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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, February 23, 1861, Image 3

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lOljw Sifliffinion
. , to I I .1 i r,' I i ' ' I ' ' '" ''
i'.Tbi Adana Exprew Company placet us dally
unto obligations to It for the very latest paper
rrom,Ue,c9Wrnciweat7 i;i -.
Thfc ADirrlwu' Eiprew Company baa our
Tjauk for , ite daily, f avore lo the shape of the
Tbb FNoiBtii8'.Ct,kiaATio of WAfiHrnaTON
Birthday. That was, Indeed, a iplendtd fete,
which the State Fenoiblee got op at their r-morj-tiri&tffc
honor of thejblrth of the
lllnatrfnua Wabhingtom. It il no imall gratifi
cation to announce that the erertloM of these,
onr oitlzen eolditre, to revive and kindle into
an active glow-the smoldering Area of. patriot
ism, ae well as to cement more closely ponas
of eneialauion and barineny, were appreciated
anaiewarded Ly tho preiieiiee of Jerge number
of guests, both ladies and genilemen; -Be) great
wa3 the assemblage,, thai the Hall was hardly
oapc1otj inough for the accommodation of the
vleitorSi' Bot. no pains Were spared torewto
everything ooruiortable and agreeable..
Ta tableaux representing events and scene
la our early history, in wmcn mo great n
ihotom' was a prominent uelor, were viewed with
iponttceous bursts or applause. The supper
was Wuntvfui, "and, considering the orowd of
rat Am. was served up In excellent style., ,,The
mutio and dancing, which rounded off the exer
cises of tlje .nlBht, were, kept up till Aurora De
can to tb"g hnr.amilliig faca at the -windows.
The guesuj retired, reluotanily from the scene
of mirth and festivity, with many thanks to the
gallant Feociblee lor their magnificent fcUtm the
night of the 21 ot February, aoiu.. ...v
Ntt? CicH:Tbe Rev. Hnr Wu.i, of
Leporte,, .Indiana, will preach before the .New
Chufcb poolety,a,t McCoi's College, to-morrow,
(Sunday) a eleven o'olock A. M., and ateev-
etutt tbe evening. Subject in tbe morning-?
"TheJMvlrie Incarnation j" In the erenlng
"Tha Second Advent.'; .; ;
' 1 " ' ' m ' '' - -
p'ijjmio'us 'iNotioE. Rev. Thomas Goan
will flolirer a dleoonrse lo the Unlrenallst
Church, on Sued iy evening, the Sth lnat., upon
the f jllowlBC subiooU Tbe Fear of Death
and ite authority ae a motive lo make people
religious',' Sertlcea atlo'locki:
O" Ma. Basil' RiDDtLLj who was struck With
paralysia some days einco, diei at nine o'olk
last eveolugiat the residence of Mr. CHailu
Wai.ieb, on State street. Mr. Riddbxl'i age was
ftftftef eia; pi&, .nil loneral took , place this
Utttammi. a d: t: v t - -.-ca;-.
FartorricoN ;at McmooMiar Hall Last
NionT-Tp-nifAt w'ill'be riven the list exbitrU
tioa of the.ieekbr.ated fanoptloon of India at
MontgomwjjHl,"- The admission . Is only 15
centsiiafclo early, If you expect a seat.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
' Malta W'lfoVirorli 'City, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
ritteeeinfhr- tjteubeiiTllle-wey.- tlieTeiana, .anetvtue
.. . . . i . .. . m. n i .: . Dkli..
delphia and Kew Orltana, aloae daily (Bundayi exeaptr
iulat7W nVInck n. m.
A through mall for New York and Cleveland oloaea
dally uuinday ercepteoj ai i o ciosa p. m.
0. cTfc o. B.-H.I way Mall oloaea dally (.8andaya ac
cepted) al 1 o'olock -p. t ;
Central Ohio Way ilillcloaJi daily (SamlcfaexeeptedO
at 1 D.VI0JC dj.bb. . . 'I t , - ! . ' Mi
OLooinnail way Mall cl,oeea dalr (Sundaya emepted) at
1 o clock p. m. .
nnhMin. TWUwarav Marian end WAriblne
to AUtl aloeec oeily (Suadsya enepied) al 1 o'clock
. r, . .a 1 t. r
Alalia lor Aesia,.npnngiwia, vajawn, .wiwn, vw.ui
nail, IndianapoUe, LouUvllla, t. Louis, and Detroit,
.Iom. dttff mamuM eKeautedl At 734 V. at. - -
A through mail to Xenia, gpringneld and Cincinnati
Oloeea daUy (iupdryeeitoapted) at 1 o'oloek . m.
Urbana, Piqua, Tiffln and Colon City mail eloeee dally
(Bnodaya excepted) at 7X o'clock p.m.
Laaoaater, Logan-, Nelionvllle, Oirclevtlle, Chllllcothe,
PortamouUif JVariilnftoB, O.H., Athena, Marietta and
HIIUnoroa,h, malla cloae daily (Sundaye exceoted) at 7J,
o'cloctwrm. -
laat wayUait by National Bead to Zaneavllle, cloaea
dally (dumlaya excepted) al 11 o'clock a. m.
Harrtabargh AUile cloae daily (dundays exoepted) at 1
o'olock p.m. . .
alt. Vernon Mail, by way of Wettervllle and Banbury,
cloaea dally (aandaya excepted) at 1 o'olook p. m. -
Dublin Mail clooea daily(eundayaexApted)at 1 o'clock
Malls Trom Hew York, Boaton, Philadelphia, Albany,
Pittabursh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenia, Detroit,
Sprlngneld.difcinnatl, Cbllllcothe. Bt. Louie, and all
Souther Httee.anrtve between the bonrj of o'clock p.
m. and 4 o'clock a. m; ". .
Malla fros TMlnnapollv , Chicago and Dubuque, arrive
at 3:40. '
Mails from IfaiMngtoQ. titty, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zaneeville, Newark, Bteubenvllle, Mt. Vernon, and tbe
0. 0. it. R. way Mall, arrive at SX o'clock p.m. .
. Way Mall from Cincinnati, arrlvee at 8X o'clock p. m.
Lancaater Mail arrive! at in o'clock p.m.
Beat Way Mail over tbe National Koad, arrival at 11
o'elook a. m . .
Mt. Vernon way Mallarrttea at 11 :M a. m
Matl from Dublin arrlvee at 8 o'oloek p. m. '
Urbana Way Mail arrlvee at 8 o'clock p. m.
Barriebaigb Mail arrlvee at 11 o'oloek a. m.
Office delivery open every day (except Sunday,) from
7H o'clock a at. to 8 O'clock p.m.: Open on ioadayi
and from S 6 in
Rail Time Table.
LiTTf ilul OOojiaaaak XnOA K. B. r,
. ., ... .j ,', ,t Leave. . : Arrive.
Accommodation. ..L. 0.10 A,, Ma .j 9.1SP. M.
N0.8KX ,8.30P.M. . ,. 130P.M.
NIbijJxpreaa..... 8.44A.M.' I. 8.4SA-M.
Curvexam), Oowwibs A CutcuwATt E. B.
Bxpreee and Ka.n....S W t! M J 1.40 P. M.
Night Ixpreaa.....''...3:8S A.M. - 'H80A.M.
' U u'M
. . ...
Carnal. Onto a. B. nt rj 0":' let -a
Kxpreea Train if 8.00 K: M ' 8 30 A.M.
Mall Train 4 8.40 P.M. ' 80 P.M.
Prrmuaea, Ootowaoa at CtitcmxATi B. B.
.X.. .Jl. m M . m M HA aa
jcxpmaxraa. ........... JiiuA.m. ,,.r.n.
Mall Train 8.40 P.M.' 8:80 P.M.
CoLcatrw TxflUKAotlTrB.
Oolombua, Plqaa at Indiana B. a. (
Kxpreea Train Vth.i. 8:10 A.M. 11:10 A.M.
Kxpreaa Train...
8:43 P.M. ,,8:10p.M.
A Woid to Hosbandj. When you g borne
to let,' Itnd find that Mrs. Smith has succeeded
by a (Tttmle turn of the wrist In producing some
i r. .i.., 1i.t l,:..r,. ki.t. ...
91 auuetl avru,uiyuq nfwu, . wiavuiwi .auivu w
your special a version, and as you with a familiar
nod recognize (he eruptive couteuanoes of your
old 'Demies, dou't go efflivto one of .those par
oxysms of rage and disgust, which always make
jou so . particularly disagreeable; but, on tbe
contrary, mildly,' yet with becoming 'dignity,
place your hand lu your pocket, and extraot
from its long confinement the dime which shall
plaoeTVTrs; B. In possession ol a package of Da
Lamp's Cotmical Salisatoi, with Which she
cannot fail to have perfect sucoess In making
-hlamiit. rjiatrv. &o-. Manufactured, and for
sale at wholesale, bv D. B. Pa Land id. Co.,
Fairport, Inuroe Co.N. X, . De Land ft Oo.'s
Saleratus Is now for sale at retail hy most of
tne aeuerS"..."1) u a' . : u. i .. ..v .
i-r r er - 'i - ' " ui ...
D",Th etfcltement caused by tbi: President
elaot aaselng through cities and villages, on his
route he Wbita House. ! follv Illustrated
every day at J. B. Cum's New York Clothing
Store. Where' every Hereon wlahln clothins
rushes tbe publio having beoome . convlnoed
that they can buy cheaper, and get better made
raemantd there than alaaarhiMw. r .'J.. '.
e .. ,.t. : " ti i
"amaaaaaBaaBBaBB A a-
TnM "TTA TO " Wialth: Bu v bnlv w n at vnn
want. Be sure and choose tbe beet; and above
all things, eat no unwholesome food. - Avoid all
adulterated compounds of SelerXtue In tbe mar
set, wnicn are a slow poison. , James ryle's DU
tetlo Saleratcs ie puro and wholesome and per
fectly safe. Depot, 345 Washington Street
JNew Yocfi, . bold by grocers everywnere., - T,
,b .M .. i. . i ;- if)
Who' will euCTer from Foul Humors. Sores, or
Disease of the Skin, when grtch certain remldiee
. ..vua.i.n a Dinanarainw vuauiAb idu vuiutf
Pcamkav andoLiAn'f.VoLCABio Oil Liwi
cnt oao be bo easily obtained. The Cordial
win pnrirrtbe blora thoroughly, and the Xlnl
motit -will onre.avDy. sofe. . See the advettisev'
. Bmtexa a lTr:--r ,e.'i' .; .t-,.-, ; s.
D" flee aivertisemt of Trof. Miural
xiait- mvigoritrOf m ancther oolnmn.
Lincoln Suddenly and Secretly Departs from
Lincoln Suddenly and Secretly Departs from Harrisburg, and Goes to Washington City Incog!!
BAStiUDRa,'Ib. S3. The people of this city ware
uwanuH 101a morning by an announcement iua, air
- ji. . . . . r . , . vi ' ,
snucoin naa luriea lo a ipeeiai inno lor nmuogian,
wa"r"?""m,' rSStuZXS.
waa a plot to aaaaialnat blm wblla p.tflDj through Bal
D r." - :.r.. . L
timore, oat aucn iliiruaajai no iBiieTen. Aug nam
more committee la bare, bat did not hive an Interview
wnnitr. Llneoln. , - ... ,.
BALTma.Veb. St. Mr. Llneoln arrived here at 8
o'elook, Incog, and went dlreot to Waeblagton. Ilia
femllr end the remainder of hla party will arrive t oao
o'eloefc.. Mnon exmtement la oooaaioned t tne raae
WAeamoToa. Veb. 83. Note little aenaatlon Drtnll-
ed throujnom ine oil tun morning, aa toon aa It became
Known tnat nr. iiinooln had arrived In Uie earl train.
It waa nneaoeeaifully aouibt to eooeeal the facia, eaneolal-
ly from lha newipaner nrcia. hia nreaasce kere balm at
nm commuuraiea 10 a lew political inenaa lo conn
DiDn. .
lie waa met at tie ititlonby ie?eral gentlemen of die
Unotlon, without any formalily,and waa lmmrdlately driv
en to WIllArd'a Hotel, ht waayeaterday adriaed to oome
miner wunoat delay, freparationa had been made to
U 'i.5 7.15 ..Wl21d.d,,"! Mr-
Ainii,i.ui. . n ' 1 ' .
g.tSS .S hfi M ;. VT1",' "niPn!4 Wr.
taf RfJjMl!","1 Cr?;e",1;n- 8cn.t0,i"!:
k. likiT. a -i v .u us ...
the White Houae when he enteie 1, and were accordingly
!ntrodacxl to iht Pmildnl elool. Mr. Lincoln after
ward PotarnM to hit hotel.
Lincoln's Tour Through Pennsylvania.
PBiLAOaLrnia. Veb. 83. Tha tannan. r a.i.in.
u uaa in iwn nni lub iiat I or inam.nMiuu
thlo morning, by Mr. Llneoln. waa atUnded with all lha
aolemnity due auch an oc cation; th aeen being an lnu
..aair una. - i . T il f:') iw, .
At tbe riiiDg of the ana, a crowd of people streamed
from all parte of the city towatda the Btata Hoaee, and
very eoon every inea or ground waa occupied.:, A vaat
numner or laaiaa were preecnt. -.
The weather waa oool and bracing. At 7 o'olock Mr.
LluooLn waa eaoorted to the ball and there received by
ineeaor uayler. who warmly wai coma d hlaa ti iia van.
eraow wans in u nonr or national pwll and dlatnai.
wnon rue greai wore acnievea by tne wlidom and pair
rlotlim of oar faUieia seems threatened with Inttant
Mr. Lincoln reanonded aa fallowE
Mr. Cuylen I am filled withdeeDemotlonatSndlnrmv.
If a landing Lore la thia place , where wer collecUd to
gether tbe wlidim, patrlotlim and devotion to principle,
from which aprang th Initltuliona under which we live.
Ton have kindlv aurreated that lo handa la tha luW
v. .vsMjuua ycaae w iuo praaoni uiairaciea onaiuon or
me country. -, .
a viiau u(uirouoi myveir wnai great pnncipleor
Idea II wai that kept thia Confederacy ao long; together,
It waa not tbe mora matter of tha eenaratlon of eo.nniaa
from the mother land, bat that eentiment In the Declare -
uon oi inaepeeaenoe whloh gave liberty not alone to
future tune. (Great applauie.1
V Man ... 1. flt- .1... ,. .
uv .nvi. ut .u i uunnirr. dui A nuni to 1 11 n wnrin tn all
.m .a.uru, oir. huwv an uie political eeninncnie
I entertain have been drawn, ao far aa I hava haan ahi.(
draw them, from the aentimenta which originated and
wer given to the world from thle hall. I never have had
a feeling politically, .that dldnotaprlng from the lentl-
iu,uwi" i Araviaraiion or Anaepeoaence. 1 1
bare often pondered over the dangers which were incur-1
ed tbat Declaration of .Independence. I have pondered
over the toll that were endured by th oflicora and lol-
dlrs of the army who acbeived that Independence. . "
It waa that which gave pram lie that In due time tbe
weight would be lifted from the ahnniHara nf aii
Amaiaa naument emooaiea in tne ueciaraUon oflnde-i
pendence. Now my frlende, can this country be aaved
upon mat naait f tr it can, I wui oonaider myaelf on of
the happieat men In the world if I can help to aav It; I
If it eannot be aaved noon that Drtnclni. it wi n ha n,i I
mm ; du. u inn country cannot be aaved without giving
up that'prlnclple, I wae about to Bay I would rather be
aaaaailnated on thia spot than an r render it. f applauas.l
Now. Urmyviewof th present aapeot of affaire, there
aeedb nobloodihod orwar. There Is no neoeuity for
It. Iam not in favor of inch a cnurat' anri T n... ... i
ed npon the Government, and then I will be oomoolled
w.uuw, ui., luBi. win ve no oiooaioea unieaaitoe fore-1
My frlende, thia ia wholly an unexpected speech, as I
did not expect to be called upon to aay a word. When
I auppoaed It waa merely to do aomething towarda
raUing the nag. I may, therefore, bar aald aomething
Indiacreet. lOrlea of No. no.l
what I am willing to live by, and if the plaaaure of Al-
Mr. Lincoln concluded amid great applause. Tbe
memberaof the City Council paid their reapecta to him,
and th procession moved directly towarda th platform I
erected in Iroat of tbe State House. . On Mr. Unanin'a
appearance on th platform be wae balled with eutburstai
or applause from lb aurrounding multitude i jir, I
Bioton,of iheBeleet Committee, made brief. address. I
InviUngMr.L. to raise the flw, , , ... ; , ,, . ... . f
u . . . , .... . . .. I
jar. Aiioooin repnea in a ipeecn, atatuiff a' Cbeerful I
oompiiasc wits th request. H aUaded. to tbe orlg-
um .as v. tuiriovu BMmia, aaying was una nucsoer had
Increaaed as time tolled on, and we had become a bappy,
powerful people.
JuXArrUTOWK, Pa., Feb- 83. Mr. Lincoln left
vreea i-niiaaeipnia at amidst a saint and cheers.
At Downington he spoke briefly, amid cheers. Crowds
greeted him at every atopplng place. A crowd aasem-
eieo at uancaner, ana ae guns were and. Mr. Lincoln
WU conducted to th Caldwell House. Tn mnlvins ts,
the address, be said k did'nt appear to make a speech.
'Tie wall known the mora a man apeaka the leaa be un
derstands. Th mot he aaya on thlog his adversaries
twDiena ne mcrnaa w mj eometmng else. .
UAjiRunao, ra., wo, w. Tne train arrived at two
'eloek, and was received with aalutea and cheers. Tha
town hi extensively decorated with buntlne?. Mr. Lin
coln wu escorted by the military to th Jones Jlouse,
when he wu Introduced to a crowd of five thousand by
the Governor, who welcomed him to. th capital of tbe
State. . II aald that In can reconciliation faila, they will
ready to aid, by men and money, to maintain the Con
stitution. ' ' . ...
Mr. Lincoln returned thanka. and referrlne. tn tha A-
struotion of th country, he trusted that anna would nev
become necessary to avert that oalamiiy. Be must be
sustained by th people. He brought an earnest heart
in worn, ana it enoaia be no fault of hia If he failed.
The President then proceeded to the Oaoitol. where ha
was welcomed by the Hpealura of tbe Senate and Honrs .
Lincoln responded;
I appear before yon only for a verr raw brief remarVa
naponaa to what hu been aald to me. I thank you
moat sincerely for thia reception, and the generous word
wblch aupport hu been promised m upon thia ocat
slon. I thank your great commonwealth forth over
whelming aupport It gave, not m personally, but the
cause 1 think a Just one In th lata election. (Appleu
a. Allusion hu been made lo th fact, the Interesting
fact, perhaps w should aay, that I for th nrat tine ap
pear at th Capital of th great commonwealth of Penn
sylvania on th birthday of th father of hla Country.
In connection with that beloved anniversary connected
with the history of this country, I have already gone
tnrougn on intonating seen this morning, In th cere
monies at Philadelphia, under th kind oonductcf gen
tlemen then. , I wu for the first time allowed the nrle.
Ileg of standing in aid Independence Vail, (enihusias
tlo applauae,) t hav a few wards addressed mtbere and
opening ap to so as opportunity of expressing with
much regret that I had no mora time to express aome
thing of my own feelings, and aomewhat to harmonise
give snap to thef eellnga tbat had bun really the
feelings of my whole life. . .... -
Allusion ass also been mad by en of your honored
tptakera to torn remark recently mad by myaelf at
Pittsburgh, in regard to what I anppoaad to be the special
Interest of fhla great Commonwealth. I now wish only
aay In regard to that matter, that th few remarks
which I uttered on tbat occasion Wer rather carefully
worded, and I hare seen no occasion alnce to add to them
eubtraot. from them. I leave them precisely as they
stand, applause adding only now that I am pltmedito
bar an expression from you, gentlemen of Pennsyl
vania. Besides thia, our friends there had provided a maenl-
leant flu of ith country: thu had amn red ao that I waa
gives th honor of raising It to th head of the atari, ap
plaueej and when It went up I was pleaaed that It went
I .
Ite pleo by the atrength of my feeble arm.. When,
according to the arrangement, the cord wu pulled, and
flaunted gloriously to th wind, without an accident in
light ol th glowing sunshine of th morning, I could
sot help hoping that there wu in th entire eacctss of that
beautiful ceremony at least something of an omen of
what ia to com. Loud cheers.) ",--.
Nor could I help feellna then, as I often have felt, that
th whole of that proceeding I was the hombl in
strument. I had sot provided the Sag I had not aad
the arrangement for elevating it to its place. I had ap
plied but a vary email portioi , from my feeble atrength.
raising 1U In the who transaction I wu' in the
bawds of th people who, had arranged It, aad if I can
have som generous eo-vperstion of th people of thia
nation, I think the flag of our country may yet be kept
floating gloriously. Eothuslsatlo cheering.)
k recur for a moment to repast some words uttered s t
hotel In regard to what bu been said about the mili
tary aupport the General Government may expeot from
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania In a proper tmer
eency. To guaid aralnet any ootatbla mistake, do I n.
our to this again. It ts not with as nleaanra that I
eostamplal lb possibility that th necessity may aria
in. oQuairy w use uie military asm. ' I Applause 1 '
While lam axceedimlv eratlflad tn aaa. ,h.
Hon apes yourstreeta of your military fore here, and
exceedingly gratified t your promise here, to us that
foro npon proper oceorgenej; iui I malt the ao
kaowieagemnts, l desire to repeat, in order to preclude
any posslbl miacoaatruotloni thatX do. most alncarely
hen that w shall have no us for than, " fi.. .
plaiua.j ina u wilt never beoom their duty to abed-
bsaoa, ana more especially sever to shed fraternal bleed
promise that ao far u I may have wisdom to dlreot. If
bu "",'" v " " ""s"' '""ui, it man be
throuth no fault of mine. Oheers.1
Speaker Palmer deuvend an oratle for th day, m
Waahlngton, which wu tathualutlcall v iiicelved .
Mr. Xloeola ntlred I lb hotel, and th aitemblaje
dtapersed. . -' '- - a: ..... .
in remainaer oi w arternoou and evamng paastd
quieu; uj, sar. uurwio noeiving a lew irienoj. ,. , .
The "Irrepressible" in Mr. Kellogg's District.
1 zr-i st-J t trlW"-' " '
CbioaOO. Feb. B.-A Conven tioa'7 Was he'lofat Peoria
to-dav. to express th opinion of tn Republicans of the
14th Congressional Diatrlet, on tbouraf their RtpJ.
reeentauve in yongnst, mr, aeuogg. .JtAeaoinuonaw!
adopted declaring that their principles were the tarsi e
befoerth lecUon, and expressing lev forth Onion;
declaring (hat th Union must b9 preserved stall hex.
ards. .... . . . e
Th fourth resolution tayst "We' enter our decided
protest agalnat the resolutions offend by Hon. Mr. Kel-
r iieprentatlra In Congress, and w earnestly
, . u, uniaiwring aupport oi Republican pnn
oipiea, u nundated In the Chicago platform." . w
' There was a motion to amend by adding, "if h aa'i
warw uodim ansnlmnn.lv. -
Keaoiatlons oomol man a., i-a. .lJu
"-'I ' -- y.,..r.,. -
vMorreMswt, FoT ltbohirr V.i'iin.IiL-.iI
pM,"d!f.r,?cl.t!n,,,h,,,Ut'"hllM,lt " fs navl-
a"v vt vv mnwt' . i'TVf nnvrai eguanDtion.
Hnn. King tod In lyek prtiwted petitions
UTor oftha Oontilintlon and lawi. . .-
Mr. Wlltoa niwrtcd task lha bill for th btttlar amn-
InllonoftbSBUltlaof Um Siatrtot of Columbia., )id
onr. . , . - '
lbs Boat rottto-blll wai takoa an.
air. Owln oootlnaed hla romarka, oommeaoad yeavar-
I unJ) m i.tu
oay, in raror or income, too quwlloa waa farmer dU
Utbam, Johwon, of Ark., and
uioa. msu (QO Dill WBJ DOlIDODBd.
Iht bill for tho payment of tznanaea Incurred u the
uiinauon 01 Anuiaa noaitiiuee in vaiiiornia waa laaen
up and poaned. , , -, ., . ... .
The reaolutlan elvlns A null Allm tn certain lar1fl In
w. uunn atwauy-, tea ii'a,i j?f wnn jut 01
Corn quiet but ateadyi mixed aad yellow 37a Od
KtW TORI. Veb. Ql ThaRnval Mall ataamar lm.
lea. from Llvarnool at 10 A. H. an the Ulh Inat il
Queenatown on the evening ef tbe lOtb, arrived at thta
lura noon, ana fauea at e r. is. for Boaton. Tbe
mnninai oae M.eo9 In apecle in rrelgnt.
In Parliament Lord Palmeraton atj.ua that Initmii.
tloae bad been aent to tbe Qovarnor General of flanait
moi u give up anaeraon withoat expreea ordanj from the
Imperial Government, and tbee iborowao therefore no
uld b. ebeyrf In OZ, butlt 0OTlB07bV
euwa immeaiateiy, aa tne t Lawrence rtver was block-
ed np wi.b ice, and It wae Impoealble to take him through
'""ty, wai quite clear, and that the claim of the
v minnuaeuin eaiaDiunea ey enow ng that Ander.
ion waa guilty of murder aeoording to the lawa of Kni.
la nil tat a Sr.. .11.1. I ui - . a.
dar. and tbe-elaim waa not likele lo ha ai,h...u.
vw buiihujuii uviuu wuvici anavnon ox mur
. Tne new Indian loan of three million nonnda. waa ail
Ttarueu a., ana aoove o per cent., Wftlch waa the
minimum fixed by th 'Jovernmen. ' Tbe total btda
reached twelve million pounee. - : - -
A proapectuiif Issued of a Jamaica cotton growlcg
Oompanr.' -
reached twelve million nounda.
Tbe Bank of Kngland has aireed to tha Onvammant
propoemon rer renewing tn allowance to the national
debt. The Oovernment payment la reduced xTSO.UOOlyer
Tbe telegmth cable from Otranlo to Corfu haa lu..
aaiaiyeuumeTgea.' '
FaAiata. Ine Paris JfoneVevr'anooancea tho annext
tlon of Morocco to Vranoe. . ' '
It la reported that lb condition of the Bank flf In...
continued to improve: and a reduction of tbe rate of dla.
count waa ahortly expeeted. The PariaBourte WM firm
and higher. . Bentea esSGSf.
PauaaiA. To the Chamber of Depdtlea an amandoeat
to tbe addreaaof tbe K(naa nrounted. axnraaalna- ih
wlab that Praeala might be placed at the bead of the Ger
man vonieaerauon. After debate, In which th Minia
teraoppoaed th propoaltlon, Uwaa rejected by a very
wKw W.DJW...J. ...... . , . T. ..,.. . . .
The King intends to proceed to Konlgiburg In May, to
MT . !
Iran,-a let Oonatantlnople dlapatch aayathat
Kwl vuviwuva w nmn to conaent toaproieagatioa
f ,ha Frenoh ocucpatlon of Syria.; -
Dinhabx. The Danlah Journafa ofilclallv darlaaa rhat
"m atate'jent that tbe European powere bad nrgtd Dea
mm'K 10 m oonceaaiona, and would not reougniaa a
w.w.w hi v.uiu.ii.. ... ue Dura lnvantinn. . .
Strong eolomna ef BardinUn troops wei mtirohlne
lli.n,,nK T l. I - ,n I T . . .. . "
",,vhu wwa.u i.iaaia. a, poruon ox mem
had arrived at Peruela.- "'
Ltvurooi BxaaneTurf Maict Generally o,tt!et and
nady. Wakeford, Maah at Co. report flour quiet and
Pricea eaaier; but quotationa remain unchanged; quoted
Hlcbardaon, ijpesoe Ac Co. report oorn advanced 6d
rovlaIons generally ateady; beef dull; pork quiet:
Dew American 80,; baeon dull; lard dull and ellgbtly de-
Ota); quoted atSS3S8a 4d. Tallow dulit North Amer
lean has advanced 6daila: Rnlrhaa ,.M.i.H.nbuit7.
. ,. i, ,, t
'eo Markt. Baring reports wheat firm for Amer-
19,1 "" white, VS&Wi; red SeVS&Sa. Plour 89
3a Iron daI1 rates X'.l 5a; ban S 10.
Advice from Maachaatar in ar.favnaahiA.V' Tha. i.
inquiry ana row trantaotloni, and the quota)-
tlonaar barely maintained. 1
.Loitnoa Moiwv Maukxt. StqTdaf.Confola for 91V
3l,;foraccount(iaa(aiS8w. Tbebulllon In the Bank
Bo'and hai IncreasedSlS.OOOl. Themarketlaallghtly
mora itringent and verractlta. No tr.n,i,..iii.n. i j;..
ir ceu.,
AancaiOAM BEomtmea. Ttartntr rahtrta tTiama.l.., w.M
dull, and accurate quotationa cannot be given. Th lat-
a.aaioe were ininon central atsiSKtaZS discount. New
aorxueniraiai va. mntmxdtxvli.
Celebrations of Washington's Birthday.
Chicaoo. Peb. S3. The ealabratlon tn .ta. r lha
hundred and twenty-ninth annlveriary of the birthday of
aauu.giuu, waa me granoee anair or in Kind ever bad
thia city. A aalat of 100 euna waa And h tha
Llbt Artillery, and all the belli of the city rung. The
proceaslon formed at 11 o'clock, not less than two miles
radea wer represented; ail pereoni, without
"'pecs to party, soox pan. in atreeta through which
proceasion pasaed weredmiely crowded wiUi people.
(he Wigwam aa Immense meeting was held, Judge
... T'i. u .-. n . . . ?
"."m""'. " um "taiea uouri, presiaing. xiio-
quenl patriotic speechea war mad by Judge Drummond,
ut. uouumae ana juajre nuoi. AU tn hoteli.
theatree, and eeveral Drlvata reaidenrea vara h.r.i.
eomely decorated with American Have. Thia evening
there will be a grand banquet at tbe Kugga Houae. Dla
patcb.es from the Interior towna of IlllnoU ihow that th
waa very generally onaerved.
LOOlaVItxa. Feb. 9.WahInirlnnVa kTrll. l.a w.. ...
thuaiaatioally eelebrated bv raiiine the lara and .FHi.
over the Court Heuae, by the led lei, at three o'olock In
aiiernoon. At was witneeeid by the lareeat orowd
ever aewnia Kentucky. A ealote waa almultanaeualv
KamA k. .K. " 1 1 1 at. ... a . ..
aung by an immenae number of voloaa. and an tioauni
uv arwiiarv. Alia alar amn dimi nannar" w. .
Muiiavaa uviirarcu BJ dlUH, pa, J,iq. ,
Tha military in full ranks turned out, making the moat
unpoaing diaplay.
Mcit of the ttorea ware closed, and bnilnesa wu aua-
pended daring the day, ' .
Ki Totl. Veb. t". Tha mllll.r. mid. ,..! I.
honor of Waahlngton'a birthday, wae probably tha Urgeat
ever held on auob an ooeaalon, and the etreea wore th
appearance of.a general holiday.
Naw ORLiAwa, Peb. 22. Waahlngton'a birthday waa
magnificently celebrated by a grand military diaplay, tha
larnat turnout ever aaan. and araat maniCaaiatlnna
An city is beautifully illuminated to-olght. and
cannon are being Bred. . ..... , ...
iHDiANAPoi.il, Veb. 88. Waahlngton'a birthday' waa
celebrated in this city to-day. National flags are flying
from many boalceaa houaee and private dwellings, i Th
parade of the military waa very flu. ,t
Indiana Union Convention.
Convention waa
sttended by delegates and others from nearly every ooua
In th Stale, and waa harmonious. Wm. K. Edwards
of Vigo county, wu President, with on Vic President
each Congressional district. Robert Sal Owea
Chairman oi the committee on resolutions. The
report waa long, and wa adopted unanimously amid
great enthusiasm. The Convention wu strongly fierao
oratio. , 7,T 7T
The resolutions declare: lit, (he duty of a oitliea to
throw ulde partisan Interests, ao far u they may Ma
illot with conciliation.' to assent to anv nlan of a.ii.t.
ment to settle the existing difficulties; S& a division of
larruary ior isoor; aa, an extension ol limit foi slaves
not an extension of alavarv. which nan nia ha
by Importation, and that a refusal to accept terms of
adjustment It likely to extend slavery; 4th, a oneerful
up.vi. ui ut, viiiwuuw vraoy outer iair propoaltlon
resembling It; 9th, recommends a National Con
vention, if the Paaca Conference '. aball fail to
adopt - a plan, to be. called by Congress or th
States, to refer onr national dlfficullles to; 6th, belitvu
the refusal to accept some plan will divide lie Union
two Confederacies, which may or may not remain at
peace with each other; canting a , division of the) free
states In th North; 7tb. deplores the condition f tha
country, and deolarea tbe dnty of theOovarament to main
to present status, and refrain from aota of a war
Ilk r aggreeaiv character, and If efforts fail, deprecate
altempta to maintain the Union by war; 6th, appeals
eltliena to refrain from allerimiaatlsg, violent and lr
riteting language toward the- South, and adopt a OSrle
tlan Spirit, "., ,,.1 ,jrv ; t-. . ! 'I ,js -
, tv- ' . . ? if.--' Vt..
The Pennsylvania Democratic State Convention.
u.' . . ic u. ....... :
,1, v-ra,;., .a tion.'
PBtLAsnratu Fab. 83. Tbs Semoeratla Stata
vention nnanimontly adopted S' series of rtaolntiona for
Stata aoveveigntyaad Union, equal rights for the Bouth
In Ter.ritorlea, fco. A oommttte was appointed to con-
.v,uiio(ib tu .iivf resuteuT,, a- b'T '
Waiatsoioit, Feb. 88. Bepresaotatlv Van Eyck, of
, a., was assuauea last night py tnre unknown per
aona, and wounded by a heavy knife, and while desperate
ly resisting them, wa knoaked down.- Recovering him
aelf somewhat, be discharged a pistol, and believes the
shot took effect ' Th party retreated. Mr- Van Ejuk
reached his reitdeno In a weak, bat .not dangSrsu aB
u - -a'..
;." ".a oi.
i i.-l
ii4-J.. 1 1v
. . (. i n a, rft
From th New If ork Ohaerver.!
Aa kit Darllrs manafacterles Sewlnv If sctilnea ara nis.
llgexl I pay Mr. Bow s license on each machine aeld,
-.id ar a to eommllod tomak ratnrns to him. nnriar
n to tks somber sold, hla books give a correct ite
ant, From thia rellAIe source ww have obtained tha
following statistics. " Of the machines mad In the leu
1859. there weraaoM. TiVWH;
.1 ... . ... iji.j? . i -liii
Bt Wneelef k WIMori.. ....1,305 , t
" I. M.Blnger at 0e.,...10,a53 , t,
Grovap Ac RaVaa.r. ' . .T.llll ftiU ' fl
C ghowlag the aales of Wheeler at Wilson t
thoae of any other Company.". ii j mu b '..tlf .m . .
Amrarderl the Mahaat awamlnmllf t" "
united Btate rain of 1858. 18511 nfl I860: '
.(. :tv( -.,. alsoat the" ''"
Ohio B late Fairs of M and tP9:
and at nearly all th Oennty Fain in th ntilSI 14 "
1 Otir rrlcei, St tha lata redocUon. ana at loaa ara'ax
leaa) tricA machine now ld, and but a tilB higher Uua
uw interior hot wi wiiama sauoAlrMa, new
forord nron the market.- m i.i,-. -v weri
u Tha WHIBliwal ec WltBtW-BiCHINa makNtli
T I I g 1 I I llaal lir MISVSaB.ava4atKAkaMAa,V BkA. M 1- J era.
tocijSTJojr-Hh oalyone whtcbeannoS be rave ltd.
All vitacAvite vorrantti 3 mors, and UutntoHM
gvven xn mtir uie, ire. oi onarte. ,v , 1
la. DatAitl, l High St., OOlBBbBS, 0.
4ca-9twn3gaw Pike's Opera Hons, Clnclanatt.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 23.
FLOUR Beeelnti of 9.177 bhli: maket wlthont ma.
terlal; sales of S.dOO bbli at t-1 80919 83 for uperfln
siatei aja suuio au tor extra niawi assiuiauio lor an.
parflc Western) Mi 3iS4 SO for etnunoa It medium
extra Western, and 550(83 70 for Inferior to good
shipping brands extra Kound Boon Ohio: Canadian
Hour dull ana unonanreo; -aaies u bbla. at S5 4ft
so 13.
Rxa VLUua siaady at aa soa4 iu.,
Wfla AT-BeoeIoU of JI.458 bushimarl.et oaletand
prion nominally unchanged; sales of 1S.VO0 bush at
i, ror aiuwuxee uiud oeiivenea; sjtu for mixed
western afloat; (t,4ii,av lor white western.
&YB quletat vmm.
ARLKY unlet at 788e u In aua1lT.
CORN receiota an 11,045 bushels, market dnll and
drooplns: sale of 30,000 bushels at 68BQo,Ko for old
mixed western In alors and delivered; O&StH for new do
at BB depot.
OATB dull at 333370 for western Canadian anrf
PORK oulet aad staadv for mass, and dull M orhna
aalea of 0 bbl men at 17 13 tor meaa;, sad 118 70 for
prune.. . ...(. r- .v- ;J iw
i Hang unchanged. . ..., : u
I OCT MEATrJ dull. " !?
lard dull and baarvrV smsii aaies. -
BOTTRR in fair ran neat at 103140 fofOhln- lavaion
ior oiaie.
i OHIIESK steady at oatOk-C
1 WDTQITV A aV.laa ..a.a aalu nft ASTJl L.L1. .A
tv uidu A. uriAS (S USUiauu waaivei tj Vvrw MIVIW Mi 1 K a
CO f f B H ww firm. ftiO Dirf Rio gold at 9xrt i
- BUGAR hTTnd dalluhilObddj. Oabfit i2i5u
a-www uuu wu JVWWI. vitjj vmmj muu D J CULT
V97 per cent, on call 1 0 script 7B M 0 63W; Peons
HTfiniT J AH a.J U... Unn........J .
v, rav nan c; r, t u 1', an. aii UUd 4J t-
Bar II 18; Oaf 38 1-8; ilroablyn water loan 1 1:
isaa B'si'x; ato w A-Vj New ueven and N Y 8s 90.
Cleveland Market.
February, 22.
FLOUR steady at quotatloof," without any Important
WHa AT salts of 3 care red at al08. on traflr 1
do at 1 07 on track; 1 ear poor d. at 1 ,05, and 1 ear
at 91,17 on track. '
(JOHN aa la I car at 30 delivered; th market la very
OATn-dullat34o. .''. j t
BARLEY a prime arllole la Worth fl0o2o '
bbbu& aalea Ulover at ai.Uk4.l8 Timnthv la
" aaa wurui xuuaus,ev; saie nax at ni.iVw.
ti An a . i . i . . . . acA. , '
,.u.,d HKf,a,UBMI A 0,XJiad OU. ' t
H I0H WINRH la. 85 bbla and 20 hhlaa, . ie.
BUfTEB tales of 800 nbla in tnl at liliy. ..a ( tv.,.
. .U U U UU1,
P0K sales 65 bbla necks at 19,00; and 14 bbla rnmpi
BE AN8 selling In retail lota at eoaSDe. anHin. m
nnall, B
Cincinnati Market.
PLOUE hu a verv lnDhVerant m ft vlr . sat A mn
.Wlcmtmn?P o!rag.thaotarlons
of extra and extra family. .
WHEAT ht In fair rannaat hnll, Jim .-a
.hi.. . , "-" w
, . wi"u,f vuiati uj, prim be ca ren
srally h.ld at 1 031 05. White prim, grodu wu ao?d
to a fair extent for shipping at 11099110. At theae
Js more dltScult to All orders for a rood aril ..
... BN ,flr,rt,'n'M. IW daman! tor
c.aciaur wane, ior shipment. Shelled tnev
ttiiliZZS.rZZZ-'T'fX?".' "'eroewjoo m DUIk.
L though not fraeiv paid. . .
vnio Ml irattora UIQ xnn ll aMnaasm aaa-awa Ma.aa.SI.1 ..a.
-lh 5,?Tv!w,,!?t T Arm at 70c for1 DrimifaU,
With Sfal5) AhriVai Ihla Wtrttw tiwLa "
niA iiiuariiDus. - "
WHl!S?TWM ,ta' H.' with i fair mar-
v... vyrn. fat,. ;,. ,;l t.ttt: j . .
Philadelphia Market.
" Pwoa-ifirm an 13)io higher; luperflo t5,18K(45,.
itWj;"Tc,,,s''',,,881.Wwl'lai ! -84v3L33
for red. Onaa ta.ri. i.
ana. .m .. - -TTTfl" m
, "- vin sieaoy. 1-BOVISlOlta dull.
Corm-fArm;Ki,.tlSl3o. HniMT-flrmi .Ttanrjf
E. m. wniiAMs red-:
r .
Front Btrtjet, Between State and Town.
SHOP iS Still mnnlna. anit allh.n.k f
th pressure of late years hu set heavily t
upon her rnnnlntr rears, aha'h aim,,,..-
pMrKiafTiRJn1!? fHT0Ni HOOKA WATB, and
PKINCH AT.RKRT'sl flTirtfrprvi-l aAna .
BOS18 and HACKS. Twenty years steady manufao-
Si"" "l.0"'. worlt wlde-apersd reputaUuo
through th Booth and Watt. MUB
Wa thsnfora deem It unnecessary tony anything mere
In regard to th quality of our work. We WAtaAirr
tlSto 250' W C"1 "H000 ToBoooiu fro.
Dealers can be furnlihed with any amount of work 'at
- vvwuii easuv ASUMUiCA uhq lit aw
change for new work. . . .
Aurwpainng done neatly and at short notice. Fu
nkJ, Between siate ana- xaern street, Oolua-
JTrAH eomnaaleatlons will receive prompt attention
.Aug. 31-wly J, u. WILLIAitS at CO
Law Notice.
XJ that h haa been sued with others in the Bnperlor
vioisrs oi m ranaun eonniy, unio, ty Ueorge A. Stlch. The
nalllAn a.lr. th.ft lh. f.n : j ,. 7 .
r...... ueaonoea real estate. alt
ual In Franklin oonnty, Ohio, to wit: In th second aeo-
imu, bcoodu lownsuip ana seventeenth range. TJnltad
States miliary landi, beginning In the en tee if the State
road from Wastervlll to Galena. n nun., ai. ..,.
annth Una! Ih.n .... OOt j. j ,,T B
7 - auum unas 10a stona on
Daon a Una; thane soath along said lio, 46 roda and
?. 1 !'?" lfej tree, su,ar,) 6 lnehei In dla-
' ", y,B. . iaiamwa)t uns. and thorn both
liichei In diameter, south 66 deg. west 3 links)) thecoe
wtat S83 roda to a stone In th ceatre of aald Plate road;
thence north 18 deg weat SS roda: Uianc mmi. n -a. ...
links to tha place of beginning, containing oae hnndred
antlgtwo acres and 83 83-100 roda of ground, may be sold
ths pay mint of Fourteen Hundred Dollars whlchll a
there-on. In oae of failure to anawar r
or before the 80th day (3d Saturday) of April, A.ID. I
1801, plaintiff s petl tlon will be taken as tendTndJ
. . e w..vr.n.eMa " VMVS. VVflVfinflai!
Cslumbui.Oblo, Peb 19, 1851.
flUQ wJw
aew Farm situated In tun anantw nr w..- ..a
Btate of Ohio, on th. big Bdt Blvwr. ate mile west of
town of Marlon: It la all fannarf i. .k.., inn...
doadned from four to slgiityeara. it food new Frame
Houae on Iceboat to wrw cleared! a good log Stable:
about 150 young trult Ueesia flnt rat well of water;
sllaMln lfSf aai tsraall snavaS I aa -aaa av. . . a a . .
rJrT l. l . . a, ana ins big
Scioto for stockwaler. And I will main 100 aoroi mora
ready for th plow, take ol all Uw-tlmber, ander flf teas
Inobei, so aa to mat 150 ao roa of plow land. Th land
of the vervbeitaualltv.and I will t.k. atw
I sonaklar It worth at laaat thirty three per lore
...... . ""i muti ten it, mere-
I will pot It down ton dollars below what I think It
worth ifl wer not obliged toaell.'-J have also another
half tec Uon for sal, lvlni In tha sam
deadened, which I offer for 9 15 per acre. Befereoos can
nan ox caumg en oeepn Benick who know all about
land, or on th proprietor In Marlon.
ida-ww - DAVID SPIiBBul-
Wholeaar and Betal! OMler ia '
yproigai?. Ss (Domestic- cigars,
Smoking & CtawiBfIobScoo.
Alii tli bast qnaUty 'of rqnTTI'B eonitaiitly
I am haa ' '
' t . "aaij ,
KT'Goontry Merchants ar Wited te eaU before par
chslBlWbT.- ...Aji ...AW. :
I ri.r:VW pyesmbr, :fjZ
j ... ., ...il ; .,ui , in . a n i l I,,, , i
!'U ITotice to 'Crediionis
.' Idwln Fanooaat and othartA ... .
" ' ; . sgainit-' - ' . y Xa (h Superior Coast
Jacob) H. Oonrad and ofters.); of Franklin County.;
Uy ths Court, In this eaie,notlcs la kaahy givett t
inecreuirartoi vooraae m jirouiaK, anas iney preeanl
their clalma ts m. vert fled bv affidavit, asneabl ta aaa
Uon 13 of tha act regulating th med( kdmialaterlirg
aaslgamanta In trnst for tha Uncut o4 red Uerev plated
apna, o, iojvi, .BiLmn aia usus aiiav we psotloaUioar o
hla notice ,., ,,.(. j fl, , - du loeiintsisoiu
-vi v'.-"'f! St r- tkWt ft'lsfltlt,- '--
Tr-t 'Clark of thBwpftoTConrti"
Columbus, Feb. lb IBM."'-' i ' 3tr
' 1 '
mfi Jonti pgijS.AwR and rtfrrvtiai
X All penona are hsrehy cantlooed agalnat pnrchse
Ing ah order dated Oct.' 1800 drawn try A. W.' Shearer,
Clark of Pralrlt Township,' Fraokllo eouatyl Ohio 00
th Treasurer of said Township, parable te John Sntn-
an Sr order, for SjlSO, for tan sets of MltoheU's
. - ni.. ..U ,.. L..I.. Lu- I . . . . .
isue a1Bl" - auv bbiu u i uc, uaTiuai wwa. uawasetnuy tar
laAneowiunoipepwa, , " W f m-
In beoairor tna eoara or Education ot rralrle Township
' a' m i ttas a t i m .uia
tfon wlUroomiMBOS February' 7iB, lSOIv Tula Is
one of the beat Isttttlons for th thovonth ariof o ria.
.tlan education of our daugntere, at a naionabls coju
.t T tMrsW.A?.KsjaR,Prlnlpal.,"(1
'-. 1 . . . ajaaavMl Ohio.
..nl Kafar to Ool. M-W Uimiimm.
Janti dlwfcw3w Hon. A. L. Feaaux, gnaaaw- r
Georfff ItraU Ooelx'i Estate.8
y the nbnrlber nai been appoUiteil Mi qeatliued as
Administrator d6om nrm on Urn estate of Qeiirga lou-
feblS-w- STa.uvi v -i .i MOBA0I WILbOR.'
aiant Blbtxms, in great vartet at BAIN'.
sets Me. 9, High rtrest,
,i o:. .?...
-'y rW. . -a 'a M - !
c'yJ.V'.'.,. Vi : : ' lilX' :.-',..' I
From end after this date we anall
;,- . . it: ' - 4
fN OlDta TO MAKE 100 M f OS 001'
.' iii'Ti.'... 9;.
Our assortment is still good,
and it is known to every!
" "one that our
o o k:
' coifsiSTS or
SO PO N0Ty F0RQT , THE - ;
... . CHEAP STORE Of: ... i -
& O O
ii m -j '.j
I is.
o iri o
Tons of Feattier
and 60 .Tone f
Rmf Wanted.
rTHn ll li
H r.
Than any other paper ia Ohio, ontslds of Cincinnati
Offers Facilities for 5 Aij Tttttising
! - Which CABffOT FA1X to Mr., r;'
Speodf and BesstasicratlT Botarae
j To thoae who take advadtag f jibsta.
Dtatrttmted as It Is through every Post Office in Ohio.
Reaches a Large Class of Readers
Whose patronage la vglnabhv. juid who feldom aes the
r? Dally (dlllons of city journals; and aa only i -
aV limited Rnmber of Adyertijements
An Inserted la Us solamaa, appopriately aad
TEST OaJlirOT SAtl W'i1'-
Attxraol; .tton.tioxi
'.YiJlr?1 a .i iii i ' i ' . . i
I r.
rjAdv! Using b the W1IKLT 8TAT1BMAM will fia
! It advantagotu Tin
WW Is slmoat osrtala to'fcUow aa Vxteniive "dlssemln
- i jitloa ofa knowledge of their, bnalneta
TheW"eelilv a'tman
) ' Should bi handed In bafor Friday aoon.r ..- .'
worn, Knra trampmmiii,'bm6
m-ui7 .,,,.
ton JAMIS ADOltt BAIH as partoetv in py. usl
sets, wblch will hereafter be conducted nnder the firm
bain at Bon. ' - F. BAIN, onlh High 8k. a
Columbus, yak Ifc WU ' ,:r... .?H :l :', Sabift r
eloalng n his old batinaaa at one, and honaa that
persona having ansattled aoconnts 00. his hooks will
alva , haa. Inaail lafca rtlatllni,.. .: ' ' ' '
gf thn iBiAMvjiAtt ttttntion.
nnw .few ,9.r,.uw....
-H A L F RR;1C:E?7
4Z 00 Ait - A "" W n rnMm'
"M - 1 . , . wi iivvyJ
; AVagdalene fmltli'i Eitate;
i.1 th nnderalgned baa thia dar been annolnted bv tha
Probata Ooart of Franklin onnty.Ohh).dmtnlatratoroa
thtat or Magdalen Bmlth, ut er aald county, de-
sauun Biatiur.
Dated February 19lh, 1J01.
it, j.
If. j - . s wnr XlsexVl aMfttf) i
t b sutaorleer waa appointed and qualified en
Iftb daj of Jannarv. A. D. 1861, aeadmlnlitiatoroa
Jstat of Casper Kiner, 1st f Franklin County
vnto, oeceaat. ."
Patod tht ISta day er February. A . S. I8CI1
Fes). ltVw3t MICHABL KIWfllY, AdailuUrrator.
' I J"' til
f avrat I .. jfa,'' VVa'a.a
lain aav ,! j.a aTSilw va, ' I'lt t u
pa. 1 ' .....
jnim sr w u vr 1 wti oi.
' T r .jft.
Mahhattah, Bacue.IT, and IavnasFiaS IMS.'
New Soaat Mmoruwr aae) Cm Fiat or HATroa
KaW Yoai Lira and Cotrx. attmaa Lira. : 1 ''
Office, 81 Him JSt.e JhtTasre'a L
. r ,?;.-( .-jel ,tj Jlil t.-teui A
n store for sal by.-.auK uii. ,jaaUH duivud
t i a. .- . i' :mi
sb (,;.:-? J Btateawian Buiioioe..
do do Twine.
m oorasaaa oaaai wick,
for sal by M'KSI at BIBTTlATrz.
et7 MM.BigliBtrewt.
Dr. J. IL lalclaEAN ,
Strengthentng Cordial and
T :i i:
v J 1
j i ,
Tbe Greatest netnedrlK Xbe Worlel
uon iraicious
delight rm
r .rJOWIA,(
ly a scatntla and
Vegetable Compound,
Brocnred bv th diatlt-
'. iaUos of Koola. Ueiia
and Bar lit, Vellow
. Dock Blood Boot.
?t Banaparllla, IF 14 2
Cheriy nark ana Dan
delion entire Into Ita
More Takinat'r acur"lsmeduuArtfr Taking
u.m. ILa .Th..,. ... -
principle of each Ingreifilnt'fs th6roirirjr ixtnettS bf
mv new method of dittHling. prodnelng a delicious, ex
niierailng spirit, aad tn moat angAL,i,AHLa iteaedy for.
renovating the diseaaed ayitem, and reatorlng the aick,
sufftrlng and debilitated INVALID to BF.ALTH and
BlJaKSiaTU. 1 t-c '.J ' t.i-(t..iuj lu.i.
c Will eSsotaally ar i. i,.l.i ,. 1 .
Chroritc or Nervous SebUity, Slaeaaes of lb Kldntv
and all diseases artslnz from a ditorderti Liver or fiton
aoh, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Pile, Acidity or giok
hail of the Stomach, Fullness of Blood to the Head, Dull
pain er awlmmlng ia tha Bead, rail-ratio ot tn Heart
Fnllaeaa or Weight in the stomach. Boar JLnwUtaon i
Choking or anavoaUng teeluig when lying down, Duties
orYtllowntasof theSkiaand Byes. sllghStreataf Ia
ward Fevers, Pain ia th emsll-of the tavrk, elatit t kks.
Sodden Flnahe of Bant, Depraaatoa of Bpirlta, Frightful
Dreama, Laagaoav Daspondenoy eraay Starve est) tie,
lore or Iliotcht osv ths BkJn, sad Fever god Ago (01
Chills and Fever.) .Uciu,
- .j. Oveia JHUl(nol Aiottlea j
Bare been, gold during ths last six months, aad ia so in
stance has It failed lit givlng-entlre satisfaction-.- (.Who,
then, will suffer from Weakens er Debility when Mo
LKAN'8 BTRKNaTlIlNINd COPDIAL will ran yont
)io language can convy an adaoiiata Idea of th tam
dltte and aunoat miraculous change produced by taking
Wis uoruiai in the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weaker
nature, or Impaired by sickness, there lax rd and unstrung
organisation is restorea to us pntun nsaiinana yigor.
other oonacions of InaMlltn from whatever fans.
will find McLean s Btrehgthenlng Cordial a thorough
regenerator of th eyetem; and all whs may nave injured
uemaeiv rjv lmpreper inauigences. will and in tbe Uo
dial a certain ana ape ay remeuj.
.-'ia T tne Lalw.
MeLe alM : StiTflgtheBing-ordial -
- - uaovilgnanaspayctuaor..-.
Obstructed or BUBeult Menstruation', inoontinence ' of
Urine or Involuntary Dlsoharge thereof, Falling of th
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting .and all Diseases Incident to
1 -. , ; Thete ii bo Mistake About ft,', is-
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. It
stimulate, strengthen and invigorate you and cans
bloom or neaiin to mount yonr cneek again. .
- a very torn ie warranted to give aacisrection.
If yonr children ire sickly, pony, or afflicted. McLean's
Cordial will mak them healthy, t and aobast, Delay
a moment, try it, ana yon will s consiaoaa
;ig ELiqiousToAAjaj.
Oadtioh. Beware of Drna-claia or Dealers who mat
to palm spon yoa some Hitter or SsrtaparUl trash
which they can boy cheap, by aaylnt It Is Just aa good.
Avoid inch men. Ask lor McLeia'a Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else It I th only remedy that
purify th blood ahoroaehls and at tha aamef tlrna
strengthen th syatom. i '. g-- -t-., :; ; ,
One tablcsnoonful taken' every aaornlnc fastinr. la
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and Fever, If allow
sever, or any prevalent diseases. It is nut np In Urg
bottles.! ' . .-. I.-. ' J
Pricenlyl par bottleer a botlles for S. ''
I 1. H. McLlAH, ' '' -
M ' " Bols Pronrletos of this Cordial, 1
. ' Also UcLean a Volcanic Oil Liniment, -Principal
Depot on the oomor, of Third and Pin streets,
Loula. Mo.( . . t. . , t.t wt( a Ll,
McLeanta Voloaule Oil Linlmeat.j ;r 1
The but Liniment In ths World. Th only safe and
certain cur for Cancers,. Piles, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Oottr. Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of th
Muscles, Chronic or Inflammatory Rheumatism, BtuT
ndas of -the Joints, contracted Muscle or Ligaments
Earache or Toothache, Bruisea, Bprsins, Wounds, Fresh
Outs, Ulcers, Fever Bores, Caked Breasts Bora Nipples,
Bums, Bcaldi, Sore Thoit, or any Inflammation or Pain,
difference bow severe, or ho long th disease may
existed. . MsLeao's Celebrated Liniment Ie a car
resnedy. . - ...... w - j ,n 1
Taoutaada of human beings hav betia aavad a 'Ufa ol
decrepitude and misery by th ut this iawtaalil mtd-
m. s .r,-: , ,..1
relieve pain almost fnitantaneouiry. and It wll
cleanse, purify and beat th foatoe&sor in aaiperadi
Far JUoraea audOtaajr-AniiaaLa.
McLean eelebrated Llttbnanl ta th ani aaa, art n
remedy ror tne cure or Bntvin. jting Bon, wind-
Bollata. Cntietnrel Boan. Node or Bwallinial. - It
never tail to onr Big iiead. roll avu. yistula. Old
running Bore er Sweeny," if properly applied. For
Sprains, Bruises, Boratche, Boree or Wounds, Cracked
Heela, Chafes, Baddl or Cellar Oal la It Is an infallible
remedy. Apply It at directed, and a cur la certain ia
very Inetanes. - --- '' CT
Then trifle no longer-with the manT worth In Lint-
offered to you. Obtain aupply of fit. JdcLeas'l
oolebrated Llalment. Itwill sure yoa.. v ... 1 A u, '
,1 J. II. FICLF. AN, Bole Proprietor,
I Comer of Third andPln Btrels,8t. Iiouls, Js!.
For sale by all druggist.
For sale by . itOBKBTB at BAMIT1L, f
augiic-daLirlj.. J v w.ja. Columbua. OhloJ.
Rlanntactiircr :4t, mil'MneT FT For-
Utbla and Statleimanrr -iem En
sTlaev w intlla, urlet mills,
I aVC.t eV
oc vt. jitatmi 1 ill
Onr tis.(AglninX V$L,R8
warded la first premium of. 150 at, th Indiana
fair for lc00 over Line Jt Bodies 'a on account of
1 .. .rruiTi . . r 'i .(-..'
moe, itgnmv ninpucty economy ol jnoi
and superior character of lumber Mred j,
0i8lartlarylmrtnwaawA:ide4 at ta Sams' lair
Our Portable Begin was awarded tha first premium of
too at thwar at Heapblar Temj ovear Bbmdv' Dn
vail's, Oohtmtia Machine Oo't.; and Bradford at Co'.,
a oommute 01 prcucu tuuiroaa Kngineea.
Fororie and terms addreei - L'y'J
I . .W1LLA&Q..WAKHXK, Traaaurer,,
deoa-afcwryeotj a l Ohloy,'
r THEIB ,H BW WA LFS-a."" mi 1
ftOOM, JfO. MO SAlTatOSJT.J---
' J " rsa v radiate n.vfi MiabraW
iTrtiriPr tirniT. .1. .eai. .tadcci
T w ii ia a pel'" "'ara aeaBaawteaaaaataaaBatL
tat...(a.l la,alanriAf tha rwinnlrtr atari - ' - ' I
. .-'-''. -at -' ii 'ttm m.n -i
ft Al ' -
piusnai aauaniiiyvv J" wvwutiji auu S S aa .
11 ,. . 1 , ar.. .,lva,.XJiAaB,
Th most faitldloui ciljtnmef 'mav relx ocoa helna
.l.uil...n.ui 'ai.i-i a rn.T rr v
ej.j..ma,,1,'.,,P. e'lftrhat 'vrtira'o a. a" i
"TVMTT-W'i-iraWn 1!""' 1
lbleala and HeaasJA -Ileal.' laa .
1 i!'h Tt 7 rSi , ' iixvsMAisi ire . -1 , vj.d 1
aitaJW m
-j JrllK, jyjiQff Is.flwVi
Ke'A. ustishdy1 unhand all taaj Vat-
Tr rtous lAAAANunat
Xxxa-iooxrtodL Ci&kXnm
Otts WHyd
aa w ar , ja.
V5-r4 lf
al SZ
1 .ui ni t -, itr.r, 4 -,i ,1, -.
! ACT 'J ' : li '! . 3 . 'jff :
! ! , ..t.uL ,"l!-i ' .'..-a .i W ' al .4 ... t
j- 'tin .. t .V' j A- fv .1 ' ' V I nl M
' .:' f.fin Feo B':'n Wa ,?
i' iBsJf,,t'Ja 1 r
, m
Scroftila, or King's EviV'
is a eoristitutiorui, ttiseaasj, m c'omitrtLeB of the
blood, by which this fluid becomes vitiated,
ttaanlr and poor Beln 1rf th ' snrculutiofi.rtl
MTdes the whole bodr, and mar burst out,
ut SUeusc on any part of it, . No rgm is tW
frora its attacks, nog U there on which it tail
not destroy. The acrofuloug taint ii variously
Musei by .rnwttrial diacaaw, ioW Kyfra,
eydeted r unhealthy food, lmpttr tiit lUth
and filthy habits, tha .deptesaing tioea, and,
above all, by the venereal inflection. What.
rer beits origin, It is hereditary in the ton.
fntiltion, descending " from parents to ohildwa
unto the tlibd and fourth generation ; f hvdeeT
it seems to" be the yod of Him who aaya, t
will yisit titer igiijuitie of th zth ttpoa
thelt childreri, A...-.,- .j . , m.
Its enects commence by deposition li'oni th.
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lung!!, liver, and internal awm, rt
tubercles; in the glands, iweliinwi; and OA
the surface, eruptions or sores. - 1'Us foul
ruption, which (renders ia tha blood. tWseatnaa
the energies of life, so that scrofulous conjUta-1
tions not only suffer from acrofnl all Sim.
plaints, but they ha far leaa power to witi
mnd tlie attacks ef other taiatsMi enria.
inently Tait number perish ,br diaorden 2
tvliicli, although not scrofulous in their mature,
rur: still rendered fatal by thia taint la the
FTt(?rrri,.Most of the consumotion which da.
I'tfiiarcs thd human family has its origin directly
fi uw scroiiuous comnminauon ; tna many .
destructive diseases of the liver.kidneys, brain, '
hnd, indeed, of all the. organs, -arise from ar
jiro aggravated by the seme cause?. - '-" !
une qunrtcr of all our people are croruloTli f '
heir persons tiro invaded bw thi l.,rl,lna. tn -'-
fection, and their health ia Tmrlarminei h.it-.'i
To cleanse it from the system we must renotata ,
he blood by aa alterative msdicine, n4 in
Vigorate it- by- healthy food and exercise.
Such a medicine we supply in -; "
Compound Extract of -Sarsasariflai.
the most eiiectiia remedy whicli the medical-;
skill of our times can' devise for this etary.
where prevailing and fatal maladyv "It ie com, w
bincd from the most active remedial that have
bee4di8eoveredfbrtlieexpurgnti(inof tide foul '
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of th
"V'tcrn''from' its' destructive conscquenee. ,,.
Hence it should be employed for the cure of"
Sot only Scrofula, but also those other aflees
on, tvhich arise from it, such as Eevvtits-
and Sum Diseases, 8t. ANTKoirr'r Fnti.f
Hosb,'' or .EnreiPELAe, . Prvur.rs, Pcstvies, w,
BroTCiits, Blains and JJow,s,Tciors, TsTr,"
atid Saj.t Bhbux; Scald Head, Kmowonti,! i
UiiKitMATisJfi Sri'ini.rrro and MERctiniAt Dis-'""
r.Hf:,rOiioi-sr, Dvspepia, Deuilitt, and,"11,
iltdeud, ALL i.'0PlAINTS ARIRINO FBOM ViriA-
rtB. eit luFVitB IIlooI). The oonular belief 1
1inpvrilififtfn blood" is founded in trath
grroima woocgenerauonoi tne oipoiu, lha
pdrtieular purpose and virtue of tliis Snrsapa.: u ,
rilla ito purify and regenerate this vital fluid,'
wthout which "sound health, i impossible iii iJ
Contaminated. Constitutions.
. '.TAJtMl 11 .!t ,, jj
I .-u . ? : ::' .-.r, , ai 1
i ...: f0n TnK grctvr crKf. of -of i i.'".
it. c . . - : 9
InUrmitteat Cover, or FiveraniAgael xti
Remittent Fever, Chill Itumsrv(
Ague, Parlortlcnl Hendaelta, ar Biltaaa
Heatfaclte, aad Halloa Fever, laaeed
tit wholtelaii of dUeaaeaorlarlaat-'
Ins; In biliary drrancremetit, caaaed by
Malaria of Uiaimau Caautrlti.
Vc are enabled herb to offer the community a
remedy which, while it cores the above complaints
wilJi certaintr, is still perfectly harmless in any
qutntit)-. . Such a remedy is invaluable in district!
whrre these afflicting disorder, prevail." Ibis "
"CiitB" expels the miasma tie poison of Favna ,2 k
and Aci'n from the system, and prevents the de- J
vclopment of the diseasei if taken on the tost an--M
pronch of its premonitory symptoms.1 It is not only f4 u
best remedy ever yet discovered for this class ' V
tomplaints.Uui: also the cheapest. lha large 'll
tfuantity wo sapply for a dollar brings it within tho , V
reach of every body ; and in bilious dtatriata, wear aw
AKD'Aova prevails, every body lioul4 aj
iiivc it and e it freely both for eure and proteo- ''"
tior.- A grrat mipcrionty of this remedy over any'T",
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain V'y,
cure of IntcnnittcnU is that it contains no Quinine.
mineral, consequently it produces no quwisra oe Vjvq
other,iijurious cflecta whatever npon the conatitu'-ttorl.v-'iiws
cured by it are left as healthy aalf v?
had never had the discaae. - " - a-ji
Agti irnot alone the conaequrtcc ;crf
miasmatic poisgn. A'great variety of disor-i ,
arise from, its 'irritation, among which ui J-i
tCeaialiiia.MlieumatHtu, Gout, ilcadacht, 'lindmgiJl
J, A.wf.w, vuiinm, AaUBaea, 4tia-JJ ta
fitation, Painful AJtction of tht Spken a
aiifemenVtf th Etomach; all ef vthich, Wheri7
biijrinriting fn Ihi cause, put on the intermittent-"
or become periodical.' This " CcnE " expel' as '
poison from the blood, and consequently cure 1
them all alike. It is an invaluable protection to
immigrants and persona travelling or tempornrily
reaiding ia the malarious districts. . If taken ocaa
lionhlly or daily while exposed to the inrection,
will be excepted from tlie svstem. and caimm
accumulfite-m eaffidettt qaantity to ripea inter dis-
Hence it is even mora valuable for nmtn. - ,
than eure, and few-wiU ver wuritT from Inter r
rait Scuts if they avail tliemsatves of th proteettcor A f.'
remedy alftrds. ' J
Prepared byDr.It?.'XTE2 & QO.'JlVwatltS.'as.
ROBERTS at BAMTTIL, Columbua. "
ht Tlrnsriilara anrl T aaan ta m at
""'Isa-W .... J. j -i.. c K-Jk
la's. W', "1 1 :'lf-
Aimr in amffna. aim
' . i 1 . i 1 . 1 . 1 - 1 . . .
AKAXIU, . 4 WJJ.3uLiU.W-
. I At L
experienced Kara sad Tenalr Fhytldaa, piesenu
I to tb attention ef saethers, her 1 LIa u
00 T H I K a, S X R UP ,1(i
I tutk UU11aUaaE.Ii I t.t.1 itlXMU.
hlch gmtly facilitates thepreeeaeof tseuim by of t
mlng the gums, radoaing all liilliamalli all I allij
PALN aad epaaaaodie aollan, and la , . ----
rMpane apon H, molten, , vl lv sett t yoaraelyoa . ,
..Wahaverutua-uiaaold thia artlrla tnr !.
w hav-j never Kwe abl t aay any other mertlt.iNag
ANCB, TO KFFGOT A CHB. when timely used. Kev-
uiq ww new an instance of auaaoaiamiott ay any on -am
need IV: 0 tb eoBtrary, all irndtUshatd with Ka - ag
tl 00a, and . ipesk in terms of oommendatioa of its
magical eBecta and medical virtue. Ws apeak In this -
matter "WHAT W DO KBOWf" arte tea yr' err
almost tvery Instance where the Infant ll suffering from fO"
and exhaustionrelief will a feand la tias)
twenty minutes after therjyrep la sdmiaislartd. '
ThUvalnaWepreparaMoh tothtjpretcriptlonof oMotTl-.
X ngland. and haa bran sued wth MKTKP, FAIL
UiaBCOCKSSin "-' ' 1 Ca
Itnotooly relieve the child from pain, out lnvlgor,
tbestaeueh aad kuerela, MrfcdsIldUy, and gives TL
and energy to the whole system. It wilt almost In
stantly relieve "' u-.. a.. u. tiu tl....; .i'.ai
evetixeu oonVoiiloBa, whloa, ta aotsneedlly nm.alAl
end in death, W believe it tb BKsT and. AC' ft-
IMMHMY 15 TB WORLD, In all caeca ef AiFeVl
a"'ai anu viAtaiiiii in vtutLDaaiM, whether
arlaes from tee thine, er from an othar aaaa. Wa
would aay to verywjolherwho haaa child suUerior from
or tne foregoing complaint IXJ MOT LET FOUR
between von aad ta ar aafferlur child, and the aa
that will be 80HK yea, ABSOLUrKLV URaW!,! j.
luiHiw sue as 01 inismeuiciaa, 11 uaiaif uaoii. uil ai
recllens for aslnr wlll'Swsaaw earh bottle. None
gnuui anlaaa tb facelmlle of CCElIBa FBKW)r?e
foravl aa the ealiiil wrapper ,.. ,.
Bold by ail Druggltta througbout tb vuidV .
ttclpal Office, 13 Cedar Street T
ett7-daw1y. ... a
j Mail el --' ti-.a. i i x"-""f
gotd FABM, the undivided half oa. 11 1 nuJA ttllllw,
.', North liiiill eireeti tiomer Hiiti Street an-
Alley. Hnot .VaoMvOf tf'tbe lit aprll, tfe
a ,
, A I .UI. J . J j
hi ima,EBta4 r fo ClTT PROPEfcTT.
aeil tsata o( FAJktii.X tiKOUAHUa.
. sUAgri- j!'.. a , ALSO, .J,'Mf3IB
Twenty vary dtalrabl BTJILUTK68 LOTS, altaatad as
! . . v .v n .. . . . .
."H iwa a, vauua, awrui h Drumu BlTtt U
JtTl trt te tult purchaaera, '

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