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Hon. Joseph XL Swan,
(wiiuo'4.:u Venty-nlne Volumes W tU WlO and Ohio
W,B, ; . State 'Reports
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,h- ...nl-oQl TOW of bo in liOUSeS,
luYtmt rdTSd fso bo dstrlbuled to th following Bute
end Connor uttoarsl i ' . '
Oivernor. Attorney General, Bupreme J auir
r.,,... and Auditor of State
rl'.DL.. nn..t of Common Pleas, Super
ZwA Police Courts, Auditors, Rd 'bs Clerks of !
vwloua. Oonrts In each coanty, o th. "ember. ?' J
feStTeod Hon- oC loi-MM( 'hl,ta'
to. -Governors of th. ooroml Btates of Iho Union.
IMsbook, .ontalolog.asrt dooo, all of ho Statutes
BoVln J?, nod vbA oihorttaTO o.ttte OfOO
iy natal IB Iho performance of their duties, to oil
T-jubtioss or tMPEaos,
r ' cm officers.
InLmneb as very man changes tawboto tdo loth.
laeio the publication of the tort editions, by re
oJOHoMono o.d-ddllloo.iHl Bum, important do
SSnTw bMO given by Iho Supreme Court on con
trovorOM points all
WMI lnH thl on lnnlooblo Work.
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v kk w.t Vnnnh otrctt.
Cincinnati, 0.
unsi r nANVt-enivTo
' a
xrrADYHtTisviESTS, to lysvsx isser-
The Inaugural Address.
Tba Fonrth of March hai bi and gone.
Th Republican Admlnlltratlon U 1b fall blast.
Praaldent Limcjlb'i Inaugural Addrcaa has been
delivered, and the telegraph has spread It be
for the American people. Instead of diwipa
ting, U will Increase and deepen the gloom that
ahrooded the country before Us delivery.
There la sot in the whole address one ray of
light one gleam of hope that the new Freai
dent and bis eooatitatiooal advisers will do
aught for the paoificatioo and reoanstrnotion of
the Union: The Inaugural will hare a moat
irritating affect upon tb people of the States
that hare already seceded; it will strengthen
the secessionists, and if the policy it indicate is
pursued, it will cause the Border- Slave States,
on afttff another, to lear the Union. Such is
tb feaat such the banquet to which this Re
publican Administration invite the Anterioan
peopl.-." . . '
Many . conservaU and moderate ' men
though not.rUhont.doubt aDd apprehension
oherisbed the fond anticipation that the Ioau
gural of the new President would propose soma
measures, or indicate soma owrte, of policy,
that would strengthen the hearts of the Union
men in the Border Slav States, and help to re
tain theJ3tate in the old Confederacr. Bat
ach men bar been doomed to tb blankest
and saddest disappointment. There! notbing
In lb address to encourage tbe hearts of Union
men not a syllable to stay the tide of secession
' that Is sweeping ever tbe mora Northera Slave
States, as It has done over th mor Southern.
Thar is no sentiment no proposition in th
address which tbe Mow York Tribun and other
radical Republican journal will not unhesit
singly and, heartily endorse , in fact, it chief
point, arguments and illustration:! ar a aimpl,
unadulterated rehash in Abbaham LuicouTe
peculiar style, of tbe oidinary editorials in thos
paper. It 1 silent as ihe grare on the sub
ject of compromise or cooeession. It has noth
ing to aay of lb duty, by this means, of preserr
Ing tba Union in the spirit of the Constitution,
whil It dwells largely opsn tb duty of rigidly
uforcing and executkjg th laws. So far a
regards th fostering of a frtmal spirit and
allaying tb secession mania, tb Inaugural
might be appropriately headed with th motto
that baa lor weeks, la flaming capitals, preced
ed th fiery editorials la th New York Tri
Th greatest living patriots and statesmen
bar recommended amendments to the Const!
tation as tb eoly sur remedy lor existing
arils, and tb only certaio guarantee for the
raeoastraotioQ and preservatioB of the Union
But Mr. Lwcolw; having th feaf of th radl
eals before hi eyes, dare Mmak no recommen
dation of amendments." This point be guards
with a watchful can, only venturing bint
that In case the people aboald require amend
ments, k would prefer, of the two constitution
al aiodes, th mor oireuitoa and protracted
on, requiring th Interposition, of National
Convention. t V.;
My. Lwcolb thinks that "no administration,
by any xtrem .wickedness or folly, can very
asrionsly injur' tt Goveramerjf b tbe short
ipaoe of fonr years.'' This is iadubltable srl
dsoee, If aot of "extreme wickedness, at least
of "extreme full?," a folly which. It ia to b
bared, will characterize tha nw Administra
tion, and la a lees epac ban rfoor years per
manently dismember this povernment, and lo
wlve tba country la civil war. Soch I the out
look from tbis Jaapguxal AdJree..- W most
b prepared lor tbe worst that our fears bare
anticipated. ,."!S.--T I ' :1 . " f 'i ' "
Gen. Jo. Lane.
Tba Senatorial' term of Gen. La'ki close on
th third of March. It signalized the last hours
of hi offiI-erm; by two- vrnnrkabla. acta,
viz: first, xhrting all hi fower to pat that
scandalous claim, tb Oregon and Washington
Indian War Debt, through x Coo greot, In which
h wu tuoatalol, being aided by Bakia, th
new Republican Senator from Oregon; and sec
ood, making a tbrea Jiours; sjpeeob Irj favor 6f
(cession and dlsuu'.WjIn what he termed a re
ply to tha patriotio epweb of Andhsw Jqhnon,
of Tennemr. He thus leave tb public servlcf
a tlf confessed foe to oar institutions, and a
mdy atd wJTI! f ! struB.ifc, a'issinga law
threogh Ciirgress to pty a clalounutb of which
had no foupdntian. Such Is th and f Joi Lanx,
th man who telegraphed the Oregon llolegt
Hon lath harlc4o. .?ctt Jtf.oosii
with YancIt 4 Co., and thn help to bwek.up
th Democratlo ,or-nif (Ou. (nd preclpitotfnB
alttiolatloa of Umi Unlo.r.,i H,VVtr:Vr' -
tt s'msms' "till t
The Supreme Court.
l.iee.,!pI,tagcorfeiie, aih oonstruud thai canton,
W have thought that Mr. BroaaBAii mj.
mltted a r,rvt error in bU unceasing tff - (a
commit ihe Democratlo party to Ihe cration of
the fcupreiat Court of the Unlt4 Stater i,!a tb
and Ills prosorlpttoa oC thosa who did not, agree
with him on that point; thus forbidding that
free, exercise of. Intelligent Investigation, and
that right of prl vat judgment, wbiob ahould be
tolerated at all times, without bringing th clti
sen into oonflict with th Court, or subjeotlng blm
to th charge of disloyalty or disobedience to tb
judgment of the highest judiolal ttlbuual In tbe
land. ' i
Mr. Bdcianan teaobiog on this sutyect
wer not In accordance with tbe doctrine laid
down by Gin. Jackson, a w thinks and to bla
pertinacity la pressing bis views on the Demo
eratio party, muoh of the difficulty In which our
organisation was Involved, during th last two
ysars of bis administration, may b trsoed.
But what shall be said of tb view or Mr.
Lincoln on this subject? He has gona to th
other extreme, and would by hi dootrln re-
duo th Suprsm Court f th United States to
a very low point Indeed, with scarcely a much
authority as we bar been accustomed to accord
to the decisions of a Justice of tbe Feac In th
Stat of Ohio. Such quackery as be exhibits
In nis refereoos to that grave tribunal, In his
Inaugural, Is beneath contempt. He exalt th
Cbioaxo Platform far abov it. Tbe farthest
he would go in tb case of the Supreme Court,
would be to consider Its opinions as entitled to
"respect and consideration," while he regards
tha resolutions of the Cblosgo Platform as
"law" to th Republican and to bimtelf
What Does it Mean?
When Mr. Lincoln took leave of his friends
at, Springfield, on the 13th February, he took
care to tell tbem that be felt and realized bis
Inability to perform tbe great woik before him,
unless assisted by Divine aid. Keeping this fact
in view, he assured the people at every point
on his route from Springfield to Harrlsburg,
that of himself he could do nothing, but by tbe
aid of the American people and the Almighty
he felt that he could not fail,
At Harrisburg Ih's confidence In Almighty
Power happened to fall him, and for tbe time
being be puth is trust in a Scotch cap, a military
coat and a sleeping car, and in this wsy passed
Sifely through the slave State of Maryland.
Thus assured af the entire efficiency of human
agency, be seems to have forgotten bl own
weakness, and In bis Inaugural falls to acknowl
eige hi dependence either on the people or the
Great Ruler of tbe Universe He appears to
be ready "to go it alone," and "go it blind"
Tbe religious world will be taken all aback
by this singular procedure on the put of Abba
bam, who was so meek and dependent when be
left bis home in Illinois. ' He gave hope to tbe
"righteous" that for onee w were about to have
a "God-fearing man" In tbe Presidential chair;
bat it seems that, having obtained tbe prize and
being placed in tbe seat of authority, be bas en
tirely forgotten that be Is human, and in bis
prides f power, fail in hi Inaugural to recog
nise his dependence on th Great Disposer of
vent and th Supreme Ruler of the universe
Greeley Refuting Greeley.
Some day sine,1 the New York Tribunt
said: An overwhslmuig majority of tbe people
have Just Instructed th Federal Administration
to insist on the very principle and . measure,
which th proposed concession required it
to resign. It then put tbe question: , I the
Republican party to succumb to tb minority 1"
To this question, th New, York Herald
plied: "Br m means. Maesa Gbiklbt. The
figures in your owaih Tribune) Almanac re
fate you, showing that th Republican party
that elected Lincoln: art In a minority, instead
of an overwhelming- majority of the people."
The figure as giren in Q amir's Tribune Al
manao for I8G1 are:
for Lncou 1.H7.610.
lorthaothorOaBdidaUs. S,bO40.
If to the vote against Lincoln we add 60,000
for that of South Carolina, whose popular vote
is not counted, because her Presidential electors
are cbosen by the Legislature, it will make a
majority against Linoolw of ONE MILLION
VOTES. Now If th minority is bound to suc
cumb to tb majority, th Repnblioan Adminis
tration and tb Chicago Platform must go un
der. '.. .i " ' : ' "
The Journal and the Inaugural.
: ...1 I 1 I ! . ' i i I 1 I
In speaking of the Inaugural, tbe Journilol
this morniug ssysi" V . . . . . , , . ,.
'Th lnaofdral address of President Llnoolnntut bo
ontirolj ttu factory to emj ono who b not dotormtnod
to no souned wiia aajiunf short rf an nnqaaUMd oar
rondor of tho government to the demands of ml tore and
aisonanuors. ..
From an article on th am subject in our
column, It will be peroeived that there I a ma
terlal different between u and ourcotempora-
ry a to th merits and acceptability of tb mes
age. - We would thrfor a b very much obli
ged to tbe Journal if it would enlighten as, and
many others In our altoation, by Mating dis
tinctly the points on which tha message ought to
besalisfaotory to the mass of the people. Doe it
concede anything? and If so, what? Doe itjaf
firm anything i and If to, whatT Our neighbor
will render a good service to a very large body
of people, by a toll and explicit statement, sine
he appear to understand the drift and acop of
th Inaugural. V,
The Senatorship.
Wbo will be tba suocessor to Gov Chabb T
That now appear to be th question most per
plexing to tbe " Solon " In the Ohio Legisla
ture, and until It Is decided, w apprehend tba
wheel of legislation will ceae to revolve. Tb
rarious important measures of legislation, such
as saving banks, railroad laws, tb canals, wo
man' right, Bad all else, most b laid aside
until Mr. . Chase's soooessor 1 elected. Wbat
world of trouble and vexation was endured
last winter what figuring, managing, bargain
lng, buying, feasting and drinking, to accom
plish Cause's election ! Now all of that I lost,and
lost forever, unless It be conoeded that he U to
appoint hit successor... If that be) admitted, all
diiBeulty it at an end. It la aald that Gov.
Ciabx it la favor of Mrl Plants as bis successor.
If so we are In for that, tpd move th previous
question- - - ' ; '; -'.
The Senatorship. Office Hunters.
It ia (aid1 that thYaumber of patriotic Repub
lican citizens bow e( Washington, "to tee Old
Abe" and let him eea therfl," I uncomfortably
large; the number of cffie hunter on hand b
tng'greater Oao at any prevlou Inauguration'.
Th contest for plao ia activ and untiring,
and comprises all clases of cEc hunter, from
those wh daslrs th St. James Mission, down,,
down, down, kt applicants for tld waiter, in
the'most obseur port In tb Union. 'The "Ir
repressible conflict" is abandoned fo'r(tb time,
th flrrepreMlWel scramble for th spoil ab
sorbing very thing la. What disappointment
await many, yea thousands, of . ties hungry
patriots, who arc aftar tha "perquisites." for
tSoHihVnuoy are eaIJ4 b f IH1 be cho-
Vi 1 ' ' ""r'J'1 r, r.,Lr
: ;t-UstrTA .o..!.:-.-.!'
The Hancock Courier.
. n ---s, '
Mr. Hollasaoqh has sold .the Hancock Cbvr.
ir to Mr. Lrwi Gliwnh, of Delaware, Ohio.
The Caurit baa been tfficlently oonduoted by
tbe retiring editor. Wo .wish Mr Glijsnib
success, and have no doubt be will Drove blm
self acoeptable'W tbe staunch Democracy of
MONDAY, March 4, 1861.
[Conclusion of morning's proceedings.]
Said bill was referred1 to the committee on
Jadiolary. Tbe committee ot the whole also
reported the following bills, which were referred
to tbe committee on Judiciary:' .
H. B. 9lBKfqoirtng justices or tbe peace to
deliver to snoctusors In office certain dockets,
statnte and papers."''
11. B.' 324 to amend a certain aot therein
named. ' '
On motion of Mr. BREWER, tbe Setate took
a tece,
' ' , , .'aitsbnoon MtaioH. .'' -
The following bille were read a eecood time
and referred, a follows'. .a
S. B. 5253 TtrproTide for lb maintenance
and supoortof Insane persona ia tba btateol
Ohio. Whole, , - - .
S. B 254 -To amend section 1 x)f the School
act of 1833. Whole. . ;
On motion of Mr. MON ROE, tbe Senate re
solved itself iuto eommiUe of the whole oo
tbe orders of tbe day Mr. Pott ia tb eaair,
and after sometime epeot therein, rose and re
ported back S. B. 854 without amendment, when
it was engrossed for a third reading to-mot-row.
- . , i
8. B. S53 was referred to tbe committee on
Benevolent Institutions.
The Senate adjourned.
Tuesday, March 5Ui, 186110 A,' M.' '
, Prayer by Rev; Mr. Goodwin , - i '
- By Mr. PARISH From E B Sadler and
73 others of Erie Co-, asking amendments to
the game law. Agriculture.
By the PRESIDENT A memorial from J.
W. Clarke, of CUntoq Co., Kentucky, repre
secting that on the represe jtation of the Treas
urer of Ohio, be received Dotes of tbe Seneca
Co. Bank, amounting to $2,2C9, which have
not been redeemed, and asking the passago of a
law authorizing the 6tate of Ohio to redeem
tbe same. ' Commlttee on Claims.
By Mr. READY, from Allen Gasklll and 850
other citizens, of Tuscarawas county, remonstra
ting against tbe sale of lease of the Public
Works of tbe State of Ohio. Referred to com
mittee on Public Works.- '
Also.from James Moore and 80 other citizens,
of Coshocton county, remonstrating against the
sale or lease of the Public Works of the State
of Ohio. Referred to committee on Public
S. B. No. 254 To amend section thirty-one
of sn act entitled "an act to provide for the re
organizition, supervision and maintenance of
common schools, pissed March 14, 16i3. The
bill passed yeas SI, nays 6 It authorizes col
ored schools In districts where there are 20 or
more colored children. ,
S. B. No. 24-By ,Mr. SCHLEICH-To
amend section forty-nine of an act entitled "an
act to provide for tho re orgaiiizitioo, supervls
ion ana maintenance bfcommou schools." The
bill Is designed to change that scotion of the
law which makes the State Librarian tx-affieit
clerk of the School Commissioner, and author
ises the Commissioner to appoint a clerk in his
office. Tbe bill passed yeas 24, nays 5.
By Mr. HOLMES; A bill to provent the sale
of intoxloaticg liquors on Sunday. ' - -
Mr. PARISH gave notice that be would move
an amendment to the 4th rule of the Senate, by
adding after tbe word "revision" these words
'and on account of Public Expenditures."
Oa motion of Mr. SCHLEtCU, th memori
al was taken up, and referred to the Committee
&o. ..
Bv Mr. WHITE, Wm' the ' Committee on
Claims, reported la favor of the payment of the
claims for new nig lor the Capitol and for maps
for tbe Senate, and reported tbe following bills,
which were read a firnt time, viz:
. 8. B. No. 262: Making appropriations of
$305 41, for flags and maps for tbe General. As
sembly. ' "
S. B. No. NW: Keguiating the Jurisdiction
and paymentof claims against the State.
It requires voucner ana amaaviis irom per
sons wbo have bill against tbe State, when no
specific contract bas been made. '
By Mr. CUMMING3, from tbe Committee
on Road and Highways, with amendments to
S. B- No. 236 "To provide for the removal of
obstructions from turnpikes, c;" and recom
mendation tbat it pus. Agreed to, and bill or
dered for third reading to-morrow.
BvMr. LaSKEi, from tbe same Commit
tee, in favor of the la definite postponement of
H B. No. lis ror the better improvement of
Roads and Highways. Agreed to.
Bv Mr. HOLMES 3. B. No. 193-Author
izing tbe sale of tbe Catherine street Cemetery
recommending it passage.
Mr. KEY presented a remonstrance against
the passage of this bill, from Csleb H. WU
Hams, a lot bolder in the Cemetery, excepting
on certain conditions making it oompulsorv
on tb Trustesi to give lot bolder lot 4o Spring
Grove Cemetery in exchange Tor lots la tbe
Catherine street Cemeterv.
Mr. HOLMi.3 said bs would not advocate tbe
bill, it he was not convlnoed tbat lot holders
ar adequately protected thereby. He was
satisfied that such Is a fact. He admitted that
tb Catharine Street Cemetery bad. not been
properlv cared for. ,- ; , ,. , ,
Mr. PARISH thought tbe bill properly framed
to protect the lot. holders, ana would vote for
the billi- , ,
Mr. MOORE sustained tbe bill. Ue thought
proper respect or the dead justmed their re
moral from tbe beart of tbe city; and be be
lieved the rights and interest of lot holders
had been consulted in tbis bill.
Tba question recurring upon the.passag of
tbe bill, it yeas M, B.
. Mr. PERRILL offered the following: ''
Rttolved, Tbat the Anditor.be requested to
furnish tbe senate with the estimate made for
tbe erection of tbe present Ohio Penitentiary
Also, a detailed statement of the appropriations
made each year for the erection and completion
of tbe same, together wttn tne amount expend
ed for the enlargement of the lame np to Jan
lot. lfifii ; .; -'
- On motion of Mr. MONROE, S. B. 256 -To
amend the act of April 4tb, 1859, to provide for
tba election oi townsnip Assessors
Mr. MOORS introduced S. B 264 To amend
tha first and third sections of tbe act of April
4th. 1859. for tbe sale or lease of estate tail.
By Mr. WHITE. S. B. 254 -To meod tbe
act of April 8th. 1 bib-to regulate, i ire Ineu
ranee companies not Incorporated by" the 6tte
oi vaio. -
On motion ol Mr. HOLMES, tb Senit r
solvsd itself into Committee of tbe Whole, on
ine ordera of tbe day, Mr. Moore in tbe chair.and
after some time spent therein, rose and reported
back S. B. b Couoerelnr township eesmsors,
which was rsferred to the Committee on Roads
nndHlthwaya '
:,TbeBentte then took a reoeaa.. ..v ;. :i
TUESDAY, March 5, 1861.
,tnt rtba fiction nndereopa!
,X3All.t naao.:. . .
Prayer by Re'f, Mr. Trimble.
!A call of 'tba House was ordered, when 73
member answered to their names ' i
Oo motion of Mr. HITCHCOCK, all fur
ther froceedlcgs under.tbe call were dispensed
with.' . ';-.-
Mr. NIGH made a queslioa of privilege, and
stated that be waa aot in tb habit of noticing
newspaper articles, but .be deemed it due to the
conservative members of the House that tbis
article should not pass unnoticed." He read from,
the Cincinnati Gautta Of th 1st, at follows!
- "Our comment on tb course of tbis body, In
allowing tlms to b consumed in ike delivery of
speeches on the slavery question, when not reie
ed th feeling of tome of the members i and
one of our cotemporarlea eontaloed a labored
artioie yesterday, undertaking to prove that for
this discussion the conservative Republicans ara
responsible.", . v.. A .. mJ -j
Thi article had rofercDco to' 154 six days
diioussion of the slavery question, wbiok waa
bad in tbe House, on the bill introduced by Mr.
Shaw, a DemocrawTo prevent giving aid to
fugitives slaves." v
. As a matter of course, he dLdnot know to what
eotemporary reference was made, - But every
member ol this House knew 4bat the charge
made affalnot thA MnnnrontlvA 'jnAmhur. ap
jinUt from beginning to end with the single exoep
iiou oi a snort speecn aen vetea oy (he gentleman
from Logan, ' (Mr. Hamilton) occupying not to
exceed thirty minutes. vTbe disenssion on tho
slavery question was wholly confined to tbe Dem
oorata and Radical Republicans. Tbis discus
sion continued six days, was wholly Irrslevant
to th question at issue, and as profitless to tbe
people as disgraceful to tbe House.
- With tbe exception above referred to, the
conservative members sat here during all that
time without open lug their lips, and tbe discus
sion waaonly ended br tha persistent efforts of
toe gentleman from Uelmput, (Mr. Welsh, to
enforce the rules. '"J " ;
Mr. NIGH remarked that he would cheer
fully hold himself responsible for all bis sets,
but did not wish to be held accountable far tbe
sins of others, and if radical Republicanism in
Ohio can only live by falsehood and .deoeption
he thought if there were any honest men among
tbem, it would . be well lor them to abandon
that wing of , the party and join the conserva
By Mr. VORIS, irom Peter Miller and 4G
others, praying lor a reduotlon of the talariee of
Stark county and township officers, wbloh was
referred to Committee on fees and Salaries.
Mr. CHASE, from and 165 eth
ers, of Stark county, for the passage of a law to
prevent the further immigration of black or
mulatto persons into tbis State, Referred to
the Judiciary Uommittoe.
By Mr. GAMBLE, from C. II. Johnson, F.
Caroaban and 73 other citizens of Coshocton
county, protesting against tbe sale of tbe Public
Works, and praying tor tbe paassge of a law to
let tbe superintendence and repairs of tbe same,
by contract, to the lowest bidder, in amttll sec
tions. Keterred to Committee oo rublio
Bv Mr. HOUSE, from sundrv citizens of
Gallipolis lor an amendiaeut to the Jaw lor
tbe organization of cities and Incorporated vil
lages. Referred to tbe Committee on Judi-
oi"y- ' - ,
By Mr. BLAUKSLUB. from G. G. orris,
and 10 others of Cuyahoga county For a law
authorizing the payment ol Seneca County
Banks notes for taxes. Referred to Finance
' Also, from George P. Burwell and others of
Cleveland For protection from Imposition by
sale lu market of adulterated artioles, injurious
to health. Referred to Committee on Temper
By Mr. HOWELL, fiom II. S. Field and 38
other citizens of Clarke oouoty,for tbe redemp
tion oi tne onistanaicg notes ot the fcicneca
County Bink. Finance. . .
. BvMr McCUNE, from S. L. Hatch and 50
other citizens of Huron county, for the redemp
nan oi notes oi tne seoeca wountv liana-.
Finance. , , ,
Bv Mr. JONES, from Jacob Jacobs and
3,372 others ol Hamilton county, for the pas
sage oi me special uorary Dill now pending;
Also, IromRufua King and 189 others
ol 111
moo county, oo tbe same eubjeot;
Also, from Af. Phillips' and 211 others of
Hamilton County, on the same subject, whlob
were referred to the Committee on Bshoois snd
School Lands.
ht Mr. JONES, of Hamilton, from Jacob
Skuff, and 60 others, of Hamilton county, for sn
act authorizing uounty uommlasioners to levy
a tax i or tne improvement oi Agricultural f air
grounas Agriculture.
Br. Mr. WOODS, from D. A. B Moore, and
221 others of Licking county, for the passage of
a law lor leasing tbe rnblio works. Public
Works. ,
Also, a similar petition from A, E. Roger
and mi others or Licking county. same Keler
. By Mr. MYERS, from J. S. Couden, and 324
Other citizen ol Warren county, for au altera,
tion of lb towaahip lines of Salem and Har
lem township. Rsferred to a select Committee
ol three Messrs. Myers, Scott, of Warren, and
Hamilton.' . .
JBy Mr. 6TUBB3, from Thomas Thoom.and
140 others, praying for an appropriation for the
reuei on inejinnaoitants ol Aousas. Beiet Com
mittee of tbat subject. ..-...-, n r, . :
Tbe Speaker presented tbe memorial of J.W,
Clark, of Kentucky, for a law authorizing tbe
redemption of toe seneca uounty liank notes,
Finance. , , , . .
On motion of Mr. BROWNE, of Miami. H,
B. 150 To let the superintendence and renairs
of a part of the Publio Works of the State by
contract, ana to make appropriations lor tbe
same, was taken fiom tbe table and referred
to the committee on Publio Works,
H- B. 394; by Mr. ROGERS To provide for
th creation and regulation of market house
companies, waa read a aecocd , time and re
ferred to tbe committee on Corporations other
than Municipal.
Mr. KRUM introduced
H. B 403 Toamend tho act of 1850. re
quiring annual settlement by county officer
Kead tbe nrst time. .
Tbe Committee on Enrollment reported
bill and S. J R. correctly enrolled:
S. B. No. 35 Relative to th Longvlew Lu
natic Asylum. -
a. j. K. no. as-Kelative to i Industrial
schools, . ", . .;. ..) .'.
Mr. JACOBS, from a select committee, ra
ported back H- B. No. 370 To amend aection
24 of the tax law; recommending It passage,
. Raid bill was engrossed at tbo Clerk's desk
read a third time aud passed veas 60. navall
Oa motion of Mr. MoCUNE, tbe report of
the Judiciary Committee oa U. B. No. 349
For the relief of citizens of Kansas, was taken
from tbe table, and referred to the committee
of the Whole. i
Oa motion of Mr. CARLISLE. H. R. No.
221 Relative to expenditure for repair on th
Publio Works, during th fiscal year ending
Nov, 15, 1860, was taken from the table, and,
, Qn motion of Mr. ROBINSON, referred to
tbe committee on rublio Works. .
Mr. COX, from a select committee, reported
back . , -i
H. B. No. 323 To encourage tha organize
tlon of fire companies, with sundry amendments.
when tbe amendments wer adopted, and tb bill
ordered to ue read a third time to-morrow.
Mr. , riL.ix i, irom tne committee on
Finance, reported back H. B. 371 making ap
propriation lor to linking iqod.with one
amendment, which was adopted. Tho bill wss
engrossed at tbe Clerk's desk. Read a third
time and passed yeas 78. nays 0, - is
Oo motion of Mr. HITCHCOCK, S. B. No.
82 To authorize tb protection, &o.. of nee.
leeted, destitute and pauper children, waa taken
from the table and ordered to a third reading
to-morrow. . . . , , ,
A 'communication was received from the
Asylum for Idiots, in answer to H. R. No. 223,
Which was ordered to bo prluted. - r
r Messages from the Senate wer received rel
ative to tbe introduction of bills:
Of tbe Indefinite postponement of H. B. No.
1 19 For tbe better improvement of Rosds and
Also, H. B. syj-AuUiorizlne tbe special
School Distriot of Ravenna to levy additional
taxea.. : - -t- - i v -.
Messages wer alio received transmitting
the following bills lor the concurrence of th
House: . .; - I - -
8. li, Mo. 253-SuDDlementary to "an act
making certain Instruments, of writing negoti
able." '(. - v ' ' ....
8. B-, No- 251 Regulating tb Commercial
Hospital of CiDirmatir-. .,.?-, -. t r
S.B. No. 24 Amendatory to aection 49 of
tbk School law. i : v , . :r ,u in!
-8. B No, 2&4-Amending tection 31 of tb
SchOOl laW.: : - I T ') .' Ui1
8. B. No. 204 -Defining th arUdlctloaof
tbrrooat.courtiaueaugaand Boeihy oouo-
tles, ., -v '.-l'
Tb soot bills wera iuroral!y read th. first
time...'' i -. 1 -" iJ.-i !'!'
On motion of Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, tha
constitutional rule was dispensed with, and S.
B. 24 was read a second time and referred to
the Committed oa Schools and School Lands, i
On motion , of .Mr. HE2R1CK, tba House
took a recess .? .',- - .i . .; j-.h
CPTbeffidaoy of prayer I claimed . by the
Philadelphia Ledger, because not a drop of blood
baa been sbsd inc tbe President's last day,
tbe am ot January, contrary to general, antipl-
h. hi Inl-tvt v'Bwc.na !
Surrender of United States Military Property
in Texas.
Tbe San Antonio iYeraJJ, of the 16th ult..
brings us some of tbe clrcumstanoca attending
tne surrender of tbe military property la Tex
as. It does not clearly appear that Gen. Twiggs
"surrendered," as bas been alleged, unless Cap
tain Reynolds, at the headquarters, Ban' Anto
nio, aotnd under bis orders, when the old Texao
Ranger, MoCutloch, with 600 men,, demanded
it. frobably there was a demand to surrender,
with foroes, sent to eaoh United States post,
and tbat Gen. (Twiggs had .laid tbe previous
train to bring about tbe surrender In detail
Tbe editor of the San Antonio Herald, on bear
ing that Col. Ben McCulloch was approaching
that city at tbe bead or a large force of volnn
teera, with a view of taking possession of tbe
United States government property, repaired to
tbe camp on the Salado, and thus relates wbat
be beard and witnessed!
We learn that the command consisted of some
six hundred men, the real bone and sinew ol the
Country; among those of our acquaintance we
ere pleased to meet with soch men as Hon.
Thomas II- .Duggan, State Senator, from the
Guadalupe district; lion. Wt II. Stewart, mem
ber of the Legislature from Gonzales; John
Ireland and W. E Goodrich, Eqs , of Secuin;
also Judge Douglass, chief justice of Guadalupe
county, and Dr. smiin, ot liocxnart. w nen
eucb a class of men engage In an enterprise of
any character, we may rest assured that their
objtct is a legal one, and that Ibolr action,
though decided, will be characterized by pru
dence and wisdom. Col. McCulloch is acting
under tbe authority oi tbe State, as represented
by tbe committee or public tatety, appointed oy
tbe State Convention. J V ,- . ,
' We understand from the oolonel commanding
tbat it was the intention to enter the city to day,
at about tea or twelve o'clock A.M., and carry
out tbe objects of his visit. .
. P. S. 8 o'clock Saturday morning. Our
usually quiet city Is full of iddiers. All tbe
Important streets are guarded, and the main
plaza looks like a vast military camp. Col. Ben
McCulloch, with bis command, came into town
this morning at 4 o'clock, to take charge of tbe
government property. , He was joined . by the
various city companies and by onr citizens
generally. Tbe Alamo property bss been giv
en up by the gallant Captain Reynolds, as true
a patriot as Texas can boast, wbo bas resigned
bis commission under tbe recent united b tales
government, determined to adhere to tbeoause
of the South. The Lone Star flag now floats as
of vore over tbe renowned Alamo. Xecotia
tions are now going on for the other property In
this city, which, if not given up within a few
hours, will be taken.. : ;
- We beard it rumored that a large body ot
men, under the authority of tha State, were
marching upon Camp Verde, with a view to
take possession of tbe same, by vfrtne of the
authority of the State of Texas.
la tbe course of au Interview yesterday with
the veteran commander of the military depart
ment of Texas, we learned that he bad been
relieved of his command by the War Depart
ment, and tbat Col. Carlos A. Walt, now at
Camp Verde, would be bis successor. It was
not without emotion tbat we hoard tbat distin
guished General, grown gray in the service of
bis country, announce tbat bis military career
was closed, it being his determination to retire
to private me, making new uneacs ms resi
The Effect of the American Panic on Freights.
-. Freights from Liverpool to New-York were
never so low as they now are. " In the article of
iron, freights average from 9s. to lOi. They
have been as high as 17s. and as low ss 8s
Now, however, offers are freely mad by ohlp
owners to carry iron to America for Jj- a ton
Tbis rate applies to wbat the shipping agents
now. for tbe first time, denominate "endamage
able" Iron. Damageable iron, such as sheets
and hoops, wbloh are unfavorably affected by
oxidation, are to be charged Gs. a ton. There
is little doubt, however, that all manufactured
iron, whether damageable or undamageable,
will be soon oarrled at ihe 3s. rate, for within
tbe past week tbe freight of damageable Iron
has been reduoed ll- a ton. Computing the
distance from Liverpool to New-York at 3,1'UU
miles, iron may now be carried aoross tbe At
lantic at It. per ton per 1,000 miles. These
figures present a most tempting Inducement to
iron masters to send out Iron on speculation.
but so little f sltb bare they In tbe expecta
tions of correspondents In New-York tbat the
present great "difficulty" will soon be amicably
adjusted, that it is not in any way Influencing
Hbnbt Clat's Statc. Kentucky seems to be
prominently on the carpet lust now, a it bas
given birtb to many of tbe characters figuring
in tne arama ot tne second Amencin Revolu
tion.: President Davis ' was bora in Todd conn
ty, la 1308. President Lincoln was born In Har
din oounty in 1809. Vice President Breckin
ridge was born in Fayette county la 1821.- Sen
ator Crittenden, the great compromiser.w.s bom
in woodtord county in noo. . James Uuthrle.
th Chairman oa Compromise Resolutions in
tbe Peace Conference, was born io NeNon couo
ty, In 1795. Joseph Holt, Secretary of War, is
a native of Breckinridge county, major Ander
son was born ia Kentucky la loUb. Uen liar
ney, Mr. Preston, Minister to Spain, and Ssbie
tain, are also Kentucklans. ; . -. - .
' -
at .aMenmnwtnww' n -i
: Mas. Lincoln's Coach. A coach presented
to Mrs. Lincoln, by a few friends in New York,
was forwarded to Washington on Monday. ' It
la wbat is technically called a full dress coach,
with a richly trimmed bammer-clotb depending
from tbe driver's seat, and elaborately carved
standard lcr the footman. The steps are con.
. . . . -
cealed, and descend only with the opening of
tbe dnors. 1 be lining is of crimson brocatelle,
and the cushions and back are furnished with
the latest improvement la seat springs. Alto
gether It Is a luxuriously fitted up establish.
n.ent The cost was si.ouu.
An election Is pending In New Hampshire.
and as a matter of course, the Abolition clergy
are aotlveiy engaged in tbe canvass. . in Man
obester, last Sunday, the Rev. Mr. Hunting
preached a termon in which be denouaced any
and every compromise in tb bitterest manner,
A correspondent, wbo heard the discourse, says:
"Said this gentleman - in bis sermon, in ex
pressing bis abhorrenoe and contempt of tbe
Crittenden resolutions, 'Sooner than recognize
property In man, let ten thousand Unions go to
Social rand Musical 'Festival.
"-! '' t tat UatBS ar'waww V ' '-t '
will hold a Boclel and atntlcal festival, it the rooms
attached to tbo Church, on Chapel itrsek oa '
Thursday ' Evening, March 1 7th.
The onbllo snorally are eorllally Invited to attend.
Muiioin tho andlenco room, to commence at half put
oltht. - Doors open at balf-sasl six. Admission, ti
oenti. Children half price. mS-td.
Sheriff's Sale.
Th Slat of Ohio )
vs. -
,,'. ( TT.-T 1 'V" '
Cnlon County Common Flea;.
W. H. Karey. et. al.)
to mo directed from tho Conrt of Common Plea ot
Union Coanty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door of
the Court lluoss ia Iho City of Colnmbns, franklin
coanty, Ohio, on , I t, .. j.
Saturday, lha 6th day, of April, A. D. 1861.
between th hours of 10 o'clock A. II. and 4 o'clock P.
M.. tho following described real estate. . situate In Ihe
Ooancy oi franklin, and State of Ohio, to iflt: Lots Not.
two. W inree, (j) ana roar, (ij in tne town or uroro-
Appraiseaai 1.01 no. .m wi
' ' , 3. 40 OO - -. " . ,
- m -i , .-': i , at oo "-1 '
. O. W. UUrrMAH, Sheriff
BtliKltdattw. - . i By En. Davis, Vcru'y
Printer's fees S3.00.
Sherirs; SaIe.: :." '
Rick ley -At Brother y.
vs. . Superior Court. ,
Thomu Bhanaou. J ' '
to mo directed, from tho Superior Conrt of Prank I In
county, Ohio, 1 will offer for sale on th farm of Thomas
SiwoaoBsU miles west of Columbus, oa ths National
road, on
Saturday, March the JGib, A.DycGl, .
at 10 o'clock, A.H., tha following propevtf 5 wlB 1
Mowing alaehlne. 6 Plows. 9 Cultivators. S Harrows, 1
two horse (Wagon, 1 Buggy, 1 Ofay HS.e, 1 Bas Mars, 1
Chestnut Borrell fJorse, and a lotofailaoksmlth's tools.
.... . fr HUKKMAN. Bnerm
ssarAS.dWt, :Ml;.-m- r iij S. aavm, Wr- '
Vat''' xv.l tia .'3Ai'.:a "
By the ate of these Plllt the psrtodioattwke of Air
rout or SlfJe BeadeuA may bo prevented; and If taken
at tho commencement of an attack Immediate relief from
pain and ilcknen will be obtained. .
They seldom fall In remoTtog the Sautett and Iliad
ache to which femalei so iulijeot.. C ii, k
They act (tontly npea iho bowelo rereovln Cbtilv
, tut literary Men, Student, Delloato Females ,
and all persone of todenfary kabitt, they are valnablo
as a Laxative. Improrln the appetite, giving fons and
ever to tho digestive organs, and restoring tho natuiil
eUitlclty and ilrength of tho whole system. - ' ' "'
Till OkrOALlO PILLS ore the remit of long Inves
tigation and carefully conducted experiments, having
boon In use miiny years, during which time they have
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer
ing from Headaebo, whether originating in tho nervous
ayatom or from a deranged state of tho itomatJi.
Ther ara entirely vegetable In their oompoiltlon, and
may be taken at all times with perfect safety without
making any change of diet, and the abtmce. of any
dleagretabU taete rendera it eoey to odminieitr them to
children. - a-'.
Thesennln have flv signatures of ITenry 0- Spalding
on each Box.
Bold by Druggists and all other Psalen in Medicines,
A Box will be tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of the
' Prioo, Q3 Oonto.
All order should be addrened to
r 48 Cedar Street, Now York.
THAT A ' . ,
Attheie Testimonial! were uneolicUed ojMr. SfiLD-
ino, they afford vnqveettonable proof of the tffl
caey of thtt truly tistentiflt dlieovery.
M Atoirvats, Conn , Feb. S, leor.
I have tried your Oephallo Fills, and like them to
mil that I want yon to send me two dollars worth more.
Ptrt of tboie are for tbo neighbors, lo rhom I gave a
few out or tho first box 1 got (rem you.
Sand the Pills hy mill, and obllgn
Yonr ob'lBerrai t,
r. ..-. I j ' JAME4 KENNEDY.
' .-i llAVtaronn, Fa., Feb. .6, 1801
11a. Kfacdimo ; ,
I with you to srnd me ono mora box of your Csphallo
Fills, I have received a great deal of benefit from tfiem.
Yonts, respectfully,
graces Crisk, Huhtihotoh C.,Fa.,' I
:.. : January 18, 1H11. .: . (
II. C. gl-ALOlKO.. . ,,. ; ' r- f
You will pleuo send mo tiro iicxei of your Cepballo
Fills. Bend them immediately.
Respectfully yours,
P. S. I hare ueei one Vox of your JHUe, and find
Mem excellent. fc . ,
- BsLtt Vinmm, Ohio, Jan. IS, 1881.
IIchrk O-Sfalsino, Esq. - ,
Pleese find enclosed twenty -flre rents, for which send
me another box of yonr Cepballo Pills. They ar truly
Uit beet PUIt J have ever tried.
Direct A. STOVER, P. St., .
Belle Vernon, tYytmlotUo., O.
' ' Bivislt, oIass , Deo. 'll, 18(10.
B.C. SPiLDlM, Eiq.
I wlih for some circulars or largo' Show bills to bring
yourCtphaho fills more particularly before my custo
mers. If you hire anything of tne kind, please send to
mo. .... '... . .i. . n
One of my customers, who Is subject to severs Sick
Ilesilscbe, (usually lasting two diys.) teas orf of an
attack in one hour by your Pi'le, wbloh 1 sent her. '
i hespeetfullyyonrt.
RirnoLDisuxo, FaANBLirf Co.", Ouio '
January 9, 1W1. ' " i
grAtMwe, - i: ' i i-'TniT t (
8Csdrsi.,X.Y.7,-J'.',c, .- ',.J,Vr
Ddirv 0.
Incited Sod twsnty ftva oents, (S3,) tit wbloh sond
box of "Oephsllo Pills." tend to addiess of Ber. Win.
0. riller, Keynoldiburg, tranklln OooOhln.
Tuvr PUlt work like a charmeur Oeadacheah
mott tnttanter.
Truly yonrs, u ' ' .
1TM. C. f ILLER. -
.' YriiLAim. Micu..' Jan. 14. 1801.
Mr. Bpaldiro.. -
.' Sir:
Net lone since I sent to sou for a box of Csnhillo Pills
for tho cure of tbe Nervous Headache and OvslWenets,
and received the same, and they had to good at effect
that I via induced to tend for mo a. . "
riease sena oy return mnu. jilrect to . i .;
A. R. WIlKEI.Etl,
,". ; ,j , Ypaiantl, Ulcb
From Ih Examiner, Norfolk:, Va. '
Cephalio Pills accomplish Iho object for which they
wore maue, Tit., vnre oi nesoaens in au its lorais.
from the Examiner, Norfolk, Va, (.1
Thsr hav been tested In more than a thiutatd caj:s,
wliu entire success. ' '
" from tho Democrat, St. Cloud, llion.
If vou are. or hvre been, troubled with the headache
send for a box, (Cephalio Pills,) so that you may bavo
tuna m cms gi auaiiacK. i '1 . I t r
. , Irom the Adreruav, Vrortdu, R. I.
The Oeohallo Pills art said to bs a remarkably effective
remedy for tne neaotcno, ana one oi too very nest rur
that rery frequent ompiaint.wmcn nus ever oeen ais.
from th Western R. R. Quttte, Chicago, III
W heartily endorse Mr. Bpauldlnz, and his uorlvale
Cephalic fills.
' from the Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, V. '
We are sura that osrsons snfferlnr with th headache.
woo try taem, will suck to tnem.
yrom ine Bouwern ram yinuer, new urteans, aa.
Try theml you tbat are afflicted, and ws ar sura that
yonr testimony can be anno to too already numerous
list tbat bas received oeneuis that no otnor medicine can
produos. -,. . ..
From ths St. Linls Demoorat.-
Ths Immenas demand for ths art Ids (OcDhali Pills)
is rapidly uwiAsiog. ., , .
rrpK single bottle of BPALDINQ'S PREPAttED
uiiU win ssvo ion times its cost annuaur.-r it -(
I-" m .1 I V rT
' - save the piiCEsr
r Tn"'A Bmcn iw Sua Avr Nws."43I'
At accidents will hannon, even In wall regulated fan
Hies. It Is very deiirabia to hnre torn cheep and con
venient way lor repairing surniturw, loys, urocicry,
eVe. .- - - , .' ' -. ,wi
all snch ementenolps, and no bouihold can afford
to be without It. It Is always rearjy, and npto tho stick
ing point. , i!,iivnnMe'n;',l t'jYK
N. B. A Brcyh aoecnrpanlos each bottl,i.,Friosv 95
rents.. .,', Address. . , , I. s
. :..',( i . AiJENRYO. SPAXDINwi' -. e
: s'r , .'J5.4S, Cedar Stsbot, Mcr Cork.. ,
.' l.. !' ...! 4.-0
, CAcnoir.'? c)'.
At certain unprincipled persons ar altompling to
palm tffon lbs nnsniproling jinblla. Imitations ef my
BKPABBD OLUH, I would caution all persons to sx
aadar beforo pnrchsslng, and tee that th full nam,
tLeouUlds f rapprrj all others are. swindling conn.
terfeltt,1! K UK ICA IUA'i"iJ t nar 1-
arrrrTi e f :M ': ,c' -I'lNJ v1 tli'iw It"
i'"': ini
. j . j. A. I t. I V",
mroa TArantAN : Ploau announse tba nuns ef
i3UN JACOB HOFIMANNaia eandldats for tho offlc
f;TowBlilp Clerk, of Montgomery Township.
JForaJl Til HOAX and
Including- AVHOOPlNt.
ICOtCn. and kvarv
C0UQH . Complaint tho forerun-.
f) "V ' ner of, and even actual
fi'triwa weil's
The Great NDt'MAI .
OIU itir;ni:Y and Nat-
ral WPlA'tEs Hdaptest
to every- a pedes of ler- -won
Complaint. Ner
vou and Chronic
Headache, - ttheatna
tiana, Catarrh, Toolli
and Ear Aclie, Loss (
itleep and Ho if el Coni
plulnta. ... , ...
No real Juttico can bo dons tho above nrenaratlons
5?t.b"a,.n?'t."4.'cadig descripuve pampbleti
it,-. v
w . -"'! ueaiers, orw l be sent ty Proprietor
clans, who will find developments in both worthy their
acceptance and approval. - " .WUIll "
Oorrespondonoe solicited from all whoso necstsitlet or
curlslty prompts to a trial of the above reliable Berne
dies. - ,
For sale by Ih usual wholesale and retail dealer -everywhere.
No. 0 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass.
Roberts a Samnel. N. n. Marnln. .T. R. n.i. , u
chueller t Bon, Agents
for Columbus. Ohio.
. iTlOFFAl'SJ Lll'E
In all caws of cottlveness, dyspepsia, billions and llroi
affections, piles, rheumatism, fevers snd agues, obiti
nte head aches, and all general derangements of health
these Fills hav Invariably proved a oertaln and speedy
remedy. A tinglt trial will place tho Lire Pills beyond
the reach of oompetlilon in the estimation of every pa
Dr. Moffat's Fhcenlx Bitters will bs found equally el
flcactoua In all cases of nervous debility, dyspepsia, beat
ache,Qie slcknsw Incident to females indelicate health,
aad every kind ot weakness of th digestive organs
For tale by Dr. W. n. MOFFAT, 333, Broadway, N. Y.
snd by all Druggitts.' : ..' msySS-dftwlr
- The following is an extract from a
letter written by the Rev. J. B. Holme, patter ol ths
Plerrepoirit-BtRet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.,o
theojouinalandMewenger," Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
volnmes In fator of that world-renowned medicine, Mrs
W'nslow's BooTuuie BTRcr roa Cbildmn TnrrHiiroi
"We see an advertltment In your columns of Mas
WirsLow's Boothino 8yrcp. Now ws never mid a word
in favor of a patout medicine before in onr life, bnt ws
feel compelled to aay to your readers that this is no bum
claims. It is probably ono of the most successful medi
cines of the day, because It Is one of the beat. And those
of your readers who have babiee can't do better than
lay in a supply." ocSI7:lydfcw
, Wm. A. Batchelor's Hair Dyel
The Original and Best In th World
All others are mere Imitations, and should bs avoided,
If you wish to escape ridicule.
ORAY, RED OR RUSTY HAIR Dyed losltnlty to a'
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
QalrorSkln. .' . ..
swarded toWm. A. Batchelor since 1839, and over 80,00
applications have been made to ths Eair of his patrons
Of his famous dye.
WU. A- BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE produces a col
or not to bs distinguished from nature, and is warranted
not to Injure In th least, however long It may bo contin
ued, and ths ill effect of Bad Dyoj remedied; the Hair
Invigorated for life by this splendid Dye.
Sold In all cities and towns of the United Btateo
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
lLThe Oenulne has the name and address upon a sUm I
plate engraving on four tides of each box, of WILLIAM.
Jylfc-wly , 81 Barclay street, New York..
I To CaaauraptlTes
;. The Advertiser, having been restored to health in a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after bavlngi nfferedt
oral years with a sever long affection, and that dreacV
dlseaee, Consumption is anxious to make known to his.
fellow-sufferers the means of euro.
To all who desire It, he will send a copy of Ihe pretexts,
tlon used (free of charge), with the directions for preps, i
ing ami using the same, which they will And a soai Cu ,
for OoxsoHiTioM, Astbxa, BRORormt, Ac Th ear
object of ths advertiser In sending ths Prescription 1 to,
benefit tha afflicted, and spread information which, haooir' :
oelves to bs Invaluable, and he hopes every anSoror wlfl
try his remedy, ult will cost them nothing, and uxr
prove a blessing.
Parties wishing tbe prescription will pleats address
r" WlHIarosbutun, ,
' " Kings County, New York.
s ,; , W. A. Batchelor's Hair Dye! ;
Tills splendid Hair Dyo has no equal-Instantaneous In
stteot-Beautirul Black or Natural Brown no staining
UlS skin or injuring tiieiiair icmcuiestneaMur an - 1
effect of Bid Dyes, and Invigorates tbe hair for life.
None ara genuine unless signed "W. A. Batchelor."
Bold everywhere. ' 1
1 , C1IA8. BATCHELOR, Proprietor
JyU:wlf '-, . .. 81 Barclay Street, New YnrBw .
AT T II Fill N EW .4I.F-aWTv
NOB. 1, S, 5 and 7 N. EOT AW 8TB
Offer for aalo thstr celebrated
GOLDEN MEDAL, ' ' ... . . , '
. ? - -i AND SQARE
Being highly recommended by the first Professors and
musical Amateurs ol tne country, and
Tbo most fastldlons customer may rely upon being
pleased In every respect. 1
Terms liberal. WH. KNABE 00. .
octS6:lydw.. . Columbus, Ohio.
distressing eomplalut as '
'H ENDTI ' a '
Madeb0. B. SEYMOUR CO., 17 Hassan St.', N. T. '
i Price 1 per box; sent free by post. ., t;.-i-FOR
mayd-dkwlyis ,
Alexandre's Kid Gloves.1,'
jl vusiAina ana regular ahapo Black JSld Oloves, ,
embroidered In white, maKsnta, purple, fco. Undressed-
Kid Gloves. Missel Kid (J loves. A complete assortment
of these celebrated Olovss always foe sale by
'rebWj No. 69 South niKh street.
Employment. . t
a Staple Article, will furnish emplojnwnt tu
few sottvo men to aot ss agents for their boaM. - A
preference will be eiven to those wbo ar well acaualnl-
sd In tho distilot tor which they spply. - - , - -r
For which servioes Utex ar wlUlnt- to oav a salt rs
of from i w.- , ... ., ... c .....
t600 to $800 . pr . year, and Ixbtns
.for further particulars address
., -t . ' nd 5, Xxchani Placa,-.
Jan30-d3m. JerseylOlty, H. jU ,
1 - .!
' et llii :
13' -1
made in tho the officers of this Bank, January S9tb. -
ion, - . i . . . nr.. . . . . . ' .
p wik na. run, rresiaent, and TBOttA : '
Moodis. Cashier, resigned their offices. David Tavlob, , T J
Esq., was then elected President and Wm. a. Pr m aw.
pointed Cashier.
. ny order of the Board of Directors.
rlobt, 1801-dtf. , . W. A. PL ATT, Cashier.
I t
Fine Kuum. r. t ii a.. . -
no. Potty Aces, (extra) , ,
; American Bhag, v. i - - . .
..:.;. '. f ;...; !i,io.' Bird's Eys, (Union) .
risckliifei; also, Kentucky Tins cut ia barrels sad half
barrels, ih store and for sale rv
. . I . J -.. .. McKl
feMl " j
" 34, Btatesman Building, '
n , , ,.. I,, i . , ,
HEH1WNO, 4 t,
x rooms, SB 10S- Also. No,
V EutOsy street, six rooms, SB 108. Also. No,
Oik street, six rooms, stsble, Ac, Slt5.
Then is swell, cistern and cellar to each. Inquire at
1" A A.
.r.'. .
fall 4.i'ce
t J
-is iw
' ,li

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