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WEDNESDAY EENING,' f EB. 80, 1861.
' TheAdamg ExpreM CdinpAny places ns dally
,unoer obligations to " r-r-
irom ill eastern amee. . i
fbe American Express Companj 'to our
(banks for Iw dally favors In the shape of the
eery latest eastern papers
Changs in tub Ekoush LAnooaoi It Is In
terestlDE to mark tbe curious changes our Ian
..... k.. t.ilarirnni) at different narioda. Soma
kupku uin uuv'Q .
Mu nii h farmer! of thegfi. br tb following
. .u. r,.m h. Tt. .., l...
.In,. .r fliirnt .UMsliitheBroKessof
onr languago. By comparing the., with tn.
....a. ..naatarl h nnr T.nrflV In tha lixth CaSD'
... f Mi.hw. Orwnol. th. difference between
M.al .nn n..nt ,lo0 will he readily
r . - -
[A. D., 1250.]
U.iti. k.'.it. h.i..4 intha Urtfi.ua. eons thr
ktnmrlche. th w lie bethC don ID uvn an niruii.
l V US IL U Vfc, w " - - .
6V,.Vihdhr.idlfoa. to-dai. AodtorfWfSQUsMry.
ord,swefghwBoortoBrM. Auiudsus
noniht into Unoteiloaa, sat avrr as irvm itu.
Aa,Df " -J j '' -
[A. D., 1300.]
, ji- oorlo heten, nljdb asms,
UoIUOm. TBI Will W BOB, IU UID IUI IU .rvu..
n. r.h br.J lira at '0 dr. aod (oniT bi oar
datlM. u wt faralna oar dettoaros. Atd Mo tti sot
into UmpUtlvBDi Koto doljrero ns ofjrsl- Abob
[A. D., 1379, Wickliffe's Bible]
n,. a,it (hit art In heiYenei. Hallosd by tbr Bunt ,
Ihr kingdom come to, Bo thy will done in ortao M la
ITb"";- aXS b. oYr d"tf.Wr;0i;
dottora; and ioioaDoi into tomptationi BatdoiiToroa
from stoI Aawn. - - -
[A. D., 1526, Tindale's Testament.]
n .., (.ih.r which art In nans.
Ltttbyklnadomooma. Iby will bo fulBllod' at well la
' orth' as bit ya la havoa. OlMVt tbls day, oor dyly
breade. And forglTO Tt our treaipaatts oon as vs lor-
. iiu mm r.aala wai mnt IntA tmm aw
utton. but dtiytorava from' yrait'- AoMB. .
[A. D., 1526, Tindale's Testament.] [A. D., 1589, Coverdale's Bible.]
Onr fatbar which art In basaea, hallowed bo thy I
Thy kingdom on Tby will be dona toon in earths
as It la la naaoan -
. aina m thitt Avm imr Sail hraad.
' Aad forkito at dcttoo wo alto forgive our dstttrs.
And lead at not Into ttmptatloa, bat dolloaor at from
all: for thin la tha kloidum and th powtr and lbs
fieri for ur. amen. . . . i : .. m
. .c - m
'"JTHX.PANorricow at Mohtoommt Hah..
This great and meritorious work of art, wbleh
has been on exhibition for some days In our olty,
attracts the more attention the longer It re
mains among us. Mr. La Rub deserves great
oredld aqd sbpuld receive tbe patronage of all
our citizens, and of strangers sojourning with ns,
tor pr6duclng,- in these depressing times, this
novel, interesting , and instructive entertain-
ment. " .. I
Tbe representations of scenes In India, and oil
armies marching and countermarching, with
sieges, oibnonades and battles, during the late
Sepoy rebellion, ve tbe mind a vivid ooLoep
tlonof what would otherwise b faintly realised
by, tba liveliest Imagination." Tbe great utili
ty of witnessing these natural and life like rap
reseatatlohs of actual scenes and events, Is that
it Impresses upon tbe memory important facts li
toe wpograpuj .ou uiotw, i luu.., u... wu.u,
liuaiuca uy turae, auuu lauo iruiu mo tiuiucu I
tj.i . .i . .1 - r .l. li i
But Mr LaRde has recently added to his
other attractions in bis Panopticon, a graphic I
view of tbe C'ty of Charleston, and the harbor, I
forU and islands around it, with a vivid repre I
aeotatlonftf the Star of the West In her at
tempt to enter the harbor. These are things
which everybody of course desires to see, and
to have indelibly impressed upon the tablet of
memory. By understanding from actual view
the precise lobafldn of tbe various objects of in
terest in and around Charleston, we oan form a
clearer, and more' satisfactory idea of tbe start
ling events that have already transpired there,
andtba atlll more stalling ones that are likely
to'franspire In the same looality hereafter,
OoTdJ see tha Panopticon by all means. ' It
Is well worth twice or' three times tbe amount
oharged for admission.' i " J.
a -
: :TaiAL or tki PicarocxsTS stroac thb May
OB T-Ttta trial of Eooctic GlinnoK took plaos
before tbe Mtyor yesterday afternoon. The
following" named gentlema oompoeed tbe jaryi
Arohibald Wood, J. MoD. White, 8. M. Justloe,
Wau CoX, George Gere, D wight Stone, Harvey
,Bcf'ofc,' John Field, P. L. Looflnd, W.' L
Hughes, Ell Filter and John Hyrarod. The
counsel were J. D. Wucos for the olty, and
W. R. RaKXiiffor the defendant. After hear
ing the testimony of the witnesses and the ar
guments of counsel, the jury in a few minutes
returned a' verdict of "guilty of an attempt to
pick packets." ..! Ml
BaioogT Cost, one of the women arrested,
waa discharged, and tha Court adjourned to hall
past six o'clock., ..-, J ' "' ,
At the meeting of the Court in the evening,
Cbauis Cobt wag pat' upon trial, and found
"guilty of attempting to plok pockets."
The' counsel mentioned above were engaged
j 'i , , m. ' a. . j I
Inall the cases. The Mayor sentenced Eoomb
Gunkon and CBArts Cost Ko' Daily each to
tav a fine of fllty dollars and the coata of pros-
labor. .17,: .... ...
Thus, of tha four nersons recently arrested as I
Pickpockets; threo two men and one woman
f . ..a .r.-j-n!:- .j
ata,w ww ."" mt-j www.-,
aentecood to Imprisonment at . hard labor for
thirty days, and the fourth, a woman, has been
discharged.;, 9 .., 0 a.a f' WT'-'
t 1 Vv.
i JhciahaUhion Coavt(tTioi. A callhu been
signed In eVery 'portion of Indiana, for a Con?
Tfnfion of tbe people of that State at Indlahapo
.lis, obyiext Friday, the 2'ei lost:, 'Jto uke Into
bODsldsratlon the,:conditiouof the oountry,and
' to adopt such' measures as may be best eslcu
Ufid to prevent civil war and preserve the
Union." The call concludes a follows! ;
The TJoloa was born of concession and com
promise, tha people love It, and will not refuse
to make any .reasonable concessions to preserve
It. Tbe liberty won and bequeathed to ns by
our fathers is in pU. j The Institutions reared
in wisdom and cemented in fclood, are endan
cared by fanaticism oa the one hand and revo-
. wtiou on we otner.' ' ' .
r - Wa. tharafar. recommend that the PeoDla of
, each.vownshlp and- cpunty In the State, who
llore th Union more than mere party platforms,
.V.and who dealre the settlement or exiating 011--fioniaes
uooa tha baala of tha Crittenden proio
mtlons, or any other fair and honorable adjust,
ment, shall meet forthwith and appoint del
gates to said convention, and that they tend up
. shelr petitions through their delegates, and de-
mend that their voloee be heard In tbe ooun
i Oils of tbe 8tte and nation la reconciling the
alienated foeliugs of tbe dismembered portions
Af ante Minfflnn dAnntlYa )
VI VMSj WHiaaiva -
tT Twenty-five plokpockets were arrested la
Buffalo On Saturday and Monde, and lodged
1 n jail, . The firtuMa eontaine a list of thirty
ejtisens wha were , relieved of . tbelr. .purses
; Such an amount of pooket picking has rarely
been known as ha oeourreel.slnoe the Freelden
''tlal party left Springfield. - ,
e.'i, D An xohange says that slnoe women bare
oommenoed the practice of medloloe, the health
;of young mea has become very dsllpata. Is
It because men praotloe oediolna that the
health of so buoy yoaog wontn li so very dU
' A Yours, Motbsb Iaf toe Peris Court of
Correctional Police, recently, a lady, by no
aaeans jouog, edraDoei coquettlebly to the wit
new stand to glre hot testimony. "What Ii
yourname7" "Virginia Loustatot." "Your
ge7' "Twenty fire." (Exclamations of luore
dollty from the audience.) Tbe lady's erldenoe
being taken, iba regained bar plaoe, itlll CO
quattlebly bridling, and tbe next witness was In
troduced. This on wai a full-grown young
man llVnn. ..mat" uill th JudffA. "I..
k Uu ,.yonriger Twenty-sereo
years." "Are you a relatlre of tb last witness 1"
"I am ber son." "Thunder!" exolalmed tbe
magistrate, "your mother must bate married
rary young 1"
nna mat us praises are re-eouoeu
. r in nr - i
ny wo advertisement oi xuessrs. norace
Hegemau Co., of New York, that there
nrwoawt ItQt tm itla tin r Hnnnant " InwAnrail He
( -"7i:.-T7
.iuutuiii ... .
K" ' ' wnwxers, naa now naa
il American market confided to tbelr agenoy
rpu.ti.L l .u. .i.i. t j
auv uigu rvpuMiiuii vi tuia ar.tuio tu juwuuvu
rang, anaomer cities oi carope, seems to nave
t . 1
been fullv Instilled br exoerleo.ee in this coun-
,,, .. . '..J.
tm0ng all classes, A few weeks are said to
prore Its almost magical Influences upon tbe
beard r whiskers. Tbe British volunteers
bare made such free usa of It as to attract the
attention of Tin London Punch. See adrer
tlsement of Messrs. Hegemaa ft Co., in anoth
Wasbinoton's Bisth Oar. The State Fen-
oibles will celebrate Wasbinoton's Birth Day.
Qn ftiitJ erenlng, the 22d Inst., by a grand
. .
levee at Armory Hall. To render tbe festivi
ties of the evening worthy the occasion, the
most ample preparations are being made;
novel, interesting and appropriate tableaux will
exhibited, and member of the Company
will sins choice patriotic and national songs. It
will be a fete rarely, If ever, excelled in this
city, on a similar occasion.
Cooktov Common Plias. Tbe Court met
this morning, and alter calling tbe cases as
signed for tbe day, adjourned till nine o'clock
Tbe Grand Jury are still la session. It is
probable that they will soon' finish their labors,
only about thirty witnesses having been subpes
ned to appear before them.
Bt SatNT. It is a great art In tbe conduct
life to learn to be silent. Under opposition,
rebukes, Injuries, still be silent. It is better to
say nothing, than to speak In an exolted or an
rv maimer, even if the occasion should seem
justify a moderate degree of anger,
O There Is in tbe Inebriate Asylum im New
York City, one representative or more from
every county In that State Tbe total number
applications for admission into tbe Asylum
a T Th Tnrllana Hanib nf UamManlatleal
.onolnted - Commltt- tr inw.atltrat- th.
afftir beteen JJ.,... MoooTand HoIT'
C'Roman History shows that the Senate
tha Tribune were ever opposed."
"Just so," says a New York paper, ' and
Hoiaoi'b late trip to Albany proves it."
UTTwo hundred and twenty fire marriage
licenses were Issued In Knox county during
H7Mb. LaRox'i Guat Pamorioox. This Is
last night but one of this wonderful exhibi
D President Bccma baa appointed 0. M.
HrroMLL, son of Professor MrroHELt, eadet at
West Point, for the State at large.
BT The only way for a rioh man to be healtby
to practioe exercise and abstlnsnoe to live
If he were poor. ' ' '
Rail Road Time Table.
Irma Kujo t 0Lonaa k Zxxia Ea B.
S.1S P. U
8.4S A. M
1.40 P.M.
1:J0A. M.
Accommodation S.10 a. M
Mo Six.... S.30P.M.
Might Bxprwa 8.45 A.M.
OuvsLaxD, Oowaaus at OinoimaTt B. B.
Xxpr and Mail.... 00 P. Hw - ,
Might Kxpraa 3:25 A. M.
Cawraaa Omo B. B.
lxpraea Train 3.00 a. H .
Mall Train 8.40 P. H.
8 30 A.M.
aw p. u
Prrraatraaa, ooLainus St Oimcuoiti R.B.
Ixpreea Train 100 A.M. .;
Mall Train 8.40 P.M.. r-
20 Jr.M.
OoLcmoa It Iiroiajuroui t. B. '
lOolambaa, riqaa a Indiana a. H.J
Ixpreea Train 1:10 A.M.
Xxpna Train..... u... 8:19 1, U.
AWoaoTO Hdhands When voo co home
tea, and find tba. Mrs. Smith has succeeded
a simple turn of the wrist In producing some
those scrofulous looking: bisoulte, which are
your special aversion, and as you with a familiar
nod recognize toe eruptive eountenaoceaor your
oia aneniie, uon I go bu iuw now ui vuupw par-
0XJ.m of Mg .n(faiagast( wnioh .u,,, u
JOu so particularly disagreeable! but, on tbe
ooolrary, mildly, yat with ' becoming dignity,
nlaoe Mra. 8. in Doaseaslon of a Dickas of Dt
Lano's Cbimioal BAUaanm. with which she
oannot fail to have perfect success la making
biscuit, paetrv, so. Manufactured, and for
sale at wholesale, br D. B. De Land & Co.
Fairoort. Monroe Co.. N. Y. De Land S Co.'a
Saleratusis bow for sale at retail by most of
ineoeaiers.' - v :
Thb Guatcst Cocoa Midioini imtbc Woixd
We take creat nleaaure lu callinsr tba aUen
tlon of our readers ani the publlo to tbe won
derful virtnea and nnmeroos testimonials of
I. W . Ayer's Pcuioaio CBiaar Coroial. This
nnqoeetlonablv tbe oreawst eoue, prtparauon
in tk World! It has been used In the Doctor's
sxtentivo practice in various parts of the ooun
try for several years, and Is a speedy and cer
tain cure for ooughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma,
Isbt sweats, difficulty of breathing, So., o
He who aids In introducing this great prepara
tion to the community, is a benelaetor to man.
una., . ... .. , . ,. , . 4,
ti.l) 3
BT Tbe excitement causod br tha President
eieot passlDg through eltiea and viilaees, on bla
route to the White House, la fullv illustrated
everj day at J. B. Uutaa'a JNew xorkCIothlog
Store, wiire every, person wishing olotblog
rushes the publlo having become convinced
that they oan buy oneaper, ana get petter made
garments there than elsewhere. ' , J -
,k ,
Who will suffer from Fonl Humors, Sores,' or
Disease of tbe Skin, when suoh certain remltliea
an MoLbam B BTsaNOTAine CoaoiAL and Ulood
Psairua, and MoLban's Volcamio Oil Lrni-
mknt oan ba ao easily obUIned. The uoraiai
will nnrifv tbe blood tbOroushlv, and tne Lini
ment Will cure any sore, nee tne auyeruaw-
meat. " ; " ' ' ' "
Git rr-Of jont druggist, your atorekeper,
or anywhere tht you oan, but ba fare and get
Ouernsej'a Balm, and no other.
1 1 :.
VT Sa'ai!rarttmnt of Prof. MillBb's
Hair aaVigorator ia another oolumn,
m ,
,YV ,.WSIBB EeLtlNKe). I
' " ' WIMTBRIraUtjrBJ,
XtwstylaBdv7 aheap at BAWi
at-vst. tTi $n fiia-u lUtsti
Tha Senate mot at 11 o'oloek.
Mr. Blc tald bo btlUrod too people of Ui Stat war
in ior oi too uuneuwiion, and UMtiarmUoO aiUM aomo
It woaid tFOofalearaUon. . He preaeoied a peti
tion signed by JX.OUU Tour of at Paal, uklng for a eel
tlomoot. ...
sir. Jobnton.of Arkanau.whhtd tootyeotlo explain
ing pemiotit at leogib w might a well aing- taaima
t a nead bora, as to tha tak op .all lb Uui of to
. Mr, Tea Ejok preieat'd th petition of tb eltlient
of New Jeraey, In furor of tri OomiliuUvD and law.
Mr Snward prOKOied a petition from a lar ounber
of el Item of Na yurb. ii.tin that In their obloluo tb
petltluDt tnt to Ooagrea Were fall of eomplalut of
w tieia of the OJBOiry, which only arnrod to mate mat
tare worn, aod do not repr-aest tli true etml of lb
wuoiry: inrerur, th y aakooognis loruMtupprvuioo
Of the uaml .letari r.i.b ln.
A re.olutlun for to re lot of John B. Clay, former
UinUter to Peru, ni moid.
The jnilderailoB el the I'retUent's lfaswS U pott
poiied Uil Tl.nrade.
A prorlto wu added to th olauts eonosratog treat ury
rourt, toat the time for latalog be limited to Juoesu,
iav. aq emenament lnarcuioff noui to ouaouera in-
atealof SiO waeasreod t&. after a aharo debat between
Ohandlar and Clark In faror. and Ollniman aaalnat- S
The tar.ff bill Wat taken no. A daty of 40 Dor cent
Wte plared on all wmet, a lung ditoattlon ou tu amend
meoi piactug a aut ol 11 pr coat, ad valorrm on wcol
worth ltl than 89 oenti waa loat lit auloat S3.
Mr. Blot nam otfared an amendment nhutln a dnt nf
tpereeni. on ail wool under U per mot. Mr. Wlltoo
artu.d agalo.tlt. as injarloaa to manuftotBrera and of
do oeoeai 10 w,mi trowera. 10a amendment Waa adoDt
od OualaatSO. -
Sir Powell ottered so amsodmtot repealing th fltblog
wuBiini ijobi.
Some other amendment war adopted, wbea tb bill
waa reporua to aooat. AQJoaroaa. .
a n .r
iw vwjiihui ud reiauva inaratn. anaaaii nil wha....
arltd and OOliflletlna Oulnlnna nravall innm lha mm.'
bare of thl Uaua In regard to tb caaaea whloh bar
pruaucea wo anatppy diiturbaocet now afflicting oar
ooun ry, aod In rcgrd to. tha proper mode of qaletlng
and adjottlng theaa dlnurbancat end guarding agalntt
tbeirfaturaoecarrenc; thorrfor.
Baohtd, That, la to jadgmant of Oilt Boat, tha
prwar triuunaa 10 wokb an in exiiiing oiatarbiog qaet
tiont thoald bt referred for deliberate oootideiatloo aod
final eettlemeot, laa oonrentlon of diiMMfmn ih.
aereral State, of th Union, to be called io Ih mod
preacrlbedlo th Oonttiiuilon. , , i ,
Mr. staotoa ahrwad theneceultyof thtpaaaateof thla
UH, aayiog tlx Biata bad needed and organlaed aaep
ante and boeille sonfederaey at Oharlaaton, aaTannab
and New Orleana Th aathorlty oi th government 1
eupertedtd. If th federal law cannot be executed, no
dutteteao then b collected without aomo Immediate,
ma- turetb adopted atldt from tb ordinary modeol
oollecllng. On of two thing remained to be done; eith
er to neogala aeooaatloo or abandon th execution of lb
lawt. Suppot V Irglnla and Maryland, 80 dare afttr th
Sihof Match, aboald be precipitated Into aecee-loo, and
make a hoeule demonttratlon on tb capltol. iUUO troopa
uW act beoonoantratad here within leaa tnan 30 dayt.
War they to leare tha axeoatlve without meant of re
pelllcg lnruloo? W moat glr th Prwldaot meant or
dafenae and protection aod for tha eoliantinn r ih.
aue In tb leattobjectlonabl manner.
A long debate entued, aomowbat aorimonlout, Mr. Bo
eook and other ooctlderlog the bill a declaration of war
upon the Booth.
A motion waa made to lay It on th table, and lost.
Mr. Stewart, of Vs.. advocated tha anfnnm. it,
lawa. - "V
Th molatloa repeallno th act to han.fit n..
wtt pattid. . ,
AmLamnta to the aaral bill wars oonildered.
Mr. Garnttt was oppoead to Inaraaaloa lha ni. t
make war on a portion of tola country.
Ml. Morria thoailht that If Ihm .mnnnl
hare an army and nan.lt ahonld ha atrinnadnr n
mtana ol defense, and tarrtnder at will to all who at-
1KB It
Furciier debate niaAda whn thm
plred, and Ih report of th oomaltte of 33 wu tak.
oup. ...... v . ..
Adjoorocd. ; . , . ., . , .
Progress of the President Elect.
BnoaoM, Peb. Iff Prom Watarford th trala nm.
eeeded to Troy, where th ftrat atoppatwwaa mad. Tb
new aoa ipaoiooa oepoi wa tonna tall to I'a nrmoet oa
pamty, apparently IS 000 paopt bataa- i ereeatad i...
aid, aod a tb train approached a deafening roar of
coeere ana eaoaie gieeiea ue.arnTai. A raited plat
form bad been prepared to afford tha Taat crowd as op
portanlty to ee Mr Lincoln, and aeoending thlt. be was
weiwmeu ey luayor aicuoniKOB, woo Bala: . i
Mr. Lincoln, I bar tba honor to. welcome you oa be
half of the cltlaeoa of Troy, not at a politician, not aa a
paniaan. out at in cuoten unter aiaglttrate of 30.000.
000 of people, and toaaiar yu of oa.- mpeot for oa
aaaeitliro. aod for theblxh ofBce rouara toaoan ta flu
koow .ou matt be taoerltg from th fatigue of oar
loarney, and 1 will, therefore, not allude to toplca that
will aataln you to reply to, but will only again bid you a
aieartj wikhh.
Mr. Linojln replied vrv briefly.
Mr. Mayor aod eitlieoa of Troy, I thank you err
kindly for thla great reoeptlon. Bloc I left my bom It
nee ooi mmu my lorioue io meet aa aeeemoiag a.r ou
maroQI or mor orderly than tbls. I am iba mora r.i
Ittcdattala mark of yoor regard, tlooa you aaiure me
la tai deiad not to th Indlridual, bat to th high offlo.
Mxw Koax, PaLruary 10. At trary atotlon between
Albany aod tble etiy. eom exhibition of entholluei waa
made, and to-day'a Journey bae hen a oonlnaout ora
tion At Poannkeepaie an trnmant ooncoarae of pt kt
were eaeembled Xha fre.ldent waa wad oy th
Mayor, and nluonded eipreesmg grati&catioo at teeing
suoh an Immene aadter oe and each a nobl demoitra
tluo made la Donor of the men who, at th. time, haoibl)
eacneitly repr. state toe) majetty of the nation.
The rsoepUou, Ilka all other, emanating from all dif
ferent partite, Indlcatet th araeat deeir oo th part ol
whole people, wlthjnt revard to political dlffereo
ee. ta tart, not tb country, becaae tb eoootry will
aaetlttelf, bat to aara to int'ltuilunecf the country,
tntiltntioo under which thie thm-quartora of a
oeotuiy a bar grown to be agree', Intelligent and hap
py people iho areatct, mott IntellheDt and bapplttt
people of th World Itlodicai that th ahol panpi
are willing to m.k common oent for this object. Taat
at erer It moat be. tome bar b;o eaooet.ful at the
rtceat election, aod aomo hare been beaten; If tome are
eatltStd and torn dlaietuftod, the defeated party are not
faror of tinklnx th tbip of aula, bat are deal rent of
running it throa.h lb trmpnt, and willing, If they
think tbe pepte bay commuted an rror to their Tor
dice, no to wait In hop of setting It rlht next lime.
I do nit ay that Io tb rectal eltetloo th people dtd
the wliett thing they ooaid; Indeed I don't thin thy
did, bat I do y lu acoeptlog th groat traatooxunlcted
me, that With a determination to endeamr to pror.
worth, of It. I moel rely upon tb poplof the whole
entry for tupport, aod with tbelr aattainlng aid, orer
oomble at I am, I cannot fall to oarry th ehlp f But
lately throa biheetoim. B again thanked ibeaodlcnoc
nd again bade farewell. .
at tberl'4, ebeer after cheer went up; Brief stops
waramadeatfithklll and Peekiklll. !
In reipoDoe t Judir Mtlavn's wa loom at tb latter
!r, Mr. Lincoln aaid: '
If t ran only b aa get erouily and BnanlmooilT an.
taloed at thai demon.tratlona lodfcat, I aball not fall,
trutt In tb ooara I . hall puna. I aball oot only
latlalnrt by tb polio, that elected at, but by tb
patriotic poop I of the whole eoootry.
At Slog Sing and Tonkerf , cannon wrs trtd, with
Further Foreign News.
A Calcutta telegram of Jan. 11th arye, arwthad raash
ed tb a that th American ambaiiader wu repaired from
landing at Japan. '
The trtuoh Ohamoar were opened oath 4th. Tb
JJmperor'e spea open with an explanation of liberal
Mneatalont, and greater latltodel, granUd to th LgU
latare. He reiere to th eatl.faoiory nature of ooma. r
ciai affaire and treaties, and then reiere to foreign affair
He aild b bad endearored to pror that f ranoe ainoeraiy
doetre prc and that without reooonolngher legltimat
inflaenot, ah doe, not With to loterfer wbt ber later
tttt are uotct toaroed. Non-lntciTentlon bad been ber
policy la Italian oumpHratlona, and th mo tire for tend
ing a Beet to O.eia was ta furnish a laat refuge to the
King, arrooavua Interpretallontand partial d partar
from neairallty at length necctaltated Ita withdrawal.'
- Uepolnte t the recognition or th annexitlonbf Ba
Toy and Nlceai ridoc of tb malntecanc of tb right
of rrance, and to tha protection of tha Syrian cbrlatlant
aibinal faoatlclan.' H aonaidarad It necewarr to In-
ereat tb garrltoo at tome point whr th4 security of
the people appearea tnrtatenea. ueconcioaee y atk
log that apprebenalooa I, dUptlltd and eonSdanee r
atored: hit firm reatont being not to enter Into any oon-
filet In Whloh tb caul of franc thould not be baaed on
tight aadjaatic
he London Tim regards the spch unfavorably,
and eays there I aothlog In it maturing. It asTested
th Bogllaa lunda unfavorably. ,
The eaa f Paturtoa aoalnet Bonapart wu argued on
both etdee, aaa aojournea uu rtoraary otn. . '
It la laid that th principle of tb conference at Per
il on th Syrian quettlon are agreed to by th Powers.
The ileee of Galawa continued. - .'
Prince Caraxnen had arrived at th Sardinian camp at
Giete, it is icpottcd, with nfarenc to tarrndarnegotl
aUont. ' -
Th Italian election proved nor and mor favorable
It la laid that Cavour will propose th following to th
Parliament: Xb proclamaUon of Vlotor Emanuel a
King of Italy, wltb fall power, bat with a limited peri
od to contract a toaa oi tore er roar uuaaroa million
franot, and calling out ibe military Mitrvet.i U)
Thlntelllenceeonttnea warlike. J 1 I ', I ,
Nana, in ire ot toDtiegaat oaauisvery
brlik, and It replied to by tin eardiataa aqaadroa. '
Beaa, fab. S. TB pop a ordered hi Midlers to
return to Bom, notwithateadlsg tb rdrf M
M.d.lro to the contrary. -i -.. ' r.
f ifteea thooaand Sardinian aeldlera had oareed tkrouih
Cmbrla oa their march to th kingdom of Maphm .
in reaeuooary movxeni in Aorasat was organlMd
byTrltaln and DeUadeirod.
Taa aardlniaris have a vacua tea to papal Mrrltory Io
eomnllane with tb era. re from tb Imnwror Naooleon.
too open taa veeeei wnicn were aeepatcnea to at
have been repulied by Admiral Peraaoo.
rranctt ti. aaa xtaued an appeal iota Sardinian a. o
faring them th Ooaetitntloa ot 1818. a Sicilian army aod
nary, and a entire tepataU adotlniitratlon. lit aaka of
them to giv an aiyium to a royal ramily abandoned, bat
brave, and too well Inatrweted by mtefortane.
Tb inaiponatno jwg tut Moaton end Boonlo
oran oav vaam evuti w wimoe Eor,wutwvt, '
. - I . a n. ..1 nn..
, i ii
afnavanneaV.'1'eb. iO. tlonefaaa naaand aa ant aitml,.
Hng Ire all braadttufft. provlalona, manlUona or mat.
rlalt of war. and airiculturel nrodaota la th natural
tut. Alto, gooda, war ana merchtndlae from ta
Cnliel But, If parchaaad before th let of Harea and
Imported before th ism ot naron Texas to be exempt-!
ed front th operation of the tariff laws. J -
!ir',-s , ' . a !"""""
- Oaiao, 111., fab. M.-Th atoaaer "fort Wavns"
Is sank la th ahut of Island number IS. Boat probably a
total loco email porUeBvf the Sarfo ST4 M iBJal
anof, KUTvi9i.
Mr. Lincoln at New York.
vawxoaK, aeo. au. ,oe rir.iu.ui aicot waa rormaux
reealrel by Mayor Wood, this morning, at th Cl'y Ball,
Tb caremonlee took plaoe in toe uorernor't room, pane
toally at 1 1 v1 dock Aa early aa 10 o'clock, the police,
ondar lb aperlntodtae of Deputy Oarpeoter, tjok
their auuan at lb Cl'y Ball, ana atpac waa enoloeed
by ahalue leading to tba etaira, wltbla whl b Bona bat
thoe harlng lb prlvllg of entry to th Goremor'e
room were adioliud. , At lX 'clock a lar or. wd of
pera ns had awemblcd la tb fark, awalUog tb arrlral
of tba Pn aidrnt elect.
A ewminntaa kafor 11 'olock. Mayor Wood, aooom.
pan led by the membcra of tbcoommon conncll, at,d of
tb city pr, took up their poeltion in to unrernor e
room and ebortlr aftetwardc the aboata of tbe people
tuui S a BJounoed thai Mr. Lloeoln had iwobad tb
Ulty nail. lie aoi n puard, acaompaalcd by the
omrnltt of lb common connotl epouti tea li meat mm
lu Albany, aad w.a lorodu-d by tu Chalrnao, Alder
man Ooroell, to taor Wood. Th Mayor etuod oo an
aide of a tab that ocoui led tb o opei end of in room,
and Mr. Lino lo took op a poatttoo tmmeaiat,y opp
lie to them oa thcchereldeof tnc table TO. appear.
ansa of tha two men wa, molt striking. The Chief alex
in rate of Ih cliy, dretted In hi. u.ual al. In a lull
of black, a blaok otarooal. buttoned tlihtly acroaa hit
eait, looked at bla alaUogaltnad Tiiinr ana nerer re
morcd hie y from him daring tbdllrry of lb two
ddrret s. Th Chief Maglelrat of the nation, alio
dratted in black, teller by head than tbe Utyor, looked
oaimandeoileatcd, botdidiot raiBin .b eUayiy gat
that waa Bxd opto him. au. wood, in a dear, at.
Unct yoto ,poa a lllwt.
, Mr. Linai...u tha aiaror of Hew Tck, ltbaecmim
doty to xtod to lou au otlolal welcome, la behalf i,f
the corporation. Io doing o, permit me to lay that rhia
city baa oarer ocertd hoepltality to a man oloibed with
mora exalurd powere. or re. ting under grarer itpontiblll-
tlea, than in, ae woon otroumauinoea ui.aovTui.eu upon
yoa. uolog into omoe wltn a atamcmuerea uorernnjeut
remn.triiiit. a dlauont.uled or boetll people to re
concile, It will require a hlbpatrloll,m, and aoelerated
CompreUenaiOB OI to WOit oouuuy auu a rarica io
tereite, oploiona aod preiadloai, to omduct pabllo affair
to bring it back agalo to ita former natmonloua oondi-
Uon. Il 1 refer to thie lople, lr it la Beoaot Mew or
deeply InUretttd. Tl ureeent po.lucal dirlaloo ha
aoraly afflicted ber i.opl. All bar aucerlal toMnat
ara paralyaad, her oom uerclil freataew M endangered,
the la tbe child of th Amarlcao Colon; tb ba grown
under tu maternal car, and beco forerad bt ita pa
tarnal bounty: aad wa tear that if the Uuloa diet, th
-ant uurama.T of Mew Torkv may die with It. To
therefore, ihoe-n under the form of tbe Oonitltu
tloo at tb bead of ih Confederacy, we look for re-
ttoraUon ol friendly relatione between the Suit,, only to
aooompllahed by peetul ana conciliatory means, aid
ed h tha wttdom of Almlehly God.
Whan Ma.or oyoodecated iDcaklog a murmur of half
soppretaad applaue patted arouna uie room, ana air.
Lloeoin replied readily, wltlt a firm, alow utterance, aa
tollawat .
Mr. Mayor: Itla wltn a reeling oraeep gratitaac mat
make me aokuowledx ment lor tb reception which
bean extended to me in Ibis great commercial city of
nee' York. I can bat remember, that aucna reception
Ms. dired by the people and not by a political party. It
more grateful ou thla account, becetuelt it an arldenca
that to tupport of tha great principle that underlie oar
goTOrnment, th people er near ly or quite ananlmoaala
regard to to aimouitiee waicn encompan oa a, tun
time, aid of which your Hobor baa thought fit to
apeak ao becomlogly and ao Jaitly. At I tappoi I can
only aay that I agree with the aentlmeutexpreeted by tb
Maror. in my derotlon to the Union. I hope I am not
behind any man wltbln the Union; but In Witdem neoet-
to ao eondoot anatraaa to eecure in preeer Tenon
the Colon, I fear that I may b deficient, and that too
great oonsdene may hare been repoeeea tame, iia
euro, nowerer. 1 at wait oring a near, oerovea to in
Union. Tner I nothing which could erer bring m
eonaent to th destruction of that Colon, under
which not alon th iraatoommerclalolty of New York,
tbe wbol country, baa acquired greatoett, unlet, It
thoald be tb Icae of that for which th Colon ttaelf waa
mad. A I nnderatand it, tha luip it made for th car
riage and oraterratlon of th cargo, and to long as tba
oan be tared with th oarito, It thould ncTtr be
aDanaoBM. we anouia never oeaee in our euoru, eare
a long at it oan b don without throwing overboard
pataengera and cargo. Bo long a tb prosperity and
liberty of thla people can b prtaerred in tb Union, it
b my parpoe. ana snail o my cuort at ait ume
preeorT that colon.
And now. Mr. Maror. axaln thanking yon for th r
oeption that has been given me, allow m to clot my
Th ntmoat order sad tlleno prerxlled daring thd
llrery of Mr Llnooln1 reply. At luolosih members
th Common Council end of th Biate Government
were introduced to tb Preitdent lcti aod then police
regulauona below war relaxed, to reairaining cnaini
remortd, and th people allowed to Invade the City riall
wl.baraeh, and to fl.btabd c ramble tbelr way to tba
of tb Oovtmor'a room, wbr two or three police
were eiatloned, whoa doty toon became ext.eme-
arduoua, tb orowd blaring them forward In.
the room, and th nott and eonfnaton ootald being
beyond detoilpilon. The eon lntld of the Oovernor't
room wu ludloroua In tht extreme. Bapt. Xenoedy ex
erted blmtelf to tb ntmoat to beat back tb crowd, who
were admlltod at tha door at tha hee'i of th main atalra,
fonnd exrtt, throagh th ante-cnamber a tb other
of tb room. Mao were pulled in by main fore out
lnrowdby to potto, utterly unable to help tnenv
Selvet, with ooata torn and hats demolished and lo.t.
la tba beat of exoltameot, a fam.l mad br appear
an), and wts draeged through tba doorway with boopt
bonnet materially damaged- Wha Introdootd Io Mr
Liuoola, the U.ld blm aba waa from Illlooia, aod though
bad experienced a roa,h voytgt, th woald go
throagh a ughur qug to tee blm. Th crowd wai
motley on ragt aod broadolo'h b-ing ladlacrtnloat.
mixed land filling. Into the room tide by ltd to that
oreildentlal ha d. '
xx-Maor Harper oan through th ordeal, and ehakt
Mr. Lincoln by the hand admitted that thalr ploiort-
had don him Inlu.tio. and unmed lately after tb
cam on oi the diit nowaahtd cltlseoa of
kora, a.a taut toe arowa oootiouea to poor in un
til on o'clock, when the audlenc oloeed. Mr. Lincola
returned to blaapartm.nta at tba Aator Uoatei lVisg a
nun. ber ef aovertiaa ptopl of the sity With band
aaantkn. ---'
Washington News and Gossip.
WaiwtxoToa, leb. 19 Deipatch from th Mohtrom-
0-nvtotton reo Ived to day urge Ue border State
in fac uocgrea not toua.nt to eoapromlat
nomotr or Demoeratis Bonaton in cancnt to-da
reaolved to mak no Cactttloaa oppotitlon to tha tariff
. - i ' I
Tb mult of th Missouri sleotioo created xreat ex
citement among th ecea.ieniite. They eontldcr It an
lndtcatl.n that ktlitoarl wilt raei.li io the Coioa under
olreamttancn. Th dLtrlol will b kept under amu
Tbureday. rnday, ana ea.urtay. ......
union mau In Balllmur at making treat prepara
for Lincoln's reception. . A deljJa a. ion
Morihto meet him. . ... r
k. Kluamao. formerly Member of Contrw from
h Carolina, received a letter to-day stating ' that
dnmter will b taken at whatever cost be lor tb
of March.
Tne aao, letter alto atates that loath Carolina will de
fioot th Montgomery convention aguaran tee office
and that ibe.ud other cotteo State will oppoae
import outlet hither thao 0 pel -rent. -
Mr. orowne, tat xaitor or to uoaJiKtMlott, hat been
deputised by th Molding Bute, to intirm the federal
Oovrnaint of lb election of Jeffereoo Sails . B will
be reoognlied. .
Mr. Lincoln will occupy temporarily tb dwelling on
franklin dqaara, lately oecupicd bjtu South Caro.loa
milium nisi tat ' w .ta . w .
kto t prooeedlngi la Montgomery bar led tb border
Suua to tali of ateparat ooniaderacv lor them (Ivea.
care they teoede. - Tn Kepubllcani of both bouteaai
reaoy to vol ananlmoaeiy In favor of a rational Con
vention to aettl diffiealUe.
WAtaimrfi a, tab 80. Mall contractor In tha etoed-
Biatee at tontinnelly aiklog whether they will be
aa neretoioie, to wnicn too roil unci Department
reepood afflrmattvaly, elating thatdrafta willb latued
i hem to b paid from th potul revenue collected
within D.atv fttjitaa. . . u .. -
1 be fo.tma.ter General naa removed tb root annt
Oraftoo aid Ptrker.bnrg, Va., oo tb ground
ba left hie bu.lneti without parmlasioa to sugtge
in teceailon iormnt m tnaig atac.
revetai poetmaitre in sveniauy aaa Itni. nave
removed for tlmllaroauM.
lb eaaaor Ih Gov. of ohlov. tba Sov. of Kn
tnckv la no in tb Bunrem Ocurt to-day.
IbeFeaoe CoLferenoe s protraetloa harmotlouily.
will probably not arrive at a oonoiualoa btfor tb
a4olUiewek. " . a. t i,
"7 H,;r
The Virginia Convention.
Biemfoire. Feb. 19 In tb Oonvtotloa to-day. th
oeeeh ef Mr. Prtatja oratd great laMreet. , Jaaeoa
atrocwd, b talo, the Union could Barer .be; and ex-
preiard rail e niaanc tnal Vlrglata woaia jvu ta
Bouihen 1. oofederaev. .v.i ...
A reeolatlon waalutrodaord that Virginia naa ta isgal
rlihtta taoed! that tb aiaeiloa of Lincoln Wa iota
groaod, bat elooe a portioa of lb South had at
ceaea, leaving tn onraer atatce in a minority in uon-
treie. Vlrxlola ihoald dma.d ad Jltlonal goaraata and
proper ewtndmeBta to th CoDitlrutlonJ ah aboald
preteot an ultimatum to Northern Btat, and Axa tloae
beyond whiohihe will not wait I and if it fall, tiien Tii-
glnla thoald tax atepa t eeoure ner juai rtgntoatoi
uaioa. nrerrca t in waaimv aa xaewrai Ha
lations. Adloaiaed. .r.. wfc
The Southern Confederacy.
Haw Yaaa. Tab. 19. A private dltpateh from Mont
gomery etatet that ao toon aa hit Cablntt la a -ooanoed,
PrriMtnt Darlt will detpatch OommiatloBrs to th Ptd
ralOovtramant to treat lor th eoetloa oftb forts,
Artcnaia, Ao., lu., and aegotlat a treat jr of pac. :
A Traaanry bill will be pawed, empowering th Treat
arer to aoeept cotton Ina'ead of mooes for banda. I .
It Is aaaaried that Bngiiik agents are now t Montgom
ry,olfirin( liberal adraaoei. ,-,.
Advruemeau win oun oa taaawt 191 oiainna
tailor. offering large bountlee. - ,-t ...-.
It la ramored that Oobt. 1 . Walker hu been offrd
theTreaeujy Uepartmtnt, and that Wlgfall wlU .be Major
General of tb Army.,- Ktilkof 8001b Carolina, goei as
itiBitur to apain, t. . u.-.o, :. muiim-.u 1 1 u
Old Fort Kearney Taken and Retaken!
NnnaxKA Oity. fab 19 OH fort Kearney wu taken
noaeteaion of laat nlxht. hy a party of aeoewlonlata, and
thla atornlng a palmetto flag waved over tb fortreie,
bearing tb motto of "Southern Eight. " Oreal excite
ment prevailed, and effort! ar being nude to tak th
fort By a union parry. ,
10 o'clock, and amid gnat xcltement Ih palmetto flag
waa torn dowa and th stars aad 'stripes ralied In Ita
The Convention Election in Arkansas.
t. flxtira. f tb. SO. four countlei hi wtra Arkan
tu, Benton, WatblBgtoBf Bebtollaa and Crawford hav
eieeied anion delegates to lb Stat Convention br over
toutboniaod majority.. Tb majority agttfiit ike oon-
yantlon is aboat tMause. tf, t
The Missouri Convention Election.
It. lertg, feb lO.-a-Mlieourl bat fob overwhelmingly
for th Oa oo. Probablr ther wont b M eeoeertonUu
la tbe Oonvtntioa : Avorax majority for the Calsa
tttkat la IU nwav utut erer tear uwaaaaa.
BAirauB. fen. IB.- T.ie Maryland Convtrtton
adopted a eeriee f retolutiott In favor of oallln a State
CeQfentlon, and la new of ao-undemanding that
vernor Ulck ledltpr-eed to call aoonveuiloo In th event
of th fallar ol the Peace 0' nfartnee ai.d Oongrea to
effect a Milifactory tolotlin r1 veicd qne.tlont, that th
onvtnlton adjourn till IP lSihof March to await aach
action; ana re.olutiont, uuo, to oppoM cotioioa. Ad-
,oarnd till day mentloutd.
From Texas.
loST SatlTB. Feb SO An eitra overland eoacb arriv
ed ber thla morning from Sbanaan. Taiat. Tbe con
doctor and paaMOier report the eetaare at fort Chad'
oarn,hy Texan t, of thoaoh.witblt(aall, now overdo
ocrw. aue property oi at. oraoany witnio reaco taaieo
eiteo, ana tn agent ana lor taployeoe ere sail io
M imprieonea it u aio reported that fort cnaa
bourn sad lknp bv been captured.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 20.
f LOCH Eeeelnt t Sow bbl. Market leaa actlv. Hit
prloea without material ehantn: aal 8 000 bbla at nit Bo
ieTaiurnruprnnBmil 3 S99 V 'or xtr Btat
8093 85 for tuperfl- vTe.tern J 3amo for o .uv
mon to medium xtr Wee tarn, and aSSOulS To for Inf..
rlor to good .hipping brand extra Eouad Hoop Ohio.
vanwiian tiour attady ana unobanged; salts SUO bbls st
j?euevviir. ...
KK rLUUB-itdyat a30(B4 10.
WHtATEoeiDta 1.540 tmetolo Market dm and
Vary qatet) th extreme anarchy of freight, and t', hitb
r'-aaaaw aaatenanj eacoxe toe export oemioaj taie
wv mnt i it ni xo ror aenverao MitwanLea niubi
i av "r re a owie ana i eu lor lair wail net tern
bis aaiet attwaviuo
COAM HeoelD ao, IH 688 hu-h I market Httla ftraian
salea nf 38 000 ou ah at tJH (S7llc- for old mixed wettern
in ttor and delivered for new do. at B. ft. de
POBE dull and ttiehanicd: aalea 100 bbla. at aa aiY.,
winrao. ana w to uu lor prim. ; .
DExr quiet ana Bncnaogad.
CCr MSATB-ateady.
LARD quiet and tteady at tkCSIOn. , . .
BUTTER fair reaueat at lfrmlta. for niiln. anS tilA
iv lor oiaio
WUISK Y wlthoa t miletlal chinre : itlea of i 10 bbla.
STOCBld active and halter, menr-vand azchanM nnlti
Ing new toadvle Inellber: Pan 76 V i H T anu: UmA
K:Ofc0 71W: 0 0 AO Oa-. Haadlnv ii; P..
Mall 8X;Irle 31; Ohio 6a 60 and 109; C 85aoll,7
alaa TA -... SIA at- e '
taw i-m wupveal muOBl 1)9
Cincinnati Market.
fLOCR Bricaa far Banavflna mu ha nnniaa at Ol .
50X4,00, with aalea at tbe outeMe Star for a (ood'rrada.
kxtrat at plaoed at 4,?54,SrO, tai family at thl laat
Agar to S5.84.
w H a at bat Improved, partly In sympathy with fh
Hew York Market, aod partly beoauea of llaht raaelnt
and email offering. $ I i very f-tely offered, but ai 08
uu i,w ia aaavu tor aura, null 11 let an Orijeot than
Bed with local millere. and ha oootequenlly improved
leta. Itltquotedat Sl.03ai.10.
OOBH belna la bat moderate tvaaaat for aalnmant ,
th InUrlor Booth, becaat of inurrroptiona In the meant
it iraneporuuion,iaoontiolleain price mainly by tb de
mand from dlttlllerlet and local retatlars for feed. Tb
prie ruling 1 33o for ear; S3335o for mixed and whit
Oata are held nominall at 88a. hut have nn m.rk.t
over xro. j
It xa remains dall st SSs.
BAhLIY of Brim ooalltw la a little mora lh.
bla, and holder demand bttr rate. TJo waa paid for
iu. or inow7 pnoje to-oay, out 7tio. la the ourrant
rate offered brbuver. for haat nn.ni.. Bnrin
fromtStoD. - . -r ... ,
WHIBKS t had atood market at a dacllna nf
gallon to-day. Oin. Com. Itb SO. ,
Cleveland Market.
February, 19.
ILOUB unlet and nnchanrad. Inekwh.at i. n.,i..
bleat $ 1,75 fowt.
WHBAT tales of 1 ear red on track at fit ,08; I car
ao rrom iron at tame; and 1 car whit at (1,10 ontrackr
COBN lower. Bale of 1 ear an ii.nl. 7 irtim
demand (i very lutht. and tha onlv era la aalt it la i
await cutlomtr.
OATS nominal, at 84a
ni nwinB art telling Keadlly at 15c.
BuTTkB Bamalnt doll. Balet embrace email lots at
foreammoB, to llo. for good roil.
For all TIIHOAT and
ineindlna; WHOOPING
tuvuHi ana every
uompiamttae fe reran
ner f, aael even aotnal
The Great ItElIUAL.
4JIO HKITHlDY and Nat.
aras urui ti, adapted
so ersry opeeic Ner
root Bjompialnt. Ner
ana and Obronlc
ntaaacne, nnenma
nana, ajaiarra Tooth
aad ear Ache), I.a ml
aieea, tana Hoeiei t.mwn
plalnte. .
Mo real J net lea aaa be don tba above preparation!
bat by procana aod reading deecrtptlve oeeopole'i.;,
found with all dealer, or will be aent by Proprietor
demand, formulae and Trie 1 Botllca tent to Phyai
aiana, who will find development In ooth worthy thcli
cceptanc and approval. - .-.
Oorreipondai c eollolted from all whoas neeaeeltte or
corloilty prompu to a trial of th above rtliabl Beme
diet. - .
for rale by tha usual wholaaal and retail daaUr.
everywheie. .1
JTOUN Hi nvmfKXVBll, Preprleto i
Ha. 9 Commereial Wnart, Boot on, Haas. '
Robsrta A Samuel. If. B. Hamia. J. B. Book. 3. M
Denlx. 0. Denix s Bona. A. J. Bchneller A Bon. Aaenta
Columbaa. Ohio. - my 14 1 r
. . nOFf'ATtM LIFE PILL.8.
In all one of cotUvca, dyepepaU, MUlous and Uvi
afftotlon, plies, rheamaiuaa, fevera and agaca, obstl
head acbaa, and all general derxnxeauriU of health
fheeo Pllla have Invariably proved a certain and ipeedy
remedy. A singl trial wlU plaoe tb Lift FUla beyond
reach ofoompeUtlon la tb astlaatioa of (Very oc
tant. ' 1 . , - s ? -t , .
Dr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will be fonnd equally of
ooadoas la allcae of narroo lobjljty, dytptptia, head
acha, th ticks eat Incident to female In de Ileal health,
and every kind of weaknese" of the dlgeetlv organ.
for sal by Dr. W. B. KOTf AT, 335, Broadway, M. I.
and by all Dragglat. 7 majrfS-dAwly
Tht fAllowio; la an extiaot from a
lltr written by the Bey. J. 8. Helm, pastor ot tb
Plrrpolat-8tret Baptlat Cbnroh, Irooklya, H. T.,t
"Jeornal and UeMeoger," Olndoaaa, 0., and speaks
volumee In favor of that world-renowned medletn, Mas
wmtLow'a Boorana Srxcr roa Cxiuaxx TrxTaix:
"We ire an advert irment In yoar aolamn of Mm
Wrnauw'a Sooniia Svaop. How w never eaid a word
In favor of a paun t nedtcia before in oar lira, butwa
feel tompalM wear t yonr rwader that thai m a bam
bag -wa bay Txiro rr, ana aaar rr to bb au. rr
outaa. It ta probablg on of tbe moat euroeeeral rnedl
do of lb day- batmaie it 1 on ol Ike erel. .Aadtboad
of yoar made re who hav babla can't do- katter than
lay Ina supply. 1 . . :-.-; ., .11 ooOTilydkw
REnOfESl AND PREVENTS I If -lamination
and Bain, and he la tb woret ha itu
amid, krala, eat, or freeh woand of any kind. nmu
welling and pain from be Unga, moequlto Ml, aad
poleonoo plant, n.urairia, rheumatlam, ago ta tb
brcaat, salt rbram, eto. Whm taken internally, It will
poetUvwIy cor oroup in children, aod give Immadlat
relief In the wonteats of tbi urrlbl oomolalnt: alto.
remov bornc and aor throat. Prloa, at ceate a
bottle, anonia o in every noa, ror sal h Prey
(Miaiuiu .Mji..ni)ni, .n 1 in a m.
Bom rroprkttofvHw. 1 Bprao et., Kw Tork
AMtl.ia lata . 7
, , ,-T,,;. ,
Sheriff's Sale?:
Woodbury k Oo.V
Oeorg W. Allen
.J '
-n v virtue or a wni t or r i. fa,
Jj to me dlnotcd, from tht Superior Court of franklin
ooanty, Ohio. I enuoffw tor axle la th tawa of Nw Al
bany, at the etoia room of a. w. Alloa, lot of Dry
aood aad Notion, tavtad oa a th aroptrt of 0. W.
Allen; tal eemm.mlng oa MONDAY Ik 85th day at
f ebnurvAt mi,at 10 o'clock a. M. ,
,-. o. w. HorrMAN, fherlir, '
fb J:10UI i ' , " f 1 ; 1 t By K payia, ept,
frinur's hs S,M. 1 j
1 m Ststrl) Article), will faroith mplovmnt to
a few aativa mn to eat aa agent for tbelr hoaae. A
prefarenoe will b given to thoa who are wU aoqualnr-
a in in ouinoi tor wnicn uiev iron. .
for which serylots they ar willing to pay a salary
01 from ,,,,.,... . . '
teoO to 1800 bar rear, and ' fxptasus
ja Ie.'.
xor lunuer pariKniara awim. ...
! B. MOUDOCIl A CO. ' ; ,
- '" 1 ' -J I aod 5, Ixohaat Place, '.
Jan 30 dim. - ' ?erey Olty, W. J.
s- far tb INBtaST RILIlf
. aad P1KMAM1NT OUKl oftb
diatresalnf oomplatnl at
".".''"til ' .
IttdehyO. B. S1IM0DA k 00 ,107 Rueaa 111, X. T,
. rno iparacoxt atot cr y poet, r .
''ffOB till AT ALL SBUOaiBIl,
1 M I. Tk t T a U.I Wk A rt J-. ,1-1 r
StrcBgthening Cordial and Bhftd
! . , PtTRIFIBn. ' , n '
The tireateat iSanteay 1st The
ttor Id.
i - AHDTH1 i
ly a (olenuas and
Tegwtabl Oomponnd,
troaarrd by tb dlatll
itlouof BooiS. Herb
aad Berke, Yellow
Dock,. Ulood .Boot,
Baraaparilla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion (uteri Into lit
Won Watf? 'rluiiftet Iakln&
principle of each ingreilient la thnroagtly extracted by
my new method or attuning, proa acini a aeueioua. ex
bll.rtlng wplrik, end the awet INf ALLIBLB lenwly to,
rannwallns lha Jlaul avn. and minrln lk .U.I.
tufferlng end debllttalad IB VLIS to BBALTB and
W1U sffeotoally ears ' ' '
Chronic or Itarroaa Doblllry, Dliiim of th Kldnan
ana an aiwatea anting irom a aiaoraerej um or atom
Bob, Dytnrpeia, Deartliorn, Inward Pi lee, Aoiditvor Blek
not et ine Btomacn, ruuoeae or niooa to me ueea, null
pain or ewimmlcg In th bad. rait. .tat ton of ui Heart
ullneaa or Weight In tn Stomach, Boar ractatlone
boxine or tuffoc
or Yellownemof the Skin and Byea. Night Bwoaufln
ward f evere. Pain in th email of th back, cheat or td.
Sudden fluahee of Beat, Depretalon of Spirit, F rightful
ureami, baogaor, veeuondency or any Hervoue Du
Bora or Blotobe on th Bklo. and I aver and A ma to,
orer st million ( aiottles - '
Have been told daring th laat tlx at on thl and to no In'
ataoe hat II failed In givlog nUr satiifactloB. Who,
uteo. win inner irom weaxneat or ueMllty aaea Ko
Mo lannai eaa eonvev an adeaoata Idea of tha tmma.
dlat and almott mLraouloo obarige produced by taklog
tut voraiai in in aieeaaea, aeotuiaiM ana nattred
aervoaiuiUm, vhetner broken doero b7 exoeet. emokbt
aature, or unpairea ny eioxnet, tnt reutxea ana anMrang
orgaaltatlon It rattorad to it prlitin hoalth aod vigor.
others eooaeloas of inability, from whaUver caoa.
will Bod McLeao Btragthnlng Oordlal a tboreorb
genera tor of tb avium; and all who en hav Inland
wenueivea oy improper inauigencee, will nna In tn Uor
aiai a certain ana epeeay ranway.
To the Ladlea. vi v' '.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
la a sovereign and speedy oars for .
Obetracted or Dlfflcalt MenitraaUon, InooBUnene of
Una br Involuntary Dlaoharg thereof, falling of th
Womb, fllddlne, Iain ting and all iats inoidut U
anaie. , , . i a
' There is ne Xittaka About It. ' ''
Buffer no longer. Tak It aeeardlna to Dlraetlona. It
will ttimalat, atrengtban and Invigorate roa and eaa
sioom 01 neaita to mooat your cneox again. . 1
a very nottt ta warrantea to give aatutacuoa.
If your children era alcklv. dojiv. or afflicted. McLean 'a
uoraiai wilt make them neaiuty, bt and ro fruit, pelaj
a moment, try it, and you win oa eenvwota.
OaCTIoX. Beware of Srarrleta or Dealer erhn eaa
w paim apoa yoa tome jiutar or naraapeniia traan
whloh they can barebeap. br auini It I laat a rood.
Avoid each men. Aak lor UcLeaa'a Btrenitbanln Oor
dlal, aad take nothing la. It ia lb only remedy that
will parifv th Mood thoronrhlv and at lb eama time
strengthen tba ayetaa. ,
On tableepoonfol taken evsry morning faitlna. Ia a
oartaln pravenUv of Cholera, Chilli and Vvr, Yellow
rover, or any oravalent diac&tce. It l oat nn In Ian
hMtU. " IT. .
Prior only II per bottle, or 0 bottles for $5; ' 11 "
- - at. moiiBAxi,
Bola Proprietor of thla Cordial,
AlaoMoLeaVaVolcanlaOll LlntmanL
FrlEclnal Depot on tba oornar of Third and Pin atraatx.
aiuaia. mo. . . t .......
MoLean'a Volcanlo Oil Liniment. - ..
Tbe best Liniment In th World. Th only sat sod
certain ear for Canoe re, Pile, Swelling and Broa
ehitlt, or floltre, Paralyali, Nexralgia, W earn eat of th
aiuaci, uarooio or innammatory ffrtr"fi, BtuT
aeat of th Joints, oontraoMd tiuecl or Ligament
Baracb or Tootbaeh. Brnltea, Bp rain, Wood da, freek
unta, Ulcere, revr Bon, uaked Urmia aor Nipple,
Born, Bcaida, or Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
dlffermo bow (ever, or ho v long th die ma)
exiated. McLean' Gelebfatad Liniment I a oar
Thouaandt of human being hav ben eaved a Ufa oi
decnpltad and miaary by the at of this btvalaabla mad
sin. , .
... LINIMENT -:.
Will rUev pain almoet uiitantauaoaily, and It wU
clean, pariry and kaal tn fonlmt aor a aa ineradl
enort urn
Pr Bwraee atstsl Ottier Amlsmstle
oLeaa 01 leb ra tad Llnboeat la the only aai and r
Uabl remedi for th care of Brovln. Kin a Baa. Wiad
Italia, Spllnla, Danataral BBmp. Kodor Swelling Ii
ami mil to are , Big Head, roll avll, mtula. Old
raontng Bore ot Bweony. If proper r applied u tee
Sprain. Brnlaea, .Boratohee, Bore, or W anda. Cracked
eela, Obafee. Baddlt or Collar Oalla It la an Infallible
ly. apply It aa dlrtoUd, and a ear a oertatn ic
vry inamno. - . 1
Then trifle ao longer wlttt Bt many wartawa Unl
ment offered to voa. Obtain a anpolv of Dr. UoLeanS
atlebratad Liolmant. It will ear yoa.
J M. n eLK A 1, Sol Proprietor,
7 Comer or Third and Pine Street, Bi. Loot, lio.
f3rJe rallikuggiita. 1 1 .
n.MUha VAnvnvl a liim.r
augSB-dtwli ; - Coiamka. Otlo.
. i -, to Am u t'asvn- . ., K , ,
Liverpool, MoDtreal, Quebec, ,
'' I '- '.ttnd '''' .-.
Th Montreal Ocean Btcamthln Oomnanv flrtbiai
fnl.powndOId-aalll Steamer eall evarv Hat.
nrday frum PORTLAND, earrjing th Canadian and
uuwa BHuea man aoa pateenger,, , r., . .. , y:
NOyaSCOTIAIf ....Oapt. MoMa1raS'i I
BOUBtllAN ..w..-.Capt. Oraax. X f
' KOkTH BRITON....0pU Borland, a . ,
C AN a DU N Capt. Graham, . xa. I
WORTH AMIRI0AH..Oapt. Alton, -:
ANOLO-BaXOM ...... Capt. "lenlat, f :
niBKRNUN, , ,
NORwaOIAK, v ' ! . , - .... I (
fhortcsti cbeapeat and Qatckeat Can-
., . , ., Tcyiaxtcw iroim -
Will sail from LlVlRfOOL mrrrr Wedneaday.
from QUIHKO ewerf amtarday , ealling at
LONDONDKKRT. to roelvon kaani and lard Mall aad
reeBgrc,-t aad rrom Uwtand aad Bcotland. - r- I
Slaagow paeeengara ara furniahed wttttayaaa pasakg
nceaia w ana irom boaa-iaaerrj. 1
lt.ara ttos gniBt at redaoaa ral. ' ; xj
Aa experienced Surrroo ettaohod to each attanwr.
Ovrtlflcaie Ixeowd for aarrytng t and bringing oat pa-nx-ri
from H to arlnmpal tawa of Oreal Brltaia and
Ireland, at riacd ratee. by thla lis of etaamero, Bad
leering Urarpool (vary week. . '
ror pexewa, apply at in onto naoane
WAT, Nawr kerBt, and 1 WAllt
a,ivwriwwi, . . (
BABl, a KEAKLZ, tHaaral a tents,
0 to- ) J. R. ARMSTRONC, I
B0l0-Iydw , , HmtctntaaOfllc, Columbua, Ohl,
M wm; KN ABE & iO..
AT TIlEIH-NttW aai.ria-n-iivim .
- a If 9 -
ROB. 1, 1, 1 aad T 5. IDT 4W BTKBI, ,( j
rtrTatv rtr Mlat tfimla MlahMfail
ct r:.i i' 'tKAMU-
I'J., .'rlAU-rORTaS3.n-1''-r,-Being
hlcbly rcommndd by th flrat tiofboajr aad
, mm. 1
, - ,- IBBTHTJalKNT i .
f 17
Tb moat faatMlmenxtoeMr may raly apoa being
rile.eed in evtry reepeot. 1
lrmaiiMrai. wai. aaaaawnvi
e, r.rcoLLia!jtER;
Wha least le an Uetstlt Dealer 1st
."..5.-, ".aafci j '!
.. . . "Vn:' CHTMfr1i 'Mh fi I t-I
ouatantlx on hand mil the rav
rlwtta DHANatH aft n I
rr I. ,r M.
Oct. Tld . . s :
...... j
-U TW r B: .'W.V..T. -Il,.r ( I
n a i. r r n,x,
I I". . M ' "" ' "" ;-,ie
AwJ. remeddaagU titiHjiti2
: ZZZLZrrr"9 lMI can te made. It ia
" j W .i'axa ireaparUla,
SO ccrmblned with other substancea if still
greater alterattva emwa a. M .r.,i
five .antidot. for'thi dtZi "a
repuudta cure. It is bsliertd tiaturl
remedy la wanted by those who anffinv- tnat
uuuuiuu cumpttunv, ana uutt one bicU will
accompUgh their cure trust prove of tot0eMa
ffvwe to tlits large ckas of our afflicted ftiiot.
wizens. How completely this compound- will
00 U bat bean proven by experiment, rm manr
wmp'aMu CS 10 foumi Xfyfjfojit
Ebuptioks 1 axd Ettuwriva Diituiivd
riUPLBS, DlOTCUB, -I'tTMaU. &At,T.liUBtJltl
Scald IIiaD, SrrurLm i!ITl StimiTv' 4 aaak
. r - 1?- Ott-
rKPSIA AND Iff DI0TiaW. UVSunt .a - TlnM
OB ST. ANTHONY'S Tmt, and indeed thd Vhala
uhm ui .rompiauua ansing irom iyiifit or
Tttt Blood. . , . ',,. a
This compound" trill ba round a ov
moter of health, wheu taken In the spring; n
expel the foul humors wbiah ttea a the
blood at that season of the year, By tUrticio
ly expulsion of them many rankllrig HfsotoWs
are nipped in the bad. tiiultitu4fcs.iaui,' by
the aid of this remedy, spare tiwanulrertVoia
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the. system will strive to
ni Itself of corruptions, if not assisted brio .
wis through the natural ohannela of ihe body
br an alterative medtclue, -Claanae, out tha
vitiated blood whsnevor yott find lutapdridsa
bursting tlirougli tho skin In pimplef. erupttotu, "
or sores; cleanse it when yo ilud it b b
structed and slumriah in tlia wina .i .
whenever It is foul, artd your fcclinfs will toll
you when. Erenwlierenopwticular'tliaolcr
Is fult, people enjoy better health, aad lire
lonsrer. for cleanslncr tha Woorl. j Kaon'iri.
blood healthy, and all is well 1 but with tki
pabulum of life diaorJorud, there, can beoo
lasting health. Sooner oe inter, something
must KO WrohrJ atld fha Croat maohTriarw i3
life is disordered or overthrown: '
Baraaparilla haa, and .deaervea much, the
reputation of accompliahing the tnds. But
the world has been eirrepaouslr daeelvael It
preparationa of it, .partly, because the drug
alone bos not all the virtua- that i claiuai
for It, but ' mora because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extract. tnT'Jt,
contain but little of tha virtue. o Saxsaparilia,
or any thing else. , '.
Durifiir late veara tha miUio hmm Hon nil.-
lcd by large bottles, pretending to give a quaw
of Extract of Sarssparilla for one dollar. Moat '
of these have been frauds upon the sick, fox
they not only contain little, if any, baraapa
rilla,' but often no curative propertis whatev
er, iicnoe, bitter and painful disappointment "
has followed tho use of the various extracts of '
Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the .
name itself ia Justly despised, and has become , .
synonymous with imposition and cheat. 'Still . .
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend'
to supply sue j a remedy as shall reacuc tb-'
name from the load of obloquy which 'rcstsV
lo.nn S.. A .1 .1.:..,. t 1 r
wfwi. ... auu v iiuim tuivo grotmuv lor -hclievinir
it has' virtues which or irtexiatihla
by tho ordinary run of the diseases it h Intend. ' '
ed to euro, hi order to secure their complete' -:
eradication from the system, the remedy ahaul dV
be judiciously taken according to direction on -,
thebotUe. ' ; - - -
, . , rncfABCD BT ''"; J"U ii ,
DR. 1. C. AYEIt & CfX.;,
LOWELL.1 MASS. i T-t. -
Price, flporDotUoi Six Bottle for . -
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for Itself auch a renown far ttio cur J ,
vry variety 01 AUroat aud L,ung Cumjilaiut, that
It is entirely uiuiccasaarv fur 11 a in nmuat tim
vi dance of its virtues, wherever it has been m- '
ployed.. -As it ha long keen in conitonL.uo '
throughout this section, we need not da mora tnan -'
assure th people it fjuulity 1 kept up to the best" '
it ever haa been, and that it may he relied on to -do
for their relief ail it haa ever been found ta do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills;;
ad .
r-.u j FOU THB CO&I OF, J
Cottivnett, Jaundice, Dytppia, Ittdigiuiom, '
Dytnt)-y, Jour Stomach, Ityiipetcu, Was,
PHet, JVmtmtiluti. Ju npUeut and Si.i Diman,
XtVar Complacitf Vmpiy, TUK.Tiwtti
Salt Rhemh, mri, Omt; SmrsAjU) x
Ptnr PHI, tmi fat. Pui ifyhv) (t.i Blood.
They are snawroaled, so th.it th rjvt teni:
Hve ean tak tliem plcaaojitly, and. tlicy ara tit
best aperient in the vrld ibr all aha puraoMf -family
physio. .-; . w .1 , .... , ut
Prioa U cents per Bex '. Hva boxes for 31,00.'
- - r 1 - I .11 - . .
Oreatnttmbers of Clcravman'. Phvur-iana Rt.r
men, aad emiiieiit. pexiu(ro, bar lit ilielr
name to conify theonorallclcl tiefulnei orUtaj
remedies, but our sfioce here will not permit the
ineertton of them. The Affents below nanaaaVfur
niih ptUTOrAMEtticawAiaitwAchtvrhUbV;
are given ; with alto full dcriptions of tha aichw
Coninllints. and tha treatmai.r ih.t iKnolJ 1. f..l .
lowed for their cure. ....
Do not ba But off b linnrtnolnlnj A.lt.Tm -
other preparationa they maka more profit on.
IHmand Aran's, and talta no ctbar. Th. .1, k
want the beat aid there is for them, and they should
nave it, . .
All our remedies ar fcr eal " " I
1 "' ': S0BI1TB A BiMTTWtJ r-tl
uaOT uminri.1 aaa voamrs evarywatra.
avKiya.iweaw r . .
An txpertaaetd Fan and fmaW iyeioaia7nrtn ---
to th xtteotten of motaera, he. '..1 A
which greatly faellltatae tb nroeaas f teerhisx;. hy aafv
nlng th rama, redaoing all Inflammation -Wtif Jiiay
auirus aoaapaemedlcaouoo.aodm
DepaoAapaa lt,aaOthrsXlKUllitvnx to yralvw
W hav pat ap aad aMd thla article for ever ten ttar.
and CAM BAT, In 0ONfI0Ca0BAMITaOTfi.afli.
what w hav never ben abt to ay at aay other amdt-la-NaVKB
AMCB.TO BSf EOT A OTJRH, abeb timely uerd: wav
er ata w xnow an uwuuioe orauwturaeetoa by any aa
wh axed It. On tha eoatraryr all aradallghtod attk tm
wparaUoDS.aad apeak ta to rat of eaeamaadaUoo ef Its
xaaf leal eneota and medical vlrtuee. apeak la Je
mauar "WHAT WB DO KNOW)" after tea yware' extw
rtenoe. AND PUtDOB 008 RP0raTIOI fOR lltA
almoatvry ra.Unc wher themmot to eaeHg-fraa
pain and exhalation. rnf will a fooad ta Altaaa ar
twenty miaataa aftr thanyrnp admlaird.,,T
Thla valnabHi aiwnaratlrm I tb preeeripUoa of an of
the mnet aUaPaHIBaCKDaod AKILLf UL NUSi-aSIa
t.ew Bneraad. and hat aaa astd.wltbJtltUb f AUr
Itnotaaly relterae tkeoaild from pain, ual Invlfor
ale taaatoaaaek and kwwala. eerraet aelnlty, aad give
too aad eneryr to lb who I ajitem. It W.U alaaeel as
stantly ralier . ,
and overoonM oonvulilona, which. If aotapdily team,
died ad ta death. We bellava It kha BK.X aira.
B8T KIMKDI IN THB WOHLD, la alloate ef S
It eriaee free tehlBa. rroea, any. oihi aaiuie. V
Would aay to vry xaalhar who he a ehl Id aof-riD fnaa
any of tnfoigoirgaomplalnte-lH NOT i.k'T totia
raajuuicaa nott tub PRBjUDiossor 0THB&4
waod between yoa end yonr aufferlng ehlld, aad th r-
wr mat wilt oe ou jib jee. absulu rai.x ausa ta
tallow ta aa of thlaaaedletD, if timely aeed. fall
taction for atlag Will aoeompany eack kottta. Mom
EoalnnUmrhraormlle-jBRrISekPaRlJMS, .
iw York, la wtb oatal rranpw.l ..fa
Sold ay all DraggieU throughout the world. . -
Prl iclpaiorflear I Ca Street N..
ewryMtwIy. T'I-t- ;- y
- ' a a.K...... '
.ii.'.Hu:'t'l J..-,,1, it f
Iwiiitv sesm. em Excn"": m,
tdfaat,thaodivldl keltol u a, iiotLD-
INtt Ha.xo,Northiil(heiret,boriierii;, k Streaiand
Ljrna Alley. K aa dltpeetd oi by tu )t at A( til, lit
ttor will befoaeaaU u.-i t -e;.,r lf
I S'Tf Yf h TrA.TM! r---v
oa tb one term, or tor dniM OIT? I-itUalRTT,
a well mlected stok off AMILf tjaocxatSS,
' AIM " ' "
TwAit vkrf dii)!rtU BUnPTWu LOTaTaiUaUdoB
rra-n-nrow avwnaiw, ptorui vi wren air,
i' ICri''tSWtfBjia,

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