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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, March 13, 1861, Image 2

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OF AOBJI SATi:itH,"iS JOHOlf AUa. 1, ieooT
Hon. Jobebh' IT Zvtkri, j
wits votes, QfjnK teiiWXSS 'tyf
, Uvl'f?''??'!.;' I H
(O.ulMl liliulVUt'Tll. 'Ohio andtblo1
Stat Bcporti ) . .
and EirmENCKS to rjtioa laws,
U Two RbyreiH VolWA-THcollOOfl.
' haa breo J to make lbs work
Ho rare or exponie apart
u.f.iM antl lall.bletn a'l r-IDau., a.
It Imi oW iho Lealelatlv laifoaeibavlne; been ap-
roe by nearly the ananiaoui rot or bom tlouaee,
ud ardVed to b dUtribated to the (ollowmg But
tad Coboli aLuceral a
k . . A. aTr, Ht Hunriii jiiSirdi. aeere
tu, , 0 BiArorlrrTriSrr kfid AO. lt-r of Stat end
JTa T...!. . .. i... n...i. r nommon Pleee, Super
ior nd Poltoo Carta. Aodliore, Bod I the. 01er.e ol the
varloai Oonrli lo tch eoot.ty. to Mrmbori of the
hHti aod Houee of BweotnUtirw of- ;ble Ditto, and
.v . n th auMtuj Aiftttsof the union.
Bow io fore, and .be uthoriuilo ootitrocttoo of them
ad of tho New Ooneilto'ion, win w iuuhu w u ..iv...
1 OMfal la the perfoaatnct Mir " , J'L.H J !V'
jubtiohs 09 tii psaok,
township trustees,
-4 IllVl-if 0Fiesni!
iiftfha verv many ofialBeft,Wbeef fialte W the
.Tnumui-h . vera many
ttuteeeliioe the publication of tbelait edill"ii, byre,
nxl lu,Unm and additions, and many important do
etatoni hare been kItotjIIi ijr.nri e$ -
Will flnlTla in UTalB&hlfJrTorlul 'J ? 1 T i
Tat Royal 6 no. Volutnrt of oter Xlftttttn Uandrti
la Strong taw Binding.
Price $10.00.
3a fTi'iI0 lit
law PoblIjlwr.lp'"f JtatloldraTiid Ifcpri(
OKO. W. tl.4W-HK?l1fa Editor.
TfUX. 'htmld b handed. Hi by TWUVS O'VlOCS
on th day cptNical on.
ST Tho Republican member 01 the General
Aaaemhii exaDot ta noojljiate a cindidatfl. fjr
tbeUDite'd Stwiie Stnate. tbeV tjw
morrowevening'. ' There iV'great'acivite a-
mong tbe friends ofttbe lar'uidi ctsdldatee, tod
different opinioue preyjiUoas to who will bebe
occeesful mtb." 'it ii Sfctdtes TbYbt lo Ipecd
late.opon the rnbjeet) rtrree the ftatfrljj.eo toon
tranoiro. We can efford to wait on tbe move
ment of tbai$tf , aiidj!iae oil; tb inj( taefl
nsiona iodivioual, watch and praj.
D Tbe Adjutant General of.tbjt)hlo Mill
tla hn decided tbat there is UO iotrrlleio valne
lofjrt Sum'w anaFort JVcben'. asMrtfglo
pM'i oeoerearv taMftkid oy'4 tT)Ka si
And tlieref ire be appruve cf the lan of rbeir
surrender io the XftoCiiZ&dicI.WithlfliA
such militarr authority in favor of tbe sbm
din men', of ibee fine, it is not eurpriaiog that
Mr Cmrft ih6tr1d' eWerraifie 'fa'" withdraw
the troops now in posseseuMrof tbas military
poets and turn them over to tba sectders. Tbe
Journal endorses the opinion of Gen CassiNff
Ton, anTthTqucsfioa may Tlcrefyrehf regard
ed as (teAMtwr , u.v ,.. .,
. . , i
The City Election.
TbeaijiBarx?rneaior.to jnpport of our
oity goveroortnt tiyVrW nj-wit!t great rapid
ty, uo;itih;eVJiy,ho,w'.ofia!j daSoligns
sum or tW.OOU per 'dnaajii ' tym' equal who
axpeuataol thafii'oGo?erBBeat.of OaU aooe
filty jearsagp. t-Tlsye BhouldJbe a''rcforjn'ft)
this roAataYeAad a" 'gviroutlTwt should. be made
to reduce tbe expenses of'tbe'etty feeeremfnt.
Let tb iirmocrtoyeelefltrtielr candidates with
refereuca to (hi rnattes Let-tbelr oomlbailpD
bt from tbat class of mentrhb Brer cnpable and
willing t9 intrfldoce; tar army, into: tbe public
aervioe, acc7 hd ljl p.fB.Jf.'iflectM., The eity
tiles era eaermOos, aad the . people eboulq i
reliared frim. trje burderi AafirTia poreibia.. t-;
The City Election. The "Normal Condition" of the New Territories.
.rlKa i
It would pahMb'eTemet! rSthef Impertinent
t tb praaaattimo to aek our Repubiioia fei-'
low o'uzlaS, whifwirtbe'MaiiljCaaditlonV
of tha new TaVritorieiof Colorado, Navadaand
Diootahrracaatly urguised by acta of Coogrodst'
Aowrding to Uia Cuicigo plfaroj; H'wa one
oi ireedoaiwbica, we.were told by tbe Repabll'
caa polUklans and jSnrnu'la was to"beprejervd
by the prohibition of sjsvwjf tbcrelo, whenever
RepubliciBAbal.lbepwiir In Congress. Bat
the aot orgnnVtrfj theitt new Territories con
tain oo cl.tuae fur preeervine tbat "normal oon
diaon'otta . ey iTlV problbltlflgalAvsry
tnetein, w prereotug' lattholdre from ami
grating thiiber wlth7.tuVlr7'bulinc!,attell),
Yet thweacte were pissed neirr ih3 close ttf Hi
last seas Von of Cegies,whell tWRepubllciti,
by tbe withdrawttl of the memb'crs''fn(nl the se
ceded Statee, had lat.decldui-'mayirity la the
House. '- " 1 5 i
It wl Ilnot do to say that 11 thJerritotral bills
had passed wUhibe l,wa.aondidr' clank
of tbe Chicago Blatjom' .ln heqsf fliey would
bve been vetoed by President Bochaiim. ?rn
dent Ouobanam wis , oa'hia .lasUcgsand.A
ataunch ' believer fn' the, riof tnal condition"
doctrine was aboalio take. Am odco... There
: was ao pressing nectcsTty or'jjk'ganiirng' these
terrltorlea at the- lass-seeslon of Congrose It
might bAva'-Wu .doneiat aa extra session, ii
one Is oaHrt, or . bare bevu j"J?tijuped to tbe
.Bm... .iniira, warn tag-new rtppaOIICtTI
administration would haa hJenQirfiril blast,
and no rlng 0?, yrdnf lEsl
dential veto." a c.t.) h . .,,-. .,
As tbe cssotgcSsJppe'Ja ledjiouiaect that
the passsge of these territorial bills through
tbe two Houses of Congress. To" oh of-Mn.
tbe RfpublioatJs Sad VmAjty.'waa a p'r'oeon
oerted eheme)SjnTrYeVrVr9 shaVlHe pew
Preeidvt't-i'ton)' ik$ jr)spvae3bilty f 'valoing
bill wltboWHheBoVrt
or of Bpptv!guB wilb that clause inserted
Tbey wantod to lso-aW 1imh Jw4-PmU flov-
ereignty iod comfuded t3 jftnt Srpprf
ateitinthia.iDdirrpsAadMnerband way.
Well, bo Jfj4:tttOdB'e.of .tbeJtinsaBj
Dtbrarka aet) wliruh-riic ft(,bblluooo
demncd and sriath'mstikVd'Jor! io nitVy: Iqrig
yeara, bie, by 4 dwipreaa-ia wblcb their own
party had cobtfd,Wu".fufc;kportd lata acts
for th6rpWiiiohrf tUve 'tiiw' territories.
The Journal at this ci'tyVaii other Repu h'lcan
papers, a. weliA.tboitafr aruerajaudjiltliiigs'
1 UMUIty J lUiilB L
rty, are now silent aJldTb Great j
".wliio'i thaf .nnrl.:ridu:ult!d..'iid
Of the party,
wboseadhrrnishry 'A mjrly persecuted. We f
,..(nlnl. l...m i,t. ..IJ - '
b!e,co"jiobta.)U tru polltloal faltbend
norm J ooo Uion" noti p. o far its It U under-
'pcd Ki cqifiloi with '.ha' Naa-IuUruttoo' or
For-nlar Sovereignty doouine, will b regarded,
even by the mas of lb men who voted -for
LihC0t.it j as ('aa obsolete idee." :-
Voter Emanuel's Speech at the Opening of
the Italian Parliament.
Th new Italian Chambor or Pirllament wa
vetoed on lb 18ib of February bj Viotok Em
Aucl . in Deraon- Below will bo . fuund nil
retell on. that oecM.ioni nujicj ;,
Iulr, almoit entirely fret and no'ted, ooofidei lo yaw
wl-dou. and U le os yoa dtTolot lb ih ol koror a
littioo. XoawlU taiwslUh to irootnt adailoMntUro
HMriyi takiugcare, at I be tlmo, that her anliy be
gniteo adv 4-abile plot a W favorable to oar Bativoal
VendeaciaTor Aainror of- Ike fiooclt, althoajh a
uilne tu ue uie brueQii or aoa-autereojuion, aaiww
t It St log to' recall bil earoy. , Ibia aot baa exalted
our deeu teeret. without, nowerer. anro.lae oar trill
tmla. At Usirala and Solf fUi. Imict an4 Itab bae
ilvaied Mil af amtif wjh iM be tadlaaolable. Xof
lend, tba eaclaubboaieor llbarty. ba yeaogulaad oar
ilibtlo oltuoie'of ouiaelme. ' Wa aball oreearrt an
imiicrl babu nowabraue of the lupport wbloh her pod
cuuea paaoruae. -i , i ... .
Aa ilioetr ooa frrooabar oi aaeendrd the tM'Be or
Praitia, I tent air ambaeaador la order to teeti'y toblm
ar eimuatby lot bu peraoa aud fur to uerman oa'
t on Will aalat krjr nremannt la eomplettof tie ar-
Damenta, . t 1 oi " . i ' 1 .
la the oootclouiDca pr lt ttreoith, Ibakloedon pi
I tale will be able to follow the e mtueli of proJeooe.
M Voir wu "now raMM wkb aoiaiieBa,wai iiwae
wlaa ta valtat therlgbt Uiad aa tt ia to dan at tbe tight
tioie. i t - t -j r ., ' -.-i -..it i -
Derated io Ilaiy, I lnve rliVed iry orown for her aate;
butsoonebu the right toruk tbe rxlitenca and th
dntloiea ofa aattoau ' J ' a'H
The taUoc of me, roraleaMa iorrreaa bu worthily
ofawiiod (be-ejploin ft lb anny and Daw- Ihut they,
aa wait ai ha TolUBiaers, bava acquired a renown which
haa gleen the ooooiry a Jart erofldtnoa In ItaeK, andtt
la wlih Dleaaur that I eiorcai la toe Brai PBrllawiBBt of
Italy thajuj wbkh,aaui aBdfoMlorlloe) ihla
acfionni.. ..... ...
o;ctt'; iBi r i:f
Twp or three pqia ii to foregoing ipeech
are worthy of epraltU notice.' While eiprasalng
riot 'tbSi Ni wckoii, liiaj'f lUidmrft his teinrj
from farioi' yicrtyfrvufjnjtfcti . thai he
is to bv tbw promiaed bahtfit of non Interru
tion on theart.of Frkbc?, at Well'.'ksf fiag
land.' 'The toae a'r , the speech U vuleot2 pa-
ciSsi and Indicate1 adeaign not to TirOTokr war
1 . f . . . - ... l -
wrtlj Austria at present, ror, tijepnrpot or wrest
log Venltla from ber; gratpVTba; sentiment
tnat though one In power hal i right to risk bis
bwif terson and honors lb whaVhi may ebnild
er a great Cand gao4 icause, h has no right to
rW tbe zistene and deaUale of nation! i
a cable one,' nd might bo profitably poidered
fapon by those la power. In our own conptry.--
rersonaliy, and u 4t.1ng.ot ajramia Alone, via.
toi Emanuel wonld be eager M join Id I erased
to expel Austria from Venltla, but be see's tbat
ucb aq; oodertsklog.'at, this time, would rain
Jjl project of United ItalyY And 'h therefor
wifely abaodoDs It. - He seems to regard the
fall of Gieti hs A'Boffioient "triumph, for' th
present,' and, that be And bis coadjutors, alter
i this exploit, can afford to Await awbil before
eogagmg' In any ne"jenterprls. ' '' ,;' "
The Lion Crouching.
jJnk,", rom tbenca to Waabisgiop, :floe
Tba New Fork 77tfti,lo commenting npon
tbe rnmo thai Fort Samtaf waato ha vTaoa-
ated,' says "that "no donb the humiliation will
ba great j bui console itself, with .the Idea
'tbat this' moremeat jy b only aa tha crouch
whli'h la to nrteeda tba nolalerUari." li - -. r
S let' the secef ikmlBts Took out; "bid Abe"
is only like a lion crouching In, tba underbrush
for a "dcclslre leap" npon his prey. Bat per-
baps tbey wfij remember with arrl m'satisfactlon
bis croncbioe-at Harrlebdra. and lis "lean In
more tesp like tbat would scare the oesloo.
lata terribly
TUESDAY, March 12, 1861.
President Appointed ' Messrs'" Pariah.
Stanley and Foster the Standing Committee to
txaaine tbe Anditof'e Aocauntaaa bee ih
taveiiaea rule 4 or tbe Senatw.-
. . a . . BT "
i Mr. FfRGDSQC? inu-oduced S. B. No! S72-
RelatlDg to tba powers and duties of tba Co
. miFsloucr of Han ilton eonnty. . It authorises
the levy of a half mill in Hamilton county In
tcui ana iqu, , m buuiuuu to tne iry already
author zd. ' Read twice and referred to tb
..Mr. HARRISOiT, from'tb Judiciary comi
mitiee.-mwnea an ameodment tafl.B N
Sit: by Mr. 8tubba To amend eeetloa A3 of .n
aot tiitltlrd aa act to provide lor the settlement of
earataa of deoeascd peraoni, passed March M,
1840, and recommendation that the bill paa
Agreed to, and tb bill passed. Tb bill in
leasee the aqaantity of household loods to
wuKui a whiuw vi a, oeaeenoeni, or a minor
child of tbe sameball bees titled. The amount
specified ta af tbe value of $100, acoordinc to
appraiBemeot.' ' i..:u.;.t J-ui. .
Aleo&B Nd.t63-Tortulat Ihepresen
tatton tertalo claim against the Stale with
amendments, aad rcommendatioa " tbat It
pas4 c:'"' w.t '.i a ."v j
r Report agreed to.' and thsblU p9Sed-i-yas
220, My Ot t: -:o- Jr-;-t.tr; a. f., ,
Also recemtaendiog 4h Indefinite poBtpdD
BMffltof i"i i tia. a siwi .. ,,.
8 B C6i To anlend the first ah tht nl
iJona of ai aot to provide for the lease of es
m,1,! 10 " passed, Aprtl 4,
I859 Rror agreed to" t 1 .
" Mr P01TS praaented A tneinorial from J.
W. Wheeler, cotnBilseioneri and other cltlcen
ol Moaro county, baking the passage of tbo
bill f or -power to borrow money to relieve tbe
treasury of Mnnroe eoantyv0 Laid en tb table,
- Mr. READY, from the eommittea rm Mnni.
oipal Corporations, reported back H. B. 898, by
i.i r. uiuui iii Buiuom ma uoaamissionera of
Monro eountv to -borrow boost YtlO.fKMli t
supply th deSoiency oceaaloBcd by tbedelalca-
non si me o mniy treasurer, -with a reoomraen
Oation tbat it pass Agreed to, and she bilrt
pasaeae'ii i a-jtr i .n j.'j: .; j.b t
Tho who -vote! far the affirmative were
, .Masrra. Ilreck, Brewar, Boear, CoIIIbs, turn
mlas.Cuppy, Eason, FarwosoB, Fisher, Gar
eld, Holmes, Jones, MoCall, Monroe, Morse,
Pariah, Potta, Ready and Sprtgua l9.'o ; a
. Thoso who voted In tb negative were Messrs.
Cox, Foater, Glass,- flarrieoa, Harsfak Key, Las
key. Oit, Perrtll. emitbaod Stanley lt ..--'i. -
Mr. 1ERGUS0N, from the-eame oommlt
tee.eportad hack H. Bi lcCorMwrDlmrilr
companies, with tmebdmenia and reawimd.
atlon thatHbarefarred lotbeoommlttao of tbo"
Mr PBRRlLUlroatrMoaaralttAaiM n.i.
5.Dd fi."',S.,:rlP0,ud "1rJ, mendments to
,o.'w-s-or opeBingaa regulating roads
ana nigbwaywitb a raeommendatfbn tbat the
diii paae.'uiirraea yeas m, nay 0
1 Mr. McCALL, from tba sama aommiDH.
recommended the pursag of H. B. 837w8up
plementary to aa o cnutled -"aa act for epeo-
g j rwvaiaoiRw romtiB ana nieawars," Das
ed Janutry 527. 1853 . 3 .1
, It simply autbuHsto-rbeprJofDrrseiit of road
viewer to firt vaeaooieA t TbeRhill paased
iwb v,0By4. t 51: u ci ei 10 -J
Xipgaof tht Slnkln, Food for 1861 , "with retoV
mend.rto that H paw- - Agreed to, and tbTblll
pH.nj-jvai 04, naya u t .. t
"The bill Appropriate the following: ' :
lownBt on tne roretrn aad doneatlc fandul
fuod. Ate. .
Zxixneo, of food mmlutonera It pelyini IbV "1
Mreeio( foreien dent lo New Tors. .......
i Mo
Ui)f!imiffltio of raw aomatletkifrm "
.......ai o
rant, 10 oaiii(iM.inr innnn,i..u.. au au.
no. .. trmtaoieiedbk..k..M,v . i i.i-ami
PrtarlBBUrf . etadrfenr b.b, fanl iw v 1 V ,
-' 'y -ppiiniB u. ....... 4 JSO JUl
"i'T.. Zn'.rvL ",r.'. "wot .- tM
II. B. No. 33C Supplementary to the act of
ia,'3, Ifii an4 1?51 oDcemlog. the InoorfiorA
Hoa pf oittM tut Ulage. ' i
Ou motion t Mr. CDrPT. the Snnata r-
olred llQt.oommltMof L. Wholtyw ih
ar.Uraof the da. Mr Cxlo tbe cbatr. and af
ter om time epent therein, mo ana reponea
back H. 8 183 Concorolng Ur eompanlas, a
ok H. at tea tJoncaroiBg ur oompaDiea, a
aended by tb ojatui(ca ou iyiauiopal Corpo
tlon. wken l ra ottered iv be read ft third
timei AfiBuhrrriaY.
Mr. GARrlELDoffered the following, wnicu
waa Adopted: -"T-'
Ktttifd, Tbat the vCIerk of tha BaoaU be
MnnMted ta reanrt to the .Sennta whether Any
ol hie aidistant oloilcablpi Bare beea vaottad; If
ao, what edliUoaal additional olarloal aerrico,
If any, will be needed Adopbtd r
1 Oo motion. of Mr. PARISH, his Jilnt resolu
tions relocating tbe Uuited State GoTeromeut
to reoognlst tbe ludepeodauoa ot Haytt and Li
beria waa uken from tba tablor---.-
1-Mr. PARIS If rttauked tb lannrcfal lm
porcaooe of tbo recognition o Hayti. He said
anr annual trade with It Anionotstoltwo and a
quarter million dollars. . Proper treatment of
tba Republio would increase ttirtt trade. ; Tot
State of Ohio would be benefitted by it. A
portion of her flour would ifiad- a market in
Havthsowlth her pork 4he. United State
pork trade with that ooantry amounting to near
lr four hundred tbowand) dollar, of which a
torsa orODortloa - If ' Backed" at Clncl
nattt. Duiioff year eudiug Jane 1st, 1859,
- ww exported $G6 700 in eoln to furehae mer-
-i i i 1 1 t t.4.u ' J i - r t
CBBOaiaa id naibii wuivu wv.buuuiijl uci iw iu
produce- Tbat eouutry If second ux imporutioe
to all others as a fish market: It takes a Quarter
of a million worth of soup; And .about
000 worth of tobacco; $130,000 worth ol rices
$181,000 worth of 90(100 maonlAotures, $31,000
word) of miscellaneous, manufactured articles;
a large quantity of eaaeV-Mef,. ete thw whole
amount of our trade,' tn snort, amountin dor
Ine tha year ending 15th ol June,. 1859, to $V
855,655, ehiefly cartiei in Aworioao-vessels, thus
giving commeice to our-enipping. ;, ..
Mr. PARISd here remarked the'progresslve
charaoter of the people of Haytly and held that
their clrilixttion and. oommerce entitled them
otecoRnition by th tJaJted State, Iareia-
tfbwto Liberia, be remarked that it bad grown
ootfa beginning planted by' tho' American
Colonisation Society. - It hatSiawbaequeBtlyor
gaaised a government of its own, b.tsed upon
the Conatitotion of this -couDtry It hid pros
pared, end, like Haytl, should bereogn1ird. A
aimilariwsolutioa,elatinr to Liberia had been
adopted by the Legislature lo 1856, aad bad not
been acted npon oy 10a uovernment. it tee
matter ebeutd bow be rjreeeoted to the federal
Governmebt, It might aseet with soa respect,
ful treatment.' He saw 00 reesoa why the rep
resentatives of these Republics aboold not he
received by our government. Tbey are receiv
ed by England atid Fraoee, aad those coentrlee
are granted better faoUltie ol trade than ours.
The passage ot tbe resolutions wte Asked by
bim.notto cross the prejadioee f cltlieri9,bnt
to foster tba interests of this country. :
, Mr. JONES moved to strike out Hsyti where
It occur In tb resolution. u. .- u '
Mr. COX said, la a commercial point of view
Haytl was by far tbe the most Important.'' From
motives of common business comity, he could
not see any reason for hot passing- the NB1u
tlon. - " ' - ';' r '
, The Amendment of Mr JONES was W
yea 16, nays 16 the President giving, the east
Inn vo-e in the negative. '
The question recurring upon tbo resolution
were tfnreed te)."' C f n" ' 1,4
. Those wbo voted In th affirmative, were
Meter- Ber ok, Brewer, Bonar, Collins, Cox,
Garfield, Glass, Harsh, Jones, Lsskey, McCall,
Monroe, Morse, Parish, Potts. Potwin, Smith,
Spragoe, 8taley and White 19 -
- Those wbo voted io 'he nesatl ve were Messrs
Cummlna. Eason, Ferga on, Foster, Harrison
Holmes. Key, Moore, Newman,' Orr, Perrill,
Ready, Bubleieh 13 - - ' '
,i The reeolutione aro as follows: " '"; 11 :
WHisEAS.'Tbe'RepubHo of Hayt, for' more'
than a ban century, aod tbe Kepublio or Libe
via for over twelve years past, bare existed a
independent nations, without any official . ac
knowledgment bv the Vhlted St of Ameri
eat and . , "v '" ' .' '" ' , '
.. WntatAS. It U the dictata alike af Bound
principle' and 'enlightened end comprehensive
national policy to cultivate friendly relation
and to scour enlarged and profitable commerce
wl.b ailbatlon.aua mora especially should Re
publics promptly exchange tokens of sympathy
aod Irleodly recognition and .. . 1
r Wbi(as, By reason of this neglect on tbe
part of oilr NatJOnal Government to extend to
tbeee Repnblloe ordinary governmental oivjll
ties, other, civllited nation, by a prompt ac
knowledgment of their . Independence, bare so
oured to themselves special favors and prtvi
legea in trace, wnue at tne eame time tbe com
mercial Interests of our own people have suffer
ed serious and constantly accumulating Jojuryj
therefore, ,
Ratlvtd, By Iht Gentrtl Attmblii of On Suit
Ohio, Tbat th Congrea of the Uuited States
ia hereby earnestly requested to Institute such
measures as will at ao early day secure to the
aforesaid Republics official acknowledgment
of their independent sovereignty bj' tbe Federal
Government ' ', ".''".'. .
RrioM, That our Sanatori aad Represeota-
nvee tn lAineress os requested to bring this sub
Jeet belore tbeir respective bodies, without no-
aeoessary Oslay.ana use their lii&aence to attaia
tbe object hereto commended. .
Mflvd, Tbat th clerks of the respective
braocbr of tbe General' Assembly b directed
to rornisb toe uovernor witn tbe requisite num
ber of ooples of tbe foregoing 'preamble and
resolutlona, and also a copy to eaob of our 8ena:
tor and Kenresentatlve In Congress, snd tb
Governor b resperifunv reouestad to forward
espies to tbe President of tbo Senate and the
Speaker or tne House of Representatives of the
uottcd Btato .
Mr. COX, from the committee 60 Judiclarv.
reporteu dbck o d. no. f fo amend aeo
doa 313 of lb civil code, with 'an amendment
which wss adopted, snd the bill was ordered for
third reading to morrow. '" "
Mf. MUUKK, rrom tbe committee on Corno
rations other than Municipal, 'recommended tbe
pasaage.orH. b. iso.. asbi ty wr. Jonea To
amoa tne cnaner 01 tne uor neton and cin
oin mat Brldge'Company. Agreed to, andtbe
bill was engrossed for third reading tq mbrro'';
ou. ru 11s, irem tne committee; on rrint
inr, . recommended the adoption of the ' Houaa
amendment to S.J R concernioe the orlnllog
oi tbe report of the CommlnnioDcr of Statistics
-wbich provide for. 3, 000- copies' Io German,
to be bound in cloth. '", -;, y, ' '
ionrned.'-' "
SDO 01-
U. B. No; 816," by Mr; -ViNCENT-FTxTng
the rat of Interest and repealing a Certain act
tosrein named, was read a third time, when -.
Mr. FL AGO made some eeneral remarks nn
00 the bill, and read the report of the commit
tee tO Whom this bill had been referred. Undine-
to show the advantage xf ao It-creased rate or
ntert'0' .".ui-wliiX i-. vJ lul.l ... 'i.i-ji.
i MS.6QOTT, of Warreo. vas lo favor of fen
per pent. Interest. 'He knew of to person, in
his part Of tbo State, who could borrow money
at lass. I era true, the banks And brokers re
ceived money on deposit at a Ics Interest, but
there wae no advantage to the borrowef, and.
aa una waa a question solely Between tb lender
aod borrower, he would treks il In mm wit
Doe tbe borrower obtain money at any lei
rate of Interest under the present law, asked
Mr, Scott, th M -did under th old ten per
ceo. lawT Every bne n net answer no.' Tbe
law tt evaded not by tbe bdhekt monmr hold.
but through" tbe Instm mentality or bank-
ers,. hioker and' sharper;' 'la 'hl parf
ui iuo" oHet lermera, wno are generally the
monled men, and who. under th tn Mnt
law, loaaed their money at that rate of -In teres.
oirectiy to toe borrowers, now depotiteVltb the
oauaa vaix boo ejignv per Cent., ' sod these
bauks loaa to tbe borrowers At ten, fifteen and
twenty per cent ,00 what ia called (hefprlnclple
of boOvts -I. Will" be seen by this 'Statement
thai, it ia oof tba borrower that Is benefited by
th ttrlbttat latere -lawl but tbe broker and
tbe sbsrprr, b pUcvtBeafetvea between "tbe
d.oDct sua iw eaadieg capitalist and the needy
throoRb tboLeglslifture by bank operaeoff;
-aoia taotaeat tney stand opposed to any
B1aa)-ui 1' -O.n.Tj .ia. ... i
at, arrt rfr u . 1 1 , i . ,
uwii-wa law oy wnico me non-
ettlarmer And trreotiuilo wbo1 bad aeoumnlated
a liule-motjey could leaa ti at tbe nnrront In.
terestsf the laud, Without tha -nWe.mlnn of
'and snar, or vaalon of statute It wonld :
Hotooly be to tbelBiaraetufnhosehsvtoif md-'f
aiwy 10 hmo, unt 01
borrow motey.
mot wbdareeompoikd to
thought th bill had better pas La it praa.ut
. '
Mr. WIJVNEt off.red ao amedmeoV pro
viding that ao; rat tt latvreat agreed- nj-oa
shall be valid in law. f ( ) "'-J 1
Mr. HERRICK wae woowd to tbe fVe trade
amebdmeou of the centlemao from. Darke, lor
WM ,hBB ,xpeteno of all oiwtlimd
nations; for tbey bad ever foaod It necessary
to havoaome reatriotioB, aom llmitatloaege
latlng tbe rata Of Interest "Experience' had
showiTihat- tba welUbelng of soclely,3rot"-.
perl ty, aud growth and bappinetswere afteoted
ta a vary great degree by in taw wmon regu-
laiea we connection between in oorrowet na
lender, or debtor aud creditor. "
! il argued that It we tbe duty of tbs Legis
lature to aire protection to the weak; that tha
debtor waa ever the weaker party, therefore
tbey should have protection, and tbat govern
ment waa recreant to Ita bigb duty if It failed
to thus eive it. Ha desired the Home to ever
remember that it waa tbe etoltalut. tbe money
borrower,' tbe shavers, sharpers and any loots ot
society, that were ever demanding free trade,
and that tbe great making, producing olasa of
toe otato nave never asaea tor aoy-uuu
change, and U they had be would not -give
lt,-r unload they gave better reasons tbau
they hav ever yet been able to give. He ar
gued tbat the State presented a elear Illustra
tion of tb prlnolpls of Interest, by the oase of
the oanale. Estimating tneir oost at fourteen
million1 of dollars, tbe Bute bad to pay eigbt
hundred end forty thousand dollar a year, and
in twenty year would pay sixteen millions
eight hundred thousand dollars; at eight per
cent, sb would have to pay one million one
hundred and -twenty thousand . dollars per. -an
num ,ind In twenty years would nay twenty two
millions tour hundred thousand dollar. '.eut
this was not enough and Borne- wish ten psr
cent ' Well, the State would pay one million
four hundred thousand dollars a year at this
rate, and in twenty years would pay twenty
tlgbt , mllliona. In reply tQ these figures be
waa willing to let tbe lax payers answer. ; Ue
declared tbat bankntptciea aiway fellupon the
borrower, and tbat It waa almost an unheard of
thing' to bear of the lender ever becoming
haakrupt; therefore it was for the poor tbat be
demanded low rates of Interest; ana mat capi
tal waa all powerful, a great golden gad, tbat
wa ever asking and demanding privileges and
rights, aud immunitiea, that it might rule tbe
world, making, tbe rich Jfcher, and (the poor
poorer. . -.,' . '.'i t i l" .. - id i.u
Mr. HILLS also opposed the bill or any In
eresse of Interest whatever. ' 6ix per cent, wa
enouch in all conscience. " He went on to Illus
trate the prlnoiple of 4noreaed rates of Inter
est, and ita eneot upon tbo. business ot ' tne
ooantryV'' 1 ' " ' ! ': ' ,
Mr. JONAS took np the subject of Interest,
giving a history of tbe development of money
and interest among the Hebrews, showing that
they were only forbidden to take usury of their
brethren. Of other nations they were at liberty
to take interest; for they were blest .with the
ability to lend. He treoed the course of mon
alary trade 00 dowo through tbe early agea of
m 4. . .V . . . 1 . . 1
Oiuuiivuum, wuou auv raioo lutcrtwa uuuvr-
wen,t very great fluctuations, 'always more or
lata affected by the supply aad demand. . -Just
before tbe discovery of America, the standard
rate was as high as 3D per pent. , from this It
went down as low as three per cent. From tbia
itros aeain. till it reached tent while "00 the
streets" thers le scsrcelf any limit. ; He con
tended that tbe rate of Interest prescribed by
tbie bill, or any higher rate than aix per ceit ,
would draw to tola tsute . a supply of money
trbmthe Eastern capitalists,' so as to meet our
demand in a legitimate way and divert tbe
oouraa or our money trad from its present cbsn
nolo among tbe brokers and street shavers. ,He
was aot lor the proepertty ol broker li would
draw tb em from tb field; and have inch a state
of thine aa would enable -the mechanla and
tradesman to obtain auoh capital as bio business
Mr. HILLS read, in illustration, eextraot.
pictuilng tbe effect Of paying interest; conclud
ing tbat a farmer had better make tie bed on
Canada imatit insn pay 1 .forest. .
, M HUGHES favored the amendment of Mr
Winner, making the rate of interest to be what;
... Mr. vLnCENT aatdhedld notlntroduoe this
fcll with view to improv th busines of the
djoi ey lenders, but for the benefit of, those who
want to borrow and lo use money. 'The bus!
nets of the eoeatry both demands and justifies
ao increased rate or interest, that tb eoppiy ot
aiDlial mat be made to meet the demand.
Mr TANfilEYHILLsaldbewaainlavoror
tbe bill aod. opposed to Me tmeadment., : tie
thought that eicbs per seat, was a high' aa
oscbi to bo pato, or any oodv could afford to
pay. and oolv land sharks would want, more. ''
, Air iA via opposed to amandmaot. j lie
thought that aa money waa tbe standard ot
value, it Is not subject to the same rules ol
trade aa other property, aud Cannot there lore be
governed by the same laws of tf ade as tbo asoal
forms of wealth. ...i' .-: 'i"v'j ---,hiii H I.
Mr. COX said wo were often misled on ' this
subject It Is not tbe borrower who Is alwajs
tbe sunerer in money traaaacupps.. . 10 borrow,
ia a matter of ehoioa, aa-' well aa to- I cod - He
iboueht there waa trot a demand with the peo
ple for a repeal of the, old per ceit. '.After a
bill bad beea introduced to repeal It, petition
were received for it; but tbey were the result ol
tbe clamor raised in this House npon th sub
ject,; . Mr. 8E AR3 Mid be had been alluded to as a
borrowef of money, to conduct trade.! As a bor
rower, he laid bis experience justified him ta go
log for ibis bill, and flxiag tha rate at 8 per
cent.: ' H wa opposed to the amendment, hut
hoped th bill, would pass, as It. would afford
better facilities for obtaining capital la trade
. The wot was then token oa tb amendment1
of Mr. Winner; whioh was disagreed to yas
85,nys73.- ;;....'. " " '' '"' 1
J Mr. DEVORE moved to amend the bill by
hiding Provided that' any person taking "a
greater - rata 01 interest man ' mat "allowed
oy this bill aball lorfeit the, wbol amoant of
- He said tbat without some such Amendment,
there wonld be no penalty for tb violation of
Its proTis.ona. a law without a penalty wonld
DC B nuuity. -. iKjvt' ir i.
Mr. FLAGG opposed this amendment, aa
Would put all high rates of Interest into such a
Shape tbat bo matt would lend at "street rate."
without Insuring to himself by adding to the
rale of In ter sat.. He would much prefer not so
hare tb bill pasa. If w would hav a uniform
ly exorbitant rat Of interest on all loans, tbe
way, to ao 11 is to make a low rat or interest by
taw, land fix sever penalties for hichan.ta... 1
J.M. DEVORE aaid he could not see how this
law can have any useful cffeotimlewit had a
penalty connected with It, to aecrwe It obaerv
;Tba aineadmsnt was diiagr'sei !Wy4Ul
UITI Vl I '.-jo 7 l'U" ra-t ,B,,H link
The tfwestlon then turned Bnbti the 'amehd
meat, striking out eight, and Insotticg ten per
oent.aa th maaiatam vate. i. n 1 .,
, Mr. AJUWVtRSlS moved to'-ameodth.e by
1 . t ) . . 4 . : . . . . .... . J
Birismg m ten per cent, ana inserting sir on
wbleh lb yea and rayf warp palled, od result
edyea 32, nay G5 t i . !.', 1 i-i
V Mr NOBLE mvd to amend by affixlor as
1 . r. j I.,..T .1.. f 1 . . - .3
a peoiaiay ior riuiov.ua toe lorieiturp 01 pnncl
rial and Interest. . . ' .'. ', . . ' ' '
.Mr. BALDWIN, demaadcia a division of tha
quektioo.'WbeB the vote was taken ' on striking
oui.c'Eas per cent., wuicn resuitci jeajjio.
nets 67 1
The amendment re!tlog fo the penalty was
'P3.'; ' ".'.Haev'.i'i ..nVi.-rt'i ' ',-1
Me. Hlf.f.la hiawaI If. amit.il hw .l.;i:.
. - ' " .wwuv vj .mug vyt
o, ana inserting 1 per eeut; wnicn was disagreed
to. -
Mr. CARTER renewed this motion', whenlt
was again disagreed to.
The previous question iwa -then domanded
and ausuined, when the vote waa called on tbe
pases or tb bill, wbloh resulted yea 63,
payt S6. , - .
It. B ' 877. bv "Mri HUGHES-Ta fnrth
fjrovid for th eieotion of supervisors of roada
apd highways, was read a third time, when '
M. nil la ...i.i. j 1. .' . . ..
vu. uivw wpiBiaca tuBi itwas intenaea to
nmll the vote for aupervtaor of roada to the
istrict where tb TOter and "the oandidatarTar.-
Slde. ' , ' J ZL ' l
Mr. WEIGHT. of Usmllton. said that k. ia.
garded the office of anpervisor as one of the
most important m t townbip. That tba evil
Intended lo be removed by this bill Wat Indeed a
serious one. But he was Of ftoinlon thai tha
bill would Utterly 111 la tha aniKMrmll.timanl nf
its purpose; tbat its prorlaions were impractica
ble, a most be apparent to aay oh who had ahy
experience in tb eaovasslag of loanablp leciloos
order to the attainment of the end provided lu
this bill, be would move that the blH be reoom
miited, to the standing committee 00 Roads nd'
Highways, with Instrnotiooa ta ao an-iMiii aa tn
pror.de foe th eleatlo of aaparvlsonr by rrj's-
MrjlSSUf ' oppoW 1wi ' Mlirenc'e."'".''!,"!
Mr. H I LLS ohjeoted to ibis refateoce, . .-
Mr. BUU 1' I , Ot VVarreU, ana opposed it, at 11
dtd not appear practicable. ' ;.n ' 1 tf
The motion to rfer was disagreed to. ' '
The vote was then called iu the till, when It
was passed yeas 79, nays 17 " ' ' V
H. B 395, by Mr. FARR-Supplementary to
an aot lo mora Affaatuall aro teat wool 1 row era
agalusl load by dogs, passed March 94. 1800
Was read a third lime, faQ , . . 1 1 t ; ; i
M. 'drnrr r T.iru.n L.j 1. ...si
by'chingitag the highest' penalty from $50 to
$0, abiob a (iisaareed to. -
- Mr. TANNEYHILL hoped thai "me whole
subisot would, b luaefitiltely parfponsd.i' H
tbousbt it was not worthy of the Hoiiio.'
Tne vote was -then j called on the paseaaeof
tbe bill; when it teshttd-yeu 84, nays MM
H. B 388 To amend seotlon 84 of ao aot en
titled an -aol it'prtidtoj) for lb AppolBtmeni
and mora tborouga eystent'of At.outUabllity of
omoert or tne Ohio rebitentiary ," passed oiarcn
lit, DbU was resd a third trmo
' Mr IMoCUN E. tiolalned that tb bill waaJn
tended to discourse tluomplovmoot efapaib-
teotiary labor ao as not to. come la competition
With certain labor of the oeoolelntbenelehbor
hood of the prison, and especially the business
ofoooperlBBN' irvTI r'i v-ca ;..
'Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, opposed the, bill, on
the ground that there should be do dlsorlmina
tion in favor -ef coopering 1 or any particular
trade.j ' .(ifjit
4Mr.,M6CUNEreVlled and defended the bill
at soma length, on. the. principle of proteotipg
lhor frnivr'lnfiipinna finmnntirlnri , - 0 '. - ''
- Mr ISCOTT, of Jefferson, did potlike to adopt
any course (hjurioui.tohe Interest of labor; but
be thought tbe interest oi. tbo Biate m ebt auf
far hv tha nolle nrnnneit: .'.'2 oiiul ,r a.'i.
Pending this lubject, the' Hotise took a recess
till 10 A7M. to morrow. ' " ' JJ '
IN SENATE. WEDNESDAY, March 13, 1861—10 A. M.
By Mr.' BERBILt Remonstrance of John
Cochran and 47 others, of Piokaway county,
againStttbe sale or lease of tbe Publio Works.
Bt Mr. SCHLEICH. Remonst ranee from A
L. Simmons nd 341 others, leading bhBinesa
men or ratraeia couuij, ea tne eame euujeot.r
B Mr. NEWMANS Remonstrance ot Chat.
Jihandler and 119 otbere, of Pike county, on th
imesubjeet.i. , V.T...
:ily Mr. CULL1JN3; Remonstrances on the
sam subject, from J. V, Roblason, and. 275
Other leading business men of Scioto, Ross,
Franklin and Pike counties! 'All tbe roreeoing
wero referred to the committee on Publio
WorkB N .T p , :,.-),,..,( .,
By Mr. MORSE: from A. Doollttle, and 32
others, of Lake county, 1 for relief of tbe bill
holders of tbe Canal 3Dk of Cleveland and
Seneca Ccunty Bank. . Select committee. ,. ,n
By Mr. -HOLMES: Claim 1 ot Ex-Judge
Fllon, ot Hamilton county, for compensation ai
Judge of the Criminal Court of Cincinnati; snd
a memorial of 137 members of tbe bar of Cin
cinnati, bedaie, County officers, endorsing, it,
Referred to commute oft Claims., 'i .-
frS.'B. 2G7-fMakin(t' AppropriftllODs fur 18C1.-
8. B. -.268 Making partial approprUtions for
1862. - . ' lu J ;ilt 0 I." . -.1 .1
8 B. 269 Supplementary to the tax law of
1859. ''t-- -'iW " '". T I (.'.'." J t-.lY.'-f .
H.B No 338-ReTatlre to Agsessments for
sewerage purposes.. I? '..-.. .
Tbe above were referred to the committee ol
tbe whole. i t.--iii i..;.-:i r i..
S B. No 229. by Mr. READY Amending
sections 313 and 344 of tn cod of civil pro
cedure. The bill' passed yeas' 27, nay 1
Tb bill does hot affeot the ' Conditions of the
Section t ameoda, but tnakea' them latellfgi-
H 1 B ..No,. 152, by Me, , BLAKE9LEE A
bill authorising tbe incorporation of Fireaien'a
Benevolent Associations ia all el tie in tbe State
excepting Oolo The bill ptsed. .
;.n B:.Jfo. ,5f36 By fir, JONE9 Amending
ana avoarter 01 too ivtmugiou ana ijiociuuan
Bndge Co It autborlzes expansioof the capital
to$1.0(HI 00O; and arranges for preferred etock
'Mr. KEY said he believed this ao act to con
fer special corporate powers, hod therefore no
constitutional. Although JbB.Bx.dge i a mat
ter 01 importance to Mncinnati.he.ooQid.not
rote for toe aot for the above reason. - --
Tbe bill psssed yeas 25, rijs 8
H. B. No. 377; To further provide for the
election of oprviora of roads) and highway.
II. B. No. 316-Fixine tbe rate of interest.
and repealing an aot therein named. -1
Mr.TSPRAG'JE, from tbe ebmmlttee on En
rollment, reported the enrollment of anrdry bills.
.Mr. KEY, from tbe committee on tbe Judi
ciary, made a long report in favor of 'the pass
age 01 ti.a iio-rortnepajmeotoi ueolalm
0 John W. Allen. ! i..; :r -.'.toy.!,-: ;, t,
" Tbe(report was lalJihe table to ;Be: print
Mr. KEY reported new b'lli,' S. B. No' 973;
For tb settlement of tb claim of J. W 'Ailed,
which was resd first tt me.'.Tbe claim amounts
totae.ooo. .... .'p,:,
Mr. SMITH, from theeomoittee on Curren
cy, reported baok' S. B .234; To Inaorporate
Savinga Aeeoeiatiooa, with reoommendation
tbat It be referred to tbe Judiciary committee.
"M, tricktiq out, gia -ta' bis own mo
lbp. tlon,' and IU word "Tio" wai Luswttd,
Mr. MONROE called bo tb fnaclal m)..
oemg mr. Aey a resolution lor a national Con
wtntion, and the question reourred upon eft
j at . .r .
aaopvoo; waeu rar n.-y aamanaed a oall ot tbe
osuate; M Beoatora auswerod to their names,
when the oall was suspended,' and the' question
turned npon the. adoptloa of tbe rasyiutlooe,
waiou are aa roiiowa, vix:
' 'Rrsoftwd, py th Oenttal Atimbly bfifa SlaU
0 OAt,.Tnt tbe General Assembly. doe her
by make application to Congress to call a 00a-
veniipn lor proposing amesdmqBt to tbaXJon
stltuHonoI th Uaiid,Sttes, pursuant to tb
Bfrh artlMa tk.Mnf " ' ' '
Raolttd, Tnat th Governor of this State be
requested 10 communicate the above resolution
to th President of the United States, with the
reqoeif tbat he lav the same before Congres. -a
Mr. COX sald c should support tbe resolu
tion for several reasons. He thonght tbat by
tba lime a convention eould asaembla rinda an.
oall of Congress In accordance with tbls resolu.
non, ue late 01 tb Union would be ao far erl
I dqnt tbat we should be aole to tell whether per
rMAn A: 1 .. .. . . . ...... ' .... i
aiauoua uioeuiuuou ia ineviiaoie. if It IB, tbe
convention would ba needed to determiri tb
mod In which the Constitution 'shall b aH.m.
td to that result, .h ii la not, th Conventlo
wouaa nav in good effect, of aetilmg me moid
of the coun try In regard to the adrantagea of
th present Constitution, and probably prove tbat
no section needs a change ia it, which wonld rna
asrially aflsot any Interest of the sereral States.
Again, he said, he had been one 01 those wbo
opposed tb meeting of lb late Peaoe Conven
tion, but in ao doing had promised thal after
th peaceful inauguration of. -Mr. Lincoln and
the launobing nf the new administration, ant
demand for full and candid consideration of
Ptapoaitiona to amend ue1 tHialliutlon ' or
eonsider th complaint of tb South, should be
met in a friendly manner. The Inauguration
had Uken place, tbe demand Jor the Convention
to consider oar. relations ha cpme.and ,ha waa
ready to meet his pledges..
Besides, he was aaiiaflca,Ttfiai"either in the
form ol (Congressional amendment or ar pop '
la( Conventioo,tbe Constitutional question must
be bet, and be believed, with Mr.
tbe popular Copventioo. is tb truer aod more
satisfactory way. ', sJ af V h ll
Mr. PARISH did hot know what co'oid nav
nappeneo within : the, nat aix month ta meka
such a movement neoesiry. , No man thoupht
01 amenuraeni to in constitution prior to Wot.
6th, lSC&.j Nothing caused it hut tue'electioa
of Abraham Lincoln, and the people, forsooth,
uiu auai atooeasenv ror mat " crim. ' la
it aot at tba oaliof tb -slave sowar that
tnia Movement it jnadei. Vor the laboring
paojble, or tbe poor whites of the - South, want
amendmenu? NortttrTmly theihree or four
hundred tboussad hlsveholdera of th - South
who , demand, ,jt, v,Tby. . threaten, -.lfr the
people ot' the' North do-tot 'exnresf la that
Cootttltntion tbid that man can be property,
we 'Will leave your Union. Tb Virginia reso
lutions asaeo ns n .meet ta tJonveotlCB ii tba
spirit In which the Constitution .fa tramed
What Was that splrltr That .nninnrte In ni.a
wa Wrong. ; It was the prevalent feeling, aod
It ceased tbam (0 be very careful Ip their Ian .
guage, eo that slavery should not be recog
nixed. In tbe . Con-titutlou. , Slayory I -cU
ned la that Inaurument The word "servl
ttldA9 aria Inaartall h al D.....l.
wss Inserted J);
because, bo said, "servltnde" implied slavery,
Uwat tbeonly word Inootporated in tbeCoostitu
tion eomprchectling alavery, and It.wal striakHn
out for'that reason. Such was tbe spirit ol the
framers Of tb Constitution. ' Erenifaoi
two comprotilsos of tbe Constitution, said to
have been mtdb to satisfv Sjuth Carolina. and
uoorgia, jrerauuj"V mKJ irglolA, p.uii Uatini
"I I ' . . . I
ea vs uonnrxucui. cw-nimuentre. Maeaachn-
aetis. North aud Suuth Cuioliaa, and Georgia,
While tbe larger elavetState .opposed them, rt
I it proposed nOw 'to consider whether See
shall Incorporate something into tbe Couatitu
tlon in favor of freedom", free Institutions, and
free labor. No Senator .Appose, (bat htiy'pro,
position 01 mat aina win oeeuggeeiea. xow,
lb framer cootenaplated tbe enlargement of
tbe borders of lredoai, buttrie'dsaiautt lor this
convention does not. contemplate this object.
Mr. .farina would amsod Abe jCtuRtttmioiv to
benefit freedom, and he would -also ' propose
tbat after a certain' -period every i human being
bora In this country shall bo ' free; What
Is - the drift; of "this ' movement!" It" la not
to. Carry out tbe iustltuUona of our forcfathors,
but to perpetuate an institution whioh they pro
posed sboald be extingnieliedi': This IB not the
purpose or tn Republican party.' , Is Is tQ ci?'
cumsoriu Slavery, and allow each State to man
aga it for themselves. o .. Here Mr. Parteh
referred to the tyranny and wrongs of tbe South,
in relation to anti-aiavery men; apd their prince
p'ea ' It was, he said, iu, obedience Jo.sucb rasa
mat itepubiloans aro asked tov aipend il) Con
etltution to promote alavorv and -no .freedom
Republican dosirethq. Constitution to rsmaln
as it Is. . V bavo e declared bv resolution.
Now, we are asked to depart from this and jot
ten a Clause expressly helping slavery .tf , Jfr
Senators should remember that all nf one nmm".
inent Statesmen have ladmittafl tht hUitj ta
an element of pationai weakness, and that it
should b extinguished at tbe earliest period
possible; and Mr. Parish pioceeded to show
wherein it wss aq element of weakness, declsr.
mg nis unwuungness jo perpetuate it, bycoa
stiutionkt amendment.
He regarded the embodiment of such ,AVl.
clfle in tbe Constitution as criminal aod pollut-
lhtr anH that pAft.IKH.iAn 1. . .l.t.fi.'
- .u n vu.u ua viuiteu upon
tbe peopl II tbey acceded to it. But suppose
tbe proposed amendmenta' keep the 'Border
States lu the Union t, .Will tooy-not hereafter,
When tbey become excited, dumaud further
guarantees, and. roquire futtber nroteetlon tar
their institullons.' This has beeri tha fiiiit nn
hlBtory the legislation lb bo 'Cougre'ss of 1850
being a prominent illustration' '
Mr.rAKibil enlarged qpjn tho dangers of
yielding to Southern deihan'ds.'aqd professed his
attachment to the Constitution as it is; but he
uupcu,ia conclusion, tnsc nis Ktr,uti !rui hKoiK.
in wvuiu nw wutti auiunamiiiiti to tliAt ill'
Btrument tliey propose. -,
' .jnr. wufliwt. cave bin reanona eh ha
shoult vote lor tbe resolutions which will be
prepare tor to-morrow 'a report; -i u ' -.o
'Pending disoosaion, the Senate took a recess
Tbe fdlldwinir abstractor Mr 171 a rrrr ai tn
murks on thehlll which passed tbo House Tues
day, rairlngthe conventional ruto of interaat
from six to eight per cent, wsei'dmttted from
toe report on yiateraay.j
, It is aaid tbat government may, regulate ,Iu.
Wrest at its pleasnre; because eovernmrrnt nir,i
money and makes it a legal tender.1 But I deuy
mis, and lor these reasons 1st. Stamping and
BiT.ua, muuut.j iu gum uuu silver ao not eman
clpate tbsm from the luw of demaod and sop
ply, any more than Inspecting and branding
provisions and tobacco absolves tbem from tbat
law; and gives no more- right, nor creates any
more necessity for.jegulating Its rate of hire,'
tbsnauoh inspection and branding renderfU
right nd naedful td regulat tho prioe ol pro4
visions and tobacco. " t ; J
,2 -.The preclows imeUls, being thenatnrAl,
urweiuoiiiiu, ouowmary an nntyersal matecjai
for money' tbe adoption of them as such, by liny
U.T..UU.HL.. wvuun ,.iw autre-- or notniDg.
Money is aol tbo ereaturo f government, any
BMUlJi ajiiatu pVIV e- - - - " -
3 i But interest is sJ lie hire of money, Ji
te ise airs 0 eapiiai.'. - u ' who. knows BoOtblB
naa not studied or resected Jioon theqaUon.
i ia argaott toes no onejccin, afford W pa)
eight per ceBi interest. - On All Bale of store
goods, on credit? we have always paldTlu the
shape of extra profit, fully t;ir:per ?
and yet-we '"iv i:'Fort.eight:yara. thi Jtgal
rate was ten per. ceoi. and in tbos yeara ws
lived ard prospered mure than ever before; vA
bigb rated) Interest goes alwava with irra.i nrn.
parity, high wage, and good profit, and iliAe
aval are elAeie profit. U
- in counirie heie wages and profit are not
bait so bigh as bete, mep Jiv and prospor uo
6tt "iV' eeo,' 'Dtw, '""'J then why caDnot
: . - legBiriti oniy two per
unt hl.hwl.Tl..iH..L 1. ..... . . . ' . .
' j a -, w win ta tpai, in eyery civil
Iced nation but ooe,tbe legal rale ia, aotually
aooee tne actual market 'rate, aod has been sb
aorceuturiw, wun out- slight etceptldn. In
Holland there haa never been aoy ; loter-er law
whatever; neither baa there been in Hamburg
where lor centuries the exchange of "the auoe
wasregulated-and.,jet in Holland the aotual
rate has slways been lower than anVaiha..
. .. IJ. It.. .. . ',"'
iu iu woriu, wnue in namDurgitauihll at onli
lurcrj.toivnr .per cent, in KrwUnrf. alnaa IB1Q
u" restrictions oq interest upou commercial n.
per nave oen abandoned; and ') hof great
w...,tuF uruapsTB BDunoaotiy,.-)
Wnenevsr. aa baa ones or twin. iin'.j
tbe legal rate ha beea Bttrmnteri 1.. h. ..'
- . - . I u . . r- tvi a.
,uiu vtww tne uiaraet rate, tbe effect cf tb
aMiup waa juaa iik tnat w ar sow r Xpert
---0 " .uw au.ua. uiBraetrat rote high,
or than bsforef because when an act ia mad un
lawful, an extra premium must be paid to In
ouce men to, oreaa tne. lawr.-Thl happened
bin. iii ..I V . J ' .1. . r
vUww .u iipam au uaupeoca, boo, IA Aavauia
under the E LDDrCM C&tbttriDfi, AmArtnai li tn
exception to all tbe world, In her mad attempt
to rebel against tbe salutary and inevitable laws
ortradel.-A -.-?':, '-to't lire's : a
In two way only can goverpment-redace
the actual rat of later eat; oo 1 loonaot good
collifotien law, and th other ,ls top armtt Uiier-
aiBu cuuugii to tempt lo.obfeld Ao.
Ilal ai.ririr.a.Aiitri.mM.U...l... r
' A margin ShSnld be alio woab etwAnnaiirrti
est rate, which bssardous security or jt apont
supply of loanable capft'al may rcqnl; o,,i'nj the
tuwaaa rata.wuiuo gopa security or A ; glut, ot
capital, may indue lender toaeoopti between
wnicn rates ireedom should be allowed for. the
marBBt w rise aou lan. .Tbe rise and fall ol
tbe interest market, with the rtaa .n r.u .
the exchang marktt, constitute th great reg-
aua Mauri auu mib Denencent Cueel Of .the
v " ui Eiugiauu in sometimes
rasing us oemanus a bigb aa eight cent.,
and sometimes reducing them to as low as two
and a half par cent;, extends even to the tanks
01 ui unio anu mtseiasippi rivera, cbeckinB
over-trsdlnr and relievlnw roen (rWVyVltlnwalk
; ,Th.B I'P"1 ?' th Pe wnl law has nttcrry
failed of iu object, ft ha actually made can-
itai more scarce and Interest dearer thari before.
as an cooosue. v aro now but repeating the
experteneeof England years ago, with her ten
par cent, law, which sb first established under
Henry the Eighth, then repealed under Edward
tne Dixtn ana subsequently restored tuder
ciizaou..-witB tnit "wnsrets" ta tha .n.
rTkat th vrohibilina met had aof dan aa aa..,t'
good ms loptdfr hat tktt tatkef the tie tf
Mure naa mucn more txcetttinalti abaundii- nn.
opponents -oemann mat we shanld lonneA ,1..
Hc..nMvi iu. vua, nuu copy only its big
otry and It error.. Hoi r..-. 1 rJ i ai rft
..n..L. .. r. r tUa. au... . . - .
I be iDliax or gold Is raising prices at tha rate
or tap percent. A year, and atea.ll dnnrfft,lna
capital on loan two per cent', a yesr. No capl
taust wno ran to lay by ,two per pent, a year
to Indemnify himself against this shrinkage of
his fund, can fall td' grow poorer yearly." 'Let
bint do this, and pay beades,' one ana three quar
ters per cent . taxes, and th preaent .law of
unio peimlta hint to eoeiv only lieo and on
quart ptr cent, net (netmil ' He could d bet
ter in France. . ' ' :ir' - .
Finally, it. la laid eapital Is strong, nd tb
borrower need protection against the lender
But Is tb borrower any mure at tbe merotof
I , .U-a. . I- - . . ..... '
toe iBimcr man un poor isDarer if at the mercy
t tba employer J ' Yet," tb' plan of regulaing
the wane ot tb laborer waa abandoned long
ago. Free trade fn tb lahor market hits no-
ivw nmeriva,, anu uiauw oar IIOU nOUga 10 Bf
lord a higher rat of .mtrrcst than old and star
a ........1 .Uh.J.HliL . i . I B
uaua vvuueiaa.i.,Hvnu wiut-vapi taiv i. ,4 h .
- In in discuesioD pf tbe hill for lesslnw (ha
caoalB '' '-"'''"" '' "
Mr bAVl9oWoo':fotlo.1l.
o.ootion 4f II B No 291-To -1.
leasing th Public Woika of thoStata.-ii ;,
-Ioaert alter tb word "lessees? ."i0 tin. 19.
"Aod In tb annual clmtnlngoot Hhe c.nalH,
rx.-ept the Ltncister Sideut'fnd WtWii a-ad
Kne 0AbAf .tbo lesse or , leasee sba li remove
all brsiaceemlaUoMantfdpoirliso tht'b
entlr bow-nf of tb canal shall be at low As
th top of tb wwwmlire till ol thejlock whlh
lock Into suob levels; and on summit levels tb
original dimensions of tha canal shall at all
tiro os be maintained, securing to said canals A
depth of water not less than four feet without
raiaifig- tbe surface higher than tbe original too
water llne." ' 8 v
On the adoption of which there werBS4 ieas.'
tud JQ
- He deemed 'iblsmmGDdment to this billot
much imparlance It acntlemtp are sincere in
fjtbelr drtirpV) dieioio ol tho cansls, for tho:
purporc 01 Davmg tuntu atrpi. 111 ticicr rvpair.
and auorg graater . facilities In tbecirrjiug -trado,
I hope tbat this ameodment will re
ecive 'tbeir coidlul soprort. . For it is nothing
new or difl'crmit from Aha hreaent law and cen-l
eral -oustom. I have reason to believe, how
ever,- that ia some ioatancea it hue not been ob- .
served. " And 'in VtlafiB of rrmuvlnff the deooi- ''
its and accumulations out of tha bottom, tbo
surface of tb autfer ha bsen raised by L ereaa- '.
ltaaV V-l.A. . .
.uV mo, ut.gnt oi.waaie-ways, thereby in many ,
tistance. causing much Injury to land owners by
oyeiflowiog A part of their farms. For this
menj olaimf for dam'ijes aoie -arise, requiring'
annual appropriatloua by this body '
"Again, much anxiety, dolay aud lots 1b now
caused In oscseouenCe of a lailura nn thn nart .
of the sgeou of, sbi State to furnish a sufficient
supply ot water to millers and other lessaea of.
water Ihousanas or dollars on this account,
are annually lost by the State, lo the way of do-
duotions tevleeae,; .Now. if this ststaoi things v
exist ooder State Management, will it not be
much; mtjre likely 'to obtain uuder the control
of a private company t . Therefore, I do think
we should Jnsert this plairt. provision, to avoid
much 'trwubleaud expenee in the future, between -tbo
leeeees aod tbo Board of Publio Works. For "
without something of tbia kind, expressly dtfin- " '
ing In what mapucr tbe Canals aball be repair-,
cd and kepi, by-tbe lessees, interminable diffl
culties, b taw suits and' otherwise, will occur. "
This ;la -not offered, to ?at all. embarrass tbe
bill, but In good faith, to render it mora perfeot .
WEDNESDAY, March 12—10 A. M.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Brush.
'Tbe quentlfinnendlng when the Houso took a "'
recess ww H. B. 38ar-To prohibit coopeiiug In " '
the Penitentiary....- .... . ...... i
o Mri CONVERSE advocated tho bill, as a
means ot protecting a class of laborers wbo were
seekinglaa honosftupporffor their families,
while it would affect Abe ynterests of the State t
in so small a degree not to be of sny conse- ' -quenoetq
he public wp,llo to the Indirldual "
laborer the present system is destruotive. . - J J
Mr. CLAPP contended.thnt the State ought
not, in any avoidable case, to permit the labor
of her convicts to eorae in competition with the
labor pf the honest individusl citizens.
.Mr VINCENT thought the prlnoiple of ex
cluding from th Prison labor of a .,irtl.,Ue
kind would lead tq th exclusion of all labor - r
from It. Tba same doctrine would exclude tbo
use ot labor-Baring machinery 0 all tbe depart
m'uts of industry. He cited. tbe fact that
labor could not now find employment for all tbe
oonviets of tbe Penitentiary; and a the ssme 1 -rule
which applies to coopering, will apply to all
others, he thought we should not make an ex
ception of this. . 1 .
The vote' waf then, called on the pssssgo of
the bill, which resulted yeas 29, nays CO.
II. B NoT389j Regulating the office of coun- r
ty surveyor was read a tblrd time, when
Mr. ut.vuKti explained that the bill waa in-
j tended to fix a regular and uniform time for tho
commencement of tb efflclal term of counts
aiveyors. ....
. t Th bill was then pssaerf yeas 62, nays 9. 1
' H. B, No. 392 By Mr. BALDWIN-T .
Amend see Ion ninety one of tbe aot to provide
for the organization of cities and Incorporated
Villages was reaa a third time, when
Mr. BALDWIN explained tbat this bill was
Intended to provide for the payment of the fund
ed debts of cities '
j Mr. PATTERSON suggested certalB verbal
amendments, and moved that tbe bill be refer
red to it author with Instructions to bo amend -It,
which Wss agreed to. a
S B No 24:byMf SCHLEICH Ta amend
eeotlon 49 of an act entltl ed "an act to provide
for the se organlxation, anpervisioo. and main
tenance of common' schools was read a tblrd
iimo, wnen r'1- v-.r-t ..t--- .i -s -iu-
,1 On motion of Mr. WRIGHT, of Hamilton.
It? was laid on toe labia for further considera
tion.' JS 'rMry i ' -; T
V&: B. 204 Defining tbe jurisdiction' of tho
probate court of Shelby and Geauga counties, in
criminal oases- waa read a tblrd time, and re-
erred to Ms - Nigh as a select committee ' '
SB No5I0-To enable purcbassrs of lands 'C-iL.
Id tbe Setoff. Salt Reserve, in Jackson county--'-to
obtain deeds was read a third time, when
Mr. PEaRCE exolalned th nhlw-ta of .,
bill i after which It Basaed vrma 89. ....I-
Mr BALDWIN renortecf back H 'n a02l
amended accordiba1 to" natmn.tnna. k.n i. ...
jreeed-iyea 65, nays 15.- v
i; Mri STOUrgava hotlo'a tfia'tla BTDIlM in.
trodneq a bill to repeal seotiop 23 pi tbo Goner-,.
ai ojnooi i,aw.' i'-a , i-... jini
' Th following bills were Intmdnpnd anrf ,.A
the firertlme':' os ' J c- -,.: M . .... ,-,
H. B 424-By -Mr. WR.IGQT.of Hamilton
To extend the time of naainir for ahu.l a.
tlon 16 In Springfield townsbip,.Hamilton coun-
, U. 5-by Mr. SNYDER To amend an
act concerning tbe Probate Court in annrirv
counties, passed April 121858. , -- j
. ,.Hi B. 426 by tbe Committee oo AgrJoultar
"MaklngappropriatloDS for certain Agrlculta-r '-
ral funds lor tba year 1862 . 2 , M'x
H B, 427 by .REES, of Frsnklin To pro- -vide
for Towdblp Agricultural Societies.
H B 4'i8-bv Mr. ANDKEWS Tn .nA '
the laws relating to the settlement of decedanta.
Aatat. , - ' -
Tb COmmltteoon Claims mada a ,m.i .
.1 .11 . n n . ---r
tuo oiaim oi u. r. wrant, or atark county, fa-
vurauia iu ana Oiaim, wuen IBB report- WBB laid
OntBaublfor examioatiou.. :: - : . 7:1
The eoromitte en Claims reported back H.""1'
283 -a-For tbe relief of Jonathan, West-with
au aqieodment, with waa agreed to, when the j. t
diii was set lor a third reading onto morrow. ' -!
' -Tb committee on Retrenchment rcnnriai
bttekS; B 'Hlt-For lighting tbe Penitentiary
witb gas when the bill was set for third read- 1
tne Judiciary committee reported back S. B.
244 RUUng to th duties of surviring prt-.i
1M.1B, nuu eume veroel Amendments, wben the
bill waa set for a third reading to-morrow. ' '
a ui on iu q committee reported back ii. a 35!
To ! enable! tha neonla nffl.th and Mi. ml
townshlpwfln Greene county, to make a freo "-'-i.
turnpike road o( th Yellow i?prlnB and Fair- "
field Turnpike, when f it. U i H U ia
Mr REID explained. th ohleoli of the bill,
luri fT UUDl . Ol Hamilton, lrnm lha aitlanl.. .
committee to whom. wo referred S B. 198 To,,
Provide for the sale of Catharlna
tnpGroond, io Cinotnnatl reported tbe Bamb'.
back.when It wa read the third time, when k V
ormity of tbe bill to me Constitution. ' ' " tf"
..jur. vviiiuiHT, or Hamilton, explained 'tha" Dom
objeca of j the blll.--that It was to empower'' tb r'M
" tut ourymg grouncj to traBsfer tho
ownership of tha ground merely, "
Mr. PLANTS thought the Constitution Only
prohibited tho crMilon of pcl TpomRin,
while the power to emend waa tot so bmlteu.
i iMr. WOODS reolicd. Iniistinsr that this hill "
wa rdearl Intnrdlntarf'. " a 1,1 ,v,-..
Mri PLAN rs held that tbia blliuaraTy aulXZIlL.
otiibu to partiea oonoernea to xercua unusual
powers,s is the dady practise ia the cast of nf
individuals. Il doe not propose to eeofer uoa-LMJ
porat powers", within th messing of tbe Cont"-' t
auiauuu... . j., , 1. 1
Mr FELLOWS mOved.. to , 'take A. receiw;
hica was disagreed tox in " . 'i 1t ' - liftr nr, fti
Tb tot waa then called tk tbd easaatpa af ,
the- bill, wbloh rssultsd yeas 61," nays 31.,' So .
,tbi bill failed to pass. ,' J; , ";'l
Mr. HITCHCOCK then movid ih.t aha ZJJS:.
ba rpoonslderedrand that tbe motion be laid on ;"
tb table, which, was agreed to. . ' "-
i os nouse men took a recces. - .
ft t
C. Work j " 1
i Xoiaraonneaj. :
.t ini.'H
amesu. AIoOov.
vims ijVj of a whit or vtHtiot"'
L lo ms dtreeted from the Court of Conmim Pleaa of -
rank Hn eonnt. .11., t win r, u . .... .. . .
, . , . ' ' ""'" - "... ' . WVVr wi
'"o vuurittoUKta Bieolty muomaiwJKfla J : I 1
mouuay, toe lain flay pi April, A, 1J. J8GI.
betwMm. the hoara of 10 o'clock a. 0 and f o'clock p. m. ,
tlis followiee dficrlhed propert, altimte In thocotintv "
franklin 'And ftMe of Ohio, to wit: Ih 1 10. ;
aetata of Jaoiee 0. McOoy In tnlot Mo a'l'J. la tha 1 '''
ciijr oiOoltimmn, in sild cottnty.lila sitate being Un re- ''"
ttiaioxiar In let aiu-r Uie remit. utioD of Hit lUeeatite of
IaalMSlla'MnJ.yr willow of,ll')irt IV. MoOuy.tecM.ru .r"A
id (iieeaute oraitd Jamca U UcOoy In eaid eitatt bi' ' v
it 'be lame which waa devlaad to blm baa.lrt kni.i w tf: 1 i
cCoy In hla laat will and .eatanient. wliica )l of record
li,j,ralaedav3,tHKi.. . , -''. - ew
'ASarahlllmAslw ' " " . ! Bv Id.
1 a W HirFwU 1 tf at raw

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