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. ' ' Tbe Adam Express Company places ui dally
under obligation to It for the very tsi papers
from tbe eastern ouies.
The American ExpreM Company bai onr
tliauke for He dally favori In the ihapeof the
very latest eaetern papers.
' 1 Ccuht of Common Pt Tble morning, In
the case of Vicina Mobbiu, ti. Elijah Gloves
' dal. Riinr for plaintiff, andNoBta for de
fendants the Jury returned a verdict sustaining
tbe will sought to be Impeached by the plain
tiff. ' The case of W. R. Ranun vs.; Thomas
', Coliman, being a suit for damages for an in
' Jury to tbe person of the plaintiff, bas been be
fore the Jury tbe greater pari of to-day. The
counsel in tho case are Waidim and An
Chews for the plaintiff, and Swatni and Tatlob
for the defendant.
', .'The Grand Jury were etill In eession this
forenoon.' -- '
trr The Pupil of the Cleveland Industrial
' Bchool, under , the, charge of Mr. Watiiton
t ,ulJ8terdl,T .,",ted the Pmitentiary, and sung
'-"' to th convibts, while the latter were at dinner.
.The 'owmallearns from the Warden that two
convicts contributed to the Industrial School
ten dollars each, out of the amount they bad
" '' earned bv overwork. One of tbem waa told
J ' that ten dollars was too muoh for him to give.
" 'a'nd that five dollar would be enough; but be
' insisted on giving the ten, and wa gratified. It
Is also stated that last year the convict con
tributed about a hundred dollar to the tame
V: .ichooi, ;;.v . . ',.
; -;' - : i" '
, ThMirhtta Riwiuoan. Th last nam'
, berof this, the Demooratio paper of Washing'
' ton county, announce the retirement of Wat
' Scott, who bs ably conducted it over a year
and a half, and the return of A. W. MoCoa'
kick to the tripodj who bas done good (ervloe In
that capacity before, as its publisher and editor.
Both parties hav our best wishes. Wa hope
th Democracy of Washington County will con
' tinne to extand to th Rtpubllen tbe large pat
ronag of which it is well worthy. Sustained
t by tbem as it deservr a, the Rrvublinn will labor
effioiently to retain ana morease wemocraiio a-
cendency In their county.
' ,a ' . IitsTAU-moN. Tho Installation of tha Rev.
it- ; E. P. Goodwin, as pastor of th Congregational
Church in this city, will tak place this eve
nltig, at (even o'clock. Sermon, by Rev. a. A,
Hide, of Indianapolis; Right Hand of Fellow
La ship, by Rev, Mr. Root, of Springfield; Charge
o to tha Paatosvbv Rav. Mr. Moaaia.of Lebanon;
ijr.tCharge to the Congregation, by. Rev. H. M.
; BToaas, o Cincinnati.
Twelve Reasons Why You Should Go to No. 121,
South High Street.
Because you can buy tha best Clothing there
1 Because you can purchase without bantering
Beos use you can boy cheaper than at any oth
'tt Store.
Because you oan buy better made garment.
, . Because you can certainly expeot fair and non
Orable dealing-: . .i" ...
Because you can trade pleasantly and without
Because you oan find a better aieortment of
Cloth, Casslmeree and Vesting.
v Because you can get your Clothing cut by an
experienced and fashionable cutter. ....
Because you oan buy niore and better good
'.for the same anjuont of money. r .-- '
Y Because yon can buy at Cuix's'New York
' Clothing Store, No. 121 South High Street.
Because everybody goes there.
Commxncxmint The commencement exer.
t'olse ofSUrllng Medical Callege tak place at
..- half oast seven o'clock to-morrow (Thursday)
4 t"' evening, at tha Westminster Church, corner of
JT' Btate and Sixth streets. . Rev. Dr. tloai wii
: ' ' deliver tb annual address, and Professor Wobm
"j' : t th addresk to the graduating das.
"A Chanqi. "-Under this head, Mr. P. T.
Wood ha in this paptr an advertisement In
tereetlng ana Important to the ladle and other
'. .'i purchaser of Dress Good. Give Mr. Wood as
early call. ... - . :
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails. DEPARTURES.
r. :
r Halli ot New York City, Bolton, Albinv, BafTklo,
-U . PltUoargh, (leubenTlllo waf. OloTeUnd, tamrUlm,
n Mmrk, tiranvlll. WMklaiton Oily, Baltlmora, Phlla-i-.
dolphla and Mow Oiloaaa, clot dclly vBondaon BXOspt-
d)at7X o'clock p. m. ' . . ,
A throufh nail for Mew York and Olmlaad clotte
dillf (Snndart ncepMd) at 1 o'olook p.m.
0. 0. fc 0. B. B. war Mali closta dally (Buodayf
cptad) at 1 o'clock p. m. ....
" . Central Ohio Way Mall cUaei dally (Sundays exoopted)
." ..at 1 o'clock p.m. J - " . - .
Cincinnati way Vail eiotss aaiiy vuaaaayi nwfwi)
1 o'clock p. B. ' 1 "
Chicago, Bubnqne, Delaware, Marlon aad Worthlot
ton Mail clotei dally (Bandays tzooptad) at 1 o'olock
''Malls forXenla, gprlnrtteld, Dayton, Toledo, Olnoln
nali, InJlanapolla, Louuville, 81. Loola, and Detroit,
wh aaiiy (Bunaaji exoepwaj hii .'
A Ihrouith mall to Xenla. gprlnrfleld and ClnolnnaU
eloaei dally (Bundaya xoapted) at 1 o'clock p. m. . r -Urbana,
Plqoa, Tlffln and Onion Oily mall olooe dally
(Baadaya noepted) at 7X o'olcek p a.
' Xancuter, Logan, Nelaonvllle, OlrclTlllo, OblllkoUia,
. , FoTUBOBUi, Waahlnelon, 0. H-, Alhana, Marietta and
. Bllltboraub, mallaoloM dally (Sundays uoeptod) atfH
. 'elockp. m.
-s But way Mail by National Boad to Zanesrllls, eloMt
i dally (8oudyiiotptJ)atn o'clock a.m.--'
' Harrliborb Mailt eloe dally (dandays uoopttd at 1
o'olockp-m. - "
Mt. Vernon Malt, by way of WsiUrrllle and Sanbttry,
OloeM dally (Snndaye exceptod) at t o'eloek p. aa.
BabUa Mall eloNa dally(Sundayi eepted)at 1 o'clock
r:. at 1
Malli from Hew Tork, Boaton, Philadelphia, Albany,
PltUburgh, Olereland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla, Detroit.
BpriniHeld, Clnolnflatl, ObJUKothc. Bt. Loan), and all
BouUiern dtlee, arrire between the boars at t o'clock p.
a and 4 o'elook a. a. . '
Mai It from Indlanapollt, Ohioato and Sobaqoa, arrive
at reoa-m.
Mailt from Washington City, BalUmoia, Wheellni,
Sabeerlllc, Newark, Stcubenvllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
O. 0. B. B. way Mall,arriTC at 8 o'clock p.m.
; T 7 Way Mall from Oinelnnatl, arrlTte at o'clock p. m.
v ' i tanoaiterMallarriTctatSJio'olockp.m. .
i -- Baet Way MaU oyer tha Hatloaai &oad, arrives at II
'K o'clock a.m. -- . ,
Alt. yemon way man mm at ii:ug a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrtToe at o'chick p. a. ' , - -Urbana
Way Mall arrirea at S o'clock p. m..
Barrtiburab MaU arrtvet at u o'oloca a. m
, . umn naiivBrv onen evvrv uu leaevp, puhuu.i "
. . , J II..J..1IMM
7), e'elock a. m. to o'clock p. m. Open on Bundaya
Trom to I o'clock la Uie morning, ana from to a ib
Rail Road Time Table.
. .... ,IarRia Muja fc Ooumios Xtma B. B,
' " Leevee.
v " ooommodatton'.A.i.. 0.10 A. M. i 't.lSP. at.
.yiemoj no. . x..........,,.. ajop.M. i , U.SOP.M
Hlght Sipssm. 8.45A.M. 8.45 A. !
- ' 1 i-tJ-viM, Ootoiisbs at Owetmun R, jj. ''I
jj ,t?1,lxpremandMaUv.....J.oo P.M. ' "l.4 1.
3.00 4.11
'ta. Train
.... b.w r. m. '
B P. M.
Trr'natae. Oocrjnct At CoeounuTi B.S
' Brprnss Train. 308A.M. .k P.M
..... : i MaU Train... 8,411P.M. , :HUP. M.
T-t OoMMtot At Itrotajiaroui B. B. ,
r-. i t- IColumbat, Plana at Indiana B. It-1
Ixprees Train 8:10A.M. 11:10 A.M.
t AUpresa Trala....w...a 8:45 P.M. 8:10 P.M.
Who will suffer from Fool Humor, Sores, or
' Dlsaaae of the 8kln. when aueh certain Mtnldlaai
. aa MoLlan's STRkHavairto Coani.i. and Blood
.. Pvaima, and McLean' Volcano bit Li
Mtirr oan be so easily obtained, Tb Cordial
win jrartry tue Diooa tbottmehlT. and tha Ltol
went will row any sort. Pea the adrtrrtlft
IiSTMisTUfO. If housekeeper really under.
wooa tue great difference that exists between
different brand ot Saleratus.aa to duality,
purity, and consequent reliability and healthful
nees.thet would not Iodb b. without the best
4u t i c . " . a i
that 1 manufactured. Da Land ft Co's Sale-
ratus cost yon no more than any of the Inferior
article which are in market. He I using a
new prooess or refining Baleratus, by wbion all
Impurities are removed.' This prooess I In use
at no other establishment In this country. Th.
quality of the Saleratu produoed by this pro-
OMS la varv enn.rlnr. and It is last becomlnir varv
, ,',,' : . . . l '
popular with intelligent housewives. Di Land
Ob Uoa Bftleratui 11 loruifi DT moit nooeri .nd
ina1r akrAaia ' rVf a ntl fa At tit All a nl Iab laU a
storekeener. Manufactured and for sale at
-L-1 l" T?. M XT
v ir JLT. ..i . u7' i
va aa m mw mhwiihi qsvwwubmu t uutmniiQ
vowiui; mm juu
apply It, cure Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Ague In
the Breast, Burns, Scalds, Fresh Wounds of any
deeoriptlon, Bite of Tenomous Reptile and In
seots, Salt Rheum, lu, Price 9So. a bottle.
IT See advertisement of Prof. Mii.i'i
Hair InTlgorator in another oolumn.
au taken up..
The amendment for an eraenal in Texas wu stricken
out. ,
Mr. Feaaenden here made a report from the Confer
ence Committee on tbe diplomatic bill. Agreed to. Bo
the coniular and diplomatic bill Basted.
Mr. BakeroSered an amendment to the army bill for
$50 000 to protect emieranl. toOregon. Adopts.
Aiiar inruee oonaiaeratton in committee, tne bill wai
ivporiea to toe aenate. Aojournea.
Mr. Beward presented the eredentlalt of Mr. Uorrls,
Senator eleot from New York.
Tbe House amendments to the post route bill were
agraou wt ana tne dui passea.
Mr. Owla Introduced a supplementary post route bill.
The army bill Vu then taken up.
or waa
ui MpaDiioane anaer mis mil, to remrorce tbe torts In
the seceded Btalee. now held bv the Fadaral QnTrnmni.
and to noaptnro the forts taken therein, nnlem they
mu w urrvuuvrva. -
Mr. Ourlia replied that bit purpose wat to rapport tht
Constitution at It it until some power shall be vested In
him to do otherwise, He had sworn to support the
Constitution, and must do so. It may not be necessary
to reinforce these fortt In the present exasperated state
of the public mind. He recognUed rebellion aad civil
wares ezlsUne In the Boutb. Ha wonM mnri tn .11
honorable meana to avoid a conflict of arms, and did not
believe It would be necessary to move an army there
uui ub paopie carry ueir notimtiet against the United
Mr. Burnett, though net satisfied with the answer, said
he mutt accept It. He aakod another a naation. in
ootid and enfordnc the laws, doca tha nnnani hnM
It necessary, la doing to, to reinforce the Boulhern forts
d pcescesion 01 tne leuemi government, and to recapture
tbe property! ......
Mr. Ourtle mid he wat not going to eay In Open cession
and In public what II may be the date of the rnuntr. m
vu. jib wouia amy speaa or tne aeslime ana meaaurea
in secret session. If they were for hostile panoses.-
(Mr. Slmms. In his seal, eald.mnrrier.t
Mr. Curtis, in tbe conree ofkia rani, aald that tha
murder came from the other side. The acts of assassin
ation were not from the Benubllcana. Tha mnrdarnua
axe against the government wat wielded by persons
'" " xwjuuvo unamter ana senate pi tbe
Doited Btatet, striking their own mother, their mother
Mr. Burnett tpoke agalnet the bill, and In favor cf the
recognition or tne tact or tne exlttenoo or a separate gov
ernment tn the seceded Btatee. In arraigning the Be
publicans, he said they had rejected all the propositions
from the Border Btatee. and to accent leas than what tha
wuam wvmu urn aiiaonoraoic.
Mr. Oorwin moved to soeteone the bill to Thnreds.
Mr. Stanton said aueh noitonnnmant wnuM h ratal .
mil, bb uie senate wouia not nave time to aotoo It,
xoe motion Dreatleiliuu anina, 7e.
Mr. Boullgny, before votlnt. said: This le the most oni-
rageout Mil ever Introduced to Congress. Bhame on
tne man wno oTougbt it aerei
mr urow moved to oontiOer tbe tarr torlal bna neee.
The Speaker eald the reoort of tha oommittaa of Thtr.
Vtnrte naa preoeaeoee.
mr. urow moved to postpone the Utter till to-mor
Mr. Blnthtm moved to nottnona till Baturd.v. Tha
yeat ana neye war ordered.
Mr. Hickman nee to a question of privilege before the
saouev Bommancea young.
nr. Bioeiee caiiea mm to order.
The letter wee called to order by the Bepublieani.
A scene of confusion ensued, durlne which air. II irk
man said he would not be pat down by a word from such
Biouui bb BKaiee
Tbe Utter responded Let the mntleman htrat
by the rules of tbe Hoose. He bad called him to order
vrmnauct unoBoomiog inaeoete.
Iuaiie to oner mm tb Bepnbltoane. i
It. AdrUn said aueh Brwftlnn wana Aimmtn
He loudly celled for order. r
A eolloqny between Memn. Hlskman and Bleb lea aoew
tinned amid confusion. The former at last moved to
postpone the report of the committee of 33 till Monday.
Selected 48 against 1S9. .
Amotion to peetpone till Saturday loot M,agnlnst
and that to postponed till to morrow 77 against 112.
au nyoik wa nww IMlonj in JSOUSC.
Mr. Corwin spoke brtefly. '
Mr. Oorwin moved to poetDone votlnron the flrat ree.
olutlon, In order to consider that proposing an amend
ment to the Constitution. Disagreed to. Adjourned
Mr. Orlttenden Drtsented a number of nailtinn r
the preservation ef the Union. .
Messrs. Trumbull and Wilton nmented netlUone
Mr. Tea Byek preeented petitions of eltliene of New
jersey tor tne union, asking amendmenti to the Oonstl-
tuuon to prevent tbe eeeemion of any Bute, exoept
South Carolina, which shall be allowed to go as often at
Mr. Sumner Presented petitions of ettlaene mt Pana.
tylvanla, for the repeal of all Uwa for carrying tbe
mm bub lor w repeal or tne fugitive
altvelaw. ' i .
Mr Blgler presented petitions in favor of tbe OriHea-
ra rBBoiutiont; ana oinen in ravar or the Border Htaua'
reeolutlona. - - .
Mr. Morrit. Of Illlnole. offered a raulnllna that
wos oommitte on aMtraoUd bonds be and are
Invested with full Power to examine witneaeea aa I
Buasell. or an rjaraon far hlaa. who haa iinu,ir
Indirectly paid money to any officer of the United BUtee,
any other person, to assist him in obtaining oontracu
allowance, from tbe Government, or assisting blm In
transaction of busineet with tbe same.
Mr. Burnet, aunaeted an amendment that an nanun
charred ahail be ae ooUnod, and have a right to examine
wuaeeee. au prooeooiDga anoata not be Isauioltorlal.
Mr, Morris said there baa been no Inanlaltinn ka
would have no objection to the amendment, If tune could
allowed for such a course ae sug rested. The re sola.
Mr. Bberman. from tha Oonfemtnne Mmaliiu mm
tbat the Senate had receded from tbe cUuse in tbe
wnu mu, imposing a tax on tea and coffee.
The House then resumed the consideration of the re
port of the Committee of 33. The flrat loint manintinn
voted on wu the substitute of Meeero. Burob and Btour,
muamwuiug ,o ,oe Bererat Btaies or tbe Union, tbat
they, through their respective Lesrslatures. noueet Don.
grees to call a Convention of all the States, In accordance
with the fifth article of the Constitution, In such manner
and with regard to such tuhjecta as will mora adequaUly
nr" we www, bou anoru mora sum jtent guarantees te
the diversified and rrowlne Interests of tha Ooemmant-
and people oomposing the same. The enhstllnte waa re
jected, U against 1US.
very muca conruslon. prevailed throughout tht pro
ceedings, and waa it objected that strangers on the floor
tended to Increase the dieoideri the BDcakarmada rerjeat.
elorte to restore quiet. The first prepeeltloa of the
uommitraewM announced With tbe pending amendments.
was s Joint reeolutioe. deelirtor Ova d Dt 11 MNMnlM
eontUtutlonal obligations, and recommending ench so
a u uie pan oi tne oiatse tt win eecare tbeee ob
Joels. Ac. . . . .
ir;. Kllgore moved to lay the pending propesltlcn,
pwioing amnaneBi, is: we urttwaden aad
Kelleggtpropotltlona, on th table, .a ,
Arrival of the Pony Express.
Post KiABaWV. Feb. 16. The Pan Xxvraea. with Dal.
IforoU O tee t the 13th Inst., neeard hara at P. M.
The debate On the Union KaolntUna eraa anntlnnad in
both breach of the LegleUture, and the Assembly final-
p-aa BireBsinuoa enaorein the ortHenden Oomnr.
mlse, and the views primed by Douglas and Breckinridge
Inppceitton to coercive meaenree. The Democratic pa
P the Senate's eoncurreno In- thle reeolutlon,
wbtca I regarded as an Indleattnn that th Deuglat and
aauahr (HBtUaa erAa-.a A iaa. da. . ?
"'"".'"" wumi mono uemooratw party,
at It existed prior to Mr. Buehanan'e AHn.inutn.ii.
;- -v-iiuiT Dentaaain to Aesmbiy
to concur la the Seneu reeoluUea, fixing tbe goth Inst.
vr ,wi, vwiiiiini iveiwoiB uniteu Butee Senator,
nut bbcu nm wituout secoees. in Heoub loana ani
reeaunag uemoent eontlnut ta ant nih..
n.n mm fiwuvu, -
The Virginia Convention.
BlOBMeWD. Feb. SS. In the Convention to-da. Mr.
Ooode ftnltbed at speech, affirming that It Wu the duly
A Ttrfflnln tn MVlth ,hn Urtnlh " -
Mr. Ooggla olered resolaUons, that It It the duty of
y irginia to wvoa uie oo-ope ration or tne border Btaies;
to Provide measure for concurrent notion hereafter:
that Vlrglnu le atuohed to tne Union ss it wat, but at It
at it doe not protect their rlghtt, and, la th event of a
failure to obtain relief, it It her duty to provide for tbe
fuiar nUtlent she Is to occupy at oas of th Southern
Mr. Hof tin made a long spMca, denying tb oonslltu
ttonal right of secession, be, there wat a revolutionary
remed In. bm..m . I, Wan tcl . M..n.n1,allnn n Ih.
Border Bute In fr. n mafnl.m, Invlla nthnvn n.
b DsneTea v minia insecure la a aontnern uea.
, ijournea. ,
r-?!!!!'1' ,B So- Ihona McDormott'l Wife and
oIJnT.if.. k,"n, aih Inhlt dwelling, on Sao-
' i leataut, Blew Jersey. , t
'Eauaxetraav Feb. Sfl a , w L
tn..M u m " riTiqiepBicn irom rasu-
l!!Ln!fV9. rB Poetpoaemeat oi tSs'wl.
BtW Mil la tilt Uom H Itt Virtual def , .vT
- - - w.p.Bn. .
Washington News and Gossip.
wiwi.to. fab. 26-T he Peace Oonf.reno. to-dw.
taotini4ownthVrniain ub.titut. are in th u
position at a wx einoe. , Some Southern, eommwiloner
""A?00"?"?! ! ?forted by asse-ene!
I i rum ine ouier .ecu an, mey will endeavor t r
oonoiu eonnietm views on siaeVtoVorTow. .
Tht 8nftt. nnrtlon of tha ClnmmlHM e nnnbMnM mi
th tot tod ooffc amorJmtnt bavt urrMd to wotdtuid
recommend oonoarieatMUon, which wilt probably mult
m m mmkj ui hi a wuujv mm
Ml tor BilWmsln hie. hHn annnlfircjl UnMitntAiiJani fmt
WellPoint. " ,
nmtori Seward and Sumner, tb New Tort. Ptnnsyl-
!"" L"u "arris, ttov. nice.
i ?" ", mum on jar, blnooln D4w, Anumi
ViritDiani alio bad, interview, and arYblthiy pl
A nnmber
whl nlBaiaBifl
who um rreiidenuieot.
I A rotolutlon wu inbmitUd to lh Phm fJanvantloa bv
int Jmt
om of th Main OommlulODn, to protot ft apfoh
2' ' wssdosi of th. pnM lu the tswltorloi, and was Tot
d doWB bV .mail malAvltw
It It nndrtood that Oorrnmnt Intend! to Id it) tut
TiVfUMMAImtm 1 Jl-..l M . 1 O J) J-t
, iwiggi. m, moTtment Has grMtjy atmtgea
lion In bordtr States. The Beorotary of War and Qen-
f i ocott tayor Immediate action In bit case.
Governor Boutwell and a deletaUon of New Bnilasd
men are here urging Governor Banks as georetary of War
aieuonau siened by all tbe Printers, rubllsuers ana
Bookseliere of New York and Boston, urelne tbe aonolnt.
ment of Bchnyler Colfax ae Post Muter General, were
presented to Lincoln yesterday.
r. v an wyck u still quite 111, but out or danger.
A Beaori.1 K . a n Am li.nit h. alt ill
BCDUbltaana nf th. Tnrfl.nB T ..I.I.I.. h. MnAmmAMIn
Mr. Colfax for Post Master General. '
datlon arelng Thos 0. Tbeaker, member from Ohio,
or vommiesl ner 0 Patents.
OalelMJUshlnff. he rauuaau haa vlvan bla ontninn An tha
question of the Jerality of the aooeptanoee Issued by
Beoretare Ilovd n hM. ii,., k. :nii,nrf,.ti.. a.i.
slons of the Bupreme Court in previous cases of a like
nature, Government is liable for those acceptances.
secretary Holt addressed a letter to the Governor of
liouieiana, aemandinc tha reatoratlon of anearnm-nt
pnipcnj eeisea in flew Orleans. He denounced the eel
BUM an t.t .1 A . . i . . . n
rr HaHiau.uiuBiruciousspoiuHlon. vuv.
Moore returned the latter, with ll.a nnn..nt that
wuen aaareseea in tne usual language of official later.
WU..V, u, nouiu consiaer me matter
Advices from Montgomery auto tbat President Daylt
tendered tbe poet of Commissioner tn Enrnna to We.
Southern Oonfdero
" Ac hoU. M2id
L. Yancey, with nowers to ohtaln rai.nniiinn r iii.
Tbe hotly contacted election la Oeonetown. D. O
yesterday, resulted In the election of an anll-Dsmocratlo
Secretary Fiord recent) kaaalaA that ha haA a nuiri.
bated tbe army that no considerable force could be col
ivciea aaatnst tne aaoaiatiiniata unit., iAmnHih.
Major Anderson writes fromiCharleston that no unusual
preparations against blm had been recently made, and
uma worse already urown UD are annarentle abend
From New Mexico.
The Santa T Mall, with
datee to tbe 28th nit., arrived to-day. Business in Santa
Fe waa extremely dull, exoept In provisions .which oom.
manded good prices and qulok aales.
xnis man came in witban escort or soldiers, and their
ai oca giving out was tne cause or tne aeiay.
ins weainer on tne plains wasnneand warm
Thousands of Indians wsre teen on tha mad. and
amongst them the Prince of Devils, Bantark, the Kiowa
caiet. no onerea ine party no molestation.
i he conductors say the commandinc officer at f L Wlaa
ireaia mm aa tnougn ne was a great iriend to the whites,
and for fear he will be shot by those whom he hu Injured,
f'K" guaru vvcr bud every nujnt to protect mm
Kansas Destitution.
NtW ToBK. Feb. 20. The Kanaaa T.a.l.I.tnr. krn-a
adjournment, adeolrd a memorial ta aiatar Hiaiaa. aat.
ling forth tbat 30.UU0 oersons are deoendent for nihal.t.
ence upon outside resources; that snow covered the gram
u r,nl,,,i oauaiDg eiarration 01 a great num.
ber of cattle. They ask for 100.000 hnahaia r t
Z?tL.Z:?.?J .??a Itatoe tor spring
They also sUte that tha committee lraiad at
Atchison, with which the New York commute, co-operates,
bas the confidence of the oountr. and fnnita aan,
to said committee are faithfully and equiUbly distributed
, ui auuervra. ,
Failure of Illinois Banks.
Cbioibtj, Feb. 86 The Bute Auditor has been offlcl.
ally notified by tbe Bank eommlaslonara tbat tha foiinar.
ing banks have failed to make good their securities under
me uie can, wnicn expirea on tne vuttt. Tbe follow
ing, which lnoludc the nine discredited banks aie out la
liquidation, vlx; Bank of Raleleh. Bank of Aurora. 8uu
Bank, National Bank. Corn Xxchann Bank. Bank r
Commonwealth, Southern Bank of Illinois, at Qrayvllle,
Bank of C hester. Bank of Pike Oount. Bank of Onlne.
Grand Prairie Bank, Farmere' and Traders' Bank, Kall-
roaa nanx, mercnanta' ana U rovers' Bank, Citlsens'
tunx, morgan county Bank, American Exchange Bank
Failure of Illinois Banks. The Ottoe Indians-Correction.
NelBASIA CtTT. Feb. 86 -Th aemmnnlcatlnn fmn
this Place In regard to tb Otto Indians, nubllahrd In th.
paper of the 81st, waaerroneoue. Thearent, thou eh lone
confined to hit house by illness, hat, to tbe letter, followed
to instructions or lheDeprtaent.whlch hewlllfearleaile
continue to execute, although hi own lite and tbe
reac of his family hay been endaneeied b tha lawla.a
mob. The Indiana were unoompUtntng until about 30
of them were Induced, by a few debased whit men, to
come to this city, knowing the agent waa unable to reach
tnem. itu wnitet were making threats, and not tht In
FoBT fUTTH. Feb. 87. A throueh overland Mall Coach
pasaoa inn piao to aay. inis mall oom throurh ne-
molested. The eeUnre of the mail before reported waa
at Appach Past, about two hundred and flft mllaa waat
or ait raso ,oy Indians, wno seised the mall, all tbe stock
and grain belonains to the Company, and broke uo the
aieuoD temporarily - too rout along appacn ran U
now protected by a company of United Stales Dragoons,
auu bv luruivr trouoia is apprenonaea.,
Nmr OiLXiirt, Feb. 8. The election la Oalvcstok
and Houstoo, on tha adoption or rejection of the oeo-a
slon ordinance, resulted In favor ot secession by a strong
NrwToax, Feb. te. By a Ute arrival from Miva-
guea, we learn that a larg Bra occurred in tbe fUta, and
prooerto valued at over ll.S00.00O was destroyed.
e . . . .... .'.. .. .
For tha WhUkeri aid Hir.
Th subteriben tak nleasur .n annonnein to tha
Citlsens ot the United BUtes, that tbey haveobulned tbe
Aeency for. and are now enabled to offer to the American
publio, th abov Justly celebrated aad world-renowned
article. The , . .
prepared by Da. 0. P. BBLLINGHAM. an eminent
phytlcUn of London, and U warranted to brief out a
mica Bet oi - .....
Whiskers or a Mnstache ; !
la from three to elx weeks. This article U tbe only one
of the kind used by the French, and In London and Paris
U In universal us. . .
It Is a beautiful, economical, soothlnr. vet itlmulatlne
compound, acting at If by magic upon the roots, causing
abeaulltul growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
scalp, It will cur iiumt, and cause to spring np fat
place of th bald spots a fin growth of new hair. Ap-
Eiieo according to direction, it will turn Bes or Towv
air bjjik, and restore gray hair to lit orlslnal color,
leaving it toft, smooth, and flexible. The "OHooairr" It
an tndlspensabla article In every gentleman e toilet, and
afUr on week's use they would not foranyoontldoratloa
The subscribers ire the only Agents for the article m
the United BUtee, to whom all orders must be addreseed.
PrirwOne DolUr a box for sate bv all DrneelsU and
Sealen; or a box of th "ongucst" (warranted to have
the desired effeot) will be cent to any who desire It, by
mail (direct), securely packed, on receipt af price and
pwiagwivt-a0. ppiy werauaroa
. 1 ' ' IIOBACB L. BBQIHAN k 00., .
nacswisTs, Ac,
feUOOdkaCm- ' 84 William Street, New-Tork.
X aSaapla .AUUcla, will furnish employment to
a few active men to aet at agente tor their boas. A
preiarenc will be given to tboee who an well acq saint
ed in the dlttrtet for which they apply. . ,
tor wnica teryioes mey are wuung ta pay a aa ry
$600 to $800 par yew,' and Iipta
Far farther nertlcnlara addrta
-,; ," . w' BtOBlHOtTBI k CO.
i and S, Bxchaait PUot,
lanSO-dSm. ' ' ' ' ' JertertOlty, pj . J,
Manafaetnrera and Wholesale Dealers la
Southeast Corner of High and Oav St(
,. WOa OO.
CULUiriBliSJt.. ...OHIO.
A Urge Stock ot Fto and Btaptt Oeods oa hand."
y31-4tt ; ,, , ..
i i
. I .1 .C'lil i
M 8vMelutt'BaUdiPi:
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 27.
ILOTB raaalnte of 4.074 Mils: .ii.hi.
Iy In favor of buyers; sales 4,000 bbls at 5 135 10 for
epernne aiate, 9 3UW3 'or extra state t 1593 Si
for superfine weetorn, 5 SOOBtS SO for common to mod urn
and evira weetorn, 9 4&VS 00 for Inferior to good ship
ping brandt extra round hoop Ohio, Canadian flour heavy
and drooidng; tales BOO bbls at S 3090 73.
BTB FLorjR-eteady at I 60-4 10.
W HBAT Beoelptt 093 bush; market dull abd slight
Is la favor Of hnvera. with onl limited itmm Jtw.mA
taUt of IS 000 bu,h at J,8S for wllwaukee Olub dell.
eredi 130 for redSuu; 1, for white Cal.:l,50
for prime whit Canada . . . -
ma-steady; sales of 18,000 bush at SSS88e. '
BARLEY firm ..1m nt in nnn hn.h ni ,.cin.
Canada Kast. ' , ,'"cvu
COBN-rclpt liOO bush.t market heavy and lo
lower: tales are 33.000 bush, at 6ttanM .,.. J.u i i
Wssferu in store and delivered; BOSOlKo for new do
at the railroad depot.
0k?,aZ'Z'Mi h,tTjri 35-33X for western and
Oanadla, 36(330), for Bute. .
POBK dull and heavy! tabs 100 bbla. at BIT K r,
mers, 1 19,50 for prime. .
uui maai'B tuaoy.
I A BD-tUady t sales 30 bbls at 10 for prime.
BUTTflbV In moderate reaneet a, iSmAu nv.!-
14clB for Bbt7
uilBKBB-steedy steady at ftxSlOtf.
WI1I8KT etead with moderate Hnan4 eon
bbls at 18,. ' " ' ,vv
STOCKS ootlta and hither: rn Mone and
no new fcatuiet. O. At H. I SOX; M At M. 19: N. J I
e i ' u" r"" """.wai n. x.u. 7y; Qumb,
man sum smii iteaa netd: 111. n anrin
I M B. quoted 3J; CO. Ac 0. 94: O. At Tol.&SU:
' m"JrBr-lt - 72i Tre' J's 103X
. B. 8'eBI; do rexltUredVa: Tenn. S'a 7Au, n e.
57! Vv?0: 0hloJ of '60- N- T 0. 7 . 10IX; III.
0. bonds tW,; Har. 1st 09; Han. k. St. Joe. 49.
Cincinnati Market.
. ,L.0tEw 1noto at 50(84 60 ,or superfine; St 70
4 90 for extra and lamtly; thence to Si 50 for extra fami
ly anu onoice wnite wneat. Tbe raney qrands are qtotcd
si 1 at SO. Within the range of thesi prlcet there l"a
fair lecl and order trade, malotalnlng a fair awl el. but
""""! " ('ouibuou ror wen auou to make onn
lltnmtnU to out noint 'or tha hanan, r.Ki
WBBAT hat been lo moderate reqett for ihinment
IS for White. At the inside of these fiturta thelocal
millers aim to supply tbetr current wsnu. The cut.
SSI iil- " r ,,hiPm,nt " generally compelled to pay.
!d .K??r,'.n hpoIUon or the twornte of buyeVi
.?0JKfiTf!, ,toadL at the bands of
h, ieu men at ajo. rrom the lower da.
pou; but thtllod. alter a HttltH Tsi0?.'
v.Ml ... - , , -r uiarav.
A. a. i . ' owome auu at3(S3Gc.
OATB-have ruled without much variation, at S7lo.
To-day thev are aultenrm at ih. i ... ';
BAB.LBT of Tjrtme eradea. h.. k..-', ...
lug the week, and h"r-n.T. -.:i? .Br:
, ei-.j. i. v.. "T. " iuiBinea at
;mde.Vu.tounU.r Ia"rrent
wS.soIr'.' lt ,u,1", C0BB1na OOo, f!r It quoted tt
WHISKY hat been In aallve ri-.n,.. ..
l2wliir!.,!,.l.d a?!" toadutyin the "Con.
VIa 7 mat point xacta, am.,
Cleveland Market.
February, 26.
ance reported.
..wJEAT,ud vlA nit of " red on track at
1.00; Scars do at St 07, and S oars white at 1.18.
S" ? lower Bale of 1 car on track at Sic .
OATS dull at S3o.
HIOHWINE8 talet of 75 bbls at 15c.
BBBD' -auletand treit oiat is rn.oi.... ..j
t9.xoaM.40 for Thlmoiby, . "
unaaea sales of 13W) Stat8Xo.
BOOB-tteady at lOtfo , .
FhOIT dried Annies are Inactive at 3lo p..h.
e at 1313a.
BBAN8 tell occasionally at OoaMn umrdin b
quallly. .'.' -
Baltimore Market.
FlOOI dull and declined IQln mA ktau.4
Btreet 5S5, extra tSOSX. WutaT heavy Red I 85S
xt, wnit ltvAViou. oork active, mixtd559S7c yel-
Labb lOo. Oorru Firm at
www.. rnuTIBlun auil. fO B E meSB 173.
1SVI3c. Wauix-
buoyant at lOtBlOo.
Philadelphia Market.
Flocb unehaneed at SS SS. . Jnwni
red at tl 3P1 Si, white 1 45; mice of 30,000 bushels.
O oat dull; sale of 80 000 bushele at OSKo for old.
vurrn-ne iixwi.se. vraitiT advanced.
From the New prkOoserver.l .
As all nartfea mannratnrir fl.Hn tr..M.MiMrfL
lUtadMpsv Mr. Hires a llatnH aa mi.i nM.. m
and ar a to compelled to make returns to him, under
oath, aa to th number told, his books give aeorreotsUte
? from thle relUble tource we have obtained the
following ttatiitlc. Of th machines mad In th year
iww, tnere were told,
" By Wheeler At Wilson ..;.81,305
. " I. M. Blnger Co 10.953
" Grorer At Baker 10,880
Ihowtog th tak of Wheeler fc Wlatan to he iovtU
om of any other Company. "
Awarded th hhthttt artJlUTB-t th -
United Bute Fair of IBM. 18j and 1860; - -
' altoatth -t
Ohio But FaJrt of l59 and laeej
Udat nearly all th County Fain tn to SUte. ,
Our nvtoe at tha lata redonunn m In.. . m .
aKcA omenta aw eold. aad hat a 1,10 hither than
tn interior rtoo tAmtad onoM ttkA maaUn., oo
foroeduintb market.
Th WBIBLER a WTI.ani uannrna .w .y.
hoc Sticb the only one which oannot be raveled. II
la Aubb o Bora "ion of the rood, leaving no rUg or
eAanotAe tmtfer tide. -f ....
Xlt mnMtut eravottftd 3 year, and UttrwMon
given la their ate, fre of oner,. , . a , , .
. -my. H. CBABT, SI High St., Oolumbes, 0,
, ' i- . WM. 8CMNBB 00
decS-9awd3maEw0m Pike's Opera flout, 01neuir.ati.
' . Irish Linen Goods. '. -
linen Bhlrt Bosoms P ain and Fancy .
Shirting and Bosom Linen.
: tinea Oheetlngs and Pillow Casings,
'.-i. , tioen Cambrics tad Long ietwnt. .
Linen Pooket-AarjuVfs, til sise.
- . ... Linen Towelllngt and DUprt.
' Linen Napkins and D'Oyllea.
Linen Table Clothe and Satin Damaskt.
Linen Towelt with colored borders.
- Linen Bulr Oovertngaaad Orathr
.-i,',.. i'i ; Foreale at low prices.
,ira l- . - , ; . BAIN At BON,
tcb13 .. ,. ,' .' No.WBonthHighatreet.
ladle' linen PookBt-Hindk'fi.-
XX kenhleta, very wld heme. " u ' i
. Bmbroldered Llnea Handk's all price. . , .
Uemmed Btllchedaod plain do, do. ,
1 io da, colored bordtr.
Mourning do , bUck border . ' ''
, . d. do new sty le cross sUtohel.
, FlneAppledo . ' new paturnt. , ' .
klliaa.f Dl.ln mmJ TT.m.m. U 1 1 1 aV.I A .1, .
Comnriatne tha uaataklectasaortiuenttift tha nit anA
VTJS ',rlra-' i'm . si.-. " awn,-
li i F!- xvnouta iiiga Btreet.
IGents Jinen'ShirtXollars,
K0TI, SUndlna. Bvron. Feralrnav. Banfniw and
other new shape. xTemmed Pocket Uandkerchlefe. Neck
nee. Bloc at, Btreet and Xrenrog Gloves, Half Hot of
very kind, CoderGarmenU and all kind of Gents' For
n lining Goods tn great variety aad at moderat prloee.
. .... aaan at sun.
febW'V : p ; t ; ii No. 80 South High ttrecU
'Aleiandre'fl Kid GloVes.'!
ODBTAIBA aad regular abap Black KldOlovM,
embroidered la whit, magenta, purple, Ac. Undressed-
Kid Qloyee. Misses Eld Olovst. A eompleU attortmaat
or inoatcieoraia uioyti always ror sale try .
-, ... BAIN at BON,
febS ., No. SS Bouth High street.
A Xenla K. B. Newsboy would bt d letted ta infnm,
th publio that the Clnulanati Evening Timet U received
regularly every day, at 8 30 aad U, p. at. Feraone
oa prur tnem by Ming en
feb. 19 dlwd. fc. . Deaf Mute.
" " laces and .Embroideries,
V Lace Collars and Sett. French, Puthet tad Thread
lac Veils, (new patterns,) Talenolenet, Thread aad
Point Lace, Kmbroldered Collar, Betu, Trlmmlngt aad
Bitrte, una Darn. uu ummra, riain Linen uollara,
SetU and Cuffs, Imbroldtred Oollan and Cuff) in Betu.
' - , bain a son,
ftb39 V No-. oulh High Street.
f-1I.DEl nilMVBni R-paj,
VX All atoe and quallUee; ait BOXS? IrTTBTl of
t eutrtorauk. for axis M .Jiv, BAIN Ac BON.
;JtM Ne.Ulot.lUi1reU
! : V ' TO AN o mora .
-aTC w m aw tjM.m '
Liverpool, fliontrcai, Quebec,
: atnd
The Montreal Ocaen BUamahln Oomnan'a flratUaa
full. powered Olvde-bullt b teaman tall every tat.
ni-daty from POBTLAMD, carrying the Oanadlaa aad
v ntten aiatea mail ana pattengere.
-nohwjoian, north amib10an,
- bobbmian, anglo-saxon,
m0hth bbit0n, . bibkrnian,
Canadian, movascoiian.
Sborteat, Cneapeat and Qalckcat Oom
vifauce Brain
Ratens of Ptttaae;e to Europe,
Will tall from UVKHPOjl tvrrr Wed mead ar
and from QUBBBO every katturday . calling at
LONDONDKKKY, to receive oa board and lai d Malls and
racsenrere, to ana rrom Ireland and Scotland.
iryihess Steamers are built of Iron. In wat.r-tlrht
compartments, carry each an experienoed Burgeon, and
every attention is paia to tne comiort and accommnda
tlon or passeoMra. Ae the nroceed dlnet to l.riNnnM.
DE BT, the neat rllk tod debt of oalline at Bt. John'.
IB eTOHica.
Ulateow nassenxen are farnlahed with nnnaa
ttei urn ticxeis eranted at reduced ralea.
OertiScate Issued for carrvlna- to and brlnrlnrnnt naa.
aengere from all the principal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, by Ibis line of steamers, and
oyuiB easuisuius una ur BA1L1.NU PACKETS
leaving uiverpooi every wesx.
Slffbt Drafta foi i and upward pay
able In ne-land, Sreiaud, Ncot-
aaauia sr a etlQB.
For nasssea. annl at tha nnina HHiitti
WA, Nctvv aork, and 10 WATER HT.,
A-e m T V m BjV VA tl p
SABEL ft 8ZASIS, General 1 gents,
nolO-lydfcw Btatetman OIBce, Oolumbut, Ohio.
Front 8treet, Between State and Town.
RlirtP laallll k nJn-tv-
- ...... , ui,, nuu anuvugu
the preesure of Ute yean baa tot heavily
upon her running tears, she U etill turn-'
t.g out those splendid PHJETON8, ROGKAWAY8, end
wisUwMiii TV ATAUlil O. OOltLltU UHNls
BOBKB and BACKS. Twenty years steady muufao-
ati given our work a wide-sperad repuutioa
through the Bouth and West. ...
We therefore deem it unneceeear to aa an thin ,..
in regard to tbe quality of onr work
e auallt of on wn.ir. w. .....
Bvrnr vehicu.
Ilia to U0
' ne can teiiaooo lorBoaaix from
Dealers can be furnished with nr tnnnrt xaxrW
hort notice, and at prices lower thao ctn b boutrht adt
taThava In IKa U7aw flu. I J n . n.
olumre for new work.
ILrfiepalrinf done neatly end at ihort notice, ree
toryonJront between State and Town itreete, Oolnnv
lO'AII communications will receive prompt attention.
Aug. ai-wly B. M. WILLIAMS At CO
Law Notice.
that he haa been sued with nih.ra in h. Qnn..i
Court of Franklin county, Ohio, by Oeorge A. Bllch. The
petition atke tbat the following detcrlbed real esute sit
uale la Franklin ooanty, Ohio, to wit: In the second sec
tion, eeoond tosmship and seventeenth range, United
BUtes mllitiry lands, beginning lu the center of the Buu
road from Westerville to Galena. OO William fllane', tea.'..
south Hue; thence east 80S rode and 80 links to a stone on
H . Dixon s line; thenos south along laid lint, it rods and
links to a ttone (witness tree, turar,) 0 inches lo dia
meter, N. 80 dear. X. distances links, and thorn bush
Inches In diameter, south 88 deg. west 3 links); thence
weet Wi rods to a stone In the oentr of said State road;
thence north 18 dee west an rnda; thanm ...iKn --a
links to tbe place of beginning eonuinlngone hundred
and.two acres and 93 S3-1U0 rode or ground, mty be eold
for the pay ment of Fourteen Hundred Dollar whlchUs a
or before the 20th day (3d Saturday) of April, A.ID.
1861, plaintiff's petition will be taken aa tm.r .n. ,-!.--
v v. iwiui. iw Buawvr or nemnrrnr
mentnndcredlaoourdlngly.. GEO. 8. 00NTBR8E.
- Att'y forpUlntla.
Celumbus, Ohio, feb 10, 1801 . f,b!9 wOw
Land for Sale.
m. new rarm aitnated In th ar.-i i
BUU of Ohio, oa th big Scioto River, tlx miles west of
ju. .g vi uBvien, it is all mnoet In, about 300 acm
deadoed from four to tight yean. A good new Frame
tCl jjT 7 6 ' . " ." wen oi water:
the deeding la well eet In to Urn gram, and the big
.inir. una t win nuxe iuo acres more
.toj iur ui piow, maw en an ine timber, under fifteen
Inohee, sou to make 10 acres of plow land Th land
liof the Terybeetqoallty.andlwlllut (88 per act
,i " wurlu '""I tnirty three per sere
with 100 torn more cleared, but I must Mil It, there
C .T V pBt " ioin too ""'un blow what I think It
kV .7 . . """B0 soil, i nave also another
half eectlon for aale. lain in th. Mm. . . t .
v.. uu, wu UB1I
hTk2rr?-T i . ,orJa Pr acre. Beferenot can
bed by calling on Joseph Benlok who knows all aooul
land, or en Ute proprietor in Marion.
icoM-wew - DAVID IPLIB.
nammatloB and naln. anrf tv,. ,
w.mmrw, v.k or uu Diaa r an tin. i ,
auu bio irum Dee ttingt, mosquito bite, and
poisonous plant, naralgla, rbeumatlim, agn ta lb
""J4. TU rhni, etc. When Uken InUraally, It will
poeiUvely. cur voup laeblldrea.and glvet bnmeduu
relleriathe worst rat of this terrible oomplalnt; alto,
removee hosreenest and sore throat. Price, 83 etaU a
H" '. 2 houia ln 1 tone.. For uie by Drug.
glsUand Storekeeper. IBVDI STOnB.
-.a, a. , . "P No. I Spruce tt., Btw Tork
oeteaatwiyi ...
Wholceare and BeUU Dealer In
Foreign & Domestic . Cigars,
SmoklDf ft Ohewlng Tobacco. '
Also, ta lest qoainy af raTJT'l aoastutlj
wu nana.. . . ., , . 1
liyCountry Uercoaata are Invited to oan'tafore par
chasiiig elecwbere.
. . . Betr Main and Sycamore,
Bo81-w0m - CINCINNATI, O.
Notice Creditors.
Kdwla Panooaet and etherti - ' V !
tinSt' '.. ' Vs. h. Rnnan. Pn-t
Jaoob M. Conrad and etbert.) : of Franklin Conntv.
by th Court, la thu cat, notice tt herehy given to
thtoredttonof Oonrade A Brother, that they present
their elaime torn, verified by affidavit, agreeably to Seo
Bon 13 of the act regniatmg. the mode ef adainlettrrng
asslgnmenU in tract for the bentSl of emditon, passed
April. 0, 1W9, -Within tlx montbt after the publlcaUan a
this notio.
" ' ' ' jambs H.'siirra, "
' i 4. S . .01rk of th Superior Court.
Oolumbut, Feb. 18. 1861. Stw
All persons are hereby cautioned against purchsa
Ing an order dated Oct I860- drawn by A W. Shrarar.
Clsrkof Prairie Township, Franklin county, Obio on
t reasurer oi eata xownsnip, payebl to dob fpt ll
ano or order, for 1S0, for ten sew of Mitchell's ear-
line maps., ine saiu oratr navlng been fraoduMBtly ob
tained will not b paid.
' A. W, 6HBAMB, CVark
behalf of the board of Bdueatkm of Pialrle Township.
Jan. 83,w3t- -
mad In th th ffloert of thle Bank, January 89th,
1881, to wit: Wat. A. Putt, President, aad Tnoaus
Hooma, Cashier, resigned their offlooe. Davta TavLoa,
Btq., wat then elecUd President and Wa. A. Putt ap
pointed Cashier. , .
bv oroer or in ooaro pi uirtctor.
febS, ISSI-dtf. - W. A. PLATT, Oaahler.
Caspar Kintr's Batata.
the subscriber waa appointed and qualified on
th 17th day of January, A. D. 1801, as administrator on
th BtUte ef Casper Klner, UU- ( I maklla County
Ohio, deceased. .. . ... . i -H
liaua this ioin aay or rebrnsYy. a. p. itmri ;
Feb. 18 w3l atlCHAILKlNOBY, Administrator.
Oeorj louli Qoelz't EsUU.
the eabeeriber bee been appointed tad aaallaed at
Administrator mU ecus turn oa th aetata of Qeorge Loa
ta Ooels, UU ef Franklin Coutty, deewtaed. -.
jb n nf' -s' 1 . o. woods.
X elating ap hi aid buelnesl at one, and hopes that
all pereons havlnt anaettled aeceaat u hit beoU will
.! .h hMM!lt.l..lMlLut. -
IJaCK STRAW BerfaMt. A B Art Is Ki."
m.i iimiam Ih --- wj.h... aathi'a .'.,
WtJUbboas.la sreat variety - bain'B,
Me. xBifitreet.Cotanhaajreb
7 - Dx. J. H. McLEAW'5 ; ; r
Strengthening; Cordial and Blood
urr rir Ms est
rhaUramteat JxaaaeelFlm Ttaa Varld
. tit If fiT A tT
ly a Kwntlu and
Vers tabU Oom pound,
procured by th dUtil
btlon of Boot. Uarbt
aad Barks, iellow
Doctv Bleod Boot,
Banapanila, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enters Into 1U
Mon Tokins. tir p active' reraedhti After Taking.
principle of each Ingredient it thoroughly extracted b
my new method of distilling, proilucing a delioioas. ei
hlleratlng spirit, and the most INFALLIBLE remedy fot
renovatinr the diseased system, and reeiorine 'he sick
suffering and deblUUted INVALID to HBALTH and
.. . W1U effectually ear
ChronUoy Nervous Debility, Dlsmsst ef th Kldatri
ana an aiaeaeesensing irom a oisoraerej t.rer or atom
ach, Dyspepsia, Heartburn. Inward Pllee, Aciditv or Sick
nee or tbe Btomacb, Pullnem of Blood I the Head, Dull
pain or swimming la th bead, felu.tatloa of th Heart
vu lines or weight in the BtomaoB, Boar nscutlons
Choking or taffooatini
feeling when lying down, Drrness
orVellowneeeof thcBklnand Bye. Night Sweets In
warn revere, fain in th small or the back, ehest or std
Sudden Flushet of Heat, Depression of Spirits, Frightful
Dreamt. Lanraor. DesDOndene or an Nervona Diua
Bores or Blotches on the Skin, and Fever and Ante (oi
vuiiisana eevcr.j
.. Over a irjllllan ai mattlea
Have been told durlnt the last tlx month aad In no In
tunc bat It failed In aivin entire satisfaction Whs
then, will saner from Weakness or Debility when Mo
no unxiuurc can convev an aaeouaie mea or the imna
dlaU and almost miraculous change produoed by taking
urn uoraiai in uie aiseaaea, aebtiitatea and thatUrad
nervous ststem, whether broken down bv exceee. weak be
nature, or Impaired by slcknees, the relaxed and unstrung
vi.MjiM.ivD ia rvawreu w lu, priaune ueaiu ana vigor.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever ranee.
will find McLean Strengthening Cordial a thorouyh
regeaeraUr of tbe tyttsm; aad all who may hav injured
themtolvee by Improper udtltroret. will find In tbe Cor-
auu a certain ana speeay rem eay. . .; ,
' "' Ta tbe Ladle. '
McLean's Strengthening' Cordial
It a sovereign and speedy care for
Obstructed or Difficult "Venttraatlon, Incontinence of
Urine or InvolunUry Discharge thereof, Falling of the
Womb, fliddinese, Fainting and all Disease incident to
Females. . .
Thar 1 BokUstaka About it.
Suffer no lonier. Take It aeeordlnc to Directions. It
wlllstlmuUte, strengthen and invlgoraU you and oause
tne oioomer neaitn to mount your cheek again. .
Bvery bottle U warranted to give aatiafaction. .
If your children are tleklr. nun, or afflicted. MeLean'a
Cordial will makt them beallhy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
Cicnon. Beware of DranrteU or Dealers wh ma
try to palm upon yon tomt Bitter cr SaraaparilU trash
which they can buy cheap, by seylni It is Jnat as good.
Avoid such men. Atk lor McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else It U the only remed thai
will purify the blood thoroughly and at th tarn that
strengthen th system.
one taDietpoonrul taken every mornlnr tattlnr. It a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chilli and Fever, fellow
Fever, or any prevalent disease. It it nat an ln larva
Price only f 1 per bottle, or S bottle for 5.
Bole Proprietor of thU Cordial, .
Alto MoLWs Volcanic Oil Liniment,
Prlndoal Denot on th corner af Third and Pine atreata.
Bt. Louis. Uo.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Th beet Liniment la th World. Th only earn and
oeruun sur ror Canotrt, . piles), Swelllnr and Bron-
ehltU, or Ooltre, FanlysU. Neuralgia, Weaknom of th
maaoi, unronio or InnamBratory KasaataUtm, Buff-
v. m.. jwuiu., vuu u KKn. amuavive ux iibbhmiihb
Baraoh or Toothache, Bruises, Bpiwas, Wounds, Freeh
Out, Dlotrt, Fever Bores, Caked BreasU Bore Nipples,
U UI (1.. DUB1UJ
no difference
Bums, Scalds, Bora Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
iow severe, or hoe long the dlseaxemay
hav existed.
mcijaan i ueieoratea Liniment at a eer
tain remedy.
Thousand of human belnit hav been saved a life of
oeerepitudo ana misery try tne as of tbat lavuaabM mad
Will re lis pain almost IntUntaneoutly, and K wll
cleanse, parity and heal th foaled tore Is an Inoredl
ly abort tim.
For Wlmxm mmd Other Aaimalae' "
afoLeaa I otlebrated Liniment I th onl aafk and re.
two i remM ror to cure or nnavin. mnt Bon. Wind
galls, BplinU, Unnatural Bumpe, Node or owelllnga. It
wui never uui to cure nig ateaa, rou !!, netum, old
runnlne Bone or Sweeny. If oronerlv anolied. toe
Sprain. Brett, Bcratehe, Bone or Winuda, Cracked
ueeia, uurec, Bedcii or uoitar uaii tt u aa inrallible
remedy. Apply It at directed, and a eat I oertaie u
tvery innenc. . . - . ,
Tbea trin no lonxer with th many worth leee Llnl
menu offered to yo. -Obtain a tnpply of Dr. atcLeaa'a
stieoratea wntmenu it win ear yoa.
-. ' ' J. H. MeliEAN, BoU Proprietor,
Corner of Third and fine StreeU, St. Louie, Mo.
For salt by all draggltU.
eor aaie uy tHJUSKIB at BAJBUU,,
Oolumbaa, Ohio.
nmsiBifacinrerr at all ktnl ml Par-
tmbia and tticmry atrm Ea
lBCt Saw mtlla, urtat nilla,
Ac. Acc. ' - .
LAXXt BODUSYBtottmJ AT. t f. BLiXD TStatml
J. J. B. .DVYALt tmmtmlll OOLVJfSUa
t CO. tatnl lilt -v
- rs t ' ' . . n v .,a
. Our forUtla EngiB,an4L.8w Hill
Wu awarded U Urst premium of 150 at th Indiana
BUta Fair for 1CC0 over Lan A Bodleyt oa aotonnt of
Ptoe(lIgunei simplicity, eoonomy of hiol
and superior character of lumber sawed. .'
Onr BUtleaer Xnelne was' awarded at tha tarn Fair
the Srst nrcmlum ot . i T , : i
uur rortaui ngin was awararu; tnanrss premium oi
Bit! as to. r air at mempou. xtaa.. r Bianoy-t !)
vall't. Oolamboe Machine Oo s..and Bradford At Oo'a..
by a oommltte of practical Railroad Bnglnvere. :
For pnot ana terms taureee -i... j .
wiubAHU WAiinsn, Treasurer,
:dMS-dkwyol. .)
tibi. 1,1, 1 mmi rW AW BT
;,.- lOflerr fot sale tkelrelebr ted ,'-
. t, .. . GRAND I
". I ,C Ih 5 a AND SQARE
- Berar hlitrily reewaseeeadedae th.ant Frotestors aad
S1US1CBI ADaieuieui Mic mwin ui
VBHT " -
7. , IBStBrTMtrrt-r
.-Mil i . i. -WABBAHTIDfOR V-
Ut.: I. 1M .ui.;, . HVBtBABS.
Tl xsceS rattldl aHoan itaay rsly apoa ketnf
pieeeea m every rBpBw.- I i
xerms ireere,. - - - a anaDtavu
iiuiusawissTH, trna, ,
Oolambua, Clio
Aad Blank-Book MintiftBtTiTtrt''
kohtb neH mm, coxiriuui, ohjo
, j n.i a
A. o JAMBA AUUBH Haiti ae neraer- in my Bum-
aeee, which wilt ttratr be conducted Biider the flrat,
of Bala At Boa. r. BAit; f oum uw m.
ScroAila, or .Kind's Evil,
Is a oorutitutlonal disease, a corruption of the
Wood, by which this fluid becomes vitiated,
weak, and poor. Being; in tho circulation, fe
pervades the whole bodv, and may burst out
in disease on any part of it No organ is tree
? Z, JlttackA.nor u thCT one which it may
not destroy. IWrofulous taint ia variontly
caused by mercurial diaeaae, low living dia.
ordered or unhealthy food, impure aJrV tUti
and filthy hablto, the depresmiw rice, and.
abava all, by the reTtereal infection. VVaT
aver be its origin, It ia hcmUtary in the eon
stttudon, descending from parents to children
Jtnto the third and four th generation t " tadatd.
It seems to be the rod of Him who says, I
1, Equities of tha father tipoa
their cluldren." . J
, , Its effecu commence by deposition torn tha
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, 1 termed
tubercles; in tho glands, swellings i and on
the surface, eruptions or sore. 1T.L tv.,1
ruption, which gender in th blood, opretaes
the energies of fife, ao that BerofulouB oonstitu
tons not onlv Suffer from arrnft,ln...
plaints, but they have fcr less powar to with
stand tho attacks of other diamavai ...
quently vast numbers perish by ditorders
which, althoush not scrofuloua in tlieir nat,,.
are still rendered fetal by this taint in tha
system. Most of the consumntion which tU.
ctmates the human family has its origin directly
in this scrofulous confjtminatiAn f annl mnw
destructive ditcoAM of tha linr. IMnen
and, indeed, of all the organs, arise irom or
areaggravatcd by the same cause.
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous ;
their persons are invaded by this lurking in
fection, and their health a nn1m(ni t.- i.
To cleaneo it from the system we must renovate
the blood by an alterative medicine, and in
vigorato It by healthy food and exercise.
tvaAwu m iuvuiuinej we luppij In ' a
AYER'S ' '
Compound Eitract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedw which the nwrliml
skill of our times can devise for this every-
where nrevailineand fntal maladv.- It (a Mm.
bined from the most active remedial that have
oeen Qiacoverea tor tbe expurgation of this foul
disorder from tho blood, and tha rescue of tha
system from its destructive eonajtweac.
Hence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Ebvftivb
and Skim Disbasbs. St. Axthokt'b F,d
Kosb, or Ertsipblas, Pihm.bs, Pustoibs,
Blotches, Blains and Boita, Tuworu, Trma
and Salt Kiieuk, Scald IIbad. Burawoatr.
Uheuwatirm, SrrniLiTio and Mbrcdhial Dis
BASE8, Duoptv. Dyspepsia. DnHatTT. and.
indeed, all CourLAiNTS abisino tuon Yitia
tbd ou Impure Blood. The popular belief
in "imp wit! of tht blood " ia founded in truth, '
for scrofula it a defeneration of the blood. Tha
particular purnosa and virtue of this Sarsapa
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
wiuioui wuicu aouna neaitn t tmpossilJla in
contaminated constitutions. , . .
Ague Cure,
roa ini spebox core or
Intermittent Fewer, sr Fewer amdatra.
Remittent Fever. Chill Ceear. ni.
A, Periodical Haadaett, r Billon
Headache, atmd BUtona Favara. Inil.
""air eeraBfimsat, Sausea mr
th Malarlss of UlaamstUa Conatrla..
VT are enabled her to offer th crrmmnnt, a
remedy which, while it cures the above complaint
with certainty, ia still perfectly harmless In any
quantity. ueh a remedy ia invaluable in district
where these afflicting disorder prevail. This
"CrjBB" expels the miasmatic potion of Fever
and AOCE from th system, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if uken on the first ap
proach of it premonitory t ymptom. It ia not only
the beit remedy ever yet ditcoveTtd for this data
of complaint, but alao the cheapest. The luge
quantity w supply fur a dollar brine it within tn
reach of every body ; and in bilious district, where
Fevbr and Aoub prevtilt, every body should
have it and ute it freely both for cur and protec
tion. A great superiority of this remedy ever any
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
our of Intermit tan ti it that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, coniequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious effect whatever upon the constitu
tion. Those cured by it are left as healthy aa if
they had never had th disease. . . .;
Fever and Agu is not alone the eonseqnence of
tha miatmttio poiten. A (Treat variety of disor- '
dera arise from its irritation, among which are
Nntralgia. Rhwmatim, Gout, Headache, Blind.
nu, Toothaeht, Earache, Catarrh, Atthma, Pal
pitation, Painful Afftttion of tho Spleen, Uytter.
e$, Patn tn the BoweU, Coke, Paralymt and Of
ranyement of the Stomach, all of which, when
originating in this ctnte, put on the intermittent
type, or become periodical. Thia CthtB " expelt
potion from the blood, and consequently cure
them all alike. ' It is an invaluable protection to
immigrants and person travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious district. If taken occa
sionally or daily while eatpoeed to the infection,
that will be excreted from the intern.' and cannot
accumulate in Sufficient quantity to ripen into die
ex. Hence it is even more valuable for nmr.
tion than cur, and few will ever Buffer from Int.,.
mittants if their avail themselve of th protection
this remedy aflbrd. . - . .
frepared by Dr. J. 0. ATXB 4 CO., T-oweil, Xass.
robirts a ntrmiv-Tii
bv prerrtste aad Dealer eyerywber,,. ( , '
axparlenoed Vu'n and Femal Phyetctaa, araaaatl
. to the attenttoo ef mo thera, aa, ,
wtileli rrtatly facillutee th Braces of tea thin ay sotV
enln the aau, rtdudni all k-flammatlop wll I allay
Atu reia aad tpajatoSic acaoa. aad It v -,
Depend ooa It. mothers. I i wul wtv realta vesuaelna
SLLd . ,, , ,
W aave pat a and eold this artiola fne a ten .
- wvuMjwiarafKiT eieer Bear
ANCB. TO BKBB0T A CUBE, when timely atrd. New
aw w xaow an iDstanc i dtteauaracdea by aay aa
who used 1c. Oa the contrary, all artdellyhted wlla its
rati one, aad fPeet la autas af efuametirtelloa It
leal efleets and medical virtue. , It apeak ta thle
matter WHAT WB DO KNOW," afmr te yeen' w-
almost ry InsUno where' the Infant Is stuTerinf frasa
Mia and xhauaUoo, relief wilt bt foaad k tlutta at .
twenty Blunt after tbeeyre l adaslslstande
'ThlaalaalarMralwliaTiHtlM .
moat BXratUsNOBDacd BKlLLfLT, NCB-BS la
hew England a has eeea and with MKVXB tAlL
. ihocsauds or OAStS.
Itsatocly rellevee the child from pain, eat tnvtro.
atse la etoeaacA and bowelt. oorraoi acidity, aad (ree
and eoerey le the wkot ysts. . It will alaaoet ka
ttantly ralltv ' - - ;
end evereome eonvl.lone, whloh, tf tr tpeeelly rem.
died, end la death - We belle It the BBKT aad SUB
BST BBUBDY IM THB WORLD, la all ease ef TS
arise from teeth lo, sr from any other eaua. We
would say aa every taelharwho has a ebIM eoKerloe frcea
any of the fbreffolrjf eomplalnte DO NOT LKT VO'IB
stand between yo and your eutlurlns child, and the re
lief that will be SCRB-vee. ABHOLUTBLT SfBB I
follow tb us ot thismedidn, tf timely Bead, fall at
rteUoat tat aslo will seeompany each bottle. Men
tenuln uukae the factlmil of VURTIB 4s PERKINS,
New Vovtetle a ls i.bjmi lf per.
Bchthy all Pnnnristslhrouihoetth worVd.,
rrl .clpalOfile, IS Cedar Street N. Te
- eetrTniati- 1 i ''.-.
ItriiLi. e)xi,H BxcnAitoRroR a
yood f ABM, the .nltvtdd bait ef STORB BC1LD
INti No. So, Nerth Hith StrMt, Corner I i Street and
Lyaa Alley.. If aH dityvsed at by Ui let f April, lb
ever will b for reat. ... . ., ... . , . u
- -" AtSOv"- . i: . 'ev
tain same term, of fot eeslrabl CTTT r"0PIRTT.
well setecied itock of t AM1LX GROUiuBlaS.
Is ,tsjo . . AtBO, . . , ,, , r.
Twenty very desirable BUTLP1NU9 L01 a, situated a
enia swim, north or Broad Strwt.
rmsitauu pjrthatsrs

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