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aB. W. MAWY-e?l?llf. Editor.
coiitratiBTJe. ohio-
The Infatuation of President Lincoln and his
fcoiVne'.ixthdayoT laslNo
last November,', m10r
it. f th. rithens of the Notthwa Sttes of our
fodoraev. by their vote for
JVU wiiBwaju vwv-
p.Mn(ial 1etoti. iencred to 'a material e
.... .i. ....iiiniinn.l -rlphts. interest and
aa aua iuu""- --o -
-nof tha citizena of the fifteen Southern
Stat-ivtwUhtabdlng these Soatheta SUte
an4 eUtzena stood upon a perfect equality
with the Northern States ana tneir iuien.
relation to thefed! Union end Constitulioa.
And by their ill advised, mistaken and nofor
tunato action, a tht day, the majority of the
citizens of one-half tho Union WtKnted a rev
alutiosary policy in the General Government,
which, if carried on o the practical fedminia;
tratloo of itt aff.wt, would IneviUbly lead to
lbs dismemberment of our great eoofederaey, and
' la fell probability to the terriole cocnioi oi b.b.,
between the dlaserored part. ;
Th ,'.e of the Southern States had listen
edlcng anil patiently to threat of the Inimical
action that had now taken place, dm wmeu auc7
hardly believed their rational, Intelligent breth
' Wb af tbe Narta would ever 'actoallr bring to
thadrtad teat cf performance. . Counter pro
ctidings st oncebegsn to loom up portentou.ly
throughont' the State which were thus placed
mode the ban ol a fanatical proscription. And
t we obvipM to every swe minded man in the
who! bcantry that between tho ! two sections
thero mart epeedlly either b an unicable set
- ticmcsl of Berlooa difference end mleuoder
tendinga, peaceable eparation, or civil war of
,th aioet revolting character. r. . v .:
In thi condition of thing, the most worthy,
tried atid true patriot and statesmen of all par-
' Us and all sections of th Union concerted to
g ttber and devised eeveral though imilar bc
eentiebi mean of fediustmenf, and need all their
power aid Influence toward the adoption of any
- -t i n.4i (a apmtnnliah th reato-
one of them, In order to accomplish tho reto-
ratfoa and proBWfetloa of th old ana eetao
ilsbed reUtiooa hitherto subsisting between the
State'of the Unldn, fend of the proper fraternal
feeling and mutual Interest tht formerly ob
A tfelatd bctweea tbt people respectivel of the
tm Bfctlon. North and South. ! .
Bat at every tep, In every effjrt, tbe good nd
wiae'raen OTEaged Ja the ' laudable,- glorious
K work of endeavoring to' effect fe peaceable et
naaf hfevebeea soeered at, ducwitenanced
and oooosed, and evea fa tome case abused,
OMvlledaud lautJted, . aBdJtf tha end frustrated,
Jh. tha ihlcanertof the hnBcropul6uB'Retmbli-
' nan" conscirfetora and 'dcmsgoglcal ' trailora
aralast the Unlodi the peaie and prosperity
tbt America people
Thert wat ttill a HngerlDg hopt that the ma
whom th revolutionary party had elevated to
S thoCalet Mgicy of tn Generjtl Government
would duly appreciate tbe position on aumtog
Ita duties, and o ago 1 . mighty lnfl,.aonct, by
thrtwlng It 14 the tcale vt pa trie tiaosun promise,
a to avoid all danger of imminent hostile oolli-
laternecinewar., r t i K
TtHt9PJBt Bw en MWa The M
President baa pokea from fhe exalted itand oa
' watch by accldeat a Btinorlty of tbt ptoplt have
micoeed, tepIcig.ktonrtinleM w art
happily mistaken, h( atters no uncertain sound,
' bat ne that give tb order for battiti He tell
;? X U peopie of tit entirt South," fifea State, and
alto two-third of th people 6f Int wbolt eoan.
try, that tbeyTmost aitber submit to be ruled
. .Atrlct aacordaace, with the . pvllUcal , UnetJ
the Chicago Platform, at h andorttande them,
oeels "atof'th moiaDtots tkatatt of civil
war.' Now, thote . partisaaa -who-' expect tbt
Boutaera State to yield to a revolution 1a the
theory-and practice of fbe- government inc
ttt formation, ' b1.' which" (hey and their
to D9 pfoecriDetx ana tramp
fetereeta art
p fedsoi in. eaietakea :tr :
' tloatt of the cSaiacter of the men whom,
r.lr sectional tbeWT. tbey would, In It praou
kl wortfakfl ibnW anJ 4egra3oS Of 't do Wot
..(-.. tn the ultra of the South. Between them
n thtVlrr?sriibl!Rej)HblJcan7la ,ta
V. . . t. -.1 " 1;nl. 1 .n.
lorta tutrt is, ta vat wyunuu,
.dtffCTOToe; but tbert i a yt body of men,
lorg t and prpndrallng infloet, la all
Rlava States, and la Tennessee add
Iforih Carcllosa who are trat aua" loyal Union
Ji! V. tf ih.lr oonatituUoaal rithU 'art assured
ax! iI11iiaa..d io tWia in atiolt TLlpaannef
wUlenablttlitiaitTfeel Beast from aayBg-
.a; ff-ilv'poi;;yoa lie part of- the NortS against
;; i ' an, lasCtcttoM..: Il.tK Mitt iWi.
" and pitrloo cUsa- of our fellowitisent to
uUU Buua aJvanoW fend' waMttaVaa would
" not only disipato any fear they might enter-
4 tin, but cnablt them to compose tht rising
nd gfowlDg disquietude d1 .pprebennioo
Irhlcb, like ooohiglori, U now dolog lU work
la fell the Border, nd uor conBerritWe Sltr
Bute., and which, if not ioon, la tome conoll-
ifetorr w.y, felUjed, will kflun. tit mM of
(ht people to moh a pit oh to iodaoe tbe
whole Boath to go Into the Southern Confeder-
It la utfedoeM to Ulk of coercion uader the
olrcumiUocea. Patriotiim, lore of oountry, fe
mum of liMtiee. tbe Deaoe of the country, fell
demand that luch acta of compromise and eon'
oeasloa at mkj be occaeaarj and proper to secure
the co operation of all the Border Slave State
the effort to preaerTO the Union, ana to
strengthen their handa and make then Influen
tial and efficient In winning back the Cotton
Statea, thoald at once be adopted, and Mr. Lin
col ahould have reoognlaed and admitted the
aeeeeaity of inch a policy in hia InangnraL
He hai thought lit to do otherwise, and what
is now before n no man can tell. Of one thing
Mr. Lincoln and his frlendi may be assured,
thai until hit Administration does offer tome
evidence which will not admit of doubt, that it
prepared to do justice to tbe South, rery
large body at-men la all the free States will
not consent to any harsh and violent measures
being resorted to by tho Executive authority
Chronology of Events Since the Presidential
It Is cow, March 6th, 1861, four month, cr one
onarter of a year, elnot the last rresioenuai
election. Event of the moat startling cnarao-
ter have followed each other la rapid succession
For th Information of our reader and for fa
tart reference, wt present a brief summary of
tho principal of these events :
"., -. V. "OVBMMB, 1860.
G The election for President and Vice Prcsl
9 Rea ie nation ot J ami tJBXSNtrr, oi soutn
Carolina, United State Senator, and of Jams
MaomTH, U. S, District Judge at tcanesion,
8. C. t
-10 Nearly all tno U. o. uovernment oncers
at Charleston, 8. C, resigned. , '
13 Jambb H. Hammond, of soutn Carolina,
U. S. Senator, resigned.
14 The South Carolina Legislature passed
bu act calling a State Convention.
S3 The Banks in Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Wheeling, Norfolk, Augusta, Ga., Trenton, N.
j., Pittsburgh, Pa., and in the District of Co
lumbia, together with- the Farmer and Ex
change Bank ill Charleston, S. C, suspended
specie payments. '
26 All the principal Banks of Tennessee,
Including tbe State Bank,uipended rpeoiepay-
6 la. acoordacce with the resolution of Mr.
BoTiLBB, of Virginia, tbt Speaker of the
S. House of Representatives appointed tbe
mous Special Committee or Thirty tbree, oonaiatins-
of ana member from each State,
whom was referred that portion of the President's
Mesaage relating to the perilous condition
of the oountry. The people
of South Carolina elected delegate to a State
Convention. ' Every delegate chosen was In fa
vor of secession.
,10 Tbe Legislature of Louisiana convened
and passed aa act for a State Convention. .
U . 8. five per cent, ttock sold for ".eighty nine
cent on tbe dollar a tower price wan any
a. .tnrka had brousht elnoe the laat war with
England. . Howtll Cobb, of Georgia,
Secretary of the U. 8. Treasury, resigned.
11 Paiur F. Thomas, of Maryland, (was
appointed, by President Boot in an, Secretary
theU.S. Treasury. - '
-14 President, Buchanan issued a proclama
tion for a National Fast on January 4, 1861.
. . .. Gbn. Cabs resigned hi position a Sec
retary ol State. '
IT Smith Carolina State Convention met
Columbia and adjourned to Charleston. . .
A ttomev General Jbbbmiah . black, oi
appointed by tb President Secretary of State.
18. Edwin M. Stanton, of Pa., appoint
by the President U. B. Attorney uenerai, .
20 South Carolina State Convention pueed
.1, wHlninc of aecaeaion dlseolvina- the con
nection of that State with the Federal Govern
m.ne. . ' . The Vice President of the United
States appointed the Senate Committee of thir
teen on tat perilous oonaiuon u m cuuuwj.
24 The South Carolina member of .the
U. 6. House of Representatives notified
Speaker that, the secession ot their State dis
solved their connection with that body. r .
The South Carolina Convention, in tne name
the people of that State, adopted a Declaration
of Independence. . . Gov. ricxtN Issued
a proclamation declaring. Sooth Carolina
overelgn, free and Independent State.'
' 2b K. JtSABNWBLL, J . n. .AmaiiiiuBi
j. Obb, Commissioners to th Federal Govern
ment from Sonth Carolina, arrived in wasn
Ington , . . Fort Moultrie,ta the harbor
r.h..iaatnn. S. Bbandunsd by Major Amdbb-
on and hi men, who repaired to Fort Sumter.
- 28 The South Carolina authorities aelzed
Fort Mouluit and Castle Plnckney, la Charles
ton harbor, and took possession of th U.
Houe,,Pot Offlee and Arsenal
i . .
29 John Bdcbamam Flovd, U. S. Secretary
JANUARY, 1861.
The Florida 8tate Convention met at
tanaa.. ,:, . , ,.. . . ...
. 3 rortB rulaalttaaa jaciucn, ta we oaroor
of Savannah, taken iposseaaion of by the Georgia
fltat troorai. The South Carolina Commia-
slonera left Waahingtou for home, having
anmnllahMl BOthlne. "
4 nBUOnai raa. rim iaiorgaa, ui auv
bor of Mobile, token poteession.of by Alabama
State troops, and also tne u . a. Anenai in
. e-WAOOBTHMrsoi,tijataM(Bippi,V.9-et-
Mtaryof tbe Interior, resiguwd. - .J.
Johnson and Caswell seized by North Carolina
Stat troop. '" ,t
gLxamahiB Star of tht Weal, with
and .nrmliea for J"art Sumter, fired into
tht Soui Carolina batteries, at tbt entrance
Charleston harbor, and ooapeuea rettra.
, -. The Mississippi Bute Convention
n in.nn of immaxlku secession. . .
10 Forte St. PblUip and Jackson, oa th
balppl river, and Fori ttfce, on lmu rancnar-
train and tbt U, a. Anenai m mwa ikuujo,
seised by Louisiana State troope. ;. ; . " T
- I t Alabama and Florida Stat Coavanttoni
each passed an ordinance of teoeeeioa. "
Pnur F. Thomas. U. S. becretary of
Treaaury, resigned, and Jo A Dix.of
York, appointed oy.tne rresiaeos w bb vBcant
12-Fprt Barinsa and o wavy iara
Peosaoola, - r lorlda, atuea dv Aiaoama
Florida tmoM. . v ' . Tb MiBsissippi mem
bers of tht U. 8; Houit or.ltepre.maovM
withdrew from that body. . .
17 The Georgia State Convention adapted
an ordinance of secession. - , '. , ", t,5 -
21 Senator Davis, of Mississippi, tht
Senators, and tht Florida Senators,
drew from theU. 8. Senate. The Alabama
member of the V . 8. Hons of Representative
withdrew from that body.
2.1 Th Geonria member of tht U.
Hanaa of ReDretentative withdrew from
26 The Louisiana oW tnrranon paaacu
Ro-aaalna flrdlnanee.
31 U.S. Mint and Custom uouse at
Orleans selrsd by tbt auutorrcn oi xouisi
J Ttnni
i 1 Xbe- Texas Stat Convention passed
Ordinance of neceseloQ. . t; r.n
"4 A Peaot Conference met at Washington,
and elected ex-Prtaldeat Jowji Tvlbb, President.
. . ." A Congress of tbt Seceded Slates met
Montgomery, Ala., and elected HowillCosb,
President. .Delegate, elected In.Yirglaia
La. a. SbatB CoBVOiittan. j J . J i 1 f" 1 -
6 Tbt Louisiana Senators and members
tht House, with the exception of . F. Bodlio-
v( Representative, withdrew from tbt U,
CanaTfOH.. i I. ' : dr. ' -r-r-
The U. 8. Artoeal at Little Rook lorretv
dered to tbe State authorities of Arkansas
U Ths Southern Cpogreaa elected Jgyvia
soa -Davis. PrMldeot. and Alxxaudu H.
ratns, Vice President, of tht Bon them Confad-'
erate States, and .adopted tht Ifclted
Ceostitatioa, with slight alteration..,.
elected delegate to a atatt tonven-
11 The President elect, Mr." Lincoln, left
his home at ByringrlcM. Illinois, for Washing
ton. ., -' - '
. 13 The Virginia State Convectroa met.
22 Abbaboii Lincoln, President elect, broke
p tbe programme of hla route to Washington,
and left Harrisbtirg, Pa., secretly and In disguise,
in a train tor the Federal Capital., if,'
MARCH, 1861.
1 The U. S. Secretary of War published au
official order, dismissing Geo. Twieos from the
army, "for treachery to the flag of his oountry,
In having surrendered, on the demand of the
authorities of Texaa, the military posts of the
U. 8. in his department and under his charge."
4 Tbe Alabama State Convention, which
had sreviously adjourned, reassembled at Mont
gomery . . , AiBAHait Lincoln Inaugu-
ratea as rresmeut, anu iianniml iianun
Vice President of the I', S. ; '
5 The U. BvBeDte confirmed the following
Cabinet appointments of President Lincoln)
Secretary of State, Wk.H. Biwasd.oi new
York! Secretary of the Treasury. .Salmon P.
CHABi.of Ohio; Seeretaryof War, Simon Cam
bon. of PeDnsylvanla; Secretary ef tho Navy,
Gideon Willis, of Connecticut: Poet Master
General, Muntoomikv Blaib, or Maryland; Seo
pt.rv of the Interior. Cali B. Smith, of In
diuia AUornev General. Edwaud IUtis, ol
Missouri.' : ... -i. .i vi ..'.
The Senatorship.
The hotels of our city are becoming quite
thronged What with the business which ordintr.
Ily calls mto to the eapltal when the Legislature
1 in see loD,we have within a day or two an unex
pected luhject thrown upon the General Assem
bly a splendid prize to be gambled for which
la now concentrating a boat of visitors here, even
before tbe fact 1 officially announced that thi
grand price will be at the disposal of the Gen
eral Assembly. The trainers, keeper, backers,
drinkers, googers and lobbyltes of all lort are
cosing inj until thing look quite lively but
there la still ample room, good cheer, and bad
whltky In abundanoe; so we say to members
of the Republican party who want to be the sue.
cessor of Chub, one and all, como on and to
the friends of all who desire to succeed him, we
ay come without fall. Ik 1 true that, if Craib
and tbe Stateman unite on Mr. Plant a the
successor of the former, all is over "hut shout
ing;" and we were inolined oa yesterday to go
for the member from Melge, but the subject Is
a grave one, and we must fc&ve time to' consider,
We, therefore, give notice that wo are not so
far committed in favor of Mr. Plants that we
cannot, if it be deemed advisable, honorably
withdraw our support from ' that most dUt!n
gulshed man.
PI aive tbe followinz renort. in relatiou to
I tbe eligibility of Coshocton a a proper tight (or
!... XT .. '....it.. 1 AnA In .mi. mm. an1
tUB new ACUllcuurj, m pt.w i.jwut p i'c,l"u.
Mach 5, 1861.
Custom In
bama with
' ' 3
Th tht legislature ofOi Stnt of Ohio:
On tti. Mih of Janaarr, 11. an application wu mad
by cltlieBa of Ooabocloa and vicinity, sad placed in
lb. handa of lb. eommiulonora, II .tan. FrankUn.Spoon
racd Jarrla. tn behalf of tbaeald towa and neighbor
hood, as furnlihioj a lullable and, in the opinion of the
applicant, th. beat tit. for th. looatton of th. contest
plawd New Penitentiary. '-7..
It being bow undantood by at that th. OoBialaiioa
mrm Vi... made their report, and that the matter It now
before yoor Honorabe Bodlea, It teema to m expedient
to sail your auewlon t tb. adrantace. which our loca
tion preaeBla. Ana. ib no nni piwa, . yivyi w
elate that, in caootlug a alt. for the location at Cmhoe
ton, yoa will not be confined to a ilngle one. We be
lieve that, btaidN thote designated In onr memorial to
th. Oommlaaionen, then are others equally good, and
perbapa better; aid w. offer yoa choice between several
on ih aaat aide of the town, upon landa at present own-
t hr nr. Samuel Lee. Bamnel B. Lee, John Burt, and
A. O EitiDfhaoten. at welt al on ths Boko, tide of the
river,BpoBthlaBdofA.MBdbtry. .
A. IA aKMBBAL riTWIal orXOCATUN, .11 that QU DMB
taid in favor oi ZanetyUl la eo.UAlly true in favor of
Aooaaarattirr: The 8trabtavllle and InJUtna Railroad
n... thron.h Ooahooton. and either of the litea Pro-
poaed will be bat a abort dittanc from the depot 1b taid
town, and are to allotted to taid road that twitoh'ea caa
b. tmaCB BpoB ut gronna. 'int vara wiu pm
tb. oppoeiM lid. of tb. Tntetrawttand M atklngaai rlr-
an, through, the towa of Homo, where exttti .1 nn.
water power, from the Canal and the Walhondiog Canal,
which there bat Itt outlet Into the Ohio Canal, at any
la iha atatt. 1 The Tntcarawaa and Wal
hondiog rivers between th. towns of CoaboetoB and Kot
os, are created by good bridge., n '
afanuAu: Stone ot the beat quality for ell building
purposei k found IB th. gnttett abundance at varioua
polatt, at abort distances on the line, of th. Ballroad and
Canal. Tail itooe baa basn abandaatly tealed la th.
building of Bridget, aqneouoie, raoaa, o., in ra
perlahabl. under the action of froat or water. Clay for
brick it fonnd almost evarywhere. To the fire brick clay,
pottere" .lay, nod black marble, torn, ref.renc. will be
tmr another head. Th timber of toll tteiioa Is
Bt good and at abundant at any in th. Statt. . .
Watib: Th. beet and pnr.it water It obtained at a
uniform depth, In our Weill la Ooebocton, In tnexhanitl
ble auuolse M proved by our Bteaat Mill and Distill
m. and by the Water Tank .rsctsd at their well by the
a a. 1 an. ria.. at tht depot in Ooihooton: thlt tank
It upon th. higneet lenmoe wnum uiaooiimnw ,iu.i..
T .. . m . a B.n .hn.nl In ,h. hill
the town. Bpnuga . p " - " , , "
wkieh forma th. eaat.ra boundary ef th. plain upon
-hi. ik. tm and various proposed lit! are litnated.
and coBld bebrooght In In plpet. . The riren, of ooorte.
furniah a iwuree which, if utea, woald be Inexhauttl-
bl!i...jTh adiaeent hill eontalni th workable eoal
Ttla, aad the diataao. woald depend, of oouree, on the
aits eboteu.' ue cui v v. .v,
and It Mid to be the best that ii lold In either Newark or
Oolumbot, and to wen in. uis" r
in detail ea thlt point, at will at for dttailt ta reference
already menllonea bi naviug wcu iuau w w wwuwir
MABKBTS-VBr Miw- w .
I manufactured 1b a prUon, are th. aam. aa other towoi
i a..,. h.Tlne railroad! and easala at a mtant of
tranaoortaUoB. The manufactured article can bt taken
... i-t mrnrrad. either by canal er railroad, from
Coihocton, with as much east amichaApneti at from toy
Other plaos. - A-i.,.fc-
uhor. bv Bartons ngwed ta maoufaeUuring.
But th locating ot th. pritoa here, at at any other
tlaoa, woald uraw 10 i. ui.pt .wii w vuiyiu uwi.
1 . -
Any branch 'of msoufaeturlng thai might bt tarried
a la th, prt ton Will not oenfllot with any now carried
bb ib this vmniiy, " " , "rrl
ikaBaklntof coal oil, neltlier of which,
k likelv. will bt Wanosd to bt carried on In the prtson
by prison labor.1 In thlt connection it nay btataiei
2L. -1, ain iha oat tw. rare, utanslv. msaaftMUrlei
s7.il. froaB eanoal oaal, hare been .rtotod within nine
milai of Ooehocton. which require many thousand bar
rel! to son tain it, that could be made In the prison.
It Ii also thought proper to suggeit that Br. brit clay
sad Botttre' elay, or m. "","!"" w. .
r iZri tha Ohio, a vein of which, tw. feet
la thlcknea, 1 foun4 ,n c," Proxlmtly to on. of th.
nrooosed Utsi, ijidnoth.r, two mile, off, not km thao
PTT.r.TJ .M.wr....! and tkaA If IBs mannlte-
. Zd..wana atarUd. wlthla th. uiImo. em-
nlonMBt of a light, M well at of a laborious kind, wool
rTflTTi.l,aa tV th. convict. Th. hl.tory of thli
.a .nshobir.. both In friar aad Kugland
u it know a to yoa, ta to eurlou ind iaUretUng at
gir. rit. to the BalicipatloB that, from ia.h a begin
ning Iher. would grow, io tla..M skill would be auirod
ind at new ditcoverls! and lirtentloni would
brought late uee,-lote lire , aad Bring a butinttt Ml Jtet
imDortsat khaa I. BOW enjoyed by both
tooss eoontriei. There it, tlso, on the Ua aeret ro
nosed to be donated by mr. jotepya.. jonuaon, a quai
rT,..L. u.rhi. ahnut three-fourthi of a mile from
3L alts, oa th railroad, of th kind with
aamnto fumlihed to th. eommlttlonirt, capable of
in, amnlond to Bumy uses, ornamental aud useful,
upeoislly of being prspared la squar. plecse for Moea
le floor! it to kind In tht Stat. Oapttol) bat much hand
lomer. f ' - TT r" T V- -J ' ?T 1
u..t.,rhi,.(.ti.ttsa of mdriiutr of ilils tows and
Beighborhood Ihow U to bo .spa of, th. hoalthlett In
M!loBvi of th. Mut!-
viC - ..1 ... .Lioh ta far wilier ind richer from D res-
dan, la lJuktogum county, to Boar, tn TBtearawat cous
trTthao It M below or abov. thos. pilntt, u well at
th. WalhODUing VUWT, w anu.u - -----
1. .a lumnt from aorlnt and autumn frotts,
a sure guaranty that the euppltea (at prison use will be
th. belt qoaiiiy asa wni ...
i- ...i.i.,.in think It Drooev to deTol. a para
k . .1.. mUHt farorcd br the eommiaaloneri
who war here laat wlnter,.lo tb. eonvenatloni had
with lliem, -It ii- marked on the plat icooiupanylng
on ..plication to thorn, to black Bass, and is th. prop
erty ef Bwbb.1 Lb. Doctor, Lee prrose. to 1I11I11
scrst, and to tell at much mote ai wonld be reqaired
a fair price; in your mtmorlaUitl would undertali.
..I. i, ir it.honld ha nreferred a! a lite. Thli til
1 tot at th. foot of tht hill, about out mile from the de
pot of th. B. fc I. B. B . Is th. town of Ooehooton. Ba-
tm at th foot Of th. nill.lt IS, 01 oouree, nearer
eoal. and not mora than on. huodred yarda from where
the mouth of th. bank would be, to that Ihe coal could
be brought on th. gronod by rail. Sewerage would
had into tb. Tlieerawai nr ou m nnr.u. .v,
iundred yardj, f asaing Bnder th. railroad by t o.lT.rt
tL.,1. hnlltT Aiwltch from the railroad can be brought
on the ground on Ihe tame level, or thereabouti, with
the track-of the railroad ae tt Bowh. .tartlng laid twltsb
, ,u. . rj ths hill an th Bonk-aatt eorssr of
site lot..' Thi. tit. Is Bis. nearest to the etone .uarriee
nnnoeed to be donated by Mr. J. .. dobaaon.Bnd
m.M lhaa thrss fsurlht of a mil frcaa tt. , Thi! Is tb.
Oaarry soiiUaalag (baaldse Ihe building aad atone) tbs
blsek BBUtois, sad also ooBsaislBgi aoaU bat tbs re u eoal
to muoh nearer, u would not oe wsnisa w b""b ""
"".'fi aoiiaa antirJt.dtrtlfloItdl Wttr,eall-
ad the ttui. itooe spring, it iuet 0u tha Una. of this
aMs lot ea ths east tide, sad rise
a. ,k. fha laeal of the eraand.
to be carried Into the epper atorict of a prisoa build
ing. Other iprinpai abundant to th. bills elost by;
f ' v.
hnt na4 an tho alto Int. V.I.. I Inoxhuutlblt IUPPIT
Ma to had, by digging at tbt deptk of fifty root or bna.
oi in uatiiBTion. and nearer wo Bin, as wo urr...
ten to twenty fc.t, ttriklnf tb. hill strata or bad rock at
that dtpth aa It slop. n4r tb. allnvlon.
W. therefor, pray your Uonorabl. Bodlea that tb. n.e
Fetillenllary may be located at Coihocton.
t Jtareh 1, leui. ;
TUESDAY, March 5, 1861.
After a call of tbe Senate tbt business pro
Mr. STANLEY, from a select committee,
reported baokS. B. No To enable purchas
er, cf landa in tha Bait Reserve to obtain teeus
with a recommendation that It pass. Agreed
to. and the bill naased yeaias, nays U
Mr. KEYsava notice that ht would request
the chairman ,of tho committee oa Federal Re
lation to report back hi resolution relative to
a National Convention on Tuesday morning
The memorial of John W. Clark, of Ky., In
reference to the Seneca County; Bank, was re-
fnrrad ta tha coram It tea on Claim, i
A message waa received from tbe House,
statins that the House had receded from lta a
greement with the Conference committee oa the
bill concerning the Longview Asylum, and
asked another Conference. Agreed to, and
Messrs. Key, Ferguson and Cos wert appointed
a committee from tbe Senate.
Mr. STANLEYoffered the following
ReHtvfd, That the committee oa Printing be
instructed to take such measures a may seem
to them practicable to expedite the printing of
bills aud report for tb Uenerai Assembly
Adopted. " w'
Adjourned. -
. A call of the Hjune wa bad, when 60 mem
bers answered to their name
On motion of Mr. VOR1S, the Sergeant ate
Arm wa dispatched for the absentees.
Several members appearing at tbe bar 01 tbt
Bouse, on motion of Mr. ANDREWS, all fur
ther proceedings under the call were dispens
ed with.
Mr BROWNE, of Miami, moved to take
from the table the motion to reconsider tbe vote
whereby the House agreed to the renort of tbe
committee ot conierence on a, u. do. ttsi
alive to the Longview Asylum, to Hamilton.
Oa wblcb motion tbe yeas and nsys were or
dered and resulted, yeas 41. nays. 29, ,
e. .1 -11 ... . . 1 . 1 . ' - i t.
table passed.
Tbe question being on reconsidering, the
yeaa ana nay were ordered and resulted, yeas
So the vote wa reconsidered. .
. Tbe question then being on agreeing to tho
report of tbe committe of Conference, tbe same
was not agreed to, yeas 'ii, nays M.
. Ou motion of Mr. WRIGHT, of Hamilton,
message wrs ordered to be tent to the Senate
Informing that body of the action of tbe House
on tbe Conference committee's report, and asK-
lotr. for a secoud committee of Conference.
. -T-i .... - . w n . mwtTnc.AT tr ...
a Sollon of Mr PATTERSON, n. B. Wo.
326 -To protect agricultural fairs, with pend
me; aoieuuiacuks, was u.vn iruw qb aaoio.
Un motion or Mr. ecu n , ot Warren, said
pending amendments were referred
to th Judiciary Committee. .. . . .. ,
Mr. PARR offered tbe following resolution,
which, on demand of Mr. Hitchcock, was laid
over under tbe rule: 1
Rrsoleed, by th Otneral Atumblu 0 tht State
tf Ohio, That this General Assembly adjourn
iwA, an tna lunirni Anrti. lnrti. .
On motion of Mr. HILLS, the House resolv
ed Itself into Committee of the Whole upon
the orders ot me day, Dir. Mills in tbe chair..
After some time spent in consideration Qert-
of, tbe committee rose and reported back sun
dry bills:
a. a. bjs MaBioe tn appropriation to car-
chase lands in the Lewistown reservoir. Referred
to the committee on Finance. ,
H. B 356 -To amend section 60 of the act for
the incorporation of cities snd incorporated vil
lages. 'Ordered to bs engrossed . and read
third time to morrow.
1 H. B.382 To prcveiit' Inconsiderate Sure
tyship. Referred to Committee on Woman's
' Message were received from tbe Senate, rel
ative to tbe introduction of bills: -
Acceding to the reqnrat of tbe Home for
second Committee of Conference 'on 8. B. 35,
nd notifying tb House of tbe appointment
Messrs. &.ey and cox said committee on the
part of the Senate; ,-j ; 1. .;.., ,i
, enclosing tne louewing oiua tor tot concur
rence of the House: ..,
S. B. 198 Authorizing the trustees of cer
tain churches in Cincinnati to dispose of old
cemetery grounds 1,,. .7-.-
S. B. 24U To enable purchasers ol the Scioto
salt reserve lands to receive deeds. , fi-.ji
Said bills wert rtad tbt first time. - -' ,
Tht SPEAKER appointed Messrs. Wright,
of Hamilton, Scott, of Warren, and Baldwin,
as the committee of Conference, on tbt part
tbt House, on 8. B. 35. ;
On motion of Mr. ROBINSON, tho Uopae
adiourned. ... ; .-,; ,,.j,t u..'..'.t-i
- -.7 fv
Wednesday, March 6th. 1861—10 A. M.
Prayer by the Rev. Dr. SMITH
Bv Mr." GLASS, from John F. Lewis 'and 7
others, of Richland County, asking thepassag
of S.B. 209, " R. R. Committee. J"1 - ; '- -,
Alto, a dmllar petition from Mr. flew mm
and 83 others, of the earn county. R R. Com
mittee.' -". ' .". -- J ;
Bv Mr: ORK, from John Ibompson and
Other, of Crawford County, Baking th passage
ol a. B. No. Buy, ror tbe aie, sc., ot Kautoaas
R. R. Committee. "
Bv ' Mr. POTWIN Memorial from1 C. B,
Goddard, and 64 other, of Muskingum County,
asking an amendment to the law of April 12ib,
185, farther to provide for the better regula
tion ef tbe receipt and disbursement endSafs
keanincr of the nubile revenue. ' Judiciary.' - '
Br Mr. READY John C. Tidball, and 32
other citizens of Cothoo tot county, remonstra
tins aeainst the1 leaee or sale of the Public
Works Referred to - Committee on' Public
Works; -;' '- v:.!t,:l
Phllio Baker, and 123 other ciU'zen of Tat
carawa county, remonstrating against the sal
or lease of tbe rublto works. Keierrod to
Committee on Publio Works. '
': W. M. HemmcKer, sad 180 other citlsens of
TuScaraas eomnty, remonstrating against 'tbt
sale or leaee-of the Publio Works of the State
of Ohio. Referred to tbe oommittee taPablic
' '' "-" i-u .
' ' S, B. No! 236: For :tbe retrieval, "of Dbstraei
lions from turnpikes and' plank roads. .The
bill passed, yeas 31, bays 0. - 4 ' I
8. B. lfo. 45: For the redemption of the notes
of the Seneca County Bank, was referred to Mr.
j Mr. SCHLEICH called up tbe. ppectai order,
3. B. No. 2U9 , To reguUte.thelf 0? Rail
Roads."? : n .'.fAt Ji '. I
Mr. JONES moved to postpone tbe order.!
Mr. SCULEICH objected that tbe iroporUnce
of th bill required It should not be so passed
Sotb motions we withdrawn, and the Senate
proceeded with tht regular order, j j,, j j ,
Mr. STANLEY, trom si majority of th Com
mittee on Finance; recommended the Indefinite
postponement "ot S. B. Nov 255i-Tt amend
sections IS and 14 of the Independent Treasury
Act.' - 1 "' ' '' -'!' " e'ta-i J :iwiT4
'Mr, STANLEY, however", hoped thtTeoom
mendatlon of the Committee woald be voted
down. ' l !' 01 ""
' The question being upon loaeflaltt postpone
ment, it was lost, Tin "" 1 ''J ' 1 i ! ,
'Those- who voted Iu' th aSlrmatlvt wdre
Messr.: Eaeon, FergueoB; Foster, Harrison,
Holmes, Key, McCall, Moore, Newman.'Orr,
Parish, Perrill, Sohlelcb, Smith and Wbltt-a-15.
Those who voted In th negatlvt wtrt M sears,
Breck, Brewer, Bonar, Collin, Cox, Cuppy,
Cummin, Fisher, Garfield, OUi Harsh, Jones,
Leakey, Monroe, Mors, Pott, Potwln, Sprsgae
and Stanley 19. t ''' ' -j
Mr--JONES moved amend by striking tut
tht clause relative to receiving in payment for
publie' does - Specie and speota paying bank
not: st that the effect of tbe bill would be to
require tht Treasure to pay tmt gold and direr
1010 paying pant oi ww.-
and th notes Of en
tlratAi..m,hU,adln.'''iii.J io .- L i.ii ft 3i ri '
Mr. f tiKyuBurj moved to uut out oi in
bill that portion which proposed to amend eeo-1
. it ' f nn I
tion i or toe act. Lost ayes iz, nays zu. ,
Those who voted in the affirmative were
Messrs. Eason, Ferguson, Holme, Key. New
man, Urr, . rarisb. ferrill, ecbietcn,
and White la.
Thosa who voted In the neeallvfi ' were
MassM. Brack. Brewer. Bonar. Collins. Cox,
Cuppy. Cummin. Fisher,' Garflold, Glass, liar-
rlaon, fiarsn, jones, Lifesasy, mouan. luonrou
Mnnr. Pntta. Potwln and Htanl !iU.
Mr. 8CHLEICH, offered the followlntt as an
tn sMtlan 13 of tha lav as It atanda.
vis: .rt t . . - -: - I
Rn 15-Nn RtalB or Count ofUnnr aball
receive In payment of taxes or other publio
dues, or pay out in the disbursement of publio
money, any other lunas tnan tne coin 01 tne
finite Rt.tna ' -i .-.: ' .. I
Mr, FISHER was la favor of a sub treasury
law mir and aimnle. ' i i . ?- "- " I
Mr. llUi.WS.3 was opponeu 10 any ouaugo iu
Mr. CUMMINS regarded tbe sub treasury
aa an Indirect stab at the banks or Uhio, bom-
Ins- that tha Democratic Treasurers of Ublo
dare not avow themselves bard money men,
and carry the principle Into practice la their of-
fiolal character. 1. K '"t
Tha amendment of Mr. SCHLEICH was not
ao-rd to.
0 . ..... m
'I'hn.A nhn wntsa in tne sinrmative were -
Mura. F.iann. Ferirnson. Fisher. Foster,
Holmes, Key, Orr, Porrll, Scbleloh and Wblte
1U, .. . ft
Thona' whn voted In' thn negative Were
M.r. Rpnk. Ri-aircF. Bnnar. f.nllina. Cox.
rnnm. P.iimmlna. Oarflnld. Olasa. Harrison,
Ilarsb,'Jones, Liasxey, mcuaii, monroe, moore,
Morse.' Parish, Potts, Potwin, Ready, Smith,
Snrauue. Stanley-24
nr. r A man opposeu tne auiBuuiueui, u. iur.
Sohlelcb. but was opposed to interlerlng witn
the law at tbe present time. lie wanted to test
tht eystom thoroughly. It is a Democratic
measure, they Bay, and If ultimately they can
make capital out of it, tbey are welcome. The
people bad not vet groaned under It, and when
thevdo. he will be ready to vote for an amend-1
Mr. MOORE concurred with air. rarisn 1
viflwi. He hated o much doctorlnir ot laws.
When th people are badly anected by tbe law
tbey will make it Known.
The question recurring upon tne tmru renu-
inef the bill, It was screed to. Ayes 20, Nays
15. . .' ' ? . . ' ) ' .
The bill wa read a third time and it passed
Thoaa who voted ' In the affirmative were
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Bonar,. Collins, Cox,
Cuppy, Cummins, Fisher.Garfleld, Glass. Jones,
LtBsBey, ractiau, monroe, morse, iuub, lumm,
Rarl. Snratrue and Stanley'. 20.
Those who voted in the negative were Messrs.
Fareuson. . Foster. Harrison, . Harsh,
Holmes, rtey, Moore, Newman, Orr, Parish,
Perrill.Sohleich, Smith and White 15.
Mr. HARSH said he was In favor of the
orlnlnal bill, but with Mr. Jones' amendment be
was opposed to It. - - , -Tha
hill aa Dessed Is as follows, viz
- A bill to amend sections thlrteoa (13) and
fourteen (14) of an aot "to establish tbe lade
nxndant Treasnrv of the State of Ohio."
. w -. . j 1 a.
DICTION 1, Dt tienacicB Bjwtonimii jii-
b 0 mended as to read as follows:
j sicnoit 13. No State or County offloer shall
teen (13) and fourteen (14) of the above recit-
1 J
pay out, in tbe disbursement oi public money,
anv other fnnds than cold and silver and notes
of the snccie bavinir Banks of Ohio. '
1 - . - . .. . . ,i. r-..i
A oiOTlorf 14. . All payments out oi tne ouie
treasury, of twenty dollars and under, shall be
made in gold and silver snd all payments out
of every oonntv treasury, oi ure uouars buu
nnrlf r. ahull be made in sold ana silver.
Sio. 3. Seotlone thirteen ana lourteenoi tot
.him recited act are hereby repealed.
Sic. 3. Tbis act shall take eirect irom oca
aftjr the first dav of April next
- am TT1H f - 1 JT !fti..
Mr. JUiNC.3, irom tne stauaiDg oobhhumib
oa the Judiciary, reported back 8. B 239, by
af, T k.,.1s 4V.b Klin BBv Uf. amflnimnnlal
ftDdTecommeaded ita engroasmeDta. The only
material amendment it a proviso that money
deooalted bv banks at clearing bouses for tbe
redemption of their notes, under which no inter
est la received, shall not be returned for taxa
tion. .The bill proposes to tax banks on their
capital, surplus tunds, and time deposits, Amena
mania acreed to.
. ' Mr. PARISH tnovcJ to" recommit tbe bill
with instructions to report sa amendment which
In effect omitted that portion of the bill wmoo
proponed to tax aim depot iti. Lost ayes
nayi S7.: Messrs
only, voted aye,
Breck, Moort ond Parish,
The question recurring upon the passage
the bill. It passed ayes 26, nays 6.
Thnu hh. .nt.ii in rn. .iii.minTH w.rp
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Bonar, Collins, Cox,
Cuppy, Fisher, Garfield, Glass,' Harrison,
Harsh, Jones, ft.ey, iiasaeyf weuaii, monroe,
Moore, Morse, Parish, Potts, Potwin, Ready
Smith, Sprague, Stanley and White no.
Those wbo voted in toe neeauve were
Messrs. Eason, Foster, Holmes, Newman,
Perrll 5.
. The Seuata-thoa took a recces.- . - ; ?
I ;. ...... . - '
' I Prave'r'bv RV. Mr: Trimble. I :! i u I
Tbe following memorials were presented
referred, j- - ';;, .- ; ji i ' .
By wr- tynoi.,iraiu UUu lu""'" "uu
160 Others, of Stark ooanty, against the farther
Immigration of colored people.
R Mr. VORIS. from Peter Miller and
others, for a feductton of Statt and emafwoffl-
Cer- '
. . .-' ... j
By Mr. tjHABB., irom reter riereoo ana
other, ol Stark county, against the farther
mlgratlonofcDlored people. ' 11 , !
tMW"?2 3talhaDrtw
and 1 Otners, OI voiunjoinnB cjuuit, agaiuoti
20 others or ' morrow connry, tnat certain torn
tnr mav be attached to Richland county. '
By Mr. ROSS, Irom Joseph Cable, of Van
Wart: for in adlnstmtnt of hisclaim.;
By Mr. JACOBS, from J. L. Hnghes, of Allen
mnntv. for a revision tf the law regulating
criminal Drooeedioes before' Justices of
Peaeo:-,-' '; r-?. -
Tt Mr'. REES.of Morrow, from Henry W
Carll and 101 others of, Morrow county, for
chanee of tbe boundary of that county.
. Bv Air. CON VERSE, from Peter Ilaydea
. . VS. ttf A A
28 Olberfl OI rraDKUD cdudvji vr impruTcmeui
Mi r,sa UnnVlntt tliavmi. flMfcl.-V 7
Ut U17.Vs'av '
Bv Mr. PLANTS, from Thomas Mltchel
J - m m, i c . .A I
Soother oi Jeueraou Bauu.j, iur. .u w uuuu
foot bridees n certain seuool districts.
j.. tut m.9 o.l...UaA-i Af Atmstntv nflirorm. -
c- Tr.Mi73 parn;iroe fwm TAfin
.thrl-.in Commissioner to- levy a tax
pjjur. At,iAjw. w. wtiiKms.ivB. ,
a rift - l '. VatavMael In Inrlntv. Arralnaf
ana Jaoiuer. iu.u ji b
aale or lea ortaw run no " oraa.
BvMr. NIGH, from Nathaniel Birchum,
Lawrerjoe eobnty,; Asking nbat the vocation
School Teacher shall be under an officer, with
salary nxed Dy tne otate. v r l-.
-. . . nrvr.nc.rvhr r I v t i
Mv ulr. mcrntiivouw, i juuu , . uusu,
Ir;. and 13 Ctbera aV Huron oouatv, asking
hi notes ot the jSenec. County Bank shall
The following Bills were rend a second
snd referred.
1 II. B. 383 To incorparate tho Bank.of Ohio
and other Banks. Select Committee oB Batik
Currency.- . - : u 'y r"": . 1
H. b 338 To amend section twenty. four
'an --act crovldins for the appointment
ofllotrt of tht Ohio Penitentiary, and
the manner of working tho convicts,"
passed March , loou. remteuviary.
4 H, B. 893 To authorise the Commtfl! loners
of Monroe county to borrow money to supply
tht defisieucy occasioned by tht defalcation
the county treasurerA select commute.
8 B. 193 To authorize tht Trustees of Wea
ley Chapel, tbt Trustees ot Morris Cbapel,and
thtTrustocsof'Trimty.M..E- Church, in
city of Cincinnati, to dispose ot certain proper
ty bolODglng to the same. Hamilton Delega
.,S.B.' 204 Defining the lar.sdlo.ion of
Probate Court of Shelby and Geauga counties,
la criminal cases. ' ' ' - 1
8. B. 810 To enable purchasers of hod
the 8o1oto Salt Reserve, In; Jacksoa county,
Obtain deeds.
' 8, B.251-pRegolatIng the Coramerolsl. Hos
pital of Cincinnati. Medical Schools. -
S. 0. Sr.2-8oppIcmetiUry to "an, b msklur
cerUIn InetrnmenU of writing,, negatlabl,",
pasted February 85, 1820. Judiciary, d. !
f 8. BI 95-To amend lection thirty-one of
aot entitled "an act to provide for tht rt-oganl-
cation, supervision and maintenance of common
. 1 . t 1 1 1 1 IDC) (3 .1 1 J
scuoou, puisea marca iii" a.uouw bub
Sohool Lands. y- . m 1
II. B 323; By Mr. COX--T0 lenoourago the
organii.ttion oi are companies, was reau a tuuu
time, wnen
Mr; COX advocated the passage or lue Dili,
Mr. VOBIS hoped the bill would not DaBS, as
It did not make siifl'mleatly liberal provision for
theflremeu. ;', I .? ?, f t ,
Mr. WOOD3 anuouueed that a mil was In pro
crets moro liberal in its exemptions, and moved
that the bill be laid on the table.
v Mr, COX remarked that tne out in hs pres-
nt form wsa amended In accordance wita tne
instruction of tbe House. He would baye pre-
ferted a more liberal form, but accepted mis bb
an alternative.
Mr. WOUD3 chant ed tht motion to a refer-
enot ttf the Judiciary committee, wniou w
an reed to
- ilia nvuse tnon uiub b revueox
ng.TH of a Fhintbb We rcerot to becanea
UDon to announce the death of Btenben w
Brown, a eentleman well known in tbis vicinity
Us a printer and Inventor of several useful artl-
0les connected with tbe printing buslnces.
Brown ha boeb out Of health for several
naat. bnt haa nevertheless kept up androntin-
ued to labor as much as was in bis power, lie
I . . . 1 . r t 11 . t V.
1 ta Known aa tne inventor vi cruwu a ruivuuru
matlo Press, for orlntinc! in various colors with
one impression, and also for a new style of card
press, ana a quica ioca gsuey, wuiuu.wu. ro-
cnWcd with coniiderablC favor by printers. rt In
tvlnta Ufa. ha was a ecnlal, kind hearted com
nanlon and friend, and a most exemplary bus-
band ana latner. , lie leaves b nun buu w
children to mourn his loss, as well as a large
irnla of acnuaintances and friends to whom
Syracuse Standard,
25th ult.
PoroLATiON and Extent of Paris. Tho Pro
rant nf tha Mainfl tavfi. in D t annual rruun,
thfit i,ni house have been demolished, these
I D0U!(I contained 7,715 familieB.embracing.on an
,.. three nersona per family; that is, at
leatt 22,145 person have been obliged to mov
,i,a nnnraa of tho vear. over and above tbt
,.i niimhr nf removals that annually take
I Ditee. There have bean built in the oouree ot
.be year, 3.9S6 houses, containing loagiogs lor
040 families. The population 01 ran now
-nn.i.ta of 1.746.720 souls. He says the num.
Iber of vacant lodgings IB Pts now is not above
10,998, whereas, In a normal situation of affairs,
there should bs 25,000 or 30,000 lodging vacant
to give tenants a sufficient liberty 01 selection.
RrcoMi A MiLLiowAiai RooerV J. Walker
haaanddanlv heaome a millionaire, by tbe do
nialnn mad fn the United StatesSupremo Court,
in.ni.inB tha tula to a Quicksilver mine in ifet-
ifornla. estimated to be worth ten millions of
dollars. Mr. Walker la proprietor of one fifth
of thi valuable mine, and was offered, not
inne- an. 2 OUU.O0U for it. provided tne court
should give a favorable decision. That decis
ion has now Deen Eiven, ana an " siacr, wuw
i tn nan his own words, "a beggar In the
morn nir." went home to BIS dinner a muiiou
Tbe disastrous condition 01 me cuuau-y
tlon of bis "expectations.
iw, , -r, - Xfl, TH.
Thursday , EveiUBg, Marcn til
" . :.7 ' "- 1 ..' ! ... .7? . jAVaJ A
Social raid ; Musical Festival.
Tmt LiDin br tbi ,.'".'. "
second rutsuxxEBiAJi cntrpcu
will hold a Social and M luteal Feitlral, at th. roomt
attached to the Church, on Chapel ttreet, on
Th. nnhllc senarallw Ara.eotdlallv Invited lo attend
Mualc in til. audience room, to commence at half pat
sight. Doors open at faAlf uait lix.. Admission,
cent!. Children hatf prlcer.. . m5-td.
' 1 'Sheriff's Sale' "
Th. Blata of Ohln
Tt. Union County Common Pleaj
TV. H. Itarey, et. al.)
is to ma directed from ths Court of Common PI eat
Union County, Ohio, I will offer for tile at the door
th. Court Houte- tn-the city- of Oolumbot, Franklin
paniitv. Ohln. hn . . i 1 . . -
Saturday; the 6th" day. of Aprfl, AD1861
oft M the following det.rioed ml eetato, -situate In
Count ot Franklin, and State of Ohio, to wit: Lott No
two, ip) three. (3) and four, (f) la. the town ot urore
perU i. , l 'h - - - - i ' ! ,
Apprsuea si loi no. a; e wi w "
..; ... . , 0. W. UUtfSMAH. Sberlff.
rafcSltdltdtw. - ,,: By St. Davis, Deputy
r rlnter't ices j,uo. ,..-.,-.(
Sheriff's Salo.;
):.,( in )
t s - i 'n - 1
Rk-aley St Brother . i -. - -
ts. i j - t Bopertor uoort.
Thomat Shannon.- I i i .
D to me directed, from tbe SuMrtor Court of Freak
I oounty, Ohio, I will offer for sale on the farm Of Triomai
Shannon, ilx miles west oi-uolumbut, oath, national
ana t0ad, 0n V .;n C'i
I SaturdayMarch the 16th, A. D. 1861,
tt 10 o'clock. A. M., th. following property, to wit:
Mowing Machine, B Plowi, 3 Cultivator!, S Harrow!,'
two hone IWagon. 1 Buggy, 1 Gray Mare, lBay,Man
46 Olwitnut Bomll Horn, and a.lotof -BlMlumlUh stools..
, ViaTSvi'tTO,
onnl . "'
uu Wrv VATT WT k TT WTTT017l?T)0?
lm. U lUU WAlU VYlllOJiMlb
. r wmR
. 1 r - , - v V.T T i e 9 "
.- - H
.o :'- A v:!l
For the WMskeri and Hair. '
'i : -I M m, V M i VI 1 1
Tbe' subscriber! 'take pleasure fit anaounotag to
Oltiitns o she United 8tats, that they, have obtained
A a an.l ..a nnm ...u I .! ..1 fft nflAr In OlB AmeHflan
asd publio, th. above juttly celebrated ami rerldj-renowned
M .1 I artlnla. Tha . .
i , --n .-,-;
, .
) .?
M I ( TTvnflred bv Dr. 0. P. DEXaLINQDAM. an cm.Dnt
for , ,
or a Mnstaciie .
lv.4l; , 'J
tnttl r r-. -. . -
, In from thrse to six weeks. Thli arflol. It the only
. ( ,hj k)D4 b tnDQtl ancl , x.OI1don and
of ,t i,ta uow-rmiute. . .
ef It ii a iieaBtifui, sMnomlcl,oattinR, yet stimulating
a beautiful growth of luKurlaut hair. If applied to
anu came to ipnng up
. araln. It will cure baldhm. snd came
.1, - . . - . t .
place oiui. Data tpott a nne growm or now aair.
restore gray hair to IU orlirlrjal color,
amooth. and flexlblt. The -Cmorja-rr"
an Indiipenubl. article In every gentleman, toilet,
after on. week's aa. tbey would aot for any ontldtration
bswitboatit. . ..jc
The lubtcribensn the only Agents forth, article
the United States, u-wkom all orden must be addressed.
PrlnWlM TIaII.. KAjtfn. a&la hv all Drusiilett
Dealere; or a box of the "Ouguent" twarranted to. hay
the deeired effect) will bCKnt to any who deatn it,
mall (direct;, seounly paoked. on reotlpt ef price
pottage, Sl.lU. Apply to or auoiesa . . ,.
i'v-.i -k nOBACB L. BKQSMAN 03.,
that piled according to
bo MrpMn.
termining ot
r rm li.,....-va ,
S4 William Btreet, Hew-Torki
;X change;.
chased of K. R. WKAVBK hl5 entire Block of
Goods, at No. 103 Hifh St., with the view of changing
my location, I wtlell ustU th. Bret day of April, with
out neerve, , i i ; i'.'V"
t T-OOSTOlw'OASn! ';
Fancy Drest eilks, Prloesa, Buttona, Trimming),
Alto figatee Mmlnol,D. Lalnat, Bhaw.lt and Cloaki,
''Hcgardlaisif; vf '.Cost! I
fcaWslV . P.T.W00D.
t r, k, itvt33 'aud - Embroideries,,-T i
.Xtce Collar! and Sells. Irench, Puihir and Thread
Lao. Valla, (new pattarnt.) Talenol.nea, Thread
Point Laoai, Kmbratdend Collars, Setts, Trimming
Skirls, Laos Barsei and OouTuree, Plain Linen Gullara,
Bttta and Cufft, Xmbroldend Collar! and Cunt in Setts.
feb52 Ho. S9, Bonth High Street.
Editob Btathm a : Please aniounca tlit ntms of
JOHN JA00B H0FIMANN as a candidate for the office
of Towmhip Clerk, of Montgomary Townihlp.
n&ytf. MANY SBU00RAT8.
I. . - I , .
For all TIIKOAT ftnel
inciudlns; wiioopiwc
OOtOHi ana every
Complaint the foreran,
nor and evtn actual
Tho r.reat NEVHAI.a
ural UI'IA'I K, adapted
to every spor.lcs ol Ner
want Complaint., Ner
out and (Jhrsnlo
lleadach., utiesaia
Usui, Catarrh. Tooth
and ar Ace toss at
Sleep, and Bowrl Com
- No real Jaitlo can be don. the- above preparation!
but by procuring and reading dcecrlptira pamptileti.d
be found with all dealert, or will be eent by Proprietor
on demand, formulae and Trial Bottle! tent to Phyii
eiani, who Will find development! In both worthy their
acceptance ana apprors
. Oorreipendecce solicited from all whoa, necenttlci or
cnrloiity prompts to a trial of the above reliable Heme
lot rale by the atrial wnoieme ana retail doalor
everywhere. ;
JOHN L, lICNNEWEIil. Proprleto
Vs. 0 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass.
Roberts a: Barsual. N. B. Mamie. J. B. Cook, J. M
lorColnmbut. Ohio.
Denl?, O. Denig a coni,A. J. Sshuellor k Bon, Agentt
1 - - MOFFAT'S AilFE PIL1.8.
Is a!) eases of coetlreneet, dyrpepila, blllloat aud lire'
affeotlont, pllet, rheumatlta. fevers aud agues, obiti
nat. head achet, and all general derangement! of health
these PUlt bare Invadably proved a eerUIn and speedy
remedy. A single trial will place the life PHI beyond
ths reach of competition In the setlBwtion of every pa
tient, Dr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will be found equally ef
fieaciont In alleatet Of nervosa debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, the eteknets Incident to females la delicate health,
and every kind of weakneti of tbe digestive organt,
lor tale by Dr. W. B. MOPTAT, 335, Broadway, N. I.
endbyaHDraggurtt. . ; . BiAyZt-dkwly
The following ii an extract from a
letter written by the Key. J.. B. Ilolme, patter oi ths
Plerrepolnt-Btreet Baptlit Church, Brooklyn, M. TV, to
tbsojoarnal and Messenger," Cincinnati, O., and tpeaks
volume! In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Mm
WrxiLow's BooTrma Btbot roa CniLBira Tmamo:
"We see an adrertlnment in your eolumna of Mat
WimLOw'i Boer him Bvaor. Now w never mid a word
In favor of a patent medicine before in onr lire, tut we
feel compelled lo my to yoar readen that thi! It no hum
bug wt bivb TKitn it, Aim Iiow it to bb au. it
OLAiasi - It it probably one of the moat luroeaiful medi
cine! of the day, because it Ii one ol the belt. And thote
of your reaileri who have bablti can't do better thjn
lay lna tuppiy." ocw;.rai
' Wn. A. Eatctalor's Hair Sycl
Tht Original and Beet is - the World)
All others an men Imitation!, and ahould be avoided
Ifyoo wtih to escape ridicule.
OBAT, BHD OB RTJBTT HAIR Dyed initantly to a
beautiful aad Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
awarded to Wm. A, Balchelor lince 1839, and over 80,00
applications have been made to the Iltlr of bit patrons
of Ml famous dyei
WM. A. BATCHELOB'B IIAIB DTK produces a ecl
or not to bs diitlngaiibed from nature, and Is warranted
not to injure In the least, however long It may bs contin
ued, and th 111 effects of Bad Dyes remedied; the Bali
Invigorated for life by thin iplendld Dys. -
gold In all cities and towns of the tlalt-d Statea
DruKgliti and Fancy Goods Dealer!. .
IQThe Oenuln. bat the name and addren upon a Steel
plate engraving on fonr tides ot a&ch box, of WILLIAM
A. BATCHBLOR, Aridrnea
JyK wlv 1 Barclay itreett New York.
T, CoBBttmptlTe.
Tb Advertlttr, having been rtitored to health In a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after baring! offered!
snl yean with a severe long affection, aad that dread
dlieaie, ConiumpUon U acxlout to make known to bit
fellow-iufftrert the meant of cure.
' Toallwhodeaire lt,he will tend a copy of theprescri
tlon nted (free of charge), with the direction! for prepa
Ing and using thi aame, which they will find it'll Qv
for CoKicart ion, ArraMA. Brokcbitu, ate, Tht only
object of the adrertlser 1b sending the Prescription Is to
benefit the afflicted, end spread laformation which he con
eel vet to be Invaluable, and he hopes every sufferer will
try hb remedy, as It will sett tcsa nothing, and may
prove a bleuing.
Parties wiihing the prescription will please address
. -, , . Willlainabnrgh,
Klnrv Ocmnty, K.w York.
oct3:wly .i .,!. -: . . i
v r W. A.' Batchelor'i Hair Dye! ; ,
Thlt splendid Balr Dye hat no eqnal Initantaneoui In
effect Beautiful Black or Natural Brown no staining
the tkin erlujuilng tilt Hair rrmoaieitneaarar an
ilfect of Bad Dyaa, and invigorates th hair, for life,
irons' at genuine anlMiitgnad "W. A. Batchelor."
Bold everywhere.""- -;-.--!;'. " 1 V:'-'
CBA8. BATOQELOR, Proprietor,
Jyl2:wly . ' 81 Barclay Stmt, New Tort.
' WM, KNACE & CO., '
NOB. 1, 3, S and 7 N. BUT AW BTI
" Offer for sal. their oelebrate
GOLt)EN MEDAL, '' i " V.n . ' v
Being highly recommended by tb. first Profctson and
Mualcal Amateurs of tbs Country, and
-iVIV. a I -. BTVXtCARB.
Tbt- moat faiUdloas customer may rely upon being
pleased m .very respect.
I-Tarmi liberal. WM. KNABB h CO.
'I, - , BHLTZEB JaWEBBTIR, Agents,
't octSrl;lydw. t, Columboa Ohio.
. J ADVBmi8EallT. v
. 1 For th I5BTAUT RBLIIf
v and PIBMANBKI 0UBJI of lb
diltreailnj ooroplalnf Bit
. , JEN DTB .;:.- da:.
UalebyO. B. BIYM0TTR fc CO., 107 Hauaa Bt,, If. T.
- fries tl per box; tent free by pott..
mayu-dctwlyn ,,.,:,,;:... ...
. Alexandre's Kid GloVefV1?
QUBTAIRB aad regBUrahap. Black Kid Olovet,
embroidered in white, magenta, purple, fco. Undressed.
, A eomp
Kid Gloves, sf istei Kid Olo-et.
aplett assortment
of thea. celebrated Qlovei alwura for sals br
BAiti at sun,
i ft3
. r Ne.BSBouthBlghitimt.
A at Ktatpla AttlclB, will furniah .aploytaent lo
a fsw acttva bmb to act a. agouti for thai! boast. A
preference will be given to thos. who art well acquaint
td In th. ddtrlot for which they tpply. , . . -
for which sorvloes tbey are willing t- py salary
of from . ci i .. -. ii ( r'.-,;ciup f.j
$600 to $800 ptr year, r and jpsnts.
Tor farther particulars addreas I . n. i. j j
.-; ; 1 ,-. .3 and 9, Xxchanse fjac,
1 )an30-d3m. '-"' JerseyJOIty, B. J.
made hi the the omen of thlt Bank, January IrSth,
1861, to wit: Wa. A. Putt, Prealdeut, and Tbobab
M oqbib. Oaihler. raalmd their offiM. David Tavlok.
Riq., was then .looted President and WM. A. I'latt ap
pointed OaiMeT, - -
ny order or m Beard or rirojii.
fob 9, KOl-dtf. ... -r W A. PL ATT, Csahlar.
BdnsrlorOrleotalf . .:.t'r r., f
u. -. rise Kaaaietv, i.-v : i .-(
, !..... yoar Aces, (extra) x t- -.i..n
nt-if i) tif i Americaa Bhag, - -
-Bird'i Bye, (Union)
In nakaSeSI 'afaoKentacky Am cut in barrtii audhslf
Barrets, in. store aad for sals by -, . .
ftbll ,''u-' .BiMeamaa Building.
Wanted: to bentno. 4ti,
Bait Oav street, eta roosii, 1 100.- Also, No. I I'M
904, Oak street, tlx rooms, stable, fee, lt3..lcX
There I a wall, 4U.VAnd cellar to .ach. . ilnaaira at
the prsmlsrt. buu.jmi.

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