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04& W iffmbiioatton.
The President Elect and the Philadelphia
The) Philadelphia JtWyer U arery
ala Jodloloiu and itralght forward paper, de
aldadl Beoablunui la lta prlneipirt, oat moa
rate la lta tone, aad rarj candid in the dlient
lea f all solltical aaaetloaa. In the laana of
ihalDaDerof the 16th of. f February, tha editor
m jonlnlai of the perrbrmaneee ei
01d Aba," on b'a Journey to the white Home,
without taaarration end to rery frank and
Slain way. We extract the following from what
Ua, LmooLx'e Smichi. We confeee we
are eomewbat dieappointed in tbe epeecbe
" whlok Mr. Llneoln ie making while on hie waj
teihaeeaief ttoeeromeow wnera ne ie to oe in
ith the ehief exeentira aathority. T
mi Bothine of the tone of theee epeeebee, Which
leaotalwajebeeomb.g (he aerloue elitatioa of
aSalrB tB WBMtt ttte coaawy in new piaoao, ne
eViea not tee at to hate tally apprehended tbe dif
laaldaa he haa to anooBnier at tha eery begin
lnrahla adminietraUoo, aad which tbowle-
aat neietTr" In tha land would approach wiib
dread and BeoitaUoa. ' I here u a degree ai nip
abct In hla treatment of ear Bational d.ffleul
Haa whan be doea approaoh tbattvbjeet, even Is
A aaaa aaaaaieiw UMt abowa be U BOt tat tut
airy bapreeeed with tbeirreal eigninotner,
araaeniea 10 miu uu uuae
f action which, la Mkelr to lead ae to
awsee aad eel ety. ? hen Jar. Unooin attempie
te Igoara tbe erioia waiea new tnraetenitheex,
hteore ef the Govern seal aad the peaaw of. tbe
eonaif. dnd declaree ibar 'there le nothing
wmar." er aotbing which keening cool on botb
awperftelaj appreciation owdifflealtied. There
u aomavhloe: .more than a mere ebullition of
I. k aotaal aceeranoe of six or eeren
Buwa of (be Oaiea, and the attitade and da
BBaadfl for gnaranteea of aeenrity br "n or
eif bt otnere. .mere ie auo vuwmusb amunai;
in tk auar Droetralioa of .boAieeaa eeer
1 vaoto land, and. the. Buffering and dietrate
Which baee o epoa moneanaa 01 we mew
trial eiaeaea of toauXf. ' IT Kit. ' Lincoln doea
at kksw theee fecte, and bee nothing to offer In
the) way of adjoeiing tbe dtffi -alUea ebicb Bare
aroduced them, "be ie sot tbe man for the limee,
aai hit praaance at Waablngtoa may rather
aggraTate tbaa heel ear troubles. .Tbe appro-,
Beaeions' ef danger, which bate drlren the
Saatbern Suttee into eeeeeelon, bare been etim
alated by as recklees aad aaprineipled a eet oi
Aaoagoguee ae eeer dlegrad d a eouutrj, bat
tae- aabiie saiad to that aartM la ant the tea
deeply effeoud oa that aogpanv and k ie the
sen of a aageeioae itateemaa at once to allay
thaw eppreoeoaloue, not by treetlag tbem ae
u aantioaa IrritabilitTof cnildrea, bat by show
lag that be la prefoandly eenelble of their cause,
U aa far ae wlae worde. prudent auggeetlone
aad eooclJlatory langnaga can reatore ooofldenee,
wilieadearer te remore ui learn auu uuiu oat
a hope ef just and honorable compromise, witb
oat which the two teetioot of our eountry eaa
aejciJiarmoniBe afainc!,..r,rTM,ft i .aus'4
The Decision of the Canadian Court in the Case
of the Fugitive Slave Anderson.
aiaieeWoVlllfiemambar tbaUri pubEihtd.
dfflc Suit Ic'c telegraphic dispatch' to the
a&et aad tha Coart of Commoa Fleas at Teit
oato,CenauA West, hat discharged JLhbIuom,
tae far'.tfYefrom lostlce, as well as from eJs
art ea a maris taohoioalUy, woila U sustained
tna decision, 6f the Csaadlad Cpufl of Qneea's
Eeneh.""Oa tbie deoleloa dlaobarglog Absbb
on. tae Kew Tork fleraM Aul coniaiebts:;
"Teas murderer la tbe eye ol Anerleaa
law set free- ea a Jaere iecbnlcallty Itt Brltiab
Kortis almoriaa, aad (be Aebbortoa taeaty be
eoroes a fares Both tbe Caaadiaa Coaria have
admitted that tubiuntlal Jostles required tbe
surrender ef the prisoner bat to get rid of the
obligation of the treaty, ibey fall back oa eome
teat of pretended blander ia the form of commit
sacolw Tey wblp tbe devil round the stump
by BsndeHog to British public opinio! and tbe
aatt-eiaeery tenUmiot of .tbe North ere But tee,
. ta wklah tbey desire to be annexed, while a the
oaaso time they disobey tbe writ of the English
Qeeea'e Bench, and raise the qaestloa ot the
tadepandeaee of lac Caaadiaa ludlolary. Ws
treat that ens Government at Wetbington will
aow press the Brltlth Oovernjaeat foe the tor
fonder of ibo fugitive, if It were for aotbing
else tbafl to test tbe queetioa wnetbar Canada m
Indepecdeot at some of bet people boast she
The Washington Conference.
Welesra from an intelligent source In Wssb
. CiJj.tEatera ttfeasod tofbelietwtbal
eome uopocltlonV. not dissimilar, to what is
knoWD si tlisXoritt State proposition, msy be
w I J it. fi.ruiulaitll not. It
, be pat dowa to tbe appointment , by Gover
NBisoa vt Mr. Wolcott,' ai a Commls
t' r fiota' ttkie' State, la place af Jadge
'. . C.acistil.' That anfortanate appoint
. ' 7 towit the tote of Ohio - against any
.. ..Ue whatever, and t that defeat fh
A - If to, tbe responsibility of the
i",. ...- ef r tastrM of paoi Hoat!ua, and the acte
t? r:-.ifv:: of tUa Uoloa, by ths'fltudrawal
tu . Easder Ccatee, which will follow, must be
e 4 jB to the ill-Judged act of Oof. VtnxitvH,
- ia fisilng the ajlatmcot referred to-
The Washington Conference. OHIO LEGISLATURE.
IN SENATE. TUESDAY, Feb. 19, 1861.
Hnnu amendment to 8: B I 916.BSiUg tB
Kill Ln an.nn the nevlrrlilon tel. tree agreed to
H I ft. 101 B-4elive to tha nil ofSlate
rmaby tbe late Quarter-Muter General, 8.
W. Andrews, euworiaing a mhi" '
in the premises, wu adopted." - w J
vt. (nY nfwaantfd a memorial from John AO
dcreon, Jr., nd others, aikiug for ib pauage of
... - . i .i .. 1 L. O ...... rrninll
bill lor tne reaemimuu ut
Bank aotee. Mr. Monroe.
Mr. COX. from a'lelect oommittee, reported
back the bill for tha repeat ol the act to prevent
fc,.i i.k a recommendation to lodtu-
-. , M
- -fbe underlined, to whom Senate Bill wo.
ny8 wneal the eeeond section of tbe act to
rirtnnnlnir wu referred, would . beg
"7 u. .j..ui. in ..id
fere reepectflly to report adTeree'e w aaia
bill, and to reoommend that It be indefinitely
octponedi andiwould submit the following con
llderatlonst , , .
. Tbe bill wu Introouced by a majority of tbe
tending oommirtee oa the Judiciary, under
resolution of the Senate directing tbe committee
to examine what acts or the legislature, in loroc,
if any, are contrary to tbe Constitution of tbe
United States, and to introduce a bill for tbelr
n-ne section referred to In the bill is said
.k. klr.rit iwt in ha tha. onle lew wbiob
HI, 'J -f - - -w - - .
the committee are aatitsea ia uuoiMiaMiwu
and tha repeal of which tbey reeommeoa
Tk. ...tlnii lualf la ae loilowe. vlx:
8eo. 9. That no person or persons sbslt kidnap
or forcibly or fraudulently carry off or decoy out
nf thu Rtata. anv black or mulatto person
persons within this State, claimed si fugitives
from service or labor, or shall attempt to kidnap
or forcibly or fraudulently carry on or accuy
oat of this State any suoh black or mulatto per
aan or nareons. wltbout first taking snob black
or mulatto parson or persona bsfore tha court,
Judge or commissioner of the proper circuit, dis
trict, or county having Jurisdiction according
to the laws of the urn tea Dteies in cue ei per
sona held ta aarvioe or labor la any State escap
in a into this State, and there according to
lawa of tbe United States, establishing by proof
hla or their Drooertr in raoa ptrsoo. Bwsn
CrltehSald'a Statutes. Vol. 1.0. 418
The qutition ot the repeal of Ibii section does
not necessarily involve thst ef the originsl
power of Congress under the Constitution
legislate upoa the subject or tne reoaiuou
fnaitlvee from service or labor, beoaure
section Itself recognises inch power, and only
pukes criminal the act oi "xianapping or lor
Liblv or fraudulentlr earning off or decoying
oat of the State" persons under tbe claim
their being auoh fugitives, witnout nrtt using
orooeedinKS before tbe proper United Statee
.Soar is sartasace of the United States laws
Bt rcrieallne the section, therefore,' we shall
emphatically eay tbat the sieve matter bae
constitutional right, "forciblf er ffuduUnllf
aarry ff trdeeoj out ot this State any black
mulatto person" whom ' be may "cfstat," aa
fugitive from service or labor, and that; too,
without any legal astsrtion of such claim before
the proper Uotted States officer or Judge, not
to say any omoer or juoge ui toia etai.
Belore the Legislature of Ohio, thus deny
their power and tbelr duty to protect their own
etuseoe against wo men ciaia uu tawj ma;
be fueitives from service, the most careful ex
amination of the subject Is demanded.
' The clause ot tbe Constitution of the United
8tatee whlob the aeetlon under consideration
apposed to Violate, Is aa follows t Art.
Sao. a t
"Ho person bald to lervice or labor in one
state under tne lawi tnereor, escaping into an
other, shall. In eiuseauenoo of am law or reg
elation therein, be discharged from such service
or labor, but shall bs delivered np on olaJm
the party to whom suae service or labor may
doe",. , . -
Bv an aoalvilsof this olauie we And only two
obligation! Imposed upon either the State or
individuate; the oae a negative one, ana tne
other a poeitlve onei fits r
! let. That tae laws oi tne otaie tnau not
held to discharge the fugitive from the service
or labor duo.
find. Tbat the fugitive snail be delivered np
ea claim. '. i ' T -.-O " V.v
It ia not pretended tbat tbe section In a aee
tlon vlolstee the first of theee propositions, and
ae td tbe eeeond, ao far Is it from being true tbat
it forbide the delivery of tbe fugitive being
made upon claim, thst it folly prorWse that no
oca iball be liable to lta penalties who aukee
nla claim bsfore the United 8tatee authorities
acoordana with Unit . ll -
Bao therefore, tbe lta tats of Ohio doei tot
aeaame on ths part of tble 8tate any authority
over the lubject of the rendition of fugitives
from labor, but explicitly reoognltes tbe Re
lation of Copgrsee as being tbe only legislation
ia force on tbe sufjeotj eiucs It does not at
tempt to discbarge the fugitive from tbe claim
of aervtoe or labori aad einci it doef sot at
tcrnM to van Iba mode of legally asserting tbe
claim as fixed by the legislation of tbe federal
government, your committee would feel abund
antly Justified in aetemng that there li nothing
in tte lection aought to be repealed which need
offend the STeateetsticklara for the "south-eide"
laterpreuuon o( ht Xonititatloa pf the United
Bat it U asterted that tbe interpretation gives
to the federal iMeetttuiion-ay tne u. a. su
preme Court, as waU as tha fugitive clave act ot
I860, gives to a alave catcher tbe right to retake
a lagltlve, and tarry bira out of the 8tate with
out making any assertion of the claim before
aty eours or tribunal whoever, and tbe aeotioo
f no totiindsr ooosldcration Interlerei with (bit
ngbi,sBd is tberelore Bnoonetlinnooal.
, Upoa this point your committee would urge
the consideration of several aropoeitiool, vix:
i 1. That every leglslsttve body, is. In the en
sotment of lawa, bound to follow its own Jodg
msnt of the' constitattonality of its actsi and
bo sever wise U mat be to seek eld In tbe con
iweration of inch questions, by caretnl study of
learned Judicial opuitooe, there la or can not be
eny eafaeruf la .wees eptalons which snould
ooo'rol tbe action of this Legialatuie.
. We are aworn 'Mipke lawi Iq tcoordance
with tbe Connltation of Ohio, and oi the Uni
ted States." Judgee ere eworn te try particular
cases la accoraanoe wltk-Jbeee. loodsmeatal
lawstand tbe Judiciary bai no exclusive. .right
to ox toe interpretation or tne eonstiiuuoa
TocBuversl dcpsrments of tbe goverimtnt are
eo-ffdlaate and Independent, and the high da
ties imposed upon each are to be bootitiy per
formed apoordiog to the oootcteace and t the
lodgment ot each Tble bs btea. fully reoog
nlaed by our highest Judicial tribunals.., a the
case ot tbe W ot T. U B. oompsny vs rthe
Commlationers of CliaioB coanty, in the ,8a
nreme Court of tble 8 tale, Judge ianney, giv
ing lbs opinion of the Court, declared that Mthc
lecialature la of necessity, in ths first InaUnee.
lobe the Judge of its constitutions! powers. Its
member act nodar aa oath to tupport the con
etlMiiou and in every way' are under respon
sibilities as Judlolal officers " 1. 0. 6. R 83
. Again, ue reiaooooi tne two oepartmenta
waa well and truly expressed by Judgs Gbolson
in the cue olfo-ier ve. tbe Commlealoners o!
Wood county. 40 0 8 R MS J. "The gene
ral and abetract queetioa whether en act of the
leglalature be eonstliuuonai, cannot with pro-
priety be presented te a court r Uu gacstica murt
In saMAsr- M ae fttmukti (A fuk 9 Msera lAe
ptrrlituUr ctt "
- jtt w tee weignt ana natnoniy wnien. anoaia
be glvea le precedents, there Is no material dif
rereoee of aptmoa, even in oouna cm justtoe
Oar Supreme Court bssnot besitated, on sever
alDccaslonsi decUlvely to overrule interpret
tiona of tbe lederal const! tuUoo given by tbe
United Statee Supreme Court, and to assart tbe
duty of Independent Judgment, whencvef Jbe
n,ilnr ennnnrlinir annh Infiirnrarailrtna mmm
V. .C rrm ---- ---r-
ed to tna majority of the Judges Inconclusive.
liooeof the last of a whole serleiof iucb do -
diioae. Shelby vi. Jeflenra BrancbBank-O.
8. R. 6U9.J the eouH distlcotly ssid, "there'll
no const Ituilonal or legislative provision which
SU9.1 tha aonrt diatlnmlv aaM. tha...
makes the deetalon of the Supreme Court of tbe
United Statee, In 00a case, binding as a prece
dent for tbe decision of a similar case " e e
Comity, decorum and respect are to be re
garded, but Justice and right areotltled to a
hleher oonsideraUoa." Id. 613. If this be the
rale established In courts of Justice, the right
of Independent Judgment, on tbe part of the
leglalature, is esublubed, aUert. ;.''.,,'.,:,,
II. Whatever weiiht tbe oeltlooB of the Sn.
priTnc Court of tbe Ualted States are entitled
to la regard to questions of ordinary lurispra-
dence, it is notoilttus tbat apoa tbe peiiiical que
tiotS which now ogltata tbe couitry. tbe Court,
n ftltntaif. 1 aa n it tha amfldeliO of the BIO
pU and bj a large on port on 1 1 do n uote aou
lawjert In tbe nortbem statee, a number or
their deoisione, irom u. rrigg caee to tu vw
Scott case, arc repudiated ae more parustu ue
termlnatiena of tails riginated for political
purpoaee, and decided by a court "whlob but
f. n.uiFanulauiW naL-ktd for the advantage
of tbe lvf power. Sq long 11 Judicial elroulia
of tbe United Statei ia the eoutbern States are
mnitinltad in number until leveret 01 mem sun
tain about one-nun 01 lue.woitw iuuui-
oontained in northern circuits, and afford only
one-fif'b tbe number ot oautes to be tried, new
.nrt old. and eineclallv so long as II It sn uuua-
.i.h . rmttt that nnminALiana or aoia larioia w
, ... . ... , 1 . . .
that bsocb bava been systemstloally wjrotad
k. ,ha anata of the United Biatee. mereiT "a-
cause the nominee) bare been eupposed to be
nniriandi ta new demands of the slsve power,
it will be in vain to appeal to tbe Supreme Court
of tbe United States as an authority lu such
question! al tbete. It Is humiliating tbat. we
.hnnlrl have to refer to these taotl. but when It
la persistently urged tbat tbe Judgment of tbe
assembly of Ohio should be bound by ths opin
ion nf thut aonrt. a feeard for leelslattve rights
and privilege, and bur duty td our.comtluca r,
demaoas uie piaiueet eiateiucui ui tun .1
ill. Hut lr we were to waive ootniuouuicu
tiom above railed, there are uu strong rea
sons for contending that the Federal Cooatuu-
tlon, even as Interpreted in the rrigg ctse, can
not Invalidate the Ohio law under elimination
1. thai r.. am irt at all lta aweenlne conciu-
sions, two limitations upon tne auegea ngm i
U . U " ' -1 . - I o - -
rt caption are recognised, to wiff
Jtt. I pat It ctooot oeso eitrcmu ai w iu
fere with tbe polloe regulations of tbe free States
end, Sod. Tbst tbe txerctae snau not involve
k...xh nf tha neaee. ' u " ,u
The fJourt aayt " to guaru, nowever, agamo.
n nnialhla miaoonatructlon of our views, it il
v . . f ...
proper to state that we are by no means to be
understood in any manner wnaieuercr vj u
cr Interfere with tbe police power oeionging
the State, in virtie of their general sovereign'
tv 16 Peters. 625. 1 .. ..
This police power is distinctly sdmltted in tbe
aame connection, to apoiv 10 mauv . matters
which would mora or less interfere with the im
mediate recaption spoken of as tbe master'i
r'gbt, The declaration tbat the ' reception
must bt "without any breach of tbe peace 01
ill sal violence" is equallv explicit lb. p 613
Tbe necessity of tbe recaption being regula
ted by, and made in accordance with legal
forms, li distinctly recognised in tbe opinions
of most, if not all of tha Judgei in tbat case.
Thompson, J . lays, id. p. 634: "Legislative
nrovialon, in tula, reipecr, is esstentlel for ths
nnrnose of creserdnc pescs and good order
tbe community. Such oases In eoine parts of our
onuntry sre calculated to exalte feelings which,
if not restrslned by law, might lead to rwl, end
briadut 01 As ptaeei
Waves J .ssys, Id. p 640. "It wu foreseen
that nlnlma would be made whlob would be eon
tested.' ssm tribunal teas wecstfary to decide
tbem, and to authenticate tbe fact a claim bad
been established." , - r .r. , ,
MoLean, S-t In the most emphatic manner,
scouts lbs notion tbst the claimant hat the
risbt. under tbe Constitution, to takes fugiti
out of a State by mere foice. fie ssys, p 66d;
"If tbe muter baa tbe right to seise and remove
tbe alave without claim, be can commit no
breach of the peaoe by using all tbe force peces
sary to accomplish bis objeot. - It is admitted
tbat tbe rlgbte of the miter, ao far ai regards
tba eervieee of the slave, are not Impaired by
ibis change; but tbe mult f mnertmg Mm, iu
my opinion, is ttttiUimUji WfUfitd "
Ha then nroceede to argue, with great clear
neu and power, tbat under the Conatitulion tbe
master euu aof remove a reeletiog or unwilling
fugitive wlthoc a olalm preferred in form of
lawi aee pp 670, 671, id. To- quota hla lan
gusge further 1 rMToe conflict," be saya, "can
only arise between the forcible sets of tbe mas
ter and tna law 01 tne otaie- 1 ue master x
hiblta no proof of right to tbe services of tbe
slsve, bat nisei bim and it about to remove
him bv force. 'I apeak only ot tbe force exerted
on the slave. Tbe law of tbe State presumes
him frse and prohibits nil removal, flow, wbiob
shall eitewar. tbe maater or the State? The
law oi tba State does, In no oaie, discharge tba
slave from tbe aerloe of hla master. It is a
moat Important police rfcwl iftea, and if the oai
ter violate U. la he not amenable?".
The whole question II summed up by him in a
few words, via; "I cannot peroelve bow any
one can doubt tbat the remedy given in the
Constitution, lf,la.Jee,1t give any lemedy altb
ont legislation, waa deeigoed to oe a peaceful
one, a remedy eanctlooed by (adioial authority,
a remedy guarded by the form of law "-p 671
Having tbua tbe admission tbe whole Court
tbst tbe rlebt of tbe Stetc to prevent breaking
of the peace and riots ts inoonteetible, that Its
right to enforce all needful poliotregu'a'lone Is
bot loteudea to oa lmerier-a n "w .-.
ouutitutioo, ana tbe emphatic deolaratlonof ao
conservative a Judge as Justice MoLssn, tbat
tbe assertion of the right to ate force in the re
eption and removal of a fugitive, unsanctioned
"by judicial authority," Is plainly aaeeaiftfa
Meaef, onghttbe Ohio Senate to mike haste to
paee a bill repealing a leotion of a law ao olearly
declared to be M a most Important police ret a
latioo." 1 ' - '
la tbe right to preserve the peaoe In Ohio of
no importance to ue, tbat It must be to lightly
surrendered t Shall we make ourselves more
reepeotable In the eyes of Christendom by pro
claiming tbat Ohio hai renounced all power to
binder tba elave catcher from abasing down a
Ingitiva with noaoqi ana guue upon ber own
eoilt 8ball wo confess tbat we hsve 10 far
thrown away our own sovereignty that the alave
master bai a legal right to do what Judge Mc
Lean denies, viii "w collect a sufficient fores
te put down til reslstsnc and attain lit ob
in tne opinion 01 your committee, tne care
guards of liberty and peaoe are not so tuper
abundant tbat we eaa afford to break down even
tbe little one discovered in tbe sec two sought to
bereoealedbv tble bill- 1 cr-n .vr..
. Tbe vttai point la tbe Prigg case wu the eon
atltutionallty of it law of a 8 talc fixing its own
tribunals and modea of proceeding In cases of
recaption of fugitives, and It ia straining tbe
deel ion in tbat case to mske It apply to police
regulations of tbe Btstes, necessary to prevent
rits and affrays, and whioh in no manner coo
fli' with the aoiioa of United States oouni and
offloialt. ' : s Z "-:; ! (i-;1) fi ;) 't:
tiiaee the ease of Prigg va. Pcnnijlf aula was
the one cblefiy relied on in sappont of tbe bill.
your committee does not led Bailed noon to car
ry the investigation further. Could bebavebaeo
to kit place at tbe time the original report iron
the Judiciary committee.' waa made, and bave
gives bia views either as a minority In that com
mittee or In the general debate, be would not
have felt called upon to lubmlt any further eon
atdarations to tbe Senate. -' '
Repeating, therefore, the recommendation of
tbe indefinite postponement or. the bill, this rc
amt larMncatfullv anbmitted. - . , .
Mr. PARISH moved to lay the report-tmJthe
tabieana'pnniit. ragreea to- r hm i-t-
Those who voted in tne amrmativo were'
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Bjuer, Collins. Cup
pv, fisher, Foster, Oarfleld, Glass, Harrison,
Harsh, Holmes, Jones, Key, Latksy,- AlcCall,
Monroe. Morici Period, refill, Potts, Potwin
Read. Sohlelch; Smith, Sprague, Siaoley and
VV DltC0 tr f- ------ -r
Tboee wlo voted in the negative
Messrs. Cummins, Eason. Ferguson, Moore
Wewman, Urr o . .. n
1 '.AhiMk.M,. Mnnmi..''u.
Not Voting Maaara Cos aad Ready.
The Senate, went into .Committee of tbe
Whole on the orders of the day Mr. Brewer in
the chslr- "7 ' . .
After sometime, the Committee reported bsek
a a. No. 3, ou woman'! Kigbts, which was
referred to the Judiciary Committee '
Mr- PARISH, offered a resolution requiring
tbe Board or rabito W otic to report tetne Ben
Bte a detailed statement of the expendltoree d
r,Dg ,b, ,, upoa the Weearra Beserve
r . .
and Maume Koaa wnicn mstei up tne sggre
" 7 onn K7. .i vin. . ...fman.8 nf
:7.:L Z 'Ti 7 L .r a Z.a i:.,!... .v,"
" , ...'v;. XI ."JZTZ .1.7
" . "
av ae to um pbuh.i vpuu,.u,. uvivcu
The Senate adjourned.
-: -'":-. 1
The following notiose of the inienflon to In
troduce bim were giveoi
ut Mr. hughes To reguistc tne election
of Supervisors Cf oai;' (it
Br Mr. CLAPP To prevent tbe use of Cam-
phsne as a burning fluid, and to prevent I noon
alderateinretyihip. ' ' '--'" --
The following billf ware lntrodaoed tod read
fixit timet
H B 367. bv Mr. HITCHCOCK To srnend
ewtoo 467 and'repeal reotioni 463and40i, of
tbi code of civil procedure. ' ,.1
a. B 868, by Mr. SCOTT.or Jefferson t o
incorporate Richmond -College,, In Jefferson
county. ' - -
U. if. 3B9.br Mr. WE3TCGTTTO txempt
volunteer firemen from working" on tbe high-
? 1 1 1 ? L IT'T 'J T7 T . '
B S70, by Mr' JCOB-rT0 ttmend seo
94 of the General Tax Law. 'of April 6,
le53 -
H; B 371. bv Mr. VINCENT MsklDt ap
propriations for tbe tlnkmg fund. ' ; 1
M U 9IX.BJ Mr. ULArr loproteoi tian
holders, or tbelr sgeuts, against violent Inter,
ruptlons In tbe recapture of fugitives, and te
pel mil kidnapping ol tree colored persons.
H- H. 3?3, by Mr. ULArr 10 set ssiuc iuw
lervlces of a grand Jury In certain Cilee. ' '
H. a. 0(4, Uf Mr. CLArr 10 reuevejunee
front tbe neorsslty of a unanimous verdict.
' Mr. rAKK gave notice or tbe liitroauouou o 1
a bill to more effootually proteot wool-growers
aealnat loa bv dues.
Me. JAttLioL. prseenwa tne pennon 01
James Work, and, forty five others bf Fairfield
. .... ... 1
county, lor an amendment ol tne actiortneprq;
teotlonol nib. , ,., ... , ,.
v. Mr. PAS.ROTT. from the committee on red
Ural, Relations, reported back H. J. resolution
fl relative to lugttivec irom justice auu re-
MimifiAnriul 11 .Hjini'nn.
" M- FLAQG said ibis resolution would bear
sos. a' disouesion belors it wsi suoptea. ae nsa
at flretbcea favorable to 111 out sinpo ,tnose
States most Interested In It seemed to taxe out
little liiteiesl to sny nation.! legislation on, the
auhleot. ha I ell less narlloular about It.. '
Jiutne waa not sure, uow, out tnsi it was
properly a matter to be left with the Statei. ' He
x . ... ...
thounnt trier would ne little aaia on lue ,uo-
jeot, If tbe, Governors 01 toe otates womo 00
. n . ....
tbelr duty in a common sense manner, ue
thought tbe United States Constitution Indi
cated nlsinlv enoueh. The Governore of the
States nave only to regard it as a oommon rule
tbat grave offenses nndsr tbe ststutes of tbe
several States should be reearded as crimes, and
fueitives delivered uo. He instanced tha recent
cases of the refusal of Gov. Denotson to deliver
np Brown, Merrlam, and Lago, In whioh he
thought tbe Governor had not done hia duty in
tbe premises. He esteemed the motive tbat
nramDted the resolution: but thought itt adop
tion would lead to Interminable troublei and
Itrife In our national legUlatiou, at the slavery
anestlon hue. . ..-:.. ....
Mr- HUTCHE30N (aid the iubeot opened t
wide field for thought and discussion. He would
reserve what be bad to lay lor a kindred subject
oetore the House. He thought it unwise to
take any step wtlch looks to any further con
solidation of tbe government. If tbe author of
the resolutions expects to propitiate the South
he will fall in this measure. flt it centraliiatlon
ibe fears. She will exclaim wiib the ancient
Trojan : " Trine Ztaaeos ef dona ftrentt "
ktiotvcd.l- Tbst In tbe opinion of this Gen
aral Aasemblv. the obllealioo to return fugi
tives from luetics is sn obligation Imposed noon
tbe Slates by the terms of the .compact of
Union. . . ,'. j.
- S. Tbat when requisition is made upon the
Executive of one Butte by the Executive of an
other, ia proper form, for the surrender of a fa
gltive iromustice, it is sufficient If It shall ap
pear that a crime under tbe laws of the State
Irom which tbe fugitive escapes has been actu
ally committed, and the criminal bai actually
Had, whether it la a crime in tbe State In which
be may be found or not.-, h ... ,
3. Tbat it would be nowise at tble time for
Ohio to take any steps wbiob look to any furth
er consolidation cf power L; tbe Federal, Gov
em men l. 1
Mr, FELLOWS held tbat this , matter
houldbe lento tbe wisdom and discretion of
tba eiecton of tbe leveral Statei. It wai Im
possible that Congress could by a general law
provide a uniform rule for tbe rendition of fogl
lives. Tbe matter must be left to epirit of cum
ity and good feeling between tbe State and tbe
people ol tuem. The mutual obligations of the
dillerent States require a Just course la the rcn
dition of fugitives. ,(
Mr. VINCENT regretted the range of the
discussion ud the aotlon now upop tbe resolif
lion , He considered t put of place to discuss
Governor Denoison'a action in tbe rendition
C ill, until his report of . tbefaota bad been
considered.. Ths House asked .for tbe report,
and this tjour It bas been placed on or deoks
Beiqre he is put on uial sod poudernocd, bn re
port should be at least read Tbs itatcment bs
made through tbe papers, at tbe. time, satisfied
all reeeoutWe men, that be h4 pot only done
right, but bad followed tbe unbroken precedent
01 Oblo, sod nearly all tbe other Suites
' Hs considered the resolution -premature, ai
the oase ot Kentucky . vs Governor Denniaoo
was still peudiog In tba United states Court
had been a xued, but not decided. ' ,v:i'
-. 1.4 a araa lu.kar out uf plaoe to act on this
reaolutiop now, as all our lnfoi .State difflouliiei
are being considered id the Peaoe Conference,
which we 10 promptly and properly helped to
torn,- io ,f - . ... tc( tit
Tbereeolauon ibould not pset in any event.
It waa aakinc for legislation by Loogress wnich
lr adorned. : would reauiie a oousutuiional
amendment. Tbe law 01 1793 followed tbe tx-
aot words of tbe oonetitutloBi visi "treaeon
"felooy, and other crimee." Tne resolution
praya that uongreao win "pass an aot more
epecifica ly definiog for teasf sases a fugitive
Mum Justice anaii ae uuvrea up." . - , ,, , ,
Tbe object ot its author is mainly to enlarge
the number of 0 Senses for , which-rendition,
ball be made. .Any luorease.iu tbe oumber
of offences would go beyond the coostUaUoo,
make aad tbe legislation void. h ... . r
Bat tbe eubjeot ot tbe resolution is itriotl a
Judicial question, so far as it can oe considered
at alti consistent wito tstaie sorereiaiv. 11
Congress should pus a oew law, or if tbe Gov
ern rsiuss to oosy toe law we now neve, aow;
would toe law be enforced? . 1., ' - x. ., .
This question is sow In the. United Statei
Court, waich Is the ooly resort If any remedj
ex ate, it ie there, It certainly it Oeyood legii
latioo and it may be that State lorereigaty:
pun It beyond the CJUrts. . itut bf aid not pre
nose to discuss tbeauestioa now. -i-u n.i . .rii
' 1 Tbe report Just made by the Governor should
ba ouuatdered the case by bin decided, and the
peaoe convention over, bef re we eater upon this
queaiitiB,' He tberelore moved to Uy the reso
lution aud ameudmtnt upon tbe tabic- -fi
Mr KkU M, from tbe agricultural committee,
reported back H. B 40 To. prevent certain
a,nlmals from ruooiog at large ,beatbf bill waa
feierred to in Judiciary oommiaee .)
: Mr. ANDREWS, introduced H B.No,' 376
To relieve sureties of administrator!, - which
was rasd tbe first time. v . ,1
Tbe committee en Federal Relation! reported
back 8. 9. No 816 Relative to tbe election of
presidential aleotore when the bill wad Order
ed to be read a third time to-morrow. u
1 Tbe select committee to whom wai referred
H..B No 343-TO amend, the aot prohibiting
citizens of this State irom noldlng more than
one office at tbe same time when the bill was
set to be read a third time to-morrow. -'-"
Mr CLAPP. from the select eimrnlttee to
which waa referred fl. B No. f6-To Amend
tbe stjle of deeds, etc amended by Inserting a
new bill, wbiob waa laid on the table to be print-
-J ' '1 . , . . . .'.'j.im Jl 1.,. 1 ;..,. i
1 Mr1, PLANTS from the committee oh School!
and School Landsrepbrted back H. B. Ne 303
To provide fort ipeclal tax InRiveootfor
tchool bonce purposei. '-tl '
Mr. STED.HAN, made a itatemeni or tbe
object! of the bill,' and tbat it was tbe general
wish. 01 the property noiaers 01 tne town 01 tie
Mr. ANDREW? laid, 11 wai will koowa be
wai an advocate bf the common school la Bud
i defender of ltd provisions, Bod In five yeere'
experience in this bodyevery Session defend-
lpg it with what or streugto ne possessed, ne
had encountered nd greater 'opposition than
ebargesor extravaganoc in tne erection or euiid
Inge, and be bad long sloce coueluded, If such
extravagance and a tendency to It la other chan
nels In our common ecbool aystem could not be
checked, there would be much daager tbat the
whole law will suffer thereby. It waa said by tbe
author or this bill, that tbe building Be wished
to oornDleta wu an ornament to tbe town where
it . 11 located, The splendid ball where mem
ber! are now tested, with lu fluted marble col
umns, lta a eeant e-a larlee. lta larvad Ornaments.
and apleudtd cbandelleri, wu aa ornament, in
lta war, to the State of Onlo, but It would
have suited the people much better, and bare
conformed at wall to tbe true theory ef our gov
ernmeot. if leveral hundred thousand dollar!
expenditure bad been left off. Mr. A eald he
would bavi Ctpaoious but plsin school build
in es. and be would have given therein te every
child In the State a thorough education' Id the
commoa Eoglisb breoebee nothing more. If
euch oourae were Pursued, the Common Bob O0 1 ,
law pf Ohio will forever , (Bala apoa tha it I
uu book. Believing tbe Oil I to ba a precedent j
to the eontrarv.be should vote against it. '
Mr. PLANTS explained that this wu ape
oase, tbat seemed fully to Justify the
passage ot thebilL .4. .s ", ? V
Mr. BALDWIN ohleoted to tba bill, beoause
it was local In In provisions, wben It ibould be
provided by a general law--- '- -- "-
nr. jun to aaia ne tbougbt 11 proper mat
tbe people of-' Raeona tag .tbemselvee 10 pay
tbelr debt, and be hoped tbe bill would pass-
Mr BLUaSEhV laid be concurred with Mr.
Andrews In ofckotlng to tble bill, usettlog a
bad preoedeuti and aa a Jrieod o. Com moa
bcdouis, woicu ne tearea wouia. luner oy tae
tendency to txtravsgsnce, he mutt vote against
Mr KRUM explained tbe facts of tbe case,
that tbie wu not deliberate extravagance, but
much of tbe debt waa tha result cf accident by
re - mi t V 'I ' li 1
The vote wai then taken on the nm, when It
passed vess 64, naji 86 !' ; M", ,. ;
Mr. rutin to. irom -tna ocuoot ana oaaoot
Lands Committee, reported back 8. B. 14.1
To tmeod tbe School law, and recommended
lta postponement, which wai agreed to.
Tbe same committee reported oaox tne me
morial of William Eiistloe and othen, aiklog
to be discharged from tbe consideration thereof
-whlch waa aereed to.
, Tbe isme committee reported back H B. Jt
To provide for amending tbe icbool law, and
recommended Its Indefinite orotnonement.
. Mr. MoSCHOUL-EK explained tbe objeotl or
tba bill, which were 10 provide for scnooi nouie
building and repaira in each district lndepen-
dentlv thouah be would not Insist upon Its
passage, but left it to tne magment 01 tne
House rn .
Tna bill wu then postponed.
On motion of Mr.) W ELSH,- the resolution!
In relatl.n to dtitncting tne mate lor uongrei-
liooal purposes wai taken from tbe tabic .. .
- Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, withdrew bis rei
olutlon, when the question turned .upon the
substitute offered bv Mr. Welsh tuat a Joint
committee cf thirteen be appointed to prepare a
bill for districting tba state.
, Tbe resolution was then adopted yeat 49
nave 41. -
Mr. ANDKfcWB oiierea tae louowmg, wnica
was Isld over lor dlsoueilon: - ,
Rflted. That tbe present union U not tbe
proper time to redistrict the State for Coogrei
ainnal ourpoeei- I"-- oi : -n .- --- ,-
. Mr. SLUSSER offered a resolution Instruct
ing tbe committee to whom the bill to prevent
Itocx running at large waa reierrea, to amena
it 10 ti to make the itocx iisoic lor aa asm
sees. - :"-"! "1- '
, Mr. BILLS objected to tbe resolution, as it
would operate aggressively upon the poor peo
ple, especially those wbo keep cowl In villa
ees. Mr. SLUSSER eaid hla object wu to make
tbe bill effective. -The
resolution wai disagreed to,
On motion of Mr.- HUGHES, bii resolution
requiring tbe publication of namei of absentee!
was taken from the table. ' "
Mr. PLANTS offered an-smendment, that
tbe rule tbsii not take eoeot tin toe next sea
eion. -i' -v '! .
'. Mr. CARLISLE moved that the whole inbjeof
be laid on tbe table. . . - - .
The yeu and nayi were demanded, wbiob re
inlted icai 59. navs 41-
On motion ol Mr. TRIMBLE, hli rcsolutloo
for tbe appointment of a oommittee of three to
villi tbe Lewiitown Reservoir, ind examine it
and the circumstances connected with It, wai
taken from tbe table. ,
Mr, ' WELSH moved, to amend by providing
tbat each member of the oommittee take with
him aebot-guo to shoot ducks to pay tbelr ex
pensee, which wasdeolared out of order.
; Mr.-V0R13 moved tbst ths bill be laid on tbe
tabia, which was disagreed to.i. . -
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, urged the adoption
of. tba resolution.
,. Mr. VORIS j offered! the following, amend
ment! , "Also to examine what lands are contempla
ted to bi condemned, what expense the State
will be compelled to pay for mob condemned
Iendd, anil what action tbe State ought to take
in the premises '' - ' " . - -
I Pending this the House adjourned. -:
WEDNESDAY, Feb. 20, 1861.
Micntes of yesterday read and approved,
! By Mr.. READY From Matiblai Collier,
andooc hundred aud twenty other eitlsene ol
Urlobsvllle, Tosoarawai oounty, .asking S
ohange In tba homestead laws ao aa to apeclfy
the articles exempted In order to prevent the
exemption Of wb'.tky.T play eds, Ao., to pre
vent tbe abuse of eald laws.
By Mr. M00aS--From II.-W. Doughty,
and 313 others of Hamilton, remoDitrating
agatnir change lu the lawi prewribing mode
of electing Manbali of cltiii of tha leoond
By Mr. GLASS Memorial from B. Born and
115 otbere of Riohlaod oousty, praying that in
legislation for tbe liquidition ol Rail Road Com.
panics, provision shall be made for the payment
of the fl rating debts of railroad oorapaniee,
Rail Road Committee.
By Mr. NEWMAN From W. 8. Huston
and others of doloto county, for an amendment
to the lot ot Feb. C4.h, 1846, concerning chattel
mortgages, so aa to require suoh mortgage! to
be rtOJrded.. JudlcUry r . -
i By "Mr. GARFIELD Front O. t. Brown
sod 60 others ol Rveuna, for tbe paesage of a
law authorising tbat village to levy an extra tax
tot school purpose!. ' Bobool Committee.
8. B. S30-8opplemeniary to tbe icbool act of
March 14b, 1853 ' Whole' - ? O": : -.
.1 S B 834-ror tbe incorporation of lavingi,
benevolent, and charitable - auociationi.
S. B. 233: by -Mr. SPRAGUE "Extending
the time ol making reports by School Boards in
certain oa!."
' 8. B. 839i By Tir. JUNE3-T0 .amend (hi
general lax law of 1859, so ss to tax Banks op
on their capital stock and surplui fund and tima
deposits. .--!)!!( j i -
'SB. ZWi Bf Mr. BTAHtElf To enable
purchasers of lands In ths Salt Reserves of Jaci
ton toootaia oeeos, .
By Mr. COX, from tba oommittee on Agricul
tureCertain amendments to, and a recom
mendation for the passage of S. B No. 284 To
ohanee the time of holding the annual meeting
of tbe 8tate Board of Agriculture from Decern-
ber to Januray. Agreed to. When the bill was
read a third Ume, aud pissed..
Viat J25j nsyi
3,. vi w W
By Mr. BREWER, from rthe committee to
whom wu referred tbe petition pf J.W- Reed.l
ana otaers oi vv yanaut cuuoiy, lor tne passage
of a law conceromg naneriei on tne eauduskf
river, umllar to tbe aot or Me.-ch . llih, 1843
recommending . reference or the petition, to
the Judiciary committee with lnstrucilous to re
port a bill.. Agreed to.' ' -
i By Mr. BREWER,' a rioommendatlon for
the passage of H. B. No 163 -Supplementary
to the aot defining tbe duties of Coroners. The
bill requires that Pbyilolsn'i fees ia Poet Mor
tem examinations shall be passed by tbe Cor
oner's Jury, subject to the approval of. County
RnmrnlaautnAM."1 V 1 ''
i Mr JONES mdVed to amend to that tha fee
hall be fixed by tbe Court of Common Pleu.
Aereed to. wben the bill wai referred to tha
Committee on medical toiiegei, ,
; Mr. UOLMEd bad leave to give' Dotloe that
ne wui introdwiea out to regulate street Kill-
roads.E, -,:','';-" ' ' -''o
Mr. HARRISON, from thli oommittee. re-
ported baok 8. B. S33 Ha Woman'e Rights-.
without reoomraenaation, ana u wai recommit
ted te Mr. Rev, to be reported back next Tues
day morning. i - . .g
Also, H. p. 947 to increase tbe feei of lu-
rors In Juiticea Courts, with reoommendatien
to postpone it indeflnllily. Agreed toi ayee S3,
oayi a. - , '
The Senate took recess,
Prayer by Rev. Mr ALLEN '- '
The following memorials were oreiented and
Mferredi ' -- : ' rV
By Mr BURR, from H. J Eiton and 83oth
an of Delaware County, asking tbat tbe noteeof
the 8 anam Cnnntv Sink ha taken foe talai.
By Mr. W EdTCOTT, from Parle Culln,'
and 11 others oi Hatoock county,, lor the is
otlfot i . j
By Mr.' HEURICb:. from Oeorge Willard aed
44 others 01 Lorain couutv. lor relief (rem tfx
ei oa B nds or Stocks trauafdtrcd to, the State
bv iheFree Banks. . v s '
By Mr HAMILTON From J B " RoberU
and Any leven oiberi of Xogsh county, foPY
reduction of 'lie laiirlei of ouuuiv illijerl.
By Mr. KRUM From cliiaaus of Auijubdrg,
Ashtabula county, for relies ;te Koeal.i V , 4
Br Mr. COX -From David MtF.rland and
Bi' others of . Riohlaud sbusjty, for a more itrlo-
sent ltouor law.
Dt Bir. w wy u rrom jouu uruauucua auu
n . .1 ... ' r Y 1 .11 . J t. .
84 o.ben of 0 tuwa, fur amendment of tbe law
revulailns muiuil Insurance comptnies.
isv mr. iiuniis, si n tru itou i
Brown and 45 otnera of Hamilton county, fof a
tsx for agricultural improvement!, f i r t
Tbe lollowioc protest waa presented by Mr.
CO N VE RSE, and entered Upon tbe Journal:
Tbe usjdeieigued members or. tbe House pi
Representatives respectlully but earnestly pro
test against tbe passage ol senate a ll Wo
To authorise the Guaranty of Uuited Suites
Artiole eight, leotion three, of tho Constitu
tion of the State ot Ohio provides that, "r.o dtbt
ttktttvr Sbali hereafter be created f . or ea oe-
aoI tbe State, exoept the debts pariloulurly
enumerated and ipecinedin the first and leooud
icciloni of - the same article. Creaiiug a debt
for tbe purpose ot sustaining tba credit of tbe
Uotted btates is not one of tbe exceptions ipeel
fled, and is therefore prbuibi'ted by the third
section. ...... -
Tna language in these notions ot the Con
stitution of our State la plain and easily un
derstood) and besides, baa already received Ju
dicial construction by tbe highest tribunal in
the State tbe Supreme Court ot Ohio - In the
oase of tbe State v. Medbery.et el, Oblo State
Reports, page ojo, swan, j, laya.j "wenoid
tbat the Stale is lublblted, by tbe tuird seotlon,
from contracting any debt whatever, except
thoae speoiflually provided for in the first and
second lections.'.' : Ia., a "contingent, debt, -no
debt whatever? Tbo mere statement of the
question really answers it. "Tbie sweeping
inhibition doei not deal with any particular
c'ais of dtbtt, nor with the eoniidtration ot dtbt$,
tektlhtt lht$ ariie from sercM, borrowed money,
er ef Aerreue, ner limply' wili the pdrtieUtar clan
of dtbt mentioned ia Hit flrtt
andiecoud section
of thti articla.but prohibit any debt whatever.
unetner airict or commgeni.
The first and secend eestioni aTt'ow the crea
tion of certain, both direct and contingent debts,
snd the. third prohibits In tbe strongest possible
lsngusge any other than those specified, tbui
ibowing, by tne -context, tbst-twe -Irs men oi
tbe Constitution Intended to delude contingent
debt! as well as direct within tbe lodibliion.
Tbe question only remains Does Senate bill
No. 224 create a contingent debt? Tbe bill re
quires tbe Commissioners of tbe linking fund,
under tbe great leal of this Slate, to guarantee
tbe paymeut of tbe "rlncipl and interest of
bond of the United Statei to the amount of
$3,007,060 34. : Does tba indorsement of nego
liable bonda create a contingent debt? The
mere etatement of thii proposition, - Ilka tbe
former one, really answers it. Guaranteeing
tbe United States bonds is In no sense a pay
ment of what we owe the United States. It it
nowhere claimed to be in the bill or preamble;
neither Is it creating a debt for the purpose of
paying prior Indebtedness. " For in tbat base
"tbe money, arising from the contracting of
such debts sbali be applied, to ths purpose for
which it wai raised, or; to repay such debts,
and to no other purpoic whatever," which is not
provided for or contemplated in tbe bill or pre
amble. - '-' . .' .-ir. n ! -i-saju:.-
Tbe bill itself ii not euQioiently guarded.' It
opeue tbe door lor1 the roost moustrous Irauds
uoo tbe Sure of Ohio -Toe macner ia which
Senate Bill No. 224 passed tba House, under
tbe gag of tbe previous question, tbua cutting
tff debate and amend menus, which , the majority
ou this floor knew were prepared to be offered to
tbe bill, can only be aocounted for on the ground
tbat tbe majority ware unwilling to make a rec
ord on tbe proposed amendments. .We think,
in all tbe bl.tory of legislation in America, no
instance can be found where a bill of so much
Importance has been passed without the amplest
opportunity lor botn amendment ana Debate. '
Tbe object ol the bill l to sustain the autho
rity and oredlt bf the Ualted Statei, when at
the same time Uolo needs assistance to sustain
her own credit.--: Ohio ie now under protest for
tbe non-payment of $3 000,000 of ber own in
debtedness, and wltbuut enormous laonnce,
s be cannot within, the uiXl juar pij tuoo .Ia
debtedaesi and oarrjjon ber 0A .government.
Tne people ol Ooio are already overburtheoed
with taxation, aud ner nuances in a muob more
embarrassed condition tbaa those of the Genet
el Government
Tbe qademguedi most earnestly 'protest
aeaioet tbe passage of 8eudte bill No. 221. aa
uoeiae, Inexpedient, 'aad a fltgrent Violation of
. h nnn.titutlnn of on- St. la. -CJ--'.. .1 l
A. . vvnni,-" ""-': ,uisiiiiriil, .xhim
a w. bhaW, r
A. P. J. B1VPBTl,
Q0. b. 0 .NVKK8B
M. STOU1 '' "
, n r. BSINNHRi' -li. I
W. 0. MO ,., .. S
0. lirjOHB.
N. a DKVotra, .t
DENNIS QlJ, - -. i .
JOdN B. aiyattS,
JO BPtl J0NA-, , . .
UtMlVC .. DtQ&SH, (I
a. wHirn. '
t I. uHasK,
J. 0. MoJ. II0ALC11
w. ruwafts,
H. B 358 Td amend ah aot reitulaiiuir do
cents sua .tbe distribution of personal estates,
parsed March 14, 1853 was read a second time
and re! erred to the committee on the Judiciary.
H B. 973 To amend section one ol an aat
.entitled "au act providing lor the confinement of
prisoners, nutier toe laws or tba united states,
ta the JAile oflhjsl State, sod to repeal certalu
acts thi rein ueotlOned, passed Mtrch 26, 1860
was reed a third time and made the order ol
the dav for Wednesdav next.
H. B..283 By Mr HERRICS-Rquiricg
oounty auditors to make returns to tbe Auditor
of state or tbe amount ol fees reueived by ooua
IV auditors Was read a third time'":! i. t Tl .
Mr. HER RICK spoke in favor of the bill, ia
order to have Some dt Quite Oasis for future leg
islation, w I th respect to the i eta c V1 cur iceua y
offioers. That now tbe-iaw was lutsrprered
very oincrenny, iof iqa reuorn , or tooniyuQi
oeri showed that couuties of'ibe 'einie sire va
ried ore tbsd one bdodred per centTlu the
amount paid' to the lame cfflueriu, That tbe
State bas over five i hundred-oounty officers,
tbat probably receive over thrce-auarters of a
million of dullara, and tba people bava a right
to know what their reaptcijve county oiEears.do
receive. That be State needs itsi a matter of
statistical information, wb,ich li tbe most correct
bain to oorrect abuses, or w shape future legislation-
s -ir
Tbat we know what all our State and other
officers reoeivc, and there is no reason why we
Pskoold hot know what bur bounty officers re
oelvc. to
Mr. BALDWIN advocated; -toe-bill,-and
moved to amend it by making tha penalty, for
omitting to maxe return, siuu instead of 2U
woiou wai agreed to.
The bill wai tben passed yen 66, nayi 23
" H. B. 305, by Mr. PEVOREr-To prevent
bankers, broken, and . Other persons, from re
oeivingor payiug out notei or issue of specie
pa log bauki at a less rite than parwas read
tbe tblrd time 1 , ;n ,1'-, d-i .
H Mr. DEVORE explained The objects and ope
rations, oi tne uui, aua toe nece-sity tor its pag
s Mr. JONAS moved to indefloltelv coat nan
--er- : .-j. v ? ' . --i .
the biltic Hc nld it wai calculated to drive all
business to ruin, -a'' , i ,'. .i.ii ".u.J'
: Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, opposed the bill
as oalouUted to derive out all foreign btukaotei
and oauee a general Injury of bualuc:, ", ; ,
1 Mr PLANTd said he thought this bill waa
not fully underetood,"' It proposes Only to pro
hibit and punish the circulation of the notes of
speole paving banks while it allows prettv free
circulation lor the b&oki net paylpgeptclo -If
it wu intended to relieve tnose broken banks
tbat hive impended, 5 Itt icemi pretty wiselv
drawn, i' Bat be did aat see any neoesaity for Its
passage, and should tnoreiore vote lor Its post'
Mr. ill .vtiouun. movea to. tmena bv a ver
bai change or tbe bin. -j s m ,
I Mr Derorc defended Till bill In til argument
based upon tbe disordered condition of the man.
ey market, and showed bis object wu to keep
good bank noteiafpar,,''',- ,""'J
Mr. HERRICK tibought the bill did no'meet !
toe cue, so as toaueotiow oojeot 13 view - r,
i MrC0X dsfebded the bill, ta calculate,! a
secure a par value to the paper circulation in use
among ns. He desired a system tbat would make
paper money as good to tbe bolder At 'Steele
Tnis bill be thought looked In tbe right dlreo
tioni end be hoped to-ece it passed.
Mr , J0NE, Of HamUton. morerl ta amend
tbe third eeotionoi tbe bill br a veibal kmend-
ment which wu agreed to. ...t,.,'
Air, KRUM would support toy lyatcm ctlou-
td to itour;e a anlformity of value In our our-'ti-oy.
.Mr. JUNta, or Hamilton, offered another
ve'bt amendment, wbloh waa disagreed to.
Mr, JONAS withdrew bia motion posoyoue,
when' the vote wu called on. tbe psageol tbe
Oil', wbich resulted yeas 34, naje 58
rMf.-WOODS offered resolution, asking the '.
Board of Publio Works tbe amouut of outstand
ing lodebteJnese of the State, for repaira of dam
ges tobe oanala,' caused by tbe floodi of J800,
which wu adopted.
' '
"The French Clergy and the Pope."
, , i
Under tbli head, tha Boston ftfol of hit week
bai an snlo'eou thi pet manency of the Papacy,
In which It lays: ' ' .
;"Iu front of , all Ibo alleged and apaarent
weakness of tbe Papscy, it ie the firmest pswrl
In tbe universe, t France contains fllteen timet
it! population i la more than twenty degree!
larger) la a million of timei more wealth?: bai
an immense army and navy, and U governed
rv tbe most sagacious military ruler ot the day.
i ei, tue vreocn empire isTiot 10 deeply anchor
ed bejoud tba dangers of the vlalssltudcg of tbe
revolutionary ' things of life, aa is tbe dynasty of
tbe email domain that ia grappled to the im-1
perishable rock of Peter- That is a mooring
ground Ju ' whioh wreck It impossible Whit
li here laid of Franoe li pioved by its own an- '
oals . r i e ; . r .
a tut .It hai human governor! i that ii true.
But It hss adherent! inch as no other power hai:
the cardinals, arebbishons, bishops, prleiti, and '
deacons of the Catboiio Church, and tbo major
icy of tbe human race besadea. .spiritual Rome
oan never deolioe. It will always bave a hier
archy and a people. 8o will temporal Rome:
it will always have tbe lame hierarchy and
people. It may be Invi Jed, injured, pillaged,
and even confiscated these evile bave been
often committed on tbe Papacy but the tenti-
ments of tbe priests and people of the whole
Cburch are more than auruoient to counteract .'
such nofarioui accident!."
Lincoln on Majorities.
Ia onfe of hid resent remarkable speeches, tbe '
President elect has itated that a majority of the
people voted in favor of the Chicago platform,
Tbis is aot the tru V- A majority of the eleo '
(oral votes endorse the Chicago resolutions, bat '
tbey are In a minority of a million of voice! ia
tbe nation. Mr. Lincoln must be more careful
in his statements, Or else keep quiet. He ie
not now stamping tbe beniehted districts of fill. '
noil, or defending the plunderer of a henroost;
be is in t position where the utmost csrc, pro-
dence and circumspection are required. The
President elect, certainly should not endorse '
partlun tricki which Involve a wilful deviation ,
Irom the faots in the case., The figure! have
been printed over and over again, and no man
who can read, or prooare some friend to read
for blm, should bs uninformed u to tbe popular
vote, which, aa we hava aaid, was against tbe
Chicago platform. If Y Herald.
DAILY PAPBHln thla eirr. Nnne-naad anslv
who oiqdo', If rsqulred, Rive sstbfactory lefareDOcssnd
sreaillr. - Inquire for H. 0., rgom Mo. CS, at tbe .
American. . . .' fcbSOIt
; i - -
. ' A i '
; j For tho WUaken and Hair.
" -w Ti'xr "- v ,' . - '
The subscribers take pleaiure In anooonetM to the '
Oltlsens ol the Untied States, that tie- havaobulned the .
A,dc for, and are now enabled to offer to the Aaeriean
publio, tha above Juitijoelebr.Udand world-reaewaed
article. The . . 7 ',C
! , .. ' . . J . ' - ' t., I . ,
li pftparsd try ta- 0. P. BBIXISOHAM aa eralnaiX'
phy.leiaa or iondon, and Is warranted to bring oat a
mica st ef. . .V ! ..... ".73
Whiskerf or a Mastache
D from three to tlx weeks. Thli aHlnla fa th. Ani a1
of th. klDd nted br ths Vrenoh, and In London aud Paris
IttsiaBoivernlase. j . . . , ,...-. ?
Ii b a txautlful, (conoailsal, soothing , yet itlnufttlag
eompoa i,o'lD-ulf b, miglenpon the roots oaasing
abe.B'lfal aro hof nxartaat hair. If applied to the
s-alp, Ii alll core s.LoacsaDd eanie to ip-lne an la
p ae of the bald ipoia a floe -rowta of new hair., ip. .
Piled aeaArdlDf te olrooiiooe, ii will turn a .a or towT i
hair laax, and ratore gray rdlrto lis oMnal 00 lor,
leaving n soft, smouth, and fl-ixlils. The "Onoourr" Is
an looUpeniable article In .vary ttDiltmao's lolltt, end
UVuV1' U,, Woula not ,or "V eooildsiaUon.
MWUOOUtit. 'I, -' f-
.T?!'?7,b,r, the only Aients for ths article to
the Untied Statee. le ah as all orders em be addnaetd. 1. ,
frl-e Use Dollar a box for sale -by all DranUU aad., :
."-"LS'f of " DIU':t"- twarranulr te hit ,
thi dr- redeirtco will be sent to any who d.Jra ft, fa .
nmall (dlieoij. stourely packer, op njotlpt ef price sod
tagw. tH.ie. Apply tooraddrtit -"
ti ,r ,.j",H0ACl b- H.33fiS CO.,
.- ..'jfh .-i . BicaaisTt, etc , . .,, 'n'Vi
febSOdtwCm , . it William Street, HeWTork; '
I Magdalene Baita'i "Ettate.''1,
tbe tudenltmtd has ibl, day been appolnied by the
Probate Ooert 't fratik llo eoUnty.Ohio. admlalitreior ea -1
tbeetate of MigJtlent Smith, lt of sala o'lnary de-
aUdsliruSrr l9.h,J86i: u . " " 1 jtw
Plank Road Notice.
A lumb-is Qraovllle flank Road, or Tnrnplke Com
piny, will meet at the realirnee of John M . Path, on
Mouday, March 11, A D. 1801, at t o'oJock P, M for the
purpote of e'ecilnr fire filreotora.
jrbruary20,lgl. r--'
mrj' ,y -".".iDHit It. PCOa, President.
jMonday Niibt. Feb. 18, 1861i
Or Lire-Uovlug Mechanical exhibition of the '"-'
Thsnoit thrilling ef all tnodara Miracles, embraain''
ae aitonnding eomblnaiion of .... .
Over Eighty' Thomand lffovinglloiioliiP
ft Illnstrating nearly every sahjeot connect;! with that
r-oiaraaoiecoiioiry ana tne meat ecpoy Bfbtlllon, all
dlplayln( ths wonders of awehantsa and lbs lr stonily
of mao to such a dnree as to eomoletel hrwiidar J
eaehantthe speetttar Bastd.sdie wonders ei the Pan
opiiooa Will ba added, for the lrat time, and aniheatla
udeoireoi vtswof ihe .. .. . ,
va a vasi-iaaiw,
.. - .ia nu " '- ' U
Heat of the Becaseton Hxclttmrnt. Charleiton ITar
ber. rorteBamiai1 and Uonltrle Oaarle Ploekaav, Saul, e
van's Ialaid. aod the Star of Ike West bttilng Into the i
Harbor, expressly painted and armad ky Out talented
Artist, Hods Louis Duflora. - ' t,,j ,
v ICTBx'hlbiiica every tdabt at' 8i';e,clc;''il1oeri
enea at 7 e'eleek. .,'. n ,
' lereelal exhibitions will bs flvsn onTOBSDAT Sod
WEDNB'DaT Afternoons, at o'clock, for Children
tod lohools, to which all pupils will be admitted ai 10
ContaeMh. ..... . . ' - 1 1: i.
, ;lsbi8-dlw.; .'a ?'( " 4. 0. UWM, tut-Vn
-I u;i Co-Pttrtaeriliip. Id M
sonJAUBSADSiaBAIt ai partner in Bf bnel. ,
neis, which will isreafter be conducted ander the firm '
of Bale a Bon P. BAIN, 89. Sealh Hlxk Bt.
.OBlUBbpS, leh IS, 1861. (T v fOblO
eliMlna an hi. aid hu.iDeM at once, and bones that
all persons bavin unsettled eewunts on bU books Will
give then tomedlaieatjenUea.--v y- ( y . ,. v '
-. I ... r ,. ... , .
0 If. TArr bbbioteb nir-
e stock ef DRX GOODS from He. 191 loath High,
treat, to hie old etand. No. 40 North Blsb street, In
Thonpson'a Building, where he will be pteaaed toeeeU
hla old oattoeiers, aad all new enet that may eons, wberevl
he will eall then chrao goods. , , . . t
A lar-elotof OaBPStSea hud, Whkh will he folA
it cost, for cash, to eloee the stock.
i .,,,-...; d, yj. ntf 'n
JtnlWi-li; OorDirlligti anil, Oiy its., Ceiumbaa.0

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