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a.T iPCATircrj by,- j,
lien. Joseph It. Swan,
" wifflfprrsor jmejxoisioysor,rBgBU-
(Contained Id Iwentynlo volumes of th. Ohio and Ohio
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loTtro Royal 8roU Volume. PilclO 00.
No'ear or xpeohae been ,pred to make (ho work
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1 tMBOWlb Leglilattv eenctlon, having boon ip
nrow bj nearly too unanlmoue vote of both Uooioj,
w4 vat order to b( dlilrllmled to tin following State
a od County oflJoort! - . ' .
Governor. Attorney General, Supreme Jlff -tarrrmptroller.Trea.iirer
end Auoltor of State, and
to U0 Probat Court, OonrU of Common Plea., Super,
lor and Polle Court., Auditors, and the Olerkii of
varioul Court. In each eounty, ta Uio Member, of the
Senate wdHouieof E.preentetlTea of Ihi. male, and
ly uwfaU the performance ot their duties, to all
COUNTY omoiM. ... !"'
jrjSTIOII OF Till PEACE, , .
.. .. Cllf-OFFICERS. . . . . -
loMm.ch M wry manr change have been made In the
EtatutM .loee th publication of tb. lit edition., by r
mI, alMratton and addition, end Buy Important do
cUHop. bav been gWen by tb. Supreme Court OS con
troverted points, all . , . u mv .
Will And thli an Invaluabl Work. ' N' "
Tico Smal 8m. Volwooter nineteen Hundred
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KAXTPZinrr VOXSB, PublUben.
an tU day publication, i , i,.
Chase in the Cabinet.
The telegraph Informs ns that Mr. Lincoln
ha tendered the Treasury Department to uov,
Cbask, and that Cammon will go into the War
Department.:" ' " -t 1 ; i;
" Our Solons in tbe Legislature may prrparo to
look out for a successor to Gov. Chask, if the
Treasury be in faot within bis reach.
Speech of Dr. Moore.
- The reader will find in our columns to day
the speech of Dr. Mooaii of Wayne county
delivered In the Ilouse of RepresenUtlves on
the 26J Instant, in favor of tb paeeag of the
bill to prevent the giving aid to fugitive slave
It is a highly creditable effort. Tn argument
I convincing, and lu style clear and eloquent.
Those who heard It delivered put a high esti
mate upon it, which the reading of it will con-
The Peace Conference—Its Propositions—No
Prospect of an Adjustment by Congress.
Tb Peace Conference, representing twenty-
one States, which met at. Washington City, on
Monday February 4, to devise some plan for
tettiiog our national difficulties and maJnUinlng
f he Uoiod, adjourned sin rftV.enlast Wedaee
. day, February 27, having been in session twea-
ty-fonr days. . The result of their labors was
Hh adoption, on tb day Of their final adjourn
ment, of the propositions of McFbankuii, ef
Pennsylvania. ' ' '
Tbes propositions are a modification oi
f tbe
resolutions originally offered by Mr. Goth
,bii, of Kentucky, and ax as follows
- Sto. 1. Inall thepresent.territorrof the Uni
:ted State not embraced by the Cherokee treaty,
north of tb parallel of thirty-six degrees and
' .thirty minute' of nortn latitude, . involuntary
servitude, except In punishment of crime, Is
prohibited, in an tne present territory south
of Ahat line, the status of persons held to ser
vice t labor, as it now exists, shall not be
changed; nor shall any law be passed to hinder
or prevent tne taking oi sucn persona to said
" territory, nor to Impair the right arising from
. said relation but th aama thai) be subjeot to
judicial cognizance in tn tederai court accord'
ing tb tb common law. When any territory,
north or aontn oi saia line, wunin sucn bounua
ry as Congress may prescribe, shall eon tain
population equal to that - required for
member of Congress, it shall, if ita form of
government be Republican, be admitted Into
i tb Union on an equal looting witn tbe original
-States, with or without Involuntary servitude,
, a tne iMnetitntion or such stat may provide.
'; Sic. 3. Territory shall not be acquired by
the United States, unless by treaty, nor, except
for naval and commercial station and depot,
unless such treaty shall be ratified by four-fifths
or an tn memoer or ue senate. '
oio. 3. nettner in ionsutution. nor anv
' amendment thereof, shall be construed to give
..(Joogress power to regulate, aooiisn or control,
.within any State r Territory of th United
' btatesi the relation established or reoorniied by
. the laws thereof touching persons bound to la-
; nor or involuntary service In tb District oi.Uo-
, dambia without to eonaent of Maryland,, and
."without the consent of the owners, or making
i tbe owners who do not consent just compen
sation; not the power to interfere with and pro
- bibit representative and others front bringing
; with them to th City of Washington, retaining
"od taking away, persons so bound to labor; nor
the power to interfere with or abolish Involunta-
rf service le places under tne exclusive iurisdio
; tlon of the United States within those States snd
Territories where th same is established or
recognised: nor th power to prohibit th remo
val or transportation, by land, sea, or river, of
persons bald to labor or involuntary service in
any Stat or Territory of tb United Bute to
any otner Btate or Territory tbereor where It is
established or recognized by law or usage; and
tbe right during transportation of touching at
porta, snorea, auo unaings, ana or landing in
cat of distress, shall exist. Nor shall Congress
bare power to aainonse any signer rat of tax
atlon on persons bound to labor than on land.
Bio. 4- The third paragraph of th second
section of tbe fourth article of tb Constitution
hall not be construed to prevent any of the
State, by appropriate legislation, and through
the action or their judicial and ministerial offi
cers, from- enforcing th delivery of fugitives
from labor to tb person to whom such service
or labor I du. ....
Sko.4. y The foreign lar trade and th Im
portation of slave into th United States and
their Territories, from places beyond the present
limits thereof, are forever prohibited. -
.810; 0. -me nret, tmraand niui sections,
"together with tills section tlx of thee amend'
nients, snd th third paragraph of tb second
section of th first article of tb Constitution,
and tbe third paragraph of th second seotioo of
th fourth article thereof, shall not D amended
or abolished without the consent of ail th
eute. " " v
Bio. 7. Congress shall provide by law that
the United States shall pay to th owner the full
value of bis fugitive from labor ia nil sue
where the marshal, or other officer, whose duty
It was to art est such fugitive, was prevented
from ao doing by violence or intimidation from
mobs or riotous assemblages, or when, after sr-
roil.m j lugllir waj rMedbi fotoa, nd the
OTner (i creb. prevented and obatrocttt) ia th
pur.ait of bn rmd; lor (be recovery of such
Thr forego lag proportions are reoomaundM
to Coagreaa ai ameodmcnta to tb Constitution.
Bui bcfoi they cAu bscoms luob, Itey mail tr
oelve th auenl of two-third, ctboth Houaea of
Conjreu, and b afterwardi ratified bj tbe
Legl.latur. or by Conreottooa of three-fourthl
of tha State. Thera li no present probability
(hat they will reeetre the Tote of two tblrdd of
acb'brauch of. Congre.' Ineaie they do not,
the labora oth Feaoe Cooferenoe will paai for
oeught., i ; !, ... i-1
'The principal obJeeOlmed at In these propo
sition! submitted to Congress by the Peace Con
furenoe was, doubtless, by certain constitution
al guarantees In regard to the Territories, and
for the more ample security of ilaro property,
to Induce the Border Slave State to remain In
the Unior. But so far. as the present Congress
I concerned, the time for agreeing upon any
plan of adjustment to eare these Border State
to the Union may be regarded aa passed bj. It
1 true, the proposition of tbe Peace Confer
enoe may possibly pass by tbe requisite vote)
bnt of this there can be no reasonable expec
tation.' Radical Republicanism 1 too rampant
in both branchee of Congress, and Ita opposl
tlon to any effioient measures of compromise
too great, to be overcome In the very few hour
that remain of the last session ol tne inirty
Sixth Consrees. A the ' fourth of Match
falls, this year, on Monday, thil Congress prop'
erly come to a close on the night of Saturday
the second of March. - ,. . .
' This vletr of the ease seems to eut off the last
lingering hope for the salvation of the oonotry
We hardly dare to anticipate anything from the
Inaugural, of the President eleot that will
beat the wounds Inflicted on tb Union by his
party. ' Still, the weal or woe, the prosperity or
destruction of the ' American Republio seems
now to rest upon bit shoulders. By hi inaug'
arel and by the choice ol bit Cabinet, be may
achieve a great work of patrlotiem and oourage,
or consign himself to the infamy of a detestable
cowardice and treachery., t.. :
"The Canal Muskrats."
significant article, in reply to one which recent
ly appeared In tbe Columbus QattUt, from which
we make th following extracts: .
The Columbus Otutti gives the argument
sgainsi tb sal of th canals, with great perti
nency and surprising oandor. - uouDtiess the
Republicans generally may think it too oandld to
be politic, but It ia so patent to. tb public,
that there is little to he gained by affecting to
conceal It; and there is alwajs a prestige to party
boldness. Tb Democratic party acquired its
Invincibility in ancient limes by a boldness so-
proacblog audacity in its party tactics and ais
cipline. - r . .. -
Whatever sanctimony th Republican may
affect in this matter of tbe ssle of tbe canals,
the Columbus Oazctt defines tb true issus.
Concerning th effort which it sffirms is being
made to Induoe the legislature to sen or lease
in canal-, II saysr 1 " 1 "
-"Oar Republican brethren, as a general
thing, arecaiily bamboozled, but we can hardly
bailer tbey will be green enough to let their
political opponents pull the wool over their eye
by dispensing with tb partisan services of the
Engineers, Superintendents, Inspector, Colleo
tors, Weight masters, Lock-tenders, Gat keep
ers and ewnteyst, and placing this political pow
r in tb hands of these unscrupulous party
Tb GttHli means, of course, simply the loss
of this political power to the Republicans; for
when the canals are sold or leased so as to be
put into private bands,' and all Stat offices
abolished, there- will, of course, be no more po
litical power in the canals than in any other
purely business operation. ii 1 : .
The OtatU says farther: 1
-"A Republican member, guilty of giving any
such deatn-atab to bit party, should bo coerced
out of hi boots, or perforce to be operated upon
for tb simple." '- r .
We suspect that this is a fact. 1 For party
in power to abolish offices which are filled by ita
own active partisans; and which, in the parti
san service of th eaaal officers and laborers,
ar worth, at th smallest calculation, 5,000
votes to the party In power, beside some very
important possibilities in tn way or concentra
ting laborers in doubtful districts, in an impor
tant election and all elections are important
would be a stroke or simplicity, tor which tbe
Republican members of tb Legislature would
deserreto b operated on. 1 Yet tbi strong
scent shows very plainly where the real musk'
rat nest ts.
f The Irony of the Pratt most make Gbxinu of
th Osteite feel very cbetp, if he have any feel
log, which w think very doubtful, in view of
hi unblushing and unprincipled avowals as
above quoted by the Prtt$. 1
Tb canal mutt be retained by th Republl
cans, for the patronage they give to tb party.
no matter if tb retention of them doe tax th
peopl torn $150,000 or $300,000 per year, and
any Republican member who will not agree to
it "should be coerced out of hi boots," &.
Th Prett Indicate truly where th real musk
rat nett it, and tb declarations of th Otutit
plan th editor in th list of politicians who
should b shunned at all times by those who
have tbo good of the community at heart.
Men of all parties In' Columbus and Franklin
county should consider well the bearing end ef
fect oft tb declarations and avowal of th
Columbus Outttt on tha pnbllo morals, and act
acootdingly. i i ;. .'
Very Bold and Full of Courage.
.Our neighbor of th Journml appears to be
perfectly confident a to the policy Mr. Lincoln
will purine toward the South. , It eschews all
compromlt, and assert that Mr. Lincoln will
not betray the people, by compromising with
traitors, &c.j but, according to. the Journal, be
will uphold th Constitution and execute the
law, although such a course may be unpleasant
to traitor and "their Democratio sympathizers."
Thus (peak our neighbor, and its utterance I
In strong, bold talk. If lb Journtl would In
form ns what eostum ''Old Abe" will put on
when be sallies out to protect th Constitution
and enforce tbe law, we .would b better pre
pared to judge of th matter. II be mounts tb
Scotch cap and th military fatigue coat, and
take th sleeping car; we will give in, and ac
cept th prediction of the i Journal aa true; but
If h still be "Old Abe" without disguise, as be
was when ai Columbus, on bis way east, with
his trust in God and ths people, w shall bav
some doubt, notwithstanding what Is-aald by th
The Army in Texas.
"Ion" of lb Baltimore Sun, la tit Wash
iogton letter of February 97, 18iI, In speaking
of the rumors about Gen. Twieo having sur
rendered tb army In Texas to tb secessionist'
that Stat, says: '
Th report from New Orletnt that General
Twice bad turned over tb military stores and
her property of the United State in Texas to
State authorities Is not credited at tbe War
Department. Tw months sgo General Twiggs
asked to be relieved from bis command in Tex
and tbe request wa complied with . He was
tucceeded la command by another officer, and
when last heard from htd left Texts. The ru
mor is therefor evidently unfounded. BesIJes.
only source of the rumor 1 a paragraph In a
newspaper. A matter of such Important! would
been communicated to tbe government
from an official source.
Affairs at Charleston.
. . . ...
; Tb Charleston oorrespondenoe of the JRich
monoT DUpilch writes to that paper under date of
tbe 21st of February, as follow
"I have been down to and around all the forts
here, as Bear as I could prudently go, and they
are quite numerous and formidable, and there
ts surely to be some astonishing shooting here
soon. The Morris I.land batteries are going to
tike ihi black out of Fort Sumter. (Ills liit'e
more tnan tn major can ao, i take it, to snoot
tnrougu tnree layers ol railroad iron, presentea
to bis balls at an anele of 45 dearees. suDDorted,
too, as these rails are, by a wooden structure tf
great strength. They will pass on, elanolngup
wards, snd may so to the moon, for all tb men
on tbe island will care., The wing ot tbese
batteries are 'supported bt (treat sand banks.
fort Moultrie will nave the horniest part oi
finmiAs tm nnnlAn A wartrrt Is.i ILfmiltota'at niinB
are oi a heavy calibre, and are well ranged
All these forte are ably manned; and only tbiok
of six or seven great batteries Irownlng on
Sumter at the same time, and ready for ao-
tiou, and next week win tell tne tale.
THURSDAY, Feb. 28, 1861.
A.oaI1 of tbe Senate was htd, when twenty-
six Senators answered to their names, and sev
eral of the abtenteee soon appearing within the
bar, all further proceedings under tb call were
dispensed with. ..-.-
The President aunouboed that the Senate had
trader consideration S. B. No. 232 Concern
ing the right and liabilities of mtrried wo
v Mr. MOORE took the floor tud opposed the
passage ot the bill, fie thought its provisions,
if enacted Into a law, would create discord
and contentions In fAmllles that it dettroyed
tb tntntii wbiob should exist between mtntnd
wife. 11 quoted from th Bible liberally to
sustain bit view or tbe ltmlly relationt, and
claimed that th provision ot ' th bill under
com deration were in direct violation cf the liws
of God. In hit opinion, if passed, it would lead
to litigation between man and wife, and to end-
let frauds. He moat earnestly opposed that
feature of the bill which make a huabtnd a
witness against hit wife, or tbe wife agtinst ber
husband, in ottos where Irtud Is suspected.
Tbe lew now existing he thought quite turn
cient to protect the right and promote the In
teresta of married women.
Mr. COX said tbe argument of the Senator
from Butler bad seemed to blm inconsistent
He had quoted Scripture to prove a "headship"
of the husband, which, as he a-gued, was abso
lute, giving despotio control over person and
property. Yet, before closing bis speech, he
admitted that be thought tb very great modlu
eationa from such a doctrine found in modern
statutes were just tod beneficial. . At to the
Scripture trgument, Mr. C. laid, lfany attempt
wat mtde to wtrp particular passages of Holy
Writ to the support of injustice and oppression,
the interpretation ia shown to be false by its
contradiction ot the golden rule. No Soripture
ean rightly be made to support esltUbness tnd
wrong. If the thing complained of be not
wrong, th proof ol that fact will be more to tbe
point than mere quotation
He insisted that the thing! sought to be cor
rected by the present bill were really evils, and
auch at called lor legislative correction; that
tbe history of the world and the observation of
intelligent statisticians provtd th it tbe time
bad come when it wa necessary 10 give to wo
man greater facilities for controlling ber own
property and using her own industry, for tbe
advantage of her family, without an absolute
subservience to any despotio power. If the
despotism Is not exercised, it is useless; if it is
exercised, It is an outrage. II the law gives
tbe. married .woman the control of ber own
property, tb matter is left where the amount of
control really given to the husband by th wife
will be regulated by the coonJenc actually ex-
isting between them.
lie argued.lurlber. that discipline In business
economy, and that kind of thrift which ia loud
ly demanded in thee time of general extrava
gance, could only be produced by plaoing re
sponsibility for th management of ber own
property, and th proceeds of her uwn labor,
upon tb woman heraeir.
IUr.JUWt.3 congratulated tb senator fiom
Hamilton on tb success of bis effort ibis morn
ing as an "agitator" against ths barbarous op
pression or in marriage relation. . ?
lie tnen referred 10 toe provision 01 me Dili,
tnd claimed that much that bad been aaid wat
not germain to the tubject under consideration.
Tbe first section provides that tb real estate of
the wife and personal property owned at mar
riage, or which may come to her aUerwards shall
be and remain ber separate property. ,.: Mr. J
believed that, substantially, this wa now
cured to ber by law. Hut u it were not, be be
lieved it should be, and bad no objection to that
provision ot tbe bill. -,
nut that part or tbe bill which authorized tbe
wile to engage in business in ber own name
and compelled ber, If ber rights are to be as
sorted In court, to bring suit In ber own name,
he was utterly opposed , to opposed to It, be
cause It invited the woman out of that seclusion
of bom which protected her from th tempta
tiodt of the world, th art and tricks of trade;
tnd tbut preserved ber as tb moral and affeo
tionat inttructor of children, tie objected
to this provision, also, because it tended to vl
olate the great law of marriage, which declare
th husband and wile to be on flesh. Tbi
rule, he argued, had not only the sanction of
th "higher law," but all history proved it to
be absolutely inditpeneabie to We peace tnd
prosperity 01 society.
He referred to tbe ftct that the Senator from
Hamilton bad deduced the principle of the In
dependence or tbs wtie from tbe civil law, and
claimed that tbe law originated witn a people
who were strangers to the true God a neonle
in the highest state of oiviiizttion in all that
pertained to tolenoe and art, but were, never
theless, in all tbat related to modesty and vir
tue, Infinitely inferior to the beople who origi
nated and perfected the common law, Tbe Sen
ator from Hamilton bad drawn contrast be
tween thee two systems of jurisprudence. Mr
J. challenged a comparison of the two. and ra
f erred to the present condition of th countries
in which they originated, and tbe oolonie thev
had established, sod challenged a comparison of
th merit ot caob, a Illustrated In tb virtu,
intelligence ana prosperity or tb people who
nad adopted in greai principle ot. tb common
law. : ,. ..
, Tb difference, Mr. J. contended, was, that
while tb on system was tbs work of. peopl
who knew not God, and were therefore ienorant
of the great principles of moral right, the other
bad been moulded and perfected by a. peopl
wno recognized ine omy true ruiof moral eib
lot tbat which wat commanded to mm by tb
great Lawnrer 01 toe worio. -. . ;
Mr. t. would not deny but tbat many ol lb
provuion 01 tnt common law, in regard to
married women, bad been unnecessarily leveret
bnt ine greet pncoipi recognized in tbat law.
as proclaimed also in th higher law, "for thlt
caute tball a man letv father and mother and
cleave to hi wife, and th twain shall bs on
flesh," were, in hi opinion, aa explanation of
the virtue, the prosperity and th bappioett of
ine people wno uve unaer ton law. . ,
He referred to the prof isioot of the bill In
detail, intitting that under it tbe wife could
carry on business In ber own nam tod avail
bertelt or all Ita profit against tb creditor of
th husband, though th husband bad during
it continuance supported ner ana her Children.
Mr. i. closed by repeating bit main obitetlon
to lb principle oi tbe bill teparatlng tbe in
terest of husband and wife, whloa though it
might 1 exceptional eases appear to produce
good results, would in th end tend to destroy
that . unity of interest in familie which wa
now, tt It ever had been, the foundation of or
der in government, and of peaoe, virtu tnd
prosperity in community. '. , : : . -. ,
Mr. rAKiauoertn Dyaayiuc tbat tb bill
before the Senat wa likely to b prejudiced.
perhaps, in th mind of Senator, by connect
ing It with wbat hat been known aa th " Yfo
min't Riohlw Mtttnmt." 11 wished it under.
stood tbat b sever bed any. connection with
that enterprise cever having Attended their
meetings. 1 Tbe bill which wa before tb Sen
ate l th lt lestloo wat introduced by him ,
If, without conference with any on. 11 wa
influenced by a Mttledconvintio tbat the condi
tion of married women ought to be on of more'
independence.! , . ,
' An attempt wat mad to ridicule tbi subject.
On th first presentation of petition.. Ia tb
petitions it wtt asked of th legislator to re
ctor to married women not only their rights of
property, but "thrir legal pnwntl tsiittnet,"
To thlt i&tt expression Senators took serious
exoeptioo,and attempted to iliUoule th Idea that
married women had no legal txiatenc. ; i . ,- ;
Now, tbese Senator! u of the legal profus
ion, and are supposed to have knowledge of
we common law. xetthe ladies wno araitea
the petition seem to be mora thoronehlv ac
quainted with writer upon common law than
iucbw tsvyert.
Blackstone styt: Th buibead'iud wife are
tsan4Aat ene lath husband. If ' t,
Kent It still mor explicit. . He lays: "Tbe
legal effect of marriage ar generally deducl
ble from th principles of the common law, by
which tha husband and -wile- are regarded at
One, and her Ugul ixittenetani authority lost, or
suspended, during tbe continuance of the mat
rimonial union." Kent. vol. 2, p. iuy, and
eases there cited. Senators tee that these mar
ried women have studied tbe authorities, and
their memories are mor faithful than thost ot
some of the profession.
But the Senator from Butler (Mr. Moore) at
tempts to teach these women theology and the
oreCeDta of the Christian rallelon.'abd tha Sen
ator from Delaware (Mr. Jones) endorses the
theology and , the teachings. Tb New Tea
lament la commended to the study of these wo
men.; t'. - 7 vt: , r s ;
Now, si the ladies understand Kent and the
common law better than torn men, ao it may be
also tbat they understand the Scripture and the
Christian religion a well, at least, as some
other. . . .......
It Is said,' "tb husband I tb bead of the
wile, Ubrist Is tbe head ol th church.", How
Senator are oleaaed to understand this aa mean-
lng,.in morals and religion, that tb rights of
property ana tb 'moral txisteno or tbe wife
are ignored by ita passag. Married women,
and torn men. do not so Interpret this soripture.
Tb Divine teacher recognizes th right of
tn onuroh ana It member., call them Dreth
ren, and expect aoh member to use hit
right for th promotion of Hit kingdom, and
th good of the common brotherhood. But
Senator will Insist that at Christ hat absolute
authority over bit creatures, to the husband it
an absolute kine over bis wife the old doc
trine of the "Divine right of ling;" to rule the
people. '
But let ut look at tbe condition of married
women under the common law. It ia conclu
ded, in the first place, that husbands tre better
in praouce than the teachings ot the common
It Is teen that by that law even Aer legal tzitt
nee It lost or tuspended, The woman about
to marry muBt first make up her mind, not only
to go out of existence legally, but to lose all ber
personal property, tnd tbe use of all ber real
property, at the fiat of her "litgt lord." Not on
ly so, but even theohildren the may give birth
to also belong, not to herself, but exclusively
to her husband. Ia thort, by the "common
lam," tbe command of hor husband la to her
"the higher lav " Did the Creator design this
at ine conuition 01 wives f bo senators claim
and teach. '
But consider another fruit of tbe common
law of marriage, and divine law si insisted by
the two Senators. By that law, the wife is so
entirely at tbe will and arbitrary control of the
husband tbat she Is not punishable for a theltor
any crime tiat sue may commit 10 tbe preterite
of her hutbaud. Kent, vol. II, 127. Tbut tbe
boasted commonlaw.in agreement with tha dl-
vine law, as gentlemen claim, makes the hus-i
nana a tyrant, and tbe wile mere lement
Whatever the does in Ait pretence Is done by
his command, and she is not responsible fo
the act. ' :
Again, this odious character of tbe common
lfw it Incorporated (I blush to Admit it; In our
Stat legldatloq. Wben a wife signs a deed with
her husband, to release her dower interest, her
act Is not valid unless the magistrate examines
her -uparatt and apart" from ber husband, to
ascertain whether she did it voluntarily, or by
compulsion of her husband. Then our statute
law joins the oommon law In holding the hus
band to be a tyrant and the wife a teretnl. I am
f;lad to bs permitted to sty, that the law does
njustice to both husband and wlie, aa a general
fact, In its disgraceful implications. '
At th conolusion of Mr. Parish's remarks,
on motion of Mr. Senlelch, tbe Senate adjourn
ed. . . ' .
-. AITIaHOON StSSlON. . 'j ,
1 Mr. PARR offered a resolution asking of the
Board of Publio Worki whether the water Is
now let oni of anv Dart of the Miami Canal
and 11 they were borrowing money to be expend
ed on the canals, etc, which, was laid on the to
ol ror discussion.
On motion of Mr. SLUSSER, tho resolution
asking Information relative to tbe Idiot Asylum
was taken Irom th table, wben
; Mr. SLUSSER offered th following lubBtl
tute, which wa adopted:
"That the Superintendent or tha Asylum for
Idiot be requested to report to this House, the
names ol all the paying patients received into
tb Institution slno its .organization, tbe length
or time tney were in, and tne amount received
from eaoh, or yet due."
II. B. 182-By Mr. BLAKESLEE Supple
mentary to an an act to provide ror tbe creation
and regulation ol Incorporated oompanles in the
state or unto, passed r.ay 1, 11332, was read
third lima. ' ' ...
Mr. BLAKESLEE explained that this bill
wa to provide for tbe Improvement of the Or
ganization or tne firemen or Cleveland.
Mr. HILLS suggested that it be made to ap
ply to all cities of the first olast . .
The bill wu then referred to the oommtttee
on Corporations, other than Municipal, with in'
truotlon to to aocind it at to make it general
In its orovisionl. ' ' ' ' . '
H.B.,202, by Mr. BROWNE, of Mlaml-
Kelative to receivers of Insolvent corporations,
was read third time. when. " -
On motion of Mr. PARSONS, it was referred
to Mr. isrowne, or Miami, u a select commit
tee, with Instructions to amend so tbat it shall
apply only to toidt lying wholly within this
Elite. " '
H. B. 313, by Mr. OGLE To amend section
206 of the sot entitled "as act of the jurisdic
tion ana procedure oeiore justice 01 tbe peace,
and of the duties of constables In civil courts."
passed Maroh 14th, 1853, was read a third time
and patted yen so, nays 1.
H. B. 323, by Mr; COX -To eccoursge tbe
organization ol fir companies, was read a third
lime, when , - , -
Mr. COX moved to refer the bill, with In
structions to amend, bv exemntinir anv fireman
who has served aeven year from labor on th
highways ever afterwards. '
Mr. DEVORE thought It was suffloleht to ex
empt them while actually (erring as Bremen.
In this, Mr. BALDWIN concurred. He would
go further, and be moved, therefor, that tb
committee strike out all exemption afterthey
bav ceased to act as firemen, which was agreed
to, mateaa ni ia motion 01 mr. vox, when th
Kill.. i J . ... :
S.B 189, by Mr BON AR For tb protec
tion or Dees, was r eta a tnira time ana passed
yeas 72, pay 7 : -" (
. a.B. no. iy .supplementary to tbeaotto
provide for th organization orcitiend incor
porated villages, patted Mty 3, 1852, wat read
a third time ana pitted yet do, ntyt 11, - 1
The following notices were given of Intention
to introduce dims. . -
By Mr. STOUT To Authorize the commit
tloneit of Monroe county to borrow money, to
supply tb deficiency caused by tbe defalcation
of the treasurer. ....
Br Mr. SCH1FF To amend the act for the
tai or section 10 in veini lownenip. .
. . a WV II I . a 1 '
Alto in relation to puduo records m Hamil
ton county. . -1
Tbe following bins were introduced and read
the first time: .......
H. B. 390t by Mr. IIITCHCOCK-To emend
the act of April 12, 1858, to relieve district
coord. .1
H. B. 339; by Mr. DEVORE-Regulatlng
th office of County Surveyor. . .
II. B. 391 1 By Mr. JON AS-To amend tbe
city and villag incorporation act, Id relation to
sewers, in Cincinnati. -'
II. B. 329; By Mr. BALDWIN To amend
the city and village Incorporation act to pro
vide for tha furdine- and navment of citvdebt.
II. B. 393: By Mr. CHASH Amending the
1 .. -
act for the punishment of crime. . '- -", ,
II. B. 394: By Mr. ROGERS -To Incorpo
rate companiet to duiiq martei noui. '
II. B. 395: By Mr. PARR To further pro
tect wool-grower against lots by dogt. "
II B. 396: By Mr. BLAKESLEE To amend
Mr. BLAKESLEE1, from th select commit
tee, to wbiob wu referred H. ts. 324 In rela
iion. to the offlo of city auditors reported the
sams .back, with an amendment, which ' was
agreed to.an tbe bill let for third reading to
morrow. . ' ' ... ' , "; . ; r 1 1
Mr. ' MYERS, from lot leleot commute to
whom was referred Certain memorials, relating
to a free bridge over the Little,' Miami river,
reported by Introducing V ' ' "
11. u. :m To provide for a iree bridge over
the Little Miami river, which, was read the
first time. . "..J"-, v V - '
Mr. VINCENT, from the Judiciary commit
tee, reported back. II. B. 342 To enable the
husbands ol Insane women to convey their
rights of dower to real estate, and recommended
that it be amended 10 at only to operate lor tbe
repeal of the present statute on the subjeot.
. Mr. Wbbti defended tbe bill as needed, and
explained that It wa guarded taalnst at to th
rights of ths wife. He however suggested that tbe
Din might sun o amended. , -... . r
Mr. WOODS said the bill could not be a-
mnnded lu any way that would make it tolera
ble, unless it was all stricken out after tbe en
acting olause. rt cr r -.- r-t a ...
Mr. VORIS concurred , witn 'the committee
in respect to this bill; but b saw no reason for
tbe repeal or the present statute. t
Mr. BALDWIN said be hoped that the re
commendation of tbeoommitte would prevail,
both a to this bill snd the present statute.
; Mr. WELSH further defended the bill, and
referred to the faot that the court ar mad
cognizant ot whatever transfers ot dower-under
It may take place. .' ' ' 'J i.
Mr. PARSONS wat unfavorable to tb pais
age of this bill, but would continue the present
statute, which bad tbeen nearly thirty years In
operation, and which bad not worked particu
lar hardships, while It might subserve a useful
purpose. .' ' J ; . ,';'
Mr: VINCENT defended the report of tbe
committee, and he was glad that this bill had
been introduced, to wake up tbe outrageous
character of the present itatue. He hoped thlt
bill would be speedily amended into ft bill reg
ulating tbe present law, and pasted.
Mr. VORIS warmly defended tbe present
law, and insisted tbat it should not be repealed
Mr. KRUM concurred with the committee in
their report.
Mr. VORIS moved that the bill be recommit
ted with Instructions, which motion was cut off
by the previous question, ' '
The amendment of tbe committee was then
agreed to.
The question then being on the engrossment
of the bill, it was disagreed to yeas 38, nay
40. " it .- '.., .
Mr. PARSONS moved that when this Ilouse
sdjourns on Friday evening, It shall be till
Tuesday morning next, which was agreed to.
Tbe House then adjourned. ' -
The reporter misunderstood the remark of
Mr. Krum on House Bill No. 210, as reported
in yesterday's proceedings. After alluding to
the large number of petitions, coming from ev
ery part of tlio State, asking for a law to pro
hibit stock from running at large Mr. Krum
said If a select committee was to be appointed
on this bill, be desired to call the attention of
the oommitto to the question of what shall con
Btitute a legal enclosure. Tbe objection offer'
ed to this bill Is, tbat four ftet and m half not
sufficient height for a legal fenc. If this be
true, then tbe many costly and beautiful fen
ces, surrounding your dwellings and lawns all
over the State, afford no protection against tres
passing animals. Mr. Krum hoped the com
mittee would carefully consider this question
before they decided tbat all these fences should
be erected to tho height and strength of prison
Friday, March 1st, 1861—10 A. M.
Prayer by Rev. Dr. Iloge.
By Mr. HOLMES Memorial from Hatoh &
Langdon, Cincinnati, concerning claims. against
tbe State. Committee on Claims. - "'
By Mr. HARSH Memorial of Rose, Neill
& Diamond, claiming $639,76 for lots on con
tract lor tbo marble flooring of th Stat House.
Also, bills for flag staff and flags; amounting
to $305,41 for State: House. Committee ou
t,T SECOND' BCADINQ. ' - - "'
S. B. No. 255 Amending the Independent
Treasury Act. Committee of the Whole.
S. B. No. 189 For tbe protection of bees,
came back from the House amended, with a
new bill. Amendment agreed to yeas 21, nays
6. Tbe bill Imposes a fine not exceeding $100
and imprisonment in a county jail from 10 to 30
days, for stealing boney or bees, valued at $35,
or disturb, injur, or destroy tbe same
S. B. No. 265; By Mr. 8CHLEICII-T0
amend teo. 1 of the act of May 1st. 1852, fix
ing aalarles of certain officer!. Tbe chtnget it
makes are as follows:
' Salaries of the Judges of the Court of Common
neat, fv.uuu; 01 state Librarian, $l,UUU
- By. Mr. BRECK, from the Committee on
Municipal Corporations, an amendment fo H.
B. No. 371 Supplementary to the various acts
In relation to the organization of cities and in
corporated villages. It is a bill which permits
the citv of Cleveland,to fund 'Its floating debt
Amenameui agreea w, ana the bill passed.
veas 22. navs 10. . .
Mr. iJK.CK., from tbe asm committee re
ported S. B. No. 266-To authorize cities of
tb second class to fund their floatlntr debts
' Mr, BREWER moved to reconsider the vote
by which the bill to sell tbe Catherine Street
Cemetery (S. U. No. 130) was lost. Agreed to.
un motion it was reierred to Mr. Holmes I
Mr. SPRAGUE From tha Commlu nn
Enrollment, reported tb enrolling of sundry
Dim. r . .
On motion of Mr. STANLEY, the Senate
reiolved ittelf Into Committee of the Whole
on the order of th day, Mr. Cuppy In tb
cbair, and after some time spent therein, rote
reported, ana had leave to stt again,
The Senate then took a recess. . .
Prayer by Ret. Mr, Grammar .-
Mr., at EDM AN moved "that tb vote
whereby th House agreed to adiourn from Fri
A ! .til TV. .. .A T 1 1
uay Bvcutug. tu, auvoubj luurmug uerccouilu
red bit object oeing to meet on Monday af
Mr. HUGHES moved that the motion to re
consider be laid on the table,, which wot tgreed
to yets a, nays xs.
The committee ou Schools and1 School Lands
reported back S. B. 338 allowing further time
for township trustees to make return or school
tbi vouth and recommended that the centtl-
tutional rnlt be suspended and th bill be read
a third time now and passed wbiob wat aereed
to, when the bill.was so read sod passed yeas
ou, cays 1. - ...
A communication from the Board -of Publio
Works, relative to the revenue of the Publio
Work, at a meant of sustaining them, was
on motion 01 mr. ievcre, oraerea 1 10 be
minted, together ;wlth the minority report, on
the same subject, recently mtde by Mr. Backus.
Tb following memorials were presented and
referred: "
By Mr.CLAlT, from J. L. Pamly and 107
other of Lake county, lor an appropriation (or
tbe relief of Kansas.
Bv Mr. KRUM, the proceedings of a meetioa
In Rome, Ashtabula oounty, on the sam sub-
Jec' ....
ctv Mr, ctiAsc from namei simmons and r!U
others ot stark county, against me lartser im
migration of colored people. ' - '
Bv Mr. Nlbll l rem mtbtniei Uirclam, of
Liawrence county, iw mo mmuiv wjcuv. nieo,
from Jeremiah Davidson ana in others of Law
rence county, for the same object.
Br Mr. WE3TGU1T, from William Taylor
and 41 vt'aeri of' Hancock county, fur a more
stringent Temperance law. : . :
Bv Mr. FELLOWS, from II. M. Hendershot
and 30 others of Muskingum county, for a law
fixing the bight of gunwales of flat boats. '
By Mr. BTUU 1, from tne new 1 reasurer 01
Monroe county, asking autnotity to mat a
Br Mr. BROWNE, of Putnam, from John Pat
rick, or Henry county, for muemuiiy for dam
ages in the construction of the Miami and Erie
Canal. . -,- :
Tb following bills were then read a second
me and referred: ' . f, ; "
11. B. 373 To set aside the service of a
graadjury In certain oases. - Judiciary.
H. B. 386 To provide for the relief of tb
Creditors and stockholders of Insolvent railroad
companies, and to provide for the r organize,
tlon of snob companies. Railways and Turn
pikes. ...... ' . !
II. B. No 324: Br Mr. BLAKESLEE-Td
amend a certain act therein named, wa read a
Mcond tfm end patied ya 75, nay 3.- ,k
Th following notices of an Intention to in
teoduce bills were given 1 ' ? , " 1 ' -
By Mr. PATTERSON -To, aboliah th office
of County Infirmary Director; J , , j
Mr. STOUT Introduced II . B. 3DB-AutW-
lug in commissioners ot Monro county to
borrow money, which wo read tb first time.
. Mr. 8CHIFF Introduced H. B. 39--ReIaiive
to county records la Hamilton county,-and
' H. B. 400 To regulate, tbe aale.of ichool
lands 111 Delhi township, which were read the
first time. , -v V3 ' '
The Committee on Corporations other than
Municipal reported back II. B. 183 amending,
the general city and village incorporating act
In relation to associations of Firemen amend
ed according to instructions of the House, which
report wa agreed to, wben the bill wa passed,
yeaj 62, nays 13.
The Committee on New Counties reported
adverselyito a petition"' for A fobatgVef.th
County Seat of Carroll ', & i Jf
Mr. CARLISLE, from Select Committee tb
whom was referred S. BJ 235 Relative to in
dexing th County Reoordi of Fairfield repor
ted tbe same back and recommended its passage,
when the bill was read a third time and passed
yeas 71, nays 1.
Mr. WOODS, from the seleot committee to
whom was rot erredII B 291, For leasing or tell
ina the Publio Works reported tbe tame back
amended in teveral particulars, wben tbe bill
was ordered to be printed as amended.
"'The select committee to whom was referred
the memorial of George Hasher, and others, of
Fairfield county, for an appraisement of person
tl property sold under execution,' reported ad
versely to the oraver. x ' "i "
- Mr. CLAPP reported back bis bill In relation
to fugitive slaves, when the bill was laid on the
table. , rr
The Committee on Claims reported a resolu
tion to provide for tbe payment of., a claim of
Birtlett & Smith. --- - -X. -AM
. The Senate resolution to provide for tbe pay
ment of the balance of the claim of Messrs.
Spocnor,Franklin & Jarvis, as New Penitentiary
Commissioners) was referred tq thq' Corntnltte
on Finance. '-.-Ww V.J. k . V J
Tbe House agreed to the Senate's amend
ments toll. B. 317 Relative to cities of the
first cleBS of less that 80,000 inhabitants yeas
72, nays 2. 1 '
v A communication .wat. received .from 'tho
Board of Publio. Work in answer to a reaold
asklng for the coat of repairs caused to the 'ca
nals by the floods of. tbe Spring r ,1860, which
T as ordered to be printed.
, A report of .the Commissioners of the Sink
ing Fund was also received and ordered to be
printed. ' - :-"if - . ;.
A report wa 'received from the Attorney
General relative .to the accumulated lund of
th Ohio and .Pennsylvania Canal Company,
whiob wa referred to the committee on Publio
Works. " '
v Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, moved to take from
the table the motion to ' reconsider the 'Vote
whereby the House agreed to the Senate amend
ment to H. B. Relating to Longview Asy
lum, on which the yeas tud nays were demand
ed and resulted yea 36, nays 45.: f?
Mr. STOUT moved that tbe House do now
adjourn, which was disagreed to yeas 15, nays
68. : ' v 7 ' tf v ' f
Mr. VORIS offered a resolution providing
that no more bills be introduced except upon
the recommendation of some committee, which
was laid on the table. , . ,
Mr. CHASE offered a 'resolution - that the
General Assembly will adjourn tine die on the
18th Inst, which wss laid on the table. r-.
On motioa of Mr. CARTER, Senate bill
78 Relating to ditches was sol for a third
readine on Thursday next. 1 , ' r,.
Mr. BALDWIN presented the memorial' oi
B. J. Powers and 140. others, of YoungBtown,
for an extension of th corporate and State tax
of villages.
Mr. HILLS Introduced H. B. 401-To limit
the amount of stationery for,' county officers,
wnicn was reaa tne nrst time.
Tho House then, took a recess.
This Is a very important trait-in person's
character; bnt prejudice it often taken for cau
tion, fersons ar introduced to us; w take a
dislike to them wiahout any reason whatever,
and do not court their acquaintance. This is
not because we are cautious, but because we are
prejudiced against them. So it is with soma ar
tide that may be presented to ns as a cure for
some disease. So has it been in regard to Ken
nedy'a Medical Discovery) but-th prejudice
that at first appeared has vanished, for the most
skeptical could not withstand the evidence of
thousands that tbe discovery cured them of
Canker, Rheumatism dec.,' and -its greatest op
posers have become it warmest adberents.
Dr. Hall's Balsam.
This safe, pleasant, and highly efficacious med
lcine has been fairly tested by our own oitlzens,
who do not hesitate to pronounce it superior to
all other Erpeetoranti, for any weakness of the
Respiratory Organs. Tbe worn Voiui are cured
by it in two or three days. .
Fiobtte Kotlot Battlement of Aeoonutt.
been Bled in th. Probate Court, of Franklin couaty,
Ohio, and will be beard for tettlement, on Wednesday,
the 27th day of March, A. D. lfeOl. to wit : , - ..
The final account of Samuel B. Hunter, administrator
of Win. L. Oolvln, deoeawd; the final aoeonnt of Philip
Kelm, guardian of Oharle. and William Robert,, render
ed by Sunn Kelm, adminlatratriz, wllh will annexed, of
Philip Kelm, deceased; theflnal account of Philip Kebn,
guanlian of Oeorge, John and Daniel Row, rendered by
Oman Kelm, admlnUtratrix, with will annexed, of Philip
Kelm, deceaaed; the final account of Lewi. Baker, gn.r
dian ot Almlra People.; th. Anal aoeonnt of Ioae Mil
lar, guardian of Sarah J. Font and MaryO. Font; the
final account of Joieph McBeth, guardian of Junlu. F.
and Lucllla 8. Crane; the firet acoount of Joieph Ale
Beth, guardian of Jacob K. Orane; the eeeond acoonnt.
of John Cox, guardian of John F. Kile and BotertA.
Kile; the firtt aeeountof Oearg. Wv Kalb.-gnardlan of
William P.. and John P. Sharp; th. ttnal account of
Oeorge W. Kalb, guardian ol Martha O. Sharp; the Ms
ond account of John (J ox, guardian of Mary J . Cherry ;
theflnt acoonnt of Thoma. Moodle, executor of the will
of Ellxa Gregory, deceaaed; the tut aeeountof John
Harris, guardian of Lauren Ourtla; I he firtt account, of
George Houghn, guardian of Mary 0.,Marsarel J.,
Bamnel J., John O., Jame. M , Oeorge W., and Francl.
A. Houghn; the Brat aoeonnt of William Ewtng, guardl
an of Julia B. Ewlng; and th.flrat acoonnt of Eno.
Hopklna, admlnl.trator f bonil non, with th. will an-.
nexed,of Aboer II. Plnney, deceased. 71' - -'
.... . L. ..-. H, B. ALBB&T,
mirl:dltkw2t . . .. . , . . Probate Judge.
Master ' Commissioner's Sale. y
Qustavu. Swan'. Executor.)
Superior Court.
Haldamond Orary t al.
t me directed from the Superior Court of Frank
lin eoonry, Ohio, I will offer for aale at tb. door of tbe
Court Houje, In the city of Oolumbu. v on
Tuesday, th 2a4day of April, A. D. 1861,
between the hour, of 10 o'clock A M.andt o'clock P.
M.,the following dewribed real e.tate,.ituateln the.ooun
ty of Franklin, and Bute of Ohio, and city of Oolumont,! to
wit: lot Mo. 160. to be divided by a line, tobeein on th
front line of the lot, i feet south of the northwest 00 rn
er; thenc. eaatwardly 27 feet on t line parallel with the
north and aaatn line, of in 101; tnenot noruiwardiy
feet on a line parallel with the eut and weit line, of th.
lot: theno. eaatwardly wiee. on a line parallel witn ui.
north and aouih line, of the lot; thence northwardly 13
feet on a line parallel with the east and west line, of the
lot; thence eattwardly on a line parallel with the north
and cutn line, or tte tot, to tne .ut line tnereof. 1 .
Appraised at For the North part, S9.000. .
do . For the Bouth part, U.SOO, Iviv I,
, r . ; o. w. nxiFFMAii, Bheriir.r-r
1 and Muter Cominliiloner.'
Printer', feet, tt SO. . marchl-uitttwlw
Merchants and "Agents Wanted,
Envelop In every town In to Union. Larver
proun reaimo wan on any otner orancn oi aiereiiandiz.
For particular., Mna (tamp to eir uneanut atntt,
rnnaueipnia, ra,. j .Mi; rraanan aw. .
mhl-tOw , . . . .
TJNBRlEM,.- ..-.Mr
j , Saltpetre, . ' ' 1 1.
, r ; Nail., Indigo,, .
. Extract Logwood, -
Backeu. Broom, Ooritftt,"
J Herring, Dried Fruit,
For sale by , . VcEEX BJESTI1ADX.. .
aa!..- h:Un 31, North High street.
a change;" ;;
ebsMd ef E, R. WEAVEK bl. entire atockof Drv
Uood.,t Ma. 1U3 Ulfh St., wllh th. view ef ebsnglng
location, I will Mil until the firtt day of April, with
reserve, r 1 -o
Fancy Dree. 8 Ilki, IrlnrM. Buttons. Trimming. An.
Alto Figured Merino., Be Lalnu, Shtwla.nd Oloak., .
Eegardloji 'cf , Cost IJ.-- i r.
p. T. W00P.,
foratll TIIttOAT to
including WHOOPIftf.
COIJUH, and .very
Complaint tba forerun
ner o(, fnd CTn actual
Tha fip.nt NV.IIU1I.
OIO UKiriKDY and Nat.
oral OPIATE, adaptad
to every specie ot Ner
vem Complain In, Ner
veil and Chroulc
Ileadacne, ttlieiinia
Item. Catnrrti, Tooth
and Ear Ache, Lea ot
Sleep, and newel dim.
No ml Jnatlce can bs done the above preparation,
eulnyproourlnirana reading descriptive pampbtota.-.i
be found with all dealers, or will be tent by proprietor
on demand. Iformulaaand Trial Bottle. ent lo Phyrt
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acceptance ana .pproral.
t Oorreipondenoe solicited from all whoee neceultles or
eurioilty prompt, to a trial of th. above reliable Kerne
die.. 1
ror rale by lb. uiiul wboleaal. and retail dealer
eveaywhere.. ,
JOHN l,, kirjNNE WUL, Preprlcto .
No. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, ktais. ,
I 'Robert. Samuel. N. B. Ma:
Denlff, O. Den I Ac Bona, A. J.
lor Oolumbaa, Ohio.
le, I. E. Cook, J. U
chn.llerttBon, Aeent.
, In all eaaet of eoatlveneM, dyrpeptla, billion, and llvar
affeetlonai pile,' rheumatlem, fever, and agaet, ob.ll
nate bead acbet, and all general derangements of health
tbew Fill, have hvarlably proved a eertaln and tpMdy
reaeay. A iirirfle trial will plaoe the Life P11U beyond
the reach ofcompey tlon In theeitlmatlon of every pa
tient. y.
' Dr. Uoffat's Fhonix Bitten will be found equally if
floactotu In allcaaea of nervout debility, dyqiepela, head
ache, tbe rfeknea tnoldenl to female. In delicate health,
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for. tale by Sr. W. 8. MOFFAT, 33J, Broadway, H. T.
and by .11 DruggUt.. . . . aaaySS-dawU ..
The fbllowing; ii an extract from a
letter written by the Rev., J. 8. Holme, paster of the
Blerrepolnt-Btreet Baptl.t Onuroh, Brooklyn, N. T.,to
the"Jonrnal and MeiMnger,4 Olnelnnatl, O., and .peak,
volume, in favor of that world-renowned medlotne, Mr.
Wnutow'A Sootuiko Bract rot OniLMn TnraiMi Jr
"We tea an adverlliment to' your column, of Ma.
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bug wi baviti it, ann iiow n to au. rr
claim. It la probably on. of the moit aurceuful medi
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lay loa mpply." , orl7:lydbw
' Wm. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dyel
Th Original and Bett In th Worldl
AH other, are men Imitation., and should be avoided
If you with to eteapt ridicule. - - ' '
OBAY, BIO OB BCBT7 TTAIB Dyed Initantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
Hair or Skin. '
.warded to Wm. A. Batchelor since 1839, and over 80,00
application, have been made to th Hair of hi. patron,
of hi. famous dy.i
WU. A. BATOHBLOR'B HAIR DTI produoe. 1 ool
or not to be di.tlngnlihed from nature, and it warranted
not to Injure tn th least, however long it may be contin
ued, and the 111 effeot. of Bad Dyes remedied; the Hair
Invigorated for life by thlt splendid Dye.
Bold lo all cities and town, of the United State.
Druggbt. and Fancy Good, Dealer..
JXpThe Genuine ha. tbe name and addrm. upon a eteel
plate engraving on fonr aide, of each pox, of WILLIAM
81 Barclay itreet. New York.
To fjonsumptlre.
Th. Advertlier, navlng been reitored to health In a few
week, by a very .Imp le remedy, after having, offered. ,
eral years with a saver lung affection, and tbat dread
dhnaM, Oontumption Is anxlou. to make known to hi.
fellow-snfferers the means of ean. ,
To all who derirt It, ht wilt send t copy of theprescrrs
tlon tied (free ot charge), with tbe direction, for pr.pi
Ing and nalng the sam., which they will find a tvat Ou
for Oomdmction, Arrnau, BaoRcains, Ac. The only
object of the advertlier to tending the Prescription tt to
benefit the afflloted, and spread Information which heeoa
eelves to be Invaluable, and be hopes every luff.rtr will
try his remedy, aa It will cost them nothing, and may
prove a blentng.
Partle. wishing th prescription wtll pleaae addreaj
. - - Btv. EDWABD A. WILSON,
- -.( ..- . Kings County, New xork.
' ocOiwly ' ' ... .
1 W. A. Batohelor'i Hair Dye!
This splendid Hair Dy. baa no equal tostantaneon. In
effect-BeautiruI Black or Natural Brown no staining
the akin oriujailngtiie Hair mnoaiestneaDrar an
effect of Bid Dyea, and Invigorates the hair for life.
Non. ar genuine anleu algned "W. A. Batchelor "
Sold everywhere. ,-1 1 t ..
, 0HAB. BATCHELOR, Proprietor,
Jyl2:wl 81 Barclay Btrvet, New Tort.
For the Whlsken and Hair.
The auuMriber. take oleaiura In announsln to tha
Cltiun. of th. United Bute., that thev have obtained the
Agency for, and are now eoabl.d to offer to the American
public, the above Ju.tly celebrated and world-renowned
article.. Tb.
U prepared by Da, O. P. BELLINOHAM. an eminent
phyilclan of London, and 1 warranted to bring outa
Whiskers or a Mnstache ;
In from three to (Is week.. Thli article Ii the enlr on
of the kind med by tb. French, and la London and Pari,
it Ii In unlreTMlUM. - . 1 . ...
vlt U a beautiful, economical, aoothlng, yet stlmnlatlnr
compound, aoiiog a. If by magic upon the root., eauring
abeauUful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to th
scalp, It will en;. Minima, and eaui to iprlng up in
place of the bald (pot. a fin. growth of new hair. Ap
glledaooording te direction., it will turn an or towt
alriAXK,and re, to re gray balrto it. original 00 lor,
leaving it aoft, ameoth, and flexible. Tb "Onoourr" is
an indlwnaabl. article In every gentleman', toilet, and
after on week', uie they would not foranyoonslderatlon
be without tt. -- .
The iubecrlber. ire the only Agent for th article In
tb United 8 tat., to whom ail anion muit be addreeMd.
Price On Dollar a box for sal by all DrngglaU aad
Dealer.; or a box of the "Unguent" (warranted to btv
the deilred effect) will bcaent tn anv who deilm It. hr
mill (direct), securely packed, on receipt of price and
poitage, 1.18, Apply to or addrea.
' oiTt, .,
ftbiOdtaOm SI William Street, New Tork.
dUtrtMlng complaint ate " ' -
'- "" '' " - EN DT'I
Mad. by 0. B. 8BTUOUB A CO., 107 Nueei St., M. T.
rno i per oox; tent free by post.
FOB'tfALl AT ALL HinhaTI.1
Sammatlon and naln. anit Imsia Im mm. k..
rcald, bruin, cnt, or fre,h wound of anv kind.
welling and pain from bet stings, motqulto UUs, and
poltonou. plant., neuralgia, rheumatlun, ague la Ih
bnaat, aalt rheum, .to. When taken Internally, It will
.Tf." "'""H uiwiiiuren,ana give. unmedl.t
relief In th woritcaM of thi. terrible complaint; alio,
removes boanen.n and sore throat. Price, eeate
boltle. Should be in every bouee. for mle by Drag.
and Storekeeper,- i IBVINBTOSI,
... B?l! I'r0Brl' No. 1 Sprue. St., New York ,
oetiaftwiyis T;i 1 ' :

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