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TTon. Joseph IL Swan,
wvrff W3 W fiJCOJSlOM Ot. TUSSU
"". .fUSilE OOVBT,
(Contalnd l lwWaUe ' 0hl Wd 0W0
BY I.K AN IKM J .,' I rCII I F etJ,F.Sq
f, f,o RojaJ 8vo- Volumes. P.ici tJO 00.
Brov.7by" r U.;.n.l.o.. row of both Houses,
LTwasoXed !. hi dittributd t. lhefoll..og
ad County mcon-. - -' ' . inLdi. Sscre
tor iw Folk - uBlh,not Ih
. AUm ol the BUM of W -ta ..
Thabook, to,0;"1";itD,irtooU
now in fore, and W!rifa wp.il
and of tb. Hew P"!?1'., "all V
If UKtul la tha pfrfomane f their .hU'es, V . r
. . citv orriou8. . ....,
"i.k .... uu change have oe BMi J" th
-SMJwKtoTa th.Ut kUUom. I J.-
iioi addition, and
..baWbeea given b, ih Bi.pr.mt Court m cob-
If in lau Mi - .-- ,
., .Jeeusoa aw biuiiim. .-- .m
Uw PabrUhitr, ' Bookseller" pmtloners nd Iapctm
- . .1 .ii.. u IT ml Fourth tret. , ,,.
ts '
' ' "" ' TlTTD W erVXf-
The Republican Fugelman—Seward and Chase
in the Cabinet.
fho Ni York TTerU fcoDierTaiivo Repub
lican thus ooea leading; editorial:
"When th rtctOU bea and the manual exereisebe.
m.u tha win of the soMwrs, nsnape
irV . .Pwhom.ltJ. exp...-.
diraeted, ana wnoee sutoe 'rrr - , T
mast follow, ine fccrmana, w. "V"v"" -
King Irrferlck; they aali him
arJler. f rtamax mrmary. aeanght the whim that
k maat be th fagelaaa of lb K pnoiioaa pany. asa
SaTf "mTumT bla beat la ttajl Un bat
Zl . .Ti . . M.i all dlaccnrwed. a ha
eevnsteate Washing tew eee whM JJ
Abtahjun Lincoln and hte awkward eqnad;
aappose there ta. la all
tlthea day, than onr trim friend with the military
Bat tie) TTerM ii werj Bnglne that the aew
AdainletraUon will not put Itoelf woder Oau-
tn't tfaialiif t TbU point wUJ, bovcrer, M
aademoch clearer after tht Inaogflral Ude-
Uvered. and the new Cabin le duly ImataUeeJ.
The sntcial aim of the white-eoaUd phllowpher
of the JViiaee and hie-eqaad of coereion eoo
toiratore "ba been to keep Mr. Siwaan oot of
the Cabinet, and get Mn Ciutt bt the plaoe eaid
to be aMigned te Mr. Sswaid; o "that failing,
to eeonre Chi, at art erentt, a Cabinet ap
cointmeot. The lateet newe indicate that Gil.
tif hat been tuccessiul In tbi Utter alternative,
and that Cmea uttobe Secretary of the Treatn
r j ' ThU will, probably console the irrepree-
a)Iee" whom GLr heedi, for therr dieap-
pointnwnt at Lwoowt'l determination fa retain
Sgvau in the Cabinet."' . ' ; ' :;
iTbe point that GanLii hae aisle agaloat
SAan U. that be wont ewsrlflse the Chicago
ni.tfnM for th gke of Baeing the Union,
hila LwoM.a and Chji wonld be disposed to
sare the platform and "Ut the Union Blide."
The ratrofJon of Seward in the Cabinet mint,
I mime derreo. dampen the' confidence of the
krepreeniHee',In .''Old Abe.", ;Bat it they
tfaoald be unable to force the new Adminlatra-
Uoette enter heartily into their Coercion and
diwnlon tchemeai tbey may count, npon having,
throng CuB, an antagonidtie pover whieh
may enable them to counteract toy compromise
and union teodenciee In -Sr. wain and other
nemberB of the Cabinet. :
I Bat the diBeppelntment and f cxation of the
raaaarrative and Unioo-Wviug men In the Re-
r.nfcrican and other oarttet, who bate looked
forward with ctmftdeaoe and hope to the advent
of thewew AdminletMiion, at the triumph of the
varltnal GaxiLiT faction In the eeleotlon of
Cauei.mnBtbe nimoefiaendurable.j,
a Liwoou), in tbi matter , if ibe report be trne,
hoi glr.en an muneat that hi aJmlnUlratlon Win
lack that rmltr to essential to noceee, and be
weak and vaeUlatiDgABat lie hee been twayed
by hie strong sympathy for the 'lrrepreeelble"
radical, which, it U toJt feared, will prove the
blight and eureeof hie AdmlnUtntloni Of this,
bower, he has M smple w?nf Pr-
oept upon jjrecept and line epoo line" be hag
been f oteearaed that to earn the title lie "cor.U,
of fa second Wubihqtoh," and to da nnjthiojr
efCectrjal towards reooostrecting and maintain
iDg theUnioorOceven keeping the Border Slave
States from seceding, he mast keep himself and
bie Cabinet clear of the iaflnasce of the mad
cap eoerciohistSr The World sail the other day;
in the article from which we have already quo
ltd J. I . V - . .,1 ' vr..i .
' "Mothlng eeold mora snraly break ap th Cnloa be
h,a DinnM tha bud iota the bo rears at atvU
war, and make Ua name of Abratmm Lincola caissd
thraugh all htitorr. than th pnrmtt of a radical eat
aUvery policy, and the aadwrganoe of aaeroe. In tolerant
Mirtuaueheewenwaait the editor of the TNfrwn. '
),; 1 ' i ' i ai i't
A writer In ths in'esvtlle Ceurirr '(W.
a conservative Republican) lectures the editors
of that paper In very effective and decided way,
because they do not second aome reasonable
propositions, or plans for compromise. He is
by no means satisfied with their course, and
thinks1 that 'fbic preservation of our Colon and
Oararanutni is a atattor of greet moment, not
only to us but to mankind. He closes his com.
mnnioation thus; ' . .
,. tniar Is tha nmtrv to reeclT fress a eoainra.
miss settlement of ar ditUcnlUeaf What results ate
fallow that an to b weighed In a kalno with disunion
Liii ate II war. ba!tlie. blnoiliihed aaS ttaentionsa", tea-
' ! frosin'tion eoii bHckruUy if knslnemf WlMlare
4 Ja K MAfaiiw by jpourrefuwlaocomiaTsmls with which
you will eomnanml the wWoW for herwseua, th chlld-
oontravrrm frlli tha Ohio Biatt Jeymml, that
pjd rnv tneir orpnoar.ei nw yw wnow in
moes wtce at-a an)nnii,ii putr, w mmrn j9mt fltteoc
in a are wlutary, patrlosic, UaaralanS Chi istiaa
direction: -
Oar nc'liiOis of Bid Joanttl liars flittered
themselves that they .were paragons of piety,
" 3csrl!f J to fta Divine law as it evntea from
Oiwrlin. and may therefore be surprised
, Lsarn thst a Republican In tb Mivklognm Val
ky thinks they are "wicked sod aopriLi-ii.led,
How opinions vary I
A Letter from Texas.
An lutolUewt youiljt fcotitUoian- native Of
th ! a Citj who emigrated to Tsx since lbs
Ut PresideulUl ttctiou. bu wrlt'ea 4 Ur to
k frUnd, which hts beeu hmded to nt to 'make
uuli'eitrwiit Trust tlor pltItottoa'U
adg proper. The ltttw tu not deeded for
(be pre, nd ou that tocount may bgritU
ai tb moro valutbU. Ii li dated atOalreitoo,
Texai, February 8, 18CI Wo exrac from it
"I hT mo4 the tnUMiu pl Tory klendly, nl
kT wot with U klndfst treiitmral whorortr I "
bad aoj Ibiog to do wllb tbtm. 1 am latUAed that Iti
reorU circuUlod Q ib oorlh about awn belog abaMd
la Uio south, aro fab. I bare aotirod aanoa regUtfrad
at evtrf bolel froa Northern SUtca, aid hire not seen
or brard of any on. btlog ditturbed, or troa quoatioaed.
"Krorf mihi hora that talkt is for aNesston, and I
hare o doabt the Ordinance wiU be to ted tor by the peo
la. IUuakrl wilt barea largo nuJoriV. TH P"P'
hare lo and feel tha Unportaaoe of the Unloa. thsy
know thty derlra a gnat auuiy baneBts from it, and they
areuld really Ilka to eonlloua in it. But they bay been
so sbsmifully abutd aod mitr)yrnttd by the Blwk
Ktpnblioaa parly that Ihey dwi't want to IWa under Uis
suae roof wlih tbea. and profoal filondihlp, when there
li none eiUtlug. They bars bora told Ibat It Is a crime
to hold tlsres and a sut r if ore God, and ttey do not want
to appesr mutnal before Uis world with a people who eon
Ida them urimlnala to say nothing of submitting to an
.in.inumtion vhuee elomenta are atitatonlslio to erery
feeling and interest w'thin their Hails, except so far es
the rereaue dertred from dutiea at Boulbarn ports will
servo to gratify their hungry appetiln for the i polls or
oolce. ' ti it. . ,
-1 belleTS the extra aw bouu do aoi warn a eumpni
Vhae want to eat rid of that nurltanical feeling ,
that has kept them In a disturbed stale so long and they
think there le no other remedy than getting into another
QoTernHsnt. They wonld rather pay a double lax to
support a Southern Confederacy than to be trout-led
longer witn tnai people, i aey wouiu vmtw ! "
It, If ths North had made the slavery question one of
policy father then of moral. 1 think that it would be
inaane noea for the administration to (arer ooercloa.
Vol these aeoala will Bint to the iastmaa; ana anas a.
eenrse would only Involve tha country In a civil war.
Vm aanaaar these oeoola Thev do not know how
te submit to a policy that oonnicis wtin wna iney oonnuer
and have been taught te believe their legitimate Interest.
"I suDDoaa If there le nothing done in uongress av
fore the th of March, that the country Is gone. 1 don t
tapneso anything can be done nnder Lincoln's adminis
tration, v ' ' i- V ,:..;"'
It U too bad to neeaeountry Uka Ui 'all fertteh
rraaoa nothing bat a political humbug.
The tact Is, the only people that I have earn einoe the
eleoUon who appear contented and happy are theNe
froee. They are always la a good humor, have every
thin the vuiL and do not care what the nrlee of corn is.
It may be la their case taattmoranc it tUn; bat what
arc we te do with thamf They are not capable of self-
government. History baa proven that if yon leare teem
to themtelvte they degenerate.
- :
The Cause of the Escapade.
1 The Wsahlngton correspondent of the Cla
elnnad OtulU professes to have reliable iofor
mitlon that Mr.' tiittotw made his preclpllst
retreat from Harriebnrg to Waeblogton on the
argent representatioa that his tmniediate' pres
ence in the National Capital was vital to the
Peace Conference, ' This gives, the assassina
tion conspiracy th goby. Bat that such a
conspiracy was d laborer ed, it seems, is now set
tled beyond dispute. The New York Herald
tells the wey in which the startling discovery
wis made:
It appears that there ware two eats of most effective
detectives sent to work upon the maitsr, Mr. Fonche
Kennedy, of New fork at th Instance of Thnrlow Weed,
despatched oa band of detective police to Baltimoraaad
the latea-laylng paints bsureta that piece ana nsrostmrg,
to ferret out the plot, end the Mdocij of Baltimore had
snotber band aaployed la the same localities, neither
ehiaf being aware ef the actioa of thaother. Ifthne.wsa
anything to be aiacoverea uue emeieai comoinauoaor
detective talent would be ear to find It oat; and so It
did. for it hsppencd list the detectives fiom New York
came Into frequent eesnannioa with the detectives froa
Baltimore, and not knowing one aaower, eaca suppose
that ha bad found a conspirator in tha other party, and
forthwith nomas ended Is sympathise with the plot and
draw hlsaomaaaicatlve eomnanioa eat, for the purpose
of getting Information, a these wlee officials are wont to
do; and so between them tbey unravel led. If tbey did not
eeneoat, the whole terrible conspiracy against the life of
Mr. Lincoln, which eoapeiiea hue to reeort to tne
Scotch cap of the Camcrona and th long military cloak,
la which undignified disguise he reached the federal
capital with a whole skia. Ko sooner did Mr. Vooche
Slennedv oneoeed la dteeOTeTtng this aural conspiracy
than ha tamed no at Washmrton, la search of an office.
we suppose, to which he Is undoubtedly entitled at the
bands of Sir. Lincoln, who 111 he so miraculously
preserved. . . . -. j .-.-. w v.v
17 That Bplendld swindle, the Oregon and
Waablegton Indian War claim, has" at length
gone through Congress, seduced in amount, but
yet taking several millions, from the treasury
already depicted, to fill the pockets of the
Washington Lobby." 7 We said some' two yean
ago, in the 5efcsmsa, that although this claim
was bogus, It would still pass Congress, ths only
ancstlonbewar one of time.' .If some member
In the next Congrees wonld muster up courage
enough to raise a Committee to ascertain, the
final disposition of this money, and to whom it
baa really been paid, some men wonld figure in
it who are not. suspected of dealing in irauda
lent claims, and the country might derive some
benefit bom fta nponir.' ; , . ' "
The faoillty with which dishonest and corrupt
claims are put through the National Legislature
is one of the worst features of the times, devel
oping, ss it does, a degree of demoralisation
among the representative of the people of the
most alarming character. - ' ' - ''-
O" Th rumor thst Senator Chshs was so
tually going roto the Cabinet, Which reached
hereyeateTdyrUrteJ' the fjoetIon at once
among Uib"irrepres3lLlSsMkt td who should be
hie suoceabr. During We afternoon and .even
ing, active" canvas was carried so, the friends
of Qor . DnwrnosT and Jean SkxsuiM taking the
lead.p The friends pf sereral other aspirants
ware alio pressing their views, while there wss
'respectable minority of 'ths domlnsnt party
in the General Assembly, who were very in
dignant at the idea that Chasi should have a
seat in the Cabinet tendered to him. --
Mr. Lincoln's Cabinet.
tu -..-'nil l:'".'..'.pi i ' 'V:.. ;m ?.! .. -.'i
From the best information ws can obtain, the
following i jths Calinetdetetmlnedtipoa' by
Secretary efBtaU.. ...... ..Ur. Bwara,of NswYork.
Secretary of Treasury., -,. -air. Chase, of Ohio,
aeorataryof War ....Mt, Cameron, of Pa.
SecMary of Ue Navy Moalfeaaery Blair, of lid. '
Secretary of the Interior... Caleb B. Smith, of Indiana.
Postmaster Genera! ..Gideon Welles, of Oonn.
attorney General Edmund BsKa, of Mo. t
Mr. Blaib may not go into the Navy Depart
ment, bat la bis stead Wiima Davis", of Mary
land, or Mr. Etrssidoc , of Tennessee J may
take that place. V Vr'V-";1
American Enterprise not to be Checked.
Tha Dry-Goods Trade will pWeive, by the
advertisement of LiTHsbr, LtmiNa-row 4 Co., of
New York, that Amsrioaa enterprise is not
likely to be crippled by sectional strife. .This
extensive Housej with their ample means, have
token advantage of the lata dull market in tills
country aid Europe", 'aad, "by theft long exper
ience, being perfectly eouvsreent with '.the tastes
and wants of the" .country, bSve seleoted, and
are now opening, one of the largest aid choic
est stocli ' of ; Dry Goods ever offered to, the
Amerloai trade. It will be seen t bat the prl-
eest too are i suited to the times. ; The high
commercial standing of" the Hon, their honor-
able saetbod ef business, .nave, la jearepsst,
given them an extensive trade throughout the
Northern Stale; and, we doubt not, their pres.
eat anoonnoemeut will attract ', rast number
ot buyers for the Spring of 18G1. -1"ir
uoaaacnow biuce the publication of last
week's taper, we learn that Mr. Caeuv bu not
been appointed Postmaster, that be Is only hold
log that since as a deputy. . Ue is cooiidered
tne uisca uepurmcao heir simarent te the hon.
Holmes Co. Farmer,
Feb. 28.
Dr. Hall's Balsam.
Th!i tafe, pleashtit, and hlRhiy tfucaclous med
icine has been fairly tested by our earn ctCssns,
who do B" htnttate t pronounce is tupedov to
all other Iltpeciorantt, for any wpaknees of the
Respiratory Organs. The seersf CtU$ are cored
by it in two or three days.
Dr. Hall's Balsam. OHIO LEGISLATURE.
FRIDAY, March 1, 1861.
FuMooii irjaiolf 1'
nee"r .artt
VVhe;the SJenste look recces this morning.
of the Whole, was pending -the question bring
on Its third reading, vlzt ......
- 3. B. 251 To regulate ilie commercial hoe
pltal of Cincinnati. - '" k :.c iii ,l
Mr. FI3H ER said that when he was at Cin
cinnati, ha inquired Into the subject of this bill,
and he was satisfied that the iaterests ef the col
lege, sod all the parties involved, would be pro
moted by the pnaeageof this bill.' .: u
The question recarvingi the Dill -was pass,
ed rf a nnanimotis voce yeas e, naysu; ar
sent 10, ' 1 - '.:?. s !) i ;.n..ej , t .i.j.:;
S B. 233--To sraentl the homestead exenip-4
tion act' Keieered to we Judiciary commit-
S. li Por the renuval of obaH-uctlufas
on turnpikes siut plank roail, with an .4aeu4
meet. Comuitteeou Road and Highways. .
S. B. S3U TO amend the tax art or April 6,
1859. ' Judiciary.- .t a .! r i.
9. B 3tO-i-Te enable pnrohaeera v of - iauds
in the - Scioto salt reserve, in Jsokson county,
to obtain deed. Referred - to the, Jsuliciary
committee,' :!'- :';'!. r,: Ui
On motion of-Mr. STANLEY, the BetnUe
resolved Itself into oommitteeof the- Whole on
the orders of the day,; Mr. Cuppy in the chair,
and after some time spent therein, reus aud re
ported back the following bills, eoms with and
some without smvodment, vist 'i , i . .i
S. B. S4iJ To pwvidelorthe payWent of the
State debt. , .vt:; n v.t ..n .
-a Mr. 8MIT11 wished ' Ueiorsss Lis. opinion
thsl the bill ought to pes. Us thousht it was
time that the people of Ohio were beginning to
realise that their public aeou were to do peia.
There seemsd to be an opiuion entertained very
generally that all a etate, county; city or village
hag to do, when It has any scheme that require
ths expenditure sf money, la to go Into the man
ev market and Ret the neeessary money, and
draw upon "potterlty for its payment' lie wae
n ofooudly convinced that the greatest evil oi
modern dvilisMioa I the system of publio
funded debts Ine nation ot r.urope aresreaa
iog nnder debts long since eoolraaied. . England
owes an immense debt, aod tbere I no expecta
tion that it will over be paid. Millions of her
children are impoverished by the ornshiog tax
eaeecessarv to pay the latereeC . i e - i . l.i'j
i The Senate this morning passed a bill te al
low the city of Clevelsnd to fund a debt or a
hundred thousand dollars. : About a year ago
wb Dsssed a bill to allow the same oity to hoe-:
row hundred and eerentyflve thoussnd doU
lsrs, for sewerage purposes Anotnerblll was
Introduced this aaorulna to allow .Toledo to bor
row a large sum to pay debt. ., Now ought not
some stop be put to thia wholesale plunging In
debt? Are we going to get deeper and deeper
in debt for everT - - ...(; . . , . , . , ,'
The Constitutton provide for a sinking fund
to pay off the State debt It wis. a wise pro
vision, and this is simply an txteujlon rf the
seme principle., lie t bought the peopled Ubio
would approve a slight increase of taxes to pay
the tnbiro debt. Oar tubl.o debt will bs en
hanced If this bill sl,ou!4 pass. - It would beau
Indication tnst -uio mean, w paj oer otots. at
might bs that Ohio will, herealler gsed money
for her defence, and if so, the fact that the State
is tree from such debts would enable ber to bor
row money more readily. The history of fund
ed debts, both in Europe and America, proves
that it la much easier to con ti act than to de
crease suea -debts. He believed Ibat heavy tax
es are greatly to be deplored, but the beet way
to ret along without heavy taxatiou is to keep
out of debt, and be thought that it wsuldbs a
first rate cximple f a the State to begin to pay
her debts a little more rapidly. It would tend
to lessen local taxation. .. -. " t
He, la conclusion, earnestly btpeJ the bill
would pass-. It would only increase the taxa
tion about one-third of a mill on the dollar.
And every cent of it would be used to pay the
boaest debts of the State, aod would uphold ths
State credit, which the State miy hereafter find
very nseful. '
. Mr. HARRISON held that the Couitltutloa
prescribe (Art. 5'Ji) the mode, in which the
State debt shall be discharged The quest Ion
i. BOt whether the credit of the State U eood or
I bad..' A man may offer this bill, aod yet bs in
favor of sustaining public credit. Tbe question
is whether we shall depart rrom tbe constitu
tional mode of discharging' our indebtsdness, or
adhere to it- The people Bow complain of the
enormous burthens or taxation, inere is a
gloomy financial future before them, and this
bill wilitoperats heavily upon tbem. : Ths 8th
article of the Constitution directs tbe manner in
which tbe debt shall be paid, so that it shall
not bear heavily upon the people, and he,' Mr.
H., was not willing to depart irom mat mode.
The money which the people wontd be required
to pay nnder this bill is worth more to thorn
than the interest they would hive to pay on ths
publio debt. Y ' .
.Mr. SMITH contended that this principle
carried ont would justify remiiUtlon. He
thought that unless some mode of paying the
publio debt is devised, more rspid in its opera
tion than that prescribed in tbe Constitution,
the debt never will bo paid. It Is wise to pay
off tbe debt as fast as we csn, that we may be
prepared for any emergency that may arise In
the future.
Mr. HOLME9 wss opposed to any measure
that would increase public burthens at ibis time.
He Was satisfied with the mods prescribed by
the Constitution; nor did he perceive soy ad
vantage to be derived from a more speedy mode
of oavintc it.
This bill involves i
anew principle.
When tbe new Constitution was formed the
Publio Works were a source of revenue, but
now they are a source of expense, bo thst tbere
la more reaibn why tbe 'conitltutlonal mode of
extinguishing tho public Indebtedness should be
adhered to. " "
Mr. STANLEY" said IfTrererenc to the con
stitutional questlosi, the made of taxation de
pend entirely npon the legislature. The qenewi
tion is merely one or .expediency;" n-ac.
- The bill wss reported bsck with a recom
mendation to strike ont all after the enacting
clause. Ksrerrod to tne r inance ttttnmittee
8. B. Ne. 247 To repeal the act of 1800 to
enable tbe city of Hamilton te borrow money
with a recommendation to strike mt all after
the enacting elan ; Report agreed to ayes
17, nays lb. ids rresioent voted ayj ixii.,n
- B. B. ' No.' 248-To ksep the nevlftatrfc
streams of Ohio clear of floodwood without
amendment. Referred to the Judiciary Com
mittee. ' ' ; ' " ;!;;, e ; , i.-t ve
'. 'srrosTS or staroino ooamrrriUii c.ua
' Mr. HARRISON, from the Judiciary Coat-
mlttee. reported amendments to S. B. No. 304
Defining ths jurisdiction of the Probsts Conrt
of Shelby county,' In criminal enses, lamrHo
Geauga county and recommended eugrussmeot
of the bill. Agreed to, and till read a third
time and passed yeas 31, nays 1 . L 'J
. Mr. ii AKKUJUN, from the Btme committee,
recommended the engrossmentof S. B. No. 353
Supplementary to an aot making certain in
struments of writing negotiable, passed Feb. 85,
ltKU. Agreed to, ana oraered to .ne read tns
third time tomotraw, .- ,.- V f;ll'i-
- SILL IIITS0Dl)Ctp.,.1);Bt"f,
. By MrSCHLEICIt S. B. 259TT'anvenl
section A of tha bomeetssd exemption act, , r
JL'f 'tWeWaei'e ajOHT').; Si'i gtW f
1 ,
On motion of Mr. kEYi the Woman's Rights
bill was tsken from the table;"
: M. MONROE said, for the sake of explain
ing hte wotei he would any that what was said
against the biUyssterday on the cubjeot of the
headship" of. the family,! generally, met but
hlswiswsj Hsbetiered. lt was ths Christian
-view i " Tbe husband le tb hsad of the family.
Not weeaseerlly Superior, because that ain't the
question.. But bs did not think -aha bill Would
haw a indenoy to induce women to set tnemr
eelves p against the husband.' If he supposed
wives would ge te setting themselves op against
ths wishes of the husband, this ought te be fatal
to tbe bill' But natare b) strong.. Be thought
StfectioB would regulate this matter Nature
i strong, and will tak ware-ot .liseltU This
bill, therefor, he thought wonld elv opporta-
'nlty la extreme esses, in an abnormal state- of
things, to women tonsaisuisiriamuisa la ex
tria:d easea. w tie inongns uwc is a class er
eases where each a law snay bs neefnland very
few where it might prove prejudicial, 4Ie was
not willing to do anything that would esese iav
barsaeny us famili.' lie eould ?not perceive
thw bill would have snob an effects t-xo .i-u m i
Mr. HOLMES admitted this bill important,
He could not -understand why It should be-eall-ed
at by the author noon, the faeela v the even
ing.'' Many 'adiee had cjcpresssd a desire to heat
tbe- discussion, atti he was sorry it bad been
called np at tun time.
Mr. BREWER said portion of this bllUtruuk
blm favoiitbly.but ho obje :;ei;.j part of the seo
ond sod the ttiird and fourth otlona,1 becaute
thev gave women the right of setting up1u
baslDess in oppoaltion to their butbands, TUis
seems to be icgtslatiDs; In advance of the wants
of ths community. He therefore proposed the
following amendmente wise ...
Suike oat section 2 alter the word "labor" In
Spe loar, ths following words si f n j
1"ijf Dsve Dsen requtref ui say trsae or hast,
ness Carried on In her own nsme.'-" And also,
to strike out of the same section all after the
word "property" In the 7th line; also, BeotionB
j(,enaoor ine Din. ., ,-!.,' ; v ,
" Mr X30I said J the adoDtion of tbasft'wauld
destroy the bill.
i Mn Kb, Y toped they would be withdrawn, as
wo question was simply to engross. Amend'
vents might be made on third reading. This
amendment strikes out so much of tha bill as
authorizes women- to earrw on a senarate trade
ur ousiuca.
, The question being op the amendment It pro
railed yets 17, nsys H.' 'l ''J "' -J
t Those who voted in the afflrmiUve were: -Messrs.
Brack, Brewer, Cummin, Eason. Fer
guson, Foster, Harsh, Holmss, Harrison, Jones,
Leakey, Nswman, Orr, Perrlll, Bphleicb, White
and President 17.,.;:;'" J;;- "
Those who voted La tha noVatUe wore: . ,
. Messrs. Bonar, Ces,J'ieher, (aat&eid, Class,
Key, Mcbaii, Monroe, Alorss.'rarish, f olwjn,
3mitn, Hprsgne, aod Stanley u.
J laweiuu) wiaaj MiU UUUDUUncuW W In V I ff
ferred to Mr. Kev.
fin m rtf Inn k A ktll awil a en aarln.ania
Messrs. BONAR end GARFIELD hallos ve
oi absence until Tuesday next,- fvii.-Mit
Adjourneu. . ";
On motion or Mr. ROBINSON, Mmnre- Rob
lnson, BrnO, Olueeer and MoClung were added
to the select committee ' to whom wss referred
IL B 91 Relstive to the independent treasury.
3 Mr. STEDMAN introduced Hi B.'402-fo
punish malicious damage to 'property; which
was read the first time " " ? ' " ' ' '-
Mr. MONAIIAN offered a resolution, which
was laid on the table, providing that no bill
should be Introduced after the 10th Inst , unless
by a two thirds vote, or frsm a ommlUee.
Mr. HERR1CK gave notion of a bill To
exempt from taxes stocks deposited by Indepen
dent banks, to secure the circulation;1- '- '
Oa motion of Mr. PARR, his resolution of
yesterday, relative to repairs on the Miami ca
usls, was taken from she table and adopted.
Mr. VINCENT, from the Judiciary commit
tee, reported back S. B. 225 To pnnlsh adulter
ous elopements, and mommended its indefinite
postponement. . . j v, . . -jnox-a
' Mr. VINCENT explained that the bill was in
fsct a bill to punish the tbpement by Imprison
ment in the penitentiary, while the crime of
prime magnitude Is only punished In the county
jail, which Is unequal and nnnecesssrily severe,
in view or tne lact mat our present Statutes pun
lsh thst and kindred crime.? n z .,
Mr. VOR13 defended the bill, aud eald that
he was surprised that he was alone id Its sup
port, He thought it necessary to check crime.
Mr. WOODS supported. the reoommendatlon
of the committee, and concurred with Mrs Vin-
Mr. BRUFr moved to amend by making the
ptmlshment depend npon both, the. elopemennt
and tbe adultry.
Mr. ANDREWS thought the bill was mainly
objectionable because Its penalties ere so over
severe that It would be inopsative, and of no
ma. "r i
Mr BRCFf contended that if the bill were
smeoded at he proposed, it would provide for
many casee that should be punished, and that
promptly. " " ' :- '!-
Mr. VORI3 further advocated the bill, and
contended that the provisions of .it are ; worthy
of the consideration of the Haute. --
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, slso supported the
report of the committee. : ,"", "
Mr. ROBINSON objected to the ameodment
as unoscesssry te this bill, end,ahould be sp
plied to tbe statute nowinJoree.
Mr. BLAKE9LEE moved to amend, so as to
make it apply only to married pereons, which
wm agreed to ' The amsadment of Mr. Bruff
mm HiUk W9AmA ta i
The bill was then Indefialtely nostpooed
yess M, nays 10. , , f ' , ' . .., ., "
Mr.- DICKEY moved that B.'302-To
amend the act relating to chattel mortgages-
be tsken from tbe table, which was agreed to.
, The bill was then read, when
.Mr. DICKEY explained tbe objects of , the
bill as since amended by new bill, . when the
bill wss referred .to the Judiciary . commit-
'.On motion of Mr. WRIdHTof iiamllton,
Senate bill 348 To amend the acta to regulate
the sale of school lands, was taken from the ta
ble, and read a third time, when the bill was
passed yeas C5, nys 0.
Oa motion of Mr. HITCHCOCK, the House
resolved itself into committee of the Whole, Mr,
Viula in tha ohalr.
After soms tims spent in the consideration
of , orders, the committee rose and repoit
ed backU. B. 381 To prevent tbe nse of
camphenease burning fluid with an amend
ment, when ' i , ., ' ' ',.".'
Mr. BALDWIN moved tbs bilj be referred
to a select committee. ,
. Mr. STEDMAN moved thst the committee
be instructed to amend so ss to prohibit the sale
of tbe article. . ., ,
Mr.ViNCENT moved tlat' the bill be re
ferred to the oommittce 03 Fedtrtl Rehtioni
arMj-H area ao-VAad to.
, H, B. 380 For the preserration of human
life was relerred to the committee on Ban
roads sod Turnpikes. ,
On, motion of Mr. BROWNE, of Miami,
Messrs., Plants, Farrott.t Andrews and Stout
were temporarily added 16. the committee on
Public Woiks. . . ." , . . ,
, Messrs. Stedman and Nigh fere added to the
select .committee to which wis referred H, B.
ninRalatlntrtoancloanraa. '" . ' J" '
v& B, 353 Relating to the "pdsaeSslon rof
property, by eourwey--wa taxenjirom tnetaoie.
Mr. BLAKESLEE moved1 that' tbe bill be
raferrtd to a select committee of one, end sup
ported tbe.motjoQ with an argument favor of
toe out., , i . .
., Mr. ROBINSON opposed ths motion, and ar
gned that the bill ought to pome to a rote at
this time. He did not object to amendment, but
desired thst the bill should, be actad npon with;
out lunuer oeiay. , , t ,.(,,., ...
Mr.UA.i-uwiH lnttsted on tne motion to re
fee, and argued that the bill is meritcrloul, and
nou.d bs smsnded, u need ne, ana passed.
The motion to refer the bill was agreed
and referred to Mr.Blakeslee.
The Home- then, 4djournod ' till Tuesday
mornlDkrat 10 o'clock.- -1
IN SENATE. FRIDAY, March 2, 1861—10 A. M.
- Prayer by , Rev- Dr. Hoge, a j k)i tlk!j
t'-1 (;i;ri iri i emsa avinuiai : id fc.ia .,n
3, &. B. S12a Sflpplementafy to'hn act making
instruments ot wnung negotiaois," passea renruary
85th, 1820, Fassed-yese 27, nsys 0.:
as hts, v.i, V -Z i4 i "0"-)!, U sdi l.i .o
8. J. R No. 105 RelaUve to the claims
Bartlett stSmlth, eame back Irons .-the Houae
trltb-'wa amendmeotv and ton : motion of Me.
Harth, was referred to tbe committee on claims,
u H.B. 183; by Mr. BLAKESLEE-Suppiemen.
tsry to an act to provide for the creation and reg
ulation of incorporated companies hv the Sta
of Ohio, passed may Iv loJa.- Readme Art
time. .,- 's-., n
" H.B, Nf. 313; By Mr. OGLE Te .amend'
section S06 of the act entitled "an aot of tbeju
rUdletioa and Droeadure btfore laatlcaaof tha
eaCe, and of the duties ef constables id .civil
courts," psssed niarcn , icujj r&eaa U
first time. "1 'J, '" ns-v ' -i -r, h
' BS34 ' By .' Ms; 1 BLAKESLEE-r To
amend ad act therein named. Read . the first
time.' 'VLy -''-j '- ':i.ii,Mo,'lt:CCSCi
--i atroats lansi wvairbiaa cjiiwittici.
Works: recommended the adoption 'of sundry
amendments to 8. B. 231 To let the repairs of
Piihllo Works on contracts.1 ' Agreed to. and the
bli an amended was laid on the table to be print-
J1 - ... . .....a J'..'v)j o UJul
Air. I V A r A' irom laceummiiwv on ciuiius,
reported unaulmomly from the committee ad-
. ..... , . . . r, . .
VtrfiCi 10 tne caira ot n.oee, neiii a, jyimon, iur
eompansatton .fof the loss suttalned by them on
contrast lc '-sjlng the mwble floors of the Rotunda-
'Agreed to.' fc ; 1 6 1 ,'"'
'. Mr, STANLEY, from thsFIhahee Commit1-
tseTreoorted S. B.. SGO-MildnJ psrUal ap
proprlation for the Jew 1801.' J- J
' Mi. MONROE, from rthe Committee on
BchooJa, ?BHAJfj tne uaetipite poairxHw
meat vf li U. ho. SAutUxU'mg tht iv
of a speoial sohool tax for the distrlot of the
incorporated village ot Kaveona. , Agreed to,
Mr MONROE, from the same Committee,
reported back 6 B. No. 24-To amend seotlon
49 of the Sohool act of March' 1st, 1853, with
two amendments and n, reoommendatlon that it
pats. Agreed to, aud bill ordered to be read
Uie third ume next Tuesday.
the Standing Commit
tee on Railroads.! submitted an elaborate re
port, in accordance with the resolutions of the
btnate, passsd marcn such, i860, calling lor
certain information upon whloh to base railroad
legislation. The Committee reported that re
ports had been received from but font R. R
Companies, and that sufficient data have not
been reoelved to justify the objeot contempla
ted. The Committee recommended the print
ing of i the reports from said roadsi On motion
of Mr. Schlolch, the report of Mr. Collins was
ordered to be printed (500 extra copies) and that
the recommendation ef the Committee be
sdpptad j.AgreediO,y 1.
I osDiss or THE OAV
On motion of Mr. MONROE, tlio Senate
resolved itself into Committee of the Whole, on
the orders of the day, Mr. Glass in the chair,
and after some time spent therein, rose and re
ported bsck the following bills, some with and
some without amendments, viz;
S. B. No. 349; To amend an act relating to
roads and bridges, passed April 13, 1858. Roads
sndHighwsys. r,
S. B. No. 350; To amend au act entitled an
act further to - prescribe the duties of county
commissioners, pawed April 8, 185G,snd amend
ed February 26, 1857. Judloiary.
a. u. no. Vjo; to amend sections u ana n
of an act to establish the Independent Treasu
ry of the State of Ohio. Referred to the ti-
nanoe Committee.?. ?' ;V M "F--"
Mr. I10LME9 moved to adjourn till Monday
afternoon at 3 o'olock Lost yeas 34, nsys 4. .-
The Senate then took a recess.
An Acorn from the Tomb of Washington Planted
in Russia by the Emperor.
On tbs 22J of February, Gov. Pickens,' of
South Csrollna, (who was recently. minister to
Russia,) made a short address to a military
company In Charleston; in the course or wnicb
bemsde the following bappy allusion to the
universal respeot for Gen. Washington:
I remember while In a distant court of Europe, and
at ths most despotic ef all govcrnaeents, that oa a me
morable occasion I v.sltad the maznlucent garden, that
surrounded Peterhoff, near St. Petersburg. Ih gar
dens and grounaa war dedicatee, to ui enjoyment ana
peaceful pursuit, of th greatest aqd most brilliant of
courts On a remote Islsnd of thee taagnlflornt
ground!, that bad been set aside for th private enjoy-1
mcnt and'prlvata walks of tha,Empror and Kmpress, I
e trt was polo ted out to m In that garden, culUvsted
by particular and devoted hands, surrounded by wire
wlckst work, and flower flourlthing all around it.
There stood on oa brenon or the tree a larg brass plat,
and on on sld of that plate, la German, and on tha
other in Sclavonic, waa written, 'this tree ws planted
In 1839, by Mcbolas, rrom an acorn that grew near tbe
tomb of Washington.' - Ihia was th inscription npon
that tree, placsd then by on of the most absolute reler
iht aver awsved th eeptr of empire. . And vet. la his
private, aeoluded gardens, he paid this it-epaaJ heartfelt
triDut w we memory oi iue gmiesi anu purest man
tha world vr aw. a-
"He did not tak an aoorn from near th tomb of th
great Blisttieui; nor am ne iste n rrom ins garatn oi ins
Tullerles, grown in th time of Louis th XIV.; sordid
h tak it from the tomb of the great .Napoleon; nor did
he tak It from th garden of the 0 wears, near Bom;
bat he took tn acorn from th tomb of a pur and mighty
man, In the wllda of America, who hid planted the seed
of a government oao sec rated -the freedom and inde
pendence or nations, wnoso every principle wssuircouj
as war witn Vlw pr-uviyivs vi uvym-ivmunvaii eiiu
yet so great ware the virtues 'and Integrity of Washing
ton, that even this mighty monarch, In private and In st
em, paid to him fata heartfelt and deep tribute Tbe
tree waa watered and cultivated with more care than any
of the tree In that garden. It waa floniithing and
men. and I trust In God It will continue to flourlih green
and fresh until its b ranch ea shall overspread th drill
red world. - " " -J
"I have also n th CoseacK ot in von ana the Vol
ga; 1 havsen th Lancers ot Kucsia, ana i nave teen
the Tartar and the Arab ta th Wilds of th Interior, and
yet, notwithstanding their avmt-terbarlaa Ufa. avea they
converse of th mighty Washington in their tents at
night. There I no portion, oi in woria taxi nss noi
heard of his name, and lor end admire his great and
manly trathfulnes and virtus." r . ..,
A Georgia View of Lincoln's Speeches.
The Augusta ChronicU ssd Sentinel says of
Lincoln's speeohos: . .
i W have, had a dim idea, that Lincoln, des
pite his -objectionable polities, was an able and
shrewd mans but we have been convinced by
tbe reports of his speeches, madelon bis way to
Washlni'ton.-tbat he Is not "smart."-" Nothing
oan be lound in all the heterogeneous mass of
American Uea'yv-moro inisne or looliaa Mian
some of his speeches reported by telegraph.
Tbey remind us of the spseshet of that interest
ing individual, Mr. Merryman, at a circus,
when abont to Jump on his high-mettled, raw
boned courser. . Think' of the President elect
declaring, while tbe Union Is being rent to frag
ments, that "nothing is going wrong," that
while every interest of thecouutry Is suffering,
and there la not a' man In it who is not poorer
this day than he was four months ago, Lincoln
should tell tbe crowds who assemble to greet
him, tha tj there Is nothing that "really hurts
snybody, nobody is suffering." Why, ths man
Is a fool.or worse he la a knave and thinks his
auditors are fools. ,: .
. . ' -' -
1 -
Hunnawell's Universal Cough Remedy.
So petfeotly adapted, to "alL Lung and Bron
chial Complaints, Common and Inflammatory
Sore Throat, Whooping Cough, Common- and
Spasmodic Coughs, even to Aotual Consump
tion, owes its most perfect results by being con
fined to thst law of simples which makes re
sults perfect. Its opposite to most preparations
Ib that it may be taken, without the least re
straint, - every boar in tbe day If necewery,
without producing nausea, or prostration. In its
preparation neither opiates nor expectorants are
slowed, to disturb the natural law, and as soon
as its work is done on the Throat and Lungs, it
then becomes a beautiful and perfeot. Tonic. If
our friends will accept our declarations, that we
prefer to Teat on tbe true character of both tbe
Universal Cough Remedy, snd Tolu Anodyne,
by actual results of fair trials, using all care to
purchase the genuine of both, and reed tbe pam
phlets to be found with all dealers, in place of
sweeping declarations, - we will abide their de
cision. Sold by al,l dealers in town- Sea ad
vertisement. 71 r,1 T-"?" "J-t?
1-A British officer writing from Teheran; Per
sla, to tbe Londtn 2Vm remarks: "A Cathar
tic PHI, manufactured by an Amsrioan Chemist,
(Dr. J. C. AY,-of irowell) Mass.,) has cured
tbe Sbah of Liver Complaint that threatened
his life. Tbls simple fact, as might be expect
ed, renders the Americans immensely popular
here, while we English are overlooked. Doubt
lees out' own scholars made the discoveries which
be employs, aud thus it is lu. everything; we do
the labor,. then tne .mousing American put
thi mark on It, aud take the reward. Doctor
Ayer is Idolized by the Court and Its retainers
here, which' wilt doubtless be reflected to him
on a gold enuff-boxrOtiesaoud-hilted sword,
while wot the nsme even Of Davy,Cbristlson or
Brodleu-the greet lights bywblcb shines,
known." Veto Yer Sundry Papett. 7 .
. .This ) V very important trait, in person's
v v
ohsrsetert but prejudice Is often tsken for oau-tlea,-'
rersooB are introduced to nti we take a
dielike to them wishout any reason whatever,
and do not court their acquaintance. This is
not beoause we are cautions, but because we are
prejudiced against them. So It is with some ar.
ticle that may be presented to ne as a cure for
- r, , . . . . ! j I-
eomeojecue. do naa it uvea in rearu hi lieu-
nedy's Medical: Dlseovetys but. the 'prejudice
that at first appeared has vanished, for the most
skeptieal OAild not withstand, the, evidence of
thoussnd that , tne. discovery ourea tnem or
r. . i m . I .. . . - 1 J 1 - -
1BUKer, riDeniiiabiaui, ui;., ana ito grenteat up
pogerf have; .become Its warmest adherents. 1
Inthlielly, on Thursday. Fttruarj 'CTtb, Cn&RLSI,
only ton of Jaaab and Darotheli Ltndenniaar, aged two
year and a In Stouths. -:;-: 1
Thnnial Will lake placrt'oWrToW SfternooD, St 9
oVkKkv Mm th residwice ef th piiants, on Bouih
8 treet, between -Fourth and Filth street. -
au i " ill I eMMsaMjaieia
EastOay (treet, ht rooms, B 100. AIM. No.
IhM. 0k street, elx rooms, stsbl. Ac. ilill.
Thar la a Well, cistern and cellar to each. Inquire at
the rnealats.
rionrlTlottf !
I "j fax
A ag and Cack, tot wl by J a, ' ' ' A I
23 & 25 TASK PIACE,. U :
Foreign and Domestic;
D E !Yl L G O O D S
"for cash or Approved credit.
SPRING, 1861.
Vearw ownioir. atouremnle wsK-rooms.'at th lOva
numbers, stools of Goods In each of tbe six depaitmrnts
of our business, supsrlor to anything we have heretofore
exhibited te the trad. , , (. i )
v This hassrown tn lit nr.nt maenltud under th
thorous-h manaffment of e huvi-r nf lunff exosrlcnc nd
acknowlidged good last. We ksep exleuilva lines of
insnnest and choicest -) v- v t
To be found In th market, all aei'ecM with the niesst
discrimination.: Also, all grade,, color! aud varieties el
T ( - "0 vJiADIE3; CL0AINNC3,
KENTU0ET JE AN3, from 'J to 18 J cents per yard
' T I"! 'i and upwards;
TWEEDS, 1S, to 15 cents per yard Isst year sold at
', . V, W to CO; i
mHTD BATINBTB, at M ni; K, J
And other Good corretpondingty Low.
.Dress-Goods : Department.
Manchsstel be Lalnet, - r Fancy Bilks. ' )
Uamiltoa d.4 j J , Vrlated OhaUlt, , t ? .
Ptclflo do, Manchester Ginghams, ' '
Printed Lawns, , , Glasgow do.. .
Printed Btillisnlet, : - Ollnton' ''do. . i
Vaacy dinghams, . . Ottoman (Jlpths,
I)ombszlnta, J , , Alpacas, ..
Bl.ckBllks,' " Poplini,"-'
'v Anilhi NmStUci StyU of
-., ,-; ..I v ,-.
MerrTmilCrlnU),',"' " BlchmoniTl Prints; -Cocheoe,
do. 1 I ..- . American do.
Pacific ' do. Dannell's do. t
Bpragos1-, do. ' - Eoglltb . do.
Manchester, w. Prints, Ire. ''
"iawrenc 0. Bheetlngs,' . " Atlantic A: heeUjr, '
BtarU do. '. Aooskeag ' do.
Lsthrop ' ': do. " " :' ) Appletaa ' , doir iii .t
Bhawmut i ...,do. , ' ... Uverett yit ,. do. v Y
Pocasse, ', do. Otlca, c7 do. '
: "All fyrerfe ond rrtdlA. r i ,-is
- '1 ;';
Wansutta,'. .jCi Dwight, .1. "i Xawrancs,
Lonjdsle, Great Falls, Nsumkesg,
Hill, fJ - i -Walthanv ' : -a r Doott, , r
u'j w ' -r a Terk Ultls, ., 'As.-1 '
i 1 i )" :.'-.': ot "'
f.i-'in '
' i.r-
nriTTONATISR mt vnrietv.
OHK0KB ' do. . -; i A
T1CK1N(J3 all th leading brands.
DINIMB " -d. - t -do. .
BBIRTING SrKlPES-all tha leading brands. .... ,.
NANKEENS .' do. . ' . do. ', . J
OOKRET JBAN3 ; ' do. Ir' - ' do. '
MOB.BENS -'--'-,.-.-.. do. '
DAXAn&a, PAPaa oahbricb, colored cam-
BBI08, to., to. -
warn aooDs,'' j ' -nx- e-AiTa
' "("'! ' ' HOSIERT,"-: .f-it - ,).
V-ut o'i'w . !', 7AKKEB H0II0B8,' i j
Gentlemen's Famishing Goods,
And. - " ni. not enumerated 11
Which we pledg ourselves to sell at th Iwtut market
priettVbt larger portion at frem 19 to 30 pe.( cant., kit
inaa last year. ,
f V
In compliance with the request of many cltiitns,
Will repeat their exhibition of.Katlonal Military, Tableaux
(Introdnemg several aew en) at their . - .,,
xl ak pjksTi
0a Saturday jTrealift'-Ktjmiiijvii '
Having procured burning" lights, which they hav lett
ed and know to be free from any offensive smsll or tmoks
they hope to see all of their friend, present.
PART FIRST. .- ' V,"
1. O.ravuns. '
.";,,' aoboHss'a sasb. "
TiSLtaox Dim, representing the God
dens of Liberty presenting Washington
with tha Declaration of Independsncs, th
Constitution snd Fag of th Union
j - A '""ho-"'' ' :'- f
3. TisiiaCx Firm of Moauot'TH, epr- ." i
seutlng Oapt. at oily Pitcher loading tbe
Uannon.... - "M'CcI.m,a "t '
4. TiSi iina Balsini th Stars aid-.Blrlps
at soriaaaiia(............s...
lil I'.r.,' -ii ti
TAai.Ilox-msaacT or nyouung.
ft .'
1 TiattAt' veath or warrian.iiuTa r.n n
.it ) .it . ."ititto5-. u tr l ar -
8. Tasliicx Fight for th'Btandaril.
S, TAWiuijj-i-yfMhUigeonoTOiiiog lbs DilkOi
Tickets ( Admlsalen, 85 Cent;. ,--,;
Door Open at 1 e'ctockV -Tableaux Oommaaot.at B i
' ..an.,,., "'''"' ' ' - f
, , niitpetre,
" Natl, Indigo,'
Kxtract i.ogwood, ' -mi
Buckets. Brooms. Cforde'ge,
Ilerrine, I)rted Froit. T
For sals by
""-; I ;i
CT':-. 31, North High (treet.
Havinui arn
chased of B. R.
ON THE flth INST.e
I. R.WBAV IR his entire stock of Dry
Ooods, at No. 103 High St., with tha view of changing
my location, I will ell until tn urst day otapru, with
cut reserve, -, i , i-"-,
, tf-:AT;cO'ST.F0RCAsni,(f
: Fancy Dres'i Bilks, Fringes, Button, Trimming, Ah.
Also Figured Merinos, De Lain, Shawls and Oioak, -
i w:;t Eegardleii of Cost UX'iZ,"
febSGdlm , .,7r x'TVtrOoV
J B0TB, Btandltir,-Byroa, Fwrslrnsy, Aenfrew and
other new shapes. Hemmed Pocket HandMrehters, steok
Ties, Btockr, Btreet and Bvanlng Olovee, Half Hos or
very kind, Under Garment and all hand of Qoahf Far
aUhlog Ooodllp great varjejyjindat merateriee.
febMJ7ii iJJato.:Bmliihtret.
- "" 'Lace5 and Embrolderiet, L
LaoeOellaraarid Botlir French, tnthu and Thread
Lao Veil, tnew pttrn.J vaiancisnes. aaa
i-V. Embroidered ColUrs, Belt, TrlmmlMts and
gklrts. Lac Barbsraud .Ootffavee, Ftoia Linen Oollars,
BetU and guns, mrowerwi yoi" 'g -
, ftWlJ Wo.9,V)UthHlghBtret.'
lwtlVll''. !, r i ... . ' -. r -., - ,
a a-,i,r . ... . .jj , t,v ,' r- J ii", .In. i
ia ii.:i':i tiirij? fla
Intortfoslyii1 iK-otr. mi., " "
r.i,? ..',-."' ' M Statesman Building.
All nlr.es and qonliltni alM BUFB
iebVU Ho.Boul
No. W Bouth High stwt !
for aali TsitiOAvr
OOTJOHt siDd ewerr
Camplalnt tbe forerun
er (, and ewen actual
: r - ' - .-
nr;f. m
1 The 11 rent NEtlHAl
tilV HKHICDY asset Nat.
N .at OPIAXK, adapted
te ewery species ! Nar
vus (Joiuplainta, Ner
vsut and Ohrsnlc :
Headache, sheuina 1
tlsni, Catarrh, Xaotu ' '
and Ear Ache, I.aae mi
Sleep, and Mo are I Cause -plaints.
Mo real jasUc caa be don th above arerjaratlon,
but by procuring and reading descripUv pamphlets,-, s
be found with all deals re, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand. Formulae and Trial Bottle sent to Physl
clans, who will find development In both worthy their
acceptance ana approval.
Oorresponaence solicited rrom all Who nwessllles or
curiosity prompts to a trial of tha above reliable Rem
dies. . . . -
tor ml by Ih usual wlnlesals and retail dsalsr -
: .Ne. a Commercial Wharf, Boston, Uai
koberts t Baauel, N. B. Harpla, J. B. Cook. J . St
Danle. 0. Dealt Jc Hons, A. J. Schusller a Bon. Annts
for Oolumbua, Ohio. mjl-dlr
OlUf s7AX' LUfi PILLS. , A
bum of oosUvens, dyspepsia, billions and llvsr -
affection, pile, rhanmallsra, fevers snd agues, obstl
nets head aches, and all general derangements of health
these Pills hav Invariably proved a certain and speedy
remedy. ' A rtagl Mai will place the Lit Fill bayood
the reach ofoompttltloa In the estimation of every pa
tient. ...
Dr. If offal' rbanlx Bitters will be found equally si
fiaaclous In U cases of nervou debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, Ui slcknes Incident to femsle to delicate health,
and vry kind ef weakness of th digestive organs.
For sal by Dr. W. B. MOFFAT, 83J, Broadway', N. T.
od by all Drugglsta. ,'. may23-dkwly
The following ii an extract from a
latter written by th Kev. 3. B. Holme, paster ot th
Flarrepolot-Btreat Baptist Church, Brooklyn, M. T.,to
the "Journal and ileesenger," Olnolnnatl, O., snd (peaks
volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Has .
Wimtow's Boo-rnma grace roa Oanuam Tsxnmsa:
"Weseesn tdvertlsment tn yoar columns of If as
Wihlo w ' Boothimo St nr. Now w never eald a word
id favor of a patent medicine before in our life, bntw
foal eoasptlled to say to your readers that this Is no hue .
bag w aavs tsiid it, amb khw it to ss au. it
caaiw. It Is probably one of the most successful medi
cines of the day, because it is on of th best. And thosa ,
of your readers who have babie can't do better than
lay In a supply." ocY7:lydfcw
For "the Whiskers and Hair.
The subscriber tak nleaiur tn annonneln to the
Oitlrens of the United States, that they have obtained th
Agency for, and ar now enabled to offer to the American
public, tha above Justly celebrated and world-recowned
article- Tb
Is prepared by Da. 0. P. BELLINODAH, as eminent
physician of London, and It warranted to brine eat a
thick attor - ;
j Whiskers or a Mustache
In from three to Hi weeks. Tht article 1 th only en
ef th kind aed by tha French, snd la London and farts
t Is in universal nse.
It U a beauUfnl, ooenomioal, soothing, yet stlmolstlng
Compound, acUng as If by msglc npon tha roots, ceasing
Sbesullful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to th
scalp, It will cure auirsn, and cam to spring up la
plac of tb bald spots a fin growth of aew hair. Ap
plied according t Sireotiona, It will tare la or voarv
hair dasi, and restore gray balrto-lts atiginal color,
leaving It soil, smooth, aod flexible. Tb "Oitoonrr" Is
n Indispensable artlc I tn every gentleman's toilet, and
alter one week' us they would not &ranyoBsklraUo&
bs without it. ,
Ths subscribers ar Ih only Agent forth artUlsln
Ih United Bute, to whom all orders must be addressed.
. Price On Dollar a box for sal by all Druggists aad
Dealers; or a box ef tbe "Onguent" (warranted to have -the
desired effect) will be sent to any who desire 11, by '
nail (direct), ascarely packed, oa receipt of prise and
portage, 1. 18. Apply to or address - . -
1 . . . ITORACE I.. TIBaiatAN A Q0.,
' '" ' " ntoaaisTs, Ac., ;
(eHOdtaGm ' -. ul 34 William Street, lew Tork .
J. X. At
K0B. 1, 3, S asd 1 n. ICTAW STE
Offer (or sals thstr edebrated
GOLDEN MEDAL,- ' . ; , r
.CRANl) '
Being highly neoauatnled by tha ftrtt Protestors and)
Mnsiml AmsMunaf ths country, and . ,
aiVRY ., , . ; ' '
,a ,. IRSTRTJalKNT . ' ' - '
i - ' FIVE F (AKB.
i Th most fastidlooi euttoaar may rely npon being
pleased 1 svery rsepeot. . T I
Terms liberal. - V7U KNAB1 A 00
'Oct98:lydw. ' 1.-: .i . .... . ,. Columbus, Olio, i
aad FIRM AJmrr OUU ef Ih
distressing complaint Bs
tfad by O. B. BBTtlOUR A CO., 107 Haasaa St., H, J.
.' I -i i Frle SI par box: sent fre by post.
Alexandre's Itid Gloves.
QUETAIBB and regular shape Black Kid Glove,
embroidered In whit, magenta, purple, Ae, Uodreeeed
Kid Gloves. Mlssss Eld Olove. A eomptete assortment
ot tnese raMccawa uiove aiway lor sale by
ft Ecrfv-'
No. 99 South High tin!, j
I lv "JibuS
A a etaipi Article, win rornish mpioymnt to
a few aouv men to act a agent for their boas. A
preference will be riven so shoes who ar will acquaint
ed In th distrlot for which they apply. , , ,
For which ksrvic they era willing to ttf k altr
of from - .....u I. i .. ,
$800 tqfaoaTpsrT yesr, an'd-'faptnsse-For
further partlcutan address
! ' f ? ' .-. 3 snd J, Jxchang Place,
! jAB3o.d3ta.h"-j t ".J i :r tierseyOlty, 9
and tn the th office r ef this Bank, January S9th,
IbOl, to wit! Wat. A. Putt. President, and Taoau
Moosia, OashUr, neigned their offices. David Tavub,
Bsq., was thee elected President and W. . Piatt ap
pointed Cashier. I ' , . '1
'By wrderef the Board of Director.. ' I
-feb , Ibol-dHV-- --W. . PLATlVOilblet..
tU., i, i J. .' ' .. "' ' '. Vi i 'i.' ' I '
Boperlor Oriental,
Fine Kanaster. r ...
.'t - r
Four Aoea,(ftra)
-''JJCII.lA, VO-.AI i American box,
..MH wri-i,,,,., .Blrt Cfu'oa)
la packaaes: also, Kentaoky line cut in barrels gad naif
barrete, lattaiiS fw sal by , '
. . ..'.- kloKIl A RERTIBAtTX,
febll , . , .( a,flUteaasaa BuUding.
""' 'Ml U i. :- AT
Jin ga-AI r. - -v . T i--r, ! J: 0. WOODS"
' DJssolutioit 'of CoaTtaerlililiJ.-"
rpiiE riRW or J. II. b.tiitu
A. i thl asv dissolvsd l B Ktoal. sontSB t.
. ,. J. JI, SMITH.
iJjill U. i'
t -r. S At 0.'BaUBH

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