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Bv Joagru B. WoacstTta, LL. D. Boston: Bwas,
naiwn.4cTU.nroH. Cleveland : ISOPAJt at BRaoo.
Columbui: J. IMtlLlY. I J '
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Amtrtcn." ' "m: ... , .My..,. ., ,
. Council "VaooxioiNoa.i'Thd Counoll met
last eyehing''. Mr, Donaxdson being absent, Mr.
CoMvracs; waa chosen Preeident pro tern.
Mesarj. BoYtlm. Botch 'and EMnvf were
appointed a committee to act jointly with the
Clfy Solicitor and tbeTeprcienUtlTea of "Thomas
Aaantv, deceased, to settle the pending suit cf
aaid Aasuav r. The City of Columbna, relative
to the site of the Market House, the pavement
west of th lame', and the atrip of ground
twelve ,feet .in wldtrTTrQm ,Town to Rich
atreet, ' ' 1.1 i
The petition, .of Oamst Fox, Ute of the City
Police; asking payment of an amount alleged to
be due him fo aamoea,wea referred to the
Police CommitWp, with Inetructlone to report on
next Mofiday evening.
Mr. Ebirlt-offered a resolution, which waa
adopted, instructing the City Civil Engineer to
prepare a plata'nd estimate of the work for gut
tering and paving the north aide of Friend atreet,
front Sciota to the1 west - aide of Canal atreet,
thence north 'to 'tU Caiial baSin.
Mr. Riliv Introduced an ordinance which was
read twice, tq,preran .t$a) ereotibu of wooden
buildings within the limit r the ' square,
between High and Third and Rich and Friend
streets. l.i"ti,i'"'i.'i'V,'t iti jtci
A1 iordirla'nceTwas passer fti'mn-
MiTCRftLi Biat ft Co., the privilege of erecting
a rrain scale noon the north aide of Center Al
ley, and1 within3 thirty feet of TJWtn 'Pnbllc
' r . i v ..irtnilr"-,rl t''-
- Lane. . .tui't nia i j
The bill of JosEra HotttiraacH, for services
aa Saper,intendcDt4)f the chain-gang for, three
month, amounting to $119 SOwes referred to
thePolie Cqmmltteov... .. . ,.., , ,.
A reaolution offered by Mt.PpuTT. wa: aflop
ed,1dstructing ths 6taadibg Committee on Sew
era and Drainage to advertise for proposal for
thexteailonof,tue Spring Street fewer front
Front to the; west hue ot Water.etreet .,0.,
The ordinance making further apprroprlatlons
for ward improveatepts was taken op andpaaa-
. ot til m'.i iWiicels 6'
' A report from the Standing; CorHmlttesj on
GaaVita agreen to
A-r-?o;uilDH taa adopted, permitting Captain
HaldtM German Military LC6mpany to nse ths
South Eoglnt; tldtue', w cosdltloo of being II
able for saa and damaees.-ontll otherwise or
'A resolqtiori alio ,doptedc Instruottag the
Gaa Committee to place an additional light on
Rich street,, between High and Third, oa either
aid of Rich, at the Committee shall deem moat
expedites..! Adjourned.: . n ,n n njn.-.'..'.-'
-,pj -i riii ' 1 i aaaii ' - '1 iiim li mrtl u
' iTj'B. R. Cowan, the present Clerk rof the
Hmise ...of RcprescnJallves,' nat ten' eommla
' eioned by Gov,DsiHriioN, Engineer-In Chief ef
the Ohio Volunteer, Militlaff Ith the nlr, of Co.
lonel. ,l;,V ,,; -f -i t- 'i.-iw". fi-'tnlt A 1
' UTThe -weather ia -warm and pleasant,' her
aiding ibt rapid' approach of green field and
opening flowers. We have th promise of an
i earlacwon,
- ri'tiR .'! r.'
Cocrt 'of-Coiiiioit PwAsWTtie'WwUaJ i
- gsf4, vO-dsy,' the trial 'of l'rt ,prithmi ia-
dlotM for arson, which was commenced yesUr
' day.
' iCTThe following fi iha'copjof',V.r9Vre;
eeipt received, at the Treasurer' office fo en
of the counties of Iodianat' U'.' -
.2C V:v "febiwerry 1 1 ateen 60
' thla ia tu Bur tee fi that haa. Wnrkt
on the rodea een nay dee atrick Won dole
, . '. t. , v ' S B iaoop er J1"
LOCAL MATTERS. Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Halls for New Tork City, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
PltUburgh, eteubtnTllla way. 01lana, Kinsirllla
Newark. Or.nlil.. Wuhinrtoa Olty Baltimore, Phlla.
delplila and Ne Orleans, ajost dally Similars Swept-
UJat7 o'clock p. ta. -J ' 1 ' - '
A through null for New Tork and Cleveland closes
0. 0. St 0. K. K. way Mall slows daily (Sundays ei-
oepted) at 1 o'elock p. m.
Central Ohio Way Mall closes dally (Sundays excepted)
at 1 o'olock p. m.
Cincinnati way Vail closet dally .(Sundays excepted) at
1 o'clock p. m. ' 1 - ' - 1
Chlcatro, Dubuque, Delaware, Marion and Wtrthlnr-
ton . Halt slosea dally (Hundays excepted) at t o'clock
Halls forXenla, Springfield, Dayton, Toledo', Clneln
auutraspuui, tiOuiaTliiv. p. uvula, auu Voiron,
cloies dally (Sundays excepted) at T W p. m.
. A through mail to Xenka. Boriagfleld and Cincinnati
lows dally (euadeya excepted) at 1 o'clock p. m.
urnana, riqua, limn and union uity mall closes dally
teuuoaya waeepieu; aw rs o oiosa p na. , - r . r
PerUmouth, Washington, 6. II , Athens, Marietta and
nuiaoorou,!, malUolots daily (Mondays excepted) at 7)1
lut way Hall by National Road to Zanervllle, closes
uany tsunuays excepted) at lioclock a. m.
. Uarrisbnrgh Malls close dally (Sundays excepted) atl
v Dioca p. an.
1 Mt. Vernon Mall, by way of Westervllle and Sunbary,
closes dally (Sundays exoejpted at 1 o'clock p. m.
i Dublin Mail closes dally(Bunuays exceptedjat 1 p'clock
p. m. 1 ' '
1 Malls from New Turk. Baatmu Thllailflnhla. Allan
PlttsburghvClereland, Dayton,. Toledo, Xsnia, Dotrolt,
Springfield, OlnclnnaU, Chilllcothe, St. Louis, and all
southern cities, arrive between the hours of 8 o'clock p
at. and 4 o'clock a. m. .. .. 1
I Malls front Indianapolis, Chlcagd and Dubuque, arrive
at a:w a. n.
' Malls from Washington City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
tanesvllle, Newark, Steuhenvllle, Mt. Vernon, sad ths
u. u. H. K. way stall, arrive at X o'clock p. m. '
' Way Mall from Cincinnati, arrives at SJi o'clock p.
. Lancaster Mall arrives at 3 o'clock D. ju.
last Way Mall over ths National Road, arrives at 11
f cioca a m. - . .
Mt. Vernon way Mall arrives at 11 :00 a. m. '
I Mall from Dublin arrives at S o'clock p, m. '.'
1 Urban Way Mall arrives at B o'clock p. m.";'
I Harrlsburah Mall arrlvse at 11 o'clock a. m.'
Offlca dalivarv niwn Man Amw flnnila 1 frnm
TH o'clock a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Sundays
from 7H to 9 o'clock In the morning, and from 9 to 6 In
Rail Road Time Table.
I Leaves.- Arrives.
, Aococmodatlon 6.10 A. M. ' ' 9. IS P. M
Mo.Slx 9.3SP.M. , J 30 P.M.
i MlghtKxpress 8.41 A.Mv . , 2.45 A. M
Ouvtuiro, CoLtrmcs st Ol'wonnUTl R.'H. "
Bxprsks snd Mall. ...... 3. 00 P. M. -
Night Kxpress 3:25 A. M.
Cehtsil Onto B. IU
i Express Tr.tB... ...... 3.00 K.U
i Mall Train 8.4U P.M. .
1.40 P. H,
1J0A. M.
8 30 A. M,
8 x0 P. M.
sprees Train 1 00A.M.;
. Mail Train 8.40 P.M.
8.30 P. M
8:80 p. M.
OoLtmiva Mt ImMakaroLis B. B.
Columbus, Plqua St Indisna B. B.J
Express Train S:10A.M. II 10 A. M
xpress Train S:45P.M. 8:10P.M.
I CoooRg-rTb sudden changes of onr olimat
are sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asth-
mauo Atreotions.' txperienee having proved
tnat aimpie remedies oiten act aneedilv and
certainly, when taken in the early stages of the
aisease, recourse should at once bo had to
flsrum'$ Bronchial TrecArt," or Loiencea, let
the.Cold, Coub, or Irritation of the Throat be
ever so alight, as by thia precaution a more se
rious attack nay be effectually warded offc
Publlo Speakers and Singers will find them ef
fectual for clearing and . atrengthening the
voice. See advertisement. For sale wholesale
and retail, by Roberta dc Samuel, No. 24 North
aietc street, a. ssmuet uo., no, ea sontb
High street. ' C".-V
i in
! IimaaaTMa-If housekeepers really under
stood the great difference that exists between
different ' brands , of Saleratus, as to quality,
parity, and. consequent reliability and healthful
neas, they would not long tie without the beet
that is manufactured. , Da Lad ft Co. 'a Sale
ratua coats yon no more than any of the inferior
artloles ' which are in market. He is using a
new process of refining Saleratus, by which all
Impurities are removed. This process is In nee
at no other establishment in thia countrv. , The
quality i ot the Saleratus produced by tbia pro
cess ia very superior, and it I fast becoming very
popular with intelligent nousewivee. vt l.ahd
dt Co.' Saleratus la for sale by most grocers and
storekeepers. - Manufactured and for Bale at
wholesale,.-at (airport, Monroe county, Mew
i one- 1 ne principal grocers also wholesale it.
. ; .
Who will suffer from Foul Humors, Sores, or
Disease of the Skin, when such certain resaldlos
as MoLean's STaiNOTAina Cosdial ano Blood
Ptniirua, and McLean's Voicamio OiL LrNi
siint can be so easily obtained. The Cordial
will purify the blood thoroughly, and the Lint
raent Vlll cure any lore. See tho advertise
ment. ' ' " "' tf""
i .' . 1 . : ,
ITR. KiitrATaicE, No,-1C5 " Sooth, High
Street, haa a'very ebole assortment of Gold and
Sliver Watches, fine Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
aid Plated War, at prices to suit the times. 7
GuERNStr't Balm. Ther is no other exter
nal remedy a good or as cheap.' Try ltmt'
try it once and believe what we Bay. - 23 cents
a bottle; -:' - ' ' - l"r "
37 See' advertisement of J Prof. Millie's
Hair In vigors tor ia another column. rr
S . 1 1 W, a 1.1 i . . ij H-K-'iU'W
mTstsBVAfaclttrerw ff-sttl kfnel-)!-?
:tabl M tisitlsiry Ketn Esa-
1 1 (tsio, maw mills, jirist Mills,
I - r : Ve., dec, ,, . .1.-7 1
LAttdk MODiST&tatml JT. F.JSLA&1) TSeatml
J. A J. B. DtrrAtL'Statthtll COICXBVT
irsi IMt.BaUmt lflL ! wiiite.i
1 t-J,..v,- -! sr. 4sin ,lj
;, , vuf AUiuiMie giuw .suiia Bit 4aui;,v,jv;
Was awarded ths first premium rf 950 at thS Indians
BtM fair for 10 over LanS It llodlej's en account of
Prioe, Ilehtness, simpliclty,"Wbh6my-offuel
land aoperlor character of'lnmber sawed;'1''
Our Stationary Instae wu awarded: at. Ins sane,: ttit
vne ursa premium 01 euw.-. , .... ' -" ..norT.
Our fortaoie singine waa awarocu yieorsv premium qi
1 100 a t the lair at Memphis, lenn., over Blaudy's Ka
nil's, riolnrabas lianhlua Oa'a.. and Bradford la de'e..
ij a committee of practical Ballroad Inguieers. ,-fi
OrpnoeanunnnsauurCTa n -, r. a
I WlLtAJtp WABNEB, TressTirer,.,..
oiscS-dstwlyeott. .:'".'.,:::'", HewarlbOBi..
I i. Mi
1 m Strnnla AVrUcl Will
9a iicaunu an
I (Males, emplovaisn to
a few aeatT saam to act SA aseats for thsis koase
rnferenes will be fives to Uioe wnearewsu aoe.aaint
ad In the district for which tbe apply. . ivi ,-- tt.,m ;
Wot wuka esirioes thai are wuunc as pay salary
.$000 to $900 psr; jM,i Bd WPenses.'
u y v-i. JanflK lasbsasw Pise!
v "' lerasyWJIty, W. 3.
Jan MM - 0. WOOM."
U. S. Senate—Special Session.
Th Senate resumed the consideration of Mr.
Foeter'a resolution for the expulsion of Senator
Wlgfall, and Mr. Cllngman'a anbstltute (see
Friday'e Senate report). "-''i.
Mr. Foster bftd offered th resolutlofi neither
as a party nor personal question, but bad acted
in aoooidaae- with- bia duty, considering the
avowal of the Senator. He differed altogether
with Mr. Clingman. that a State baa the rtgnt,
under thfl Constltntlon. to wo out of the Union
Mr. Foster said the Senate owed it to itself
not to allow a acat here to one who avowed he
was a foreigner add owed no allegiance to th
oonntrv to which he belonged, but to a foreign
government) and if that government bappena to
take ud arma aealnst. tbia coveromeut, and
seises its property, and expels from it, territo
ry, by force, the troops of the United States, it
became a verv serious objection, ana ii was in
consistent to allow on 10 oiroumetanoed to hold
enea her. He had no personal leelinga in the
matter.. ., ,..,.,., M., ' ' ,.r'-A
: Mr. Foster then argued against Mr vung
man' eubstltute, which admit the right of se
cession, but no such thine waa known to the)
Constitution, which waa too plain oq Ma point
to argue or to aamu oi auouot.,. , , -lie
held that the Senator was entitled to
seat on sound constitutional grounds, whether
Texas seceded or not. That State, by with
drawing from .the Union, oould not withdraw
him from that body. ' " ' " j d
1 Mr Cllnetnan replied that If the acconct are
true, Texas had called a convention and passed
an ordinance of secession, wblcn bad been rati
Bed bv the oeople, and If th act was vetoed
Texas, la no longer one of the States, and L he
took it for erauted if Texas eeeeded abe ia not
entitled to a representation here: .The gentle
man from Texas believes bis State has seceded.
The Senator from Connecticut says, the act of
secession is Invalid- Then, th Senator from
Texas ia entitled to a seat, unlew an erroneous
pinion dlequallfiMhlm.' ' ' .
- Was it ever maintained that because one fien
ator differed Irom another on a-- Constitutional
Ouestion, that .was a reason ior expelling him 7
If it ia an error - for th Senator from Texaa to
believe that his State has right to accede, why
not ex oei me Virginia senators, wno no a tne
Same opinion, and especially wbjuot expel those
wno declared it ana nave (tone away.,. Bio mo
tion la made to expel Jeff Davis, who is at the
head ot a foreieo republic. And wnrji bas ad
Vised the seizures of arms and forts. He (Clin
man) did not think the avowal of Wigfalla
sufficient ground r ' for n bin erpulsion,
He continued at som length,- arguing;: that
lb course of tne senator irom Connecticut wa
tot a proper one. , Mason contended thst the
resolution was one of txpulelon. for '..what lb
Senator Irom Texas had said oa th floor, and
be said, if Foster, thought that Wiafall ooabt
not to occupy bia aeat because be was not a elti
sen, he ought to move to refer the subject to a
committee, so mat, u lacta warrant,, tbe aaat
should bo declared vacant. - . i i
i Mr. Foeter asked whether, after the Senator
from Texas bad been duly elected by bis State,
and admitted as a member Here, tney eould In
quire into the legality by which be holda his
seat, by a new fact arising which did not exist
tnat time. . ; -t ,r m
Mr. Mason was very certain if the Senator
was no&eotitled to aear, U oouiil be vacated
wneoever tbe fact wsrrantlnf " such s
.L. k. Jl..ll 1 " . I". '':
BMUUIU MV UmiUDOl', . r . ., .... c, ..
He defended tbe course of, Wiafa.II. and said
if it be a punishable offense to 'allees a Con
stitutional (rutb, then the reaolfUion may be well
founded; for oue, he (Mason) recognl asd no al
legiance to this, govern mentHroon whatever,
and hern he look his position along.iide the Sen
ator trom Texas.1 He owed allegiance lo Vlr
gmia, and no one else., Did the Senator from
Connecticut resist the doctrine of constitution
al law, and hold th government of the United
States atill sovereign? If be did, God help him.
Ss far as the Senator from Texas has commit
ted an'offense by saying be owed no allegiance
to) thla government, he stood by hie side, and
should be unfaithful to Virginia it he did not.
Allegiance bere is -that which Is due from one
citizen to sovereign power, and he knew n sow.
ereign except the State. He denied that the aot
of separation was a nullity, and said that not
Only Virginia denied it, but six State! .denied
such a doctrine, and have formed a government,
and preDared to sustain Itself if attacked. ' .
imr. Hunter considered the resolution as one
ft censure for the mere expression of opinions:
the Senator from Texas having done nothing
more than declare his belief in secession, and
continued at length advocating State rights.
Executive session adjourned.' at rv 'M I
From the South.
iNcwObuans, March- Ik It is resorted that
Cel. Bachus, previously In command at Rio
Grande cHy, 1 en routo .to take possession of
Ft. Brownv'.41--'- - r-- ' "
There are no Texas troops in Brownsville.
but some are hourly expected.
The report of Capt.-t'fliU' determination to
defend Ft Brown created great excitement
along the Rio Grande borders. '
iiargo numbers ol state troops are on tb wav
to! Browisrille, and other companies are organ-
;ing ior same aestination. ,
A commissioner of tbe State hasl taken pos
session of th Cos torn House. "! ' i''
VfoNtaoiiisf, March H. A permanent Con
Utution bas been adopted, but ia kept secret.
A member of Congress says it provides for the
President to serve 6 years; and executive ap
pointments under the grade of the Cabinet to
hold office during good behavior. The slave
trade ia prohibited. iThe Cabinet officer are
eligible to seat in Congress.. ".'
-,An act was. , passed .issuing $18,000,000 In
tressnry notes. ,! r.-v m-, -4 ' firni)
An appropriation bill lor eurrent expenses
Tbe Secretary of tho Tren'sury finds hfl (Jif-.
Acuity in negotiating the $13,000,000 loan at
pa. .
Moicraoifiav, March 12. The injunction of
secrecy having been temoved therefrom, I am
able to send svnopsls of the permanent Constl
iotViTh following are the prlnoipal features)
person wh is" foreign -and; not a citizen of
uonipacrte states is , silo wea to vote, for
omcer, civu or. coiutioai, tetaw or federal,
er tbe first censna.n Sonihu Carqllna; la n-
tstled l: to - fire . Representative - ih ; Coserees,
'Georgia to ten, Alabama to nine, Frorlda to
.two, Mississippi to aeven, Louisiana to six, Tex
s to six, and each State to two Senators
Tho State LeisJeturts . may . lmpaach Ju
didal or Federal ' officers ' resident or acting
in Said Stata by a twc-tblrd votci both House
of jCongresa may grant aeat on tb ttoot to el
ther or the principal oraoersor escn of tbe Ex
ecutive Departments,1 with ths privilege of dia
euislng the measures ol bis departmenti rente
sedtation oa the basis of three fifths (or slaves
Is .continued; Congress Is not allowed, through
duties, to foster any branch of industry; the
foreign slave trade la probinitea; umgreea ta
prohibited. from. imaklpp nppropriailonsj.nnlesi
by a vote bf. two-thirds,, of . bQtb Houses, ex'iept
thi appropriation be asked bj'lhe bead of some
ieuaraaueut vr iuv a rvoiuuub, vAvre uuiuuoubb
tion is to be allowed to any Contrnctor.&fflcer,
or agent, alter the- contract la made or the ser-
vide reafjeredflAa, (ffl) v
kicHMOHK March 11 Th Convention voted
thanks to Mr. Crittenden lor his patriotic efforts
ta bring about an honorable adjustment of the
difficulties. . -
Mr. Baldwin made minority report from the
committee on Federal' Relations in favor of a
BoTder State Convention af Fraukrort, opposiaff
orcion, and charging th present oonditiof ,of
10. eoantry on pounuiauo.
From the South. From New York.
. icss, oiareti i4.-y we nr m isroao
way, last night, th losa of MeesrB. Masterton
Jt. I RimM ivlintsnala Dmiwrl. i WhnV fvnnnlai
Ih) first floor' nd basemtnb.of. No. 6, ia esA
mated at about tJU.UUUt '1 h atock 1 Uory
i. nwTVf vnJ iniiaaiiouTVT vu iu tTruuu eUUW.
waa entlrelv destroyed f bill loss IS estimated at
il5,WU.inr remainder ot the DulMing Wat
' a a . mt . . . a. . si tl sr.. m, mr. v aa
nnoooapteo' 'i am awea; oi suars dt n-ins;, inr
. : . I. . oua Am. a . XI ii ,
riervn uiwurv atwr nvuia vpaviucua, vi aiir..
waa aamagia oy water so we.antouoior J,wv:
Mean. Ken at ,uoHgcttrue,,maouisctnrera of
phlldrens bats,'' Occupied the' se'eond' floor, and
sustelned alight damraejbvjwater ThS Btecld
Of OSITgSlBuK oi, nauiuui, vap oinuuieuturviw, vu
th (bird floors was also damaged by water.
Messrs. Cohart' k .Brother, whelesal grocers,
occupvlnir No. 6S. also snstained. considershle
oeCupv nr no. oo. iso anstsmea consiaersni
a I,. Wet'-Th loa on tfo. 66 i tl.
f?!akre!wr5i "aJ 'IS tv..!
mated at ,200,000, and w o&drstand Vhat 'tt
property was lolly icswa,
From the South. From New York. From Washington.
Washinoton, March 11 An offiolel lette
from Mai. Anderson, received Saturday, iys hi
had only IS daye' subsistence and wood. The;
question has therefore risen with th AdniiuuM
tratlon, whether reinforaement b attempted ott
th fort abandoned- The latter oonrar, it is)
thought, will b adopted from inevitable necea-,
.!. . 3 i m si . n-. C3 r rri. I. 1
wty, oy aovioe ot sjibu. vn. bvwh. i i ucre as
however, a eoofliot of dplnlon between RenublH
cana on this question, but no conclusion was
arrived at In Cabinet Counoll. ' v i
The Cumberland and Pocahontas have, ao
eordlnK to official advices, left Vera Cms for1
Norfolk, and the Powhattan ia on bee way to
New York. Tbe Macedonian is the only vessel
left at Vera Cruz. - ; . , t ',
Tbe National Intelligencer, of to-day, eontaina
a loner article recommending; tbe relinquishment
of Forts Sumter and Pickens, as an aetof con
ciliation, and aaya that tb new Administration
might, by moving first In th direction f con
ciliation, do more to consolidate it power, than
by passively waiting the progress of events, with
a heart prepared for any fattui'.J VO it
A Cabinet mectine waa held at half past 13
o'clock,' to day, to takintv consideration the
proposed evacuation or rori isumier. ,.
i Archibald Campbell,' dltor of the Wheeling
iinucagtneer, bas been nominated ior rostmaa
tAP t.hsft nlanai
.Lieut, Walter Steveos, rif; New-York, the Eh
gloeer in ebarg of tb Ugnt bouses in Texas,
bse resigned his corsmlsiion, In order to' enter
the', serylcrff ihemj ..of, Ihe' Confederate
Btatiaa... i -, .;, '.r i "y
! - WAsnmorow, March llu- Reports prevail of
ins contemplated' evAtmaiion or son en rater,
but up to eight o'clock;', to, night the President
pad given no erJcn lor tnat purpose, uentle
pnen of sromlnenoe, kwwever, ssy they have In
formation wblcb eatleHes tnem tint sucn
bourse will from necessity 1e Duraued.
' Th .Commissioner -from, the Confederate
States did not aee the Secretary of State to-day,
but will probably make a formal application for
an Interview ' to morrowf t lUl ,;t ,r-.fi
Th Senate confirmed R. F. Paine as District
Attorney for the' Northern District of Ohio.
Tbe PreBlden, 'eent In "the following nomina
tions, which were referred:' J. Z. Goodrich. Col
lector of Bostons Geo. rW. McClelland, 8econd
Assistsnt Postmaetef Generil; Archibald Wil
liams, District Judce'for Kansas: Date, of 1111-
nqis, Uqmmlssions of Indian AQairs.r
[Tribune Correspondence.]
WAsniNOTON. March 111 It Is rumor pit triat
... ...
P. W. C. Llttlejobn, Speaker of tbe House of
Aisembly or New x om Slate, bas been appoin
ted Consul- at Liverpool, and that Mr. Vesey,
nrmeriv uuosoi as itavre. naa been anvjointad
Voneni at ah tl Iiapeiio,
Dom. Stewart has tendered bis resiimatlan as
flag officer; of the ;nay.' Ud take occasion to
review the proceedings of tbe memorable board
whlcb dismissed him, with muchlfeellna and el.
ect. Oi sourse the resignation - will not b ao-
oeptea, ana in secretary wUl' doubtless make
it the occasion of s complimentary request for
his.contiouanoa In th Service '? ;v.,' 1
I It is nroposed to station a vessel of war ont-
slde of Charleston harbor to collect the revenue.
I Mr. Tuck has been nominated Naval Officer
ef Boston, and Mr. Phillips Colleolor at Salem.
[Tribune Correspondence.]
I The rumdrs aberit Fort Piokena beioir eiven
up are entirely unfounded. This fortress can be
reinforced, and it will be. 1 ' " ,0
!An extra session of Congress is likelv to be
soon called to supply the omission of the last,
ana enaoje in aamiaistrauon to assert tbe au
tborlty of tbe government. The poller will
probably be to repeal the laws makinir Ibe norta
of tbe seoeding Ststes ports of foreign entry,
snd to station national vessels there so ss to
prevent foreign importations "
iTh forts at KyVVest arid Toringa'canndtbe 1
given up, because tljey may easily be rOinforced,"
audare ot national, importance in: an, military
and oommarcisl aspect. ,.( ,,, ,
Fort Sumter Involve a point pf honor.' only.'
Washhiotow, Mach 13.' 1 Is known that
the Intention of the'-President !i In' fl.st
fill the vacancies which exist, snd which must
ba filled during the prescpt session oi the Sen
ate. Except in a few instances, other annnlnu
menta wilt be deferred until this is done.! fa th
meanwhile applicants are required to hi their
papers in the proper Departments,, The offioeri
of the Army met sit the War Department at
noon to day, and in company with Lieut. Gen.
Scott and Secretary Cameron. hrnnAerlpri t h.
White House and formally paid their respects
to tbe President u t t a J s It 1
j , - " i i" T-.i.f - I
Missouri Convention.
St. Lodib, March Il.-Tba Cenvntioaniit
at 10 o'clock-! . . h ci ) . i i u-.r
Mr. Biroh called attention to a communica
tion in this morning's lputKcsa, hinting to a
secret conspiracy to foce Missouri out of tbs
Union, and offered a resolution to appoint a
committee to Investigate the Bnbject, snd if pos
Bible, to ascertain the names of the conspirators,
wbioh passed 52 to 30.
, The minority report, signed by M7 Redd snd
Judge Hough, was then presented and read by
tbe Secretary. . v: tit .-
i ne report oppose the National, Convention
recommended by majority report, 'and proposes
a Convention of the border slave States instead,
to b held at Nashville,' to decide upon such
amendments to tb Constitution an maw . he
satisfactory to the Nashville, Convention, with
out, however, making It an ultimatum, and ad
vise th appointment' bf Commissioners to
Doleware, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Ten
nessee, North Carolina and Arkansas, to secure
th co-operatlorf of 'thos. State in the move-
meet. - "'v.,.
Debate' ensued on ths malnrtie annt.- h,,.
the Convention adjourned without action. - -
I . 1 'illJ.. i .
BaMOOB, Mc. March 12 At the munt.iln.l
elebtion yesterday, Isaiah Stetson, Republican,
" re-eieatca mayor oy tsu mstoMty. " ' ' "
111"1 ' -...-,.. . awwvw -
BCSTOrt,' March 12.-i-SOTator'' fVr.l'tai
accepted the invitation of the City Councils, and
w y vibh ojBwi som ym next weekiu
I t sfTh-j ii t.-u f. soiilOTaeirta jiHual l '
; lot l ! .well .1 aw tJh'arb .- t-
mwA9evt J
the New orlt OisWrve'r ' T1
aia an unruDB saanuiacuiriDe aes n. Ham nataMaa
llred 10 Day Mr. Unwe a lioense on sack awhlnaaoLt.
and are a ie compelled to make returns lo him, nndei
oath, at to the number sold, his books give a correct state
meat, from thla reliable souree we have obtained the
101 lowing stattalttavi vt lb maohlaet Bade la tbe year
lOCfl tW.. .,S . . a
Abvt wvn won oiot.jctiiu ikuit.A i iy u ,n Wv.-.iti j
By Whetler WilttMUJU 91.305
a, t,
Bhowinr ths sales of Whftlee aViiVUaaat aa-sai alauAls
those ((aroj hsw Cesipaay.'' wmh.J
A vfwsTw Ml brfjlWBt pTB7VatnTff11Vfthi 11 1 "
United gtatea faia, of litts, lfcOscdloOO;. I
j T 1 0hJ, fl"" (frW9 BBie8r 'y'-l.l
aid Sk) nearly all she. County laira is tbe States.!
Our prtoteiar the Me reducUoe, ore a 1m 'ewtaf
lock aUoh asaoblae new toM. sod but a trifle higher aban
the laletlop Site AAreavt aha $HcA tacMtut, -ow
foretd anoa tbeaaark-wt,- ' J --'-' l
Lock Stw. the onlfene whlcb cannot be raveled, -Jt
Is Sues ow Both n or tb goods; leading p rfdgi'ar
AU monkinn iioanttt 3 tfH,Ml intlrirtlon
gfrea ta (hetr tne, free or-trte.i KOIll tf '. i
ii hot .UgiUkiYttJ HbSt.rOolekot,nd
dM &wdksnsYwOss, . tike's Opet
Sonet, (UftctnaaeM
I illillS
vtt an
l WhoItaIs an4 Be taU Sealer la.
Foreign & Domestic i.Cijarg,'!
Smoking & Chewing Tobacco.,
f,1 MO
Uxio, lb staallty,! K3$1T OBttantly
TTPOountry Merchaort areUrvltWtrj etlTRrbr ear
chasing tltewhefV ! r wv n ft fli-C v)
at I T- i tSl C nn mil f n r nmn rnm
I l-u-J V" Bt
Ualatod Gyeaaier4i(lA MKtt a.
line tyyrcir!TiTkrrjti'
V jt
I ii.'ii
(laMot Pha
rhaloa's RttahlishaHmt, at.TI,y WMrMer
ma New York Kaahioaable Cbevlne. Hair Oatttn
r-"P0raln' w"inoow minmnaMa,sa..-i
t'eWeet, tree the test Onioa, Where taUafaetie -Wll)
straw-to BU t,ve Ladles and
Ohlldraa'l Hair Pivssing don la tbs ssst Style,
THE MARKETS. New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 12.
,rtL?tlBelp,, of M',bblsi market dull, anday:
.. , .., mmtrm 1U.UUU DUIS Bt SAUJ.iS for SUDer
fine state, S, lOSJ 15 Cur: extra aiate, HWAS.W tar
superfine wnirrn, j. 105, 30 common lo medium extra.
, M ior SlilDDlnw hnni. ..In uuiul
KIIILOnav alSnaiin t .
choice auperflue. -""
fo. 1.'' SS.'W'Bueaal LM for Un'oige
fP-uV ''0'hlee north western club: l,8ll.ig
r.':; --! '.''
UYI-qulet at (iifl8o.
..B.A!i?lf,,ncl,nli salts of 0,000 bush Canadian
ZZ-ZuX rr!XVZ. n,.oariet witnout natesial
v.-.6, vl au,uuuDU,n. at uoeib for old mixed
dBll"330t,or WMtt" Canadlauand
POBK-Mull and noobsnsed: sates of tOShhi. . ei7 ,i
tor mess,' and lis firxgl 74 for prime. r '
BKr.r quiet and unebaand.
OUT MBATa-at... . . - . .
1 lAED staadv: aulas of 450 khla Il.a.ain...
I CHBHBI-elcady stSaiOl Se.
7?-w,l,0 naierlaj ohangs, tales of 70o'lis
i OOJrMB continues firm sod quiet peadind oa aao-
il)J3")llI10l,nCd u,',Borro'rk of 400 bags rio at
f 'UOLAniMS-'somi llllls" Inquiry, but wl'sVoY
enanne. . .
I bUOABB-dull but steady; salts of 1,800 hide. Cuba
tsXe5o. , . ,
j SIOOgl'wer:mariet dInr only a moderate bmi-
Scss, mongj sou exenange nnonanged: 0 fcK I iVit
star 41 lt L sl S A- As. 11 B n... . . '"1
r - . v w afc vs, at d n; ao quoted at XtV
0 99! BI12; JJarl preferred XX; Brie 34K Pae
Bail X1 Cumb 7 1-2; U Ac St. Joe 4V; XT Q 78; Hud
i5. J ,i.f",. BpriptSIXi Oal C 73,0 B Q 73; Brie
lid bond! 101; do 4th 85; llarl 3d 80; NO8'i0tt,'(; Tenn
Cleveland Market.
March 11.
extra at
u,. r I. V.u ao " ,,'lrJi na "bis double extra
wblte at Mijir, a
I 1
WHKAT Millers have been hn.ln.
about all theaccumulaUooi of the past few days have
been dlipoied of. Hales foot up at IS cars red at SI.04
",t.1ll0t !,; delivered, and 3 cars whitest
. OORN-dullat 34c.
OATS remain InanUva at'9a2Sa : ' I.
' H10HWINE3-have declined; sales are SOObbli. at
' 8KBDS Clover la on 1st at HM- aalaa qi.ik.
, v iruNti, auu iv ao. at , J.
, kuob remain firm witkaalesat lie.' if
iBUTTBB alra In small lots, at ltla tn.
Hiankf Bna Ior gooa uo. . , , ,m
isnuiio-unea apple, remtln Inactive at 3)io.: snd
Peaebe, at IXSiae. . naiaLns have further declined, and
are aeiun(. at ii.W for M. B., wnd ,J0(SS.e8 for
aROOBRIIt-r-Blo fieffM la nanbiiJ .V. ... -I ,oi
I50 Stearins Candles hare declined, and sell at II
WlSXO. 1 .. ; k- , , . k.u .
HiSii-Oreenare quoted lower, at follows: DnUlm-
m.u, -.ui a riniiucu, aao; naiiea, 0 joo
OORNMBAIVU selling at 0048804, forceantand
Cincinnati Market.
ILODR mav be onnlI .knnf .... a.,
. - 1- ' - Hiunuf,
oc.uar DBjsrs nor aeusrs ot supemne can operate lo
acj great advantage a, pres.nl prices, u eacb Is very
however be regarded as a little eailer thins to buy than
losall. The Imnorts it will ha scan. . m v.t ,
iia2 wfr,Mt arlotbis date, and' the exports
WUEaT sold more readllv ts-da than . a.in...
smiy tecauae of light otTerlnrv. Ths exports of wheat
since Kept. 1st nave been 8S W bnsoels less than last
season, and tae imports 1SS 343 bushels less.' , The fall
lug OB Of ImDOKS btmoatlv hsaan.aiof ,. ,
"UK aeutucay last tesaon.
CObkN-.waa Imtaralna, Ml. .l.. . ao. . .
for mixed shell snrl balk. ; Thd ahlpmenis of oorn
the seaion are 104 581 sks aralnat IM.ttJ aka. last
rather better flvurea. - '. ,li
to- and
ATS-were only In moderale request at S6)fe for feed
urpoaee. Beed oau are irrbetter demand than the com
moo, ,st about So. If bath higher prices. . -.
-"""- 4uK.t tf-JCH. An extra aniesa WABlhrlna
Cin. Com, March 12.
Philadelphia Market.
aaleetOOO bu,b Whits
L?,1 50.' 30. t OoRK-qulet salrs 300 buih .
S6857, I,iRo 10. Wuun dull at Itam
Wa. A. Batcbeior'i Hair Vjtl
fht Original and Best ! In th7 World!
otatrs are mere astitatlona, and shald be avoldtd
eon sri.h Ba aanana atfMita i , It ; k A
Z :-. . . , t , . , . j ,i
OBAT, KBD OB E08TI PAIR Dyed lpstantly to a
btautifol and Natural IroWn or BJsct Wlttlout Inlnry to
awarded to Wo,. A, BatchelorstBoe 1839. and sveiBO.0
apyllcaUonS haVe been suds to the nalr of tils' patrons
tie famous dye.-) -, -.i.rur. JU -.rr:
vTM. A. BATCHBLOB'B HAIB ST1 yroducssasol
aot to be distinguished bom nature, and Is warranted
not to Injurs in tb least, however long Umsyberoqtim:
aed, and ths. Ill effects of Bad Dyes remedied: the Hair
Invigorated for lira by this splendid
Bold In all elties and towns et th Hnlted Slates. -
DrUggtjta and Faocy Goods Dealers.' '-1' L
IThe Genuine hat th same snd soVhess ason a atael
plate engraving on four tides of each bog, of WILLIAM
. BAJC1HL0B,. Addi
: L ' ) PHABLB8
rest r-
BATCHtLOR, PJcprietor,
1 Barclay street. New York.
jnl" , a. vensumpiivtSa, . , . .
Tbs Advertiser, having been dm tored to With In a few
weekt by a vary timle remedy, afte kavlnsi ufTfrtd,
sral years with a severs long affection, sod that dread
disease, Consumption is anxious te make knows to his
fellow snBsrers the meant of cure.', I 1 ' T '71 d ify ',
To all who desire It, he !! tend a copy of the preterit
Hon used (free of charge), wlft u,, dlreoians for prepa
Ing asd using the sams, which they will And a sews Co
rer CQStCsTrrioa, AsTRSa, Bsotarrrns, dts. Ths only
objsot of lit adverUter in sending ths Prescription Is to
bene t the afflicted, aavd spread tafotwaatjoi wtrkh be een.
selves te bt bvalnaMs, and be lopes vfry.tttWersr Win
try nit rtmcay,. as It will cost thesa solhing, aad may
prove a blessing. ...
reruet wishing the prescription will please address,, i ,
, ; h :! iiAta 1WAJU A. WILSON,,,. J
- ! iu.t)c.. , i :.'. i Wllllamsburgh, ...
Kings County, New ,
eet3:wly t r,i . -., r t.um.iO
1 1' n ii 1 1 1
a ii i . 1 in, .im
W.' A. BatohelorV Hair jOytl ,
I I-Marf I .fMajaW -fl - c-rt- :'. '1
This iprradM BairDye aatMeuja----lDswuikri
effect Beautiful, Black or Natural Brown ne staining
the akin ariujating Ue Eaif remedies tlx awar aa
effect of Bad Dyrs, and Invigorates the hair for Ufa
Hose are genuln bnlnt 'signed "W. A. Batchetor.n
gold evefysheis.'""1 " u "
1 - mr A?. niTfiBtrm. vtMt.''
jj.wl"j v,.'''"l 'l';r8lBsrthwBtrse1,rteWToitr
Front Street, Setween, State asiTawii.
A I SHOP Itttlll twsHaiew,
the pressure of late years bas
awes bar ru union tears, she
hat set rnvllyV-JklWJr
ink, atill turn- W "
eg out those spieouia rsairas, mnjn,Aw ATB.sns
BDBBB snd BACKS. twenty , yean needy , ttaoaSaa-
tarlng has given onr work s WidVsperad repataltua
tfirounh the Booth and WeeU, -i-.l -
' W therefore deeaa It anateessary la say any thins met
fa legard to the jeaauty s ear work. . We-Waojuain
tvsKV VtHicu. Wa saa tall eoo Tor Bcaauts teatt
aidataaiMi. m, ,- it, a. irs ' .,-, rf.
' Dealers can bt furnished with say ssaoaot of work at
short notice, and at prices lowet Shea east be boaahiasoT
where m tne won. aeceaa peon Maggies mast s ea;
chsiga for aewwor;. r, .,: h .i a
n'Hepainnf .ooaeneatiy ana at asmn aoties. yas
tor on ycocin. httwaea Bute asd Town streets, Oolwstr.
ory oa
hat. Ohio.
MlCrAil sommwnlwtlons tw iseeti eyiisfjpteAtesitlaav
. r-t,-. .k .
v .1 ,.,n
Ths atauV-af Oki i - nnl
i-n ivsw ri-t,M ,S TJnlenHwty Ceintaon Fless.
Vf .st. aarey, ec. ai, ttm l rns m.
dt vmrcB orjixrniT or yfudi
I tots Stressed frost tbe Oeart of Ooeaatoa Pleas ef
TJnlcn Oonnty, Ohio, I will offer for sals at tbe door of
the' OOart Honee In the city of Coluabus, -Vnuklia
eoaaty, tiaio, on
Ohio, on , "l
day, th 6th day f ; April,' A. D. 1861,
hatwaew the ftnnn nf 10 eloe A K. and 4 o'clock T
Mwtbefollowlnxdetgrlbed real ettata, tltaace la the
Oeonry o tranx lio. tnd Sta of Ohio, te wit: Lots Not.
IwoUB) three, (3) and four, (4) la the tow ot drove-1
fiVral-dat-lJlIeVd; OeTJJCll . .
i o)i.4.if !' ts oe i Tr.iitmi
J It t W attWTsaisa1traWt Weaver a ..fias
I TV e, Aiv ww ix b tv w rr?jTin,"
lMi4tw-'-IT.-r j, Kb, n4vn, pspaly.
rlnsert fves '
T-AArfCT tUvtiV AJfTS.fcll.K fAflil" Xl
1? I aew styleat. it StUhbea Bomad, Katensioo ao4 Im
diaaraasal sain a
tsyia . lSttklilkstmt
Dr. J. n. tIcLEAII'3
Stresgtlicnifle Cordial and Blood
Tlae) Grceitesl Benedylsa Tb
:,; AMD TUB ! ,
' AND "-
i i TriaSTniiip. ..
JL ly a wientiSe and .
' Vegetable Oom pound,
procured bf the distil
lation of laoote. Herbs :s ,0
sad Barks, , Yellow u,t ,
Dock,' Blood Boot,
Bareaperllla, Wild"
Oberry Bark and Dan-
I mi a ifilur eelion enter into iu
Mm fcktar.KW real After Mint
iprloclple of each Ingredient IS thoroughly extracted by
say new method of disUlllng. producing i, a dtUciooa, ex-
hlleratlnc aplriL and the moat INIAXLIBLB ftsaed fos
Renovating ,tht diseased syatem, and restoring the aiok,
uffering and debilitated INVALID to HKALTII sod
j ' .s if-K If mi,... DIAI, ' " H :.! ..
J '"win eatatusnweaw "
l Ohronle tr Kervoas UeWbty, Disiasaa ef the Kidneys
Snd all dlatamt anslnr from s dlsordersJ UverarBtsaa
ach, Dyapcpaia, Heariiiarrn, In want Piles, Acadltr er Biok
ess at ths Bloaaask, yaltsaaa, ef Blood to the Head, Dell
pain oi swimming In tne head, rait-Mtlea or tbe Heart
tullneas or Weiirht In tbe Btomacb. Boor Bructationa
Choking or suffocaUnr feeling when lying down, Drvness
o- BMiowneaser tne skin and JCts. Nignt BweaUf In
Ward Veeerai Pain In the email nf the hack, ehest ar aliU
Budde. Vluahea ef Heat, Daprftsion of Spirits, Frightful
Dreams, Lantnor. Desmmdeiiev nr an v Marvaua Dlaaaaa.
Boras of Biotenee im the Skin, and Pever and Avne (as
vumsawt srevev., .-k. . ...
I ' Ovcrts niutlaa t Unuie
Have lieen told dnrlnt the last six mrtntha ami In la.
atance has It failed In giving entire aatlsfacUon Who,
then, will suffer from Weakness or Debility wbta Mo
No lanruaira MB eiwi ,ai an BriMiuara Mm nt ,ha 1...
dlate and almost mlraoulooa change produced by taklnt
nil tioruiai in the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
vi bmiihhuu , ic.Mjiou ui us prisuov Bvaiw ana vigor.
Or others eontoloui of lnablllly, from whatersr raust.
will find McLeans Strengthening Cordials thoroush
regenerator of ths system ; and all who mav have injured
themselves by ImDroser Indulsmceu will Snd In the Oa.
ami a certain and speedy remedy, ,. ,
; T the lindle.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
' Is s sovereign and speedy rare for
Obstructed or DltTLcult Utnstmatlon, lncontlnsnce ef
unne orinvoiunury Discharge thereof, falling or tbs
Womb, Qlddineas, falntlDg and all Diseases bicidant te
amaaiee. ...l 'ID.L, . 4 - t J.
I ' Thar U bo Xistak About It.
Suffer no lonier. Take It accordlns to Directions. It
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate yoa and cause
ue Bioom or health to mount your enact again.
j nvery bottle Is warrantee to give satisfaction.
If yeur children are sickly, sunv. or afflicted. McLean's
Cordial will make them healths, fat end robust.- Delay
not a moment, try u, ana yoa will ne eonvincea.
uauTuix. tuware 01 iirantuiaor Dealers wne mat
try tn palm spon yon nne Hitler or Bartaperllle trash,
which they can bnyokeap, bytaylnf It fat just as good.
Avoid such men. Ask for McLean's Btrens-theninr Cor
dial, and rake nothing alt. It m the only retaedy that
will purify tbe blood tboroaghly sod at tbe same lime
strengthen the system.
one laniespoonrui uken every morning rutins. la s
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever, yellow
fever, er any prevalent iteasos. It Is out no In lane
..... - - "i
ooiiiea. ....
Price only 1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for (5.
. ., , J.H. McLIAN,
'". ' "ote Proprtetor of this OordlaL
'" ' Alio McLean's Volcanic Oil LlnimenL
Priedcal Denot on th: comer of Third and Pine streets.
McLean' Tolcanio Oil Liniment
Tb beat Llnhcent In tbs World. Ths only safe and
certain cure for Cancers, Piles, Bwetlipga and Broo
ch ilia, or Goitre, Paralvile, Henralgia, Weakness of ths
stusciee, uoronio or isuammatory Knenmauam, sttfl-
or the joints, contracted Muscles or Llramentt
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, trash
Cult, Ulcers, Fever Bores, Caked Breasts Bore Nipples,
Burnt, naains. aore Taoat, or any innantmaaon er
ranee how severe, or how lone tbe disease
have existed, MoLean's Ctlearated Liniment in a
nun remedy.
by tit
decrepitude sad misery
ute of this Invaluable med-
etn. .i ..
WIU relieve" pain ataioti httutaneusly, and It wll
clean as, purify and heal th foulest sores lo as Ineredl
lyshorttlms. .--. . ... ;i r. ,
For Ilarse susdOtker Asilmals.
Helta t etlebrated Lmbaent It the ewly sals avid re
liable remedv for the cure of Snavin. Bins Bone. W ind
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bumpt, Nodes or Swellings. II
win never MU to curt wg Head, Poll jjvii, rata la, Old
running Sores or Sweeny, If properly applied, tor
Sprains, Braises, Scratches, Bo ret er Wounds, Cracked
Heels, Qhafes, Saddle or Collar Oalla It it an Infallible
remedy. Apply U as Aireoted, and a cure Is ourtaia la
every Instance. c --
Then trifle a Merer with las avany worth lets Llnl-
saenlt offered to you.. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean's
elebrated LlnimenL It trill curt yoa.
, J. H. ncLEAN, Solo Proprietor,
Comer of Third and Pin Streets, Bt. Louis, Mo.
Pot tele by all druggists. . '
for sale by B0B1RTS At S AMtjBL,
augf-dwly W rr-- . Oolaatna. Obis.
A '
Liverpool, Montreal, (uebeo,
:i . . -w- svnd . .... (
jLayv; youk.
'The Montreal Oceaa Btcsmahls Company's nrst-olast
falUDoweredOlvde-huIlt Bteamera tall every jat
relay from PORTLAND, carrying tho Cana! tan and
ualtea Bates taau aaa paseengera. .-
Sborleat, Clteapest andQtilckcstCwna
Tcyiastca arc, aaa .
"1 I - i ' f s. tn '
p l ivairn ui x -crsRicma w ja.iAX.-VAicr,
.... .. saa. see, eso. . .,
Will tall from LIVIBPOOL every Wednesdsty.
and from QUBBBO every Saturday calling at
LONDON UKUillf, te reoetve on boat and lacs Alalia and
Pesarasora, to aad from Inland and Scotland
Onbeea Bttaaaen art bails ef iron, ta watav-tlsht
eompartmeola, carry each an experienced Surgeon, and
every attention la paid, to the comfort and ecoommoea-
tira or pateenteri. At tntyproceea oircct to bun wit.
DEBT, the peat risk snd delay of calling at Bt. John's
is avowea.
Glasgow passengers are furnished, with nnpaisage
tickets to and from Ijondonaerry i '
Betura uckett (ranted at reduced rates.
OartifKatea issued for carrying lo aad brlnglngont pee-
tengert from all the principal towns oOreal Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, by this line of steamers, and
leaving Liverpool evtry week.
Sirht Drafts) 1 1 aaat Wprrarde pay
alwtn.ncian, areiaiaaa acp.-
Par passage, apply at the Offloe 23 BHOADa
WAY, New Vwrk, and 19 WaTEH ST.,
-'i'"'' t Cl'..IT LISA. .:'l
m s .s
. i bss At, si aisnniin,' usosnu wgiat,
Or tort. J. R. AR MSTRON C,
rMVldEW i Slats a Offloe, Colaaaime, Okie.
IT TSIKCBU ntsw (.
, ram. i j i
WOR. 1. S. S and 7 If . 1CT AW 8T
V..C i--. Afl-.a fn. Mia. liiala aalaKaataA ll
GOLDEN MrpA , r , ''
....... . vjKAnis ' -
a.,.-!! v.- i- -!-" 'ANP 6QARE
Bsine hlihlv reeoainiended bv the Srtt rrefateers aa
Mnsloal AaaatsSriof iAeotatrs, n4 Jtx
svsar , ' , ...
f . i iwanivnTTiwajT"
est faitldloatcaistotstr.nsiy (sly epon.'beini
''iVTiralf'TZi3 'WTf KltAMkCty."
BKLTB at wUBis, agenn,
i-Am. "- Oolnnhaa, Ohle.
am i I , ,n
1 laade la the the oOierrt f thla Bank, January SDta,
.MT ta wilt Wis. A SaaTV. Preaideatv'Sod Thomas
Mooaia. Otahler, reeltned iheir oUleee. - favta Tavkoa.
Xm was thta elteud rnsilcnt aad rT,JU fcsTT ap
polntf C'eanleT." n p iv.-,- ..r-.i .-.. .-"
enlar of the Board of Dlreotarai - -
fchS, Hl-dtf. ( . , , , 7 . ,W. A. tUTf. Osahlevi
J Jerveelebe indebted so the bte Sras of Do tt
DHIDOB Vt BITW wlH pleaeeejtiA aad settle -theij
acooaats, ted therebr save ooeit. - . .
f all aotee and eeoiuuila rsmalnlnf atipald en (ha tV-M
et April wiU beplaoedbetUehandeof Wsf. L. 11 XL,
i. t.
arvivbi Partner.
A eewflponnd remedy, designed to be tlie most
effectual AUtntiva that can be made. It is
a concentrated extract of Pars 8orsspriUa.
so combined with other substances ot atUr
greater elterativa power as to aflord an cfli-c.
Uve antidote for the diaeetrs Psrsnpsrilla is
reputed to cure. It is lwiu.,i a. .... t.
remody U wanted by those wl,0 ,uff,.r ftora
ouuniuue cu,iiuunu, ano, mat one which mill,
accomplish their cure must prove of immense
servic to this large class of our afflicted frllow
citizens. How completely this compound will '
do it has been proven by experiment on man,
or the worst cases to be found of the followis. '
complaints: . , ....... ., . -Tr
Scbopitla wrr Scnorctoir CowpeAnrVO
Pimples, JkoTciiits, 'i'uiions, Saat Rrwum,
OCALD iXSAf, SvrUILIS ams, Rriwirmit A. '
yscTiows, BIsitcuniAL Discask, Duorst.Iv'Ei;,' '
Baloia on Tic DouLoimaux, DstHarrr, D"
oa 8t. Axtiiont's Fina. and rnrWri i,a i
class of complaints arising fire-m, Jnpi)iUTX Mrf
tub Blood. .... ..,,..,. i .,. ,kj.,v.,,,ni
lTu compound will be found A ent W -
moter of health, when taken in ths amino- .''.
expel the foul humors which ft-stew ia the"
blood at tluit seasoa of ths vMr. H v ttu ;,..-. -
jy xpulsion of them many rnnkling disorders'
are nipped in tho bud. Jlultitutle can. byj
tli aid of thia remedy, spare themselves front
ths endurance of foul eruption and ulcerous 'j
sores, through which the system witf striv ta j
rid itself of corruptions, if not wilted. e)o
this through tho natural channels of ditfltodr '
by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out tlio '
vitiated blood whenever yoa find Its impurities
bursting through the akin in pimples, eruptions; 4
or sores; cleanse it when yon find it i ob
structed and eluniriah in the veine . la...a.
Whenever it is foul, end your feelings will tdi,"
Vou when. Even where no particula taisordcr '
Is felt, people enjoy better health, and livw
longer, for clcansinc the blnnrl. Tfn i.
blood healthy, and all is well: but m-Iii, ,k;. ".!
pabulum of life disordered, ther can b no ,
lasting health. Soouor or later somctliino '
must tTO wroutr. snrl thn m-mt ma-.LIn rf 1
life is disordered or orrrtlirown. .
Sarsaparilla has. snd deservM snnrh. th -,i
reputation of accomplishing these end. Uut ,
the world has been egrogiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly beentis the drug
won ha not all the virtuo hat is claimed
for it, but more because munv nrenarntirma
pretending to be concentrated extrscts of it,
contain but little of the virtuo of Sarrapnrilla. ,
or any thing else. ' ' s
During lute year the public have been miaw .
led by large bottles, pretending to give a tientrt "
of Extract of Sarsanarilla fur one diillnr. : M.wr
of these have been frauds upon the sitk, fur tr
they not only contain little, if any, Srsnpa 1
rilla, but often no curative properties whatcv-' . 1J
cr. Hence, bitter and pauiful, Jisnppoiittinent
has followed the use of the various extracts of-, f,
Sorsaparillii which flood tlto market, until the .
name itself is justly dcspltcd, nnd Los become "
synonymous with imposition and cheat, ttliil
we call this compound Saraopurilia. and intend I
to supply audi n remedy as shall rescue tha
name from tho load of obloquy which rest . ""
upon it. And we think we Ifuvo ground fot
believing it has virtues which arc irresistible , "'
by the ordinary ytm of the diacaies it U intend
cd to cure. In order to secure their riiimleti
mdirntioii from the system, the remedy should t
be jtidiciouMl v taken nccordiiitr to direuLiuiu un ',
the bottle. j
I . rilEPABCU Bf . -i ' i
R. J. C. AYE It A; CO.',;V"
Price, 1 pes Uwtile Six Bottles for $3.,' ,
Aver s Cherry Pectoral
has won for llclf sin-It a renown tur tli cure e,f " .
every variety of Throat and Lung Coiiiuluiut, tout
It is entirely uiineccasary for we to rorouiit tli: '" '-'
evidence of its virtue, whercrer it has been em- ' '''",
ployed. As it has long licen iu constant tua " "u:
throughout this scctiun, we neeil u..t(io iunr titan-'-
sssure the people iu nnnllty ii kept up to the best
it ever has keen, snd thnt it may he relied on to
do tor their relict uil it lias ever beau found to JuA
Ayer's Cathartic Pills, -
' i FOR TUB CTOS OT , - r.'. . . ',,;, V7
Cortfrairit, X.WHlicr, t)yi)cpia, Iniignlitm, - -'
Dyenttry, Foul Simon,, Jiytipckt$ Hctiiur-he,
Piles, Wieumnlium, Hniptimis nml SHit 'Vsmtn.
Liver Complaint, Drnjisy, 'Teller, Tnmnrj put .
Salt Jihmrnt, Worm, Cmit, ,Vw wyL ,i, -a-C A.
Dinner Pill, and for Parifjdua Hie Slmil.
They sro stirrar-otinted, so tlmt fho moat -t,-or
tire can take thorn pli nkanllv, and tliey raro 1 1
best aperient in llie imrld for nil rlie pnrpdsei trl '
family physic.
Pries 85 eents por Box ; Tive bjiai for $1 0 J
Oreat numbers of Clcri?riucn. Tb
men, snd eminent peraonages. lisvo lent tlioirO
names to eertifj tho utipnr.illclf-dincfiilnciHortlie-io
remedies, but onr apanc hcis will not pt-nuit Die
insertion of them. The Agents Im-1oh immml f-tr-niih
gratis our Ambhican Aimaxac in whljli titry
are given ; with also full descriptions nf the .-iiyv- ,-r
eomplainrs, and the treatment that aliould He kt. TO i
lowed for their cure.
Do not be nut olf bv Hiiorincinlri dei.eta u -ili
bther preparations tlicy make mors iii.iruin.
Demand Ayee' and taker no others, Tka.i.. Q;
want ths best aid there ia fur tham. anil t hn- .unu d- .
have it., . ... ... 1 f "
All our remedies sre for sals by ' ,,."' ..,,,''
EOBIRTS SAlfml" Onld-Ka. "
Asd by TJrnrjrliU and Dealers irtrjwtxrt. .
aowTlTa.twstw . v imw.
i -i- --t '-llSlr MMi i "' 'n
MR3. wmoLow;
Aa txr-erisooad Mursaaad Fssaale Payskiaa, Breeeola
' I . to the stteatloa ot etbrs, her
which greatly facilitates ths process of teath!ntby eoft-
the am
radaeiaf rnSaaiiBartetii iwial allay
ALL PAIN aad apaaaaodic aetloa, asd la
Depend apoa It, tsotheri, i t will iv rest te yo retires
snd . A:
Ws have pat op and sold thla article for over ten years;
what we have never been able to sav of anv other snedi-
ANOK, TO KflKOT A CUE, when timely aaed. Vev
tr did we know an Inataaoeof dltsallsfsetloa by any eoei,T A
wko used tu Oa tbe ooatrary, all are deUihted with Its
operations, tad speak ta teres of CKMnmeodaiiow ef iaa
auslcal eseors and medical vlrtaet. Wt speak la Stile' '
autter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after yeara' erpe- '
alsaottevery Inatanot where the infant is suSannf fna, i fkJ
pale aa eznaaatloa. relief will be feaa la aiteea er
iweaty saLButea alter ansayrap is aflsnaiaaaree. i v
This valaable preperatloa Is tbe pretertsrlea ef one of
the tnoet XXPRklKNOSDaad SKILLfUL MJRKS la
New Borland, and baa been used Wjta VSyxniAIL-
UH.8UOCHr.BlB " ' ' " "itV
I THJ8JATf S VT 7JSBBSW'a -ei-i f .
It not only ralltvee the eblld trots pain, oar tnvta-ori': MM
the stoaiatb aad bowees, eerreoe, ancnty, ana trees r"'
Sea aad enerey to the whole tyseta. IS will alsaoet at- ""
saaotly relieve - y f e ri-.'.vi I i ''r'tlOOI
es.ia n tex bowu.8. An vin a couo
en evertoam eeavaltloss, which, M aot speedily rvata
. , . a.. . t. w. kkliu. u ik. a.k j a.-., -nr
UTkkU, .111. IM kk'kk, kk Vk, k Ml mO 4. aUU IT I IV ..
1ST HBMJBDT IN TH WORLD, la all tame of DVeV m
It arleea frost tea thiol, er frost anv other eaasa. Ws
would say to every mother woo bsaa ehlld solTeHnr fmte
Snyef thefoieeolre eompiatnts DO NOT I I f Vot il C?
atao betweea yea and year to Sort nf child, an the re-
imi tnat win te Buna yes, absulu i ai, , tuas re
follow theatt ef thlsaMdlolne. If timely wed.f IbU dlrt S
reotiona for osins will seeempany sr-o sottie. M.nU
moalne anWatthe nwetmile of CURJiB A rRRKlNS,
Ns York, la on the oauuM wratnr- ffVv-
Sold by ail Lrotiriata Uuoatliaal Uai world.
Prl clulorrie, ts Oesto.r atrwcSIf.T.
. een-kty. "'""",''..'''llJU
W St tMallr
T R 110 VBfl i A U D PRBVF..T9 lNUrj
It . BMStaatWa Sad pal a, and basis the wort bursr.ikarV.
soald, braise, en t, freao wowiid ef any kind, vraveaie
tweillDi tad pal from bee eiinas, aie ,ui:v ' ' -i, rod- f"i
pelsouoMS plants, oearal,", rheuma.lua, a .a m tia
breaat, anlt rbeosa, eta. Vt lira tivkaa Int-ru.. r. It
poaiUvely care eroop laehluiren, a,.4 gtvag l,.,u..,i '
relief la the worateaat Of thla tenrioU e.iaal- it; m,. . ,
remonres hoaraeneae and sore throat. Vrioe. o -. i 5 I
snoBld be in every house. Fr rma i t itug-
.f.ftaaad SUM-nkaentra.
Tn v r-j .a , , a
tetsdltwlvle k-
i.a. . jl . 1 v- - p.,
praos et. , Naw a -Jib
a a
AAIAjU iABiAil Vaiilim U il
K1W KO. t WHIT 8 Tim, from Itae n wa, la .
Bblt.Half tad Qoarver Rl. f-Va, In m.re andfur,.
ale by
by BcAitSSILttTUAijiL
St, Vortk 11 1 h street.

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