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Wk A rln m TCrtweM CamrjaBV Blaeea US daily
under obligation to it for the very latest papers
fromtb.oei8teracit.es. -
tl. a iL ttwiH ComotDf has our
: thanks for it daily favors "Pe of th
i ,very latest eastern papers
it of the County Jail and 'Cookt Inriwuwr.
fc The followlnuU the report of the Grand Jury
made at the present (February) term or the
Court of Common Pleas: - -
Gband Joar Room. Feb. 25th, 1861.
r- To the Hon. Janes L.Bates, Judge of the
Court or Common Pleal of Franklin county,
...j We, llio Grand Jurors, ' In obedience tt the
reaulrementa of law and the dlreotton of the
1 Court, hate, during our preient session, riaited
'. the County Jail, read the rulee prescribed by
he Court for ite government, and examined, Its
condition generally. Tbe Jail, to all appear,
aace.lsln at good condition a Heme possible
to keep sqoh a dilapidated and unremitted
' wnoern tho outer walls el the JaU we consider
an Imposition opon any oflloer whom the laws
hold responsible for the safe-keeplog; of the
-ptUoners. The 'rule,,, . eo far as wo' were
able to learn, hare been complied with. . , .
- Permit u here to Baske honorable mention of
the official conductor Sheriff HcrrMAi. It
fives us pleasure to be able to award, in these
' degenerate dsys, the meeaoi praise to vorito.
Hons efflcer.' ," " ' "- ' "!
.,n We would farther state that, although not
enumerated as one of the speolal duties of the
Grind Jiirv.it. Ill the have tbOUKbl . sne matter
of sufficient Importance to warrant thesa to vis-
Iting the County Infirmary, ana reporting
it nfth.ir examination. And it lives us
real pleasure to be able to state tnai we louna
the Institution kept in a very cleanly and
. Th.V.n. .d .lnino- rooms are well warm-
ed and ventilated; the beds and bedding In good
'condition: the Inmates are comfortably clothed,
.end the sick and infirm seem to be kindly oared I
. lor.and well attended and provided for la every
rcipeot. i : a--.r. . - '
Respectfully submitted,
Indictmknts Found bv thi Gband Jokt.-
The following is a list of the persons Indicted
4by the Grand Jury at the present (February)
-term of the Court of Common Pleas, with the
offences charged: "' ..V
1. John White, Thomae Smith, Henry Nor
; rlstftnd James White Riot. , ., .. .
Eltt'ard Daline and James Sands Keep
-iOR a room for the sale of intoxleatTng liquors.
. ..3k. Owen ClOfion and CathariUO OlenXIOn I
n,.nil I irronv , ' ' ; I
j .
. ' 4. i Thomas Davis and We.lev Davis Assault
.. , , ,,
.With intent to muraer, J",
r - 6. Martha Fiuerau-Robberj.
. . ,
- 6. PetW' Peterson Having in possession
counterfeit coin for the purpose of selling and
Al sooslng-ot tbe same. . - -
- - . r. . . ,. . . fc 4 I
7, John McFarUnd Asuault witb intent
j.. I
.,.- Biit-
O. Ululvt I' iCUliUg acmu iuuAivuug i
",' 9..Juhn Bsrgcr Keeplbg room for tht
..' Hl of Intoxicating liquors.
10. Joseph Bennett Samo offttnM. . ' 1
'll.J.dward Howard Rape.
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ihat the amouut will be distributed among the I
Orphan AflylUma Of Clnomnatl. Thlf, tbe Wtf-1
i a , r 1 1.. . a Ar ru.a a w if
"r"" -- b I
whenoe, by the way, the greatest good to man-1
. , . .i i, .v. ..ir tl,.
kind originally came, though the self-righteous
and sceptics of the time did not b.l.ev. It po-
alble (' : '
s dooar or" Comiiom : PUas. This morning,
m or n .1a-l.il A t MMtaa faAM K as tisisi.
, ttlAST ciomorta tUw.uC . t.v.
AnAM Simmons, on tho ground or gross
.Jiegloot of marital, duties
The Court was occupied this forenoon with
the trial of the ease of . Rankin v. Coliman,
which was commenced yesterday.-- ''
The urana jury, alter a session oi nine ujs,
ii . h.ln. fnnnil atavan anart hllll of
uu uvvi HBTina .w-- -
Indiotmcnt, adjourned yeBterday afternoon
. tT Tkiota Tabxiaox, so splendid
much admired, which the State Fenclbles pro-
daoed at their Armory oo' the wniwaary oi
VVashinoton's birth, will bo reproduced, with
... - . .. 1.
decided improvements as to iignn auuoeoura-1
tn. .nri with nddiitonal and enchantlne ret-
resenUtloni of martial . scenes,, at the sam
place, on the eviofegs of Friday and Saturday
,neit, March 1st and d ...
Oil in ths Moseinooii VAi.utr.Mr, :TH0M'
as W, Simmon, late treasurer o( Morgan ooun
it. was io this oity to-day, and had with him a
-1 .At-. " . ' s,
.xttmnleof oil cbUmed nwr Mcuonn-Ustme, 111
" . ...... en
the first effort mae in mas vioijii. a u
aru : obtained on' tho farm of a colored man
named BaowN.and at a dlsUnce of only some
twenty-four feet from the surfaco,
1 ' ttTAl Urbana.last week, the Court of Com
mn Pleas sentenced Jabis Monbob, oonyloted
h. M,t..nMhns.' iMralarv. to three
" -. .
-In the Penltentlarr. - 'r-i.,i ,t .i . v a..
- !'-: ' - '
ComtancgmitT. this evening. Of BtarliDB ftieo.
1oal College, at the Westminster Churclu Ad
dresses bj Eet. Dr. Hoog and Professor Wobm-
Rail Road Time Table.
t,rmi Miili Ouito da Xuua B. B., .. .'. . 1
... m. lTes. ArKvea,
. Accommodation 8.10 A. M. r 8.15 P.
Nn.8Bx...w b.up.i. ) aniF.M
Bight xpia......v.... ArrM.. , B.4SA.M.
GurvoLajro, Ooboxaos St Ontoonuit B. B. , ...
wmwj and Mall..".. ...S.TO F. . - 1.40P.M
Mlsht Cxpresa ....8:S4 A. M. 1: JO A.M.
'''flrjrraatOaioB.' B.- ' " ' ' -' "
" -Bxprea Train J OO i. M ? A.
v .hUU Trin,.........'.4a P.M. . T. 1 SOP.
. PrrrsarjaoH. Ooixwict at CrwctKOATt B,B. k-
- BTorea Train e... 300 A.M. vB.MP.M.
Ul Train S.40P.M. 8:0P.
.OotPWint AtlanuXAroltsB. B. ' 1N "
Oolumbui. Fiaua It Indiana B. B.l
- wmrM.Ttn.. 8:10A.M. '11:10 A.
Bsirenlralfl 9:45 P. M, 8: 10 P.M.
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Supreme Court of Ohio.
THURSDAY, Feb. 26, 1861.
Bon. Wm. V. reck. Bon. Wm. Y. Oholion and Hon.
Jaoob Brlnktihtff,. Judiei. ;
L. J. CRITCHFIELD, Reporter.
lH:"tS7mm wT""DJDJ7'op'uioaor.
. That oath trial of iuoh aotlon, whoralh bin la
tonponthongllg.ncchrgl, ItinrrorforthoOoart to
ratal to ohorn thejury. that thouch th Mmnt of
M wh,,eT,rlUg, of tt pMtJ ,h Vffen Wm
bind, I eelf aaa wltneas, bmy. on eroat-txamlnatlon, btn-
Tearslevtofilpttitlon In error reftuod. r -
No 64. Th Bell.foDttlot and Indiana BallroadlCom-
pur v. Palar Sailer. nor to tho Siilrlot Court of
bark County. .'.
aaiRoaaaorr J. Hold . i
1. Ia an aotlon to rteovor damairei iMlnit s rallmul
company forth kllllniof plaintUTs horsoi, by meani
ol too negllnnee of tho xrruti ol IhooomnuiT. In th.
a minageintnt of a loeonotlr and iraln, ttia
vaiiinwr in ouarga nu, laoomoim ai mo tuna 01 such
killing who uw tho borw when .thy oomt upon th
trook, who li ihown to b flia(nted with lh builnon
,r runnlni railroad looomollvea and tralni, nd had been
ooiagad In iu.h bulntH for flv yn, Is oompotont to
UUly,.an .xport, opon qoMUon la ntpMt to th
muagoment o( locomoUnt and trauu, and to glv an
vaiw) pi .ai. iii biiuo Buu iwi, u inoj Df llT9f iron in Tl
omntd th Inlnrr
juagmtnt 01 vutriot court and of Court of . Common
Fla nvrd, aad tUM rtaundod to Common Piu. rr
furthtr proeMdtng.
No. 03. BUfontalM and Ioilana B. S. Co. vs. J
eb Flfr. , .
Jadgmtnt rtvcrsil andr th prinelDlts itUd la th
pnccdlng eat. , v. .
Mo. 01. Joseph Harrison v. Bowel)! 0t ir. It
rort District Court of Harrison. ,, -
GaoLsoH i. Bld i
1. Upon a qnnUon whithsr apStol asnemsnt hsd
bn mod btwn at. and H. for aa ixcluuits of traoU
of land, th dd from sf. to K. for oa f b tracts
wu ffrd a an ltm of proof to show th sgrtemcnt
of B. to oonvey th sthr traot. This dd nailed that
th oonaid ration wa K,000 In hand paid, K, thn of
frd toprov that In foot to oonaidsmUsa wu natural
lor and altcUon. Uld, that, In view of th parpen
for whloh th deed bad keen offtnd. It ihonld h rmri-
sd as on admission of B., not conoluilr, but opon to n-
piMMlHIUIIf wuatnujwuuu.
8. Ia aa application for the bentfU of th act for th
rllf of oocupjlng elaimant. th msr foot of notlc f
th olalra, whlob Is sucosssrully asssrted. Is not eoncla
slra vldiw of fraud and collusion on th pari of th
purahoMr, but h may show, notwithstanding inch no
U, that h purchased In actual aood faith, and mida
kls Unpravemcnta is th honast bllf that th land waa
judgment In th action afflrmtd. ' " ' i
Jadracnt in th prooewilnss under th ornnlnr
elalmant's sot rvrsd.
101. andnw Byrd v. Msrcui Bleulng. Bsrve41n
th District Court of Green county.
. ""'mfi sgsinsi asisnaonts i
In an action for damage against defendants for nn-
lawiau aigiins nrsacnes in a lve. oonitmourl on ih.
agw iron ui nmug nooa ana injur to landsof th
lf ihtl tft ,nioet hod btn (ivn to th jury
th plaintiff, tending to maintain th Imu on his
non-suit and discharge th jury from a flailing in th
.. . t. . :
each a osa to b upon th merits, and sontemDlates a
fln.ljndgmsiU upon a verdict. a
ing such judgment of non-sait.the plaintiff is cntmd to
arvrslof such Judgment.
judamenl reversed. and causa remamll hr....
r- ,..
lrror to the Btitriol Court of Huron County
stwi w via. er uivr
Communications mode bv a client to till itliimn. uh
a vnw to pronseionai advic or oiaiitaoc, ar privi-
s,i win not require nor permit tnm to
divulged by th attorney, without th content of hi
glvt vldene. generally, In th eat, ha therein, lou.
inia pnTiiege, ana, unaor th eod of civil procedure
(. 315), contents t th examination of his attorney,
MnacuiuB ,ikh auuiiNioo. r porunent to th losu.
torrogatad u to auchadmlttiont or ommunhntiona
maur t ma oounaai, tad uy may b provd by tb at-
y,'h.i'h'tr' srideaweio thif, or for th purpose of
J augment of district Mart reveid andnans mud.
Ho. 78 Adams Bxpres Oomnanr v. H. P.
stock 4c Co. Judgmtntamrmtd. Tbt question In this cue
" ,p ' . . w ir" voan Mi'w ,mDi eonectly on a
qiw.uuii w mi, sow uourt nor tnink It
Tiu.no. no luriner report win D mart of this eaat.
MO. V5. I'M BncaCountvBankT. Hnfu. W. tut at
j . nB ,unner report win M
I nut, in IU IB UM,
eI-JSUtX1!!JS:.l p- n-a: '
tl"f- -iwamwu iu( wsiui V RnnVVQUM, ,
o. 105. ainuei Uoks t, John a. .GmhuntUl.
, SS '."0foi!Z'
1 1-, ik 1. . .
-.. -,...
' atcnoic pocirr
TOfdl.' John H. Miller et. br.' y Samuel Stokely t
aiuMuu w niiui oi it or review.
wo. 113. owirlal. v
Koehootl, Motion for
re-bearlng ovtrralled.
Mo. 118. Wm. 0. Jobmv. Th Stat of Qule, . Writ
No. 1.3. John Andereon and wife t. Tb Onnnln
elonert of Hamilton conntr. Motion to uu. mm Ua.
283 on (antral dookot out of Its order for hearing.
urmnioa. . . v .
Mo. 130. Coopers Clark v. Central Ohio B. B. Co
tt moMoo to tk oi out of tu rdr oa geari
I doAkskft for beastrlnav. trskfti 1.1
m. siuhai oarbtrry v. Th fltat of Ohio:-
Motion to tak oa No. 3t)3 on (antral docket out of Its
Motion to tak
order for hearing Qranteit,
No. 13. ioa Yaa Volkanberger V. Th gtalt of
Ohio. Motion to tak eat N. abo oat of its rdr for
bearing, granted.
Mo. nuiiamjioitv. Tht Btate of Ohio. -Mo)
uon to tax cast io. . tn tnt (antral dookot, oat of
lti order forbearing. Granted... . i
no. iyi. u. &satogr v. Tb Morltt Bank
I Mo.l. Anthony Kulf v. bimeon Jannisgt
Itofll peUtlon lnrror rtfussd.
I . Bo. 139. Wetley SmeadT. ThTraiurer of Greene
I eonntw es oi. Aiwrnnuvewntoi maadamas awarded.
Mo. 138, Augustus M. Thompson v. Tht Treasurer
of Wood county. iar tool petition In error refused
Ho. 13i. uewmrt. Brother at Co. t. Lewla Bneacosn
Motion to take ca No. 863 on general deckel oat of its
order lor nssnng. vtnutea. . .
Mo. 140, Xh Btatxrt Bate v tbe Trtatursr
Hamilton oounty. Motion to aettl tbenractloe. and for
aa order to opoolata master to tak taatlmonw. Order-
d that th parti htve (ear to take testimony In this
case, to me mooe pretcrtbea ey tae ooae in etneretM,.
no. itx. nenryo. wiiutmeon eeai t. nwaoiaa lion(
worth. Motion for r-hearlng. Ovtrrnled.
, Sin. til. P. l,ilr.likiiO.' T1.I..M.
tear granted to (lie petition In error. .- --.a
Mo. 144. Mlchola Olar v.. the Btot at Ohio. Writ
of error allowed, and oat ordered, to be taken eat of
eruer ior Bearing - j i, ..(....- .
raw aattt Thursday morning next, at w o'clock.
' T l; J
J. o. won".
Th armv bill waa taken up.
M r. Hal moved to amand, that n officer of th army,
eiceDt Oen. Soott. raoslv orer S5 000 nor rear.
Ur. Powell moTed to Include flea. Scott, tott t
sgainit 31.
Air. Bale's amendment was lost.
Altar further consideration the Mil noised. ! ' '
Th Vic Pretldent announced th reception of a com
municatlon from Jtx-Pretldent Tyler, President of a Con
vention recently held in Washlniton, that th Conven
tion approved what was enclosed, asking that Congress
submit the sam to the Legislatures of th States. The
Clerk read tbe proposition agreed upon, which is modi-
neo irom uumrie a Dian.
On motion of Mr. Crittenden, It waa ordered to be
printed, and referred to a select oommlttee, with Inetruc
Uons to report at 1 o'alook to-morow.
Atss Hesirs. Anthonr. Baker. Bavard. Blller,
Bragg, Bright, Oltngman, Orlttenden, Dixon, Souglu,
m iicii, soeier. uwin, tsunter, rfonnsou, ot innmi.
Kennedy, Lane, Latham, afason, Nicholson, PeaVce
Polk, Powell, Bios. Sebastian and Thompson-DO.
Bats Messrs. Binaham. Chandler. Clark, Oolloaer,
Doollttle, Darke, feasmden. Foot, Orten, Orlmes,
Ilal. Uarlan, Elng, Morrill, Seward, Simmons, Bum-
ner, Ten Byck. Trumbull, Wad, Wilton VI. .
Th Benatc then went Into Bxeeutlv Bstslon.
Kilgor moved to lay pending proposition with
th pending amendment, vis) tht Orlttenden and Bailors
prooposmons, on tb taoi. .
air. n.uiiore-s motion wu neeauvea only i amrma-
tiro votes, vlsi Messrs Allen. Heale, Bufflogton, Carey,
auiot, rarnsworth, Brow, auigor, rotter, Bed g wick.
Soman, Waldron, Waahburn of Wisoonsln, Wlodham
Mr Kellogs'a aubatllute waa rejected, 33 agalnat 15b
Th Crittenden proposition, ae submitted by Mr. Clam'
sne, waa rejected. 80 anlnit 113. - o
The qaeetlon recurred on lb ant resolution of tb
ttrlei reported from the Committee.
nr. Bherman moved to table il. Dlsagrd to by so
against 124.
Mr. MoUlernand asked that tnt communication on th
Bpeakar'i desk, from th Prsldut of th Peace Confsr-
nce, b taken us. Obiection waa made.
. air. uranon ineffectually sougnt w strut out or tb
resolution, "that it is th duty of th fcdanl government
to enfutce th federal laws, protest tb fcdentl property.
ana preierre in union oi tasse oiaies.
Th resolutions war adopted by iov against 33,
Thfl IfttntTftsnlntlnf, than esm tin. ' .
Mr. Oorwln moved to amend so at to rtad. "No ttmehaV
ment shell be mad to th Conciliation, authorising or
giving uoogress power to intsner wiinio any BUI with
the domestic Institutions, Including that of person held
to laoor or servitude dj in itwa or aatd Bute."
xn resolution to amend was relet led 1W agtlntt 71.
not two-tmrat. - v
Mr. BUgort moved a reoonildsraUon.-
Mr. Binaham moved 10 tabl that resolution.
Mr. Hickman moved to adlourn till Frldav. Lost.
ureat oonluilon. ' '
Mr. Sherman appealed to the Hons to- contlder the
appropriation bills, but unsnaoesafully, -. -
At nv oeiocx in jioui aujourneu. - i.
' VfauuMTOM. Ftb. H.
Mr. Qilmtr presented a petition tlxned br ladlea of
new sort, reonsyirania, ataryiana, Virginia, Ohio.
New Jeny, Delaware. Illinois, Vermont, Indiana, New
Hempehir, North Carolina and District of Oolumbia.and
waa procetdiog to stat It contents, saying they pray
Oongrest to tak mauri to restore peace and rtooncil
inxiitingaimcuniei. ...
nr. Craig, or Aorth Carolina, Inttrrupted aeddemsn
dtd the regular order. '...
Mr. uarr tuppotea tne ngbt or petition Waa in order
at any time.
Hi, Ullmtr withdrew the Million at nreaant.
The motion 10 reconsider tbe vol bv which Mr. Oorwlns
proposed amenament to tne conetllutlon jecterdty railed
to reoelved the required two-third vot waa announced
it tht first builuett in order. After tpttchti from Kil
gor e end B Union, th former In favor of tb proposition
and th la tter tgalnet lti reconikleration waa carried
atalnat 05. -
Great confusion prevailed. ' r.'.i
Th qneatlon was then taken aa yeaterdar. noon aim
Ing to tb amndmnt, and It wot adopted 138 against
Tr.idtndout applanie from both Bepubllcan and Dem
ocrauc aiuea, ana we galleries. r v
Washington Items.
WiiuinaTOH, Feb. 27. Lait night tx Senator Bell, of
lean.. Judge uougias, nr. uutbrl. Air. aires, oov
Blcks aod others, urgently appealed to Mr. Lincoln to
interpose for a astilemeat. Xh intorvitw continued
several hours.
Tb Commlsilonsn from th Bouthem Confederacy
an expected to arrlv here before th doe of tb weak.
Ihey ar accndlted to th Incoming Administration, and
pending their effort to negotiate, nothing wilt b don
calculated to disturb th public pease. - -
Tbe following It on abstract of th rtsolnttoni of th
Commute of 33:
JttKlv&, In the opinion of the CommfWes, the exist
Ins discontent anions: ths Southern people, aad hostility
among them to tb federal Oovrnmnt, or grtally to
ot rag re ue a, ana wnetner eucn era witaoat j at caat or
not, any reasonable Oonstitulional remedies and nddl
tlonol apcllo and effectual guarantiee ot their peculiar
rlghti and interwt, nteestary to preserve the ptaee of
tne country ana tn prptaity oi uw union, ooeaia 0
vromptly and chrfully granted,
. itooJvsd, by tin SnaU and Eovu of Teprittnla
Uttl, That all atieupt ot legislatarw to obetraat th
rcovry of fugitives from aervlo ar In derogation of
the OoostltuUoo, Ineonsistent with th tomlty and good
neignnorncoa tnst snouia pnvui smong in Btatet, ana
dangeroat to thtpeaot of tht Onion
Ji440ivvi, That tht several States bt rsqueattl toeaete
thalr eututes to o rerlsed, wun a view at crllnlog
Il any conflict or tend to mbarrsts tb axwulien of th
laws for tb delivery of persons held to labor by tb law
of4my Btat and taoaplng therefrom, and earnestly re
quest that such acta b forthwith repealed, aa required
by ajust sent of constitutional obligations, and by due
regard for tbe peac of th Republic, and that tb rival.
dent bo requested to eommunicat that resolutions to
th Governors of th svral Slat, requesting that they
be laid before th legislatures thereof. ,
Betolvtd, That we recognise slavery as now existing
li hitean States, by th usages Old laws of tho State,,
and recognise no authority, legal or othrwle, outstd
such etaws, to Interfer with slavery In dlsragard ot th
rights o( their owners, or of th peso of society, . i
liuolvtd, That we reoognla ths Jostle and propria ty
of faithful execution of tht Conetltutten and laws made
in pursuant tharaof , on Ih subject of fugltlv tiaras,
and dltoauntenanc all mob or blndaranc to the ex.
tutlon of inch law th eltlsent of ch Stat snail be en
titled to all th privilege and Immunities of oltlssn la
the several states. ", j
BuototA, That wereoogniteno inch oonflictlng ele
ments in its composition, or tufliolent eaut from any
source, for a dissolution of this Government; thai w ar
not ten there to dettsoy, but to tastsln and harmonist
tb Initltutlons of th ooun try, and see equal justice don
to all part, and perpetuate It axitunot on,, terms of
Muslltvand luatlca to all. .
HHotndi That th faithful obeervanoe, on tbe part of
tu th Stat, of all oonitltutlonal obligations to .Mca
other, and to tb (aral (ovtmmtnt, Is (tssntlal to tht
peace of lh country. - ...
jSstoIeta!, That It II th duty or tb Federal Govern
ment to enforo th Federal laws, protect the federal
nmnertv. and Dreserve tbe Colon f tkn States.
.Eaokud. That each Utat It requested to Tovls IU
itatuteo, and, If necessary, to amend as to- tern re, with
out leglilatlon by Otngnss, to eititen of olbtr Sutea
tcavellng therein, tb lam prottction a th cltlzeoe of
other States traveling oraojoamlng therein.
Ju$ema. Thai eaon state u rttseetiuiiy recurs ted to
(pact inch lawi at will prevent and punlth any atttmpt
whatever, tn tuch State, to let on foot the law Its Inva
sion tf and other State or Territory. I
EttovHa, That th President be requested ro transmit
th foregoing to Governors with th request to communi
cate them to their reapeottro Legiilatuies.
Ihe proposition neror us psac conierenot wai votea
on br .actions, Tbt first, with reference to dividing tht
territory, was barely adopted. 1 ndlana did not vote at
all. Bantu and New York wer dirtied. Hotth Oar'
Una. Virtlnlaand Miatourl voted nenllvtlv. Thar
ult waa 8 atralntt 7: and but (or tb temporary absence
f ne of th New York oommlsiloncri,!! would hart bttn
ti rot. r ..!.
Kx Presldent Tiler communicated to Congress a P repo
sition, but th IIous hat not yet been officially tntormsd
a, If M,ntnt..
Bom eommisilonen far If th conference nu been pro-
ductir of no other good rult, it has produoeaa most
friendly tsellng among tnem
A soldier killed a eergeint on Capital Hill this P. M. ,
hr .hootlni him tbt latter having hod him vanished.
Tn uflaaa or MDarunenr. uira anu a uaac or me
Court of olaimj, paid their farewell vialtltoMr. Bu-
eh.n.n. tolar. ' '
The Senate, after hours lo txtcotlv session oa tht
army appointments, dliecled Ibtm to bt returned to the
Fretintnt.. - . .
Late private telegraph advices rrom lex, say in
usenalat San Antonio hot bttn taken possession of by
Texa. trooD. as well as torn military poet in Northern
Texaa, and cannon ana otner munitions ai pruxo, eon-
H.rn ud BrawnsTiue. wen also seiiea.
Ih report is pnralent ker to-day that Oan. Twiggs
his been shot by a aoiaitr, cut ints aavioct aon i men
tion it. -
Fartlal returns rrom liarrli, uaivettos, ana jiatioen,
gave an overwhelming vol for secession. i
Oen. Soott ha ordered a salutt of 100 turn to-day. In
hAnnr of of the Peace Gonareas. A
Gso. Cats lert yesterday ior noma.
Leading members of tht Peso Convention-, from bor-
dar gistes. aioreta tatlilactlon with Franklin's plan of
adjuatmant, and express aettrmination to mat it a ieaa
lot Inns ia tht approocblDt tltctlon. thty maintain'
that their State can b btldln tht Union by It. Crlt-I
tendtn Is eonftdtnt that tha Virginia convention Will a-1
. At a metllnr ef railroad officers, held vttrday,'
toarrangs a schedul for th treat Southsrn mall, o at
to avota tneseceaing etates, witt prooaDiy iodw iqd i
Umort and Ohio Railroad to Oolumbui and Qinelnnatl,
and aorott Etntneky direst to Mtmphli.
Advloelirom Oharletton ititt that ehortly after tbe tr
rival ( Jeff. Davla at that ally, h paid a visit to tort
SasBterandhadaloae latrvlw wltb ilsjor Andnson.
It wtt if ttrwtrde girenoutai Chrlste that.thsrs
Wouldbtnoflhtt Sunittr. . ,
to Virginia Oommlaaloner left ranch dlssstlsllsdwlth
Ih tesnlt ot their labor atr. Ihey maintain, boaev-
tr, that Vlrgltla will not tend .unites cetrclon be tt
ttmottd b th administration. -'
Amewiber of General Swires' ttaff now htrettvl
Twlirg had deellned to tnttr Us terries of Georgia, and
win alto aetiin rvie ta me soninera conreoeroey.
Ihe rvmored death of Twuisa wu received ten treat
teveral sources. Thtttorr It that Governor Houston
tent his tld toTwIggt sad Xwlg g, remonstiated agauiit
tne meaitaiea ireacnery, nen an atttroauon aneaea.
wnicn reaitea ia u awi snooting tnt utntral data
The rumor ttlll laoka ccn&rmatl on.
, The Senate to-day woe In txecntlv tssslon Upon tht
omtptnuino Between in unllM ll ana ureal
Britain, aouctming w eat of Um fagltlv ilav Andr
swa - m
, " I ' I'l I. ..! ,1 .11 - , ,
Jlspiiblioin. State Convention La Conneetlout.
Kow Bavbi, leb. ST. Tbe Sepabltooa State Co van
iron met In this olty to-day. and waa- ssrrsly attwded
Oen. Taylor, of Brooklta, waa ebowtn Preeldaai. Tb
aalommltttwr appointed. . X. totter, at Htw
slxven. blse B reposed for Oovamor. handseesely eolln
ed, ana rwcoBtDMBded tb nmniotUon of the pneeat uov
nor. T hereupon, Crev. Wat, A, Buckingham was ansa
bneoily B9nlMtd. '
FoTtAkD, Feb. fiS. Th Ittamehtp Canadian, frem
Liverpool ontMitta wai,, v i.cuonaerry tnia uts,
baa arrived- ' . . . ' '
Th Bteamihlp Forth BrltoB, from Fortand avrtved
A LondoaderryoB thMl.- Miin r r I
Th Btaaouhlp Tititonl, from Stew Yotkvanlvtl gt
noatnimptea en tn iota.' 1 ' .,-- i
GaiAT Batvaiw. A LondM letter In th Favs Moa.
tsur asserts that a Bumbee 4 Bngllsh aurehanU ar
about to present an address to tb Queen, prarlng that a
negotiation wepeaM with rrone loramuioaitaauwutn
f exls'lngarmeoienU. i "" 't I
Pai!li.4nUry yroKadlngf U iliiporttlit.
In tht Boost of Comment, Lord John Rum.I1 said th
Ban Jnan question wltb Amerlea Waa still pen.tmt ng
land had made a proposition bt S fair spirit and hoped It
would be acceded to. ' ..i -
With rnrd to tbefoiltrv ! (Adrson) tie snly
eerrecnondepc had been demand f ma America for hit
extradition, end a timpl oeknoWledgtMntof th demand,
Th Great Eaatoru will b agal" rdy for sea In
M.rch. liar reported destination M Now York. ,
Tbe Bonanartt-PatMraon wat again Mfor th
Frwnoh eourlon Ihe Btbi; The Imperial attorney explain-
ed II leading btsrlngsj and said the only anwtlon was,
lath marriage null for wont f publication la Franc?
and h argued Ihat this had bt decided tfe the am nat
ure. The eouri oaiournea ns inagmwnt eigne oaya.
Lord John Busssllwlil shortly ooeept th peerag and
eat In the Honss of Lords. -
A break-oat of the weaver In Blaekbam and vicinity
was considered Imminent. -'
Th cotton snlnaan and manufaotarsrs In th dlttriet
hold a large meeting, and resolved to resist the dictatori
al demands of the operative, who, ia their turn, main
tained their position wltn frrmneas. -Fxanci
Another pamphlet n titled "Fnaee, Bom
and Italy," by I Gurrontre, was announced for pub
lication on tn loin. : ,
Ih Fatrit iavl It will aive A titer Insight Into th Im
perial nolle and tnabl Barope I Judge. Theeemlom-
eial pamphlet oa the same subject already publlahed stjs'
in tn Tntorth Freneh troop aeovug aunt, n otb
r for elan nower wtll k. allowed at tnonls their Dl.ce.
The Bonna on tht 13th oneutd firm and closed flat, at
oar. uo. ,.. .. t .. it . ..
Italy A Turin tle ram of FekTbtry 11th loyi, G-
ta will eapltulats to-morrow mortriag. .
Ololdinl wtll oeeanv MotmtOnaad and all th fortlfl
catlo, and after th d .parte reri th suy family, be
will ocoupy th Olty, tn twrrltoa iwmalnlng prtenn of
War, until Mtiilna and Olrltsll dot Treat thsll bt sur
rendered - w -t S. i .
Th King and Quem. with ohttf mitevwlll depart on
board the If reneh ehlp Hutte. i i '
Bespatehaa from Oseto, prior to the etrrltulatloa, tay,
a Oapuch In monk left there with th mlattta of raiting ta
Insurrection In Calabria, and wa arrested near Oosvnta,
ana important papers loanu on nan. - r. .
in city oi rium ana tn tutronnding dlittlot had
ottn aeeiarea in ttare oi titge. - 1 . o
Aoerau. Itlsssld tn (ubxilftlta to th nw loan
txceeat thirty silllneitflorlot.
Th Commltat of Psith had voted aa adiress In the
Imparor of Auitrla, King of Hungary, declaring that
me reoesn rtorsi rescript! ears ceitrored rheeonndeno
enatod by Ihe Imperial diploma of October lest. The law
prohibits th psyont of taxes bp the Cut, and fore
alone oould remove th eltlsent from Ihe lawful ground
taey nan mien, ana unreterrea renra waaontutailon
al life can alone tare the King tod country. Ih Com
mltat of Odenburg hire rasolrsd to pay tatei at htrtto
fort till the Diet shall hart taken l'a resolution. .
SwmxxLAkn.f-A Berne telsgnm of the 18ih sars. It
wa inroogn tnt meaium or tne ewiat eonsuiate at Alge
ria that Mr. Cobden proposed that Swltterland should
medial between the OO' undine state of America. The
Federal Ooanall had declined th propotlUon, oa Iht
ground that it wat not qualified for rach an ofhoe, bat at
in asm urn xpreaaea lasoss to air. uooaen. - i
Livirarcou Feb. 14. breadstuffs per Suenoa at Co..
and Wakefield, Jlash, Co., report flour dull, and qpo-
UUona of barley malnloloed; extra State. WMWM:
wntat quiet, out itetrjy; red I is tJdJSl J,; wmu lxtOd.
uorn quitt; mixea at ua; wnite JdtwiNtw. ,- ,
rxovmoKt Beer quiet. Fork dull. Bacon aulet
tnd easier, bntquotatlont unchanged. Lard dull at 68s
S8s Sd. Tallow quotations barely maintained, bat
butchers assrt It st Ms 6dg)S7s. Fot asbe etcady at
S8 BdOSSSs. Pearls tteadyat 89t SddBIM Sd. Sugar
tttaoy. vonttauu. niot ami. .
BaeastTom dull with S destining ttedtnoy owing I
an advana In bank rattt. Provisions quiet.
Lomdon. Fridsv noon. Consols B1K(S99; th bullion
In th Bsok of Franoe boa lncrsoaad during lb menth 45
mion rrsncs. American stock, ill. v. . KWaYitB; dis
count: JCrltxVKttlMlK: M. x. u. r-'XTt. . . . .
Proceedings of the Confederate States' Congress.
: 1 . s'tsss. .
HoaTaow ar. Fsh. S9-Mr. Wrleht't resolution for
dlteuMlosi on peimanen Oonttltaiion will b op for
puoiio eonsioention imorrw;
Mr. Chilton's resolution. InstruotlDg tn Ifsral Cowm li
te to Inquire Into tbe propil.ty of ooostructlng twnral
run ptewu sioope, wms aaoptea.
Tb act to raise provisional fore of Con fed rate States.
and for other purposes, direct, amoog oibtr prorislons,
that lb President shall tak eharge of all the military op
eration between thi Confederacy tad other peweri.
An act wot passea to raise money to support th Gov
rnnwnt. Itauthoriita tlx Pre Ident to borrow flrttm
million dollars, psyabl In ton yearn with Interest at 8 per
cent. The last section direct th lavylog of on export
amy or ti Pr cent per g on eotian exported slier th
Jstot August to oreat fund to Uquidal tb princi
pal and Interest of the loan. ( . r,'
The Commutes tn flop bavoraot reporttd. f ,
Ktw Tola. Feb. 7. There area" rrt nnmharaf
Boutnern mercnanu in tne city, making purenaae eanv.
with a view of availing themeclvee of the ordinance ad
mitting gpoot to tpe conrtatrate state ftf duly, up
to a certain date. Tbe goods business il unuiualTy 0
Mre, uuwti ,or eaiu. . .
B.LTiMoai. Feb.BB. A battalion of the Cllv Guard
design thowlng their rtpott for Pmldtnt Bacbanan.on
bit retlracy from ofllc, by giving him so ort with
ran rasas irom tnis city to nts aom in tnnty ivonu. i
Sawnr Hook. Feb. 87. P. M. There are n'a aten f
in (laamsnip. jeuinourtn or Aoatraiaaian. aota aa oi
till point, with ItM Barapean advloet
Hinatsaoto, Feb. 97. Tht Bout ntietd a Joint
solution giving I30.0C0 to th rllf of Bantu. ,
"' ; 6lLKDUtK . ' ''' ' '...', '
e i. . Id t - . . .
For the Whiskers and Hair.
Th lubecriberi tak laara'ln' anoonnelna to the
Cltltsns ol Ih United States, that they have obuiped the
Agency ror, ana are now enabled to offer to tht American
publlo, the above Justly celebrated and world-renowned
artlcl. Th . .. '
It prepared by Da. 0. P. BBLLINOHAM, an emiaeat
pnyttciaa oi i,onun. ana le warranttl to krlog out a
lhlOk,IOI , . -J . - . . t j . t v..-
Whiskers or a Alnstaciie
In from three to week. This trtlsl It th only oat
of the kind uasd by th French, aad in London and Paris
it is in universal use. ..
It Is a beautiful, economical, nothing, yet stimulating
compound, ao'ing as If by magi upon th root, causing
abaauiiful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
scalp, It will cure iiinrims, and osars to sprint! p In
place of th bald spots a fin growth of new hair. Ap-
Elled oooording to direction, It will turn a is or towv
air Dana, and restore gray bair to lie .i!,tnal eelor,
leaving It loft, smooth, and flexible. " Tb 'OKeuent" hi
an Ind I, pen table article In every gentleman's toilet, and
alter one wecxi at tny wcuianot ror any oontlderalion
Thssnbscrlbensr the only Agent (or the artleleln
Ih United Stat, to whom all enters mutt be addrsissd.
Prlr On Dollar a box tot sol by all Druggltt and
Daln; or a box of th "Onguent" (warranted tq htve
the dtsiredffoO will b Mat to any who dslr It, by
mail (direct), accurely pckJ, on receipt of prlo and
pottage, i.u. ; appiy woraoareas .
. ,-,.) UOBACB k BSQBMAB St 00. (
I ,.l i., .-. . . vv taoowtm, ska.," V, i
' hbS0dsV8m "" S4rrUlUtaBtrtt,BwTerk,
'" JAS. M. M'KKB.V WM. BI8XIE itlX.
WA. W WeSwVw.SwT
: ' ' ; ir -1 J.. r A WD
No, 34 Nortb nifh Streets uj
i'l, X - "J 1 -cowfMiiijBfc.bniOj
BK9ARB, Kto . Etc. Oar Stock bat been purchased In
Eattern unlet oaring in ranio,
andoarmtln endeavor will bt ta .'offer lodaoemints to
CASH EX'JSlijiMcA arenotexceieaby any Honie In
we uity. - aeon
1 '
Gents' Linen Shirt, Collars,. ;
J ROTE. Steading, Byron, Ptrirnay, Renfrew and
Mhernew shinee.' Itcmmed Pocket ltsndltemhlere lieck
Ties. Stocks, Street tnd Evening Stores, Half Hon ot
rry kind, urmeruannenssana aii una or Went' Far
nlthlng Good, ta great variety and at moderate prior. ,
fh81t r y k . v.aa.89 8ottthaigfatrt.
eloaint ap hi old ba tines at one, and hope that
til person, baring unsettled aosouat on hit books WU1
gir inem uBinwiie iiiniuvu.
ftblS " " ".".T'T".. "---; t. BATE?.
Yi Wte and Blaek, Jutt received at
Ijqs BAnri,
THE MARKETS. New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 28.
FLOUE receipts of SfJ33 kbit, and St Uwtrj ante
os v,ouv Dots a. tj3,iu .i.tru loreupernot Btatt; Bo,vv
fortaperSot wetltan) i.45H3 43 for common to medi
um extra wnterol S.VXSM tat shipping kranda extra
stouaa nonnunio. uanaa an nous dull ana droonine
live Wf -ww nvmm ej.l,sJV,o. ' v ...
i . l ! i . r a. ... n.
avi vluubv steuir .i as WES in. . is. i
WIISAT-Reoelpt 4.857 misb! market dall'and hoar
and I (B 'Jo lower; sale of S0.0OO bath at 8 l.SS for Canada
uiqd; fi.it! sjior Milwaukee ctubdelirered; f
rwrwniwwwttern. . .,.: . . , , i
nx w quiet, eeiee oi iwnasu at 010.
BABLBY-tttady tt 7r60c.
CORir-rtcelpt of 1,3114 busbtll mtrketduH hearr
andlowtr;talttof40 000busheltat taxmiWi tor old
mlxtd wttlsrn In store and delivered: SUHlUOo for n.w
OATa-dull at for sraatorn, Canadian and
tatoM. st- -' i. ;...v
PORK quiet tnd unchanged, 100 bblt at 81755 for
meae, ana is aoxvia ia lot prim. .:...
ssr-quit, aaa uncnengea.
CUT MBATS-stesdr l
LARD aulet and steads! aalee of 100 hhl. at Qui
lOXe- - i . . ...
BUTTin In fair reaneal: r0dB14n fn. Ohio ' liimirs.
ior Date.
CHKBflS-sUady atftBlOKo. ' ' ' ,i
WHIBKIf firm with an active demand: aslea of 90 fjfjft
DDIS ina,,, f , . ( . . ,
STOCKS quite active and decidedly higher; Honey tn
demand at 7 peroent. on call. Sterling Exchange quiet
and eteady.i 0. At B. I. 811 0.. P. ft A. 180; 0. at
Tol.57; III. 0. crlp84X: M. 8. lStji do. quoted ;
M.O.OOWI Bar. 17; N.F.O. SOR: Pa. 78: P.c. U.ll
Brl 3S; Oal. k. Ch. HM B. A-0 74U: Brl. xd
dobob we, arieetn uonoa ro; uoi. I I on Alo. a a 7UU,
M. O.HSXI Tenn. S t 70X; Va. 80; Treaa'y 19' 103,
IT D BU tr J Dl '
V. . V ,-m, 9lA ..... g
Cincinnati Market.
FtOUB In imtll Ion, ihtrt wtt a considerable trade,
partly for shipment and malaty for th local retail mar
let. Tbe last quoted nor of price prevail.
WBBAU wae (Old little mer.Mall,lu. .lit. .
ur inra. i.i suipmeot. : toot miller who are rua
nmg. round it very diffloul to pnrchat anything at
8 1.0S, and In moat instanoss. prim red brought (l,t
1,03. Bomtwssiold at 81,01. Whit It quoted at
CORN on tb r, was In rf onset beyond 4he sunalr.
and 34o waa attainable. Bhalled It neglected, though In
OATS eommand 9tXt but not readll
BaBLIY-flndsa ready market at 70o bat anythlok
HTS le Quoted at 48 tn AOs: mm SO ! n.t M.ll.
Wai!GT-Medanred to Ueand the opndgnmeuU
lib ifSl promptly aupotea er.tfi, Ovm
Cleveland Market.
February, 27.
WHEAT .teutv. with rnpMntin- a .
."J red at 81,(17; 1 tan white at 8 1,17, and 1 car do at
OOBN-lowtr. Sale of tear it 34Kc,
OATS sties 1 car at i. . . : : ,
BARLBT ssls of 1 ear fair onllll51u mrA I
...,.o. .. : '
HIOHWIKBS-! of JO bbls at 15e.
8SKUB tslsof llUbtuh Timothy at 83 81. .," '
. BUTTBB-talet 3 bblt it Uc; 1 do at 1S!.
Land foi- Sale
J. atw Firm atUated in th. .. u.
Stat of Ohio, en the big Scioto Blver, tlx mllet west ef
. . . . """""i " an lanoea in, about S00 acres
deadoed from four to eight years. A good new Frame
Uimee on it, abont 0 acres cleared; good log BUbla
about 150 yonng fralt trret; a Srtt rat well of water;
the deeding n wtll set In to Urns grata, snd Iht big
Scioto foratockwater. - And I will make 100 acres mors
ready for the plow, tak off all tb Umbo-, under alten
Inch, so is to make I W aom of plow land Th lend
le ot th vsry beet quality, tnd I will take (28 per acre
for it. I eoasider H worth at leaat thirty three per ten
with 100 aorta more cleared, bull moat tell li, there
fore I will put It down ton dollan below what I think It
worth If I weroaotobllrad ta Mil. I h. . ,k..
half taction for sal, lrlng la Ih tarn oectloa, -on Self
deadened, which I offer for 8 13 per acre. Beferenoe oan
be bad by alllng on Joseph Benlck who koowt all about
tht land, or on the proprietor In Marion
ftblw4w e Mx BAf
I at Btaplw Article, will furateh employment to
afewactirementoact aa agent foe their house. A
preference will be rlren to those who are well aooualnt.
tu in tbe district for which thsy apply. . .
Fof which ssrvite Ihey era wllllug to tray a etUrv
effrom , tf
w " iouu: per year, Baa xxpsnsss.;
war rurtntr ptrucaian iddresi
s (f ' I W. B. MOBBHOUsl It CO.
i'Ti J and Bxeaani Place,
-vianey:Olly, N. J. ;
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers In
B.00TS ;and:;shoes,
. oouuieart uorner of High and Oa Sts.,
"A Urge Stock of lice and Staple Goods on hand." i
fy31-dtf;'-, fv . ; c . f . , Ti
Irish Linen Goods.
Linen Shirt Bceome P.in mnA 1 --!
...,..t: Bhlrtlog and Bosom Linens. , 'j
. , . . ,, . Lioen Bhettlngs and Pillow Casing. '
' L'nen Oambrlet and Long Ltwnt. !
Linen Pockat.handk7a, all altes. I
r, . llan ewelllngaandDltper.
Lintn Napkins and D'Oyllea. ,
Linen Table Olothtood Satia Damaakt.
Linen Towels with colored border.
Linen B'alr Ooveringa and Crash.
Fortalt at lew pricee.
BAIK at BOB, '
tto7 No. St South High ttmW
ladiet' linen Pooket-Handk'& J, J
kerchiefs, rery wide hems.
- Embroidered Linen Handk'i all prices. - - -
tsemmed o inched and plain do, do. ' -
o do oolored borders.
Mourning do black bordera ' ''i1!1
do do nawiiylteroeitUlch!. 1
Pin Apple do. new patters., I
Mlaaei' Plata and Ii.mmM aiibh.j . .u ,
Comprising the most (elect aaaortmantl. in. .ml f
fwrrc. BAIn At SON,
nsci ' ... mo. S South lllgh Street.
ad In the th effleert of thlt Bank, January Sttth,
lesi, to wit- Ww. A. Platt, President, and Taoaut
MooDit, Ooihltr, resigned their offloet. - DaVTD TaVLoa,
Btq., wat Ihtn elected President tnd Wit. A. PLa-rr ap
pointed Cashier. - - 1 i. . .
ay emer or tn Board ef rrtrectors.
feb s, teeiiitr,
W. A. PLATT, CasLter.
Alexandre's Kid Gloves.'
QUEIAIRE aad rtgnlar thtp Black Kid Olorss.
tmbroidtrad In white, aiaitnta, narpla. eta . Csdressed.
Kid 0 lore. Aliases BldQIores. A eootpMU tssortmsnt
ti intceDrttta uioru always tor sal oy .
" BAlrf St loir,
febSs -1 i i - Ko.MSonUl HlgkMtMt.
At Xenla R. R. Newsboy would be e leased tt Inform
th rwMIe that Ih OlneiontU Ersnlng Ttan b) received
rata tar lyerwr, aiy, a wana ja, r. at. rtrsoss
can proour theoi by ealllof en - -
... . WItilAM I0IID. 1
ftb. 19 dlw-d. a. : Vv Deaf Mute. .
Laces and. Embroideries,
V Lao Collars and Sett. Irenes, Pahtr and Thread
Lao Tellt, (new pattttaO Valenclenta, Thread aad
Point Loot, krabroluered Collar, Setts, Trunmlng and
Skirt, Ma nana ana uoiaare, riaia bioen Dollars,
Btttt tad Cuff, Embroidered Collar and Oafft In (ttlt.
.. r ..(. . , - BAIN At BON,
rtb39 --o.M, South High Street.
IIaiJitjfJLTCr03D. t
, tt I0HK B WfliLSB, , , . i -
Xa. auwu-rran, owcrmiTT, ana lavixw am ur. uo.'
Ft its Toaa) MBtcsurtv act om rutaer tuavroaa
Naw You Liraaud Oom. Hvtvai. hn. . ..
Office, 81 Hit-It St., aawaKev B.
Sb7-d1v - '"
Baperlor Oriental, t r . cj
' I ItttKAcet, (extra) : wtMjrj
1 t . 1 1 1 American tthag, t
. i ... Bird's Kye, (UaionJ
In packosei; tin, Kentucky fin out In barret and hejf
barrels, in store an, rorsais rry
... ..i xtcnaw as nssxiasuA, -tebll
' 34, Btateamaa Bonding.
piiOVBB EKkwD!
. ' ... ' j.j ;:i -,ji';-
Ia store for ttl by : --; .-.:.. ..'i
' M Sbsreaman Building.
GOLiiEit HiiititiiiKTv. -; .
All slaw and qualities; alts BOYS' SHIRTS ef asm
nportotaustjlei ait try bain a sun,
So. Boat High ttiwtt.
- ... Tlt .T TT t fffVTVPA fJ'.l
I i j.l l."" .... .. w Sft
et. '."i , n 1 1 'w.e-
T'mw sresitea- Ktmtt ? 1st Tha 1t r'li
i'j jfon'TjsircipuB
AND ' f
, . U , 1
J. ly tckntlB tnd
U J.Tagetabte CepUDd.;f
procured try tne aisui
Utton of Booj. Uerb
. aad Btrlrs, . Ttllow
'' Dock,1 -Blood Boot, '
j waatapaniiey er i ia .a
., Clwrry .Bark and uan-
aeuon enters mwr its
principle of each twredieot I thoroughly extracted by
my new mttbod of dlauiung. producing delicious, ex
hlleratlnt suirluand the mow) INFALLIBLE lemedt foi
renoeatlng the dlamaed system, and restoring the sick,
suffering end debilitated INVALID to, lilt ALT II and
B1BE.1UTU. . .e-.tfj,,. ... , . . -, f
r, DIAL.
W1U efltumtotmre ,
. Ohronle or Rervont DeHllty, Dlteaae ef the BMny
and all diseeaei arising from a dlaordoved l.leet or Stoav
och, Pyspeptli, Heartburn, IPward Pile, Aesdltre Slck
nes of the Stomach, Fullness of Blood to tn Heed, Bull
pain or awimming In the head, Palp.tatton f the Heart
Fullness or Weight In the Stomach,' Star BiwetaUoa
Choking or tnffocatlng feeling when lying down, Drrneet
or Yellowness of ttwBklnand Bye. Might Sweats! In
ward Ferers, Pain In the email ef Ihe book, cheat or aid
Sodden Fiuohe of Heat, Depreasioa of Bplrlte, Frlghtftl
Dreaano. Looauon Dttvondcnci or any Nervout Dlseaea.
Bore or Blotehe oa th Skin, and Fever and Ague (or
unuiaano rcrr,j , , A , , '
- - Ovtr a nilllost sUl ;
Have been told during tht lost sW months and In nd la
llano hut It felled In giving entire eaUefaetloa. Who,
then, will srHTer from Weakness or Debility wbea tlo
No language oan conrey an adequate Idea of the fmroe
dlato and almeet mlraeuloat hutn e reduced " br taklns
Ihla Cordial In the dlaeasedt debilitated and shattered
ntrvoui iyttem, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or Impaired by olckneta, th relaxed and tnatrang
orgMiaatton ia roatoreu w!ta pnsun ncmiuiua rigor.
Or olhan eonadou of Inability, from whatevtr con,
will find McLean t Strengthening Cordial a thorough
it-generator of the (yttem: and all wht may lure Inland
themnlT by Improper isdclgenr, will And la th Car
dial a certain and speedy remedy. : u. . . t i t-
... To the Lanio.. , 1 1;
McLean V Strengthening Cordial.
h II I sovereign tnd speedy rare for t
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence' of
Urine or Involuntary Dlsohsrg thsreof, Falling of th
nomn, utaainess, yainting ana an vise as ee inenem to
rtmai,.,. 'i,i.J5 1 ffTMl
: ; . ' 1 ner la as MUtaU About
Suffer no longer. Take It according to Directions, tt
will stimulate, strengtlien and Invigorate you andcanat
tat oionmof nsaitn to mount yourcnetk ogam, i i 1 1
! Evtry kottl t watranaM to give twaraetsDav . '
If your children ire rickhf, van, or afflletod, McLean'
com las will make mat beailhy, latand-nbust.. ,Dtlty
not a moment, try u, ana you win ot convinced. .
OiCTHia -Beware of D rural, tt or Sealer who mat
trr to ialm nnon vori aioma Hitter or BsreaDarllla tni
which they can bey cheap, by tajrint It k Jet a good.
stTOHt wu on men. as io moiiaa atrengineninguor-
dial, and take nothing els. It I th only remedy thai
will purify th blood thoroughly and at th aom Urn
strengthen tht system.
Une tableepooorai taken rrery morning laatlne. U a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chill ud Fever, fellow
rarer, or any prevaiant aistaatt. . it It pot op Inlara
Price only 81 per fcottlo, or 8 bottle for IS.
.. .; ., J.H. McLEAH, ' ;
' Sole Proprietor of tMt Cordtal,
ii -t ... Also McLean's Voloanle Oil Liniment.
Principal Depot on the comet of Third and Pint ttreets.
St. Louie, Mo.
McLean's Volcanic 011 LInlmecL j
Th belt liniment In tbe World. ' Th only sat and
certain en re for Canoe re, Pile. Bwtlltngi and Bron
chitis, or Qotlre, Paralysis, neuralgia, wealrnctaof th
Mucia, Chrome or u9immatory Bhaumatttm, Stiff-
a. v, ui. juuiw. wuimm M..vte vi uiHDe
Earache r Toothache, Bruises, Bprtln. Weonds. Freeh
Outs, Dleert, Fever Borne, Caked Breasts BoreNtpples,
Bam, Bcalds, Bore Thoat, or aay Infleeiimatliiii or fain.
DeUaertne aowatvere, or hoe long the diet ats may
oar txistea. atubean a utitbraiea litnimenr. w a ear
lain remedy. . " ' '
Thonaondi of human being! hare been tared a HI ef
aeerapiiuu ana misery oy in as oi tnti invaiaaonme'
da.,.. . .... . . ., .... f
- " - LINIMENT,': .:
Will relieve pals almost mstairtarnMualy, and t wll
eleaste, purify and heal tht foulest sore in an Inertdl
ly abort time. j i : j
I'ttr Ilwrsee anal Otber Animals. ,
McLean I celebrated Liniment I the only safe and re-
nobie remedy lor the cure of Spavin, King none, wind
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bumps. Nodes or Swelling.- It
will newer fail to our Big Head, Poll Bril, Fistula, Old
rolng Bora ar Sweeny, -If properly applied- Far
Bpraui, Bruise. Scratches, Bore or Wound, Cracked
Heels, Chafe, Saddle or Collar Oallait aa Infallible
remedy. Apply It at directed, and a cure It certain hi
every inttanoe. ' 1
Then trifle no longer with th many worm teat Ltd
men to offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean'i
celebrated Liniment. It will cur you. i
J. H. McLEANe Sole Proprietor,'
" Corner of Third and Pin Streets, Bt. Louis, Me. j
Psroale by el druggists. .(..; ,
For .ale by K0BEBT8 At BAETUBL,
. AuiiO-dfcwly, . . . Oolumtms. Ohio, j
i.. et. 1 ' .. ' '' : . :
' Liverpool, Montreal, ; Qaebed, :
Tb Montreal Ocean Steamship Oompany't first else.
raU.noweredOijde-rrallt Btsoaert tall tjvery Matt.
rtlaw frota PORTLAND, carryln(tha Canadian and
Doited BtaUt Mttl and ptlttngeri,. . ., )
. CANADIAN, ii: ,.un fVOVABCOIIAK., . '
Shortest, Cbeatpwet andQnlckcatCwn.
. rtyaaet f rwtaa vv ..- -
' ' Betea of Fsag;e to EuropeV i'
- - -. j3o, sjao, ao. j
Will soil from LIVERPOOL every Wednesday,
tnd from QDBBBO every Eatarday , calling at
LONDONDERRY , to receive on board and Ucd tlalltaad
Paaaeneert, to tnd from Inland tnd Scotland. . t .
JXyihe Steamers ar built of Iron. In wtteMlght
compartments, oarry each an expnnod BargeonToad
every attention .la paid to tha comfort aad aecommoda
tlon of oaatenier. - At thtyproeeeddlnet bt LONDON.
vtai, tn gieat sua ina atiay or oatung at bi. jon t
li avoided. J-
Olaaxow nsenir ar fdrnlsbed with ran rttae
ucteta to ana irom uinunnaerry. -
H.inra Ib-k.t. mrmtttma .t radnaMI ran..
Certificate Issued foroarryln to and bringing out pe
senrrrs from all tht principal town, of Great Britain and
Ireland, at redneed rate, by thlt line of (teament.and
by the w abulnutuh yr bajliu rAt.r'
leaving Liverpool are rr week. ' "
Slgtit Draft tor l aad wpwrarda pay'
aois tti .naj,na, sroieimo, ecet i
,.,,. land or Waiet, , . I
for nsxstste. soiily'at tn Offloe! S BROAD.
WAT. Newieik, and 1U WATER sT.t
I . SleerN .lbt A.-. : a-..
j dmu ,wri,nii.s,, vsBsrat agvaus,
BolO-lydAw , Butaaa Ofllc, Oolambatphto
AT THrilS NS!" t!AS,E.--wa
i - ana - J II V I gi
,JI08. 1,1, 9 and 1, BUT AW BTEETT, ,
A 0.4. Offer for aUU4UwlTattU J ij
. -n' , ii5 a i .i.'i -..'ANDBQARE
Bdna hiahly reonmndtd by the first Professors and
HasloateJtuitearwvf thexoaatry, and
BvEttx :...i.i,.Jli i i
" v. . WAtBATrrrproit ' '
'ItM.t' u.-;u ii.' tvnt tears.
Tb moat futidlotuautosato: may rely apo .being
.verympeot. .,, , fc '
xtratt noer.1. j .' ri
, BBLT2B A WEBSTER, Agenta, '. '
bctSSilydw. . ,i o a r - Colambea, Ohio,
i -ui i
f v ItlV Cr L f L L C Y -
''And-Elriaki'fiook Hauufanturer, .
II ll in i i m. II, I.i, .li, ... ) , ,.
1 w
I to1'"
i '1
whleh win 1
aT Hala Oaf,
uuinmK it. it. iwi. m -1 v ."
.- t
' ,1 A
' ' ' . . .
Ti LdACK STRAW BONNKTB Alt f F.I..rV-",.,,''i,e
X egant Klbbons, In great variety at BAIN'S,
ho. B9, High 1 Ires t.
ytrwryivery dtaSrr.i:'e BUILPrS03 LOX,?, ltuated.ea
Anua, iorth of Brood Street.
is a cpnitltntlonBl disease;: a ebrnintlon of the
blood, b, wrhich thi. fltud WPTiS
weak, sndpooF.i 2jau la theuW.Ji
Pmdes the whole bodr, and may bunt ouc
m disease on any part of Jt,r ,Korn u fro,
from it alt.oV. i. .1. ,lt ,
hbt desfroy:" The scrofulous taint is Ttmi,
caused by toercuriol dioease, low -livings tlis-
T$rt Fir iP watr, filth
and filthy habits, the deprewW-wkeiV and,
above all, by tlw venereal WectiorTwhat;
ever be to origin, it is hereditary intfu ooa
stituUon, descending ' from partkU to MUm
unto the tlurd and fourth cmeratioa ; indeed,
it seems to be .the rod of Him who gaysT"!
will .nut tJi iniquities of the ttha uooa
tlieir children." r , ... . ,. . . . ,
i j1'4.6" eowmenee' by depowitiom frota the
blood of corrupt or uleerous matter, whidvin
the limp, liver, and internal Oirhs, I termed
tubercles; in the elnnrl. .,if;n.
the surhicc, cruDtiona or . q f.i.,i
roption, which genders in the blood, depresses
tlie energies of life, so that scroluloug Coaatitu
ttons not only auffiar fnn..eA,r,.w.
plaints, but they have far lea power to with
stand the attacks of other duatisea; 'onta.
quently vast numbers nerUh . H. A..a
which, although not sorofulona in their naturw,
pre still wndewd fetal by tht tafnt in ths
System. Most of the consumntion Whlr-h a.
cunates tne human family baa it enrigin directly :
In this scrofulous ontaminhtion j and many
destructive diseases of tha liver, kirlnpva. fcr.ln
and, indeed, of oil the organs, aria ftora or
are aggravated by the same cause.
Ono quarter of all our pecpl are scroftJetij ;
their persons are invaded Vf this lurking in-
fection, and their health fa unrlnrm'tuul h (e
To cleanse it fronj the system we must leporato
tho blood by an alterativw m4ieinvraid in
vigornte1 it by hedlthy food nBerisi.
uch medigine we nupply,"-4
impound Extract of Sw toilk
the most effectual remedy which- tho medical
skill of our times ctm'derw 'for tWa? every
where nrevaHinw and fatal mokdv.' It 1.
bined from tht) most activw rwmsxiiala that hav
been dijeovered for the exptirgn0on of thi foul
disordor from the blood, and tow nmfue of tha
system . from ite deebruetivo conat-quenots.
Hence it should be employed for the cure of
not.only' Scrofula, but also those other afZae- .
tions which aria from it, auch as EKCVTrra
and 'Swit Diseases, St. Aktrowt's Jan.,
Blotches, Olains and Boir., Tovors; TxtTaa
and Salt RiiEtjjr. Scald Head.' RiNOwonaL
UiTBDHATiait, Syfhiutio and MEuetiuUiDis
BAwsitr Dnorwr. - DrsnraiA. DxBu.iTr. oud.
indeed, aU Cootlaints Antsntrj noi VirtA
TBO.04 IuriinB Blood. The popular" belief
in. impaiitf of th blood " ia founded in Uuth,
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood.' The
particular purpose and 'virtao of tliis Barsttpa
rilla is to Durifvand revenarara thia vital fluirl.
without which sound health a impooaibl in
contaminated constirotions, oaix
.- ' a ' ion ymrmt.
it.-jttto p-tv. ,t ,,,t.c t'U rrMa S
Ague OTire,
-'' '4. -1-
Intermltttmt Fevex, ov Fwvar and A wae,
Remittent Fewer, Chill Fvr, Dwxnb
Ague, Periodical ileadaehe, or Billows
Headache, And Billons Fevers, Indeed
for th whole claaa ofdieea orlajinat
lngr 1st biliary derangement, caused fcjr
tha Malaria of Sllaaniatla Coantri
We are ena'blod here to offer the eommunity a
remedy which, while it cure the above complaints
with certainty, is still perfectly harmless la any
quantity: Such a remedy is invaluable hi diatrictt
where these afflictiag disorder piwvaiU This
" Cues " expels -the miatmatic poison of Favaa
and Aotra from' the system, and prevent the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on the first ap
proach of its premonitory symptom.. Iti not only
the best remedy ever yet discovered lor this claaa
.of complaints, but also the cheapest. 'The Urge
quantity we supply for a dollar brings ft within the
reach of every body and in billotu districts, where
Fbvbp. .and .Aaun pravaUa, very bodr .should
have tt aad use it froaly both Car cure and protec
tion. v" A great superiority ef this remedy oval any
other-ever discovered for the speedy and oartain
cure of InternrittenU is that it eonttins na Qnicina
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
ether injurious effects whatever upon the constitu
tion. - Those cured by it are left as healthy as if
they had never had the disease. -:. , ,
" Fever and Ague ia not alone the eonteqaencef
the miasmttie poison. A great vwriety of dieor
ders arise from its irritation, among which are
Neuralgia, Bheumatirm, Gout, Headache, HUnd
ntu, toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Atthma, 'fU
fritaiion. Painful Affection oftlie Spleen Uyitar.
ice. Pain in the Bowie, Coke, Pat alytit and De
rangement of the Stomach, all of , whith,. osAm
originating in this cause, put on tht intermittent
type, or become periodical,' This " Cows 'Mpsis
the poison from the blood, and consequently cure
them all alike. It is an invaluable prottction tu
immigrant and person travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. Iftakewocca
sionally or doily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted frotavthe system, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into disease.--
Uenee.it ia eve more valuable for protec
tion than cure, and few will ever surfer from Inter
mittent! if they avail themaelves of the protection
this remedy aflordav : .
Prepared by Dr. J. C. ATX&4, Ca, IawoIL 'kW
I - r v 1 BOBIBTS k. PAHTJIt, OalhtnrJulf
And bv BrurfltUand Dealers everywhere,
nov:lyd.twtw .
Aa xperleftctd Hurt snl 'Tenia! Phytlcbm, preesal
U thaatteollan sf. utthsrs,ber. , t, j j
SOO T H I NG -S, y R U P ,
which greatly facilitate thtproceet of tf thing, by cft
olng the gams, reducing all uflammaUtowtl 1 allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, and It " '
Depend upon It, mothersr willkreiest to yoursslrss
ted , ' "
BEtiir ahd; mars pi fotmi mum.
.'. W have pat hp and ao'ld thi article for overmen years,
what haveDeVwd eea obi to aayoi any other medl-
ANCE, TO EVP EOT A CURE, when tlmly asrd. Nsv
tr did we know aa Instance ef dlesattsfactkm ky otryn
wb aoed It. . Ow th eoattam litre Aellchted with Its
eparaUona. and speak In ttrmi of commendation of Its
magical enron tnd medical virtue, -wt a perns la-thlt
mUer-WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten yeW rape-
almost every taetanc where thktfasHIaArlng)aa
Iota oal wttutttoa, rltf wtll be feand la aijeea or
woati mlnal after theeyrap It admuilttercd, , ,
This valuable preparation It tht nreterlption or ent ef
th moat. KXPkiUKNOKDand SK.ILLP0L M ll'aSU
NtWKnidKid. sad ha been wsodwltli Kicyii I AIL- .
INd BUOOBilg In " ' r
. - THOnSAWDS oroiSEOee
It not only rellerea tl.t child from psior rat Invfgoi.
ate Unatemaab and bowers, (wmetj Mlill'v, and tire
ton and energy to thewnele rsteta. It wtttadmost lor
(Uotly relitr ,
and enreoai eonvalstsnsr -Which. If aol Speedily sen,
died, end In death. - W be 11, re It the BEttf and SUR
It arlsea f ma ttothiog, ot tram on ether eause. I W
would say to every mother who hss (hlld surring rrom
anyof thforeptegeotmlelnt DO r0T IRT TOUR
atand between yon and your (offering child, and tb re-
Iter tnot will be eu Hxt-yee, ABsOLUCBLi BUBS to
follow th as ot thlt medicine, tf timely ased. fall di
rection for nslsg- will weoompany mrh kettle. Noii
genaui wnistt tat at ilmitt-t AlbAtnia r-an-atns,
New Tork, It en Ui euulde wrapper. . , , .
aoia by ail Draggiate truoognout uis woria.
Prl tclaal off IS it Cedar Street Sl.T.
eetW-dfcwly-r r-t ' f .? r r-t
J 4 j5-
mid t ABM. ih undisidnl 1 :i of i
1 i. iLD-
INU Win BA,lorUi Uth stie.-t, Corner ; "t-toa
Lyon Alley. . U att dlsnwKd uf by Ui 3. i A; : , J, tb
Btor will b lor a-, ... . . . J w j
T(n T, ..,., AUO,- -,
f"r lV,e tlTY tMSUVtl
,wUesl6ctditockf IAa,lLk Ght0KltIt,3.
" - " -'TT ' I a . 7 A TuAiiB MtMfST-' a. tld
1 .. . - .
,. i 'i t to iait purehater.
XHOllia rV
. 'J .....'! J I .,'
..'.it. .".'. M

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