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18. 1861.
InTarUblj la AdwcaJ
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OCT QAM Boa. 83. W d 40, Sort! Sigh it.
Dally .....: -t . IS 00 per
" By the Carrier, per week, 1S)$ sent.
Weekly, 1 "." - '1D0 ...,.
rimi at Advertising by '
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Out " 9 Boctht 18 00
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No adTertleement taken exoept for a deflnlte period.
Corner Spring V Water ta.r '
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And MannEaoturera of Bran and Composition Outloga,
rinlihed Bram Work of all Detoriptlont.
Electro PlatinTTnd, Gilding! 1
feMWO-dly ' " ' ' ' "
,. , F. A. B. SmXDIS,
Attorney At Iaw
Odlce Atub'jt Mnlldlng, opposite Capitol Bqutre.
Machine Mannfactnring Company
MANorAOTtmtM or
Cajtinfr, Xill-Oeuing, KaohUery. .
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Lallxoaca. Work
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0HA8. AMBOi, Bnp't P. AMBOB.iTreaj.
Mil, latB-lf - - .
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton ft Xndianapoliit
Through to Indianaoolia without Change of Cart
nd but On Changt of Can between
1 ' ' Colmnbmi and St; Lonla.
.t--.r-... BUS.
.. .' '.. v J , FIRS'TTRAIN. ......
' (TJilly, Mondfira excepted.)
NIQHT KXPRKB8, eta Dayton, at B: a. m.,top
plnc at London, Xenia, Dayton, Middletown and Hamil
ton? arriving at Cincinnati at 8:20 a. m.;Daytoa at5:4S
a.m., IndlanopolUat 10:48 a.m.; tit. Lonltat lliP
A00OMMODATI0N, at 8:10 a. m., flopping at all Bta
tloni between Oolnmbot and Cincinnati and Dayton, ar
rtrlng at Cincinnati U:0B a. m., Dayton at 9:15 a. m.,
tHd trains;. : ,
"DAY KIPBKBB, at 8:30 p. m., itopplng at Alton,
JeCenon, London, Charleeton, Owlarrlll Xanja.
Spring Valley, Oorwln, Morrow. Deerfleld, rotter's.
Loreland, Mlllfordand Plalnyllla, arrlTing at Cincin
nati at 7:80 p. m.; Bt. Louis at IS m; Dayton at J 35 p.
m.i Indianopolliat 10:3a p.m..
Sleeplntr ra on all Nlib Tralne to
. Cincinnati ana Inaranapolle.
for further Information and Throng Tickets, apply to
. M. L. D0HBRTI,
Ticket Agent. Union Depot. Oolnmbns, Ohio.
' ' ' gaperlntendent, Cincinnati.
- - Agent, Colnmbeja,
Bach artUleau you dWrs for your HUSBAND , Ej
Bach aayonsistitof your WII i
Bach u trtproptr tot yo SATTOHTBR. :
Buch u you r BI8TKB will fraltt you for. '! .'
Bach as your BBOTHJlB'easi u4.
(acn u yon wanl for " TH1 0N YOTJ LOYI BSBT.
Bach as will t food for Um " BHS3ID BABY."'
Bach as all seat for,1
May be found In nrlety, Id my w itoek of
And feneral assortment of ' u ' ' ' ' " '
Taney and Utefnl Artlolst.
. .. NtN io Bnckeyo Block
Decwnbtr, 18W. ' ' "
- Just Boeelvedl
rn OREEit ana . sAAVJa.
I rw a.' a inn tn nrlma Rio Conee.
i an Dockeu old Dutch Government Java Coffee.
SOObbls. sundard WhlU Bngara, oonilstrngjif Pow
. ' -. artd, Onrushsd, flramilawd A and B Ooffes. ..
80 quintals aaorgt nana a,. , . ,
sObblv. Mtis and No. 1 Mackerel.
ft U PWt Salmon. ' ' '
10O lw Layer Seisins. -
-60hf. fco4- da i" TT'H' ' "V
'inOqr.boaeo ' da .
lOO It Olgars, different brands and Vie- , r
nov7 WM. MoDOWAlD.
1,1 lit P0W33R3, & BHO
. MaLtsi in idroRTiD and DOtftano -
rinABs, .r:r
1 aSTJlr ! 11 r "
J-im!T: 'ii''m VAM0Y ABTIOLII
Mo. 11 East State Street, between High and
the rost-OIBos,UOiuBiP' msmnmm
rom'BtnStl Mills , Bprrngleld, 0.-4e bastbrandof
Vlenr brought to our mare. paw.. a-.----..
Holiday Presents, ;
CSIIMTSrTcS, VttKSa SILKt, . and
kjads of fhlonabl
we ate nowmcnngn Tory wwpnow.
pf,'.i.4,-.-: EftiTtBAnf,
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; I -1- ;a H
A , , M A. M M OTHv J3 KE33T.
'! AT THE :I0W BATE OPJ ' !" '"'4" V'
; ' ' ; ' ; PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. ;,"
It is an old and reliable i Democratic Journal, and, as a political paper, has ,
No Superior In Ohio or any other State!
n addition to it political character, it is a first closa newspaper, furnishing its readers with the
An epitome of the stirring erente constantiy ooeurring at home and abroad, and choioe misoel.
laneous selections. It also gives the latest and most reliable ., ,
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, , , . ' ,.; MANYPENNY.& MILLER,
1,1 C't.
:IA ,K 'l -.
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I, '
il I
-":;. aaaaajajana . ' ' 1 ' . r .
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a oo f
Weekly, DaryeatSj1'.''ll''4'' '
A Tilt in Congress Between Mesers. Cox. Hutchins
and Stanton—Grow and others endeavor
to Shut out Mr. Cox—Something worth
[From the Congressional Globe, Feb. 12, 1861.]
February 9, 1861.
the House hating eonslderstton the report
fromthaselaotowamittsa.ofthlrtjr-three- (
Mr. S1MMB reiumed the floor.
- Mr. COX. With the permission of ay blsad from
aUnUoay.IdnlretoinaUareiBark. , . ,
Mr.OASE. I rbe to a point of order. It l!, that Ihi
floor Is assigned la the gentleman from Kentucky; and I
Insist that lie shall occupy It, or yield It. '
Mr. OOX. -1 appeal to, my friend from Ipdlaoa,
whethsrthatlSferygreatoourtosy.. . .
Mr. OasE. Tha gentleman front Ohio has occupied
much more time upon this fluor than ths geotlemsn's
Njir?0OZ. I haTemade hut one speeoh; and my re
marks, by hli content, will oom out of the time o! the
gentleman from Kentucky. ' ,
Mr. UUIHUIN8. If the gentleman makes as expla
natieu, 1 aballuk the privilege of replying.
Mr. COX. I do not desire to .avtkS a kp lint lion,
but only to put things right. ,.
Mr. O ABsl . If 1 desired to put things right, It would
require two hours upon what the gentleman klmssll hu
said. .
Mr. COX. It may take the gentleman two hours to
put himself right I can put mjself right lu fire min
utes. I want to lay a word only, in reply to1 my col
league from the Ashtabula district. ; I
XbeBPEAKXa. Xba gentleman oan only do so by
unanimous content, or by to gentleman (rem Ksntuoky
yielding tbs floor.
Mr. nlOKLEa. If It dees not some out of the time of
tha gentleman from Kentucky, I presume there will be
no objection , ,
Mr. CASE lohject. -''
Mr. BIOBLLBB. Woiblng throws so much light upon
a dlacunlon as t have a reply Immediately following
the speech, i . i
Mr. LOQAN. You are afraid to give him a hearing.
No wonder you ars trying to district blm out of Con
gren. 1
Mr. ASHLEY. ' X shall object, unless my oollesgne
from the Ashtabula dlstrlst has ths asms lims for re-
nlv. '
Mr. 00X. That would be vsry generous and brave,
but I am notaiklngauy favor from the gentleman from
Ohio, nr. Asnur My colleague Urv Hoiomsi) bad
an nour; I only aik are minuu
Mr. SIMMs then addressed the Hours for sn hour,
His speech 'swlthhsld for rerlrloa.
air. aaiUPilSLL obtained the floor. .
Mr. COX. 11 the gentleman will give way, I deslrs to
oocupy tbs floor until ths re:es. ,
: Mr. GKOW. With the permission of my colleague, I
Ban tliAt the ITnnte adlourn. " 1
The BP4AKIB. - The Uouss will understand that ths
ardar nnw la. to taks a reeess from fonro'elork until sev
en. If the motion to adjourn prevail, the reoess will be
lost; and ws snail not meet sgstu uu aionoay.
. Mr. JOHN 000UAANE. The gentleman from Ohio
requests a bearing of the House, and pmmlws to occupy
only fire minutes. I hop hs will be beard.
I TbeBPBAKBB. Does the gentleman from Pennsyl
vania jield to the gentleman from Ohio!
' Mr. CAMPBELL. If there li no objection, I will do
. ' 1
I No objection was made.
I Mr. GROW. Then my motion to adjourn will stsnd.
The bPEAKEB. Yes, sir. The gentleman from Ohio
hu fire minutes, and will proceed.
Mr. COX. That Is all that is necessary Tor me in this
debate. I wu surprtesd that my colleague from the
Ashtabula dtitrlct, at the couoluslon or nti attack upon
my colleasue, Qorernor Ooawm, should have attacked
me. Why he did so, I know not; naleaa It be from the
fact that I asked him a question In explanation of bis at
gument about incendiary publications to provoke insur
rection. I asked him the questlun, whether or not hs
wsa In favor of suppressing all sooh publications as the
Helper book and mooaore jrarxer-s programme, puuiun
sd In the Tribn, for the robbery and murder of mas
terfbT their elaTee to obtain their freedom 1 The gentle
man did not answer lha quoaUoo. He shlrksd It) for ha
knew that hs represented a oonslltoency who are contln
nelly preaching and publ'shlng that vary sedition of
whioh my oollessue Mr. Coawtie oomplslned, and of
which ha Lair. Hutcwki is us aetenaer, ana or wnicn
John Brown wu the exemplar. The gentleman knew,
when ha eorared his attack upon Governor Ooawur by
his attack noon ma. that he senresontod soma of the
vary men who had been engsged In raids upon their
naigbbor'sjlfes and property, , Y sanaas, sir, lau re
member that his sensibility about certain disclosures that
hava transpired In relation to the Republican execatlre
ot vaio, in reiuitng to aenrer to Virginia auca miwrv
ants, la no doubt saused by the - faot that some of the
renegadeaand rascals of John Brown's ooneplraey aad a
proosoungvgis in tne oonapirnig treason oi aiaownuis
trlat. X state these facta openly, and la my place; be
cause tbey are wrongs, and with a visw to their samsdy
by proper meaiuree.
But, sir,-1 wanted to call, atteenllon especially to aa
ungenerous attack upon mystlf. I did not expect Itf rota
the gentleman, ns saiu i ! nr uuij in mi
Bouse, furnishing foett yee, Awfs, sir for Southern
members to attack the North here. I would like him to
ama the Southern man to whom I furniibsd facts, la the
manner or for the purpose stated. Name him, If you
can I I will pause for you to name one.
Mr. BUTUUINS. I think that, when tne gtntiemaa
from Virginia, Mr. Lkaw, wss dtscusilng the oondust of
Uorernos Ueotitson-1 " , . . .
Mr. COX. Yes, alrt I was about to refer to that. I
used the privilege or Goveroor Laau to take the flooi ;
and in my place I gave the act to the House and the
country, and not to Governor Leaks; I gave them with
View to the proper remeay, ana ram m unrr rwn.
meet there Issues openly, here and slsewhere. Island
hara with a Sutr to the whole Country. I speak not
alone lormy owo district, and my own State. Bat whsa
I nave Information mat tne voosututiou ana laws oars
been violated anywhere, and that grots wrongs have been
done to our own mother State of Virginia and our own
sister Stat of Kentuckt, I will neverhesitate, both hare
and at home, to denounce the unfaithful men, even
though they disgrace the Brats er unio. inppiaase u
the wallaries.1 The gentlemen svndertakea to acknowl
edge that I em a Union man. GoodQodl Whatanadmis
. . . i a IIIA.il t
slon to oome irom tnw aunmur ut .uiuui j w.uuuisBt
I Renewed applause. How refreshing from a man lite
my colleague, who was nominated and elected, because
he waa more radical than Mr. Giddlngs hlmselfl Mr.
Glddlngs could teach Insurrection. Wa know how he
taught it here for twenty years. - lie could organise eon
spiracles In ths gentleman's district, for the purpose of
attacking ths officers of the law and defeating its execu
tlon not stopping at muruor to aocompiian snco ucsigni
Be could adTlss the "shooting down ss pirates" ofoS.
cars engaged In executing the Isws of the United Btatee.
If Mr. Glddlngs, who had no scruples as to murder In
defeating the law, was left at home, how far wotiW the
contleman go who superseded Mr. Glddlnga, because he
T I ll.kU 1 V. . tjtm 1 1 J . I
vss more ultra anu inauiv mmu, jmi. wiuuug
Hare the hammer leu. I
She eMUKEtl. The qaestion Is on adjournment.
Mr. HHTOULN8. I am sure the gentleman from
Psnnsylvsnla will allow me five minutes to reply to my
mllMn,. 1
mr UOA. laojeoitoiny ooiioagaw going on, hdich
T ha aa onnortuolty to reply. He would not give sae
an opportunist to answer hie charges, . tie had an hour,
and 1 had only flra minutes. '
Mr. BIOBXEt. Tbsre has been one round ea each
mtA m.m naed. . The contest is closed.
" ' ' ?. . r ' t I - . L . . , , FM. I
far. UaSlrsbl.iJ. X bojjw. wiw iwihibu inw vuiv
Mr. Csx does not Intend to shut the door down against
ail colleague, vitv uiw u, muhum.
Mr. HUfOUINi. The gentleman from Pennsylvania
h (laldad me the floor.
Tbe SraAnJfca. xus quasvion ia nut on mm uvuun to
t . AlUAMr f. T k.U 111 , M.lnlMMMM.1
asnt, the gsntlsmaa Mr. BoTOsuasj will be allowed Ave
nrtnuws to reply so niaooiieagae.
i.u. rarr. I hone the Bouse will adjourn,
TheBPEaKEB. Tbe qusaUoa bn adjomunent mutt
r!C AHJBBLL.1 ' Tbsa I hope the Rouse will vote
Hdown. 'A
The question was taieni ana uw usui rwreaaa so aa-
Will order a recess when It comes to foar 'look. . .
sent, that the gentlemen Messrs. Cog and H creams
shall nave nra anautee ajiiv . hww
Mr, JOHN CO0HBANB. I rise e a point of order.
k. nu n Its nnanlmouscoassct that. In Consider-
u. a, ill. .mi emin hbtids imw i.,i wv huhn
-- , i- b. k
takeanadjodrament, notwlthittndiag aha kettr ar four
mlahtlnthe mean Ume arrive; so-that, although that
time should pass, the Hones would Still, sy unanimous
. w.I ) nn ths motion te adjourn. . -
Mr. tICn.LB. VfC nw nu,wm
the debate on equal terme-nve minutes aa seen gen
The SPEAKER. Thst hsing the understanding, there
will be nodimoBlty In httlog each of: thegentltmen have
- Mr. BUsVn! , A want uwwnw" wi w wiw.w
flvs minutes eaoh. ' "
wu. iniiit. .flartslnlv.' Oo an.' (Lsushler.l
The Ohslr gives aotloe be will watoo the time closely.
Mr. BUTCH INSJ Toward my colleague, personally,
I aatertata n other feeling than that of kindness,
li... ai. nniitkial acts I hava had. aad now have,
aome little erltlolam to makei beeaaaa, an eyery possible
-1 .h ka aaald tat the ear ef , this Boaaa, ha haa
seen flt m denounce b;iumi
Untoa. and aa abettors of tliarald cf John Brown. He
...n brousht aaalnst ths Jadgea ( the State the charge
of sieging the Marseillaise en the bench; tad also against
the ckitenrof the Western Reserve, the -same charge of
singing the same patrlons sotag-iurottgn. weir aosea
it a.a. 1 tf' a -
1 Now, mr'eoettlluents are humane and Chrlstlsa
. That are epoesed to. cruelty asany shape, or te
any tort ef people) and if tkey bad known Ihe sensitive
ni es of my oo iieague, auu v --jr
.1.- 41... .lf,l nevar would hava aunt la bit pree
net' that TaaauUful Marsslllaltt, to which he object, with
the nasal twang, baugnter- j
I f.ad fault wlthny eolleagee because be nnder-
. l. l fc. l.k ,ke Mntlaman .from V i rein la. IUr,
LaaxlI who la. In good faith, -1 believe, in favor of
tsension aa a " 7 " ' ' " ' " 1 ' ' ' . ' ' 7'.''. 3
.' .-ik.1. ,i u.j "iW.rE Tnh
Mr. LEAK!. Will the gentleman permit met I Cries
of "Nal" "Bo!" and laughter. Ska gentleman's time
can aa exienoea. ittepeataa snouts of "jtoi' ,"ftoi
Mr. 8ICKLES. No Interference from any outsider.
Mr. CURTIS. I object to any other lnterruptioas.
TbeSPIAKEB. The gentleman from Ohio must net
oe interrupted, uu nre minutes are running last
Mr. UUT0HINS. I thouiht It hardly fair or patri
otic on his part thus further to add fuel to tbe flame of
southern excitement, tne real cbjest of the gentleman
was te preserve this Union, Instead of sndsavorlng to
destroy ltt and therefore. I aald that I thought, not from
anything ha said, but from his conduct on this floor, that
ha was willing to preserve the glorious Union, if ka
oould dw it by demoralising and prejudicing the publlo
mind agaloat the Republican party, so that ha oould'aid
in restorini bis own party to power. That wu tbe rea-
son I commented on his oonduct. I thought it wu an
air " i ' 1 ' i .
I have made no attack on my other colleague. I Mr.
Ooawm; aod if I did, ha la abundantly competent to
defe d himself, without the aid of the gentleman. I
criticised, to be sura, as I bad a right to do, some of the
positions which ns saw ni to take in nis report. , i nare
donoanotd nobody who may aot agree with ma ia regard
to these matters. Wa have all a perfect right to differ,
and to differ u Republicans and friends of the Union.
Tnerafora, the gentleman Mr. Oox oan make ne capi
tal against me. either in my dletriot, or anywhere else,
by charging me with an attack on Governor Goawiw.
The gentleman hu made aa attack apon Mr. GWdlngs
He needs ne defense from ma.- Bis acts in the Bouse
for twenty years will stand the teat of criticism now and
hereafter. Attacks arc frequently nude upon him by
members here; aod I will only say, that hit name will a
remembered with gratitude when tbe names or tnoee wno
assail him are foroi ten. I deny tbat ha hu counte
aanord Insurrection on this floor or slsewhsre.
How. this Is si I that I desired to ssv I am willing
that my constituents shall standby tbsir record, shall
stand by thstr position. I will stand by mine. X am In
favor of tn tnun as it is, ana as our fatnora gave it to
U' but I do not think it can be preserved by sacrifloiag
those very principles on which it is baaed, it the cause
of liberty Is to be betrayed and crucified In the year of
grace 1861, I trust that there will not bt found among
us sposties a oetrsyer ana cruciner.
Mr. COX. The Isst remark of the gsntlsman shows
Just whsre hs Is. Hesaya ha it for the Union, but with
aa "li ana and;" qualifying nis remarg witn ins purase
that nets only for tne union, it .teeny rjenotciuctnea."
Be knows, or ought to know, that the Union It tbe only
shield of liberty. But he means, U he means anything,
that, If tbsre bs powsr in tbe Government to crush cut
slavery, either in the Territories or In States, then he a
for the Union) but be Is net for it, if It does aot give
that power. Ha is not for It, unless he can makali the
Instrument of bis fanaticism. I say that tarn for tbe
Union, without quellflcetlod or condition, now aad all
ths time. I will do what the gentleman will not yield
and compromise mush for Its salvation. The gentleman
ssld in his speech, a while ago, tbat I wouid be lor tbe
Union, provided the Republican parly should be crushed
out. I do not know, Mr. speaker, but that It maybe
neeetsaryto roll the Juggernaut car over this Republi
can party to save tbe Union i but I would cvsn be will
log to girt a lease of power for fifty years to that tarry,
It I could sea that II would oonduct the Government an
prtnolplee ilka those of my eollsagus, Mr. Ooawis,
whioh would preseire the Union. I would be willing to
surrender party supremacy, tf thereby wa could keep
the old stars and stripes floating over lbs national Oen
greti. Applause. - ,
Mr. Speaker, there are various classes of Republicans.
The gentleman Mr. llDToaia,) belongs to tbe worat of
ths Abolliion wlog; and well msy ha defand hll prede
cessor, Mr. Glddlngs. That godlsss man. after spending
a publlo life devoted to bete. 111 will, and tedltioa, ww
retired becauie ha did enc thing that wu right voted
for tbe Crittenden-Montgomery bill, lie baa since been
making up for his lots of olnco by the virulence cf his
spleen, and the outlawry of hla conduct. Be has, as I
hava oooe shown here, Instigated servile Insurrections;
sod now, at the end cf a misspent life, which It scarcely
slivered by a ray of benignity, ha finds, u heeonee,
quenoe cf bis teaching and conduct, a disrupted Union, a
terrified people, and the prospect of unending hate tnd
bloody etrl.c If there wu mercy for tbe thief upon the
cross, tbsis may be mercy tor him. God grant him ra
pentanc before he fills his dishonored gravsl Hut what a
Ufa he has livedt .
He talked the lanyuage of love to the black rsoe only
to hide bis hste for tbe white race who people our South
em Btatrs. He paraded humanitarian phrases and took
upon bit profane Hps lha name of God only to cloak bis
malice and sanctify hll hate. Ha hu had, in specific
wickedness, aaao rivals; but If we measure men'e guilt
by the objects upon which they are bent, who can tell
the magnitude of that portentous crime which causeless
ly dismembers to destroy the American Republic! - As
such a Republio his no parallel, so such a criminal has
no peer. Rut my colleague pralsss him and commands
blm to Immortal honor ! Nero had a friend, who placed
immortelltt upon hie tomb, and the worst flsnds of the
French revolution had their defenders after death; bat
ware this eld man now dead. and thus powerlssa in hla party
at home, even my colleague would shrink from the task
of embalming his bad memory. It will, after death, on
ly be remembered to oe execrated. Hit late letters to my
colleague Mr. Ooawm and hla compatriot, Mr. Swing,
shew ill at see. which so of Un reclaims the most reprobate
soul, hu not withered, nor custom, which so cftsn llies
of Its baleful work, hu not ataled the Infinite variety of
hla sealies and bis madaeaa. Blstery, la its record ef
this antt-tlavtry sedition, and Us oonsequenl revolution.
will only picture tbe whiteness of his hair, so contrast it
with the blackness of tbat purpose, which for years and
yean has pursued a crusade whose terrible eoneumma.
lion it upon us, ta ihe crumbling away ef cur Statu aad
the destruction ef thsir unity.
Tha sent leman from Ohio IUr. Cokwml belongs to a
different olaat of Republicans. He it of that eleaa with
wbtoh I most agne In these matters of conciliation for
tha union. He hat reported a proposition In respect to
ths return of fugitives from Justice, which wu In response
to a resolution that I offered aome time before, and which
it oalled for by a resolution offered within a taw days by
a leading Republican member ot tbe Obic Legislature. I
am in lavor of that measure of the committee ef thirty
three. But my colleague Mr. BoToaws attacks It.
Why? Because the United States Judaea, and not a Re
publican Governor, will be then In the position to take
the John Browns and Oliver strswns and Hart lama oat cf
hla dlatriol, so thai he cannot thereafter get their .volet.
I aald tbat there arc several classes of Republicans.
tbsre It a pious class) there la a tuning ciasa) there It
a ngnting class) ana mere is a patnoiw ciaas. xne gen
tleman Mr. HcTcnue belongs to tbs pteut elaul they
be Here all they say. Xba doughty member from Ohio,
I Mr. Ashlxt, who inierrereu so ungenerously to pre
vent me from replying belongs to the carting class.
They do aot believe anything, but profeujust enough to
get them Into Congress, lha fighting class are vsry
brave in time or peace. I will not aawe tnou wno be
long to this elass. Then there Is another class, compos
ed of those who have a leaven of patriotic feeling. My
eolleaguee Mtssn. Ooawm aad Staxtox belong to
this latter class. Put they hava aot the confidence of
the bodr of their oartv Id Oh o. IA voice; 'How do yon
know that?" How do I know It 1 Because your parly ta
convention, last year and the year before, passed reaoltw
tiont almost unanimously, tnai tne fugitive crave saw
wu unconstitutional, and should no! bs executed.
Mr. HUTCHINb. ou, not
Mr. STANTON. The gentleman does net state the re-
solution correctly. Every member cf the eotamittee that
reported It agreed to that resoluUon.
tar. UUA. i oouia state tne vary worat ot it, u it were
necessary; and I nave stated the meaning and substance
of it. It declared that the fusltlve Slave law wu "sub-
vcislve ot both the rights of the Btatee and the liberties of
the people, and ae contrary to the plainest duties af bn
inanity and justice, and abhorrent te tha moral tenseiof
the clrllUeu world." Ie tha gentleman In favor of axe
cu lnf aa outran noon the oivlilted worldt Yes. air.
ha whole party are committed to the demoralisation of
the federal authority, not only by tucn resolutions, but
by judicial coeisron. wny tne gentleman nuxjsii xtr.
Bt.xtokI voted for tbt ohlef justice of his Bute: and bt
knew, and they all knew, tbat when he wsa nominated
and elected, the Issue wu made upon that Indies dec la-
Inn, overruling tne decision of tne supreme uourt of tbe
United Btatee in tavoaoi tne consutuiionaiity ci tno rn.
el tire slave law. Ben Is where disunion beglat. .It be.
sins at home, sir; In your own Bum and is your own
arty and tn your own breast. Tour party re elected a
man because be had nullified the Constitution; beosuse
be had broken tha oath which bs bad taken before God,
to support the Oouiittutlon or tbt Untied States. The
whale party in tbat vote (including mycolleague, were
guilty of mora iireason. applause in tac gausnee.J
inert tuw uoair isii. j
Mr STaMTON. I should like very muck to hive
about Se minutes to reoly to my colleague. Ones of
flo onl" and Obiecti"
Tbe SrAAaalt. xne question is on ice motion to
adjourn. ....
Ths motion wu ouagiaau to.
Mr. STANTON obtained the floor.
Mr. BURNETT. I have no objection to the senile.
man coins en for five minutes, if hlsoolleague Mr. Coil
may hava another five mlnutea In reply. I want to tee
S fair ngnv ir.tnit tntng ia ie go on, tunes ex
air. JOHN COCHRANE. I propose that my friend
from Kentucky I air. aoairrrrj inau bs aetigaa-
,a Annnaa blm.
Mr. si an rut, a nare uearu was enarn iron tan
dry gtntltmen.
ar. Biuniiei. a u . w mu . ui. in;ii-
man from Ohio proceeds with his remarks, whether It Is
undsntood that bis colleague in motor me imr. uoxj
is to hsT tbe mat to rcpiy. it is usual to allow aa la
tarsal for rresn t rawing oewre a new eemnat; cut we
bare entire confidence m cur friend. It mutt be under
ttood tbat hs Is to have tbe right to reply .
The SPEAKER. The Ohslr will execute sny nder-
arendine the House nay ace Bt te make.
Air. UAsarVBiiu ax w w luwreww, aj eoaniasoua
fontsnt, thatlt Isaottolntsilers with my right to the
ear whan the special order comet up oa next Thursday.
I will make ne objection to givmg eaea or taese senile-
men Sve mlnutea. uneeoi --agreeot --Agreeoi"!
Ne obiection being maaa, nve minutes was aamgni
.nk tn Mr. 8.-axToaand Mr. Oox.
Mr. BTANTUH. A 00 not cere myseii, personally, any
thing about the remarks cf my colleague; bat for the sake
ot the ttath of history, aad te prevent miarepreeentalioa
ef the party to which I belong, I desire ta correct what
nss been so Often cam nsre, aa te myseii ana tne envr-
man of the committee or tniriyinree not nemg repress
ttm men af the Kenablieaa vartr. v
Now, sir, I wu eaemeerof the cmaalttee that re
ported the resolution to which my col league haa so fre
quently referred In debate upon ibis flocr. I concurred
tn thst resolution then, and I concur la It te-day. I
hold a futttlvoilave law which tutborlasa the capture ef
freemen without the slightest obanoe cf trial, without a
hearing baft re any oourt er any oAcer known to the law,
to be an outrage upon civilisation. I hold tbat doctrine
to-day; and I hold it to be the solemn duty of ibis Ooat
grass, either la the form prescribed in the committee ot
thirty-three, or In tome ether mode, to provide tome
gusrd against kidnapping man without the power cf u
oertatotng whether they are claret or not. That, sir,
league Mr. CoawntJ ati myself Included. There It ae
Controversy about It. The Republican party of Ohio ea-
It IM (lOOlnD Ol UB sWWHPIIWami (JaB'VJ VS VUlUf. au WS'
tumet the responsibility of thai position and tnai retc
irT" TJa.ri r.de to stand upon It and tustala It,
.: ""iM.'s i n tstlk' S ;n.it!.!. ii !o u.J
. eat ilea er te question lis constitutionality We nndcr-
siaau perfectly well mat question IS, to ne tested by the
Judicial tribunals; aad I bold it to be the duty cf every
goon otuson to acquiesce in tne judgment of sue a uitm
naL whatavtrltmay be, until It shall be ravened by a
higher tribunal. That Is the position cf the Republican
party of Ohio. ,
But, sir, I am told that I voted for a Judge who held
tnitfugiuretlavemwtobeajiceaetltational; I acrtakv
ly did to vote, and I certainly shall always vote for a
j wage w tin strict reference to nis integrity ana nit cspae
ity, without ceoeideilng the question MMwewiherleecv
cur with him Upon every decision be makes upon tbe
noon or not, a win not lata special oemurrara upon
the atumn. I will not Inquire whether each toeclflo de
cision ne nsa mane wu wrigni ar wrong, because i neves
knew a Judge In all of whose opinions 1 concurred. I
therefore supported the judge to whom tbefciOnllemaa re
fers cacaoaa of my oounuwoe ta hla ability and in hit la-,
tegrlty. It Is true, he decided that Consreee had no
power 'to rasa any law for the recapture ef fugitive
Slaves. In that decision I do set concur. Z hold the
question to bs concluded by the practice cf the Govern
ment for the met sixty years. If It were aa erlglnal
question a should concur wiut him; but I aw one of those
Who believe thst something ought to bt settled, and that
the anlformlr sat tied Braolloe of the Gevarnmaat tor
three generations ta sufficient. This being a question of
that tort a question that hat been te settled I would
acquiesce ia It. Judge ttrlnksrhoff derided otherwise.
But that wu no reason why I should not vote for him.
He wu a better tavrer than his opponent: he was. In tor
lodgment, a mora honest man, and a nan la every way
better auallned! and therefore I voted for blm, and mr
colleague oao make the most of ft.
I Here tbe kammsr fsll.J -.,."
Ir.COX.. Myoolloaiuafrem Ohio IUr. StaHTOuI
Steps In advance of my colleague from the Ashtabaladla
Kict,iBr unrcnuts-i to shield blm.. , .
mr aa an tun aotaieii.
MB. OOX. . Yes. slri for be knows vsry well he Is aot
u obnoxious. In the respect te wbtok ( referred, u the
gentleman ironrtne aentaouia aiairtot. xne gentleman
makes a sort of defence for hit tupporlof Judge Brink
erkoff. Now, sir, I hava soma re ipeot for tha gent leman
from tbe Ashtabula dlstilot, Mr. HoTctuwt.l becauie
he believea what be sait, and will stand up, under
all circumstances, for Ihe doctrines of hit party.
Be defends Judge Brlnkerhoff even In respect to
ne nuiuucatioa or ma fugitive atava law; out
tha other gentleman - from Ohio Mr. Starto
says, "Oh, aol 1 do not deleod Judge Brinkerhoff's nul
Hecatlon doctrloa, but I voted for klm because I am
for an Independent Judiciary." Well, air, I do not take
Issue with him apon that point u to the Independence
of the Judlciari; but I do take Issue with him when
he claims that such Indepenoecoa should be sustained
when It becomes nullification. Itmay become thorewho
think ilka myself; but it does not brooms gentlemen who
voted for this Judge to find fault with southern men, he
causa they have nullified the federal Authority, when, by
the oonfe.slon or my colleague before tne nation to-uay,
he, and two hundred and twelve thousand other Ohio
Republicans, voted for a rhlef Justice of tbat Btate
on the qaestion being made whether er tsst the Constitu
tion of the couatrv should stand. Be voted, by his own
confession for a Judge who had, to tar ss he could nulll-
nea umi uoastituuoa.
That Judre bad decided tbat "the decision of tbe
United States court on these questions should settle
nothing;'' and my colleague voted lor him . Be declar
sd' against the omnipotence of tbe Federal power" with
respect te tbess very queetlona fined In the Constitution;
sad my learned colleague Justified tbat Judge by his
vote, by his action, and by ths action of his whole perty.
He did this aa the direct Issue being made aod under
stood, from out end of the State to tbe ether. Though he
did not agree with hit decision, yet he sustained the un
Just Judge. I would also vole for a Judge, though I dlf-
tered from mm on a matter involving aouere, or a none,
or a contract, or something el that nature. Bat I will
pause when hit decision Is subvenlve of order, law,
authority, and tha Constitution. When the Constitu
tion of theeonntr is at stake I wnan aoutnarn ataies are
convulsed by the action of northern States violative of
ceniederaura rattn) wnen tnis rery qaestion is mooiea
from one end of the country to the other; then, for a
great party to meet ta eonvenUoa, repudiate a law of Cos-e-reea
declared to be constitutional bv the supreme judi
cial tribunal, and lustlfr bv nominating the man who bad
nullified It, it it not monstrous Then for such men to
come here and claim to support the Constitution and tkc
CnlonI Why, sir, with some it may be Ignoranost with
others Inconsistency; with tbe rest hypoorisy: but with
all treaaonl I shall leave to my colleagues their choice
of these classifications. What hava they done but broken
down the Constitution by Insidious tapping and mining
almo.t aa bad, II not worse, wan tue oiarcpea. re
bellious breaches of thai awa or the TJnlred States, such
aawe unhappily see in our extreme southern States. ."
, Here tha hammer fall.
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A WONBBBfXJfc OUBB.oSemc Om aeo, aa old
neighbor of mine wu very 111. with a bad cough whioh
every one supposed to be consumption, ttu relativaa'
told me that be had taken every remedy they heard cf
without benefit; hit brother came to tee him die, and alt
were confirmed In the belief that he oould not Urn. , I
had about the third of a bottle ot year Pectoral Syrep,
which I gave h Unhand it entirely cured aim, to the utoa
Ishment of all. What make the case mere remarkable,'
it the extresse age of the m an, b being about elf hr years
old. I have no doubt the Pectoral saved hie life.
. ..... ;, JOHMM'OijffllS. )
VILLI. Please send me smother supply fyourvala
able ''Pectoral Syrup."- AUncet everybody around ae-
has tbaoold andarslnoutnng for "Dr. Eeysers Peetorai.
Syrup.'' We nave sold sixteen bottles last week, and are
now entirely cut. Mr. A. Altar end Mr. P. Maber, both
of Blalravlile, Pa , tell us they would net bewttheert It
In their families. Ia fact, all whe use U otot want Is
again. , Yours, respectfully, - , .
, January 30, I860.
PEOTORAL flVBUr. I bad been troubled with trough
and cold lor eeveral weeks st bad wu It tbat I etuld not
sleep. 1 bad the sdrioe and prescriptions frem three ot
the best physicians in ths city, whom 1 oould name, but do
net do so. I finally procured a battle ef your Peotoral
gyrup, which cured ate satlrsly. Signed, , ,
430 Liberty street, PltUburgh, Pa., JaaB, 1800.
'STOP THAr00TJOHINO."-How can I do Itf "Ga
to Keytar's ou Wood ilreat aodget abotueof bkOoUgh
Psotoial, and tf that don't cure yew, year ease mutt be
deeps rate Indeed." Shlc Is a specimen of the colloquy
one bean almost tvery day In cold catching periods of
the year. Aod we can, from oetaal axperlmatit, cttcer
fully concur In the advlttr't admonition as abwre, far wa
hara tried the "Pectoral.'' tn a moat atnhbem en. mHA
n Ure sueoese. Near two weeks ago wa weal to Pltlseurxh.
with one of the most distressing, contrary, mullah, un
subduabls soughs we aver expenenoed sluoe ouradvent
upon this mundane sphere. We. eeughed steadily and
isoonoutiy for one wno is weex. m Dopes of farenp At eaiA,
but It was no go. Ia faot H seamed rather ta have bar
proved by praotloe, and to have acquired etrengtb.yeteo.
oy and dUmtibiUtt by the operatlosu In UUs taigecf -the
stags, weooujhed eui way so Keyset's, ISO Wood St
procured s fifty oen I bottle cf the "Peotoral)' took it
according to dlreotieoe, aod la forty eight hours are were
muter of the field, the enemy having uncoeUltienalig
surrendered, after a brief but unequal enatolot with an
formidable an , adversary-uKeysere Ixessiis t'Scmch
PectoraJ.n-Zrortsiiie CUpptr, l. 14, Ui.
- - - t sw gkatmml - IV) 1J1
: BB. SBYSBR'S PB0T0BAL iTHUp'is' prepared and
sold by Dr flBOROB U, KaISaJI, 140 Wood etree.
Pittsburgh. Pa. .
UJT Bold la Columbus by R0BXBTS St aAJtTEi.
" ABtmEcxmjH; ' ' .
' -':' - -. i- .. .773 ,f- . , . 1
Prepared and KH by ---r-' t J .. rt
' ' ' Da. ioto. k. kirai,''
, ;. t-t'. ! j tSJ
Brlce, U oantt.,, r. . , ISO 7sd at , Plttatsrxh, Pa.
rn Sold bi Columbus by B0BBBTS Bt SAMCBt''
vU7iStawdaav, .. i- rr-ie ..:.i..
: " 34 reertn Hl'tTli I'trssi''1"'
A 1" u '-i'y Mitotan. too.9
H Art. art Hand at irnoi tTB
and Retail, IINEbT fTAPlR st 3,
PLefJB, SALT, TEA, (JOrFifi, SUtMR, lv s . t,
BritfAar!, IW.Evo.1 Our BbMk hu been puciuawl ta
laaterp CUiee during the, Paula,. , . . t ,
,. . i?,oriL Gjxtri
.nMrmitn imMwif vtll be ta (T IndiiMmente Ia
cAfiiOiiaS which are not exoeled by any iu-uee ta
ue City. ; o - m t :ti t- itw J Cc,
(.!.:. it I rr't --i 1 ,
St V

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