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' - ' : . . no 1QK1
The Adams Expr ' Company places M dally
J . uuder obligations to It for the very latest papers
IVom the eastern cities- .
'' The Amcrioart- Exprew Company ha onr
.'tmiokefor its daily fevore In the shape of the
, ' ory latest eastern papers.
' , . aointintb it thi Boabd or Public
Wokm. The Board of Public Worki hare ap
; ' pointed the following Resident Engineers for
the several umsions 01 toe raouo worm, iur
one tear lrom the 16th Inst, la aeoordanoe
, with the pro visions of an act passed March 94th
1860. .
Taatah I.lnlnn. Northern DIvIbIoo. OhloCa
John M. Lowla, Southern do., do.
Alex L, Haoklns, Hockin Canal and Mus
kluitum Improvement. ... ,
Samoa! For. Northern Division, Miami
' and Erie Canal.
John S. Earheart, Southern Division, Miami
,"'an4 Erie Canal. .
" r'TirNTT-3fooiiD at AaMoar Hall.
Next to the Fourth of July, tho Twenty Second
of February is regarded by Ameriean freemen
' as eonseorated day. It will be celebrated by
the State Fenoiblcs and their friends, to-night
at their Armory, In an appropriate and magnifi
cent stylo. The Decorations and beautiful and
patrlotio Mementoes of great events in our
past history, together with the music, leaeting
and' merriment, to be seen, beard and enjoyed
at the Halt to-night, render it a fitting place
of resort for a few hours, to all who would en
joy t pleasant social re-union, and at the same
' time do honor to the great and good Wash
Washington's Bistb Dat. The State Fen-
1 elblea Captain Rilit made a fine appearance
on parade on High street, this morning, and In
; their drill and evolutions in the State House
ward. : At noon, a national salute in honor of
the day was fired at the Southeast corner of the
Tublid Square. Other military displays were
made In the afternoon, and the weather being
Tery pleaiant; nigh street was thronged with
people and wore the appearance of a holiday.
This evening, tho Fcncibles give their grand
levee and anniversary celebration of Washiho-
toh's birth at Armory Hall.
j ijj.iajiiM i 1 '
Ntw Fia Enoini. The second Fire Engine
contracted for by our City Connoll with the man-
faoturers, Messrs. Bilbt, Mtndibs &Co.,of
Seneca Falls, N. Y., has been delivered, aocor-
ding. to contract.' Yesterday, a trial was made
of its ctpiolty and power in throwing water
from the cistern on the corner of High and
3ta Streeta, ts3,ea we: learn," it gave very
'; general satisfactions ' So far ae Engines are
concerned, our city seems Bow to be pretty well
prepared to act on the defensive in case of fire.
O The Miami Quarterly Conference of Con
"gregalional Churches will meet in this city, on
P. M. The Sermon will be preached at seven
o'clock In the evening, by the Rev. Parse, of
New London. On Wednesday evening follow
log. Rev. E. P. Uoonwm will be Insulted as
'pastor -of the Congregational Church In this
otty.i Sermon by the Rev. N. A. Htdi, of
La Rot's Pahopticon At Montgomery Hall
tickets lj cent. Mr. La Rob, will exhibit his
' 1.1... ...., f Tr, rl a ln In t,tlf.1it
and to-saorrow night, at the reduced admission
price of 15 cents for adults, and 10 cents for
l children.. He wili also give an afternoon exhi
bition to-morrow at 3 o'clock, at which time
pupils of the Schools will be admitted for 6 cts.
.each. ' " . .
Tm Wat to Wealth. Buy only what you
want. Be sure and choose the best; and above
thlncra. eat no unwholesome food. ' Avoldall
adulterated compounds of Saleratus in the mar
ket, which are a slow poison. James Pjle'e DI
, eteVo Saloratus is pure and wholesome and per.
r C - T . fi AC TIT U! . O
itntij sue. aepot, rvMuiugMiu Btrest,
New York, ! 'Sold by grocers everywhere.
.. t - m . ; i
CooaT op Comiion Plias. The Court met
thin mnmlnr. nallail nrar tha caaea aat for the
jday, and assigned Several oases for hearing on
Monday. The Grand Jury came into Court for
Instructions, which were Riven. The Court
J a aj. ..e inHHiirl it n I n n'tlnnV raft MAnnaw
...morning. L .' ".
1 O It appears by the Congressional proceed
ings, that the Senate has agreed to pay Mr.
Saxoint, of this city, ten thousand dollars for
the use of his steam engine governor, upon gov
e'rnment vessels. . A provision had previously
passed the House, under the care of Mr. Cox,
or twenty-five thousand dollars. j
-ICTThe Governor's Guards, Captain Ma
aow, owing to a disappointment la not receiv
ing their knapsacks In time, have postponed
their tour to .Newftrk , Zanesvltle and Lanoas
'ter, tintll the eeond Tuesday In May next.
iii ' .i
ICT-Mr. Basil-RiDDxiXr-an oldand well
known cltiten of this county, was struok with
paralysis, on ' the morning of Wednesday last,
the SOih Inst- It is feared that he will not re-
cover..,.., ... .... J....". I r.
. Wobd to HoasANos-When you go home
to lea, and find that Mrs. Smith has succeeded
. by a simple turn of the wrist in producing some
. it those scrofulous looking biscuits, which are
..'..I .....Inn ..!.. ... l,k . Cmtll..
'mjm MiMrnlta tha atnntlra eAenteaaiuiat nf mi
oU enemies, don't go off into one ef those par-
.', oxysms of rage ana august, wnjen always make
you so particularly disagreeable j but, on the
onntrarr. mlldlr. vet with becomlDr dlenitv.
Jilace your hand In your pocket, and extraot
rom Its long confinement the dime which shall
plao Mrs . 8. in posseesion of a package of Dt
. Lino's Chimical Salxsatub. with which she
cannot fall to have perfect suooesa la making
blaenia. . naatrv. fts , Manufactured, and for
. mmlm . . kt...l. h n II II. I..ni1 m. I -ft -
- airport. Monroe uo.. XM . x . ue i-ana uo. s
Saleratus Is now for sale at retail by- most of
V try- m. ...u K ti P.uMonl
).' eleot nasalnit tbroush cities and villatres. on his
route to the White House, is fnllv Illustrated
every day at J- B. Claik'b Mew York Clothing
' Store, where rerv nereon wlahlno- nlothlnv
ruahes the public havlug become eonVinoed
j that they oan buy cheaper, end get better made
garueuin tucrv tuau vievwuerw.
: ' Who will Suffer from Foul Humors. Sores, ot
Disease of the 8kln, when suoh certain remidiea
as MoLkah's STHiHOTArno COaniAX and coo
Puiiriia, and MoLian'i Voloamio Oil Liii
mint ean be so easily obtained.- The Cordial
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, ment will oure any Bore. See the drertise-
' ' 'GrrTr 01 our druggist, yonr storekeeper.
or anywhere else you ean, but be sure and get
-ana,n.a,. Ti.l .-J ntt
ii . - ItT See advertisement bfProf. Mixxia'l
TRala Inrlirflfntnf In anntfia mlnmm,!-
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
' Halls for New Tort Olty, Bolton, Albany, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, Bteubenvilla way, Oisveland, Zeneovllle,
Imrk. flranvtlle. Weahlnaton Olty. Baltimore. Fnlln-
delphU and New Orleans, eloss dailj (Sundays eaceps
td)at7j o'olook p. m.
A through Mil for Maw York and Clevelaad eloaei
dillv (Bnodyi ucepted) at 1 o'oloek p.m.
0. 0. Jt 0. R. K. WAV tUlUlowt dilly (SundtJI -
eaptra; t l o'clock p. m.
Oentrml Ohio Way Mali eloaei dally (Baadayi azcepted
Cincinnati way Hall oloioi dally (gundayi xoqUd) at
i o oiock p. n.
Ohioun. Tinhnnn. Dalawar. Marlon and Worthing
ton Mall eloua dallf (Bondayt uoeptcd) at 1 o'oloek
n. m.
m.m. f.Tr.i. Snrlncfleld. Dayton, Toledo, OlncUv
Dili. In.li.n.nolii. LOUilTill. 8t. Loull, Bud Sttrolt,
eloMi dally (Bondayajxopted)atV p. m.
A throagh mall to Zenla, Bprlng&ald and Olnolnnatl
loiac aally (aunaayi vxoepwu; 1110 oiwi y. u,.
Urban, Plqoa, Tiffin and Union City malloloaat daily
(Bnndayi aaeapuaj ai in o cicoa p m.
' Lannular. Loian. Nalaonvllle. OlrcleTille, Ohlllleothe,
Portunonth, Waihington, 0. H., Athani, Marietta and
UllUborouf h, mailt dot dally (gundayi excepted) at7X
o'clock D. m.
But way Mall by National Boad to Zaneirllle, eloiei
dally (Sunday! txcepted; at 11 o'clock a. m.
Harrlaburgh Malli eloae dally (dundayi excepted) at
o'oloek d. m. - .
Ut. Vernon Hail, by way of Weeterville and Bunbury,
eloeee dally (Sundays excepted) at 1 o'olook p. m.
DubUn Mail eloeee dally (Bnndayi exeepted)at 1 o'clock
mum iron new x ore. notion, roiiaueipoi, Atwuiy,
Plttebnrgh, Olereland, Dayton, Toledo, Xonla, Detroit,
Bprlnirfleld, Olnolnnatl, Ohlllleothe, 8t. Lonla, and all
Botttbern eltlee, arrire between the bonrs of 9 o'clock p
. ana o slook a. m. -
llalle from Indlananolla. Ohicam and Dnbuane. arrire
at e:tu a. m.
ataila from Waihlniton Oltv. Baltimore. Tfheellns,
ZaneiTllle, Newark, BteubenTllle, Mt. Ternon, and the
0. O. . . way Mall, arrire at 8 o'clock p.m.
Way Mali from Olnolnnatl, arrlrei at M o'oloek p. m.
Iran outer Mall arriree at in o'oloek D. m.
laat Way Mall orer the National Koad. arriree at 11
o ciook a. m.
Mt. Ternon way Mall arriree at 11 :00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arriree at 8 o'clock p.m.
Urban Way Mall arriree at 8 o'clock p.m.
HtrrUbonh Mail anlree at 11 o'clock a. m.
Offlea dellTerv onan ererv dav fexceot Bundar.) from
7H o'olook a. m. to 8 o'olook p. m. Open on Bnndayi
from and from 3 to 0 In
Rail Road Time Table.
imu Hum a Oolchioi a Xtma R. B.
Atjommodation 8.10 A. M.
Mo. 81a 9.30P.M.
Night Ixprem 8.45 A.M.
0.15 P.M.
i 30 P. Mi
8.4S A. M
1.40 P.M.
1J0A. M
Ourrataas, OoLOMacf a OiRCimiaTi B. B.
Ixprete and Hall 3.00 P. M.
Night Bxpreee. 3:&SA.M.
9.30 A.M.
9 V0 P, Mi
OnTaaiOaio B. B.
Ixprete Train 3 00 a. M ,
Mall Train...- 8.40 P.M.
8.30 P. M
PrrmnBaa, Oolomiui a Oimmnian B. B
Bxpreee Train 3:00A.M.
Mail Train 9.40 P.M.
8:80 P. M.
OoMmaoa a IrautuMLia B. B.
Oolnmbua, Plqua a Indiana B. R.J
Kxpraee Train , 8:10 A.J'. 11:10 A.M.
Kxpreee Train 8:45P.k 8:10P.M
. C1LIBRATED ... . . u
Stii:iulating Ougucnt,
x '.
For the WMsken and Hair.
The enbecrlbere take Dleainra In annonneln talha
Oltlaene ol the United Stateo, that tbey hare obulned the
Aiency for, and are now enabled to offer to tha American
public the aboro Juitlr celebrated and world-renowned
article. Tho
prepared by Da. 0. P. BELIINOHAM. an eminent
phytlclan of London, and la warranted to bring oat a
uuca eat oi
Whiskers or a Mnstache
in from three to six weeke. This article la tha onlr one
the kind need by the trench, and la London and Parle
is in unirersai ass.
It Is a beautiful, aoonomloal. soothlnc, vet stinolatlnr
compound, aoUnx as If by magic upon the roots, causing
abeantlfal growihof luxuriant hair. If applied to the
scalp, It will cure aiunrtn, and csurs to sprint; up la
place of the bald epols a fine growth of new hair. Ap
plied aocordlng to directions, it will torn sn or towt
hair aax, and restors gray balr to Us original color,
leering It soft, smooth, and flexible. The 'ONotrnrr" It
an Indispensable article in erery gentltman'a toilet, and
alter one week's ate they woald not for any consideration
be without It.
The eabocrlbers are the only Agents for tha article In
the United States, to whom all ordere mutt be addressed.
Price One Dollar a box for sale by all Druggists and
Dealers; or a box of the "Ongaent" (warranted to hare
the desired effect) will be sent to any who dealre It, by
mall (direct), securely peeked, on receipt of price and
postage, a 1.18. Apply to or address
HOBAOE L. niQlHAN t 00 ,' ' J
raoeaisTs, etc, ' i
febSOdtwOm ' 94 William Street, Hew-York.
V trom the NewiorkObterrer-l , "
As all cartles manufacturing flawing- Machines are ob
liged to pay Mr. Howea lioensa on tech machine eold.
and are a to compelled to make returns to him, ander
oath, at to the number sold, his books giro a correct ttate
ment. From thla reliable aonros we hare obtained the
following statistics. Of the maehiaes made In the year
WW, there ware sold,
By Wheeler fc Wilton. ........ .81,303 . ....
, " I. M. Singer St Co 10,993
Qrorer Baker.... ........ .10,SW) .
Ihowtne tha sales of Wheeler Wilton to be diruUt
tnoas or any other uompeny." .
Awarded the highest premiums at the - I
United States Pairs of 1838, 1839 and 18G0;
also at the
Ohio State lelre of 1859 and 18M; .
and at nearly all the County Pairs In tha Bute.
Oar t rices, at the late reduction, are at low at any
leva SfWA asaonine aow eoio, ana out a trine nigneroan
tha interior two Virtaa oMm scioA wiacAltuI, now
forced nnon the market.
Look Snow the only one whloheennot be rarelcd. It
Is Auks ok Bon Bines of tha aoods. learlat no rdm or
tiainoniu under tidt. .
JM shhmmi v or anted 3 Mft, and easfrvcMon
gTTon ui ineir nws, ma snarte.
u. un&ni.ei tiign si., uoiamous, v
decJ Sswd3mfcit6ei pike's Opera House, Olneinnatl
All orders left at the Office e( tha SlaUtmait will be
promptly attended to. ., Janll-tf
X m, ataxple Article will famish employment to
a row ectvre men to sot ea agents lor tneir oonea, i
praferanoa will be ftlren to those who are well acquaint
ed in tne aistnct lor wnica insr spniy. t
- for wbtce. serrkes they are willing to pay a salary
eflroai 1. 1 ...m .t . - if m .-
$000 to $800 pir year, and Kzpnses.
"tor.fnrther particulars address ' '-' 1
W. B. UOBIHOUSl t 00. , u
J and 5, Ixchange Plaoe,
JsnSO-dSm,1 " ' Jersey City, N. J.
for the nrSTAKf BJLIIf
and MaitANJNT CUM ef til
entreating eomplalnt.uae
".7-rV.el;.a-. ... . f
ktadabyO-JBBITUOCll erf., lOTNaasasi St., at. T.
r- i uiiree ny poet. ,
Rail Road Time Table. TELEGRAPHIC !
Mr. Doollttle nreeented a netitlon from tha altiiana of
Milwaukee, numerontly signed, asking Congress to stand
by the ContUtuUon and laws, and make no compromise
with traitors-
Mr. Powell nretented anetltlAn from tha eltieana of
WlMonaln, In faror of the Crittenden resolutions.
Messrs. Dixon and Blglcr presented numerous petitions
for the border States and lha Crittenden resolutions.
Mr. Bragg presented thooredentialeof Mr. Ollngman.
re-elected eenator from North Carolina.
The Senate resumed the consideration of the bill for
the dlacontlnuanoa of tha noa-al aarrlca In eeoedlnr
awe, wnicn Wat iaia orer yesteraay. -
Mr. Hunter said If the States were In lha Union we
had no right to eat off their postal benefits; the postal
lawt had aot been milted, and wa could not undertake,
under lha ContUtuUon, to punlia States In this way.
Be taid tne expreetion ol Insurrection and rebellion In
the bill aeemaii to h hot atena which mint end In natne
force against the States.
air. Doollttle said that It was a measure of Dssce. not
war. tie said it was tha dutT or tha a-overnment to ma-
knowledge and face tha ohangee of the day. What are
uie new meat wnicn wa hare to meet I xno nret is tns
Idea that alarerr la a blaulna-. and a nroner state of so
ciety In our republic Idle idea was not admitted by
the men who formed the Constitution, bat It was the Idea
oi uainoun. Ail said It was an aril, socially ana polit
ically. Mr. Ollngman asked when Mr. Calhoun said alarerr
Wat a blessing.
Mr. Doollttls taid, hstild soon tha floor of the Sen
ate. Be eald It was the best and moit staple basis of
rree institutions. This Idea now relgne deepolls In the
Southern States, and threatene to destroy ererytblng,
unless it Is admitted and recognised. . the first demand
was of the Democratic party, and became that party
would not fully admit It. it was distrusted and destraved.
To-day, with arms In their hands tba Southdtmand that
we shall make a new ConetituUon and carry elarery Into
the Territories where It nerer existed. lie hoped this
would be pasted, as It waa one of the meana which would
giro peace to the Union,
Mr. llanter said he was glad to hear that It was not a
measure of coercion; but he thought It wae not necessary
to pais It, as the Postmaster General had all tba power
Mr. Powell SDokeoralnstths bl l. and said that If It
passed It would sirs the nowar of a desnot to tha head
olerk of a Department, and destroy tha liberty of the
at. reerenlon said he thought Senators wars drawlne
on their Imaginations. The bill simply gara power to
u reeunaater ueneral to eutpead tha operation ef the
laws, and roliera him of an attemnt Lo enfnrM tha lave.
It Is most eminently a measure of peace. The secret la
that gentlemen want to force ae to ecknowledge that
leeenlon le lawful. It seems to be the simple truth, that
gentlemen won't let ae hare a measure of peace, without
acknowledging tha right of secetilon.
nr. iiamer opposed tha bill at ooercirw.
Mr. Doollttle said It was a measure of neaee. not
war. ,. .
Mr. Douglas oonsldered the bill a peace measure, and
wat gratified to sea It come from the other tide of the
House. After eome few remarks In response to those of
Mr. Doollttle. Mf. Dongleo said ha bettered there was a
deliberate plot to break up the Cnlou. on the pretext of
aeTouon to it, ana tnat mere were are at many dlsunlon
itte North ae South. .
rurtber debate ensued, and Mr. Green nroDoaed ae an
amendment, that the Postmaster General also suspend
the malls where an organisation exists for running eft
No action was taken on the bill.
The Mlsoellaneoue AnnronrimllAn hilt w. talf.nnn.
After an Bxecutlre session, the Benate adjourned.
BtWiTS. EcmlnO famnn.. 1m flrltt.Mtan r..Atn.
lotions were taken un. Mr. Wilton enoka at lentth
against the receii. Adjourned.
Mr. Dawes, from the select committee of Are. to whom
Wat referred the President's 8peclal Message, of tha 6th
of January, made a report as to tha stationing of Teasels
of tha Nary in inch a manner It to neglect tha defense
of the whole Atlantlo ooast, daring the preraleno of
awicn Tioience. xna nemtier ot ships lying In port
dismantled and unfit for asrrlca is 28, amounting In tha
BMKvcKaiv oit cans, none or mem noma no rennmd
and put under tail abort of aereral weeke time, and many
of them would require, for that purpose, at least six
monuis. Mo order baa, as yet, been Issued to put any
of tbem In readloese. -
Tha Committee dlMnaaad other nMieti AAnnteil with
the Nary, and proposed the followiog reeolation:
tttoivtd. That tha Beeratarr of tha N.ra. In am-ant.
Ing, without delay or Inquiry, reslgnatlona of o (Boers of
the Nary who were In arms against the gorernmen I when
tendering the eame, and of those who sought to re
sign, that they might be reliered from the reatrslnt
Imposed by their commissions upon their engaging In hos
tility against the constituted anthoriUee of the nation,
baa committed a grate error, highly prejudicial to the
ditelplins of the terries, snd Injurious to tha honor and
e&icienoy of the Nary, which demands tha oensuro of this
Iloase. . - i
Mr. Branch submitted a minority report. i
Mr. Jno. Cochrane also dissented from tha.rlawaof the
majority. . . ,
nr. vaweigare notice that be will ask a rota en the
resolution on Monday or Tuesday.
The House resumed tha consideration of Mr. Stanton's
Volunteer bill.
Mr. Booock nnlshedhlstneerhie-Micltiainr hw
ting and denouncing the bill.
Mr. Howard replied, eharacterlzlne Bannck'a nmak
clap-trap, and hla appeals here were made to Influence
tne Virginia I'onrenUon In assisting to ibreak ap the
Qorernment. ,
The consideration of tha hill v.. noahwn,. ml
day. . .- ' V
Mr. Barrett oondemned the Hennhllcan nartw. anrf nm.
teeted against ssoesaion : and thou. hi tha mmyAirA flt.,..
should hare remained and obtained their righte In the
Vnion. lie said uoerclon would drlre Missouri and the
border States to resist iU
Tht Senate bill. aonroBitatuir 13.400.000 for Oreeon
and Washington Indian war expenses, was oonsldered.
The amount wae reduced to leu than 3,0)10,000, after
uceaie, nai wun no nnai action. Adjourned till Batuiday.
Washington News and Gossip.
WaiHiKOTOH. feb. 81 In tha Peaoe Conference to
day Mr. Dudley field, of New Tork, made a strong
speech agalnet compromise.
Aa attempt will be maile to-morrow to force a vote.
The result la doubtful. The Virginia delegatloa to-day
gave notice that the next movement will be a convention
of tha Southern Blatee, and the adoption of tha Constl-
tation or ut unitea tt tales wltn guaranuas, ana an In
Vltation to all the Btatee to Join the confederacy. : '
Advices from Richmond state that (Stanton's force bill
had created great excitement In the Virginia Conven
Tha Bell members of Congress hare changed their rtol-
Icy and will allow Stanton's bill to pass, and throw the
respontiDimy on its irtenae.
There is trouble in the rrench legation, owing to eon-
trsdlctory advices ssnt to Parts; the Minister, Mercler,
who ii Imbued with secetilon sentiments, baring tent
home reports oonSiotlng with official advices from eonsuls
and other tourers, explsnatlons hart been required.
Baron sioegei, inonussian minister, also sympathttss
With secetilon. ' ,
Despatches from lurops announce the determination
of tha European powers to abide the fixed policy of no
ognlslng no ntw government before tla recognition by the
government from which It has separated.
i-o lice regulations ror tns inauguration are completed.
A largo number of polteemen now attend the war trains
between Washington and Baltimore, and the Baltimore
police are on duty on tha Philadelphia road. i
Tha Armstrong oourt of Inquiry la diitolred. Arm
strong will only be censored, particularly for not baring
lurneu over nis iruope 10 iiieut. niemmer at son rickena
The secretary ol me T restore to-day tent to tha Honaa
an elaborate document, In which ha says ha beilevee du
ties on imports win continue to be emueoted at porta of
entry established In Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Loulsl.
ana and florida, and vessels entered and cleared la the
usual manner. ; -.' I
WiimnoToa. ;Ieb. Jl. MeUonsto take no the nom
Inatlon of Black to Us Supreme Oourt, and Pettll as Dis
trlet Judge of Blaneas, ware rejtoted by three majority.
There will probably be no mora executive sessions da
ring the present Administration's term.
xnt proposition to tie voted on by the Peaoe Conference
to-morrow la eubttantSelly the Border State plan.'
' xna irwnaa tnereor say mere are anmlttable indica
tions that it will have tha support of the Ooramtesioners
from Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Hhode
Island, and all tha border elare States, except one or two
from Virginia. - .11 ..,.,. ,.
Tha Nary Department hu accepted the resignation of
Oapt. Tatnall, of Oeorgia. I , .1
Thepubllo departments will le closed to-morrow.
There will be a parade of federal and local military.
A special agsnt was sent to-day to take charge of tht
Galveston (Texss) poetolfice. - r I
- Tha Administrates la advised of tha fast that agents art
at tha North purchasing ttsamert for tht Boa them con
Adnceairom Montgomery indicate that iht Southern
Confederacy will regard the atlempta of the United States
to maintain authority in tne seoedlm states at aa aot of
war, which win no roiiowea tjy insiantsneone reprisals.
A tarn number of privateers are la readiness to torn
tnence ape rations on tha Ocean at a mementa warning
It la reported tnat arracgaaienti are alraedvrmede In Call
fornla for prirateert on tha Paclflo ocean, when eooeslon
Hit for tnem. . 1
The tariff bill under oonsMeretton at Montgomery does
not differ materially from that of tha United Btatee. It
will apply to all goods Meith of Wilmington, Delaware,
and rjonos win oe txacteu from snippers from noa-asosd-lnc
slave-holding States to guard against deoeotlora
Senator Latham, of California voted against Black's
onnfirmmUon. and Owln for tt. - I
A le tier from an army officer at Savannah tai Iltts for
rolunteers to the army of the new Confederacy hare been
opened one week, daring whlen 33 men enlisted as pri
vates, and B.0Q0applted for oommlsslons. - '
She uorernmeni bad ordered the purchase 01 e itiam-
er for 101 oeorgia nary, tor guu.uw. - , , . ,
A gentleman wh oarrirad from Charleston to-da sara
there are 4,000 troops there under ordois. bat no nros.
peel or any immediate attack an rtrt Sumter. Tht poo
p e continue to demand Itr bnt flor. Pickens It awaiting
tha movements of President Davis. Tha harbor ta elear,
ana rssssissre pitiiDg m sou. out. . ,
WAtnuioTew. reb. .
Phillip Clayton, f x-tts'ltant aecreiar of tha treasury
of tha Untied Btatee will leave for Montgomery hsving
bean appointed to a similar position under tht aoutfaera
uonieaeracy. 1
it is a general holiday here, an the l-nvanimamt and
municipal oinoaa art eiosea, uiemiutary aispisy is large
and Imposing, national fltgs are flying In all dlraetlone.
Milt ringing, and a salatt of lguus being Bred, one for
eaca Diatein me union
The British Government on Disunion
NxW Tola, feb. 81. Ths Timtt hat taenia letter
from a member vi the British Government to a dlttln-
gulibedAmencea, elating authoritatively that the whole
matter ot secealtoa bad beea kreuht bv Lard Jahn Baa
tell before tha Minlttry, aa alto aubordinate matters, of
eefeetlrt eleareaoes. Am., and tha declaration made that
not only will there bant recognition by Great Britain of
the Southern Confederacy, bat that every thing will be
aone w aisoontenai-o uisawoa. i.tu . , ,s. . j ,(
. - -aaa------".-ii--. I
j Boitom, Peb. 88. Ibe Ooumoa Council ef this elty
tut evening patted a resolution by a large majority, era.
taring Hon, Charles Sumner for nit neaarka la tht Sen.
ate of tht united Btatet, relative to signers ef the cetl-
u . .. . . .i. . . . -
kvb iwg ytm ptpaajv vl wr VlVTgtvajqaBj,iWwt
The British Government on Disunion Lincoln at Philadelphia-His Speech.
raiuetuvu, fob. SI, 1:10 f. M The train with
Lincoln and suite arrived at Kensington at 4 o'olook.
They were escorted In carriages; Mr. Lincoln's barouche
being oonspiouous by tha gay plumage of four white hor
sea. The proomlon consisted of mounted police, a
cavalcade of cltlsene of all descriptions of politics, tht
renniylranla Dragoons, Ubairmen or uommitteea, Preel-
uents or uounci s. uommitteea oi newuersei ana renn
srlranla Leelilalana.etfi. -
Ther were hailed ererr where with patrlotio emblema
and manifettallODS from about 100,000 people along the
line of march. Lincoln on hie arrival at the Continental
Hotel, waa conducted to the balcony, and was Introduced
to tha Mayor. lha noisy multitude below greeted hie
appearance with cheering- Both tha Mayor! welcome
and his reply were unheard, excepting by those In the
immediate vicinity.
Mr. Lincoln eald I Mr. Mayor and fellow Oltiiens of
rniiadalpbla i appear before you to make no lengthy
speech, bat to thank yon for this reception.
This reception yon hare glren me to-night it not to
me. tha man. the Individual, but to the man who temna-
rarlly represents, or should represent, ths majority of
tha nation.. (Cheers.)
It is true, at your worthy Mayor has said, that than Is
anxiety amongst the oltlsens ol the United Btatee at this
time, i deem it a nappy circumstance tnat this dissatis
fied portion of our fellow-citlxeae do not point us to any
thing In which they are being lnured, or are about to be
Injured, for which reason I here felt all the while J uni
fied in concluding that tha crltls, the psnio, tha anxiety
vi tne country at una time, is art mciai.
If there be those who differ with me upon Ihie anhlant.
they have not pointed at tba substantial difficulty that
awe. i. ae not mean to say uei mis artificial panic
may not do eonsidsrable harm; that It has done such, I
Tba hope that has been expressed by yonr Mayor, that
a may oe aoie to restore pesos ana narmony and proipsg.
Ity to the country, la most worthy of him: and moat ban.
py Indeed will I be If I shall be able to rerlfy and ful
fill the hope, Tremendous cheerlog, I promlte you, In
all sincerity, that I bring to tha work a tlneere heart.-.
w newer i win Drug a neao;equai to tnat neart. It will la
for future tlmea to determine. It were otelete to speak
of details of plans now. I shall spesk offioislly on nsxt
Monday week. Iflehonld not speak then, It were use
less for ma to do so now. Wbea I do stwsk. I h.u i.v.
uou grounos ss i aesm nest caiouiatea to restore harmo
ny and protperily to the country, a' d tend ta than...
petnlty of the nation and liberty of the States and the
Tear worthy Maror has axnreaied thawlih. In htK r
Join with him, that It were convenient for me to remain
in your city long enoagn to consult wun your merahsnts
and manufacturer!, or, as It ware, to listen to those
breathinge riling within the consecrated walls wherein
um vonstuunon oi tns unitea oiates and tha Declara
tion of Independence were originally framed and adopt-
en. iBninuiitstloapplause. 1 astute son and
Mayor I had honed on thle occasion, and uiwi. .n n....
slons daring my life. I shall do nothing Incontinent
with the teaeblnga of these holy and most saored walla.
I bare nerer asked anything that does not breathe from
Iheee walls. All mr political warfare hu h... i. r....
v. mi uracmuge inai come iortn from these sa
ored walla Mey my right hand forget Ite cnnnlna.and
my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, If I Drove
r.lu In ,ViAU ...V.I 1 -
Fellow.cftlsena. I hmWm mAArtmmA In. . ,L
had expected to do. and now allow ma t hiH
nl.ht '
Suffering Among the Potawattomies-Aid Rendered.
ATOHISOR. feb. 81. A dmntattnn fnm
tomlea. contlttlng of three chiefa. un. In .a.... ..1
.u. ,r iU.lr mm, arter lilting a lew mo
menta In Ota. Pomeroy's offlce lauomboru), a ren
ereble chief arose and addreised the Oeneral aa fnii.w
W. L. k . . . i .. .
... ula are tne great rather of the
whites, will yon become father to my etarlrlng people?
Two of my tribe hare already died, and many mora are
In danger of starvation if not lmm.ii.i.i.
"r wirea and children were crying about as whsn we
... mr nm ii yoa eome dick empty we will starve
The annuities hare been cut sir. Th. -m ...
esnd us food for we hare no money. Oar horses and
cattle are dying, and we hare no feed. We left our
homes on Lake Mlohlgan. My wigwam stood where now
is the great elty of Chicago. Wa wars removed from
Council Bluffs river. In my life, I hare nerer seen such
.uiienng among my people, iryouhelp us we will live.
If not we shall die.
Lsssombone Is a One looking Indian, and snoke flnent.
ly and with great emotion. He represented 850 of hit
trios In the most dsttitnta condition, whkh an. ...k.
flU!1 5'utlnent from tnat part of the country.
... "".raj iu.uto ten wagons Wltn prorisions,
arhli.h arlll l.. k.n Mil a i . '
' - "... wvua .ill Bltug.
Celebration in Philadelphia.
rmtangtrau, feb. 82.-The celebration of Washing
ton'e birth day began at daylight, by a salute be leg fired
shortly after 7 o'oloek.
A flag, containing 34 itars. was hoUtsdbyMr.Llncoln.
from a platform In front of Independence Hi 11. 1
After appropriate Braver mnA oihar MMmu. rn
pendenea Square waa filled with a meat of people, whose
enthusiastic cheers were worthy of tho occasion.
A national salute was fired ss the flag floated out In tht
--""a "u. a no uay promisee to be brilliantly cele
brated. Tha working man are mastering In great force for a
Mr. Lincoln learet here at 9 o'clock.
Calebration in Cincinnati.
Washington's blithday la being
te ebrated on a grand scale. Tha etreels art throngtd
With people. At aunrlto, national salutes were fired.
-- uu vuuivu uo,ia m ma city were rung.
The printing offices and all public and prirata buildings,
are decorated with flura. The miiltar. rfi,i.. i. m,..L
Plfieent; all the oompanlet are parading In full ranks.
Ths entire police department are parading with tha mil
itary, making a fine show all along tha Una of procea-
. i rw uensery inrongea. To-night, a
grand Union banquet oomss off at the Burnet House.
I m "ii
Arrival of the Pony Express.
oT Xuartv, feb. 81. The Pony Ixprete, with
California dates to lha 6th Inst., pa-ted here to-day at
M'etera. Tasffle, MoOahlll A Co., U. Bonh A Co., and
Thos. Brady, extensive dry-goods dealers, had failed
with large liabilities.
Tha Legislature was doing nothing.
It was reported that between eight and nine hundred
men were enrolled aa Knights or the Oolden Circle, whose
objeet la to tttabllsh a Pacifio Bepablki.
Tobacco Factory Destroyed by Fire.
' Eubkokd, Ta.i fob, Slfltxhugh May's tobacco fac
tory waa destroyed thle morning with Its contents, Inclu
ding large amount or maaulaotared tobacco which wu
ready for shipment. Loss very heavy, with a partial In
surance. The building originally out 130,000, snd wu
owned by Mr, Warwick. It wu the scene of tha famous
Clay dlnnsr of 1838. The smaller factory adjoining, and
occupied by Mason A Tlmbsrlakt, wu alto destroyed.
foax KtasHir, feb. 81. The Western stage' pissed
at 4 P. M. for Omaha, bringing tha following Denver
dispatches of tht lilt hi Inert is a good deal of exelte
ment about newly discovered quarts mlnee near Platte
Canon, 88 miles from Denver. A number of rich leads
are reported to hart been found, and prospects of ore
hart been obtained worth a dollar le tha pound of
quarts. The weather eontlnaeo pleasant and many per
sons are having for tht Blut Alrer country . .-
Sheriff's Sale. . ,
D. T. Woodbury A Co.,) '' "
. Superior Ootr). -
George W. Allen.
XJ tO me directed, from tha Suneriav flnnrtnf Snnlilln
eoaoty, Ohio. I will offer for sale In tha town of New Al
nsny, at tna store room of a. W.Allen, a lot of Dry
Goods and Notions, levied on ae tba property of 0. W.
Allen; ule commencing on MONDAY the 85th day of
ebroary A. D. 1881, at 10 o'clock A. M.
. W. HCIfMAN, Sheriff,
fff?!l.0!4, 's .. m ' Davis, Dep't.
- Printer's fees 15.50. . .7 . -
METtOVES ln pntvrvTa 1 a,.
XV flammatlon and pain, and heals ths worst barn,
scald, bruise, oat, or fresh wound of any kind, prevents
aw.lll-k-r anil .ln fmn kj-. .( - ii . ,
, - - .".m wu-tjiw. vile, KDU
noisonoaa planta, neuralgia rheumatlam. ague in the
hraaat. aalt rh.nm. U'l.-.-. ..w I . i . ..
1 T .. .mks u utwruaiij, 1, will
poaitlrely cure eroup in children, and givea Immediate
MlUrin tha ..-.I n-. -r .V. l ill .
.-- w, mu. w.riuj. cwajiiiiat, alio,
removes boarseneu and sort throat,- Price, 88 cents a
ooiue. Dnoniu oe in every House, ror eslenv Drar.
UU snd Storekeepers. - IRTIlf BTON1,
'"'P'WMr, no, i pprace St., new Tork .
oet4dAwlyls ...... v. ; .
Superior Oriental, - 1 "
- .i h fine Kan atter, . . - -.
.t. i !)'!. Pour Aost, (extraV
. r. or.
. - v.i . ..i Ameriean Shag, r -. ,
: it . - i - Blrd'e Eye, (Ualoe)
In ptckutt; alio, Kentucky tne cut In barrels 4nd half
barrels, In store and for ule by -
H ' . ' U. ; : . MCKIB at RE8TI1AUX,
febll . ' . i " 34,Btshsmaa Building.
And Blank-Book Kanufitntnrer,
sarlMlf - -t . . .---I :
- . Oo-PartnershiD.T.
ton J AMIS ADOKB BAIN aa partner In my Soti-
esss, amen will weerter oe oordaoted nndertUe Ann
ef Bala as Bon1" P. BAIN. SB Sonln Hlah Bt.
Oolambai, f SB IS, 1881. , fiblS
- HOTICE! ' i
rrviiE sfjBsoninEU ia DEHineriii or
JL elotlng ap his old eusinese at onet, and hones that
all parsons hartng anssltlsd aoeoaatt on his books will
givs tnem unmeaiate attention..- . t
oio r. AIH.
it -aMxraioj
jaaWdtf v
J. 0. W00D8.
,Oi Carpir Kiaer's Kitate. i
tht subscriber waa anoolnted mnA anaitaA
tha 17th day of January. A. B. 1861. aaailminlatniuivnn
the latata of Oasper KInar, late of franklin County
. Dated this lothdsf ef fehmrv. A: D. 1881,1 '
1-J J V i W .' .lit)- ..Jl-mi
leh.WwSl'V MlVaiaUiNisAX,AdaslBlstratoni
Columbus Retail Market.
Columbus Retail Market. FRIDAY, Feb. 22, 1861.
-The following are the retaU quotations oorrectad by
- uu, wuuiaaaii auu retail grocers, no. 34
Wheat. gl 00 X 0. Suear a...BW,r
Oats bu...... ,
Corn bu
Maple do 18a
... tit
... lXc
Molasses V'ggj sOGHSUo
Batter en,
Lard ...
Hyrup gal. tjk7Sa
Tea a,...iUo.,75o.100
iddo Tea.... SI 00
Dried Apples bu..71Kloo
Dried Peacbet....8 7.1S3 00
White Beans e ba..7510U
aio Coffee T..IS,(loc
lava do...., sue
Bice fc uo
Brooms dna. at (Ml
Potatoee ou
Salt In sack....,
Salt f bbl
nay m ion m7 no
Soap (box) V 1.... V8e
Beef ewt
... eu is
, 13,14
10 .77Xc
flour 9 bbl. ....S3 vm&x
White Wheat do $5f 00
Hams 0
Hhonldera e B
Bait Pork fewt.
nyw iour w ddi... as uu
Candlea,Tallow,bx. KHo
Candles, Opal, bos. r- llio
Oheeae s a, , lfldBioa
Wood S eord...
t Si
Mackerel No.lhfbbl
Mackerel No I or bbl
S3 apples e bu 4075e
Mackerel No 1 kits.. tiH'
White ruh per h'f bbl 85 00
Cod flab t 7r
Herring bbl (3 75
Buckwheat floor per f 8 He
Cora Meal bo.... 3.V
Hominy perbuih tl 10
(Vhltky per. gall 7.25c
BaIiIus, M R. Box.... 8 80
Layers " ....3 00
Sultan 9 ft 18Ks
'Igs .
Igge dot 10c
Prunes ft.
... 8 10c
Dried Beef l3Ht
fLOUB tales at B4.DOX3 for rad. anJ ml ojva in rn.
UIWI - - . ... - I .
WHEAT sales light at 05(3)81. ' '
CORN Meters. J.kL, Zettltr hare nnrrhaaed anr.
Ing the put week 8,600 bushels at 85c, and shipped 1,300
u i t.t.-. .,, .
W.IWH auaiiau, to vivreianu. '
BU sales or small lots al 50o.
OAT8 sales at SOo market light.
CLOVKit BEED sales of small lots at S3 75.
PO r AT0E8 salee at .085 according to quality.
HAY-ssles at 67 per ton.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 22.
f LOUR Receipts none: ulet SOOOhhla.t Stata .A
wettern quiet and Arm, at 8r' 80(913 85 forsuperflnt
States 85 309 3 40 for extra State: S SaaLi 911 rn. ....
perane woiterni 93 MBt 3U for Common to medium
extra wettern, and V33IXB3 70 for Inferior to good
hipping brands extra Round Hoop Ohio; Canada quiet
wu uouanvca. eaivw liiv mi,, niW9 eugsiao 79,
KY PLOUR eteodv at S3 3imt 10.
WHS AT very Arts and moderate demand fnt mnw.
.uu uim, wDiuupugDi miee or su wu outhei, at 8 1 91
for Chicago snrlna. 81 SS for Mllwankaa niiihH.n..
81 35 for Winter Bed Western; and 81 43 for fair white
RYE quilt 85Ctc. " ,
B A KLkY steady at 7031.
OOHN eteady.wlthamoderataavnnrt dnn.nrl. .!..
vi n.wv Dun a lk-c tor nin misan M n in i.m r. l.
a , . i rr . . it r. . . . . i """''"
for new do. at R. R. depot. '
8tateT8,n"t t3537o,("w,tn, Canadian and
POK-stesdy at 17,es for meti; 18,7J for prime.
OUT MKATB-ateady.
LARD heavy and lower; sales of 500 bbli at 9K10o.
BUTTKR fair reanaal .1 livaila. rn. nhu. in icl.
forSUti ' -
C H IBSR stsady at ftSlOKc.
WHISKY Arm and demand madarafa- .!.. Inn u.1.
BTOUKB-rathsr better, bnt without tctlrity; no Sec
ond Board; money plenty at 897 per cent, on call, but
other ratee rery Irregular. Chlo. A R. I. 57; Cel. A
Chie. 71KI 111. O. eerln70: fl. ST. 2li no in
70X; M. 8. quoted 3IJ: 0 .0. AO. 94H; N. Y. O.
77; Erie 3IJ(; Hud. 43; M. 0. 83H; Pee. M. B3
Brooklyn Water 100: Cb. A N. W. 80: Va. 6's 7JK:
0.78W; Mo. 65V: Tenn. 7J: Treainra la ..
notatlOSaj. : . . '
Cleveland Market.
February, 21.
f LOUR remains quiet with onlr tbentoal Debt talea
to the trade. Soma email panels ohilot doublt extra
red rated at 85 25; and a lot of 18 bolt rye st 83 50.
WHBAT sslrsof 1 car red on tnck at SlOV and 9
cart do from store at tl 07.
CORN no salesr offering at SOo.
OATS quiet at 94c.'.
B A RLE Y a prime article Is worth COo
HlOHWINEd eelei46bblsst lio.
LARD tales Of 8 kege eountrr rendered at Ov and M
bbls at 9Xo.
n a mb uiea elty sugar cured at 10c.
KU3B In soma demand and a littla .tiff... in
91lo. .
8KKDB Clover remained quiet at i,C0; Timothy It
iiiKi.8j.-quiatatS9Xo. '
BUriER-telling at UiSlOc for Central: and llfifilCa
for good. i I
u. AEts-qaltl at 70o. ' :
Cincinnati Market.
PLOUR the flour market It oulte Intctira. and haa
got down to the old level of prlcee (4 .10 for superfine,
84 65 to 473 for extra, and thence to 85 85 for White
Wheat Extra femllr.
WHBAT mill commands tl for Red. at tht haadi of
millers, but.holdars generally demand f 103. White Is
in moderate request at f lua to fl UU.
'inert is BO chains In com.
OATS-drsg at 87 Ko. thbaih sales were made at that
BA EH r prime fall sells more resdlly at 70 j. Tht
interior grades are dull.
EXE oommandt a rather better nrice. and a aala waa
msdeateOc. tt. Com. Feb. 83.
Front Street, Between State and Town.
SHOP IstUll ronnlns. and althouh C
tht pretturt of lata years hu set heavily V
upon her running gears, she It still tnrn--
t.g out those splendid PIUTONS, BOOEAWATB, and
BUSES and HA0K8. Twenty yean stsady manafao
tarlng hu given oar work wide-ipe red repateUoe
through the Booth and Weet.
w t i&ererore detm it unneoessary to say any thing mora
a regard to the quality of our work. WawAtxairr
svtt Vsiitcu. Wt can tell eooo Tor Boeeut from
l-ato250. ...
Dealers can be fumlthed with anr amount of work al
short notion, and at prions lowsr than can be bought any
where In tha Weet. Second band Uunriea taken In ax
change for new work.
ILrRe pairing done neatly and at short notice, f aa
lory on front, between Slate and Town streets. Colnm-
K7AII communications will receive prompt attention,
Aug. 31-wly I. M. WILLIAMS A CO
Law Notice.
that he bu been sued with others In the Bunerior
Court of Franklin oounty, Ohio, by George A, BUoh. Tba
petition uke that tht following described real estate, tit
uare la franklin oounty, Ohio, to wit: In the seoond Mo
tion, second township and seventeenth range. United
States military lands, beginning In the oenter of the State
road front Westervills to Oalena, on William Slaughter's
south line; thence aat 805 rode and 80 links to a atone an
H. Dixon's line; thence sooth along laid Una. 58 rods snd
8 links to a atont (witness tree, sugar.) 8 inches la dia
meter, n. on aeg. B. atstance tt links, and thorn butb
3 lnehes In diameter, south 88 Ssg. wsst 1 links); thtnee
welt 888 rods to a stone In ths centre of said Stats road:
thence north 18 deg west 88 rods; thence north 33 rode and
3 links to ths plaoe of beginning oontalnlng one hundred
snditwo seres and 81 83-I0U rods of ground, aur be eold
ror tna pay meet or yoarteen Hundred Dollars whlchls a
lien there -on. In eaes of failure to answer or demarrtr
on or before the Moth day (3d Saturday) of April, A. ID.
looi, piainnu-a peuiion win oe uten u true, son Judg'
meat radendaooordlngly, ' GEO. 8. CONVKRSB. .
, Alt' for plaintiff.
Ctlumbus, Ohio, feb 19. 1881 .
feblS wCw.
,v.Landr for, Sale. V I
. nasr farm a I mated In tha oounty of Marion ar.d
State of Ohio, on tha big Scioto River, six miles west of
tha town of Marlon) it is all fenced la, about XOOacns
deadotd trom roar to algal years, a goad new frame
tlouse on it,anoat au aoresoiaarea; a good log Btsble;
about 150 young fralt trees; a first rate wall of water;
tha deeding la well set In to tame grass, snd tha Ma
Scioto for stockwatar. And I will make 100 aorts more
ready for tht plow, take off all tba timber, under Alteon
Inohea. SOU to male ISOeerea of nlowland Tba land
Is of tht rery beet quality, and I will tat a 888 ear acre
for It. I oonsldsr It worth at least thirty three per aara
with 100 acres more oleared, bat I mast tail It, there
fore I wl!l put It down too dollars below what-I think It
worth If I were aot obliged to sell. I hart also another
half section for tale, lying In tba same section, ens half
deadened, which 1 offer tor 813 per acre. Reference oaa
be bad by tailing on joeepn nettles who knows all about
tha land, or on the proprietor Is Marion.
febin-waw - ,-.-. : bavid bpler.
Notice to Creditors.
Kdwtn Faneoast and others)
Jaoob M- Oonrade and others.)
la tha Snnerlor flnnrt
of rranklln County.
by the Oourt, la this esse, notlos Is hsrsbr siren to
thaendltortef Ooarada at Brother, that they present
uieir omme vw mm, verinea oy amaavit, af reeaoiy to ceo
tlon 13 of the aot refulatlng tht mode of admtnlstering
asstgnnitnls In trait for tht benefit of eredltere, passed
April, o, ib3, witnin six moous arrar tnt pnbllcaUoo e
UiltnoUos. .. . -
, 1 ' Clark of tba BnpsHor Court.
Oolnmbua, Tab. 18, 1801. : 3tw
All pertooe era hereby eautlooad against carahaa
Ing aa order dated Oct 1800 drawn by A. W. Bhearar,
Olerk of Prairie Township, franklin touatyv Ohio en
tha Treasurer of said Township, payable to John Pplll
aoa or order, for aiW. for ten sets of UitoheH'1 aat-
line map. The tatd order harlng beea irenduienlly ob-
saiaaa wiiiBoisa paia. . .
. A. W. BtrtAMR, Clerk
ta behalf of the board of daeatioa of Fialria Township.
jaa. as.wst-
Xa. maaiuTTaa, bbcitkitt, ana lanwerwi las. VoJ
New Toai liamoaawn and Cm Fma or H-aSTroaa
saw I oaa i,ira an uoira. .io-itu, Lrr, . , . ,
oifica, st lUKav atM.sawt-rja Bl u.
1 e-ieU tii' c:.
ji 1
Dr. J.ILlIcLEArj'S -
Strengthening Cordial and . Blood
TTTT' rill rs-e-a
. J mJH. 1 film. . )
The (ireatemg BeaaeAy lm Tb writ
" AND'
ever Taken.
ly a tcientlfie and
Vegetabla Oom pound,
procured by the distil.
UUon of Roots, Herbs
tad Barks,. Yellow
Dock, Blood Root,
Bansparilla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enter into Its
More Takin&tirs active, remedial After Jaklng.
principle of each Ingredient la thoroughly extracted by
my new method of dlitllllne. nrodaeimr a dallainna. .
uneraiing spirit, ana tne moet ingstLlul.il remedy for
ren orating the dlteseed system, and restoring ths sick,
suffering snd debilitated INVALID to HEALTH and
' " i
Will effeotaally eue
Chronic or Nervous Debtllt. Slaeaaea of th. VinM.
and all d I tee tee arialne from a dwuirriam.! l.i ttm
aoh, Dyspepeia, Heartburn, Inward Piles. Acidity or aiak.
nets of the Stomach, fullneu of Blood to tha Heed. Dull
pam or swimming in tna neaa. j-aiL jailon of tha Heart
rniinenor weight in
the Btommrti. Sam. Sn4.u.a
unosing or auoooaung leellDg when lying down, Dnuosi
or Velluwness of the Skin and Byea. Night Bweatafln
wara revere, rain In the small of tha back, cheat or tide
Sodden t lashes of Heat, Depression of Bpirita, f rightful
Dreams. Learaof. DeeDOodeneT aranw aUrvnn.
Bone or Blotobee on tha Skin, and Veeee and An. r.
Oklll. 1 .
V.ui-Ull BWWmK.M I
Orer a ITIUIien of afettlee 'I
Hare been told during ths lut six months, and In A In.
stance bu it failed In airing tntirt satlifecUon. Who,
then, will suffer from Weakcees or Debility whea Mo-
nan eiaanuiiianinu uuuuiAl. will cute you 7
No languaga ean cue rev an adenuala Idea nf tha km.
Slate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
una uvruiai in uie oiseaseo, acDiutated and shattered
nerrons system, whtlber broken down by exoees, wsak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and una trans
A .., In. 1. -- ' I .l I ... I .
w,H.m.wu . ...MProv w ,w prmuaw awaiulBaNl TlgOr.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever nose,
will find McLean a Strengthening Cordial a thorourh
regenerator of the system; and all whs may hare injured
themselres by Improper Ind a lgenree, will find In the Cor
dial a certain andspeedy remedy. -; -
Te tbe Ladlea. 1
McLean's Strenglhcning Cordial
u a sovereign and speedy curt for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Inroluntary Dlsobarge thereof, falling af the
Womb, Giddiness, fainting and all Diseases incident to
females. ,
There Is ae Mistake About It. !
goffer no longer. Tskt tt according to Directions.'' It
will stlmuhitt, strengthen and invigorate you and cants
ine oioomoi neaun to mount your cheek again.
vtry nottie is warranted to give satisfaction.
If your children are slckl. nun v. or afflicted. Ui-Imti',
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robnst. Delay
not a moment, try it,aodyoa will be conriaoad..
OaoTtoa. Beware of Drantsts ar Dealer wha a.a
to palm upon you tome Bitter ogBaraaparil la trash
which they em buy cheap, by saying it la Just u good.
awoia suca men. At lor mcbesn s Btrengthenins Cor
dial, and take nothing else- It le the only rameuy thai
will purify the blood thoronahlr and at tha una thaa
strengthen the system.
One tableipoonful taken every momln fasting, It a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever, Yellow
fever, or any preralent diseases. It Is nut nn In lanm
nu.i-oa. i v .... 1
Price only tl per bottle, or bottles for 85.
j - , . . - J. H. McLB AN, ' . .
Bole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment,
Principal Deoot em the eerner of Third and Pise atmata.
St. Loiikt. Mo. -
, McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.1 :
Tna best Liniment In tht World. Tht only 'safe and
certain cure for Cancers, Plies, Swellings and Bron
ohitis. or Goitre, Paralysis. Neuralgia, Weakness tf tht
muscieo, unronio or innammatory KbaumaUam, Stiff
ness of the Joints, contracted Muscles or LIgamenta
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, fresh
Outs, Ulcers, fever Sores, Caked Breasts Bore Nipples,
Barns, Scalds, BoreThoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
no difference how severe, or how long tha disease may
hart existed, McLean's Celebrated Linlmeat It a oar
tain remedy.
Thousands of human beings hare been tared a life ot
decrepitude and misery by tha an of this Invaluable med-
ant. . .
Will rellere pain almost Instantaneously, end It wil
clean at, purify and heal tht foulest tone In an Ineredl
If ihort time. . .
For Hortee and Other Aolmale. '
McLean t celebrated Liniment Is the only safe and re
liable remedy for the care of Bnavtn. Bine- Bona. Wimt.
galls, Bpllnta, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swellings. It
win nerer tan to cure nig ueaa, rou am, yittuia. Old
running Boret or Sweeny, tt properly applied, for
Sprains, Braises, Scratches, Boras or Wuands, C recked
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Galls It ta an Infallible
remedy. . Apply It aa directed, and a eon la certain In
every instance.
xnea trine no longer with tht many worth leu Lini
ments offered to yoa. Obtain a suonlr of Dr. McLean's
eeicnraiea ijiniment. it win cure yoa.
J II. lilcLEANv Bole Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pine Btreeta, St. Lonla, Mo.
for sals by all druggists,
for ule by B0BTRT8 A SAMUEL,'
aogSo-dAwlp - Oohunbaa, Ohio.
Blansifactnrars ef all kluda mt ' For
tssble atAet Statianarr Mteam Ea
(lnea, Maw Mtlla, urlat Ml 11a,
!".' . .' eVO., tcCm i .- 'r.Ti,
LAKjEdt B0DLSY Beaten! ff.ttr. MLAKD TBeaiml
J. 4 J- B. sm 'All Beaten ttt C0LUXBO3 ,
MAOBISI CO. Beatenllll BBAD0BP. or
- at CO. Beatenlllll I
Onr PortaWs Soflne and Saw Km
Was awarded the first premium of 850 at the lodlanii
State fair to lc89 aver Laae A Bodley's on aoeonnt of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy ofTiuel
. ami superior character of lumber sawed. i:
Our Btatlonarrtns-lne' was awarded at the same Fair
the first premium of WO.f c . 1..,..
Oar Portable Bnglne wat awarded tba first premium of
iw uiv aair n aiowpuia, ibdo. over staoqy e w
vaU's,OolombrsMsehlDeCo's., and Bradford m 0o'a
ny a easnmittea 01 praatieai Kauroad JLciuxars. ,
sorDrtoe ana terms aaaress 1
W1LLAKD WARNXR, Treasurer, "
aeea-ecwiyaoia , rrT, ajewark.omo
AT THEIR Hurt StLBB-iaii
' ana 1
. NOB-1, S, and 7 It. IUTAW BTK
Offer for tale tbaireslebratad
GOLDEN MEDAL, r .-. - f yti
UK AND i-'-!-
a arr an s ds
.a ; .0.! VlANO-FORTE3. f
Belne hlihlr recomaieoded by tha trst Prafossors and
1 '"-"I lhaananlnt-anA i ,
KVSBT , jJiW-7.-T- !
4 WAUANTII) FOB f ' -r .-
-I .-.o'FItBTsUIIS.
The meet fastidious otiluwir may star anon beint
pieeeea ia vevyreepaoi. I.- -'i -- (
Terms liberal. . :j .- wHaniBI StsjO.
ectSSilydw. . i , .. Oolnibus,;ohlo
1 fnt'.ln t .., --'1
. No. IBS Ttfh
Kk4 uwNetaBtlr han sill tBe
1 n BlAAHAIJtl.,B, ,
' I' ,! I
IS-,;, f
. a
A compound remedy, designed to be the moat
effectual AUirotit thH can be made.! It i
a concentrated extract of Para BaraapariUa,
so combined with other substancee of eUU"
greater alterative power at to afford an effep.
tire antidote fog the disease! ranapvUl ii
reputed to cure. It la helipvpil friar: atitri a
remedy is wanted by those vbo autfnr from
strumous complaints, and that ene -which will
accomplish their cure must prove of immense
service to this large olast of our afflicted fellow
citizens. ' How completely this compound will
do it has been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to be found of the following
complaints: , .-'.
ScttoruLA ABii ScBortiLot'S Complaints,
Eruptions and Euuptivb Disbasks, TJlceiu,
Pimples, Blotches, Tumors, Salt JUauii,
SCALD HbaD, Siphilis awb fivwunrxm At.
motions, MEBcrtnuL Diseasb. Daorsr, Key.
baloia on Tic Douloubbux, Druiutt, Dra
pepsia AND Indioestion. Eavsie.ILAa. Rnaa
on St. Anthonts Fibb, and Indeed the whole
class of complaints arising from Iut-ubitt or
thi Blood. : . ' . . - , ' . ,' 7 . w
This compound will be found a meal nra.
moter of health, when taken in the snrina-. ta
expel the foul humors which, fester in the
blood tt that tea son of the year -By Um time
ly expulsion of them many ranklino; disordere
are nipped in the bud. . MulUtudee ean, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves frpm
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system, will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural ehanncli of the body
by an alterative 'medicine. Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find its Impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores; cleanse it when yon find it te ob
structed and sluesrish in the veins x cleonaa it
whenever it le foul, and your feelings will tell
you when. Even Where no particular disorder
is felt, people enioy better health, end liv
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well : bnt with thla
Eabulum of life disordered, there can be no
isting health. Sooner or later sorriethinr
must HO wron?. and tha arraal mahinarw eJ
lifo is disordered or overthrown.
Barsapaiilla has; and deserves much, tha
reputation of accomplishing these ends. But
the world has been, egregiooaly deceived by
pireparationff of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many Dren orations.
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sarssparilla,
or any thing else. . .
During late years the puLUo IaVe been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of SanepsrilUt for one dollar. iAlot
of these have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any. SarsoDa-
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er.. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed the use of the various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the
name Itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with Imposition and cheat. ' Still
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall, rsscue the
namo from tlia load of obloquy which feats
ii c . . -
upon u. - Aim we iniiiK we nave ground lor
beliovhiR it has virtues which are irresistible
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is Intend
ed to cure.' In order to secure their eornplcto
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions on
the bottle, -
- ' ' rflErAIlED nr' :;. .1 '
DR. J. C. 'ATKR 4c CO.
Price, tperOottl BlxBattlaa for 93.
- Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself such a rcnorrn for the cure of
every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that
it is entirely unnecessary fur us to recount tho
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has been cm
ployed.. As it has long bocn in constant use
throughout this section, we need not do more than
assure the pcoplo its quality is kept rtp to Uie best
it ever has been, ana that it may be relied on to
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do.
. Ayer's Cathartic Tills,
TOll TBX CTBX of -
Cosiiveimt, Jaundire, Dyspepsia, Juiijesliqn,
Dytmtiry, Foul Stommeh, Eryuptlat, lltadacht.
Piles, Rheumatism, Eruptions and Skin IXiteaset,
Liver Complaint, Vropsy, Tetter, Tttmart and
Sail RJteum, Worms, God, IXeuralgia,. as a
Ditmtr Pill, and for Pm-i fyintj tie Blood.
They are sugar-coated, io that the most sensi
tive can take them pleasautly, and they aro the
best aperient in the world for all the purposes of n
family physic. . ,
Price SS cents per Box; Five boxes for $1.00.
Great numbers of Clergymen, Physicians, States
men, and eminent personages,' hare lent thoir
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space here will not permit the
insertion of them. The Agent below named fur
nish gratis our America; Almanac ia uhich they
are given ; with also full descriptions of tbe above
complaints, and the treatment that should be fol
lowed for their cure.
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers wiui
other preparations they make more pro&t on.
Demand Ateii's, and take no others. The sick
want the best aid there ia for them, and ther should .
have it. - - ; . -
All our remedies are for sale by ...,
And br Drurrtslsaail Dialers trei7Wber..4 .
noTfl:lyd,twaiw ' ,.v.2 f"
An ezparleaead Norse and Female Physician, pretests
1 so uie attention auiaera, aarr :
which rraatly faoilltataa the praeeat af teething, by soft
ening the rums, reducing all inflammation will allay
ALkrau aadspaaBMdioaotlOB,aada --'I
Depend upon It tsoUMfs, 1 1 wfll girt rest te roartalvas
and -j.
Wt hart pat up and eold this article for ever tea yean.
what we nave never eeaa ablw to ear ol ear other aaadl-
ANC. 10 SrllOT A OCBK, whea timely aeed. nev
er 01a we snow an mataaot aaastisrsoilea ay aay oaa
Who aaad is. Oe the eoatrarv. ail aradeliaaled with Its
operatlona, and speak la tame of eeaimeadatloa af las
mas leal eseots and medical rlrtnea. we apeak la thla
mailer "WHAT Wi DO KlfOW:" after lea years' expa
almost very nstaaoe wherr Ibe iataat te eaaerlog freea
paia and ashaasttoa. relief wUl be feaad 1a Aissaa ae
twenty aUantat sites taeeysap, it daslaiaMrod,
; This valuable preparation la the preeorlptloB af oaa ef
New Brlrmnd. and haa keen assd, with JtaFBft FAIL-
Itaataoly relierea the ohlld troaa peirv wat larlgwr.
ttri tht stomaeh and eowele, eorreees aetdity, end glrea
tea and eaeray te tha whole system... ft will alaasat ta
ataolly siliera . . ji.-.uJi'Ci
eBiFiio nr xex iowils, itd wind cone
and eesiueaae eonrnltlona, which, tf aot sneadlly reme
died, and la death. WebeHevaltttitBEalaad 8Ua
1ST KSktBDT IR TUB WORLD, In all asset ef 1S
kt srlaet f rasa teething, ar- frost any. othee. ssasa. We
would eay to mi7aaeamrwtiahieaehlidsDeertegfreaa
any of the foregoing oomplslntsDO MOT LCT TOOK
Stand between yoa and soar teermrehild,aad the ra-
liertaatwiiibeBUHB yea. AsttoLurai,! suaa a
follaw tha ass of this mad mat. If tangly asad. Fall ar
reollont tor atlng will aommpany each tattle. Nona
gmaiaaaalesstbaaVi-simlle af C0KI18 FBtKINB,
New XoHu.la ta Ins outside wrapper.
Bold by all Druralats thronghost tht world.,
iPFI icl pal Of floe, 1 1 Ceaar Street W.T.
ootrrlAwly ...... !H'J,,2
I'Wiii Bfeiis oitExcMjiNOK'roB a
good FARM, lbs undlrlded half of BTOBB BUILD
1N No. 84, North 11 lib Btraet,OomrHli(h Street and
Lynn Alley. If aot disposed of by the 1st of April, the
BtorewUl beror not. ' ' -
-1 . v . ALSO, ... , 'r r ,Vl,
on the stmt tenet, or for dnirable CITY POFXBTT.
a well selected stock of FAMILX (IttOOLKUB.
TwsntV vary desirable Burt,TtVl g situated ea
ya.Mnloa Avenue, North ofUread Btroet. '
llj 1 8rn to suit parohaserm,
Kba-eew - - -

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