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:"" Tbs Adams Eiprow Comrmny plaev oa dally
under obligations to It for ths Tery latest papers
from the eastern cities.
The American Eipress Company has our
thanks for H dally farors In the shape of ths
, very latest eastern papers. . ..
Tub MiunBr Taslbaox at Awioir Hall
1 Tie Tableaux of ths Feaclbles at Armory
' Hall, last erenlngv attraoted a large aodienoe,
mho manifested the highest gratification at the
display. The muite and the light! made the
exhibition one of the moat fascinating we srer
-attended The Tableaux will bare-produced
at the Armory of the Fenoibles for tho last
tymothls erening, and those who wish to behold
' novel and entertaining sights, and, at the same
' time, show tbelr good will towards gallant
military company of their fellowcltlsens, should
not fall to attend,,'..' ',""'
'...Such living representation as the Goddess of
" Liberty presenting Washington whh the Decla
ration of Iudependonce, the Constitution and
the Flag ot the Union; the Field of Monmouth,
representing Capt. Mour Pitch loading the
catmon; Raising the Stars and Stripes at Fort
Snmteri Massacre at Wyoming; the Death of
HVarrem the Fight for the Standard, and Wash
lugton crossing the Delaware, will richly repay
aay one for a visit oi an hour or two, at Armory
' Hall, this erening.
STTbe weather Is delightful. What oould
he a finer opening for the genial Spring than
the first two days of March hare been this year?
It has been warm and pleasant more like the
bright days of the leafy June than the cold and
boisterous ones of Maroh, of which we bare so
often heard and read. On the whole, though
we are prepared to feel some eold snaps and see
some rough days, in the month that has Just
greeted us so smilingly, we' beliere there Is
more nonsense uttered in silly complaints and
fvll prognostications about the weather than on
almost any other subject. The weather, take
it all In all, like most things that Ood sends us,
lsgood, rcry good.
. ...-"ia-
Nov is' Nivr Syitm or Cutting Gabmimts.
;. This Invention, by means of rarled Uses up
on charts or outs, Is adapted to outtlag ladles'
dresses, bacqnes, children's dresses, boys' eoats,
pants and shirts, and In fact, to all kinds of
garments. It it so simple that even a child can
learn to use It In a few minutes, and so accurate
1 that any garmeut may be made to fit with neat
jtss and despatch, This Is said upon actual
eismlnstlcm aod trial. The charts for cutting
garments by this system maybe obtained of
. Mr. and.Mlee Nkdlii, at the American Hotel
tH " " ' I . .
Cotrrr or Common PlIas. The
engaged yesterday afternoon and
eourt was
until ttlne
o'clock in the erening. In bearing the testimony
In the cise of Morrill r. Gtoraand others.
.This forenoon was oocupled by counsel In their
srguments to tbo Jnry. -"rj
' RilwioW Nortel. Rer. Thomas Gormah
. witt deliver a discourse In. the Universalis.
Church, Sunday erening, 31 Inst-. ""Upon, (he
Best Mode of Getting up Revivals of Religion."
Services at seven o'clock.
. Rathi Ominous. The Cleveland Herald n
cords that the fiihlng schooner Abe Lincoln,
which left that port on Thursday morning, for
Blvk Rivrcipalzed,when fire or sU miles
out. This, the Herald adds, is the first clear
ance aod the first disaster of the season. 1
- XT Mahoning Oil Rfttrkr Is the name of a
neat little paper just started at Youngstown.
Twelve Reasons Why You Should Go to No. 121,
South High Street.
Because you oan bay the beet Clothing there.
Because you can purchase without bantering.
' Beeauso you can buy oheaper than at any oth
I er Store. .
Y ' Beeauso you can buy better made garments.
' - Because you can certainly expsot fair and hon
' orable dealing.
Because you oan trade pleasantly and without
" : Because you can Unci a better assortment of
Cloths, Cassisseres and Vestlngs. : -BecaulTyou
can get your Clothing cut by an
experienced and fashionable cutter. r
Because yon can buy more and better goods
for the same amuont of money. . i.
Because yoa can buy at Caaba's Nsw York
Clothing Store, No. 131 South High Street. . j
Becauseevervbody goes there. ' , ,
Rail Road Time Table.
. . 3, Leaves.
AocotsaodtUon. ...... (.10 A. II..
1 ,. No. a a s.sop.m.
, Night axpiets 9.45 A.M.
Kxpnai and Mall 3.00 P.M.
"-' Hlght Bxpreta... ...... .35 A. Mvx
OraTau.0moB. K. "
Irpreot Train.......... 3.u K, U
Mail Srala 9.40 P. M.
9.15 P. M.
J 30 P.M.
9.45 A. U.
1.40 P.M.
t JO A.M.
. I .
9 30 A. M.
9 90 P. M.
Pittsbomu, Ooumus OlROUnfATI B. B. !
iprMtTrala. 300 A.M. 9.30 P. U.
'" Mall Xfalo 9.40 P. M, '. 1:90 P. M.
CoLtiaagffclireujuroLrtB.B. j
itjfllumbm, Plqoa St Indiana B. B.J '
IxprauTraln ,8:10 A.M. 11:10A.M.
Hipton Train.... 9:45P.M. 8J0P.M.
Intibistino. If housekeepers really under
stood the great difference that exists between
. different brands of Salerarus, at'to quality,
purity, and consequent reliability and healthful
ness, they would not long be without the beat
that U manufactured. ' Dc Land & Ca's Sale
ratus costs rou do more then any of the Inferior
articles which are In market. Ha is using a
new process of rsflnlng Saleratus, by whlohall
impurities are removed. - This process Is In use
at no other establishment In this country. Th
quality oi the Saleratus produced by this pro
cess la very superior, and It la fast becoming very
' popular with Intelligent housewives. Da Lard
'' "' & Co.'s Saleratus Is for sale by most trocars and
"''storekeepers.1 Manufactured and for sale at
'c "wholesale, at Fairport, Monroe oounty, New
York. The principal grocers also wholesale it
" ' '''V r " - 1 ......
Abb all Miw Ewal-AU bn are equal In
1 ' natural rights but not Id Intellect and Invent
,, iva genius. Thousands of Saleratus makers
(k hate tried In. vain to make a first rate artlolel
f... James Fyle has surpassed them all, ami his Diet
etlo Silaratus la the perfection el the art. De
pot, 343 Washington Street,' New York. Sold
Y, k?y grocers ererywbere: ;.. Y i a," J Y . !
t -,..1 V ": - ' '.' i
tiucBNUtr's BlLM-WlIl , as "oertalnlr as ron
,..o' apply it, cure NeuralglaKheumatUm, Ague In
the Breast, Burns, Scalds, Fresh Wounds of any
4crlptlon, Bites of venomous Reptiles and Ih,r
.wots, Salt Rheum, c. ' nice rco.t bottlf
' Who w)U suffer from Fool Humors, Sores, or
Disease of the Skin, when such certain remldiee
, aa MoLiaa'a Strenotaino CoBPIAL AND BioOn
PtnuriBB, and McLban'b Voloahio Oil Ltm
t; MCirr ean be so easily obtained. The Cordial
will purify the blood thoroughly, and the Llni
' ment will cure any sore. See the adrertlse-
msnt. t 4..t r'"'rS",i'-.x
i-iiiiiaHi 1 1. I i
HT 8e' Wvertliemftit of Prof. Maui's
x Hair Invlgorator la another eolumn. ra
A resolution allowing Commodore Paulding
w receive a grant or land and sworotrom nioa
ragua, wu tsken up. The grant of land was
stricken out, snd then passed.- '
. A bill tat rAlmhiinlnv Commodore 'Pauldlnsr
for his expenses In defending a suit brought by
one of Walker's men, was passed. , .
The renort of the select commltteo on the
Peaoe Conference and the Crittenden proposi
tions was taken up. ' ,
Mr. Doua-Us asked that the resolutions from
the House be also taken up. . Agreed to. , ,
Mr. Mason said thev ousht to be sent to the
committee to be made Intelligible.
. - - . . -
Objection was made to taking up the resolu
tlons. '
Mr. Seward offered his joint resolution ss a
Mr. Hunter mored to strike out the first ar
ticle of the Peace Conference proposition, and
Insert the first of the Crittenden resolutions.
Mr. Cllngmsn raised a point of order against
any amendment.
Mr. Seward claimed that tho amendment, of
Mr. Hunter would change the character of tho
proposition, which would not be the recommen
datton of the Peace Conference, but of Con
gress. -
Considerable debate followed.
Mr. Clark suggested to Mr. Hunter to offer
the Crittenden resolutions as a whole, sot as a
Mr. Hunter opened against the Dronosltidn
arguing that If It was adopted the South would
loose tne advantages or the Dred Scott Ueul
Mr. Crittenden wu willing to sacrifice his
own views for the cood of the. country, and
would rote against hia own and In in favor of
inese, in nopes or a pacmo settlement. 1
Mr. Mason did not faror amending the Con
stltutlon, nor sanctioning the plan proposed by
me reaoe uonrentioo. tie denounced it as
subversive of what rights (the South already
A lone disoussion ensued.
Mr. Baker argued In faror of submitting the
queetion to the people, saying, If events change
so muob, he wss willing to violate the Chicago
piatrorm, was wining to give up a great deal to
the Border States, but nothing to secession.
Mr. Green said the propositions of the Coo
ference were the merest twsddle, but the Crit
tenden Resolutions have some sense. The
right of property must be settled beyond a doubt
The resolutions of ths House were made the
special order for to-morrow at 13 o'clock. ,
Air. Lane spoke In fsvor of the Crittenden
Resolutions: nendlnsr whioh the Senate ad
The report of the committee of thirtr three
was taken up.
Mr. Loveiov mored to oostnone till thu fourth
of July.
ine Speaker quoted the rule that a member
reporting a measure msy open and close the de
bate, and gave the floor to Mr. Cor win . I
Air.jjoveioy appealed, and the Home sua-
talned the
iisnair. - -i
" - "
The pending proposition was an act admit
ting New Mexico into the Union.
Mr. Hickman moved to 1st it on the table:
carried 114 against 17.
The next was an act for the rendition of fu
gitives. Mr. Hickman mored to postpone till Moo-
The Speaker ruled the motion out of order.
The bill was passed 91 sgainst 83
The bill to amend the sot for the rendition
of fngitlrea from justice, wss taken up. - j
Mr. Corwin explained its provisions. It wis
to avoid contradictory decisions made by Gov
ernors of States, which are not constitutional
law. The bill was rejected 47 stralcet 126. .
Mr. Grow asked to nroceed to the considera
tion of territorial business. 1
The Speaker asked leare to present the pro
ceedings of the Peace Congress.
Mr. mociernand mored to suspend the rules.
Great confusion. Some said they wanted to
consider more Important business.
Mr. Boteier loudly asked what could be more
Important than the peace of the country,
Mr. Grow contended that the territorial bus
iness was set for consideration after Mr. Cor
win'e report, and was now up. - ;
The speaker orerruied the point. 1
Mr. Grow appealed from the decision.
A motion wae made to table the appeal.
Mr. Burnett aald, as the effect of the vote was
to prevent a rote on the peaoe proposition, be
demanded the yeas and nays
Usre the Speaker deoiared a reoess till 7
o'clock, In accordance with previous order.
On re-assemblmg, the Speaker stated the
question pending.
Mr. Hickman mored a call of tbo House. ,
Mr. MoClernand proposed that the report of
the Peaoe Conference be taken op. , : : ,
Mr. iiOrejoy ODjeoted.
During a call of the House, Mr. Hushes ask
ed that the Sergeant-at Arms might bring the
seceding members before the bar of the
House, as they had been absent since December
Mr. Stanton hoped not, as the public business
had not Buffered the least detriment.
Mr. Stevenson reported resolutions sdverse to
tbeolalmof Mr. Conway, of Kansas, to lull pay
for the session, '(allowing him only from the
time he wu sworn In.
Mr. Sherman mored to suspend the rules re
quiring that no bill be sont from one bouse to
the other within the last three days of the ses
sion, for concurrence; and no bill bs presented
to the President on the Isst dsy ef the session.
. Mr. McClemsnd proposed to take a rota at
11 o'clook to-morrow on the Peace Cooferenoe
proposition. ' v . 1
The speaker reviewed his former decision.
and said the territorial business wss in order.
Mr. Grow, being wllllne.that a vote be taken
on the suspension of the rules for the reoeptlon
of the Peace Conference proposition, a motion
wu made accordingly, nut the House decided
not to auspend the rules 93 against 65. -1
The resolution passed navlne Williamson
one thousand dollars, expenses for oontesting
Sickles' ssat. '-
The Nersda Territorial bill passed: also, the
Daootah bill. 1
The joint rule waa suspended, and the Sen
ate's amendment to the Postoffice bill was msde
the special order for to-morrow at 13. - .,
After much squabbling, the volunteer bill
wu taken up.
John uoohrane opposed It. ' '
Adjourned. : ...... -v u;?.-' ,
WASHiNereif , Mar. 9 The Speaker laid be
fore the House a letter from Thomas H. Ford,
resigning his offlos u Printer.
The occasional struggle for a recognition by
the Speaker occasioned the greatest possible
confusion 1 twenty or more members rigorously
springing to tbelr feet, holding In their out
stretched hands the propositions they severally
tmva in attar. -Tha nhnrm. Mf. , finaiker."
was deafening. That officer bore this Infliction
with beeomlnc reels nation
Mr. Haakln, from ths Committee on Printing,
reported resolutions, which were passed, to print
xu.uvhi copies 01 tne abstracted bonds Investiga
tion; also, the same number of Mordooal & Del
afield's report on military operations In the
Crimea j also, 3,000 eopies of the Morrill amend
ed tariff bill. ' -''
The House Proceeded to the Benata'a amend.
Stents to the Postoffice bill. , 1 , . , , , j
Latest From California.
' Fobt Kiabiiit. March 1 .The Pony Express.
with San Francisco dates to Feb. 16th, passed
here this morning, several hours ahead of
time. ' ' 1
Lady Franklin sailed on tbS 15th for British
Columbia jj 1 ... .;,':' I
The Ponr Express, with Atlantic dates to
Feb. 3d, had arrived, bringing the -news of the
passage of the raclno Kail Road bill by the Sen'
aWr Wnioa wujoyiuiiy reowvea, ju,
Tf ra ITawc. Warrh bntlas in tha amn
Uotory ei Whitney t Alms & Co. exploded at
noon, demolishing the machinery In the east snd
of the building, and Injuring some twenty per
sons. . niai. niorton and Mr. uuvet wsre blown
across the street; Paul Savage, eneineer, was
eerloualy Injnredi E. R. Farmer, W. S. Rich
ards, Sam'l Hall. Labant jOIItm and son. we're
badly seiMed; nine others were injured by he
log burled In the mina.- a ti .m ..nHnnv.ti.
reoover., PhysioUus aud engineari went out to
the scene, bus the latter were not needed. Tne
vans a. tut eijuwoB is SRjwovm. . : v
From Washington.
- Washington, March 1 .Lieutenants Hayes
and Holmes have resigned from the Marine
Corps, and Are going South." Lieutenants Bailey
and Montgomery, of the Army, have resigned
and are going South.
The Republican members of the Ohio Senate
unanimously recommend Mr, Coltax Tor fcs
masier uenerai. -
The steamer Pawnee arrived to-day. '
The Marine Corps paid a farewell visit to Mr.
Buchanan to-day.
1 be formation or Mr. Linoolo'a cabinet is not
settled, excopt by rumors, which are confliot-
Washington, March 1 .The following Is an
abstract of the amendment to the aot lor the
rendition of fugitives from labor, which passed
the House to day: Every person arrested shall
oe produced before tne Uourt, judge or Um-
mlssloner for the State or Territory when the
arrest la made; such Court to proceed to bear
and consider the same publicly; and if such
Court, &c, is of the opinion that the person
erreetedj owes labor or servioe to claimant, ac
cording to the laws of the Stats or Territory,
and hu escaped therefrom, the Court, esc, shall
deliver to claimant or agent a certificate of
such facts; and if such fugitive avers that he Is
free, such averment shall be entered on the
certificate, and the fugitive shall be delivered
to the Marshal of the Stato from which the fu
gitlve is ascertained to have fled, who shall
Sroduce the said fugitive before ono of the
udges of the Circuit Court for the last men
tioned State, who shall cause a jury to be em
paonelled to try whether such fugitive owes la
bor or service, the fugitive being entitled to the
aid of connsel and to process for proouring evi
dence at the cost of the United States. And
upon auch finding, the Judge shall render judg
ment, causing the fugitive to be delivered to the
claimant or returned to the place where arrest
ed, at the expense of the Government. If tbo
Judge ls;not satisfied with the verdict, he may
oause another jury to try forthwith, whose rsr
aioi snail ne snai, A section , also, imposes a
uue 01 tiuw on ine lusrsnai 11 no does not ful
nil the duty assigned to him by this aet. See
tion two enaots that no oitisen shall be com
polled to aid the Marshal or owner Inthann.
ture, unless force la employed for capture from
tue uiarsoai; siso, nxing tne lee to the Commis
sioner at 110.
Senators Wigfall and ; Hemphill gave notloe
tut7 win wunuraw trom tne senate to-morrow,
they being oonvinced that the Texas aanAuim,
oruioance is ratified by the people. -
B1L m 1 1 ... .
iuo 1 nunn correeponueni says Lincoln re
quested sn interview with Ca mmnn. Aft..
explanations, the latter was offered a seat in
the Cabinet, to whioh he replied he could ac
cept no otner Department than the Treasury.
Mr. Purvlance. Attorney General nf Pnn..i.
vania, waited on Mr. Lincoln, and In the name
of the State government protested against
vuana Bppu.uimeoi, anu insisted upon Came
ron for the Treasurv. Later advlnaa lint it u
definitely determined that Chase shall have the
x reasury department. . At a second Interview
with Cameron, be was offered the War Depart
ment. All Invitations for the Ch!nt win t,.
nueu ramorrow.
There is a great run to day on the Garern.
ment funds. Several bureaus, Including the
nsvy sgency, have paid their last dollar,
Advices from San Antonio Intimate that the
Government dispatch ordering Col.-White to
Bupcrgeuu ueu. iwiggs wss intercepted be
tween San Antonio and Camn Vrrf. ,'. . ,
The House commltteo on ways and means
have rejected the Senate amendment to the
roBivmce appropriation bill, transferring the
Butterfield orerland Mail Co. to the Central
route. '
Great consternation was created yesterday
among the northern conservatives and border
Diaie men, ny an untounoed report that Seward
had declined a position in the Cabinet.
certain Border State men dnlua iw if
Chase goes Into the Cabinet, they cannot sus
tain f.lnMAln'a imlhl.t...!
' Despatches from Rlohmond announoe that the
secession ordinsnce Is drafted. Jnhn t.u. i.
.UB ""'"'' Virginia from the
Union, and it is believed he will succeed, in
cao Lincoln's inaugural suggests a coercive
" ASHiNOTori, aiarcn a. Tho Secretary of
r naa puuu.aea an omoiat order dismissing
Gen. Twiggs from the irnr fnr tfsa.rv.
the flag of his country, in having surrendered,
wU -vu..uu vi iun Binuwiwes ot l exss, the
u,wrj Pue.a anu oiner property of the United
BtnvcB, ui urn aeDsrimen: ana in hia h...
Forty-three army effioera hava ka La
v'uvw wasw uwdomko ui IUD fJOUin IJIFfl n am i
ItltAti thA wtSlaaatawA L. CI " . .
nance of secession; sereral of them without
reioreuce w mai BUOject. "N
' The recently passed noat mntA hin svfif a ina m
section requiring ten cents prepaid letter post
ege tojand from the Pacifio Coast, without re-
Bmu ui uuwoce. ah arop letters are hereafter
to be prepaid with postage stamps.
The formation of the Chinot .ti.w tr
jLMe'imt0re lntDM ,nlwet than heretofore;
inuig uu wuuiBstoo as yei as to toe saver
al gentlemen who have been prominently nam
ed In that connection. ThairrMiaUv ri-Unrf.
are still vigorously engaged to secure their sp
polntment. Mr. Llnculn was eouased until two
clock this morning, hearing what ardent pol
itlciana had to say upon this subject. ,
Missouri Convention.
Louis. March. 1. Tha rnrn.ni.
Jefferson city, st 10 o'olock a. m. Judge Gam
ble In the chair. The report of the committee
on resolutions and offloers was adopted unani
mously. This report Included a resolution re
quiring officers and delegates to the Convention
w uu uis oau to support the Constitution of
the United States snd the Stete of Missouri. A
motion to go into secret session waa almost
unanimously defeated. A long and quite warm
discussion ensued on a motion to reconsider the
rote on adopting a rule to tab tha .Ka.. ..k.
after whioh the Coarentlon adjourned to meet
al St. Louis on Monday next. -
St. Louis, Mo.,Mar.a.-IntheConrention
yesterday, the motion to table the motiou to re
consider the rots by which the resolution re
quiring the members to take sn oath to support
the Constitution of the United States and State
Missouri, as adopted, was lost-sixty firs to
thlKta Maltltaa al. - . Sin la..
..v una men quanneo in tne afternoon.
he Conrentlon permanently organised by the
election of Ex-Gorernor Sterling Price, Presi
dent, and S . L. Lowe, Secretary, The President
am oeiore tne convention a communication
from Luther J. Glenn, announcing himself a
commissioner from Georgia. On motion, the
wU,uiuuicuon was laid on the table. Adjourn.
North Carolina Convention Election.
WaSBINOTOX. March l.Rahina 4mm Vn.ll
Carolina are as followai For Union. Wake
oonntv, VJW; Kowan, 400: Davidson. 1200:
UUlirord. S.U00: Alabama. I.arv.. Hnnoa
Johnson, and Taiewell gave large majorities for
eourauiun. oronswior. aevr Ilanovar. Wana.
Mecklenbnre, Cabbraa. Nash. Ed!nbnr. Sn-
ner, Duplin, aod Craven, majorities noascer-
wiueu.mosuy urge, l oe results ror or against
Convention are Indefinite. ' .
GotBesoao, N. C, March 1. Wayne county,
official, gives 1,008 majority for a conrentlon;
secessionists ars elected Waahlnotnn winntT
elects a secessionist br 919 malorltv. and cirea
86 majority for a conrentlon. Lake county, se
cessionists elected for a oorfventloa b 160 ma
jority. Warren oounty elects secessionists, and
largely tor convention. PairaAn onnnt nn.
lonists elected; the convention bssa large ma-
juruj. iiormampion county, one unionist and
one secessionist; a large majority ror aoonren
Hon. 1 i ' . j i
RaLvioh, March 1. The mails, and talavranh
report 37 countiesi 91 for compromise, 13 for
secession, and S Divided- Ths Stats hu prob
ably gone against a Convention br a small roa
jority. Many Union counties give majorities
io uonrenuon. . .. , - . , ,
Affairs in Texas.
- Orisans. Maroh 1 Galveston advloes
stats mat Cant Hill. In renlr to the Taxaa Com
misaioners, refused to svaouats i'ort Brown or
snrrenaer government Droperty.' h , '. 1
it ib aiatea mat mil ordered reinforcements
from Kinggoid Barracks to retake the nmnari
on Brazos Island. . . v . .
A Collision between the Gorernment and
State troops was imminent.
Harrison county voted 866 for secession and
44 against. Caas, Marlon, Rusk and Cherokee
so unties reported almost an salmons for it. t
u St. Joans, N. P., March 1. Tht Exoc-tlrs
Conooll war dlamiaaed b tha Oatanni tn.Ha
owing, II Is said, to the Colonial , eetary
obarBlDg thsOortraor wUl ajststlng tho ni
norit to defeat tho currency.
whi snoru aieoiioi.
Rnihmono, Va., Mar. 1-In the Conrentioa
! aha raanlntlnn tA Snhmlt tha nnaatlnn a
the rote or tne people, wnewer to remain with
the North or to secede-was referred. Tha
speeches asada to-day, ladioate that the: peaoe
DrotmaiLioca were aooeptaoia m we . Unlonlata
but are denovnoed by the Secessionists. ! The
Peace Commissioners were invited to seats In
the Convention, as a substitute to a resolution
inviting them to address it
CiKoiNHATi, Marsh 3. Yesterday slternoan
the liquor establishment of Uoft'heimer Broth
era, was aeetroyeA- byflre. with most of the
stock . In store. , L, -L, , Harding. Commission
House ablolning, wai damaged to ths amount
oi proDaoiy i.,tuu. .. The aggregate lose hi
about fu,uu, Which Is fully covered by In
sursncs.;,.;,,- ',;-,..,, ,.;.,.,; ' .
), M.ii ; m " 'i ' -' .
Gen. Cass at Detroit.
Ditboit, Maroh 1. Gen. Cass arrived tiers
this evening, and wu reeeired br a larva ann,
oourse of friends and neighbors, who welcomed
him to his old horns in a hearty and gratifying
maimer. . . i 'i
Ft. Smith, March 1. Another orerland coach
passed today confirms the report of tbo Inter
ception at Apache Pass by Indians." The route
is strictly guarded oy troops, and no interrup
tlon Is anticipated in the future, '
miure, - i , , , ,
: MONToOMrar, March 1 Congress was in
secret session all day. - Peter - G . Beauregard
waa uuuurintu urigaaier uenerai oi the fro
visional army. . i : i i
PaiLADCLrRiA, Mar. 2 A special despatch
received in this city says, the President has
signsdtbe tariff bill, .... ....
. NIWABB. OHIO, - ' I-
nannfaclnrers f all kind of For
tavble and Mtationary steam En
Cissca, siaw inula, urlst mills,
&c, ice.
lAJfXdb BObLSTBtaimt S. t F. BLAST) TBtattnl
; A CO. RtatmllUI '
Our Portable Engine and Siw Kill . ;
Was awarded tas first prenina of $50 at tha Indian
State Fair for IfOO nvtr Lane at Bodley's on aceonnt of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Inrlne waa awaMni at Oia ma r.i
tbs first premium of iO0. ,
Our PorUUs Bngloa was eward4 th fiist premium of
100 at tho fair at HetSDhla. Tanii.. aar nunrf.'a r,m.
Tall'a, Colombaj ktaohin Cos., and Bntdford Al Co'.,
by a eommltkM of practical Railroad Ingloters.,
m wi ycv anu larma aaama
. - WILLABD WARNER, Treasurer, '
decS-dawljeols. Newark, Ohio.,
...... . k, t
Than any otLtr paper la Ohio, ontalde of Cincinnati
Offers Faciliticg for Advertising
Which CANKOT rAIt to brtn' i
speear and Hemaaerallww Oclarns
To those who take ad no tag f Um. .' .'' I
Olstrtbutcd u It U through every Post Office la Ohio,
Reaches a Large Class of Readers
Whose patronage is valuable, and, who seldom see the
Dailj Editions of city Journal,; and as only
A Limited Vunbsr of Adrertisenients
An lnaertad la Its oolumns, appoprlater and
Tmrr CAnoT raa to
Attract Attoxitloxi
Of AUI .
Advertising la the WIEKLT STATESMAN will la .
It aJrantafons In
Which Is almost certain to follow a estasslrsdlnenia
. . . ' ' 7 .;
knowledfs of their business .
htf WeoHv! Siatinan
-' Bhouldbs handodln beforo Prtdar noen. ...
psicii aiDtioip, .
. 4 . Inmtballew.trkObaorTer.l , ,J
As all nartiea maatfUtnrlae Bawlaa Afahhnea ui nh.
lired to pay aire Bnwaa Ucanaa an each maohlaa aald.
and are to ooapelled to make rotarns to hia, under
aiu ea 10 armauauioTaoiu, auaaoaai grraaoerreetetatt
moat, rrena this seliabie aoarat wa bare obtained the
rouowtng rata aet. . m ui aMOAlaoa made la to year
wnra, ainn inrnw aoiu,w.9 IK r. p n L:.'lflJ e -i V . V
,J 9t Wheeler Wlloa,'...V...;.l,W5
" I. M. Sinter At Oo.... W.ftil
" " Storer at Baker ,A .. A .r0,2a j
Showing tht tales of Wheeler at Wilton to ha: JmMa
mote of any ouivr i.oa7pany. " 11
Awarded the htgheet triolnmi at th
United Butes Fairs of 1858, lrU sad 18S0;
aiaoattha . - , , 1
Ohls ItaU lairs of 1830 and IfloSj ' A .
and at nea.ly all the Oeunty fairs In the PtaaiJ
Our nrloea at tha lata red notion, or aw lota au av
lock aticA machine bow told, and out a tilai higher than
uo inieiwe m tnrtau enam mcA macA, now
forced upon the market. . .. 1
The WnBKLBA St WILBOtf alAOHTNB makes tht
boose BTioit the only one whiebcannot be raveled, It
mauBBowanrniBiMBOf taesooda, Maytag tat two or
B&aiH on (Ae emcjar . tiJa.
Ml tatwAanee mmr'amttA 1 veort.i and iaaVanUM
given la their use, free of enarto. : r "m" . jj
a. vnAux.et mgn it.,uoiambaa.o.-..
vfM. BUMNBBfcCO- -decS-Sawd3aiwO
lke's Opera Uouat, Cioolnnatt.
JAB. M. M'KIl.
JfM. H. R18TIRA0X.
. .'.. rr:i t. -urnvn'ii i
. ' . , No. 84 NortU Ulc'ta Street !
U..rf i r -I Ol v. . COLUMBUS, OHIO,
X-a. ann neuiii, rinatr eiarts KOCSHIB
g R 4AB8, 1 to , Etc. Our Stock hat bete porohittd la
aaaiwni vi.aai aariug nua aaio.
,iawri.in tdeavot"viii v, ffattoireiitsvs
York Cattle
According to the report frum the sereral market
place! In the city, lliers IwVS been rtceiTad tulswees
i.i . Bben and
n'trel. Cowl. Vests. Lamba Baioa. Total.
At Allerton'i, 3,H 2U S'.7 Wi
v ...uini a, ..,
i. i i.
M t-s IS S.IT7U
31 . Sff 1914
S4 ;
gnndayaalea... ..
Bold bu'rt, bn. 418
ToUI 3,831
T'lpr'sweek 3,7tii
5S7 S.4II1
4fi0 8.1SJH
4,710 14.010
7,010 0,0U7
Ayrnf no,
A. M. A Her ton It Co.. ProDrieton of the Waahlnataa
linre-varas, win it, wort tho QaUla la Market from
in, rniinwifi, mi.im: .- . u
the following Btates:
KTewTont 433Toa.. 490
KeutUL'kjr . ... .
New Jtrtey
Virginia S2l0aoada SO
Number reported for this market at VarU fniirtti
irnei, ,,juj.
Tiie prices to-aararn quoted ai follow.
Quality. Pries. Oualiu. 'w,-
litre, If ewt. 9 10 0OS00 00 Ordinary. . . SJ7 OW7 50
irm quailiy o jwj) .HI medium 7 UX&B SO
ine anerai average or inemarnetat mil.Kc
Tho miiat of the s.lea ranie from 8 to Us. '
Total number ot Beerea ruoeirerl In Ilia eltn thl wv
xn:s is 3SJ nean less man laatwesk, and 1,131 loss than
me average oi nut year. Tne arrraira number at each
Wednesday market Iwt rear waa 3.4U1 head, whiia iha
number to day being 2,005, ahowe 7311 heail lew than the
average, ana tan neaa wes man inn day week.
Tdoday. lb. IW At laat we are able to report ono
cattle market that gives almoet unlrereal eatlitaction to
the drorers. It il to mneh better than thev hva
of late accuitomed to, and to much better than
generally expected, tnat the drover, are eenerallylolly
it It altogether the beat market they havamat with
in many week,, jet not a rery high one, tho prloet
rantins irnm 7 loOcenis net a noundfortha hair nf
me came, eents tor in rery good ones, and 10 cent,
lorcxtrat, with a much more lluiral dltpotition on 'he
part of boyen In estimating weigh!,, to that tht market
la fairly half a cent not a pound better lor tellers linn It
waa mil aav week. un a fa r nnuneet of iha n.i
holding ont to the olott, at tbe number on sale to-day it
only about 2 000 head, and we cannot learn that anv an-
slderablo addition, will be made to-morrow, certainly not
enough to mate Up 3 000 heal; and as the ealtt at Ber
gtn and the down towa ttablet dortng the week bavt not
beta large, the weekly supply will prove to light that It
wu, kivv me uuicmra an ODDOriuniLr u work off all tha
i on nana, ana oa role to abtorb about 4 000 head
next Tueaday and WednVtday, wlthont any falling off
from prlcet current to-dav. Should tha annnla a,
" viui, uw Mixer tuio Kn-iui. we aniicinala ,nn ha.
advance equal to that of this market as compared with
Tht quality of itock todavla onl vavaraaa falpf lhM
il not at larga a proportion of Unt-clati bullock, at then
we, laat week, but at many at will aell at iha d V..M mm
butthera art generally eonUnt to rlik tht chancel, well
knowing that a full lupply will bring the price down
agato at low at It bai been in any of tbt paat weeka.
The weather to-day It ezlremele hvanhia. hin.
i ' yarue. lor once, qnita fret of
wane oi ina nrorning WU qUItt bl,, until tht
arai-caea Duicnera naa meat their dwi.jihil ,h i.
lacked off, and continued only moderate through the
day, and will elote probably at dutk with anlv half the
tuca. aoiu, ai oanert art noiaing pretty itiff for tht ad
vance, aod tbt wholeealt butchert preferring to truat
to thtlr chancel to morrow, rather than pay tht prlcet
to day. Tht market oloeei with a decided good feellna
nn Ih. nn, nf . V. r,. J 11 , , , a
Falfnetdav, feb. 87. Tht market ananarf in.
mornlDg with about 100 betd of bullocka added to the
,ww on nana jmeraav. nut inat rtan nn tnatn.i.i
on uw pneee, wnico are tbt tame at yttttrday. The
,raua, uoweTer, in ino lorenooo, wat very ilow, the
brokers holding hard for tho rate, of yeiterday. aod la
tome eatet a little higher, and butcher buldlnr off eonii.
ly herd to force a reduction. But tbe small number of
bollock! on ealt to dav watranta hMrfin. ,hn ... k.
uu n, oi jvrvra.y, wnicn jney will nndoabttdly
bring refore night, nn lets it maf be for a lot of tat du-
uiiert irom aiixnr. wn en arrivari ihia n,i.. nu
um iwTs an nanny oa Tuetday at Sc. t? l.net,
but do aot find ready bnyera at thatto-da-. Th.r.n..
erwas more beautiful weather In February than I, UiH
day. and. bat for the fact that a re rj body antielpatet a
fuller tuppiy ot cattle next week, tht advar.ee would
have been mach gieater, I be weataer being to Cot tht t
rauF . SVuu away w Gvcae our, ina tuoir attendance
they do not buy largely. We notice more country boy.
trt than heretofore, and tblt thowi that the aupply from
aeixhborlng fanatra la netrly exhauatad, and thltwiU
ira Huia Beiwrocmana ror VYMternatotk.
Tne market for freah Hiioh rinin.n..i.. i. . .1
I WW" w aaannaaaaf iu SB trVilUr
Uon vtrynnittlifactorytotht cow merchants, somt of
whom have had thti r goods on hand ever a week, wl thout
any better prospect of tales than when they tint arrived.
The average price of good fair-looking UikU Oowi, with
Calves, It about 140. . .
Veal Oalvwe art not much advanced In price, but tht
mirket It muck more Urtly, and good one art telling
quicker at 7o. t, Hre weight, thaa they did laat week,
-i cviaa(uinor or uie au ranee upon mut
ton, tht demand for cheap tall meal It better than it was
a wcii ago.
working Oxen are In good demand, there being seve
ral buyer. In market who want Oxen to take Into the
ror eait, ana wno art willing to pty mora than
,...w.,, , iWDm, ine pnee 01 tome tart
ported at Soenta a pound on thaanlM. Vnn..d
f"rMgingrromSlto4)175a pair. The demand for
Tork that there la every prospect thtt the price will eon
llnnt tuoh at to toconraMall whnhnvan... Un
t u 1 m 1 11 . vara u ao larva in an ,nn nnnn, . 1
bring them in during the month. Alter that the demand
111 noi dcd gooa.
Receipts Ihia week, 5.405.
That priCtS trt lOICmed hw tha annnln I. n.l,..ll
provtd thii week, for they bare gone up equal to a cent
ooonn ror ut net weight or meat. There teemt to be
f,: l,Jl,lrV,,!diB!,,beoolr0T,Ulthey are Juat
like the animal, they deal In. They always come In
droves. Borne fltyi the market-placet are all full, aad
othera all empty. On Tnearfa- wa fnnnj pnin.'.
pent entirely empty, except halfadoten heavy aheep.
.7," j Tr , rraynw VOUBiy. . ltd by
Alfred Hall, which were anld at Alhanaat T. a nM
wtlght, ayeraging about a 13. . u , reported- that the
feeder sold 20 of them at 15 each. They were sold
here. 10 of the but at 1 16, and IB at $11,75, and tht
balance would not aell at over t7 or t each.
Another lot or 61) long wooled, fat Bheep fed by 8 . W.
Oedy, Tompklnt Countv. N. Y.. wen haaaht hv a. wn.
liima, at 5o V Jb grots, and sold htrs st an averagio 7,
Theee dretted 80 to 115 each.
In both of the above eatet, the Sheep were too fat for
tMOteotoo, when heavy Bheep do not aell at well In pro
portion to the home ettlmation ol their value, at sood,
Sheep of 40 toW net each.
, .
RecelDtilhliweekSJio. . ...
Prlcet at onotod bv nTanr B. rimnt a.,n..i,..j... r
wenua,.?,, an lor corn ren nog,, grass welrhl. 8Ka.0c.
. BlttllleryHogi,sV5o.- ' --
The lUDDlV UlhL and IIo. anld faat aa Ih.. ink.
edit the above quotations. No stock oa hand this Dom
ing, and very little k 1.0m to be on the way hither. :
THE HOG MARKET. New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 2.
Eecelplt of 45C9 obit, market dull, and nrlrea
wtthoat material change ; talet of 150 bbls BS,0S5. 15 for
suptrflne) 8tattl5XaV5 30forextraetaf S.ri5S40
or oommon unman extra western; 95.40 J.ao for
hipping brandi tatra Round Hoop Ohio. Canadian flour
dull and uneb anted; aalet of 350 bbh) at a3.Sufak1.75.
RYK FLOCB-tteady at S3 SlKas.lO. . .... , .
WU8AT-Eecelpm B,OM kuh; market rather more
steady, with moderate export Inquiry; aalet of 4 500
in. unioago spring dollvertd, SI Win
uon, ,j ueuraraa ror miiwaotea uiah; Sl.xJ atuv
trod for Canada Olubi $1,40 tor white western.
RYB quiet at 67910. , . '
BARLkV Arm at70dl80o. - i
CO N reeeipts none 1 market without aia'erial rhaagt ;
talet of 40.000 both at 568c for old aaixtd we. tern Tin
tore and delivered; 59OS00 for new doataOoatand do-
OATS-dull st34K3Jo far western Canadian and
PORK quiet and unchanged, sales of 100 bbls st t IT 25
ror nucaa, aao 9 1 ou ror prime,
BKRr dull and unchanged.
CUT al!ATHl..,l
LARDquiet and steady! sales of 100 bbls at OJfto
BUTTER In fair request; 104l4e for Ohio, 144119c
lor OVBT. 1 - - .
CHBEKE Stetdvat DiatiOHe. ; 'i'3 1
WHIBKT-flrra and demand fair; tales of 450bble at
too. -
COFFEE firm! aalaa 450 hat rla at It u.
8DOAhBmlt Srm with fair inquiry; aaltlSlO hhdt
Cuba at 4k5 Vo, 80 hhdi Porto Rleo at 4 W .
HOtjA83s 4olet tales lle of Now Orleans at
BTOCE8 astlre, bat lower.'' Honey In good demand
at tkal7 per otat. oa call. Sterlloy Kxchante Arm at
100 for Backer,' Ulli; Chit 4t R I tgV; Mil 4t all it IS;
O B at Q 73 ! larl 15; do preferre4 at 40; Del St
una ju, r to van no; neaatng foi ss oik; ill
twndt to; DSH W lit 311 V; Trtatary It per oent
iinv; oo kk 100; Ohio S'lOi, 90; Ttnn 61 75; Vn
)8S; HoUXl Bnd let bonds 105H.
Cleveland Market.
March 1.
FLOCR quitt aad steady al onr qnotatlo as.
WBEAT-talttefS oan red atSI 07: Ideal El 00:
ear led and while at 1 OR and 1 1 IS respectively, and
white en track al St 17.
, OORN-heavyal S4iS9Se,
1 vTo ouuai bjov , 1 1
HIOHWIHKS taletof Mbbliat 15o. . ,
BEEDB-mylesaf 100 bnahelt Clever at gl OS, and
rskejebelsdoablllO. . timothy It In demand atStf
SSf IW. "'1 ....- .
- BUTTER eal at In barrel lota, at lOMtSllo ',
EOdS-etUins at 10Ko. . I
FRCIT Dried Apples remain Inactive at 3, and
Feachis al lWauo, , , . . ... '
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR It stilt oatta nttltettd bvaceldentsl adren
rurert, and as tbe Inquiry from ihtpptri It light, the
market continual doll at S4 SOS4 60 for taptrfine, 4,
7uo4 00 for extra, and B5(S5Jk9 (or family.
WHnlAX eott not vary, intrge nayere imn
tnmham when any doeaand aboae k tor prime
mad.. Holdeax, however, gwoerlly aak SIM.
fa nominally held al B1,0 to SI. IS for Stir prti
WHS AT does not vary. Lane buyers restnet tnsir
nme fed it
O iILN on ibe ear la eonrce and Arm t 34a. lor ahtl.
ed there hi but a moderate dtmaad at J5o, for mixed, 30
Saw ror white.
OaT8-art itsady at VtHt.
, BARLEY It taken men read fly alTOe. til prime mils
soring is nominal wjnum;.. - , ...
RYB oomawodtM - - . . -, ' - ,T I ,
. WHISKY-wae kepi at 15 Ve. A fuxlher advance
AfttaijtvA aswkja, fhmmtrtjM, tiirMU- .t,
Tir J TT TTrtT.T fjttr
1 '-11 ws mmm st-w inini iwr
Strengtlenixg Cordial and Blood
'Tlsa Greatest fteaaedr im Tha tAarlw
i host Muaom
ly a scientl&o and
Vegetable Oomponnd,
procured by tht d la til
tation of Hoots, llerla
t n A Btrkt, Yellow
Dock,: Blood Boot,
Baraaparllla, Sf H d
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enters Into lit
flcfore l!uiii'rs"pecUM' reoeiiSiirtfr Taking.
prluclple of each Ingredient Is thoroughly extracted by
my new method of dietllltng, proauclnt a dtlleioua, ox
hileratlng tpirlt, and tht moat INfALLIBLB remedy for
renovatioK the dieeated system, ana renonng ne tux,
suffering and debilitated INVALID to UKALTIi and
BTBINOTH. . . ' i
Will tffoetaally core
utbu ouupurei. ETarirsiA, jadndiob
Ohranle or Herrond Debility, Dltuaotol the Kidnevs
ana an aiatatei aruiog iron aiaorarrtj Lirei or Rtoo
aoh, Pyanornrla. Heartburn, Inward file. Audit or Sick
leae Of the Stomach, a uiineaa or iliood to the Heed, Dull
aln or swimming in tht head. rt!t..lattoji 01 tut Heart
rullneeaor Welirlil In the btouacii. Bour Kructatluna
Choking or tuffiwating feeling wlitn lying down, Lrvueee
or leiiownettoi tne b a in ana a yea. nigut sweau,; la
ward Fevert, Pain in tilt nutll of tht back, ehttt or tide
Sudden Iluahet of Beat, DepneeicB of Bplritt, rrlgbtfal
Dreamt, Lanirnor. Detpondeney or any Norvout Diaeate.
Boret or Blotchei on the Skin, and S'tvar and Ante (or
owns and rover.) .
Over a million ot sf otttes ' -,' ;
Hare been told daring the lait tlx moathi. and in no In.
tanct iiai It failed in giving entire tatiafaotien. Who,
then, will anflerfrom VVeakoeet or Debility when Ali
LB AN '8 BTKKNGTlIENlNa CORDIAL will euie youl
No lanruate oan eonve an adeaaatt Idea of tht anna
dlatt and almott miraculons ehaogo produead by taking
uit uoruiai in uie aieeaaed, aentiitttea ana mattered
nerrout tyitem, eihethor broken down by txceat, weak by
nature, or Impaired by ticknett, the relaxed and nnttrnng
Digaoiaanon it reeiorea 10 lie pruune neaiuieoa vifror.
Or others eontdoas of InaMMty, from whatevtr ranae.
will Snd McLean t Strengthening Cordial a thoroueh
regenerator of tht ayitem; and all who may hart Injured
tnemseiTes ny imnrover tad u lattices, will and In Hit Cur
dial a certain and ipeedy remedy.
To the EacTleai.
lu'u Streiiglheuhig Cordiiil
It a aovereUrn and ipeedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Uenatruatlon, ineoatiaenoe of
Urine or Involuntarv D aeharet thereof, ralline of the
n uu.., aiiuuiuvaii aaiuima mliu all vamw uwmni, 10
There Is bo H istaks About It. '
Buffer no looser. Take It according to Directions. It
wtlltilmulate.itrtngthtn and invigorate yoa and cause
int bloom or nealln. to mount your cheek again.
rery bottle u warranted to give aattaraetioa
foh cuildken;
If your children are sickly, pany.or afflicted. McLean's
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robutt. Delay
not a moment, try It, and yon will bs convinced. -
Oaotiob. Beware of DrocvHta or Dealers who am
try to paun upon yon soma Bitter or Banaparilla trath
which they ean buy cheap, by aayinf It is Juat at good.
Avoid inch men. Aak for McLean'i Btrongthenlng Cor
dial, and take nothing else It is tbe only remedy that
will purify the blood thamnzhly and at the tame time
strengthen thetyetea.
one table tnoourui taken every morning futini. la a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chilli and fever. Yellow
Fever, or Any prevalent ditettei. It It put an In larva
ooiiiet- 1
Prire only fl per bottle, er S bottles for 95. '
1 . Bole Proprietor of tbit Cordial,
AJao UcLean a Volcanlo Oil LlnlmenL
Prtr Hral Denot on the comer of Third and Pint itreeta.
St. Loeii. Ms.
McLuan's Volcanic Oil Llaiment-
Trte beat Liniment In the World. Tbe only tats and
certain euro for Oanotrt. Plica. BwtUines and Bran
chiae, or Goitre, Paralytit, Neuralgia, Weakneas of tha
muaoret, unronw er innammatory a US-
neat of the Jointa, contracted llaicies or Llgameutt
Earache or Toothache, Bruitea, 8p rains, Woundi, Freah
Outs, Ulcere, Fever Boret, Caked Breaats Bore Nipples,
Burnt, Bcaldi, Bore Thoat, or any Inflammation or raia,
no difference bow severe, or hjr long the diteaaeauy
bare exitted. McLean's Celebrated Liniment it a ear
taln nmedy.
Thonaands of human beings hare been aaved a Ufa ef
decrepitude and mleery by the net of this InvalaaUe mea-
aine. - . , ,
Will relieve pain almost Inttantaneonily, and It wll
cleanse, purify and heal thy foalett sons in aa Incredl
ly soon time. , , . ,
For Horace and Other Animals. '
UcLean 1 celebrated Liniment It the onlv aafa anil ra
liable remedy for tht euro of Spavin. Kine Bone. Wind
galla, Bpllnui, Uonatoral Bumpc, Nodes or Bwelllora. It
111 never fail to cure Bis liead. roll Ami, Httula, Old
running Borei or Bweeny, If properly applied. For
oraina, Bruises, ncrausftei, Boret or Wunnds, cracked
oela, Obates, Saddle or Collar Gall, It la an Infallible
remedy. Apply It at directed, and a care It certain In
every intranet.
Then tribe no longer with tht many worthiett Llnl-
ments offered to yoa. Obtain a tuppiy of Dr. McLean's
celebrated Liniment. It will cure you.
J. II. incljE AN, Bole Proprietor,
. Corner of Third and Pins Streets, St. Louis, Ho.
For aala by all drajrilta.
For tale br I . . ROBERTS At gAMTJIL
aa o Amu aii,
Oolnmbns, Ohio.
augas-datirly "
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
-' - 'and' - !'
The Aloatreal Ocean Bteamihip Comt'aiiT's flrit elttt
fall powered Oljde-bollt Bteamera sail orerjr Hat
urday front PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
Cnlttd States Mall and pataingers, ' - t
KORWiaiArT. J . - : .- NORTH AMERI0AN,
CANADIAN, . ;,:,:.N0VA8C0IIA21.
Shorteat, Chnapean anAQnickcatCon
. Rates of PaswaK to Europe, j
. , . S3o, oa, eso. ;
Will tail bom LIVERPOOL every Wednesday,
and from hlbheu eyery saiaraay, eaiitng at
LONDONDERRY, to receive on board and land alalia and
PAeernnrt. to and from Ireland and Scotland.
irrThcat Bteamera art built of Iron, In water-tight
oouparlmtott, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
every attention it paid to tnt comrort and accommoda
tion of paatenyers. At tiny nroceed direct to LONDON-
DKRY, the (teat flit and demy of calling at SU John's
liavouwa. - - - ' w .
Ultagow patttngars are furnished with ran paaaage
nneu loanairom iionnonaerry." 1
Return Uckolt (ranted at reduced ratal.
OertlScatea huued forearrymg to aad bringing ont pat-
sengars from all the principal townt of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced ratei, by this line of steamere, and
leaving Liverpool every ween, . - .
Slg-iat Drafts lor i and upwards pay,-
land or Wale. '
For oattut. ami at Uie Office. 63 R ROA Da
WAY. Ntar Voa-lc. and 1A XV AT S'.IS. NT..
s.iverpooi, - - -
BABEL k IEASIX, General ijents,
rw tr, 1 l ' s n 'SBSseTBAkir
r- - e 1 wa tea aatvtv 1 nwnw,
nolo-lyd Aw " Btatenian Office, Oolusabut, Ohio.
XV flemmiUon and pain, fend -treala the wont barn
tcald. bra lee, eat, er I rath wound of anv kind. 1 raven ta
swelling and pain from bet ttingS, taotqulto bltea, and
poworwit pwrna, neuraifria. tneainaiirai, agnt in tnt
breaat, talt rhtaat, eto. 5. Waea takaa Inieraally, 11 will
poeiuvel cart eroup laoniidren, ana glvet Immediate
reiienn int wonteaee 01 urn samnie complaint; aiao.
removet hoaneneat aad tore throat. Price, SS eemtt 1
bottle. Shealdetlneverr heatt. for aak hy Drug-
glitaand Btorekeepert. IB.VIN HrOMaV
BOie rroprtetor, no. 1 spruce n., new iovs
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Copartnership. 1
I HAVE Tills DsT ADlnlTtEn Mf
tao J AMIS ADOBK BAlS at partner la dt butl-
Met, which will hereafter he enndneted Bnder the firm
tt Bam at Son. - . .. r, bain, xa soa h UUh Bt.
Columboa, feb 15, 1SQI, M , feblS
egant Rlbboaa, la great variety at BAIN,..
SatS I-:.. .. .- ..No. M. Hleh ttret,
Whllt and Black, just received at , t , . '""
rySB , aans's.
CVANOY 'XlSCr"AJaT"LK"T:rfrj 'tH
X: new IVylesi u. Ittlbtoa toaaa, amnrn'r noa
dlaarntai"Vl '.' "".'Bii'
I BovBd. Htentl.." nod In-
.. .,.1 t' naii..a ,
,- .soay3 .
Ho. SS rteata Hlga ttrwtt
is a eonsUtiUioiial disease, corruption of the
blood, by which tliis fluid becomes vitiated,
weak, snd Boor. Being ia the circubiiiori, h
pervades tho whole body, and may burst out
in disease on any part of it, ) No organ is tree
from its attacks, nor is there one which it may
not destroy. The scrofulous taint is varioual y
caused by mercurial disease, low living, die
ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
and filthy habits, the depressing- rices, and,
ohovo all by tho venereal infection. What-
nvat 1,a Ifa rin-i, tr tm J : . - . .
. Mm acinuurruiuil con
stitution, descending from parents to children
unto the third and fourth generation ; " Indeed,
it seems to be the rod of Him who says, "I
vj-ilf visit the iniquities of the lathers upon
their children." ' -
It" 'effects commence by deposition from the
blood of corrupt Or ulcerous matter, which, ia
the lungs, liver, snd internal organs, is termed
tubercles s in tho glands, swellings; and on
the surface, eruptions or sores. This foul cot.
ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses
the energies of life, so that scrofulous eotistitu.
tions not only suffer ftoro scrofulous com
plaints, but they have fiir less power to with
stand the. attacks of other diseases conse-
quently vast numbers Tjeriah hw riiannW.
which, although not scrofulous in their nature.
are still rendered total, by this taint in the
system. Most of the consumntion which do.
cimates the human family has its origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination; and many
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or
are aggravated by the same cause.
One quarter of all our neonle am acrnfuloua
their persons are invaded by this lurking in
fection, and their health ia undermined by it.
To cletnse It from the system we must renovate
the blood by an alterative medicine, and in
vigorate it by healthy food end exercise.
Such a medicine we supply inn.t- t .
.. . AYEIt'S : '
Compoiind Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which ths medical
skill of our times can devise for this every
where prevail inn: and fntnl maladr. It la mm.
bined from the most active rsmediala that hin
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of tho
system trom . its destructive consequences.
Hence it tliould bs employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Euuptivi
ana nEiw uiaEAuisa. t. avtvAwy,
Rose, or EaYsir-EiAS, Pimples, Pustules,
Blotches, TJlains and Boils, Tumors, Tetter
and Salt Kiieuk, Scald Head, Hutowow,
Rheumatism, Syphilitic and MExctrniAx Dis
eases, Dnopsr. Dyspepsia. Debility, and.
indeed, all Complaints arisixo tbou Vitia
ted or Inurtn Blood, Tho popular belief
in " impurity of the blood" is founded in truth.
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The
particular purpose end virtue of this Sarsapa
rilla is to purifv and reecnerato thin vital fluid.
without which sound health is impossible in
wuiaiitumbvu cunauiuuous. ....... . ...
. ..........
.1 .fit .
Ague Cure,
Intermittent Ferrer, or aVerrcr ami A a.-
Remittent Fewer, Cbtll Fewer. Dune
if, Periodical Iteeularlia. ear fill Inna
Hoadache. aad Aallloma Fnv.rn. lnAl
for the who claea of dltenaoa or Iff Ina t
Iner In biliary rltrangemtat, canaad by
the Malaria of AUaaanatU Cemnules.
"We are enabled here to offer the Mmrnrmltv a
remedy which, while it cures the above compUints
vntn certainty, is still perfectly harmless in any
quantity. Such a remedy Is invaluable in districts
wtjerc tneso aiiuctiug Unorders prevail. This
"Cike" expels the miaimatio Doiaon of Fever
and Aors from the system, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on the flrat ao.
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only
the best remedy ever vet discorcrerl for th rlaaa
of complaints, but also the cheapest, The larga
quantity we supply fur a dollar brines It within tht
reach of every body ; and in bilious districts, where
Fevwr Aim Ague prevails, every body should
have it and nse it freely both for core and protec
tion. A (Treat superiority of this remedy over any
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
curt of Intcrmittcnta is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious euects whatever upon the constitu -tion.
- 'lliose en red by it are left as healthy aa it
they had never had the disease.
I ever and Ague is not alone the consequence of '
the miasmatic poison. A great variety of disor
ders arise from its irritation, among which are
Neurahin, Jihtumaiitm, Govt, Headache, Blind
aass, 'loothaehe, Earache, Catarrh, Aithma, Pal
pitation, Painful Affection of the Spleen, Uytttr
ics, Pam in the Bowels, Coke, Paralytit and De
rangement of the Stomach, all of which, when
originating ui mis cause, put on the tnfeTmirretif
time, or become periodical. This CtrRB " expel.
me pouion iroru ine uiooq, ana consequently cures
them all alike. It ia an invaluable nrotoetian
immigrants and parsons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from the system, and titnnot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. lience it is even morerraluabte for protec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Inter.
mittents if thev avail thcmselvpa nf tha
this remedy affords. .
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYIB & CO., Lowoil, Mass.
! BOBIHT8 As lAMTTltTOomiEtini.
And bvfiraggltti and Dealers everywhere.
An experienced Kan aad female Phrtlelaa, prestcts
, to that ttenttoA of mother, her ,
which grtatlf facilitate! thi nroceaaef teething, bj'eoft
tnlng (lit gutna, reducing all Inflammation wll I almy
AVLi, rAIN aad Spatmodlo action, and is , ,
Depend open K, mothers, at wHI give rut te vonrMlvea
and - J. a
We have pat op and told thh artlrle far ever tea veara.
what we have never been able to amv of an other modi-
AriUE, iu A'rraux a oukh, waea timely nardj Nev
er did we know aa Inttauee of dlaaaatlaegoo bg mvf ont
who aatd it. Oa tiM tontrary, all are eke Lighted with Its
opormUoca, and apeak la tarmt ol cosomeadaUon of its
magical eUeeti and medical virtues." Ww ipeak la thii
matter "what wu do know;" after ten reare" nrpt
almott every inttane where the taraat ia tnftring tram
aaia aad exhaattloa. relief will at foand la fiiwea or '
taenlf mlnatea after thtayrup la admuilittred.
thii valnable preparation Is the preMripuW of ont of
New Ingland. aad hat beta BMd with HSVAA SU1L
N8 8CC08S8 Id ' - ,-,
- It aot only relievat the child from aaia, -tnt Id vigor.
atea tht itomach and bewem, toevtola aotdlty, aad gives
toae and energy it the whole tyttcm, U Will almott la
ttantry raliivt . . J ' . c t i I i t ,
ob'.p.io nr tsz iovxus, abtj wino couo
and overcome oonvaliloni, whioh, tt sottrietdlly reete
died, red la death. We believe H tbe BEST and BUB
1ST KKUCDV IN TUB WORLD, in allcaaea of DY8
k) arratt (rtta troth log, at front any other eaata. Wt
any of UieToiegolrg enmpltlntt D6 NOT LET TOUR
llacd between yow and your uffeTinf ohikl, and the rt
nei vnat wm be burs jet. abdolu raLr bURSJ to
follow tht an ol thiamodielc, if timely aatd. full di
rections tor Being will accompany oarh bottle. Nnnt
gen alrx anleaa Ilia facMlm i la of CUBUS FBREINS,
New York, is on tbe outeidt wrapper.
Bold; by all DrngglaU throughont tht World.
Prt-iclpai vines, is cetratr tveAtN.V.
. oartT-dfewly. .. ..... . ":.r
nab natv ok cxciiAm or riM a
gotd FARM, tbe nndlvidtd bait of grOHli Bt lLl,
SO So. 9, North 1IU r rreet. Comer High Street aad
Lynn Alley. If not dinpowd, of by tut in af Ipr!!, thy
8toitwtllbtror renS,; . -t X
:.:' .s'-i-LBo,,.;.:;'. :
en the earae tenoa, or far deairnblt CUT PTIOriUTI ,
a Well selected Stock of f AM ILK OUOOtttlai.
AtSO. - '
' Twenry vtry dtslrabit B0ILDTKOS I0t, iltuatadeu
WaMfa Avenno, Worth of Broad Street.
- ir,'.pm.,A.nllt.w-h..M&.
-j kbMi - fflOMAI WALUJl.

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