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i wit
UnUwftitv-moeVoluuiwoTlhe Ohio did Ohi
' Slat Report.)
la Two fcVavoVoW
foJnOsJ riicI$l'Q CO
Ko cart or expsns ha ben spared to auk tin work
perfect end reliable In all repc is, 1
It ha now th Lcgislatfv uJlls'J 1 ap
proved by nearly the unanlmou vol of both House,
and wat ordered to b distributed to th following Bute
aad County ouicer'.
lary, C .,plraJIMr, Irtuunrii Auoile of taovaad
to th Probate Court, Court of Common Plea, Bopsr-
a nnUnA ru-ria Anrfftnra. anil the Clerks of tba
. various Courts la each eoanty, to the Member of the
Imam ad Hook of Representative nf Phil Slate, ana
,.. n ... a ih Mvankl Afeklftafif till Union.
thia book, containing, a It ooes.aUof (ha Statute
. Sow ia forca, and th aathorltaltv eoneirucv-au
ad of the New Uooatitaiioo, win o iouno u
i, Mf.i u tb py, h aw.
-..CLERK?- 0T0WN8niPStanV-TrT
TMiiViari alter 4an knfl rihve bee made fa the
Statutes sloe th publication of tnslait euitinns, py je
aeaL altaiaHona and additions, and many important da
aiaiou have been riven bjr lit Buurem Court, oaon-
trawted potnti air ' V jy' lW
Will BaiRuii aatTalaibla Worki ii ' i d, .
Twi Xoyai 8ro. TiAvmrt of over Sinelten Emndrtd
Ia Btroar Law Binding. PrleellO.no.
Fnhliahod by " "
taw PabVAeMa BflkMt1art; BtaUncrt and Imptittera.
WnWSmrt JOUEa, Fublliberi.
GEO. We fliAfiY-fcrtflir EdUwr.
COLUMBUS; qjliO. Uii"
rnmnvrnrrxrvrvm Trt' JhSVBg lySFS-
Tltir. iMiti kandtd fn by TWELVE O'CLOCK
en tt aVry ofpmbltaation.
CTThe Senatorial contest Ia waxing warm;
AAndlflfttfHa nra anil UinMne: tbe lobby crow3 is
iacreeSslog, tod business tor tbe hotels, boirdihg
bouses aad ealoons, is decidedly brisk.' &
Speech of Mr. Vincent
Tbe Jturnml of" -tin's SDoroing'' contains tbe
speech of UonJoHi M, Vwcsr, delivered io
tba Hoase'f 'ftepresentatiyes op' the 7th of
March, on the bill to provide for Leaning tbe
Canals. It covers tearl? five, columns ot tbe
Jturnil, and shows condosivcly 'tbe earnest la
bor and research of the member from Lorain,
om this Cans! jriajflqnywbjeh Be; rettrwitho
usual candor and ability. Mr. Viftcttir de
eerves tbe thanks of thf japsjeraof the wbde
SUta (or the investigation he has given the sub
j sett and the? inrortnation of a tangible kind his
speech ijl tssajvej-, to. PVtiHi M W SUea
tion. It is needless to aly '&a Mrt Vinccnt ia in
favor of leasing tba Public Works, maaaure
which ie raaidlf ere winw-ia- poblio favory Dot-
withsthilirr h eTtpoeltion of interested partly
tans fc'ieVi.'lM'-U r,.rj-l Ti' "'
.-. f-'-.'S ,yl--. tKJ ' f- (-.j,
i v .:
ff7 Our cntemmrarw mil Mhe Journal ia ut
disposed t)vditb4rvmcraUat i's afloat that
Mr. LiaXULa slaslpfa abandoaiog Forte Susstew
and PEEiehs1' y& Aa, otj, w.bnder tht tSdefi-
rumor should fmrptoiJP',iilgbijorwiv has
been ready and anxious to hang or a.boot all , the
flro taUri it the Boutb, and, ia so fara a pub
lie journal could do so hlJf committed the pefr
- administratioa'tolbal policy.
Wo are inclined to believe there is something
ltttha'mOT'It ifl certain that (tbo JNatumm
ImttlUgineerM come out in ravorot toe absn
donmenl. oTthese l ort. sod that its editor has
just been appointed Post Master at Washington
City, aad there ia . no reason to doubt ib at the
ubjeot of sbtpdooicg the Forts is under consid
eration In the Cabinet; and we tbink that course
will be .adopted. j That .jthe "irrepressibles';
will dislike it we admit, but they will soon dis
ooref It to be ,isa -etroke of policy, if Mr
Mr. Hutcheson's Speech.
The speech of JVIr. .JItrrcBtOi,(, of Madison
oounty, in to-day's &tte$man, delivered soma
tisae iii)d tlie, upuse of .Representatives on
she bill to authorize tbe levy of a tax for School
purposes, i wjU worthy the perosal and consld
oration' of tat-paers, It reverU to first princl
plea Io tbe discussion of the proper functions of
GoveycmeDt and its- relations so its great
aonrce-the ptople."-It Ia too true that legisla
tion U often perverted from its legitimate
ephers, in order to subserve the sinister purposes
of interests; and the peoplelshpuld keep a
atrlct watch on the law making power, thai it
be eonfioed' so its 'prescribed l!irlis,,and in
aubordinationitoitai principal U being merely
the agent. . . , '
It may b Jioceswry tehar. ganeTH gooff pf j
tbe ooamosra4tb systenv of 6at
edoeatloa; bnt the system like everything else,
ia very liable to abuse. ,v Although Mr. Uutor
sxm'i views may'perl)aps J),8''eitremob on obe
aide, they will tend M coontefact the other er
tressa, aad thus eooduoe :toa safe tnidcle
,.' X
1 . ffH
The Public Works.
Ths wreerndcm('orrthi'Oevefand
in tefeWtag to Oie'dltcassloBf Io tue'ITouVe "Ust
wee!k, en the bill to sell or lease'- the Publie
Woiks, after admitting jth!at JtV suoject Is not
asore tbaa half nnderatood, even by" those wo
are BBtitled to IfglslaW pon It, ssysr7 -
Tbs ntcoioe.'Eiuft be, Se I bey bhi otf-hneTer
t eoe, lfs er yjrinel ebandoonitiit. Jf Die Pablle
Worke ei'u il eferearr'vo another -year.' aanBiml
beet, itaey t ntterry throttlfd by tli pfilKiy of tbe
oatroHi'cuninfity jri (hi, or thencit fl-neml Aeeem
bly. Bo uiMemoliopt it ' ' The lint r they lure only
keeafMlntalried by 41 it everdmtiof epprvprUtlouet
It is time i i t fi H , rly aninet Ibeiuirit aad intent
faetr lrj i. w, j.ut an end to.Jlo f oe not think
eat Try iiri.-l iiii mh' in a ahite Jlarely poMilile
pWIoiliv, .t (iiierahii.t,bersaa4 niore,atooj
Ths aegU-ct of ..the Legislature, for several
years past, to pttt S IMhS tulnmig nTSfcsge
mentef thsPuWia i'oiks,b.a well.nica throt
tled tbe canals, and,' they are bow la a gasping
condition, whllo ilo Zox- of Poblio Works is
making J!Jc;t,J ovnlrjfi ''7oriJ7ircasury
Ofquasi'tr- vpon tUe-woiks io thele ' charge
The people will hold the present General As
aembly rciponelliTe If HiTuga 6 perm? U 1 1(TP7
further, vriAont cfjrriTCtftia and tewrmi lite
tax psjcswj:'. f'."'. '.'itt'iiif to"t5e made
tjpoa tbm an locgerv . n
The Public Works. Local Politics—City and County.
Y have had IV In lalnd for sometime past
to tc, somt thins? about oar local eolilios la tbU
4oi(j v"l thbotujty'bC Franklin; bat other mutt-
,w vi, lu t w proas u Bnfu v mm ,w f -
delayed speaking on a question which we regard
aa of the lint importance the local politics of
he city of Columbus and the county of Frank
h TheeitjalColumbai omit. Uk test pi prtT
trt)pth- If Democratiodeoiaeaiy ;toj;
oounty la alBd f fleoldea uemoctauo county, ana
wltn proper ana, oonoraoit managemeu. uwcif
duct, on U put tf oar IomI polittoians, candi-
ditea, and cftoe bolder, on tba Democratic ilde,
tbwwWroaJpB 'irh ColniabM ebould pot be
cime int inoible i'm Democrat io city, acd tbe
county etaad forth ia ' all : ,Obl ee .thbaaoer
county la ibe 8taU. 9;A11 that le !neeeeary t
InaurefeijWiVi tfiej mab-
agement pf. pur tocaj poti
tips,, and the faithful
nalnieoanpa of . there by. these we . elect so of-:
fifiOilia -tdnneVtiOB 'with a' prompt," Impartial
and honest discharge, of , official, duties. '.' ' ,
In tbase respects we simply repeat wnat every
intelligent man ia ' ibs.ceunty kaows to be true
wherl w say that1 h'reform l necessary.'" It is
not onif necessary Vl' JtitTisead, and Ills
me lmparanre iBui iviuiunif fmj e 4j
citizens within theJpeleof the party to take care
K.aiilWi.'lrt..' wtvtMfctSi -st )" :ii.,'
eembling of the yemwecy- of this wty in me
several Wards thereof, oa next Saturday even
ing, tVVjfCt tfeligatei to a bity and township
Contention f'o meet'ori Moods; next, to nomi
nate city and township ,offioers..:, uere ia, so
occasion to eommeaee the rtform to' which we
refeiyisnd it mus be begun, if it be begun at all,
In th,e seltc'iiohVof.l delegates to 'this ciij Con
rentlon. . Tha tree Democracy of the city bave
for years' psst been mortified at the annual. re
sult of our' oity elections." Co. a square, clean
party vote, we should be able to carry the Mayor,
Treasurer, . Clerk, Marshal, Solicitor, and all
the other officers who are voted for fa all the
wards 'ot the city, yet we hare been beaten for
MayM, and Treasurer, and every thing else but
Clerk and Marshal, a) all times, by from 300 to
500 yotes,' while tbe Republioans hive been
.beaten for Marshal and.. City Clerk, by about
the same vote, 31 There has been a combination
for mutual aid and support, betweea the partic
ular friends orthe" Republican Major and the
Republican Treasurer p the one aide, and the
Democratic Marshal and tba Democratic Clerk
on tba other, who have acted ao as to 'promote
theif own views and Interests, elect these special
favorites, tba officers named, but at tbe expense
of oartv fidelity and in violation of eood faith
and honor to their colleagues on tbe tickets of!
both parties A man who is false to another run
ning on the same ticket with htm, both bayng
accepted the nomination of a Convention, is not
to be relied upon under any circumstances;' and
hence, at every fall election, we find this Pemo
cratio City Peri; and City Marshal as busy as
they can be, and using the whole of their official
influence and patronage, against men on the
Democratic ticket, and In ,ayor of Republican
nominees., Last fall, Dowll and CorraoTH
worked hard against Judge Albirt and in favor
of Esousb; and the former also opposed Mr.
Cox. with as much malice and want of decency
as B stx himself'; and both win be found active-,
fy engaged in the support of iMayor Enousb, if
he be a candidate, at the, Spring election, DO
matter how worthy a Democrat may be his competitor.-
l" ''"' f"-' Vi -
Such men do not., deserve the party nomine.
tions or the party -trapport, and the honest aad
true men ia the organization, by attending the
primary meetings in force, Wn select delegatei
who Till set all soch men aside, and nominate
each as arc not onlv coaoetent for those offices,
but who are honest and true in their1 political
professions and principles. We would prefer
the sleotion, at ail times,of a bold and honest
opponent,' rather than to succeed with a treach-
erous and unfaithful man:. r'" , J ,n; 11 'ai
,iTbis demoralisation in our organizttion must
be corrected, and this eaapnly be done success
fully by. easting aside the unworthy men who
baye shown, by their conduct after election, that
they were hypocrites and deceivers, and nowor
tby of the. sop port they bad obtained. , If. we
want the Democracy of our city to prosper, We
must cut bff all such men from the confidence,
respec.t or support of 'the party. )
In this connection we might take np our county
management; and 'the Conduct of our Sraisows,
Sirtpxse and PHiujraxs, bat we have not space
at present.; In due time we will most assuredly
attend to that branch of out local polities, and
expose to the gaze of . the honest' Democratic
voters, the . aianonesty, tceacnery ana pouueu
btseDaw ef the men to whom we refer,,; 2 ;
) Let the reform begin In the oity nominations
and election,' arid let It never cease 'until we
have thoroughly purged the heart of the State,
by the Infusion of vigor, purity and honor into
our local organization in our city and county.
k We shall refer to this subject 'agan, and
speak of it as becomes a faithful sentinel ,on
the Demooratlo watch-toweri.: ie-L.iv.; .u
. 1 . ."mint! y
The Public Works. Local Politics—City and County. Jefferson Davis Vetoes the Bill to Suppress the
African Slave Trade.
It appears by a letter and, an tditoriaj arti-r
cle' In the Charleston Bfereavy, that President
Davis has Vetoed the act recently passed by the
Southern Confederate Congress at Montgomery,
Alabama, ibe the suppression of the African
Slav Trade." ""For some unaccountable reason,
the vote of the Congress on the act, after it had
been returned with the Presidential veto, Is kept
a profeaaa eeereti The Mrrwarf's 'oorrespoodV
ent IsVonfideni that thb Congress has acted on
the veto; but of course nothing Certain can be
known, as to its action, until the veil of secrecy
Is removed. The fact of the veto only is known,
but noltho grounds on which It was predicated.
vThe Jfereerjf deplores tbe existence of adif.
ferenoe, between the jCoogrcea and tbe.Execur
tive on soch a subject, since 'Slavery Is thelss
msdiats cause of the exlslenbe of the Southern
ConfederacyA..lc;. thinks ;tbat 'the, Congress
cotld not have anticipated s . veto, since it . re
moved' the iDjanctiou of secrecy and allowed the
ict;tBeiftsh'e4.;tA' fW. woritr';,1;.,',
, it seems, (batehe sot thus vetoed was a modi-
fieatloa of ' tbe laws of the United States boob
the subject of tbs African' Slate Trade, which
were Adopted, wtte .etber'lioiteltae'ee. lews, 'bjf j
tb Coogrese of :th Confederate States,, The
laws t tbs United States maksthe importation
of African slav piracy.; The vetoed act" putt'
-Mm .4fcff V ..Vigh misdemeanor -'.The effect
of the weto k to keep in force tht laws making 1
Ai African Sve Trifle niracy.oTh. Kerturp i
srguitlcantjy asks1, "Can tbli H Its' obje ctt
(' . , ,," "V" - " J ' .-.& .i
if'1' - '"'- " ; ' .I'-i-nii
- v.-
Ztf-tto family at the White Honie consists of
tho following persons:1 Mr and Mrs.1 Lincoln
and itwp.flonsi-Jtrsdwards'A'Mi!., TA
wwda, of Springfield, hU. and Mrs, C. IL jbtei-'
I'.'g, Of Cincinnati Mi and Mc. Baker, of
Sjiring'fleld; MY. LockwondTodd.of SprlnRfleld;
Dr Long, of Sprlngf! Mr. Niooly, Privy te
Keeretarji Col. Ward II. Lttmoo, fwmerly Mr. '
T Incolu's law partner: CarjU John Cooks Cant.
IWygatt.of Ohio. ' .;" "
Pacific Policy of Victor Emanuel.
1. 1 -
In bis speech at- the recent oporJufr. of the
Italian Chambers, Vibroa Ebandsl is reported
to bare ea -the follotrlog languagox. My
voice was ones raised with boldness . butSlt Is
aewieeteik.sU igUtiiD..eis islo
aare at me rigiit time." This Is, interpreted
10 peansjiaiiueuaiiaa tuooarop 1 dieposeatoj
follow 'the plcifio course rtcdmmenaed by Count
Cavoob, and that there li to be no-campaign
iprlog against Austria, "r
-It woald.' Bt&26itib pAiBAuii,'
has to succumb to this policy and remain qrdet,
at least for the present. jhough, he pledged
himself so bit followers and admirers to make
SO effort early this year for the recovery ofV.'
nilia from Austrian tulet.be still remains 00 bis
state at Camera? giving' nf sign &f Activity Of
of being about to engage I-new revolution-
,jt its clearly wisdoriinVHrroK Eajiul and.
bis , counsellor , to gie . bisujeoU 'n
breathiDg time, tor consolidate as rauh as pos
sible the jarring intereets'.io nis doplnlons, es
pecially in the .provinces recently annexed, and,
to v better prepared With soldiers and money,!
DeioreunueriSKicganew war. nisaepenaenceon
NAroiion lu the Jato waj against. Aust-rU'coet
him Bavoy and Nice: a like deosndeeoe inl an
other war would probably be more expensive.-
He had beUerthereorerbefore atiaeklng Aus
trie, wiit' till he can Btsndlon4!
J I ) t .f. II HJill
a i..t ,i 1
' jrThs Preildtnt itdod op nobly for a' timei ayjitnit
tli efltoe-eeektur Breeeore, lletenlmt 'patiently to tba
rearal raeltala W ynltuhla party aarvioea rendered, an
Ul finally he wat ovt rwoeUaod, wbea ha kindly Informed
applicant! that they must carry tbclr claim! before tba
everal Departmenti. ' TbU will jtre tbe President some
reet. --. t.lonat. ..j - t w:,.;.j.-..n
We find the above in the' OAie Slab Jturnal
of the llth If jtantf'Who, coul ko antloi
pated . that the '-saoond Wasbipgtoo,'! And the
''modernV Jacxscm'the great rail splitter,
would be "overwhelmed" In the first week tf
his administration, by a band, pf .hungry epplK
cants , for office., 1 He "stood up nobly for a
time," bat before' tbe first week closed ho re
quired "some rest." The offioe hunters killed
Off HAsabOM and TTf.oe; but' it was thought
the tough old rail splitter from Illinois would be
able to stand tbem . It seems, however1, that be
ie not.' He pas'jturned., them over to tb te
partmentsr ; tlpw crueVi (low anti-Republican!
" To show what tnanner of wien . Republloan
ofilc hunters are, we copy the following from
the' letter of the Washington correspondent of
the Cincinnati UaxtU. , Jit must b .confessed
they are, if this letter be true, a1 hard set-but
still it. was the business of Old Abe, the Rail
Splitter',' to attend to them, Jid they not sup
port him with that object in view! But to
the Oscefte's item.' ' Ilero-tt 1st i'sxc , 7 vj
' Office seekers art woiw thaq tegptra tttt buDt the
street cornere. Cna caa neeS toem euaoet erery
vben with pleee of paper,olilUes eigne re s a peti
tion to them enable (o gel soma Bullion under the pew
v ' ' " a 1 - I ' ''
MONDAY, March 11.
, Tehdlng1he motion of Mr. 8COTT, of War
ren, to ' refer tbo Senate resolution to pay tbe
clam or the new rentteotiary uommissiooera,
Mr. fAKSUIVS hoped tbe (loose would now
act upon tbe resolution direct which resolution,
admitting the account for tbe remainder of their
expenses anowe tnem oniy aoount Vtfiu per
day for their time. He hoped tbe House would
not delay the matter any longer; but that tbe
subject wonld be disposed of at once.' ' .' J
nr. ANUKrJWS replied that tbe committee
ob Finance had made their report noon a calcu
lation of the probable expenses of this commis
sion, ' lie cared but utile about tat small dif
ference - between the amount allowed last win
ter and the amount provided for under the res
olution. The resolution or last winter made a
rule, under Whloh three dollars a day would be
allowed by tbe Auditor or State, la ad
dition to tbelr expenses, which' ha thought was
tbe proper way of disposing of the subject. '
The motion, to reler to the committee, on
Claims was disagreed to. ' ; 1 '
Mr. VINCENT asked for a statement of the
data Upon which the allowance of the Senate
wss made op, when
Mr.: BALDWIN read h'statemebt'of such
items as were need in making up the conclusion
of tbe Senate. '.! '" : ,;' '
i Mr. SCOTT,1 of Warren', said be moved the
reference with a view of ascertaining tba de
tailed facts; and in order1 now to reach the same
details, be now moved that the subject be re
ferred to a select committee of three.' ' "'
Mr. PARSONS could see no advantage in re
f erring this subject- The House was certainly
competent to act upon tne question, which la
simply whether we are willing' to allow these
gentlemen $3 50 per day above the t5, which
thev have actually naid out. " ' ' i -x- -
Mr. FELLOWS laid he' wished the House
would come to a vote, and settle this matter.
It was time that we dispose of it.' This re ad
justment of old claims was a continual drain
a poo the State, to which there ought to be an
and. '" ' ; ' ' -J' ' " '", 1 - - J-
' M SLEEKER moved to Instrnot the commit
tee to require the Commissioners to print bills,
which motion was lost. - ''' -
vThe motion to refer wis also lost '11' w fc
The question beipg 'on ths Indefinite1 post
ponement of the resolution, on which the yeaa
and nayi were demanded, and resulted yeas
49; says 467 ' '"-'" .''"-"'.' ' '
Mr. fLAOO then faoy'ed that the vote here -eonaldered,
and that his motion be laid opon tbe
table, which motion waa agreed to yea 52.
nava47 - ' ' " " '- ,y"
. Mr. NIGH, from the committee on' torpora
tlon, other than' Municipal, reported back IT;
B. 824 RelaUne "to Lottery Pollcieit.' with an
amendment, which waa agreed to, wben the bill
The Judiciary committee reborted back- rJ. 'B
5854 Relating to dogs, when the bill was aet
for a third reading to-morrow. J ";
The committee on Schools' reported bact
H. B. 254-To amend tbe school law, Inrela-
tioa to colored children, and recommended that
tbe bill should pass. " ' ; ' - t
: mr. r i An to explained that this bill Is in
tended to reduce1 the number of 'colored "chit-.
dren to a district, required to authorize the
opentoe of a school for colored children,' from
30 to aii.tr". ' ' - '-"."
Mr. WRIGHT, of Hamilton, stid he thoneht
the bill ought not to pass, ss it would not be
practicable, since the probable attendance would
aot be likely to justify ' tbe schooL "He moved
that the bill be so amended as to fix the number
of colored ehildren In a township! at sixty, and
allow the Township Board to fix a lower pom
jlgl til ,...u,.i'fvm'-j .diiii sj ui... . . .-..j
Mr. PLANTS obleoted to this nrooos tlon.'ai
he thought ft would have tbe effect of .cutting
off all hope of A colored Sohool in' many ol tbe
districts where theynow bave tbem. ' ." ' "
I tlei JONAS opposed tbs amendment and fa
vored the bill . Le wis opposed to bavlne (his
colored children mixed In schools with the white
children; and he would", therefore, afford "tbem
all possible facilities for Obtaining an education.
u The amendment wai disagreed id. ' t"-
Mr. WRIGHT .feared that thebllFWooId
KetsVA SB lAnnetital ia,' (ned. Aa. QAa,.!. tfl aval U-w
violate the Uw'aodtDjore tbe orklus bfthe
!.,, n u iu hri i -vka,i
Mr, HUGHES, saldjas he dndentooa Hits bflf.
it was .calculated to improve the condition of
the colored people of the State. '- If so, It would'
baviia tendency -w encctiratre the Immigration
ofjnem into the etntei
theblll.t t-t'M .- '
Mr. 'HILLS thought the bill wrtij but arj'aot
of justice to this people' and this bill Was but a
small act of Justice toward them .to do which he
hopsd the House wonld pass tbe bill."'" v-
r Mr. ST!ERS laid he bad tigtted: this Report
because be bolicved education wouij make bet
ter citizens of ail; end as we have' this people
among nf, It Is not only right but politic to give
them tbe tiiis improvement: " y-
r Mf. FLANTS said denied' that" beirrtei
are shy better thna white people1" We educnte,
and enodttrage tbe 'cducattoa of otir 'own chil
dren tat the good of seoiety . Theri, Why luouM
wenodo tliesam"bMheiWgrocst As to tbeJ
objection of Mr. Hughes, ho did not think It
would increase the number of colored Immi
grants. If it didr he thought humanity, the
golden rule mi common juntioe forbid our Uk.
lug tnls me ms ot excluding iem. I
Mr. NIGH hoped the bill would pass. "There
were many colored children is, his county; and
be would give tbem ail Uvt proper benefits .of
education, and make them as good citizens as
W.' JYilfr mrjyed tath4 lir?bVamenT
ed by providing that no colored children shduld,
at any time, be admitted to the same schools
wun wmte which was agreed to; yeas 63, nays
1 - The vote was called on the passage of the
bill, and reaulted-vaaa 95. un 00.
The committee on Sehools and School Lands
reported back the' bill to release a put of the
tax on school lands, of Monroe county, when it
reierrea 10 mr. is tout, its author. C:
The biM to incorporate the College or Rich
mond, iof Jefferson county , was Indefinitely post
poned, there being a general law lor that pur-
pose, - ?; .
The committee on Schools and School Lands
reportedadversely to the petition from Hamll
ton conasy for the election of separate Sohool
Directors among colored people. 4
' The same committee reported back S. Q, 2G
To amend the School Law.wben tbe bill was set
for a' third reading to-morrow, t .
The same committee reported adversely to the
memorial of George Hasson, of Noble Bounty,
in solation to the School Board of Education.
- The aame oommitua rennried hnnk II R S71
Relating 40 the aale of Ministerial Lands,
ana recommended that tbe amendments of the
Senate be agreed to-rin which the House con
curred yeae 80, Bays 3.' tliWlv.'kw'l i
The Judiciary eommlttee reported baok II.
B,3yiA Relating to appeals to the District
Courts, and recommended that it belhdefilnlte-
ly postponed.
lITCHC6ckWe7tA'd that the com.;
mines uau not given- any reason lot this report,
as be thought the bill would bave bad a good
effect ia reducing litigation and uuoeeessary re
petition of trlsle. ' " ' - . "
Mr. BALDWIN favored the bill, as it would
d(scourage second trials without cause. . .
' Mr, ANDREWS favored the report as prop
er, the present arrangement being tbe beet,
curred with tbe committee,1,1 ,' ,;ri
1 Mr. HILLS was in favor of. the 4iU. a it
would diseuvraf 0 new trials. "i- d.t m N'
i.. . - "V .
' Air; KKun moved that the billBe recommit
ted with Instructions td amend adits to require
that when there haa been a jury trial there snail
be iioaeoond trial, without good cause shewn.
wDiou minion waa lose. v v -
The vote waa then called on the DostDone-
ment of the bill, whloh resulted yeas 49, nays
Mr. SCOTT, of Jefferson, on leave. Introduc
ed H. B. 429 To amend the sol to amend sec
o oi me act for tne semi-annual payment oi tax
Mr. BALDWIN, from the select committee
to whom was rererred the memorial of citissos
of Washington, Mahoning oounty, praying for
eothosity in incorporated villages to build Jails
ana panisn certaiu crienses teported in accord
anco therewith H. B. 423 To amend the sea-
oral yillago and oity Incorporation act which
was read a third time. " ; '' ""
" -ThA R,Ih4 Aninmltr,, lii alinm' are. eAfaeeait
House bill 393 To amend the oity and village
incorporation act reported the tame back, with
an amendment, which was agreed to, when the
bill was set for a third reading to morrow.
"TheSelcot committee to whom waa referred
H. B. 366 Fixing tbe fees of oounty treasurers
reported the same back, with amendments.
when tba bill waa ordered to be printed as
amended, In advance of other printing.
l. Mr. WELSH, from the Select committee, to
whom was referred H, B. 71 To amend the
Independent Treasury act, in relation . to specie
payments teported the aame back, and reom
mended tbe repeal of the Sections relating 'to
specie payments, and providing for tbs deposit
of certain, tunas, wmun report was laid on too
table to beorinted. ijue ' ow i " m i.jen
i - Mr. 8LU3SER, as one Of the 'committee' do"
this subject, said he did not deem it necessary to
make a minority report, but he nevertheless
dissented from the -recommendation of this re
port. -' ? ',",' ' , .
Mr. COREY, from the select committee to
whom was referred H. B. 304 Relating to the
Probat Court oi Sbelby county, reported tbe
same back, when the bilt was aet for third
reading to morrow. "' '.'"',. , ,- i-
Mr, BUSS, from theselect oommittes to whom
was referred the claim of Joseph Csbles, report
ed the same back recommending .Its-'payment,
worn toe report was orotrsa to Ds printed.
ine iioow men tool a recess.
TUESDAY, March 12, 1861—10 A. M.
t-By Mr. READYi from Samuel A.yBelknap
and 100 others, citizens of . Tuscarawas county,
asking an efficient law or the protection of
wool growers Agriculture. ' " ' " ' ;
Mr. ORR presented the petition of Paul J.
Hetlch and; 46. others, citizens off Crawford
county, asking .that several amendments be
made to the law prohibiting the killing of game
at certain seasonal also, that an act be cassed
prohibiting absolutely tbe nse of the swivel,'
punt or big gun, la the destruction Of, wild
game; also, the petition of, 8. R. Harris and
twelve others, citisens, Ac, asking for similar
legislation.1 8eleot commit'ee of ', three, con
sisting pf Messrs,' Orr, Collins nd Parish,,, ,
Mf. 8PRAGUE, from the EnroliiDg commit
tee. rcDorted the enrollment of sundrv bills.
';, Mr. LAS KEY, from the eommlttee on Roads
and Highways, reported in fever of the passage
of S. B. No. 356 (Mr. Holmes) To amend tbs
act of April , IBM. "providine- for the election
of township Treasurers, tod to prescribe tbelr
And. Ml Ut .-I .1 .i,S,A -A ?:A ..-. tiV.....
J. Tnls bill li aeiehelf 'IosuddW ad Dmlssion
In ! tbe law. It appear! that although it was
designed to 'give assessors power to adminis
ter oaths 1b luting property for taxation, such
authority was notemboded In tbe law 011852
The bill o( Mr, Holme, confers the requisite
suinerHy-.u i )!; u un o-:nv ,.i ai
. a mi ,vvt v, iu, vviiiiui.,., waa aicrvBti w.
i4 tt,m. kill It.' ji vi I
'.i' .Mr. MOORE mdyed to take from the table
bis resolution providing for. tbe adjournment of
tbe Levuiatureeias die on tbe loth March,- en
' mr. feUA movea toauostitute ins first JUob-t
Uav Ib April. - t.ht ' "" "'"t - liu
ht. JONES inovtd "iri'' amendment 'tol he
substitute, that March SCih be substituted. .-, .
'- The question recurred npoa Mr. CO A'8 emend
ment, and It was sol agreed to. 'M ' "
nTbose who voted In tbe affirmative were--.7' '
i" Meatrs. Breck, Brewer, Booar, Cox, Cummins,
Cuppy, Xertueoo, rianer, uarea, Holmes, Las.
key, McCall, Morse and Potwiu 14, - - '
u Messrs, t4oo, roster, Uarlleld, Ulass. Uar,
rleoa, Jones, Moore, Newman, Orr, Parish, Per.
YiU, Redy4(Schlelch, White, and JMr..Prsstcleut
l-r ,!' .' ' it. T-if v. '!,..-( -m ttil ,h p .! i,
Ms.CUPP x moved to lay the resolution aad
amimdmenl on the tthie.- Wot agreed to.
;i The question recurring anon the amendment
ef Mr. Jones, It was agreed to yeas 19, nays
hi The questlon recurring oa the resolution At
amended vn .smh i 'inni ; m i-:m .
i Mr. MoCALL moved to refer It to a select
eemmittee ot three. ' Lott-yeas 10, nays 18. "
t The question recurring oa the amended reso
lution, it was agreed to yeas 91, says 6.
jo Those who voted in ths affirmative were
ly Messre. Breek, Bonar, Cummins, Csppy Ea-
so-Of rergusoo, roster, uarneia, Ulass, Harri
son, Harsh,' Holmes,: Jones, Laskey, MoCall,
Moore, newman, Urr, Keady, Bchlelch,
, . . . m , . .
P"gue and White-53. "
' inose whevoted in tne negative
to .-A
Meiirs. Breck.Cox, Fisher, Morse, Parish, Ter-
iU. Potwln H .-
So the Benatiigrbel'io, adjourn ofsdiy,1.
March 2ChJA , ? i .'-J -t t". H "i i
- Mr. PARISH moved to amend lire fourth rule
of the Senate so as to authorize the aDDointment
of a Standing Committee to examine and report
upon tbe "Detailed Statement of the fLwu,. uai
Disbursements of the Publio Money at the Ohio
State Treasury,0 prepared by the Auditor of
State.'U MjUiTj.i,:)
Mri TA RISTI MmirUJ USit M lep'oil oofl
tamed many items which should be oioseiy ex,
sruloed, aud that, it seemed eminently . proper
that a Committee should take tbe statement he .
detail , so tht the , flcumec t sboss! d" ti a thor
only nnderpip,,Xhe, amendmaot yaa jt''Pi
Sd.. "u.iX '!fn fcnX I'jiVi
r? . ,15
Jl The SdhAte thsn took a recess. '-'
, rraveir dt xvbt. iur a.iu
, S. B. 158 To t rovido' for the erection ' of a
new Penitentiary, was toad a first time.iwhea
tbe Constitutional rule waa suSDendea, ana. tne
bill read a second time, and then referred to the
nnmmltta on the Penltesftlarv.
... 8. B. 861 To proviUe fcr.ahe .collection .of
oertain taxes, ana - -
S. Bj ata-MaklngiVertftin, appropriation!,
were road tht first tlmei J H I i , I . j V
The Senate Joint Resolution No. W8 Rel
ative to the preservation of the U.S. Census
was referred to the committee on the Library,
By Mr' pHASErfrbm 'Samuel ' Shlyely and
103 others of Stark county, for a submission of
tbe License auestion to the people.
Bv Mr. STEELE, from Benedlot Barcb and
62 others of . Locks oounty, against laws making.
distinction on account pf color.
By Mf.'TRIMBLE, from Wm. Davis add 353
others or .Muskingum county, against tue iur
tber IrBmlgratlon ot colored people.) i i k i
IlJB. No. 387: hvMr.MONAHAN Tore
lrive the lessees, assignees and equitable holders
of the hnsOld school lands beleoging-'Ae-towB
number 3, range-number 11, in the Uiuo .vom
panyfs purchase, .was read a second time, and
referred to the committee on Schools and School
Lands, i-.;-' m;'.-.,i -. n
H.B. 399 Relative to,, the tranBcriliing of
certain f Words in Hamilton connty, waa reaaa
second time and referred to tho Hamilton coun
tv delegation. ; " i " s.-'.-ofav r n.-i-w'-f
S. JB. S56.To amend the act., to provide for
tbei election, of .township, ass-euors, was read
tha flrat time. '"J '' ' "1 iiitoi. V?;-i".
The House agreed, to the Senate's amend
ment to H. B, 1 (id To emend the law regulating
feea'of medW4 Witnesses before coroners' juries
-yeas 53, hiys 20.
. The following memorials were presented and
referred: ....... . .
j.By Mr. BROWNE, of Putnam, from J. M.
Lee and 18 others of Putnam ' county, asking
that tbe Seneca County Bank notes may bs re.
eeivsd for taxes, t . ' .,!'' i g
H. B. No. 224: by Mr. HITCIICOCK-For
the suppression of the sale of lottery tickets and
V.rt Ini as Btsa Aar1 at Klal lima vsvVtAn. ' i"' ''
iOs motion of Mr. HITCHCOCK, it wss
ferred to tne Judiciary oommi ties. : '
What Became Papers of the United
States Bank.
1 im, fTaal ' Vnelr ' HitlMttf ml- rMd nIttfn for
March publishes, under this caption, a commu
nication, whloh, is signed with tbe .initials "J.
1 6 ," and which is dated at Germantown.
Tnj, MPAmnnieetlm im. a' follnw
When tbe Government bought the building
of the Uolud States Bank, In Chestnut street,
Phlladelpblirta convert it for the purpose of a
custom hoase, . the vaults,! closets, &o., were
found well stored with books, Accounts, corres
pondence, all the documents relating to its fan.
ona branches, and waeon-loads of mlscellane
Out papers, tied up with red tape and carefully
docketed. Tne government omcers-were in i
harry to take possession, and there .was no
where to store this vast amount of rubbish; i
contract was therefore made by- somebody or
other with a paper maker to grind it all op;
lucky It was, no .doubt, fpr some people that
their autographs Were thus to be cancelled.
' Without examination or notice to any One,
these precious documents were got on board of
sloops and sent to a paper mill at l ronton, a...
These sloops came and went many voyages be
fore tHev could disDose of the tons of material
thus industriously accumulated. Two sets of
"collectors" scented the trail at last, and went
to Trenton, in hot pursuit; -;one of these bad a
"permit" from the purchaser of the - whole lot
to examine and appropriate to himself the "ra
rities" be might recover. The, others had AO
oermtt. and fared more soartnely; these latter
cot aboard one of the sloops as it was unload-
in-, and were ODeninar the oyster with eager
bands and eyes, whea they were ordered .off
by the manufacturer; not, however, until they
had found some pearls of price, In correspond
ence of eminent borrowers, io , from tbe good
Old milch bank. Bot, though they bad worked
bard in a hot sun, on the deck, and went with
out dinner, and scarcely got Into the eteser at
all,' they ionod very rare things, which the
mill owner afterwards heard of and elainud!
but wasshamed into returning. Tbe other party
with the permit had more time allowed him;
and though both of the curiosity hunters bad to
miss their dinners and to hurry to the trains,
grest sdditions were tbe result, and now adorn
the cabinets of some of our autograph collec
tors. Among these, when we take into consid
eration (ho dispute between Nicholas 'Biddle
and Andrew Jackson, itisBlittle "historical" to
see preserved Andrew's autograph, 'appointing
Nicholas to be a government director of the
Rank, This, of course was before the quarrel
about the deposits.. ,::: .t,.f- ;
i This short notice of tbe final "removal of ths
deposits" . will cause many a collector to sigh
over what was lost. " Now collectors of theous
turns tresd the stately marble balls of the bank.
Autograph gatherers must regret that It .is not
the 1'custom" to examine papers more minute
ly before - making- them up Into newspaper
1 u, . ' '
Covicston IUU-TaaUI Company.
rriirts CoTTtfAi tr is bov phepar.
X d w(lh th beet new and Improved machinery to fill
orderi for rerolling Ball road Bars at the ahorteat notice,
aa in utu na tne capacity to torn out Jew turn a ween.
In rerolling Railroad Ban, one-third new Iron 1 added
to tbe old, to make a Ball that will not laminate, and
t-. . ...,.... - . . 1 .' ...
1 Slreat Railroad Bars can alto be furnlaherVof any pat
ter requlrd,nd new Railroad Ban of different lengths
aad tiiei. .. ; , . 4 ' '" - -' ;;'--
All orders (ball receive prompt acd careful attention,
Sod a none bot th best metarule will b naed, In Ih
of aklllfnl workman; th Company hop t sir
eaUr satisfaction to lnoM.who may favor It with their
.t'.r;,j:..s-. CiiiT.-' .'
k. bxiohaiiaii at eos. Arenta.
.. , strait to
H. Clemeat. Prealdent Little Miami R. R.Oo. k -
I, John T- Ltyls, Pretident Covington and Islington R
a. W f . ... , , , ., , ,
. -Captals IfcCltllan.HSuperlhtanlent 'Ohio and Missis
sippi Railroad,'-' -- 'h I-' i.i.A !'. " .' ,lM ,!
$. e L'Hnnnedlew, rneldVBt tjlnoiaaatl, 'HaaHU)
and Qeyton It. K. V9. ' ' ' mn mil
vw.ii i.4t 1 a-1
.i'il im a
TTTIIltS poo go'to Betr Tork , drlv direct to the ' '
yy a nlixsA8JOIIAN HOUSE,
f srt Conduetioe'n'th" ,f' "; I"
Good Tar, fJood rtooirii', Trompt Atlendanes, and tlod-
Sfat Oharg j:)-uii.. nu ,. v ,attiu
IKa t,K WOMB SO bl!. J5.CIJ.and llUBJSiif,
7 TlOtrBLtfcOOMS and fARLORS 81.S0 to 3
lioWft u oracreif. thli Hotel hitS alt the sppofctmenta
or th beet noteu, a moat central loeation, and 11 boated
UiroPgfiotit by steam.' , ' ." '' BAJUUBL JS. MKAD.
Court 0f Common ples,Trankirn Cootity.'Ohro.
Alfred itaw v.l-.in t
' V., 5 lu .la rUUa.-K v.i' ;,n,.-in :L':
Joha Rfawat al, 4,..v9 io ,,-vtv i m. i, ,i ih jm ,'u,'
In : rcKSTJAi-cu or tub rtDcrt or
lb Ooart, in this eat, t tea ieaued, I will offer for
Mid, at th doof of the Court llooae, In th city of Co
lumbo. Ohl, between the hour ef 16 o'elock, A. M.,
and f o'clock, P. M.,' - ';v-i-
JOn'Thursday; ths Ilth tlay of April; Ml,;':
the roltowir ejeaerfbed leal estate eltaat In JSekMs
Toweahlp, Ininklia eoonly, Ohio, land In Vtrvlnls Mlll
tary Banrey , . 6 1 IS, bounded fofiowr Viubiriraa
I. Bmead't eaivey, Me. Silt, rwnnlag Ihcao wetya
tf -ftv pole to etake aad three whit eaks, thence
north 10 dearee weetMH pa's tw white oak and
black , thence t 7 mm Ss a ' Bear three
wblit oaks la the saat line ti said tot, thenes sonth ip
aegr eeai Mft poiee to in Beginning, containing Tor-ty-Uiree
ear, awr 1 la. Appralaed at (1,4M
Terse of rale on-third In bead, H In. en and M In two
years, wim intereet irosa nay 01 aw,oa paymeot .to
be Mcored by mortgag,an preUri. M : , 1 1 . 1.
. Ereh8: IWttw Q. W. II W PltAM, 8hruT,
ADViliriBBMBNlf. " U .
JTor. tbe . DIBIAHI BKLljUf
r)0,s FXBMAlfRNV CUB1 of tb
. distressing complaint as
.jiM Urr-, H'
Md by 0. a. t ?: VMOtJB CO 107 Nassau Bt., K. T.
it . - iiU U pee-lMxi seat Cm by poat.
fO BALI. AV-ALI, BIDtdllll
.a ., jit u o.,
DiMOlntioa at Co-part"! ersbipr'
. J I jMiirtiiildtiijSM .M . J. U. BMTTH. t
Ibkilml ' 11 a ' c W A. C. BalJSU.
y '
: '.
Thwlkteit'-'-TIie largett Ths -B
IkteitThe- largeitTliB -Best,
The Cheapest BeoAusa the Best,
(Tlia rilest Bellabie siauuard au
- tberltr ef tbe EnglUlt XaBgnage.?!
Sto llundreS EmMntM Mutator f tAfr,
i'irr. in nnwtr.li nf a Hundred Thouiand Wordi,
whoa maltlfarloiM maanlos and derivation, together
with thelroorrwt riuog, ana pronuDiiion ie wu,
t before the ys.-''1 - x
cA7 Y- fti r f-1 II ' ;'OWcrif aiswnsroiaJ. ' :
I ttx-M of ' ' .HiiOCtt li
Eeai4Hi ttcttlm. if 1M Mtonbirt of ih Okim Stat
The nnderelened. menaber ot the Ohio ildte tetctinre'
inoclaUon, adopt and aim to uaoln,. teaching, writfojr
and speakins, tbe .orutonrapny ana pronuruiwuup
Wore ter
i's no:
vLOuuto Dlctlonaiy.' and we most coy-
i.itw MMmniul it tha moat reliable ktandara aa
tbority of the Xngllth lnguage,,aj Vl now wrlttep and
; liOam Annaawe, rretiaeni nenyon yotiege.
U. D. Lioorrr, Buperlntendent Ktneavlllu S4I100H
. Tho. W. 1Ibvet, Bup't lu,lan'Union.'!jikol (
Sf. M. Oowdmt, Bnp'l i-aeuo-Bcnoow,,eanauay
Jim, Lracn. Hun'tVublic Bcbool. Clrcletville.
"B. H. BpiD, Principal Oltyeland rental Semina
ry. ' - .J-.-V'O 1 i 1 1, 1 1 f
IVai. MimiMi.L.-Bnn't Pabllc School,. Mt. Union
Jons Oonait, Principal Btat Mormal Bckiyl, Minns
-Craoa Nson, Principal Fourth Intermediate Sehooli
Cincinnati. ," 'i. i I 'i.iViiff s r.
1 sH. B. MAft-mr, Bup't Can ton Union Bchools.
1 JiDVK knik, Principal iloNoely Kormal School.
Kli T. Tappan, rrou statnemauca, vnio university.
Wat. W. icswAan. Bnp't Troy Union School.
A. O. Horaiire, Principal Wet illgb School,
8. A. Koavos, Aisooiats-l'rinsipai itigBBcnasiviiT'
A . - ' t. -fc f-..4 , tl 1 -mi h I I.
TnsoDOKi. Stmuko, Principal High School, Clev.
1 u v. Tf nai-ni. Prineinal Cleveland Inetitutewv
J. A
Uaariib. vrenaeni or a.iecuo inatiuti,i ui-
ram. 1 .
W. t'TIisSii, Prof.
4f Chefnlatry, OhioWsIeyaa
, a. n. Babhsv, rOmnrtlonorof Ooeorooa Schools,
6hl0. , i , 1 tsi - . - -Ji fAmJ
jAalrj Moksoi, Prof. Rhetoric Oberlin College.
Tun Hill. Prealdent Antloch Oolletr. "-i T 1 1
O. ' W. ti.. Came AST,, Prof, kUthemaUca, . High
School, Dayton. . . t ,
B. O. CauitaACau, Prof. Language, High Bcbool
Dayton, . ... .
H. ti. BAaani. Butfl TJnloa Bohool. Aamaoa, , v '1 a
Mor than aim Jhtnirtd ttHrs.PrtiUUrdh o'dofU
Of, frofeuort. Author! and DUttnyuithd.Editev
Miinn., C.M.i tam "It la truly a macniBeant work.
an honor to th author, tb publisher!, and th whole
country." Prealdent Arwi j -,or . it
Ohio WtoitaiiUsivsriitv..-" It exceed myexpecte
floaa. It will be mv eulde in orthography and pronun
ciation, and will often ba consulted by m for Its (.
and acenrat definitions. "President Ihompion,
- W.; R. RctxcTio Oo.-wi."-VHeretofi,r w hav ued
Watatae'a orthaaranhv. 11 i recent meeting of our
Faculty, it was decided to change it to conform to that
. u, - 1 A ..... n Tll.tlnn.rw " P..t.lAnt
oi nnicni:ri jkujrai wm.
Oarfisld. .r-.V.vC
'' Wsantutllttaitvc Ootuat.l find it worthy of
cordial approbation.1' President Hitchcock
Oerauw CeLitos. "It more than fceeta" say eSfped-
tlons. I recommend it a the standara auinomyin
orthoepy to .y children and my pupils." t resident
Morgaa. .. '. - , ' ' j
Awnoca Caixaaa. "I adopt and aim to ue ia teach
ing, writing and apaaking, th orthography and pronun-.i-.i.
urnM.ti. u.mI linarii. hirtt lnn,r, ..'
President Bill. ,. j 1.-:Vr . ,v:r.-t '.
rh ail mv errittnff. oetlnir.aDdtnchtng. I havsen.
d savored to conform to tbe rules for orthography and
pronnnclatlon asoootelotd in- AVomer'i UloUooary.''
uorace mann, iat rreeioent. -
'. Knrma CoLLaoi.QiJrsidi. '"I most cordially record-
mond it as the most reliable standard authority of tlie
Knglith language a it la now trrilten anil pQk.ery;-
Prealdent Andrews,
f if i ti
jt hMd. 1
From Sev, Anton Smyth, Cbmmiuiontn of, Common
i n (XMOto W. ?r.'4
"Th Dictionary Is an Imperlshabl monnment to the
learning and Industry ol Its author, and an hoaor to the
world f letters. Tne meonanical execution israrap
rlor to that of any other Lexicon with which I am ac
From Bon.' MJM.XBmvntv. EA-XJommUtioar'of,
. acnoott in vmo.
ia most reliable standard authority oL the, Un-
1H,Vldiiwmi;iiJ Xi
leadinz NererqpeiiHT of Ohio Say.
" ' From tht Ottitlani Bemli of March 88.' '
- Tb ortboeraprrybf th Worcester Dictionary Is' that
used by tnoat, if not all. authors iof distinction la this
country and Xngland, and conforms to the general usage
ot orainar7 writer anaspeaaen, ' , i
: Wkaterer prelodlces mcy hav existed previously, a
careful study of this voium will invariably b followed
by warm appreciation of its gnat merits, and a desir
to add It to the wall selected library, be It large or small,
It Is a library la Itself, and will remain an iaqierlib
ble NoordoJ the learning ciueompllerl 1 1 . j
iron tht Cinctrrnati Oommirciat of Apr ft SO.',
' Hon are upward ot a hundred thoasand wordsgood,
bad and Indifferent whos maltlfarhrat incasing and
derivations, together with their correct spelling aad pro
nunciation, are set clearly before th aye. The work Is
unquestionably th grtatest Thesaurus or English Words
ver published..
From tht Oltuland Flaindtaltr ot Xtut. to.' fWO
Xvldently WoacxeneV Rorat Quarto Dicioihit i
Mif only tht latt, but thtwm wort tf tht Hind evtr if
ui, and can by no possibility tufTer by obmptriaon Sr
eoatroveisy. ..;-. Ti -..,.1
: ' , From tht Toledo Mailt of May S9, . . j ,.
As to raoHtniciA-hoN, Woacnrmt it tbs BtamdaSo
followed by our best authors; In definitions he leaves
nothing to be desired, and la 0THOoarnr It Is sufficient
ip say that Woicwrtl can b safely followed,
,'- i 'mrcuANft BntcG,' vt"s s
Publishers, Beeksellers cV Statlenerf
"",,l ' -' , ' .1 - r n -vr T T sq
iiiHKi m i .X'SSlfisbl I r
art a e - a .t-i w''' Tra .os it,
Till I
J ij :
For the.Whiiker and Hafiw--.
. The subscribers 'iae p,Ieaiar In announcing to' trie
Oltisen of th Doited Stetrs, that they baveobuined th
Agency for, aqd are now enabled to offer to the American
public, tli ali'uity.celelriU j adworltlowne
saiuiaa sue i i
' .alt t-.imi S e,,i0!) hr? rvtCa .mmm
Ts prepared y Dkl O. P.BKLtlSfmA'M.Sn eminent
physician ot London, and, Jl warranted Io bring ont
CO 'VV . -aivIOO
' . - "-
an! J '
.no ;-
Whiskersl or a Un staclid 0
In from thre to six weeVs, This article Is the only one
t the kind ased by th French, and la London and Paris
it I In universal nse n , v r,.:i,rn l
It Is a beautiful, economical, soothing, yet stimulating
compound, ! if by magi upon the roots, canslng
abeautifr-: growth of Kwrv-laot hahn IT applied to the
scalp, it will ear SAUnrssa, and cane to spring up ia
plaf,. of th bald spots a fin growth of new halr. Aa
pile wording to direetioD, it will turn ats -arrowy
bairABE,au vaator wras- ratr te-lta orlcinal color,
leaving It soft, smooth, and flexible. The'-Ofloonrr" ia
aa tndl.peneabl article In every gentleman's toilet, and
after one week's us tbty Wonld not foranoonakleratloa
bswltbontiu VU ii. x...
Tb ubscrlhcrs sr th only Agents for th arllol In
Ui Untied States,-! whfts ail carder must addressed,
v Prlr Ona Dollar a box for aal by all Druggists and
Dealerai era box sf the "omraanl" (wsmuated to have,
th deaued ettao!) will bs sunt to any who, dealr it, by
mail (direct), securely sacked, on rslcL of pric -sad
Mstage, 148, 1 .Apply to or adnf rest :-i rut v ia"v
l VVflVii EOBAOE L. UEQIMAN h CO., . .
i "" "' , BKUOOIST, rl.' t
" febSOdJtwOm r- 2t William BtrfBt, hvir-Vork.
i .- mnrm? IV 'I V- A1 waia i-' 1 "
. Jui. JU JU aV- JL A C4- - f.H
S J W -'.A..ip.4w w .i,sJ rv-.t i Al'AiRQ
; I twir.ist j-r- . , . ... ,r, i t, ,,','j
r i win aueoa w . m tiard
'.. .!, bMjrrtiW4itiHUrti.e1'i
I ' I , -'"- "-.l.Hi Ur.A
All orders left St Hit Ollk - ... c.
nrpPj''S''ehf?edf5.,i,' nui t-ta,rfi nwiikfttija,
! I--." - - j i"'' l
M i
IpiToa: fleiae announce th naoteof BAUTJKI,
THOMPSON as a candidate for lh office of Oily Hai
ahal, suhjtot to ths deolilon of ths Demooratte Nominal.
Oolumbn, March 19.
a. Kditor: I hay been requested, by my friends,
annauaoe gnyselt as a Candidate tor the Mayoralty, '. '
th earning election', subject Io th decision of th
Democratic party. A. E. SKNTIR.
saatehS. '. - ' '
Xorroa STATautAK : Please announce ths nam of
JOUN JACOB HOFIMANNae a candidate for the office :
of .Township Clerk, of Montgomery Township.
City and Tlwnship Dsmoeratie Convention
tv. I ,H-t J.lt.-w "". V"
tixt aiemoerats.or ths city of Columbus and Montgom
ery Townahipf, art hereby notified to meet In thsir re
spective Wards and Townships,' oh Baturdiy sveoiog
sext, March Mth, St ths following places! -lint
Ward ViM'av At the Gait House. '-'
Second Ward is rj IM! v At th Bcukeye Houie, .
Thrd Ward'.e r..i - :rAt tnefjnlted BtatasHjUl. v
Peurth Ward i' 1 At tha New Xngland Boas. .
P'iriKWard" ti .i At Ih Sonth Kngln Boos. il
Township ... At Ih old Montgomery Bouia.
"fens polfeHtt tfis ffarils will be optn from 7 to 9 o'clock,
and tha' tiwothlp polls from I to 0 p'clock. Bald most
logs wilt appoint Delegates to, tbs nominating Conren-
llonafollows: . -li'
First Ward .'''.'
7 Delegates.
5 '""'
n " -
ririh I u
Thd DelegkiM, appointed will meet at the City Hall, ,
cn Memjay evening, March 8, and bomlnat candidates '
toy-Oity offioeri, Vis: Mayor, Marshal City Solicitor, ".
Cite Olsrfc, City Traaaarer, and two Bcbool Direotors;ali , '
Township Ucket,Tli: Three Trustees, three Constables,
township OlSrk, ani lownshlo Treasrr. Ihe Ward
meetings Will each nominate a candidate for Councilman
aad Aaiessori'atd tire Township meeting will nominate a '
candidate for Alienor. '
By orde of th Oity and Towrshlp Bxecutiv Cotamlt-
TS5fTBT.'i.rrnr0TOrT, l : '-z"..
i'Cl(r VUtin BlULKMAN,. .
-. - r ..iiuDarn vuivuAliLi
i sToraU THKOAT aud
l.t7NO .-COOTPI.AINT8, ..
Includliiff WnooPINCl '
COCOU, aBd evsrrv-f
ef, and eren actual
cosTJiriPTioit. .;. r
o-- .''.
The Urettt NF.tTKAI.a .
Clt) HKITIKItY sand Nat. ,
ttral OPIATE, adaetod. 1 '!
ta every specie of Ner- '
, A ' ' . : '-'. '
I I '
I t
wots sjompiaints, Nera
roue and Chrsnle
.jj . i 1 Main, Catarrh, Teeth
lleanarha. aas,anma--,.
ana sssir Acne, ml
A xrn ttt rn s,.Pt ana Atotvel sjwuia
rWo ral jusUc cat he dona th ahoy preparations
but by procuring and reading descriptive pamphlets.-.
bs found with all dealers, or wilt be sent by Proprietor
on demand, i Porauku and Trial Bottles sent to Physi
clan, who .will find development In both worthy tbelr -acceptance
and approval.
1 Correspondence solicited from all whose necessities or
Wirloaitj prompts to S trial of .th above reliable Beat r '
dles.l I "i
tor sal by Ihe usual wholesale and retail desler
everywhere. .
mii I,.ItVNNEWF.LL,, Proprlete
; I. r chimibt ano raABttacxcrriST,
' ',f No. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Kan.
Roberts Samuel, BT. B. Varple, 3. R. Cook. J. M
Dealg, O. DtDii
St Bona, A. J. Bchueller fit Bon, Agent
Io. ' myl-dly
for Oolumbn,
Inell eases or eostlvene, dyspepsia, bllllouf and liver
affections, piles, rheumatism, fevers and sgues, obstl
nate bead aches, and all reneral daiana-amanra af health .'
PHI have Invariably proved a oertain and speedy'
remedy. A single trial will place th Life Pills beyond
th reach ofoompetltlon In the estimation of every pa- '
tient. '
Piy Moffat's rhesnbs Bitters wlU bs foul equally f .
aVactons In all eases ot nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, th sickness Incident to female In delicate health,
and every kind of weakness ot the digestive organs,
for Sale byDr. W.B.MOFFAT, 335, Broadway, N. T, ,
sua ali Druggist. Btay-de.wty
Iten r 11 . ' - ..
Aue ioiiowing 11 an extract from a
ReiempeikeaioAyta your reader that this is ao hum
bogwi ruva Tsiro rr, us itow n to ia all rr
claih. It i probably on of the most auroras fnl roedl
cinn of the day, because it 1 on of th best. And tlioa
of your readers who bar kabies can't do batter than
lay Ib a supply. ooS7:Iyw
letter wrltfao py the BevJ J. 8. Holme, paster M jh ,M
Plerrepolnt-Blreet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, H. Y., to
the "jlournsl and Messenger," Cincinnati, O., aad speaks ,'"" 3
Wftheies in favor 0 that world-renowned medicine, Ma . "'
TTissbow's Sootuiss Btacr ia Ciruaxs Tarranta:
"faseaa idvettlsment lo your column of Mrs
Wimnow 8criH Svaur. -Now we never said a Word Trt
in favor of a paten t medicine before In our life, but we '
m a
..Tel. i
,Fer lTateh
,16th,. 1801
'I ...
Now IleidyPor fWe Everywhere Prise Five ";
Cents i
'.'f , .a 'I i'. .,!.' v !",'.
r conTE3rrB:;,1'' r,'"
"STILL WATERS:" A BrllllMt Stoiv. I
lie Jt -a-, , . i TfV.., tVf TirvrnrsriS
TH OH RAP BXCTJRBION;" A Oomplsl Story. , ,
THE KINO AND TBB BEOrtAR." tlnmnlataln lhla' l1
aarater ,.."-,' ,. '. ' , , '." "J
ana duii ur rni rHBBGNT UOUJt.
' i ! li-bil
J.OVX: A Poem. . . , '
I XtB BVEtttWni?Rl.,T ' n
WnATf APoem. - '
TBB MODTH CV LONDON ." " ' 1 ;:,.ffj
CBLBBRATBD MKST- a murnuv na una dt.ua .
inty stniT fnafrnntlvai
Kead ne Matter..
--- v.uv. - autmi-BaiiJa;
ij3i , - . ,vy2x'r:
Cn.'Mn ' ""''-iraiMw.'.,,,,,
HUNT It MINER, PnblIher,
i. , 71. nd 73 Fifth itreeif,;4''' ";
-g -, ,nxl to lnPot-0rDc. PltUhurgb,"f a''
R. KENNEpY.peiieraf Agc.nt;;tV '
mlrch 8.
if- r.-M f.A
vi. -- A.A. A'-A k J
' ' ' ' Vl ki.J L. . "
jK OO'tJ.1
V l.r. a T mA'l'a1-,'' anfrrrx VtVaiar a.
,M I Bd Id our new maka ol . :, ,r, lim , a, . 1
"A e r t r A M -1 ' wjv 1 1 r i ' . v i
f. n,..i.nivni, .atrtt vlA,df,
manufactured by I. HOWARD at 00 ', Boston, Matt', "
Thes Watohe are far superior to anything ever offered' '
to tb public, heretofore. Having th exeiualve trener,
I a Mil them at prtoea to salt th times. J hav Inst 'I
reoejved a large stock of in .v , .it ,
,11 ' Tl
ininuracrored by APPLBTOlf, TRACT, k CO t also, a -rjasaortatntof
Y .', JJU .0 .th
J' Bd.81lTt! Cmm at Panic prices,
I"" VfrvayajF a;
W. A. AtAnmVA
- --- .
Chased of B..R. WIAVtakanllnuIi. -
6oods,atNo. 103HihBt.,"wlth th view of ehaoginVT '
cTtiScp 1.'uri,i,nvrti,wiu5 '
Patx-v Cress Bilks.Frlnres. Bntl... f ,tmll..':"V'r"0'-'
Tj"l KTJvM."'Br' . ehawlMsd 01ekIr'J!!L.
a-Snr.TSRaf Wafer V '
KX, Alliseandooall:teaf al,-, AVa'

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