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FEB 16, '1861.
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i iwi i ,i. u. rnti Codimd't Dlaces ul daily
under bligetfaus to It for lb very latest papers
from toer-astera citiee. n
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, r' "Tbe AmwlcM Express Company hat our
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ywy latest eaSterhpaperS
' London Qoaataair Review for JiNOiar.
This number, doramenoes with an artlale on
"Canada and the Northwest,"- In which the
oreseai oondlilon. resourses and future propecta
'L,l"pt that' a$Riflcent oolony are aet fortn in
" glowing tefme Theartloleon "The Welahand
their UteralufV'.contalns many interesting ex.
IrtCtB from WeM authors, with appreciative
and illustrative comments. Mr.MoTLEvVHls
tory of tho United Netherlands" la reviewed
with commendations fortiaed by a variety of ex
traotsc ( '.'......
"The Iron Manufacture" famishes a brief
i bietery of that branch of induatry, from Insig-
nlfleuit beginnings to the enormous estimated
prodaot of the United Kingdom for the pait year
1 cf 4,000,000 tons.'. The paper on "Italy" la
" '' rather more! sympathizing with the reoent events
" in that oouotry tban would naturally be expect
; 'V;,',!' ed from the Watty1 conservative eourae of the
-1 ! London Quarter h: "The Doga of Htatory and
I Romano" is intended aethetlrfht article of
thla number.' It la succeeded by "The Income
" i . Tax,. and its Rivals," with none of whlohthe
.writer hat any peculiar satisfaction.
. mm "great gun" of the number ia aimed at
the well known work, "Essajs ana Reviews,
: which? being- compiled by aeveral Oxford Pro
fetaora. has elven rise to much dlsouaaion in
England. Jt waa recently reviewed in the Wut
min$ler, and those who wish to see what can be
urged on both aidet of the important religious
questions involved, should puruse the artloles In
the two Reviews. . i : - .j.
This number of the London Quarterl eom-
It is published by L. Scott
mil J,, ,
3 " A Co., 54 Gold Street, New York, at $3 a year j
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Casssix's iLLOfTsiTiDWosas. Twoof these
'v: fii l works, publUhed by Cassill, Prm St Galnn,
t'v '-'"Now Tork, have fallen inder our notice, nsme
ly e "Caesell'a Illustrated Family .Bible," and
:v Casstll's Popular Nstural History." For both of
t i j ,i these works Mr. H. B. TiLUNaaarie the agent,
and Is now in our city, canvassing for anbscrlp'
.'lions. From the examination we have had time
to give them, we can' oh eer fully recommend
(hem to the patronage of the poblio,
i -Both the works we have named are furnished
In double parte, eooleinlogelity-four pages, with
eleirtnt engravings, and costing thirty cents.
The "Illustrated Family Bible" is highly
spoken of by -divines and scholars, who have
i ! critically examined It. They commend it for
the beautiful and original illustrations on al
most every page, and the" amountof information
, 'it Imparts in History and Antiquities, in An-
olent , Art and Geography,- and in various
tranches of Natural Science, thus leading to a
batter understanding of the Scriptures'. :
',Tbe "Natural History" has profuse and ex
' quleite engravings, and will comprise four vol
' i nmee the first and second being devoted to
; ..Mammal!; the third to the Feathered Tribes,
and tha feurth to Reptilea ' and Fishes. No
family library should be without a work like
ibis.-' .'. i
i . j Assionmint or Docket. The following Is
' tha Assignment of cases on the Civil Docket,
for tha February term of the Court of Common
' PleaS for this county! i
Tuesday. February 19. Front
" lto 95
' 95 to 150
iWedneadav.. " 20..
Thursday, . : . .. 21,
Friday, " 22,
Monday," ..." . 25,
. Tuesday, . ",..96,
' Wednesday, ," ' 87,
Thursdsy, " 28,
; 150 to 185
185 to 220
320 to 245
246 to 270
270 to 295
295 to 320
320 to 345
345 to 370
370 to 395
395 to 420
420 to end
Maroh 8th,
riaay,, warcn
' Monday, ; "
Tueeday, "
Thursdsy, - "
Becond Trial Docket Friday,
and Saturday, March 9th.
;. : Criminal Docket From . Monday, ' March
11th, to Saturday, March 16th. .
, Pied At Findlay, Haneock county, on tha
i ..7th of February,: IBM,. Gxoaac Swaw, In tha
79ifi yesr of his age. .'
Mr. Shaw waa a native of Mifflin county,
Pennsylvania," and came to this (Franklin)
; ' , loounty, wfth his brother, William Shaw, at
rery early day, absut 1801, and was one of the
J V first settlors In the neighborhood where he died
' He wu the father of the Bon. John Shaw, late
member of the House of Representatives, from
.t'"w.lyT -Wert county, and father-in-law to the Hon.
Daniel J. Bsown, the present member from
Putnam county. He was a soldier of the War
of 1819, a sound Democrat, and a gentleman of
Irreproachable character. He waa respected
y.U who.knew blm. ' u :
. Miif Vaoohan's Rbadinoj. Miss ViaemiA
CI Vaoohah.u will bs'sesri by the advertisement
n another eolumn,,wtirgla poctio and drama-
o, 4i0, resdinge at Armory Hall, on Monday even
'J V VO t. I... II mI .niuMMnM
n inZ XteM eu. 40. uib i ur ----
mm TCader in our city, and from the antlolpa
iions of those acquainted with her, she deservea
, full khousa.'' , Among tha pieces selected for
' the entertainment on Monday nigni, are scenes
from Shakspeere's , ." Midsummer " Night's
" Dreamt" "Maud Muller,".by WhltUer; "How
they oarry the New from .Ghent trf Alx," by
- Robert Brownlngi t"Ths Bridge of Sighs," by
fiHHood.and Mthe Duchess May'by Mrs.Brown
log. Thsse selections are judlclons, and we learn
--. that th entire programme is equally attractive
,,J;.dE5i)Jooas. The following ll the panel
vt Grand Jurors, for the nsxt term of the Court
of Common Pleas fof this county 1 John Roger
Madison tn.j Thomas Needles, do.; John Den
ntsbniPrairleV Aaron Clover, do.i Thos-Legg,
Perm Thos. Deems, Fraakllnl James Waloutt,
do.; Cueuncy Cook, Clinton j Bamuel Kinnear,
do.,W. L. Turnef, Montgomery Hiram Mat
thews, do.i 8amuel Bear, Vlo ; John Martin
Truro Nathaniel Fainter, do.) E.P. Hemf-
-ataadrBlendan.. ,
Boasd' or Paauo Woaxs. Lm SAtacirf
- was this morning qualified sad took his seat as
a member of the Board of ' Public Works, In
1 r , . Piaca or asms ij. cacoi, wnose nrmoi w-
"" ' 'fejlM xplred., ! . oOTf,.,. 1 ,, - .., ,
'1 - IT "Madam many parsonr were Very much
disturbed at the concert last sight, by tha cry
lug of yout baby.", "Well, I do wonder such
yeopls will go to oswtjrtw g' t ! . " '
HTWhy is a man paying hlsliots at the bans,
,TT.W- father going to sea. his . children? Be
earias he meets WrespobslbtUtltos. '
tieliMitDny was Adam the best runner that ever
. lived? Because hs was the first In tha human
DiHkANoa at Hons. First and foremost,
fsavi a modern Chesterfield.) don't trv to be
polite. Itwlll spoil all. If you keep overwhelm
ing jour guests with ostentations entreaties to
make them feel at home, they will very soon
wlah the were there. Let them find out that
yon are happy to see them by your aotions, and
not by your words.
Alaa Mmmka ti 1 at kaatiflll neOrjlA ftlonO
at first: It 1 tha nnlv war to Bet them at their
.... T..i - .u. n.,a hu .nmerlmoa
a tu urn ' . . ,
tha contrarv effect of driving them out of the
. ' ...
Leadlne- the conversation la a aaneerous ex
nerlment. Better follow In its wakei and it
you want to endear yourself to talkers, learn
to listen well;
Naver make a fuss about anvthlntr; never
talk about vouraelf: and always preserve perfect
composure, no matter wnat aoiecism or oiunaers
others may commit. '
Remember that it Is a very foolish proceed
log to lament that you cannot offer to your
guests a better bouse, furniture or viands. It
ia lair to presume tnat tne visit is to you not
to the surroundings.
Give people a pleasant impression of them-
Im. .nH th .III hit u .nr. leroini
' T V, T -"' ,
un lust suou slender wneeis as . tnese tne
whole tabrio of society turns. It is oar bust
ness, then, to keep tbem in perfect revolving
oraer. .
Montoomeet Hall LaRoe's Wondebvdl
Panopticon. A fashionable, enthusiastie and
delighted audience assembled at Montgomery
Hall, last night, to witness the second exhibition
in this city, of this novil and thrilling enter
tainment, illustrating in the most vivid manner
India, and the last Sepoy rebellion. There Is
oovslty in this exhibition which no other
previous, entertainment has ever possessed
which consists in the introduction of thousands
of life-moving models. The entertainment
will De repeated to-nignt, and none snouia tan to
Witness its Wonderful and brilliant attractions,
V. 1 ( 1
XTIT joeoes l ne following is toe panel oi
P.tlf . T....... T,m fm h. naiiln ,0,m
w .
OI tbS UOUrt Of UOmmon rless lor tniS connty :
Samuel Crosby, Montgomery tpif Henry Butler,
. , r . . . rr
do.: Amos Jones. do tLevl C. Kelley, do.; J B
Williams, Plain; Robert Seeds, Jackson ; A. W.
Shearer, Prairie; Fletcher Sells, Washington;!
Washington Latin, Clinton; Stmuel Nelswan-
der, Jefferson; N. C. Mason, Truro j John Cum
mins, Pleasant.
D7There are many conflicting reports in re-
gard to Major,ANOEMON's condition at Fort
Rami.. mr.A It 4. Hlfflmila nnttAn In fnrtn n.
opinion. Not SO With the Garments Cut by G.
V. P. ..ir,...t N.erVrlr Plnlhln.
"t h b
Store 121, South High street.
Rilioiods Notici. Rev. Thomas Gorman
will deliver a discourse in tbo Universalist
Church, Third street, to morrow (Sunday) even'
ins-, upon the following subject: "The Safe
OM. II n. flTk. P.M.tnn ,a T.tvA an1 tn Tia K V
Sermon at 7 o'clock. ' - ' 1
Sortuoa Couar. The Superior Court for
this county Judge Matthews presiding clos
a term yesterday. . The term Was Chiefly I
t.h .nltMtnn ..... . . I
"V ""-
O-ii you are a precise man, ana wibd to ue
mrunum wiui - e"-1
named Ann, for we have the authority of Lind-
lit Moaaav, and many others, for tha assertion
that Ann "is an Indefinite article.";
1 1 1 1
Coost ov Common Pleas. The February
term of the Court of Common Pleas for this
coiintY. commences on Tuesday next, tha 19th
Ids. , , - . ,7 ;
Matoe's Cooet The toial of ins picKpooKeis
before the Mayor has bee jpostponed till Mon
day next, the 18th Inst., at nine o'clock, A
Rail Road Time Table.
Lrrrut Hum 0t-cnaoat Zima B. B.
Accommodation 6.10 A. M.
No.SXa SJ0P.H.
Might Bxpr. 8.45 A.H.
0.15 P. M.
130 P.M.
8.45 A. M
Glzvuaxd, CoLsataoi OiaonnuTi B. B
Express and Hall 3 00 r . H.
Might Bzprea 3:SS A. H.
1.40 P. H.
1:30 A. H.
OawraaLOmoK. B.
WmfMB Train 3.00 A.H
30 A
Hail Train P.H. '
8x0 P,
PtTTtioaaa, Coldmio at CutcnmaTt B. B
Izpreaa Train 3:00 A.H.
Hail Train .41) P.H.
8.30 P. H
2:20 P. H.
i 1,
11:10 A.M.
CoLonans at Imruaafou B. R. y
Oolumbua, riqua at lnuiaoa b. a. j .
Izpreaa Train b:iua.m.
Bipresa Train 8:4 P.H,
The OeeatestCodoh Medicine in the Wosld
U. oraat nlAaanra In cklllnlf the atten-
tlon of our reader, and the public to the won-
derful Tlrtues and numerous testimonials oi I
. W . AVer S rULHONIO UHlgar vonoiai. - a ua I
. .. .. ... 1 . .' I
s nnniiMtiOMD T tne ereatCII couon svewaraMv
tk World! It bas been nsea in tne uootor s
l y . - . . " . I
extensive practice in various pvw oi tuw uuuu-1
for several years, and is a speedy and cer-1
i r. -..v,. mM. kMin.hltla. aathma.
laiadin) lrv..... .
tk. A Hiiiiitw or nraatnina?. S.O.. ao.
Ha who aids in Introducloff this great prepara
tion to tha community, is a benefactor to man.
kind.; i .
Alizandee the Great. Alexander' con
quered the world, and then wept for the want
of another to subdue. But James Pyle has con.
quered the world of spurious Saleratns makers,
with his purs Dietetic, and is reaping aricn
harvest from its Immense sales, and is Very far
from crying about It. Depot, 345 Washington
Street, New-York. . , ; ,.
rrr W hollflve that D. B. De Land & Co., of
the Fab-port Chemical works, r airport, Monroe
Co., N. V., are manufacturing aa good, If not
th baat Sataratns that has been ever produced
in this country. A new discovery in refining,
and not need In thla country, exocpt at this es
tabllshment, plaoee tbem In a position to snc
rwaefullv com Date in ooint of quality with any
" . . . . . . , r . , i j
manufacturers 01 inia article in tne wonu.
Th.lr Saleratus la Derieotlv Dure, of uniform
nnahtv. and nerfectlv healthful. It ia now for
" ' ., I A AW
sale by most oi tne grocers inrougriou, u uuu
try. ' ' " ! ..;.
i . i t -.-.s.
Who will suffer from Fool Humors, Botes, or
DIaeaaa of the Skin, when such certain remidles
aa McLean's Stsenotaimo Cosdial and Blood
Ptraivtia. and McLean's Voloanio Oil Lini
ment ean be so easily obtained. The Cordial
will nurlfv the blood thoroughly, and the Lini
ment will curs any sore, see toe advertise
ment, t J i
Satisfaotobt. We believe that before many
weeks shall have gone by, every family in the
State will constantly keen Odeenbt's Balm in
the house, ever ready to bs applied at a mo
ment's notice. Wbo ean estimate the amount
of good it has and will accomplish 1 ( p t
D Sea advertisement of Prof. Millie's
Hair Invigorator ln another column.
Front Street, Eatween Stata and Town
X SHOP hiitill running, iind although
the prestur of lat years haa Ml heavily
R- mnnln. M.N. she ll Still tUm-'
eg eat thoN splendid PULTONS, BOOKAWAT8, and
BOtWIKB, OABRIAQSn, ' EirKltBB, lJM'!1,'
BUHk ud BACKS. Twenty rears steady snanufao-
tnrlug ha given ear work a Wide-spend reputation
urongn u SoutA and Watt, 1 '. .
W ufnn deem it anneeesakre to aay any tning more
la regard to th qnallty f our Wort, Wwabawt
evwag Venicia, V can sell aooB TorJuawua fraat
lllti tO (An). ' , . .
Deakr oaa b IVirnlslied With any ambnnt f work at
short notice, and t pr-s lower Uian ean be bought any
where m th West. Second hand Buggies taka la ea
irrBepalrlng don neatly and at short notice. Fae
tor, on front, dsi
etweea Slat and Town street, Ooluaa-
li VI I
011 eoanualcattons will recetr prompt aUanUos,
aui. wiy
. bti took place on Iheimendmeet to Ike potUllilll,
Inoreaslng the
pay of route (genu to on thousand dol
lart annually
Mr. Wuhbnrne. of III., offered in amendment that
tne General OoTernment reitore each Inland tervloe aa
oan be properly done.
. Mr. Stanton oppoied the amendment. The bill
patted. '
Mr. Oonway presented memorial of the leglilatlr
Atiemblr of Kantu for Indemnity to eertain pertons for.
ioiee ouring the law political trouwet. ttererrca. -
The report of the Committee of 33 oame np.
Mr. Van Derore mad a Kepnblloan tpeechr ,
Mr. Dejarnett diicourted on the beaallet of olTlllia-
tlon In the new Southern Confederacy. African tlanry
wat the only bull onwhloh Bepublicao llbertiei can be
preserved. Adjourned.
WiinmuTox, Veb. IS. Vice Preildent Brecklnrldg
tlck, uw iid i Bomta toordtr,
I On motion of Mr. Powell. Ur. foot took the Onalr.
Mr- tbat be had been aiked by the nnul.
mmf o' Bvl Uo.mlttM, tut tu vou. ex
loo,inJur. Xftomp.onfrom fervlng
on the Naral Com.
mittee be recontidercd. Tha rot- waa reoonildered.
and air. ThcmDMn wu noteznued. -
-me retoiutton for printing 83,000 additional copiet or
me agricultural report lor patent office waa pawed.
Mr. Kelloffa. of Illlnoit.Dreaented a memorial limed
by 8,000 oltiaena of the Dittrlct ha reprctented (gaintt
in amendment to in oonititut on late r introaucea at
himtelf. , ,.
fcllr. John Cochran, of Wew York. Dretented th pro
ceeuinirt or tn new xorK Democratic (Jonrention, iirh
d by 650 delegate,, relating to tha tettlementof th na-
tionai difficulties
lonaioimcnititt. Laid en table.
, Frlrate bill were then oonaldered.
Mr Lincoln's Tariff Speech at Pittsburgh.
PimiDRan. Feb. IS. The followinc It Mr. Linooln't
tpeech at Plttabnrgh thla morning, from hit own mana
ecript: After alluding to our national trouble, only to
lay that tha preient crliit wa an artificial one, and iuch
aaturnnient men may at any timeoreate, air. Lincoln
continued It I often laid that th tariff la thalioeclalty
of Penniylranla.' Auumlng that direct taxation la not
to M adopred, tn Uritr quettlon muit be a durable ai
th Qorernment I lie If. It la a aueition of national
tab I, to the family. Ererr Tarrlns etrcumitanoa will
require rreouent modification aa to amount needed and
.n .. n. ....... 1 ... .V.n 1 u 1 . I,.. I.
0f opinion among th people. It la at to whether and
hw ' dutlea on ImporU ihall be adiuited to faror
hAm nnvliuitlnn. In th. hnm. m.rlt.t lhalfwnlnmirn
begin,. - One party lntltta that iuch arijuitment opprett-
on elan for th advantage of anotb.tr. while tb oih
er party argnea that with Hi Incident! and la th long
run an ciinea are rancnitea.
Tn th. nhlMVn nl.tfnmt th.M I. .nl.nlrtn.n .Vi 1. .nk.
Jeot which thonld be a general law to the Incoming Ad-
mwaiiBiioa. wa tnouia ao neiuur mora nor en man
we gay th people reaton to beliere we would when they
gaTe nt tneir toiet. inat plana u aa x now read, li ne
isitn retolution of tn vnicago piattorm wu nere read.J
At with all general propoiitiona, then will be abadca ol
difference In oonttrulng thla. I han by no meant a
tnorongniy matured judgment upon urn tuhject, npecial'
ly at to detaili. gome feneral idea ar aboutall.
I hare long thongbt that to produce any neoeieary ar-
uttl labor at horn a abroad, would b betUr mad at
home, at leaat by the difference of tb carrying from
abroad. In inch oat th carrvlntf la demanitrahlv &
dead Ion of labor; for Initanoa, labor being th true
""qaraoi Tame, ii i. not plain tnatu equal labor geta
par or ranroaa iron out era mine in Kogiand, anaanoth-
rout or a mm in fennarlTanla, each eould be laid down
onatrackathomcheaper than they eould uchang
ouninea, at lean oy we coat oi oaniage i
If then b a preient caun why on can be made and
carried cheaper than th other can be made without car
rying, that ctute la an unnatural and lniurloua one. and
ought gradually, If not rapidly, to be removed. Th
condition of tb treaiury at thil time would aeem to ren
der an early revliion of the tariff Indltpeoiabl. Th
revenue bill now pending before Oongrata may or may
not become a law. I am not potted m to it particular
provltloni, but it tney are generally aatiifactory, and u
bill thill now pan, mere will be an end nnr the preaent.
If, however. It thall not pan, I luppota the whol
ubjaet win be on or tn moet pressing ror tne next
Congrw. By th Cootlllutlon, the Executlv may re
commend meaiure which he may think proper, and It la
tnoDaaed tbath mar add to that oertaln Indirect in-
Uuencea to affeot tn action or oongreta. - My poHucal
edncatlon etronelr Incline, me uralnet a rery Ire ue of
any or tneie mean ny tn nxecuure to control tne
legitieaon or tn country, a a ruie, i tninK it natter
aurea, without external btat.
I. therefore, would rather reoommend to every untie
man who know h 1 to be a member nf the neit Oon-
cieaa. to take an enlarged view and inform himtelf thor
oughly, ao a to eon tribute hit part to tuch an adj ail
ment of th tariff aa thall product a aufflcient revenue.
and that It other bearing, ao far ai poaiible, be Jut t and
equal to all tectlont of the ountry, and all elateetof th
people. .... ' -
Mr. Lincoln at Cleveland.
u harai x Mot lnep, i( n0 occasion for any ex
trv eiwment. Th oriiis, aa it la called, l altogether an ar
a Hfloial erltla. ' In all part of th Nation there ar dlf-
CttraiiKD, Feb. IS. Hr. Lincoln and'partyfjeft Pitta-
tinrh In . pfc ahnWAV thla mornlnv. &mj.l .nthncLatl.
puudiu. .
. A I Bavaru m isnre vruwu nau aamnifiea. nowiin.
ttandlng th mud and rain, Hr. Lincoln merely bow
At Alliance an tleiant dinner waa given by Hr. Ho
Oullouth, Prealdent of th road. Salatea were fired,
mathing window, Including one at which Hn. Lincoln
aat during dinner. An elegant company of Zoaavet itoed
guard, the band playing national aire. -
ina tram aito iioppvu at Aavvpna aoa uuaton a lew
momenta, which placet ware ally with people.
Hr. Linooln and aulto arrived at Cleveland at 4:10,
amid roara of artillery. The arrangement were admira
ble; military, fir eoopanle, and trades, made a line die-
play, amid tne wildcat enuiuttaim. me proceeeion
moved through th principal atreet to tha Weddel
Houte. i. V. Haiiere, noting Hayor, welcomed tha
Prealdent; Judge Andrew did tb tana in behalf of the
eltlieni' committee. Hr. Linooln responded briefly a
follow; .
Hr. Chairman and rellow-clllieei or unveland: w
have been marching about two milei through toow, rain
and deep mud . The large number that have turned ont
under theieeironmitanoe testify that you are In earnest
about something or other. i ;
But do I think io meanly of yon as to inppoa that
thla aarneatneas 1 about me personally! I ehould.be
doing you injustice to snppote you did. Touoav
semblsdto.teatlfyyour respect to the Colon, and tb
Constitution and tb law. And her let m gay that It
with you, die people, to advance th great oauie of
Union ana in uonauiuuon, ana not wua any one
this raot ia strongly un-
In aoommualty like tbia , who appearano) UrtlSe to
their intelligence, 1 am oonvinota mat in caus oi uo-
.1. . TT 1 ham. k. tn rf.nwA. Vmmhh. I -
eruranu u. -"h--"
i i. tn th. .vrit.m.nl at nrnaunc avlatln la
, ,, nnll,l-,. .h.-, ... rilfrmaaM
-i ... --. .. . .
opinion even here.- Ton did not all vote for
tha person who now addresses yon. What u happening
now will not hurt thoa who are further from here.
,Hvthey not fall thlr rights, now at they ever have
Bad? Po they not have their fugitive slave returned
now aa ever f Jiave luev not ia same vDaiuiuiiou mat
they hav lived under for th last seventy odd yearat
Have taey not position aa cut tens oi mis common eaun
trv 7 and nave we any power to cnang mat posniooi
lories of Noll .What menu tn matter wun inemv
vh all thla excitement? and why all these eoetplainUl
As I said before, thla crisis la all artificial, i It baa ne
foandationin ficls. It not argued up.waeMthesavlog is.
and ctnnot, thsrefore, be argued down. Let it aion,and
Itwillgo downofitteir. (Laugutsr.;
Hr. Linooln aaid they must be content With but few
word from him. He waa very much fatigued, and had
spoken so frequently that h waa already hoara. He
thinned tnem iov tne coruiai in mteuiucmi, rouvp.iun
thav had liven him: not lea did b thank them for th
vote Ihty gave him latt fall, and quite as muoh be thank-
ad tnem lor u emcivnt aia mey niu given wiv ceavs
which he tprsented a caute which he would lay wag a
Md one. H naa on mare woru io aay.
lie waa clven td understand that -tbia reception wa
tendered not only by hla own party supporter,, but by
men of all parttn. this is aa it tnouia ea. ir jooge
Dnnijlaa had been sleeted and bad been ber on his way
to Washington, at I am to-night, th Bepubllcans should
have Joined bit lopporten In weloomlog him, Juetaa hi
friends hav joined witn mine io-nigni. u an oon i join
kow to save tn gooaoiu snip oi io union tnis voyage
nobody will hav a ohanc to pilot her on another vy-
.. ... ... " ;
11 eonciuoeu oy tnanaing aupretcofc ,ur .ue uvtv.iuh
they bay shown to th cause of tb Union.
At th aloaa oi in soeeon ar, Lincoln waa prenn
with several splendid boquet and floral wreaths an
immense cheer for Lincoln and tne union wa up py
tb crowd, and the reception wu over.
This avanina- Mr. Lincoln held a levee, wnicn mou
sands attended.' Be leave at nine o'olock tbia morning
for Buffalo. '
The Aasoclated Pre reporter eat autaonty ror aajmg
that an nartv demonstrations, iuch as Wlde-Awakea ot
others, would b dtsagretabl to Hr. Linooln, either at
recaption or aa eicort,
From Kansas.
T..m,niT. ¬
ing iteteaaenU, la regard te deatitatloa la Kabbm, are
thorn of th moat prominent cttuana :
W feel called upoa to warn ut irienus oi aLsnsaa not
t. rmdit th recent stateraeata af T hade at Hyatt In re-
,a tha snfferlnn of our. Moot. There hav been
no authenticated ease of death by starvation, and If tb
contribution eon time aa bountifully a heretofore,
untH Jua ant, aa w bop they will, there will be
non. ' ' ' 11 ' ' 1 , v -ihnat
nne-flfth of th people reed help from abroad,
but th abatement that Kausas la a oharnal home,' that
all olaaee ar approaching starvation, tbat there la but
on step between ntty tnontana ana narvauon, an, aa
W bellev, reckieat ane nagrane laisenoooa. (
W. 0. McDOWELL, Jadge lit Judicial District
A. W. PITSKR. Pattor t-reaoytenaa unaioo. .,
I. (BMP nARTT.ETT. Editor Dailit Timet.
WM. W. BA0K08, Pattor Westmlniter Church
jm. m. LtiNu. lisle ot new-rora. .-.
OHA8. W. HBLH. Editor Zoi7ir7(f,;,i
.'i t O. i. PARK, Bec'y Central Belief Oon. (.. .i,
0.0. BARTHOLOMEW, Pattor Christian Cbdrch.
J AS. B. LAINQ. Lat of New-Tork.- -
. th bulk "f th popuUtlon of tk Stale IrffTn th
oountie adjacent to Stie Hlsscurl river, and there I but
little more than ordinary destitution, mere aa un
doubtedly been much suffsi-lng from oold andaxposur
n.M those coming front a distance to tha river town
forfeit', and tli winter ha been unusually Beyer. It
I timtd that xu.uuv people wuiieeo am m provi
sions, clothe and in seed to enabl them to aux bar
vaaietr.(.:,ie....,..,-v,.v,. t i VtJ
Nrot.K,lVa. lebi IS. The' iurveyln( Schooner
Orawrofd ii preparing for sea at aosporl. V' '
' live euai of musket frost Heratri tTtf have been
takea te torn Mraroe,
Washington News and Gossip.
WaaauraToa, feb. IS. The eommitte' appointed to
prepare matter for th Peas Conference, to-day re
ported a plan of psdftcaMon.i It ia uaderatood te be
compounded from Crittenden' and ttuthile's proyesi
tlons and th Border Baat reeolutlons. It applle th
prinolpl of th Hltaeurt Ooaapraanla aorth of 30 de
gree 30 minutes, and popular sovereignty south of It.
Jtrery effort will be adetoaryUii plan through thla
' Blchmond advleeiaay that a conservative (eeling per
vades the Virginia Convention.
Col. Drinkhard hsa;reetgnd to eoanquane of reflec
tions made by the report of the committee on th abstrac
tion of th Indian bonds.
Th army supplies seised at Napoleon, Ark ,'wre des
tined for In army In Teres, which ll there aolely to
protest the whites from the Indians.
It is laid that assaranoe have been received that nei
ther fort Sumter nor Pickens will be attacked and aa
ooo at Davla 1 Inaugurated Presldaot of tb Southern
Confederacy he will, tend a minister to Washington to
negotiate. However It iaotrtalnly ascertained from un
doubted souroea that Haior Anderson feela perfectly te-
eure. and should he be aitaiMd, couia successfully de-
una blnueK till succored ny in government.
Th Oonvenlion cauous to-nlgnt unanimously approv
ed of Bingham' fore bill, which authorise collection
or in levenue on ablp boara outsia oi insurracuonary
ports, it will b preesta to a paaaag next weea.
eecreUry Uolt gv a tee to in reace uommisiion-
r to-night. ,
VTaaniiroTOif. leb. 18. Th acting CommltsloLer af
patents has refused to extend tn time for taking testi
mony on th application for -th extension of the patent
on uuttey't reaper, ueoiraove tne argument wproceea
on tee win, lnt. - -
A fracu occurred to-rrlgM at the National Hotel, be
tween Kellogg, of 111., and Hedill, Bditor of the (Jhlcago
rtown. Aiediuwae xnocwea aowa, wnen tne pysutn-
acre separated the bell'gerente.
Private advices from Montgomery state that arrange
menta have been made for a lean of M,uOO,OM) dollars by
the first of March, at which Mm th Ocnfedetacv will
hav fifty regiment of troop ready for the field, for th
purpose or renting coercion, ana m case oi a niockaae,
marchlDf noon Washington." ..
It Is understood that the defecation from Tirelnia.
North Carolina and M inonrl will vote agaiaat the report of
in peace conference alarviana, nentooiy and len
neiteewlll go for it. It will probably be adopted by a
majority of state represented In me conference.
. iiempneid jone, wno went aoutn as special agent or
ine xreatury Department, returned to-ruty, and la pre
paring a report to secretary Vx. winch w 111 probably be
presented to Oonareaa to-morrow. - '
It has transpired that a company of New Tork Bankers
waiiea upon rresldent Bucnansn latt vecember, and in
formed hint -that the OoTernment Loan would not be
taken, unlesi Secretary Thomaa was removed and a
Union man substituted. They named Dix, and alio stip
ulated that h should be an inmate of th Whit lioute.
New ToRK. Feb. 15. The Oltr of Baltlmoia. from
Liverpool 30th and Queenatown 31it, arrived at mid
night ah haa $03,0(10 in ipecle .
Lomoa. Wedneadar. Oontall 01 W7A01 U
Honey market unchanged. Breadttuffi dull and lowar.
Sugar delivered at 67c.
Lateat advices from Uaets lay that a flu of true wai
lent from tb fortmi to th fleet, and tb firing wat
oon auapandad on both tldet. Francit tent a freeh cir
cular to the Mlnltteri, itating that he waa reaolved t
meet all the perlle of hit potition to lha end. . i
uaiurna irom Boutnern Italy ar favorable to th gov
The caa of Fattaraon va. Bor.nmrta wu adlnnmed Ia
the firtt of February.
It la reported that franc haa demanded an MmUnatlon
of th recent warlike ipeechea of the King of truttla.
ma w uenica ai uerjin.
Pari. Tha Pari Bouri wai animated and buoyant at
JfJe- ' t ,
It la aiaeraad that Heltamleh had notified Thnenl
w Auttria would contider an attack by UarlHildl. on
any part of Auatriaa territory, aao f eaama belli. .
unreported uiat tn Atmpworor atueaut had refuted
to' lanetloo an xchan sold balwaen . tha Bank of
China lattore aanonnc tha Mr.. Ward waa to leave
nong Aoogea th Uta, In tb Hlagon. .
LivnrooL. Thurtdiy. Breadatuffa aulet and ateadv.
Prevltiona dull. Produce quiet and Heady. .
LiirDOK. Thuradav noon. The American erltla t. th
leading toplo In th lournali and among the bueineaa
eommunity. eewarda apeecu u putilltbed at lenath.
and Ita merltl freely eanvaad. Th London Timet tp-
piauut ma argumenr that Carolina la guilty of rebel ion
andiaya they are tb principle! which ifaould have ema
nated Irom th President. , '.
A youna man named Thomaa Doninn. hailing from
Boaton, Uaw., had committed a murder In Liverpool.
by tubbing, and alto nearly killed hit father. .
'i raue in a ranc waa very dull.
Auttria la making full preparation to lUPDreaa antici
pated Hungarian outbreaka.
in nitgara, John Adama, Hartrord and Saginaw were
at Bong Kong Dee. IS.
The Southern Congress.
MoirrooMkar, Feb. 15. Cocgresi appointed a commit
tee of sU to make arrangement for tb Inauguration on
Hondaynexh ..o . . . , . . i
communication relative to th aorehiae of vessels
ware referred. ' -i-" i .
An offisial CODV of the Texas ordinance was nreaanted
with credentlalt of delegate, n of whom arrived; ob
jection wu made to Ita reception, ea th grouad of It
no. ocuig rauneu. 11 t
air. uregg. of Texas, a dlecate. waa Invited to take a
An act paiied In secret session, continuing custom
and officers tn office until th Ural of April, and requir
ing them to tak the oath of fealty to the provisional Oov-
Tha Secretary of the Treamrr la Instructed ts venor t a
pian ror reuueing expenses, ana collecting revenues.
St. Louis. Feb. 15 P. Dexter Tlffinv. a wall known.
wealthy citlten of St. Louis, committed suicide at the
Planter's House yesterday by rutting hie throat with a
raaor.' Tiffany leaves a wife and alx children, who are
now at Worcester, Hassachusetts.- Tha caute which led
to tne sutoide waa mental aberration, Induced by acuta
Tha State's Bight ticket for a State Convention waa
withdrawn yesterday. . ,
Virginia Convention.
BiCBKOND. Teb. 18. The Southern Commluloners ware
Invited to address the Convention en Monday. ,
A committee on federal matter was appointed. A
raiolutlon wat Introduced, but wai objected to, requir
ing tha Commissioner to the Conference Io report if
any result acceptable to. Virginia wu likely to be ob-
inea. . . - .
Ur. wise vindicated hlmaelf from complicity with Ihe
reported attempt to Invade Wuhington. i
Mr. Lincoln's Departure from Cleveland.
Clevelanp, f eb. IS. The Lincoln party left tha Wed-
dell Home at 8: 30 1 hi memlna. and were escorted tot he
depot by th military and an Immense conoours ot oltl-
aens. Tn train wit tne depot at v e clock.
Hr. Lincoln bowed adieu from the end of the rear car.
amidst vociferous cheering. Th weather Is fine.
Naw Vote, Teb. 16. It 1 reported thit Kx-Judge
Bdwardi, or Loring, of. taata., had bun offered the
Sardlnlsn Julselon. l'i j i,,
Advice-from Oolvfll Depot, Dee. 83. repreaiot
the Bngllib. and Amerloaa aerth-wettera boundary
Commissioners u progressing aatitfactorlly. ' The Bret
atone of the final monument of the boundary wu laid
on the S5lh of October. The chief commissioner had
started for horn.
RaLneH, N. C ., Feb. IS. Th 8enate finished Ihe mil
itary bill to dag, making many ameudmooU, anddia-
euascd ad valorem tax.
BARMiisngo), Pa.. Feb. W, Tha bill te commute the
tonnage tax of the Pennsylvania Railroad passed the
Houte this morning, by a vote af Si to 88.
T- JTi
- 5 "
J' v'rjromtheNerkObeTe.)
As all partlci manufacturing Sewing Hachinosanob-
llted looty Mr. Hnw a license oaeach machine aold,
and are a so compelled to make return to him, under
aatb.aa to the number (old. aiabeei give aeorrectauta-
mant. .' From thla reliable source w have obtained th
following statutio. ur tn macntne made in tn year
l&v, there were aoia, ;
, .,. By Wheeler it Wilton. .!,( r.
-' J, H. Singer at Oo.v. ....... 10,853
' M Srever x Baker.... ....10.8B0
Showing th sales of Whcsler It Wilson to be double
inoaaoT any otner ueaapauy . -,: , , .
Awarded th hlghut premlnan-al th
. - .ynlted State Fair ot W58, 1848 and 1860
, . , alsoatth. l
1 ' Ohio State Fair of IHS8 and I860;
aad at nearly all th County Fair in th State.
Onr nrlcea. at the late reduction, omw at lots cut anv
blot stag machine now sold, and but a trifle higher than
the interior (too thread chain ttich tnaciinee, now
forced npon the market. ' '
Loca Stiow the only one which cannot be raveled. It
la Alike oa Both Bidw of tn gooua, leaving no rvat or
AttmaeMntt ntarraniea a years, cna mtirucuon
g van la their use, tree oi ouarge. ...
eteo3-9iiwd3mStw6aa Ptln's Open Hon, Cincinnati
' Land for Gali " , ; ;
I mw Farm, situated In th nnt ef Marion and
State of Ohio, en tee big Scioto River, six mile wut of
the town of Marlon; ll is all fenced in, about 30 acres
deadned from four to' Sight year. ' A good new Frame
House oa It, about 3D aores cleared; a good log Btebl;
about 150 young trail tree; a am rate wen oi water;
th. deadine la well set In to tarn a rata, and th big
Bctet for ttorkwattr..' Aad I will make 100 acres more
mil. far the nlow. take off all the timber, under fifteen
imthM. ansa to make 150 aores of Blow land. The land
1 of the vary belt qnallty, and I will tak S9S per acre
for It. 1 1 eontldtr tt worth at leaat thirty three per aore
with 100 aarea more oieareo, null mutt sen u, mere
fore I will out It down tea dollar below what I think tt
wth w I warenotebligad te sell. . I have alio another
half section for sal, lying In the same lection, on half
odeinMl. which I offer for S 15 oer acre.- Befereno ean
b bed by earner: on Joseph Benick who knows all about
the land, er oa ta prcpnstor la aaanoa.
will ,Kmm
New York Cattle Market.
Feb. 12. 1851.
Of all things which the lutehere and cattle drovers and
brokers dread, aa oxerelsiug the most deleterious enect
upon their pa'tioular branch of trade, quadragealme ia
tnemoaionwaea. Acaorutngiy, We were no I surprised
at finding a dull market at Bull' Head, though th re
eetpUwere not over and above heavy, and the average
ejuauty iuii a gooa at usual, for th medium aad low
er grade tha demand waa mack lighter than usual, la
consequence of th Lenten season, and even the fliet
eiaaa outcfter manifested oonsiderabl tardiness la
their' selections Choice extra steers were in small
upply, aid th few that were on sale brought bih
prices, ranging irom vxtsiujtwuo. insioiaa oat.
tie .cannot be quoted at over however,
and a large proportion of good Wottern drovee
were held at about so. per pound. Butchers generally
purchased as lightly es possible, anticipating a greatly
uiwiuisueu consumption uuring m ooeervancooi iens.
It waethoUKht that aulto number would be left over
unsold, but drover put prioe down very lew, In order
to insure sties, and it la probable that a larg aumber
were purchased during th latest hours of the day at our
asiae quotations, xhe market was vary Irregular BLd
prioes merely nominal, as la acaroely any two tarda war
they the asm, and th view of th broken a te th cur
rent quotations varied materially. Hany of the oCertngs
wen exposed Io the severe weather during the week, i.d
were looking nauiy onoagn la oontoquenee. xne total
number on sale at Allerton' waa 1,073 head, and at all
the yards 3,005 head, against 4,001 head hut week. Th
receipts at tb various yard weie asfollows:
Alter- Broun- Chamber- i Ber-
t ton', tno't. . Un', i (rBrieni. oen,
Thla week.. .3 073 li 88 4 . : ...403
last week.. 3,501 . W 44 21
any cattle. -
' Prioe. QualUv. ' Pried.
Kxira, fr oat,
10 00(fllll00 Common 7 00(38 00
Virat WK50 Inferior.
Ordinary 8 S&g 6 75
First, eh'd..S5SCO300 00 Common.
30 0$33 00
40 OuXeJAu (JO Interior,
6i7Xo Common .'... 85o.
,.54tt8c Inferior ....34(a4c. '
BiraL .
Ordinary, . .
Prim. 9 h'd. 15 50O7 00 Common.. 93 00(33 75
Ordinary 4 W&5 (M Inferior. .. .3 753 OV
(WIKI. - "
SK&SX- Other quale. ...5X5Xc
First quality.
HILCa cowa.
Th market for milch cow remslniaulet, and prices
are witnout notleetbl varution. ror tb choice blood
ed cow th Inquiry continue fair, and holders an en
abled to obtain remunerative prices; but for other kinds
the demand ia moderate, and our quotation are barely
supported. Interior grades are dull and drooping. Th
leceipt at the various yards were as follows; ,
AUerton'i Srovmlna"! Chomberlln't Cffrfen'e
This week Si 11 Vt i 30
Laat week Si
SO 31
Th demand continues moderate for all kinds, and not
withstanding the supply waa light, our outside prioe are
barely austalned. The bulk of the offertnas were olaoed
at 5i6X7o , and only a few of tha eholoest brought
7JtC while only tb Inferior and common grades were
placed at our lower rang, or from 3Ko. to So. Those
which sell at the Inside rate are miserable acallawags,
not fit for market. Tli market waa effected very little
by the Lenten seuon. The receipts at tb various yards
ware as louovs:
AlUrton't Browning'! ChamlorUn'l O'Brien:
This week.. (70 81 85 44
Last week... 275 85 . 33 v,
- Th market wu plentifully supplied thla Week, and
the 'demand being light, aales dragged considerably,
while holders were obliged to grant a oroeeaaloo from
previous rate, amounting te 85 $ 50o per head, on an
average, though the range ia full as wide aa last week.
owing to th fact that a few extru brought as high u
o per bead, uood sheep were sold aa low at
4 50 which readily brought S5 lut week, and a larg
number were placed at our lower quotation. Th re
ceipt at the different yards for the week and lut week
were at loiiows:
Jtterton't Browning's Chamlerlln'i O'brlen't
Thla week.. 1.37S . ..5,001 8,613 510
Ltst weea. . 3S0 ,,4 814 . 8,350 j 468
' -i 0wTWI.,l j ,
The receipts during tb week were moderate, but lha
demand bai beta light, and price have declined te So.
5 Jto.'per H, for corn fed, and 3X85)c. for gtlll fed,
; .. BEcanTDLATtoii. i
Tb total receipt or all stock at all th yards for tb
whek aad lut week were u foliowi:
' " Beeves. Cowi, Calves. SheepatL. Swine.
g I ft aiu
I '
Total....... 3.665
Lut week.... 4,091
84 J 361 8,494 ! . 5,399
112 370 7,425 . 8,673
aecurrs at mw roes am Itix laiutOAa.
Cattle.,'..'--..; 1.050 ,' Sheep 3.593
Hogs.j..... 8,183 - Uoraes 80
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 16.
FLOUB receipts W9fsbls; market 5c bitter with more
doing iorexport; ulee 15.600 bbla. at $i 0535 15 for
Superstate, S3 10(85 30 for Extra State, 5 05(3)5 15
for Super western, 5 80(35 40 for common to extra
westerm, f i sweuso ror for leer lor to good shipping
orauat axtra nonna noopimio, uanaaian n.aonrasr,
galea 500 bbl at 85 8536 75- -
BYB FLOUR teady t 84 3034 10.
"WHEAT receipts 5,674 bushels. Market 18 bet
ter, with better export demond; sale 60.000 bushel at
1 80 for Northwestern Club, SI 82 1 85 for Hilwaukee
Olnb and Amber Iowa in store and delivered; $1303
I 38 for winter red Western initore; SI 45 for white
Was tern, and SI SI for half prim whit Canada.
BAULEY firm: sales 5. COO bushela Canada Weat at
CORN receipt 1.060 buthel. Market lSo better
and mora active; aala 40,000 bushel at 65 1-8(367 for
old mixed Wettern In store, the latter for very choiee;
l-KS63c fernew do at Ballroad depot.
ua lb leal acnv ai 3ffljK0 ror western, uanaaiaa
and Stat.
PORK-dull and unchanged : sal of 308 bblsat SIT
for met, and S 13 for prime.
at any aneaangea -
OUT HBAT8 quiet and ileady. ' '
LARD dull and heavy; salu or 50 bbll at tXS10o.
BUTTE ft In fair reqneit at 103 Kc for Ohio, and 14
19ofor State. "- '-..
OHEE8B Heady at WBlOKe.
WBIBKY without material chang; galea of 000 bbla
at 17317X0.
btocku dun ana lower, money ana exonango raiee
nchanged and demand moderate. 0 aa B 1 67K; 0 B a
78X; 0 A: Tol 33X , Sal St Obi 79 H': OOk 0 84X.
O script 7Bx; Htu: una ; nariem ux; iiariem
preferred 40; heading 43; H 8 do quoted at3X,
Pan 1 14, H 0 58X. Pu Hall 85, I 0 bonds 85 X, Ho
66, N 0 79, Va 76X , Tenn 74 V 8 6 85X, Treasury
10X- '
Cincinnati Market.
Th Produce market oon tinuea to be quite llfeleis.
FLOUR ba but few purobaasr at current prices.
Though farther eoaoeatlods are not made, son of the
aellera diiolav not a little Impatience at the ImposslUli
ty of handling (took with rapidity. Superfine n quoted
at S4 oo; Extru range from S4 75(9,3.
WHEAT waaonereaa nttie mora ireeiy 10-oay man
yesterday) bat prioes remain at lut quoted; 98o to $1
for Bed, S 1 10 for White. The sale are aimott entirely
fo r account of loeal dlatlller.
Tha demand for corn doea not Improve. The tale
making are almost entirely for aocount of (distillers, who
are quit Indifferent about paying over 3So. for mixed, at
eke depot, neqaotaearatjjo, aoeuea at ji sjoo.
oaid ar to pretty rail receipt, rjuiar anu sieaay
atS7o. '
BARL BT remains a but quoted 70s. for Brim
BYE I inactive at HQs. " I C
COO V BR BE KD varies conilderably la quotations.
rangltg from S4 354 50. . ! . -
tvuiBKg wuqaite Srmat 140. '
Oin. (lm. Jit, IS. . 4 k , . j
Cleveland Market.
February. 15.
FLOTjn-sle of 38 bWl extra at 84,75! SS bbkred
double extra at 5,12X, and om email lot at aua
range. - - . - ,
WHEAT-eales of 8 ears red on track at 81,01.
CORN quiet at 38c.
OATS are quiet at 840. . ........ I it
HIOH WINEft staadvwltk sraafi aalr at 15e. '-J
PORK aales of 100 bbla met deliverable lit of April.
at S 10. and bblt 20 at atme.
cur MKATS sale of 10 tierce pickled ham at ear.
and 7 do ibonutora at 6o. Sugar eared bams are sailing
steady M luc. - ' ' -, i I ,
OuS aales of 5 bbl at loo. ' " -
BUTTER ealea f 8 bbl. goud fresh at Ho; IS kegs
oommon at w.,ana tbia rouat no. I
LARD tale of 10 ken and 9 bbla at OKo.
FRUIT light salsa of peeled peacbe at 13c. Apples
are quiet at i. , . . ... .
bkanb la very light demand oaly.at 00 to vsc.
8KBDB clover la quiet at 4,08. I Ci
Philadelphia Market.
Vlotb unchanged. Wbeit tbeoe la moderate
mand. Ooaiv In fair demand J old at 65; new at 48o
waiiav l7talo. .
s ; George Iuli Goeli'B Estate.
ll the subscriber hit been appointed and qualified u
Admlnlatratoref oonit non on the ettale or George Lou-
Is Uoeis, late of vranglln uoutty, aeoeased,.
W1HTBR DeLAINES, i-;t . . v ,
New styles anlvery oheap at BAIN'S
aovM. - No. M louth High street.
Ih Bjogt graoeful ana elegant tklrtt vet offered ror
tale. A new let Just optneS by PBTER BAIN, .
oeo.ll. No. W South High (tree
Allsiaatssdtolorijustopenedat . BAINB,
dee. 11. No. ttt South High street.
Vedda Tea (Janan.) : . " for Sate hv
A T An MtiaTl VKki POITN o; AT I il'
gep7 Mil High ttreet.''
-; vDr. J. IL HcLEA17'3
StreDgthenios Cordial and Blood
Ttaw to re leas Bewaedw la Tne
AND Till
; AND ' '"
001UIAL' .
ever v Taken,
ly a letentlflo and
Vegetable Ooinpound,
procured by tha distil
latton of Boots. Herba
aad Bark, Yellow
Bock,- Blood Boot,
Sarsapartlla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan-'
dellon enter Into it
Before Taklnjtir .auiv' remedial After Taking.
principle of each Ingredient I thoroughly extracted by
my aew method of dlatilllnau nrodndne a dalleiona. trm-
hiieratlng spirit, aad the most INFALLIBLE remedy for
.vnovaiing ine aiseaaea system, ana reeionng rne ilea,
suffering and debilitated INVALID to HEALTH aad
ncLEAN'g STRENoTnErurm cok
" OIAI. -'-(. !
WIU effeetaally ean " C
Chronic or Nervous Debility. DIaeaaei of the Kidntm
and all diaeaae arisina from a disordered I iver or atom
soli. Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Pile, Acidity or Biek-
oi tne stomach, Fullneas of Blood to tlie Head. Dall
pain or awunmiug in tb bead, ralp.tatloa or the Heart
V.,ln... im n.-.: 'v.. i tk.. a 1. D m
vnoaing or iuffocatlng reeling wiwn lying down, Di
or Yellowness of the Skin and Bye. Night Bweatafla
ward levers. Pain io the small of th back, chert or aide
Suddea Plushes of Heat, Depression of Spirit, I rightful
Dream. Lancaor. Deanondenet or an Narvoua rjUrua.
Bore or Blotch ea the Skin, and fever and Ague (or
Chills and Paver.) n ...
Over a IMIUIwn wf ifwttlea
Dave been sold during the latt six months and In no In.
stance hu it failed In giving entire satisfaction. Who.
then, will suffer frmn Weakness or Debility when Mo
No lanenaee ean eoavev an adeauate In., nf th. imm
diale and almost miraculous change produced by taking
vvruiai id uiv oissaeen. oeiMuiaiea ana snattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and ttnatrnn.
-,u" rvauimt ur iuj pnauDe aeaiu anu vigor.
1BABHIED PEBSOna. . j . .
Or other eonadou of Inability, frost whatever cause,
will find HcLean Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of the system; and all who may have Injured
themselves by Improper indulgences, will find in the Cor-
ami a certain and speedy remedy. . , .
ii o 1 Tw the Ladlea. j -
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
it.- ' Tj a aoverelgn andspeedycure for " ' "
Obstructed or Difficult Henttruatlon, (ncontlntne of
u ruie or involuntary viscuarge thereof, falling of the
Womb, Oiddinets, Fainting and all Diseases int
olden t
xemaie. - - - -
' Tliers is no Bistaks About it. j ., ,
Buffer no longer. Take it according to Directional It
win stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate you aad eaa.ee
ia oioom oi neaitn to mount your cneek again, i - i
Every bottle 1 warranted t give aattafaetlM. '
' ' '" ' FOB CHIliDBElVr "
If your children are sirklv. sunv. or afflicted. HcLaaa'.
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
CaOtiob. Beware af Dranista ar Dealers who
ry mi vaua apon yoa someiiiiierorBareapariiiatraaa
which they ean buy cheap, by savin. It ia lust u rood.
Avoid such men. Ask for UcLeaa'a Strenitbenini Cor
dial, and take nothing else It te tha ante remedy thai
win pumy tne niooa tnorongniy and at tn ttat
atrengtbea the system.
one lablespoonrul taken every morning fastm. la a
eertain preventive of Cholera, Chill and Fever. Yellow
Fever, or any prevalent disease. It is pat np In Urge
PUttW..' . . t
Price only SI per bottle, er bottle for I'. '
, ,. . . Sol Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also HcLeane Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Principal Depot on theeonier of Third rnnA Pkia atiaeta.
tit HUIU, SBO. ...... n
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment
Th beat Liniment in th World. Tha only safe and
eertain our for Canoe rs. Pile, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralytia, Neuralgia, Weakneu of th
Uuaclee, Chronic or Inflammatory Rheomatiam, Stiff
ness of th Joint, eon traded Muscle er Ligament
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprain, Woanda, Freeh
Cat, Ulcer, Fever Sere, Oaked Breast Bore Nipple,
Barn, Scalds, Sore Tboal, er any Inflammation or Pain,
difference how severe, ar bow long th diaeaae may
have existed. alcLeu'a Calibrated Mnbaent la a eer
tain lemedy. . i
Thousands of human being hav been saved a Ufa af
deerepitad and misery by the aa of that Invaluable
in. . . . .
. LINIMENT -:-'.
Will relieve pain almost lnrtantanecutly, and H wll
cleanse, purify aad heal the foulest gore ia aa Inoredl
ly abort time. . ' . - ,
For Hereea nd Other Anlmala, "
McLean s celebrated Llnhnent I th only sate and ra
uaoie romeay ror toe cure or spavin, suns- none. Wind
falls, Splint, Unnatural Bumpa, Node or Swelling. It
win never tail to cure Big need, roll aril, rtitala. Old
vanning Bore ot Sweeny, If properly1 applied. For
Sprains, Braiaea, Soratehet, Bore or Wound, Cracked
Heel, Chafe, Saddle or Collar Gall It I aa Infallible
remedy. -Apply It a directed, and a care la eertain la
every Instance..
Then trifle no longer with the many worth leu Lini
ments offered to1 yoa. Obtain a lupolv of Dr. HoLaaa'a
eieorated Liniment. It will cure yoa.
. ., Jf. II. IIct,E AN v Sole Proprietor,
' Corner of Third and Pine Street, St. Louie, He.
for sale by all druggl"- - .-
For sals by ROBERTS St SAMUEL,
augfJU-dAwly . ' , , jl .. Columbus, Ohio.
" Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
avnd .- 1
; JbTiaW YORK.
The Montreal Ooran steamship Company' flrst-elaa
-powered OlrJe-bui It 8 teamen aall everw Sat.
aratatr from PORTLAND, carrying tb Canadian and
unitea Btawa ataii ana passenger.
.t . NOV A 8C0TXAK ..... .Capt. HcMutera,
BUiianiAn ,
Capt. Granae. '
.Oapt Borland,'
.Capt. Graham,
.Capt. Alton, I
Capt. Balantina,
":;-.:vt- i
Sborteat, Ctaeapeat andQalckeetCwai
. vcraoce grem . i
Will aall from LIVERPOOL averr WedBeadaT,
and from QUEBEC ewarjr Saturday, calling at
LONDONDERRY, to receive on board and land nail and
Passengers, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
Glasgow passengare are furnlthed with ran pacsage
tkketa to and from Londonderry. - '. )
Helurn ticket granted at reduced rater. -
Aa experienced Burgeon attached te each steamer.
Certificates Issued for carrying to and bringing out par
tengere from all tb principal towns of Great Britain aad
Ireland, at reduced mte. uytnis line ot steamer, ana
leaving Liverpool every week.
For passage, apply at the Office. 83 RKOADv
WAY) New York, and IB WATCH 'f
Liverpool,. ,(;. .,.'!,( ! ,
. . BABEL ft BEABIE, General agents,
Or to- J. R. ARMSTRONG. , .J
'L 4oJO ljda;wS j ! Statenaaa Oflloa, Columbus, Ohio.
aaaaat tal a nia a. ...i n
. . wwri- rvraMOg; at v.w.f
AT THEIK IfGW WjH.r.ai-.
aaa .-.-.( If f I l
08. 1, 1.1 aad 7 N. ICTAW JTt ET,.
Offer for aale their celebrated' lr V,;
i s.-r-j f. - Anu cm ana
Being highly reeownen4ed by tb Srtt professor asA
Mnileal Amateurs ot the eeuntry, aa4 v a !
- iMBtRtlaTNt ! ,,v,T,
The noat fattldiBoa easterner aatyrev apon, being
pletsee at every reapeot. '
Teraas literal: - WM. KNABB It 00.
. OotSfJjlydw. - '-.. - '. . Oolmnbus. Ohio.
a vvs rtn a r
1 t-otRnftNCI BOODW-Blsck Eatliah Cranes:
11 Crane Ooilara, Oaffl aad BlewvetV tena aad- Short
Orapo Veihn Reend Crape Veil) tao Veil Crap
Trtmnwd; Plata Hesneaed Colleri! Seta; IIandKerchien
Alexandre's Black Kid Gloveei fan; Rlhbooat bilk:
Bomhaalnet; Traveling and all other kinds of Dreaa Goods
oonttantlyonaanS I great variety. -
i ' -. , rsni B119,U
..1 n vJ ' - ... Rmi 1m. ..rit r H.n n.Mj
Sold Embossed Tar la tana, the latest aoveltv. Plsla
Whit and Colored Tarlatans; White Parts sluslla 8rn
adloe Evening Robes; ruin party Silks. ' i-
a. "' ' DBBrfVD si ATM t
-. Wo. M South High utreet.:
1,-aaai.xvvaa w.w ar vjtaarv t M TH 'xi.
a, - , aauanuit nuuwiis, j;.i;iiteii
Tttdats Br pair, bum el sol elwwhere for en
lie. . . PETER BAISV-a
hovM. No. M South High street. -
AIISORAS. BKIBTB. ' ' ' " ''
i Wide, bone ead-Haadtoaaa. The beat style Import-
a aewlotjuat reeeived py - ? PETBR BAIN,
o.!!. Ho. SO South High street
I , ' '
l fit;
111 ye
I Acer's Sarsaparilla
A compound remedy designed to be the moat
effectual AlHraiiv tbat can be made.) It is
a concentrated extract of Para SaraapariUa,
so combined with other eubitancee of sti3
greater alterative power as' to afford an effac
tive antidote for the rliaMxnw Knrn.,-ii.
reputed to cttre It 1, believed tha? such a
remedy ia wanted hf those who auffct from
Strumoua complaints, and that meiiiq will
accomplish their car must prove of immena
service to this large class of our afflicted tciiem
eitigens. How eocnplctely tiiis eompeuud will
do it haa been proven by experiment on ananw
or the worst cases to be found of the tollowltij
complaints: i' - 1 ' n- .j' ,i.
8onoptjr.A- a.nd Scbopolocs' 'Coirptaiirrs,
Ehuptiow. amd EadPTivy. Diseasbs, Vlcbbs,
Raloia ou Tie DotJLotritEtt DEiiftrrw, Dys
or St. AwTHOivv'ariuE, and indeed the whole
claas of complaints arising front Ixpcbitv or
tub Blood.
This Comuound will DO fuuuda brmtt nvn-
moter of health, when tokon in tha sprir.g;, to
expel the foul humors which foster in the
blood at that season of (hp yrtf.: By the time
ly expulsion of them manv ranUuiir disonlnra
are nipped in the bud. Multitadee can, by
the aid of tliia remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itaclf of corruptions, if not assiated to do
tins through the natural channels of the body
bjr an alterative medicine; Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find iu impurities
bursting through tho akin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores; cleanse it when yow. find it is ob
structed and eluczish iri tile wrln r
whenever it is foul, and your fcclinsi -will tell
you when. E yen where no nartienlnr ,1 i
is felt, people enjoy bettw hmlth,' and live
longer, for cleansing tho Mood. Keep the
blood healtliv. and all ia well : but with th;.
Eabulum of lifo disordered, thero carl be no
ting health. Sooner or later something
must CO Wronn-. and flic errnne VM.nK.-n J
lifo it disordered or overthrown. - '
fcursapanlla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing these end. But
the world, haa been errroCiouslv deceived hr
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not nil the virtue that is claimed
for, it, but nore because mrmy preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of. Sorstparilln.
or any tiling else. -"a j
Burin s late Tears tlie trulilie luna kvn mil
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quurt
of Extract of Saratmarilla for one dollnr. Mnr
of these have been, fraud upon tlie sick, for
they not only contain Uttl. if anv. Rnrmnnn.
.rilla, but often hp curative proportiea whatev
er.-, iience, bitter and Dainful dmannnintmenr
hot followed tho uaa of tha various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood the marker, until the
name itself i justly despised,'nd lias become
synonymous witlt imposition and cheat. Still
Wc call this compound JVsapariila, and intend
to supply guch a remedv as shall rescue the
name irom tlie load of obloquy y hich rests
"l'" Jiiiu ire uiuia wa navo grtuna lor
biilievinj; it liae -virtues which are irresistibls .
by tlie ordinary run of the (liscascs it is intend.
ed to euro. In order to secure lhcir mmnlntn
cntdicntion fi om tlie system, the remedy should
bo judiciouslv taken according to diroctions on
tlie bottle. . . ,
. FilErAHCD or
-' . , LOWELLi MASS?
Price, $lper3atUt Slx botUc; or $5.
Ayers Cherry Pectoral
has won for ihelf such a rcnomi for tlio euro of
every variety of Throat and Luiig Complaint, that
Is entirely unnaeeaaary lor us to recount the
evideac of ita virtues, wherever it ha been em
ployed. As it has long been in constant use
throughout this section, we need not do mora than
aesur th people Us qtuilily ia kept up to the best
ever hat been, and tluit it anay he relied on ta
00 for their relief aU it has ever been found to de.
AyerV Cathartic Pills,
i i ..u. FOB.THS'CTSJJOF1"' ia
Corfi'rfWMt, Jamilicf, Dytpeptia, . itldignliou,
Dyenlfiy, Foul Stomacn, Eiyetpflat, IkaducU,
Met, lUimmatism, Entptioiu and Shin Duetwm,
Livtr Complaint, Uropiy, TelUu; Tumor) an I
Salt Ithetim, Wormt, Oout, NnmUiin, tu n
Dinner PiO, ami for r,uifyinj1ht Blood.
They are uowjraatJ. m i it, mti ...;.
tive can taka them plcawiitly, ami tliev are tho
best aperient in the world for all the purposr of
family physic. .. -.
Price 25 cents per Bos ; Tivo lotos for $L00.
Great nnmbereofClorgyinon,'ThviciiuE,Suu--men,
and eminent peraonogea, hure. lent their
names tocevtifytheiiniwrnllclednsefuliieae of tlioi
romedies, but ottr spnee here will: not permit the
insertion of tlietn. The Agents below mrmrrl tut
nish prntis our Am rnncA Aim a wac in which tlic
given ; with also full description of the uImivo
eomplninta. and the treatment that ahtmld w f. .1
lowed for their cure.
Do not b nut off hr unnrineinled rWWa it-ill.
other preparation they make more profit on
Demand Ateb . aud tako aa other. 1 he siek
want the best aid there ia for them, and il,v .l,.,niH
have it.
All our remedies are for sale by
ROBERTS st fliwmet. f!nlnha.
Andbv Dragglstaand Dealers everywhere. r
experienced Kurt Sad' female fhrslciaa, pre ant
to the attention of mothers, bar
which greatly facnitata the process ol teething, by soft
ening the guait, reducing all hiaaatniatloB will alia
iuii rAiN ana spasmadio ecuon, and la
Depend upoa It, Bothers, It will give rest to youraelves
and vv' . . . . i I
We have nutapandsoMthii artMe for over tee veers.
what we have never been able to say of any other atedr
ANCE, TO Eff EOT A CURE, when tiaaeiy aaed. Mer
eia we snow an lattanea oiauaauiraeuon by aay to
ah used It. Oa tha eontrary, all are delighted with Iks
tperaUeoa, and sneak in terms of eooimendatlon of ita
magical enects and medical virtues. . we apeak la tnia
natter "WHAT WB DO KNOW ;" after ten years' rrpe
tlmott every Inatarjet wbtre tbeipfaot Usuueriog rroaa
pain aad exhaustion, relief will bs found la titaea or
twenty mlnuteaatter tbeSyrup Ig gdatintstered.
Thla valuable preparation Is Ihe prescription of oaa of
NewBngland.aadaaliettrutd wltJCVER fAIlV
- THou$ANDBt3r Oases.
' It net only relieves the child frota pain, oat lavlgor.
ate thesteeaaeh aad bowala, oorrecta. acidity, and gives
tone and energy to the whole agittm. It will alaaoat ta
staotly relieve ' . (.1 . 1 ' ; , !
and everoomeoonvalalont, whloh. If aot sneedllv reate.
died, end In death. We believe It the BEST aad SUR
EST REMEDY 15 THB WORLD; In all ease ef DYS
ttarttee.frem teething, or frota any other eaase. We
would aay te every moluerwko has a chl Id suffering frota
any or the rereading eemphiaes"-!! HOT LIT ruutt
rand between you and year sutr-rlng child, and th re
lief that will be 8URB ye. ABDOLUTBLT SUaB
follow tb aae a Uiitntdiclne, if tistelg used, fall di
rections for ating will ecooaepany each bottle. Rone
genuine sola tlie rae-timlle of CURTIS A PERKINS,
Hew York, It on the outride wrapper.
Sold iby all DruggUt throughout th world.
Pvl iclplfflod 19 Cesar Btraet M.T.
oct7dtwly. v---n
FOR -ALE 1 01. 1 fclCHANGE.
t'-tritt well tTRExriiAwoErosi a '
(ocdPARM.the undivided half of STOKE BLILD
INiI No. SO, North High Street, Comer High Street and
tvna A Ifeiy . If a dWneetd of by th 1st af April, lite
Btorewillberof rent, -u ,n,.,,ltj-
! !aiB ""-
aathe ssme ttrmt, or torMlra CTTT PROPEETT.
a well teleeted etoek ef i AUU.A UitOUJCRUd.
... v- ix -a Atso, . "
Twenfy Vaiy detirabN BUILDTKfia LOTS,
Washington Avenue, North M rnvt gtreeu
jTprermt lotuitparseiaeera.
' fbaw THOMAS 1
Twenty Vwiy diairabN BUILDTKfl9 LOTS, situated ea

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