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i';WTL8 Adams Express Company plaoes us daily
' under obligations to it for the very latest papers
, , "from the eastern cities. , . . r:-- -
'' The Amioii ExpreM Company has our
. thanks for Us dally favors in tho shape Of the
, ,t err latest eastern papere.
i". Livrs of thb Statb FanoiBLM. The State
Fenclbles will, on to morrow (WaiHiHOTOM'i
'Birth Day), parade in the forenoon, and in the
evening reselre their friendi and gneiti at
their Armory. The grand military tableaux.
the muslo and other entertainments provided
for the evening, will render the reoeption at
Armory Hall a splendid affair. Tbeexeiolses
of the evening will be varied aooording to the
following '
OvUTtn., Pot-pouil,from Nebuchadnesitr.
OOOBMiJl'i .
BmaK, Representing the Goddess of Llb
' - erry preaentlng WMblnston With the
" " Declaration of Independence, OonttW
' tutlon and Flag of the Union
ttvnu.twt or tiu Diikam, Introducing
Instantaneously the splendid Tableaux
'.' and Allegory of tb United Btatee,rep
' ' resenting a Grand Triumphal Arch,'
' ; surmounted by figures of Washington,
the Goddeaa of Liberty and thirty-four
' ' toantlful little girls, dreesed In sppro
" " prlate oostutne. representing the bond
of (he Union the withdrawal and final ,
reltoratlon of the acceding Bute....
Baiio tiu Stabs add Btrims at loav
Soiro, Colombia theOtm of the Ocean, by
. the wioiwai).
Ovsrtori Othello Botsini.
1'Taoliavx Death of Warren.;
9. TabiiacX Vlght for the Standard
J. Tablcacx Washington crossing theSala-ware
.4. Boas Bur Bpangled Banner, by the FmctlUi.
'. CoaoMATtoa March.. Jfutrtur,
' ' Edinsuroii Review raa Janoart. This num
ber commences anew volume. Its contents are
unusually interesting. It opens with an ar
tide on "Church Expansion and Liturgical Re-
vision,- in wnicn, among otner questions, that
m me acceptance in common oy the tvangell.
cal Churches of tbe orthodox creed Is fully diav
cussed. The second article Is devoted to the
A.ugUBge,aac,er. customs ana government
o me jap.ue.e, ana me leaeioiuty oi esMOtun-
t . ! 1 1 . . . i . i mi .1
Aug, uuiuiueruia i rtjiaiiooa wun inem. i ne ar
'tide oh (he Victoria Bridge at Montreal Is brief,!
bnt interesting, from Its scientific dotails-1 Most
readers will bo 'pleased with the longer but I
England and Saotland.'' . ..Ocean Telegraph,"
is a sketch or the varioni enterprises in that di I
rectiod, In which every one who loves to trace I
the progrese of modern discovery and improve
ment can but feel a deep Interest. The "Au
tobiography of the Rev. Dr. Alexakdri Car
ltli" is reviewed, and pronounced to be a book
that "contains by far the moat vivid picture of
Scottish life and manners that has been given
to the publio since the days, of
Sir Walter I
Sam II " J ' "'-
... i I 1 4 - '
- The other artloles in this number of the
Edinburgh, which we have nott!me spedalijto
charactcriaobut the value ol whloh may be
judged of from their titles, are "Motley's
History ol the Netherlands;" "Forbes and
Tyndallon the Alps and their Glaciers;" "The
Kingdom oMtaly,"and."Naval Organization."
The American publishers ofjtba Edinburgh
Review are Messrai L. Soorr It Co., 64 Gold
street. New York. The price la $3 a year;
with Black tnod'i Magazine, $5.
CTWe learn from the Dayton Empirt that a
fellow orofossina to be an aeent of the notorious I
Hinton Rowan Hurra, called at the office of I
" u I
that ptper, oa Monday Ut, the 18th bat., and
nAPAil sentwis In the nanap anrl a Int nrnlmn. I
lare, announcing a leoturo on "The United I
States," in the evening at Huston Hall,
Hall was lighted up, twenty-three ticket were
sold, and after waiting a reasonable time for
more customers, the agent "slipped Isway"
and the gas was turned off. The author of the
"Impending Crisis" did not make his appear
ance at the Hall, and could not be found- The
Droorietor of the Hail, and our good natured I
vtlhciupvrarjr, sue An,, v, itvis vvhu ii siiniw
their respective bills.
A LtTTia on its Travels. Iq May last, a
gentleman posted a letter in London for Hun
gary; he addressed It "Name of the town,"
."via Franoe," but forgot , to add "Austria."
At the pot office in London tbey seem to have
taken it for granted that "Hungary" is some
where ia India, and that "via France" means It
should go by way ol Marseilles, ana so to Wai
" eutta it went: then to Lucknow, Kurrscbee,
Bombay, Madras, Qalie, and finally to Hong
kong. Here, at last, a highly educated post-
m . , . i . ,.nt t T
. r-. i J .... I. fiu
pari ui Ausu-ia, uuruuc, auu aous uw
at last, after eight mouths' traveling, it arrived
at its destination.
Diath or Col. Johnston. The venerable
Co!. John Johnston, one of tbe early pioneers in
. tbe seUlement of Ohio, died at , Washington
' City, on the night of Sunday, the 17th Inst., in
the eighty-sixth, year of his age. For more than
a quarter of a century ha served the Govsrn-'-
ment ' with fidelity In the captclty of Indian
'. AMit. For a number of vears he resided near
Piqaa, and latterly he bad made hie home among
. his friends In Dayton or Piqaa, as Inclination or
convenience prompted-' His high character and
amiable deportment commanded general esteem
and respect. " ;
n.rnm n Tra. The author of Whaa We
- --
Est." a carious book recently published,
speaking of tea, quotes a Chinese legend to tbe
effeet that a pious hermit, who, In hlawathlngs
- and prayers, had been overtaken by sleep, so
tht hie eyelids closed in holy wrath against
1 the weakness of the flesh out them off and threw
them on the ground.' Bnt a god caused a tea'
shrub to spring outol them, the leaves of which
exhibit the form, of, an eyelid bordered with
" lathes, and porsess the gift of hindering sleep.
IT When a powder magasine,' by exploding,
..iaa Annum In iha atmnanhA.A th.
rdors of adjaoent houses are aot, as most people
would be led to expect, foroed Inwards, but
air within the rooms breaks tho glass outwards,
In rushing to restore tho equilibrium of theat-
1 nosphero. Thut, If tho windows of a room
i raised before the firing of cannon, no glass
- ubs broken. " 1 . .-
. '.,-. 1 - " ear - - .
, , , tEP A new writing apparatus for the blind
.':' has been invented by the Rev. Mr.. Waedlow
, of Scotland, orlgl Daily for his own use,'
V At A ..n ... V.n .V nnh...m.
' ISJ . -41 MAaB tMalM a,M was V aaacusj SB TV Vt SSs WU WW wmtavw
.,, bat the paper' moves upward at the proper
tinoe, as each line li completed, by a slight
Iron the left hud,
LOP We take the following poem, written by
WV W.FoamcK, from the Cincinnati Preit,
Theocoaalon lor whloh it wai written has pass
edby for this veari but inch versei are never
outof leaeon: ' . -.n .
Deareet Miry, darling mlnel
I a rhymed wreath will twine,
'Mid tho f ebraary inowi,
for thy ft n tie Valentino.
Spiked rinks and Buckle-Tine,
Hlgnlonette and Bglantlne,
For alary, ebe'e my winter Bolt.
When the snow snrobes the hill,
And glassy grows lbs dark bins rill, '.
lie then her smile can bloat;
Laughing Ilka a living spring ,
With lit Joyout bubbling,
Dancing In a lalry ring,
Of sver greenest Oresl.
Borrow't fast to ohlll and pale,
Ne'er thall lilt to the her Tall,
"" ' But double thrloe 111 fold;
But aiadneraolad In tunllght theoo,
1 Walking the velvet fields ot green,
Shall bo thin own heart'i harvest queen, .
At fair Euth wat of old. -i
. i -u
Ohl were we In tomt fairy tela, '
Where Bummer ever waart a emlls,
As In Arcadian Greece; '
Where thepherdt wandered in a throng,
' Aid did the etarry night prolong,
'Illl rosy dawn heard luta and song,
Fade like a dream of peace.
Then beneath a Myrtle grove.
Whispering tender Towe of lore,
I'd trim thy Jetty looke of hair. -With
Panelei, golden-eyed, and blue,
Carnation'! flame anquenched by dew,
Husk-roses, and the Feather-few,
And Cactus ehioing fair.
Again, again I'd loop thy looke,
' With Golden Oupe and Four-o'oloeks,
And in thy hair of night,
The Bnow-drop and the Orange-blow,
The pearl j, waxen Mistletoe,
' And In Its blackness drop the snow,
' Of one Otmella while.
Then, Ceree of my heart I I pledge,
Thee, faireat Sower of life 'a hedge,
My Amaranth divlnel
Though doomed alone and ead to dwell,
'Mid mournful bloomi of Aaphodel,
I blew thee with a fond rarewelli
My Bote and Valentine.
CINCINNATI, February 14, 1861.
English Knowudoi or American Politics.
The London Ttlegraph thinks that the En
glish people have heretofore given too little at
tention to the politics and policy of the great
Amerloan nation, and, in view of the universal
igaoranoe of its readers, it commences an ex
planatory essay, with the remark that the trou
ble now pending in America is occasioned by
the desire of Virginia to extend slavery Into the
States of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.
La Roe's Panopticoh of thi Was lit Innia.
ju Panopticon at Mmtgomtri HaZt-To-night
m,, l4 Rn wm gi ,nother of bis popular
exhibitions at Montgomery Hall. Those who
have not witnessed the Panopticon should not
n to tmnrnw. thanrMantnnnf.rtnntt.Tnr .Mln.
,he most nobIe tfarUlInS and graphle entertain.
,.. th. h.. .. h.n nffA,.j t th nh!in
Thi Hiao of Farnsorodoh. A Now York
letter - writer says
The Benecl Boy U sufficiently a public
enaracier to mate nis movements oi interest
l 1 .1 m I - I 1 a J . . I ,
2." , CP'aSr. Mhi.
"cone to New Orleans, to engage in business.
nd hopes, by strict attention, to realize a for-
tune." The business which John C. has cone
into is understood to have some connection with
zoology I think they call it the 'tiger.'
ETH. C. Case, of Union Springs, New York,
has challenged the world for a trial of speed on
skates. Hie friends claim that under favorable
circumstances, be can travel a mile in two min-
utec, and that his strides, when under full mo
tion, are about twenty-two feet each.
STLlttle Boy "I say, ma, has your tongue
gotlegs or wheels?" . .
Mother "No, my dear; what makes you ask
such a question as that?" .
Boy "Why, pa said it was running from
morning till night."
Mother "Put this little boy to bed, Susan;
he is getting sleepy."
To an unbiassed thinker, the most pressing
Inquiry Is. obviously , not Whence eame I? or
-hither eo IT but it ie-Beintr here, what am I
in ai
w .1
ffTTlit purest Joy we can experience m one
i . . . . 1. . . i .a n r
wej Hive, IB w aeo tuat iutcu vuw ouuius vi
happiness to others
ETA shot that hits
is better than a broad-
side that misses.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Malls for New York City, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
Plttabunh. Fteubenvllle war. Olereland. Zauesvlllo,
Me war a, uranvine, aiuing ton uuy , naiumora, i-uua-
delphla and New Orleans, olose daily (Bunders sxcept-
A throuih mall for New Tork and Olereland closet
dally (Sundays ezceptea; as i o cioca p. m.
O. 0. at 0. R. B. way Mall eloeea dally (Sundays ex-
AAntjtrfl a, 1 n'clnrk n. m.
Ventral unto way ataiicioeeaaaiiy touuoajs ncrpnu;
at 1 o'clock d. m.
Cincinnati way alaii eioeet aaiiy inunoaya excepieav at
I o clock p. m.
Chicago, Dabuque, Delaware, Marion and Worthing
ton Mail eloees daily (Bandars excepted) at 1 o'clock
n. b. i
Mailt lor xenta, Dpnngneio, iaytou, aoicuo, viusiu-
natl, Indianapolis, Loulivtne, at. i,ouis, ana vetroii,
eloees dailr (Bundars exeeoted) at7X D. m.
A throuih mall to Xenia. Bprlnifleld and Cincinnati
eloees dally (Sundays excepted) at i o'oiooa p.m.
Urbena, riqna, liuin ana union uity maiieiosee uaiij
fflnnrfAWA HMntsill at 7u o'clcak n m.
Lancaster, Logan, NelsonTille, Olrcleville, Chllticothe. I
Portsmouth, Washington, 0. H-, Athens, Marietta and I
Billsboroush, mails close dally (Sundays excepted) at7X
Bait way Mall by National Road to Zantsvllle, closes
A. t,.. a - .....t. 11 a'mIamI. m.
ileri-laburgo stalls sioae uany vsunaaye sxcepteu; at
0 'clock p. m.
Mt. Vernon Mall, by way of Wetterrllleand Eunbury,
aIammiIaIIw rflnnitAva eveeDtad) at 1 o'clock n. m. '
Dublin stall eloees aaiiy(.eunoaya exoepuujai i m
S Ualla (ram New Tork. Boston. Philadelphia. Albany,
Pittaburah. Olereland. Dayton. Toledo. Xenia, Detroit,
irtnenela. umcmnau, vniuicoine, pt. ajuuib, auu u
iBthera eltlea, arrive between the hours of 9 'deck p.
. and A o'clock a. U.
Malls frost Indianapolis, Chicago and Dabuque, arrive
at 3:40 a. m. ,
Malla from Washington CltV. Baltimore, Wheeling,
Eanesrille, Newark, BUubenrllle, Mt. Vernon, ant the
0. 0. R- R. way Mall, arrive at H o eioca p. m.
VT ay JBA11 I rUUI viUVIUUAtl, An w w.v. y
Y..n-ut.r MaII arrlvea At 3 U o'clock n. m.
But War Mail over the National Road, arrives at 11
'clock a. m.
Mt. Vernon way Mall arrives at II :00 a.
Mall from Dublin arrives at 9 o'clock p. m,
Urbane War Mall arrives at 8 o'clock p
Herrisburih Mall arrives at 11 o'clock a. m
Office delivery open every day (except Sunday,) from
I !X '' a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. . 6ren oa Bundayt
Rail Road Time Table.
Lrrda Muan k Oeujatoefc Ximia R. R. -
Leaves. ...
Aooommodatlon S.10 A. M.
No. 8 Ix S.30P.M.
Night Bxpress 8.45 A.M.
S.1SP. M.
1 so P.M.
8.49 A. U
Ouvslaitd, Oolokbos h OiaKTimaTi R. R
express and Mall 3.00 P.M.
Night Express S:8i A. M.
1.40 P.M.
:J0A. M.
CsktsulObioR. R.
BxpraesTrslB 3 00 . M
MaU Iraki - I-
8 SO A.M.
8 x0 P. M.
I Prrruosea, Ootoaurot It CueomiuTt R. R
I .... Ixnveet Train... a w a. m.
8.90 P
8:80 P
r. q ah . ar
jaaii instu
OoitnsBDsasIirBiaaArouaB.B. '
IColuatbaa, Flqaa a uaiana . .j
' Wxpraas Train....... 8:10 A.M.
r laprese Train 8:43 P.M.
ttJ-TBeexeiMment caused bv the rresiaent
elect paselng through cities and villages, on
route to tne W bite Houte, Is full v Illustrated
er erj dav at J. B, Clark's New Yoik Clothing
MtnrA. n(rl ..... Mflt.l .Inthln.
. ' "7C" l TV u.ufj ..v.u. -
suaun wf vuuiio nanntr neooms conriuueui
that they can buy ch-pand get better
isrinsuwtunv Hisasiseraars. 'i 1 ; .J
.. 1 t
' OCT If Ot your druggla t, your Storekeeper,!
1 An.t,A.A a1,a n.n Vns Ka"!..
or anwhereeueyoacan,bat be sure and
Onernsej's Balm, an4 no other.
Has Tim Tamo Lit A e-awky baok woods
boy was once at a depot on one of the Georgia
railroads, and was, of course, deeply interested
in gailog, for tile first time, at the mighty
"flxins " Finally, he got Inside of oar, and,
while Indulging In his unbounded curiosity, the
whistle screamed, the bell rang, and the steam
horse began to surge at the rate oi"two forty."
"Ub, Lordy," snouted tne Doy, "stop it, stop u
I ain't acwlne;" and bursting forward, be open'
ed the door and lumped out on the platform.
Just then the train was crossing a deep andoav-ernous-looking
gorge, and seeing the earth and
tree tops beneath him, he fainted, staggered
baok into the car. and fell. Directly he
Ipame to, and looking up at the eonduotor, who
rmtnnA h klm kit ..fll.lm.J with A HaAnalffh.
"WW VJ UlUfl, lig VIMIUSU U m wvvy peg
"Ob, lordee, stranger, hai tht thing lit?"
A Word to Husiandj. When von eo home
to tea, and find that Mrs. Smith has succeeded.
by a simple turn of the wrist In produoing some
of those scrofulous looking? biscuits', which are
your special aversion, and as yon with a familiar
nod reoognize the eruptive countenances of your
old enemies, don't go off into one of those par
oxysms of rage and disgust, which always make
you so particularly disagreeable! but, on the
contrary, mildly, yet with becoming dignity,
place your hand In your pocket, and extract
from its lone confinement the dime which shall
Elace Mrs. S. in possession of a package of Da
iAnd's Chemical Salcratcs, with which she
ciDoot fail to have perfect sucoess in making
biscuit, pastry, &o. Manufactured, and for
sale at wholesale, by D. B. De Land & Co.,
Fairport, Monroe Co., N. Y. De Land & Co.'s
Saleratus Is now for tale at retail by most of
the dealers.
Who will suffer from Foul Humors. Sores, or
Disease of the Skin, when such certain remidies
as McLean's Strenotainq Cordial ado Blood
Po-rivier, and McLean's Voloanio Oil Lini
ment can be so easily obtained. The Cordial
will purify the blood thoroughly, and the Xioi
ment will enre auy sore, ceo tbe advertisement.
O See advertisement of Prof. Miller's
Hair Invlgorator in another column.
ercdentiala of Tlmoth O.
Howe, Senator elect from Wlieosein. .
eereral prlTate bills were paeaed.
On motion of Mr. Wade, the Houae bill to anthorln
the Poat Maater General to diaoontlnue the mail lerrlce
In Btates where It is liable to be Interfered with, waa ta
ken up.
Mr. Orecn moTcd to add that the Secretary of the
Treaaury be directed to prerent any attempt to collect
dw raTenue in aucn ntaiea. ' '
Mr. Douaiaa snreealtd that thla waa not the nrnner
place to oiler this amendment.
Mr. Green said It waa a direct attempt to strike at the
States claiming to be out of the Union. Ia there inaur-
recuon in any Bute, or obstruction to mall en-rice
Iron If there waa the Poit Muter General or Pnaldent
haa no power to interfere, unleii uaed by the Governor
of the Bute.
Mr. Hemphill offered the following:
WatRIAa. BeTeral Statea have allhitrawn from the
Union, and tho laws of the United Btates are no longer
enfornd; therefore,
Setoivid, That the Poat Maater Genera! be directed to
discontinue poatal aerrlee In theaald Btates. and meke
arrangements with the OoTernmenls of the same lor ln-
urpottal communication therein.
air. ttreen withdrew bit amendment. '
Mr. Clingmaa aaid he beilered thoee Btatea ware out
of the Union, and foreiin Btates as much ai Great Brit
ain, and thought the mall seiTice ought to be atopped.
lie waniea 10 niter tne Dill, and wanted to f trite out tne
'ineurrectlon," and Insert aa a reason for the discontin
uance the '-eeceaaion of certain Btatea-"
Mr. Fitch auKKeated to ear a ref uaal to acknowledge the
laws, to aa not to recognise eeceaaion. A leo atrike out the
wordt "poatal laws maintained," ao as to giTO no reason
to employ force
Mr. Clingman accepted.
Mr. Mason aaid tba bill waa a declaration of the
Houae of Insurrection oa the part of tbeae Btatea. Be
truated we would look on the question as It Is, one of the
moat grave ones ever before the country. He aaid the
facts were, Btates had confederated, bad a Congress In
session, with as much power as we poetess, yet the Mil
oalls It Insurrection, and assumes that there la no new
empire, out mat tne federal power Is atlll In existence In
mom etatei. proeeeuecuto argue against anything
waicn piungea me country in ciTII war.
Ai iv ociocK tne tar in bin wai taken un
The committee's amendments were adopted, except a
aw wi wuivuavf.ani iuwi were lAieu, uiai rruuoing
the duty on aogarand placing Hon tea and coffee was
agreed to, tne amenument placing a percent, on wool
was carried Xuto 10.. The amendment for 15 per cent.
adtalorm on books, periodicals and watches, waa car
Mr. La-e offered bis amendment, whloh substitutes es
sentially the tariff of IP40.
Mr. iiale moved that stationery and paintings of Amer
ican artiste be free, but a duty of 10 percent, on all
others adopted. A duty of S per cent, on copper ore
was adopted, i
air. rowel I moTea to amend ny repealing an tcu giv
ing bountiee to fishermen. Lost lb against 87.
air. Buyara moved to aaa a provision tnat amies levied
""V ' " " vr "
brandies. Lost-i8 asainst .8.
.." ' ian being on Mr. line's amendment,
hanAmrltflifl nnrn. KAHaVrftail .
Mr. Lain iDoka ftt lenitth sn1mt th bill on fecouloa.
fce. Rccet iq tbo meaaumo being rerawd-iQ rwuit
Mr. Wilson moved to amend by Inserting the first act
of the tariff of 1857, with the rates Increased by that of
IB to, and free list untcucned. Lost.
Mr. Lane a amendment wat disagreed to 1 J against
K. The bill men passed i eaa: Anthony. Baxer, Ding-
Cameron. Chandler, Clark. Doollttle, Durxee
Foote, Foster, Grimes, Hale, Harlan. King, Morrill, Sew-
aid, Blmmons. Bumner, xen cyca, irumouu, nana.
Wilkinson. Wilson: nays: Bracg. Clingman, Douglas,
Green, Hunter, Johnson, of Ark., Johnson, of Tenn.,
Lane, Latham, Nicholson, rearce, roweu, nice, Beoss
tlan. Adjourned.
The House reserred the consideration of the rolunteer
bill reported from the Military oommlttee. - -
Mr. Booock eild he considered the passage of toe bill
a forgone conclusion. He opposed Hon account of the
features whicn appear on Its lace. lie opposed It In con
sequence of the effect He paeeage will- produce on the
peace and proaperity of the country. He opposed It,
anovean. ana more man an, in consequence of tne pol
icy it indicates, lie yesterday characterised tne bill aaa
declaration of war, and having ainee carefully read It,
he reiterated tne reman, lie continued at tome lengtn,
saying the Union waa already di'lded. and thought tbe
Border Btatea anouid join tne uuir states to preserve
peace- Whatever hope may hare been cherished of a
peaceful solution, It will be diminished by the passage of
tnis mil.
The report of the Committee of 33 was taken up.
Mr. Vallandlcham favored conciliation and compromise.
and advocated the adoption of hit proposition, dividing
the union into lour sections. -
The Beoate s amendments to the Nary Bill wrere taken
Mr. Oarnett offered a provision that the new tloopt of
war shall not be used to execute the federal laws in any
seceding States. Long debate eneued. In which Mr.
Stanton took it for granted that the Administration
would not recognise tbe constitutional right of secession,
and It, will be treated as revolution.
Mr. Oarnett evoke several times, stating that Mr. Lin
coin, both In hie speeches and private conversation, bad
loresnadowea a coercive policy, ana intenaea to mass
war on the South.
Mr. Anderson, of Ky., taxed Mr. Oarnsttif he was nr
the union.
Mr. Osrnett-I am for ths Immediate accession of Vir
ginia, fillaseeand aoolsuse.l
Several motiona were made to clear the galleries. The
Chairman checked the demonstration.
Mr. Brown asked Mr. Anderson It he did not believe
In tbe right to accede, and If he wat tor the Union, the
Constitution, and the enforcement of the laws, as long as
they were In tbe Union. (Applause.)
Mr. Morse advocated the Senate's amendment.
Mr. Oamett'a amendment waa relected.
Ths Senate's amendment wss agreed to HI against
Recess until 7 clock.
Mr RufllR, of N.O.', made a strong secession speech.
The Uouie ihenadjourned. , ;
The Virginia Convention.
Richmond. Feb. 20 A large number of resolutions
on Federal relations were offered In the Convention to
day. They generally express attachment to the union,
aaA daalra an eouilable adiuatment. but denounce coer
cion, and deolare a purpose to resist. Others declare tbe
Union ot tne soutn tne eeieiy ot tne oouin, ana mat
each Blabs should epeedily resume the powers delegated
ia tha Oorernment.
The resolution was tabled for railing a eommlttee ot
Inquiry whether any movement of arms or men had been
made by the General Oorernment to any fort or arsenal
bordering on Ylrglnit, Indicating preparations for attack
or coercion. A resolution for a Convention of the bor
der Btatea at Wythevllle, tht latt Thursday In March,
waa Marred. - -
A reaolutioo'oalllng on the Ocmmltsloners to ths Peace
Conference ror Information wnetner any settlement m
Mntahla to VlrrlnlA. la llkelr. was tabled. I
n 1. . 1. J..UI k. .lataMMl Ii mA
franked Incendiary matter to free negroes or, others In
Virginia, and pronounced tne rranxa iorenee. xie com
mltlee reported that all bat 10 counties were heaM from
the majority ior reference lo tne people is as,or.
Mr. .Crittenden will toon be Invited to address the peo
pie here on national questions, by a large numberiof pro
minent men. l I
resolution wat onerea in tne uonrenuon, mat any
AttaiKDt at coercion of the seceded Stats a. be forcibly ra.
siattd by ra., ano m.rrni. - ' . "
"-" f or
Zh( Mlcnisn rtsolutlons wm seat back without corn
- t- i, r .,i nr..
i eeireet at tne oapot oy umarjwiua vi m.w..m...
labaeqoeatll they will be conducted to Oie State House,
..,1 In oarriAires. air. Lincoln Kill be Introduced to the
eetl .!r.I . L ,n ih. HonT mwiu afterwards take
e . v . ..u. onTha arranrsnents for the
I order. Sir. Sitneom ana sutta an aapvw,
a Abont noon,wita tne ataia wuiuitufv. , awj w sw
eelred at the depot oy tne aaayor ana vity aataonuss
Senate, and then to tht Boats,
dinner at the Tmnont Hoase,
ne will afterwards
Kiw Tore, Feb. 81 The Kangaroo anlTed
morning with Liverpool dates rla Quoenstown of the 7th
Intl., one diy later than tbe Fulton. Advices unimpor
tant. Both nouses of Parliament veUd addresses responsive
,a thA OnnA .nMch. An amendment In the Com
mons, calling on the government for a reform bill, was
rejected. '
The Farls Uonitmur confirms the statement of tht ees
Alnn in VrannA ni Hnitnnf And RotluebrUuO.
In the House of Lords, Karl Befton moved an address
Id response to me speech. .
Lord Derby aaid the address seeded no amendment,
notsllhilandlnir anndrv omissions in the speech. lie
regarded the refereooe to the United Btates aa the moat
Important topic, and aaid every one riewed wlih the
deepeat regret the events of that country, on which tbe
manuraeturing interests oi angianu au s,tn"J i".
He condemned the course of Sardinia In Italy; and x
iimiumI ittiAAtlafjUltlan with NaDoleon's speech-
Lord (IrAnvlile resnonded. deeply lamenting the dis
ruption In Ameiica, but felt confident that the reanlle to
England would not ne ao aenous, aa uio rvuii v. m
diA in.Mtbin wauI.1 a! anoa ha brousht Into play. He
said, roreign relatione particularly with France Were
most satisfactory. The address waa agreed to.
In the Commons, Mr. White moved an amendment to
the address deolarlng It the duty of the Government to
Introduce reform measures.
Mr. D'Israeli thou.ht there was not much encourage
ment for the Oorernment to do thie.
T.nrri Jnlin Snail lAlri there was Boa aumoient POP-
alar feel ina to cam a aatiafaetory meeaure. He was
Ick it intmnnMnA? Ahortlva bills. . He defended the for
eign policy of the Oorernment, and the eourie of Sardi
nia, air. Bright condemned tne apawy uii wvi.nu
ment relative to reform.
The AmenamAnt wa releeted. apd tne aauresi TOtea.
American affairs were deplored during the debate In tbe
A flra at nietihelm PaIata. the seat of the Duke of
Marlboronih. did damaMto the amount of 100,000.
Many valuable pictures weit burned, but the l'alace was
not muoh Injured.
It le said tbe Conference on Syria wilt assemble at
Paris forthwith. The principle Is agreea upon by all
tbe powers. Including Turkey.
The Bourse was depressed by the Emperor's speech.
Bentee 67fe5c.
The ilere of Oaeta continued, but there were rumors
negotiations for tbe surrender of the remainder of tbe
Arch-duke Ralner waa appointed Preaident of the
Ministry, and Court Nadasdy President of the coun
.Lirntrooi., 7th. Breadatuffs steady. rroTisions
quiet. i -
Lohooh. Thunder Era. Consols closed Qiit&MU:
I. 0.sbareaSHev;Srlsdo3UXlN. . 0. 7374.
Loaooii Feb. 7. Negotiations on the Danish question
are temporarily suspended. Tbe impression Is strongly
In favor of a oaciOa solution.
Paris advices state that the Cathollo parly In the
trench Chambers will propose an amendmenllo tne ad
dress, protesting against the revolutlonaiy policy of
(race in luiy.
The London TTflifS article concerning Mr. Cobden is
Circumstantially contradicted. Bo far from losing by In
vestments In the 1. 0. It. it., he Is receiving a handsome
Income from them.
Kngland has been inrlted by France to stop GVIbildi'e
career, but declines on the plea that the Neapolitans ought
be left to aettle matte ra themselves.
A letter from Genoa stales that while tbe elections
were proceeding In one of the communes of the province
Messina, a party of Bourbonitea entered the hall and
butchered in cold blood the President of the electoral
college and hit two sons.
PoaTL-aRDFob. SI Tbe steamship Nora Scotlan, from
Liverpool on tbe 7th, rla Londonderry 8th Inst, arrived
this morning.
The JVmes city article of Thursday says the English
funds had Improved by advances In the Paris Bourse, and
closed firm. The.dlscount market was active, Tbe po
sition of the Bank of France continues to improve.
PoMtlotl feeling has induced the Kmneror of Russia to
veto the exchange of gold and silver with the Bank of
Large remittances to India have been made for the
purchase of cotton. Tbe London Timtl regards the ac
tion of the Pruaalsn Chambers In favor of Italy as cal
culated to check the warlike Inclinations of the German
Lord John Russell's speech Is regarded In. Paris ss
Gaxta, 7. The tea letters have blown up three powder
magulnea, and destroyed the side curtain of the Citadel
Tbe garrison had asked an arm lstl -e of two days, to bury
Ihe dead, which was granted. Claldlni bad sent them the
neceiaariea for tbe wounded.
Tbe Turkish. Sultan refuses his assent to the prolonga
tion of the French occupation of Syria. t
A commercial crisis ia raging at Galatt.
The Montenegrins ate ravaaina the rlllaiea of Nlctts.
and killing men and Women, and burning houses.
liivaaroob maxt. Breaditoffe opened quiet and
steady. . Corn firm and steady.
London, Friday noon. Consols for 'money MX
01J. American Stocks latest sales wereS!9K discount;
ErleSSXiN. Y. 0. 7274.
Livuu-ooL. Feb 8 The khln "9pa Vlnwer Icln. In
the Mersey, for New Tork, took fire this mornlug, bat it
was soon extinguished.
The 'Sarah A. Bell, from Boston, la uboro near Wex-
roro, no particulars given. -
The President Elect in New Jersey.
Newark, N. J.. Feb. 81 Mr. Lincoln and suite ar
rived at the Morris and Eisex depot, in thit city, at X
o'clock, and were received by a Committee of the Com
mon Ocuncil, headed by the Mayor and a deputation of
nepuoncana ou noraeoaca. un entering the depot,
Mayor Bigelow addressed Mr. Lincoln as followa?
Mr. President eleoi: On behalf of the Common Coun
cil and my fellow-citlxens. I moat cordially welcome yon
ourcitr.and tender torouitshoenltalitlaa. I web-nine
you, Bir, on behalf of the eltiiena of the Metropolis of this
ewe, in point or population ana trade, who Save ever
been loyal to the Constitution, maintained Ihe Integrity
the Union, and wbo entertain tbe ardent hope that
your adminiatratlon will be governed by that wiadom and
dieosetlon which will be the meant of transmitting the
Confederated States as a unit to your successors, and
through them to the latest generation.
Mr. Lincoln In a low tone, but with emphasis, replied
substantially as follows:
Mr. Mayor: I thank you for the reception to your city,
and would say, in response, my.heart la sincerely devot
ed to the work you desire I should do. With my own
ability I cannot succeed; without tbe sustenance of Di
vine Providence, and of this great, free, happy and Intel
ligent pec pie, without that, I cannot hope to succeed;
with It. I cannot fail. Again. I return my thanke.
The Preaident elect and eomm'ttee were then escorted
ferriages, and driven to tbe Oheitnut atreet depot, a
distance of one mile, through Broad street, which was
literally thronged with spectators, while every availa
ble spice on the anrrounding buildings waa occupied.
Patriotie mant'eatations were abundant. The proceailon
first formed In face of a eold and almost blinding fall of
anow, wh-ch, however, aeon subsided, and waa aucceeded
by a genial aun and a bland, epring-llke atmoap here
emblematic, it is hoped, of the future administration.
As the train movid off, Mr. Lincoln bowed his acknowl
edgments to the crowd from the rear end of the car.
notwithstanding the malicious posters spoken of yes
terday, nota single msnifeetatloD ofdiaraspect was beard
any time, but plenty of cheers were given to the
Washington News and Gossip.
Wasrinaton, Feb. SO The Peace Conference will,
according to present indications, take a final rote on the
pending proposition, on tb SSd Washington's birth
day. For the Brat time, a fiag-ttaff haa been erected nn the
War Department building, ror the display of the na
tional flag. ''
Ihe House select committee of lire on Ihe President's
messase, transmitted January 8th, will, to-morrow, make
report relative to the stationing of vessels. Ac. aaring
mat the defence ol tbe Atlantio coast has been sreatlv
neglected.and concluding with a resolution censoring the
secretary oi me nary ior, as tney charge, accepting,
without delay or Inquiry, the resignation of officers who
were In arms against the gorernment when tendering the
It has been ascertained that a larger number of reaaelt
are afloat now than for the laat twenty yean : and these
reiaeia may ne ntted out during tnree or four weeka.
There Is, however, a deficiency of lieutenants, midship
men, masters, and medical officers es well as seamen, the
law limiting the last named to 8,yuo men. .
Washiroton. Feb. SI. Between Dine and ten o'clock
thla morning a window awning at the War Department
caugnt nra irom aparxa irom a chimney, one or the mes
sengers hoisting the window to suppress tbe flames, they
were Mown into tne secretary's room, scorching tbe pa
ne's on the table.
inoeariyuiscoTery or tne ore was fortunate, conild
sring that the building is not fire proof.
The oeoretaiy, wno early enters upon hit bum a is,
was present, and Ihe first to give the alarm.
Capt. Meigs baa returned from Florida, by direction
of secretary Holt, to resume tne charge of Ihe Washing
ton Acqueduct; leaving In charge of tbe fortifications at
Tortugas, MaJ. Arnold, of tht Arttllery. He represents
that they are in good condition to resist any attack from
any quarter, and have py tnis time been reinforced-
Lincoln and Hamlin in New York.
New Yoax, Feb. 81. Vlee Preaident Hamlin and la-
day amred aboutvo clock, laat night, comparatively
few persons being on nana to receive nun, ne enteied
the Aator liouie without difficulty, and waa oonducted
to apartmentt provided for him. After Ike arrival of the
vice rreaident, dinner was given py u. u. uaviason.
There were present, among Invited auesls, Wm. M.
Bvarts, Thurlow Weed, Dean Richmond, U.J. Raymond,
Simeon Draper, and a few others. i '
Mr. Llnoolo visited the opera, by Invitation; while tht
children were taken to Laura Keeue's. Mr. Lincoln only
remained till tbe close of the second act, and then quiet
ly left the theatre, without any demonstration. .
. About hair-past 19, a fine serenade wat given to Lin
coln and Hamlin at the Attor House, by bands of wide
awakae and other Republican clubs. Mr. Lincoln did
not make hit appearance, put nr. juamiin, psing cauea
out, made a ahoit speech.
Up to a late hour in the evening, Mis. Lincoln and Mr.
and Mrs. Hamlin received their friends. . ;
Ntw Toaa. teb. 90 Before leaving the Oily HalU
Mr. Llnoolo appeared on the balcony in leaponae to calls,
and said: friends, I do not appear for the purpoee of
maklos a speech. I came merely te eee yon and allow
yoa to see me; and I hare to say to yon, ts I bars said
freonemiy to aooienova vd my juurnoj, torn, IB iu BlKut
I have the best of the bargain. Assuming Ibat yoa are
all for the Constitution cheers snd the perpetual lib
erties of the people, t oia yoa nrewen.
On hie return to me aiioi usbh, ne una inierviewe
with Hoa. Fish, Col. Fremont, and about ene hundred
nthara. ' '
Mr. Llneoln rlsitea Barnatn s maienm this r . St., ana
to-night attended tbe open. lie baa declined ao inrl-
tatlon to Vtais nrooaiyn. ,
Ha It-area at baii-paal eignt to-morrow morning, stop
pins at Jersey miy, howaia auu iiinwu, nnwi ior
Philadelphia. , . J v ' I ,
Arkansas Election.
f.Tmsviui. Aik.. Teb. The official vote of
WAihlnaton oountr aglnst Convention Is 874; average
majority of tloket 1400. Prominent Beesealonltls are
gradnalir eonoeaing tnat mv ptata naa gone af ainat von-
venuim ny aiarjr
i ii ii ,i
VJrwAax.lt. J.. Tab. M. VUlaloenssosteniweredls
I played to-day,
1 on Lincoln's a
lain. ineB
r. caning on woramen eo alien a at tne nopot
arrival to demonstrate tbe differences with
I bint. Ine Bamablfcua bare reaolred to torn out
cavalcade te escort hire throuih the eiqr.
Destitute Indians.
NiBaAStuOrrr.Ieb, 90.-Thedhlef and warriors of
the Ottoe Indians arrived In town laat evening, and
made a peremptory demand for the paj-mant of their an
nuity due In Jiovember lat;statiug thai their women
and children were starving, and their payment they
would have; peaceably, if Itcohld be got, and forcibly, If
Tbe agent took the money laft erenlng and secreted II.
A large meeting of Ihe eitisanswaa held, for the purpose
ol taking mcii.s for self-defense, If necessary.
From Mexico.
New OatSANa, Feb. SO. Advices from IUvena state
that Ihe war steamer Valseo would soon aall for the Uni
ted Btates with Senor Paehere and other political exiles
from Mexico. The Captain General had given a grand
military review to uen. atiramon.
The Fort Kearney Hoax.
Fort Kcaairtr, Feb. SO. Tbe telegraphic report that
at old Fort Kearney the Palmetto flag wee raised does not
apply to the present ana new vort Kearney, wnere vol.
Mllea commands, and If 1 understand his views and the
temper of bis troops, before tbe stars and stripes are ever
hauled down every man win ne at tne root or tne nagsua,
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 21.
FLOUR Receipts 8.398 bbls. Market lets active, hut
unchanged; selee 8 000 bbls at !i 20 ? SS5 for superfine
Btatei at 40 for extra State; aSSOtSSSS for su-
pernne western; ua jimav ror confmon to medium
extra Western, and S5303l5 70 for inferior to good
suipping oranne extra nonnti nonp unto.
it i iaiu k eteaay at f i mat io.
WHCAT Keceipta 410 busbela. Market without Im
portant change; sales of 40 000 bushels good Chicago
spring at Sll183X delivered ror North Weslera
Club; S123S12J afloat and delivered for Milwaukee
Olub;tl 32(81 35 for Winter Red Western; and l 403
w" ior wuite western.
KiK quiet; saaWJVo.
BARLEY steady; 3.500 bush. State 74c.
CORN recelDts S.0B4 bnah. marirAt wtthnn, miuiii
change; holdera diapoaed to realise; sales are 34,000 bush.
67X09 old mixed Weafern in store and delivered; 62
teu4 new ao at rnuroaa. .
OATS dull at 35VCS37. for Western. n.nHIn An
PORK dull an unchanged: 10.1 hWs. ftl7SSmeAA.au
UK kf quiet and unchanged.
OUT MKATS-stetdy.
LARD firmer.
BUTTIll in fair renneitAt lnailin ftl.i li
Ol'Jo for State. '
0 H K B 8 B steady .
SSJ1""' flrm" ,alt' 300 bbl ,70'
BTO0KS- dull and lower. Mnn. ..a n..h.-. ...
changed-Ohio at R I S7; 0 P 4c A ISO; 0 ac T 32 JJ;
N Y? farl 15; do quoted at37;
UeO'sOS 08; do3't67tt!l.
pCOrjtON-qulet; salea 800 bales at llo for middling
Cincinnati Market.
Was - a iiiiIa nr ..!. i.
looal trade, the market having, consequently, a more
active appearance without having much actual increase
uuuiiaaie. riioea remain at laat quoted. Wheat at
1,00 for red. Is taken readllr: hnt thA off.. inn. .i,..
figure are light S3c per buahel higher being generally
asked by sellers. ...
JOUU Is still Quoted at 33j. hut has not. tn t.. An
active market.
OATS are held generally at S8c. but knvera da nt
care to pay over SI7, In bulk. The market U consequent
dull, and only enough aelllnz to mart aurrent. IooaI
BAKLIY and rye are almost precisely at last quot
WH1BKT recovered Ko ner eallon to-dar wIiHa
good market. Cin. Com. lib. 111.
Cleveland Market.
February, 20.
FLOUR rematts auiet. Sales are aniAll. Imlni1ln
red wheat double extra at S,00. Buckwheat le dull at
1,7 If cwt.
WHBAT sales of 3 cars red delivered at SI 07. end 9
cars do on track at same
CORN Inactive and dull it 30 j. I
OATS quiet atSto.
BARLIY sale 1 car prime at 6SJ'o. 1
RYE sales of 100 buahels at SOs.
IHOnwXNBB are steadyat IS.
SEEDS clover Ia nnt.l .nH l nn oi..
bushelsprime Timothy at 82,84 per 42 nis. '
Tl IT ff It D Ia 1 I .a
"ui.in-uiti in iota oi a lewuirrelsat llo for
LARD tales of keg at 9c,
EGG3-sa!es of IS bbls at 10c, and do at loXo.
AT THEIR NEW mi.EH-.i msianr),...
r.00il, SO. 130 BALTIMOBXBT.ZA
NOB. 1, S, S and 7 N. KTJT A 8TEKTT
Offer for sale their celebrated
Being hlahlr recommended hv the tint PmrMinM a4
muiicai amateurs Of tne country, and
The most faatldtona cnitomee ntiMlfmwR k.in.
pleased in erery respect.
lermsneerai. WM, KNABI at CO.
' 8BLTZER ft WEBSTER, Agents,
OctS6;lydw. Columbus, Ohio.
flammation and naln. and IiaaIa Uia bmi hnn.
scald, bruise, cut. or fresh wound af mi kln niann,.
swelling and pain from bee stings, mosquito bites, and
poisonous planta, neuralgia, rheumatism, agna in the
breast, salt rheum, etc When taken Internally, It will
positively cure croup In children, and gives Immediate
iciici ui uie worat rase oi mis terrible complaint; also,
removes hoarseness and acre throat. Price, ss .t, .
bottle. Should be In every house. For sale hv Dm.
glaUandStorekeepere. IRVIN 8TONI,
ante Proprietor, No. I Spruce at., New York
Sheriff's Sale.
T. Woodbury St Co.
George W. Allen.
Superior Court.
to me directed, from the Superior Court of Vranklia
county, Ohio. I will offer for eale In the town of New AI
oany, at the etoie room of O. W. Allen, a lot of Dry
Ooodt and Notions, levied on ae tbe property of 0. W.
Alleo;sale commencing on MONDAY tbe 23th day of
February A. D. 1801, at 10 o'clock A. M.
Q. W. HUFFMAN, Fheriff,
febI3:10!d By Bo. Davis, Dep't.
Printer's fees S,S0.
1 a Staple Articles will furnish employment to
few active men to aot ae agents Ipr their house. A
preference will be given to thoee who are well acquaint-
w iu tur uisinct ior wnicn toey apply.
For which services they are willing to pay a salary
ot irom
$000 to $300 par year, aad Expenses.
For further particulars address
3 and 5, Zxchanga Place,
JanSO d3ra. Jersey City, N. J.
distreseinf complaint sue
Made by 0. B. BIYMOTJB 00., 107 Nassau St., N. Y
Price SI per box; sent free by post.
esarS-datwlrla .
And Blank'Book Martufantriror,
join h whkklct,
XI. Maxhattar, BBcnsiTT, era lanaarias me. Uo.
New Yoax; MnrAWTs' and Om Fmaov HaaTroaa
New Yoas Lira ana vorr. stomal Lire. -Offices
81 HIsTh Savsife'a Bl
ehV-dlv ' - '
Dissolution of Co-partnership. -
Is tblsdaydlttolved by mutual consent.
- , ., i . u. enrru.
febS:dlmo A. C. BH08H.
son J AUKS ADQKR BAIN as partner in my busi
ness, which Will hereafter be conducted andsr tbe firm
of Bala St Son. P. BAIN, 29 Soelh High. Bt.
Columbus, Feb 13, isiil. ' (enio
X. closing ap his old buainees at once, and hopes that
all persons baring ansettled accounts en his books will
aire went imaaeaiateaita-uo-,
. . . T, n a ,W
reoio -in,
arai-i t.ii.iT MUDIOl
jan 99 dtf J. 0. WOODS.
rets all throat tssad.
iaselau sTIstsr . WHOOPING
cout in, ana erery
catnipi laisttsbe foreran
ner ef. and even actaal
COlfSFJ mpTlo.
.V , v. '. "I
. The !reat Nt'llliai.
GS4J Kft ffllEBJV send NatU
nrai ur iaik, adapted
to every pecieastg ner
vasta Complaint, JVer
roast and Chronic
lltadacne, ataseuniata
tlataif CsttarrliA 'J'ootli
and Ear Ache, f.oa of
Sleep, andBoteel Com
No real justice can be done the shore preparations
but by procuring and leading descriptive uampbleta.-.s
be found with all dealers, or will be aent by proprietor
on demand. Fonsulae.and Trial Bottles sent to Ptrvai
elans, who will find developments In both worthy their
acceptance and approval. '
Correspondence aollclted from all whose necessities or
curiosity prompts to a trial oi lbs above reliable Berne
dies. ..,.,
For sale by the usual wholeeile and retail dealer
everywhere. . t
JOHN L. nUNNEWELL, Proprlcto
Ho. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Han.
Roberts It Samuel. N. B. Mamie. J. R. Cook. J. H
Denlg, 0. Denlg At Bona, A. 1. Bchueiler at Son, Aeents
ior uoiumnue. Ohio. myl-dly
irjorrAT' Lire films.
f n all eases of costlvenesa, dyspepsia, billions and liver
affection!, plies, rheumatism, fevers and agues, obstl
nate head aches, and all general derangements of health
theaa Pills have Invariably proved a certain and apeedy
remedy. A single trial will place the Life Pills beyond
the reach ofcompetltlpn In the estimation of every pa
tient. ' .. , , ...
Dr. Moffat's Phronix Bitters will be found squally ef
flcacloua in all cases of nervous debility, dyapepaia, bead
ache, Hie sickness Incident to females Indelicate health,
and erery kind of weakness of the digestive organs.
For sale by Dr. W. B. MOFFAT, 3.15, Broadway, N. Y.
and by all Druggist. . . . SBay3-dawly
The following is an extract from a
letter written by the Rer. J. S. Holms, outer ot the
Pierrepoint-Street Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. T.,to
the "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, 0. , and speaks
rolumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Mat
Wihilow's SoomiMo Bvapv roa C mm est Ttxrmnfl:
"We see an advertlament In rour eolumna of Mas
WmsLOw'a Bootuiko Sraur. Now we never aaid a word
in favor of a patent medicine before In onr life, but we
feel compelled to aay to your readers that thla Is no hum
claims. It la probably one of the moat successful medl
clnea of the day, because It Is one ot the best. And those
or your readers wbo have babies can't do better than
lay In a supply.'" oc27:lydfc
Strengthening Cordial and Blqotl
The Ureatnat Uetnedjr In The Uorld
ly a scientific and
Vegetable Compound,
procured by tbe distil
lation of Roots. Herbs
and Barks, lellow
Dock, Blood Root,
Sarsaparilla, Wild
Cherry Dark and Dan
delion, enters into Its
Before TakinSv.- rinTedwAttet Taking
principle of each Ingredient Is thoroughly extracted by
my new method of distilling, producing a delicious, ex
onerating spirit, and tbe most INFALLIBLB remedy lor
rannvAtin lh diseased system, and restoring the sick,
suffering and debilitated INVALID to HEALTH and
Will effectually cure
Chrotiie or Merrcma Debility, Dlsesees of the Kidneys
and all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or Stom
aoh, Dyapepaia, Heartburn, Inward Piles, Acidity or Sick
neee of the Stomach, Fullness of Blood to the Head, Dull
naln or swimming in the bead, Palp.tation of the Heart
Fullness or Weight In the Stomach, Sour Eructations
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down, Drrneet
or Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Night Swcatafln
ward f even. Pain in the small of the back, ebest or side.
Sudden Flush ea of Heat, Depression of Spirits, Frightful
Dreams, Lanvuor. Despondency or any Nervous Disease,
Bona or Blotches oa tbe Skin, and Fever and Ague (ot
Chills end Fever.)
Over at million of Mottles
Hare been sold during the last six months, and In no In
stance has it failed In giving entire satisfaction. Who,
then, will suffer from Weakaese or Debility when Mo
No buurtuure can convey an adequate Idea of the lmm
dlate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
this Cordial in the dieraeea, aebuitaica ana enaiterea
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by alcknese, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation is restored to its pristine health and rigor.
Or others conscious of inability, from whatever causa,
will find McLean s Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator ol tbe system; and an wno may nave injured
themselves by Improper Indulgences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy . ,
To tho Ladles.
McL'can's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, railing oi tne
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diseases incident to
Females.- . . ,
There is no Mistake About It. :
Suffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. It
will etimuuue, strengthen and invigorate yon and cause
the bloom oi neaiin to mount your cneex again.
Jgvery bottle is warranted to give sausraction.
FOR CHILiDBEPf. ' " ' ' j
If rour children are sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean 'a
Cordial will mate inem neauny, lat ana roouat. areiay
not a moment, try it, and you will be convinced
Oadtior. Beware of Drarrlsta or Dealers who mat
try to palm upon you aome Hitter or Bareapaniia trash
which ther can bur cheap, by savins It ia Just aa good.
Avoid aucn men. Aax lot mcLan a Btrengtnening vor
dial, and take nothine else. It ia the only remedy that
will purify tbe blood thoroughly and at the earns time
stienethen the system.
One tablespoon iu I taken aver morning fatting. Is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and Fever, Yellow
Fever, or any prevalent diseases, it at pat up in urge
Price only 1 per bottle, or S bottles for . ,
'i Sols Proprietor of this Cordial,'
Also McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, 1
Principal Depot on the corner of Third and Pine streets,
Bt, Louis, no.
McLean's Volcanio Oil Liniment,
Tne beet Liniment In the World. Ths only safe and
neriAln enra for Cancan. Piles. Bwelllnn and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Muscles, Cnronie or Inflammatory Rheumatism, StuT
nesa of the Joints, contracted Muse lea or Ligaments
kiarache or Toothache. Bruises, Bpralns, Wounds, rreen
Outs, Dicers, Fever Soree, Caked Breasts Bore Nipple,
Burns, Scalds. Sore Thoat. or any Inflammation or Pain,
no difference bow severe, or how long the disease may
have existed. MoLesui's Celebrated Liniment is a eec
t. In mmmIv.
Thousands of human beings hare been eared a tin ot
decrepitude and misery by the aae of tan in valuable mea-
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, sod It wll
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest sores in ao IneretU
Fr Iloraca and Other Anituttls.
McLean s celebrated Liniment it the only safe and re
liable remedy for the cure of Bpevin, Bins Bone, Wind
galls. Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Nodreor Swellings. It
will never tail to euro xng neaa, mi '-, '
running Sons or Bweeny, if properly applied. oi
Sprains, Bnitaee, Scratches, Bores or Wounds, Oracxtd
Ileela, Onaiaa, baxidie orupuirgsiiiu w u iuiu-ik
remedy. Apply It as directed, and a care Is certain la
every Ins lance. TT.iw.Ii
TiiAAtrfnaaa sonnr witw mm nanw wvriuiwwa umr
menu offered to you. OHaiB a supply (J Dr-MoLean'l
eelebialed LlnlmenV It will cure you. " ' "
.. J, II. McLEAN, Sole Proprietor
Corner oi Third ana rine streets, Bt. ouis, tie.
For sale by all druigiits. I
lot eale by ., , BOBBBTB k SAMTJBL,
stmw-dkwly Columbus, Ohio.
Wholesale mod Uolall UeiilerlM
' 't ,'. ! I
'No. SS Klftrt etrtet, 1
Knr -esatatsttlr asatndl all tit T
v.ji-M L , rtoste ajiaKi as e)a s r I
Oct. "rija
Avers Sarsaparilla
Aeompound remedr, designed to be the mtast
eaectual Aktrativt that can be made. Jt ia
a concentrated extract of Paia BarsapariUg,
so combined with otha nh
preater alterative power as to aflord an effot.
tive antidote for tho diamu fio,..,;iiA a.
reputed to cure. It is believed that auch a
remedy is wanted by thou, who suffer frcm
Strumous complaints, and that one whkh will
accomplish their cure must prove of immanae
service to this large class of our sfflicted fellow,
citizens. How completely this compound will
oo it has been proven by experiment on tnanw
of tha worst cases to be found of the followine:
complaints; .. ',
PiMrLBS Blotcues, Tt'MORs, Sam Uhsuu,
Scalo Head, Stphilis AND JSvsufrJVIA A
FEcnoNS, Mercurial Diseasb, Dropsy, Neu
RAtotA or Tio Doulouusux, Dkuiuty, Dys
pepsia and I.VDiOEsTioif, EuitiPEtaa, Soai
or St. Antiiony's Fiub. and Indued ti,. i
class of complaints arising from Iuplbjty or
tub Blood.. ,- t j ,
lids compound will be found a fifeut Tjrrw
motor of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which faster in the
blood at tiint season of the year. - By the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling; disorders
are nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
tho endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which tho system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through tho natural channels of the body
by an alterative medicine. Cloanjte out the
vitiated blood whenever you find Ua impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores; cleanse it when you find it Is ob
structed and sluggish in the veine cleanse it
whenever it ia foul, and vour feclinrs will toll
you when. E ven where no particular disorder
mil, peopie enjoy Better neaitn, and live
lonsrcr, for cleansing the blood. Keen tha
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with thie
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no
lasting neaitn. booner or later. Mmethins;
must eo wron?. and the trreat maihinorr of
life is disordered or overthrown.
Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing tlieae ends. But
the world has been egregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of tho virtue of Sarsapsrilht,
or any thing else.
During late years the public have been mis- .
led by large bottles, pretending to give a ouort
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. - Most
these have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only- contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties wbater
cr. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed tho use of the various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood tho market, until the
namo. itself ia justly despised, and has become
Kjnuiiynious wuu unpasiuon ana cneat. sou
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
supply such a remedy es shall rescue the
namo irom tho load of obloquy which rests
upon it. 1 And we think we nave ground for
believing it has virtues which are irresistible
by tho ordiuarv run of tho diseases it is intend
ed to cure. In order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions en
the bottle.
DR. J. C. AYER & CO.
Price, $1 per Dottle i Six Bottles for $9.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself such a renown for tho cure of
every variety of Xliro.it and Luug Complaint, that
is entirely unnecessary for us to recount tha
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has been cm
ployed. As it lias long been in constant usa
throughout this section, we need not do more than,
assure tha people its quality is kept up to tha host
ever fats been, and tlwt it may be rlied on Ui
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Costivtnest, Jaundice, tlytpeptia, Indigestion,
Dysentery, bit Stomach, liiytiptla, 11Jache,
PiUt, lUteuniatism, F.ruplioiu and S;in Diteatei,
liver Complaint, Dropsy, Tetttr, Tumori and
Salt liheum, Worms, Gout, Neuralgia, a a
Diniitr Pill, and for Pufiging the Blood. "
They are supar-coatcd, so that the most sensi
tive can take them plea-atitly. and they are tha
best aperient in the world for all the purposes of a
family physic. : ,
Fnoe 25 cents per Box ; Tivo boxes for $1.00.
Great numbers of Clergymen, Physicians, St tea
men, and eminent personages, have lent their
names to certify tho unparalleled usefulness of these
ramedies, but our space here will not permit the
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur
nish pratis our America Aimaxac in which they
are given ; with also full descriptions of tbe alxive
complaints, and the treatment that should he fol
lowed for their cure.
Do not ire cut off br unorinciDled dealers witli
other preparations they make more profit on.
Demand Ayer's. and take no others. The sick
want the best aid there is for them, and they should
hare it .- ,
All our remedies are for aale by .. . - ,
K0BBKT8 mt 8AMTTBL.' Coraabtu.
And br Drerrlsts snd Dealers everywhere. , , , ,
no-wiyo,twstw ....
Aa -rperiesecd Nnra vnd female lMiyivciao, pretectf
to uw uumioD oi mouxri, ome t i
S00 T H I N G ,S Y RUP,
which greatly facilitates the process of teething, by soft
ening the gums, reducing all Inflammation will allay
all rAiN anaspaamouio notion, ana is .
Depend npon It, mothers. It will give rest to yourselves
and - .
ssmr aid bxaith io loua. OTAIll.
We hare nut an and sold this article for erer tea rear.
what we have never been able to say of any other medi
ANCB, TO BFFBOT A CUKK, when tlanely aeed. N av
er did we know an Instance of dissatisfaction by any oae
who used it. Ou the contrary, all are delighted with lie
operations, and apeak In terms of esmmendatwa ef Its
magical eiteots and medical rirtues. We speak la this
aaatter ''WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after ten years' expe
almost svary Instance where the Infant la suffering frosa
pain and exhaustion, relief will be foand as afteea or
twenty minutes after theDyrap to admlalssared.i
' Thla ralnable preparation Is the preeerlptttw af one ot
New Bngland, and has been aaed with rlkVllft FA1L-
INaSU00B88ln -
Itnotonly relieree the child from paia, bat tn vigor
atea the stomach and bowels, oorreott acidity, and glrse
tone and energy te tbe whole system, ; It will almost ht
ttantly relUve ' 1 -
grip:o nr thi eowxis, in win o couo
and erereome couvulsinaa, whtch. If trot speedily reate
died, end In death. We believe It the BBaT and 8UR
at arlaea from teething, or from any ether cause. We
would say to every mother woe aaaa child entering frees
anyof the foregoing eomplainte DO NOT LET VOUR
stand between you and yor Buffering-ubiVJ, aad the re
lief that will be BU Hit yes, absuluii.i suae-to
follow the use of Ibis medtrine, tr tleeslr aaed. Fall dt-
rectiona for usiog will aooosupany earn kettle. Hons
genuine unless the fac-ehnile ef OUBIlSat FBBKINt),
New Tork, le en the oatstde errapper.
. Sold by all Druggtsle throughout aha world , ,
Prlnclpssl Office, 13 Cedar Street N.Y.
" oorVT-itfcwIr;"" "
h 1 V M iifidf.
ocil FABH.tbe uodiride ball ol el 0 IIS BlilLh
INti No. Stf, North llih street, Ooswer Hlitk Street and
Lynn Alley. If not diepoeed of by the let of April, the
Store will be for rent. ' .... : y
;;'ixbo,"'"-:-'' -
en the same terms, ot for desirable CTtf PROPERTY,
a wall selected stock ot FAMILY UROQA'KIBd.
'-1 : -m t'-v- ALSO,;- ,-..'.
Twjnty veiy dnirable BUILDIUQS LOTS, situated ea
WfHvtoo Avwoush North of Bread Street.
JOlrrawtemit purchasers.

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