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The Adam. Express Company pl(ui daily
under obligation, to it for the very mi F-i-
from the eastern cttw-
American Expreet Company has oar
t fa, SJdallf favor. In lh. .nap. of the
very luteal eatftern paper..
ThiOu. Diooinoi. A correspondent of the
Cleveland Pladealtr, who hae been on a visit
. to Mecca, in Trumbull county, says mat ine on
dlgglDge are embraced in a territory about three
and a half mile, in length by one mile in width.
There is continuous line of shanties of various
descriptions on eachsideof the one street, which
passes throujjh the Diggings, for nearly two
miles. Up to this time there nave neeu.v
leases of land in Mecca, for the purpose oi ama
ioK oil wells. The . Uod is leased in lots from
half an acre or less to five acree. The terms
usually are-one half the oil and a bonus of
from Are hundred to one tUousana aouar.
Th. .oil. .ra from ftfw to sixty feet In depth,
There are two or three hundred wells la the
neighborhood, bnt not more than fllty are wot
ine renularlv. . Few of the wells have held out
as thev commenoed. Some discharge thirty or
fotiv barrels, and then drop off to three or four,
Serious Inconveniences are experienced from
wells being too near each other. The oil sells a
the DlEtines at seven teen eenta per gallon.
The cast of engine and outfit for pumping is
ahont one thousand dollars. To see one of the
nnmni In ooeration. one would suppose that noth
ing but water was brought up. The liquor is
conveyed from the pump into a vat, where the
oil rises to the top of the water in a thick scum
of about the color of chocolate and nearly as
thick ss soft soap. The water passes off into
another vat, and sometimes into two or three,
so as to retain any oil that may escape with it
from the first vat. - The water, after passing
through the vats, la allowed to run on the ground
over a sucoesslon of little dams, and any stray
oil that rises to the top of the still water is
skimmed off and saved. . Tho pumps are worked
night and day, two engines being employed at
aoh pump. The oil is drawn off from the tops
of the vats into barrels.
Industrial Schools. We learn that R.
Watiiton, Esq., Superintendent of the Indaa
trlal School at Cleveland, wilt be present, at
the Hill of the House of Representatives, this
evening, at seven o'clock, with twenty children,
beneficiaries of tho schdbl, for tie purpose of
awakening an interest in favor of Industrial
Schools. Hon. J . A. Footi and Hon. Haavn
Rioi are expected to be present and speak upon
that subject.
ID" It is stated that the Fencibles' receipts at
the celebration on Friday night, exceeded three
hundred and fifty dollars. As their outlays in
cash did not probably reach a third of that sum,
a handsome profit . must have been realised.
Every one will be pleased to hear of their good
luck. '
. . m
CaosTAOtous. It is tbe opinion of geologists
that all the Inhabitants of the earth are living
upon a ctutt. If so, It would seem, from the late
attempts u. tinging an Artesian well in Capitol
Square, that the people of Columbus have a
pretty hard.aud dry portion of the emit for
their share.
ID Iu the course of Mr. Lincoln's progress
from West to East, a man at Wellsville, Ohio,
threw him some apples. A youngster ootioing
tbe act, cried out "Mr. Lincoln,' that man
wants to be postmaster." The happy hit elioit
ed general merriment.
Cocar of Common Plias The Court has
been occupied to-day in try lug tbe oase ol
FaiDMica Siebold against Prria Giose and
otbera-NuBLK for plaintiff, Rankin for defend
ants. It is a Jury trial. ' . r
Gccrnut's Balm -Will, as certainly as you
apply 'it, cure Neuralgia, RheumatUm, Ague In
the Breast, Burns, Scalds, Fresh Wounds of any
description, Bites of venomous Reptile. and.In
sole, Sail Rheum, 40. Prloo 25a. a bottle.
ETTbe Governor's Guardshavereceived their
new knapsacks, which will add much to their
appearance on parade.
ST The Miami Conference of the Congrega
tional Chut oh meots In this city to-morrow.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Halls for New Tort City, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, rteubenville war. Cleveland, Ztneatlll.
Newark. QranTllle. Whln.ton City, Baltimore, Phila
delphia sad NewOrWans, olose dally (Sundays except
ed) at In e'elock p. m. '
A through nail for New York anil Cleveland eloses
dally (Bandars excepted at 1 o'olock p. m.
0. O.A 0. R. K. way llalloloses dally (Sundays e
cepted) at 1 o'clock p. a. ; ;
Central Ohio Way Mill olosesdslly (Sundays excepted)
Cincinnati way Mail closes dally (Sundays excepted) at
1 o clock p. B. " ' ' '
Chicago, Dubuque, Delaware, Merlon and Worthlne
Cos Mail eluaes dally (Sundays excepted) at V o'olock
Halls for Xenla, Bprlngueld, Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, liouiivino, Dt. tivuia, bin muvu,
closes daily (Sundays eioepwd) at 7H P-a.
A through mail to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
aIaabm rnf1aallMntMl) &1 1 o'clock D. Bl.
Drbana, Fiqna, llffln and Union City Bali doses sally
(Bandays excepted) at 7 o citoi p m.
Lad cuter, Logan, NelsonTllle, OlrcleTille, Ohllllcolbe,
Pontmouth, Waehaiglon, O. H., Athens, Marietta and
HllUborouih, Balls close dally (Sundays excepted) at 7
utmMill bv National Bead to Zanesvfllt, closet
dally (Sandsys excepted) at 11 o'clock a. b.
Uarrisbnrgh nails dote dally (Sundays excepted) at 1
o'olock p n. -
kit. Vernon Hall, by way of Westervllle and Banbury.
Closes dally (dundeys excepted) at 1 o'clock p. B. '
Dublin Hall closes dally (Sundays exoepted)at 1 o'clock
Halls from New Tork, Boston, Philadelphia, Albany,
Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla, Detroit,
Bprlnrfteld, Cincinnati, Chlllicothe, Bt. Louia. and all
Southern eltlee, arrlre between the hours of 8 o'clock p.
B. and 4 o'olock a. m
Hails trsen Indianapolis, Ohloage and Dubuque, antra
at 1:40 a b.
w.n. h Wuhlnetan Oltv. Baltimore. Wheellnr,
Zanesville, Newark, Steubenvtlle, alt. Vernon, and the
0. O. B. K. way Mall, arrlre at o cioca p. m.
Way Hall from Cincinnati, arrlTea at H, .'dock p. B
luiMita. Mall ArrtvMfttau a'eloek D. m. - '
Beet Way Hall over the National Road, entires at 11
o clock a m '-'if
Hb Vinson way Mall arrives at 11 :00 a.
Mall tnm Dablin arrives at 9 o'clock p.m.
Urbeae Way Mail aerleae at 8 o'clock p. s ,:i tif
Barriabn-eh Hail iM at 11 a'eloaka. m. -
Offlce deUTary enen mn au (except Sunday,) from
1H a'sleek a. aa. to o'olock p. sa. Open oa Bnndaya
froa 1H to 0 o'clock la the moraine and from S to 6 la
Rail Road Time Table.
L rrr 14 Sum St Oemasoe a Xima R. R.
I Arrlvea.
A ooommodatlop. 6.10 a. H.
No.SBx S.90P.H.
T Nlfht axpreea. .'...8.49 A.M.
CtrfauaD, Coumaos a OmctiouTi R. R,
Ixpresa and Mall....v3 .00 P. M.
Might express.. '...3:85 A. M.
CmTBaaOme R. R. . -t..
8.13 P. H
a 30 p. H
8.45 A. H
1 v ,
1.40 P.M.
lCA. M
xpnes Train 3.00 ..M . 8 30 A
Hail Train. 1.40 P. M. ' . SHOP
Prrrsitmaa, Ooldhsds It CuicimATt R. R.
Bxpraea Train... 3:00A.M. 8.30 P. M
.Hail Train 8.40P.M. . 8:811 P. M
Ootvaeue It inniaxanue R. R.
Oolneibut, PI qua a Indiana R. R. '
Bxnrets Train 8:10 A.M. 11:10 A. K
Kxpnn Train 8:45 1. J. :10P.M
HT Sea advertlaement of Trof. Mitutrt
Hair inTigoraWr in another column.
luTXiUTUia. It housekeepers really under
stood tbe great difference that exists between
different brands ot Suleratus, as to quality,
purity, and oonseqaent reliability and beUhlul
ntss, tbey would not long be without the best
that Is manufaoiured. Da Land & Co Sale
ratue ootti you no more tban any of the Inferior
articles which are In market. He is using a
new prooeas of redoing Saleratus, by which all
impurities are removed. This prooeas is in use
at no other establishment In this country. The
quality of the Saleratus produced by this pro
cess Is very superior, and It is last becoming very
popular with intelligent housewives. Di Ltna
St Co.'s Saleratus is for sale by most grocers and
storekeepers. Manufactured and fur sale at
wholesale, at Fairport, Monroe county, New
York. The principal giooers also wholesale.it.
Who will suffer fsom Foul Humors, Sores, or
Disease of the 8k)n, when suoh certain retnidies
it McLfait's Btrengtainq Cordial, and Blood
Poairua. and MoLiatrs Voloahio Oil Lini
mint can be so easily obtained. The Cordial
ill purify tbe blood thoroughly, ana the lilnl
ment will cure any sore. See the advertise
The resolution giving a quit claim to certain lands In
lowa was laaea up.
Several amendments Dassed
Hr. Hale offered an amendment for the payment of
f 18.009 tor money deposited. He explained that It was
In relation to the removal ot the notion rost omco
A point of order was raised, and the amendment ruled
Hr. Johnson, of Tennessee, offered an amendment to
carry out Ihe order of the Senate to pay the widow of
x Senator Lynn bis mileage, auer cuttuuion. ine rco
olntion was Daaaed.
The bill making payment for tbe suppression of the
Indian hostilities In UUb, In 1853, was taken up and
Ti e miscellaneous appropriation bill was taken up.
After considerable discussion, the amendment was a
Hr Dixon moved an amendment to pay $100,000 for
marble for theuuatom House atunanesion.
Hr. CUngman asked whether this was for work done
or to te done. He was opposed to building a Custom
tiouse in Bourn uarouna
Hr. Dixon said It was for work partly done and partly
to be done.
Mr. Simmons said the marble was finished and ready
to be shipped, bnt tbe Government thought It Was not Ihe
best time to ship it now.
Hr. fetsenden explained that contractors had gone
and prepared a quantity or marnie, ana only euea pay.
ment for work done.
A point of order being raised, the amendment wis
rniea cut.
Hr. Sebastian offered an amendment for the adjust'
ment or the accounts of Brlibam Younr, while ex-ofli
elo Supm.'ntendentof Indian Affairs, and the payment
of t&OOO.
Tbe objection was made that this was a private
Hr. Green eald be was for the adjustment of his ac
counts under a prior law.
Hr. Douglas asked If he said It was a claim under a
higher law.
air. ureen isld no never appealed to a higher law
than the Senate. He did so sometimes on bis knees prt
After further consideration of various amendments.
Mr. Clark offered an amendment thit the Commissioner
of Indian Affairs be authorised to adjust Ihe accounts
oi orignam lonng, ana mate a report. Aaopwa.
The Oregon and Washington war debt bill was passed .
r. enermao moved to lane up the tariff sin as
turned from the Senate, with amendments.'
Hr. Cochrane appealed to him to let the matter stand
over mi uonaay. in order to live members an opnortu-
alty or examining it. He desired to make no ftctloue
opposition, but did desire to protect the interests of his
Hr Sherman said he was glad to learn that no factions
opposition was designed, but he assured gentlemen
mat it the bill war not taken up to-day he saw no poist
blllty of gettlni It to a final issas during Ihe oresent
The House went Into committee and took up the tariff
bill by a vote of 8 1 against 28.
The first Senate amendment, redueini the loan to 821.-
000,000, wasooncurred In.
During the debate Hr. flarnett, while discussing the
amount, alluded to the cominaot Hr. Lincoln here at
an early hour this morning snvinir the latter had hnr-
nea tnrougn Baltimore ror tear oi Bin lanceyana Jen:
uavis, wno were mere wun a six pounder, it was nec
essary to put on additional taxes to Increase Ihe pay of
the Iileutetant General, that he might have an additional
peacock's plume In the worderful career against his
own native Bute. Scott had In his notes of the campaign
quoted Puffendorf , Pope, and all the rare olasslcal poete
he could find. The Doles are not published. But Lieu
tenant General Boott, alter a sleepless night and a bad
headache, suggested to tbe Secretary of War Here a
point ot order was raised against Hr. Garnett-
The Chair, Ur. Oollax, said the gentleman must con
fine himself to the subject before the oummittee.
Ur. Garnett What, to the peacock's leather? Re then
essayed to draw a comparison between the Duke of Wel
lington and lien Booit, pronouncing in ravor of the For
mer. Honey is wanted to establish a nody guard to Gen.
Scott to resist Jeff. Davis and .Ex-Governor Wise.
i This remark wae met with hieaee J
Ir. Garnett aaid such demonstrations were the proper
emblems of me downfall of this corrupt government.
It was agreed t, meet on atunday, at IU o clock.
The tariff Mil is to be oontloued ia Vomuvttee of the
Whole, when such amendments as may have been acted
upon shall be repotted to tbe House.
Durtnz the debate on the tariff, Hr. Sickles said the
chalrm.n of the committee on Ways and Means, in bring
ing this hill berote me House in manuscript, and thus
seeping the House ignorant of Its Contents, m?aot to
produce as close ia leismoiance oetween mis uoune ana
Hr. Lincoln as pp eiblo, for he (Lt'Ooli.) hsd said at
Flttibureh. that he (il l not know muoh about tbe tariff
and it appealed as If tbe gentleman iromOhlo, Ur. Slier
man, wished 'he House to kn -w less and tout to resem
ble tue President elec , at Ita.t In fg..oranoa of ao Im
portant lutjret to the country He roug aiula'ed ihe
gentleman IromOhlo upon the enlarged statesmanship
men pretiaea over me inception ana e too ration oi tnit
measure at tl e moment, wben 'he Confederacy Is men
aced with dismemtwroient, and all ee a,e turned upon
me puiioy wnicn wiuooutroi toe suropean eta e, wnoirv
or I' shall be a policy of non-inietfereoee, or the poilcy
of the recognition of the Sonihern CoLfe lerajy.
The Chairmen of the Committee an Ways and Means
has offered the strongest provocation to atngland and
rrance i nastan an alliance wun me soutuora con.
feoeracy. The gentleman fiom Ohio wasonly to persist
in making war on the free trade policy, b resolutions
ordination tbe protective tariff system, to accomplltb
this Is this to be he controlling policy, and the con
trolling ideaof the Northern, Bestern and Western por
tions of tnisOoolederecyi Tbe gentleman and bis party
have for yearsC in all th-lr antl-elavery crusadM, been
the mere instrument of Eogliih Intrigue, which looked
to th dl membermeot of our Union. This Is another
step In th earn downward oourc.
Mr Sherman roe to mak general reply to the ob-
Jectloua mat bad been Bad from th Demooratls side,
snowing mat ia pnoue aeot was one Bundled Billion
dollars, and tbeeleetof th bill wonld necessarily be to
Increase me revenues. He Incidentally mentioned that
the omission to print me bill was owing lo Ihe neglect of
me foreman oi we printing cmce. ho presieu me ne
cessity of the paseage of the bill to-day, and appealed to
bis party friends to sustain him.
Alter an earn eat running debate, tbe consideration or
the bill waa postponed till Uenday . . .
Recess till 7 P. H.
On re assembling speeches were mad on th reoort of
we vommiiie oi m. Atuouniea.
A message Was received from th House, announcing
the passage of th Oregon War debt b II. On motion of
Ur. Lane, it was Bad the aoeclal order for to-morrow
at 11 Mocloek.
"Hr. Bigler presented a Dumber cf petitions in favor of
the Crittenden resolutions,
Ur. Bigler alto presented the resolution adopted by
uivreDDijivaaia ucmocratie atate conventions.- .
. Ur. Sumner preeented petjtlone from oltieens of Mae-
aachueetts and rhiladelphia aralnitoomoromlte.
air. sumner also presented a petition from eltlsens of
Bassacousette, asking uongrms to enact a law that no
person shall be held lnsenritude by the laws of any Butte,
and that such pereone now held b declared free. - He
said he presented tbe petition, because he thought it bis
duty to ao so. it naving Deen.preeented to mm In proper
and respectful form; hot be would take this occasion to
declare most explicitly that Congress bad not any right
to interior witn siaverr in tne mates.
Hr. Green, presented a petition from Inhabitants of
Deootah, aaklni for a territorial government.
air. xrumbull presented editions aeainat comoro-
Blt. . . ' . . . ,.
On motion of Mr. Wade, th bill In relation to th
postal aervio In th Seceded Bute was then taken
HP. .. -
Mr. Pear aored to strike out th wort "Insurrec
tion." ,. . . i - .
' Mr. Mason said th word "Inmrrecllun" sraa unknown
to th Constitution, and be protested against the use of
vueu wuru. . . --. ... . . -
1 Mr. Wad said he was willing to have the clauses of
Insurrection and resistance to laws assigned in the bill
MvlbAH Mil. ' - '
i Ur.lPtaree's asMadment was withdrawn, and the bill
amended, on motion of Hr. Bayard, so as to conform to
Mr. wadt'e suneetion.
Mr. Johnson, of Arkansas, presented the credentials of
vnarie . aitcne i.ownator elect from Areaoeae. - '
Mr. Hemphill offered a substitute for th bill that where-,
as eeTeral State have withdrawn from the Union, and
laws or ui united states no longer bar force therein,
therefore. -r. i r , t'.'S .
f Ktolvti, That th Postmaster General Is authorised
to disoontlnoe postal service, and make arranrements
with th government of ibot States In regard to the
: 1 B.-ti wt x i '
Ing business, proceeded to the consideration f th Sn
ate'sasiendments to th tariff bill.
About SO of th 160 amendments were acted on in tbe
Ooausitt of th Whole, which at I o'olock rose puna
ant to me previous order, and the entire subject was r'
orted to th Hnnu.
Bnerman arged the necessity of concurring In all
fheeaendmeuta. to mane of which he waaooDoaed. and
" ewer circumstances would rot against mem, but
" uvea tn very xitno of th Bovertment d
pende on the nromns umm nf thm hill. hiih le nL
stanually meaotof 1857. when th nreaent administra
tion came Into Dover. Th .ukiu At., aoan.ininna
PV1' 18 B,."ll0B ' the twasnry, bat aw the pub
lic aeot ia o m inone: tha n.iiu.u.iv,i. ,h.
Government oan gee along with the next fiscal year Is
""''' nvoaaeuy to Das WIS nil.
Th Hons than, on molum of u. L....
to aet under operation of Uk. pnvious Iqutiilsn b all
sjnttiaaefits, r . 1
Washington News and Gossip.
WasawaTOR. Teb. 83 Me-e than two honrs were oe.
oupie 1 by ihe dereury of tbe Troa.u ry tn opoii,g bids
for th t S.tiOO 000 loan this noon. Ihe' were sboo-10
bidden, and the average amount offered on th dollar
waa a traction over two.
after ait interview between th President and Hr.
Llnooln. tbe farmer introduced Hr. Lincoln to the Oab
loet. which wae men lo session. Mr. Lioooln, in
puny with Mr. Seward, eobieqaeDtl paid blvrespests
Lttnt. oen. eoott.
Mrs Llnooln and family and suit arrived In the P
M. train. ... ,
WaaaixoTon, fab. 84. Indefinite rumors are afloat
concerning warlike dispatches said to have been received
by tn government irom me eoutn. inese oaut mueu
excitement and many inquiries, bat they oannol be traced
to any reliable eouroe. There certainly has been no
Cabinet meeting to-day to consider such dispatches, as
circulated In connection with other reports.
Mr. Liocolo's rapid passage through Baltimore ha
oeen condemned ner oy some wno ao not anon uie lavie,
whloh are these: . .. .
A set of noicrupulons political knaves in Baltimore,
who had determined to turn Hr. Lincoln's visit there to
their own account, arranged fora procislon from me de
pot to bis hotel. ProUotioo wa aeked by these rowdtee
or Marshal Kane, who protested agalnat such a proceeding.
He aaid Hr. Llnooln would be treated with all respect
due blm personally and bis offolal position, but so
onnoxlous were tha nirtlei nroooslna me demonstration.
that he oouldnott sure tho sam respeot for them. If
tbey were determined to brave it, It might result lo som
Itd'gD'tj being offered which woul I b moitifylni to th
fresldent elect, and disgracelnl to th city si Baltimore,
Finding that tr ese men were sxed In their pur
pose to make Ur. L.'s visit subservient to their pur
poses, the latter was advised by trlegrapk to pass on to
Washington without stopping, whioh he did.
This advice came f om gentlemen who hsd th good
name of Baltimore at heart. These advices from Baltt-.
more had been anticipated by a special messenger, tent
mence to meet ur. Lincoln at rnuadelpnta, witn des
patches from Gen. Uoott and the War Department, urg
ing him to come throuth Baltimore unexpectedly, as
they bad speclflo information of tbe hostile purpotes
against him there, In relation to which they con Id not be
mistaken. This information wa obtained taronga om
cial secret seen te.
Ur. Lincoln dined privately yesterrisy, with Senator
Seward and Ur. Hamlin, and attended St. John's Church
to-day, In company with tbe rormer. with whom Die re la
tions evidently continue to be of the most cordial nature,
Ur. Lincoln remains at his hotel qusrtsn. and will
not go to bis private honse. as .n iclpated. He received
several visitors to-day. The hotel halls are crowded with
people, anxious to get a sight at him. He told his friends
to letall come mat could, as he waa glad to see and wel
come all. He was public property now, and would, so
far as possible, ignore personal ease, as bis duties would
soon preclude the possibility of a general reception
Senator Crittenden and Hon. O. V. Adams called on
him to-day. The Interview between O rittenden and M r,
Lincoln was a very agreeable one. Mr. Crittenden ex
pressed himself afterward much pleased with him, and
uu urong nopes mat ne will sava tne country.
Washikotcr. Feb. 25. Secretary Dlx hai recently ia
sued the following order t ' John G. Brushwood, a cap.
tain In the Revenue service, having, while In the oom'
mand of the revenue cutter Robert McClelland, In viola
lion of his official oath and of his dutv to the Govern
ment, surrendered his vessel to the State of Louisiana, and
S- B. Caldwell and Thomas D. Poster, Lieutenants un
der his command, having been parties to the surrender,
it ia nereny aireotea mat tneir names ne stricken from
tbe rolls of said servloe. .
JOHN DIX, Sec'y of Treasury."
A distinguished Alahamlan, who was Identified with
the Bell party, but who Is now a secessionist, writes to a
menu minis city:
'You may suppose that there Is a chance lo rebuild tha
Union, which has been torn down. There Is none. Not
only is there no probability but no possibility of such an
event. We do not believe that the North will give us
any substantial guarantees, and w could not trust tbem
If they did. The idea which soems to have taken posses
sion of the Peace Congress, as it is called, that we will be
satisfied with the prohibition north of 30d. 30m., and
Squatter Sovereignty south of that line. Is a gross insult
to our unaeraianaing. bo assured w hav no Idea of
accepting any such terms. The tram Is. and our friendi
outside ol the seceding B tates ought to be apprised of the
fact, we have lost all hone of an amlcahla adluttnenL
ana are looking to the bayonet as tha final arbiter of the
dispute." '
Col. B. K Stephenson, President of th Southern Pa
cific H. B. Co., has arrived in Washington. Before he
reitrans, ne maae preliminary arrangements for build
ing the road, but the contract cannot be closed durlnr Ihe
prwub iruuvira o, tne country.
The Rumored
WiSHIXOTON. Teb. 23 Mr. Lorlncr. nf Hut. fina (in
clined tbe Sardinian mission.
air. Hamlin visited me Senate this morntnr. and re
ceived a cordial greeting.
A special dispatch to the T'imee aava that nn Than.
day night, after he had retired, M r. Lincoln was aroused.
ana iniormea mat a stranger desired to see him on a
matter of life and death. He declined to admit him un
less he gave his name, which he at once did. Such
tige did the name carry, that while Mr. Lincoln was yet
disrobed he granted an interview to the caller. A pro
longed conversation elicited the fact that an organised
body of men had determined that Mr. Lincoln should
not be Inaugurated, and that he should never leave th
city of Baltimore alive, if Inceed he should ever enter It
Tbe list of consplrat' rs presented a most astonishing ar
ray of parsons high In Southern confldence.and rome whose
imo is not oonnnea to tms oountry alone. Statesmen
laid the plans, banters endorsed it, and alventurers were
to carry it into enrct.
Aa tbey understood. Mr Lincoln waa tn laa H.r.l.
burg at 0 o'clock this morning by a special train, and the
Idea was. If possible, to throw the train from the road at
som point where thev ouald rain, down a etaen anhnk
ment, and destroy in a moment tha lives of all on board.
inoa'ooiamiiureor mis project, their plan was to sur
round iheoarrlaie on the war from onadeuol to tha oth
er In B. ilmore. and anaislnate him wi h a !. r
eoautLentic was the source thronih which thalnfnr.
nation was obtained, that Mr. Lincoln, oountelHoa with
his friends, w.a compelled to make arracgemems 'bat
would enable him to subvert the plan of bis enemies,
greatly to tbe annoyance of thousand who desired to call
on him last night He declined to gives reoption. The
final cou ell was held at 8 o'clock. Ur. Lincoln did not
want to yield, and Col Sumner actually e ied with In-
ijnet'on; but Mrs. Lincoln, seconded by Mr, Judd and
Mr. Lincoln's orlsinal informant. Inaiiterl nn..n it. and
o'clock Ur Lincoln left on a speiial train. Hw..rea
Scotch r laid and a long military cloak, ao that b waa nn
rerotnisable. He was accompanied by Superintendent
Lewie and one friend. He started while all th town,
with ib exception of Mrs. Llnooln, ol. bamner, Ur.
Jaddeod two lepor er,. whn were sworn to secrecy, tap.
posed blm to be ssleep. Th telegraph wires were put
beyond lb reach ot any oa who nlhi desire to ass
Lincoln. Lincoln's Party at Baltimore-Indignation of
the Baltimoreans.
BALTMaas, Feb. 83. A rem larva crowd crested tha
arrival of me train brlnatng th Presidential party ai
Tork. Mr. Wood announced from me rear end of the
car that Mr. Lincoln was not on board, having gon di
rect to Washington. He then Introduced Bobert Lin
coln, who happened toetand bssld him, and very much
tome letter's astonishment. At 11.-40 the train paased
the Maryland boundary. Th Committee from Balti
more J oioed the party at Harrlsburg, osnslstlngvf W.G.
Brethren, W L. Marshall, L. Blunenbery, W. Bell,
J. Bishop, W. B. Qleaeon, J. M. Ptrmer and I .
Corker n. ihe latter on behalf of th Electoral College.
All of them feel very indignant at tbe want of confidence
In tbe ettlfens of Baltimoie. aa evidenced tn a, t.i..
coin's ooarss. though It is npderetood that be was op-
posea to m out was overruled by other parties, who have
awaiuova rue control ot nis movements.
A orowd blocked np all ot the Calvert street dennt. and
greeted ihe train with groans, on learning that Mr. Lin
coln wa not ol board.
Arrangements had been made here for securing the safe
and resyeottul transit or Ur. Lincoln through the oity.
The police foroe we all out and full anninn.,,. and
all good oltlzena were anxious that no indignity should
u uiiiawu. in appreoansion entertained
Was that certain disienntabl narfcaa who hail aii.h.rf
themselves to the Republican organization here, and who
were expected to make a demonatratlon, would hav
eroasad bed feeling In the minds of some, and partially
cause a disturbance, otherwie there was so reason to
ijraicai any luing unpleasant ner..
j , . - ,
Mr. Lincoln at Washington.
WlSntHOTOll. Web. 93. flan. Rnntt hairi If.
Lincoln's call at 3 p. U.andwa warmly greeted. At 4
0 clock the Illinois delegation, without reanaet tn n.ri.
headed by Senator Donglas, called upon Hr. Lincoln
and paid their respeot. Tbe meeting was less formal
perbape, than would be the oase at an Interview with any
ther delegation, from the fact that they were friends and
acquaintances Deiore. xn interview between Hr. Lin'
coin and Mr. Douglas was peculiarly pleasant, - -
Among tne caiiere on ur. Llnooln, this P. M., were
me venerauio vrank Blair and bm son Montgomery Blair.
' At S o'clock Dr. Buelsto. Secretary of th Feaoa Oon.
great, presented a committee to Hr Lincoln, announcing
that members of the Congress were anxlnna to n.w ih.ir
respect to Mr. Lincoln, and renuoated tha latter to ,
th time when he should receive them. Hr. Llnooln re
plied be wonld be happy to receive them at 9 o'olock.
At7 o'clock Ur. Llnooln left bis hotel and proceeded In
a carriage to the residence of Hr. Seward, with whom
be dined. At 8 o'clock Hr. Lincoln received the Peao
Congress. Uov. Obase, of Ohio, introduced Mr. Tyler.
Mr. Lincoln received him with all the respect due hi
position. Several delegate wen then preeented to Mr.
aincoin py uov. unase in tne usaat manner
I ai ' ' ' .......
Report of the Kansas Relief Committee.
ATCBisoa, f eb. 83. Tha Kansas Relief Commit)
ports having received from February 1st to febeuary 14,
ioji. iron, awwb, rr lavoDtin, Illinois, Indiana, Aiicblgan
and Ohio, provisions and seeds of various kinds weigh.
In 1 700X91 Bounds.' Thev rannre tiavtn rilalvlknt- l
the earn time to 37 different counties, 803.7S0 pounds,
aaiviuuiug lawujnuna, wjMfeavtrui OOUnly, WblOh
has been oonstantly supplied, acoordlng to receipts In the
committee's books, with provisions, on the strength
wTunn un.n vj tneir iucdi oominittee, aiMOUgB me pa
peraandeomeoitliensof Leavenworth hay stated that
th coanty had raised a supply,
I The roads are in a terrible condition, although tmprev
kg somewhat, and the streams have been very high, pre
venting teams from coming In for relief.
i Som mm from th back settlement report their po
pi reduced to the very verge of starvation, en aooouat
the delay in getting provisions, and the commute are
making every effort to get a large supply on hand without
delay- This Is most important! as the frost la about nil
ont of the ground, and it will soon be time for patting
Proposition of Mr. Chase in the Peace Congress.
1 ; '' ., fcTesi. .
' Pb. 83.
PniUDBimiA, Thta evmlng's BvllM eon'
tains a despatch from Washington to th effect that
the Peao Conference Hr. Ohaee. of Ohio, offered a nnm.
osltlon that it Is inexpedient to proceed to the ooneidera
tion of th grave matters Involved In th resolutions
v irgiuia, until an me etates participate, and that amp)
time may be afforded for deliberation, it is resolved that
1 the Convention aillonm to th. 4th at anrti. a n
1 Un bu eeeurred, bnt there is a prospct ot lis ados,
Excitement at Philadelphia Concerning Mr.
Lincoln's Flight.
PauiAOiiaTSKA, eb. 84. Wo simmualty ar maul
fested more a -xloty regardins the late movements of
Mr. LIlooIo man Philadelphia. It Ilk ha eeldom
besn experienced her. Bxtra ware in unparalleled de
mand to day. 1 be sunjeot has been th chlif topi of
conversation, and atoumea t mad 17 prominent mem
bars of the Beonollcan party Justify th belief that fears
00 the pert of h friends ,,f an attempt to assasaluat
him on the train or In the rrooesilon at Baltimore, were
me real aola oan e of hla flliht. It was dltexteed among
th prominent member f hi suit woen in this city, sad
measureo were taken to sutrd against such a oalamlty.
Tbe names o( Oen Scott and Qor. Hicks, of Md., are
prominently mentioned as among thoee who gave the
warning, and Messrs. Judd and Davis as those who acted
on it.
It is ooetthie that a statement to tn panne will D
punished by his frlsnds, to Justl y their ooaree, and to
remove from Mr. Lincoln tb enaig ot unwarranted
Tb recent speech of Mr. Lincoln, at Independence
Hall, embodying sentiments which havs been coostrusd
Into an admission or negro-equall'y. Is supposed to hav
more particularly tended to Inflame the Southern Bind,
and ia aaid to have created an unusual sxoltement at
Baltimore and throughout the South.
From New York.
New Toac Teb. 84. Th Herald's special Washing-
ton correspondent says: I am aiiursd from high author
ity that no action will b taten by this administration
relative to me seliore ot the vessels at Savannah, but that
tbe whole subject will be left for the new administration
to deal wlih. The Republicans do not object to this pol
icy of the present administration.
Among the blls for the eight million dollar loan, was
the bank of Laniingnurg, at 80; W. 8 Newberry, Ohio
ago, $40,00 at 90; Rains H. King, of Albany. 81,000 t
bl 1 5-UK) dodo 830,000 at 5 On do do 820,000 atB7
Ge. W. Curler, of Palmyra, Hew Tork, 810 0 0 at 80 do
do 810.10a ati-8; Geo. A. S'one, Leroy New Tork, 820,
000 at 85. do do $20 000 at P7, do do 20,000 at 07X.
do do 820(10 atPB do do (2000 at 90 do d 8000 at 87
W. Ohsmplln, Moffiuvllle, Haw fork, 9 luuuateUH
do do lrmOatSti; Mark A. If Icholc. of Lockpnrt N. Y.
$110 at 90 18-100 do dot 1000 at BOjfdodo 681OO0 at
00 X; 8051.9000 of the eight million loan will be awarded
to me following partleeat 80 15 100: K'tehum, eon
Co., $381 4000: Laterly St Co. $145,000; Trevor As Col
gat $1.85000; Reed, Trexell as Co. $I,315.0C0; Swee
ny, Kettenhous-, Tant aa Co, thhe remainder of the
loane will be awarded at rate ranging fum 90K to 98,
no bids below 90 15 100 will be accepted, $14,3U,000are
bidfor. - .
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 25.
FLOUR Becelnts of 8.088 bote: markst dull and a shade
lowers sales of 10,000 bbls at $5 15 15 80 for superflo
State; $5 305 35 for extra State; $5 155 80 forsu
perfioe Western; $5 $ll5 50 for common Ho medium
extra Western, and $550(35 60 for inferior to good
shipping brand extra Bound Hoop Ohio; Canadian
flour dull and drooping; sale 4,000 bbls. at $5 35(a)
ao 73.
ni a rwjuit eieaoy at j iu.
WHEAT RocetDta of 48.550 bush: marl.et auletand
price without material change, sales 86,000 bush, at
81,24$ 136 delivered for prime and choice Mllwnkee
Club; $1,18 dellrened for fair Chicago spring; $1,85
(31,50 for white western.
HYB quiet at ixmia.
BARLEY steadv sales 87.000 bush. Canada west at
7878. . ...
uuan receipts are u.vioousn. market autiana scarce
ly so firm sales of 3000 buihels at 6809; for old
mixed western in store and delivered; 61068 for sew do
at RR depot.
OATS dull at 35K37o for Western, Canadian and
PORK quiet; sales 100 bbls at $17 35 for mess, and
$13 75 for prime.
BKBr quiet and unchanged.
CUT MB ATS steady
LARD a shade firmer; sales 050 bbls at 9(10o.
BUTTBR in fair reuuest at 103 He for Ohio, and 14
lc for State.
CHBBB B steady at 910 He.
WHISKY more active and firmer; sales ISO bbls.
STOCKS excited and higher. Money plenty and easy
at 67 per cent, on call. Sterling exchange quiet and
steady at luaoiuotf ror Bankers' bills; urilo K lae;
0 B at Q7SXi I 0 Scrip W; Hud 45X; Harl 18; do
prnferred40; M 0 58; M S 15; do quoted at 84: Uaoon
t Western 93; Pao Mail 84; N T 0 78ji; M as M U;
d.u. . . uj.i, n 1 a. ,Lt. n a. T. n i ..i A
a Lacrosse grants ia; Ho ' V VaO's 7u: xenn
6't,3X; Treasury 18't 103.
Cincinnati Market.
There wa a vary rood business don in Orocerle to
day, particularly In sugar and coffso. Prioes for both
articles are well maintained at lait quotations.
IT LOU it tne market remain dull and inactive. There
is no lndncemeat to speculate, and th sales forconsump
tion are offseted without prodncing any impression on
the spirit of tbe trade .
WHBAT Is In good request, at $1.00, for red and
$1,05(31,08 for white, bnt it Is ho Id very ffrmly at 83 c
per nutnei signer.
CORN is about as quoted yesterday 33c for car and
3530 for shelled, in bulk.
OATa drag, at 87 He for feeding, but article lu liable
for seed is in good request, at 88 to 30o.
Prime Pall Barley is taksn quit readily at 70c, and
as It is rather light supply, holders ars indisposed to sell
at tne ngure.
, RYE sells readily at 59360o held generally at 00c
WHISKY had a a-ond market at Uo.
PRO VISIONS the market Is in fair working trim,
cured meat being In pretty good request on order, at
the latest quotations, but generally held a shade higher.
Liieral transsotions were made in Oountry Mess Pork, at
816 75. A few sale of Bacon wore mad at 73.11c for
Sbomders and Sldee, bat trensao ions were restricted by
ine nnwnitnsoess 01 noiders to tak tnese flgnrvo- Bulk
Meats are held very firmly, and an kc per m higher Is
usually asked ror botn enooiders ana aide. Lara 1 in
sood request at 9K Vkc are generally asked. We may
quote aa the standard f priors asked Mesa Pork d fa
cult to be had; Oit packed at $17; Bacon 7U(5j0X0 lor
shoulders and sides; Lard94c; Bulk Meat 6X(38(c.
uu. wm., rto .
Cleveland Market.
February, 23.
VLOTTR-stearly, with little doing Price rang it
$4.7595 00 fur satras, and $5,19k5.S5 for read wheat
doutii rxtras.
HYB H OUa-ii wrth $3 39(33,50. -WUAT
salesof Soaraiedat al 06. on track: lcar
do at 81 17.
CO UN dull at 36s. :
OATS dull at84o. '
HIG'lWINBe ' S3 bhlsat 15o.
8KBD8 sa'es of SO nag Clover at $4,35; SO bush, at
14,18k. and IS bush Inferior Timothy at $3,85. ... .
H0d s.let, 51 h.d at $5 85-5 50. .
CUB SeB tales In small loU at 8)i(3&0. ,
BIOS-sales at 10 aiuxe. .
LARD-tales of inkrat8o. -
HAM St SHOULD tales of 31 hhds. Ilams In
pickle, and 80 hhds. Shoulders at J 1 1 j
. , ' HAYING A OIB0U1ATION . : t :
Than any other paper In Ohio, entatd of Cincinnati
Offers Facilities for Advertising
' Which CANNOT PAIL to bring
Speedy antl Remunerative Returns
.. To those who take advantage at them.
Distrlbated a it is through every Post Offlc In Ohio,
Reaches a Large Class of Readers
Wbocs patronage is valuable, and- whe seldom at the
Dally ldltlons of city Journals; and as only
A limited Bsmber of Advertisements
1 ) Are inserted In Its columns, appoprlately and; -
rnar caknot ran. to . .
.ttxaot Attontlon
Of ALL I. . . ,-. ;
I Advertising tn the WEEKLY STATESMAN irlll Sn
. . . it advantagons in . :,.
Which Is almost certain to follow an extensive dinemla
. . atton of a knowledge of their businsss : if t .
The "Weekly Statesman
Should be hand-din before Irtday aoon. i
j k v. 'will attend' to' th ' - ''
; All orders left at the Office ef the StaUma will be
promptly attended to. . JanlMf
, Magdalem BmitliV Estate. '
1N the onderslrned ha this daV been anoalnted hr the
Probate Court of franklin ooonty.Ohlo. admlnlstratoroa
th (state ef Hagdakn smith, late of said county, de
ceased. ' . JAfJOB SIB HOP, v
Vm Ittruary iu wi- 3tw
t ',
DBY G 0 0 D S
.'--. w f- a, , j, A '.. t
' ! From ami after this date we Bball
Our assortment is still good,
and it is known to every
one that our
consists or ;
K N, A PP & CO.,
NO. 119
5 Totteof Feathers and 60 Tone of
Itarr Wanted.
mi w ark omo.
Saatsaftciisrere f mil ktnela ! Por
table and Statlenaiv Steam En- .
flstst Saw mtlle, urlkt Mill,
Sec.. 6cc.
LAXX&BODLSYBiatml a. ot T. BLASD YBtatml
CO. Btaimltllt
A Oar Portabl login end Saw Kill
Was awarded th first premium of $50 at th Indiana
But fair for lcfi0 nvr Lane It Bodlej on aceountof
Prloe, lightness, simplicity, eoonotny of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Onr Btatlonarrlnaina was awarded at the same Fair
the Bret premium of $W0.
our rortaoi Koginwaaawaraa tne first premium or
100 at th Pair at Memphlt, Tenn., ortr Blandy's Sa
Tail's, Oolnmboa Machine Co'., and Bradford at Co'..
by a eemmltte of practical Railroad Engineers.
ror price ana terms address
WU1I1AKO TVARNEB, Treasnrer,
deeS-dScwlreois. Newark, Ohio.
and aamln onr new mak of , .
mannfaetnrsd try I. IIOWARD k 00 , Boeton, Haas.
Tbss Watobea are far saperior to anything rvtr offered
10 ine puoiie, neroiorore. iutidk tne sxeluttre t fancy,
I can sell them at prioee to salt the times. I bare Just
received a mij stock of ;.-. -.
mannfaotured by APPLETON, TRACT, OO ) also, a
An assortment of '
-, . . .
In Gold and Silver Oases, at Panic prios.
JsnM ; W. J. BAT Ada.
Wboleealo ana Retail Dealer In
. JSTo. 83 irmn Btrrot,
onstantly on hand all tb vsv
rloaa BUANus of
Xxiaiisoxrteca.' OlsAXTfl,
!.. VA.l,A .....
Aad Blank-Book tfaaoltatairer,
I nottxa bibs sxszzT, ooivxairs, ohio
X son JAMBS ADQIR BAIR as partner in my kail-
es, waron win uenuiwr ow oonauctsd ender tne Arm
t vain a eon. " r. aim, K south Hi-h Br.
Oolnmbus, fob IS, 1B61 . , febIS
oi l i T mxjaioj
J. 0. WOODS.
r ,.:. ;.t mi DRIED PEACHES!!
In store for sale by
.a" t " : il. '
ri - -.' runtta a aae.T..rr :
. fst7
34 Itatewu Bundlpf.
I; ...
i 3 -.1
m - S . a a .. r o
s g r a
O as - W 4
TTPr TNVITW if f HTTAS . . it. J . '
- vm w aviM v, ui, Hiua,
traordlnary cure by my
They tr at home, tnd dt one who has donhti ran in
quire of tb penon who hare beo oared by it
T " a-'"" " s Oltbi; jkA ASS K 1 Iflll 111
IK. HIVXt'H Ikt Wlf DlDPn Am SUV ! saa.
iuuoa nau rtJtKU me alBDIOlNEB. .,
ATTEND TO YOUR COLDS A ease of five year'
tandlnf cured by IiB. KEYHKU'S PEOTOHaL 8YRUP.
PrrrstcioH, Jan. 11, I860.
Da. Karen: Mr wife ha been afflicted with a taul
tough and difficulty of breathing, for Br or six years,
which, for sereral years back, had gradually Increased in
violence. 1 he complaint ha been hereditary, and slie
uau Dcen ircaioa vj eTrai pnyticuns Wltaout any r
lief. In thle state of her case, I procured some of your
Pectoral Cough Syrup. I boucht. the first tin, a flfrw
cent bottle, which relieved her very much ; I then called
aod got a dollar bottle, which eared her entirely, and
au. uaa duw no trace oi tne rormer disease, except weak
ness. I would also stat that I used th median my
self to a cold and eoutrh. The medicine rnred ma h ,.k
ing one dot I express ay enllra satisfaction with the
moaieine, ana you are at liberty to publlih this if yon
Alderman Fifth Ward.
1, .MM.. ,0 .OrD
ti iiai ava, flu,, jo, lojo, .
Da. KtrtIR I Allhnnoh not an 1vrva,a . P.,.,
aivaicioei. in renemi. It anorda an. B tunra InrfMr,.!!
ble to recommend your Pectoral Syrup. A a medicine
It I well worthy the attention of any person a bo may In
any manner be afflicted with courhs, colds and hoarseness
of any hind, and for th peculiar qaalinoatlono for re
moving all that disagreeable sensation attending a se
vere sold.
I have been, more or leu. in me Ufa. aflesiat uk ,h.
severest of cold and hoaraeness. At tlaiee my throat
would become eoclueed as to nment mriueaiiin !
whisper, and by taking a few doses of the abov Byrup
In teoommendini this medicine. I moat anhaaitatin.i.
say that it Is the best remedy I erer found, purporting to
car the above, nor should any family be without this
icuicuj ivruiacaeea wt prevalent. .
Hour, most respectfully,
Cashier Oltisens' Deposit Bank.
. . ! j BTinatjivnx,0., March 14, IKO '
T hav. naMl Tl 1TaM.. i-' k a a . . .
- ' - --" v.uuBu p.,., lur a law ooueo
ot aararal v.ra atantiln. nrf mm .v. ...... i i
th best medicin for the same that I hare ever ttkrn.
BYKUP.D. Krma Dear Sir: Ixcuaa th. d.ia. r
my acknowledging theexcellenc of your Pectoral Oough
Byrup sooner. I take great pleasure in saying that it Is
all you ssy it is. ( knocJudtf noiu out oj my oouoA
and the worst on I was ever aOlloted allh; I hav uot
BHj more tnan one-oau 01 tn Dottle, and I can and do
wish that all who are aflllotcd would it aa r.ia .
as I have don, and they will be proud to say, "It is no
Huaca neuicioe.'- a wouia not suaer another such an
attack for any consideration, or at any cost. I am con
fident I can, breathe more freelv than I .t. hih i
always ackfiow ledge a debt of gratitude forlnrentingao
excellent a remedy. Yon are at liberty to use my name
in this regard, as yon think proper M. f . PRaTT,
- aacaieuKer vommoa VOUnOll, jriltSOUnh, Fa.
Pltteburgh, May 11, IB5. .
N. B I am no Strainer to m fellowIUnna. .1,4
who entertain doubts can consult me personally.
a. P.P.
PtrraBRuoH, April U. 1857.
READ THR TRUTH. Da. Krvata: IbaT.a4a.ah.
ter who has taken Mveral medicine, for a hat Mnk
without benefit among them Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
purciiaaeu irom you a OOlll OI your PKCTOllAL
BYRUP, and before she had used half a bottle sli waa
relieved. The second battle cured her entlr.lv nt h..
eough. JOHN DARIN,
Robinson street, Allegheny.
Pittmoroh, December, 31, 1853.
BYRUP. I live in Peeblee township, Allegheny county.
had aoouahing and spitting, which commenoed aoout
Ihe 4th of February last, and continued eight month. I
employ ad the bett phytic lane In the oountry, and ay
oough continued unabeta-a mmtu riy ln Ootober. Jt
that time 1 waa aavited to try your PKOTUHAL COCQH
BYRUP, which I did, and after I had taken on bottle I
waa entirely fro from tha oongbing and spitting I had
despaired of ever getting well, end I hink it should be
xnown mat mis vaiuanie reaeny will do ror others what
has done lnmycase. JOtiN 0. LITTLE,
Witness B. M.Ktaa. Peebles townhlp.,
Parron Tr., April Id, 1857.
A WONDERFUL CURB Some tin,, a a m
nelghtorof nine was very ill with a bad eough which
every one supposed to be corjeumptlon Ilia relatives
told mo that ne had taten every remedy they heard of
wiinout neueoi; ore orotntr came to see n m die, and all
were onLUimed in thebel'ef thit heoonld not live. I
hadaboui the third of a bottle ot your Pectoral Byrup,
which 1 gave htm. and It entirely cured him, to the aaton
ishment of all W bat make th case mure remarkable.
th rxtremian of tbe nan. he brlncabuui et.hu. vnr.
eld. I bar no doubt the Pectoral sareo hie Hie
. !,' JttUNOlNNIS.
TILLB Pieate tend m another auoole of
able Pectoral tyrup." latoal venbod .ruuod o
uaa uiecaio ana are inquiring lor "Ur aeyser's Pesioral
eyrup. We hav aold statxa bottle, aat fk. at,d are
now entirely out. Mr. &. A iter an Ur. P. atahcr. both
Blaiisvl i, Pa , tall a thry would net be without It
their families. In fact, all who as It one aanl it
again. lours, respectfully, ,
Jaauaiy 30, lrJCO.
PRO CUR AL BY RUP I had been trpaKled with aeocgh
and oold tor avral week so bad was it that I aould not
isep. inao tne evmoe ana prescriptions from three of
tbe bestphyslclana in tb city, whoa 1 could asm, but do
not do so. I finally procured a bottle of your Pastoral
Byrup, which eared me entirely. Signed,
' , J. W. BiatUNTON,
S38Ulerty street, Pittsburgh, Pa, Jan 8,1800.
'BT0P THA,00UaTNO., 'How ean T .fa ftr nn.
aeyeerson nooo etreet ana get a bottle of hit Coo h
Peototal, and if that don't care you, your eaten at tbe
desperate indeed." Ibis Is a specimen of th colloquy
one heare almost ersry day In cold oatchieg periods of
year. And we ean, from actual experiment, cheer
fully eoncnr in the adviser's admonition a atwve, for w
hav tried the "Pectoral." In a moot stubborn m .i,h
entire success. Near two weeks ago we went to Pittsburgh,
wiiu ,11, ui auv luwa. uiavmaiua, oooirary, mUllsn. U II-
ubduabl coughs w ever experienced sine onr advent
upon this mundane sphere. W coughed steadily and
laboriously for on whole week, in hopes of tiring it out,
but it waa no go. In fact it seemed rather to have Im
proved by praottoe.and to hav acquired strength.poten
cy and Utrttibiiity by th operation. ' In thle stage of
the stege, we conjhed our way to Keytar's, 140 Wood Bt.
procured a Afty cent bottl of the "Pectoral; took it
rat jf to uireonone, ana in loriy-eigbt hour we were
the field, theenemr havlna nnenndltlnnaiiv
nrrendercd, after a brief pat anaqoal conflict with ao
formidable an ad re ran ry as Kejaer' famous "Oonih
tKton,"roumtviU4 CHpper, XHao. 14, 18J9.
Sold hv Dr OSOUOB II. KEySKR. 140 Wnod atra.t.
ritttbnrgh.Pa. ...
UJ- eoid U columbns by ROBERT8 Jt SAMUEL.
: " - V i : .'
; A. SURE CtTRK. '
- - ' - - - '- f
Prepared and sold hy : ?. . , ti.
Price, SS cent. ,140 Weed St., PiUsbargh, Pa.
Sold la Ooluatbos bj BQBBBT8 It BAafUIL
WM IfMaRB M. rr
ww a.r amawa-ava. w MVm
NOB. 1, 1, S and 7 N. lUTaW BT
, Offer for sal their celebrated
Hnsioal Amatearscf th eoontrj, and
vaax ... . t
I . .WARAIIT1D0R,,, "
.' '' 1 -a .- - - " ... , tiVBVBi
th saost fsatidioaseastomn'auy'Nly apoa belnf
; Tersts liberal. WM, K!fAB OCfc 1
f int enrr van sv. vara wkama a T w v
DnuiAan m n mop lxn, Anmi, - - .
Ivdfjr. - .... . ,. nKl,..La.. ara.i
' ectMilydw.
vviHwiffRBj, vaiOe
I , ' join h irii'iara,'':''"'
HawaaTTan, Bavoarrr, and Iatwaeiaa im Co.'
Naw Yoaa; MaaoMaMiet and Orrv Inttr Haavrtwa
Raw YoaaLtraandOuaa. sfuveaa Lira '
Office) i HIkU St., Saraffa HI '
f b7-41v , r
do i i . do twine. '" "'
for sal by M UB A RBBTIIADZ,
AM7 V Ba B-liavIa "
Scrofula, or Kinsr'a Evil
t ctut?n1 eomtption ot the
blood, by which this fluid become vltiattd.
weak, and poor. Being In the ckculaUon, U
pervadea the whole bodv, end may burst out
ia disease on any part of it. Nq orgrm ia tree
from lu attack., nor la then one wlikh It bit
not destroy. Ilia acrotulou tatat ia varioualy
caused by mercurial diaeaae, low livinp;, die
ordered or unhealthy food, Impure air! filth
tad filtlir habita. ti. ALirZ.'
bore all, by the venereal Infection. WUt-
vcr 09 its origin, it la hereditary In the etnv
stitution, descejiding"frompswutothlldrei
unto the third and fourth generation ; iudeed.
U seems to be the rod of Him who aava, -I
will visit the iiufiulties of the fathers ttpoa
their elilltVeu." , -
Iu effeeva oommence'by deposifion tm tha
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lllIlCS. liver, anrl .1 . 1.
tubercles; m the glands, swelunnt and on
the surface, eruptions or sores. Th foul cor
ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses
the energies of Hfe, so that scrofulous constitu
tions not onlr auflVii.
, " J m bva W,aUUUaV ffiWlX
plaints, but they have for less power to with-
auiim tue atiacKS ot other cuseases! conse
quently vast numbers perish by disorders
U'hirh. n1tlmitn.il n,e .nr..tn... i . .
p n.iuiuivu, i,t uieu tiBiure,
are still rendered fatal by this taint in the
system. Most of tho consumption which de.
ctmatcs the human family has its origin directly
in tltis scrofulous contamination; and many
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or
BB'u,uieta uy ui aame cause.
One nuartor nr nil m. m..!. -e..r .
- vtaa pcviJwail WMVllUUtUS ,
their persons are invaded by this lurking ln
fvction, and their health is undermined by it.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
the blood liv an altmtia ms;,tn ..j t
vigorata it by healthy food and 'exercise.
aa Iliuutt lllc . V 9 BUppiy Uk , . , .
Coiuponnd Extract of SarsapariUa,
the most effeefunl ramnlv .t,ll, t,a anti
- ..... .. ., ... .. WJV aimtai
skill of our times can devise for this every
where prevailing and fatal malady. ; It is com
bined from the most active remedials that have
been diKr-nvewrl for tliaa avnimmilM, tr at.t. v..i
. .w aum. uuuva wa ,im
disordor from the blood, and tiie rescue of tL
Sbmito iivm iw aettrucuve contequcnct?f.
v. tii(vievi svi UIJ VUIC WK
not only Scrofula, but also those other affbo- .
uuim which arise irom It, SUCn as iittUPTIVB
and Skim Diseaser. St. a
Rose, or Eutsipelas, Fihpmis. Pusrutia!
Blotches, Li.ainu and Boim, Tumors, Titter
and Sat.t IttritrTir. Rpavn TTw . r, P,unwnnu
RuBtMATiAU, Svhhilitic andMiiucuuut DllU
Indeed, at.v. Cnupr.A iwt. anfawA taimu V,...
ted oh Impuiir Blood. The popular belief
in mpiurittj of tin blood " is founded in train,
for Sornfllln i. a rlatrlmankt inn nf thai 1.1 1'I.a
nnrtirnliir nitt-nrtaA nnrl vivfiiA ryt at,;.
a - - -w , . uu. uaiHya
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid.
wiuiuur. Tviiicn aouna neaitn u impossible in
contaminated constitutions. - '
Ague Cure,
Intermittent Fever, or fewer aad ieor,
RemlttenS Fever, C'filll Fewer, Dumb
Ague, Periodical Headache, or Bllloaa '
Headache, and lilllona Fewer, ladeed,
ror the whole claaa ordlaeaecorle;laat
Inp; in biliary derangement, caaaed by
the Malaria of Bliaaiuatle Coautrla
We are enabled hore to offer the community a
remedy which, while it cures the above complaints
with certainty, U still perfectly harmless in any
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts
where tlieso afflicting disorders prevail. This
"CuitR" expels the miasmatic poison of Fxveu
Ann Aour from the ayatem, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on the first ap
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only
the best remedy ever yet discovered for this claaa
of complaints, but alito the cheapest. The lanr
quantity wo supply for a dollar brine it within the
reach of every body ; and in bilious districts, where :
Fever and Aour prevaila, every body should
have it and use it freely both for cure and protect
tion. A great superiorly . .w. ina, .i, .y
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent ia that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious eflcets whatever upon the constitu
tion. Those cured by it are left as healthy as if
they had never lii.d the disease. . ,
I ever and Ague is not alone the consequence of
the miasmntio poison. A great variety of disor
ders arise from iu irritation, among which are
Neuralaia, Wmwtatum, Gout, IleoJache, Blind
neat, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Asthma, Pal
pitation, Painful Affection of the Spleen, Vyster- '
ics. Pain in tht BouxU, Volte, Pai alysit and De-"
rangement of tht Stomach, all of which, when '
originatinjt in this cause, put on the t'tifftTHiffena ;
type, or become periodical. This 14 Cobr " expel
the poison from the blood, and consequently eures
them all alike. It is an invaliinble protection to
immigrants and person travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious district. If tnken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to tlte infection,'
inai win oe excreted trout Uie system, and rknr.nt
accumulate in sufficient quajitlty to ripeu in to di.
ease. Ilenca it is even more valuable for protec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Inter
mittent if they avail theiusclrej of tlm piotoettoai
this remedy anturd. - -
Prepared byJJr. J. C. ATEB & CO., Lowell, 'jeass.
ROBERTS tAUVtt 'Oolneibos
Atd bvDrorirlU and Dealer vr where.
ncv9:lrd,twetw . . v t
MRS, wVmSLOW,7i ,
An sxperieneed Nnrae and Female Physician, present
to th attention of mother, her
which greatly facllllate the process of tee thine, or soft
nine the nat ndneln all , ...
ALL PAIN and spasaodie action, aad la
Depend apea It. aiotheia. It will tv nat i. wsatnaa
aid -
We bare nat an and aoM thta artw,!. ,n . . .'
what we have never been abi to sav ot aav other tmll?
AN01, TO KK1C0T A CUB, whsn tiael-ra. v-
u iniuraoe oi aasausracuon by an m
who used ik On th contrary, all are deliihted with It
oprUoTja,aae speak ia tern of oanndatloa at let
BUBloal efleots and medical wlrtnes. W speak la this
matter ''WHAT W DO KNOW;" after ta r!'
almost every Instance where the infant is sufferlnf tnm
pain and othanatiua, relief will be fonad in afioea or
twenty mlnnte attar theByrap Is adminisnred. r a
Thla valuable preparaHoa I the prcserfptloa f ee of
MeaBntland, and baa been Bed with MBTBB lAIte-
ivimni, rauevwa uwcaua uahb pain, ai meteor
ate th stomach and bowels, oorrecta aoidity, and aivea
tone and nnrr te tbe whole aistea. It will almost In.
stantlj relieve -. . v -.
oRiPito nr ihi 1 owns, aw wino couo
and veroomeoonvulilons, which, if noteraedtl reme
died, end in death. W believe It the B ZT 8UIV5
BUT RSMBDY IS TUB WORLD, tn all oeeef DVfr'
It arise from teethinf. or from any ether . W
wonld ear to every mother who has a child snfferier from
t.n,J,Lti??0"lp eomnllnt-DO NOT LIT VOUB
Stand between yon and yonrsnfferinr child, aad ike r
lief mat will be BUBB yeaABBOLOrBLY BURB to
follow the as of this madlein. U ilaMly assd. rail di
rections for ualn will acoompaur each bottle. Noee,
eennln antes Hi lae'Cimil of CUBtlB A PBBEINB,
New York, Is ol th en raid wrapper. - ,
Bold ny ail Brants) tbioerboiit the World.
aclpal Office, is Ceatat Btraet N.Tr-.
eem-dwly. r, iff CUM
j i7'.i 'i't. ' " ' -1 .11. .la. Sf :t,
food PABM.theuadlvided half of BTOHB SL1LD.J
INO No. i, North High Btrt, Uorcei Bieh fltmrt !4V
Lena Alley. If net disponed of by tha Jt of Aniil. tfcl ,
BUr. will be for reel. .. i " IT M Pv'.3j
i WW AX80,' "S I
en tb cam terms, or Per Cmrirabl OITY PROPr1
a well selectee stock of VAMII.V (lnnna'srua . "-a
, nf .lull tr n r. , A,
j , U..UJ AtSO, '
,.nl vow Ja.lM. orrrr tmu,. vn.. .
IITTaniit to suit Dare haaera.
a n aa - .

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