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Derfect eo reliable l nil rupee"-
and wa ordered to M ttlHliuu -
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mXTTEXTt aOIXIB, Mtlialtari.
Abraham's Escapade—Kore Light Demanded.
ThoKe YotVapoTr are full of specula
tion upon the flight ef XiaimAM. Tko Flm
oatWea IT.oiraof.tho.EspuWloaa prophet
seems M 'Jbt ahroudd " f"
Tatar?.- Os the moei repulslro aspeola of
lb ease U that Aaaaaiiirdoaerted his wife and
eUUran, and wpoaed tne to the wtj danger,
if fcer. wa any. fiom which he wal neaklDgly
yiBC tm hi
Tbo'Seir York Tr" ' "0M
who look the reapooeibnity of urging Mr . Ln-
- a. V. thai eom-se ho did, auuiing hi
tn , tf . murdered If e trnresed
Maftlattfetilyi tift glo the publlo tko faett
and nam., U 4hey would "aeapo UiiieTol
.manTA- Thi 7Vtt to ftM H thli. Aaaa-,
HaK owes it to kbstaU, to the autioa no U about
to ooaspy and the poblU sentiment, to let the
world kaow who hli adriaert were, and they la
Uweuout4.BWtheoorce wnenw the7
obuiaet Art teformatloa upoo wbiok they aet
odViaod the name of the'.csnfplrators, If any
weft mads know to them. - Until thia iadone,
tko peat poblio wiU look npon the whole thing
either as originating In the groundleoa feara of
AaaaM.'OtMohoai.pUyed off by those
about him fo th purpose of fearing him and
proaaotlDg their own' aelflab and mercetiary
awd. '.,," .rvir.'--4-ir -'u-4
from, tkt tsorreepondent o the New-Yotk
Tu- waoV aooompantad the Limcolm Jamily
tbropgJtoTiitBa ootir routa from SprtofiHeld to
Woahlngton City, we learn that befero atarting
npon the trip,' tko oelebrated, Western Ceteo
tire, rwfiatow, wu detailed irom Chicago to
kom sharp lopX Mt for any danger that might
a.im Awata the Presidential party.'. JKot
only did AaaHAi's friends aeenre the personal
aertieea of the lynx-eyed Fiirawrow, bat bad
hja awtkoriaed to orgaaiae a ooVpf of detectives
la Cleveland Baffalo, '.Albany, New; York,
Pkn.j.irtM. and Biltlmore.' to ferret utant
plott that night b. forming against the Froai-
destt elect, and to be as a body guard constantly
mu his n arson oc quartera during .his lUy.ln
mefr pTiooi.DBtlngkli tojourn in "New York
City. ko wu ,aoompaale4 veryBar y a
nard of th kecrot oolala , all armed." Add
to thia, the faot now no longer dlgulaed, that
DMkrlr.eTerr. awn la AaaAHUi's anlu wu
rnod to the teeth with instrnmenta nek as are
aid ao be nwok b um by sporting genUeman in
tk Sooth, and Wert, and we cm hare eome
Uef 4helorribl apprabaaalou iliai moat
kaf haufiUl AalaaTaai and his friends.'
TkM nartT atrttad at Harrtabwg, and wera
m tUjext day U Washington City via. Baltl-
aaorw. So far aotnug eaa ooevrwa w
tko formlilahfe preptratlons that bad been made,
Officer PnxBMw and his foUow deteotiTM ware
Hkalt" ta bo all tha way to the federal. Clly
a fool'f errand. It wu, at thU Jonotaro, oa tko
Ttttiag' of Wuwton's birth day, accotdwg
aa tha Tae'" corfeepondent,' that tho great
WoeWa DstecUvolaidbefoM Aaaaaaat a&dkis
frlcii ' luok, fciififtnalory tridenco'- of a tut
peeted plot eln8 kla life, u rendered tho eon.
tiouMoa of tho IraraUog programme "reokleii
trffitn.' : i. f '
Now,aieM tho distingiiUnod Western De-
tediva"siec4ny makas known to the public the
aoBflimstoty ovldenco", which be reported
to Aaaanaai and his frUnda.tha American poo
lOwUlgonerailf Kgd him ubetoguahrewd
at taking okee u he It reported to b at catck
Int scguaar and m expect ta acw a sow ofBct
crtatcd hi ABaAauMt,TEC73et,,fod PuinaTtn
made PewcUve General.
The Franklin Amendment.
r ' V .i f.-- r"-y-'
The following is the "Franklin amendment,"
understood to have been adopted by tho Peace
Cofiforencti 1 , ' ' i.r.v.
In all the present territory of tho United
fitntMfcnt -embraced bv ' tbo Cherokeo treatv,
Bortk of the parallel of thirty-sis dsgrees and
tiiitr-inut of north- latttoder invoiantarv
tarvltodo, r-: ' t !n punishment Xt Prime,
prohibited." la all the present territory aonth
of that line, the status of persona bold to ser
or 1 V'-'V it now rxiets shalluot
aU..T .J, any law bo Piuaod to kindV
ar prevent tne taking or aucb persona lo said
totvorv, nor to impair tne ngnui arising irom
aid r;' tat the same aball be eubjeet
imiicial c0..;anca in the fel?ral courts accord
lag; to the common law.- When any territory,
no& cr kv; b c! said lino, wlvhla each bounda
ry a Cougreas may preMribo, shall contain
nnnrtoHnn nuU to " that required fer
-c: ... r cf Ccr- 1, !ts'., If It? f oral
rovwuuiaut bo iupuiiHoan, be admitted Into
ti LTa!oa oa aa eqn&l Uoi'.nv with the original
,! ' i,wstk or without luvoluntary aorvitudo,
as t ie Constitution of rook Bute may provide.
"A Talking Body."
HPWttywell Informed already upon thia point,
wdtbose who may still boln e dk iould
The ( ofnttetl C sutu of kiie 2C
in or .
ai bu t non'i Jrouc loai! r oa the Gblol.titlU
sure, which U deoojninaUs" "A Talking Boo? "
and ay. that the tlioe bM arrived when it
ought te artJourn--tb.il vit hf been In
oIom oa two monlhe, In whioh jUp U he done
M Immento emonot of talRkiK. 4 to ih line
of legitimate prkotlcal buslutm, little 'hae been
acoopapHBhed!'! . Aiou (tepnblioaa frlandiwre
Mooitom tqj reghrd ! highly what', ltf aild
br hav4 AlHi.tkt la tht ruh of
the party, we cannot retrain from glv
lag our readere an extract from the ar
tide referred to, ahowing ho GuHU'$ opinion
of the asltatlon of the elarerT qaeatloo. what
it thinki of the legiilatlra labori, iu kind con
elderetkm of tbiCobjmbda joornali, &c- Jfe
hope oar "tolona" will ooneider what la aaid by
the Cincinnati OtuMe, ai followii
Inattad of eooaiderine aadotii)ff upon meaaurea
of Importance to the people of the State, the
memberi nave aerotea tneir time to tne diione-
iloa of the qaeitlon of Slarert ' Almost erery
tbiag elite kaa ran Into thia. A debate started
ok a bill to protect aheep from dogawould turn
oa the alUabaot bine qoealion of Slarery. Now,
wo ao notander eatimate the maenltnde or tma
ttbjecti nor do wo think it ahoald bo wholly Ig
nored by Hie Ohio LeeiiUtare: bat, at the lame
time, It is Impoeaible to admit the propriety of
constantly talking about it.lq a body which has no
more control orer ue tnstitnuoo oatsioe or tne
Bute of Ohio, than the General Assembly of
the Presbyterian Char oh. This State baa not
the power to abolish ft In Oiauaro fool Of land
where it exUta, nor has It the power to prevent
it from beinaj established in new States and Ter
ritories. . Neither oin legislators offer the wanta
tf the people as as eieoaeJot the time spent in
dlsootsinff Slavery. The people cenerally are
look In rain to the Leslslature for litrbt-i JEiie
epeeohes delirered in that body are chiefly lost
to the world. There la no Congressional Globe
0 prut, and no franking prlTilege to facilitate,
tne eircuiauoa or (no apeecnes oi our regiaia-
ton. inis macblnery la fortunately oonBned
MclllllnivtA Waahlnvtan. Th Hnliiinhlia nt.
port ve paid by tba State for, the publication of
ajaopas or.ioe.proeeeauigs oi tne Mgisia
tore, Includinat speeches, but those Journals,
haTini buta limited circulation, a small portion
of the people only hare aa opportunity to read
tba addresses which art prepared with ao much
oare, and which are txaeetod by their authors
to produce extraordinary effects. ' The faot is,
the capital lurtated In tbo preparation and de
livery ol set speeches on' outside questions, in
the Legislature, cannot be made, even by the
advertisement of them in the official journals,
to yield anything lu. thf ahape of dividends.
The light whioh flashes from the brains of the
legislators iaappeara like -the . blare from
squib of powder. - The words spoken are rarely
heard outside of the State Houje. . and their
lives are u brief u their travels are shorts
Thia la tba way irwhicb the people regard the
conduct of members of Iho. Legislature, who
foolishly imagine that their much speaking will
speedily secure for them a position among tne
statesmen or me country. . ; ,
' . j i i ,1 i ' ' 1
Action of the Peace Convention.
From the reports In oar tclegrapblooolumn.it
will be seen that the Peaoo Convention, through
their Chairman, Mr. Trtaa, made a commcni-
eation on yesterday to both branches of Con-:
great; but tko report is so indefinite that it does
not fully inform u of tho nature of the paper
lent to Congress.
The Senate ordered the communication to be
printed, and it was referred to a Seleot Commit
too. In (tbo House the, action as reputed by
tbo telegraph Is Indefinite.' From "the meagre
report of the action of the Honae to-day on Mr.
Ceawia'i report, Itls to be presumed," that du
ring thesession some important action waa had;
bat wo are compelled to go to press before, tho
day'a proceedings are received.
A Golden Opportunity Lost.
Tho New York Tribunt of Febraary 25th,
speaking ot tho flight by night of tho President
elect from Barrlsburgto Waakingtoa Clt7,aays
that "if the alleged eonsplraoy" to take his llle
wu real, Mr. Luioout stay llvo a hundred years
without hading another ao good a chance to die,"
Oa thia the New York Ttmee sneeringly
nark I:
Mr. Lkeola a aaiaisinaUoa would Soubtlau
bo of Immense service to those who are hoping
to plunge tne country into war ana bioodsbed,
Inateed of bringing about soma peaceful adjust
ment oi existing aifflouiuea.
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
[For the Ohio Statesman.] Compromise.
There are certaiu persona who vehemently
oppose all compromise u a means ot settling
or present national diMcuttleal Do suck per
ions aver realise the fact that compromise i
some fena muat ta tho Ineritable end of the
matter oven nnaer tnoir own pian oi reiuaing
aomaromlM: and that rt la merely a question
Wkotber WO anau arraogw our oimouiuaa natf
. ... .1 nr. ...
while we are etui at peaoo ana aim one people,
or after we have become two hostile people and
at the end of a long and bloody wart Suck U
tA eiatnb msc. . The peace of Europe rests
a ad has bx eontariee reaieajin a srsiem oi trea
tiee 1 eesijirsaiims oeawaoa nor ainoreni na
tiooa.' W ben one nation seeks to adopt aaoasurca
inimical to tbo real, or to aggtanaizo nereeu at
aim zoanae of bar neighbore, she la held in
check by Iboee Interested, and If war result
thoogh it may oa ioog ana ouwut-y can
not last forever, and it la oloaed by treatlea
MnnrnniaM .whioh have foe their obleol to
restore, and' to maintain opoo such 6onditlons
u may be agreed upon thai balance of power
wbiok ia the gwennty of international peace.
Bo will It bo with ue, if we allow ourselves to
broken up into separate nations.' - We have only
escaped it so far beaawse we have had a govern
ment which reconciled the various opinions and
inter eats which differences of climate, coil and
population gar rise to, while recognizing and
raMeotlnr. to a Just extent, the local views of
h State and aeetion. We have each a benefl-
. ..Mit wt. ' We mav veiindntra aha
hope of preserving it. The alternative presented
U whether we shall praacrvo It by lost and rea-
aooabls' concceaiona to the local : feelings
oreiudicee. if yod win ot no sootn, or
h.thw.bvlruorlnr all their views and feel iocs
raf aslnr oven tncit most mooerate aemanda and
t ii
growing tnat wa are wuuiit ngut wuue uijui
wholly wrong, w shall drive all. the States ot
the South Into separation, and then hataro
coorM to the European mode of war and treaty
for the settlement of oar difficulties. The end
win he the same id either cms ' usmji unise,
We may get np a long ana oipoay war wita tne
South, if wc desire to do sej niucD tlood may
ha ahed. much Inlory may be done, tne country,
now so peaceful and prosperous, be devastated
iui laid WUte, otaeo saoaea ana aooimeroe ae-
iroyed, and tho end oi it au win as uosuuto
The North, being the stronger party,
maid undoubtedly get the best of it; but any
idea, that the South can be Subjugated and con
quered into abandonment of all Her claims
eb.lmericai.The American people arc the tame
en both aides of Mason and IHxoa's line. When
they become enlisted in any cause, ana icei mat
lharv are Brnoac lor aa wee "or tuoir ria-uia-.
they wUl fight on both cldec to the bitter end-
to u point wnero ipey are awppeo vj aa w
exhaustion. Tbo resources and strength of the
South should not be entirely overlooked b,
thuM who are ao anxloua to drive on a war. ' I
la month is aa that there are some nine mil
lions of Americsrs, and if the whole power
Orcat Britain could not cooqar as when we
were only a third that camber, the prospect of
our entirely fmmrnerlng the South la not vary
flattering. We should have to close the war
row Kom from exheaettea ea both sidee, and ecu
tie these very qaenttone, now egitettng us, by
trti, by compromise. Ic it not the part of
wisdom, of humanity, and of patriotUm.acmake
every honorable eiTurt to cattle our troubles with
in the Union, while wearc yet one people, whtlt
the horrors cf war may yet be avoided, while
brotherly feeling . la not yet destroyed, end
while we bave the common reoolleotiona of a
clorloas cut and the common hopes of a glo
noci iJiur9 w laayi " vm k4,,wu
m . A . a., '. , r , - A SaTWaeaeaWal
aeavorai 1
WEDNESDAY, February 27.
Ma TflNPS' manitmant tn lh Nfi Pant-
eidary bilfwu pending when the Senate took
a Uosas,l Alt. I flolmca being entitladi to the
floor. The veas and navs were called on tne
amendment,Tlnt -- ,.: -
Thnaa what vnUd In the affirm at Ire were-
Measre. Bonar. Feranaoa. Flaher, Olaaa. Uar
rison Hulmes, Jones,, Key, MoCalV Moore,
Newman aad White 13. - .-i;-.' cav
Those who voted in the newtive were '
Messrs. Break. Brewer. Collins. Cot Cnpty,
Cummias. aaoa. Foater. Garilald. llarab. Las
key, Morse, Pariah, Petrill,' rolls, rotwin ana
Spraguo 17. t fir-.u')'h,vvtS i.'
Bo tne ametidment waa loci.' i u
Mr. BREWER moved to strike from the bill
$25,001, and insert $15,000.5 ei-w f"' l
Mr. HOLMr.9 oalied lor aivisioo
question, and the Senate agreed to atrike out.
Yea. 18, nay. 10. - - '
Tho Senate tnen reiuaea m mee e.-
Mn COX moved to fill the blank with $2U,
Mr. CUfPY moved - to ameoa oy wseniu
$30,000. " Lost, yeas 1 , naye 31.
I be amenaraeiii w ir. w -b-- --:
Yeas 18 nave H. ' l
Mr.' FERGUSON moved' to amend aeetion
... . ,h.tth PMiitnntlarv ahall be located
"within the couoty of Brie, and near the city of
Sandusky," tho area for the alto to bo not lees
than thirty aores. ,J ' ' 1
, Mr. STANLEY moved to amend, by insert-
l tka .fimtf f HaanillAU. " "'
' Mr. FISHER opposed the bill generally as
unnecessary but at all evente he desired to know
.h.M th Wnitentiarv ie to be located before
be could vote for an approprlatioo.1
Mr. MOORE would only vote ! for an appro
.k.n h ia .aliened that it is neoeteary.
tie woaM not be moved by conideratlone for
'partiaMy for any locality. . '
Mm: ii a rsh as ao sat fitd of the BeoeositV
for ailew Peullentiaty, that he would woto for
an appropriation, wherever the Penitentiary may
be located." - Tho town of Msatilon is an appli
cant for the 1 Penitentiary, bat that could not
certalnlv afftiot his oouvicone of the necessity
for the Penitentiary. i
m r.nx thoucht localiti ouuht.not to bo
question until It ia deoldei whether, a penitcn
tiary shall be built.- .'
Mr. FISIIER InsUted upon having tho ioca
tlon fixed before making an appropriation. He
moved to lay the bill and .amendments on the
table yea. 13,qaja 20-, . fn, , : e.n ".'
Yaas-Measra- Bouu, , Ferguson, Fisher,
Glass, Uaarison, Holmes, Jonen, Key, McCaU,
M. Nmn. Stanlev and White 13.
Navt Mesacs. Beok, Brewer, Collins, Cox,
Conor. Cummins. Xtsoo, Foster,. Garfield,
Harsh, Uskay, Monroe, Moree. Orri Parwh
p hi pniu. ffntwlu. Smith aud Soraffue 20
Mr. STANLEY thought the looatiou ebould
k Sni ta. m.uA was in favor of Hamilton Co
as the institution cnghl to be. lu or poar a large
city. ;( - ii .or ' " r i ;.!. ' 4c .
Mr. PERRILl waa not prepared to decide
npon a locality now. , tie uau uu .
There is already one penitentiary toe mauy -to
his .District (Columbus.) He waa aatiefied,
however, that, another pouitentiarv should be
built. The best nrujooere now lp the rcnlten-
tiarv sou d be Uken out ana luea prvuuuuj
building; the new Institution. . ma-t
u. E-cRnnsnN'S mind waa not fully made
.... lt. iha aeaiaitvof a new penitentiary.
R,,t hmhud the noliov of building np anolb
rr great manufacturing .eaUhUahment to come
Into competition with tho manufacturing and
mechanical laborers of the Siate. Neither was
he Mtisfied by the eUtletlce ebowu in this mat.
ter that a new penitentiary is necessary. He
thongbt the crlmUial lawa might be so amended
as to anorten torma of imprtscoment, and so
prevent the rapid increase or conviots.
Mr. STANLEY'S amendment .(Hamtltoo
oounty) waa lost veaa 10, nays 81 , -,
Mr. FERGUSON'S amendment wu then re:
: tne qneetion wenrecumng wu u..-..-
Ing of the bill," ' . ' . .,
ed hia views spoa tbo . blU-. ie dad not aee the
himmIm fnr a. new neoitantiarv at thia time.-
air. Mrii.Ai.i.u'a jur. a erauv mw vav. -
Mr. HOLME9 regretted that the Senate
seemed determined to make an appropriation
before locating the PenUentaary, He did not
think it the way men act In reference to their
own business. . He would not vote for an appro
priation until be did know where the building
WU 10 gO. ' ' '
Mr SMITH waa aatiafied that there la neces-
atty for a new Penitentiary, and could not per.
calve that location hu anything to do. with the
merits of the pending bllL . . ,;" J
ai. unNBfiP. moved to amend the bill SO
that no appropriation ahall be made before the
15tb of. November, ieoi ai wi we " "
fiscal year. I . T - ' ' A:(
Mr. M. did not see how money for this pur
Dose could be provided, nntU a levy la madej
The levy for this year did not contemplate this
. Mnna naldoutof the traaaurv
for tibia I purpose would have to be Uken out of
fundi which legitimately peiong o mer ua-
Mr.' FISHblt ooneorrea in mo innuuuwui.
and its fate, he aald, would, innaeuce nie nuai
vote, no wu not intrinsioaiiy .oppuaew u
the bill, bat he wu Innaencea oy economy, r
. M,. MONROE'S amendment wu agreed to
yeu81,nays7. , ; .. i
'i hn.. ana Toua in ui auicuiavi.v wc.v .
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Bosat, Cox, Fergu
son. Fisher. Glass, Harrison. Harsh, Holmes.
Jones, Key, Leakey, McCall, Monroe, Newman,
Orr, Perrill, omitu, Dpmguo, pwumj .
. tu. kA wntA In tha nerativa were
Messrs. Collioe, Cuppy, Foster, Oarfield, Orr,
Parish, Penill-7.
' Mr.JONESmovedto rcfer.lt to. the com
ml rf An Rtata bnildlnea.' ' A ereed to. '. ""; " "
Mr r.nx from the committee to whom wu
referred S. B. 139 -Concerning the sale of the
Catherine Street Cemetery, Cincinnati, reported
back an amended bill, recommending its pan
nage. After some discussion the bill was defeat
ed yea.l6,nayal7. ' "V.
Adjourned. . , ; ... , jt
amtsjiooN saatiON. i .
Tha Hoose conoorred In the Senate amend
ment to H. B. 806 For bridge tax in Pauld
in iuraht veaa 63. nava 7. r.
The SPEAKER laid before the Houte the
following proposition to leue the Publio Works,
which wu laid oa tne taoie to oe prmtea: ( j
7 th Bpraker of IM Jmim of RefratHiativt
Om$: - '"' 1 -'
The undersigned cltixens of the State of Ohio
make to the Legislature tbe following proposi
tion for a. ; lease ot the-PcbUo Works f,Ltee
Statet .
1st. We will lease of the State of Ohio, for
Uie Urm of tea yearn, tbe publlo works of tbe
Butte, consisting ot tne Miami aud fcrte canei,
Ohio Canal. Walhondiot Canal. Hocking Canal,
Sandv and Beaver Canal. Muskingum Improve
ment, and Western Reserve and Meumee Road,
ana ail the Bide- uuts, reeaers, Keaervoirw,
Lock houses, Collectors 1 OVices, Weigh Lock,
and leases of aurplua water, connected with tbe
aame or appertaining thereto, together with all
lands and fixtures owned by the Slate in con
nection with the publio works, with the right
bave and leue all additional surplus water, and
tbe right to oolleot and receive for our own
proper use and benefit, all tolls, fius'water
rents and revenuea arising from said publlo
works and the nse of aaid publio works, for the
aforesaid term of ten years,oommeaclng on tbe
loth day of March, 1&G1, binding ourselves
collect no-higher rates of toll on said cinah
and Muskingum Improvement, than those pre'.
scrlbeJ by the Board of Public Work, tn the
toll sheets adopted by them in March, 1858,eud
tbe rates now charged on aatd road.'' x'. 1
fid. The State shall clothe us by legislation
r otberwlte with all necessary power to protect
na in the full control of the Public Work, and
against any Interference therewith by L any
other parly or parties, and for the collection
all reennej,ctc , as above enumerated, and for
taking possession of and condemning all mater
ials neceissry for the protection and repair of
said publio works, dec.' Tbe Btate shall fulfill
all existing contract, for new structure, or re
pairs, and complete and deliver to ns, free from
Incumbrance, thLewistown Reenrolr, and af-
ler tbeif completion we shall, 'ritia to time,
make such repairs; and rebuild such structures,
whether they be lock., aqueducts, dame, ot oth
er atrnoturee. boUrnelne: to tha aald Public
I Works, whea the aame shall be necessary, . and
under V"! direction eiae lSoard of ' Pobllo
Works. : Prr lded however, that-in tae re
building of all auok .truoture i, the plans and
materials tor the new structures oiyworaaaiuui
oot ba more expansivel than taose need in tho
original destruction of the same. And we will at
all ttmea. whan tha season will permit, nuu
when tho water Hi not out of laid canals and Im
provement for repairs, or new constructions, or
Lha.i.ll nlra ..4 kat. AnttmBtad BT lcS.'Of
bv reason of aoma braacti irA tome itruotureof
said works, or other casualty, or oa aoooant of
ecarclty of water, keep tho same in good and
proper condition and repair, u when reoclved
by us. i And at the termination of thia lease,
deliver up .aid Publlo Works'.to' the Statf f
Ohio In like good condition u when taken la
possession by ns. - "
3d. We will Uke f the State all materials
provided, and boats, soows, tools, implements,
etc; now owned and used by tne otaie in i.m
repair of the aald Publio Works, and pa fof the
aamc, within ten days alter appraismea, sw.-u
prioe as three judioious, disinterested men, (to
be appointed by the Board of Publlo Works, and
the undersigned, jointly,) lhall . aay they are
wnrth. nnnn antnal vlaw and aDoralMment Ot
the same; provided, that at the termination of
tha leaaa. th Rtata ahaU.ln 11K0 manner, re
ceive from ns the materials, tooU4ic, on hand
it that time, the value of which snaU be deter
mined u hereinbefore Specified. ' - rU
4th. For tho faithful performance, on our
part, of all tba stipulations contained in mis
proposition, la cue the State shall accept it on
their Dart, we will, at the time of tbe execution
of the lease, 'execute a bond, with five or more
good and eufilolent sureties, to the acceptance
of the Board of Publlo Works, in the penal
am nf ona hundred thousand dollara, and pay
to the State tha sum or ona hundred thousand
dollars, u follows: Ten thousand dollars at
tha time tha lease la exeouted and delivered,
and tea thousand dollara In advance annually
thereafter until the whole paid.
.1 !'U. i
, , THOS. BROWN, 7
. . ti 1 on 1 009 . a
t ! UOLtraaos, uhio, reoruary xu, ioyi,
1 Mr. NIGH moved that the vote. wWebv the
Houte report: of the committee of Conference
on S. B., 35 Relative to Longview Asylum, be
reconsidered. ' ' ... t , t . -,
. ' Mr. 8COTT, of Warren, supported thia mo
tion, objecting to the bill becaiuait allows the
. IT II. 1 .U.
money raioeu iu namuuiu cuuui, iuc tu py:
port of lunatics, etc, to be expended at this
Autlurn without coming into the State treasury,
and therefore putting it on a more favorable
footing than the other Aiylums. ... , ,. ,
: Mr1. WRIGHT, of Hamilton, explained that
this waa bat a repetition of the law now in ex
istenoe establishing that Asylum.
' Mr. BALDWIN advocated the. reconsidera
tion., , 1 r f. ""T Tlt'-IHK :
i . Mc. ROBINSON wu In favor of tbe motion.
i , Mr. Jones, of Hamilton, moved to lay. this
motion on tbe table, which was agreed to. M j(
' Mr. CON y ERSE mpved that theJioase.now
proceed to take up tbe apeclal order of the day
the bill to amend tbe aqt regulating the use
of Jails by the United States, which was agreed
to yeu a!, nays 43. ".,?
. The bill wu then read a third time, when
v Mr. BUSS demanded the previous questioau
. ' Mr. WOODS demanded a call ot the
House, when 90 members aotwered ta their
names. " .- . u a ivl
1 1 Mr. WOODS moved that the absentees ,be
sent for. which wu disagreed to, when,
I Mr. WELSH moved that all further proceed'
lags under the call be dispensed with, whioh was
agreed to. ." .' - t , ts
I I The vote wu called on the previous question,
which resulted yeu 47,naje4B. fi
The vote waa then called on the passage 01
tbe bill, and resulted yeu 44, nays 53. - v ;
This bill wu to amend the law regulating
thesis of jails, for tba confinement of persons
under United States authority, so as to compel
the admission of fugitives from labor, Ate the
general law leaving it to tbe, option, cf the
tailor. 1 ... ... ' . n"
me vote was a swictarty vwe(xnp fwpurr.;
iicans au voting no. . , , .. ., r,- 1:
8. B. 230 Supplementary tethe echopl law
wa read the first time. . , '
iTbeSenate amendment taE..B."27l To re
gulate the sale of ministerial lands with the
bill, were referred to tha jaommlttee on Schools
and School lands.- . ..
Tbe committee 'on Municipal, .Corporation.
reported back a. B. 194 when it was ordered
to be read a third time to-morrow.
The committee 00 Corporations reported book
H. B, 359 To organize horse-thief -catching
vxmpanies wnien vu reierrea to iur. v oris as
a select oommiee. . . .. . ,1 f u-
The oommittae on Agriculture reported back
H. B. 321 Relatioa to obatruotiona in water
ooursoa with sundry amendments, wblbbwerc
agreed to, when tbe bill waa referred to the
Judiclarv committee. .. , . s. -1'
Tbe committee on tne renitentiarr, to wnom
wera referred sundry memorials in relation
coopering ia the Penitentiary, made a report
thereon ana introauoea 11. d 000 ie reguutie
tha lettine of labor In the Penitentiary which
was read tba first time, and the Report ordered
to be printed. . , , .. . ,
The Axrioultoral Committee reported adverse'
ly to the petitions for repeal of the law for
protection 01 nan. , .-.,,,:., , . . '
. 1 nev auo reoortea oaca mcmoriaia reiaim
to a tax for Agricultural purposes lo, Hamilton
county, Which wera referred to the. Hamilton
The aame ' committee reported back IX
340 Relating to fenoea and tbe running
large or certain animals, with certain amend
ments, wnicn were agreed to.. . ..
. Mr. NIGH moved to amend bv adding it sec
tlon providing that the act of 185! To prevent
awine from running at large be repealed. .
1 Mr. N 1UH advocated this amendment, aiiog
inc that the law of 1859 wu generally disregard
ed, and farther, that It la very oppressive to
large olass ot the people in man parts of,Uie
Mr. SEARS Qald ne had no objection to
amendment. It would not aQeot the bill. .,
, Mr. HUGHES said be knew the law to be ob
served and respected ia bis part of the conn
Mr. 8TUBBS concurred with Mr. Hughes;
aaid that tbo law was observed la his county,
and hogs were known to do much hotter when
vlntfad. as that lav firaamIhM.' -
air. ivnLiO, 01 aaiuiuuu, dujbuwu iu
amendment, aa th. hog law worked wall in
recton of oountrv. - " '" " '
.' The yeaa and naye were demanded on
amendment, and resulted yeu 15, navs 68.
The Question beinr the.eneroesment of
bill, Mr. MpSCHOOLER boped tbe vote oa
engrossment would oe a seat vote, xur ne wu
poaed to tbe bill, u it did not provide for-
right kind oi a trace. 4 ,:..- - i ,ai
STEDMAN wu ready- to make such
test u he thought tbe provisions of tbe bill were
just what they should be. , i . rL ...
Mr. NIGH objected to tbe blU; it made -all
trespassing stock liable for damages, it would
contravene the exemption laws, and sell tbe
oow of a poor widow, without any redress what-.
ever.-"f - - 1 .ia t ; . .
: Mi. CARLISLE wu willing to admit that
the principiea ot the bill were right; but
thought it wu not well guarded in lany of
gartloalara and he tbevjure, moved that ;
ill be referred to a seleot oommlgec of five.cl
, Mr SEARS said there bad been more psd
tions presented 0a this snbjeot tkaa any other
He won Id like to have it referred to the Judi
ciary Committee to ' determine i whether
might not havea law to prevent all stock from
running at largs; Ue would more that re for-ejtoa,-i
j-;t . ' 1 t '- .:. iOow .nrlvl
Mr. KRUM .aid be held In bl. hand a kostf
petitions from all parts of the State, demanding
a law agaiast stock running at -large. He
minded tha House that thie bill provided that
fence ahall be lawful Which will not turn cattle
aa a general rule; and tbe bill mast oi course:
prevent Mock from running at large, which the
House had better keen ia view.. j : . . s e :
Mr. FELLOVV8 objected to the reference,
and the bill, u it would be oppression upon
poor, aod those least able to keep their stock,
enclosed. ,.,,. -v. o v.- .J
Mr. SEARS withdrew hit motion td refai.
He referred so tbe fact that the average site
tho farms wu such u to warrant the keeping
of otocki: Ia many cases Jt would strip many
farms of their last timber to fence against eaH
tle.'i -, i -ii if. :.i v ,.i t-
The bill waa then referred; to MaUn-Car-.
lisle, Cowen, Sears, Hugbea and Brnff. .., -
-Tie Judiciary committee reported back.
B. No. S76 Te amend the temparaaee lawn, and
rwoomm ended its lndeflnlu postponement, 1
Mb BURat moved that it be referred to.
Temperance committee, which was agreed too?
rerreted back H. 1 la
wa oS to peven man, ororon. d
Mrv VOKIS eontendeci that tne omwaaau
. ,"!T.uua which
preceueiiM. w.uTO -
j. 11. ..1. . k r , tunif
lie could not see wcat a nusoana wanu
,h. nf 'ih hmnart nf - hia deceased
wife. He could take care of himself.
aavi uvoDvewivH w f - r- w- " ' - I
Mr. CONVERSS opposed the bill, as wa.
an innovation not needed, u tne usages oi so
itlit-nnt Inatifr . T 1 4 1 .- . .
i iif. m.AtrV.sr.F.F. defahded the bill in other
2Mr l ,! " 7" V
committee of one. ,!t Ki J ,. ,.
.lainnLMifa kaiwvi r it at r insi itua biiiiiu i
nM k. kAf.n.rf HA'vantm to flee 11 QISUOIVU I
f Nn n.rtlcnlar honor has come OI tne cour
Of. o particular nonor ubs OUU.OU.
tesvof tncdeoeued wife. Bealdes,.lt.waJ
" IBIVIIW " ...
step In that legislation that leads to the unsexing
of women. --.-t-sr r-r .,-
Mr. BALDWIN hoped tho bill would oa re-
ItltW w W Ml iuvinvtiv - " LI U I
ine late, and be moved an adjournment, which
fmmA Tr mmaa man tnv Alllt hilt IE WAR ErUW I
was carried
B. No. 358 Amending law reguiaung wo
descent of property, and reoommending IU in.
definite ritMnemMit r - ' -j f
"'S.SJ:"11- i.tA. '.w. 'mil a. it to
THURSDAY, February 28, 1861—10 A. M.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Hoge.
R. n. Na. 248 To nrovide ' for . keeping
atreams of water clear of floodwood and other
obstructions. ' - " :
1 S. B. No. 549 To amend an act relating 10
roads and bridges, passed April 12, 1858, , .-
S. B. No. 250 To amend an act enuticu u
not further to prescribe the duties of county
commissioners, - pused ' April "eV 858r nd
amended February 26, 1857. - "-
e n Q.vjSnnnimAntarv to ran
makingcertain instruments of writing negotl a-
ble." passed February 25, 1820. ; Judiciary.'-
The above bills, exoepting No. 252, were re-
ferredtd the committee Of :tho whole f,
TH1RD nEADirio. , ' '
S. B. No. ta-uy , mr. jauwauar- o re-
lleve tho bill-ho dera of the Seneca county
Bank. Laid aside at the request of
too. .
aarwnio v. i . --
.. .
a, i
Mr. BREWER, from the Committee on Fees
and Salaries? reported, sundry amendments to
H. B. No. 8B3, requiring uounty omcers w maaie
returns of fees collected to .County Auditors,
anrl .nmn.nHwl tha naflaars of tbe bill,
nuu . vvw w ; r o- . - ... .
i..ul if. na hill nrrlnrad ta bs' read a tmrd
time to-morrow.-.. -. . -
Mr. BREWER, from tbe Standing commit-
n r.i.imi.in imm' waa referred the claim
of Kent Jarvis, Nelson Franklin and Thomas
8pooner,vCommi8sionsrs' appointed by Gov.
Chase, In 1859, in pnreuanco of a Joint resolu-
tXn Af tha fvitnural Aaflernhlv Oassed 1 Aoril 4.
lgr.Q tklnnnlu IntA anit mrvirt tn tha GoTernorl
. . .. .lib ih. ....in.nl
aeruin mwri uvuuwicu ,nu bui.i..iw
of the Penitentiary, &o,and also u to the looa
ticn, plan.co.t, &c., of a new Penitentiary
ing bad tbe same under conudcrauon, now begs
leave to report,
Governor on the 3d of Maroh. I860, which will
be found in the appendix to the Senate journal
of 1860, page 59. r-' ' ' " -. ,;7
1 A carat ul examination 01 inai report win, in
the opinion of the Committee, besuffloient to
utisfy every unprejuaioaa mma inat tne vjni
tnlaalonera disonarsea ue unnorwes auiira eu
trusted, to -them with great ability, and that
their report eonstltutei an interesting ana ,vai
i l 1st ar a 1 1 Ir tin awn lhar Klin at nfivn irnnLIBiTien
Kk7l the'v idall'the fab u'-
-ell. ni4 thannla nilAatlnn nn fnr
tbe consideration oi tne uenerai Assrmuiy is,
hal aomnensation shall thcv feceive for their
"Zi.T - i -: : 1 c-"
The Committee, in the examination of their
elaim for services rendered, have before them
a copy of a letter written by Governor Chase
. . . n . , , . c II.
to one or the ucmmissioners, neison rranaun,
t.ri him th. anointment, and reouestlnff
. . r.r. . ' .."
his aecentance. Ia this letter wai tbe assu
ranoe given, that the Commissioners "would
Undoubtedly be allowed by the General Aisem
bly for their servloes four dollar, a day, and
the payment of their aotual traveling expenses;"
aod it i. to be presumed, that whea the Com
missioners accepted tne apppoinimeni, tucy aia
it under a full expectation that this assurance
would be made good. The Commlttee,therefore,
are ot tbe opinion, that taut constitutes tne lair
understanding betwoeu the Governor aad the
Commissioners, and that tney ought to be piia
according to this understanding. . . , .
Alter tbo uommisssionera naa maae tneir
report, they made out their claim or demand for
their service, amounting to $9,309, which, with
out any examination, known to the committee,
wai, at in. cioae oi toe usi session oi toe wen
ralAasembly, carried into the appropriation bill
while in the Senate and by the Senate passed;
but when lbs. appropriation bill came to tbe
House, the amount was stricken ont, and the
sum of $1,900 Inserted; and In that shape the
bill passed; Tha $1,200 was paid to the Com
missioners by tbe Treasurer of Stale on the 18th
day of AptlW 1860 ft ij :. , i
Not beinjt satinfled with the allowance then
made, the Commissioners have applied to the
present session of ths General Assembly for
allowance of the balnaoe of thoir claim, $1,109,
and present their claim in tbe following shape:
1606 March 0, lor amount of aarricS randeitd ,309
doL April Wi t amoust mtitod of But ,
Treaarr. .. ....... 1.S00
alanedn...i..f .,....v.... 91,109
: Recapitulation of the general items of the ac
count aa follows: - u : i - -
for aaeuat paid In eaah for txaann.. ....... 906S
33Sdaynrle(lliaa7afe;.tSf 1.31100
I , 7:3f ! ;; ,, ;"r . ; too
' . Iu the examination of this claim, tbe atten
tion of the Committee wu first directed to
per diem allowance claimed by tbe Commission'
ere. And u to this, the only queitlonia
minds of the Committee was as to tbe number
bf davs which the Commissioners ought to
allowed pay for they were perfectly satisfied
that the Commissioners ought : to be allowed
four dollars a day, but some doubts were enter
tained whether they should be allowed for the
bomber of days specified in tbalr bill. . The
Committee fonnd that there Wa. a general im
creation prevailing among the members of
General Assembly, that the Commissioners spent
more: time thai was necessary, and that they
Ought not to be allowed lor tbe run time claim
ed by them; bat whea the Committee ooneider
ed the labor which theCommiwi on ers must bave
performed In ths collection and preparation
tbe statistical and other, matters cantata td
their report and the high standing . of
Commissioner, themselves, A did. not -feel
disposed -Co be particular - in this matter, and
benoe, nave allowed tne numoerot day. claim
ed by the Commissioners.
; The next item in the claim of tbe Commis
sioner, namely, for their expenses $965 be
came matter of much more difficulty to solve
br tbe Committee than tbe former. 1 be olaim
wa. general, without specifying theltemfof
expenses. .-Ths CommiMloners seemed te be
borinr under aa impression that all their ex
penses were . to be allowed by the General As
semoif. Jiow tney couid nave come to that con
elusion Is unknown to the committee It did not
certainly spring up from the letter of their ap
pointment, because .that expressly pointed out
what expenses , would probably be allowed,
namely,'"Mir adual travtlinf txftniet." These
were all thathey.ho.d apyrcsonto expect,
ana wnicn, ia tne opinion .ot. tne coraautee,
should be allowed them. -...
And here again the committee encountered
another difficulty, In ascertaining what their
actual traveling expenses were and having
no other guldo than that collected from the
statement made by the Commlaloners,and what
tbe committee could gather from other sources,
u ' to" the time that the Commissioners Were
traveling, that have taken it and. come to the
following conclusion! j-y -,. , . -
! The Commissioners say that they" traveled
over three thousand miles, and that, they bad
ptssei butjon'one road Taking, then, the num
ber of miles to bs three thousand, and estima
ting the usual charge three cent, a mile, and
their railrocl expenses In traveling. would be
270, which the Committee think ought to be
allowed "them.1 ; h" v v' - " -" t A
'The next Inquiry Is as to the number, of days
actually spent in traveling, .and the expenses
allowM each upon tbe tarns. This, too, is left
j..... . c... T i.
""' e "Vrw T ..
(mnilealoners oommenoedth, tzasmatloa of
the different plans pointed out to tliem to; vfclt
ascertain a wooer elue for the location of
acn.,1 . ..
the darkt and tha only way whioh the Com-
new penluntiiry, Vnd lh.Ul.ue when they
u. -- - :r , 0
time soent by tbe Commluiooera 10 tholr ex-
Tha Committee ?nno that tbsv commenced
MmK., 1H.19. and that thev closed thair ex,
r examm"""
",-n T rmmiti then, think thai ther
181)0, Tbe Committee, ,tnen, tnina. inas tney
ought W bo allowed for thirty-four days, and
that they ought to be allowed one dollar and
. i .
fifty cents a day, Independent or tneir rauroau
fare. Had the Commissioners been on expense I
all the time, they would have 1ieen allowed!
fromTeUabl. source, that at many of the places
Ij.v rnmminainnera. in aosi them
more, but the Uommitiee nas neeu miurmrn
iidihw ic. wv www . . T r
uimufg.'. '
TtiinR iuii, iun, u mo u u, uw ,vi ...
Imitiraad Ibat tba OonimlMloner ought to hays for
Ka a .134400
.. ... .. .. .l. v .. . .U ..!,. ..n..
telr nii ,xpnui S70 00
for thalr actual Mptniei Indopeudant of
tn,irmirtuiair..,.yf.vj.. ...... yyvy
... ski TtVJ M
10 Hits fl" "
dll . nmountpiW .oo 0
avmgrbalaiicaoomliigtotheiii....'. ...... 807 00
The Committee therefore, reoommeod the pay
mrr.t to the Commiasiooera tne'Sumot tii,
and the adoption Of the Joint Reeblution aocom
panylng this report:
Reiolved, By tbe General Aseemby of the
Rut a nf Ohio, that the Finance Committee bo
hrb Instrootad to provide In tbe appropria-
ton bill for the payment to Kent James, Nel-
Ison Fihklui,aud Thomaa opoorsrjthe sup 01
567 In the aggregate being $ib eacn, lor tue
balance ;qomiog to them lor their services as
commiealoners appoiniea unur mu miu n.u
ation passed by tbe..General .Aasembly April
4tD, 1859, and that, tbe same be paid outof any
monej In tho'TfeairorJ not otherwise- nTiprrTprl-
Mr." SCHLEICII objected to tho pawagoof
(he resolution, because be supposed the matter
0&d been, definitely deoided last winter. Ana
he ws J opposed .to-the -piyraent-of f the
olaim on ino reasouiug' m )vuuiiw.
nfnwar. hA nnnoaed this method of navment.
-nr-uUon-hiii oncht mat to
""r,d b,a doubtful olai,
ffiuSthlt. The
..mnUtiiin madfl lant winter wu at han-hazi
lard. .luCamouuii was iu c i c . pmicu u u-
Uerted at a rough estimaw. But he consented
to the suggesllon'of Mr. Sohlekjh; that m. claim
0f tnn gma snoaia oe peia oj prw umr
r.The resolatioft reported by tbe committee,
nra, airrrAd to.
" Qf . 7,.. . ' ' . , .
1 Thnaa who Voted 111 tne aiurmauve wereri
, Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Bonar, Collins. Cox,
Cuppy, Forgason, usher .uarneia, narsn, jones,
ir. T.-ialrn. Monroe. Moore. Morse. Newman,
Parish, Perrill, Potta, Potwln, Smith, Btaulcy,
Ma White 24.' " ''-".
Those who voted'ih the negative vere' .
Mnovra : Cnmmlns. Eaion.
ftnlmu Drr 3r-filBlch 7. .
woman a aioHTB r
.,aii.inillinanv way caiuuiaieu HJiBpurmio inoiuter-
"Cobeernlng the Rights and Liabilities of i Mar
ried women, wiu aa amenameut 10 me una
Mr. KEY entoTad at large upoti ths merits
tbe bill, which he earnestly advocated ' aa
measure of right and. Justice, . He maintained
that the bill does not propose to introduce any
na aiatem Into the avstem of crocedure in rela
tlon to married women, since tney can now sue
their next friend, bntrit simplifies the. law and
elves woman more security. .' Nor1- i
P.... .. . . j. -- a.
t. of the parties, but will constitute a bond
UnlOD 10 tnair
dUtreasv The filth section,
which objection, had been urged merely secures
s PPrty tue who agemet xne ousoanu
Jlwho - may wisntotaae-it against nor oonteae.
And here, aald the speaker, the man who would
take the property of bis wile without ber eon
sent is the verv worst and the meanest of rob
bers. Tbe whole bill, he said, U calculated
manana w ie more neipiu weaon otner,
anil will oatnhllah their mutual Harmon.
establishing their mutual rights
The senate toot: a recess .-;
I able "- - " ' Z -a m -'iu
THURSDAY, Feb. 28, 1861.
I Prayer by Rev. Mr. Grammar.
' Tbe following memorials wore presented
Bv Mr. WOODS From R.'Mitcheion
17 others; Charles Beach and 38 others j Peter
Boll wine and 89 others; U.ii. Ticbout and
others: Henry. Taylor and 140 others t A.
lull and M others; a. v. t.amson ana
others, and, William Devillija and 42, others
all eitiaenS of. Licking, county, pray
ing for a bill to lease the Publlo Work, of
State." " ' ' ' 1 ' ,; '..V'.;"
By Mr. WOOD3rFrom Wm. E. Dirk
16 others, asking that the notes of the Seneca
County Bank be received la payment of taxes.
Bv Mr. CHOATE From Austin Terry .Geo
Barney and .49 others, of Erie oounty, for
same. ' ; . w 1
ByMr. CORY, from Daniel Klser and.
others, of Shelby oounty, for the same Alto
from Armstrong Knox and 73 others of Shelby
county, for the stme. ' "
By Mr. HITCHCOCK, from J. S. Tilden
34 others, of Geauea county, for the same.
By Mr. KERR, from James Pussell and
others, of rayette county, tor tnessme oDject.
By Mr. V0RI3, from Ruseell Abby: and
others, of Summit coudty, lov tbe same object.
By Mr. GAMBLE, from, Wm. A. Jilcmahan
and 41 others, of Coshocton; Sgalnii tbo lmml
rrnatlnn nf MlnMf1 naMinfa. . t T
By Mr. CHASE, from1 DanieL Dewalt
akKam. foe ih liTRiifihiflrL ,
By Mr. NIGH, from Geo. W. Wlllard and
others ot .wiwrencacouniyj xotarsame
Br Mr. MYERS, from W, B. Anderson,
42 others, of Clalrmont county, fur tte.aawe
eot. j, - if
By Mr. CHOATE, from A. II. Barber
219 others, of Erie oounty. for relief for the
ferers bv famine in Kaaissj t , i J ; C. '
By Mr. MoCUNE, from E. H. Curs and
others.' of Huron county, for the cam. object.
By Mr. WRIGHT, of Warren, Irom Joaiah
Wlglerani 16 otbera, of War.-en county ,
tbe same object. n
By Mr. GAMBLE, from Wm. A. MaMahon
and 41 others, of Coshocton county, for the
nntzlnv nf nnlnrrl nennln.
By Mr. BLAKESLEE, from HUT. Gaylord'
and 150 others, of Cleveland, against tbe
or lease of tbe Public Works.
, Also, from J. B. Wilbur and CO others,
the aame object. f .TJ' ''
i By Mr. GAMBLE, from Samuel 8teven.
and 66 others, and Wm. Stanton and 35 others,
of Coshocton county, for the same obiect.
By Mr. WE3TCOTT, from S. A.Cromdnrer
and 53 others; of,Huoock couoty, for a
s tringent Temperance law. ,
By Air. DAVIS, from C.' H.' Pen ana
u.uara, vt i usuaiawn uvuilty, (UU9k .IUO
or lease or tne fuono works. .? i,w i --j-.
'By Mr. MoCUNE, from J. Luis and' other
oooperaof Columbus, against coopering in
renitcntiary. , ..'"'..' v.
: By Mr. OGLE, from J. B. Downing . and
others, of Ross oounty, that.tiie Seneca County
Bank notes may be taken for taxes, -ji-'uo
By Mri HAMILTON, frora 216 c1tlj!efis
Logan county, for a reduction of Jbe foos
county officers. h- ' '
By Mr. HADDOW,from"Oeor(rrparpBrnd
tmrty ouerr, or noote county, ta relation'
boards of education.; t(r; . ,i,n
Tbe following bills were read a third time
and referred , , m
a. JJ. 359-To enable tho people of
townships of Miami and Bath, lit Gaeene coun
ty, to make tbe Yellow Springs snd Fairfield
Turnpike Road a, free turnpike. road. Judi
ciary. ' -i e I y ; K A A
H.. B. 3150-0 reVwoVpsri of the tax
sohool . lands ia Noble .county.,. Schools and
School Lands. rn h n r;i ,', : a j
H. B. 361 To amend section S9 of an hot
provide for the re orewiiiatlon. .unefvlstrin and
malutenanee of common schools, paaaed -AlaruhJ
14,1853. School, and School Lands;
H. B. 863 To preserve the prlty;,orclee-fl
Muua. uuioiary. i , -
, H. B. 863 To - amanit aanttnna fi 39 anil
of the act entitled. "a tot for thrawwsmeuw
ana taxation of property In thia SUte, aad
levying taxes thereon." Huance. t ''
-IL B. 3C4 To authorise tbe Btardof Edu
cation of the incorporated village of Clariog
ton to borrow mony for lobooi-house purposes.
Behoola and Sohool Lands.
JJ. B, 3C5 To provide for tha oreanlaatlon
regulation of city and village insurance
companies, municipal corporations.
H. B. 36C Preeoriblng thofoes of oounty
treasurers'.-Finance. -
U. B. 367 To amend section 4G7, and repeal,
sections. '4G3 and 4C4 of tha code of oivll pro
oeduvoiA Committee of one, Mr. Ilitnhoook.
H. B- 3C8 To Incorporate Richmond College,
tn Richmond, Jefferson county. Schools etc -
11. H. 3b Exempting volunteer nreaien irem
working op tbe j highways, from military duty
In time of peace, and serving on juries. Judl
1. B- 37ft To- amend aeetion 94 of ao act en-
titled au act for the. assessment and taxailou of
property iu tbla State, and for levying taxes
thereon. Select
1KB. 871 Making appropriations ofthe Sink- -log
Fund for the year 1861. Finance.
i H. B. 37a-To protect tbe slaveholder or his
agent from violence, when holding or taking out
ot this StatCropy person that has been lawfully
adjudged to-be bis property, and to' prevent tbe '
kldnaonina ot free Demon, nf M. n.nn
ill. B. 376 To protect tbe interest of me- .'
obanlos and laborers, by prohibiting tha immi
gration aua settlement oi negro or mulatto per.
sons into the state of Ohio. Judiciary.
I H, a. df lo lurtner; provide for tbe eloo
tlon Of supervisors of roads and highways.
n . j . . . i '
n-aaaa ana nigairaji. , .
i H. 0,378 To amend the 14th seotton of an
aokxcntitled. an act for tbo incorporation of
townships, passed March 14, 1853. ,
, H B. 379 To amend an not passed March
34, 1Q5J, entitled "an act to ameud an act for
tbe . punishment of certain oOeoaos therein
named." Daaaad March 8. 1851 i alan tn amand
eotion 64 of an act entitled "an aot for the '
puQiahmeut of certain offenses therein named,"
passed March 8, 1831.
II. B. 380 For the preservation of human -i
liftf. ''A" - -
i II. B.381 Td prevent the use of camoheije' :
as a burning fluid.,'.
H. B. 282 To prevent inconsiderate .urcty .
ship. ,.. ... . , . ' . "
l,B530-SupplcmenUrv toan act eutitled
"an act to provide for-the organisation, super
vision nd? maintenance of common schools,"
passed March 14, 1853. - . ...
I 5 JKelatlng to tbe Indexing and:
transcribing of judicial records of Fairfield
Obunty.. -f :,.' J '
I S..JB. 238-Extcnding the lime for making .
reports bv school boards, In certain cues .
; a. B. 244 Regulating tbe duties of snrviv-.
lug partner. - . , ,' -j '
! 8. B. 246 Supplementary to the "act regu
lating the mode of administering assignments
in trust for the benefit of creditors," patted
April 8, 1859. ....
j H. B. 384 To amend tho act regulating the
prtotloo of attorneys and cauuxeloM at law j
Committee of tbe Whole.
I II. B, '85 Making, appropriations for tbo
payment of outstanding canal checks Finance.
I The House then took a recess. - - - -.
! .14 11 -
At hi, rettdanee, la 1 Watlilntlon, OaaroMy oounty
Ohio, on the 15th Instant, Mr. HENRY H. IV ITT, sod.'
la-law of th late' James T. Cherry, of 8prlngtllil
tpvaihtp, atolkiogum sottoty, fd SSytart. , i .
I Tba dooautd waa tn energetlo, IndaitrloM yoanf mtu.
Woo had Joit otabllahcd himself In bniloau, and was
onWeniliy aitaemad at a frltnd and acqnaintaoo. He
wu taken away In the flowtr or pll youth, whn bright
protpeoia of earthly happlntu wera about opcoln( to his
Vlaw. Ht died profaning hi faith la ChrUt. A b
reared wit aod three little ehlldrau moarn hi lo.
jj ;
For all XIIKOAX mnc
including WHOOPING
COUG1I and every
Complaint tbe foreraa
ner of, and even sactnai
The Clreat IVECHAL.
OIO Kr.mEUY and Nat
ural OPIA'IE, adapted
to ererr apeciee of ner.
vena Complaint, Ner
rone and Chrenlc
Headache, lihtnmii.
tiarn, Catarrh TooUi
and Ear Achat . of
Sleep and tJowcl tiarn
plaints. .
Mo ral I a, tie can ha dona tha atari unnniioii.
but by procunn aoS -raading decrlptlr pmphlt,t,
b found with all da!n, or will b sent by Proprietor ,
oa dtaand. ' Vonaula and Trial Bottle Mat to Fbyl '
elan, who will find denlopaxnU In both worthy thair
accept?, and approval.
i Oorreapondeuo soliolud from all who naotMltles or
enrloiily pronpU M a trial of th above nliabl Mam
for ml by the aiuM wholetal and retail daalar
JOnm u HtJNNEWCLL, Froprlete
ouimibt iNn rnaaHACitrriST,
Ko. 0 Commertial Wharf, Boston, Mass.
1 BobarU A Bamual, K. B. barpl, 3, R, Oook, J. It
Dolr, O. DodIjc A Soul, A.J. Bchuellor a Boa, irenti
for Oolumbm, Ohio.' . - niyllr
' - norFAi'vi liirts PH.L.B. -
, In all oum ofeotlreuM,dyfpepita,bm!ou au) Uver
aireetlona, pile, rhtumatlian, bvers sad agues, oball '
cat haad aches, and all (eral deruimnts of health
than Pill hava Invariably proved a otrtaln and speedy
remedy. - A slnfle trial will plao Ox Lift Pill beyond
Uxnarh ofoompetlilon in th attlmaUon of Teryr-;
Heat. . .. "
j Dr. Moffat' Phoalz Bitters will be found equal t
losotoas la All eaaa of awvoos debility, dyqpla, bd
KHe.th itekaatt taetdeut to female Indalieata healthy
and every kind of weakness of th d:gwtlr eitans. .
lor sal by Dr. W. B. UOFVAt, 33S, Broadway, N. f .X
od by all DnKRKt. aay2-dAwU :
i .Tic fallowing is aa extraot from a
letter written by the Rev. J S. Holm, puter ol th"
PMrrapalol-Stnet BaptUt Ohuroh, Brooklyn, X. T,to
the "Journal snd HeneDrer." CluclnnaO., and speaks
volumvs In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Mm .
Wiaavow' Boormm Sraer roa Oaumn Tnrrmm:
"We are an advertUraent In yonr eolsmn of Ma
Wiifttow'i BooTHin Bvaor. Now w nvr ld a word
In favor of a patent medicln before In our 111, bntw
feci oompelled lo ay to your reader that tbt Ii no ham
bug ws ntvs tri it, ass aiow it to si au. rr
ctaia. It I probably onaofUi ant rareeufnl medl
eioe of the day, beoau II I on of th beet. And tbo
of your reader who bav bable cau't do better than ,--laylnaupply."7f,
, .v,r . . , oc37:lydfcw i
"i ' : .-i-sr
HVr,5,SV5,I,,Bh W'T.. SlTRa
uChf!3 0,,Sr.?' y AVBB bl, entire itock of Dry
Oood.,atNo. 10SHlhBt with tha Tlw of ebantln.
my location, I will U ontli tba flrat day of iprIL with -out
reserve, ..- .j . , , . ,
Panoy Dreai i Bilk, Prlase, Button, Trlmmlnfi, ke.
Alio turned Merino, Be Uioe, Bbawlaind Oloaka,
Segwdlcw Cost ! :
leoX'Sdlat: f , f .. , , ... , , p. j. V700n-
No. 1 rickled Herrlue in itora, for l by,-'
MOT . ... ... , . 34, North High trwt;
lor the IN8TAKT miLIXf
and PIEMANJST 0CR of a
diitrenlng complaint u . - ,
Mad. by 0. B. 8BTM0UK ft 00.," 107 Nauaa Bt-t If. T.
iium i par oozj sent rre by poet. . .,
foVbali ai all rnnaaiitB. -,
flammation and Mia and heal th wont burn.
scald, brain, tut, ar nek woand f any kind, mvrDt
welling and pain from be tlnr, motqulto bite, aad
polaonou plant, neunltrt. rhenmatlem, aro) In tha
braaat, salt rkeuin, ui. V lien token Internally, It will
noeltlvelv enra orono rn ohlldnm, and ilre Immtdlita -
relief In th wont raw o(.thltrrlbleomplalnti alto.
Nmove boinetien aod ton throat. Price, itt cent,
bottle. pbouldblnTeHrhoii, ,for alehyrm,.
SlUnd8iirel'l,- '! IBVINBTONl,
t la AMJaa Wat llnMna aA . V. V-a
BUfV VIUtM wa a "v sroef mssbj AOaTeT,
UdAwlyl-- t. . .
'Diiiwlutlonof Co-pMrtaerililn,...
Thiir FiHm or n. sniTn a- co
A Uthl day dlotvdliy mutual nnt. .
. " ' f K all i I bhiitii.
fedlman pt, ,' ,W A. C. BaUBBU;

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