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. The Adams Express Company places us dally
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The American Express Company has Our
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The AiuaiCAN Almanac rot 1861. Thla
valuable "Repository of Useful Knowledge,'
,.T' published by Caesar, Nichols, Lii k Co., Bos-
. ,. ton, i for sale at Randall it Aston ', in thla
city. Every mau ueedi an Almanac, and Juat
" tuch a manual of information aa the American
. Almanao it
BtiTde the Astronomical Department, the
Almanac for thii year has an interesting paper
upon Meteorology. It hag also an elaborate
and valuable article upon Fleuro Pneumonia
' la the Second Part, it hag a full liat of the
Executive and Judiciary of the General Gov-
ernmeut, including the chief offloers and clerkg
of the several Department, and the Court of
" Claims; of the Collectors of Customs, of Poet
'.' toasters in the principal plaoes, of Army and
Navy Peneion Agents, and of the Indian Su
perlutendents and Agents; of our Minlatera and
Consuls in Foreign Countries, and of Foreign
Ministers and Consuls in the United States.
'.'.The titles, ' Commerce and Navigation, and
Revenue and Expenditure, with those of the
Pot ?ffice; Mint, and Public Lands, show
the receipts and expenditures of the Govern-
meet under tbelr several beads, the publio
debt, the Imports, exports, tonnage, coin
age, sales of land, and the operations of the
Post Office Department for eaohyear, einoe the
adoption of tbo Federal Constitution. Tables
.. are given of the Fineness, Weight and Value of
foreign gold and silver coins; of the Railroads in
this country; of Telegraphs and Submarine Tel
cgraphsj of Colleges and Professional School
in the United States; of the Population of the
ever! States at the decennial periods, inclu
.alng the census of 1860; of tho Debts, Property
..and Expenses of the States; and of the Times
of the State Election, and the Meetings of the
State Legislatures. '".'"
The European part of the work gives the sev
eral States in Europe, with their forms of gov
ernment, tho names, titles, and dates of acces
sion of the reigning sovereigns, and the area and
populations of the several countries.
It also
gives tho Royal Family, the Ministry and Ju-
. dietary of England, and the Ministry of France.
We have only given a meagre outline of some
. of theprinsiple features of the American Alma
nao for 1861. It contains a mass of informa
tion which can hardly be obtained In any other
eroik in 60 condensed and cheap a form:
Arrivals at ths 0. P. In addition to the
convict already mentioned as having arrived
at the Penitentiary, we report the following:
llattias Andersn, Mahoning Arson.... Sreerel
Bylvanns Waneetier, " urana Larceny.. 1
Wa. Harris, Jefferson Burglary and Larceny.. 3
James Lee, Highland Horsestealing..... 3
Beverly Drain, " Assault with Intent ' to
oomnit rape .....4
Mary Young, aliat Cable, Olerment Arson.... 8
ilenry Smith, Clermont Stabbing with Intent to
wound 1 year
Benjamin Blockwell, Olermont Arson 3 years
re'.er Bonn, Vultoa tioree stealing a
HtMlLTOI couimt.
Wn, Abley, Grand Laroeny
Caroline Ashley, "
6eo. W. Hichards, Aurglary ,
George Retae, ...... i
Wn. Johnson, "
David Wright' - "
.8 years.
Jaaei Stanley, Grand Laroeny.
Patrick Bmlth.ntterinx and nubllshlnt oountarfelt
' hank notes. q 3 years.
Jameo Hampton, attempting to pass eouateneu
coin .-3 years.
Bayard ReevM, Qrand Laroeny : "
Ohas. Beilker, " , . 4
Hannah Reilker, " " 4 "
Wa. a. Drake, having In possession and secretly
' keeping Instruments for counterfeiting gold
, coin S tears.
One of the above female convicts from Ham
ilton oounty bas with ber an Infant about three
moctbJ old. Here surely is aa Instanoe where I
. the Innocent la made to suffer with the guilty.
PaostTE Cooat Criminal Tesm. The fol
lowing petit larcenycaseo hare been disposed of
as follows: ,c I
State r. Samcil Bocua Plea, not guilty
Sentenced to a floe of tea dollars and costs,
and fifteen days In dungeon. '
State v. John Hislie Plea, not guilty I
tlentensed to a fine of twenty dollars and costs,
and twenty days la dungeon. i
iStatit. John Coyest Plea, guilty Sen-
ionced to a flue of ten dollars and oosts. !
' '.; S)tati r. Goerdon Follik Plea, not guilty
, 'ltrf trial fRxutr for prosecution, and Wasson
for defendant'. Verdict, guilty Defendant's
counsel filed a motion fcr a new trial. I "
: i 1
Motes' Ni r System or Cotting Gasments
This invention, by means of varied lines op
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ness and dispatch. 1 This Is said open aotuat
examination and trial. The charts for cutting
jgarmrnts by this; system may be obtained of
Jdr. and Miss Nsipi.Es, at the United Slates
Hotel." ':
- ' '"''j
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i-. ',jejr. v urn -. h;hi,
-' - ' em i i . I "
Tab Weatheb. On Monday afternoon, Im
mediately after the1 Inauguration of "Old A ax," I
' ' the weather, which bad been remarkably warm I
and pleasant, suddenly changed, and has beea
ged, ana bas been
wriyAL by the. La-
cold and blustering ever flnoe.
- it a . , , i i
. CSocial . aim MpsICAL F W
dies of the Second Presbyterian Church, on to
morrow (Thursdaj) evenlne. See advertlee-
nient. -
: :-'Jvl C . i , . sea i
, n Cobt .or Common Pleas. The Court and
' Jury were engaged this forenoon Id the trial of
: w vsss or bajwewald t.;Boi, whicH was
oommenoed yesterday morning. j
;"? .'CTMapasi Demoust's Spring Patterns, Juat
. , k received by Miss C.' E Teed, No. 81. Jllgh
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ue tsum.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Malls for New York OUT. Boston. Albany, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, Slenbenvlllo way. Cleveland, Zanesvllle,
Newark, Granville, Washington Oltj, Baltimore, Phila
delphia and New Orleans, olose dally (Bandars except
ed) at 7X o'clock p. m.
A through nail (or New Tork and Cleveland eloaes
asuy (Bandays excepted) at 1 o'oioek p. m.
0. 0. a 0. B. H. way atatl cloaas dally (Bandays ex-
oepiea; ai 1 o'oioek p. m
Central Ohio Way
at 1 o'clock n. m.
nail closet dally (Bandars actpttd)
Cincinnati way Mall oloset dally (Bandays excepted) at
j o 010c p. m.
Chicago, Dubnque, Delaware, Marlon and Worthing,
ton Mall eloeea dailv (Bandars excepted) at 1 o'clock
Malli for Tenia. Rnrlnrfleld. Dayton, Toledo. Clnoln'
natl. Indianapolis. Louisville, Bt. Louie, and Detroit,
clows dally (Bundayi excepted) at 7K P- n
A through mall to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
Closes dally (Sundays axoepted) at 1 o'clook p. m.
Urbana, Pique, Tiffin and Union City mall closes dally
(Bandays axoepted) at ?X o'clock p, m.
Lancaster, Logan, Nolsonvlllo, Olrolevllla, Ohllllcothe,
Portsmouth, Washington, 0. H-, Athens, Marietta and
Blllsboronih, malls close dally (Sundays excepted) mita
o'clock p. m.
last way Mall by National Boad to Zanesvllle, olosos
dally (Bandays excepted) at 11 o'clock a. ns.
Ilarrlsburgh Malta eloee dally (Sundays excepted) at 1
o'oioek p.m.
Mt. Vernon Mail. bv war of Westervllle and Sunbnrv.
doses daily (Sundays excepted) at 1 o'clock p. m.
Dublin Mail oloeea dally(Bundays exoepted)at 1 o'clock
p. m. .
naue irum new lora, 0USIOD, roiiaueipuw, Aiuauy,
Pittsburgh. Cleveland. Barton. Toledo. Xenia. Detroit.
Bpringfleld, Oinolnnatl, Ohlllloothe, Bt. Louis, and all
Southern cities, arrlre between the hours of 80 clock p.
m. and 4 0 clock a. m.
Malls from Indlananollx. Ohlcaro and Dnbnnue. arrive
at a:wa. m.
Mails from Washington City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zanesvllle, Newark, Bteubenville, Mt. Vernon, and the
u. v. H. a. way Mail, arrive at o'clock p.m.
Way Mall from Cincinnati, arrives at 8 o'clock p. m
LanoasUir Mall arrives at 3 W o'clock D. m.
last Way Mall over the National Koad. arrives at 11
0 ciocxa. m.
Mt. vernon way Mall arrives at 11 :00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrives at 9 o'clock p. m.
Urbana Way Mall arrives at 8 o'clock D. m
Hirrlsburgh Mail arrives at 11 o'clook a. m
Offloe doltverr onen everv dav (axceot Bundav.) from
"X o'clock a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Sundays
from 7X to 8 0 clock In the morning, and from a to 8 In
Rail Road Time Table.
Lrrru Mum 4c Oolchsps It Xtifla B. K.
Aooommodatloa 6.10 A. M.
No. Six 8.30 P.M.
Night Express 8.44 A.M.
0.15 P. M.
2 30 P.M.
9.49 A. M,
OLxvnaas, Oolcvscs a CutcunuTi B. R.
Express and Mall 3.00 P. M.
Night Express 3:24 A. M.
1.40 P.M.
1:30 A. M.
8 30 A.M.
S to P, M.
CcmuLOaio B. R. '
Ixpress Train....-". .... 3.00 .. M
Mail train. S.40 P. M.
Ixpress Train 3:00 A.M.
Mall Train S.4UP.M.
8.30 P.M.
S:M P.M.
OotcusDa it 1uxikl E. R.
lOolumbut, flu.ua a Indiana B. .
Ixpress Train 8:10 A.M.
Ixpress Train 8:45 P. M.
11:10 A.M.
8:10 P.M.
IirnsisTiNO. If housekeepers really under.
stood the Rreat difference that exists between
different brands of Saleratus, aa to quality,
purity, and consequent reliability and healthful-
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rtM 60818 TOn D0 mott tnan nJ f tne Werto'
articles which are In market, He Is using a
new process of refining Saleratus, by which all
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at no other establishment In this country. Tn
quality of the Saleratus produced by this pro-
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Ot Co.'S Saleratus Ig for Sale by moat grocers and
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IL7 See advertisement of Prof. Millie's
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Manafaelatere of sail kind ! Por
table an Htotionarr steam ko
Klaea, Haw nillsi, Urlat Wllla,;
VcM ice, j
.at. B. DVT ALL Statenllt C01UMBU3
t CO. Btatmlllll I
(W Portable Knwlna and Saw Hill
Wu awarded Use first premium of 850 at the Indiana
State lair for 1?C0 over Lane at Bodley's on aecotaat of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy .of fueli
and superior charaoter of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Xnirlne was awardid at the same Fair
the Bret premium of 8H00.
Our Portable Mnglne was awarded the flret premium of
f 100 at me ralr at Mempnie, xenn.. over tsianay s m
rail's. Ooiambas Macbine Go's., and Bradford As Co's.,
by a eommlttee of practical Ballroad Bnglneers. j
yor price ana terms aaareee
- W1LLABD WABNXR, Treasurer,
decS-dfcwlyeots. Newark, Ohio.
rl r
from the New YorkObaerver.1 ' " I
As all nartlee manufaeturlet Sewln Machines are ob-
llxed to nav Mr. Howe a lioense on each maohlne sold,
and are a so compelled to make returns te him, under
oath, as to the number sold, his books give aoorreetstatt
aent. From this reliable source we have obtained the
following statistics. Of the machlnos made In the year
IB59, there were sold, . j
By Wheeler a. Wilson .81,303
i ,. X. H. linger At Co 10,933 ! 'V
. . " Graver Baker , 10,230 I--
ghowlne the ealea of Wheeler Wilson to he dovllt
tnose or any outer vompany." i
Awarded the highest premiums at the '
United States fairs of ISM. 18i8 and lS'iO; ,
e alsoat the I
Ohio Hate Fairs of 1850 and 1810)
- and at aeaily all sue Oounty Ifairs In the State.
Our prices, at the lata redocUon. art at low at anv
loot tiich machlae now sold, and bnl a trifle htshot than
the Interim (wa Mrad etain iHc muuMnet, now
forced upon the market. i . t
the WHSBLia WILBOH MAOuINI Bakes the
Lock Btiob the only one which oannot be raveled. It
Is Aula on Born giro of the goods, leaving no rdg or
eMinonOit under.tide.
All maoMnt eorrMUa 3 year, owed iajfreicHo
glren in their use. Tree or coarse. , ,
. WM. ITJMNBJfl at o5,
dec3 aawrHmmwflm Pike's Opera House, Clectnnatl.
. AX.: !
ItnWdtf ' J. 0
Diiiolation of Co-partnership
mns firm or J. h. briith ti go
X. la this day dlatolred by aotoal eonsent. ,
n. noa uu.
feKrdlmo . - A. O. BKU8H.
Flour I riourl
rainiiv frntin irv nnnrrn
U.X. age
,. Md aa. rrjk. 1 Ti
84 W. High street.
G.m?EI ?"' StilSHTII. - t
Allslsee tod daaliilesi ain nnva idtiti at
supenormaae, tor tale by rath nnv.
""" . No- 8e South High street.
HUSkk AND t)0'l"sA MOII-fcej,,, 1
do .-a . i'wuee. . .i
Bed OoTdtandOaBJle Wick, i. , I n
tortale by M'SJtE It BlSTIBATji
High Street
caAnV -
From Washington—The Cabinet—Address of
President Lincoln to the Delegates From
Massachusetts, &c, &c.
Senate chamber was densely crowded to day
Before the members were called to order, the
utmost anxiety was everywhere expressed to
learn the lormation or the Cabinet, rue gai
lerles were about two thirds filled.
The Senate mot at 1 P. M. The prayer was
made by the chaplain, especially In behalf of
tne rresiaentor the united States.
On motion of Mr. Hale, a Committee of two
was appointed to wait on the President, and In
form him that the Senate was ready to reoeive
any communication he miebt be nieasea 10
Messrs. Hale and Douglas were appointed
suoh Committee, and immediately prooeeded to
perform their duty.
i ne senate here took a recess tin :au r. m.
On the Senate aeain comine to order, Mr,
Hale reported that the Committee bad per
formed tbeir doty, and the President Informed
them that he would forthwith communicate in
writing. After a short Interview , Mr. Nicollay,
the private Secretary of the President, appeared
with a message, when, on motion of Mr. Hale,
the Senate went into executive session at half
past 4.
The following gentlemen were confirmed as
members of Mr. Lincoln's Cabinet:
Hon. Wiluam H. Siwaid, Secretary of Slat.
Hon. Salmon P.Cbasi, S tertiary of the Treat-
HON. Simon Camhon, Secretary of War,
Hon. Gideon Willis, Secretary of the Navy.
Hon. Montobmcst Bla, Pott Matter Otn-
Hon. Calib B. Smith, Secretary of (As Inte
Hon. Edwaed Bates, Attormy General.
The votes were unanimous lor all excent
Bates and Blair, four or five votes being east
against each of these gentlemen that many ch
eating 10 tnem necause tney were unwiiiine
tnat any one irons tne sieve states snould eo
into tne anmei.
A large orowd assembled around the doors.
anxious to near tne result ot tne session .
Several State delegations thla mornlmr. at
dinerent times, pam tneir respects to President
Lincoln ; prominent among tnem were those from
Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The latter,
as did the former, assembled In the east room,
wnen Mr. .Lincoln maKiog nis appearance, Air,
Hanscom introduced Hon. Charles It. Train.
who, In briefly addressing Mr. Lioooln, said :
Massachusetts had read bis Inaugural, and
would stand by it, and that from none would it
meet with a more oordial support than the Old
Bay State.
Mr. Lincoln replying, said substantial! v: . I
am thankful for this renewed assurance of kind
feeling and confidence and support of the Old
Bay State, in so fur as you, Mr. Chairman, have
expressed, in behalf of those you represent, your
sanction 01 wnat 1 nave enunoiatea 10 my in
augural. This Is very grateful to my feelings.
The object was one of great delicacy, in pre-
.entino- mv viewaat the onenlnsr of an admlnia.
tratlon under the peouliarcircnmstancee attend
n mv entrance noon the official duties.
Connected with the Government, I studied all
the polntelwith great anxiety, and presented them
wit0 whatever of ability and sense of justice I
coma Dring to near, it it meet tne approbation
of our rood friends in Mannhnitte. leti.ll ho
exceedingly gratified, while I hope it will meet
the approbation 01 our Irlends everywhere. 1
.m thankful for the expressions of those who
have voted with us,
and like every other man
of you, I like them
oertainly as I do others
As President, in the administration of the
Government, I nope to be man enough not to
know one citizen of the United States from the
other, (cries of "good!") nor one section from
the other. 1 shall be gratified to have the good
friends of Massachusetts, and others who have
thus far supported me in these material views.
still support me In carrying them out.
rar. Lincoln excused nimseit trom lurtber
remarks, on account off pressing business, and
tnerelore retired witnout further ceremonies
than a farewell.
Gen. Seott and Secretary Holt were also vis
ited. .
Geo. Scott made a brief patriotic and friend
ly speech.
Mr. Holt expressed himself honored by the
visit, and his regret that the brief time he had
oupied the War Department had not enabled
him to do more for the country.
Alaior Anderson up to the 4th ot March bas
continued to speak of bis condition as safe, and
to express his opinion that a reinforcement bad
better not be seut to him.
The point of diueronce between the two
Houses on the bill reorganizing the Patent Of
fice, was in reference to the extension of pat
ents. The House bad amended it, providing
that no patent should be re-issued whep the
Commissioner was satisfied that both the In
ventor and assignee had netted $100,000. The
Senate amended the bill by confining that
amount of profit to the Inventor alone. The
committee 2 of conference consisted ot
Messrs. Douglas, Cameron and Fitch, of the
Senate, and Cox and Barr, of the House, who
adopted, in place of what is above stated, the
following: "All patents hereafter granted shall
remain in force seventeen years from the date
of issue, and are extensions of such patents Is
bcreby prohibited." lot bill was tnus passed.
It stops all the corruption and Intrigues as to
present patents in Congress, and all patents
granted after this passage cannot be renewed at
the Patent Office.
The drafts drawn by Ei-Secrctary Dix on
the Assistant Treasury at New Orleans, to pay
for work done on the Custom House, and also
the drafts by Ex-Postmaster General King on
the same offloe, in connection with the Ipoatol
servioe, amounting to between $300,000 and
$auu,uuu, nave been returned unpaid.
The resignations to alt. Buchanan or bis uab-
inet olBoers were to take effect on the 4th of
March or not until their successors were ap
pointed. Consequently they have been attend
ing to the business until the closing hours of
their respective department nere touay, uen
erai Dix will return to New Tork on Thursday.
Judge Black will not leave Washington for the
present. He remains on private andprofesslon
al business, and will probably continue to prac
tice the law here. , ;.- .,,.. .-5 . , t
Ex-President Buohanan departed on his jour
ney to Wheatland this P. M. He was escorted
to the railroad depot by two mounted and two
intantry companies, together with the commit
tee from that locality, and prominent citisens
of Washington. He exchanged many farewell
hand-ehakings, and appeared to be deeply af
fected by the manifestations of friendship! and
when he bowed adieu to the large erowds as the
train was about to start, tbey lurther testified
their respect by Vigorous cheers. '
' The resignation of Mr. Preston, Minister to
Spain, was this morning filed in the State De
- . a . . . . .
uepi. L.ay, or Virginia, py local rang a nrevet
Lieutenant Co lonel, as an aid to Lieutenant
General Scott, has resigned. 1 ;r , , i
The Republican senators held a cauous this
morning to arrange the standing committees.
A large number of citizens ot Kentucky and
Indiana are here, urging the promotion of Ma
jor Robt. Anderson aa Brigadier General, vice
uew i wiggs stricken irora the roll, ss recent.
ly published officially for treachery. . .
State delegations have all day been calling on
the President, and Gen. Scott and other distin
guished gentlemen. Gen. Scott, In addressing
one of the Illinolelans, this P. M., exhorted them
te stand by the Union and to cherish feelings
of fraternity towards all citisens,r .. i .
The newly confirmed Cabinet are overcrowd
ed with visitors to-night. '
Martin U. Urawiord, one oilthe Commission'
era from the Southern Confederacy, accredited
to negotiate with the Administration, has ar
rived here. , . , , .. . ' j ; t-r
Greoley and Senator Grimes had a long Inter
view with Lincoln to-day, during which Greeley
pressed Fremont for the French Mission, and
received assurance there would be no trouble on
that mint. " - :
, Illinois citlseni called to day on Mr. Seward
Who, among other matters, said, "Gentlemenjlf
1 7on w,nl 10 ,D Aaministration, and nave
i snooessiui ana profitable to the ooirotry, I
iinpiurw juu tu rviuviuuwr tust eaej untune ioy
freedom have been lougnt and won. Heioa
forth forget that ireedom was ever In danrer.
and exert your best influence now to save the
Union. Let it not be said that the Republican
party won Its first, last and only victory over tbo
dlrsolntlon of the Union. - Remember that the
way to maintain the Integrity of the Republican
party is to maintain the Union. The point at
whioh tbo enemy strikes la always the point
you should defend. Freedom is always within
the union." t . .
It la asserted, bat doubtfully, that John Bell
nronounoes the Inaugural a declaration of war,
and declares he will urge Tennessee to prepare
lor tne ocnntci. 1 .
While the objectionable portions of the ad
dress were being delivered, several Southern
gentlemen telegraphed to Governor Pickens not
to attack rort aumter until aiter tne action oi
the confederate States.
Mr. Seward, In reply to the Mass. delegation
said he hoped and believed that before the close
of tne present Administration Massachusetts
aad South Carolina would again grasp hands
01 leuowsmp.
The Treasury will net mt anything until JMr,
Chase assumes bis position.
A large amount of claims have passed since
i nday, when Mr. JJlx aecunea paying any more.
Mr. Lincoln requests Cameron to apnoint
uoi. uiiswortn unlet uierx ot tne war Ue
An animated discussion took place at the
White House to-day on the propriety of trans
ferring Bates to the Supreme Court, and putting
N. C. Gilmer in the Cabinet.
Mr. Seward was summoned to the White
House late last night. The Impression la the
call related to news from Tort enmter.
Mr. Buchanan yesterday ordered prooeedlnes
tor tne court-martial oi v-api. rope to oe aiscon
tinned. . . .. . ;
Official dispatches from Mexloo announce the
appointment or uenerai uraga as Envoy to
The difficulties between r ranee and Mexioo
bad been satisfactorily arranged, but that with
Spain, touching the expulsion of Seoor Fachico,
rem el nea unsettled.
It is understood that Mr. Lincoln will decline
holding any conference with the Commissioners
from the Southern confederacy, on the ground
that ne regards
the Union.
thasnoedinr States aa still In
Washington, March !6 The delegations from
Indiana and Maine paid their respeots to the
President this morning. In response to tbeir
greeting, he made brief but evidently satiafae
tory addresses.
The commissions of the new Cabinet officers
have been signed. Mr. Seward was the first to
enter upon the duties of his office, at the State
It was expected that Secretary Dix would va
cate his office to-day, but at the request of his
successor, Gov. Chase, be holds over till to
morrow. .. .
When Mr. Dix entered upon his duties, tho
treasury was literally bankrupt. There were re
quisltions on the table from the Departments,
wnicn tnere were no means or paying, exceed
ing tl, 900.000: fishing boontiesunDaid amount
ing to nearly $450,000; and treasury notes'ovetdue
amounting to anout JJOU.UUU; in all, SZ.VUU,
000. These baveall been paid. Yesterday the
accounts were stated, in expectation of Mr.
Chase's entranoe on his duties, and they show
balances in the hands of the treasurer and dis
bursing officers, applicable to the current expen
ses of the Government, exceeding $600,000.
These, with the current reoeipts from the cus
toms, amounting to about 460.000 per day in
coin, it is believed, will enable the Incoming
Administration to sustain itseic witnout calling
for further loans for a considerable length of
From the South.
Raleigh, N. C. Maroh 4.-63 counties have
been heard from 65 Unionists and 33 Secession
ists have been elected. The vote on holding a
Convention will require the official returns to
deoide It.
Raleioh, March 5. The Inaugural was
received favorably by the unionists. Tbey think
does wen lor Lincoln, though they don't ap
prove of all of it. The disunlonists are satisfied
with it.
Moktoomeev. Ala., March 4. The Sonthern
Congress re-assembled to day.
The flag for the Confederate States was un
animously determined upon. The design orig
mated with the Committee having the matter
charge, and waa not taken from any of the
models presented, me Bag was boisted over
the Capitol at 4 o'clock this afternoon. ,
Mr. Mallory bos been confirmed as Secretary
of the Navy, a
1 he Congress is In secret session to-night.
MontqomeeT, Ala.. Maroh 5. The Southern
Congress re-assemblcd to-day. The opening
roceeoicgs were unimportant. The congress
as oeen is secret session most or tne dav. and
to.mgm is again in secret session.
Mr. Lincoln's Inaugural address ia rerardad
here as a virtual declaration of war against the
seceded States.
New Oeleans, March 5 Gen. Twlggawas
enthuaias tically received here this e venin g. A
salute was fired, and he was escorted to his res
idence by the military, members of the Conven
tion, &o. Immense erowds lined the streets
through which the procession passed.
The revenue cutter Dodge was seized bv
the authorities of Texas, in Galveston Bay, en
the 9d Inst.- Tho officer in command resigned
and tendered his services to the Governor j
The commanding officer at Fort Browne, con
trary to the order of Gen. Twiggs, is preparing
for defensive operations. State troops are con
centratingln the neighborhood, preparing for
aitacex. .
Fort Cooper bas surrendered to the State.
Richmond, March 5. The Wkia (conserva
tive) says the policy Indicated toward the sece-'
ding States will meet with the stern and un
yielding resistance of the united South,
1 he Lnqturer (secessionist) savs no action of
our Convention can. now maintain peace. Vir
ginia must fight- " -
t ne uitpatc says every Border State ought
go out of the Union In 24 hours.
LMspatcbes from Stanton state that the Inau
gural was read with universal dissatisfaction.
Resistance to ooeroion is the f eeling.of all par
ties. The Inaugural creates intense exalte-
ment. The secessionists regard It aa a declara
tion of war: - The Union men say bnt little, but
enucutij srw euoappuiuwu. ....
ALtXANpafA, Va., March 5. The Qautti
(Union) says tba Inaugural is not such a one as
wished, nor auoh aa will eonolllato or satisfy
tnose wnom rar. Lincoln speass or ae dissatis
fied In the South. . --.-
The Sentinel (secession) savs the Positions
taken are a declaration of war, laying down doc
trines wnicn would reouoe toe southern section
to the unquestioned dominion of the North as a
section. .... , ...
Peteessueo, March 6. There w as intense
excitement on the reception of the Inaugural.
uundieds hitherto for the Union avowed openly
for revolution. If the Convention does not imme-
..f-.-t , -
oiateij pass a secession ordinance. , ., ,
Chaelbstok, South Carolina, March 6. Our
community has exhibited very little feeling on
tne suoieoi oz tne loaugurau i bev are eootent
to leave Mr. Lincoln and the Inaugural in the
bands or Jeff, Davis and the Confederate states.
Lodisville, March 5. -The Arkansas. State
Convention met yesterday. Union offioers were
elected Dy six majority. w-i
Golds bobo, N. C, March 6 The Inaugural
was received at this place and throughout this
section wita indignation, a :- i
Missouri Convention.
Bt.Loois, March 6, Tba Conveottoa net st
10 o'clock, and opened with prayer. . Kesolu
tions were readmoviog that the protest of St.
Lonis against ooercloa by the Federal Govern,
meet be reduced to writing- and a oopv : tent to
the President of the United Statee Resoln.
tions were Also adopted providing for the ap
pointment of t eonmittee to wait- upon the
Commisaioner rrons weorgia, ana (nrorn Dim
that Migsourl dissented from the position taken
by that States snd very kindly, bnt emphatical
ly declined to snare tne honors oi eeceeeloo
with her. '""
Gcnerars Cbnltef and PoniphaO", Cotamia
tiontrstothe Feaee Congress, addreeeed the
Conventioo, by(invitatlon,ofiho 9ta(eof the
oonnn-y. i : n
The invention aoiDumea tiu iu: a; ni. to
morror. ".'. f. -tt:r i 1
St. tot i, March 6. The Conventloa met at
10 O'clook.. i) 5 : c. .( - -j 0 v I
Varloo rssolntlons deolinins oooperation with
Georgia were relerred. to tne committee ofSev
en, appointed yeeteraay to report upon Com-
nunleatioD to Commlesiooer ttleocu v o I
Resolutions in reference to coercion, secession
and co operation of the border free and slave
States, were referred to the oomsnittee on Feder
tl Relatlorjs. --. - - " :
Amone the feaolallong was one bv ex-Gov.
Stewart, deelarlnc that no overt act haa been
aeamltted by the Federal Government, to jot-
tifv eitberBuiiineatioo, teeesstOK or revelation
alio, one by Judge Orr declaring toaS we bare
the best Uorerrjmeni in tne world, and intend
"Jtv 4&lCrtO j.
A resolution looking to the amendment of the
Constitution was tabled. t
; A resolution to refer the) President's Inaug
ural to committee pf the whole, after debate,
was withdrawn.
The Convention has adjourned till 10 o'clock
RocHERTva, March 5. John C. Nash, Re-
pucllcan, has about 600 majority for Mayor All
the Republican ticket is eleoted. except Police
Justice. The itepubiioans eleot 8 Aldermen
and the Democrats 4, which makes the Com
mon Council 15 Republicans and 9 Democrats.
The city Supervisors will stand about the same
as the Aldermen probably 5 Democrats to 7
Philadelphia, March 6. A full pardon was
not granted to Judge Vondersmltb. His term of
imprisonment was commuted from twenty to
three years. His fine was not remitted.
Tsar, March 6. George B. Warren, ir.. Un
ion candidate, was elected Mayor of this city
to-day. The Union men also elect Asseisor,
Justice, and a majority of the Conncil.
PotraHKEErsiE, March 5. James Browne. R.
publican, was elected Mavorof Poutrhkeonale to
day.' ' -
New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 6.
receipts of 8ti6 bblsi ealee of 8000 hhl.-.t.1.
ana western ami ana neavy; supernne slate 855I0, ex
tra state 85,15.V3. Bound Boon Ohio as .10 ....
perflne western 8395,10, common to good extra western
f5,3(K33.40: eonthern dull anil nnchni- 4 fin m.i.
italxed to Rood 85.30(35.60: fancr and tra an tar&nn
uananiau uuu ana aroopiog; sates or im DDIs at S3 SO
fXA 71. 1
WHEAT dall; 1500 baih Chicago sprint; at 91,17 de-
iiTereu. wmier rra western BLeu dellremrl: whit n-.
nadlan 81,331,60, Canadian Club 81,10.
iiuun witnout important ohenre; 53 0C0 bush, old
mixea nesiern mi me in store; atjitf for new do at B
a. vvpot ana aenrerea.
BBKV uncbanired: sales Small; tit on.
aiacvnio - ' r--
LARD dull; small tales; 8XS10 per lb.
WHISK Y-dall at 17X; sales !1L0 bble.
SUQABS nnchansed bnt dull! 3nn hkJ. r..v i
(85)1-. n
MOLA88B8 eteady but wlthous actlrllyj eales SO
hhds Cuba Unscovado at 22 23; ti hbds Porto Rico at
BTOCKr dull and decided! Uwri i.
demand at 67 per cent on otll. O Ac K I 603:0 Ac 0
BK;M B quoted) at 33; NYC 75; Hudson e3V(: O k
I 33; Rearllo 39, III O scrip 10X ; Pacific Mall 82; Erie
30; Har 38; M O. S4X; Oh B It Q 893f; U 8 8'sRl, Cou
pons 91 X, UB5's74; RegWered 84f. N 8 5's 74; Cou
pons 85; Treasnry Id's 103, Ohio 6'e 1WV; Tcnn 6's7f i,
Va 74, Ho 0's 61, Brooklyn water loan 100.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUB market drees without mt vltilitt n mr.
4 50 for superfine la neither easily bad nor readily tak
en. The huh trades have no sale, eioent far anii n.
ders or a domestic null trade. Prloes ranire from (4 65
for extra to 85 35 for best trades of extra family.
W11BHT li but little icneht for hi ..a
hu no sale of consequence for shipment. At 08981 the
market for red la lnacUre. Whlto Is nominal at 8103
OORH In the ear is steadily ouoted at 33ft34. ikmii.
now at the inside Sgure. Shelled le In only moderate
reqnest at 34X3Go for mixed. White la liaiSn mr hn.i,.
el higher. .
OATB are lower than for some days quoted, and sales
hare been made at 26J(o for a fair article for feed.
Seed oats of course are worth t3c per bushel higher.
BABLET le taken oulte nromntl br hnth knnn
and those who are making malt, at 7o for prime tall;
sprint commandt 60(3)63.
ni K is held at 60c, but Is not firm.
WHISKY has euddenl fallen In b.Im Inm h.
tire Southern demand waa met. and wa. t.A mt t
decline of Xo. . Ommtroial, March 9.
Cleveland Market.
March, 5.
tales are SO Mill eanarSna at ei . sn m.i.
w -i-i,w uu lii. mim iiu aoaoie extra at 85,00.
1. .. -i m . ,r,. . '. . T Tr'.
HEAL lower. Bales 1 car red at ai OS n tn- a.
.. . wr wuii. , ei,i, , ; . ,
ittlM mwA 1 I. J a. i 1
tuiw-can eieso. - ;
HIOHWINES-eteedv. at 15o.
OATS ealee of 1 oar at S3j.
SEEDS there haa been an acHta demand tnr nin-
with salM to the anount of 300 to 400 hn.h at mi nn
some small lots prima eeed at 84,15eH2a. Timothy
w " ' we insiae uzures
BUTTBB unlet: tales 4 bba at 11a. ..
BCKJ8 ealee 1 bble at 10
DBIED APPLBi are dull: a tale of a few hn.h i.
uaiBine have declined aad arttelllngat 88,5nft3.
68 for Mr. R., and 83.8&S8.75 for layer.
vua; sales email lot at BXc.
Baltimore Market.
IXO0B dull and heavy: Ohio and Bowani SI. I.I K.
aosaJee for City Hill. Wsut-Aran; red stl,25-a
1,30; white 8 1,401.65. Coat active and Arm; yellow
at 58960c white at 6366. Paovtaiom-dull and un
ehanted. Oorras flrsa at 3Xttl3i. WitifXT firm
atSUo. . r- .
Philadelphia Market.
daollneil 4as- aiM of l am
bush red at 81.8531 30: white at Bl.35iai.4S. riei
dun. Covrts at llX(S13o. Wauaar nrm at IIX
Front Street, Between State and Town.
X SHOP la still running, and although I
the pressure of late years nae set heavily V
Boon her running gear, the is still turn--
Bg out loose splendid rtlAtTONS, HOOKA WATS, and
BUSES and HACKS. Twenty years iteady manufac
turing has given oar work a wido-spend reputation
through the South and West. - -We
therefore deem It unnecessary to say any thing more
In regard to the quality ef our work. We wairaxt
tvxav VtmcLi. We can tell oe Tor Booaitt from
lii5 to ttiO.
Dealers oan bt tomlshedT with any amount of work at
short notice, and at prices lower than can be bought any
where In the West. Second hand Buggies taken la ex
chanje for new work. '
Uj3 Re pal ring done neatly and at short notice. Fan
tory on front, between Slate and Town streets, Colum
bus, Ohio. . . .
EAII eoauaualeatlong will reoeive prompt attention.
, 31-wly ... . J. M, WILLIAMS Jr. CO
Law Notice.
XJ that he hat been sued with other la the Superior
Court of Franklin county, Ohio, by Oeorge A. Btloh. The
petition aaaa uai tne loiiowtng deecnoed real esUte. elt
uate In Franklin county, Ohio, to wit: In tbt teoond aeo
Hon, seoond township and seventeenth range, United
States mimry lanaa. Beginning ia tne oenter or the State
road from Westervllle to Oalena, on William Bleuuhtar'a
south line; thence eeet 80S rods and SO links to a ttoa on
H. Dixon t line; thence south along aald lioe,M rods and
8 links to a stone (witness -tree, surer.) S tnchee In dia
meter, II. 88 deg. I. distance in links and thorn bush
8 inches la diameter, loath 68 deg. vest I links); thence
west $88 rods to a stone In the centra of said But road;
thence north IB deg west x rode; thence north 83 rode and
i linkt to the place of beginning, containing one huadred
anditwo acres and 93 13-1UU rodt of (round, mav be told
for the pay meet of Fourteen Hundred Dollars whlcbls a
lien there-on. In eaet of failure to answer or demurrer
on or before the 80th day (3d Saturday) of April, A.D.
iooi, piamun e pennon win te laxea as mt ana luug-
raeuiRnwmifKvoraisgi. uv, o. wnvansw.
i - .. Aify tor plaintiff.
Celumbut, Ohio, feb 18,1881. feblKwflW
Land for Sale.
X nsw Vara eltuated In the eoantv of Ilarion ai.i
State of Ohio, an the big SctoM River, tU miles rest of
the town of Marlon It is all fenoed In, about 300 acres
daadned from four to eight year. , A good new frame
House on it, atwnt au acre t cleared) w good 0g stable;
about ISO yonng frail trees; a Bnt rate well of water;
the daadlnt well let la to tame cease, and the hi 9
Bcioto for atockwater. And I will make 100 sores more
reedy lot the plow, take of all the timber, under BReen
Inches, so sa to mate iju acres or plow land. The . land
to of the very beet quality, and I will take 838 per acre
for K. I OODtMer It worth at least thirty three pet tore
with 100 acre mora cleared, but I mutt tell It, there
fore I will put It down ten dollars below what I think It
Worth If I were not obliged to tell. I have alt another
half section ror saie, lying m tne tame section, ana half
deadened, which I offer for 8 18 per tore- Reference oan
be baa by ceiling oa jotepn uenica wno knows all about
tbt land, on on the proprietor in ajarion.
rebiv-wtw - vAvm sfLEB
Ma C.
Ud Bktik-Book MsUiu&ritarsTe
Starll-dly , .
kJ haitpetre,
Mailt, Indigo, 'r K" , ; ;
Extract lofwood, '
, Herring, Dried Fruit,
v,.-. . Worth, High attaet.
lor tale by
closing ap hit aid bustnaea at wme, and bone that
ail persons havlnrf Antettled aoeountf eq hit keoe will
give then inmeaiwo attesuon, " - - -
reblO t.MJJSk
r - Dr. J.H. McLEAK'3
Stresgthening Cordial and BIoo
rate e.reateet lfenaedr In The World
ly a eolentiae and
Vegetable Oompound,
procured by the distil
lation of Boole. Herbs
and Barks, Xellow
Dork, Blood' Boot,
Earsanertlla. Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
dfllnn enters into itsi--.i
Before TaWnsoropotiw nat' After Taking.
principle of each Inirredlent Is thoroughly extracted by
my new method of dlsUlline;, prodnrlngia delloloua, ex
hlleratlnt spirit, and the moat 1NVALLIBLK remedy for
renovaUnt the ditesued sntem. and restoring the sick.
suffering and debilitoted INVALID to HEALTH end
BlttJINUlil. .
" WU1 effectually cure V
Chronic or Hervons Debility, Diseases of the Kidneys
mna an aiieasea aming rrom e aisnraerei l ittt or atom
aoh, Dyspepsia, Heartburn. Inward Piles, AddltrorBick-
nest of the Btomaeh, Fullness of Blood to the Head, Dull
pain or swimming in ice neaa, raiL.-tatlon or the Heart
rutinest or Weight In the Stomach, Bonr ImctatJona
OhnklngorsuSocatintfeellDgwhen lying down, D repeat
or leuowuessoi uio BUU ana Byes. Night Sweater In
ward revere, Pain in the small ef the back, oteet or aide.
Sudden tlnahet of Heat, Depression of Spirits, frightful
Dreams, Laot-uor. Deenondenct oranv Nervosa Hlpu
Bores or Blotcbee on the Bkln, and Vevrr and Ague (oi
vuimua gmvmt.j
Over sa million of neutlea
Ilave been en Id during the laat alx months, and In no la.
etanoe hat it failed iu tiring entire eatisfaetion. Who,
then, will euSerfrum Weakoeee or Debility when Mo
" iiaaiiuiniimi VUHUIAI. will cure your
No language can convey an adequate idea of the imme
diate and almoet miraculous change produced by taking
this Cordial In the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nerroue system, whether brokea down by exoeee, weak by
nature, er impaired by slokneoe, the relaxed and unstrung
Or others conscious of inability, from winterer cause,
will Snd McLean a Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of the system; and all who may have Injured
themselves by improper Indulgences, will find In tbsCor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
To the Ladle.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
- Is a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Crine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, Balling of the
Womb, Giddiness, fainting and all Diseases iaohteat to
remetes. ,-.
There la no Mistake About it.
Bufltr no longer. Take It accordlnt to Directions. It
wlllstimulate, strengthen and invigorate yoa andoauee
ine uioomoi nee i in to mount your cheek again.
at vary bottle ta warranted toglTe saturation.
If your children are sickly, puny, or affilcted, McLean 'e
Cordial will make them healtl
iiiy, fat and robuut.
not a moment, try II, and yon will be convinced.
Cannon. Beware of Druggists or Sealers who may
try to palm upon yea some Bitter or Sareaparllla tnah
which they eaa boy cheap, bysaylnf ltie Jnstae good.
Avoid such men. Ask lor McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else. It is tho only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the same time
strengthen the system.
One tabletpoonful takes every morning fasting. It a
oertaln preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever, fellow
fever, or any prevalent diseases. It Is pnt np In large
Pric: oc'4 1 1 per bottle, or t bottles for 85.
Bole Proprietor of thla Cordial,
Also HoLeans Volcanic Oil Liniment,
prfedpal Depot on the corner of Third and Pine streets.
Bt. Leutt. Mo.
McLean's Voloanio Oil Liniment, i
Tne beet Liniment in the World. The only safe tod
oertaln cure for Canoere, Plica, Swelling! and Bron
chitis, or Ooltre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Muscles. Onroolo or Inflammatory Bhenmadam, gilf
ness of the Jolnta, contracted Muscles or Ligament
Earache or Toothache. Bruises. Snraina. Wouula. Inh
Cute, Ulcers, Fever Bores, Caked Breasts Bore Nipples,
Burns, Scalds, Sore Thoat. or any Inflammation or Pain,
ne difference
i n
ow severe, or ho long the disease ma
have existed
McLean's Celebrated Liniment ts a oer
tain remedy
nds of human belni
beings have been saved a lite ol
by the net of this Invaluable tied-
decrepitude and misery
una. v
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, aad It wll
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest sores In aa I cored!
ly short time.
For nor sea and Otber Anlinale .
McLean aoelebratad Linlmnt la th an! Mf nj .
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin, Blng Bone, Wind
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bumpa, Nodes or Swellings. It
will never fall to eure Big Head, Poll Evil, Fistula, Old
running Bores or Sweeny, It properly applied. For
opniaa, urattev. Bcratcnes. cores or Wuanda. nnrkt
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Galls It Is an infallible
remedy. Apply it at directed, and a eure la certain in
every invmnoe.
Then trifle no longer with the many worth leoo Lin!
mentt offered to yoa. Obtain a suoulv of Dr. McLaan'a
eeieoraieu iiBimont. it win eure you.
J. H. McLEAN, Bole Proprietor, '
Corner of Third andPlna fltFMla. at. tual U.
for ttlebv all druggists. .
For aale by ROBERTS Ac SAMTTIT,. '
augas-dtwlj ' ' Colambaa, 6hk.
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,1 i
and .
The Hontreal Ocean Steamship Oompany'a first -clats
ii-powereuuiyoe-Dniit Bteamera sell every Rata
rday from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
United States Uall and passengers.
Shertrats Cbcapeat andQalckcatOe)n
- vtyaaoe rrem -
aiieeica to au pasts or SUSCPt-
RatM of Faaaaaee to Europe, ;
...j'saoLseoLSso. 1
arm Kti fu.K V tvannonT . .
n in hu uui. n mwu wry v eunesuari
and from QUEUEO every Datarday , calling at
LONDONDBHRY, to receive oa board and land Mailt and
Paasraiere. to and from Inland and Hnntland.
XO'Theee Bteamera are built of Iron, in water-light
oompertmenta, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
every inissoa it pain so taa comfort and aooommoea-
Men of passeogert. - Aa theypfooaaddlreot to LONDON
DEBT, the great risk snd delay of calling it St. Joha't
it avoweu.
Olasfow pattengert art furnished with nnpatsege
iicaeia w ana inma iionuonaorry.
neium ttekeit enntwtat reduoed rates
Otrtlficatee Issued for oarrrtot to and brintineout net-
eengsrs from all the principal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, bv tills una of eteamert. and
leaving uverpooi every weex.
Sifht Draf le fa tl and apwarde par
able laa Enarlaaeielrelandt Htimu
t , t : 4 ii asaasei ww wsaiwa -. -
rev naenew. annlV at Hut OIBm mm A It.
WAY, rcw Vark. and, 19 WaTKH T
I , I iBABJl ft BXABU, etneral .rents,
Or to-.' J. R. ARMSTRONC.
nolo ljdkw . Btatetman Offloe, Columbus, Ohlou.
SammaUon And Pain, and heals tha worst bam.
scald, bnl lee, sua, or fresh woant of any klcul, i reveals
awelUnc and pata frosa be aalaa, Botaaita kites, and
poHonoaa pianit, nenrairia, rneamauam, arna ta the
breast, salt rhenra, et. When take Internally, tt will
poelUvely core croup In children, and rives Immediota
reuei sn ue worn oasa or wis wmolo easapmtnt; also,
remove boartenee aad sore throat. Price, SS cents a
bottle. Should be In every house. For tale by Drag.
eUand Storekeeper. TRY IN BTONB,
Bo:e rropnttor, no. nprnoeei., new lora
ct4dkwlyla .i. .-. . ..r,
Gonts' linen' Shirt -Collars,
J BOTE, Slaadlnr, Biron. Peisiroav. Kenfraw and
ether eew shape. . Hemmed Pocket Handkerchiefs. Nank
Ties. Blocks. Street and Evenlm Slovaa. Hair ltnu r
tveryaino, unaer varments ana all aina f Uanta'Far
aithlai floods In (rent variety aad at moderate prtoea.
. ... . .u naiN er. BOM, ,
'M .,. -r: iro.WBoBUiBlghitreet.
Aii nvrw treini
SJ-,. r. ,
t, nniED PEACHES)!!
Ia star for tal hj
in e-.fcitoi c,' . 1
T f .,-1 ,,.) ' I.I )
UCKlt at BI8TIEACZ.' ,
7 !;:"
fcbT i M Statesman Bulldlnc;
oa JAatBS AtitimH BAIN -ae partner l,ybwet-
aees, which will ha natter bs conduct antler the Bib
Ol neln Bon. r. BA1A, 88 BoqUl ll(b St.
,!mili.Via. . . v ., rthifl
- 0
ScrofUla; or King's Evil,
" eoiistitationnl disease, a eorrtiptlon ef tlie
blotid, ly .which tliia fltdd becomca vitiated
weak, and poor. Being in the circulation, it
pervndea tlio whole body, and may burst out
ui diaroae on any part of it. No organ ia free
from iu attacks, nor ia there one which it may
not destroy. The acrofuloua taint i various) y
caused by mercurial disease, low liying, dia-ordi-r!d
or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
and filthy habits, the depressing yict ani)
above all, by the venereal infection. What
ever be its origin, it ia hereditary in the con
stitution, descending from parenta to children
unto the third ond fourth generation ," indeed,
it aeerna to be tlio rod of llim who says, "I
will visit tho ininuitiea of the fathers upon
their children." . . . t
. Its effects commence by deposition from the
blood of corrupt or ulcoroua matter, which, in
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, is termed
tubercles; in the glands, swellings; and oa
tho surface, eruptions or sores. TJus foul cor
ruption, which senders in the blood, dmmaaaa
the energies of life, so that scrofulous constitu
tions not only suffer from acrofuloua
pluinta, but they have far less power to with
stand the attacks of other diseases!' conse
quently vast numbers perish br disorders
wiuvji, uiuiouga not acromions in tneir nature.
ore still rendered fatal br thi taint in th
lystem. Most of the consumutlon which de.
curuites the human family has its origin directly
in tliia scrofulous contarainatioa t and many
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed, of all the oreaas. arise from or
are aggravated by tlie same cause. c -
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous ;
their persons are Invaded oy this lurking- in
fection, and their health is undarmlnil l. it
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
tlio blood by an alterative medicine, and in
vigorate it by healthy food and exercise.
Such a medicine we supply in .
'oiiipound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which thu medical
skill of our times can devise for this every
where prevailing and fatal malady. It ia com
bined from the most active remedial that have
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the
system from lie destructive consequence.
Hence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Eatrrnvn
and Skih Diseases, St. Axthont's Fibe,
Rose, or Erysipelas, Piuplbs, 'Pbstvlss.
Blotches, Blains and Boils, Tumors, Tbttes
and Salt Rnrtjx. Scald Head. Rinowoilv.
Rhei'Uatism, Syphilitic and Mercurial Iis
rASK.t, Dropsy. Dyspepsia. Debility, and.
indeed, all Complaixts ariswo ritoM Vitia
tid on IiiPtiiE Blood. The popular belief
in " impurity of the blood " is founded in truth.
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The
particular purpose and virtuo of this Sarsapa
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health is impossible in
contaminated constitutions.
Ague Cure,
ro the speedy ccre o -
Intermittent Fever, ne- Pivm anrf 1...
Remittent Fewer, Chill Ferar, Duma
Affae, Periodical Headache, ae Billono
Haadache, and BUIona Fa ware, Sadaad
for the whole claee of dleeaewa rialaat
Ini in biliary deraacaaaamt, aaaaed by
tha Malaria of Miaanvataa Caantrtes.
We are enabled here to offer the community a
remedy which, while it cures the above complaint
with certainty, ia still perfectly harmltts tt any
quantity. Such a remedy ia invaluable in districts
where these afflicting disorders prevail. ThU
"Cure" expels the miasmatic poison of Fetou
and Aoi'E from the lystem, and prevents the de
velopment of the diaease, if taken on the first ap
proach of its premonitory symptoms. - It knot only
tha best remedy aver yet discovered for this class
of complaints, but also the cheapest. The large
quantity we supply for a dollar brings It within the
reach of every body j and in bilious districts, where
l'EVER and Aoub prevails, every body should
have it and use it freolv both for sura and nratac.
tion. A treat superiority of this ramedv over ai.w
othor ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious effect whatever upon the constitu
tion. Ihose cured by it are left a healthy as if
they had never had the disease. :
Fever and Ague it not alone the consequence of
the miasmatic poison. A great variety of disor
der arise from it irritation, among which are
Kew alqia, Rhtianatitrn, Gout, Headache, Blind
ness, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Atthma, Pal
pitation, Painful Affectton oftlit Spleen, Uijiter
tct, Pain in the Boweli, t'ofcc, Paralytit and De
rangement of tht Stomach, all of which, when
originating in thi cause, put on the intertnitteut
type, or become periodical. Thi " Cube " expeh
tne poison from the blood, and consequently cure
them all alike. It ia an invaluable protection to
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious distrioU. . If taken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from the system, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. Hence it is even more Valuable for protec
tion thnn cure, and few will ever eiiffoi- r-nm Into..
mittents if they avail themselves of the protection
this remedy afford. ' -...., t
Prepared by Sr. J. C. ATEB & CO., lowell, Kass,
K0BERTB a iAMrrnr,. rntn.h.
An4 bvDrainrlste and Dealers every where. ..'
Brvv:iyu,iww ,t ' -
An experienced Nam tad female Pari lefce, presents
. to Ue attention of aether, hce
; "'for children teething.;
which neatly facilitate the nroeett of tea thin, hy eof i
tnlng the rums, redoolnf all laAaavnation will allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodlo aetloo, and it . ? t
Depend npoa It, Bothers, It Will rive rest to yoarietve
aad . -
W have pat an and sold this article tor ever nan.
what we have never been able to sty of any other medi
ANCE. TO EFFECT A CHUB, when llsaerraa. Kin.
er did we kaow aa Instance of dlstatlafaetlon by any on
wno iw ik vn ueoonirary, ell are delighted with la
operaUont, and apeak In terms ot oomrsendatleei of la
aaagloal adeots and medical vlrto.ee. We tpeak la tha
utter WHAT Wl DO ENOW', afrer tea yvars' eipe
alaoet every Inetanot where the infant Is saffennf frot
pain aaa oznaaauoa. relief will a man as aiteea or
twenty nlnutei after theByrnp I administered.
Thla valuable preparation It the prescription el on of
Bsw Bnyland. and ha been ased with NsiVEfc SAIL
INBDCOB8la ' ' -
. - .- 'TllOVIIArTOS-er OASESv"
' It not only relieves the child frtHB pain, bnl Invigor
ates tht stomach tnd koweft, enrreel acidity, and Rive
tone aad eatery t lb whole trite. t wi) thnoat tn.
Mantly relieve
and overaesaeeonvalslont, which, If not speedily rroe
died, end ta death. We believe It the SSnT and BL 8
tt arise from tetthUi(. or from any ether cause. We
old say to every mother who haa a child mffr-iar from
any of the foregolnt enmnlalnte DO NOT LST VOl'R
stand between yoa and sour sufTericr child, and tiw te
uei uaiwuiMBUHJi yes, A9tKii.uii,x cuke to
follow the oat of thumedleiDe.tf UaMlyoaad.' Fell di
rections for aslnr will aneompaoy each bottle. Hone
souine us use me tao-elmiie er viiHTta ek F1KK1NS,
ew Tork, It oa the oaleid wrapper.
Bold by all Draigtet lortwAheat toe world.
Principal amines IS Cedsu- Steet N.Y.
oeTT-dfcsrty. ) ... . -.
toed F ABU, the andlvidtd half of 8 Tons BL'iLD
INd No. 8tt, North Uljh Street, Corner 1) tub Straet and
Lyaa Alley. If not disposed ef by the lav 4 April, th
Store will bt for rant. , ,-;.,,,.
AtBO, ' ' '
o the Sam term, or for eVsiraMe OfTT PEOtKllTI.
a well eslected stock of lAallLX (.BUuiUUij. .
rereety vary desirable BOTLTra08 tOT8, situated oa
Wa.Mnrton Avenue, North of Broad SlrveV
1 irr'iMmitosultpercWn. "

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