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tary. Comptroller, Treasons tod Auditor
toi Probate Courts, Co.rt.of 0moo Plew, BPr
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Cincinnati, 0.
BEO. W. M ANT 1 15 If H. To Editor.
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The Inaugural of Jefferson Davis.
Ixrrusoa Patis, of Mlisiisippl, wu on ye
terday inaugurated a Provisional President of
th. BonthemtConfederacy. ' A pretty full ab
siraet of hi Inaugural Addres appear in th
StafesasM this craning. It Is bold, ingenious
and able, and will attract th attention of every
reader. Whem compared wiih th speeches
mad by Mr. Lmcoui on hi tour to th capital,
tb Inangriral of Mr. Dan xalu hi highly,
.hilt .ur President sinks to a very low point.
Th. fast to. In point of brains, th Southern
Provisional Government ha for it President
and Viet President two men of ability superior,
rare abllKyi while LmcoiJi to far below, and
Bamlw oomes scarcely np to mediocrity. ' Da-
nsbuid BTiwnw hav th brain-of that there
is no doabti and in capacity fjr sUtaemanihip
and diplomacy, theSouthern Confederacy" will
plac our President elect and hi Cabinet far in
th background. PresldentDAVU is abo a
skillful military ommandr, having been edu
cated st Wast Point, and erved. for many year
in th regular army: H wa also in actlv
service at the head of th Mississippi troops
during th Mexican war...
tT A labscrlber In Arkansas, writing tons
aadM iU of . Feoreary 4, renewing hia lob-
asHniian to tb SUtMsuM, a reference to which
he says, "to) thes xeUwg tin I cannot do
without th paper," pJu Lk. a patriot about
our national trouble. H y . ;
That w. ar in th nidst of petUooa Umes
cannot o. denied Th polilioiaBS and
north and south, have ruined owr eoun
trv; a4 should, if war come, be pat in th front
rank 1. th. fight. Hw ar our double to tor.
miaatot Mast w Mparata, and if so, shaU
b. a peaceM epariT I think U. senU
mit of th. nonl of Arkansas, ,i t wer fully
and fairly expressed, i foe the Union. Jn this
diatriot I think it ta strongly so, notwitlMtonding
oar Representotiv. T. C. HIndmen, to th con.
trail. Bat la th present condition of th pub
lic mind, wo mast hav om new guarantees
that th North, now so overpowering in number
,r,A . a, ti nf f.natlctam. shall not interfere with
Oar constitutional righto In fact, elar pecog
,....r. .nnala in th Union, ana then
w will tot4 by th Unkmond maintain it with
all enr merei.". ' " " " ..' i
Th South I full af just such men as th ccr
respbndsnt IromwhoM letter w hav mad th
abov Utract, and h and all Ike him look
th North with anxloo desir. They' want
oat manifestations from th majority that
fair and" Joint oomptoniiM may b entered into,
and bv Mohr ft coorw th p. at ot th.eonntry
iwtondo.and th Union ptesarved" Instead
Advancing to meet inch men; and at one
faVosablv th. raonabl reauests
Men thrt make, tboleadcr of th Republi
can patty are atrattiag in thsir power , tutoxioat
1 with their success, snd ajsertlng boldly
ther hav toeomrromise to makethat they
intend to rV-n1'. th dogma and doctrine
the Republican party, a crT7 out th extrem
view ot th. meet alLra asaoog them, without
Tntf prefer, th Chicago Platform s interpret
ed by Jomo. R. GinouNM, to tb Union apon
such 'termB i CirtTXHDt". Docoia and other
patriot would adopt for it preservation
tho peso of tb country. : Lt th psopl not
well th coodrlct and actions of these Republi
can leader. (They ar, bytbir conduot. Just
mack dimntofiists as fli Rhctm, th Tat,,
and th most inveterst fir eater There
no difference between them. , i4u, j0
The First Secession Speech.
The very first secession speech ever delivered
la Congress, was mad by that genuine
federalist, Josiab Qumct, still living in Boston,
and "a shining light" In the Republican Church.
On tho Uth of January, 1811, In a "fir eating
pech" on thnabllnj( act for th Territory
Loril4lasohsald:..., -. ,-, ,. ' ' .' r
,t .m MimiwllMl to declare it a my deliber-
t opinion, tbat If thisbiU passes, the bonds
virtual! v dissolved i .that
c..i.. hirhennnn.(tare free from their
creak rro- r ji i w w j--- - -
at obligations, nd tbat as It will bth right
all, SO it Will D tn amy m som w yrrVmw
flnitaly for eparaaon amicably It they
violently If they mint." .
Fn these remark Mr. QoiMCT wa called
r!ef' but the Hons decided hi wa In order,
ut h never carried out hi threat, though
has prowled from (ha day to this at th Demo-
orstioparty. , v.;t
,: .,) . V. I Ml'. - J ;.l"J
" Th Aalioaaf Intrllipmttr doubt th
of tb report of Mr. Lincoln's pech,
.in. th. ,r.. rtiir of th fort and other
lie pioforty belonging to th United State
h Mcedtng States; and that paper speak
Jh oot decided term sgaintt tb attempt
The First Secession Speech. Is a New Penitentiary Needed?
? Cor!. MAHvrNNV-I ie tbt th Legl da
tut he eitt before tbm thv lubjeol or
building mi PentleQtiry; Md iht many
rnbori in mooU dxercUed la tneir m.nus ..
to whether one la really necessary.
I do not think such necessity expU ano win
state a few of the reasons lor my ppimuu
If the present Institution coma "J
iti discipline a terror to doers," InsUad
of an asyinmforerlminslts 6M"0ul."hl
ins criuiq oiuwm - , t ii. -1-
discipline is creditable to tne numano cnu6. v.
.L..ii. s i i r niu siii i' it. uu
those unose auiooruj ... r--,j"7r-
!A-1 nr. UAArt nn KHIUKIIT inuoivifjui
tice and cruelty to the innocent citizen. I do
not spesk or the abolisnmeni oi
monu for disobedience to the rulos of the prison,
h..t tn th. p(neral treatment of the eonpiots
Ererp annual repors, ana uumciuu.
SrsphsT procalm th. excellent far. provided
rortb. criminals, whioh is, Indeed, far better
(ban a Urge majority of them were, erer ao-
. a in tntr innocence. iuc
CQIUiUlcu n, wm -
i ..n .M thorn tn hit. avooar.o uut kuv.
,.. . .u. j.ili.nd
NUIg , . - . tn
vf h Inxnpfp. OI Hie .TO BBUcn v
.i... nfth ri.. and too freauent Inter
course with their friendsj so that there Is but a
ijd.i. Aiwrmnn t At alien meir irntiuvu -
.... .i sk.HnrA.tni..iMln th BeoeTolent Iostl
tutlons. A ohsnge In this respect , as won aJ i It
beoomes known among the eril disposed, would
lessen the number oi oosraera . uo
lorunm , , , th.
t a .u aos in mrfs hibuiv vwv.i
length of Time lo which they sentence crimbals.
1.J h.r.h keen the institution filled; and as
: . i ...ic tn most cases, breaks down
hmj '""ft - I,.. . 'A .Im nut
th manhooo w u. ouit "r-r
his hope forth future, and embitters bis heart
fowarda aociety.all th. lenity In confinement
end th object of th sentence I partially de
feated.. Short terms and rigid discipline would
b. mar reformatory In effect, and would less
en th permanent number in confinement.
5M h. Reform School, which i now aittle
lee than a humbug, ought to b so constructed
and managed that nearly all the convicts .now
i- .t.. p.n,.nti.r. nnder SO vears of see, should
b ent to that institution. This would take
out nearly on. hundred from th latter: Then,
early alf ol thos who a .est tt P-. F. for
only one "year ehould be transferred to " Re
form rarm; mis woum v
4th. Ther r now In th Ohio Penitentiary
from one hundred to on hundred and fifty con
vict,' who might safely and justl; b. pardoned
. 5rl .h.nM in the nolicv of the Stat, to
wards criminal would work a wonderful change
i. .v. .mkM at mmes commiucu, .uu wvu
,h mil. In th. nresent Institution.
, But, eontlnu th present policy, build a new
prison, and in a lew year, .uuiuc. w... j -w
. .ii h. hMikm down thieves and pick
pocket in th Union will flock hither for an
asylum, when their rac of vie and crim Is
nwtrly run out, and they no longer look forward
in bone of iiveunooa w uj
t i.ht . onod deal more on this subject,
a-, .iii not tr..n.n on vout valuable columns.
Enough has been said to inauo. ieg.wr. w
!nrSirata and that to all I e.ir.
iniHU, pivis.ii ' -- , . .
fails to Inolt purpos of reform wnen reieaBeu.ijj,,
. ! Ui h. of reformation
wu uoing .-..- ?--,. ::..!.. A,r
O .A T . -r I' . w
"Pome" on Lincoln's Pittsburgh Speech.
In spakingof tb crUI of the country, at
Pittsburgh, Mr. Lincoln said "It it irtificUl."
When speaking of the tariff, h confessed h
could not understand it, bt said, however,
"Ther ought to be a tariff that would afford
.normata nrotcction to the cosiest? irea vfPtnn-
nhMKU,tkcotIlBfm: and A Reap
[Air—The Blue Bells of Scotland.]
Th.'. heps yet, them", hops, forth- tj of
!0a AK?U FltUburtb pokt, and plainly ahotred hu
- band,
He's folnf to bar TarnT ana m tmum
And tb. Brat thinfh.'U protect wlU to PenruylTani
an. - ituiu U. th. AlUM ffOB Sf art
IMMIU"..! ' . ,Tr k .h. S.nM
And ua iucum oat a fJ p" h -
of war. " " .
ProUctum paw's his hobby It win save us surely,
H'( Kolng U tivs protoetion to tb. corn of Illinois.
OH. wtadora's now embodiea tn food old Abraham", borft
d bis lumii rttttwrta pun n pw VM """
Old PonnnlTanU'i Iron, and Chicago's Btpers, too, '
As wsU a. Coal and Corn, an boand to hav. tbtlr do.
The OA W.1U of Mens, fP wUlnw b. forjot; -And
Ih. CkM. of th. 'riUMb.Wtr),
tn. Boo. PoKl ot tbacreas north. tb Ptact.l
And th. Cwr of Bnpartor, an la his larlf plan.
Oar fuiwrlM and .ar cotton fi.Wh and .or plains,
A ad VvivthtM, ' Talis, and Tsmont'seTyiUl
kti Oalifornte's toldon sands; Potomac's afJrwjiriTey--
Xnoy ail ar. .. w.w. r
win i.t.1 , .
m. h.n a. AW btof. aadlis rilUaat scaeaa of
n m mo ar.vfc ' - - - -
taearioa now wtU bid. IH head, aad Vortb.ni tnuoo,
And aopMlsc hetlons VU oalt mUgU hU toriI
tATOUg. ii... .
The New Tariff Bill.
taTtalninw The new tariff bill now before Congress Is
onli exceedingly complicated inlt details,
u to excessive in iu rate, hwim
ease ruinonsly oppreMtv. Tsk, for example,
th articl of teel, Of which Try uui is man
.r. tn'tbf conntry. 'v Th New York
Timet, Republicsn, and by no mcaaa an snti
baiff paper, give a table, howIpg, by eompar.
lag tb flgnm In th cxiatiig and the propose
train, that th duty on steel wiu, oy in latter
b lnereed all ft wj from fifty-fow to
hiindred and forty-one per cent, according
th hind Of article. Th TSsses reraaiks:
l.ui article eftmivsrsal two and abeo-
in.. - Onlv a verv small amount
manufactured ta tbi country, whil tbe
kind of east steel st nsraiy pnraacwo m u,
tn a want of soitabl ores, or th
i.iia.wni in its manufaetttr. Under
lmataneea. till it i demonstrated where
inability lies, an cxeeMiv rat of duty shonld
The Speech of Old Abe.
We have ie"vt read ueh speeche U
a. k. nid Ah. on hi iourner from 8prinr-
.m .A.n. th. White Hons oino General
Scott ran for PreeMewti and then, indeed,
wer retailed witn some cnoice wworaw
..i. . it I. rtniu refresh Ie 2 to hear the ex-rail
splitter and present Journeyman Cabinet
delighting hi audience with uch ohoic and
xpresslon as passional ttraction,"
and quaint allnsion to free love" and home
w. .rnnct to be verT much smased
Jk- k..iiiii fA.tnres.ei tbe dent of
people make their appearance in Now York.
yv pat we wan i a gooa nmu irwiwi
hnn. th. natural modestv of Mr. Buchanan's
successor will no preTent his giving ns the
sired treat. N- Y- Beruld. i . sy,
lacy pro-
jngmadc. Holbrook' U. S. MU ley that t during
!..t th.r. were received at tb Dead
... rW. 9790 latter eonUininsr 152.154
Va.ath.n nina.tentha of this amount baa
delivered to the writersithst remainder await
the call of the owner. ; hk ! - t -.i
-WWn Inaria oecnnled thclty Of MexIcOi
he sent an officer and a file of men to arrest
editor of one or the bitterest Reactionary
In the capital. The editor declined
arrested, and Inflated a severe wonnd on the
whereupon bi exasperated soldiers
upon th . journalist and despatched him
martyr to tht liberty of the press. - .
A Navt row Sooth Caaouna Tbe
eorresMndent of the Petersburch Xnrets
state that South Carolina has purchased of
Virginia Towing Company tbe Jamt$ f?re,th
largest ana moss serTiw.oi m owu
togs. It i to be taken to South Carolina
' ' ' 1 ' ' ' '
ry Th.i trial of th Indiana duelists Id
Circuit Court at Newport, F.T., 1 tt for trr.er
row (Wednesday;, ui xvi im. , TI
"CT Ther wer' sixty deaths In Cincinnati
The Speech of Old Abe. OHIO LEGISLATURE.
IN SENATE. MONDAY, Feb. 18, 1861.
v m. BrTTf.KlCH. from the Judioisrv commu
te, had lesv. to present 8.B. No, 235-Relat.
log to the Indexing and transcribing th Judi
ciary records of Fairfield oountyv Read the first
time. "' . ..
' H.J." R. No. 100, for the payment of th
claim of Sumoel Doyle for $4,355, cam over
from the House, and was reierrea vo me oom
mittee on Publlo Works. - . 1
II. B. No. 344 Supplementary to me aoi iur
tb creatioa of incorporated companies, w.
read the first time- :-
Mr. HARRiaON bad leav to inwoauoo
n xj oT nvnM. fni th vemovai t)I oo-
.,...ntlnn. frnm tnrnnllra and nlaPR rOAOS. IVO.U
the first time. " ,: ; ''
The Benaie aojourned.- 4
r li!f r
MONDAY, Feb. 18.
The i following memorials' were presentedand
ren'rM.:' RrlsTNitfctt' from J.' M" Bloomer
and 33 others, of Crawford county, asking that
the notes and eertifloates of the Seneca t-onntv
n..ii m.w ha t.k.n for taxes.
By Mr. REID, fromWilllam Reid, of Greene
county, for interest on certain checks. '
n. at. fSAMRf.K. from Win. McNay and 7o
other, of Coshocton, against Abe sale o( the
Lll. U .
By M. McCUNE, from. T. M. Cook and 45
nihan. nf Hnmn count, for an appropriation tor
. v v.up . -
reef 0f-Kanas. 1 - , j .. .
u. . uv p. km from Daniel Bciskv and 55
J Vrr.'.V" . V f. .h.uUof the
otners, oi vaermuiii, iwr ,v -
th committee on Woman' Kignis, on
th yea and nays were demanded and
ed yea 45, nays 47. i t :'..
bill was tben referred to Mr. Voris as a
..;n. r.
ielnal bis
nals being
ficer, rush
ed a
mMid the
mediately. the
f Also, from Wm. Filspatrlcki and 54 others,
or Clermont, against ine imuii8r.M v .
ored naonle. - . -i on " j n ' 1 :. r
Tk. riu.lnv Kill, v&rereada second time
A SJ V iwcivw.-pj
and referred, i ' - n. " :r
ii n T. aitand tha. umeor the sur
render oi leases and purchase ol Virginia xaili
.... -.,nn.,i i.mia. Schoola and School Lands.
U n q.";B!.t;nir tnaltiea of the first class
having a population exceeding forty thousand
ik.i.r..n;. .irfin fr aha school boards of
v. . . lihr.irr til. and for other
purposes. A elect commttteo of. th lamU
ton county member. - v; 'I. ' 'rj '. !v'
H. B. 356 To amend section 59 of an aot to
provide for tho organisation of citie and I in-
nornnrtttail - villapea. DaSSed MSV3, lOOZ.
r.nimtltu rJk th.
it. r finnnlpmenurv and. amendatory
to an act fixing tbe compensation of """"bers
ol tho General Assemwy, passeu ,
ISM : i ....... .i i ; - '
Mr. VORIS. moved the bill b referred to.
teleot committee of on , '.,.:'' r
M. atUNC nmuil th.t thfl bill b Tele'
red to the committee on Temperance, wnicD
was lost. : t - - 1
CART.ISLE moved that the bill be refer
red to tbe committee on Woman's Rights, on
The bill was tben
select committee. -i . ' . '
Tho lollowing notice wer given of the introduction
of bills: .-: ' i- - :
By Mr. WESTCOTT To exempt firemen
from laboring on the highwaja. ; :
Br Mr. CLAPP To prevent rioleut inler-
ferenc with a laveholder or hi agent, for the
r - riim. .mi to nreTeni aiuu.upiun.
Bf Mr.' JACOBS To amend ection 4 of
th eeneral tax and assessment act.
By Mr. RUKENBROD To abolish the of.
fices of trustees and treasurer of school land
By Mr. BLAKE3LEE To authorise attach
The following bill were In-roduced -.uia read
M It MB ft! rPlAtS " ' 1
" H" B. No. 361, by Mr. THOMPSON, of
Perry To amend section 29 of the general
choollaw. r t - . ' ' ' ' " ' 1
H. B. No. 363, by Mr. SHAW-To preerve
the purity of election.
V r JK. 3fi3. b Mr. ROBINSON-To
6. 32 and 34 of the tax law
APH.,b! No.9364, bv Mr. BTOUT-To autho
riie the viUage of Clarington to borrow money
for school bouse purposes. : ; j
Mr. K&UM, from tnc commiKe. on gnuiture,
reported back m.i
H- B. NO. 3U&, uo we running v.
took, with an amendment, which was adopted,
when the bill wu laio upon we
. Mr.- MONAUAN, from tn eomminewwu
the Militia, reported back the resolutions in re
lation to the sale of arms oy me iaw Hr
master General Anarews, roKium.
that the Attorney General, Auditor of Stat
and Comptroller settle with Mr. Andrews for
the same, which was agrd to. - . . . T ;
m HiTr,Hr.iu:K. irom meseieci owminiv
. n.
tee to whom was reierrea u. . a
the justice code, reported th am. baea,
when it wa ordered to b engrossed and read
third time to-morrow. r ,
. M. nxnwNE. ot Miami, lnvrooooeu n.
WST Bforida for the incorporation of city
- . :. . .. , ..t,
and village, muiuai huic uj
ihloh raul the first time. - '
.On motion of Mr. Jtstusi, a. a. u-i
regulate the fee or . oonnty trcaaarers, wsa
taken from the oommitteeon Fee and Salaries,
and referred to a select committee, consisting
of Messrs. Krarn, Blakesiee, McClung,
Wright, of Hamilton. - -t - -',' ;
On motion of Mr. DEVORE, the following
aanlntinH wa. takeB from tb table.' 1 ? ' '
Rtflvtd. Tbat any member 01 uu nouse ao
snting himself from tbi HooMrWithoutJceve,
shall not be aUowed his per ditm, oBiess la cam
of' sickness of himself or nw umiiy. , -
Mr. DEVORE urged tbe aaopuon oi mere
olaties, as demaodeo by the habit of tb mens
Mr. WOODS suggested tbst lb provision
th resolution wer substantially emoraeea
tbe sutute regulatiag the ooodut of .the Gen-
Ml Auuinihl. ' x " '
Mr. JONES, of Hsmutoo. paid ne oojeciea
th' resolatioo, a ft' would cause a
amount of sickness in the families of mem-
m. T. BJIM aaid this resolution was bo
terof jet. If the members o( tbi twos
aot attend better, they would find sickness
f.tal to them, preTiinfl t tbe polls '
Mr. VORIS said be thought . tn resolution
rnn one. and much needed at this time. '
Mr. FLAGG aaid b should -lik to hav
aomm rvoTiaion to ensure rezolar atte'adsBce
but did not think that; this resolution met
rase. '
Mr. WELSH moved the reference of the
nlntinn to th.Jndiclar committee. "V
Mr. JONES, of Hamilton, moved that it
Indefinitely postponed, as b thought Itjwould
uot imnrov matters. It was then reierrea
th. Indiciarv committee.: i .
Mr. HUGHES offered a resolution requiring
the official reporter to publish tbe name of
member absent on the call of the roll
was laid on the table. . i .j-.
Mr. PARR , moved the following a
am.nrlm.nt: ' 1 4 ' '
That a call of th House shall be made
day of the Session, immediately after the
ot the journal the absentees noted and
reported, and published in each days proceedings
wbicn wa lata on toe vauio. - i
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, offered a reeol
tion to provide for the appointment of a
mittee of seven to inquire Into th expediency
of and presentation ol a bill to district the
for Congresionai purposes. .
Mr, ANDREWS moved to amend by
quiring into the propriety of districting at
Mr, WELSH moved a substitute, that s
committee be appointed to prepare a mil rortb
.arii.trictinir of lb Stat. -
These motions wer laid on tb tabl
a motion t discuss - r ' , t-
mniin of Mr. PARROTT. H. I. Res
Ihtioo 91 Rslatlvato fugitive from lustlce
k'was taken np, tbe adoptloa or wnicn ne
fw.tri In a Drenared wrltie aroumeni,.
nnlnuaf which-ar a follows:' ' 't '- '
Tbe urrnder of fugitive from Jastioe I
sn obligation grounded upon international
hut reals noon comitv.and is a matter for
atlrmlation. He quoted from Jefferson, Mon
ro. Clavand Can... . w . . . . .' ...
Tbat under this doctrine, fugitives from
oppression found . ampi protection
rfug in tbi count ry. .. The matter being
for tb treaty making power, the State had
the power ol delivery ,to th geueral
government. And uth rendition or crim
inals between the States exists, modified only
by the constitutional provisions and this did not
abridge, but Confirm, tb exclusive power to
tbe general government. In support of , this he
quoted from tho Prigg esse and reviewed tb
legltilation of Congress on the subject.
.. ILv denied, tbat th resolution proponed to
'make that criminal In the several States
which I criminal in any State," or that it pro
nosed "a bold atan in the march toward nation
alizing slavery," and argued in defence of the
resolution. - .
In conclusion, he said: I think I have shown,
Mr. Sneaker, that tbe present law for th return
of fugitives.froo justice 1 ambiguous or uncer
tain in lis terms, mat nas oeen ana is u.o'j
to be, if unamended, the proline souroe ot inter
State trouble, that tbe subject is on for th
exclusive action of the general government, or
if tbe Bute bar concurrent Jurisdictional n
Is, nevertheless, better to commit the whole
matter to federal legislation, in order that the
rule may be uniform; and the sole and simple
purpose or tblB resolution is to invoae ieuri
action, to tha end that this cause! of discord
among the -family of. American States may no
longer exist, u seemed to mm mat mo uuruun
.1 . . .!..!. . . . . r .. . i. . . -
was one wormy sua pauiuuu. m . ., ,..
Mr. CLAPP nulled to the argnment'of Mr. P
contending that the rendition of fugitive pro
perly belongs to the States themselves, and de
precating the position of Mr.Psrrott, a tending
to a consolidated system of government. H
quoted the Constitution of the United States
and th writings of Jefferson, in support of bis
svBtemvJ 's . ' a ' '" ' " :
The resolution wa then referred to tb com
mittee on Federal Relations. 'J -1 .
Mr. CONVERSE offered th following reso.
lutlon. whioh waa ndonted: . 1
Rciolvtd, That th Board of Publio Works
report the number and names of the superin
tendent and other person . employed, and for
what purpose snd urier what contract, and the
amount oi money expended, on the Ohio Canal
South of Roscoe, tbe Muskingum improvement,
th Hooking Canal, and Miami and . Erie
Canal. ,.:; ' .-. . v--.
On leave, Mr. BALDWIN introduced H. B.
366 To fix th salaries of County Treasurer
which was read th first time.' -
Mr. KRUM offered a resolution memorial
lains; Congress in favor of supplying seed grain
to Kansas, from the Patent Office. m r t
Mr. PATTERSON, U-om th select commit
tee to whom wa referred U. B. 3D6 Relative
to (id shows at agricultural fairs reported
the same back, with on amendment, whioh
was ordered to be printed. ' ' ' o ,i
, The House then adjourned. , ' a
TUESDAY, Feb. 19th, 1861.
- Minutes of yesterday read and approved
Bv Mr. ORR: From David Anderson and 31
others, for tha nassaee of an act for theredemp
tion of notes and certificates of the Seneca Co.
Bank. Mr. Monroe.
Bv Mr. CUMMINS: From C. W. Wells and
others of Shelby Co-, on the same subject. Same
reference. ' '
B Mr. FOSTER: From L. G. Roebnck and
8 others of Allen Co., on the same subject. Same
reference. . , .
By Mr. PARISH: OfElixa J. B. Sheldon and
67 others of Lorain Co., on Woman's Rights,
Select Commltete, .. ., ;., . '.
H.B. No. 344: Supplementary to the act of
May 1st, 1852, for the creation etc, of incorpo
rated companies. Judioiary.
S.B. No. 232: Oa Woman's Rights. Whole.
S.B. No. 229: Amending Sec. 313 of the
Civil Code. Judiciary.
S. B. No. 231: For letting the repairs of the
Publio Works by contrsct. Referred to Com
mittee of the Whole, i . .
II. B. No. 334: To fix the standard of a ton
at 2,000 pounds avoirdupois.
Mr. COX said, throughout tho coal and iron
regions, there baa been diversity ot practice
relation to standard weignts, ana tais diu is as
signed to fix tbe standard. -
senator exrjreseea a variety 01 opinions upon
the propriety of this legislation, and on motion
tha bi 1 was ata on in taoie. ' - -
Mr. GARFIELD moved to refer a memorial
on the earn subject, from ths State of Main,
to a select commute 01 tnree. aoopiea
The Committee is Messrs. Garfield, Mar
rison snd Ferguson. - j-. '
Bv Mr. MOOREt S. B. No. 237: To amsnd
the aot of Feb. 14th, 1859, relative to making
real ' estate indexes, and concerning iounty
Commissioners. It authorises tho Commie
sioners to appoint competent persons to make
such indexes. . .-.
Jlr. BREWER recommended the passage
substitute for S. B. No. 188, amending tbe
adjournment act ot April 6th, 1S59. Agreed
Oa motion of Mr. SMITH, tb Senate went
into.Commlttee of the.Wbole on the order of tb
day air. casonu tns cnair. ; , ,
After some lime, me Liommitiee reporieu
back the following, which were disposed of a
designated, wist . - '
8. ii. . XJl ror .leiuog repairs oi in
Publle Work by contract which wa amend
ed, and th bill was recommitted to th Stand
ing Committee on mwie works, s , .... A
The Senate took a rects. -. ,
TUESDAY, February 19.
log and
. -In.
litical and
rendered Prayer by Rev. Mr. Orover. ...'
The following memorials were presented
By Mr. KODGKbUS f rom it. ursnsm,
Joseph Fowler, snd 53 others of Franklin coun
ty, for amendment to tbe School Lsw in rela
tion to coioreu scnoois. - - - -
Bv Mr. BRUPF From the FresidenU
Cashiers of tbs free Bank of Ohio, In relation
to the tax on Bute bonds on deposit. ' ; ' .
Br JUr ruWEKS f rom v- happen ana
others ot Saodnsky county, ginsttbe pssssge
of U- B. 33U,lo relation to tgricuiiorai soeie
ties. . - .' .
Br Mr. 8TEDMAN rrm JosephHelBhton
and 188 others of Fortsge county, for a more
efficient law against kidnapping. ;
Bv Mr. RUKENBK.UD rrotn A. u. untio
berv and 59 others of Columbiana county, for
law extending tne rignis sua privileges
Br Mr. HERRICK From Nathsn Hout,
Lucy A. Tsber and 74 others of Lorain Ooonty,
lor tbe sam onject.
By Mr. 8TEDM AN From A.' Chittenden,
tod 33 others of Portage county, for tbs
object. , "" '
Tho followlne Bills were read Mooed time.
. 8. B.221j To amend seetion eight of an
entitled an act orovlding . for tne reoording
nrintinrand distrlbntinc the journals of
General Assembly, and the laws snd publio
uments. Judiciary. '
S. B. 223: To amend sections eighteen
nineteen of an tot entitled "an act providing
passed Marco
the punishment of Crimes," passed March 7t
1835. 'indidar.''' " " ' -
8. B. 925; To punish adulterous elopement.
Judiplarw. ' " '
Senate Bill. 216 SupplemenUry to the
to provide for associations of persons for carry
ing freight, was read a third time and passed
..a. 57. nava 31. :- 1 .'! ; .
House Bill 227 To Bmend tbe set to provide
for Incorporate companies, so sa to ot tb
Of tolls on TurnplaO. Itoaas was reaa
lima. . . . i. . t,
Mr. DEVORE explained ths provisions
.A ' nfth. hill. 1 : ' . "
Mr.' MYERS objected to the bill, a It
creased rate or tolls some dti per cent,
-.mild increase the burdens 6f the producers
the country. He protested, in tbe name of
mnatituenM. airalnst the passsgeof the bill,
Mr. WR1GHI, bf Hamilton, said that
turnpik roads of th State war nearly all
tho hand of thos who had bought them at
rates, and could belter afford to
them up than the original holder.; II thought
' . . A f .... .AY Ikai a.la
It W8J DO wfll DOW lv lUUTOKsiv uv raw
toils r- :
i Mr. DEVORE defended tbe bill; It only
vldtd toll enough to keep the roads lo
hinh the nresent rates will not do. -
r- Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, thought th present
4 tolls sufficient-, If they were not, tb com
nics could rtiinquitb their roaaa ana do
with iu He hoped to ico th time , when
. ' 111 ' ' - .. i,...j.jy
roads WOuw iw ire. . , , , . ..
r Mr. McSCHOOLER was also opposed fo
BUI. bcuM it tnorsMed th rate of tolll,
i unequally, making
s than upon stock
j , i 1 .
Mmruuul fta tha hill
because it inoreased the tolls
It less on pleasure carriages
and hAovv wapon..' ' i
-.. P ... . .. . . . . it
, Mr. JUII Ao said ha was oroosea to tn diu
toto. It vas Inhuman, as It taxed Heavily tbe
labor of tbe people, while it favored the pleasure
seeker who on a Sunday takes his labor worn
horse from bis rest, and drives him to meeting,
by letting him o fre. Ha would not have the
tired animal worked on tbe Sabbath. If a fami
ly would worship Suadsyi, let them, walk or
worahln at homo. ' i i U v
Mr.BRUFF objected that the bill Increased the
moved to strike out She word ''Sabbath," which
most of the roads in which the State has an
interest, yield n good revenue, and therefore be
interred tbat the present rates were iuiuchbi.
Mr. MnCLUNU said that from bis know!
AUlrTA all VlAStA tntTl nilrflfl. tia thoutrht the nuld
VB VI IUOCV W.a-r. 1 " r
pretty well at present jrates some as high as
twelve per oent. u was opposeu mwiiiiiu,
The vote was then called on th bill) when At
failed to nam teas 15. nays 71
i. r . nAniaA .1. . 1 . I
Ull motion 01 mr. Ituuiinouj.1, we mm uj
which 8.B. 216 was passed was reoonsldered,
when Mr. R. offered as an amendment "frovlded
further that th. reduction of the .took of an,
such company shall not operatoi to reduc. tb
liabilltle. incurred by any company prevleusly
formed" which wa agreed to, when the bill
wa stain put upon Its pastage, and paesea
teas 69, nay 18.
? H. B. 295--Supplementary to an act entitled
an act of the turiadiation and Drooedure beror
iuetioes of the peace, and of the duties of con-
(table in civil courts was reaa wuuu timo,
wben .
Mr. HITCHCOCK explained the object and
i: t k kill
rMr" WOODS opposed the bill, a. is extended
t k. in.tiM. of the Peace under
authority, and might aot oppressively upon
, 0n motion of Mr..HlTi;h'wuA, 1 sn
. . . . . 1 . , T n n .1 Inn kill -
smenaed Dy suixing out pin w. "
Mr. ANDKKWb oojeciea to ine dim, . i.
would Increase litigation, and he thought would
operate in a cruelly oppressive manner upon tne
Mr. HITCHCOCK eiplalned mat ino same
ODieciB couia,oe rc.tu-ju uw" r '
h ... k... k.. kla Kill nnl nrn
a tniSrOIlt proviuou, uu. wa. .. - -t r-
fosses to shorten the time and save costs to the
tlt? WOODS further opposed the bill, be-
cause it could be readily applied to tho oppress
slonofthejwor man. , .,t4tl
Mr. HiTCHCUUK. sea 11 in. pre.eu emi
j. ..l.i k a liir. .no-liia of onnrsa-1
gno UIU1U liw w. in... . a ri
aionf t-- .'
This Mr.lW. admitted, but Baid no wouia
rlaiilv wntn to phanere that. .
- Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, took the
same view of it as Mr. Woods, He thought It
a 1 . 1 .I aaaaiB.A la rt A I n an, AT
oouia D mvae in means U. .outre
thminfnrtunate Door
Mr. BALDWIN said he understood that our
nreaent civil code continued the same provi
.innn-a. ihl.blll. It was merely an appliov
tirm of tha same to the Justice's code. He saw
no partloular objection to that, and should vote
for tho bill.' "5 .
. He moved to amend the bill by striking out
the limit of three months from the garnishing
of wages. - - ' - ' .J
Mr. r tLLUwa opposeu me om ascaicumv
ed to oppress the poor and uniortuoaie
Mr. FLACG said be would like to protect the
fore move that tbe bill be referredjto a commit
1m fni amnndment. - 1 - '' wi''
Mr. PLANTS ob eeted to the bill as a wnoie.
He did not think It could be amended so as to
make it a eood thine. -He waa for a vote on
th. hill, and a vota aeatnat it.
The amendment ol Mr, jualuv .was aiS'
atrreed to. . . l
The srevious Question was , then ' moved snd
sustained, when the vote was taken on the tas
e of the bill, which resulted yea zu, nays
Tbo Home then took a recess.
: Monday Night, Fel). 18, 1861.
- OrLlfe-lloviiicSecbanloallxhibitionoltht
Tbe most thrilling of all modem Miracles, embracing
an astounding combmatlon of
Over Eighty Thouiand MoTing Models!
... . .. I. UUI .ul.J .Ilk
Illnatratlnt- nearly every subject connected with that
remarkable country and tb. 0rnt Bepoy Rebtlllon,
displaying the wonders of meohanlsm and th. Ingenuity
of man touch a degree at to completely bewilder and
anrhanttha soectator. Besides the wooden of the Pan-
Mi Icon will, b Mlied, for the first Uma, and antbsntit
and eoirtot vltwot ths
The Seat of tht Becetsloo Excitement, Chtrleston liar
kor. Ports Botnter and Moultrie. Castle Plackney, Bullb
tan's Island, aod the Star of tht West beating into
Harbor, expres.ly painted and arnnged by that talented
Artist, Moos. Aftuit vunorq.
lnlxhibltlon tvery night at 8 o'clock. Doors
open at T o'clock. .. . '
Rreehl Exhibitions will bt tlven on TTJE8DAT and
WKDNB8DAT .Afternoons, at 3 o'clock, for Children
tod schools, to which all pupils will bt admitted at
Ceots each.
Iebl8-dlw ; rn u. o. titHtie, rrop
Tub LITTI.B niAni St coLijinniji
At Xenla R. k. Hewsboy would be pleased to Inform
th. public that tht Cloctnnau avenmg Times it received
regularly every day. at 8 30 and 13, t. M. Persons
can proeait Ihtm by ttlhng .n
1 VI lUUIAi'l J II U ,
feib.18 41 O h J ; Z h V - f Mat.
Law Notice.
I j that he has keen sued with othen tn th. Sunerior
Court of franklin county, Ohio, by Oeorfo A. fltlch.
Mttilon asks that m roitowtng ae sen wen real estate,
aatei. franklin toanty, Obto, to wit: In tbe second
second town.hip and seventeenth range, United
Htata. sal tirr Maes, nexinnuii iu in. cenwr oi ine
road from WesUwIIlt to Oalona.on William alanr
south IIds; tbtncttattSdS rods and SO linkt toa stone
n . Dixon's line: thence sonth alont said II ne. 56 rods
9 links to a stone (witness tree, suiar.) o inches In
meter, N. W erg. M. aistanr. as, nnss. ana morn
3 inr.he. I. dltnMter. south S deia.wett 2 links); thence
west tbs rods to a stone in tht centre or said flats
thane, north 16 del west S3 rods: thence north 33 rods
a link, to tin nlaoe of beiilnnlon containing one hundred
.n.i.i.n aarea and 03 33-1(10 rods of gronnrt, ny he
T u....ii nAii.M .ki.i.11.
for tne pay aseoioi .vwa.- .... . .in,Ui.
tica thern. ' In oaes of fsllun to answer or demurrer
on or before the SUth day (3d Saturday) of April, A.
ISfll, plaintiff's peil.ton win ne ui.au a. iruo. .no
mentrendtiwtkcooraicgiy. , yr.". p. uunnast.
Celnmhnt. Ohio, f eb 10, 1601. ' - ( . -. - febltt wOw
' . . jJ
Notice to Creditors.
aA. Iiinait and athtrsi . :, i , '
Tn .k. CMfln
aKBiu.. ( - V". ' "I
Jacob M. Conrade and others.? of grankllu County.
bv tht Court, tn thlt case, notlo. It hereby given
the creditors of Conrade A Brother, that they present
their claims to me, verified by slhdavtt, agreeamy v
tion 13 tf tbe act regulatlug th. mod. of admioistsiiog
assignments in trust for the benefit of creditors,
April, 6, 1S59, wlltila tlx months after tht publication
thlsnotiot. ,
- Clerk of the Superior Court.
Columbus, Ttb.8, 180..V , , , , . ; 3tw
- -
minal keep
and wspT
; CaipsrElBWsEstat.''.'
the subscriber was tppolnted and qualUed
the 17th day of January, A. 1. 1801, at administrator
the IsUtt of Caspar Ktntr, 1st. ot Pranklin Connly
Ohio, deceased ''''
Dated this 10th day ofPebrnary. A. D. lWli
Jeb. 18 w3t IMIOHAEL KINOBT, AdmiDlstrator.
stock of DRT GOODS from No. 131 Booth
street, to hll old stsnd. Mo. 40 North High street,
Thompson's Building, when he will be pleased to see
his old customers, snd ail naw ohm that may oomt,
bt will sell tho. enrao goods. - ,
A Isrgt lot of CAEPBIS on hand, Which will bt
at coat, lor cash, to slots the stock.
... -.-D. B. TAfT,
: Jtnlfcdlm 1 OorMrHlghsn flay stt.,Ooloibiis.O.
Oolong Tea,
A TP dO CaSrlT PF.li Vvrt a r .
jjest Cough Meaicino in the World!
,r -
;;i , . -.'.!
- ' f i
Great "Remedy of "the "Age!
if t n rs
Coughs,, Colds, Throat Diseases, Hoarseness
Oroup, Bronchitis, AsUima, Enrly stage
.Consumption, Spitting Blood, NighJ j j
:SweatHreverlBtt,Louoitioncio, (,
, .M
... r ... 1
ai .1 i .ki.t. rt- A vwbi (nt thft Throat
..,,. M Follrlh atnM,t. Cincinnati,)
""""" ' ... .L w,.v h.. .,..
- ,ZZ JZL:
"""""'".-":",-' "
uomo Cbsrm Cosnut.
It pouotits the rnont extraordinary po. snd
among Hie poinw or maiwa lurenomyoi u.w ...
remedy are these:
tr-jiitcoMtaiB. ni irioriinlne, er any
.... ... . 'U. n .
"ln waicia win a.ra-s.
r imp" " "i-r1-
Trplt contain no deleterious aufc.
stance whatever.
lit has o equal. , aons w.,;s
ever used It liawe been attacked.
L 1:
... '
JET'The effect 1. prompt and porma
.u .W.a. j' .-'.1. .T a. .i.-r.K.
, lr-,A,a cnre or preventative of
D y p.T 33.JH Xt.-J.-A
1 a
i f i- ' - ; f
. .;' 11 ? ' ! r flvr'. '
, -i.- - t,s Rv -a
I H R R H 0 U L LJ L q
tj0 not Cpnfound it with" any other rprpsrB'
tlon putupby Bny person of similar nam
. . u ... L. K K. P, . H, . h
n y LJ y y U hi hi hi
I . . , . . 11 M.V-I.. l...ln Iknna.
I Tnll uougn uoraiat u. b... im,u.,
ansa or times, ono in bocwo ....
I n... in minrl that Ihli Cherry CordlM It the prepare-
af R.aitri edacated Practicing Phytlcian, a
. t nut , u ,ighUy eitimatsd by those who require a
.urllnir medicine
n.A. tv. kIr.. Kin., of Cincinnati, ceruncs 10 a rs
markablt cure of Asthma, tbe patient being hll wife.
The remedy the cordial.
i. i.k. it. Tiatara. Em., of Cincinnati, tettiuea to a re.
markablo cure of cbrcnic throat d'ueaie by meant of this
great remedy. i -
n... nr. .1. r. f!hlfnt. Presldint Blder, (M. 1
nhnn.h. Davton Bi.trlct.) wis: "I cordially recom
mend Dr. Ay.r't ronderful preparation to those who
may bo suffering frnmohionlccatarrh ordiseaeet ot tht
Throat and uuDgj
Solomon Adams (of the well known Importing Dry
Ooods noose UuRhes. Adams A Co.,) Cincinnati, ttys:
nku. Vunroe. En..Oiooinnll, says: 'l cheermiiy
eipieu my fullest conftdenot In Dr. Ayert- medicine
H. W. Wales. Esq.: writes form fifth Aveoas Ilotel
M VnrW: "I shall alwava recommend mv frieods to tht
use of yonr Cordial, feelhig, - that It has effected what
some of tne moat eminent pnyaicians in new zora auu
Oiocmn.tl failed to acoompiun, vis: tnt curt oi mrs
BaUs' Xhroat."
T. J. Xmerson. Bin.irrofesaorof Vocal Music, Cln
olnati, says. -All other remedies having failed to cure
or relieve my tnroai, l usea ur i. w yer-. vommi,
and am happy to say, It effected an entire and porfect
L. B- lager, Comlable, Cleveland, says: "With tht
n.a nr nr. Avar's uordiai l rxoerienoeauioinoi.Qeciiivq
relief, and bava no doubt of Its effecting a radical anu
permanent cure.
Hit. a. a. Tucker. TJrookvllle. Tmllana, was cured
Consumption and testifies In the strongest terms to
Wondertuieucacy oi ine coruiai.
it... I. n. Allen. Pastor of the Presbyterian Church,
Ttrnnkiina O.. enrtd of chronic bronchitis, savs: "I
now able to nta my voice at well at at any time during
my ministry and Wlin more cneci ana camion, i now
rejoice t&atiappiiea ioir. yer. .
Kaually strove letters and testimonials from S.
Rnrliion. Boot, of Brldires. Cleveland: Ranney.
Merchant; N. Banford, alerohant; 0. A Ta. Slyke,
Bteamboat builder, Buffalo; - Ool. Crump, Hannibal,
Mo.; 0. F. Johnson, Esq., City Attorney, Bu Louls
Her. A. 3. Kane, BprlnirDtld, J IN J .Moses Chess,
Esq . , Civil If nglneer, Pittsburgh; and hundreds of others
have been received. r
For salt In Clndnnatlby " E. SOAStAN ft CO.,
Wholesale Agents, corner rourth and Main etreeti.
'' ' ' ' Comer of Fourth and Vine Streets,
-dio. of Dr. -d TSR'S Offle. 30 Wtt fourth Street,
Cincinnati, and by DruriHte generally. '
lorsalebyDH. u. ueniu bu.v, nor.-BBsstnr.
) t.i
- G5 -' -.
ism TmnsMYnvnasn
tion, ttata
. - . 1 ; .
Trom tht NcwxorkObterver.l
Asallnartles masnfaetnrint Bewinr Machines ire
liged to psy Mr. Bowe a license on each machine told,
and are a so compelled to make returns to him, nnder
oath, as to tht number sold, his bookt give a correct state
ment, from this-Tellable tonne we nave ootainca
fallowing Utilities. Of tht machines made in the year
13AU, then wer told,. ;. f
. By Whreler fc Wilson .91 .WO
' ' I. M. Singer A Co .U.-lOitU ?o
" Orover A Baker..... 10,2rJO
Bhowlnc tht tales cf Wbeelet A-Wlilori l fca ttouUs
those of any other Company." ' - ". '
Awarded tht highest premiums tht -- --- i
United BUtet fairs of IMS, 18jv and 1S0O;. ,
tlsoat the - "
Ohio Slate Pairs of IRS and 1660;
and at nearly all th County Vain In tht State.
Onr nrleea. at th. lata reduction, ar at tov at
lock tick maohlce now sold, and hut a tilde higher
the Interior two thread cAain sricA tnacTitnrt,'
forord npon tne marxeu m t 3,e-
Th. WHUKLKli A WlliPUN BlAUUia matCI
Lock Btioii the only one which cannot be raveled.
la Alike ok Bom fliDnof tht roods, leaving no rWtfS
tKainontht nndtr.M.
All naeMnt varrantta s years, ana iinrucMon
given in their nte, Tret or entree.
AI. vnanl, ofnign ai., voinmim,,
dcc3 3awd3mw0m Pike's Ojera Ilouqa, Cincioaatt.
Land for Sale! '
-rrtatra?. auiiYlT lien AGUES OF
I .itnai.il In th. county of Marlon
Stats of Ohio, cn tht big Scioto River, tlx miles west
Uit town of Marlon; It It an leneeu. in, oou.
deadoed from four to eight yesn. A good new
House on It, about SO acres cleared; a good log
about 150 young fr.lt trees; a Brst ratt wall of Water;
.v.. j.un. ! act 1. to tame crass, -and tht
Beloto for stockwater. ' And I will make 100 tens
ready for tb. plow, take off all the timber, under
inches, to at to makt 100 acres of plow land. Tha
Is of tht very best quality, and I Will tak. J20 per
for IU I consider it worth at least thirty tnret per
aiih 100 earn mars eleared. but I must sell It.
fore I will put It down ton dollars below what I thick
...ihtrr a-aranntalillmul taaall. I h.VS alsO another
hair Matlon for sale, ltlns In the stmt section, ona
H.ni whioh i nfT.r rvr a 15 ner acre. Reference
be had by tailing on Joseph Benlck who knows all
tht land, or n tli proprietor in ";'' ,..
leUS-wtw . Vrt - VIB WW-.
I All naraons an horeby oantloned against purchas
ing an order dated Oct. 1800 drawn by A. W, Shearer,
Clerk of Pnirie Township, Pranklin county, Ohio
the Treasurer of said Town.hip, payable to John
or order, for 1 130, for ton sett ol Mitchell's
maps. The ssld order baring been fraudulently
tained wiunoipt pam. a
. . A. W. BHKABHR, Clsrk
fn behalf of tht board of Education of Piairlt Township
Jan. S3,w3t .,. , i
George louU Goelz'i Eitato.'
tb. subscriber has been appointed and qualified
Administrator de lonit turn on tbe estate of George
Ooels, lata of franklin Ooutty, deceased. ' -
feblS-w3w . BORACB WTLgOH.
WINTKR DeLAINKS,- - " , V. ,'.
' ? ' ' " ' WINTBR D.LAINH8. , . .
New stvlei snd very cheap at . , BATTTB
Sovitt. No. SO South lligh street-
Sh ttott traotful and
tale.' A new lotjsst opened
tiswant tklrts offer-d"
.by iMtTKitnAiK,
No.BO Boutb. H'i'l Itret
For all XI1UOAT and
Inolndlna; WHOOPING
OOCOlIt and svsry
Complaint the foreran
nerfan ewettaetnal -CONSTJiriPTlOiy.
1 i . :''
'The reat Si:iJHAL
OIO HKIflKUV and Nat
ural VPIATK, adrtpted
to every specie of rer
reus Complaint., Ner :
reus and, Chronic
Headache, Kheumit. .
ll.in, Catnrrh, Tooth
and Car Ache I.o.. !
Nleep, and U.wcl Com
'Ho nal Jnrtlcs can ;he dono ths above preparation
but by procuring and reaJlng dcicriptlTO paoipblatt.'.i
be found with ail dealer., or will be (eat by Proprietor
on demand, formula, and Trial Battle! asnt to Pltril
Clam, who Will find development. In both worthy their
acceptance and approval.
uorreiponaenoe Muoma rrom all whom nece.iltiei or
ourioiity prompti to a trial or th. above reliable Berne
die.. "' . -' i.'...
for sale by the Oiuu vnoleealo snd reUU dealer
everywhere -. t s. ,
JOHN li. IIVNNEWELIit Proprlcto .
Mo. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass.
Bobera Sc Bamncl. If. Merple, J. It. Onok, 3. U
Denl. 0. Denli St Hons, A. J. Bchneller Bon, Apents
for Oolumbui. Ohio. ' , ' myl-dly
4fl" .. .w.au. 1
HI t
HUK1TK WKll'l 1
tn all 'catet of coitlveneM, dyrpepiia, blllloue and liver
affcctlont, piles, rheumaliim, fevers snd agues, obeli
nato bead acboa, and all general derangenents of boalth
thoM PI1U have Invariably proved S eertala and speedy
remedy,., A single trial will plant ths Life Pills beyond
UitreaahofooaipollUon la the MtJaaUon of .very p.-
tlent.' : m .' ' i
Dr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitten will to found squally tf
Bcacious In allcaaee tf atrvoas debility, dyspepsia, bead
sobs, ths ilckneu Incident to females tndelloat. iwltn,
and every kind of weakness of tbs digestive organt.
for Ml. by Dr. W. B. MOIf AT, 335, Broadway, M. T.
snd by all Drarrltt.. my89-dwly
The following ii an extract from a
letter written by th. Bev. 1. 8. Holme, pastor ol th ,
Plempotnt-Strett Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. T.,to
tht 'Journal and Messenger,'' Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
volumtt In favor of that world-renowned medlomo, Mat .
Wisaiow's Sootuiko Svsnr roa Onium Tnrinsi ,
"We set an advertlament in your eolnmns of Mat
Wikslow's BooTHis. Bvaor. How we never said a word
In favor of a patent medicine before lo our llf. but we
feel eompelled to say to your readers that this Is no hum '
bug ws Have tsiid it, akd iiow it to bi all it
claims. It Is probably one of tha most successful medi
cines of tho day, because it It one of tht best. And those
of ynur readers who have babies can't do better than
lay la a supply." - . . ociff:lyd.w
To Csntumpuves.
Tht Advertiser, having been restored to health tn t few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after havings ufferedi
aral years with a severe lung affection, snd tbst dread"
disease, Consumption la anxious lo make known to hit
fellow sufferers the meant of curt.
;.Toail who desire It, ha will tend t copy of the preterit -
tlon used (fret of charge), with tha directions for prepa
Ing and using the same, which they will find a scat Co
for OoMsnupnoM, Astbw. BtosoBmt, ate. Tht only
ohjeot of the advertiser In sending tht Prescription it to
benefit the ifiHoted, and spread Information which he con
ceives to be invaluable, and he hopes every sufferer will
try his remedy, sslt will cost them nothing, and may
prove a blessing. .
rartlos visaing ine prescription win pieu. tcuitm
. . Brr. KDWABD A. WIWON, .
! Willlarosburgh,
Winn flnnntv. New Vnrk.
Wm.'A, Eatchelor'i Hair Dye! "
' Ths Original snd Best Is th Worldl
' All others are men Imitations, and should be avoided
If ytu wish to escape ridicule.
GRAY, BID OK BUST? HAIB Dyed Instantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
BalrorSkln. . ' '
rifTEEH MRDAL8 AND DIPLOMAS havt be -awarded
to Wa, A. Batehelor tinot 1830, and over 80,0
applications havt been made to th Balr of bis patron
of bis famous dyoi
WM. A. BATOIIB LOB'S HAIR DTI produces a ool "
or aot to be dlitlngutehed-from nature, and It warranted
not to Injure In the least, bowtvtr long It may be oontln-
ued, and tht 111 errectt of Bad Dyes remedied; tht Haw
Invigorated for lift by this splendid Dye. , V
Sold In all titles and towns of tht United Statea
Drnggtsts snd fancy Goods Dealers. " .
jXjThe Oenulne bu ths name and address apon t steel
plate engraving on fonr tides of taeh box, of WILLIAM
. HAiuuairfitt, a ao rets . . , , .
Jylt wlv - 81 Barclay street, Blew Tort.
This splendid Balr Dyt bat no equal instantaneous la
effect Beautiful Black or Natural Brown no staining '
tho skin or iujutlng tt liair rcmccnesmeamr an
effect of Bid Dyes, ai I Invigorates tht hair for life.
Wont an genuine dnU.it signed "W. A. Batehelor."
told everywhere. f -'
- t . , . OHAS. BATOniLOB, Proprietor,
Jyl!:wTy 81 Barclay Street, New Ton. '
an. out
line ob
W. A. Batchvlor'i Hair Dye!
1 1
' ' Jot tht TNBTANT I1LIBP
r and PERMANENT CURB of th '
dittrttiiag aomplaint at .
'EN DTS -- 3r' "
Uadt hy 0. B. SBTMOTJR k 00., 107 Rattaa St., BT. T;
rne i per box; seel ires Dy post. . -
i.rtn nil a 9 ar.r. ninofliivi ' "
a Mi
., T. Woodbury A Co.
I . I J. - VS.. -. i .
George W. Allen.
Sheriff's Sale.-
-A V I
Suntrior Court. . . i :
: i i . ; i - ' t ;.!
to me directed, from the Superior Ooert tf franklin : :
oonnty, Ohio. I willoffer for ale in the town of New AI
bany, at tne store room or u. W.Allen, a lot or Dry
Ooodt and Motions, levied on as tnt property of u. w - ;
Allen; sale commencing on MONDAT th SUthdtyof
February A. p. 1801, at 10 o'clock A.M. . , '
-. ,,,,.u. w. tiurrMAH, snenn,
fcb!3;10!d ' ' ' - By Id. Davis, Dep't.
rrinwr't iocs a,ou, ,
flammation and .naln.aad heals tht wont burn.
scald, bruise cut, or fresh wound of any kind, prevents
swelling and pain from bet f tings, mosquito bites, and c
poisonous plants, neuralgia, rheumatism, ago In that S
breast, salt rheum, tie. Wben taken Internally. It will a
positively eun croup In children, and glvst immediate v
reiietinuie worst ease or mis terribi oompminti aim,
removes hoarseness and ton throat. Priot, 1st Mate ;
bottle. - Should he In svsry house. . for sale by Drug-,
gists and BtorekMuon. XRVIN 810NX, ,
; Bole Proprietor, Wo. I Spmc it., Bsw York
I oettdAwlyit ,v i-i:.cB
j Superior Oriental, . .
Vint Kauaster. .
I font Acts, (extra) ; r v"I
- - Amtrioan Bbag,
i - I''- .. ' .vBird't Kye, (Union)
In psckajrsi; alto, Kentucky flnt eat in barreli and bslf
barrels, lo itow and for sale by " .- ..,-i
...,. - MoKEB tt RBSTIRAUX,
; febl 1 I . : i '.. 34, Statesman Building.
i . H in i
" " " l " f
Tlltinlntirm " fn.ti.rf-Ti.rerifTi tl
ec co.
nniiE FlHirl OF j. h. smith-
JL It thtsdiydisiolved by mutual consent. -".
, ' J. H. SMTTB.
I febl-dlm , '' " ; - A. 0. BRUSH;
AT ' . . I.n.fi ,
; JadSBdlf4' - 3. C. WO
Is -
- ' rr-i
la store for sale by, tu.,. ...-v? --jr tr
i 7 84 gtate.ro an Building.
. : 1 .. . ' f
V MWHTTll, BtCCRlTT, and Ikvik Brat Iw. Co
Nrw Vo.t Mmohahts' and Om Futaor Hut Trots .
Naw Tons LiraandCoKM. AIttdal Lm.
Office, SlUlah St., Saware' BI
ab7ll . ' -- .: ' . . ' : ' '
Tt A HIS I'LOtBS Anil 1-Al.KIOH,1
I Madt In tlit most stylish and trewant manner. A
. i . . .4 i. 1. 1.--r c u una
,? dec 11.4;. Ho. tB South Utgh street.
.h'..,flj!II(l3v'? ?. . JswS

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