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(Contained In twtnty-altt voluaet of th Ohio sad Ohio
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In To Royal 8r. Volumes, Fuce $10 00.
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Breveaby nearly tht unanimous Tott of acta Mojaaaa,
end wae ordered to bs m.tribotod to the fcllclng Btttt
ftewernor, A tternty Central, Supreme
tdryi Comptroller, Treaeurer mm Auuitor .
to tii Probata Coorte, Courtt a Commtn Plate, Saper
I A D.ii... n.t. auditor, ui tht Gierke of u
nrtosf Oourtslatach county to tht Membjrtot, the
Bratt and Houet of Jiepreaimuuree oi ran
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IbH book, -tmitalnlng, ee It doee, all ofi Ibt i
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ly aaeful la too performance of thtt duties, W,aU
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Inannucu it very ataa etanfta aavebetn made t tbt
' Statntaa ttsoo tho publication of tho lst tuitions, or rv
.I .iMniUiu d odditlono. Cod BMUUT lmirtatao-
auatoaj bavtbaea Rives by tut Bupmet Court on ooa-
troverteri points tut - ' ' ;-1 "'14 ' '
. rAtlKB9. MBhOHANTS - V":A
. vJ7 il' W. BBsytBSS fctBN (JINSRACtt,
Will tad thla an Inmluakla Work.
TV JZtal Sro.- of ovtr Stnttttn Bmdrti
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aTAMTPMHl ItllXXB, rublUhen.
Anniversary of Washington's Birth-
His Fare Well Address.
....-,:t fa '. VM I - . '
fl?ifahjVT& 22, 1861.U thene, hundred
and twenty ninth anniversary of the birth of
OtoMt WASUMWroa. Most of our reader are
wso familial with the leading events of We W
that it would be cut of plaot to 1-ecount them
havev .Four years alter he resigned his com
mission as Commander In Chief of the Amerl
,,oa army, be was called to preside over, the
' CobvenUon.' Jthst fcrmed our pment Federal
Coostkutioa. SDd was unanimously elected the
.,firet President of theTTnt ted States
1 Coaniw ' '-'ti."i
.'t J his Inaugural addreas,' "delivered on tho
' tWrtteth dsy of April, 1789, President Wasb
' nams subaiitted to the car' and judgment of
' Cmrm to decide how far an exercise oi the
- power delegated by the fifth article of the Con-
.7. attaitioa. Misting to toe moae oi ameuaiug na
Tttetrcment, was tendered expedlen at that
juncture, by thi nature of theobjeotions that had
ben ursed aiatost the system, or by the degree
rf fcoeifttMte the had given birth to thenuiThls
Uneuare Is sliehtly different from that of many
nrofaescd patriots of the present day, who think
tbaA no aitteatlon should bo paid to tho Uquid-
mi that Is threatening to pormsnentiy sever
theUniou, tmleee the complaints made oorres-
pona wth their actions of what is just and right
" But It Is proper, on this anniversary of Wasbj
wotWs blxth, to Invito attention to bis "Fare
. irell Address to the American People," dated
tt'sleptomber 17, 1796,just before tho close'oi his
alffhtvears' service as President of tho United
, fitatov .Some narts ei this addrees, relating to
Aa Imntutaneo aid value pf our Union, and to
' fte aangers to which His exposed, though oft
lesi alluded to, cassot be too frequently sounded
- oat.In the ears of the American people at this
"atomeatoBS aisls. They come to as from the
Father of his Country like the prophetic warn-
n-. lnesof Israel's ancient seers. TheMFsreweU
Atoe la orj&csM be la tho joeseseioa of
pvery American eltiseu, sad we urge careful
. ' pernsal and a serious pondering npon those por
' tlons of that document to which we bsve refer
V'red. Let its suggsstioos and warnings be heed
' ed by all who love their country, and Yenerate
' tho memory of him who was "first in war, first
o peaco,nj4 wal,and wo trust still U, "first
tnthehearteof his eeuntrymen.". -"iL t ' r,
ttf U...'. -u. - ' -' ' ' t':a !
The Appointment of Mr. Wolcott.
it iudoinoeteoM.by way oi extenuating the con.
I duett of Gotv pcmnssK In sppelntlng the late
Attorney General, Mr. wolcott, as rsaco
. s Commissioner to"TrsshJngton, , Jomi C.
f WsjobT, deceased, have denied that he was a
wiwympetaiier with Jons Baoww, or a defender of
"'"Ttli' cbnduot.5' In order to place that matter la
its proper light, and to show . precisely Where
Jtfr. Woixorr does stand, ws pubiisa tne loiiow
inc from the Akrea (Summit county) Bcck,
or.Deeeaber 7, 1859. Aftrf Itlerossl, tho
m reader wilt have no diiUeulty in coning to ia sat-
u i isXactory pan'ctaslon as to the facte; IdVlhe easei
day. fixed by the
.dtivfof i tho execution of oar old. neighbor, John
:" -Tfown. was duly observed; with fitting oerenio-
Tvny.byour citlisns.'. ' V
A . Tho Court of Common Flew adjourned oa
" pridiy jQorolDg, on motion of Gea. L. V.
JSierce, who, in a short. Impressive speech, an
aoanced. to the Court the . Judicial murder that
- day to bo perpetrated.! .in tiewoC this feat, ho
vw read tho request of tho members of the bar, In
.which the Jury and .cffleerfor the Court joined,
i. . thai f!AHt auHaarn. . . - "
1 TUe nmOtm wu $utM if JLtttrnii Qtniral
Wolsettiii trtefwadi tUxpuut ifttc, le spate
s iJodEO-" Carpenter replied In fitting terms, and
'' ' (hemponeovrtadjournod until Saturday morn-
.jxam '.-. .... ... .. 1 -' i ' 3
At 13 o'clock, the store and places of bad
neee were .elceed, and tbobeJis tolled for one
hour. A flag draped in mourning was suspend,
ed from Empire Hall, whlthet the ei Usees of
Akron and vioio'.ty repaired Invest numbers.
Wo never saw this Hall (the largest in Akron)
so crowded, as it was on this occasion. All the
. teats were filled, and all who could find a place
to stand did so. Judge J. S Carpenter was
i,irbose President; David Hume and Judge
Thompson, from Hudson, and Andrew Hams,
and L KiDft-. Seeretary Geo. L. V. Bieree read
T kltun at the life and character of Johi
"Bfowo in a mtnnet which showed that ho felt
VI (hat the old man was worthy to receive the
graWful tribute of his old neighbors and friends,
and on. & til tills OBS of Ct. BierOO. v
B i.f tMi flowed ey lit. O. P. Wotcett, sdas
md tae dirpitck frwm Chtletton, twelg
ft ttd ercratton e Brow, foulowib it witbi
jW. u ELoacmT csloov wanes wiu. aor a fob
OTtU T TSOSI who bsb it.
lie was followed by Dr. Tbos. Earl. Dr. Colo,
,i ... ff0f. Gatcbell, W. W. Uoodbue, w. r. Banners,
I f er.d Us D. Tibbalf. tsi .. i. t t - ,
'"', A Boem. written for tbe occasion by ono f
onr eidzend. was red by 8. A. Lane,' Esq. He
alooreiMl a letter front Jobs Brown, wrlUtdt Mon
(t.7. Nnr. f'J.h. Ihj9. to Jmambh BrOWO. bis
,. '."'r. llwnl oi of tie vf ynrrtinpt SB Ad
. o:..s.j.i (ot itfi'g air. .. ah ; it h' 'jfor if
JutHTt i Oiatth txtMiM it John Awniira vkuU
kmfollHbtd if pibbtUnf th fkU whick smcAI and
finmUf menu Ihu mnrtUr.
Objections to the Morrill Tariff Bill.
Aslid from lu obiouiltlei and eomplietIon,
tW krd o larlaui cbjootloni to th Morrill
Tdriff Dill, which bti pued .ht Senate and
m proUM ptM thi Home. " '; " 4 f
la the flrit place, there Id do oerUlntj that
It will Inoreaae the tereone, which ii put forth
at the eitcDnible ground for a review of the
tariff 1 Oa the contrary,' it U th. opinion of
practloftl md that It win bare the opposite ef
feot tT dimlnlihlotf imporUtioo. . -.J .J
la the leoond place, the pauage of thii Din
will be moot Inorportune at the preeont time, at
It will icrfo to complicate the dificultlee that
lie in the way of a Mttlement of our icctlonal
dlspetee.,, Ia the ease of a civil war, it will
place no additional meana in the hand! 01 tne
Government; but will, (natead, tend ta cripple
Its operations and induoe foreign nations to
enter Into oommeroial treaties with the seceded
States Bat, without looking at the subject lu
this aspeet, U is a sufficient reason to oppose the
proposed change In our revenue system, that II
will throw additional obstacles la the way or a
peaceable adjustment of our great national con-
trorersv, and furnish secessionists wltn new ar
guments in tavor of a permanent withdrawal
from the existing Union.
Will not Hold Office Under Lincoln.
The Jackson (Tenn.)
following leUer: i i f
Whij publisher
i the
TENNESSEE, JACKSON, Tuesday, Febr'y 12.
Hi ExetlUncy, Jmt BucUntn, VTatKnyttm
CWy, V. C.
Sn: Feelinc that no Southern man can, with
honor or a proper respect for himself, consent
to hold offloa under the inoominc Administra
tion, I hereby tender my resignation of the
office of District Attorney for the Western Dis
trict of Tennessee, to Use effect on the 4th day
of March nest. t- -
Very reepectfulty, obedient servant,
Colonel Cv M. Galuiwat,; Pestmuter at
Memphis, has also tent in his resignation - to
take effect en the fourth ot March
The Difficulties in a Tariff Adjustment.
The following extract from a late speech ef
Senator Dooolas places in a pretty strong light
tho difficulties that lie In the way of of a prop
er adjustment of a tariff on imports:
A tariff Involves two conflicting principles,
which are eternally at war with each other
Every tariff involves tho principles oi protec
tion and of oppression, the principles of benefits
and of burdens. Every duty levied npon the
Importation of a foreign article which comes in
competition with our homo production ie a pro
tection to that extent. Every duty levied upon
a raw material which wo do not manafacture
here is a tax npon tbe manufacturer of that
article here. Thus you find that by protecting
ono Interest perhaps you will oppose another.
For instance, if I am engaged in the manufac
ture of pig Iron, I want a duty that will protect
my Interest. You give It to me, and then a
man engaged in another branch of the iron
business comes and says that tho pig iron I
manufacture is hit raw material, and by protect
ing bo and my manufacture of this article you
nut a tax oa his raw material, to his injury - H
- .. .. . ... . v
naa neen tnjnrea to tne same xteni was i nave
been benefited; and then he wants protection on
another point, to make up mr tne loss cn
tbe raw material, l uut.wnen yon attempt to
discriminate for the purpose of benefiting one.
you are striking a blow at another. I Bs great
difficulty Is so to adjust these conflicting pnnoi
nles of benefits and burdens as to nuke one com.
Dentate tor tbe other in tho end, and give equal
benefits and equal burdens to every class of tbe
The Difficulties in a Tariff Adjustment. OHIO LEGISLATURE.
THURSDAY, February 21.
' A Deseage was read from tho House, when
the following communication, from the Board
of Public Workti was read and ordered to be
printed, vix: , :
COLUMBUS, February 21, 1861
In answer to the following Senate resolu
tion: ......
'Ruolvtd, That the Baard of Public Works be
requested to furnish tho Senate, as soon as msy
bs practicable, with the bills of the particulars,
ana specified items of the expenditures the past
ysar npon tho Western Reserve and Maumee
road, which, In the aggregate, makeup theeum
of seven thousand two hundred and eighty dol
lars and sixty-oeven cents, as etlted on page
fortv-six of their report for the year 1860, and
also what are tho present rates of toll on said
road, aad wneuter tney can sot do increased
as to meet tne annual expenditures.'
Ths Board submit tho following
The Items of account herewith eumbmitted
are condensed from tho engineer's and superin
tendent's abstracts, on file in the office of th
Board of Public Works, and embrace a period
fifteen months, to wit, the Bsoal year lbbU, and
the quarter ending Feb. 15,1861, for which time
ths appropriation oi uarcn xotn, icou, was
made, amounting to six thousand dollars; less
than the whole amount expended, tor the tame
period, by the sum or iwjm. .
lne cos of sue creouon oi we aeavr bddsuk
stents, referred to in tho last annual report
the Board, built for the protection of the road
the Maumeo river terminus, cannot bo separate
ly stated, being charged in tho general account
for superintendence and repairs.
- Tbt orcsens retee oi tou are tne same as as
tablisbod In 1846, and are, for light travel,
from to iuu per cent, nigher man toe rates
chareed on the national road, and, It ia believ
ed, higher than tho rates charged on moot
the tarnoiKos oi tne otate in waicn-tuo state
ownaatook, and It is doubtful whether increas
ed rates would sdd to ths revenues oi ths road.
Ths Board would not, therefore recommend
anv advance In the rates of toll for this road.
Tho average jreeeipts lor the last ysar are about
the same car mile aa those of the national road,
wbioh has been kept in repair from tbe revenues
alone, and it Is tbe opinion ot the Board that
the 'Western Reserve and Maumee road can
a loo be maintained from the revenues derivable
JOHN L. MARTIN, President.
Hems of expenditure on the W. R. & M
Bnad from Nov. 15. 1859. to Feb. 15. 1861.. r-
tutor of smb sad toaaa, .....Sl,fT OS
tiatertote .w 37 08
Snvertntaodeut tad hone hire. .... 900 On
Ctto Eoopor's abotraoU .....' 'i 19 00
Cook Stovao for toll aoUM- M 04
Looatof rntd ptt. ) SO 08
! ml
lnfino'o txfmut m uoibbmh w
M 00 1,301
Labor of boo and toaos ...;.t,71 TS'"- -rfr
ktatorlal.. . 174 dd
lHM.l.nilMit'. aalaM a4 aa . ' T
rldio toil. ..;-....-....
blieosBt oa ebek. .... w-U--Oook
Btayroalov Soil haast.....
735 00
II 00
10 09
W 88
8 88
Footato, ifanmi aad otlaaiaDBios .
S 00 14,009
Thtro are locladod ta tho laporlBtoodont'tabitraetfer
Xov., HISO, la feUowlns lunafor which tbors art
labor i".-...... t..'.n.... ....aye OS
taporlatoadont's Solaqr aad bono hire, Ii 00 S77S
Balldlag troa UUpt...... HTTT.. 633
ulldlos oainra....... , gy)
f araioluat stoat ...(CT TUt
Tbortaasbooa toaaa aetht W.B. as at. road troa
Vovoaber U, xm, m I obroary 14, tSei, lat toUowlaa
tbocktr .. -,.., .
f. i. Parks, SapOTlMoBdcat., $9 !03
W. J. Jockoon, Soirtiia......... i out
M ooo IT St Co., tmildiof brldfo 5S3
aVHono. brtlljlnieolwto , .- 130
J.HtlollyranUttlaa ilm IvS
The rteeiptt from tolls for ths stnt forlod art at fol-
friho a.trim.v.:.r.i.... ........ tt
, to tba srat tuartor t Cit Jical ytar 1801.. 1,1"
Xxetss ef esyendltorts ever rtttlpt f 1,69
n n. No. 5u8-Ta recast teotlon 8 of the act I
of 1857, to prevent kidnapping, was taken from
the Uble.anu.upon motion oi mr.itrguooa w
referred to the Judiciary committee, wuu u
stroctions to report in writing.
Mr. HOLMES, from a Joint committee m
Conferenee, reported btokS.B. 35 Concern
ing Long View Lunalio Asylum, with no m trout
amendment Report agreed to whloh pateee
the bill. It ie similar to the law govorningthe
State Asylum, and describes ths cnaracter oi
persons wno snail do aomittea into mo aoju".
vaiu, . - --
rr n 1.I..1 ,m iTnnni In Hamilton COUniJ
neceeaary to entitle lunaucs ra ne utuwy
the Ipatltutlonj exoiuaos laiois, ana pnmucm
(or the removal of tbe harmlessly Insane front
to their Triends. -
The Senate went into a committee oi the
whole, Mr. PARISH In the cb air, ana anex
some time, reported back 8. B. 234-To incor
porate 8avinga' Associations with smend
nents, when it wst referred to the,. oommlttee
Ik. fllllnt.M...i 'Jl I ' ....
Also, H. fl.'.aia-Autnorisiug tue popi
Ravenna to tax taemsetsea lor.acooot pupwn.
Referred to tho oommlttee on schools. , . ; - t
xx n ' ta. aiSTa' reneal an act therein
. '.j. k.ina. a hill In nntofrthaallowauoefor
naiusu, - - - . . .
teachers' Inatttutes, as proviaea oy av r
AOa 'J .. . . . . .. , - . J.
By Mr. FERGU30Ni"8;B. 16. 5246-Sup-i,i.ntar
tn the atslenmsnt set of 1859. It
is designed to make laborers preferred oredltora
By Mr. KEYt S B. No. &17-To repeal the
act of March 22, I860, authorising the city of
Hamilton, Butler county, to oorrow money.
The Senate Adjourned. '
Ths committee on Claims reported beck 8. B.
217 For tbe relief of Alexander 8. Letts, when
the bill wae road a third time and passed yeae
76, nays 5.-' - " (l
The Judiciary committee, to whom was re
ri th ratolntlon of Mr. Davore. relating to
the per diem of absent members, reported the
same back and recommended its indefinite post
oonement, which was agreed to yeaa 66, nays
The committee on 8cboolt and School Lands
reported baok U. B. 304 To enable the leseees
of tbe Virginia military lands to surrender
th.lr leases and take deeds, and recommended
it. annmianit and DansaM. when, .
On motion of Mr. MoSCHOOLER, the bUl was
laid on tho table. .
Tha SPEAKER announced to the House,
that he should, from this Urns forward, observe
the etriet letter of the law, requiring the attend
m nf mamberst and that, henceforth, a de
ductlon would be rigidly made from the per
diem of all members absenting inemseives wun
outleave. ' ' t '
Tha Jndiclarv committee reported back a. B
No. 153 la relation to contested elections on
MniMtad ntv seat oases, with smendmente
M.. THOMPSON, of Perrv. made a etatement
F tha mndltlon of the cubllo mind, in relation
to this subject In Perry county, to which this
hill was intended to apply, and said it was not
desired by the people there, sod therefore be
moved that tne out on raaenuneiy poatpoovu. .
The amendments to toe bin were oisagreea
to yeat 41, says 43.' i
Mr. VlWliCits lavorea tan puwounsoi aa
a peace measure. ' '
- Mr. ROBINSON ecpportrd the bill as de
manded by tha people to settle a vexed ques
tion. !
Mr. V ORIS was lor me postponement, re
garding It ae a duty to close tbo contest mat
hii on inns mum iciit wuu.j. ' -1 -m. j-
Mr. THOMPSON nrged the postponement of
the bill, and assured the House tnat not one
man is ten in Perry county desired tbe paesage
of this bill. .
Mr COX reminded tbe House tnai ink atas
tor bad been sanctioned bv a House Well In
formed on it, end this bill, which was only to
mM a defect, mlcht bo allowed to pass. '
Tbe bill was then indefinitely postponed
yeas 59, nsys 31. i ' . . .
. Tha committee on Municipal Corporations re
ported back H. B. 183 To a meed the city and
village Incorporation act when the bill tu set
ror a intra reauicg to-morrow. .... . .i
Tha oommlttee oa Printing reported back S
ft. 221 In relation to tbe publio reports with
some amendments, which were agreed to.
Mr. PARKOTT moved aa amendmenc Dy
changing the number ox tbe reports tor tne
Central Lunatlo Asylum, which, was agreed
to. ' , t : , j . .
Mr. 8T0UT moved to amend ny striking ont
ths reports of tho Idiotio Asylum, which wss
Disagreed to.
Mr. 8LUSSER moved to amend by confining
the nrintinff of documents in German to tbo re
ports ol Auditor and Commissioners ot Statis
tics. He eald that these two documents would
supply all the information needed. . '
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, defended the
printing in the German language, and be would
very oneerruuy morease tan quantity. .
Mr. fLAnio concur rea wiu jur. eiotoer.
He said tbo amount of documents printed in
German was too small to be of any use. It was
a humbug pr , but to be required to humbug
a thousand German constituents with six or sev
en copies of documents. c .
Mr. FELLOWS was in favor of printing a
liberal amount in; German. He thought it
wae due to the people reading that language.
Mr. DAVIS was. In favor of printing a fair
and liberal amount of documents in German.
It was lor the benefit of a people who had done
as much as any other In developing tbe re
sources of the State. He would bsve enough
of them to be well distributed, or he would not
print any. . '
Mr. BALDWIN made a statement of the Ger
man documents under this bill, that each mem
ber would have to distribute, would not bs more
than one or two copies- ''"...'""' ' ' -On
motion of Mr. SLCSSER. the bill Was re
ferred to a select committee Messrs. Sloster,.
Plants, Baldwin, Thompson, of Terry,- Van
Vorie. -; :
' Ths SPEAKER appointed Messrs Munton,
Rosa, of Morrow, and Sluster, a committee to
examine and report upon ins Artesian wen.
Tbe Judiciary committee reported back H. B
TSo. 31S To prevent the harboring or secret.
log fugitive slaves, or preventing the recapture
of the same recommending its Indefinite poet;
In m'akin'g (his report, Mf. ROBINSON aai'd
be bellevca the Constitution of the United Ststes
requires Congress to enact necessary laws to re
turn fugitives from justice sod from servioo. .1
came to this conclusion Iram toe loiiowing con
l.t Runnaa that elaiiaa of the Constitution
baring reference to this subject wss Inserted at
the .request ot tne siaveuoiuing Dtaies. innj
were unwillinc to trust the non-tlavehcfldlnf
States on that subject, and Insisted that it bo
part of the Constitution of the United States,
and not of ths Individual 8tates.
, 3d,, Because tbe first United Ststes law for
tbe return of fugitives from justice and' from
servioo wss enacted in 1793, by the same men
ho marln (ha Caoatitutlon. ' J '
31. Because the highest conrie of the Butte
sod of ths United States have invanaoiy so av
oided whenever the qoeeuca boeDeen) tusde oa
fore them. . . .,
He was opposed to aStatd fugitive euro lav
i- .u -i ... rr.i.. c.i. la-. i i
1st. Because the United States Court, ta tho
PrLee cass decided that Congress bad exclusive
tnrlaiiintlnn of this aubieet. . " ' ; .
. ii. uanauaa auca law ta uui uvLwaij, w.
present United States law being more tban suf
fioieally ssvero, and if it is pot sufficient, Con.
ami nncrht to amend It. . ....-..
34. Because it would produce conflicts be
tween tbe State and federal courts. i . '
Tha ortmtnal (urtsdlotloa of the State and
Federal courts are as different as that of entirely
different goveromenta. A prosecution ana con
viction or acouittal In one luriidlotlon would be
na bar ta a prosecution In tbe others and there
by, for the same offence, a person could bo put
in fMoardv more tban once, which la ia direct
vlolatvoo of the Constitution of tbftStete of
Mr. HUTCHESON made a reply to wis ro-
porti and defended tho bill m a . written argu
ment, which wae reaa to me noma taaiDj tu
Calhoun doctrine of fitato tights. Ha, offered
them as his Individual ppIrdpnsV.H objected to
tha Fugitive Slave act( as a National statute,
contending that tho States ehoold provide such
acta themselves; and this pill wae ratenaea as a
step ia that direction; " .' L' " ' -n '
Mr. -f LAOG toss and said, that, Si Demo
crr.t, fc trust protest tntust the speech Just
t&ade, ai not democratic; and he Was ' glad to
hear tho gentleman aay that it wae his Individ
ual view or.ly. He advocated the ) doctrine of I
iwpular sovereignty as tho true democratic the
ory! and supported warmly tbo oompremloea of
ltfbu, . tie rererred to tne unarieetpn uocvou
tloo, where tbo Calhoun men, by pressing their
doctrines, had broken up the Demooratlo party,
and left tbo Republicans to take tne control oi
tbe country. The frlenda of popular sovereign,
ty had appealed to the Republicans to desist In
nresslnn- tha election of Lincoln i but tne wouia
beftrta nothing; and now wo havea oriais upon
ns. The KeDubl cans, like tho auaok oootor,
would persist In throwing tetbo oountry Into
flu. Now we art in fits; and the Republloan
doctors do not propose to do anything, unless to
glvo the; patient gunpowder.' He reviewed tbo
general atate of nutlet, and contended that the
doctrine of popular sovereignty honestly applied
wouiane tne proper care.
Mr. HILLS replied to Mr. F., and quoted tbo
opinion of the Charleston Mercury ot the Doug
las wing of the party, that their platform was so
iramea at to allow tnem to lie nu uuuomj aim
he thought the course they pursued In the cam
paign fully (ustlfied this declaration, n -' "
The commute than renorted back 11. a. ooa,
and H. B. 850 Relating to fugitives, etc , and
asked thai they, with H. B .319, be laid upon
tne taoie. winch wss ssreea to. , . ,
mr. uujn V JLKBE presented a minorKy report,
with tbe same request, which wss sgreed to. "
- Tho House then took a recess till 10 o'clock
A. M to morrow.
FRIDAY, Feb. 22, 1861.
By M. PERRILL Of George Dsvenporte,
and 75 others ol Pickaway county, against the
sale or lease of the Publio Works. Referred to
Committee on Public Works. -'
By Mr. M0R8E From A J.Gilbert end 185
others, for an appropriation to relieve the euf
fawalwlCa tw wllata mukL m V m a.a it V T.ailaW ''ja" ihafj
table. ' -'a ' '
By Mr. BREWER From Jacob Ileaton
-a luaa ws nuv, LCUI'lU UI aktBUrfst w. AJNita van suw
and others, of Salem, Obio.on ths same Subject,
tsame disposition. r - 1
Also: from David Augustine and others of
Columbiana county, for legislation to provide
tor tne disposition or incurably insane persons
Benevolent Institutions. ; 1 1
QBy. Mr. GLASS, from Leonard Swigart and
44 others, of Richland county protesting
sgainst toe passage of a. B. SOU, Unless provi.
eion Is made lor the payment of the floating debt.
R. R. committee. f 1 ' : (
S. B. No. 233 -To amend anaot entitled "an
act to exempt tbo homesteads of fsmilies from
forced eale on execution to pay debts," passed
March 93, 1850. Committee of the Whole. ,
; S. B. 235-Relatlog to tho indexing and Iran.
scriDing oi judicial records of ratrnaid county
Committee of the Whole. - 1
H. B. No. 318, by Mr. REES, ol Morrow
to repeal an act therein named. Whole. .
H. B N0.9&3, by Mr. HE RRICK Requir
ing county auditors to make returns to tbe Audi.
tor of State of the amount of fees received by
county auditors. . Whole. - - , ,- ; ,
H. B. No. 317. bv Mr. BLAKE9LEE Sun
plementary to the various aota in relation to the
organization of cltiee and inoorporated villages
H. B. No.:343 By Mr. FELLOWSTo
amend an act entitled "an act to amend the act
entitled an act prohibiting anv citizen of this
State from holding, by appointment, more tban
one oi severs! offices therein named,at the asms
time, psased March 36, 1859. . Whole ,
8. B. No. 248: By Mr.' E A30N To provide
ior keeping streams of water clear of floodwood
end other obstructions. - ' y-
8. B. S49i Bv Mr. SMITH To amend the
road and bridge act of 1858. ' '
r kcrotTs raott stamdiro tnsimu.; .
Mr. 8PRAGUE, from the Committee on En-
tolbnent, reported tbo oarollmeat pf nndrj
mm, dii. ... . j ,e ,,, t..'a ,
On motion of Mr. FISHER, the Senate resOlv.
ed Itself Into Committee of tbe Whole on the
orders of tho dsy, Mr. Harsh in the ohair; and
after some timerpent therein, rose and report
ed back tha following Bills, some with, and
some without amendment) vis:1 ' - -
H. B. No. 317 Referred to Judiciary Com
mittee. ...,.., .
H. B. No. 389-Referred to the Judiolsrv.
H. B. No. 343 Tbe Committee reported
favor of striking ont all after tbe enacting clause
and the Senate agreed. . ,.
H.B. No. 318 Referred to School Commit
tee. 1 " " .. -
The following communication was received
from the Governor, vis:
Columbus, Feb. 22, 1861.
To ths Gbmual AsskMBLT of Ohio: i I h ere
with transmit to yon a copy of a memorial
tbo Territorial Legislature of Kansas, addressed
to the Governor and legislative Assembly
tho State of Ohio, relative to tbe recent unpar
alleled drouth in Kansas, and the sufferings
tbe people resuiuug toereirom, together with
the accompanying documents.
Tha facts presented sre such aa stronelv ap
peal to the sympathy of the people of Ohio for
and I submit them to ¬
Lecompton, February 7th, 1861.
Yooa ExctixiHer: Pursuant to tbo veaulro
menu of a Resolution; of . ths Legislative As
sembly of this Territory, I bava the honor
transmit herewith the accompanying paper,
bo laid before tbe honorable,' tho Legislative
Assembly or toe state over wnioe you preside.
xa Very Respectfully, Tour Obt; Serve. :
Lecompton, February 7th, 1861. G. M. BEEBE,
Governor Territory of Kansas
Governor State of Ohio.
os th Statc of Ohio: ' .
. We, tbe Legislative' Assembly of the Terri
tory of Kansas, would respectfully and. earnest
ly represent: , i j .... -1 .
. That the ceoDle of Kansas have suffered, du.
ring the put summer, from '.ono'of the . most
severe orcutbs ever pel ore known in tut history
of this or any other 'country a ' Wa do not deem
It necessary to spread before you a detailed ac
count of, tho hardahipe Consequent npon this
stats of ! things', ws will only say that wo
amazed whenever called to contemplate the se
verity and extent ci toe calamity. , ,
- Not lets than thirty thousand persons are now
and will bs dependent for subsistence npon out
side resources, until Our next harvest, and,
addition to the need of provisions and clothing,
a large amount of seed wheat, corn and pota
toes will be required at an eariy aay, or the cit
izens of Kansas must, to some sxtent, remain
beneficiaries upon eastern liberality for the year
to come. Tbe snow, anion nas fallen in Im
mense quantities all over our country, burying
beyond tho reach of our stock the principal
source of subsistence whloh remained for them
in tbe dry grass of the prairies must inert
tablv cauae the death, by starvation, of
largo portion of our cattle, while at the ssmo
tims tbe roads are rendered impsuable and
people exposed to greatly Increased privation
suffering, from tho difficulty of retching
Bointa where food is to be obtained; from these
causes we have great reason to apprehend that
our condition In tbo spring must bs belpiee
and hopeless without a liberal and prompt re
sponse to this appeal . . . . . ., , i .
Wo are assured from the offioe of tbo Relief
Committee, at Atchison, that the indications
daily becoming, more and mora alarming,
conaequsnuo of tha falling off oi private dona
tions, and wo ire nrged to take measures to pro
vide for tbe worsttbat may yet be In tbe future.
We are especially desirous to procure from
beuefialariae, tbe means of furnishing
our people at least one handred thousand bush
els of seed wheat, and a sufficiency of com and
potatuoa ior spring piauviug. .. ,. ,
-. Our position Is one of extreme trial; already
overwhelmed with a deep sense of obligation
sympathising friends in tbe feast, who nave hith
erto, under the kind promptings of generous
hearts, opened wide their .hands .for our relief,
wa are still impelled by painful necessity, from,
what we know of the condition of the country
anew oar appeal., aoaressini purseivee in suie
Inatavnoe to the aonoantrated eenerosltv Of our
Mtorn friends, as representedjn the Iej,!!elive
aasemblys now in session. . , , ' I XiTfi
trtnn aaa, ouwviMrv, uim w vuuuit.uu.. v vur
people nay ot considered, and as seed tuna
rspldly approaching, wa earnestly desire -that
whatever is to be done to save us as a peopie
from a proltvoetloa of onr destitution and suf
fferluglbeyond another harvest be done spoedlly.
While we deplore the sad effect of eurreoent
severe weather, and storms of snow,' wo recog
nize behind the c;oad tho benignant designs of
a kind Providence m preparing ,oui soil, bv a
process preeminently adapted to the end desired
for an early and suoctesiui spring culture.
The Territorial Relict Committee bare an
ofiloeatthe city of Arohison; and tbey have
the confidence of the peoplo of the country; and
we believe any funds committed to them win
be wlselv. faithfullv and caultablr distributed
over the Territory, according to the necessities
of the people; but those who may prefer to dis
burse their obartlee through other channels,
will of course, consult their own judgment In
tha mattflH. - i 1 1 . ,
With grateful acknowledgment for the kind
sympathy and substantial aid. always received,
your memorialists, as In duty hound, will e
Columbus. JOHN W. SCOTT,
Speaker of tbe House of Representatives
Alfsio Gaar,
Chief Clerk of tbe House of Representatives
'.Hi President of the Council
J.J. InoIlls, '
Secretary of the Counoll.
8. B. 22Ci For the Relief of Kansas, was la-
ken op. An amendment In tbe Committee of the
Whole to appoint Tbos. Ewlnz Jr., of Kansas,
Commissioner under the bill, wae not agreed tel
Air. GARFIELD made a warm appeal in be
bait ol tbe mearure.
Mr. HARRISON said the Constitution re
quires that the specific object for which moneys
are raised bv taxes-enau do stated, ituiu not
teem to him that there is sny fund from which
this money can now be taken.
Mr. GARFIELD said it could be taken
from the same fund that the money is taken
front to bay the Peace Commissioners. " This is
lust aa constitutional as that, 'r ' i
The question recurring upon the passage of
tbe bin, It was lost. -
Those who voted In the sfflrmatlve were
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Cox, Fisher, Garfield
Morse. Parish. Potts and Ready .
Those who voted In the negative were: Messrs.
Bonar. Collins, Cummins, Eason, - Ferguson
Foster, Glass, Harrison, Harsh, Jones, Key, Las
key, Newman, Perrlll, Potwln, Smith, Hprague,
Stanley and White 1. - - r "
Tho Governor's message snd ths memorial
were ordered to be printed.
Mr. SMITH introduced 3. B;No.350-To
amend tbe .act of April 8th, 1856, concerning
Connty Commltnioneni; and (he amendment
thereto of Feb. 26th, 1857. ' " -The
Senate sojourned. ti. ' r 'i' '.i r:
FRIDAY, Feb. 22.
Praver bv Rev. Mr.. HOGE
gislative to
" Mr. BALDWIN presented a statist! oal table
of tbo salaries of County Treasurers, which
wss ordered to be printed, 1 , ,' ..
Yesterday, on the question of postpo&tng tho
bill to repeal the act to encourage Teachers' In
stltute, the report doee not exaotly state Mr.
Rest', position. The following is a correoted
report of his remarks:,,. 4 rr j ; 7-;- .
Mr. REES, of Morrow, advocated tho pass
age of the bill on the ground that the teachers
were liberally paid fortbelrservices,snddidnot
ask for an appropriation of ths State. Only five
counties' In tbe State bad availed themselves ol
tbe benefiteof the law, yet Teachers institutes
were held In many of the coon ties where ao ap
propriations were made. Mr.Reeedld not deeiro
that the profession of which he was an humble
member should go cogging; no aisq wisnea tnat
all necessary appendages ebould be stricken off
from onr excellent school system that bao ; a
tendency to make It unpopular. '
Tbe question pending from last evening,' be
leg the postponement of H. B. 350 To punish
the assisting or giving aid to fagitlra slaves,
, Mr. 8C0TT, of Warren, offered the follow
lag, amendmnt: I .Vi; J .1 '
Amend by inserting alter the word "State,"
la line 5, section 1 , "or give a eup ot cold water,
or a morsel of bread, to such fugitive alavos, or
look toward the North Star while In the pres
ence of such slave, or In any way direct any
such fugitive to any underground railroad."
v After the wotd "hero" la line 10, add "and
if the offender be a widow, whose husband has
recently died, her right to remain on the home
stead, or the usual one year's support."
In line S, section 3, after the words "such
slave," Insert, "and if tbe fugitive slave be
female chattel, and occupying a social relation
to her master conflicting with the principles
contained in the amalgamation statute, double
tbe value of said female chattel shall be paid to
the bereaved master, together wltn any other
losses hs may have sustained in affection, do
meetlo psace, or otherwise."
Mr. SCOTT gave way for Mr. Tanneyhlli to
offer a resolution, which was adopted, ordering
a national salute to be fired in tbe State House
yard at noon, in honor of tho birth of George
Mr. SCOTT spoke to bis nmendmsnt, and Il
lustrated the subject by the Democratic sup
port of R- M. Johnson in 1840; and then refer,
red to the opposition to slavery manifested by the
same party aboutten years afterwards,and argued
that if tbs opposition to slavery and the fugitive
slave acts is the cause of the recent secession diffl.
oulties, the Democratic party is responsible for it.
He read from the journals of the Legislature
and messages of Gov. Wood to show tbe and
slavery position of that party; and cited the
troubles under the present administration, during
which soms forty minions 01 collars had been
squandered, and the national treasury bankrupt
edall of which, he said, had thrown the nation
into fits. What tbe doctors will do he could not
say. - - '- '
- Mr. PLANTS said ha regarded this subject
at one of great.' Importance. It wasmot tbU
bill, and Its bloody provisions, and its atrooious
penalties, that he objected to, as that It was
step, a beginning, at which wa may well start.
Things In this world oome by growth: The oak
at first msy be destroyed by a grasshopper, but
escaping dangers, it at last defies the storms
ages. So with this. It is a growth from germs
within tbe Bien of the natloa,: He desired
look at tbe prinolple-at Istue.- It Is not tbe
negro. - It is tyranny, that manifests itself
Boston as In Charleston. Jt is oppression-
the weak. . It has unfortunately happened that
slavery existed In this country, and it baa fa.
vored this impulse of tyranny, and wo see
manifested In this institution. The Irroretsi
bio conflict shows itself on the slavery question;
bnt it is a conflict between right and wronn.
Wo cannot control it. God has constituted
so that ws ctnnot repress it. The evil and tbe
good- grow from germs within us.. He read
from' iifferson's Motet on.Vlrtrinia, on slave
ry and Us ellects. Have your fugitive
sieve laws changed these thlngiT said be.
Can yon dethrone tbo Almighty and arrest
the-oDeretlou . .of -these . uws. .of titer
nail Justice t XL wondered' what; Jefferson
amnld have thousht. to have seen crave leo-.
Islators, to-day, in the middle of the nineteenth
oectury. proposing the atrocities or this bill.
Wa nroDOse to appeae this aotppeisable Instl
tntion by sacrificing our humanity to It. You
might as well.attempt to appease the wild beast
by feeding it npon your netn. no aepreoated
thatendenor of measures to lead us from the
idea that our rights are given by Qod to sus
tain our humanity, and, substitute that other
blasphemous idea that our rights are derived
from human enactments nd cnnetitutlon.e
There mleht be a jubilee ta Hell over the
enforcement of thit tot; but he" did not believe
tho people of Ohio oould be made to en loroe such
an act. He biusnea for nts race, wneu no louno
men willing, for a little political advantage
thus appeal to the basest passions of tbe degrad
ed mob. ' And thit Is done to save the Union
If this is the condition of its salvation, it la not
worth saving. He did not believe the Demo
cratic party of Ohio is to demoralised at to take
such means to aava It. And yst they ask tbe
Republicans to go these lengths, to save it.. Tbe
Republicans ao not ciaim trie ngni to interiere
with - Slavery in too otstes, out we ao oisim
and insist that II eball Dot so into tha Territo
ries. Hecbmpared the condition of Virginia with
free States in Illustration. To the questlon.wbat
will the Republicans do, hs said, wa will show
after the 4ih of Marob, whether we must use the
powder deprecated eo much, or Kentucky hemp
But we will take the Constitution and tbs law,
and live by them like men. lie thought
this bill should not pass, because it was a step
in tha direction of despotism. Yon cannot re
ureas this conflict in the nation any more than
yon can repress the eonflct of good and ovll in
tha individual man. There le no place td stop
In this progress of tyranny, till, tbs pall of des
potism is spread over tbe en tire seene,--; Except
for some oversbadowlcf political motive, suoh
bill could not pass. Honest men fromion-'
est motive never could be got to vote
for suoh bills as these. If passed, they
will only degrade the people. He combattsd
the idea that we must obey all hnman enact
ments in loroe. if that were true, every mar
tyr that nas sunered is a tool. ' ur tne higher
law. lei isiatiou mutt oe in acooruance witn 11
or it is ouly a nuisance, but a mere obstruction
In the wav or rroviuence, wmcQ will eo on ana
crush all tha little Impediments we can put in
tha wav bv our enactments. xou can onlv Pro
duce misohief by it; but that higher law will
be obeyed' Tbe lollies of our enactment oome
of our Ignbrsnce of thst higher law. We may
disregard that lawt but lie who ordained It
will maintain bis authority. x
Tbe House then took a reoct a.
An Express to the Oil Region.
The 'amount of business created by the dis
covery and development of tha miner.il oil In the
Aliegneny valley region is airmay very itrgo,
and is constantly Increasing. The oil business
is yet In Its infancy, and cannot fall to become
one of the chief matters of trade iu western
Pennsylvania . Pittsburgh is the point at which
this trade will naturally concentrate, xne on
trade has already proceeded with such rapid
strides that tbe faoilitles required fall far short
of tha business to be dona. Tbo tiaturo of the
business tbe constant requirements for supplies,
tools, Ao., renders a sure and speedy communi
cation between Pittsburgh and Franklin a great
desideratum. It is, when the Allegheny river
la closed to ntvlu'atiou, s slow Process to send
small packages to tbo oil region and yot the
oil miners constantly need them. It seems to
us that it would pay that enterprising snd use
ful institution the Adams Express Company,
to establish an express from Pittsburgh to Frauk
lln. bv wav of Eaon Valley, New Castle and
Mercer. The business would pay from the
start, and In a few months it cannot fail to in
oreaae largely. PiKs&urpA Pott.
Fort Sumter.
Latiara tram ihit fort. lastired from Cabtlia DoQblt
day, ont of Um offlctrf la command, rtporttliatUit Boulh
Carolinians hart ertctad aa Improvable battery on
OummlDKt' Point, of railroad iron, and that a terrible
fltbt eaa bt mada from that point. Tha treoRth or
that poiltlon, It hat now beea made, and liDdion, at
itdou, flTo-elghUn of a milt from fort gamter, will en
atM tbt Souih Oarollniant to do frost' Btlichlef. . The
work on fort Monltrlt hu also bteo pnihed forward lap
UIt. and Iti itrtnith Is now inch at will withstand the
runt on fort Sumter tucottirully., Ihlt, wt balltve, It
Ihs flrat lniuuiot where iron has Been uttl in rorunea
tlona u a mcani of doftntt. thoulb. both tbe French and
Hnglith are trylnf Itt tmcltnoy In war ttcamtrt. But
why eonld not a fort bt built of Iron, Instead of itone?
Too rttlttanet of Inn to any force U known, tod blocks
tl thit motel oould bt oast sufficiently thick to recelva a
ball harmlMilv. at an anvil recelTes a blow from tht
blacksmith's hsmmar. Bach Iron blocks oould bt bettor
fitted than ttona, tad they wonld last for all time.
Tbt f xptntt of such fortifications weald bt great, but
their Indestructibility and efficiency would make them
ha nhaaneat in tha Ion a ran. Tbt terrible cower which
trt hu Imparted to tht dettrnotirt- projectile of war
rcndars It necessary inai anaiuonai mesne oi miiuuDf
.hn.M ha riaviaad. and iron aaema to ha looaea 10 aa ai.
f fording the required protection. riMaMpMa latgtr,
: T ; --r- r-
"The Sick are Healed."
-This, our readers will remember, was thejoyr
ful crv of tha multitude when the treat Pbysi
cian was upon earth; but, although the daya of
mlraoles are passed, sun, a una rroriaence nas
provided oures for every known dlseass. Some
may not have been discovered, but others have,
and among them we find Kennedy's Medloal
Discovery, the ereat humor medicine, if ever
a discovery was made, under, tbe direction of aa
overruling Providence, t was this. By; sccident,
ths herb principally used In compounalnghls
remedy 'was found.by Mr. Kennedy while cross,
lne a pasture nesr his hduse; and since that
time, he has labored to cure his fellow-men of
every hereof with wmen tney were scitotea, ana
ho deserves the support ana encouragement o:
the commnlty. 1 " ' - '"'- ' ' '' j
Holleway's Pills and Ointment.
FCTJ roa 'thSc "lrfiliioai-'Bf Wrscent enac
ment of the French covercmeat, these- fnedt
eines are admltUd free of duty, into .all ports of
Franco. Tbey are extensively . employed in all
the publio and military hospitals throughout
the Empire. The Emperor has signified his
appreciation or meir virtues un an antograpu
letter, to Dr. Holloway. Durine the late Cam
paign in Italy, large quantities were used for tbe
wounded at tfreaecia and montecaiaro. ooid
by all Druggists, at25 cts., J2 cts .Md $1 per
box or pot. c .....
Dr. Hall's Balsam.
This popular snd truly valuable medicine
Continues to effect tbe most-astonlshlng cores;
and, it the statements or good cititene are en
titled to credit.it is worth tbe attention or ov
ary CUlNSUMrrjvrJ, ana a fair trial by an
who aro troubled with any disease ol tne Throat
tr Lung, " M - JOa.iii j, ji
51 r., j
Liyerpool Montreivi; Quebec,
Tht Montreal Ocean Eteamihtp Companrs Srtt-olaot
fnl.poered Olyde-rrallt gteamert tail ivery Hata
ureiatr from PORTLAND, carrying tht Cana-llan and
Cclted states Mail and paMngra,
S ft Or tea i, Cbeeipett andQnlckcetCan
a i ;.'. Torance f roua a - ? , i
' ' Ita6as of PaesaKe'to Kur6pe, ;
.rcfT S530, wo, .ao.-f 1 '
Will sail fronftlV SRPOOL every Wednesday,
tod from OUanSO owery Saturday ( eaJling
LONDONDCRKT, to receive on board and land Malls and
Paaaentert. to and from Inland and Scotland.
Uibete Bteamert art bmilt of Iron, In water-tight
compartment!, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
very attention ,ht paid to tbe comfort and accommoda
tion of niasenaera. At they proceed direct to LONDON-
DEB.Y, tht great rlik and delay of calllof at Bt. John's
It avoided. in. i
Olaogow paasengsrs art furnished with run paaSagt
tlckatt to ana irom iionaonaorry . i
. Iletorn tiokete granted at reduced fateg. I
Oertiheatet leaned for canrrylnt lo aad brlnvlng out baa
penmen from all the trinclpal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland. t reduced iotea, by this llneLof steirmert, 'aod
by tbt WAbUiriUTUfi 4. inn us bailuiq tauhsi;
leaving Uverpool tvery wetk. -;-a. " n j
Sig-tit Drafts for 1 1 and npwartTt phy
sable fa Kngland, Ireland, Suot-i
.. .land tr Wales. I
For ptiaagei apply fct the Offloe.'' S$r RRO Atj
TV AT, New korlt, and 19 WAT Kit ST.,
a I
BABEL fc 8SASLH. General ieeiit.
Or to- X J. R. ARMSTRONG, j a
' ' oolO-lyd Aw . Statesman OfBce, Columbus, Ohjo
.i i.ifi:. : i Sheiifi's "Salo.
Jamtt Ohsny.fluaidlaa, Ae.a ij,,..- I
vs. - - " Beltby order of Cpurt.
OldtoaTtsdemark etal.- )--
to me directed from tht OouK of Cotamoa Fleas
TransUn county, Ohio, I wlllofferfor aala at tht doer
tht Court Houn, In tht city of Uolumbut, ta w
8aturday, March 30th, A.p. 18G!;--1
between tht hours of 10 o'clock m. end 4 'stock t
m., tht following described real teta-e, tttuaU IS tht
county ef franklin. Butt of Ohio and city of Columbus,
and beunded and deacrlbed aa followa: In-Iot No . Seven
band red and ninety-eight, (703) eltuate en tht north aide
of Srland atreet. and being the eecrind lot eaet ef fifth
atrett, and fronting on friend atreet, alxty-two and S half
feet by ont hundred and tlghty-teven ana a half - feet
north to Cherry alley, being ibe full lot of 0f feet
i feWailArta fl W. BTTf f MAN. Whrlff.T:
rrlnMr'tfeei It 69 by fed. tvi, Deputy
- Tfc-ti-. iu f'f'Oonimoa Itai. I
John BcKlnay,tt.al.J . i.-' '- j
Sj to me directed, from tht Court of Common Pleat, of
franklin County, Ohio, l win oner ior salt, at tut door
of tht Court Heutt, ta tot city oi uoiumoot, on-
Saturday, the 80th day of Maroh, At D. 1861.
between fUehoure of 10 o'clock, A. K.', and 4 o'clock,
V. H. tbt following deacrlbed real eitatt, eltuate In tht
County of franklin, and Btate of Ohio. 4o-wli! Lot M
.SrdJeUaoatfioutLotNo. SB, Is tbt eltyof Calom-
baa. - '-" " . I
AppnlsMBI faWO.uO.1-.. ,. . I
" ,M" ' )0,M W. HCfVMAR. Bhtrilf.
feh29tw4 , ; ... B, p. parte, Deputy.,
Printtr's fats 3,04.. ' k " .a. ,
All el tat tod oualltiet: altt fc ; o f TIRT? of sans
Suprtorssske,forsatoiby,'- vi'iAIN A SON,
stint io. Btuwttigu tfrtes.
flH0WJsK .fat'.;
Friday ' Evening," February 22d.
On which ocoailoo their Armory 1U U ImoJioo eiy
decorated.' r . ,
A number of ne and InUKiticg Military Tableau
WU1 bt proseated, and torn of onr NATIONAL BONGS'
suns by memberi of tht Company.
Mailt bjr Profs Davis' and Osodman's Cotillon Band.
TivIniBlutlirigSnpper, - . $2.
fclSldtd liJV l
. Monday Night, Feb. 18, 1861,
"1 Or Llffrtlnrlnir Maxhanlnal VhlMllA -I .V..
Tht moat thrtlllnar of all modern Miracle, ambnolna
an astounding combination of '
Over Eighty Thousand Koying Modoli!
. iiiuairating nearly every aahject connected with that
remarkable country and tha Cheat Bcpoy Hebellion, all
dliplayUiK the wooden of meobanlam and tha insesuliy
0',M',4o"!l'a desrte at to oomplataly bewilder u4
enchant the spectator, lle.ldeithn wonderaol tbe Pan
opticon, win do aaded, for tbt firtt time, tnd autbtntlo
aodeoireot vlewof tht
Tht Beat of the Beoeielon Ircltement, Charlettoo liar
bcr, forte enmler and HouMrit. Oattlt Piockney, Bnlll
van't Island, and tht Star of tkt Weit beating Into tha
Harbor, eitpreaily painted and arranged by thtt talented
amat, boh. atooia vnuorq.
HT Exhibition aver slaht at Ru M,v. timh
open at 7 o'clock...
tickets es c. CHiLoiten in cm.
Breeltl Kthlbillona will ha a-lwan An anvoniv ..a
WEDNESDAY .Atleruoona. at 9 r.im.k ...
and Schools, to which all pupils will bt admitted at 10
vwuwcMii r r f - , ,
Iebl8.dlw p. 0. taKPe, Prop.
otcr Sheriff's Bale. .1
John W.Baker -- -f
'V Vt. ' Snnerinr 1,,
Joseph B. Stewart, at al ) .
U to mo directed, from the Superior Ooart of
Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for eale at the door
of tht Court Bote, la tht ttty of Columbia, on
Saturday, the 30th day of March, A. D. 1861,
between tht boars of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p.
m., the following described real tetata. alluata In tha
county of Franklin, and Btate of Ohio, to wit: Ths
uuuiTmcu ooa-naii or in-m no. eas, in Ihtoity of Co-
inmona, caing uie intereil or Nancy rlamty In taid lot.
apprahwd at 81,125. O. W, BUFVM1N, Sharlfl,
febS-dltw4w. By Sd. Davis, Deputy. .
Printer'! fees 3,00.
Irish Linen. Goods.
, Ilnen Shirt Boioma P.aln and Fancy
... Stirling and Boom Llnene. .....
; linen Sheetings and Pillow Casing.
Linen Cambrics and Long Lawct.
' '.T ".' ! : Linen Pookot-handk'fe. all tint.
- Linen Towelling! aadDhrptrs-
Llntn Naekloa and D'Oyllet.
Linen Table Olotbatnd Batln Damaekt
Linen Towels with, colored borders.
Linen Stair Coverings and Oraah.
for salt at low prices.
. BAIN ft BON,
frW3 ' ' No. 89 South nigh street.
: ladies' linen Pocket-Handk'fi.
kerchlefs, very wide heme. -
Embroidered Linen Eandk't all prices.
Hemmed Btilchtdaad plain do, do.
, , do do colored borders.
) Mouralcj' do black borders ;
do do new style cross stitched.
Pint apple do newpatternt.
Mliaei' Plain and Ecmmed Stitched do all prices.
Comprising tbt most select ateortment In tht city and
at lowettprices. 1141! Sc BUN,
febM No. Beulh High Street.
Gcnt3' Linen Bhirt Collars,
BOTE. Btandlne. Bvron. Peralrsa. Smfm and
other new ahipta. Hemmed Pocket Ilandkerchleft. Neck
Ties. Stocki, Street and Stenlng Oloret, Ualf Hott of
tvtew kind, Uodcr Ganmeote and all klnda of Otntt' For
nlihlnf Goods la Rrtat variety and at moderate prlois.
, r , tC BUN,
fb8i ; i . No. 99 Booth High ttrott.
i -laces and Embroideries,
Lace Oollan and Bettt. Vrenoh, Puihcr and Thread
Lace Velle, (new patUrot.) Valenclenea, Thread aad
Pornt Laces, Bmbroldered Collars, Bettt, Trimmings and
Bkirla, Lace Barbae and Oolffaret, Plain Linen Collars,
Bettt tnd Cuffi, Embroidered Collars and Cuffe In Satis.
.;." " '" BAUt fcSON,
feb38 " - No. 89, Boulh High Street.
Alexandre's Kid Gloves.
QUETAirtE and resnlartbana Black KldOlovea.
embroidered In white, magenta, purple, Ao. TJtdrctttd
Kid Qlovee. Ulsaes Kid ttloTea. A complete ateortment
of theetceleorated Qlovti always for salt by
... . nain at nun,
fbM ,. ' ..'';' 'No. 9BoaUi High street.
t Xenla K. R. Newiboy wonld be pleased to Inform
tht public that tht Cincinnati KreningTimeeit reoelrtd
regularly every day.' at 3 30 and 0 IS. P. U.. ftrtoss
can procure them by oallrng on - r ,
-- ' WlLlilSBl fUHU,
feb. 19dlwd.h . ... '-1 Peaf Matt.
Diiiolution of Co-pirtnerihlp. .
The FiRin or i. ii. smiTU it Co.
It this day diaolvtd by mutual content.
-. i ..,..;. . : i u a. Hi BMITH.
feMt:d1mo ' ! A. 0. BRUSH.
tiisriyisRSAL ,
1 i '. .J.: M . -i ' .
For all THROAT aut
laolndlna; WHOOPiNe
COTJOUf and evtry
Pomplalat the f arernn
ner of, and eve it actnal
jaEMmiiv.Icoiwst7iriPTiori.i. i
x . f i F n l :
The Great NEUHAL
Gio RBraEDY and Nat
nral oPIAXEe adapted
ta everr species of Her.
Zi "7T TV.T 2-
veut Complaint, Ner
tsii aas'iDartaie
Headaebe . KJheama
tisnia. Catarrh , Tooth
and Ear Ache, Lata af
Mlaepe and llov cleans
No ml justice can bt dont tht abort attsarattont
bat by.procuring and reading detcrlptlvepampblait.tt
bt found with all deeiara, or will be tent by Proprietor
on demand.'' formulas and Trial Botlltt tact t Phyal
clans, who will And development) In both worthy their
aocepttnot and approval.- , .
Oorreipoudesce toilettes' from all Whose neetssltlat or
curiosity prompts te a trial of tht abort reliable Beat
diet. . ; , - ... .
for 'salt by the' ttual wheleeelc and retail dealer
everywhtrt. ..ju'I t t . .
JOlin L,zlUrfNEWELLi Prwpriet)
' ' sTo.'O Commsrelal Wharf, Boston, Vjm.
. Roberta A Bamuel, N, B. Harplt, J. B. Oook, 7. H
Denlg, 0. Dtnlg A Sons, A. 1. Biueller Aeon, Agents
(or Oolnmbus. Qhlo, , , , myl-dly
In til oaase of oottlveaatt, dyipeiUi, billions sol liver
sfsctlons, piles, rSeumatlmi, fevers ssA tfuet, obatl
Bate head aches, and alt general dsrangseieatt ot health
theee PUii have Invariably proved S eett&ia tad speedy
remedy. A single trial win plaot tht Lift Jills beyond
tht raath oJcojnpetlUon 1q jhs etUmaUon'ef every pa
tjanf, ftl'l'l 'Att-ys vrjr " '
Br. Moffat's Phoenli Bitters will bs' found equally ef
Seadout la all easts of nerrtut debility, dytptptla, bead
acht, the slckneu ineldtnl to ftmalet In Aelioa tt health,
and tvtry kind of wsaknets ef the digestive ergant.
For salehyBr. W. J. VlOIfAT, S3J. Broadway, N. T.
aSd hyaUDraggltts. dum :r. I auySSfcwlf
The fcllowicg: l aa extract from a
IttttrwrllteabytheBev. J.'B. Holms,' patter ol tbt
PltrrtptlbHtrtet lapUA Oharcav lrotklyn, N1. T.,to
tbt"Jarrua tnd Meaaenger," Claclnnat4,0nd tpeakt
twlattte tt favor of that world-rtnawnod sMdlsutt, Hat ,
Wrnsuiw's EooTtimtBTXcr roa CtrLStun TawraiMt
"Wa aat aa -advarttamaat la roar aolumna aftraa
Wm-Mrw'e Boothum Bvavr. Now wt uevtr tald a word
IB favor of a patent maUleliia before lu tut lift, botwt
real tomptlled te sty te your readtrt that thie ia at bun
bag ws auvs nut it, m stow it to at six rr
cum, It It probably ont or tht moat successful meal
tintt of tht day, becautt II tt ont of tht beat. And those
of VOM readers who havtbaSet da batter than
I lay lp a Sttpply.'' ' V ' vW-:ldW '
"ifJi'tlVrj'tl' ' ... .

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