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L.Tbe Adems Express Company places us dally
' under obligations to it va tnt verj luut pane
Irorn the eastern ewes.
.1 i
Th "A.merdaa' Express Company bag our
thank Tor . its daily favors lit the ibapo of the
very, latest eaetern papers
xni "revised itatutkA or thi statb or
QHIQ. of a General Nature, in ion august i, lew
r..llud br Joeara R. Swan. W1U Botes of the Dt
. no'siontof lb BupremeOourti by Latins J. Ceitou-
fuilb., CInoloiJ4l:UotTCuuiaiOo., Law Book
We Incite tbe attention of every reader in
Ohio to the.publiahera' advertisement In another
column, of ihla valuable and lndiipeneable
work." The work Is complete 111 two volumes,
royal ooUvo, containing about nine hundred and
fifty pages each, bound 111 good and substantial
law binding, and. handsomely printed la clear
type. It contains all the statutes of tbe State In
force pa the first day of August last, Tbe work
having been ordered by a nearly unanimous
voto of the two Houses of our State Legists
tare;, to be distributed to the State and County
offiocre mentioned In' the advertisement above
referred to, the House raised a select oommlttee
of five "to examine the wwk.land.report whether
any chapter or chapters of statutes now in force
had been omitted therefrom." The committee
reported that they had made the examination
. squired, and bad found two aots omitted, rou
ting to sales at auotlon, which bad not been re
peated! but that no other aots which were in
force on AuguBt 1st, I860, were omitted. The
committee appended to their report a oommu'
nioatlon from Judge Swan, and another from
Attorney-General Mdraav, showing that the
omitted acts were passed before the adoption of
our new State Constitution, and were by that
instrument rendered unconstitutional, inopera
tive and void ; thue affording a guarantee that
no' (sitting Iawe were omitted In the compila
tion of the work." ' ; ' i x . ; 1
;". ; Id addition to the statutes in force, the work
contains references lo, and brief notes of, all the
decisions of the Supreme Court bearing there
on, which are reported in the twenty-nine vol
. nines of the Ohio and Ohio State Reports.
Beside this, tbe arrangement of subjects, ad
opted by Judge Swan, In his former collations
of tbe Ohio statutes, is followed in the present
work, which' will render it more valuable and
more easily accessible to those who have been
la" the habit of consulting tbe laws of the State,
especially, with tbe aid of the very full and ac
curate index at the end of the second volume.
No publio officer, nor indeed any private cltl
ten who has any thing to do with the law or
ite administration, or who has any deelre to
know what the law really is, should content
himself with less than a complete and accurate
work like this., Lets than this might lead one
Into dangerous and fatal errors. Especially,
should all County officers, Justices of the Peace,
Township Trustees, Clerks of Townships, Con-
.stables, and City Officers, as well as Lawyers,
'Banfers, Merchants, Business men and citizens
1 generally, who are all more or lees concerned
in. the administration of the law, be In possess
1 ton of these volumes. ;
1 ' Be Chiirt. A cheerful face, says the auth-
or of "Salad for the Solitary," Is nearly as good
for the Invalid as healthy weather. To make
M sick taan think he le dying, all that la neces
sary is to look half dead yourself. Open, unre
strained merriment is a safety-valve to the
heart and disposition. ' If overburdened with
ths noxious gases- of care, pull the string of
wit, up' flies the window of fun, and out go the
, troubles and vexations of life to tbe four winds
of heaven.1 It is a fact beyond dispute that
mirth, is as innate in the mind as any other
quality that nature has placed there. It only
wante cultivation', and the more we cultivate it
, the more fruitful it. becomes.. Mirror like, the
-' world reflects back the picture we present to its
1 1 surfaoe. ' A cheerful heart paints the world ss
it sees it like a sunny landscape; the morbid
mind depicts it liks a sterile wilderness) sad
thus, chameleon-like, life takes its hue of light
or shade from the soul on which It rests, dark
o r sunny, as the case may be.
Common School Fond. The number of
youth in Franklin county, entitled to share in
the Common Sohool Fund, is 17,647. . The
amount of the First Payment of tbe State Com-
!mon School Fund of I860, due Franklin Coun
ty, is $11,581 03 apportioned as follows:
fownshtne St Sletrtett. " ' Ho. of Tooth. Amount.
. Sits- of Oolnmbue. ...... ,.t
Monte-oaery tp.. .....
S634 13,718 44
m 60
I kUtUoo
, Qrovoport Dlttrlot
1009 .
. 784
' 51M
661 39
166 3S
SSK) 79
477 34
Hamilton tp. .......... .-
Truro t
Xofnoldiburg Diitrlcl
Jtffereon tp
Plain tp.. ............
Mittlln tp......
' 'Clinton tp
.' Perry tp
.' Sharon tp
I Woxthlngton Dietrlct..
'Blendon tp ..
83 16
369 80
37S S4
314 16
3N 34
SUO 64
119 SO
til 36
1U 00
359 44
36 66
Weiterrllle Dletriot..
Wathloiton tp. ........
; tttorwleh tp ,,.
, Franklin tp
673 64
849 88
349 14
. Brown tp......
" Prairie tp
Pleaunt tD....
307 39
690 74
.. U 08
' Beektontp. 4....
-Meobery B4r(ct
il ft 1 -.
, Total..
...'.....17,S7 911.581 01
, Th( Dorlists InrnoTRD.T-The Grand Jury of
' the Campbell county,' Kentuoky, Circuit Court,
, lelttlog at Newport, on Saturday last, the 16th
Inst,, reported the following indiotments t 0
C. Moodt, challenging to fiaas a duelj Horaci
. IHirrRON, acjeptlng a challenge; J. C.Waixir,
consenting to act as second) 0 iotas P. Btrcu.,
'icarrylng challenge for duel.- For the first of-
- fense named, the punishment, by the laws of
. Kentucky, is imprisonment from three to twelve
! months, or a fine of five hundred dollars or
both, t Fer the second offense,- ths penalty is
Imprisonment from one to six months, or a fins
of two hundred and fifty dollars, or both. , For
the; third or fourth offense, the. punishment
,i Imprisonment from ten to thirty days, or a fine
'tit rm linnitrml nd flff rinllafa. or bath. . .1
j I Convention or Behalf of the iNDUrts.
1 John Berson; who hsis. devoted himself to th
Veaueeof the Indians, hu Issued s oall for
V General Convention on their behalf, to be held
Ala Boston, on Wednesday next, Feb. 20th, tod
the two following days.) "The object of ths
Convention will be to discuss a plaa of Congres
sional action, by which existing difficulties with
he Indians mny be ajjusttd.Snd peace naln-
ttevinsd upon our borders." Among the questlovs
proposed for disouselon are the following!
"1st. Is It true that the Indians, as a race,
eannotbeolTllisedT I- ,-, i ..,,;
9d. - la it true that law of nature, or of ne
seeslty, decrees that they should perish before
the marohofcivlllaaUont. ' ;
3d. What arrangements are best for .their
elevation and petpotuttyt ' V . j j'
u a fui-. liioit naring aeounea w UKr.f
r- """is av m
duel, wu called . don-, when he coolly remlrksd
ht a UriPt; iS I) bet (t than s. ini lv
"If Iwsrsavoloe, seonvlnelng voice,
I'd travel with tht wind,
And wherever I saw a nation torn
By warfare, Jealousy, iplte or scorn, .
Or hatred of their kind,
I would nr. I would fly, on', tin thunder crash,
And Into their blended bosoms Huh.
Then, with thtli evil thoughts tubdued,
I'd teach thorn Ohrlitian Brotherhood." ,
D Apropo$ of defective proof-reading, we
take the following from VWsjs and Words of
Men of Letters," an entertaining compilation
by Rev. J amis Favoaorr. This gentleman, it
seems, had complained to bis printer of an
amusing mistake whloh some of his hands had
"Really." said the'nrlnter. "gentlemen should
not place such unlimited confidence in theeye
sieht of our hard-worked and half-blinded
reader of proofs: for I am ashamed to say that
we utterly ruined one poet through a tumorous
misprint." "Indeed! Tend what wae tbe un
happy UneT" "Why, sir, the poet intended to
Its ths pale martyr In a sheet of ore; .., . .
instead of which we made him say: '' 1
Bee the pale martyr A hit thlrt on jfr
Of course the reviewers made the most of a
blunder so entertaining to their readers, and
tbe poor gentleman was never heard of more In
theneid or literature." ... " .
Picxrocxm. It seems that very adroit pick
pockets, If they do not make part of these
of ths President elect, follow close in his wake
The Cleveland papers give a list of some twenty
persons whose pockets were picked on the occa
sion of the late Presidential reception In that
city, of various sums of money, making in tbe
aggregate quite a handsome amount It seems
that the "light-fingered" rascals played off the
ssme praotical jokes in the Forest City as at the
Capital, by abstracting the money and other
valuables'from theVsllots and portmonnales and
then slipping them empty into the pockets of
persons to whom they did not belong.
"Thi Wibtirn Outs Branch" Is tbe name
of a spirited and well conducted temperance and
miscellaneous paper, published on tbe first of
each month, at Indianapolis, by Mrs. Cabbie D.
Filuns Bush, at only fifty cents a year. With he
roic devotion to the cause she has espoused, Mrs.
Bosh has, under many discouragements, con
tinued the publication of her messenger of tem
perance, health and cheerfulness, until it has
entered upon its fourth volume. It deserves
the patronage of all who would sustain a devot
ed and talented woman, laboring earnestly for
the good of others.
1 wmmmwmmmmmmmmm, I
Fort Sparrs akd Ckaklxstois. Id codobo-
tlon with the unique and attractive representa
tions of the Panopticon, Mr. LaRoe will give
to-night, at Montgomery Hall, a model view of
the city of Charleston, the Hsrbor and Bay,
Forts Sumter and Moultrie, Castle Plnckney,
and Sullivan's and Morris' Islands, together
with the Star of the West attempting to enter
ths Harbor.
An early application at the ticket office will
be necessary to secure a seat.' Consequently,
we advise our friends to be early In attendanoe
La Panopticon or the' War with India.
This novel and celebrated entertainment will be
continued three days longer, at Montgomery
Hall. Ne previous exhibition has excited so
much admiration, and none deserves morel
praise. This entire novelty, both in eubjeot and
the exhibition Itself, has everywhere made the
Panopticon the most popular entertainment ever
Uj Uermanv IS tbreateninK little Uenmars:
Wltn War, ana KUSSia protests against ll. ' .US-
... . . ... r
Sla thinks If Uermanv wants a war she had bet-
mim Hiuua u wfBtmauy wuwi "'" " "
ser cuwns a nation a nine nearer nor ctiuai iu
Court or Common Plkas. The February
term of tbe Court of Common Pleas for this
county commences to-morrow, Feb. 19th, at 10
'dock, A. M.
- , .- - j tS.u 1 I
muriDg we wee enuing rnunr ereniuB,
Feb, loth, fifty-four marriage licenses were is
sued by the Clerk of the Probate Court of Ham
ilton County. - ;
A WABDv io my menus ana neiguoors,, oj
m . j , ,
...kHM T .n.ktjul ,A ..
whose prompt assistance I was enablea to nn
DOrtion OI IDT furniture from the firOi On the
morning Of the 14th Inst., I aeslre tO SOknowl-
edge my elnoere gratitude. - '
Columbus, Feb. 18. Jouus F. FALiiia.
HIT A Worklnemen'e Convention was held
la CinclnnaU On Saturday Iaflt, tne lotll lnst.,
and nominated a city tloket for the April elec-
ST The popular air Of "Dixie's Land,"iiS the
composition of the lata 8tcumC. Fostis, of I
Pittsburgh. - -i ..
HT Miss Viioinia Vadqha'n's Readings from
the Poets take plaoethls (Monday) erenlng, at
Armory Hall. It will be, we doubt not, a rich
Intelleotual entertainment. Let the Hall he
filled. . " '
ETAndrew JOHNSON, the patriotic Senator!
from Tennessee, commenced life as a practical
shoemaker.'.. , '..,..
ID A Cleveland paper asserts that there is
no lees a sum than $1,500,000 Invested In the
culture of bees In Ohio.
ID England has now, tor a wonder, but one I
war on her hands, and that Is with the New
Zelanders. : . '
A Woed to Husbands. When jou so home
to tea, and find that Mrs. Smith has SUOOeeded
, 1.. a .i ! i .
oj m Bimpia sura m sue wriii iu prvuuumg avtnw
of those SOrofulouS looking bisouits, Which srel
yotir special aversion, and as yoa wltha familiar
nod reoognise the eruptive counUnanoes of your
Old enemies, don't gO Off into one of those par-l
. .r i Ji..t i.iv .1 .i,.l
"""' -wauu,!5iM, ii,u.i.i,..i
TOU so nartloularlr dtsacrMablat hut. on the!
- - O ' '
contrary, mildly, ; jet with becoming dignity,
place your hand In yonr pocket, and extract
from its long eenfioemeni tbe dime which shall
place Mrs. 8. In poeeeeslon of a package of Ce
Land's CHEMICAL BALESatos. with which ehnl
. . , , ;
Cannot fall tO have perfect SUOOeeS in making
ktu...la' '.... .xVi.' M.-,,r...-j av.l
au-, r
Sal at Wholesale, by D. B.' De Land &. Co.,
t- M ' n T k4 a I.I
Falrport, Monroe CO., N. X.. DO Land ft Cp.'s
SaleratUSlS now for Sale at retail by most Of
the dealers.
Get it Of your druggist, your storekeeper,
or anywhere else yoa can, but be sure and get
Guernsey's Balm, and no other.
i I
' - BTThere us many conflicting reports In re
gard to Major' Anderson's condition at. Fort
Bnmter; and it Is a difficult matter to form any
opinion, Not so with the Garments out by G
B. Keen, Esq;; tt Claee's New Tork Clothing
Store 121, Sooth High Street. ' "
Who will anffo. V wl" tt.. an...
Ksease of the Bklnwhen ih talr, ,.mldl
, c
I-OIinBE ana OlOLtan' ToloaEIO OIL Lam-
mKnt can bsso easily obtained. The Cordial
m I , ,...... A ' - z "
ZZTLiA Z'J .Z: rJ "? "n,M
- H - T" w 4 "Vsws WW aW wwHTVl
I sawt.
Ur. PearcereDorted from the oommlttee of Conference
on the'DeSoiency bill, that the oommlttee had agreed.
One part of tbe agreement itrlltei out the Oherlquiaa
amendment. - i
Before the aueetlon iu taken on acreelns to the r
Kit, Ur. Green oalled up the Territorial bills for More
end Deootah Territories, which wae the peeiel order.
The bllle were dlteuieed till 10 o'clock, when the tariff
Din wae taken up tne queitlon being on air. oeward'i
amendment, extending tbe time when duty shall be paid
to 3 y tare, the elTect of which is to leaye the eyetem ae It
li now. After the diuuioion the bill was agreed to
ayet 95, naye 18.
Mr. Seward mored to itrlke out all In the bill relating
to tne warenouee eyatem.
Ur. Lena eent an amendment to be read which he pro
Doted to offer, which le malnl the tariff of 1840.
Mr. Wade mored to amend eo ae to ralie the duty on
flax eeed from 10 ta 15 oente Dr buihel. .
Ur. Powell moved to amend eo ae to make the dnty on
wools SO per cent ad valorem; the bill provldee that
mere enaii ne no auty on ooaree wools, uonnaeranio aie-
ouitlon followed. -
Mr. Bingham moved to substitute a duty oC 3 cents
per pound, wnicn wae lost.
Ur. Powell'a amendment wae then disagreed to.
Ur. Powell then mored an ad valorem duly onooaret
wool,, when the price does not exceed 94 cents per
Ur. Uaaoneald the bill proposed a tax on cheap cb-
n, and allowed nun priced onee oomparatlre exemp
tion. Be mored to amend to reduce tbe duty one-half
on cigara. -
Aiier donate tne amendment was amerced to. -
Mr. Wlleon Introduced a Joint Resolution that on and
after Monday next the Senate meet at 11 A. M. Laid
over. .., . .. r. .
The Benate then adjourned. - .
About twenty orlrate bills weie naiied.
The amendmente to the deflclenoy bill, In oontrorerar
netween tne two Houees, nare been eettiea tnrougn the
oommlttee of conference the Benate receding from the
appropriation of S3UO.00O for carrying Into eCect tbe
oontractior tne nary Department witn a. w.-rnomeon
for eeruln harbor and eoal privileges on the Ohiriquian
Tbe Houee also adonted the report of the oommlttee of
oonierence on tne anagreeing anenamenie to tne leRU
lation on tne exeoutire ana judicial appropriation dim.
By thie the Secretary of the Treaaar ie authorised to
dlioontioue reilnini at the mint whenrrer itlsoonslder
ed expedient, but leares tbe place for coining as It Is
Passed the 8enate bill to carry Into effect the canons
between Ihe United Btatee and New Grenada and Costa
Rica respeottrely, for tbe payment of the claims of our
cltlieni for losses. The bill merely provides for the ap
pointment or uommissioners.
Recess mi 7 o'clock lor promiscuous oenete. -
Mr. Bra. from the committee on Claims, reported
resolutions to repeal Ihe joint resolution In favor of Wo.
II. Do Grott. Adopted.
Tbe report of the oommlttee of oonferenoe on the de
ficiency bill, made on Saturday, was taken up and agreed
Mr. Cochrane, from the oommlttee on Commerce, re
ported a bill appropriaUng 850,000 for tbe surrey of the
northern water courses and Islands of the Pacific ocean
from Behrlng straits. In view of telegraphic communica
tion from the mouth of Amoor, ist-Asla, to some point on
tne eonnoeo or tneRusslan possessions. Roieirea to com
mittee of the whole on the stale of tb Union .
Mr. Lincoln's Progress Through New York
TJtlca, Tclr. 18. The train bearing the President eleot
and party left Buffalo at a quarter before six this morn
ing. lle was escorted to the depot by D. Company. 74th
regiment, which Company also acted as escort upon his
reception. Notwithstanding ths early bour, several
hundred people were present to bid Mr. Lincoln fare
well. The train coniiited of a baggage and two passen
ger oars, undercommand of Jno. Corning, of Bulla lo.
air. Lincoln and family, ana suite, occupied a sleeping
car the rear car of Ihe train. ,
Among the dlstlngulshsd gentlemen on the train, be
sides those previously reported as lucompan ying Br.
Lincoln, are J. Collamer, of Buffalo; P. Dorshlmer, and
B. L. Dorahimer. of Buffalo; Bon. K. W. Learenwortb,
ofByraeuse; Judge Shanklaod, of Byraouee; Hon. A.
iiubbeu, oi blica; ais). j. j. recx, or eyracuee, nonce
Greeley, Gen. G. A. Dcrogge, Mayor Bcranlpn, of Roch
ester; lion. A. Westcoat, of Syracuse, and Uor. Morgan's
At Batarla the train stopped firs minutes. Borne hue.-
dreds were aaeembled to greet Ur. Lincoln, who, in an
wer.toJ their ehesrs, tppeared on the rear platform end
simply ovwea. An mm n di jhhtuh u iibiu w
detained a short time by a heated axle on the forward
passouirer coach.
The train arrived et Bocheitor at 8 o'clock. A crowd
of people numbering not less than 8.000, fined the spsot
iwhuw itiv wyuti suae miaivvsas wests uiiivuuwu suny-
Bcranton. and reeponded to
bis welcome as tot-
II confess mrsetr. after harlno- seen larira audiancea
alnce leavin hmu. orerwhelmcd with tola vaat nnmhr
or races at this hour of tne morning. I am not rain
L 1 J .u.ft .1. . I . 1 V 1
.uuuutHi nunvyiM JuawvHunrauiiuuHjj ruum-
sea meaaan sndlrldnal. bat because lam for the time tad
ln repreeenuuve of tne American people. - A coul,
B0 j wobW addrrra you at any length. I bare no.
tne etrengtn, even ii i aaa in time, ror a speecn a
mese many interviews mat are anoioea me on my way
to Washington. I appear merely to see you, and to 1st
you see me, and to bid you farewell. I hope It will be
understood tnas It is from no disposition to disoblige any
body, that I do not address you at greater length.
uneenng iouowea. .
The presence of a large police force kept the orowd
from pressing en the cars, and perfect order was main
tained, eo that Mr. Lincoln's voice reached almost the
extreme length of the audlenoe. His hoarseness troubles
him leaa to-day
tnan at uunaio. Astayot oniysix mm-
atel .,.- Mr, Llncolll remaining standing on the
rear platform of the car until the limits of the crowd
wen passed.
At Clyde an enthuslutlo orowd wu gathered to wel
come Mr. Linooln with a salute and checre. He thank
ed the people for the weloome, but had no speech to make
and no ti m. tn make it in. . Ha vu wA to ae tnem. and
bade tnem good morning. -
. '
Ateyracuaea crowd eaumaiea at i u,uuu wu usemDieo
toHH'lnK, uvwia. a platform draped in the na-
tional colors had been erected, from which Mr. Lincoln
j . J . A A -. .1.. . 1 . . l,.k I. k
declined to do, saying they mutt draw no lnferenoe from
his refusal to do so In regard to any other platform with
which hie nam wu associated. , Upon the platform wu
t live eagle.
Unas, Feb. lo. The special train arrived acre 18 min
utes ahead of tlme.tand wu awaited by the crowd, who
were standing In the sdow storm. The Cltltens' Corps
Mndd tbe platform oar, drawn upon th track, acd wu
2SEr-x ff 0
you. A nare no eumoiens time so mus one if i nan. I
bare appeared nera simply to t nan it you heartily ror tnis
noble reoeption, to tee you and allow you to tee me. I am
not scent but at leut u regards tbe ladiee, I bare the
best ef the bargain in ths sight. In conclusion, I bars
only to say rarewell.
ale wu met hen by the legislative committee, and a
row minutee later tne train passed on, air, Lincoln bow
ing a farewell u he left lbs crowd behind.
The President of the Southern Confederacy at
Montgomery, Alabama—His speech.
sIosTaonmv, Feb. 17. The trip of Mr. Davis from
Mississippi to Montgomery was one continuous oration.
He made twenty-nve tpeechet on the route, returning
gentlemen and military at the rsrlous depots, i A
committee of Congress and ths Montgomery autocrines
met sir. uaYtt about eu mtiw on, ana lormany received
him. Two Sne military oompantea from Columbus, Ue
Joined the escort at Opellka. and all readied Montgome
ry last nlgbt, tt 10 o'clock, ue was received witn great
enthusiasm. A large orowd assembled at tbe depot, which
Mr. Davit addressed u follows: " i
He uld he felt proud to receive the congratulations
and hospitality ot the people of Alabama. . lie briefly re
viewed me present position ot me douw. ue satu toe
time for compromise Is patted, and we are now determined
to maintain our position, and make all who oppose smell
southern powder and feel southern steel. If coercion wu
persisted in, he nan no oouota at to tne result, we win
maintain our rights ef gorernment at all hazards. We
uk nothing, want nothing, and will hsve no compltea-
tiam- " olhet Btte" lolt " confederacy, they can
Union is complete. No compromise, no reoanclllaUon
can now be entertained. ' t i
. . owd od on Mr. on hli t At
Xxchango Ilotel. Tne ladlu were equally enthuslutlo
sa s,.,
of America for now we are brethren, act merely in
name but in fact: men of one flesh, one bone, one inter-
est. one purpose, and of an Identity cf domestic InsUlu
tione we hare hence, I tract, tbe protocol et llrlng to-
...1 l -,1th lM.tlf.,lM. .1,1.1 nk
uon. not aemmai en.
- It mar be our Confederation will bt uihered In In ths
midst of storms; tt maybe that, aethlt morning opened
with eloudt, mitt and rain, we thsll hare to encounter
Inconvenience at the beginning; but u the.tun rose It
ttt'teri the tnlat and dlsnelled the clouds, and left the nare
sunlight of heaven. Be will be tbe progress of the
I Soathern Oonfederacy carry ut taft Into the parlor ot
I eonatltutlonal liberty, Applauicl and political equall-
tr. rApolause.l Thua we have nothing to fear at home.
KiekWathemeweharea hoaogenlty. W. will have
I nothing to fear abroad, becaaee If war should come, if
we mustagstn oaotiao in diusu me prinoipi-a tor wmcu
ourfathera bled In the Revolution we shall thow that we
" not degenerate sons, but will redeem the pledgee they
thow that Southern valor still ahleetat brightly u in 17711
and lent!, ana every otner contact. , Applause. 1
i wu informed, my menus, mat your Kindness only
required that I should appear before you. FaUgued by
travel, and hoarse, I am unable to speak at any lenath.
I havaeom merely to usura yon of my gratitude for
inec mannas tations oi your good wui. x com witn
diffidence and distrust to the discharge of the great duties
devolved en me, by th kindness, and eonndene of the
Congress oi tne Confederate States. I tnank you, friends,
for th kind manifestations ot favor and approbation yoa
exhibit on this occasion.
Montgomery, Alabama—His speech. Fire in Buffalo.
!!&! J:
BcrraLO, Feb, 18. Store Nos. SIS and SM, llsln
street, occupied by Meters. Moore SS white, boot and
shoe dealer, and A. Mathews, Druggist, were destroyed
I hr Hre lut nitot.. ine ttoca wu removed witn but lit.
tie damage fully Insured. The eeoons floor wmccca-
I lourtn IHinei .ci. whi'ito vm Hvniv. Binigm m snnns,
u a Billiard saloon. Their loot It estimated at 7(XK
Insured forjs,ouo.- xn nrtn story wu occupied by
ntt ltJ
I wa known u Townsena
insured for 19.000 in
IWw SF tVtaiSAuaB eaa
of the President Elect—His Reception
at Erie, Pa., and Buffalo, N. Y.
Burriioi ten.' 18 .Joint oommlttees from the muni
cipal bodies and ths cltltene at rniiaaeipaia feaonae
Cleveland last night, bearing an engrossed document,
tendering Mr. Lincoln tbe hoepltalitlee of that city, and
returned this morning with bis written acceptance. -The
Preaidentiat oartv left Cleveland at a. m. to'
day. Ihe train was composed of one baggage ear and
three passenger coaches; the coach especially est apart
ror tne r resident miect, wu one oi tohoihii wn-v,
froii the manufactory of Klasson sV Bon, Buffalo.. - At
Olneland large aoceeelone were made to the party,
among them the committees from Buffalo and Erie. The
train stopped at Wilioughby, Palneerllle, Geneva, Ash
tabula. Conneaut, Erie. Weatfteld, Dunkirk and Silver
Creek, at all of whioh places large crowds were astern
bled, and Mr. Lincoln was received with great and con
stantly tnoroasinf enthusiasm. At Genera. Ohio, he
wae addreaaed briaflr bv one of the orowd. who exhorted
hiss to stand by the Constitution and the cause of liberty.
After dinner at Rrte, Mr. Lincoln addreosed the peo
ple, exouslag himself for not expressing bis opinions on
tne exolung queeuons or tneoay. jniiiwwwMWBia
the time f,.r aneakini should come, he should find It neo-
eeaary to say nothing not In acoordanoe with the Con
stitution, together with ths Interests of ths people of ths
hnl Anlintr.
Mr. Greely J elned the train at Glrard, and accompanied
It.toErle. .....
At Dnnklrk. while addreaoisi toe people, nr. Lincoln,
grasping the staff of the American flag, under tbe folds
of whloh ha .tnftrt. annonneed hie Intention to atan d
by that flag, and asked them to stand by him as long ss
heshoulddoso. ' - " ; n
On his arrlral at Buffam, Mr Lincoln wu met at ths
door of the ear by a deputation ol oltliens. headed by
Millard Pillmorc. between whom a hearty greeting pass
ed. The orowd In and surrounding the depot was dense,
and numbered not less than 10,000 people, nut one com
pany of soldiers and a file of polloe wen detailed to act
ae escort to the party, and It wae with the gieateot diffi
culty that they eould protect them from being crushed
By tne orowd. WWle passing from me train w uw Damage.
In the Jam Mat. Hunter, of the VS. . Army, one of Mr.
Lincoln's suite, had his shoulder dislocated. The pass
age of the procession up xchange and Main etreete to
tbe American Hotel, was a perfect oration. Moat of Ihe
bnildlnn on those atreata wen tally draped with flees,
Arririns- at the American. Mr. Lincoln was welcomed In
a brief speech by acting Mayor Bemis, to which he re
sponded aatfollows: ...,.. ...
nr. uaror and rellow-eil eene oi xiuusio ana uie siaw
of New York: I am here to thank you brlelly for this
reception given to me, not personally, but as the lepra-
sentatlre of our great and beloved country. (Cheers.)
Vour worthy Uayor has been pleased to mention In hie
addresi to me, the fortunate and agreeable journey
which I hare had from home, on rather a circuitous
route, to tbe federal caoltol - I am very nappy mat no
wu enabled, in truth, to congratulate myself and com
pany on that fact; It is true we hare bad nothing, thus
far, to mar tbe pleasure of Ihe trip. We have not been
met alone hv thnaa who aailited In livinx ihe election to
me I say not alone but by tbe whole population ot the
oouotry through which we bare pasaed. ima is u it
should be. - Had the election fallenjto any other of the
distinguished candidates instead of myself, under the pc
caller orlcumstances, to say Ihe least, it would
bare been proper for all cltltens to have greeted
him as yoa now greet me.. It It eridenvc ot the de
votion of the whole neople to Ihe cause of the Lnion
and the perpetuity of the liberties of this oountry.
Gheere.J I am unwilling, on any occasion, that I
should be so meanly thought of as to have It suppoaed
for a moment that these demonatratione are tendered to
me pereonally. They abould be tendered to no Individ'
ual man; they an tendered to tbe country to tne Insti
tutions of tbe country, and to tbe perpetuity of the lib'
er lias of the oountry. for, which these Institutions wen
made and created. Your worthy Mayor hu thought fit
to express the hops that I may be- able to relieve
the oountry from the present or. I should say,
the threatened difficulties. I ant sure I bring
a heart true to the work. fTremendou applause.;
Por the ability to perform it, I must truss ta that Su
preme Being who hu never forsaken this favored land.
tnrowgn the tnelramentality of this great ana intelligent
people. Without that omittance. I ahall sunly tali;
with It, T cannot fall. When we epeak of the threatened
d IrBeultlee to the country, It It natural that it should be
expected that something should be said by myself with
regara to particular meaaurea. ' upon more maiura ew
flection, however, others will agree with me that when
It It considered that theee difficulties an without preced
ent, and bare never been acted upon by any Individual
situated si I am. It la most proper that I should wait
and see Ihe developments, and get all tbe light possible,
to that when 1 do speak authoritatively.
mar he as near ' rieht ae possible
(Cheers.) Whoa I shall speak authoritatively, I hope to
aay notning inconsistent with tne Uoastltotion.ma union,
the rig hit of all States of each section of the country, and
not. to diaeppeint the reasonable expectations of those who
hareconldedto me their rotee.' In this oonneetlon, allow
me to eay thai you, as a portion of the great American
people, need only to maintain your composure, stand np
to your sober convictions of rigbt, to,your obligations to
the ConsUtutlon, and act In accordance with tboee sober
convictions, and the olonds which now arise In the horl-
son will be dispelled, and we ahall hare a bright and glo
rious luiure; ana wnen this generation Mi laded away,
teneof thousands will luharit thi country where only
thousands inherit it now.
I do not propose to address yoa at lenath: I hare no
rolce for It. Allow me again to thank you for this i ex
ception, and bid you farewell.
nr. Lincoln spoke with the utmost difficulty, being to
hoaraef rom his freauent efforts u to be ecarcelr able to
make himself beard. Although somewhat exhausted,
Sir. Lincoln It in xood spirits this treninx: he la holdina
a leree at the American Botel. Mrs. Lincoln and the
family continue In good health.
ine roomo of the Youne Mens' Christian Union. direct.
ly opposite the American, had displayed a large banner
with the following Inscriptions: We will pray for you.''
An Incident ooeurred Just before the profession arrived
at the American Hotel. A wegon filled with wood, drawn
in frant at the Asaerioaa Hotel, la talfillnMBl of a bee.
conditioned, that if Mr. Linooln wet elected, one party
wu to saw a half cord ef wood fn front of the Ameriean
and present the wood to Ihe poorest nigger in the city; If
ainooin wu not elected, tne otner party wu to em tne
wood ana Present It to a Buffalo paper. The toeine narse
tawed vigorously while Mr. Lincoln was speaking, . -
Virginia State Convention.
RlCHHOND, T.. Feb. 16 The Vlrrrlnla State Conven
tion re aaeembled to-dsy.
Mr. Myer lntrodnoed resolutions declaring Virginia
devoted In attachment to the Union, and willing to
make any sacrifloe consistent with her honor to restore
and maintain It; but protests against coercion, and wu
aetermineu not to suomu to any administration of the
government In which her rights are assailed or not rally
grotected; and If the union cannot be restored on terms
onsrable to all component parts, then It shall be divid
ed. ;
Mr. Morton Introduced resolutions declarlnc that Vir
ginia will not submit to tbe coercion of seceding Btatee
on any pretense whatever; and protesting against the use
of tbe army and nary to coerce any Bute now In or out
of the Union; desiring to reitore ths Federal Union, and
preserve u upon lerme oi eaiety and nonor to all Its
members: declaring that If the efforts beine made tn do
to eball prove unavailing, that Virginia will notbetltatCj
out untie who nor sister Bouinern states.
Mr. Carlisle introdteed neoluUoa dentarlnw (hat
since the deolsions ef tbe United States fSupreme Court
In the case or Oblsholm agttoet the Bute of Georgia,
and adopted In tne 11th amendment to the Constitution,
we an at a ion to understand now ths Impression that
the federal Qorerament posoeaoea the power to coerce a
State oould hare obtained credence. .
Mr. Leake Introduced resolutions doclartne that If Ihe
Federal Government ahall undertake, forcible, to rauka
theforUinaeseding States, Virginia will regard It aa an
invasion of tbe rights of the Sou then States; and that if
tne uoverameniunuonaxuueoueot duties In seceding
Btatos, Virginia will regard such act as coercion, and 1,
hereby pledged to resistance) by all the means within her
Mr. Plonrnoy introduced resolutlonslthat while Vir
ginia nigniy appreciates tne ttieesings Intended to be to
cured by the Constitution and the Union, and will do
V. - A . . M,,.k . . . . . . .....
..... , . .l-. ... . .r MT.B."
isajs douuu w ucoiare uuHiuenuty oi intereete woulddC'
mend sod receive tlis interposition of all her military
kxon. ui rnisk anjstieinpi ao coerce Houuieni Btatee;
that Virginia hopes and believes thatbr nrud.nt
urea of conciliation on the part ot the xorernmenL and a
just appreciation, of our present difficulties, some meat-
uree may oe auop eu wmcu win restore Deaea. rriandah In
and union to every Motion. - All of the resolutions wtre
referred to tne committee oa Federal Relatione.
, There wu a oonaiderable debate on National matters
Got. Wise reiterated hit policy of flihline in the Union
at d counseling speedy actios. ,. , . '
Mr. Biohirdl Introduced resolutions deolarlne that Ihe
oompacla between the States hare been repeatedlr rela
ted and repudiated by tbe North, therefore that H It not
binding on the other partlet thereto; that a peaceable
wiiuurawai ui Duauurn otaiee is justinaoia. ana Lhatriwe
will resist coercion of tuch Btatee; that it It the duty of
tue nurtu es once to concene suca fuaranleet w will pre
rents reeurrenoe of our wrongs, and aware our equal
rigbti: that a lailurs to do this will be avldenee of Inrtlf.
ference or hostility alike faUl to our peaoe and prosper!
7,hiib, ivw vi wear iruiuo we uemanu speedy eecurl
ty of our rights, and tliat In default of which we will die
solve our connection with those who flrtl wanton'y
wrong ue. auu iiien ooiuuaieiy perserera In the injury,
and that Virginia be placed In a oondition ot detenu. -
Mr. Moore, of Rockbridge, opposed baste. Be would
not be driven by tne North or dragged by eottan .Btatee
wno eoiea witnoui conauiung v irginia. lie wu opposed
to coercion, but it tbe seceding States chose to assault
torts, lei tnem take tne eonsenoences. '
Idr. Carlisle contended that tbe Oovernment had never
yet attempted the ooerolon of the south, ind that when
it was uons tue people would resist.
Washington News and Gossip.
WisniHOTOH, Feb. 16. According to rnmon, ths do
bate to-day ta tbe Peaoe Conference wu of an (xcftint
enaraoter among toe nortnern ana ooutnern nxrmistt
Anotner attempt wu made lo admit reporters. .-
An additional company of cavalry arrived in the city
to-uay. - - - .;
HepreserHlIre Nmluki of Indiana, ha beta nomina
ted by the Pree.deul. for Chief Justloe of Nebraska. ,
Bpeclal agent Jones, who wss dlsnatcned by Becretarr
Six to New Orleans, hu satisfied himself that th rare
nue cutter Root. MoClellan, wu surrendered so th au
thorities of Louisiana, through th complicity between
Collector Hatch and Cspt. Bruihwood, before the ordi
nance ofteeession. J .-it' "',..
About ninety speeches bar been delivered i hi th
House ca the crisis, nearly two-third of whioh were Re
publican, There are still on hand at leut enough to
make an even hundred. The greater part of them were
written oat In ad vanes of delivery, and many were read
tp empty oencnes,. during tne lormatuy of night ses
sion,. , i
Thow who were moet hopeful of beneficial recalls from
the Peaoe Oonferenoe ere beginning to deeoa.lr.aBd tome
of the commissioners bar advised their distant friends
aeeoramgiy. - t
Aa effort is oeiog nine to avoid voepetslonal. attlon
a all yea propositions. - , . .v.--.;
Hamilton, 0. W., Feb. 18 Th final d coition It th
esse of the fneitlv Have Anderson, wu alien eo-dar,
Th Court sustained th decitloa ot Ihe Queens htnchkn
th question 'of law, but was unanimoua in discharging
theprltoner on a technicality In the commitment. An
derson therefore, set at liberty.' Great Joy It manifested.
especially among me ooiorea population, i . r , .
,v .. , I em I , .i . r I
St. Lome. Feb. It. J. . B. Brant, tn old and very
wealthy eitfsen ot St. bonis, died yesterdsy afternoon.
seed 73. Mr. Brantwu formerly a Oolonel la the Uni
ted statu army, ana eairua wiin aiauaauoa :in to eras
')!, ... -. ,..VV,, " I ....
1 lo.." .t; ja:Th. diraoto of th. gouft.
Isstsm'lleamabtp Lin have voted to dispatch th steamer
(if Itli VMvUMI tt VOWlsiWa W Fsmtw unwauat.
Michigan Legislature.
DsiiioiT,' feb. 18. Joint resolution, iastrnetlnf
Senators, and requesting our Representatives la 0n-i-rees.
to oowose any amendmente to the Constitution
recognising the right of property in man, or authorising
the extension of slavery Into Territory now free, were
In the House or Beprrae otatlret, yssterday, by a strict
party vote, eubeetient rusoluslons empowering tlenaton
Chandler ed Diiigbam to repireent Michigan In the
Peaoe Conlvnaae, wen loot ay w 40, nays 34 not bar
ing a majoiity ef U the members elected, i'
an -liV
St. Louie, leb. 17. A Joint resolution wu Introduc
ed in the Benate yesterday afternoon, empowering the
Governor to call out the ml litary to preserve peace at the
election in Bt. Louis, for delegates to tbe Btate Conven
tion, to-morrow; sod after an exciting debate passed
rote 18 tod. ' ' 1 "' ' - ' '
The resolution wu tent to the House, and a motion
made to suspend the rules to receive it wet lost.
Mayor Pllley is understood to bare taken tbe moet ef
fectual meuaret to nrsvent rioting In any form, and no
real epp recensions of disturbance exist.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 18.
FLOUR receipts 48181 bbli; market flilOo better.
with moderate) demand; sales of 13,000 bblt at
S.SOl superfine state SJ KS5,40: extra state Si.lU
50; tuptrnne western 15,31X45.50; common to medium
extra western 5,45J,0i; inferior to good shipping
brands extra Hound Ohio noon.
HVB FLOUR ateadr at a3.ioad.15.
WHEAT-reoelptsof 3540 bush; market Ho better but
quiet, In consequence of ths advance In freights; ules
of 30 000 bush at 1 1.84 In store, for choice Amber weet
ern ei,31(l,39, winter red wettern 1,4015S, white
BYS quiet at 65(3 09a.
B ARLE Y eteadr at 7080. '
CORN receipts of 1KX) bush; market about le better;
sales of 30,000 bush et07o for old mixed wertern In ttora
and 6S for new do at Ihe It H depot.
OAT8-ttesdy at 30037), wutera Canadian land
states -
PORK quiet and unchanged; sales of .M) 'bbls at S17
Vi7,ua rormess aid S' icr prime.
BRBF -unchanged. ' '
OCt MB ATS quiet and steady.
LARD dull and heavy: salee of SO bbls at OWtSlOc.
BUTTER In limited request at 1IKS14 for Bhlo; 14$
in ror stale. .
0 H B RBE steady st OslO i for Inferior to prime
WHIBKli without materUl change; sales of 500 bblt
Stl734e; . .
STOCKS dull andhearr. moner and exehanet no-
thing new; 0 At R 1 5"X ; O t Ohl. 73K i 1 0 script 70V
P.a kl.ll (111 r.ntnn 14K Brla KtmAXtr 4t:
M 8 quoted at 31H; Terra Haute At Alton Sd 7UJ M 8
2d bonds 54; Moo's 60; Va 6't 70: M S Sinking 'Fund
75X-; 0 At N W 1st bonds 40; 0 Ac T 33: O It Ft; PC
70 extra dividend: Comb Coal Co7KI M 0 79: Har lots':
M 0 50X; 0 B Ac a 72; I 0 bonds 95V. Bud 3d bonds
ve; uesit7; n wsink. runa Dondi7u. .
Cincinnati Market.
Then It no change la our Flour market, though the
newe Irom new lork It calculated to put noieert in bet
ter faith; Superfine can be easils bad at 84,50 to 14.60.
Oood Extras at 84,65 to 4 0 and Family at 83,00 to
S3.85. Epicurean and other fancy brrndt maintain
about their old position. Bales of ths . former
wen made to-day fat 86. In regard to flour of
any quality. It should be known that any time when the
market le dull, It Is impossible to tell at quotations If a
bolder wishes to realise, while at the same lime, a buyer
If making an effort to purohue, cannot buy at less than
the quotation!, Ihe very not of a desire by either party
to operate changes their .place in reference to Ihe mar
ket. WHEAT It held mora (Irmly and to buy Bed tt Is
rather mora difficult-
CORN hu a rather better market at 33c for Ear.
shelled Is u lest quoted. I
OATS are still quoted at S7o, with a ibndy market,
BARLEY was told rather mora freely at the last range
cf prloet ,
RYB t unchanged. '
WHISKY remalnt firm at 14c Cin. Com. Fti 13,
Cleveland Market.
February. 16.
FLOUR-auiet. Bales of 6S bbls extra atS4 80; 3
bbls red wbest double extra at 85,00, and SO bble wheat
wheat do at 85,38. Buckwheat It quiet at Sl.75as.0a,
according to quality,
WHEAT Salea of 1 car red, delivered on track, at
1.08, and 1 ear white on track at 1,17.
vuhh remains quiet at xc.
OATH an quiet at S4o.
8EKDB ulee of 100 bush Clover at 84.00. and 86
both do at 8,1S). Timothy la inactive el Sfe8,9I.
KUiiH sales ef 3 bbls at lea. '
RYE tale of 1 oat delivered on track at S8),c.
Rail Road Time Table.
Littlx Mum a Oauiaaoaec Xxnia R. R.
AooommodatloB S.10 A. M.
No. SEx 8.30 P.M..
MghtKxpnss. 9.45 A.M. '
Ctxvrmtn, Colokios At OwormaTt R. R.
KxprcM and MaQ 3.00 P. M.
Might Kxprestkvv 3:SS A. M. "
Expnn Train 3.00 A. M
Idail Train 8.40 P.M.
Pn-rtscian, Outxxscs et CtucuniiTi B. B
Express Train. ... ........ 3:00 A.M.
Mail Train 8.40 P. M.
Columbus, Piqua Indiana B. B.
Express Train 8:10A.M.
Eipreee Train 8:45P.M.
9.15 P. M.
J30P. M.
8 45 A. M-
1.40 P.M.
I..10A. M.
8 30 A.M.
I 80 P. M.
8.30 P. M
8:80 r. M.
8.10 P.M.
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this Cordial in the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous eyetem, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or Impaired by eieknett, tbe relaxed and unstrung
organlutlon is restored to Its pristine neal m and vigor.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever cause,
will find McLean t Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of the system; and all who may hare Injured
themselves by improper indulgences, will find m (he Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
, . . To th Ladles. '
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
' It a sovereign and speedy core for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, Felling of ths
Womb, (Jlddlness, Fainting and all Diseases Incident la
FemalM. . -,, f ,
There Is bo Mistake About it.
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. It
will stimulate, atrengthen and Invigorate yon and Close
Ihe bloom of health to mount your cneea again. -
Every bottls Is warranted lo give eaimacuon.
If your children are tlckly, puny, or afflicted, McLean's
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not s moment, try II, and yon will be convinced.
Oaotioii. Beware of Druggittt or Dealers who may
try to palm npon you some Bitter or Baraaparilla trash
which they can bay cheap, by tarini it is Just u good.
Avoid tucn men. Ask lor mcbean a Buenginening uor
dial, and take nothing els. It It the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the same time
strengthen the) system.
One lableepoonrui taken every morning ruung, it a
certain preventive of Cholera, Ohlllt and Fever, Yellow
ever, or any pre relent diseases, it is nut up in urge
bottles. ,, .
Frio only tl per bottle, or 8 bottles for 85.
Bole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment
Prlncital Denot on the corner of Third and Pine streets.
Bt. Louts. Ho.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Ths but Liniment In ths World. The only sals and
certain sura for Cancers, Piles, Swelling! and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Muscles, Chronlo or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Bttff
neu cf the joints, Contracted Muscles or Ligaments
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, Freeh
Outs, Ulcere, Fever Bora, Caked Breast BoreNippke,
Bans, Scalds, Bore Thoat, or any InSammaUon or Pain,
no difference how severe, or ho long the disease may
have existed. lIoLean't Celebrated Liniment Is a oer
tain remedy.
Thousands of human beings bars been tared a Ufa ef
decrepitude and misery by the ue of this Invaluable med-
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, and It wll
cleanse, purify and heal ths foulest so roe In aa Incredt
ly short time. . , ...
Far norsea mad Other Animals.
McLean s celebrated Liniment la the only safe and re
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin, Ring Bone, Wind
galls, Splint, Unnatural Bumpe, Node or Swellings. It
will never fail to cure Big Head, Poll Evil, Vistula, Old
running .Bores or 8 weeny, If properly applied. For
Sprains, Braise, Bcratohea, Bore or Wounds, Cracked
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Galls It It an infallible
remedy. Apply It u directed, and a curt is certain tn
every instance. . ,
Then trifle no longer with th many worthiest Lini
ment offered to yoa. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean's
oelebrated Liniment. It will cure you.
J. II. iricLEANe Sola Proprietor,
i vomer oi xmru anu jnne nuueuj, ot. jjouie, mo. ;
For ul by all dragglat. " - I
For sale by ... KOBERTBAt SAMUEL.
augSO-dAtwly Columbus, Ohio.
. O . . TO AND rKOIII '
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
- . . svncl " " v
Th Montreal Ocean Steamship Oompenr'i flrst-clau
full-Dowered Clvde-built Bteamert tall owerw 8at
rdaT from PORTLAND, oarryinf th Canadian and
united ami man ana pewsengera, -
NOTABCOTUN......Ctpt. McMattert, . '
BOHEMIAN Capt. Grange, .'. !
NORTH BRITON. .....Oapt. Borland, ' :
CANADIAN Capt. Graham, , r
NORTH AMEBIOAN.. Capt. Alton, ' . j
ANGLO-SAXON Capt. Balantine, I
HIBERNIAN, . t . . , ,
NORWEGIAN, ' ' " ' ' v ' " ' ' ' I
Shortest, Cheapest and Quickest Coa
veyance irem ,
Will sail from LIVERPOOL ewerr "Wedneadar
end from QUBBKO every Baturday, calling at
LONDONDERRY, to receive on board and land Mails and
Fattencen. to and from Inland and Scotland. -
Glugow passenger! are furnished With ranptttag
ticket to ana mm aionaonoerry. " . . i
Return tickets granted at reduced raws.
An experienced Hnrreon sttachad to each iteamer. '
Oertlflcate issued for carrying to and bringlogout pas
sengers from all ths principal town of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reaurea rases, oyinis line oi eteamers, ana
iMVinw ureroooi ererr ween.
For purage, apply at the OBlo. 93 BKOAB.
WAV, New lark, and 10 WAfEK ST.,
Llwerpaei, - ,......
j , BABEL k BXABXEi General igenta,
ortt-ij, R. ARMSTRONG!,
nolo lydfcw - Btateamaa Offlcs, Columbus, Ohle.
k X
THK1K NEW RALKN-c snuni,
M08. 1, 3, 4 and 7 M. EOTA W 8TE
'" . Offer for sale their oelebrated ,-t '
GOLDEN MEDAL, . ' " ' '.
i .-
.- - 4 pi A NO-FORTES. v, i
Belni hlahly reeemmended by th ftrtt Profestort and
Musical Amateurs of the oountry, aad - i j -
VM;- t--, r . lt
, , , . FIVE TEARS.
The ' most furtldiout customer may rely upon betuf
pleaeed tn every respeot. -m.tr wAinrn mnn
xsnne neerat. .. . . ......
8BLTZKR fc WEBSTER, Asents, -
ootSSilydav ' t4i'iM j j Columbus, Ohio,
a retrttFtllfO GOODS-Bitot. Bnrllth Orapee:
Its firary Oollsrs. OelfS and Shame; Lone and Short
Crape Veils) Round Crape Veils- Lace Velle Orape
Trimmed; Plain Hemmed Collars; Sett; Hsadlcerchlefa
Alexandre's Bites: Kid W I ores! vans; Rlbbona; Bilks;
Botuhaainei; Travollnf and all other kinds of Dresa Ooodl
oonttanuy on hand In great variety. . j
tnayW"1"'. FtwA Seer rrthef Well Hon.
Sold Embossed Tarlatan, the lateet novelty. Fleln
W hit and Colored Tarlatan;- V, Kite parts Muslin aree-
adln Evening Robee; Plain party Bllke. . S
. ....... PBTERBAIIfl ..
deeSI ' . No-89 South High etreet.
TTiBENCin kid i.ovr9,,,
rt . . dwnii irm niAvra r.
1. 1
ynanuu n.iu ww? ,
' ' T5 etouj awf pair, same at told iwher for on
-llnr, . PETER BAIN, V-
mvriH.. i-t r. ' )'.- Wo- B-h High stroet.
TV F.'iriORAaj SKIBISt 'i -A
I yj uia, rone sod Handeom. The bent style Iiiport
.Vanewlotjtut rroeiredby ""fBHL
,,.11. If. St Bouth High etreet.
A compound remedy, designed to be Uw'nioat
effectual AUtratim that can be made. It U
concentrated extract of Para BarsspatiUa.
so combined with other substAnce of atift
greater alterative pw as to afford aa effirt-
five antidote for th diaewee Rnnmnarill -
reputed to cure. It ia heKerod that such ef
remedy ia -wanted by those -echo suffer from '
Btnunous complaints, and that one which will
accomplish their cure must prove of inunssue
crnce 10 tius large class or our enacted felioir-
Citizens. How comnletelv this rrrmnnnnrl will
do it has been proven by experiment on Banc
of the worst cases to be found of tbe followinw
romplaints: : . , ... ... u 9l.,
SOBOFULA AND BcnnwnrAita Himiivg.,
ErtrPTtoNs akd Euvftite Diseases, Ulcejis,
iluPLEs, Blotches, Tbhobs, Salt Khujc.
Scald Head, Stpuilis and Stpkiuiio Ai
Fectioks, Meroorial Dissase, Dnonr, Nit;
RALOIA or Tio Dovlourevx. DcBIXITr. Dm.
or St. Amtkont's Fire, and indeed the whole
class of complaints arisin from InciuTr av
the Blood. .
This compound will be found ereftt nro-
motcr of health, when token in the spring, to .
expel the foul humors which fester in the
blood at that season of the year. By tne tune
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders -are
nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy. SDare themselre from .
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural tjhonnels of the body,
by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find Its impurities
bursting through the skin in nimDlts. eruutioas.
or sores cleanse' It when yo find it is b
etructed and sluggish in the veins ' cleanse it
whenever it is foul, . and vour teelincs will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people eniov better health, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the
blood healthy, and all Is well ; but with this
pabulum of life disordered,, there can be ao
lasting health. Sooner or later 'something
must go wrong, and the great mashinery of
life is disordered or overthrown. '
Barsaparilla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends: But
the world has been cgregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated attracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of SarsaparilU,
or any thing else. :. .. , . ...
During late years the puiilio have been nai
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of Sorsaparilla for one dollar. Went
of these have been fr auds upon the sick, for
hey not only contain' little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed the use of the various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the
noma itself is justly despised, and hits become;
synonymous with imposition and (heat. . Still
wc call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the
name from the load of obloquy which rests
upon it. And wo think we have ground for
believing it has virtues which are irresistible
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is intend
ed to cure. In order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, tho remedy shouhl
be judiciously taken according to direction? :n
the bottle. 1 - -'
, rrxrAREo in .v ' '
DR. J. C. AER & CO.
Price, $1 per Bottle Six Dottles for 3.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself such a renown fur the cure ui
every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, tliut
it is entirely unnecessary for ut to recount tlia
evidence of its virtues, Wherever it has been em ployed.
As it lias long been in constant ujj
throughout this section, w need not do more tti an
assure the people iu quality is kept up to tho host
it ever has been, and that it may be relied oa tu '
do for their relief all it has over been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic -PillsV-
. ron thb crasot
Coslireness, Jaundice, Vytpepsia, Indigcttioii,
Dyientery, Foul Stomach," Erysipelai, Hcadac!.
Piles, Rkcwnatiim, Eruptions and Skin Diseases.
Liver Complaint, JJropsy, Tetter, ' Tumors ail
Salt Rheum, Warms, Omit, Neumhtia, as a
Dinner Pitt, and for Purifying the Wood.
They are sucrar-coatcd. bo that the most Mi .
tire can take them pleasantly, and they are tltv
oesi aperient in tue worm tor ail tho purpose of u
family phytic. -
Price 25 cents per Box; rive boxes for $1.00
- Great numbers of Clergymen , rhviiuinnR, Stntet .
men, and eminent nersonaees. hare lent, their
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of theso
remedies, but our spare here will not permit tha
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur
nish gratis our American Almanac in which they
aro given j with also full descriptions of the nlxm
complaints, and the treatment that should be foJ
lovred for their cure. . i
Do not be out off bv unnrinclnloJ denlere tvitl.
other preparations they make more profit on
Demand ATER's, and take no others. The sick,
want the best aid there is for them, and tiu-v tii.n.M
have it. - -
-All our remedies are for sale by .-.
And by Draffirlsta and Dealer everywhere..
aorv:iya,tww . v
Aa experienced Kara and Female Fhytltlaa, presents
w in atienuoa oi motnerv, nor
which g really facilitates ths process of tee thin;, ay soft-
it rums, reduoine ail lnHemmation mil el lav
ALL PAIN and spasm odlo aeUoa, and it
Depend upon It, mothers. It will sirs ten to yourtelres
and . . ' ....... v u .
We have put up and'eold this trtlcl for over ten rkara. '
what we hare nerer been able to say of aay othtr medi-etne-MBVRK
ANCB, TO EFFECT A CURE, when timely used. Nev
er did we know an Instance of dlaoaUtfeettoa by any not
wnouseait. ua contrary, all are eeliihted with Ut
eperatioDt, and speak tn terms of eommendaUon of let
magical effects and medical virtue.- W epeak In thi
matter "WHAT WE DOKNOW;' after ten years' expe
almost every Insunce where the Infant is seSering from
pain and exhaustiosv rellsf wilt be foand la tVttatn or
twenty mlnulte after theSyrnp Is administered. , H
This Valuable preparation Is the preeorlptlon of en ot
Hew BngUnd, aad has beta ated With NEVER JAIL
. It notoaly relieves the child from pain, but 1c vigor
a Us the etomach and bowels, eorrecta acidity, aad give
tone and energy to th whole lyttem. It will almost in
stantly relieve , , . , , . .
tnd overcome convulsion, which. If not speedily reme
died, end in death. We believe It the B BUT and SUB- .
KST RBAIEDY la TUB WOKLU, tn all ease ef DYS
U ariaet from teething, or from any- ether oauee. We
would tay to every mother who haea child suffering frost
any or tneioiegoisg onmplilnto DO NOT LET XOUsV
stand between you and your tuflerlngchlld, and the re
lief that will bsBURR-vyea, ABSOLUTELY tHJBB to
follow the ate of this medicine. If timely ated. lull Aj.
rectiont for using will tccomptny each bottle. None
genuine unless the tao -stalls of CURTIS PIRJUNS,
New York, tt on ths outside wrapper.
Sold by all Druggist IhrouthoeA the world.
Principal Office-18 Cedar Street N.Y.
eet7-dwly. ' ' "; .' ' lw' "."' . , -
Itvixi peF'Sj ok Exen.w.'i?ro a
food FARM, the undivided half of b f ' iUE I'l ILD
INl? No. 9S, North Hlrh Street, Cormir Into B - it so
Lyne Alley. If not disposed by the Ju of Al, the
Store 1U bt rot rent.' - f . , - T
' . tvr-t-.- - ALSO,, ...
ea the asm term, or for dutiable CITTPROPEB.T'S.
well selected stock of FAMILY tiHOClRIti.
cuK"n.7?::-AtM, "
Twenty very desirable BTJILDIDOI tOTg. tituaal oa
Wa-'ilnfitoB Aveooe, North ef Bread Street, i c

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