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tttaees browned by th ollmete, tooh as thoee
U Af4bliaaootbMtof AiU aod Africa
adjoining. ' - -.
M.n. Itrend -ntlemeo. well me gen
tleman from Lake, w. of opinion that tht ne-
grot art dowendaot ot or from H
w m
i &
adeem to Investigate u que...
i.aa th"wnw'ttd Tsropbceyof Noah,
In jown of ibe pndntlf ol conduct, ot h e
.yotngr ecu Ham, aad grands!! CaSa'an. I ' 1
tnote Ibe passage, and proceed to prove tho ful
lient1f the eretibecj;! Cen.Chapt. 9, . 95.
fig. 27a. r And hewaU, Coretd bt Canaan, a
. ..., .v,u he be unto bU broth
Pto." A4 Ht tald.bleseed bo tht Lord God bf
Sbtm; and Canaan .belli hta servant. -
'Qod ibell tnlargt Japbtth end be shall dwell In
' tho UU tf Bboni ; and Canaan bll be bia ter
Tent.!? Nttft wt wUUog to seaueeor pan-
lab all Ham'i posterity, but singled out Canaan.
Manv othor Reverend geoUemen and o.scien
Unnm ahrlatlana have euDDosed thaVlba posleri"
ty of CadaW weW tbe colored te, and that
...... m V -1 rtaitalrti
they gradually be dime Meet, wow
- bim fal. and the several brancata, Nice-
.d;j.i..M' anit Tvrlanf. twert well
known ianUtory a. whltb mon.t The Hyof
Tyro tent colonise to Africa ana aeweo, war-,
these, Utlet, nd other eiUee; and irrltoriee,
tad front thenet. C.rtbtgt lent colonies, and
both Carthagena, in Spain J and front thenet an'
thai, treat General.' Hannibal, .waded and
nearly :bertbrew. tbe Romin republic Tbe
leraelllee eonqoertd ht laud ol CahaaB, and
their cantivtf were mad "hewer of wood and
drawers of wier--literJly slaves.! This was
tho first part ol the fulfillment of the propheti
ealenrtt. t 'u.'-d I ' "f '
Alexanderbo Gjeat, with Ws Grecian army,
descended frtn Japbeth, conquered Tyre and Si
don, and sold too inhabitants for slaves. !: Tbe
' Carthage and all her Afrnwn and Spanish do
miaior.1. and made elavesol all the inhabitants.
ThL ra , the '. second fttlfillmeot. Rome,
(Japhetb) , becomear wUrgtd, c(iaers
whole of Aibjria, Jeraia. 8jrU, and 1
tint, w ith the cities of Tyre and Jerusalem, nnd
... -f mA "Canaan"
iiiimi L n innirau ulvucuii - v
becomei "bis servanti". so that tbe. propbotical
enrse on Canaat endhU poetetiiy was complete.
Ivfullllled.. ,. , ..-,.. m r: .1 1. v ) -r J" J
I will now answer tbe gentleman from Huron,
on his ertergejeeteiday of inconsistency. , The
EtAueJ kbad decreed the Hegro serpent) into
sltvery, witbont tbe power of tiding in the scale
of nations; Ja .H iaoMjeietnt in me to have
nothing to do with them? Tbo Deity euffered
the oroohetiotl ourao of Noah to be fulfilled, and
erttitted tht Iiraelitw to make slave of their
cantivo Canaanites, aod .any other nation they
might tako, captives from in war It was e mer
ciful eostom in those daye, among tue nauone,
to hold their oapUvea in war as eiaves, until re
deemed by their friends. ..The Deity eermilffd
slavery, but never commanded it.:: It was also
tbe ttrKom among tbe Eastern natloze, to have
snort ihaa enei wife. " The Deity permitted it,
but never commanded if, but caused laws to be
enforced, wtcuring tbe rights of the firet wife;
and when tbe cu&tom'j of nations changed, tbe
Jewish Rabbis withdrew tho permission of the
Uw, and confined their communities to a single
wife, and they all became more happy In domes
tic life, being satisfied that one wife was enough
for any man.'.' "o ii.i''i'i u.-
Tbt gentlemen from Huroo, ssys, yon (I)
haviur nrotesied agwnst . the Devil (Sitio) as
being ta tvil epirit,-enquires what I will do
with:- kill which is spoken of in mady passa-
gee of tbt bible? , I answer tht gentleman in
. tbt tamo -style. J eolemnly protest against
the .belli of. our version, for in the Hebrew
text there is no bell mentioned. The . IIe-
hr. word . "Shonl." which . is . translated
hell. rJ a grave, a plaet of deposit fort dead
body,Tphit, tod tbe valley of Hinnon, were
two Urge cemeteries in the vicinity of Jarus
lem. Tbt (cntleman from. Lake enquires bow
it was ibal tbt tv ly Cjiristians got the dootrint
of tbt. Devil tnd hell from the .Jews? , I most
agaUxbegjia protest; jt was not , Jwb.doc-;
trine, tben pr, nowvU was an Invention otJ'Paul,
hAptltf'lhtiButlltJ., He being an td
otcdBanfc."b"gn:up at tbe feet of Gsma-.
1U1,'',wm teqaaioted with tbt mythology of
tht Eastern nations, especially the doctrine of
tht Persian Mgi, or fire-worshippers, institu
ted by Zjroa3ter,s their greaf prophet. , It was
this: Tbeit firet great canst was represented by
oontinnal. burning flame; tbey state that in
tht beginning he created two spirits, one tht
Spirit of Light, the other tho Spirit of Darkness;
that . tonUnual strnggle was going on between
tht good and tvil principles, wblch.would bt do
oidrj at tnt end of the world, when tht spirit of
light will bo translated to ..Heaven with all. .his
disciples, and tha spirit of darkness will bt cast
Into . iakt of fire and brimstone with all bis dis
ciples. This .greed somewhat tjitb the "hades"
of tht Grcpiaii Mythology, and the Trinity, which
Paul and Feter Introdnoed into the Church, also
.greed with tbt Heathen Gods." - T& gentle
man rota Haron, in bit speech yesterday, re-,
ferrtd. t -slavery, among, the Romans, -and
tald that, though their masters had tht. pow
er of life and- death, ,they . aeldon: went, ta
thit last txtramlty, and that their usage of them
was by far snort humane than that of the slave
owners of tbt South.,. Let nt examine this,
tbe firf plant, our plare-holders have not tbt
power of killing their slaves,, without .inourriog
tht penalty tf tbt State law made for tbe pro.
teotion ot tbt slave.. Doe tht gentleman know
tny .hing of the .history of, tbt gladiators
Rometj, Tbey, would place tbent in their, m
phltktttrttl to entertain tbe Romans in fights
with, flld beasts-oTboneands wert sacrifioed
la this manner, said .Iter . glorious, despairing
victory, hey were deolared freedmen. Bat they
had more Infernal sport than this, ,,A hundred
of them would be ogpised to eaeh other sep
arat parties oa the. stage, to .mast these,
Roman jnastera., ir.ft bavt descrlp-
' tioos , ot ihest horrid scenes in tht page
Gibbon's Deoline and Fall of the, Roman Em
pire' which would makf our civilized abolition
friend shriek out with horror; but, probably
they -wosld have no sympathy, for thera, for
they w.ere white sUvves, ot tho.,am race, their
brethren trem , Adam. Tht JKomanrt bad
lso their black, slaves,- (eunuchs) whloh, kept
guard i the) interior of the palaces of tht Ro
sas opeort, it their harems,, or tht apart
ments of their- women; but thee negroes were
so desptSed by Ah ai,t M they, were not
worthy to entertain those Roman tyrants. Tha
gentleman .to stated -that when Christianity
wu ifltrodsced t4 prevailed la tbe Roman Em-
plrt, tltery was gradually abolihed History
tell tht ceSne.j Tbt.ChrietltnswbtBJthey b
tamtibt dam Lo ant party, woold not defend
Emplrt i from b .Sarb.ri.nt : of tht.' Hortk.:
They srera Cods tanUy afltiag tnd rying. tx
ptotiti the .tewnd advent Saturday, which,
was Bit EabbvJii wej.noti inJDckot for jtbem
They lnstitnted tie Lord' day, tUo, XSnnday),
tnd rent pre jlcg, fasting, .iKlmoflrniiig, tbey
btoitst too co wardly for oldier; tonscquatly
their tlarai became, freedmen tnd . "fit
tht arsiiM, .nd in the eovrst of -time CJled
WgheotoCoetia tbt Emplrt. f t ,,- , ltd p.;
. Kow, Hr, I win refer to IsTaellJish sorvilnde
-of ttri trl :ititlw ia ii.l ,! t!J. nsS
andelevery, tod titer explaining, I " prove
I assert by t short paitage from neuter-
onorr;l There were three classes o lemmae
amomi tbe' Israelites.' beside tbelr bond men
bondwomen (slave), " The. first cUsecf
nil aita llmia that ri anldY for debt af-
.11 (haii mb i inn niHAni nrnivnT wii u
h.BiU)i TUkd o ,,,,4!,.-th,B to gaol for
debt, they were induoted Into some respectable
famllv. and worked themselvee fret. Tbey were
" a
merely like apprentloesi could not bt bound or
for more than six yeare. Tbe seventh year
they were fret.", The eecond class were ptrsons
convicted of orlmes.! such as larceny, and burg
'err. Instead of confiblng them in . convict
gaols and ; penitentiaries, consorting in large
gangs, and becoming worst from communion
wit)i each other, tbey were oouna to reepeew
ble masters, but must be freed In tbe year ol
Jubilee. Tht third class were tbost who would
not be fret tbt eeventh year, who had been eold
or bound for six years, and refused to go free,
because tbey loved their master and his family,
found themselves happy and comfortable, and
would not bt Tret until tht year of Jubilee. Tht
cast might be, bis real property was sold until
tht Jubilee., and he did not wish to txert
himself for a Uvtng. The law-giver did not wish
to encourage such servitude; consequently
mark of disgrace followed such a decision. Tbe
master took him to the gait of tht city be'ore
tht Judges, where the servant made tht same
statement; "be shall bring him to tbt doof or
unto tht door post; and bit master shall bore
bis ear through with an awl; and bt shall serve
him for ever."(Hebrew Jubilee ) Tbe abovt laws
wert for Israelites reduced to poverty; instead
of going into the poor bouse) hospital, or being
condned in Drlson for debt, be could sell
or bind himself, or be sold with his family
work out bla debt, gain their living, and return
to their landed possessions, which returned
them with their liberty at tht year .of Jubilee.
But with' respect to bondmen and bond-
maids, slaves, permit me to read the following
from - Leviticus, chapter ,25, verses 44, 45, and
46: 1 "Both thy bondmen and thy bondmaids,
which thou shalt bave, shall bt of tht heathen
that are round about you; of then shall ye buy
bondmen and bondmaids." "Moreover, of the
children of the strangers that do sojourn among
you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families
that are with you, which they begat In yonr
land: and tbev shall be vour possession." "And
ye shall take them as an inheritance for your chil
dren after you, to inherit them for a possession
they shall be your bondmen fcr ever; but over
your brethren, the children of Israel, ye shall
not rule out over another with rigor.1
Mr. Speaker, I will now call tht attention
the House to tbe bill before na, (and against
amendment.) The provisions of this law
enable tht State to carry out the intentions
the framers of the Fugitive Slave Law; it
convince our Southern brethren that we are
earnest to do them justice, by protecting
personal property; and IoJ me again suggest
that portion of the House who consider it their
doty conscientiously to keep up agitation for
abolition of slavery, If they may not be commit,
ting a grievous sin.'. Suppose for . moment
the theory I have introduced (which is main
tained in full or in part by many of tht most
talented and eminent men in tht world) should
be true, tre yon not flying in tbe face of Provi
dence, who hat for some grand purpose,
known to ns, finite beings, condemned this
to slavery 7 Especially do I call npon those Rev
erend and spiritual gentlemen, members of
Bouse, to preach, Instead of agitating to
fanatical brethren, "peace and good, will
men:" and Instead of .crying out coercion
civil war, 'compromise," or giro np all of
Dreludicea for the sake of tht Union. If
cannot be preserved, then peaceable secession
and negotiations for a fair and equal division
of tbe publlo property, taking into view the
debt, and how it was contracted.
In conclusion, permit me to recitt the beauti
ful passage from Jeremiah, 31 chapt. Ephraim
bad been carried Into captivity, and their moth
er Rachel, the favorite wlft'of Jacob, (who
burled at Raman,) U supposed by the prophet
to be mourning for them In the spiritual
"A volet was heard in Rtmah, lamentation,
and bitter weeping; Raohel, weeping for
children, refused to bt comforted became
were not." ."Thus with the Lord; refrain
voice from weeping, and thine evee from
for thy work shall be rewarded, saith tht
and they shall come again from the land of
enemy." , In tht tamt spirit, Mr. Speaker,
mit me to .postrophltt tht fathers of
Union, Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madi
son, Monroe and onr noblt Jackson, to
for ns, their children, at tbe footstool of the
Stpremt ruler of Heaven and Earth, that
may fill tbt minds and hearts of our present
rulers with that wisdom and knowledge that
bring. about peaoe and -harmony in tbt State
and, the preservation of onr glorious Union.
"!. ''a" COXOiATED 3T3Y'"'- 3 1
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' No cart or txpttnthat beta tptreil io tnake tht
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It hie now the Iitaiiiativt aanetion, bavin( been
prorta bjr Dtariy tne wnaoiaont vow er aotn
and wu ordered to bt tittribaUd to tht following
and County offlcars:
Governor. Attoraer Oeseral, Baprtne Jadtret,
tary, o mptroller, Treatnrer and Auditor ot state,
to the Probate Conrta, Ooarte of Common Fleet,
and Poliot Coarta, Aoditort, and the Gierke of
varlont Conrte In each eoonty, to the If ember, of
Bentlt and lioaie of Bepreeentatlvat of ihit State,
tbt Ooremart of thr tevtral States of tht Union.
Thia book, eontalnloft, at It dots, all of tht Statatet
tow la fore, and tht author! tatlrt eonetnotioa tf
and of the New Ooattttatlon, will bt found to bt etpeclal
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Tt . vuTicn8 or THa r"CB, ..!
" h .i OIiBHES OP TOWNSHIPS, and :
'o;, - . en' opnosEs. ... , .
Xnatmach as very manv ebanftet have been mailt in
Statatet elect tht publication af tht tatt tdltlont, bp
alttratiotMi and adiliUona. and nany Important
hive been given by tht Suprtmt Court on
tnverwa potnie. ail ' -j -i.-- I
1 v;-u.i0.198iJiXU MBS GpB4LI.r,
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Two Royml tvo. foliate of over Jltniteen Bwndrtd
"' ' u ' :u Fab, 3 tu...
?! InBtroof U-PAndlat rPrlot 10.O8
Xw faUlthtr, toctMlleft; Bta tloatn tad Imatrten.
t' WettPoorth ttreet,
, Cincinnati,
"4 H ii; ,.' AT : " ' ... , -vh
HlPM! ie-n! If .H'' C,W00M,
,q re ''-
alii. W BlJJIlfHiWJiy Htt.
Tioy, i
on Me day tfpubUcaUo- 1 t 1 '
The Southern Commissioners to the Republican
Administration at Washington.
n Ma.. Fh. Q7 .'the Southern Conerees.
at Montgomery, Alabama, confirmed the sp-
- . . .a M.iK.naea
polntment of tbt foUowing gentlemen a. m-
mlssloners to Washington: A. B. Koitait, oi
Louisiana; MaaTm J. CaawrosD, ot Georgia,
and John Forsyth, of Alabama.. '
Mr. RoMan was formerly Governor of Lou
Isiaoa. In tbe last Presidential contest, he sup.
ported Mr. Bcll, and waa subsequently a Co
operatlonist. . - ,
Mr. Caawroao was a member ot tht House
of Representatives In tbt last Congress of tht
United States, and on the secession of his btato
frnm the Union, resiened. wltb the rest of tbe
Georgia delegation, bis seat in that body.'
Mr. FoasTTK , was
Minister to Mexico during
1. T ,ue .rvatni.t-.tlnn RAOfmLiV M
k.. k. (rn.n aa tha erlltnp of the MobilS
Remitter. T
Two of tbt three Commissioners art
now In
Washington, and tht tblrd hourly expectea.
It Is reported that they will make known to
President 'LiNoout tht object of their mission,
nerhans to-morrow, March 12 ih. That object
Is understood to be to negotiate with the new
Administration in regard to the forts, arsenals,
diatom houses, and other federal property. In
j.i O...S.'' ' ' ". ' !j V.1
The Curiosity of the pub'lo is Intense to KOOW
A , f t .1 OwlkM.
now tnese uommissionere irum tu- OUUwuu
Confederacy will be received by Mr. Lincoln
and bit Cabinet- According to tht Republican
.. t,i.k ... ennnnaaJ tn r.flork tha tiawt
' 1 rr
of the Administration, tnese men nave come to
Washington as the sgente and representa
tives of an organized band of rebels In the Cot
ton States. If Mr , Lincoln receives them as
ambassadors from another Government, and en.
tore upon negotiations with them, it will be an
aoknowledgment pf the authority Of the Gov
ernment they represent and of the. validity of
tht secession movement. On tbe other band,
tf h. r.ru.t to receive them and neeotlate with
then in tbelr capacity of Commissioners, as it
ssld be will, On the ground that the seceded
Sutes .re still in tht Union, then bt can regard
will i them In no ether light than as rebels and trai
tors, and, if he has any pluck, will bave them
Immediately arrested. Indicted and tried. Will
he do this 7 We shall see in a few days.
President Lincoln on Slavery in the Territories.
tional was
President Lincoln, in his Inaugural, though
recardins the Chicago platform as . law untol
Repnblioans and unto himself, says nothing
about "tbt normal condition of tbt Territories"
nothing .bout tht duty of Congres to prevent
tht extension ol slavery
In discussing another point, ht asks ant an
swers these questions: "May Congress prohib
it slavery In the Territories? The Constitution
does not expressly say. May Congress protect
sl.verv in the Territories 7 , Tht Constitution
does not exnrosslv sav."
Bat what does Mr. Lincoln savT This I .ll
he has to say: "One section cf the country be-1
n ,w .I.,, la ,lht. and ontht to ha tz.
J rt . a
. i i . i .1 i n . i . i . t
tenaeu, wntlt tne outer Dciievtw toae u it wrung,
and ooght not to be extended.". But bt does
not tell the oountry what he believes, or whetb
er he regard one section as right, or both as
wrong, though be .firm that this question
about slavery-extension "'is tht only substantial
dispute." ,i i .: -, ; : H j ; :'
Now, if this be "tbt only snbsUntial dispntt,"
It wu certainly of tho deepest Interest; to the
whole country that tht new President, on being
Installed into an offlot In which bt would have
the destiny of tht Republic in bis bands, should
bave boldly, emphatically, and unequivocally,
told bis "fellow-cltliens of tht United States"
how ht intended to decide Jh.t grtvt question,
.nd settle that . "only substantial dispute,"
which baa rent onr Union in twain. Bat he fin
lihed his Inaugural, and gavt no sign save that
of tht Chicago Platform. ,. Dots this thow that
Amaham Lincoln la a man equal to tht emer
gency In which lie Is oalled to act T
Letter of Gov. Houston to Gen. Twiggs.
Tht following is .copy of tht letter address
ed by Gov. Houston to Gen. Twieos, before tbe
surrender, by the Utter, of tht torts, arsenals
and other federal -property in Texas!
January 20, 1861.
; 1
, HaJor-Gi. 0. 1. Twiooa, Oonmaadln Department
of Texas My Door Voturai : TOt pratent prttiart or
Important tvtntt nectttarlly Induces prompt action oa
tha part ot all publlo functionaries. In thit view of tht
matter, I tend to pen Otatral J. H. Smith, of this Bnttt,
oa eons ilen tial mlaloa, ta know what, In tht pretent
erielt, you eonelder It your dmtp to do, as to maintaining,
la behalf of tht federal Government, r patting over to
tht State, tht potettelon of tbt fortt, araenan, and pub
llaMart erltkla thit Btatt. And ales, if a demand
for tht pottetilon of .tht tamt It made by tht Sxetatlvt,
if yen art fauthoriied, or It would be eom'onsablt to
your stnaa of euty, io piaot w pueeaaaira n lae a-
thoritlet of tht gtata, tbt fort, arms munltlone,
and property of tht federal Oovtrnmtnt, oa tht
inlav ul iha Xaaeutlvt to an affloer of tht Btatt tmotw-
ered to receive and reecipt for tht sunt. Thlt ooant It
taftated by the fact that taformatlea tat reached tht
JtjecaUve that an effort will be made by an ananthtrlsed
mob to Iakt foreibly and appropriate tht publlo ttoret
and property to uee tf tDelr own, aatamiBf t aot on ot
half of the State. Any arranstmentt made with you by
Oen. Smith will be unetloned and approved by me. And
thault yea nejulrt aey atelttanot to aid you In resittiof
tht contemplated and unauthoriied attack npon tbe pub
lie property, u. , and ta pilot the tamt ta poteemlon of
the Btatt authorttiea. you an autharlted to call oa the
Mayor and eitiaeot of San Antonio for tuch utittanct at
yoataayattn, nettttary... j
I will hoot to hear from ron. General, throuih my con
fidential atnt, Oen. Smith, aa toon aifht can bavt tht
honor of a tonfertooj with yoa oa mat tare am braced la
tht prteent epoch of our national aflalrt. , .
.. J -r 'jl. . i T .m AmM.I.Mflnlf.tNJ
" t. C-flPht leeltlaturi metis to morrow. I will, a.
Decision in the Bonaparte—Patterson Case.
lor tht
peal, dt
clsion, eon-
15 W
. . .
The- Civil Tribunal 6f the SiineY sUtlb; fat
Ptrii, delivered judgment, on tbe 15th of Feb
ruary, In tht east of Madame Euiatcrsi Pa
Ttaseif and Jxaosia BonaPabti, ner eon, against
Hit tmoerlal 1 'Htehne Prlnet NapoIioii; In
fo of tht latter. - Tht Court grounded Its de
cision ope its conclusion that tbt question of
the. nulHtvof Xhe marrlace of His Imperial
Hlghnes Prince Jxsxmi tBowAP4T,!( deceased,
to Madame PtTTXaaow, on Deo. 24, ,803, wsi
finally settled bj the Emperor's family councils
In 185G and 1880. The Court abstained -from
pronouncing 'anyopinion on the ' merits Oi tht
cist, 'which, ft it" ald,' M.(' MxrvxiLtioX, the
Crown Advocate,-admitted' fo 'bo entirely in
favor of the Pattwson. Th latter. It is ex
wt anrtrwl from thedeelalon. '-'
r -rr
Cabinet of the Confederate States.
1 "The Cabfoet Vf JfPPcasdw CaVis, President
of tht "Confederate Sutes," as the Sonthertt
tectded State designate their new Union, 1 At
present constituted as follows: ' , .' '
' Raerettr of State...!.'..'. Robert Toombe: of 3t.
.' ' ttoretary at tht Treanry. C. L. kttmmrnaar, af t. C,
learetary of War Leroy P. Walker, of Ala.
eortrarytf tht Mary,.,.: tiepheaK. MalloryHa
PoatmaetavSeDeral..... Jno. H.lmni of lena
Attorney General JndihP. BeuJamln, o ta.
The New Patent Law.
TV,nnDV .A .v..;. .if ..-lclrnl
which may be fairly Ud to tht door of tht last
session of tht Thirty-Sixth CongreM. J-one
meaanra which waanaiail miIa taeetwlthl
almost universal approbation. Wt tlludo to
the bill "to promote tht progreet of tbe useful
arts,'" Introduced into the Senate, by Mr.' M.t-
war, os tht pi pf December, 1859.f ft f T;
.Tha ! Uant.i.1 ....! .ltninf .Vila Mil' aa
finally passed, le that all patents hertmfter grinU
d shall remain In fores for ree(e years from
tha data of taana. ailt all .rtanolAna it inch
patent. art thereby problbltrf.' This
h "trlgut and corruption Incident to attempts
obulntht extension of val.ablt patents by
innmiaamnaa aa.ar (aula -n mi ar n ik niaaiBi
r ""'m
uoto.iirr granwa, hs moral eneo wiu u w
cnecx tnt demora zatlonof tbenationai i,egie-r
. .l. I ' ... !,.,
hav. beta ."nnn.lly ,p.. In lobbying to extend
the large patent monopolies. - - 1
Thia liniat t mi av.aMiiinv nut ant havond
r . ... ..... r .
seventeen years was tht last matter submitted
to the Committee of Conference on tht bill,
Messrs. Dootus, Camuon and Frrosi, of tht
Senate, and Messrs. Cox, Faanx and Ba.a,' of
the House, at tht Committee of Conference, In
'Mo n thl M reform, and It was passed
TO J .aav a -ww, .
F'""uu " u
The other
It orovldn. whtra cztniiloni art now appll.d for. In.
caMior eiuiiDg pat.nu, ror eonpnitory prootw ior
wltosaKt, In order to Bake a thorough iovoitlgaUoa of
tht menu or tot cats.
It live, tht CommlMlomr of Patent! a largtr salary,
It Imp
pottt additional datlet and re.ponilbltle.
It DroTidtt for oartaln additional anailDtra.
It allows tht OomaUwIonar to rtfott to reoognii pat
ent aatnta wbobavt Men fullty or Bltoonducl.
Ituott notaltarlnt uwat to bannenl or reti.
It tnlarfta tht rlaht to pattntt la itlatlon to moldlps,
caelloff. tlectrotvDiDf. Sto.
it cut, os au pattntt net proMCuna wiuuo iwojtara
arttr niiog.
it reauirea laiaii on nait&taa anieiei.
It e oab lee tht Ooaatatlontr to diipoet of models of
MlMt.rf .nnll.llnn. .nrf n IT........ .Iltl wh.n
be think, tht dtalgntan Wtlifficieatljr reprtMnttd bj
I QFawina. '
itniowstht Commlatlontr to rrqolrt the printing
paper, la otrtain as. .
I An Imnnvlanl ratavt nf (ha hill SMWieaSilti tkaa latwa nnvjr In
f0K. fllln. u,. nUl at psMnt ootet to bt paid, and
discriminating between tht Inhabitants of tht United
I State, and Ihoet of other eoantrlee.
Speech of Mr. Jonas.
' memoera, wnen requesting
ePJ ' publication, as "learned, .bit tnd elo
is " I P tereet by
u' whether they accept hit views
Tht reader will find in our 'column. toWay
tbe speeeh of lion. Josim Jonas, of Hsm-
uton county, oeuverea in tne uouse 01 itepre-
sentttlves. on the 25th and 20th of February last,
tbt bill to prevent clvlng aid to fugitive
slaves, which is appropriately designated in
or not, they will accord to Mr. Jonas great re
search. Independence and abll ity.
Speech of Mr. Jonas. OHIO LEGISLATURE.
SATURDAY, March 9, 1861.
A call of tht Senate was demanded, and eigh
teen Senators answered to their names, where-1
,,r . j T
I upon .11 further proceedings under the call were
dispensed with
On motion of Mr. GARFIELD, the Senate
resolved itself Into committee of tbt Whole,
Mr. MoCall in tbe chair, tnd considered -
S. B. No 257 To amend section one of an
aot entitled "an act fixing the salaries of cer
tain State officers," passed May 1, 1852; which
was referred to tbe Judiciary committee,
Covington and Cincinnati Bridge Company,
Also, S. B. 266-To amend the charter of the
which was referred to the committee on Coroor-
i . . ..
ti... tVi . n hjfnnlwlnal.
Also. H. B. 337r-8upplemenUry to an ct
entitled "an tot for opening .nd regulating
rodas ana nignways," passea January una,
ioto. .ki.h KfmH tn tha nmii, nn
Baada and Hlehwav. . , I; . iw --::
n u n .aT amon aaniUn r a.
Mt entitled "n act to provide lor tbe settle-
ment. of estates of deceased persons," passed
m..mU 01 lHAn. hlAh wai vafareari' tn Iha In.
diclarv eommltiee.
Also, H. B. 393 To aithorixe the eommi
tioners of Monroe connty to borrow money to
supply tht deficiency- occasioned by the defalca
tion ot tbt uounty treasurer, wnion was refer
red to tht commltte on Mnniclpa 1 Corpor ationa.
Also. a. d. aau ror opening and regulating;
roada and highways; which was refersed to the
committee on Roads and Highways.
On motion, th senate adjourned.
Mr. WRIGHT, of ilamilton, introdnced tbt
following resolution: '
Kontvta, -mat tnt ttanaioe committee on tnt
Penitentiary be and we hereby Inatrncted to as
certain whether Pnt In-Bay Islnd,in Lake Erie,
oan be purchased; and If so, at what price.
That they be Instructed also to inquire into tbt
expediency of tht State purchaeing that, or
aomt other ieland, for the purpose of making;
. prison establishment for tbt confinement
thaVcIass of criminal that are now eent to the
Penitentiary for . term not
S.B. 245-For tht payment or Bartlett
Smith 252 For the maintenance of insane
persons In the State of Ohio; and 260 Making
partial appropriations for tbt year 1861, wert
reid the first time. " ! v .;.'.' rf - i
Tht House agreed to tbt Senate's amend
ments to H. B. 282 Requiring county auditors
to make return of the amount ot feet of county
offleere ytits 73, nays 5. ' -
Tbt Senate Joint Resolution to provide lor
tht printing of , tht report of the Commissioner
of Statistics wa taken np.
, Mr. CONVERSE moved that 20,000 copie
be printed in German.
Mr. ROBINSON moved that tht rttolntion
bt referred to the committee on Printing. '.
Mr. ANDREWS said this wa . mere busi
ne proposition, that required no reference. '
, Mr. VINCENT desired the reference.' He
wished to set if tht report was worth publishing
at .11.. . If it is no better than that of last year
it is not worth publishing.
..-Mr. VORI3 concurred with Mr. Vincent ' '
Mr. HUGHES said ht bopsd it would be print,
ed. : There wa no , document so much sought
tfter as thi report. , ; , , -ii
Mr. BURR laid of all the document printed
by tbt legislature, this report tnd that on ag
riculture wert about tbe- only ones tailed for,
Mr.ANDREWS favored fine printing.. Tht
report was a valuable on; and if ever , ; worth
printing It I worth printing now. " ' '' ''
, Mr. ANDREWS taid Jut hoped tht tmend
ment would prevail, Wt bavt large number
of German citizen in Ohio, most of them in
telligent, valuable men, many of whom cannot
read English. Having come to this country
middle age, tbey cannot readily acquire . I.n
guaga foreign to tbelr own.but (till show themsel
ves attached to our Institutions fiunly at if at,-,
tlrt born- Mr. A. taid b wa glad to ee gen
tlemen take their true position on thlt (object.
It waa, taid, that wt should make good Amer
lean citizen of the German by compelling them
to learn the English language. Mr. A. would
aav that the German will mtke soch of them
aelvte without toy assistance, and It is shallow
... i-i .i i i.
"7. :CErh7
. . . . i . i
ten, rot uerman it purer language man
tht Eogliih, and it It Jut as well if it I spoken
by half of tor people, ,Tht German pay larga
taxes In Ohio, ,tnd otLerwise contribute mater
ially to tbe pubiln good. It I a very little trib
ute to tliem to prbt tbelr document in tbelr
own language it ehonld btdsnt. '' o:;j ov-i
JCht motion to refer wa disagreed to.., The
question then turned on tbt -amendment pro
viding for printing extra copie In German.'
Mr. ANDREWS urged the adoption of tht
amendment, In which Me. MYERS concurred.
, Mr. PLANTS did not objeot to tbt German
minting, but be (bowed that tbe number would
bo small that his shart would not allow him
Ot 0mau ma, uu tuaro wouiu uui auww uiui
10 Mbrli-M wrZitwlaSr ,
could be pHnted, ht . wonld vott for itg adly.
t.a !' .t?-l tc-aw.it wsse'nvv-'if'
wu too
nrlntlnv. and ha tinned the House WQUld bt lib-
" .. 7 J
Mr. VINCENT boiwd the resolution would
Anlnultural renort. : - k - :
M,. WEfH ohiafli.d ta iha amendment, at
bis Gorman constituents usually preferred do-
nmanta r"- ' -f
Mr. BALDWIN moved to amend by prlnfr
lns S50.00U copies in EnelUh and 60,000 In Ger
man, that a copy could bt supplied to every ve-ter-rwhieh
motion was disagreed to yeas 19,
Mr. hi l (JULiuuh. movea to amena vn
amendment so as to proportion tbe German cop
lna tha lama as tht AerlOUltUral KeDOrtt.
. M Con(,rre -
Mr. ROBINSON moved that the "solntlons
aai.ll aiiiia iar Hincuuiutufw mw a wa w -
PfDlDe, which was disagreed to
Mr, HITCHCOCK'S wst agreeo to.
Tht amendment ot nr. uuhvuhoi.
I thnn aopaait tn 51). DSTS JO,
TbtJ r.e.lution .. .mended was then .greed
Tbe Senate Joint Resolution providing for
r.dn nntitna mana of the State was read, wnen
r.K . i - onn A
Mr. JYlUHAtlAll moved ion ouu u i,iui
In Kmin. vhlch vii diaaereed to.
The resolution was then agreed to yeas 40,
MM ftl.
' 8. B. 5136 To provide for the removal of ob
structions from turnpikes or plank roads, was
read the first time. - --
Tha House concurred in tht Senate .mend
ment to H. B. 313 To compel osticea of the
peace to hand over their deckete to tneir tuo
cessors-veas 84, nays 9. ' - ' ;
M. M6NAHAN moved that tho vote where
h tha Hnnta refused to asree to the Senate
resolution relative to proouring outline maps of
the State be reconsiderea; wmoo motion wat
agreed to yeas 58, nays 28.
TYi . Man fullnn wan than ailonted,
I S. B. 255 To amend sections 13 and 14 of
tbe act establishing tbe independent treasury
was read the first time. '
Also, 8. B. 239 To amend the general tax
law In relation to tht taxation of banks. ..
On motion, the House adjourned. -.. j
MONDAY, March 11, 1861.
After reading tht minutes, a call of tht Sen-
ata aa demanded, and nineteen Senators an
swering to their names, all further proceedings
nnrlar the eall were dlsntnsea witn. -
A message from tbe House snnooncea ine
adoDtion of the Senate joint resolution relative
(h. B.m. b, .,aairina. 3 noo conies to.be printed
in German, ana tnt aistriDuiion 01 me wuuio
number of copies be made to each member, up
on 5.5 J$ZS?
s niHcriDULiun ui um ngi luuiturat ivcwt mi
the . on motion, said resolution and amendment
era mfmed to the Committee on Printing
Mr. 8CULEICH presented a new bill S. B
No. 270 To repeal certain acts therein named
Mr. FOSTER also presented . new bill 3
B.No. 271 SuDolementarv to an aot entiUed
"an act to provide for tbe partition of real .es
tate" passed February 13th, 1831, and tht sev
eral acts amendatory thereof; both of which were
read the first time." -. .' 'i " 't
Mr. BREWER presented tht remonstrance
of John Carnee and 87 others against the passage
of Senate Bill No. 209, being . bill to reg
nl.tt the salt of railroad .nd for the reorgan
isation of tbe same, which was referred to the
committee on Railroads.
Mr. HARSH presented the petition of James
M. Brown and 11 other citisens of Massillon,
Stark county, In reference to Seneca Connty
I Dvara counvy, iu rwmunw muw vramj
Notes; which waa relerred to .thejselect
Commute on that subject.
Mr. FISHFR offered the following resolution
wtilch waa adotted:
Rnolud, That tbt Board of Publlo Work
bt required to report to tbt Senate wbat ha
betn tbe amount received per annum from
Public Works for the last ten years , the salaries
of officer, exoente of collecting tolls, and mak
ing repairs on tne same, ior tne same term
jeftr8 including present Indebtedness for mate
rials furnished to. and labor.nerformed on, such
rawio works; .iso, toe preeena conuiuon oi
I Pnhlin wnrka.aa ta the amount ot monev neaes,
"'7 (if Pu then. n a gppd condition
for travel or transportauon as tney were
7 "" ,.- ' ..
I On motion, the Senate went into . Commit
tot or tnt wnoie, nr. wnitt in toe vnair,
considered ti. B. 166 further to amend ".n
to provwe tor tne oreation ana regulation
lucorporawu ugmpauwa ,u uio oh "".
I OSSeea mav 1, loo.auuto rcKuiaw rauniau
companies, whloh, on being reported back,
referred to tne committee on itauroaas. -A
message waa received from tht Governor,
transmitting; a communication from tne score
tarv of the Senate of tbe United States, encloa
ine n codv of . letter from Salmon P. Chase,
resigning; tbe office of Senator of tht United
State Irom tbe State of Ohio, whloh was read.
On motion, the Senate took a rocess.
MONDAY, March 11.
Prayer by Rev, Mr. Brush. : . i ' o
. The following memorials wert presented
referred: . .. . ,
By. Mr. 8CHIFF, from tht school commis
sioners of Delhi township, in Hamilton connty,
for tbe saleof oertain school lands.
. Bv Mr. HADDOW, from A. B. Ellis and
others, of Washington, for n constitutions!
amendment prohibiting persons ol any degree
or color from voting.
By Air. CHASfc, irom uenry siuaser and
BvMr. MONAHAN, from W. M. Green
32 others of Athena county, for an Improvement
tf the Hocking canal. ... .
By Mr. BL AKESLEE, from Jaoob Schell
90 othen of Columbiana eounty, lor a Uw
protect every citizen of Ohio and abolish kid
napping. ' ""
' Also, from S. S. Blackford and 32 others
Stark county, for the repeal of all taws making
distinction on account of color. x ' "
- AlsO, from Charles S. Royce and 44 others
Stark County, for the same object. .,
Alto, from D. C. Blood and tight others
tbt stmt county, for tht same Object.
. Also, from A. V. 8tannard and 82 others
the came county, fur the eame object.
" Also, from Win, K. Mendenhall. and 34 oth
ers of tbt stmt county, for the same object.
t -Alio, from A, Brooke tnd 26 otbtrt bf
same county, fcr tht same objeot. ' '
Also, from Cheeseman Miller and 118 other
of Cuyahoga county, for tbe same object.
Also, from 36 othen of Breoksville, in
tame county, for the same object. "- , ' '
. Also, from Enoch Clark and 40 other citizens
of Ohio, for the eame object. . - .
Alto, from Silas Roeton and 60 ethers of
county ; for.'." constitutional amendment
for the same object. V i'.,.' .,,';)",
Tbt following bills wert read a aeoond
fend referred:- ' ' " '1 ;" " " n '
i H, B 400 To amend the third teotion of
"aot to provide for the aaleof Motion sixteen
Delhi township, tn tht connty of Hamilton."
Schools and Sohool Lands. J - ' " ' ' - '
. H B. 401 Prohibiting- tht commissioners
oountiee (rem paying or allowing to be paid
oertain stationery and blanks for connty officers.
Fees sod Salaries. -tv-- T, , ur-" ,
' H. B. 403 To amend aa aot for tho punish
ment of tbe crime of maliciously destroying
property. Judiciary.
. H.B.403 To amend the .1st, 2nd .nd
sections of "an act requiring annual settlements
by eounty officers." Finance. v... ";
-T.H. B. 404 To repeal certain eota therein
named. Belect Committee of one. Mr. Vorls.
hi. B. 405 To amend an act supplementary
"gnUt. tht contest of .loo
tlon and the resignation of Justices of tht peace.
Municipal Corporations. ' ' .
' H. B. 406 To amend tht act to amend an
defining the powers and dutiee of justices of
peace and tbe aot amendatory thereto." Judl
. ' v '"' " " ' " ' ' " '' " ' '
11. B. 407 To regulate tbe payments of coat
on conviction for sniuo eriminal offense.
i 11 B 408 To tbolisb the office of eounty
director, and Invest the dutlet.nd
ere of that office In tbe county . commissioners.
Committee of the Whole.
H.B. 409-Fixiug the time, of holding
court of common pleat in Noblt eoonty,
i0jjQi. ir r
H. B. 410-To .mend section thret of -an
to . . to ,n ct to
-U '."
n .1. -I'-eoteommonscnoois. oeicotvum.
Uteo. Cc'ivtme, et al.
II. B. 4il To establish and deDne tha an.
(hority Of ,lirlee. Committee of the Whole.'
S. B. S!J3 To provide lor tne mainienaiKw
ndsopportof insane persons In tho state eft
rjnlO. uenevoieni institutions.- -S.
B.200-Makin. partial appropriations for
tht year 18CL; Fiuauoe. '-
S. . 245 Authorizing hc payment , o( the
claim of Bartlett Smith. Finance. -
S. B 255 TO amena seotions j j ana a
Ml to establish the Independent Treaauryjof tht
Bi.tanf tihin. uommuiea uu -
S. B. 236 To provide for tho removal of ob
structions from turnpikes and plank loads.
Roada and Hlchw.ys. ' f V ( V ' ' ."
u it aj-ju -i'a einiAiui tnn sin i. iur tuo mdvtdw-
ment and taxation of property in this State, and
for levvlng taxev thereon; urrency '
H.B.No. 3H i bv Mr. VINCENT Fixing
the rate of Interest and repealing a certain aot
twain named, waa made tne toeoiat oruer iui
TrtM.v. at 11 A'nlnolr. A. M. - i ': t :
; . . ... . i
Mr. SN XDEK eave notice ot a Dill to .menu
the .ot regulating the practloe of Probate
wuurn. , !.-,.( , 1
The following bills wert introduoea ana reao
a first time;
h n 413- hv Mr. wood To extena tne
tlma of navment for section 16. In Erie and
i-.i.v tAvnetiina. in utuiea conniT. . r.
H. B 414; by Mr. PATTERSON To .mend
sections S and o or toe act 10 proviao ; w ,u
H. B. 415: bv Mr. WINNER To .mend
aantinn nt the act for the better reirnlatlon
of schools in towns and cities, passed February
21,1849.' . '
H R 41K-R Mr. REE3. of Franklin To
amend the Inspection Laws, so as to provide for
appointment Ot Deputies. , . .
H. B. 417 By Mr. SHAW To .mend the
act Ot Marco I, lOOJ, lor tun jjuuirmucu. v.
oertain crimes.
11 n aihB Mr. PARR To repeal the
t for tha o-narantea of United States Bonds.
H. B 419-By Mr. SIIAWTo prevent giy
tun M f A I'llrrtliVat, CilllVM.
the act relating to Juries, passed February 9,
. H. B 421 Br Mr. KUKE.wttUL 10
amend the laws regulating tbe duties Of Coun
T.attaiiFara. ...
m. MiiasON. from the Committee on Med
tai r.niiairaa. ranorttd back 8. B. 251 Regu
lating the Commercial uospitai or vincmunu;
when the Dill was reaa a mira nmo, wucu
M- Ff.Ann axnlalned tnt ODieot Ol tne Din
and its provisions. The bill was then passed
yeas 7H, nays . . '':
Mr nAVia. from the Committee on Muni
clpal Corporations, reported back H.B. 336 To
amend tut general act ior tne ,uv,urjui3iuu
cities and villages, in relation to Bewer aaaena
menu when the bill was ordered to do en
nwnmcaA and VAAfl t third time. When
n. T- ti l 1 . V. At.tan, an
Mr. ULiAivHiOijEiCi eaoiameu u
provisions of tht bill, when it was passed yeas
Mr i;ill.l.l Mla. irom m juuiumrj tuuimi.-1
tP rnorted back II. B. 376: To protect
, . ' M k. M..nlniF tha Immiffra.
tee. reported beck a. a. aoo loamenu bwhuu
24 ot the act of March 24, 13W, regulating
Intnreat of mechanic bv preventing the immigra
tion of colored persons. Thi report not being
.innih a maioritv of the committoe '
Mr. ROBINSON raised . question of order,
.nd moved that the Judiciary committee ne Dis
charged from further consideration or tne sud
M whinh motion. - .
. " ...Ttmnnn t.tj
On motion or Mr. uunvrjriati.waBiBiu
the table. - ' - .: -
Tbe bill w.stberefort lelt wttu tnt commit-
Mr. MoCUNE, from tne renitenuary commit-
Penitentiary, when the bill was set for . tnira
reading to-morrow.
Me. Kuuinaun. irom mo cuwaiiuos
Claims, reported in favor of the payment ol
claim of William Reed, which was agreed to.
The same committee reported back tne ciaim
nf Jnhn L. Robinson, for salary aa uanai
spector at Akron, and recommended that it
not paid, wnicn was agreea to.
Mr. ANDREWS, from tho committee
Plnanne. renorted buck Senate joint resolu
tion 99 Relative to tha payment of
claim of the Commissioner on th site of
ne Pnltntlarv the Committee having
unanimously recommended that it bo indenmte-
ly .postponed . . . . ..
Mr. waiion tnougns it wgviuuw uuiug
injustice :' to of . these Commissioners ;
acrea to the. rDOrl. - toev expeouta
- . . . . ,
same comoensation at memoera oi tne ucuerai
Attemblv. and thev accepted the appointment
with that understanding, and that the uovernor
iutended that such would probably be tbelr com
pensation say (4 .day .nd expenses; and
thotittht it ooght to be paid them.
Mr. ANDREWS replied that the appoint
ment was made without any expectation
thev wonld have been so long in session,
that tne UOVernor, at we time uu tuggeaieu
probable compensation, also intimated that
were expectea to report at the commencement
the last session of tbe Legislature,' whereas
strung out the time, and did not report till
the close of it.
Mr. BALDWIN said, the Committee
Finance at the last session reported wbat
deemed a full compensation lor their service,
and ha thought that compensation Is ample.
Mr. PARSONS said be thought tht House
about to do an act of great injustice to three
honorable men aa there art in th State,
adopting this report. Ut cited the faot
the expenses of the Commissioner were
i960, as thev stated in their reports and
knew they would not report Improperly and
of $1,200 it loft them a sum that it would be
shame for this House to award them. - They
made . most able report, and made It as
aa nnaalhla.v It waa a most Valuable rerjort.
showing the resource of the State to bt
as we should rejoice to know them to be.
aatd these men were not capable of stating a
hood; and they had said )hey paid out $965
exoenses in their services. This Senate resolu
tion only allows them thi bill of expenses
$3. day, not $4,a Is supposed. ' Tbey
entrased 112 dav. i i! ' '. V
Mr. BALDWIN read from the report of
committee last year, allowing them J
.nd travelling expense, except ooara niiis -Thi.
Mr. PARSONS, said, would, make
lart-cr aum than that then allowed, nd
what is recommended in tht Senate Bill.
waa nnworthv of the Uonet to look Up tbt
items o( this bill of expenses. If wt must
them in detail, it Is the proper subject oft
ference to a committee of investigation. : :.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, moved that tht
be referred to the committee on Jiim .
. Pending which tbe House took .. recess.
' '
ton .
diciary. in
firmsry pot,
..jn -tr.voK.iu-vit'.l.M .
TtTnM .nn an tit We York . drirl direct to th
.... -j . . b ;.a
f n if.. .. . .
Seod Pare, Good Booms, Prompt Atiendance, and
j.U-. ..j.,h- t-H "r.l:.i.
SINGLE B00US SO CT8. 73 CT8. and tl PER DAT..,.
, ' " B0UBLI ROOMS and PARLORS $1,80 to
. Mealt a ordered. Thlt Hotel has all th appointments
of the beet hotels, a moat centra) location, and It
throughout by ateta. , .. BAUUJtli . ueau-r
marchlM3m j - .i.e. - Proprietor.
Court of Common Fleas, FranklUi Con!y,
Airred Alaw..,.,, , , .) ... ... .. ,. . -. t, t. r. .-.'...j
John Erawetal. ' . .,
iha flourL in thil caM, to mi iaiued, I will oiler
alt, at tht door of tbt Oourt Houet, la the city of
Ohio, beta-tenth honrt of 10 o'olook,
and S o clock, p. M., ,r ,ijt f i,)-v ,
. Oa Thurtday, tht 11th day of April, 1861,'b
the .following described real estate, 'sliuat In
ToWrhlp, Pranklin county, Ohio, and Ih Tirglnl
Surrey, No. 0115, bounded at follow! Brplnologata
take and two bur oakt, toutheatt comer to lot No. 11,
I. gmeed't imvey, No. 8115, running thenet wert
poles to a stake and three whltt oak,
north 10 degreea west MH polet to two whltt oaks
black oak, theace taat 71 polet to a ttakt star
whila oak, In tht tut lint of taid lot, thenet tonth
degrees eatt 94, polet to tht beginning, oontaining
acrta, mora or Itei. AppraiMd at tl,0
of tale out-third in hand, H In ont and In
yean, with Intereit from day or tail, and. payments
bt teenred by mortgage on jiremliei. -.
march8:ltd-tw- O. W. DUffMAH, BherUT,
H. O. NOBLE, Att'y.
f, Diiwlution of Co-partnerBlup. t
I la, lila a1av rlltatnivdil h tntlintll nnsn
tMa. KiHtor: I have beta rtqnuted, by my frltnit,
enaoanoe Bjetlf u a Candidate for the Haroraltr,
tbt ensuing election, sutyeot la tht dec Lion of tht
Democratic party. . A. I. 8IXTI&.
lorro. gTA-rantaa Pie eat aanouaet the uae of .
JOI1II JACOB HOFIMANN as a eandldaU for tht offlot '
of Township TJlerk, of Montgomery lotn.hlp. 't T-v
ana try, s a i mawy democrats. ' f
City and Township Bimoeratle Convention,. ...
The Demoeralt of tht eltr of Colombo, and ktontgon- ,
try Towaahlps, are hereby aotined to atttln lhelr re- ;
tptctlve Wards and Townihloa, on Baturdigr evenln,
next, Marou 16th, at tht followtnf place.: , , t , . ,
lint Wart " . At the Oalt Hotuf ' " .- ' ;
leoond Ward . At tht Bcnkeye Uou-t. "
Third Watd fj 3 '' At tht United Btatet HottU
loarth Ward .. . f At tbt Now Xngland Homt. , ;
imn want
At Ih. tniifh Vn.tna TTnnea.
Uownthip At the old Moniioaury House.
1: xnt pom mine narat w 11 bt onen from 7 to I o'olooK.
m4 XvnMp po, from 4 to 6 , , k iM mMt
logs will appoint Delegates to On nominating Conven
Hon as follows: ', i "' "
First Wart "
Beoond "
Fifth ; .
I Township
7 Delegates.
.8 '
- "
13 ,
meeting, will each aomlnalt aeandldalt for Councilman
and Aueaeor, and the Townihlp aattlag will nominate a
candidate for Attestor. .
By order of tho Oily and Towchtp Ixeoutlve Oonmlt-
tet. .
Tht Delegate, so appointed will meet at the Olty Hall,
on Monday evening, llareh 18, and Dominate candidates
for Oltv offletrs. via: Mavor. Marshal. Olty solicitor.
city Clerk, City Treasurer, and two School Dlreetorsialio,
Town.hlp ticket, via: Thrtt Trntteta, thrtt Conitablet,
Iown,hlp 01erk( Townihip inwturer. The Ward
juun siubiaan,
' irtTTir BDiVIU
VVUii nam n i
Foratll TIIKOAT an
tuna COMPLAINTS, -Including;
COUGH, and every
Ctmplalnt tht forerun
ner of, anal even actual
- The Great nEUMAta
GIC HKItlKDY and Nat
ural OPIATE, adapted
to every apeclet of fter
Tout Complaint, Ner.
vouo and Chronic
Headache, Khenma
tlnm. Catarrh, Tooth
and Ear Ache, Iot of
E.n. UMnrA. aAn.M
AJSUiixa JS.
no real luetic can na cone ui. anovt prenaraiioue
the I but by procurlne; and readlnr detcrlptlvtpampbltterf.
be found with all dealers, or will be tent by Proprietor
nn demand. Formulae and Trial Bottle, eent to rnyti
clan., who will And development in both worthy their -
acceptance and approval. .
Oorretpondtnce tollclted from all whott neotnltles or
enrto.lty prompu to a trial oi ma aooTt iniiaoie .
diet. .
for tale by the nasal wholetalt and retail dealer
. cHtansT and rHauiaccrrriaT,
. Ko. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Host.
' Btberti A Samnel. K. B. Marple, J. B. Cook, J. at
T.i- n n.t. a- b.m. A 3. ahn.llji. a. a... Avanta
for (joiumbne, Ohio. nyi-diy
No. 1.
be I tient.
In all oatet of eoitlventts, dyspepsia, bullous and liver
affections, piles, rheuaatitxa, fere re and acuta, obstt
nate head aches, and all general derangement of health
them Pills have Invariably proved a oertain and speedy
remedy. A tingle trial will plaet Ih lift Pills beyond
the reach ofcompeUUon ta the estimation of tvery pa-
Dr. Moffat', Phoenix Bitters will bt found equally ef
flcaolous In all tatea of norvoua debility, dytpeptia, head
acht.ihe steknacs IneMent to femalts lndelloate health, '
and every kind of weakness of the dlftiUvo organs.
Por sale by Dr. W. B. MOfPAT, 335, Broadway, N. T.
andby allCrnggUU. ' ' may23-dkwly
- Tha following is an eztiact from a "
letter written by tht Bev. J. B. Holme, patter ol the
Plerrepolnt-Btreet Baptltt Church, Brooklyn, H. T.,to
the "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, O., and speak ' f
volumei la favor of that world-renowned medicine, Mat .1 ,
W'Riuw's BooTHina Braor ro CaiLnan Tbtbum: TT
"We tee aa advertitment In your columns of Ma
Wiiiilow's SooTBiito SrauF. Now wt never tald a word
In favor of a petent medicine before tn our lift, butwt.,'.
icoi oompeuea io pay io year ivauert wa, wit w m una
burwi urt trio it, ann axow it to aa au. it ....
cum,. It It probably ont of th most succettful niedl
clnee of tht day. beeautt it it ont of tbt beet. And thott
of your readers who have babies can't do better than
lay lna supply.'- oozriiynaiw
.Vol. i:1
j OUR PAPER,'? ; i
For 'inarch lOth 1861,
Now Beady For gale Everywhere Prlee Fivt
I Cents t Copy, r ,
"STILL WATBRB;" A Brilliant Story. '
, "THB OHEAP BXCUKBION;" A CompleW Btoryv ''
! "TUB KING AMD TUB BKQQARi" Complete in thit v.
TBE DYING BOY'B REQUSST: by Maria Norrla. .
LOVE: A Poem. . . - -
TVIIATJ A Poem. - , ... a- -. - ,
WIT AND HUMOR.- . . ' .
Atd much other . Ioterrstlng and Iaetroctive
. Reading Matter. , J . I
Ou copy.. ........i 9 per annum.
! t !' HUNT & MINER, Publishert, . , , ,, ,
v J 71 nd 73 Fifth ttrtet,.,
; next to thtPott-Offlot, Pltttburgh, Pa.1.4
t! ; R. KENNEDY, General Agent. - tec tt wi
marehS. - ! '-' ' -''M ":-n'!'
lumbal, A.M.,
tnry In J.
'V: . . .'"will attend1 to tht
BILLS Jlj'lTin.ii CTSY, 3 j
All orders left at tht Office ef tht MaUman will peV
promptly attended to. . ' . , . . jiu.ll-tf '
ohawdof E. R. WEAVE Khli entire ttoek of lry
Good,, at No. 103 High Bt., with the view of changing
mr location, I Will tell until tht first day of April, with"
outrettrvt, ' - .. -u
PaneyDreM Sirks, Fringes, Bottom, Trimmlngt, o.r."T
Also Poured Mennot, St Lalnn, Bhawlsand Cloaks,
Mi '
; febM,llm
Kegardlen cf Cost I ?
X. x.i ",.X ." i-iTft t. T. WOOB.'!
. -iCmployriiQut a - . ;
THE srjBsoniBKBs.'isEAILino iw
aa Staple Article, will furalah employment to" rr
few aotire men to act at agenta for their houtt. Aft
prederenet wlirbe glvtn t those who aremtl acquaint
ed in tbt dlttrlot for which they apply. -.
Per which service they an willing to pay a talary.. , .;
effrom. " '.'Am.ii.. . ' it ;M wt
$800 ' to ' $804 ptt'.year tai. Jtxptnses..'!L.
rtrurpwflcnlardrta .r t in irv
ti, im , f- t W B. MOuinOUsE CO.' 4 V
.1 io .:
.'"I H3-T'
" r , 3 and 5, Exchani riact', ;"
' ' ''' ' 1 Jef,fy"Ojty, M. J.

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