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" ' .Tie Adams Express Company places ns dally
under obligation to it for the very latest papers
Irom the eastern cities
-The American Express Company hii w
thanks for He daily favors In the shape of the
yen latest eastern papers.
Council PaocaEoiitas . Tbe City Council
met last evening at eight o'olock. The Clerk
read the following statement of the receipts and
disbursements of the elty of Columbus from
tbe 4th day of February to the 4th dayoi
March, 1861: '
Fsb'rvl. Balanced to Treasury. 3.H i
' . ' atotini. ' '
Feb'ry J. J. 0. Thompson, (Taxes) $6,000 00
15. 5,WiO0
. r n u TT I ..!. ......V 11109.5
" 4. L. Enrllsh. fUDtl. etc) M 85 ll.M JO
' ; 914,960 81
34 17
Oat Repilie, etc
Market Hutu
Eleotloui.. ,
Temporary Lota. ......
In Mentals
Sd Ward Iiaprevtmnt(
3.1 - : -. . .
4lh - " : . :,
Sth' - -l
Sewers and Drainage,. '
aodlo Park
City Police
fire Department.
$117 104
.;, ...... 8,538 07
Bilaao in Tressury
411 K
, 10.000 00
67 St
, IS 05
SO 10
80t) 8
8 SO
, . 18(10
, Oil 24
Oil 64
Alr.'.Bumts, from the Special Committee
e whom was referred a resolution in regard to
tha broken stone now owned by the city, made
a resort reoammendlnz the following? resolu
tions, which were adopted:
Ettolved. That the Olty Eoglneer be Initrnoted to as
certain, by actual measurement, or by estimate, M near
aa oiaeileable. (he total amount of broken atone now In
possession of the olty in tbe prlion tardl that the lime
be equally divided amongit tne umereni warns oi uis
city, eaob nard being entitled to-one-flrth of the total
amount to ascertained, and that ae the atone It taken
away by the different ward committee!, It shall be obarg
ed up to inch ward! respectively, at the rat of 50 cents
per cable yard.
Saolved, That the Police committee be authorlied
to carry oat the arrangement of the foregoing resolu
tion, and that they hare full power, In case 0' an orer
or under estimate of said broken stone, to equalise the
ahane respectively, of the different wards, In the same.
Jtfolvtd, That a further appropriation, not exceed
ing one hncdred dollars to eich ward, ought to be made
for the purpose of covering the expense or moving laid
stone, . ,
Mr. Riley Introduced an ordinance, granting
to C. Edf.ult & Co. the right to erect a grain
- scale on Pearl street, which was read three
itimes snd passed ' ,
Mr. Sum.Es Introduced an ordinance to OOD'
jwuct sewer on Fourth street, from Rich to
3 tote street, which was read twice.
Mr.' Botlm offered a resolution, which
adopted, direoting the City Clrll Engineer to
contract with Messrs, Richards and Davis (or
grading and paving the sidewalks, gutters and
crossings on Straight alley, from Rich to State
'Mr. Butler introduced an ordinance to grade
and pave the sidewalks, gutters and crossings,
and to crade and macadamize tbe roadway of
High sti-oet, from tbe north line of tbe oity to
the lOBth side of Mound street, whioh was read
.twice. -
Mr. Birrtta offered the following resolution,
bich was adopted:
Xttoltti, That In the event of any ward not taking
i '.heir quota of itone from the prison yard, the oommlt
ttee o seweri and drainage may purchase the ssme for
.iheooTN-Lng of sewers on Hich, Third and Division streets.
The Council then adjourned.
' 1 n i -- - ,
4Jord of County CenmasioNtas. The Board
o( County Commissioners met in regular ses
sion at tbe Auditor's office, oa Monday, Matob
4. PresentMessrs, Srnitow, Snvdm and
Viewers waa appoiuted on the Geiger Road
in Pleasant and Prairie townships. Bills In
tfavor of J. H. Rn.tr, amounting in the aggre
gate to $96 12, were presented and approved.
On the next da, Tuesday, March , the fol
io wiag bills were presented and approved: Kil
bootm & fcuuN, $3 14; M. C. Liuir, $24;!
Jacob Sistdi,J35 58.
Whertu, I nave by yon neen ariven
from Bouse, from Bone, from Hope, from Heaven,
And placed by yonr most learned society
in Sxile, Aniraish and Anxiety.
And need, without one just pietente, .
With arroganee and Insolence, '
i her demeed Jeit reatllntlon,
And beg yso'll mend your elocution.
"Wberess, we've rescued you, lagrale,
From HandcoD, Borror, and Irom Hale,
Jr'rom Uuntsmea, Horsepond, and from Ualter,
And consecrated you In Altar,
And placed you where yon ne'er should te,
In Honor and In Honesty,
We deem you r prayer a rude Intruslou,
And will not msnd our elocution.
MoncAt FfSTivAL. Our readers' will confer
a favor on the Ladies of the Seoond Presly
terian Church by looking at their advertisement,
in aaother column, of the Soolal and Musical
Festival they intend to give, at the rooms of
their Church, on Chapel street, on Thursday
evening, tbe 7th lost. Still more, reader, will
you gratify the Ladies by your attendance at tbe
Festival, with all you cm induce to accompany
you. i , ." ' ' . - -"
Cocrt or Common Plias. The Court and
Jury have been engaged to day in the trial ol
the oase of Hanniwald v. Bokmc Waidim
for plaintiff; Swatnb and Dbescl for defendant.
Tbe action In this cue Is founded on a repre
mentation or guarantee alleged to have been
given by the defendaut, that a third party was
good for a loan, ' . ' ' " " ,
. BJ" roe new loric worut states ioai wis
evening, Tuesday, March 5th, at the Holy
Trinity Church, Brooklyn, teu married sisters,
with their ten husbands and a small army ol
children, will oelebrate the marriage of th
eleventh sister. .
PaosATt Court. Tbe Criminal Term of the
Probate Court for March oommenoed to day.
The Pocket was cUed over, and several oaso
disposed of by oonfeeslon and aentence'for petty
offenses, .
Notes' Ns Swt of Cottiso Gaimints
This Invention, by means of varied lines up
on charts or outs, la adapted to cutting ladles'
drosses, basques, children's dresses, boys' coats.
pants and shirts, and in fact, to all kinds ol
garments. It Is so simple that even a child can
learn to use It In a few minutes, and so accurate
that any garmeut may be made to fit with neat
ness and despatch. , This Is nald upon actual
examtuatlonand trial. Tbe charts .or cutting
garments oy vuus Bjetvu may oe ootainea 01
Mr. and Mi Nttnuts, at the Americas Hotel
Who will suffer from Foul Humors, Sores, or
Disease of the Skin, when such certain remidies
a. MoLcam's Strcnotainq ComoiAL and Blood
PuRiriiR, 'and McLaAit's VotCANio Oil Lini
mcnt can be so easily obtained. ' Tbe Cordial
will nnrlfv the blood thoroughly, and the Llnl
ineat.wlU cure any sore. See the advertlse-
unent. " v' " -''' J' '
UroRTanT to MicnANio. Is is lust astmpoi
tani that you bavea bottle of Guernsey's Balm
upjn your work bench, or some other conven
ient place It is to have an oil can, or any otn
r necestivry artiole. If you get wounded, use
we ura i
.. iti!t t'S rt ,v
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Mailt for Now York Oily, Bolton, Albany, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, tteubenvlll war. Cleveland, Zanesrllie
Nnuk. Ornlll. Wuhlneton Olty. BalUmor. Phil'
delphi and New Orleans, oloe dally (Bunday exoept
A through stall Cor New York and Cleveland closet
tuny (Huouaya excepted) at i o oioon p. m.
u. u.atu. h. u. way man closes aaiiy t.nuouj
Mpted) at 1 o'clock p.
Central Ohio Way Wi
at 1 n'f.lock n. m.
Jail closes dally (Sunday! excepted)
Olnolnuatfway Mall oloses dally (Sunday! xoeptd) at
i o'olock p. m.
Chicago, Dubaqut, Delaware, Marlon and Worthing
ton aiail closes dullv fHundavt xoepted) at 1 o clock
p. m. "
Malta fnrXanU. ftnrlnrSald. Dayton, Toledo, OIncln
Oatl. fnitlanannl im. i.nuinvllle. B(. Louis, and Detroit,
close dally (Sunday excepted) at 7J p. m.
A through mall to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
Olosee dally (Sundays excepted) at 1 o'clock p. m.
Urbane, Plqum, Tlflln and Union Olty mail closet dally
(Bnndays xoeptd) at 7X o oliox p m.
i..nn..tr. Lnun.Nelsonvllle. Olroleville, Ohllllcothe
Portsmouth, Washington, 0. H , Athene, Marietta eod
HI llsboronih, nails close dalKr (Sundays excepted) at 7
o'clock p. m.
Bast way Mall by National Bond to Zanesvtll, oloses
daily (Sundays exoeoied) at 11 o'clock a. m
Marrtsbargh Malls elose dally (dundaya excepted) atl
o oioci p m.
It. Vernon Mall, by way of Westerville and Bunbnry,
Oloses daily (Sundays excepted; at i o'eiocs p. m.
Dublin Mall elosee dally(Sundayi exoeptedjat 1 o'clock
Mailt from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Albany,
Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla, Detroit,
Springfield, Cincinnati, Ohllllcothe, Bt. Louis, and all
Southern cities, arrive between the hours of 0 o clock p
a. and 4 o'olock a. m.
Mails from Indianapolis, Chicago and Dubuque, arrive
anu a. m.
Malls from Washington Olty, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zaneevllle, Newark, BteubenvUle, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. O. B. E. way Mall, arrive at SX o'clock p. m.
Way Mall from Cincinnati, arrives at i)i o'olock p. m.
Lancaster Hall arrive at 3k o'oloek o. u.
Bast Way Mail over the NaUonal Koad, arrives at 11
o riooka m
Mt. Vernon way Mall arrives at 11:00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrives at o'olock p. m.
TJrbana Way Mall arrives at 8 o'clock p. m
Htrrlsbu eh Mall arrive at 11 o'olock a. m
Offlc delivery open every day (except Sunday,) from
"H o'clock a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Hanaay
irom in to V o clock la the moraine, ana irom o to o in
Rail Road Time Table.
Littli Mum a OoLcneos Jt Ziria B. B.
Lwvee. Arrive
Awommodatlon 8.10 A. M. P.15 P, M.
NoDBx 8.30 P.M. 2 31) P.M.
Night Kxprees S.45A.M. 8.45 A.M.
CUVtLAJTD, Cotonsos OuioimiATi B. B.
Bxpres and MaU 3.00 P.M. 1.40 P.M.
Night Express 3:25 A. M. MM A. M.
CDlTRAiOnio R. B.
Ixpreet Train 3.00 K.U 8 30 A. M,
Mail Train 8.40 P. M. 8 80 P. M.
PirrsBcaoH, Ooumau t ClXCUOUTl n. B.
Express Train 3:00A.M. 2.30 P.M.
Mail Train 8.40 P. M. 2 2(1 f. M.
Columbus, Piqua Indiana B. B.j
KxpresTrnln.... 8:10A.M. 11:10A.M.
Express Train S:45P.M, 8:10P.M.
IwTiaisTiNO. If housekeepers really under
stood tbe great difference that exists between
different brands ot Saleratus. as to duality.
purity, and conseqnent reliability and healthful-
ness, they would not long be without the best
tbatis maouiaotured. vt Land Co. 's Sale
ratus costs you no more than any of tbe inferior
artioles which are In market. lie is using a
new process or renning Baieratus, by which all
impurities are removed. This process Is In use
at no otner establishment in this country, i n
quality of the Saleratus produced by this pro
cess is very superior, and it is last becoming very
popular witn intelligent Housewives. Vt Laud
& Co.'s Saleratus is for sale by most grocers and
toreiceepers. Manufactured and lor sale at
noiesale, at r airport. Monroe eountv. New
York. Tbe principal crocers also wholesale It.
CT Sea advertisement of Prof.
Hair Invlgorator in another column.
For the Whiskers and Hair.
Th subscribers tak nleasur In announcing to the
Oitlsen ol the United State, that they hate obtained the
Agency for, and are now enabled to offer to tbe American
public the above Justly celebrated and world-nnownsd
article. Tbe
prepared by Da. O. P. BELLINQIIAM, an eminent
physician of London, and Is warranted to bring out a
tnica set or :
Whiskers or a Mustache
In from three to six weeks. This article la th onlv on
of th kind used by the Vrench, and In London and Pari
It Is In universal use.
It Is a beautiful, economical, soothing, yet atlmnlatlng
compound, acting aa If by magic upon th root, causing
abeautlful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
eralp, II will cur aAumcrs, and cam to spring up in
place of the bald spots a fine growth of new bair. Ap
plied according to directions, it will tarn asn or towt
balr AaK, and restore gray catrto its oiUlnal color,
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an Indispensable article In svery gentleman's toilet, and
alter on week' us they would not foran consideration
be without It.
The subscribers ar th only Agnts for th artiole in
tbe United Bute, to whm all orders must be addressed.
Prir On Dollar a box for sale by all Druggist and
Dealer: or a box of th "dm usat" (warranted to htve
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oheet ivxxjoioj
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.,,,.!.. 34 N. Hlsh Mreet.
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o. . .' d ttwln. ?
Bed Oordsand Vsadle Wick,
orsnie 07; .
, 0Ct7
9ts, h55 iSfUi
Inauguration Ceremonies of President Lincoln.
. Washinoton, March 4 The day was usher
ed in by a most exalting session of tbe Senate
that body sitting twelve honrs from 7 o'olock
last evening to 7 this morning. As tbe dial of
the clock pointed to 13 o'clock, and the Sab-
oatn gave way to Monday, the 4tn oi raarco
the Senate chamber presented a curious and an'
imated appearance. The galleries were crowd'
e a to repletion, tne itaies' gallery resemo nng
Irom tbe ear dresses of tbe fair ones tbere con
gregated, some' corneous parterre of floweret
and tho gentlemen's gallery seemed one black
mass of surging, heaving masculines, pushing,
ttruggllog, and almost clambering over eacn
other's backs in order to get a wood look at the
Home oi tbe most ludicrous scenes were tbe
result of tbe intense desire ot tbe outsiders to
get a peep Into tbe Senate obamber, and the
pertinacity with which the anplieauts lor ad
mission to oveiflowlns naileries would urge that
tney baa come all tbe way Iromlindiana, or Ver
mont, or some other place offered the seated
ones intense amusement.
On the floor Messrs. Crittenden. Trumbull.
Wigfail, Wade, Douglas, and others, kept up a
running fire of debate, while those cot engaged
in discussion betook themselves to sofas for a
comfortable nap during thepeasion, wbloh it was
known would last all night. As morning ad
vanced, tbe galleries anc noor became gradual
ly cleared out. In the array morning light the
Senate took a recess till 10 o'olock to day,
A few minutes after 7 o'clock, but few re
mained. ' The morning was clear and beautiful.
The public buildings, sohools, places of busi
ness, tio , were closed throughout thedsy, Tbe
siara and stripes floated irom tbe City Hall,
Capitol, War Department and other publio build
lugs, wbile not a few citizens flung out flags from
tneir nouses, or across tne principal avenues.
The streets were thronged- with the volunteer
soldiery hastening to their respective rendezvous.
Three or four hours elapsed before there was
tne least chance of entering the Caoitol. Peon.
sylvanla avenue was thronged with people wend
ing their way to tbe famous East Front. For
four hours tbe crowd poured on towards the Cap
itol In one continuous stream of old and young.
of male and female. A large majority were
Northern men, and but few Southerners, Judg
ing from tbo lack of long-haired men In the
Tbe order of arntcgemects, as settled bv the
committee, was as follows: Totheleltol the
Vice President were tbe Committee of Arrange
ments. Immediately behind them were the
beads of tbe various Departments of the Gov
ernment, benators, members, and members
elect of the House, officers of the Army and
Navy, Governors of the States and Territories,
Comptrollers. Auditors. Reeiatera end Bolfoitnra
oi tno lreaenry. lo tbe right of tbo Vice
President were the Judges of tbe Supreme
Court, Senators, members of tbe Diplomatic
Corps, Ex-Oovcrnors of tbe States. Assistant
secretaries ot Department. Ass stant Postman.
ters General, Assistant Treasurers, Commis
loners, Judges, and tbe Mayors of George
town and Washington.
Previous to the arrival of the procession, the
senate iOamDer aiu not oresent a verv an ma.
ted appearance. Many of the ladles, waiting to
eee tne uispiay, uiu cot arrive until late, and
the officers, with gay uniforms and flashing ep
aulettes, relieved well tbe sombreness of tbe
national black, worn by the Presidential cor
tege. During the passage of the procession to Wil
lard's hotel, and tbe march thence to the Cap
itol, Senator Bright killed, in tbe most appro
priate manner, a certain gas bill: I. e , talktd It
to death. This not proving very interesting,
matters waxed somewhat dull. In tbe interim,
at p minutes to 12 o'clock, Vice President Breck
inridge and Senator Foote, of the Committee of
Arrangements, entered the Senate Chamber,
escorting the Vice President elect, Hon. flan,
nlbf.l lUmlin, whom they oonducted to a seat
Immediately to the left ol the ohnir ot the Pres
ideut of the Senate. As the hands of the clock
pointed to the hour of 13, tbe hammer fell, and
the second session of tbo thirty-sixth Congress
came to an end.
Mr. Breckinridge then announced the Senate
adjourned without a day, and left the chair, to
which be immediately conducted Vice President
Hon. Ur. Clicgmao was then sworn In as
Senator for tbe State of fc'orth Carolina, Mr.
oiara lor New Hampshire, Mr. Cbaso for Cnio.
Mr. Harris for New Yoik, Mr. Harlan for Iowa,
Mr. Hows for Wisconsin, Mr. Breckinridge for
Kentucky, Mr. Lane for Indiana, Mr. Nesmitb
lor Oregon, and Mr. Mitchell for Arkansas.
At this juncture the members and members
elect pf the House of Representatives entered
tne -senate onamoer, lining every available
place to the left of the Vice President, Jhe
corps diplomatio also entered the chamber at
the same moment, cosnpyins seats to the rieht
of the Chair.
It was a subject of rematk that the corpse
never were so fully represented as on this occa
sion perhaps the last time that all was to be
assembled tbere. The ministers, attaches and
others nnmbercd in ail some filty and over, and
for brilliancy of dress, the nrtmber of decora
tions, crapes to., added much" to the Imposing
nature of the scene. Some of the court uni
forms were gorgejus, and attracted much atten
tion. Tbe sceno In tbe Senate, while waiting the
arrival ot tbe Presidential party, seemed to re
alise tbe lying down of tbe lion and tbe Iamb
together; or mingling oil and water. Messrs.
Cbase, Wigfail, Crittenden, Wilson and. others
wero opposite, hob-nobbing with tbe utmost cor
diality. Senator Breckinridge conversed famll
iarly with tbe extremtst men of the Reoubll-
eans, wbile ladies of all polltloal aflloitea, Mrs.
Hamlin among tbe rest, looked imilinelr down
on tbe animated scene.
Below, tbe attendance of tbe Senators was
unusually full, the only absentees noticed being
those of Hon. Mr. Mason, and Hon. Mr. Hun
ter, of Virginia. -
At fifteen minutes to one o'clock, tbe Judges
of the Supreme Court of the United States were
onounced by tbe door keeper of tbe Senate
On their entrance all on the floor rose, and the
venerable Judges, headed by Chief Justice Tan
ey, moved slowly to tbe seats assigned them,
Immediately to the right of the Vioe President,
eaob exchanging salutes with that officer in
passing the chair.
At ten minutes after one o'olock, an unusual
stir was occasioned in the chamber, and the
rumor spread like wild fire, that tbe President
eleot was in tbe building. At 15 minutes past
one, tbe Marshal in Chief, MaJ. B. B French,
entered tbe chamber, ushering in the President
tod the President eleot. They had entered
together from tbe street, through a private cov
ered passage way, on the north side of tbe Cap
itol, police omcers being in attendance to pre
vent outsiders from crowding after them. The
line of procession was then formed in the fol
lowing order:
marshal of toe District of Columbia, Jadgea
of the Supreme Court, Sergeants-at arms of
tbe senate Committee or arrangements, resi
dent of tbe Uuited States and President Eleot,
Vioe President, Secretary of tbe Senate, Sena
tors, Diplomatic Corps, heads of Departments,
Uovernors, ana otbers in tbe chamber, . Wben
the word was given for tbe members of tbe
House to fall into line of procession, violent
rush was made lor the door, accompanied by
loud outcries, violent pushing and great dis
turbance. After tbe procession ' had reached
the platform, Senator Baker, of Oregon, Intro
duoed Mr. Lincoln to tbe assembly. Un Mr.
LInooln advancing to the stand, he was cheer
ed, but not loudly. Unfolding his manuscript,
In a loud, clear voice, ne read bts message.
During the delivery of tbe Inaugural, which
commenced at naif past one o'clock, be waa
much cheered, especially at any allusion to tbe
Union. - i-
President Buchanan and Chief Justice Taney
listened with the utmost attention to every word
of the addreas, and at its conclusion, the latter
administered tbe usual oath, in taking which
Mr. iitnooin was vooiierousiy cbeered. The
Chief Justice seemed very much agitated, and
his hands shook very perceDtibly with emotion.
, .The inauguration ot to-day makes tbe oth
ceremony of the kind at which Chief Justice
Tanev has olnolated, having administered the
oath of office successively to Presidents Van
Biiren, Jyier, roig, lay lor, Mllmore.ruroe,
Buchanan, ana iincoin,
The ceremony was exceedingly Impressive.
At tbe conclusion of the inanguration orremos-
nles, tbe President was escorted to the Senate
ohamber, thence to his carriage, and the sanita
ry, forming as in tne procession or this morn'
Ing, aeosmpanled him with tbe Committee of
Arrangements to ths White House, with Mr.
Prstrtftnskn ettrl thsa nnmmlfctM Af AMnMmriM.
' Bcn,uln nd h Opnimltiee of Arrangement.
Un reaching tne txaoutlva manalnn.
i, - .. . '
truujw ""; " " main ave
duc, uu uw wuwufUDf wt rreaioen
uai parsy yaoeeu uiiwin t toe mansion. Mr,
Buchanan accompanied Mr. LInooln to the main
balls and tnso toon 'ms farewell leave of him,
expressing tne nope, iu ooruiai terms, that his
Administration might prove a happy and pros -
perousone. Ibe 1SX rresldent then retired
. . m m . . n r i . .
uiw rweiaenuB ui iewiw niwraev uma. where)
he will temporarily sojourn Until his departure
from the city to-morrow evening. ,
. Un me arrival 01 tne rrOOeSBIOn at tha Whlta
TTn..n Y. J I. 1 - V. . .1 .
ively Introduced; then the line being formed,
the people rushed in to congratulate the new
iuv hhbuiid v. iu. war were incce
riHuwui. iDsrus wMtunuioe r rreat.
Thus ended, for the day time, the Inauguration
Ceremonies. . .
auuugu mo iuiuumuiwuuiii uy any means
equal to that manifested on former similar oc-
vbmvub, cvcrvtuiuK pnnocu vu uuieuv. 1 no
amplest civil and military preparations were
mauo uy ine mumupai muiuuruw aua uenerai
Soott, to provide for any emergency that might
. I . even . r . . t J I at F? r. 1
arise, lag various uuuie vt wuitcu states
trOODS nOW here were Stationed In OiUerent narU
Of th oltv. the aanoers and minora alona halnu-
In the procession. ...
- - m
Lieut. Gen. Soott. It is said, was near tho
Capitol witn wpt. Brrye company ot light ar.
tlllery, and Ma or Haakla'S command, acting as
lntantry. The tracers, lt is reported, were con-
tiuiiniiv passing w sun iruui) auuiti is aia tnal
tbe General was heard to exolalm. ''Every
thing U going on neaceably, tbank God Almiiih
ty for It."
JUuriug the day tbe military patrols were on
duty alt over tbe city, eod tbe greatest vigilance
was enjoined upon and ebserved by tbe regulars.
ins display ot soldiery in tne procession waa
very flue, but not equal to that ol the S2d of
rsbruary. Ibe companies were quite nume-
rouj, Dutorsmiil size, as a ruie. ineltepub.
uoo association was piaseu m me otaer ot
march Immediately atter the ex-Presidents.
j. me orgaouauoo, uau w mem a iron, oi in-
umpbal car, drawn by four white borres, saoh
with a white cloth cover on, with the word
"Union" In large letters. The word "Constim-
iuu imvumi .iuo. u v. nu uicutiwi
. . ... n . . . ... ... i
wiiu wiuiaturn uaga, wi.u rcu, wuuo sou uiuei
drapery, and oontained thirty-four little girls,
representing so many states, aud two young la-
dies respectively repreacnllng tho North and
Tbe whole affair was under the charge of ten
Wide Awakes In lull uniform, cap. cape, and
11. Five hundred delegates from New York
w.rw,uuprU.u,mru,uK ur
and wearing badges with the words York"
ii At u it
The scone presented from each front was
very fine. Tbe avenue In froi t of th portion
was tbronged.
The crowd extended to a great distance on
either side, aud reached into the Capitol
grounds, and every available spot waa black with
numan beings, Clinging to tbe rails, mounted
on fences, aud climbing trees. On tbe outer
edge, a concourse of volunteer soldiery were
halted, and stood at rest
During tbe delivery of the inaugural, a great
number or nags were Dying, and as tne eun
shone brightly on tbe gay dresses of the ladles,
and tbe stars and stripes, and tbe uniforms and
glittering weapons of tbe soldiery, tbe scene was
exceedingly animating and ploturesque.
rbotographista were on tne ground lo take an
impression of tbe Mens,
Mr. Buchanan was at tbo Capitol this morn-
ing for three hours, and was detained till five
minutes to 13, atter.dlna to the publio business I
signed every bill presented to him. None
making publio appropriations were lost. Tbe
amendatory to the act for tbe protection ol
discoverers of Guano deposits failed to be
come a law. That to correct veibal errors In
tariff act was passed. Several Democratic
members of the late Congress were to-day en
gaged in drawing a manifest to be presented to
leaders of all parties as a basis lor a Union
party organization,
Solders were stationed on the Loi;ja tops on
Una of the procession, to aot as sharp shoot,
lo case of riotous proceedings.
several nundrM visitors from XVew,iotk call
ed on Gen. Scott and the President tbla even
log. Great numbers left tbe city, on tbe even
log trains. ..
Jddge Taney was the first bersou who shook
hands with Mr. Lincoln, and waa followed by
r. tiuonanan, unase, Douglas, and a host of
otbers. On the steps were Gov. King and many
influential New Yorkers; Governors Iloppin and
Sprague, of R. I.; Buckingham, of Connecticut,
and the entire Cabinet or tbe outgoing Admin
In reply to questions, Mr. Buchanan said, "I
cannot say what be means until I read bis In
augural. I cannot understand the secret mean
of the document which baa -been simply
read in my hearing." Mr. Douglas said, "He
does not mean ooerolon; he says nothing about
retaking the forH or federal property) he's all
While some people are in raptures over the
Inaugural, lt oacnot be denied that many
Southerners look upon it as a precursor of war.
Tbo arrangements for the preservation of
peaoe were admirable. A large force of special
police, with conspicuous badges, were distribu
ted all along the line of procession and about
Capitol j (jut their mere pretence was gen
erally sufficient to ensure order. In a few cases
where individual fights ocourred, they interpos
ed so promptly as to prevent collision being
general. So they Immediately dispersed every
gathering of people who manifested the least
Improper exoltement or attempted to vociferate
sentiments Intended to bo offensive or Incendi
ary. The several companies ot United Statos
Artillery, all under arms, were on tbo street
near their quarters; with borsea bitched up and
riders standing by tbelr sides ready to vault in
to the saddle st an Instant's notice.
Files of mounted troops were stationed at
different points of the oity, to convey to bead
qnartera prompt intelligence of any disturbance.
bs turn-out or District militia was quite Im
posing. Tbe National Rifles, the corps whose
secession sympathies are well understood here,
failed to participate In tbe parade.but it Is under
stood they were on duty at the Armory, ready
turn out, ( needed, to aid in preserving tne
peace. ,.
Wasrimotom, Maroh 5. The Inauguration
ball, last night, tor whioh such extensive nrepa
rations naa oeen maae. was a great success jit
was very fully attended, and passed off lo a
manner aatistaotory to ail. nit. Lincoln, with
family, accompanied by Vioe President Ham
and family Senator Douglas,, and other
distinguished personages, entered tbe ball about
o'clock, and after a brief promenade, reoeived
personal congratulations of snob aa chose
tobs presented to hi m. Soon afterwards, the
Presidential party prooeeded to the supper room ;
subsequently some of the party, Ineladlng
Senator uoogiasana ,Mrs, Lincoln, wno were
cartnen, danced a Quadrille.. . , !
witn regara to jar. Jjintnin s cabinet, no
thing defiiuiie is known. Tbore Is still great
pressure to effect a change so far as Mr Caats
concerned, and It Is thought with some proa-
neot of success, lt Is intimated that Mr. bber
man, of Ohio, may be substituted, for him, In
which oase Mr, Cbase will probably take a mis
sion to Europe. ...
New Xorkers, numbering at least &uu, pro
ceeded this P. M. to the White House to call
upon the President. Mr. Lincoln came out-
Stewart L. Wadford Introduced the party, and
the President made a brief speech, at the eon
elusion of which be was greeted with a hearty
round of cheering.' After which several gen
tlemen shook bands with him, but he found It
necessary to break away from the company. "
Tbe delegation then retormea ami marcned to
lbs residence of Hon, S. Cameron, who appear
in answer to their calls, and addressed them
briefly. The company then proceeded to pay
their respects to Hon. Andrew Johnson, of Ten
nessee, at the St. Charles Hotel. He came out
and made an eloquent and earnest Union speech,
endorsing tbe Resident's inaugural without
qualification. They also called on Gen. Soott
Richmond, Vs., March 4th. In the Conven
tion a resolution was offered that tbe leace
Conference proposition 'failed to give assurance
of an equitable settlement of the Slavery ques
tion, and mat Virginia suoum oner no more
propositions, out withdraw from the federal
oompast, and adopt measures to protect her
tights, In conosrt with other Srmthsrn States:' .
Mr. i;ariisie maae strong union speecn. , ,
Cmabhston, March 4. A dispatch from the
aeoretary ot the Treasury ot tbe bopthern Con
federacv aava: the exclusion of foreleners from
k. .nAatlnw trad, and all dlerMrnlnat.lns-rlntlM
u aiiuhed. -The aot of the. 8 th otfsbrnary,
-.jm dq dlsttoctloo between cltisens and for
. Tl
riitfuM. M.h K .Th. r M.
1 . . . ' '"-"a" r
- luaooin was published In extras last evening.
le paper, and Infers from tbe
f ine fon (neutral)
ception of a few ine
la hlarhlw rMnmta.hU
general tone of the address that bis Adminlstra
tion will not prevent a speedy and honorable ad
1 justment of the nresret national troubles. . !
The Jltrnf (Democratic) savs the whole seems
. . . . . . .
l to Da a looeu. d i nhted. rambllne- aDalri anfl
I tbe general purport of the message foreee the
conoiuslon that Lincoln has resolved to force Ws
I dnrltrlnM nrvin th nnt t tha rmlnt nt th
I. . . . ,J . f .
i uftvonet. is cannitin nv eatine-! "uue nsrn
I conviction is that the Union js lost beyond
I hope. If the message Is carried out in good
I raitn. thprn mnit honivii mmr -iihin a irim.
I or else tbe Southern people are a set of arrant
brags-arts and coward. The only hnn left la
anal Lincoln will not rtoaa ha aava " ' ,
The Tribunt (Republican) Is quite sure no
uocumfinr. can na round inniie Amcrlnan atata
papers embodying sounder wisdom and higher
Patriotism, breath no- a nrl ir iaa lino- to all non.
tions of the country, or 'tamped with a firmer
. . M
purnose to maintain the Union and Const tutlon
Inviulate. than tho Li.nt.nral adrlrvaa nf P, ul.
dent Linm.ln. .
" , - .
ThoDrmocrnf (Wentworth's paper) has dell
cacv In clwinw It of tha fn.iiunrl. hut
las it neither wishes nor expect anything at
tbe bands of Lincoln, oan eira tha dooumeut
its unqualified admiration as far as it goes.
rHILApeUHlA, MarOh 6 Toe papers gen or-
ally view theluaugural as a mild though firm
tbough firm
of lofty, manly atateamanshto.
discreditable, unworthy of the President,
and a weak declaration of war against secediog
Staves-a tigers claw, concealed under le.r ol
a. ... .. . , .
PHitAOtLrm, March 4. Judge Vooder
smith, of Lanoaster, has been pfdoned by
President Buchanan, and was liberated from tbe
Eastern fenltentiary this morning. He was
sentenced to 90 years Imprisonment, and to
nay a fine of Q0 0(10 H. h.rf m
months. The fine Is remitted by the nardon
ii s crime was lortrine' ann icatfnna rvir i-ni
3 a r i .vmk
Dira.M,..iii.,.hitli,r.u.i n. d.
pnMlcaB, wa, elected Mayor yesterday by 636
over all opposition,
lbirty.four gucs
President Lincoln.
wero fired in honor of
Hartfosd, March 5th.-A national salute
was fired In this oity yesterday P. M in honor
liincoin s inauguration.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 5.
FLOUR receipts 7.383 hbli. M.rV.t w.. .
ellnine;; sales 10 UOO bbls at So5 10 for supsrfln Htate,
5 1585 85 for extra State, (SOS 15 for superDne West
ern. SO Si 40 for common to medium extra Western.
afl Sfe laBC Kfl ?a .1.I...I I ... . '
v uipiotw uruai vxira noona Uoop
Ohio. Oanadlu flour dall And diuinlntf! s.)a.P.iiiu.i.
mti OriSlC HI '
w "4 vji
BYE fLOOB steady at S3 4034,10.
WUBaT recelnte 7 4e7 bnshela. Market without lm.
portant cnanRe, with a fair export demand: sales 60 000
ouiuoi. aieiiuattio rnr Chicago spring-, 1 SO for
ouria-wniern ClUD, JI VXVilUi lot ililwuke club,
and $120 for winter red Westsrn,
hi b quiet at U7(a)70.
B ARLBV-flrm st 74SP0o.
VUHN receipts
m oth k.k . . - ,
droonin: sale 40.000 bnitMie .t Rr.uranu. r.
?ixId wetern In store and delivered; SiS59 for do at
B. Depot delivered.
OATS-lower and heaw at J2V3S tnr Wtn.n n.
Dalian an I State.
runii' dull and nnnkanffeil e.n t,v.i. . ...n.
, .,ov. -r "
wmawif u,jvi,r piim.
B Kg f dull and ancbsnetd.
001 UEATS-tteady.
ii5Srerj' Bd law"i "' Bbble. at.kGUCo.
tor bIu." ,,1Ue,t " ,Q" 'k ai 14
CHKgsE steady at 9lQ,lo.
lgWuIoKlc heavy atd lower! salts JOO bbls. at I7
COTTOtf-dull and nominal.
S.7.CJ?7.,l,,d,! WOhhd Cuba sold at iii)C
tdOLAidlS quiet. '
BTOCK--dull and alri money In good dtmand at
.I.1?.1;0,!!,11, J 11 ,n Mr request for the Boston
bjt; 15X100; banker bills 0 Sr. E I 7K, M B 14;
quoted I at 84; Har M; do pre tarred SUM; Q fc O
Un? X 2T?5' Beading. & ,0 0
6 2 5. n 0 8 8l' egl,tered MX. no Cou
PwsX,Tr.ur19 s 103, N 0 8'a 61, Va 70K, Mo
emc aiail M,
Cincinnati Market.
JtOCIt-WM ottered at S4 go for good auptrane, but
Sllolted no attention from bnrer.
The estimated atook of PI,,ur in (he w rn.t ...i,..
shown ncder the head cf Addlilonal Monetary News,
u.w ii'iim, Hn, in urn remarxaeijr low, and If cor
rect, la likely to have an lmnorunt ha
prices. ,
wuitAT-was Inactive at 81 00 fol red, and l 03
10 for white. .
OORtl-ear gomaand S3g; shelled Is In rai'.ier bitUr
reqmst at 34 to too In bulk.
XTI8. dul1 n ea"Jr ha at 87c,
BARLEY steady.
KYI ateads as Isst quoted.
WHISKY-drae at a decline of Wo.
ft. Commtretal. Jfarel . . . -
Cleveland Market.
March, 4
Th market is very quiet and no sales of conienn.nl,
reported. llll;ra ar not buy log wheat to day, and
Is no demand for any other varlatv or train. Pri.
ear rnoatlv unchanied.
BiuilwiNBo wile. 100 bbls at IS.
8BBDS 80 hmhTimnih at A3 sn .. iat,n.t, h.i.
Clovrat4i. . ,
Jt'ua-sales8bWsatl0o. ' ,
FRUITS .ralilnahmvn H.nlln,1 ., aa .
508,6SforMr. B.. and $2,6Sa2.75. .
oS04R9 whl,e eoet advauced and I MlUse at
Philadelphia Market.
Flora dull. Wme.y at oei on o.
81.35 I 45: whit common deilverei 30u0 bush. Cor.
steady . w bust arm at 164)19 18.
. ' Wbolesal and Betatl Dealer In
Foreign Sc Domejtio Cigars,
ahs am saame
Smoking & Chew inj Tobacco.
Alio, th btit quality of fSVtt't eoasuntly
on nana.
IiyOonntry Merclunt are Invited to call bofor par
chasing elsewhere.
Bet. Haln and Byeamor,
novSl-wta . CINCINNATI. O.'
Notice to Creditors.
dwln Paneoast and othsrsi
Igslgst .
Jaoob SI. Conrad and others.)
In th Superior Court
,f Fruklia County.
by ths Court, In thi case, notlo I nerehy given to
creditors of Oonrade et Brother, that they present
ueirciame w a,vanuea oy emaavit, agreeaniy to geo
non u oi u aot regulating in mod of (dmlaistering
asslgameDts In trust for Ih bentflt of creditors, paad
April, o, ibcvp, within ix monttis after th publication o
Ulll BOIIW1.
Clerk ( th Superior Oonrt.
Columbus, Feb. 18, 1801
Caspar Klner's Estate.' ,
th tubacrlbar wa (pnulnted and qnalffied on
17th day of January, A. D. 1801. aa administrator on
XsUt of Casper Klner, 1st of Franklin County
unto, acceesea . , . ,
Dated this ICth day of February. A. D. 18C1.
Feb. 18 w3l JdlOUaJi L KIMtlKY, AdaloUtrator
, i George Louis Goelz'a Estate.
i.1 the subsoriher has been appointed and Qualified aa
Administrator ae come wort on in i( of ueorge, aou-
ksuoem, ii ot rranxun vontty, oecaaseo.
- . i Magdalene Emiti'i Estate.
ll th undersipned bae thle day bees appointed by the
Probata Oonrt r,f Franklin oounty.Ohio, administrator oa
the tstat ox tlagdalcn Bmitn, lau or said oountv. d
ceased. , - . y JACOB BISHOP.
Dated February 19th, 18C1. .
Robeit Campbells' Estate.
IM the nndrlgnd ha ben duly appointed by th
Probate Court of Franklin county, onio, aamtnittrator
of th cstat of Bobart uampMii, un t sua county
t)VOQaMdt T I '
a'H thlsMthdayof lehrnary.JSDl. ' '
Merchants and Agents 'Wanted
1 EawelWe Uvrywaha th Union. Lanrer
profit realised man on any otner Branca of at erehaodls.
For oatticnUrs, send stamp to etiS, Obeenal stnet,
rbildlpna ra. ' lAJOAJa St W.
Strengthening Cordial an'd Bloid
I ' i r' ' TTTI1TPTTTT7 - i
riiedreateat ReaeSyin Th
1 eeientlflo and
Vegetable Oompunod,
nrocuird by the distil
la lion of Koota. llerb
and Bark, .Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Barwparllla, Wild
Cherry Hark and Dan
delion enter Into It
Wore Taking tire vuve' remedial 1UrTakInf;.
principle of each Ingredient I thoroughly extracied by
my new methoil of iliatilllnv. nnwlnHn. ri.ll.Un.
blleratinr apirit, and th most INVALMBLB.ieeaed for
roovatinf tn diseased system, and resiorlne 'he sick.
ESf525, n.a 4W"at.l INVALID to iiKALTU and
BAnb.iifiu, ..
Will effectually ears
nivae, uumiiAlHT. PYSFEPSI. janvuine
Chronic or Nervooa Dblut.
and all dliteaaea arising from adUorderaJ l.ivrr or Htnn.
ach. Dyspepsia, Ueartbura, Inward Pile. Adil
D0'e 8toniach,iBiitiiasof Blood to the
bum. Inward Pile. Adilitv or Bick-
u,'oluu,cu. untnasoi moo to the Head, Dull
Mn." Tr..1". yTSl lM"'m:Yl"
i' viaus s aa ssisi i n msis ss nun r Ernanrinaa
or Yellowness of theBkinand
vaiua ur uiifttnaiintf rs.iini
orieiiowneasof theBkinand Kye. Nixht Bweaufln
ward Fever. Pain In tha nu-.ll nf ft., luu h. .i.i.
Duw.au . iu.u-js III iiiwl ii.ttrMainn M M
Bndtlen flushes of Heat, Depression of Spirits, frightful
Dreuns, Uomov. vJSmZZ tZIiXZ?
. ..m.f
Over a. Mllllott ot siottlea
uarconn BU OHrlui tbe last six month, uj u. ..i.
uuiw nas ii laiieu lu eivin entire ntiafactiin. Who.
,uV,w,Lj!aU"frn,,1 weaknes or Debility when Mo
dlate and almost miracnlona rlMnmnMwtnM k. t.t.,...
this Cordial in the diseased, drbilitauul tnA .K.r.J
nervous system, whether broken down by excees, weak bv
lutiiML nr I .... I h.I v. i i . . . "J
. ....u , ain me reiaxea ana unstron
organisation Is restored tn iu nrltin h..nh .i. "
Or others mn-inn. r u.ui.h.
fc. -
regenerator of the system; and all who ma'
17 have Injured
tncmreiree oy unDroner nlu mrM. sin
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
Sod In the Cor
To tbe Ladle.
McLean's Strcngtheuing Cordial
Is a sovereign and speedy core for
Obstructed orDiffloolt Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntnrv DlmharM thMnf r.i ii-
Womb, Gludiness, faintnig and all Diseases Incident to
Ferns let. . t
Thsrs is no Klttaks About It.
BuOrr no longer. Take It according to Directions. II
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate you aud cause
bloom of health to mount yonr cheek again.
Bvery bottl la warranted to give tatisiacUon.
roil CHILDItEIf.
If your children ar ickly. pnny , or afflicted, IKLeana
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
-.t a moment, try it, and you will be convinced.
0ctioii, -Beware of SngglsUor Dealer who stay
try to palm upon you ome Bitter or Barsaparilla trash
which they can buy cheap, bysaytnt It is Just a good.
Avoid such men. Ask lor McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and tak nothing else It la th only remedy that
Will purify the blood thoroughly and at the tame time
strergthen th system.
One ublespoonful taken vry morning fasting. Is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever. Yellow
botUua pr,T,ent dtMue- It Is put up lo largs
Price only l per bottle, or J bottles for S5.
. J.H.ldoLBAN,
Bolt Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLean1, VoliniA nil I lnl.
McLean's Volcanic Oil liniment. '
Tn best Liniment In th World. Th only safs and
eflrtaln cur for Oancers, File, Bwelllog and Bron
chltia, or Ooltr, Paralysis. Neuralgia, Weakne of th
alueciee, Ooronlo or loitammatory Rheumatism, BUff
ne of the joint, contracted ktuecles or Llgamenu
karache cr Toothache, Bruises, Bpraia, Woanda, fresh
Ouu, Ulcere, Fever Bore, Caked Breast Bore Nipple.,
Darns, Scalds, Bora Thoat, or any Inflammation or Fain!
Bodinarene howevre, or ho- long th disease may
MUHed. NcLeaa'a Celebrated Liniment I a eer
lain remedy.
Thona&nd of human beings bar been saved a lite bf
decrepitude and mlaery by the ne of this lnvalnabl tuttl
cine. . .
relieve pain almost stantanaoualy, and It wll
eleanse, purify and heal the fouleat tores In an ineredl
ly short tim.
rwr Ilersefr aud ULber Anlmel.'
McLean a eelebvatad Liniment thm ni r. .-a
J, 'ur "'ccure oi Bpavin, King Bon. Wind
galls. Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Node or Swellinn. It
never fall to oars Dig head, Poll Ivll, Flstnla, Old
running Borea or Bweeny, if properly applied. For
Snraln, Bruise, Scratches, gore, or Wounds, Cracked
Heels. Chafes, Baddl orOollar Galls It It tn Infallible
remedy. Apply it a directed, and a cur I certain In
every Instance. '
Then trifle no longer wlthth many worthies Lini
ment offered to you. Obtain a aupply of Dr. UcLean't
simrniea iiinunenu it will cure yon.
; S- II. McJLEANeBol Proprietor,
' Corner of Third and Fin Streets, St. Louis, II.
For aale by all druggtat.
'In?1?.7. H0BF.KTH St 8AMtnL. '
auirai-dftwly Oolambua. Ohio.
TO AND FatOItl . . , .
T lr l J arb. m
Aiiverpooi, Montreal, yueDec,
The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's first clasa
ii-puwereu vijaa-miiii Dieamers aaii every satt.
relay from PORTLAND, earnlne the DuuJiu nA
United State Mall and passengers.
. B0UIM1AN, . ,t ANOLO-8AXON, .
Sltertcat, Cbesipeat and Qaiekcat Con
tcyance Irani
riatea of Fassajzw to Sorop,
' 93o, ee.sso.
Will sail from tlVEBWML every Wedneadav.
'"' uao every katardat.tallinaat
LONDONDKKRY. to receive on board and lai d UalUand
Fessennra. to snd from Inland end a,ii.n.
irTThese Steamer ar built of Iron. In water-Merit
wuiimuueoi., Binj eacu an xprienoM But (too, and
ererj luauwa u pain to tn com'ort and acoommoda
tlnn or Daaseoeera. . Aa th.vnmMMft Mm tn iNitniu.
DBB.T, the cieat riik and dl of mliin. .t at .lnh.
, - e
U..VUIN, - - 4
Glasgow passenirera ar furhUhed with ntaa passage
-v uiu 1 1 uui ajoDaonuerry.
neiurn tic' (ranted at raduoad rarre.
CertiQoate issued for oarrvlne to and brlnrlnront naa.
sengrre tram all tn principal town of Oreat Britain aud
Ireland, at ro lqeed rate, by thi Una of (teamen, and
raving uTOrpooi every weea. ; ; '
Sig-kt Draft for X and upwards pay
-laatact r Wales, -.
For vasnre. aool at th OSloe-et RltlSAIt.
WAY. New York, and tti WiTI H Ml'..
BASH tt BEASLX, General i gents,
Or to- J. R. ARMSTRONG v
aolO lyd&w Statesman Offlc, Columbus, Ohio.
la. flum.tiiM anil naln anil IimIi th. v hm.
scald, bruise, cut, r fresh wound of any kind, i reveats
swelling and pain irom tie atlnga, mosquito bit, and
poisonous plaute, neuralgia, rheumatlua, ago In th
breasts salt rheum, etc When taken Internally, It will
positively care group ueniioren, ana give immediate
relief In th worn ease of this torribl oampmlati ale,
removes hoarseness and sore throat. Price, cents a
bottle. Should b In (very house. For sale by Drag
lists and Storekeeper. IRVIN BIONB, ,
.11 skn Proprietor, no. l eprno et., new j or
twH4ii - , .. ... ., :: ,
' Gents' Linen. Shirt .Cote,,'
HOIK. Stead Iney Byron. Faidgnty, Renfrew and
other new ahapee. Hemmed Pocket Uaacl kerchiefs Reck
Ties. Stoek. Street and Bvnimff Olovee, Half Ho of
srery kind, Unaertsarmente tad an tinot Of tiente' Far
aualni oooas in groat variety ana at mooevat prior.
.. i BIN ss BON,
hbSI - t i' -i Ho. 89 Roath High stiewt. '
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In store for al by .i,Y- ;. ..!'.
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! Co-Pdrtncrship..
on JAMCS ADOBR BAl e partner In mt butt-
aes,ihloh will ticreaf ter be oonducted ndr the tins
BfBamABoD. ' F.KAia.af ouiamn BU
I.Columlna.feblJ. JSdl. M fklS
e1 ';'
iS aWrtefitiftioiial ti;iije, corrrfpilowof the
blood, by which, this lliutl vitiated
weak, mid yttou J. Belns in the-circulation, It
rwrvHdes thcMvliplo, body, end may burst out
in dim.- on any pa,-. 0f if, , No organ k free
from IU ntlncks, nor is'tliere cmw which it may
not destroy. . The scrofulous taint Is vatioual
rnusenl by mercurial disease, low liviriB:,'dU.
or.kml-or urihealy food, impure: air, JUA
end tit liy hubit,, tne depressing rices, and.
nbore all, by the ventre al infection. What
ever bo it origin It U hwetUtary in the con
stitution, (Wmling from parents to cluldrsn
unto tlie tliird and fourth generation ; indsed,
it seem to bo the rod of Him who aar, eI
will visit the iniquities of the fethWtrpon
their chUdren." - .. t - ' - - .
t i effects commence by deposition from tbe
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, la
the lung., liver, and internal organs, Is termed
tubercles j in tho glandv swellings j and on
the surface, eruption or aoro.. 'i k;. ,i
mption, which Cendcra in tha klrw,fS
the energies of life, so thet scrofulous coastlta
tions not only suffur from.
plamta, but they have for less power to with
stand the attacks of other dUmsesi conse
quently rust number norkh t M.a : '
which, although not scrofulous In thab natum. "
are still rendered futnl bw thl tainr in n..--
Tstem. Host of tlie consumctloti ttljTh to'
oimatcs the human fhmily has its origin direcUy
in tliis scrofulous contamination nd many
destructive diseaaea of the livar. kldnar. hmtn
and, indeed, of nil the -organs, vise IVoia r
ore aggravated by the some cause.
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous,
their persons are invaded-by this lurkin lr
fection. and tliclr health ia
To cleunse it from the system we mast WnovsJe
the blood by an alterative vneHnin. s-
yigorats it by healthy food and .
ouch a modicine we supply In
ouipound Extract of Sarsaparilla.
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of our times can deviaa tnr tM ewe.
where nrevalline and dtnl mnlmlv. Tr t.
bined uom the most nrtiva mmadinfa sh t,...
been discovered for the cxpurgntioa of this foul
wmuiuct irom we Diooa, ana tn rescue of the
svstem from its destructive consequences.
Hcnco it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other aflbc
tions which arise from it, such as Erottits
and Skin Diseases, St. Anthony's Firs,
Kose, or EitTsiPELas, Pimples,. Pcstoims,
Blotches, Blains and Boils, Tosions, Trrnut
and Salt Rheum, Scald- Head, Bimowork;
KiiEUMATttti, SyritiLiT:oandMBRCDnLr.Di.
eases, Dropsy, Dyspcpsia, Drbuity, and,'
indeed, all Complaints ammno no. Vrra-'
ted ou Impure Blood. The popular belief
in ' impurity, of Vu blood " is founded in trwth.
scioitua is a degeneration of the blood. The
particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
rilla is to purify nnd regenerate this tital fluid,
without which sound health is impossible in '.
contaminated constitutions. . e.-
Ague Cure.
rOB tub speedy ccbe ,. . .. ; . .
InttruiUtent Fewer, or Fewer and A BTne.
Remittent Fewer, Chill Ferrer, DaBib ' -Ague,
Periodical Haadaeh, r BUloo
Headache, and Billon FTre. indeed '
for the whols claa fdUeaiasoriwlnat-'
I? u'nr.5wasTaeitt, aik
Malaria of Mlatmatlo CooaaUlas.
We are enabled here to offer tha commusity
ttmedy which, while lt cures the above camniaira
with certainty, Is still perfectly harmless lu any
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in dutrirtt
tfher these afflicting disorders prevail. Ti.it
Ccrr " expels the miasmatio poison of FtvXSX
and Agi-e from the system, and prevents the oV' r
velopment of the disease, if taken on the first an-' '
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not onTy
best remedy ever yet diacovered for this elae
complaints, bat aviso ths chaptt. The largw v
quanUty w uppiy for a dollar brings it within th '
rcardi of every body ; and in bilious districts, whara ' 1
Iever and Aoce prevails, every body should ; '
have it and use it freely both for cure and protec ,
tion. A great superiority of this remedy etc any - .i
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
eui e of Intermittent is that it contains no Quinine ' .
mineral, consent. ntly it produces no quinism or ' ' "
othe, iiyuiiuus fteo . whatever upon the oonstitu
tion. 'Ihose cured by it are left as healUiy uiC "
they had never had the disease. ... ...".
I ever and Agu-is not alone tbe coasequenew of
miasmatic yoison. A great variety of dio
ders arise fiom its irritation, amono- a.kii.1, j
Xmwiit, Hlteumatitm, Gout, Headachi, BUnd- ' '
nris, 'loothneht. Earache. Catarrh. Atthnn Pni. 1 '
pitation, painM Affection oftht Splem, Ilytter-
, ouKta, twic, j arawtii and V- ,
rnnatmtnt of th Stomach, all of which, when'.-..
uintmuuug iu mis cause, put on the inttrmitiuJ n
type, or become periodioal. This Conn " eipeia
ponon from the blood, and consequently cure. , '
them all alike. It is an invaluable protection tu '
immigrants and persons travelling or tcmporahl)
residuiir in th malarious dittticts. If taken occa
sionally or dally while exposed to the infection
that will be exoiotcd from tbe avatptn. and nn.nt
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. Hcnco it is even more valuable for protec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Int.. . .
mittcmi if they avail themselves of th protactiua- " -this
remedy affords. , . ( ri( i r-j
Prepared by Dr. I. C. ATE3 & CO., Lo weli, Maa
ROBtrtTS a- iMrtr.' s.h.i..
bv Druggist and Dealers evervwrnr. '
experienced Kara and Female Physidaa, prSsenu
to the attention of mothers, her
which f rtatly facilitates the proses of teething, by soft
ening the ganu, reducing all inflaiaaUor-.wjll Uay
La rata and spatmodtc action, and 1 '
Denend urton It. mothers. It will sire rail to vonilvi
W have not an andsold this article for over ten mn
- - ...I . '
1 ls"latillll ll a vi 91
what we bav never been abi to ear el aar other riu .... i
AHCE, TO ErFBOT A CURK. when tlmel aeed. Km'-'
did w know aa bntaae of dtssyfaskia by any M ,tai
ased iu Oa th contrary, all arcdeligaud With is . , .
operation, and speak In term of commendation of ita;
. it v eiMew vue - -matter
'WHAT Wa DO KNOW afwr rear' enper , t,
almoet every lasUne wher th uraat I saearlngTrowi I aJ -pain
and xhanatlon, relief will be found let ttf.uaajae )t A m
twenty minutes after thedyrup it admlnl,trd. .t.i.
Tha valaaW preparation It the prescription of one Of J
New Bngland. and ba been aeed wltk NVB R FAU- -
INfl SUCCESS In ! r . .'Uf
TMOIsifTDW r CASES..! 13 J
Itnotonly rellevee the child from pain, out Invigor
ates th stomach and bowels, corret acidity, and give
ton and enemy to th wool system, it will almost to"" ,'
Untly rliw -' - ' . -
nd overwue convulsion, which. If sot speedily rnra- -,
died, end In death. W believe It the BkeT ead taiv . t H
BST RSamDY IN Tllw WORLD, In all case ol DtS-' '
ansee irom leauimw, or iron any -otner cans. W -would
aay to tvery moUterwhoBaaa child ean-.rinrm . ..
of Ue foregoing eeaplaiutaIM) NOT UtT kOllat
siaod between yon and yoat snfrertat: oblld, and the re-
iici mat win oeBUUB jes. AHSOLUtlil,r EUKB to
follow the use of this medicine, If timely aed. Full di- , ' .
notion rot osmg will ccipny ear etn. None
genuin onltaa Uie fac simile of Ct'Rl'IS A FnRKlNd,
New York, hi on the oeuide wrapper. -
Bold by all DraggUU Utroagkoat the world. s ' J
Pvl icl pal Offlc, 13 Cedar Street N.V.
wja., J -J - - l i.t ' .1.- t r-UlYl
. i , r - -' - . - a
, w a.n nil, ai vn lAiiu ittti j ?-y. a. j jt-.
gwe aBN,the uooiVHirO uaiiejbvoha bi.U--w
Ilia . , North Huh ttreet, Ooroer lii tdretand i t ,):.
Lyna A I lev. If aot disposed fb Un of Ajuii, the---Kate
will be for ren. . .. . ,. , i ' TV.. . !
1AIS0, ' ) -'3ki
SO A trass tenet, or for deetrahl CITY rR0rt?.TT. "
Weil slectd stoek f FAM1LX OROt'lBIKS. '''"
.". I ,fu- '-.' AAtBO, " '
Twenty very aetlrabla BOrtcrNCS 10T3, situated oa.-i
Wrii"to avenue, Korth of Sroad IlxeeU '
Jt? ? r to suit pareiaitrs.
IS'. 'St Is

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