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Of AOBNERAt, I4AT0BB, IN fOROB AtTQ. 1, f60.
IIc Joseph ,n.-i,Swanf
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I JoaUdned la twetrty-nln volume of the Ohio end Ohio
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taw bl!ebeTS. Booksellers! Stationers and Importers.
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The Flight of Abraham.
MohAmmodADO eompnto tlmo from tbo HegU
i a or fl'gbt of their Prophet rrom Biecc. i mo
a... -Kt.s tnnk ulice Jolt 15, 623. Wo inp
pose BepabliCABi will rtokoo their ert tarn i&e
roArk.ble Afld .ecret eWp.ment of "Old Abe,"
oo the 23d of rtbrasr,, 1861, from Harrlebnrj
to WAtUington. .,...,.! . . '.
It will require the ntmoat skill of the futare
bUtorlAB to develop the CAaeee which mored
Abaaham to pl? off tliie rf open tJ HtrrIs
burr ABd BAltlmore frieBde. Of the former he
took TreBoh leAre," And ob the Utter be did
not OAll.Ai hid been arranged lathe PWfF"
of hUrojal progresa from tne uapiiai ci .;
a. il. r.ntti at the United Sutea. .
The first telegraphic despatch on Saturday,
which Informed naot tne exAwuiB-r, ..,-.
of Aaiahui, atAted thAt he was lommoood to
WAahingtoo, hie i-nawTiete prewBce there being
Abeolntely tecwaarr. What bad taraed p which
.quired M Licaw to lee lu the night, and
without the koowleflge oi too pwp" "
tUbmg, wAinot elated. The tecond telegreph
u i.f.im.nt informs ua that be wa mored tt
leae Harrbnrg la the nl0bt, In disgulaf, and
thns to pae through Mwylasd and tho District
to Washington to avoid the echemes of tome
AaeAssina ln MaryUnd, who bao oeiermioHi w
deatroy him on tie jaurney tarougn inn
Aa indiridoal of his! character, but whose
same is not given, and never wui do, wo sup
toltrl arrltbur to comnmuloAte to Mr
Lwoom the Wdecua plot by whlca he waa to be
It 1a tenerany understood that daring the
. . .a 2 .f 1 ocn
ever jnemorable msiaentut campAigB ,
nomomitiee waa Appolntedato watphover, Ai
itAiAa, whose eoeciAl boslneee wai to keep
hie mouth' shut and hie pen qalet. But af
ter he Alerted ou bis late trlumphAl progress
toward the White. Bouse, and the men At tne
different towns and cltlee crowfloa tonno nim
to beer mld the generel dUtresi some lew
.a f emaolmUon And hope from Lie lips,
end the women came out in holiday gear to aee
the beautiful incarnation of a President la the
i. ,t 1...H.H TJucolh. It was Impossible
for him, under the circumstances, to reftAin
from Ulklng to the snen ab klaaloe; the glrle.
tv. MMMineA wee that he eaid And did
....thin, that seemed rather odd and ecceu-
trio la President elect.'. Ia hie anxiety to
please the goad people who gave him aueb fine
ovations at the difforeat pointe wnere no nail
ed, bt uttered jme contradictory, ir not eoeura
aentimente. It ia suspected that Die more pro
A.t frionda and the wiser counselors of the Eo
pablican party AtWAsbington deemed It proper
to Arreet aU this, And, AOeotdlngly, sent forth
their amndate for him toeomeca forthwith,
direct Andlne."'' - 5 i:"t'r."7
obd the summons with AlAcrity,
Perhaps bo waa glad to eeoipe from the people,
ad oorreuod bimaelf with the military At Waab-
lnatoB. From the time he left hie borne At
Sprtofclleld, be eeems to have been tormented
-i A .. node Used fear, whitb hAUated Wa all
the wav to HArriaburg. Bo patbeUo wae bla
ItAVe taking at Springfield, and so Iugubeioua
were hla anticipations of possible harm to him
il. that h set his old friends and neigh
bore to weeping, at though they expected never
... ,.-... . rn.dfonie tibia aaaln. ' He
W tuva. wyvu - i,
bade (hem one,and Alt ab AffeotlonAte farewell.
a FkiWainhia. hie nervouasese appears to have
become .Intense. After br bad spoken a few
eniences, be told the audience he migbi "nave
.aid) sonatbinr. indiscreet." Kindly and evmpA;
thlalngly, some of his friends sang out "No!
not"" This revived hi ma little, end nc aaio,
apprebenriTely.boeever: 1I have said nothing
bat what I am willing to live by, end, by (be
1 pleasure of Almighty God, die by." He put
the question to the audience, whether the coun
try could be Saved opou the basisof the Daclar
atlon of Independence. He said, If it could
noon that baaie, it would "be truly
M n" At this point It seeme hie fears took
ifinita and dreadful ehape, and thehor-
, rid Ilea of aeeaeslnation entered, bla mind. , In
the next senJence he aald-'Bat If the couafry
. .d without Riving Bp .that trinoi-
i a mbont to aay I would rather be ae-
thla art than surrender it." He
W1I .bout tt so? . bui be id not aay Am
ved nnt nuita mide u bit jnina to be a
tn an abstract nrindple, thocgh embod
led In the Declaration of Independence and the
",i,rrn Platform. ' ' "
Probably, when Aabah reached Utrrle-
ba-jt, this natural repognanoe of tne nean to
oose in contact lib cold "steel inereased, and
waa atlmulated to a point not to be endureC, by
whose nnrevealed bat high nemo was sufflelen
tt stamp bli comnaoloitton with tenth, nd
th-jreupoa tht frcaideot tltot deported In A
peoll trkln, io tht hu night Id digal p
throngh th hootlU ooottry la kdranoo, And tbui
(oil tbots who medtutad hit dettraotion bat
blA flight w la.obdtnc to tho SAUef bU
frleodj tt WhlngUa, who mmmoned blm
tbero forthwith, od koooont of mportmt bail
bcm, tod oar Republican frltadt tro All it jololof
thAt bo li bow tafe nd under tbolr gUArdlmihlp
And protection, aided by a itroog mllltwy
"No Compromise with Traitors."
Sooh is the Inscription wbloh that rather
black, piratical looking craft, the New York
rrlftNM.carrieeonthefiagat its masthead.
The Question might be very pertinently put to
the master of the craft "What la to be done
with these he calls Traitors, If there Is to be no
oomprbmise with tbemt" The sjme quertlon
might alao with the like pertinency be propound
olio the yeariMt of thla eity, for though It
does no holat the Tri4n' flag In form, It nev
ertheless almoat daily proolalme the eame doo
trlne In nearly the same words. ,
According to the Ttwun and Journal, tne
SeceealonUte are Traitors men guilty of the
highest crime known to the law of the laud
Their argument ia that we might as well com
pound with burglars, murderers, and other Atro
cious criminals, in order to shield them from
justice, ee to compromise with the Secession
"TrAitors" At the South, for the sake of keep
ing the seoeded States In the Union. ;
But here a query naturally suggests itself:
Is it any worse to compromise with a Traitor or
any other criminal, than it ia to favor and aid
bis escape from the Jurisdiction ia which the
crime has been oommlttedT And again, Does
Treason become any leee traitorous when com
mitted by the majority of the people in half a
dosen States, than when committed by a few
Indlvidualat :, Yet both the TVUm and Journal,
which are now so rampant againet aiy compro
mise with Secessionists, a few weeks ago de
clared that if a majority of the people la six or
eight Southern States voted for secession, they
should be suffered to go in peace, and that no
force ought to be used to keep them In the
Union. , . i . '
This would be compromising with those who
are called "Rebels" and "Traltora" In a way
that would amount to a fall confession of oar
own weakness and the Justice of their cause.
Six States, at least, have beld State Conven
tions of delegates elected by the people, and
these Conventions have passed ordinances of
secession. If the majority of the people of these
Sutesara "rebels" and "traltora," and no com
promise It to be made with them, ia it to be coo
oeded to them that they are out of the Union,
and are to be permitted to remain oat, because
the Governmeat, while denying the right of se
cession, Is too weak to prevent it from taking
practical effect, or are the people or tne seoedeo
States to be seised and bung by the hundred
thousand? What say the oo compromise Re
publicans? .
His Faith Suddenly Failed Him.
From the day that Mr. Lhioolr left Spring
fieldrllllnols, until the Afternoon or evening of
the day on which he Arrived At Harrlsborg,
Pennsylvanla4e made proclamation, io all his nu
merous interviews with the maasee, that be re
lied upon Almighty Power and the support of
the people, And thAt with these he could not
tall..'. ;,' - '-
At Trenton, New Jersey, be referred to the
revolutionary struggles in that locality, the
bArdships endured, Abd all that, and the Provi
dential aid given, and Intimated that be waa aa
instrument In the hands of the Almighty, "and
this, bis almost chosen people' for "perpetua
ting the object of the greet straggle" for inde
pendence. At Independence Hall, in Philadel
phia, be referred to bis dependence upon these
agencies for support, and reeogoixed the teach
ings which went out from lb a edifice, when the
Declaration of 1776 waa framed, and said, "may
my right hand forget Its cunning and my tongue
cleave te the roof of my mouth, if ever I prove
false to these teachings." Ia the publlo per
formances at Harrlsborg, on Friday afternoon,
bespoke In a similar strata; and yet, ob that
evening, after night closed In and he bad ceaaed
to receive company, be seems to hove lost bis
confidence In God and the people, and decided
to put his trust In a Highland plaid and. other
diegaisea and a special train of ears, to put him
through the State Of Maryland and Into the
District of Columbia I It is a pity that "honest
Old Ate" ahould act thus, and that his faith
ahoaldfail bim so suddenly. , God and the peo
pie bad certainly treated bim very Well All the
way from Springfield to Harrlsborg, end be
ought, therefore, , with confiding assurance, to
have trusted them one dsy longer, j
What Should be Conceded?
The Cincinnati Press (Republican) oflsst
8atorday baa an article heeded "Thomas Eeme
in thi Coarxsaionai.," from which we extract
iha lollowlne remarket 1 ' ' '
We read In tbe reports of the Border Conference
that Mr. Thomas E wing, of Ohio, "spoke
of the conservative line of policy, and saw much
to condemn In tbe extreme views held by lead-
log Republicans, wno wouio vieia m no cumpro
nl.. t)rt tin MBMMionll "
Mr. Ewlna- voted for Mr. Lincoln. If that
lection Is eo Just a cause for tbe rebellion of
tbe South, thai it requires concessions from the
r.tirnfttn tA mnimffili, fur tha atactioc. M P.
VWSH.HNW " " - - '
Eelng does not go half far enough, nor doee be
go to wotk tbe right way. Let blm repair his
r.ntt. nnt an iha aackoloth and aahee of re
rentance for voting for such a President, and
Bret exhaust bla energies in an enorvio reueva
tk. fmm tha Praaidant whom ha ann
ported, and wboee election he now virtually ad
mltC tO DC ine causa or au u mi, uj.ui, us
proposes to destroy toe uonsutuuon w inaemm
fy tbe South for his on act. ' ' ' "
. T k. i.tinn nf Mr. Llncnln la too touch
for the Constitution and one or the other must
be conceded then every true man will say that
Mr. Lincoln should be coaoeded. ' ' '
There ia aome philosophy In these extracts.
We BArtieulArlr aeree wl th tbe lest-that the beat
thing that can be done to repair damages would
- -
bo to concede Lraoom himself, ir the Repub
Jieeae would agree to a new trial of Preaidentlaj
issues, w shouia nave no leera retail-
Who is the Premier?
The New Tori Triea! tho22d of Feb
ruary, iayc that' la this country tbe press "is
Invaded by a number of local fcogusa words"
which ere sadly misapplied. It names one
Premlaj-rwhloh it says Is improperly applied to
the Secretary of State, whereas It ehould be ap
plied to the Secretary or tne Treasury, as mat
it tbo moat eminent office in the Cabinet Mr.
Gaxrxxr, like other editors, has need the term
Prmlar in eonneetloa with tbo office of Secre
tary of StAte ever since bis paper bad Aa exist-
J .V.. 1 .... JT-
tOCOi ana Jiee otbt nau una iiupwwiiuia
cover before. There Is perhaps something
eignlficent now in tne point maoe try vauur,
since it may be that Mr. Lincoln, after having
given the Stata Department to Mr. 8sw.ao. to
appease Gamxr may give tbo Treasury to M'.
Ciaaa of some Whe peeter favorite of the
Ttlbum. ' ''
"Compromise" and "Concession."
Tbetie words are extremely Abused by the
Republloaa press and leaders ' at the present
time. They assume, and declaim vehemently,
that by agreeing to an amendment of tbe Con
stitution, so as to adjust the existing dlffsreDoee,
they thereby "concede" something to the Bonth
which the latter never bad before- thus "com
promising" their. political honor (!) And princi
ple), while tbe South "coucedes" nothing
Now,' thla Assumption is totally falie." The
8outh understands, and has always understood,
the Constitution as affording adequate proteo-
tlon, to all of their interest, tbe services of
their slavee Included and the practice of the
General Government, and the uniform decisions
of all Federal and State Courts, have justified
this understanding. But'e "Republican" party
Is now coming into power with an entirely op
posite construction of the Constitution on this
subjeotf and will revolutionize the Government
to the extent to which tbey will carry oat their
avowed opinions. Ia this state of affairs, It Is
quite natural for the South to demand not a
fundamental change in the Constitution, but a
compromise on the two constructions of that in
strument The petyle of the South have authority
and precedent on their side, from the establish
ment of tbe Government to thte day, and It is
certainly very reasonable, and very moderate, on
their part, to ask fcr a compromise In regard to
tbelr adjudged and hitherto . undenled rights.
They are the party who really concede any
thing and tbey certainly do proffer to con
cede a great deal for the aake of the Union and
peeee. All that the North ie asked to "con
cede," is a porlion of tbe idjudgtd mud uxll set
lltd righti ot the Sooth. It Is a more liberal ba
sis' of "compromise" than any man would be
likely to offer another, even for the sake of
peaoe, after getting a decision of all theConrte
in favor ol bis side of a Jaw-suit Will the
North accept it? . If not, we have no hesitation
in eaying that the South will be justified in re
sorting to such measures as she may deem nec
essary for tbe establishment and preservation Of
her rightsj .
The Cabinet of the Southern Confederacy.
In tbe Government of the Southern Confed
eracy, Ex-Senator Tocmsi, of Georgia, ia an
nounced as appointed Secretary of State; Mr.
Memminoia, of Sooth Carolina, aa Secretary of
the Treasury, and L P. WLta,of Alabama,
as Secretary of War.
Mr. Toombs is well known. He was former
ly a Whig, but In 1654, ia the struggle on tbe
Kansas-Nebraska bill, he united with the De
mocratic party. On the secession of Georgia, be
retired from hU position in the United Slates
Senate, which be had held alnce 1851. He is an
impetuous man, of great energy and reputed
courage. . V , ,
Mr. Mkmhjnom la chit fly known as the South
Carolina Commissioner to Virginia, soon after
tbe raid of John Bbown occurred. His speech
before the Virginia Legislature won for him
considerable reputation for ability.
Tbe Secretary of War, L. P. Wuita, was
a prominent member of tbe Democratic Nation
al Convention at Charleston, and Acted with the
cIasc of men who caused the disruption of that
body. '
It Is reported that Mr. Yancir declines a seat
In the Cabinet, preferring a foreign mission
BTAfter a three weeks' eession of the Peace
Conference at Washington, Gov. Ciuii has
discovered that it would be Inexpedient to adopt
any meaaures of pacification by it until all tbe
States are represented, and therefore It le said
he proposes aa adjournment until the 4th day
of April. That difficulty, if it really be one, In
the mind of Gov. Cnaii, existed on the day
tbe Conference assembled, and as A Judicious
And economical man, be ehonld hare suggested
it at once, and had the consideration of the Con
ference drawn to it immediately. It Is folly,
and more than folly, to be wasting the money
of tbe people, In tbe per diem and expeoaea of
the Commissioners to this Conference, If It ie
to do nothing after all. . "
O The reader will find the speech of Mr.
HoTCBisoff, of Madison, on tbe first page of tbe
Sisfetmeii. That it is an able effort, those' who
differ with the doctrines and principles advan
ced must admit, ' .
Mr. HoTCHtsoa offers cogent and ebaviaolns
reasons for the passage of tbo law before the
House, but ba might, we suppose, as well 'alcg
pealme to a dead horse," aa to orgs the majority
in this General Assembly to vote for It.
We do not concur , with Mr. H- in what he
eaysln exaltation of tbe extreme views of Mr
Calhoow, but all this is outside of the question
before the House, the expression simply of bis
own opinions, and not doctrlnes'held by the
Democratic party of Ohio. ' j
SATURDAY, Feb. 23, 1861.
Mr. V0RI3 replied to the argument of Mr.
Woods at a considerable lengih,
. He thought too wide A range had been given
In tbe discussion upon tbe bill, and he proposed
to give a different direction to tbe dlscuaslon.
' The question la Lot whether the laws of the
General Government have been violated that
was a matter for tbe proper tribunal to aee to
ll was not whether tbe different party organiza
tions wers sound in doctrine, but the question
waa directly addrer sed to as whether we should
make this bill, this execrable bill,' a law, or
whether we would defeat it Mr. Vorls then
read the bill, at followst , ' ' ' , ' '
SacnoN. I . B t rnactrd i Im General Aiimhly
tfih SUU f Ohio, 1 bat any person or person
who shall hereafter aid or assist any fugitive
alave, knowingly, escaping from his or her
master, or aid any fugitive alave, knowingly, to
elude or escape from his or her master, or agent
for the master, or officer, who may be pursuing
such fugitive In this State, snch person or per
sons shall bs held and adjudged guilty of a mle
demeanor, and upon ooovlotlon thereof, eball
be aentenoed to confinement and hard labor In
the penitentiary, lor not more than three years
nor less than one year, and moreover, eball be
held to pay the value of anb slave or elavee to
tha countv in this state in which such offense
shall bave been committed, and all benefit of
homestead or exemption laws shall be denied
Mm m haa. ' J ' ."
Sxo 2. ' It shall be held and adjudged that
any county In this state abaii pay to ine master
ot any mgiuve siave me tsius oi suqb bibt;
Provided, however, that It shall first be proven
that some person or persons within said oonntv
?ave aid or asetitaooa In aome manner to snch
ugltivs slave, whereby each slave'was enabled
to elude his master or an officer or agent for tbe
maeteri a recovery in one county shall be a bar.
to a recovery In any other count. ' '
Sto 3 . Thie aol to be In force from and ai.
ter Its pesaage. , . .
Now lor three long days have Democratic
members, with all the power of petty logic And
aloanence. been arcing tble elde or tbo House
to pass the bill aa a matter of salvation of tbe
CWe'are asked to deprive dependent wires aud
defenselese infants of tbe. benefit! of homo
steads and all exemption laws, not for any
wrong (Ary may have committed, but to satisfy
thevnexorable demands of despots. ' Thie ie
not ail; the already heavily burdened tax payers
are to he compelled to nay the value of any fu
gitive who may be aided to escape within tbe
boundaries of the county. ..
But a day or two alnoe, tbe gentleman from I
Lick Id made a fierce speeoh against the pais
sage hi ine annua bill, because- it lovoivea an
additional appropriation ot money to be raised
by taxation. ' He oonld not us tbe State to put
tbe State in a proper condition to maintain her
aigouy ana proteot her sovereignty, out lor a
long boar end a half nrgea tbe passage of tbe
sabstsacsof this bill wbloh baidens the people
witn,, additional taxation to par for runawav
slavee, If by chance tbey should be aided in any
county in tbe state. Tble ie etretcblng comity
to a very area! length. We do no euch thing
tor oar own citizens, who are In their persona
ana property oomnelled to eapport tbe burdens
Of tbeState. ' '. , tt
But li Is claimed to be a measure of pacifica
tion, and ought to be pasaed to eave the Union.
The other side of the House see the embarrassed
condition of our country. Tbe treasury la rob
bed government property slolep, our navy and
forte surrendered to the enemies of the nation.
Tbey see a confederacy formed within the Un
ion oeiying tne majesty ana justice or tne law,
by armed foroe And to save tbe Union, they
brine forward this miserable imposition upon tbe
people of Obio.
It wsstaid In a speech but two days ago, that
"Sua. bora statesmen understand it. Tbey were
educated, lor the forum end eenete. " Ours tor tbe
Intrigues of tbe oaucn and word meetlne. I
endorse the latter p. t of tbe quotation, if the
eiatetmauahlp of tba Democracy of this House
ior toe last tnree dat waa tne stanaara ot
Northern statesmanship. . .
He quoted Senators Douglas and Penh, oou'
tradloilog tbe charge that the North refuted to
render np fugitives from service, and vindloatid
the resolutions of the State asking for tbe re
nt Al ot tbe fugitive Slave lew ot lt)69-by reed
ing tbe reaolutiona Of the Demooratio Legisla
ture of 1851. ; r
Mr. HITCHCOCK said tbatbavlng tbehooor
of representing a constituency feeling a deep
interest in questions like tbe one now pending,
be hoped to be excused tn occupying more time
than wae ordlnanl hie wont upon subjecte com
log before the House lor Its consideration. In
eo doing, be would follow the example of those
wno naa preceded him, end not alone confine
himself closely to tbe one bill before the House,
Out speak generally to all bills or kindred char
aoter now pending.
ionettntiy and persistently bas tbls "lrre
possible coDfliot" been forced noon us, and tbe
charge of "abolitionism. "tU.!ie for amelctma-
iivui nuu ivtv ui too uegru, aa appucu tu iuuop
acting with bim, has been iterated and reiterat
ed in our ears, yet be had contented himself lib
a silent vote, given consoientloualy In view ot
right, of Justice, of fidelity to the constitution
and his oath to sustain that instrument. Again
the fight ia upon us, and we are led to inquire,
where ie ell tbis to end? Have we not done
enough? We have refused to pass laws for tbe
more perfect protection of the free people of tbe
State. Have passed a law, most odious In lis
features, to prevent the amalgamation of tbe
white with the black race, because, foresooth,
some gentlemen, of over earnest patriotism,
thought tbat It would tend to conciliate our
Southern brethren. And now we are asked to
go still further down and seek for something
more to do, for tbis same purpoie. We ma-t
repeal our statutes for the prevention of kid
napping, especially the 21 section of the act of
1857, and also pase laws Imposing heavy pen
alties upon any one wbo shall In any wa
aidihejoor, homed fugitive. The act of '57
neither was In opposition to the constitution,
nor oi tne fugitive slave law. As a State law.lt
only Imposes penal, les, were too severe, for an
attempt to reduce free men to slavery, and In do
log so, It is In strict subordination to
tbat constitution and that law. If to
Congress, as it Is claimed, belongs
tbe right of legislating for tbe return of fugi
tives, then in Congress rests the sole right, and
tne attempt to pass tnis oiu ana otners or a use
nature ie volunteering legislation,' meddling
with that which we have no business, and for
which we will receive no thanks. But we are
told tbat we mnst do something, or our South
ern brethren will keep going away until tbe Un
ion ie broken up, the constitution overthrown,
and tbe government destroyed. If it must be
eo, then let It come, and let the responsibility
rest upon them so madly bent upon pulling
down tbis proud fabrio built by our fatbera at
sncB a coat or oiood ana or ton. it tbey can
atand It, eo can we. ' Tiot tbat we would under
value tbls Union and ite advantages. By no
means.. Rather let it be perpetuated, going
onto accomplish all Its high destiny ; Its the,
under which has been achieved eo much of
honor and of good, 'without one star stricken
from ite ample folds, still float over na In pride.
and a Deacon or nope to tne oppressed or every
nation. -
In the result of tbe election of 1860, call It
pretext, occasion, or by any other name, is where
tbe ' present ' difficulties arise, or rather where
tbey get tneir rorce to aistraet tne country.
Where there le much Acrimony And bitterness
of feeling between the different sections ol tbe
conntrv, wnion oas oeen increased ny misrepre
sentation for personal and party ends, and from
-bis arisee tbe present condition of things
Hence are no administrative acta or tne party
succeeding In tbe election of which there can
be any complaint. ' Strange It Is tbat tbe slave
interests of the Bootn, wnicb bas controlled
and heralded the polioy of the government el
most, and now naviog wemeveo a viotory, we
are ealled on to eiveuoihefruiieot that tin orv
Toe vanquished dictating terms to tbe victor;
yea more, traitors diotailog terms to tne gov
ernment aealns; which they are plotting and
acting treason. Having taken possession of tbe
forte, ereenale and other property of tbe torero
meet, tbey demand ot tbat government the un
conditional surrender ot otber like property,
and yet we are to legislate eareluiiy else we In
jure the feelings or disturb the equanimity of
tbeee occupying this position. We must com
promise, give gnaranteee and yield up, wbat?
Our manhood. Must ask wbat legislation will
suit them, must baste to grant it. Must do
more than tbla, must refrain from saying aught
against toe institution or slavery; must consld
er it a benevolent, a christian, a divine lnerltu
tloo. We beg to demur. We do not, cannot,
toU wei admire tbe Institution. We will dis
charge all our constitutional duties relating to
tbe euoj ret, but farther tban tbla cannot go
The country is In difficulty How shall these
difficulties ' be settled? We are told to com
promise. What have we to concede? And If
there le aught we can do, where ie tbe evidence
of Ite se'tllng our troubles? Propositions which
oar neighbors send would sever be agreed to
by tbe North, and any proposed settlement which
would not sfterearde be au-titced by tbe peo
ple of all sections would only complicate dim
eultles. 'As he understood the desire of the
Soa.h, the recognition ia some form ia the Con
etltution 'of tbe right of orooertv ' In man Is
what Is aimed at. This never can be consented
to by tbe North. ' Tbe farther extension and re
construction of alavorv would not be assented
to as a compromise. It did seem to him tuere
was little hope In compromise, certainly never
in tbe passage of measures like that before ns
Want of firmness and decision, a resolute deter
mlnatloh to do and to yield wbat was right to
all partiea and all sections was wbat waa most
needed. And only could there be hope in reso
lutely atandlng by and sustaining the Union
aider the Constitution as it Is. ' Then let ns
take this position, maintaining and ec forcing tbe
lawa In all seotions and npon all parties, trust
ing In God and In a returning sense of rlcht. of
justice, and oi interest, ior a solution oi an or or
' Mt. ANDREW3 rose to a question of prlv
Here, and read a statement from en Indianap
olis correspondent, of the poor hotel eocnmmo
datlont there, and bow the members of this
Honie, Messrs Scott, of Warren, and Flagg,
when on tbelr mission to meet tne rresidrnt
elect, had been compelled to"sleep and tie"
one standing and gaping, with hie back against
the wail, wblle tne otner invoaea tne drowsy
cod He hoped, for tbe credit of members end
tqe honor of this House, the matter would not
be made more public, and tbegentleman in ques
tion would resist tbe landlord's extra bin ror
wear of bedding and whitewash taken from tbe
wall bv the man who bad to sleep on foot '"
The Honse then took a recess till Monday
aftarnnnn at 3 o'clock.' ' h' ' -' " "
MONDAY, February 25, 1861.
teen Setiatera answered to their. namee. -
The Sergeant-at. Arm i waa despatched after
absenteee. " 'i i . u. .,-r-.-;:r v.i .
Mr COX was excused on aeccuntor illness.
A ooorota being pre set, all farther preoeed-
Inrs wader tbe call were disponed with, and
Sattrrdav's fonrnal wae read and aporoved.
Mr BRKWEK praaented tne petition of Ja
cob Bleots and all ether, praying for a law
aathoHalos; Beaeoa Coonty Bnk notes to be re
ceived for tba pavaient of Uxea, wbloh wae re
ferred to tba select committee oa that subject,-.
Mr. PERRILL presented tbe petition of H
C. Newman and 105 other citizens of the State,
egainat renewlor the contract foe oooperlog In
tbe unio reoitontlary. neierrca to ine com
mittee on tha Penttanllarv.' ''
On motion of Mr. MONKUiV U0 Senate
took a reoess
Siimulatins Ougueut,
; For the Whiskers and Hair.
The subscribers take pleasure In anrjounelne to the
Oltlatos ol lbs United States, tbat Ibej bSTO obtained tbt
AiaDC for, and are now enabled to offer to tha Aaerloan
publlo, tba above Juitlj eelebrakd and world-renowned
Article- The .. . ' '
la prepared br Da. 0. P. BELLIVOIIAM, an eminent
phy.lcia.i ot London, and is warrants! to bring oat a
thick setot .... , .
- Whiskers or a Mnstache
in from thraa to six Weeks.' This article Is the only one
of tha kind used bjr the French, and In London aud Paris
It Is In unirersal use.
It Is a beautiful, aoonomloal, soothing, yet stimulating
oom pound, ao.lbt aa If br maglo upon the roots, cauiloj
abatuiiful growth of 'nxuriant hair. If applied to tbe
sralp, It will euro aiumm, and oauie to spring up in
place of tha bald spots a fine growth of new hair. Ap
plied aoonrdlng to dlreoliona, it will torn or Towr
hair DAW, and restore gray r-alr to its otUlnal eolov,
leaving It soft, smooth, and flexible. The -OnooairT" is
an Indispensable article in every gentleman's toilet, and
after one week's uie they would not for any consideration
bewlthoutlU - . ...
The subscribers are the only Agents for the article Io
the United States, to wh m all orders oust be addressed.
Prle One Collar a box for sale by all Druggists aod
Dealers; or box of the "t nguer.t" (warranted to hire
the des.red effect) will be sent to any who desire It, by
mail (direct), securely puked, on reotlpt of pries and
postage, $1.18. .Apply to or address
oaoaaisTs, lie.,
.SI William Btreet, Hew York.
' LiTerpool, Montreal, Quebec,
.... and
Tha Montreal Ocean SteamahlD Comnanv's flrat-elsss
full-powered Olyde-ballt Steamers sail every Sat
urday from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
united states sun ana passengers, - - r -
norwegian-. ' ' ' north american, .
bohemian, anglo-saxon,
north briton, - Hibernian, i
canadian, n0va8c0iian. :
Staorteal, Cheapest andQnlckcatCon
TCfance i rout -
, Rates) of Pattern go to Europe),
830, tjoa. t$80. 1 ""-
Will sail fron LIVERPOOL every Wednesday,
and from qubbko every sainraaj , caning at
LONDONDKRRV, to receive on board and lard Mails and
Passengers, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
ICTthttt 8 .earners are built of iron. In water-tight
compartments, carry etcn an experienced Burgeon, ana
every attention is paid to the com'ort and accommoda
tion of passengers. As they proceed direct to LONDON
DERT. the gieat rlik tnd delay of calling at Bt. John's
is avoided.
Glasgow passengers are furnished with ran ptasags
tickets to and rrom bonomaerry.
Re'urn ttcke's granted at reduced rates. ' ' '
Oert locates Issued for carrying to and bringing out pas
senetrt tram all the Brincipal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reluoed rates, by this line of steamer, and
leaving Liverpool every week.
SI gut Drafta for t and upwards pay
sable la England, Ireland, Scot
. land or Walea.
for passage, apply at tbe OfBos 23 BHOAIl.
tVAV, Ntiw iork, and 19 WaTEH ST.,
; BABEt k eZABIS, General agents,
Or to- j. R. ARMSTRONG, ,
nolQ-lydfcw Btatesmaa Office, Columbus, Ohio.
Irish Linen Goods.
Linen Shirt B. a ma P aln and fancy
, Bhlrtlug and Bo.om Linens.
Linen fhretlngs and Pillow Oastogi.
Linen Cam erica and Long Lawns.
"'; i ' - Linen Poeket-banda'fa, all sites.
" '.' ' ' Linen Tnwelllo.-a and Dlsperi.
Linen Napkins and DOy lira.
. i Linen Table 0 lotos and Satin Damasks,
' I , Linen Towels with oolered Borders. '
'" ' i. ' ii Wnea SialrCoverlngsand Oiaab. '
:i '" for sale at low prices.
hbSU ' . 0 ? i 1 o. Booth Blah street.
ladies' Iioen Pockat-Handk'&. -
kercbiofa vsry wde bems. -.
Bmbroldered Liaea Haodk'S all prices. , - -Hemmed
Btitehedand plain do, do.
do do colored borders.
. Mourning do ; , , black borders - - m
; , do do :J . i new stylo cross stitched, . ,
Pioe Apple do i new patterns. . i '
Mlise .' Plain aod Hemmed Stitched do all prices.
Comprising the molt select assortment In the city and
at ! -est prices. . . . BAI.t At BON, .
febft ., No. 29 Boath Blgb Street.'
. . Gents' Linen . Shirt Collars, .
HOTg, Standing, Bjron, Peistgnay, Aenf.ew and
otber new ahaoee. lienuned Pocket Handkerchiefs Neck
Tie,. BUnka. Street and livening Olovea, Half Hose of
every kind, uotfer Garments and all kinds or uents gar
nl king floods to great variety and at mndeiate priors.
, . , BAIN Is BON,
febSr c .' " f I - No. (9 Soutb High etreet.
Laces and Embroideries,
V Laos Oollars and Setta. f ranch, Pu.ber and Thread
Laos Veils, inew patterns ) Valendenes, Thread and
Faint Lacea, aoibroldereci uoiiars, Beits, Trimmings ana
Bkirte, Laos Baroea san uomarea, nam binen uoua.a.
Setts and Cnifs, Embroidered Oollars and Currt m retts.
fsbSS , No. S9. South High Btreet.
ii i i i j. i . in
Alexandre's Kid .GloTes.
QTJETAIRB aad regular ahape Blaek BldOloves
embroidered In white, msgsnta. purple, Ao. Cdretsed'
KldOlovee. Misses Bid Glove. A complete assortment
of theie celebrated Gloves always ror ai by '
. , , , .-, BAIN BON,.
- tsun
Mf" ( to, 20 South High street.
A Jtania R, R. Ntwaooy would be p leased to Inform
th public that th Oineinnatl Evening Times is received
regularly ever, aay, at ouaoaa w, jr., aa. - g-craons
eaa procure Ibem by caning on
- ... ; ,. .WILLIAM 0RD.'
feb. dlwd. h ! ''. DeUMtte.
Sheriff's Sale.
John W. Baker i
r . . l superior vourt,
Jesrna tessWavt, etal.l U v.: ( . . '7v t
L) to me directed, from the Superior Court of
f ranklla county, Ohio, I will offer fo, sale at the a oor
of th Court House, In tne city or Columbus, ca
Saturday, (be 30tb day of March, A,. D. 1861,
between the hours of 10 o'clock i. m. and 4 o'clock p.
sa., the following described real estata, situate la tl.e
county of franklin, and Btate of Ohio," to wit: the
undivided one half of ln-lot No, 833, Id the city of Co
lumbus, being tbe Interest or Nanry Rsmet in asid lot.
Appraised at S 1,135. 0. W. HUftMAN, Sheriff,
i feb-flltw4w. By Ed. Davis, Deputy ,
, Printer's fees 3,Q0. u f ,r .
r Sheriff's Sale. -WoodbtirrAO..'
i" "'
' vs. Buperior vourt.
a-'OsorgeW Allen. -r- -. f-
to m directed, from th Buperior Oourt of frankllo
oounty, Ohio. I will offer for sale In the town of New Al
bang, at Ihe (tor room of O.W.Allen, a lot of Dry
eondsan Notions, tovteioaaa the property of 0- W.
AlUofsal eosameocrog en MO DAI lb Sihdyf
f abraary A. D. lettl, at 10 o'clock A M .
.1 ' i i, 11 ).. iW. BBffMaN. heri.'iTi t
fT.lJ:10 d By Bo. DiVia, Dep't.
rnntrrs sees 9av. '
Lack sfitAw BosmersAOEi,
egant UAaS,Ja1grvU varf'ty at . 'BAIN'S,
t BAIN'S. , .
- " i - , on
No, 89, Wghltrsit, '
S'.HaU jr,H - It
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
The Oreateet jtenaOeir la Ttte aarl
. AND tub
' AH ' - l"J&
fTU STtttCX-
X if a agicnuao nu
VgUbl Compound,
procured by the distil
lation of Boon. Herbs
i a n d Darks, Tallow I
Dock, Blood fioot,
I Barsaparllla, W I 14
-J Oberry Bark and Dan- J
" dellon st)ters into lUr-
The en- k. rpnVln
Before Taking""
remedial AlKr jusuug.
principle of each Ingredient Is thoroughly "trae'ed
L -ai. j .j ji.tiiiinw. nmrlnefnif A dfllclOUt, CI
uiiaraiiDg BHiri, " ..,, -j realor n be Sick
STRENGTH. , - " ' ' "j
, will effectually oure
Ohronlo or Nervous Debility, Dlseaaee of the Kidneys
a .,, a: hnn a diaorrlerej Liver OT Blom
doss oi tne Biomacu, hudw .
Kin or swimming in tne neaa. raiv.ui.iuM "i,"" ";
., . u..A in h HtnmarJi. Bour Xructations
Ohoking or suffocating fooling when lying down, Dnmeai
oVa-ellJwnoasoY the Skin and Byea. Night Bweauf In
ward fevers. Pain in the small oi uie nana, oaoai or
Budden flushes of Heat, Depression of Bpirita, 'rightful
n . n..,ii.nnl ar anv Nervous Diseaae,
Bona or Blotches' on the Bkin, and fever and Agne (oi
Chills and fever.)
over a million of nottle
ir .... ..i,.nrfM ,t.a lut alv months and In Do In
uwu rii..Hi", , ....
.. i i. ...i. .t.:n. anllra aatlsfactioB . TV DO
then, will suffer rrom weaxiaaa or vcumv "
No language can convey an adequate Idea of the Imme
diate and almost miraculous ehange produced by taking
this Cordial la the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or unpaired by sickneee.-the relaxed and unstrung
organisation fa restored to lis pristine health and vigor.
others conscious of Inability, from whatever caose.
will find McLeans Strengthening Oortiel a thorough
regenerator of the system land all who may have injured
themselVM by Improper IndoUrances, will find In the Oor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
.-. ,- - vie) the iiSlee.
McLean's, Strengtnening Cordial
' Is a sovereign and speedy care for' "
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge, thereof, falling of the
Womb, Giddiness, fainting and all Diseases incident to
females. , ...
liars Is no Mistake AlMrat It.
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions." Il
Wlllstlmulate, strengthen and Invigorate you and cause
the bloom of health to mount your cheek again .
Ivory bottle is warranted to give satlsfaotlon.
' If your children are sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean's
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
1 Oaotiow. Beware of Druggists or Dealers who may
try to palm upon you some Bitter or Barsaparllla trash
which they can buy cheap, bysaylni it is Just as good.
Avoid seoh men. Ask for McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else. It is tho only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the same time
Strengthen the system. . .,
One tableopoonrul taken every morning fasting, Is a
eertain preventive of Cholera, Chillt and fever, Yellow
fever, or any prevalent diseases. It Is put np Id large
bottles. ' t ' '
Price only 91 per bottle, or 6 bottles for 5.
, " . J. B. McLEAN, .
.',. ., '' Bole Proprietor of tills Cordial,
- Also MoLeanaVoleenk) Oil Liniment
' Principal Depot on the comer of Third and Pine streets,
Bt. Louts. Mo. , -. , , . . .j- -- , n.-lj
- " McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Tbe beat Llcbxent In the World. - The only safe aaa
eertain euro for Caneers, PUos, Bwellinp nd Bron
ehltis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of tht
Mnsclea, Unronle or Inflammatory Rheumatlrm, Stiff
nese of the Joints, contracted Muscles or Ligaments
larache or Toothasl.e, Bruises, Bpralua, Woanda, fresh
Cut, Ulcere, fever Bores, Caked Breasts Bore Nipples,
Burns, Bcalds, BoreThoat, or any Inuammation or Pain,
no difference how severe, or hov long the disease may
have existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment U a cor
tain rameilv.
ThouaanUs of human beings have been saved a life of
decrepitude and misery by toe ase or una tuvaiaaDte mea
eine, . ... .
. H A LINIMENT --i i
Will relieve pain almost Ineuataneously, and It wll
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest sornin aa lucredl
ly short time- - '..., , t: ,
Far Horace and Ottaer Animals.
' McLean S celebrated Liniment Is the only safs and re
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin, Ring Bene, Wind
galls. Splint, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swelling. . II
will never fail to core Big Hed,Poll Bvil, Plitnla, Old
running Bores or Sweeny, if properly 7pl!ed. for
Bpralns. Bruises, Scratches,' Bores or Wounds, Cracksd
Beels, Ohafes, Saddle or Collar Galls tt Is an infallible
remedy. Apply It as directed, and a cure Is eertain la
every Instnnce. '
Then trifle no longer With the many worthless Lini
ments offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. UcLean'i
celebrated Liniment. It will cure you. '
J. II. IMcLEAN, Sola Proprietor, '
Corner of Third and Pise Streets, St. Louis, Mo ,
f or sale by all druggists. - J'
.for sale by ROBBBTS At BAM0BL,
I angW-dftwIy Columiw, Ohio..
' 5 ? 5 ' ' !
rnitiat acuuvev
i fromtrNewVorkOl)eerve.'l,,.,T
As all parties manahctarivg BuWIng Machines are ob
liged to do . lr. Unwe a license on each machine sold.
and Ire a 10 compelled to make return a to blroj under
oath, as to the number sold, his books glfe acormtetal
meet, from thla (el.abla source we have obtained the
following s'atLtlce. Of the machines mac Io the- year
l!y, there were sold, v .
W. , K nr... 1 I" 1 - A, .A,
y rrueeiar aa vriu,oa,.t...,....xi.oK
' - I. M, Singer A Co..,.... ....-Hl.W3
u drover A Baker. w.....lO,)
fhow'.ng the sale of Wh.eler A Wllicn to be fot(Ue
tnose or any otner uoapnjr.'( .
Awarded the highest proraltrroS-i-at the. 1 1 ' J 1 ;
rnlted State fairs of 183?, 18jll and 18C0;
,-.7. daoatthe -fl i . . -
v ci -b rj, fjrat fair of IPMandlfltief " t ''
" and at nearly all th County fairs In the State. '
Our price at th lata reduction, ore at tow at ' any
uck rcA macnuie now om. aoa ent a t.ine nigner u.an
the Interior (too Mraad oAam tilcA maeMrut, now
forwd n. -on the market. :i i ' -
Loox Stich th only one which cannot be raveled. It
It Atixa oa Both "tntaof th goods, loavlog ao rdgi er
chain on Ou wtdtr Hit, . '
All macJiltut uartonttd t Vsows, emol liMfracffon
given in their ase, Tree or onar.e.
' , J- . . i H. .CRART, 81 High at., Columbus, Oc
decS Sawdtus AwGm Ptke'e Opera House, Cincinnati
Employment .
I a Staple Article will furnlsaemplorment to
a rew active men to act a agent ior tneir nouse. A
preference will be given to those who ar well acquaint
ed In the district for which thfv apply. , ...
for which sen Iocs thy are willing to pay a salary
oi neaa .- . to,
$800 to $800 per year, and- XxpensesT
for farther particulars address r V-V.- . ' '
-i r an 4 Titehahse'l'lac,
JAB. M. M'KJlB, ; t , :WBV tt.jHSTXBAtTX.
) a mil! si
' ... i.j ..vf. ;;. AND -f.'f.-.n-w.l.a;' -"-J
Na. 34 Nerlh Hifb Btraeit, ..
; . OOLUMBTJaV OHiO, " '
and Retail, f INKcVT STAPLE 8B00ER1B8,
8R9ARS, Etc ,Bvo.. Our Stock haa Uaen purchased jn
Eastern Oltree daring tba Paolo, i aut,Uil
! ironrOAon, -
and onr main endeavor wilt he to offer Inducement to
CASB Oi'SSS wbloh ar not exoeled by any Hon in
UwOlty. - " '' ' dewi
iTi -iiiriat
l -y...at
. ai . .
X Closing op ins viu uuauivaa aa on
all person having aaaettlad acsourjta
give tnem immeoiate attention
icpw '
. sa urvsiHOSjsj vr
HJUin'iSI ? will
founts n h-sf-?lor),a.,torsleby
"' 9AU-Jlwl
'rail TUttOAl' asset,
lucludlatg; WnOOFINO
COUGH, aad everr
Cwmptaint tha f ereran
stear f , and area actnal ?
f .; ' .
I I t
The Great NEUUALa
OIU HI KIt UY and Nat
ural UPIATK, adapted
te ercry epeeleaaf IV er
vena Camptalnta, Ner
reus and Cbreale ,
Headacbe, ' tibeniNa
Ham, eJiatarrhi Tootls
and Ear Ache, t,oaa af
Sleep, and sjoswel Cem
vi ': . . :i
No rial Justice can be dona the above preparations
but by procuring and reading descriptive pamphlets.-
be round with all dealers, or will be sent ny rropnetor -on
demand. Formulas and Trial Bottles sent to Physi
elans, who will find developments in both worthy their
acceptance and approval.
0ormpondei.ee solicited from all whose necessities or
curiosity prompts to a trial of tbe above reliable Heme
dies. , . , , un li - - - 1
for sale by, the usual wholesale and retail dealer ,.
JOHN JL. nUNE WELL, Froprleto
! He. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Xaaa.
Rooerta A Samuel, N. B, Harple, J. R. Cook, J. M
Denig. G. Denlg A Eons, A. 1. Bchueller A Bon, Agents
for Columbus, Ohio. myl-dly
JflOf'f AX'S IjIFB FlAjliWa
In al I eases of eostl venose, dyspepsia, billions and lire'
affections, piles, rheumatism, fevers and agree, obstl
oats head aches, and all general derangements of health
thane Pills bave Invariably proved a certain and speedy
remedy. ' A single trial will place the Life Fills beyond
the reach ofoompetltlon In the estimation of every pa
tient. Sr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will be found equally ef
ficaoious tn all oases of nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, the sickness Incident to females Indelicate health,
and every kind of weakness of the digestive organs.
for sale by Dr. W. B. MOFf AT, Xt5, Broadway, N. T,
and by all Druggist. ggay9-dAwiy
The following- is an extract from a
letter written hy the HevV J. 8. Holme, paster ol the'
PlSrrepolBt-Btrcet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, BT. Y.,to
the "Journal and Messonger," Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
volumes la favor of that world-renowned medletne, Mas . 1
Wwslow's BooTtiiHO Svanr roa Cmunnt Tsrramei '
"We see an advertisment In your eolumns of Mrs
WtMSLOW's Bootuiks Bvrcp. Now we never said a word
In faver of a patent medioloe before tn our life, bat w .
feel compelled to say to your readers that thla Is no bum
bug wsiuvsTRito it, ami stow it to aa all it
claims. It la probably one of tbe most suooenful medi
cines of the day. because tt Is one ot the beat. And those
of your readers who have baWcs can't do better than
lay ina supply." ocx, :jjaw .
i Wm. A. Batohelor'i Hair Dye!
Ihs Original and 'Best la the Worl&l
All others are mere Imitations, and shonld be avoided
if you wish to escape ridicule.
GRAY, RED OS BUBTT HAIR Dyed Instantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
HatrorBkln. '
awarded to Wm. A, Batchelor since 1839, and over (SU, 00
applications have been made to the Hair of his patrons
of his famous dye,
WM. A. BATCHELOR'f HAIR DTK produces a col
or not to be distinguished from nature, and Is warranted
Dot to Injure in the least, however long it may bs contin
ued, and the 111 effects of Bad Dyes remedied; the Hair
Invigorated for life by this splendid Dye.
old In all cities and towns of the United Bute
Druggists and fancy floods Dealers.
jJjThe Genuine has the name and address npea a steel
plate engraving on four sides of each box, of .WILLIAM
81 Barclay street. New York.
To Consumptives. -
The Advertiser, having been restored to health In a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after havlngi afTeredi '
eral years with a severe lung affection, and that dread
disease. Consumption Is anxious to make known tohls
fellow-sufferers the means of sure.
Toallwhodewrtt,hewlllMndacopyofthepresciip .
tlonaeed (free of charge), with the directions for prepa '
Ing and using the same, which thav will find a soas On
for Conscamoii, Arrm. Brokciutu, Ae. The only
object of. tbe advertiser in sending the Prescription Is to
benefit the sHicted, and spread Information which he con
ceives io be Invaluable, and hs hopes every sufferer wllf
try his remedy, as It Will cost them nothing, and majr
prove a bleating.
Parttea wishing the prescription will please address ' . '
till ; . Ksv. EDWARD A. WILSON, '
' Williamsburg!).
. Kings County, New York.
. , W. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dyol , .
' This splendid Hair Dye has no equal instantaneous la
effect Beaatlfal Black or Natural Brown do staining "I
tbeskinoriujujingtuellair remeaicstaaaonr an
effect of Bid Dyes, and .' Invigorates the hair for lire.
None are genuine nnlen signed "W. A. Batchelor.'
Bold everywhere. , .
f ; CHAB. BATCHELOR, Proprietor, '
JylStwly 81 Barclay Btrvet, New Ton.
for the INSTANT REilEf
- distressing oomplalnt ee '
E Tl D V la'''
Madefy 0. B. BETMOCR 00 , 1U7 Naasaa St., N. T, '
" Price ! per box; sent free by post. ,
. if 0 R 8 A LB AT ALL DRtJGGlbrB:
Sherifi'a Sale.
James Cherry, Guardian, As.,)
j vs. sale by order of court.
uiaeon v anaemara et at.
to me directed from the Court of Common Plea of
Iranallo county. Ohio. I will offer for sale at the door of
the Opart Boa, in th eity of Oolumboa, on
I Saturday, Marob 30tb, A.D. 1861,
between' the hours of 10 o'clock a, m. and 4 o'clock p.
m., the following desorlbed real uute, altnate In th
coonty of frank Un, Stat of Ohio aod eity of Oolumbas,
and b moiled and described as follows: ln-lot No . seven
hundred and ninety-eight, (706) situate on the north side
of friend street, and being the second lot eaat of fifth
street, and fron ting on friend street, sixty-two and a half
feet; by one hundred and eighty-seven and a half feat
narth to Cherry alley, beinr the fall let of 03 feet by
187Kf,t. Arpraisei at S,W0.
febSi-dlfcwt . 0. W. HUFFMAN, Bnerlff,
- Printar'a faaa Al SO ' ha KA. n."r rvn,n '
Sb-roll's Sale.1
i i Tt'' ff'.'i
-:.T v'--. --ft".
A..J. Clark Co
st . . ' "
.T VS. . t '
John VcClnney,et,
. CotnaoB PIa. 1 !
to me directed, from the Oourt of Common Pleas, of
franklin Oounty, Ohio, I will offer for sale, at the door y
of the Oourt Hoase, tn tha eity of Columbus, oa ) . tt
Saturday, the 30th- day or March,' A. D. 18C1,
between the hours of 10 o'olock, A. M., and 4 o'cleolt, '
P. M., the following described real estata, situat In the
Oounty of franklin, and State of Ohio, towlt: Lot No.
8. sab division of out Lot No, 39, ie the city ot Colum
bus, ' '
Appraised at 1 1808,00. ' ' "
O. W. BTJf PMAN, Bhril7.
febSS llwIW K , fij X n. Davis, Deputy. '
Pilnwr's fees $3,00.
nemmatloa and pain, and heals the worst ban. !
scald, bruise, out. or fresh wownd of an kind, i-mmta :
swelling and pain from be stings, saoaquito bites, and
poisonous plants, neuralgia, rheumatism, ague la the i r
breaat, salt rheum, (to. When taken IntomaUy, It will
positively cur croup In children, and gives laaediatot
relief la the wont rase ef this tarrlbl ooraplalnti also, i
removes hearaeness and aors throat. Prioe, 8 eeate a i
bottle. Bboald be In every hoase. for sal by Drag.
gists and StorHrepr. , ,. IRViS 8TONB, I'.J
aoie proprietor, no. i opruce St., new lorl
oeitaawiyis ,v, , , . .. ,
KJ I ..... t
Superior Oriental, : s ! ..
gi-a 4 f Ine Kanaster, t ' .'t ' r .nT
, four Aces, (extra) '-.-!....,.:,,,
- . Amerioaa Bbag, - . . ,. .
! i . , s . u '. i Bird' lye, (Onion)
In packages; also, Keniooky So gat In barrels and halt r
barrels, in store aod for sal by .. ' f
i . - , - r axce.Ba K aani'iaauAr
' febll . . ,.3,BtalamanBuUding.
Diiaolution ot Co-partnersbip,
rnm firwi OF J. n. sniTlI.ft CO.
T T7 . . . ai- laaJ
i.r 'A.0.BBU8H.'.' )
-,og. DEN II 1 1. 1, SiniRTl, i! l
V Allii.es and qo.llll; als BOYS' 8HIRT8 of same
M BAIN BON, ....
.ncjJH le.JllDlf street ' T

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