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ZZbxC Joseph It Swan,
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Ii"Two Royal 8- Volume.
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Peic $10 00.
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md County orooers. f' a..rmajudiw. Beor-
overnor. Attorney Gor JaTTdTJor of iil.id
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. J.
rWAKa. Editor.
The Irrepressible Conflict in the Republican
Party-The Abolition Element.
: vLl w.iKiniitoD. "correspondent of the New
Fork JJetiiiv Pt writee to that paper, nnder
f fct of Febrnary 82. that there are two ntereste
u ioi. ReoubUcaM at
Waabington to defeat the purpoee .of the Pwoe
-ConUon.-.Onehaeluorlgla In Jew York
; i.j i viiiii. ta Mr. Siwatn; ud the other
- irowiont or the Imprereloa that Mr . Lutcou.
."loee not kik with f.or upon any poi.cj
fftflation each a la likely to reoeite the appro.
"t! of theConyeution. The JWt corespond
.i.nt eys .-jim. ;-, . .
i. .. A. ike 1m er Irtefl
. tnu pr-""", .-J---- - . ; -
in thie, tntj . BOotht
"Irr i f ..U-resoeot. U from nootner
motive, to retire.
. ,-09'il4.tbft New York Tim
T." I'll. fAt thai iucS pnrpcse-ihcmld be cher
LtnJnTr. the oouatrj with any high confidence
Ib iw wiedom. or ita.ability to wieia "cce......
,''" ' hipj, hu been committed to Ui
XAttH.cS "oh .thing irerepo
ufwWb. the B1gnai
imrk nd more Umeatabl, t.n
f 5 tb country b wtf J wa-: : '"f ' V
J that the- coMptraoy a-
A W "56 " ' ' , A - "
-.rSa Mr.lj( Itobe4neatoP,''I
Amu In New York, th Time eay bai
o one c doubt that "it .tlmhlaterf the 7H-
h fiama and relentleM warfare whicn
Jt li waging galns every Republican who,
eomrnob with Mr. 6iwo, deal re. to p ace the
iT'dmlnJetratlon upon a basis compatwie wjw
;tte existence of union." ;-f."T.:,"r"
tinnee: i wr a . '.. . j,i r tv. i
-Bat' thiT crusade 1s also due in pari
'"the element of AbolUlonUm; 'Vrbh U etrug
ilta fee the control of the Republican Par
ti, and which ha. - acted with that party
jj. .TV T- 7 .i. hAn. nf halne able, eoooer
T. B""!f: n Xtoeuberlency to
" r";i.. Theonen and trowed
to nroclaim it. J Their secret allie. and egente
'i Tn the janks o! the Republican rany,
" the officeof the Tfiiaa. eeek the same end b;
a mare eorert bmt aw equally effectife policy.
Thi. Oumnion Abolition element le rampant
a Jin "Ohio sad in eTery other Norther State
inhere tbe Republicani hare obtained
w --i.- . TiiM noeM hu been mainlj .due
$L this etre; engetlo ,nd i! -t)e ;Taotion.
nM. he coneerratire mea i the party hare
teen eompell ed to sueeumb to U. U . U deter
mined to get control of the party and break
M' A-Cnion., tt seel or Imagine! It feet ,IU op-
b. tk. ueaion of oeveral Southern
y a... I v,i1n 'rt aansndenCT Iff" CotlCTeM
M Itfid In Ul the departmente of he Fderal 6or-Z?m-L,
Oewe U. alUrei tau J1
""Uttt. while aeo.lU oreaM- we-deeaUng
'Mftafcle teeessioB, heJ for mk
.- tl 'rebela ana UaltorB" dangle from
"iri lecewlon flag staff from Booth Carolina
'L. L: .nd arw for orlng H In the.Nortli,
""akjeci, to tbil '-.MDgulnary-' nd mwderbui
S ZL-S ZZLrti Kmtcky . and MIesourl
. ts- rint Aiert of thew disorganUeMand
etuu. u to. a-ei the 'incoming Administra
te tie imdee their oontroL Tb bey will
"tooeed, Mtwllhetandlng'tbo oppoeltlon of i
ooneervaUvea W fto party, - there is too
reason to fe'X partial luccesi ii almosteer.
tain. In that ease, tne AoniuiiiriuH.w
distracted by eenilieUng counsels, and rendered
- weak and ineffiolent, when It should be itrong
.! firm. An Administration WWed eaa weak
i ?6Bd ly Intiaiipe broili is almost U maohto
daded none controlled hy ADonuonism,
anI m m VII at.
It u manifest that mniees Mr. .Licowi
bit AdmlnistraUon free from ft taint of
AtolHlon element W nw psxiTi-ww-iw
f the Union wUt ba put of the question,
d civil war toovlublo. Tb ta F'?
1 0 7na iV&filfltory trlflcnceof nch IntenUon
iUtl y, j.irtX- Ilia giuto iwo 01 .ominous
n... a. ..r-ralaxpecUtion le;amoni; Repub-
V Hens ttWasWDgton, may bo earned fromtho
' ...il k. tiha corrraoondeBt ot the Ettninj
PmJ. from whom w have already quoted,
.r r .a. : i . Ua. aT fr
' "wetty much every KepuDiica mwww v.
i,-a candidate for offloo, od wbo addit
J , blT, .never known the Cm when so
a drlCof the If laU. braDoh of th Govern,
t-twte oocn .r-llcanU for ExecnUve favor.
ZlZl which estate that
"s i tia leoooosed to any formot compromiaa,
' S- mrSm wUo'ne-srwsr.fiimfcore,
Sndwrefttee-obstaolee to to settlement o( pot
fflouttiee, hlob ten wordi from thallpiof
Mr. Lincoln would dlsbel in a moraeutu
The firoinMi bere spoken of Isobetinscy to
compromise, because Lincoln li supposed to be
opposed to It. This Is the secret why no ade
quate' oetilemeut ifniut-wtiousl-fllffl00111
hu,beiore thU time, been proposed bCongres
or the reeee Convention now mission,
why we are now drifting rapidly toward annal"
dlssolutlon'of the' Union; preceded by all'tha
horrore of eivll rA fTeu word from Mr.
Ltacow'wbuld settle the question whether we
ere to hire peace end udIoq, or disunion end
iu, Bat these "ten word," we ere assurea,
ere not to be tooken till the Inauguration.
Whether they will be apoksn then Is, at tbe
beet, extremely doubtful.- ( , v
Lincoln's Flight.
It seems that Mr .JiiNcpm did not go down
from Harriiburg to Baltimore on a special
twin, but that he left Harrioburg about eight
O'clock on Frjday ercnlng.oB a epeolal loqorao-
tire, and ran baek to Philadelphia, arriviog
there just in time to take the regular night
train for Baltimore and Washington. Getting
aboard in disguise and taking a eleeping cr, he
passed through to Baltimore, arriving there at
about four o'clock on Saturday morning, and at
Washington a few minutes after fire o'clock of
the tame morning.
The Baltimore Taper, are indignant at the
President elect, and apeak id severe 'terms of
him and bis conduot, and the Indignity paid to
tha cU-
The Mayor of BltImore" had made the most
ample and nerfeot arrangement! for the freser
ration of order in the reception of Mr. Lihoolk
and the people designed to pay to him, in good
faith, the respect due to bis position
Bis journey (rom larriaburg to Baltimore and
thann ta Washington, leavins the former
place at 7 o'clock A. M. on Saturday, and arriv
ion at Ih latter at 1 M' on the eame day.
according to the arranged and published pro
gramme, would have been as safe and secure as
the journey of himself and his party from Indi
anapolis to Colombo!. This taot la maae mam
feei. for the family of Mr. Linoolk and kis
suite did pass over the route, at the time and la
the special train provided lor the purpose, and
which, on iU arrival at every nation, was sup
posed to contain Mr. Lmoots also, in perfect
safetv. The lafety of the special train was mi
It assured bv the complete arrangements made
by the Rail Road Company which were as roi-
lowat Tbe regular aocommodauon train irom
York, Pa , was to precede tbe special train with
the Presidential party some fifteen minutes; a pi
lot enslne was to run ahead oi tne special tram,
at o distance in advance of it of some two bun.
ArA. Tarda, and .men were stationed within -I
light of each other the entire length of the road
from Baltimore to UarrieDurg.-eaon one pro
vided with a red and white flag, tbe red to be
used if the track was all clear, and the white if
there was danger. With such arrangements
there could have , been no danger .on the route,
and we feel quite certain, .from the efficient ar
rangements made by the Mayor of Baltimore,
and what did transpire at, the depots, ry tne
vast crowds who believed that Mr. Lincoln was
tha train, that Mr. L. could have pase-
ad aa aafelv throush. the -streeto of the monu
mental city as he did through' our High etretl
on the 13th of he months . ,
Wo take the following paragraph! Irom lev-
Pt"Mlnmne of matter, In the Baltimore Sun,
n tha anoearanoe of thing! and the conduot
of the people on that day in Baltimore
Abont 11 o'clock in tbe forenoon, from every
direction tbe people gatnerea bdoui iae ouruer
of South and Baltimore swewie uuui wo vwu
extended from Holllday to Calvert, preparatory
ta roinc to tbe eeveral point where it was an
nounced Mr. Lincoln would debark for the train,
the dispatches of hU arrival ta Washington to
the contrary notwithstanding, and at noon they
to for the eeveral point.
Many wppoeed that the Presidential train,
would Stop at -the BOllonaepo., aua winner
several hundred person! wended their way .
The New York accommodation train waa due
a few mlnutee before the special train, bat the
time moved elowly, and the crowd became im
patient, when speculation, began to be made of
the probability of aoeUent That, however, was
rwa hushed by the announcement of those
a .i tha deoot that men were stationed
within sight of each other the entire length of
k. rmm Baltimore to Harriaburg. Those
men were each provided with a red end a white
flar. . The red waa w do new. w
. ii .ni tha white one if there waa dan
ger. Besides tho precaution of the flagmen,
Pilot engine ran uuu . v-
.t,7tn.tM(n. thua toklnz cvcrv precau
tion against aoctdent, and la tbe event of aoci
ant w Mi finffine there' waa another on band.
w " .. . . I J . ...
E verv thing poeaiDre naa enu uuua w ."
bis safe arrival in Baltimore, and the mayor
the city bad determined to give him aoonrte
one reeeptlon, while tne enure ponce oi
eltv was brougntrnw requwiuwu f1"""
Baaco.anaw nrTou i
a. nVinrk the accommodation train pais
.j .v m Aannt. and about half ot those In waiting
sprang upon it as U passed, anpposlng that
bore tne rreeiou .ir-tv- t n-
It wm understood that thaapeoial train would
notetop at Bolton, and as aooa as its whistle wsi
eounded at Woodberry, the antlre throng rushed
lor Charles street.- as "
bnndred people-were eseemblad. and a eolitary
hack wasall thU Indicated any probability that
the train might stop at .tnas pom it itmnm
.k.Aaainvthaenirinecr rerereedhli engine.
mows- b . . .... -fTH.
and eheoked too pwa newi w
conductor ran toward! the roar car, which
the aignel lor the whole crowd to follow, all ex
McuDK ta tee to ww,wwel1'",
P AA JlaMtltiftMamt. Thn It
taaraaaBaB IMMnmn UI BIUWU.eiliriHi an"" "
annoatoed that Mr Lloeoln -wai not-on
train, but had gone to n aemngion oy way
Klutment wawvery great, and there were tome
rah expresslone nsed, unUl it was announced
th.t Mra. i.inaaiii ana ujuiit. un-wuiuu suu,
were on board, .when respect lor her checked
tho - expressions which tho disappointment
prompted, i Tho train then pushed on rapidly,
and la a trice was brought to a atead la tbe Cal
J ' "n- "
Aaa.rl.aa twelve o'clock ipecutori began
to fill the avenues leading to Calvert railroad
station, and crowd the hille d Franklin
Courtlend streeU. overlooking the Aepei. About
this now a ttronc body ot nollcec under M
.k.l Kana- arrived and took VP a position
North Calvert street. Tho appesranoo of
Bolloe seemed to give tha flat den.al to' the
that tbe President elect had made a night
passage of Baltimore .' Again the throng!
came excited and ponnaent, ana net were iree
Iv made and token on tho question of Mr. Liu
colo'i secret moremento-saanj ' wurtJng that,
liv. a fl..hjilcrht- wtae-awaae, am uau paaa.
ed this community whUe it slept, and others
aiuuininc tnat be would not oome andge
"like a thief In theaighV" buMIke any other
honest man, in kieasael way. i I li '
From noon to one o'clock the throngi ebont
the depot continued to augment, nntil 10,000
15,000 persono bad poseeaeion of tbe Interior
the depot,the platform, and the adjacent thor
oughfares. The few political friends of
President elect scouted tho Idea of Mr. Lincoln
iiaarMnfftnt-.bf nv ecoontrio movemenU
hll, the little pwgraiame paepared for hi recep.
tlon. A bulleUn, posted at tbe entrance of
4eoot, announcing the reported passage or
r.iM'Jn.waa woworlsee to disperse them; they
kneh1rc)DII'n,"' ' -'-" 1' .
- At liminntea to one o'clock a mighty heav
&g and .urging i tho multitude at tha north
entrance- of tho apo proclAimed eome freeh
mnmantatha Va.tr
commodfttlon traia eatered dcpotfollowed
aneicltit.crbwd, who mistook It for the
special train of the Present elect and suite. 1
soon as the train itoppert, she crowd leaped
upon tbe platforms, and mounted to tbe tops of
oars like so many monkeys, until, like a
hive of bees, they swarmed upon them ehont-
ing, hallooing, ana making an jnuoer u.
noleee.- Theoflloere in charge of the train ap
x i ii,. mawJ Hlannrlnff ilialr arror.
peareu, hiu iu.wv.y a t
reoouea, a mwio buub iuvu, .i iri
another eioltement.; i t l
Aruiniin iumeine oiuuer ui tu iiuiu..
railroad were in noaieislon of dispatch
y7w"H Mr
es, which established beyond a doubt the tact
that mr. Liincoin naa pasea inrouga tua uj
h rli?h6 nrerloua and was'then In Washineton,
l). ii. -un to ue recenuon oi toese ui-
n.tflhea. the offioials of both tbe Northern Cen
tral and Baltimore and Ohio railroads, we be
lieve, were ignorant of this coup d ttal move
m.nt.on the cart or. Mr. Liinooin. Mtjw
George Wm. Brown was at tbe depot ready to
periormnis.partoi tne amy periaining ui
o.Ant!nn. but on loarnlnor the nature of thedis-
naicbei nis iionor reiurnea to ni ouiae.
bodT of notice was removed to the eeotral sta
Hon. bv order of Marshal Kane, with the ex
eerjdon of a few who wore kept at the depot.
Tbe removal oi tne ponce ana, ino,ueprturv
of the mayor was another argument on the side
of-tbose who Insisted that Mr. Lincoln bad giv
en Baltimore tbe "go-by," and tbe crowd! oe
came uneasy and excited. Never bofore were
there assembled in this city snob a bamDOOSiea
and confounded crowd. The very uncertainty
of, their position . made, eaoh . suspicion of
the other; each anxious . to assist in "sell-
log" bis neighbor, but unwilling to, ne
"sold" himself.. But sn end was put to specu
lation now, for precisely at one o'clock tho spe
cial train, chartered for ihe conveyance of Mr.
Lincoln and suite was heralded by tbe orowo
at North street, who suehed'pell mell after the
train as it rumbled Into the depot. Conductor
George Rawllnga, who was In charge of tbe
train, appeared on tne piatiorm, gesucmaiiog
sarerelv. and asaured some of the crowd that
' .
Mr. Lincoln was not on board, nut Mrs. Liin-
eoln, family and suite only, who wonld be
rileased to nasi unmolested to tbe carriages in
walling to convey mem. i ne lamny anu buiw
then alighted and were hurried through , tbe
aide gateway to Calvert street. Tbe tbrongs,
attracted bv cries of "Here be is!" "There he
goes!" swayed hither and thither with a force
perrectiy irreiisuoie, sua persons were suae.
ed from the platforms ana tran.pled on, and
others had their clothing torn, one man having
bis ooat ripped from his back. During the rush
es and excitement, the pickpockets were ac
tlre. and several were arrested bv detective.
Gorman, 'Stevens, and officer John Gamble, of
the Calvert station. As soon as possible tbe
company were placed in carriages and driven
off, the suite to tbe Eutaw House, and Mrs. Lin
coin to tbe residence or ui. John s. uittings,
where ihe dined. : ,
The crowd now beean to disperse rapidly-
A number of yonng men, bent on fun and mis
chiof, seized a colored man driving a horse and
wagon through North Calvert street, and sever
al attempted to chalk "Abe Lincoln" on his
back, while others unhitched (he hone, Intend'
Ing to haul the wagon through tbe street as a
burlesque reception. Tbe police interfered, and
frustrated tbeir designs. .
AT THE CALVERT STATION. The Journal on Mr. Jones.
Tbe Journal has labored bard for two suc
cessive days to demolish Air. Jonai. : or tne
House.- It pretends to speak lightly and ironi
csllyof the arguments of that gentleman; but
it Is evidently in great agony, lest some inno
cent and unsophisticated Republicans should be
ensnared by them as motker Evi was by the
wily serpent.' ', ' .", .' .
The Journal, la tu running commentary
tail morning upon Mr. Josab, highly compll
menU the learned Rabbis who oompiled the Tal
mud, when it says that toot U','Uj everyway
u authentic and creditable as the Arabian
NiahU Entertainments." . Mr. Jonas and his
Jewish brethren. will best know how to-anpred.
ate this tefl-lunded complimeut of theVsursal,
and how much reliance to place upon IU learn-
ad aairicitv anddiaorlminatioa. - '
Bat the Jearn'ef tf Mnilbly "ihocksd at the
strange theory advanced by Mr. Jonai, that
Abolition agitation has lojcred initoad of bene
fitt!ag the slaves. Tble Idea appears m IU
view absurd, contradictory and ridiculous: Thia
leeasHy accounted for; for tbe JaurnaVi view
ew4he field of politics is modified and color
ed by the epeetacles of "Old Father Gibdimos,1
which It has nsed to long that they have be
come indispensable"." Tbli li the reason why
ita aieht Mr. GinoiNos is a saint, and Mr,, Jo
nas an arrant heretic
CT The Republican! In the Houso 'of Repre-
lenUtirei .msnifested, thla morning, unusual
Interest in the preservation of order and
strict administration of tbe rules tf the House.
For' several days past, the bill to 'prevent bar
boring and secreting fugitive slaves, ind aiding
In their escape, bad been nnder discussion,
members on both lidei of tha House bad been
allowed inch latitude in debate ai thsy thought
proper.,, Mr. Stum, of Hooking, had the
tor this morning, and proceeded to address
louse- in favor of the bill, and in reply
speeches, heretofore made against Jt. .Be
fore be . had j proceeded, far, be wu call
ed to-order,' and ae ba progressed, frequent
Interruptions occurred, and numeroui polnU
order were made upon aim irom toe nepnouoan
side. It was evident that (be line of argument
made bv Mr. Sntas was germane and to
question, buttbe Republicans had resolved
the debate should, not go on, and Mr. Stixu
benig convinced, of tbat ' faot, yielded the
Without finishing his speech..' As far aa be
progressed he was Able and argumentative,
he should have pees permuiea to proceed
eat interruption; but he BepubUoani were
vinoed fhst thi dleearsion ra lojnring -them
and 'hence they resolved that Unjust rnot
allowed to go further ! Comment Is nnneces-
[From the Cincinnati Press.]
Steam-Propelling Canal Boats.
port be
Some Inbeeent People ennpose that the Intro
duertoo of steam-propellers Into eaoeMioati
going to rerolutionize tbe Dullness oy reauoing
ui cos ui triiK niuw j..w
our dilsnidated eanals. In the first place,
cannot be nsed pronuoiy on a ooai tnat can
drawn by two norsee, ana wnioa earries oniy
ty to eighty tons. That is a fact which
canal-Doaunan ana eiesm-eugiueaiau iuvwi,-t
That disposea of the whole question of a reduc
tion of mat. A steamboat of elghtv tons
den cannot carry freight ae aheap as a boat
tbe eame burden drawn oy none. r oieam
tniffhtvBOwer.bat s team-wagons on eommon
roads hare never succeeded, and never
and to apply it to canal-boats, which, besides
the engine and fuel, would oarry only abont
tons, and with a propeller, scratching
abont thirty or forty Inches of water, would
just about as profiubie as to rua ooaches
frelghl-wagone by steam on eommon roads.
Steam has been quite erteasirely tried
the Erie Canal, with boate of twice tbe capaci
ty and draft of water that our canal will admit;
but there ltl not "'jet established ai a inooesi.
In regard to it, Mr. William Foot, the present
fallal u s:v, iw.wr
atatamant in answer to -Dartle in Ohio,
were Interested in the increase of Cinal business
ia OhlOl v , 1 . -rf '
Oar locks oa the Erie Canal ara 100
long and eleven fet wido. .The eteam-propel-len
on our canal! will carry 140 tone ana
the trlplp Alb&nfln" stnlsyw.---We do not
tbe Introduction Of steam k success
tbe present depth of, water but wo expect
get elx feet of wale in tho spring, and I
inclined to think that then steam can be profit
ably used on tbe Erie Canal. We never
use steam profitobly onoor oanal la three and
half or four feet of water, and pesumo you
not." ' '- 3 '
. " r--- I' ' ' I k
Owing to tha prevailing oold weather (o
the average mortality in the month of
aeari twenty-four jercept.
than the same month but year. ".' -
TUESDAY, Feb. 26, 1861.
Mr. BREWSTER'S resolution wu
Mr. FOSTER, from the aeleotcommlttee, re
nnrted hack U B. No. -UOG To authorize I
r . . . . . . . . i . . 1. 1
brlag lax in certain towoauipe m Augiaias
county, and recommending ita amenamen uu
paesage. Agreed to; and the bill was engrossed
in a third raifllnir ttwmorrow.. i '
Mr. JUNKS moved that tne committee oi.qo
Whole be discharged from consideration of 8.
B. No. 238, and that It be relerred to the School
committee Agreed to.
Mr. PARISH, from tbe committee to whom
it was referred, reported back S. B. 158-For a
New Penitentiary, and .recommending lu P-
"Ir. JONE9 moved to amend the bill io that
appropriations ehaU4aoti .be made until next
Mr. PARISH nrooaeded to Shew why the
Sute should proceed Immediately to the work
BUI and amendment laid on tbe table, n '
Mr. -MONROE, from the committee on
Schools, recommended the passage of S. B.'No.
838 To extend tbe time or making reports oy
school boards, in certain cases. Agreed to, and
tbe bill waa passed yeas Si, nayi u.
Mr. M.OJS ROB Offerea a loipi resolution tne
following: , , , ... . ... . . ,,' .,' , V ' . '.
. WaiaaAa. manv members of the General As-
emblv attended with mush Interest, in the Hall
or tbe J louse or Kepresentauves, on tne eve
nln of Febrnarv 25th. an exhibition bv a num
ber of voulhi from the Industrial School of
Cleveland, nnder tbe charge or iter, water ton:
and, whereas, Hon. Harvey Rice and Hon. John
Foote communicated much interesting lniorma-
tlon In regard to tbe economy and value of tho
enterprise i therefore.
jfMoivea, wfci uentrai uitmoiy er iat oiaw
of OAio, That while we do not regard such a
ichoel al a proper object for appropriation! from
tbi State treasury, yet we are strongly impress
ed wltb tne ntiutv oi tne industrial cscnooi eve
tern as organized In the city of Cleveland, and
we cordially recommend It to the i avorableeon
ilderallon of the oltlee and large towns of the
State aeoerallv.' Adopted. ' - ,
A communication waa received irom mo
Treasurer of the Sute In answer to a reiolo-
tlon of inquiry concerning the Seneca County
Bank. It wu laid on the table for printing. I
Mr. GARFIELD Introduced S. B. No.
To amend section 13 and 14 of the Independent
treasury act. It prohibits Sute and connty ot
fioers Irom receiving or- disbursing any money
from the respective treasuries other than gold
and ailver or tne notes or tne specie paying
h.nk of Ohio. And provides that all oavmenta
oat of tbe Stote Treasury of $20 and nnder ihall
he In cold and silver, and navmenu or so ana
under from county treaeurlee shall be made In
gold and silveri Sections 13 and 14 of the pre
sent law tejoe repeated. .
Tbe Senate went into wmmiiiee or tne
Whnl Mr. Cudov in the chair.
After some time, the committee rose and
ranortcd back the bill concerning the Cincinnati
... r. ,..! U
Hospital, ana ener long upiauauua ui iu
bill, the oommittee naa leave to sit again.
8. B. 237 To amend the act oi 1859,' eon
oerning real estate Indexes, wu referred to the
Jiaiclary committee.
Mr. UOLftlbS gave notice OI a Dill to amena
the act concerning Assessors, so ai to authorize
them to administer oatns.
Mr. MONROE was discharged from the
further oonslderatlod of the petition of David
Jenkins, concerning an alteration of the school
I 1 ..rau,MA. tn luilwiul imnnU. !
law, iu rwiciei'
. Mr VBDIW. from the select committee.
whom wu referred H.B. 220 fixing the salar
lee at county Treasurers, report ea tne eame
back, amended by a aew bill; which was read
and laid on the tobie to D printed.
-On motion of Mr. McSCHOOLER, a com
mlttee of three waa appointed to examine into
tbe eooditlon and faoU reUting to tne v trginis
miliury school lands. . ' , T : . -
Mr. MoCLUKO oUored the loilowing resoiu-
Uooe, wniou were laiu orvr iui uimiuao.uu
is a
ty ia
, .
gard with
,. Rfolttd, That whereas the further discusatoa
of tbe negro question by this House is not con
ducive to the interest oi tax-payer oi ma
Suto, - , . ..
, Rtttliti, That the diacaasien upon H. B. 350,
319. and 264 shall close this 26th day of Feb
ruary, 1861. . '.!
Mr. MONAUAN. on leave, introduced H.
387 Relating to, aohool lands io the' Ohio
Company's purchase; wnicn was reaa ta orst
time. - : ;.,- 'c .'r-v
i The House resumed tbe conuderauonoj n.
350, when -
. Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, said that, he had
supposed that tha negro question had been set
tied in tneeariy part oi me ictoiuu. democracy
oharged then that the Republicans bad
taken the lead in these discus aloes. We deni
ed it; but It placed Ohio right upon thi question
of personal liberty bills, by indsunitely postpon
ing them. ' l nis agitation u now mrust uiwu
Ka tha wanuaman irom riaa, B utnutr.i,
with the hope or expecUtlon that tbe bill would
neaa. bat that this discussion . would result.
Tbe Republicans are charged with compile
with the Jonn Brown raia. inisiur. o.ueuu
The Republican party was In no way responsi-
. a A.. ' . . . I .... I nn. n n .
Lie. -. AOO aasooiatca wt iue louniuiuu ua
I.iokint-. bv baring drawn John urown to atipe
ration , in Kansas, were directly responsible
fol his' future conduct. . He was, a. mea
nan. and a mora fit. Inmate of a lnuatic aav-
lam- than for the" gallows, .He charged
that the Democrat io partv. bv misrepresenting
tba position of fbe Republican party ia"
South, where our papers could not circulate,
alone responsible for the present unhappy con
dition oi the country. - The Republicans do
and navar did nroDOM to interior witn in
stitution of slavery where it exlsU by virtue
constitutional law only to check ite diffusion.
Tbey do not propose to interfere with tbe exe
cution or tbe logltlVO wave uw; w wuiuo
he (Mr. B.) regarded aa constitutional, though
war nhnnxlona la IU DrovlsiOM..' Individual
members of the party may resist, but tbe
ie no more responsible for those act, as a party
than wa would be responsible for the murderer,
or bom thief, who might be a Republican.
-Mr. B. then laid: ,, ., :)Vi i v
Nnmamna areva eharffsa are made SgalSlt
the Reoublioaa partv without the abadow
justice. The opposition, who have never lost
thing ror uca oi Doianese, t
impudence never equalled, deolaro that tbe
nnbllcana are resoonaible for tbe present
of tb country." I pray you, sir i how by
means art we to be new -responsioieT it it
we bav iad control of-4he national
Because we have bad the Executive,
Judicial or tbe Legieia.lv orancnes, one or
ther, In our hand! Or Is It , then, because
pt Inciples of oar organization hare so oonmeni
id -thamsalvea to Ihe eakn consideration of
majority of tha people, that In the ihort
of four or five yean W have grows froca noth
ing, nntil now, like the Stone cutout of
mountain without bands, the became
mountain and filled the whuli earth, w bav
become ft grwat party, aad by tb mnetltatlonal
means provided by our fathers, tave aeltcted
from among the people oa to fiH tb exalted
position of Chief Magistral of tlja Republic!
' Sir, we are ot, nor eaa we be nad to
tti ndintn of the administration el Jam
chanan, or - father tb lamentable result which
have flown irom tne lmoeoimy, we
vllisclee of the administration, n aa uemoorai
i trt is alon reeponsible for life acta ot tbi
nlatratlon.-' Thef lied it icto powcr--tbe
an not. thev shall not lie oat'of their fearfu
rannnaihllltiea to tho eountry for 1U acUv
What are som of tb resulu of the control
oar Bsliooal affair by tne vetoeracy tor.
last four years! - When nr. tticnanan eame
tmar.' tta found a Uoastr tecssiag
millions of surplus revenue, a dredit aasnrpase-
ed and unsullied, a nag uvovre. ana nraei
ever land and npon every sea, tha name
American citizen ft talisman which made us
equal with the greetect of any civilized
the garment In which, nnder all elrcnmetancei,
we were proud to b enrcbed. j A - oonntry,
peaceful, proeperoui, and hsppy. -A Union
States, tbe pride of our eltiaeoe and tha admire,
tion of the world. " Now, sir, after that
Cui administration of Jsiae Buchanan
yean, which these lame-gentleman guar
anteed to ne when he was .a candidate for
proud position he now fill I uk tb country
turn their- eye CI fth Brwp.
stead Of' a treaeury1 pletheriO' Witt : teeming
mUlionn, flndlt Urri;mpty,lkrupt--
our oredit ' wastol iw wholly 4btj ati
Dmoerutie Administration had; to call upon the
Republican General Assembly of the Bute pi
Ohio to endorse her bonds, so tnai toey mig
sell :n the market. . I thank God that this hit
pubUomn General Assembly, and the fiju6Jic
members of this House, bad tne courage ana
patriotism to cover ' themielveo and Ihe Sute
witn nonor oy reaponaing . amrmativeiy to mat
call, and have only to- weep that- many', very
many of the political associates of that Admin
lstratlon were found so readv to serve tbe trait
on of the South, and eo lost to all the duty they
owed to futurity, as to refuse their support to
tho government in Its hour of -great need. -A
flag once waving proudly over our beads, now
trailing in the dust of treason and seoesalon; tbe
onoe proud name of American citizen now a
hissing and a by-word among the natloni; a
peaoeiui, proaperuua aou cuutcmeu uuiuu, uvn
sutee aisoraorea,aisooraan(, Belligerent, a
poor, imbecile Administration lining in me
Federal Capital la doubt, and IU cowardly ad-
berenta here asking what we will oo to remeoy
theaa Hie and restore peace, unity and prosper
ity to the country. i .).! ?
What will we do T w bat would yon aoi
You have raised this d 1. whv do vou not
lay him. What would you do If in tbe midst Of
the hurrloane wbicn once and again iweeps over
our western DralrleTj What docs tbe mariner do
when tbe angry tempest lasbea tbe ocean into
mounUina ot roam, and dashes his frail para De
fore the howling windi, wkioh he may not con
trol? He trusts to Provldenoe and the rudder,
The ancrrv naaalona of mlirtnided men are now
tuning our politioal bark into fearful waves of
duoord. - Whet will we do when we take con
trol of the nation? We will trust to Provi
dence and the rudder. To that God who hae
never deserted- ui or our fathers In the hour of
trouble, and to that rodder, the CONSTITU
TION which hu abindant power to waither the
storm and bring Into a safe harbor the good old
snip ot Btate. yrnen mat time cornea ana tne
old ibip standi 'gallantly In with tbe atari and
stripes displayed lull men at tne mast neaa,
manned-by large hearts and stout arms, 1 will
be lime for the black uhlks of traitors to give
her a wide berth , or be crushed and sunk to that
depth ffilch their villanlei snd their treasons so
ricniy merit.
Mr. iiAAHLTUAi presented a written argu
ment directed against the bill, taklns; Into view
tbe pethnologioal character of the white and
colored raoes, and making an appeal to tbe sen
timent or patriotism. '
Mr. WOODS moved that the resolutions be
suspended, that another amendment by Mr.
uutcheson be Introduced.. Objection wu made,
but a rote was taken upon the amendment oi
Mr. Blakealee. which waa disagreed to.
The amendment of Mr. Hotoheson wu then
In trod need: -y- - .
The Question bologna the new amendment,
Mr. FELLOWS said be wu not wholly satisfied
with the bill or tbe amendmenU. Tbe debate
had taken 'a party character; and the Republl
cans have Introduced amendments, to drive
DemooraU io an opposite extreme. He wae
not to be driven by inch management. He
said It was one misfortune in this world, that
wa must - act under circumstances, and oannot
adopt a rule that ie absolutely right.' It require
very favorable clroumsUneee to exercise self,
government, suoh as have scarcely yet attained
anvwhere. Our government was founded on
compromises, because of the difficulty of exer
cising sir-gevernmeni.' w e must now sustain
these, as we are in good faith bound to do, and
return fugitives. He argaed In favor of the ad
mission of slavery Into tbe Territories. -
.He was opposed to tbe Missouri Compro
mise.' He t intended that the oocne of the Re
publicans was to the equality, of the raoes,
which he deprecated as a most terrible catastro
phe, and the rain of the country. He insisted
that slave property should be protected, not bv
tha standing armyi but if Yankeee would go
Into the territories, and sing songs through their
noses of anti-slavery tendency, he would pun
ish them for disturbing the Institution. South
ern men feel their honor wounded if they are
forbidden to take their slaves Into the terri
tories, and thev will not submit to it. The Re
publican party must back down, or there will be
the bloodiest time there has ever been. Besides
that, tbe free negroes would fill the free States,
and Ohio, particularly, would be overrun with
them. '. t - -
Mr. KRUM got the floor, but vlelded It for
a motion-to Uke a recess to 1 o'clock, when
Mr. Carlisle, moved to amend by insert
Ing 9 A. M , to-morrow, which was lost, when
LTbe motion to toko a recess was lost.
Tbe previous Question was then demanded,
which.was not sustained veal 46, nays 50.
MrrVORISored-trntrtbe Hoiiie adjourn
which motion wu disagreed to yeas 41, nays
53. -' - -- - ''- - i
. Mr. CARLISLE moved to take a recees till
to-morrow morning at ten, which was agreed
yeas oo, nays n.
WiDNXSDAT, February 27, 1861-10 A. M.
Prayer by Rev. Dr. Hoge. . '
Others of Stark count, asking amendment
the ContHatron-fJO a--to-abolish distinctions
bued on color -V Also, on the eame subject, from
D.-Tidcick andnthers or Carroll county,
Referred to a select committeeof one, Mr. Harsh,
II. B. No. 2C6; by. Mr 'JJOBLE-To author
lie the trustees of the townships of Brown
Anslaize. in fauiding county, unto, to lew
tax in their respective townships for building
bridge across tha Auglaize river in eaoh of
townships, and toaatnorize tne connty lammti
sioneri of said county to build said bridges.
Tha hill naaaad eas 21 . neva 7.
II. a. No. S7li By Mr. HAUUUW-To regu-
late-tbe sale or ministerial lanaa ana tne sur
render ot permanent lease thereto. Tbe bill
passed veu 26, nays 0;
S. B. No. 230: Supplementary to an aot enti
tied "an act to provide for the reorganization.
supervision ' and ' maintenance of common
schools," pustd. March 14, 1853. Tbe
requires the expenses of the School to be
out of tbe fanda or tbe Hoooot Utetrtct, instead
of the innds of oa lnoorporaUd village in the
trict in cases where territory other tb an.
village Is Included.', Tbe bill passed yeas
navsO. -i v t-.-i-..
.8. B. No. 45: Br Mr. MONROE To relieve
the bill-holders of the Seneca County Bank
Laid on the table until to-morrow.
oause af
fairs! the
to with
' By Mr. HARRISON, from the Judioiary
Committee , recommending amendment and
grossment of 8, B. No. 246 amending the
signmentaotof 1859, so as to make laborers
or operatives preferred creditors of an assignor
cor Deration, &e., to an amount not exceeuing
A100. .Amendment agreed to and bill enurosj-
fcdrread ' thjrd lime and yarned. J Yeas
Naysl. - .
' Mr. SCHLElCH. (rott the earn oommittee
reoommendetth-Terereace of II. B. No.
to the Committee on Municipal Corporation
Also a Uk reference or ft memorial from lo-
ledo. I Agreed to. d . ' f-
.Mr. JONES From the same committee,
commended -the Indefinite postponement of
B. No. 217; amending tbe act of. Feb.-14th,
1859, authorizing County, Commissioner!
authorize the Indexing of real estate records
1 ' Mr. MOORE laid the bill merely designed
prevent such Indexing when regarded advisable'
by commissioners,' - ' i
Mr. HARRISON said that according to
computation of tbe senator, from Hamilton,
Mr. Ferguson, such indexing, if done in all
counties, would cost about$l,0U0,00q,
report was agreed to.;
Mr. SCULEICH, from the ime committee.
reported-beck S. B. No. 2Q, being Mr. Collin?'
R. R. bill, without recommendation the com
mittee being unable to agree.-" -'.
TLe bill wai laid on the1 table and made '
ipeolal order for next. Wednesday, Ai M.
. Mr. JUAUtUaUN, irom tbe same oommittee,
eoommended an amendment and paaeoge of
i. No. 244 "Regulating the duties of survi
ving partners.11 ' Amendment agreed to and
bill passed. o;v c. t m j-r . 1
This bill requires an appraisement of partner
ship assets, nnder tha direction of tbe Probate
Judge, and a payment of the rain of the aaseU
of a deceased partner to tb extontor of the
of the 4eeceaaaU.Th ML is brief, requires
a full exhibit of the partnership, and allows
survivor to buy out the iuterest of the . do-
caaaari.. ......
i' Jij Mr. HOLMES, S. B. No. 5258; To .mend
Ihe act of April 4th, 1859, for tbe elootioa -of
Tbwnshlp Assessors, ana ta prescribe tholr da
Libs. Read first time. " " ' " ' i
rtmef fr,oUftr, Wm taken from tb tftbio Aasni
S. B. No. 158, for tb erection of a new Pea-
ment by Mr. Jones, that no appropriation there
for be made,wapnding.; . , .' I
Mr. til AN Lis x was aavisea tnat a aew pen
ttrntiarv need not be oommenOed'thls veer J
i M.t SCHLEICtf thouirbt Mr. Stanlev'a
' . . " ii. n. - '.. 1
sonroesoi tniormauon not reuaoie..' ine reli
able data betore us snows tnai mere is necesel:
for this worn. -
Mr; JONES objected that a beginning this- year
would require alarge expenditure next year a
thing to be avoiaea on account oi pressure upon
Rtata maances. i -f I ri -j lit
Mr. GARFIELD opposed the amendment of
Mr. Jones because all the data before the Sen
ate shows tbe neoesslty for beglnlng the new
Institution us loon al possible. Air. G. quoted
the report of the Commissioners oi the New
.. r .1 m- nf .tiAnhlA Pannltantl.
renitenuary, inn uuiuvra vi .ui,vu. ..
ary; convict Statistic, o , to esiauium u pw
r Mr. MOORE thomrhtl In consideration of the
financial condition of the State, It seems almost
madness to go into tbe enterprise this year, anu
after mature deliberation ho had concluded to
nnnnae an aDDrrnriatibn for tho purpose this
-rr-. - rr ,- .
year, lie waa in lavor meaunmoui uaviug
penitentiary system oi govcrnmout vuuruugu.j
anaiyasa, to see ii some new piau iur u. u
nnaltinn of convlcu cannot be devised.
r ' - - , , , , , , , . . , . .. . .
JUr.r rAKisn . aavooatea toe ongmai uiu
lanoth aa a measure of prime necesaitv. show
ing that It is required by the ratio of increase of
convlcu auring a long term oi yeara uu
showing the danger of confining so many pris
oners iu one pises, nesiaes, an appropriation
this year wiu prove a wise economy. . .
Mr. HOLMES got the floor to express bis
opinion upon the blllr and moved to Uke a re
cess. AKreeQJ"-
WEDNESDAY, Feb. 27, 1861.
Prayer by Re. Mf. Grammar, .
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami From the select
oommittee to whom wu referred H. U. duo
Relatino- to the circulation of specie paving
bank notes, with amendmenU, when the bill as
amvndnd was ordered to be printed. 4
Mr. MYLK3 presented tbe memorial ot v.
L Dougbman and u other eitizensot uiermont
county, lor the passage oi a law to prevent me
Immieration of colored persons.. -
t Also from the same and 13 others, for the
aale of tbe Publlo Works. f T i'4 . r fi :
Tb House resumed the consideration' of H.
B. 350, when ....... ...
Mr. KRUM moved tho previous question,
which wu not sustained veu 44, navs 44
Mr. McCLUNG moved to take from Ihe table
bis resolution ot yesterday, to suspend debate,
wbloh was disagreed ,to.
Mr. VORI3 rose to a Question of orlrilege.
and read an extract from the Cinolnnati Oa-
.' ' - ' -' " '
Mr.' STIERS rose to the dlscussiou
H., B, 350, - and said be thought the
origin of our difficultiei wae traceable
tha growth of Abolitionism. At this a point
of order was railed, when it wae Insisted that
tba speaker ahould confine himself to the pend
log amendmenU. Mr, S. proceeded, saying be
believed the amendment wu In accordance with
the views of a large number of the people of the
State. . He said it seemed as U it was the pur
pose or some men to try:nowiar tneycouia
strain the bonds that bind tbe Union together.
Certain leaders of the Republican partv drive
tbeir friends to this extreme. ' He desired
show tho necessity for the passage of the bill
as there is a party in the State whose coursc
should be crushed. He was opposed to slavery;
but the agitation of tbe quest! in did no good;
bnt its fruiu eo far had been evil and only evil
continually.- It bad. resulted in no good t
slaver ' ,-- -.'. - ...-. .
Mr. STIERS, being frequently Interrupted
gaveway, wbenrJ'-' -
Mr. w (.ban moved me previous question.
Mr. CONVERSE demanded a- call of the
House, whoa 97, members answered to, their
name. - . - t - r..'- .-.
Mr. CONVERSE moved that the absentees
be sent for, wbloh wad disagreed to, when
Mr. WELSH moved that all lur ther pro
ceedings under tb call bedispensed with, which
was agreed to.
The .vote wastneucauea on ia previous
question, wbicb resulted yeu 4J, nays 4a,
- Mr. BTU01AN rose to a question ot pnvi
lege, and oomolalned that Mr . Browne, of Mi
ami, on yesterday, in speaking of the John
Brown raid, alluded to blm (Mr. a.) as sympa
thizing with that movement all which sjmpa
thy be at an times - disavowed,- --
Mr. BROWNE explained that he was
awaraataliiiding totho.gentlemn. liLJhat
latlon; bnt tbe allusion w hich be -did make,
he supposed In another connection was entiroly
in pleasantry, ana not intended to mane
coarge. .-. va'., , ,W' - 1 . .
The vote was tuea taken on tne .following
amendment, which was disagreed to yoas
tate the
. r . e r . ... 1 . ' .
o, navs m: u . , ,iv;ij -. 1 . i
j .ii aur vravM w -,vibuub iu iuib obnw euail
counsel, advise or entice any otner person,
by the laws of any other State or .Territory
Ihe United States, ihallowe service or labor
aoy other person or persons, to leave, abandon,
abaoond or eaoape irom tne person or persons
whom snob service or labor, according to
laws of such other State or Territory, is or
be due, or shall rurnisb money or conveyance
1 1 . . , . 1 ' ' ' . 1 ! . . .
any una, or any otuer iaciuty, witn ineu
for the purpose of enabling such person owing
service or labor as aforesaid, ta escape from
elnde the- claimant 'of the same, knowing
person or .persons to' owe service or labors
aforesaid,' every person so offending shall,
conviction thereof by indictment, be fined insny
sum bot exceeding five hundred dollars,. and
imprisoned in the jail or tne county, at
discretion oi tne court, not exceeding
days, and shall moreover pay the cosu oi
ecutlon, and be liable' In an action at the
of the' partv lolnred.
oio. i. i nis phi snail iaae cucct upon
passage. - , ,
Those who voted ia the affirmative were,
Messrs. Andrews, Blecker, Carlisle, Chase,
lings,12onverse, Cory, Diokey, Devore, Fellows,
t lagg, uambie,' House, lingoes, tmtcDoeon,
cobs, jemun, Jolly, Jonasf" Jooea.'of Hamilton,
McConnell, MoSchooler, Moore, Myers,
rarr, Patterson, felroe, rowers, ltees, or Frank
lin, Reisinger, Rogers, Sohiff. Shaw, Slusaer,
Snvder. Taunevbill. Taylor. Thompson, of
ry, Weutcott, White, Winner," Woods, Wright
of Hamlllon-45.-J 3.ta-7 i f.;
Those who voted in th negative were, Messrs
Baldwin. Blakeslee, Browne of Miami,
Burr, Buss, Carter. Choate, Clapp, Coover,
Davis, Uore, Uaddow, Hamilton, Hprrick,
Hitchcock," Howell,' Jones, of Seneca,- Kennedy,
Kerr, Krnm, - McClong; McCnne, - MoJiavren,
McPberson. Monkhan, MussonrNlgh. Noble.
ParroU, PlanU, Rees, of Morrow; Rnkenbrod,
Scott, of Jefiorson: Scott, of Warreo; Sears,
Squire, Stedman, Steele, Stubbs, Thompson,
Bummit: Trimble, T ruesdeli, vanvoorbis,
cent, Vorls, Walker, Watt, Webb, .Wood,
Wright, of Warren, and speaker. oo
Tbe amendment offered by Mr. SCOTT.'was
then disagreed to. o'-
Mr, ANDREWS then laid: He desired
make ft remark in explanation of the bill;
wished the Reporter to note what be aaid.l .
bill was not preiented to ton do ay as an expres
1 slon of the minority, nor wu It Introduced
consultation among Democrat. .. it waa prebab
ly thought by tbe author to ba a proper measure
to be adopted and perhaps some other individual
who did not wish to make u a uemocratio meu
nre.'': j :'
Mr, WOODS moved that th bill ba laid
lb table, whiob was disagreed;. tov-eas
nam 65, - '. '" ' . !
Mr. WOODS' demanded the sreviouit'eoes-
tion, wnica wb iuiuuowj.-.- i mu.iuu
being on ordering the bill to be engrossed,
rot was called and rijutted yeaav , naya
which ta the final dlsposltion.of the bill.' Kever
al gentlemen bavicg.votad for the engrossment
witn a view to getting vow ouwie wu, eeeiog
it . fatti rhaneed their, rotes, except' Messrs.
Clam. Hills, and Stedman. who said they
willing to leave tbeir votes standing, with
understanding they voted for'thenriosntent
aa to get a vote direct apon tne pm 71 '
. .Mr. BRUFF moved that H. B. 964, iui
Be taken from the lablel whloh'was disagreed
to yeu 22; nsvi 69, ':i t
- Meseagesirom the Sanato.wera ' taken
when th Senate: Joint Resolution recommend
ing Industrial sohools In cities waa read. - i
-Mr: 'ANDREWa 4d he, wished to protest
agalnitsny tendency In this resolution, to legis
lative ahfirorirlation for tbi! dbleCtW " :i i .
L 1 Tbe resolution wai tben adopted, .i':i1.t, :
Tbe ' HouM agreed to tbe Benata'a amend
ment to H.B,i Changing tho.tlm or
annual meeting of tbfSiat Bojud of Agricul
ture yeas 86, nyi6.(,.tjv !.,;. ,Vrvi
.S,B. 235 Relative to transcribing th
of Fairfield county, wu read the first time.
Alio . B. tfo fciiorjdilK? tbe time iormaK
trig reports of 8obool Boards in certata case.
mk.u L , . . nr.l.u D .
. -Ao opeaaer appoioteu messrs. ' ""i r-
rott, Sluseer, Hitchcock, Browne, of Misml,
Patterson, vinoenl, Andrews, Mgb, lower.
Robinson, Wright, of Hamilton, and Plsnu, tba
Committee to report a bill to redistrict the State
for Congressional purposes.
Tbe oommittee or coherence, on tbe matter
of difference on S. B. 35 Relative to tha gov
ernment of Longview Asylum, made a report ,
of sundry amendments, whicn were greed to
yeas 7 6, nays 9i '
M mensrs. , vutlia, i askui i, ami aiv
DREWS, were appointed a committee under
the resolution to examine into ana report upon
the' amount of Judicial labor performed In tbe
Sute. , , ., , . . i . ' ,
The House thsa took a reieaa. . 7 ,
The imnort of gold into France during 1860
wss 1,565,770 hectogramme of gold, and6,464,-
idj oi silver. A hectogramme is 3,io ounoei
troy weight.. J..; -.!..;...
,e-r- -r
For ail TIIItOA'T aad
Including- WHOOPING
COCUH, and tvarr
Complaint the forernn
ner of, and even actn al
The Great JIEUMAla
Git) HKIVIKDT and Nat.
aral OPIATE, adapted
ta every specie of Ner
roue Complaint. Ner
tous and Chronic
Headache, Hbnma.
Ham, Catarrh, 'J'ootli
and Ear Ache, Lose of
Sleep, and Bowel Coni
Mo real loitlce can ba dona th abov preimratton
bat by procuring and reading descriptive pampblau.si
ba found witn all dealer, or will M srnl by Proprietor
on demand. Vormulas and Trial Bottle sent to Pbytl
clans, who will find development in both worthy their
aoeepUac and approval.
Uorreipondenoe solicited rrom ail wnoas neoetsitits or
enrioally prompt to a trial of tb above reliable Eemo
die. .. .
Vor aata h (ha ajoal wholesal and retail dealer.
jroilN L. HDNNEIVELL. Proprlet-
aa. v fcommeroiai wnan, ziosion, maaa.
Eoberte A Bamnel. N. B. Manila. J. B. Ooak. J. SI
Denig, O. fiealg & Don, A. J. 8cbuller Ben, AitenM
for Colnmbn. Ohio. nrl-dly
In all oases of oostlvenees, dyspepsia, blllioas and liver
affection, piles, rheumatism, fever and affiles, obett
Date head ache, and all general derangements of health
theee Fills bav Invariably proved a certain and speedy
remedy. A single trial will place Ihe Life Fills boyotid
th reach efoompeution In Uia estimation of every pa
Unit. -" "
Dr. UoSat'a Phoenix Bitten will be found eqaellr er
toaelou hi all cases of nervous debility, dyspepeia, head
ache, th sickness incident to female In delicate health,
and every kind of weakness of th digestive organ.
for sale by Dr. W. B. M0FPAT, Xtf, Broadway, N. Y.
and by all Druggist. . aaayS-dawlf
The following: ii an eztraot from a
tetter written by the Bev. J. 8. Holme, paster ot the
Plerrepolnt Street Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. T.,to
the "Journal and Ueuenger," Cincinnati, O.,aod speak
volume In favor of that world-renowned medlolne, atxa .
Wnraow' SooTBisa Biaor roa Cbildrbi Tbtouw:
"Wear an advertltment In vonr column of Km
Wixilow' BooTaiMa Bvaor. Now we never said a word
In favor of a patent medicine before in onr life, bat we
feel compelled to say to yonr readers that thi I ne hum
bug wa a. vi hues it, in kiow it to a iu, it
clauu. It is probably one of the most suroeufo.1 medl
clneeof the day, because II iaon of Ih beet. And tho
of yonr readers who have babie can't do better than
lay in a supply." c. :ijrucw
1 Wm. A. Batohalor't Hair Syel -'
The Original and Best tn th Worldl
All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided.
If you wish to escape ridicule.
. SEAT, BED OB BUST? BAIB Dyed instantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to'
Hair or Skin. - -
awarded to Wm. A. Batehelor since 1R39, and over 80,00
applications have been made to th Hair (V is patrono
ef his funeral dyi -
WM. A. BATOQELO&'S BAIB DTI produces a sol
or not to be distinguished from nature, and la warranted
not to InjUre in th least, however loot It may be eon tin
ned, and th UI effect of Bad Dya remedied; the Bait
Invigorated for life by thi splmdld Dye.
Bold in all cities and towns of tha United Statea
Drngglstaani Paacy floods Dealer.
jU-j.be Genuine ha the nam and address upon a steel
plate engraving on four side of each box, of WILLIAM
r -. UHABJJCB aATODELOB, Pioprletor,
11 Barclay street. New York.
.. To Consumptives,
Th Advertiser, having been restored to health la a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after having uffered
ral years with a (even long affection, and that dread
disease, Coninmptlon is anxious to make known to hi
fellow-sufferer the means of car.
To all who desire It, he will send a copy of th prescil
tlon used (free tf charge), with the directions for prep
Ing and using tha asm, whleh they will find a oaa On
for Cowmmow, Asthma. Bsoxcvrris, Ae.. Th only
objeot of th advertiser In (ending th Prescription I to
benefit th afflicted, and spread Information which he con
ceive Io be Invaluable, and he hopes every sufferer will
try hi remedy, as tt will cost them nothing, aad may
prov a blessing. .-.- ,.
Parties wishing the preeorlprlon will plea dflr
t . - Wllllasaebargh,
King County, Mew York.
oot3 wly . , -
J ' ' W. Batohelor's Hair Dye! i
This splendid Hair Dye has no equal instantaneous In
effeot-Beautltal Black or Natural Brown no Staining
tlie skin or injuring tii Hair rcmcaiestneanar an
fart of Bad Dyes, and Invigorate tn hair for life.
Hon are gennin nnlet signed "W. A. Batehelor."
Bold everywhere.-' .- ...-
CBAS. BATCBKLOR, Proprietor, -
I lyUrwly
81 Barclay Street, New Tort.
Starling Medical College,
esof this Institution will beheld at Westminster
Ohurcb, Corner of Bute and Slilh street to-morrow
venlog, (Thursday, 88th February) at 7X o'clock.
-Tn Anaual Address will p givsn bv tb Rev. Jame
Hoe, D. D," - - - "
IheOndaaUfig CiawwIUW adc seised byJnfeasor
Wormley - -w r-.Mf-
The public I reipectlully invited to attend. '
, fobS7;dlt " " - "
- 1 , ;i,jL
Robert Campbells' Estate.
th nnderelgned' ha bean duly tppoloUd hy the
Probate Court of Franklin Oountr, Ohio, administrator
of th estate of Robert Campbell, tat ot said county,
dees said. .' . .. -1 .!..,.
Dated this 96th day of Febrnary.lfWU 1
-fttS7wSw - ; ANDBBW i. OAalPBELL.
J tfi
HATING, On THE 9th Iff ST.," PVR.
ehasedof X, B. WEAVER his entire stock of Dry
Goods, at No. 103 High St., with th view of changing
my location, I will sell until the Srst day of April, with
out reterv, - ", ' 0 ''
fancy Dress Silks, fringe, Button, TrlmalDg,Ae.
Also Yigured alerlnoe, D lain, Bhawliaad Sloaks,
ia- cEogarleii of CostITs.
VfiiMSlm r 7" r r" . v " j; T. WOOD.
No. I Pickled Herring In store, for sal by
felS7 34, North High stmt.
ADYXBT1SEVENT. . . . ...
t j . lor tb INSTANT BBLIBI
and PBBMANBNT O0B1 of th
' distrssslng eomplalnt nt
Bit 6 It CH I A L 0 1 0 ASET IE 8,
Mad by 0. B. BKYMOCB k CO., 107 Nasaaa lit' Jf. T.
,7 u ft 01 Pr soai sent free by post, , . 1 :
mayft-dawiyi ,- .
r ' Biiiolation of Co-partaeTshIp,
The Finn or J. 11. airttTit 00.
Is ailedvIioWd by mutual wnsent.
, , i.H, IMITH.
M,JlM.,rniil r '.."Jj... A . SI ,ki:liia . .

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