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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, February 23, 1861, Image 2

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.-.r.i-juucjr of ran-
(OoBtelntd i twtnty-Sio volumtt of th Ohio tad Ohio
.tjit Beportt.)
la TwoBteyal 8fo. VoWmee. jMce $ljH0.
NoterttotxrttniahulieanteJt make tkiv.rk
ntrteat ul nlltble 1 all mpHU. ' "
It hM bow tht LegttlaUT Miction, kT!ng beew ep
rortd by pearly the Bnaulannt Toto ot both Htsaet,
w4Mr. ared to bl distributed lo the following Stat
.., nnn nntNN s 11 -A I:.- ...
Aormor, Attorney 6entrl(-8 nprtrae J ndgel.4er-
tary, uwDtroner, iwwm '" -to
tlx Pre Coarta. Ooartt or Common Pitta, Super
..ma Dniin nn.t. Auditor. iod tnoGlerkt 01 tnt
vnrlwit Coerrfc, In nek eonnty, to th Member! ol the
Senate and Homo of RepreeentatlTtt of thii tuts, and
k am.mm nf . M..ral fltAtel of th UolOQ
TliU book, containing ai it doet, ell of tbt Statute
hew la fore, ud u authorltatiT eenwuuiKioa w
and of tb Now Coniittntien, III bo fonnd to be eipecial-
If nterai in mo iimwn --""i -
JBSTU)K0TnBPAOI, Vta'.-riajr'
cut officers.
Itttmncb. u Tory eiany Chios have been madt U the
Itotnteoilcotthopublka'.ionul ttoltU eomont. oy
Ml, tlteratloci tod audltiont, tad man; Important
trwrvrtwl vol
bta (Uvea to tin 8i!ptmt Court on pon-
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2Vm Soyal Sob.1 TbruBiot 'oosfr Jftnttem HunSrtd
TfOBltRT CliAKKm te' CX., 1
La P(M)jl..'B5okellri Btatloisert ant Importer,
, - w. ,. t Bo. All Wut onrlh itrtek,' .
fcbl8JSJw,M it-j X Cloolnnatl, O,
MUnTSinrJ' milKB, PuUlaherj.
'CoiiVMBPB. 'OHIO''il'; '
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CTW U1 Bublteb n Monday th pwd
Mr. EBtCHfoit MudUpn'denTeredln the
Hons 00 tbo S1H of Ftbrary, on H.B. SI 9, to
prtront huborlBg nd ucmUbi logiU? iiatos
i.oi tmiuog In their etcipe., t u x
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in n
CTMr-,WooDi, of HcklDg,"TBde n '
pooch tfl trio Hooso thto morolop;, tho qSHtloov
bolng ths eoniidof Uoo o tbo biu jupisu iuo
ojoiitlDgtif gittnfc d to fogitfro iUteo. Ho
was foltowod ta Mr cd k bJ
nrrcKcrfk, the Wb lr being trreprooBibleo'
of the first wto WooboV effort to highly
tho reboot iHt!rboforther dUcusSod. tod tbot
all tbo' iatiboroi who' foot,' Wto " Bobjif thenlog
thonwelTyi tskeftlipcwflonitd do w.",
a Inform no thai Mr. Lmooui
Utt nrrH?rslaBt oTgbt, pioca Uirongo paw
mwo Imm, aa.d, ared atftWaihWgto. ttU
forenoon. Ki ..fcl;4iwi 4aiBed from Wa
hone toWo&iogton direst, and without any
demontrSOi 1 tha. chaaacfrir be and hie
irlonda JhitTdf.!cV3ur3i aU.Ihe;, wat.,?
Rnrinriolwoti rf TsbertN tho itood aoooo of lbe
whereaf.'refl te win award to bin any oreoi
Kia tMrirmaooa tail jornuir. It loon u
thonjh ho,had not the conrtjBTo paw through
Man lend and irei-the peoplo in JBtltimoro ae
oordins atfsngemkt. iJThbT.wotldniooh
spot lta rwdly aV" ' xn." -i
I, ill II ! ' IJII.I1 l"l !. i'.S I'l
BT 4Vrit''.f '(Sifflla'tl '.Ce3-ear,
who iiaf booifVnoa elao but Wm. M.Coa
bt, ia I a io jnidrt of of a .aorioa of ariielea ok
"Tho PubUd Werkr Which ha Irjtendi for the
diSoation ot the Gaccral Aaaomblj. He hat
diaeotered that "il'etm la tho man" .that ia to
aero tho Ohio Caoaia and work a rarolntibn in
tho buajna ,cn t5ea.' ; Y&yitWjM-.
C." lttoMotean!"' "ataai!f and nothing but
team. iH'dantt WAct' tho cnala .Bottomed rot,
the tow-paths 'and mbarjktiienta rrpalred.tbi
bridgea aoqaodaoU aad daaaa rwpalrod oil ro.
built, u thoy, from JJma to tim'o, g6 Into' decay
oothlcg of that aort doa ho want; bat all la
to bo do&e'br1 ptaaia.and.that U what. ".W; M,
C." goo la icoC "Mtny people think ; thora hao
booa todlkivh tam"..pf paittcolar; kiod
aeed on theeahara'alroaar; and aotne think "Tf.'
U. C. 'Jiaaoaaght UieVatoaBV' oonugioo- r..
HTBy an article to be found elsewhere In this
ewniog's psper, it will be aseoTrnsi John Cas-
Sbt, tha editor of the Rennblloanv trpar at Mil
lertburgh; has lwt heen appointed poetmaat'er' at
that place., jVv are Ifffioranrt to thelnflnences
to which the o-Twwr alludes aa having proaarad
tha appointment ', tot kpowiag thaf tha location
ia in the Northern District, ww are not surpris
ed at tha thing at, all, : I' la. it. small and, dis
reputable axnlneea, 1a which tho administration
anouia BOI CO hivoit. t.U, reeignattoaa iao
plaooat fhif hour, h to' be. prerumfd that
there Ie aetne arrangement by which the thing
la brouglit Aboat.'and the DepirUtent ought not
to accept themj bet if It do so, aad place Re-
pub 11 oa us Ia UiestposUIons in advacce of , Mr
LiNOOLrfi lnsegwatiOT, Inch chapa ought to bf
removed by a speeiai order, 00 too 6th ot Maroa,
j.u u.1 ' mv"" 1 V i ooo o ,
t( ,1 1
The Cleveland Hera'U oi-Thnrsday haa an
article ttraw headed, ratlf !n f o the sddress oft
it Myuwtiu uvuuiu 10) 01 atow-a ura, .ayih
to Mr. Lowcouf', (ha AstoT tlonse, 1n which he
wu told.V'as trsmaikbl9"oident,MJbat ln:thf
mem where he waa recti red f are had becn-but
three receptions : to- Auti, Wirrta,inaT
ClaT, and Asbahaw Lihooln. Shades of the
great departed! "how we apples swim! 1 Just
Imagine A. Lftfcout in tbeaamo category with
Clat aid Wrtrml Bat, for your Uncle A si's
ike, doat tomparo ihem "comparlsohe are
odlons"tfclt' the Bra, partitularry toln !
Statement of the Condition of the
Ohio Banks.
Wa gather tram Au ftaartarly xtasianl of
H. Baldwin. Registrar, the following nmmary
of tho T ""?nr I.hbilitief of ft Ohio
ranks,' bo the ttoi MonJty of FebrntryTlSCl:
Xndj)TOflnl iinU,".;.;.'.).. ,.
TrM F.uVk, ..--t..w.. ?.,--. ,"7 57-I.J1
BrtJKBra of t.-t.t? vA"r.--M; U,MMI.4B
LIAHIUTUtS.'1 1 ' '
I wo lHu N . . , m, . .tm ', ? 7 , V . ? 1
UraotU;, .: , ilt.i4oi ,.n.-.'lt,-iu.-,vu).u
TotAi,.":....... ,7tl46.7
Abolition Fanaticism in the Ohio
—Mr. Plants' Speech.
r f-
There ie la the Ohio Houee of- Rorirosenta
iTMVMr.T.A.'PuirrarfdltOr Ind proprie
tor of the Melg County TtUgrmpk. Thte Mr.
PiiwofTjpeeh'os Frtdtyi f ebmsry tr,-
the bill "to ponlth tho aaaUUng (X girlng.
aid to fugitive (lares." Tula, hill seems to
hare aroused tho Indignation of Mr. PtiKTi to
the highest pitchy Ho did ooiobjootto it provl-
slons, bOt to the' arlndplw pa Jrhlch it "based.
That puaoiple h facililttohe earrylolnto
practical effect the proTiaion of the Federal
Constitution for the recovery of fugitive siavea,
This Constitutional provision, Mr. Plants will
acknowledge, if he agreea with Ex-Governor
Cham and other evading Repablioansis .btad-
Ingnpoa theStoleveamlot- Pl-4NiiUn
has taken an oath to support tho Constitution
of the Uulted Stateo, containing this provision
x el when that prinoiplo id iiioorp orated Into i
a bill, he denouooeo It aa tyranny, and abhors it
aa. leading to, despotism. 11 daolares there
nigai fte-"anUI1eo-b Hall:' over the tnforca
Bent of an act based upon such a principle
But Mr. Plants is an "Irrepressible conflict"
aaan, decpl "dyed la thq fopl.jf agrees
with VOld Abo" ndtls'PremW. Saw aid, that
thid conflict on the slavery Question must eo on
But Mr. PLAra' koguago -( atroogor-than
theirs. He says: "It la a conflict between right
and wrong. God has so constituted ns that we
cannot tepressTt Q And so, "as tho confltc "ut;
AtrtkW .A2 Rial. Jk-A(n.IMIktt P
.,,,.V1V UUUtt kll AIT (UQ VIU1IWMVU U.V
pubhean party are bound, according to Mr
Plants, to take , their side aad carry it forward
with a destructive energy, rivaling the bitter re
lfgibus persecutions of the olden time. For, the
House roborter tell ni?thtt"7'to the aneetiori,
what will the Kopubilcana do, no said, we will
show you, after the 4th of March, whether we
must use the powder, deprecated aa much,!-or
Kentucky hemp." Probably, if Mr. Plants baa
any aay In the bosinesa, they wjll use both. .
' '.Mr. Plants la:alao k 'Jhlgber jaf V manj Id
hia speech "he combatted the idea that we must
obey all bnman enaetments." Legislation, ao
eordloir to him. mast be in accordance with the
"higher, law," ) it is orjlva.'eulsanceM Of
course, then slavery being wrong, that previ
(ion In the Constitution which Mr. Plants has
sworn to feuppotW for the return 'of fugitive
slaves, is a nuisance, and every State law en
acted to give, it practical effect Is ;also a' nui
sance. But where was that "higher law" when
Mr. Plants, as a member elect to the House of
Representatives, took the oath to support the
COTSUtutf Su'tnharilted; Was ,Yt
not, 'henrin fordo, or was it toT the time being
In abeyance, that ho might take biases t in the
Ohio Legislature, draw his fonr dollars a day
and inthe'and'bfiht Inccndiarv iin'l disunion
speeches to precipitate the dbwnfallbf the5 Re
public, which,, under iSodr -our fathers-ostab-
lisbed with unheard of sacrifices of blood and
treasure? HT TSO.IOl TCVT C : L
It (s high time that the people of Meigs coun
ty had dispensed with the services of this miser
able hypocrite aad pretender, who ii an enemy
to the unity and peace of our country, the foe of
our Institutions aa our fathers made them, a
demagogue of the first water, acd.aj specimen
"brick" of the class of Northern fanatic who
hare brought the country to the brick o( destruc
tion, and who, If they are -not -pvt-down' and
baatahed from the public councils, will destroy
tee ccuntrj, aaa bfaax up tae governments-
The Light Breaking in upon "Old Abe's Understanding."
4 Ssgesis ancient Greece and Rome journeyed
to t&e East is search of knowledge Md wisdom
We ars glad to parcel va that Aba mind of thai
President efcc1 has becom j Clumlaated by bIb
tour In a sfmilar dircotionr' Wheuon the 13th
of Febr&aryU hi Wat at tho Capital of Ohio, he
saw othlng!ging wrong,w 'Jnobodj ju hurt,"
"nobodj .wts infferlng. fBut eight dayf af
terward when he bad reached tha? Quaker
City, a light bad burst upon hit darkened vis
Ion.. He said, in addressing the Major and oiti
tens of Philadelphia, that be had felt justified
Ib Moeludinf that th . crisis, tha panic, the
anxiety of Ue country, at this time, Is-artifi
cial." He hadjpund out; Itieemi, (hatUera ia
a panic a crisis existing In -the eorintry, But
he had discovered moref for be said la the same
address"! do not mean touayttat tM Arti
ficial panic may pot do eonaiderable harm; that
it baa done mtwh ) do not deny.'J lie did deny
It when he was hi tha WeBtt. but hi Esatera
trip has bad a good tffact in clearing hij
. .. . j . .
Southward, bis eyee may be opened 10 a clearer
pereeptioa 9! the real condition of oaf distracted
What the is
What the Legislature is Doing—Nothing—and How It does It.
Tha Colnmbu correspondent of tho Cinoia
natl Otxtiie, (tha leading; Republican paper in
f .1 . ' , 1 f at,. ' , 1 ' . ffM..
viaciuuau wnung irora toia cut on ine.xu.n
IntLiaavwr11 aXa.v
1 Th e L egislati ve" prbcsecHngs hli forenoon
present no very norer or venaatlonal-ftatores.
but about the same dull routine which occupies
the tine of our Genera Arsembly frpm day to
aay. 1 .
Every now aadTthen, the!, iwrrcepondent here
atthoCaplullssubjecttoafit of Impatience
to report theproraedirn upon some of the re al
ly Important meaoureef IeciaUtlon, but each
day' experience teachea ,him Aha- Iesaoa of
learning "(o itootand to waithe isauisi
tlve reader may be led to inquire, "Why don't
toe Lregistatnre ao wnat mey aavr o aJ and
II... hAn.m - W lJ . t I
If such reader could but spend a, sinpia half
dav in tha House of-Repraaautativaa. he-would
not be at a loco for an answer. ; Jit would be
more one reminded of the proverbial farml
ousness bl some company of old ladies at a tea
party, than of hia preooncolved ideal of the dig
nity and wisdom of a legislative body JL j
It. mnai ha Alaarlv Avldent tn Him itlum.
entirely too much time if employed In uh'J
nievutining, uuidituouto aiscuastooait -imr
portant matters will not bo .reached naiU this
ahaae lain a ncaarire aarrecterl. anrl nntll tha
House shall place mora confldeaaO touthi re
ports ol their committees.
1113 if It be true, aa sUted, that Phili Ciir-
ton, tha laao Assistant SecreUry of the Tteeaa.
under Coss, nas been 'appointed to' the same
position in the exchtque of tbd Southern Con
federaoy,1t wUlfefjto tuaadrantagaof all aotH.
eerned to havear Teal and lank :d Vreefrjr (
possible. InJeei; Kftl bi refl Ihsiio jnoiey
should bo b) U varitawtwriy time. elrcaCLAV-,
TOS J an nnworthf and 'dishonesf JeWoir, with-
either eapaclty ot Integrity.' tVe W'dhld not
him with a dime, and tldetrectt veryWhcn
the character of this new SouthcfB organ-
Laatlon, to piacs srjck..jnanl aa PanijsuCrnm
poaltlan. of trast md ooLSiehpe. n Con sii
Glatton ruined hlt- BwesiAWew'o- oacheqner,
and th fapt to goring "ial aSweaCJpStb
North and Booth, nowIt. . The recognition
ard hearty endorsement of such men by the
lewTtwnmentrdf Cottoa 8nte(wfnld
"sit ti fndicat'o thaffl it detigntd as a plun-
detiag, thierbif fwooert, e.hd noihicg 180. "
"Tretldenl Davis mCJt ' b wwr etT .thefaet
that CtiiToii Is a man wholly tli'It fof royiuli
Unst; r-i It hcrrrTfls'Pf thtt Bt would sanc
tion ills appointment4' '
The Bill for the Sale of Rail Roads.
the Stare,
i '
" Mr. Qum ttreaonled W! thtSenaon
terday a petition from Lbonasd Swioabt and
fortj'four othera Of Richland county protesting
gainst the passage of Senate Bill SOiof the
(ala of riffroads'audihe reorganlaatloh of the
same) j)ploss wrwviFlqo'bB made for the fioattug
debts dub R.a;$a&0. l f XJ ft If
We are glad to see this memorial from Kicn-
land ciafltyrandhopt'lf Wsyr tantiwedtf 1
if ..;4u..l IJ. UihO.'.' ..nnit. '-'rkl hilt
now before Ihe vSenato-. providing (or the sale
and reorganisation of: railrroad .enmpaniea
within the State of Obioi lei Emeeir of tery
grave Importance and should at once' receive
the att'Bnt'lon of tii mdivldustockholclera'and
local cfeditora of ' U-: the defaulting railroads
By ttt provieiba their IhterestB
msy be'affeetei', good or for J'ind .hejr
should know ia bo aatlctleil tbvat they ere. .P(0B
erW euarded in the bid.i .l .doil nhr cuv .
Ths bill iatuked foK no doubKt)the agents
. 'J. a J L.1..-J. .'. U.itiTx-a
01 foreign creditors oi too ueiaiuuuE roaua, auu
lw iA.'j ;A .1... : Is.u
uo iii -ktf jVfif tmt Al Miowip ; "("
views and aril i-nroeaot their irjtereet::-Suh
per sons of- corfedVattoriS ni hare lhrre amonhta
ot stock In these roads wUIaUb takocare to ex:
amine thi bill, nd infvf themiqives.ai to,Ua
bearlnr and the loopeapd objette coDaftOTilKteo
by it,- but who trill see Vo" te1ntere thai
large cuibf jaw wbq iooa-sook. jn' .aall
sums, lo these yjrioua roads, 'paid their money,
dP have never realised any thing from the in
vestment, er that other large class of uersooa.
to whom"1 the' roads are indebted for work eijd
labor, terIaJs, ua,ogln(, &.o to., called
the local Oteditora 6r holBert 6f the floating
n wout'rf btfwirVw'e' (h'lnki if tn I'c'ssi
peisoBa,tp whijni we hiveVrserred were to poon
for together aud select a few of their number; In
whose Judgment .they oei confiae'.'io.Vrrej
sent their.vlewa ana wwea u tow mtiter.,oo;
fore the Rail Road Committee sod tu General
Assembly :-.7 T;i. O'.'J.li i. :.;.! -u-Jt c
No law should be eutole'd th'aV, floes cot pro
tect thtrflj,' but ,tbe''naturead ' extent ,of,thai
protection oughsot to be confided, to sn inter
est directly la conflkt with tbriee to which we
have referred.- , 9(J
Lord Brougham in Favor of Concession.
ThWoltowlBg,rIetttr. waV addJesseif by L'orS
BaoveHiii to a Conference at Birmingham s ::.J
CANNES, (Var,) Jan. 19, 1861.
Mr DiaB Hill I have again to xpraas my
great regret at not being able to attend the Um
ference. , on mar well believe boar deep an ia
teres! I take in it. There wants soma each
thing to give-one comfort, in these times when
such untoward events are, It Is to be feared, lit
progressWTe difficulties unhappily interpoaed
br Aariouf oaates (toUoelB kind not eaatly
moved) t.theetWeraent of Italy Under a con
stltutional covernment, freeiDg her from the
wont tvrannv of modern times, and, above all.
the tlaim JtU bfnU Ihtfritndt sw Marees
ml el tk ritk cf rfitamoe,! Ammta, ara
ralli Kpptrmo$tift'i mind at tht ftmtt MrruA
How aeA U Mto Dstruaea iaas VM.ctnitnamg
nartUt oou JUly aad itmtriow,sSM(4 UAr
leaf out ef" ear aeoks, aad Ictfrw t wddm as sutU
as tit tirtat of comsremiM and mutaai conett-
ttoa .'. Our Constitution is tha genuine result of
this wisdom-. I heartily wish ,surooa to the
and believe etc.,
! . .1 - r-j (iBROUCCAM.,v
The BeasoBi. tor ,Uj Pliebage of Andsrsonj
''jm ex aip ji:t;'.i,2'.j:l ali.'e j-
The following are, the grounds on. which the
Ctnadian Court of Common - Pleat dircbarged
Anderson AeTugitlre sTarb who murdered h!j
muter, aa. given in the pf onto uw: 1 h 00,;
1 The dieohanre haabeen brdared- on two dis
tinct grounds. . First, the warsast of commit
ment recilew that Anderson stands charged, for
that he flui, 'wilfully, maliciooeiy, and -feloniously,
ataa andkill one Seneca T. P. Diggee; of
Knnrd eonntv.rr .toniea WHOM wjaeautr etiM te
taanilanghtarl whereas the iudges decldev that
to com within the pmvUiane of tho treaty, the
charge Bust be one of 'curden.'. jSecend, tha
wamnt oommiU Anderson to the gaol of Brant
ford "aatil he shall be discharged according to
law;', whereat, the Judgea decide he should
have been commuted "atu aurrtnatr o wiaae
or until is j shall be discharged according to
law."-M.ia u:" 'Vt?,J ,J i Oil ;l
Shall the Majority Rule ?
,t Whea tho President "elect harangued the-fire
thousand at Steubenvilte, onThnrsday.iie asks
the pertinent . nuesvon, "if tne wiaiartte should
not rule, who should be judge.i We mast bo all
bound by thedeolaion of tha American people
If pot, then the wwaeriif most oontroU- Would
that be right, just, or generous? , .Assuredly not.
rneat. lAel (M aMrortf AMt(t raJt.'t! Now
certainly tho Totea cast at the last: Presidential
elect! ou anew thai two vhibm ware against air,
Lincoln 1 How, then, bv the nooular rata.au
he claim to be other than the head of a decided
minorltf 3 If so, do the majority, whom he etvl
the American people, ruief 1 1 not tho nation
to bs aotnaUT coa trolled by tee swienfv. which
he virtually depreoateai, The 'majority of tbif
nation am OJameuioayy oppooea, to toe prtnoir
bles and rxojrrammo of the Repubiiean nartr.
Accordinsiv. be ehoold act direotlr eontrart. ia
the policy of that party, it be really intends to
be bonod by tna majority occuhob ot ue Dermic
When the ballota are two to one against pan
son, II can hardly be said be Is in B maioritrt
at : least, TbomaftiJeffetaoa'a idea would not
have laxreod. with eucb-an 1 exposition af Ais
larprite prmciDiei--Jtea fei.i ti nto i
The Bonaparte-Patterson Case.
In rard to the treat- Bonartarte-PAtaerwow
ease, tho eeawe artefms of. tho days therm, areint
dications of a profound political meaning In the
ervfl tribunals otFrance7for Jn tbe eTeatibsPfiyer
mt eonrt aeciaee me jegiumsej oz aixaABauaiv i
tonB ton, it materially effect Abe claim of
HenrV V. to leritlmacv. mho', ft will be rcmeni-
bered. It the torijOl tijoj brorttinato.JJiiko de
Berri, by-a eeeoel tsarriagb,- bfier-Ila Brenrti,
his legitimate wife, was ttiUiiiiag. The cases
are parrllel i.and K this view be correct, which.
from the EmperoxJ atgjpisyJe propabltf'tho
recognition ot Airs, rattersou -a claims maybe
eonaidpred nrnbthle. On tht 1 st Inat. the cane
again came up, porsaLiI .totadjonrument.UAi-
Uerrter's reply occupied the cpnri till two o -eleot
In tbe afternoon. .when, after a short rer
eees, M. Allanleommenaed hia. rejoinder. Jt
reports of the speeches bare reached ns yet.
; : Nw Vra MAiTia. John Ceekev. E
Itor of tho JiVJew,-W--received tli ap
oolntment of Post Mattes At this jilMB d ta-
keai chara-e of .the of&oe.. It. ia. a .rjuerv to
many Democrats how Mr.-Caskey got, jJii apt
oolntment Jromi a uemoorauo AanMajenntuon.
17. I,... kAIra ll,AiiKAAtlnerAt itAMt"
hundred times; our answer bat btei that w.e to
not know, it is ceruin tnat ne got it torougn
tho teeret connivance of 'aorno Democrat, or
Domoertts. who are now - beiarprettv bhiirily
spoken of by Democrats generally. ' We eaonbt,
of oonrte, fault Mr .Cat key for -taking tho of-
fiof. We snppcm aeonit mase a pretty gooa
Postmaster, but It roes powerfully against tht
grain to see It transierred to, iuoj by an aamin
hrtraiion of whom he could not say- bad things
totration of 1
the wpointu
It goes-flowB pretty ongn-irtor, vgi
number of Reoublicant who' desire
h anmintmentrjf Mf. CnmeTbrJ.or'MH Leoi-
old. tiereauer if mignt ce ai, wan (ortoe peo
nle of this vioioity.boU) DemooraU acaV Jttopuh
rr .. . i i . -j ,. . .t
lioans, to watoh and pyiitUmorahan they
have been doing In $SffcriL'&$&8i
rtrwicr, r J'f .a .vtr!t
'TRaiLsoao AcDBT irjlKallllrft were
seventy-four aocidenta on tbe raiifars or the
Unitoi Htatea last- Tetvb-Jtfch 67 persons
were killed, and 315 wounded- Tbledcs Boa-
li.riude.AccidcriW 'to pcfsmiArot tn ths ormo
Tht tnrebrr kilted latt yiw th-st; half
that nf An vW. tlnfA 1812.' asrT the' Wirntcr'
wounded waa. lab,rieat There Mt -lean; hi
ftdual deoUot In nnmbere of killed and vmm4
ed for eight years, Indie ting id ore tare by e-
Lierice.,-.In the. pMt e'sbryeart there have
ion 977 aooidenU to 'traloe, by .9rhJv, -l.
were killed and 3,928 wounded
nThf fiilcstlon peBdihl at ttie re'eee b'eibg tbj)
PftpbniBientf Pt liCJlo jrejenU'Tlbl
hiu to furrltive siavea.
MkMbSCHQQLERoald ho had been stmok
w ith the colnoidenoe, that while the cannon waa
firing In honor of tht Katherof hia Country
centlemen was oa the floor" arWrinatin A meaa.
nre that would lead to the division against which
ne nan warned us. - Mr. McScbooler tben reao
frotnl the Farewell Addraaslof Wsshloeton,
decmlng.it pertinent to the occasion to call the
attention, of membereto tha .admonition of that
address Thie ie no time for members CO erlml
natat anrl-iiAM.ImliiAMa44i Mh. -Kn lh Am
truQtion of the oouatry Irthrewtenlne ns wheh
we snouid calmly and earnestly seek to barmo
piae, for the general good, that our country may
be preaerrad and ita glorious flag be handed down
to our ixjataritvaathe emblem of our noble Union
Four score years ago; our' fathers planted the
tree ot liberty In American soil, and watered
it with their ' blood, :tr shelter thlr onf atad
daughters. 60 long ss their sons hare nurtur
ed that ,rtree, ita branches baveirjread and
KrorTn.-Wtaoosioas have grown np, and, that
tree la wlthorlng. Yin .the gloomy , future we
niay eahtemplate Ite withered trunk. "i And who
mm, done this? ; The abolltiontata of tha North,
and the fire eaters of the South., He went on
to.deadrlbo the effect of the strife On the slavery
ijuestion The people of the South, feeling loj
secure in 'thb Union, have resorted to eec.es-
S'lODltrid ha arrnorl tnat the unltdtlnn nf the nub.
jetftof slaveiyhad been the ciuseof disunion.
ne comprained that the Kepubijonhs would not
sscrlfice a princiDla to save the Uhion.T Efforts
btd been-'msde oy consevatlvts, to do some
thing to harmonize the discordant elements, but
the rbrlty -had restated all. He did not in
sist bn.the pannage of, those bills cow ' under
consideratlo'p;; but contended We that Ought to
1 msko a proper effort to conciliate; lor the time
K AAmA hAi ma ak.ll k. nlaf ,i .7.7 J
compromise by allowing the South to ttke their
litres into toe territories.. ;v. . oa
'; Mr. FLAGG aaid -he had asked the repr.
ecntativemen of thie House for 'their. remedy
for the troubles nnoo ns.l,- B'i one rentlemah
(Mr. Soottj, had answered with an amendment;
which Jba read, and. commented npon.j The
gentleman from Meigs (Mr. Plants) haa only
answered with, an abolition speech,, such As
Wendell Phillips might have done. It is easy
(3 preach e'oqaently on this or any other subject,
but that does not meet the case.. He had ask
ed for a solution of onr difficulties, in solemn
karnett? 'But bo praotical answer is given; ' It
is saia inti wo muni Beep- siaverv out oi ine
territories."' Bat this was only to make a local
question national the earn as may be done
with aay moral question.' Unless the people of
the territories can oa Jell w regniste their do
mestic institutions lb tneir own way, we may as
well dissolve the Union to-day or to-morrow.'-
As the Kepublicsns are In. power, he said tha
democracy, would unite in anything that would
secure? peace . He suggested ithat a national
convention could 1 allay" ' tho") froubles.
He had urged the ' lecommenrJ.njr "of 1 such
auC3pvcTjlioa"'npoa this House,1 and hsd'bf
fered a resolution for that,purpos, but It had
gone to the table, and He ooold 1 not gel if up,
Thev have refused to call a national conven
tion; but if they will yel do.il, ha will forgive
them. But it sbonld be. done new,.,-After the
inauguration it will be too late. , He urged
some guarantee to conciliate-, the border slave
Bute, mey aea some guarantee in the new
ohditloa' of things, with the cotton States
gdae out of' the Union.' These border slave
Sutra see that the North baa the power to
change the Constitution j and lesi . they, should
do so, they aik a pledge that it shall not be
done. Of the higher law, bo said It was made
tbo excuse for all manner of ; violations of law.
The higher law comes to us through lawa and
oonatltatiacB as an orderly . direction, i It is- a
dwty to bow down before the law.; -. An Aboil
tlouut ia,,a aoaiman,oa you cannot ? reason
with him , and ho would not try.
air. UL-Arr ioe, quoimg "i. am a man,
and whatever concerns man concerns me." .. He
was a man, and all men were his brethren. e He
referred to the blaher law. and. Quoted the eenti.
meat expressed by Dallas, expresting the doc
trine that it wu aoove me oontroi or the peo-
disa tie asaea is mere suca.a tain? as mor
al right? If there In, to whom does It belong t
To the Question, if be believer! that a nerrra
was his equsH he sald-Yes,1 air, in all fliat per-'
UUna to, moral ri gin, ouu uih no was maae in
thalmsge of Ood'-A free- gOverntaent canoot
be eastainefl, unless A perteot equaHty Of "right
bs otmcMed to the meanest' and poorest of the
attloo-"' which is the key-stone of the arch of
freedom. He alluded to the opinion! or Virela
tane ob this subject, and quoted from Governor
McDowell that the feeling with the slave, thit
ho Was bom to be tree, outlives all that he can
suffer. f H bad no bad dreams of border war,
ai long as the mt fa of the slave States have four
millions ot enemies , in tneir own . nouses
He I aaid1- the great ' question u, haa the
negro a place 4 the great arch ol .the
eosumunlty - of rights.-1- - He ' referred to
the coDBtltutionil 'provision of immunity for
citizens In every State; and asked hftwlwe could
pw rem act to extirpate the colored citizens of
Near York The aoolent Saxons and Britons
were elaves, and degraded at ahy.-Afrlcsns
known ft is slavery that has inibrnled the Af
rican ; but Africa was once the horse of art and
aoteaee. He spoke qf the glory of ancient Egypt,
aad thai Bportanoe of Ethiopia in the eyes , of
the. -world. He shared the prejudice of Color,'
hM vAi free tooonfets: but-bavlnr been ed neater!
o i demobrst, 1 It w a lahlt net chargeable
poa his Maksr. He then spoke of tbe Afrl
aoneiin8" their detoendtnte in modem! times
f Alexsnder Dnmu and others- " " JJ
a Mr.R0Fr" offered a resolution to feltticm to
tbeS publication of tbo1 Agrreultural 'Report,
jaitaAir uOw .'mi A. a '-i .o ,u.iu.::t e.
wrutw wai ,igi w vv u vwuiltcv vm at'
SJVUUUl W, , 'i l
jttAbUAK3 orrered a resolution in relation to
ihaJdlot Asylum, which waa laid on. the table
MlcweUanisslon. 4
Ponding the discussion ot H. B. 350, the House
took a' recess till to-morrow at IV, A. Hi. Mr.
SfltltlM tn (ha J-.uv,.,..i
SATURDAY, February 23.
by Rev.'Mr. MORRIS; m
int. i.fion.c x prwoenteu rvwinuoni nuu
mortals of the City Council of Toledo, Bskiog tbe
General a'ssemblv to rive' them bower to' issue
boode to liquidate uity debts, which were refer
red to the committee on. tbe Judiciary.1 ou'--o
The following Bills were read a tecSn'd'tTme
tndreffdtotbeeo-mrnIrtee of tbe whole.
iS. B. No. 941; To provide for and regulate
street railroad companies. -
S. Bi, No. 945: AutborialoK.lhe PAvment- of
(be claim oi Bartlett tk Smithy ur,i fi t j
Mr.1 Key introdnoed. new, iiii B.,B Wo.
9.M TtMulatin tha Commernlal -.IiMrjital ol
CLnahinaii- 1-,I ri i (.1 r.l inrl . i t -in ii'
Hbo otnatitouonai ruit wu tuepondedi tnd
said bill wu read a. aeoond time bv Its title .and
referred to the committee of the Whole.- -o A b
- Mr. SPft AGUE, from the oomtnitLee op en
rollment, reported several bait aad Joint, resolu
tions eonectif eimwiaovi.-. rji9fia cl m.i -i:--,
..'Mr. COX. from the Judiciary Committee, re.
norted baokii.i B. No- 344 Supplemenurr to
Man ant ta eravuie for the oreatioB and reaula-
tlon' of ,ioeorporato comptniea in tht State of
Ohio." Biased Mtv J.ltwa, and recommended
its indefinite postponement, which was agreed
Mr. JONES; from tbe tamcomnirttc,arl-J
porteu PtCX n, D-iatw. o woijuinug ivdoi;
anditnrt tn 7k ratnrfte tothe aodltor of Stale
of the amount of 1fe leWved by'eoUBty bffl-i
eefir with twomet)dnwntSi whteb were agreed
to. and ttld bill ws Ordered 'to be read a third
time on Tonediry Mxt.-Wt fUtua
Mr. COX, from the same ttomuitteo, 'fepottV'
ed hack S. B. f 18 To provide ror ue purcnuo
aud distribuUooof additional coploa of Swan
id CrltcbOeld's Revised Steiute'sot Oalo.aBd
reoommended IttindeCuito BOStBonementj 1 '
t motion, said klir waa referred Sen eeiftiV
cOmmlt-Ot'Ohe-MrKaaoB." ' wi o-.a t. u
- a . I 1 . n,.,t n..i.A...J ,ili. rA.ll.AIJi
af. UARritliiv inirwinw" ii
resolutiOff,Vblohwasadoptedt'r ti aii'i Co (
JlaUtxi; Thtt tht tee of tha Stria tt Chamber '
be" Mhdered to Hon;"); A Foote and MajcR:
Watertoa, of Cleveltbd , tor 'jMotdty 'e vtnls t;l
Ffbmaft 25, for thr4cntetlon er tbo bit Wry
ad tlaimt Of Industrial Sqhooli Jatho State of:
STANLEY; oa levw,Tresent4-rho-pe-lition
Of Wnf, Fi Wilaom and aai cthet elttzeoe
of lwttflctfobiaty, waking rtbat flit rora and.
Jurtleet" bf tht Peace havw entire JartsdiaUon la
aU Violations of tbe liquor law, which wam.'raJ
ferrtd to tot Committee on i smpertnee
Mr. FERQUSO.fpretenleda ewhlll S."
B. No. So3 Supplementary ta"an act making
certain Instrnmenta of j writing negotiable,"
pasted February S5. 1820, v ' . ! , , I , , ,
On motion of Mr. GARFIELD, the Senate
went Into committee of the Whole, Mr. Cum
ina in the Chaw, ajid on rising, the chairman
reported back B. B. No. 835 Relatlnx to tho
- Indexing and transcribing of judicial record of
-i-airneio eouniy. .wiinout am
amnrlmnnt. and aaid
diii was reierrea to inrcommlttee on the Judi
ciary, .
; Mr. PER RILL introducerl fhe following ret-1
oiution, wnion was aaopiea:r37' " rvf n.
ingtqe flag over the Senate Chamber, in accord
anoe with a former resolution of the Senate, be
committed to the Sergeant-at-Arms.
OamotioBf the benat adiourBOd.
Prayer by Kev, mn Urover. Tj, jji
The House having taken a recess yesterday
evenine. nendine the consideration ot H. B.
1860 RelatiDir to fuRitlve slaves,
P'M. RT. AIT EST.EE nrTvmrl the fnllnwlrir
amendments: ? T TTTT;' V h f
Amend bv striking out Iltbe word"maater't
wherever It occurs in the Bill, end insert in
place thereof the word "owner."
(Ada alter the word "slave" wnerevcr it oo
cure 'In tho bill tho word "horse, ass, or
mule.".- v, -a ,r,--m---t ? -r-r
-, -Add after the word "slaves Jn the 9th line;
(o section f, the words "horses, asses or moles."
ivir. said be bad not examined the Dill
vlth much ctre. and did not like all ita particn.
lure.' but to the object sousht to be accomplished
by it be cordially yielded his support. -He would
assist in .hreakinz ud, the whole svBiem of the
Undergavuad" RailtoaJ,' by which our Southern.
brethren are roDoea oi tneir property, me
right to which is secured to them under the
Constitution. He said the gentleman who pre
ceded him had'' irjoken ntf tha aeaflGr- of the
Democratic.parly in brluglnir. about. a.' theT
.charged, the troubles of the country. To that
be replied bv pointing to the case ol John Brown
L . ' 5 i : . "j i I '
wnocq ne onaractenzea as muruerer ana none
thief, and the oouhtenAnoe given Mm by many
Renubliotns. as evidence that the Republicans
are responsible for the complaints qf the Southof
tbe Inrvasioh or their rights. - The veryjact that
the -i day , Lincoln, was known, to be elected,
the march " Of 'secession-- began, -Is proof
that 'the Republican ore responsible tor '
much' of this state of "things:-' Tbe Repub
lican Convention of Ohio,, and the resolution for
recommending the repeal of the. fugitive slave
aot,- and tbe letter .of. Gov. Dennison, to the
Cleveland Convention of 18S9,,he quoted as
proving that the Republican party Is opposed to
the fugitive slave law and its execution.-" He
defended the fugitive slave law as far from- be
ing so severe aa tna clamor against it represents,
la reference to the fact that tbe fee of tbe Com-
inlssiener is double in cases of rendition, he cit
ed bar jdstice'B .code at containing a! similar
feature. .Jut, said he, there it no nigger in that
'.. ' 1 1 P . . f . , l. ' J . . A ' , J J,J . .
wooa pue. ui wiai ut jury an gam w am not
require it In ewes, bf fugitives from Justice;
Bad we return, under treaty; fugitives frOm Aus.
tria, where there is no trial by jury. Tbe gen
tleman from Meigs says nothing about that;
but the difference ls,1n one oaso it Is this ever.
lasting nigger; In the other, If Is only A boor
Dutchman. Mr. Plants corrected Mr. W, that
bo bail not argued the merits or tot fugitive
slave )w. He only spojse abont the bill under
eofrrileration.T rr . 'TTT''''it; i 'T -The
gentleman has deprWtted the institution
of slavery, and. (poke oMts evils, as terrible
above all.' things.. JleZwaa, doubtlaas sincere.
Eat tbe people of many bf our States bold that
it La just and right, and aanctioned by God and
hia holy word educated fu 'that ' belief from
their Inlanoy. - Still the gentleman, and his Re
publican icieuda insist they are right, and will
yield bo .compromise, ,-but would , fores these
seceding- States Into -submission, - These men
ate breaking up, tbe fabrLof, this Government
on! a mere abstraction; for there Is not another
foot of territory-in the nitioir where; slavery
can go. 'ci W"'-' '
- They gay wait till (he fourth of Maroh; and
then we shall determine whether we will resort
to powder, shot or shell.' Against this he pro
tested in the name of all the heroes and martyrs
of the RevolutionJ.&ut we must wait till Lin
coln is inaugurated. He had once thought Mr.
Lincoln a man ' of ability; but be had ohanged
that opinion, and now he oonld bat regard his as
cension to the chair onoe filled by Washington
as a grievous burlesque. But from this decision
these men, who will listed to no compromise
or concession, will take an appeal to a tribunal
before which 4bey may well tremblo-p-tho dread
tribunal of the American people. ' ' -l '
Obtaining Goods on False Pretenses.
' Some ten dars sioce we published an aocount
of; the arrest of j one Benjtmin Linderamltb,
in-; Ohio, tnd his extradition hither, on the
charge of fibtainlBg goods under false pretenses.
Il -appears that Lindersmith was formerly in
btteinees at West Bedford, Coshocton county,
Ohio, aad came to this. city in August last to
purcnase gooaa.. , ue Eu.ieo.jWtl ne nad a
larve amount of real estate unencumbered
large stock. in' trade Awa out bf-debt, and
that he had changed . hia place of busi
ness - to Bladeneburg, a . small village
Knot! loouuly, Ohio, t whert ihe btd . rent
ed- a store, &s.4 Upon those and other rep
resentttioBa, ho obtained credit of several prom
inent nrms in ine city, ine goods were abip-
pea, sua upon retcning jiaaensoarg, were trans
ferred to confederatca of LIndcrsmltli; nnder
pretext of sale, tad. Immediately shinned to
Iowa, j The creditors, upon investigation, find-
m xiouarsmitti's Btatemtnl ol nit moons bill
ty 'to be.fslMr and 'the whole circuastanoes
bearing unmistakable -eviaeeces of rasctlity,
oonoiuaeo to msse an example oi mm, and pro
ceeaeo, to get an lnaiotment and reqoieitien
He Is how in tbe Tombs awaitioe his trial.
AVi are informed that the frequent occurrence
Of such ftaadr within the last; few years this
arousea wt leaning mercmantt to lesi the .ques
tion whether the law in relation thereto can be
tnforcsdf"' Hitherto' it haa been custdmarT for
the -sufferers from such operations lo onlctlv
submit to the loss of their debt, cr in- ease of
.... i . t. . . I . . .c
rrootyiy gyu4piyiuMw tvv u.attviv.-m.V4 n-lltlW .toe
rolrnt to escape, but It Is said to be tbe luten
tleo It this ease to icbmit to ho combfomise
the object beiogto vindicate the lawabd thereby
warn ewinaiere tnrongnotit too conntry that all
inch cases will hereafter be prosecuted. We
art Informed tbatlnt I63SMTO WLkS the mor-
chints of this city are1 subjected by -reason of
tucb frauds amount to.hunireda or tuouaodi of
dollara annually-, and tbat-the evil bis reached
apolti where it It folly determined to put' a
stop to) it ir ine law win permit, cise or.tne
conviotion oi Ltniferi.nhh, it ir tht imentuid o
eroceea aeainBt a number or omen. The Pa
pers ire In readiness, awaiting the result of .his
trial. ! such flhtUera 'ahonid Icerialnly 'be
brooght to fustioe. The amouot which they
filch in this way "frdrh thf commfinltr sxceeds
bv ten fold that from burglaries aad petty thetta.
In addition to thitr they destroy that confidence
hatweeb men which ia essential to the commer
cial la teres t ol iho -conntry.. Yet indites and
juries incline todeal lightly with thetrj, while a
miserable wretch who steals a ; ioat ot bread to
saUafr the erhvlfiet of huhrmr.'or 'a carmcnt to
cover bur nakedness. Is ue rarely nuulihcd. JY.
I. tribune. 1j .a ..t rv
iLnkxLN'e SuTrss-iN-Liw Mrs. Abraham.
Lineols; wife of the President of the old Union,
baatwt married sisters now on a visit to Mont
gomory, AiOnsii from Eehtutky,.Dd od
visit ttj her Bictorwho.rcajdes InStlma, Ala,
1 ney are both-strong secessionists, and opposed
to "the: a-overnment-of -their bfotber-in-law.
Abrabtm Jbincoin. iU-OaMttey attrset con
Eldcrabla attentloa, and are tbe toast Of Sonth'
erncrsJ ' The hhsbtnd of one has offered h't
erncsB P ,,WOTerJor,4uooro, tut AitDawa, to
rurtner tbe tausa ot eeoeawon and tato Kltrhts
snd Republican Liborty.-Cofaiiieirs Vt.1)-
ti t .v i
"The Sick are Healed."
ThiA Our reaiccs will remCnberValha'fn.!
fulry of tke tnulUtudr when the great Physl
elatf watbpWearlh; butaJtbouah tht. days of
tfliraaies are passed, still, a Jund frorkleaee has
provided coreofor every known disease. ' Some
iy att have been discovered, but others have,
and tSiOig thom "wt find" Kennedy1! XJedlcal
DlacoYufy; trie rreat humor medioiue.- If ever
Uditoovery was Made, "under the direction of at
everroiiui? i'roridedca, it waa this. Hy aooUont,!
tot Betry priti8ipa!iy.iise4 isr towtpoundiBg this;
remedy 'wafe fcnnd by Mr. Kennedy while cross
Ing a ipastnrb. bear hit bouse, and since that
tlmav he hae labored to euro-hi tellew saw of
trerv hiimor' wUh whidtf thrfvwera afflibted. and
ht deserves tie support' and ehcouragetnenl of
tht commnity.
Holloway's Pills and Ointment.
: Facts roai ths Million. Bv it reoent enact
ment of tbo French covernment; these medi
cines are admitted free of duty uto, all ports of
France, l ney are extensively empiojeti in an
the publiband rullitaryboapltaUj. throughout
the Empire, The- Errrperor - has-stgnified bis
appreciation of their virtues ia an autograph
letter, tn Dr. Hcllowav. Ouricff tha late Cami
paign in Italy, large cjuantitiea were nted for the"
wounded at BreBccia and Jtfontechiaro. . Sold
by Bit Druggists, at 95 ot8.',a ots.; and (1 per
Dr. Hall's Balsam.
This' popular and truly valuable medicine
continues to effect the most astonishing cures;
and, It tbo statotnents of good cltlttaB are en
titlrd to tredil.it Is worth the attention of ev
ery, CONSUMPTIVE.. and a fairtrlal br'all
who art troubled with any disease jnfiha iTArtat
r LuagtjJL U k UiiLfLiLa t
cakadiah ft united states mail
ii - uu ajisj jp-oBi.-,TV!? V.-J
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
'PITT , i f :
.. t- 3323 W- kT03arL3X-
The Hontrnl down htomililp oompanT t flnt-cltat
fall-powered Olyde-built Bteamort tail every Nat
urday from HO KTL AND, carrying tho Otnadlan and
United Btttot Attll and rasiengera.
Rhortcetf flhbaipeat and Unlckcet Con
..-,.t :-.. ...weyance) trow,
. y a
' a A-ta5H vi -o)Bajco to ji.u.rop ) ,
Will nil from IITEBPOOL ererr Wetftieodar.
tnd from QUEBKO every Saturday, tailing at
LUHUUNUKKKi, loreceiToon Doarnand itco Mailt and
J?Aniren, to 'tod from Irohnd tnd Sootltnd.
BjThet-ttaiaert are built -wf Iron, In wal.r-tlght
eoDipartinenti, etrrr etch inexperienced Surgeon, tnd
OTCry attention It paid to tht comfort and tceomraowt
tlon of Biattonrt. At Uwr wncted direct In LON DON-
BSBY, the f test rjllf tntl, delay pf ttjt. John'i
Olatgow rtMfgtrt. -art farnlthtaVwUtt tan tmtttgt
tlweti to and from Londonderry . -
Betnrn ticket! granted tt reduced rttei.
t . Oertltcttet lianod for carrying to and brlnglnaout cat-
ttngen from all tht principal towot of Great BritalB and
Ireland, at rodactd rate,, bythlt lino of ttetraera, tnd
lotvipg lanrpooj oyorj. wett. , w .
isrht Drafts for Xtamd WaavdaTnar)
,nble In Knnland, Ireland. Suot-,,
;",U,and wsaoa. vj.V; rf. l,
1 For Junkgii? tpply 'at flit 6Bc.3'; ftitdAfe
WAY, Kw Vork, and lO TOATUK ST.,
JUirerpeel, j jjrr nijb aaiJ vrva
BABEL BEARLE, antral JgeBts,"0-!
Ortc-,f J. R. ARMSTRONQf -rT
fcw BUUimtn Oulco, Colambui. Ohlo.
it i
; B EL LIU QH AM 8 ,
'I :
. .iT.-!a .
"""" "'I. A ! . 1 A
:-j'l I
i :izm:ix "hist
For tha WhisTrsre enrl TTa'.'-
..!.; - - "vi ..-' .I. w sa;i..i.- .4 u itodt
. Tht snbterllwri laVo tleaior In aiitoaiullV 'J4ihA
Ultitont ol tot CmUed BUtet, that ttity tan obtalaed tbo
Agency ror, tna are now tntbtea to offer to tha Amerlctn
publlo, tbt abort juitly celft-raud tnd world-renowned
trncio. int
It prepiiedTVBa.
V- iH-LiNIJUAM. actOMfii
phytlcian oftnprfon.
lavwar-tntej td.pilaOa
Uij;a act ot
In from three to ttZfeii;, Thii arte It It u7nld ine
of tht kind utd by tha Vreirch, and la Lo&doaand-rtrii
Itla abeihtlful.-trnhfej.? Xrt,&3 2,': '?,?
eompottnd,tcUng at If by mtgio upou the Mou, esmlrig
tbttutlial growth of luxuriant half,,-II gppllefi to'tht
tnalp, it will cure liUiNea, tnd cattte to cprtDg up in
placo of the bttd .ipoti a floe growth of now balr.' Ap
plied according to directions, ft will turn Its or Towr
oairaAXK,tP(t restore grsy talr to (It otlilnal color,
leaving it toft, smooth, and flexible. ' In "Oioctm" ii
tn Indlipenmble trtlclt lo evtry gentleman's toilet, tnd
jMjr rat wk't wetheyjwoaldt fortroontidarttioa
Tht tobtcriben ire the only Agentt for tho' article th'
tht linlted BUtet. to whom til nrdfrt matt be sddmtanu
Price One Dollar a box for ttle by all , Bruxtittt aad
notleri; or t box of tbt "OngnentV (Wtrrtnted to hite"
oeeirea euecu will Mttnt to any Vlra-netir H, by
mall (direct), ttcurtly picked. oal retfipl ef .price tsd
y :t Apfiy w or auocvst j
1 I T t' ja . HEQEMAN tc 00.,
J f BBCOOItTt, As, f; .1JA 'A
ieioaavm St William Strttt. NtW-Idry
?,tf ; JrjvJen-;6otii
Linen Bhlrt Botomt Plain and Fancy
. - Bbiriltg and Boeora Linen,
L.-. I j ? Linen Bheetingt and FiltoW 0i
' I -U 1 , linen Oaninrtea and Lost L
Linen Pocket-bandk'fi. all eliee.
..' f'irrTZ yiuionToweBingtaadPtaptrt.
hV' ' LlneriNapxrntandD'Oyllet"
1 L. Linen Table Olotheand Batin Jtrtetktvfv,..ff
1 Linen Toweli wtth colored border.-11 w -Ki
Linen B'JUr uowrlnjrj tad Cnuh-, . .
' roriataat loVprlcet.' 0
- BtTN V onv
I tfd. SD BoulKBIgh Street.
7 .ladiet liatn Poeket-Htuidk'iwt? i
A.JL xercniert, very wide heme. J -4 ir ttif
m , mvn,iuervq uinen ii Ann A aiipri
J 4 Hemmed gtilchedand Plain do, do,
, jEmoroiaertti Linen llandk s all prictt.
Moarnlng 'del 1
..a?k. .ntwtiyiocroettmcriea.
Plnt Aimle do B.fl neWDttterin. "-'--' -' t'V.
jl Stlimi Pltin and Hemmed Stitched do ill priceii!!f
voBipruiartDB moil teioor anoKment m n rti, afid
at inwen prioci. BAIN fc BUNr-
- www Wo. Z lot Jl High Btrttt.
' Gents Lined' Bhirt-'CollaraVoJq
BOTE, ttandinc Bvron. Pen!rov.' Renfrew enl
Other new thtnet. Hemmed Pocket Uendkemhlr.ln.v
Tie!, gteokt, Street and Kytnlng Olom, Half Hon of
Tery una, unaoruarmteu aae an ainai or utntr Fur-
nuuing uoodt la great vtritty and at moderate prion.
. , ! BAIN dr. BONr-r
' tti2i No. SO South Bltb ttroet.
laces : And j Embroideries,
V - Laoe Oollart tnd Betti. French. Puihee end Thr..H
Laet Telli, (new pttttma,) V alenclenee, Thncad tnd
Point L,acet, Bmbroldtred OolUrt, gettt, Trimming! tnd
Sklrlt, Ltee Btrbet knd Oolffaret, Pltla Uora Oolltrt,
Bettt tnd Cnffi, Embnildered OoIItn tnd Onrrt l Nltt.-
I '-' " '. BAIN At BON.oJ '
feb-B No. SO, Sooth High Bteett.ol
''11 '.'I ' ' 1 I ' I ' el , ,Umi
I Alexandre's Kid; Gloves,
fc.AI If AND RltlBBOIDEBEb.'niOtB-
ttUEIAims aad mular tbane Blaok Kid Ororee
embroidered ia White, mtgtnta. purple, at- Uadreued
KldOloytt. fttiMtt KUmiortt. AeMDletaataorUnant
oi uieeectieBnuta uiavtt always lot wt ay r ( . vt ea
ut 1.-, toi Aia x BUfl, do.
leoxv, , r.Lt'i no. xveoatn Aig.n.eMeelet
----- " " - - -r.--e
A Jtenia B.'ll. KeweboT , Would bl tileiMd to InforrA
tht public thtt tht Cincinnati XrenlngThset It reeeirad
rttuiariyfvtrvaay, stv 40 aaay w. r. At. A'enMoi
'eft.Jdlwd.h. . ylrfMu!ti"
l"r WilCILU B,'kvCiKt;t.2:i'i Ij-AI
li I
Tiirrtl Wf
Jotanh B. Btawar?a!'.r ' V " L'-! SW'
.- ir- :"r' z: -.19 Vt it -k,.ii v,
to! me dirtvtM, fnta tho Buptrtor'- Oooat'nf
nilH eoflnty, Ohloi I will offer tor tali it tht door
tht Court Hoosa, to 1KB city of . CqlumbuJ. tr ;'
jrcnrfiay.tfat 0t ly - PfJMa.rch A. A.lSGl,
Utwrin tht honrt of 10 o'clock wW and A 'olook a. i
tht tollowing detorihed real dttate, tituatt In the
oounty ht Frankim, and State' nf Ohio, to wit: The
undivided on..hK nf in-lnt Vo. m, In the fllty nf Co
hurtbwt, being the i--.-,t of y limn-' tn nld lot;
AppralMdttBi.liJ.' O. W. hUFFirtAN, B'ttriff '!
fbStSHlllwtw: ' By Xd. Pttll, Deputy. "
frUttr's feet 13,00.
rot an xiihoat sin
inolndlnar AVIIOOPINO
COUGH, and ererr
Complaint tho forernsi-
nerof, and even actual
1 I
I iwwiin
; . . i. :
The Great RIIHIAI,.
GlVUKiUJUDV and Nat "
ural OPlA'l'li, adapted
to every apooivs of ner . (
Tout Coinplainta, Ner;
roue and Chronic '
lileadache, Hltemma- '
tlantf Catarrh, Tooth
and Ear Ache, Loot of
Bleep, and Bowel I'om-
JPlBtff U-LVft ,'i
Ko roat luttiae ote- bt done the thoyo oroparatloiu .
but by procuring tnd reading deterlptlyaptmpblott.-'
vt iuuiiii wiui an ooaitTt,nrwiir ne tenv ny i-ropnetor
0 demand..' Vorn.ulata.id Xrttl JJottlet Knt to Bhytl
clini.who will find development! In both worthy thtlf
toceptanco and approval.! r. :i v,u. - '. i
Oorreipondtoc tollcited from ill whoae ntetttltttt or
enrioiity prompt! to I trial of tht toore reliable Kcmi .
die!. 1 lJ - . t'--- ' ' '
For tale lb the atualwholer.lt aad reail dealer
tyerywbora. ' 00 I - .- v 'I
jonn Ij. HtJivNEwr.i.ivt propneso
a'0Hllf.6t Wd rtASMAOXOTISTY -
Coffltae;eial Whsrf, Boston, ST ass. '
BobertS It flutuel. N. B. ilarple, J. B. Cook, J. at
btnlgj th Dtolft At Bont, A. J. fechueUor A Son, A
on, Arenvt
(or OolBmbui.Oliio.
' wpjrFAi; wrfi niw. .
Ia a) I otMt of ooiilyentta, dyrpepela, billions and live'
Affectlcrt, pilot,-rtennrttlra, foyers tal tgntt, vMtl ,
ntte head aches, and all general dertngoseats of heiUb
then fill here invariably proved a certain tnd speed? ,
remedy .1 A tingle trial will plant tht Lift Plllt bcyo-.d '
th'tnh af.enmf ttllon la th entlmstlon f tyrry pa '
Heat, i ',"4' :a'"""v ; ; .7
Dr.Mofftfs PartnlX BlUtrt will b foam! equally!!
flcacloui n til we! of nerrout debility, dyipeptia, heat '
tcht.the ilcknon Irlcldent to femalet ladtlicatt hta'th, .',
tnd ey try kind -0 weakneu of the dlfttUvt organ!.
for ttltbyTJr. WlBiHOFffAT.'Sm, BrotdwiiN. T.
ind trjj all Sraggltti.
1 lii. i Mliiin 1 m . il I
- ' ..Mm iL.T'
fl'Tlp following1 an extraot from
MlUr written hi tho Bov! $.b. fiblms, paster ot tLt ' i
Plerrootnt-BtrtvtBtptln Chnrch, Brooklyn, N. I.,to -
the''Jcttral tnai'jeager,"ClnolnnU,0.,aridipeak! f
Tolumti In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Mm
Wimuiw'i Eoormno fiyarr roa OniLsani Tarranre: '
-uWt fo idvertiiment In yoat-eolnmnt of Ms--. ",.
WmLOw'i 800T111N0 Bnur. Now we never n!d a word " "
in favor of a patent mtdicint befort in onr life, tmtwt .
feel compelled totay to your reader! that thlibno hum ,
olaimS. It Is probably one of tho mott taroeaifnl medl-
elnet of the day, became It It one of the bett. - And thote
of your leaden who have babies can't do hotter than -
lay In a mpply. ... , ' .u-iM in " oc.7:lydw ,
HAIR jj ;py jHAUl ; ; DYE.-; v,
WmfAABatohelor'i HairDvel "
"1 Thi Original"' and ' Best ' In "tht ' Worlil , , ,
All othera ate SMie ImiUUont, and thoald at avoided
tfyouwUh toopoiUtcala.. '.id . 1 , .
, OEAY, RED OB BUSTT BAIB Dyed Initantly to a -betntltul
and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to '
uair or DK,n.
FIFTEEN MB D At I AND &IP10UA8 havt bet '''
trardtd to m. A. Bttchelortlnce 1839, tnd oyer 80,00
tpplicatlont have beta roadt to ths Etlr of hlf patngj
olhlibmoctdyti I ti
IWMl A. BAT0HIL0B'3 UAIB, DTB producitttol . ''Wl
or not! to be dlitlngnlihed from nature, and It wtrnuttd
not to Injure in the lettt, however longltrtybee.ntiii
utd,asd tht 111 effects ot Bad Dyes remedied; tbt Hair
Invigorated for lift by this splendid Syo .
toll In all dUet anf towns ot tht United SUfea' .
0'ito engmTioK on fonr tldei of etch boy, of WILLIAM
a. A,xuiiiiMJri, -ABflreet
Wl I .. .OfiABLXS BATSnELOR. PlOLrletor.
) T 6 1 Barulay itratt, Mew York.
To Consamptivee. , ,.-
i JThe Aytrtlnri Btytng been rtttored lo health in h few
I weeka by t very itmpla remedy, after htTlnxiuQtredj
at yr-srs wiui a wofvn rang aneouon, ana tnat arete
oltaati Oomnmption Is anxious to make known tohit
fcllcw-iofferert thtmtantot cure. , , - - , a. ,
To all Who ue re It, be wPJ tend a copy of tht preterit
tion nted (fret of charge), with the direction! for prept
ing and otlng the same, whlth they will find a tnat Co
foijCottoamo, Aitwiu, Bxokcbitu, tee.- The only -' n
object tf.ths aUrertlicr In ttndlnf the rrttcrlptlaa Is to1 !'
benedt'the tmieted, and snyead Information which hteon. ' y
fttlyet o be inyaiuabit, and ht hopes evtry sufferer will
I'tey hU remtrlyrta U u!!' eott tkta nothing, tnd m ....
prove ab'estiaa, !,.. !. . ..... .irtr 1
artl- a-l'-hln Ui nM.lntlnn'vlll la .,MMH
P V r ' -r-asv jfTMvaED a. wuaoM.- -rm
xtim.- Willltmtbnrglw! iS,rA
1 tt!!-T!,r,,?,f "ol'
r?4aA UBaicil0iia;ila& Dye!
"Yhli yptendid Htlrbyt lusne'aoaM tettutaseons in r-I f
Ieot-j3-utlftlJilaek or Natural Brown 00 italnlag
tho eirti orlujUiiBgt'atUii mnconrAUeawnr an
tffttrj of Btd Dyet, and lnylgoratet the balr for life.
Sons re genulct onloetilgnM ;"W.iA. Bttchelor. 1 . , .
8vddttfrjfiert. '",'
OKAS. BATCEBLOR, Proprietor,
ly 81 Barclay Btrtet, New Yore.
'a! ;. Wot the- INSTANT niLTiry-n .aU
: ibd PBBMANENr OTJUJiofth 1
dittrwjlng oneplalnt oat '
BNDTIt.1 ,a K'.i ! ".V --v. a
Hade by 0. B. BBYMOUB It 00., 107 Ratata tt- ST. 1 j.otitl
1 Price (1 perboxj soot fat by poet.
ran BALI
AIiitnOBTJ 00 ISTB Z2 T. 1
'i .i'.iJM! j. ,'j ,pi ) .aorr-,T--l
ii, ''""
' t'ui'H
1 ' " ' anrnrS
m Uc.eSnerifla;.gaI9:
1, f .Hl.ut .t-lu.tV-J
Jamei Cherry, Guaidlan, Ao
tn.Ao.,! " ' "
1-- . ,,.ji...i .
A 'A 1 ,. . V!., . . . Site by orduof Oonrt. .1
OldaeaTandcmark etal. J . ', , 1 1 Tejfc
, lo tme dlrtoted Iron the Court f Oonrtvin Pleat ot v r, . .
Franklin eonnty, Onlo, I will offer for sale at tht door of J J
ut vonn uonet, in we etqr of Uolumbot, on .
(Batiirday, March 30tb, A. D. 18C1,
. .'.tin u1?
bttwoerl the honis of 10 o'clook a. m. and St'tlockD.
at. tkd followlog deterlood real eiUte, tltnttt In tht
oounty bf Franklio; Stttt ef Ohio tad city of Colombo,
tnd branded and detbrlbed it follow,: ln-lot No . ttytn
hundred tna ninttyelght, (708) tlttu,t on tbt north tide m (
of Friend ttreet, tnd being tbe tecond lot eait of Fifth -
itreet, and fronting on Friend ttrtet, sixty-two aad a kali
iw uy one nuuarea ana ttgniy-ttTOTi tad a hair feet
north to Cherry tlley, being tho full lot of 021, feet by
ltr?Jtffret. Arnnittd at nSAJd. - v,i, - , !.., 4.. n
j-febi'WlAwtt O. W. BnMAN. HherlW " . .
ln.rrlsttr'ifeeitt .......by Xd. Davit. Dinutr"
' cit.',';Ai 6 ci :'"' " '' "-, -'('
bnerifl s oaie-' aarc ia icox
CltVtl tCb: ' J ';o "I i.i'vt . Jm.
'. 4s
TI. ".YaA'5 Comi
JohnAicKlnney.et. tl.) ,,,1 ,..
. .
AJ to fee dlrtoted. from the Court of Common P1mi,oI V.
"""" uouniy, vmo, i win oner ror itio, at tht doof -of
tht Oourt Houie, tn Ih city ef Oolnabot, oa A
BttOftlay, tbo 30th day of March, A,: D. 1861,1 -
between Ihe heart of 10 eXeok,' "A. It. and d o'oleck,
P. M.. the followlnt deterlheel aael e-tAtA. aitnate h
County of Franklin, and fltat af Ohin. v....
8, tub-dlTitJon of put Lot Bor 30, In the city ot Colum
but. i ' . ,
Apprtleed 141800,00,-- . ..LZlZZLL.
I , . W.BUFFMAIt. Bberlfr.
1 fooSS-dtwdw,
u Frlhttr'i feel
i fltmmttlon and natn. and h.tli tb n4 T. Wi.
tcald,bruita,ent, or freih wound of any kind, prevents '
twelllng and pain from bee ttlnge, moiquito Wtet, bad' '
pdlionoai pUuitt, neuralgia, rheumatlua, ague In the' "4
Ureaet, tnlt rheum, et. When taken Internally, ft willf !f
positively cor creep laehildren.and glvtt lmaediit
relief In the wont (sue of tblt terrible complaint; alio.. '"' "
remoyos bane ant tor thrott, Price, tit cent, tv "3
sottle. I
I lit and
iwoaMMiBevtry hoot. - For tale by Dnc-i, A4
BtorekMpert. nviNBIONB,
Bole Proprietor, Ne. 1 Bpraett.,New torkAia
. li i.H .,
Cirioiiso TOBACCOS.
s:i Beper1at0rltlittt('y,'k-'y" "ni'vein .
w.e I rln Kanatfer, ..w.mw
Pour Acef, rtt)-;7
ex J a r, ii Jlirt's 1;', fTJalrt) ti ri-rr
Jliuencmi dijuk,-
la psetratet; tlio, B:entarlry. Bn est In bartit end half f f
.nrtltjn .tor. and. (as W, "' '
M!iirtst woilol MBuliwean Untldiof.,, tdTtvlt
i I in e
rEl FIRlrt OP JTr II-e WrTItTtl A; fcltV.
lA.ltil!daydiaprtby "Jawtl tonunt ,'f"IJArt
li1 Bi:a Ji-Jo e .'BmiTifc.,it!i J
afMEJt nif-Ii BIIlHTe.I n-'ia-iV-
Alltleet and 0OHHei; aket.BOKg' SfnnTSof StTtWi
inoouoiBifw. wj 1 uair. at tvn,
. -.-. ....tijvtirk. . ... '
A tT""0o,a,,U Itreet.
j i
li t.

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