
, Nonal jnitlce can ba dons the above preparations
tat by proeurtnn and readlns descriptire paiiipblets.is
b found wlib all dMUra, r will be sent by rroprlator
ea demand. Formulae and Trial Bottle lent to Pbjril
olsns,who Will Snd developments In both worthy their
aoceptanee and approval.
, Oorreaposdenoe solicited from all whose neeessttlae or .
ourloilty prompts to a trial of th abov reliable fteaa
dies.--' .' i
i for sale by the ueiul wholesale and retail dealer
tverywhera. ,
JOHN I.. HtJNNEWEtL, Proprlota
JiJi- ,-4 CHlmat SND raaRMAORDTIST,
f f No. 9 Commsreial Wharf, Boston, Mass
KoberU t Bunuel, N. B. Varple, J. B. Oook, J." M
Denlft, Q. Penle St Bons, A. i . Bchueller a Boo, Anats
for Columbus, Ohio. siyl-dty
to sll ohi of eostlvene, dyspepsia, Ullloas and liver
affestioos, piles, rheamaiisa, fsvars snd agues, obstl
nate head aches, aad all neral dtrasfemants of health
time fills have Invariably proved a eertala and epeedy
leaedy.' A etngle trial will place ths Lit PUU beyond
th reach ofoompetlllon In the eetlmetloB ef every pa-
Uent. ' ' - ' ' ' ' 1
Br. lloffat's Phcenlx Bitters will be found equally e(
Acaoioas In all oases of nervous debility, dyspepsia, bead
ache, the sickness Incident to females Indelicate health,
aad every kind of weakness of the digestive orpns.
for sal by Br. W. B. MOffAT, 335, Broadway, K. T.
Snd by all Branriita. ' ' aayia-dfcwly
lue louowing is aa ezunot irum a
letter written by Ihe Bey. J. B. Holme, paster ol ths
BJerrepbint-Btrtat Baptist Chorch, Brooklyn, BT. T.,to
the' Journal and Messenger, Olnclnnatl, 0., and epeaks
Tolutaee In hvor of thst world-renowned medic Ice, Hal
Wihslow's Soothiho Brsor roa OBiLDan Tm-wno:
"W se an adrerttament tn yoar oolomne of Uu
Wihslow's Bootiix Bvanr. - Now w neror said a word
In favor of a patent medicine befof la ear lit. to
feel compelled to eay to yonr readers tbst this Is no hum
claims. It is probably one of th moat sarcral medl
cine of th day, because U is one 0! the beat. And those
of yonr readers wbo bar babies can't do better tnaa
lay lea supply.?,', , ort7:lydw
To Consumptives.
Th Advtrtlwr, havini been restored to health In a few
wwks by a very slmpl remedy, after havings Rffereds
eral years with a srr lung affeotion, and that dread
disease, OonsnmpUoa ts anxloua to make known to his
fellow-sufferers th means of cure.
To all who deslrs It, bs will send a copy of the pnsorls
Hon used (free of charge), with ths dlrtcdons for prepa
ing and atlng th same, which they will And a sorb Of
for OoNaoarrios, Arrmu. Bronchitis, Ac. Th only
object of the adTrtlir in sending ths Prescription Is to
benefit the afflicted, snd sprtad information which M eon-
eelves to be Invaluable, and he hopee every eofffMr wilt
try his remedy, as It will cost thsai nothing, and may
pror a bleating.
jramei wiening we pmnjripuun win pnH eaarvaB
Kings Oounty, Nw York.
Wm. A. Satohelor'i Hair Dye!
; Th Original and Bast ia th Worldt
All ethers ar mere Imitation, and should be avoided
If yon wish toeecape ridicule.
OBAY, BID OR BDBTI HAIB Dyed Instantly to
beautiful and Natural Brora or Black, aithoat Injury to
Hatrorlkm. ' 1 .
awarded to Wm. A. Batch, lor sine 1839, and over 80,00
applications hay baea aud to th Hair of his patrons
of Wsfamvasdy! . , - 4
WM. A. BATOHILOB'B HAIR DTI produoesaool
or not to 6e distinguished from natur, and is warranted
not to h'sre In the Itast, however long It may be ontln
Md, and the Ul effects of Bad Dyss nsaedled; th Bail
iavigoraied for life by this splendid Dye.
. Bold In all cities and towns of the United States
Drnggiats and Taney Goods Dealers.
ILfThe Onnlne hss th name and addrsss upon aateel
plate eeiravlng on four side of aoh bos, ol WILLIAM
0BABLK8 BATCH ILOR, Pjoprietor,
SI Barclay street, Mew York.
W. A. Batchelor's Hair Dye!
- This splendid Hair Dye has no equal Instantaneous
effect Beautiful Black or Natural Brown no staining
the skin er injuring bit Ilair mieaie me aenr1 aa
effect of Bid Dyes, and invigorates tbe hair lor life.
None ar gvaulne aniens signed "W. A. Batohelor."
Bold sverywhero.
BATCHiLOB Proprietor,
81 Barclay Street, New Tors.
for the INSTANT UUIf
and FKBMAMBNT 0U&I of th
dlatreeslng ooeaplalnt use
E N D T f 8
Made by 0. B. BITMOTJR 00., 107 tTaasaw St., N. T.
Price 1 per box! sent free by post. i.
Sheriff's Sale.
D. T. Woodbury Co.,
Ilea. )
George W. Alia
Superior Court. !
torn direeted, tron th Superior Owrt of tranklia
oounty, Ohio. I will ottar for sale in th town oANev Al
bany, at the store roes of O. W. Allen, a lot of Dry
Goods and Notions, la Tied on ae tho property of 0. W.
Allen; Ml commencing on MONDAY the SBikdayof
February A. p. 1801, at 10 o'clock A. M.
' i ... i , V7. HUryMAN, Sheriff,
,,febl3:IO!d , , By Bd. Davis, Dep't.
. Printer's feea 5,50.
flammation aad paia, and heals th worst burn,
scald, brulte,eut, or freah woand of any kind, rrertnts
swelling and pain from be stints, nosqalt Ml, aad
polaonons plants, nearaltrla, rlieumallam, agn ia th
breut, salt rheam,te. When taken Internally, It will
poiitively cur croup In children, and gives Immediate
relief in th worst nu of this terrible oosnplaiat; aleo,
removes hoarseness aad eors throat, Prios, at ente a
bottle. Should be in every home. For sale by Dree,
gist and 8torekee-n. ' ' IBTIN BTONB,
ffoPftetor, No, 1 BptmoeatnBew York
esUdkwlyia-:,,: , ., . tf l2-e
. BnneriorOrlentel.''"" -'
PlntKanaetert i t''t
Lff VI "f '''' Ac, (extra)
... liv. Amerioaa aba;,
i t i." :( u . 1 . f. Bird's Kye, fUnlon)
in nackases: alio. Kenlnettr Sua etai a hm .1. ... v.,.
barrels, in store and for sals by
. . mcksi fe BXBTIBAnX,
fcbll f , 1 w r, i.-JS, Butssmau Building.
Diiiolutioa of Co-partnertUp.
The riRin or jr. ii.-sraiTn v co.
Is this day dtsiolved by mates! oooaent.
tJ, " j Ji" "a, . ' '' : : SMTT1T.
feb6.dlmo " I 1 -A - At 0. BBI8H.
Jsn.SO dtf " j. c. WOODB.
. alAill
If"" T '.
hstorsfor silehy '
''l t " "C18" n-Ba-STlIAUat,
' M Btateeman Bnlldlng.
Agent for nonE,voifTi!;E'fTALr
atAwaAVTAii, Sacrarrv, and Iariaaf uu lira. Co.
Niw Toast MsacWAwn and Oitv Piaaa lai-..
Kew Tou Linand Ookh sloTtit lru.
Office, i Ulgh Sit., Bavare's B
Matteta the moat, etylish and elrvant manner. A
laaWAtAsa Ih. na-.o.l Km
GtJV.il. 1 H0
(9 South liih itTMt.

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