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iu toIukkm ni Ohio and Ohio I
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. fijW(f Rate
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la Two Rovel 8vo Volumes. Piice $10 00,
1 (afmS
No er of -a baa teea snared foj
lte work
m(ni xui m mbte ia all muaots. 1
It baa now Ihe Legislative aasction, baring been ap
proved by nearly the naotmoua vol of both Houses,
and eras ordered to ba dUtrtbatad to the following Bute
and County officer: r )
Oorornor. Attorney Generali-Supram Judge. Secre-
tary, Oimptroller, Treasurer and Auditor of Htate, ana
to the Probata Court. Courts of Common Plena, Super
t. Pnii. riimrta. 4 minors, and the Olmrfca f th
va- uA Cwrta Inhech toiiBty, the SJemWraot. the
BsuaU and House of Representatives of ihia Hut, and
K. ounnin of ths nral States of the Union.
Thta book, ontalnlor, aa It doea, all of the Statutes
now la fbroa, and the authorttallTO eoiiatraotion of them
and of the NawOoHtKailoa, will feand to ba eapecial'
ly aaarol la lb parfotmanee or laairutws, to an
.... CLBhKS Or TOWNSmPS.Snd '
' InaamBch aa vary aaaov ehanea have been made la the
Statute alnce the pumicauon 01 uie lait auuiooa, ay re
peal, altera) ioo and addition, and ananv tai'Ortalit Se
. ciaion have bees, kit) be.8npreaa Cjut o A
troverted pointa, all
Will Oad this ao Invaluable Work.
Two Kvyul 8 to. Volume of over Ximtten Hundred
Paget, . , t
J'WiSmtfUf Blndlotv FrfcetW-hl. .'
Law Pnblitbera, Bookaellenr B tali oner and Importers.
No 65 Vieat fourth etreet.
. fcblB:dSm:ls Clucionnti, 0.
MX1KB, Publlsnert.j
qtO.' tV. WtAlSH:WWK Kditotv
on Um day 0 puoiieaiion.
City Election.
111 ,
Tbe Journal of this morning closes sn article
on the "City Election" thus:
w. tm.t that onr Itenublicnn frlonda will take
romptand active memuraa to lernra tlie nomination of
ixxl. auaud sod reliable owa far the sOioea to be filled."
Tbe advice given by the Republican organ, to
the elector of its party, -ehould not be lost bn
onr Democratio fellow-oitixens.. Let qs have a
ticket oi "good, sound and reliable inea" men
who will prove faithful under all circumstances,
and who, If elected, will take care that, by an
hooset dieharge of their official duties end fi
delity to their political principles, no detriment
is done to tbe Democratio cause.
Wo care not who may be ourtoinmcea, so
that they be honest, faithful and capable, and
true men to rthBtr-party Tand its organjsition.
The Democratic electors should take cure, in the
several wards, to eleot doWgates tolhe City and
Townshlo Convention who will select a ticket
composed ai Uut men. With onr cotcmporary
of "The CritU," we sajr-. , . .j ti , k . -.
let a good ticket be selected, and union and harmony
prevail la the patty, ted aaceeaa pill ba pretty certain.
Wo go further, And add that success will be
asenred by tbe nomination cf such a ticket, be
cause ie-wilr-command- the" entire Democratic
vote, which fs Btrong enousn to e)eH Iv
jrjaynr EnrUih will be a caadi jat for M-eltc-tion.
ami will donbth-3.i)sclndlijf iarse mJoil.
We find' tbe abevr' ia Ik Jottrnul of this
morning, and pW.lnS ft'for 'trie, bem fit of our
Democratic rellow-aiSb Mr. Exgujh bas
heretofore bf a eofnbinitio'n," to which we re
ferred p XasdAy, succeeded In srryln; tbe
lection for Mayor by, considerable mjonUe8,
It has been done, however, at tbe expense of
the iutegjity of both parties; for? wbile be has
suooeodedi ibsiCity Clerk and City Marshil on
his ticket bavebeen defeated by large majorl'
ties thae dofeating the Democratic eindidate
for Haywood :ths . Republican candidates for
IheotSdotreferreJ to,.; We, submit In all frank
Bess, to the Democrats of this city, whether it
It not ' Um ' to pat V stop to this thing.. Mr.
EMOLtsaT cannot be elected without Democratio
votes, and we do hope that be may .'receive po
support from' onf psrty. ' There is nothing in
his executive qualities, or his administration of
the office, to entitle him to the support of Dem
ocraujaad feasocs aff thick as blackberries
could be)offered;wby ha :should not obtain t)
single Democratio vote.,,., , ! .- ?
Democrats who support Mr. Enolibh d great
Injustice to (heir principle, gte power to their
opponeoisv aod put at the bead of our City
government one waou capable of wieldiog, and
ia that posltiob does wield, a lare influence in
an impropor direction. .ftt
MSiaaahaaaVajSaasfJaWaiamaii i ,
The Evacuation of Fort Sumter.
""1 ' .y.d.itxa--.
It setn, according to tbe Cisclr.naHnCbm
wrcial, that the Administration has delayed is
fining the) order for the evacattlon of Fort Sum
tar, fearing the affect ruch' a 'move might lave
upon the New Hampshire election! But that
election has taken place, aod so the Ad ministra
tion is without that excuae.vHTJut , perhaps it
till dreads the effect the surrender of ..tbe.fort
may have upon the elections which- will Vane
pire in Conueclicit "and Rhode ialasid, during
the first 'week In April. If action in the prrm li
es should be postponed tin "after these elections,
the condition of Major Akohsok and his men,
who were reported, two or three days ago, to
tave on hand provision 'for ' only fifteen davs
longer, will be deplorable, d -11 ;
There !s evidently., great hesitancy " end
doubt on-tbe part -of President Lincoln snd his
Cabinet as to tbe proper coarse to pnrsue. " The
second Washlnrton"doea Sol" l.!a fnnt drum
firmly,',' ras be promised Mr- dd lb bis speech at
Trenton, N," J. Hs. ls ' nvintfestly between
"bawk and boizsrd,H afraid oi the fiery seces
sionists on tbe One hanJ.tndof tie redbot radical
Republican u the other. If "Old Abe" were
n "second Washington, iorl a tiew edidoa of
01d Hickory," as bis friends wero'U thebablt
f claiming for bim befcrd bis disgraceful flight
by night fiomJlArrihburRf be woflld not be pnt
off from relieving Fbrt Sumter, it be thought
It Becessaryt by the talk jiboAiLtbe formidable
reparations for resistance on - the past f tbe
ectlonisU,'tr 'by ". practical confesaiori that
tbo Federal Government is loo weak to throw
applies and reinforcfmeuts ipto ooecf its own
feflS. , i-l -iAV eJAtiil '!' -t-W-'r"
Perhaps, the AdmiLiitratioiihas other "roa
sons for the delay io either relieving Major An
Mason, or" in , order uig Ac. to abitBdon Fort
Sumter; bst if ft has, it is due to the conntry,
In tbe present onhsppyposture of sfTiirs, to
males those reaioBS I now i, in onlct that its mo.
.i iAi i'U i'tA.a
know what (hey have retsor to expect. . . r
j "At nrst'lt was said thif ForteSumter and Pick-nets-
tns were both lo1e abandoned; then, thai Sum.
tires for its' action, or rather non-eotloo, ma; bo
properly understood and appreciated, - A great
could noL befall the coujnlrv in the
;resent crisij, tha to batata !Klpg Log
ibebetd if affair. ' The bailop is already. bj
IhauBcertahitv Ifiit oka lona-bune over It as to
ibe future,' been' brought to tbe verge tef rulu.
W bat la wanted no, to H IVJ to bave pile
ruinous uncertain! y removed by prompt and en-
ergello action in some direotiou, even y 9
Id that of a "masterly Inactivity." Bat some
thing should be settled, that our oountrjmen may
tercel was to-be evacuated. ' Perhaps, after
all, as has been suggested, the AdminlstratloB
has no present intention of giving up Fori Sum
tar, but has permitted the rumor to go abroad to
see what effect It would have in the South',' and
especially Id Its strongholds id the North.., If
if phould, pger, to bato a,. damaging snsct
open the. lohomss of the secessionists, and
not provoke the Northern radlcalil'who hays
been thirsting for, blood , and vengeance,' into
open rebellion, then the Administration might
pursue a conservative course with comparative
safety, 1 There are scheming politicians in th
Cabinet, sueh ss Cease and Bw'. who would
be likely to recommend euoh. a time-serving
policy, i Bat it witt defeat Its own alms-.- We
have no confidence thAt aa Administration, con
trolled by sucb advisers, wilt do anything ttfec
tual for tbe pacification and proanerity of tbe
The Spring State Elections.
New Ilampshiro held ber Slate election 00
Tueaday, -March 12. , The principal officers
voted for were a Governor, Railroad Commis
sioner, and three Representatives in Congress
Tbe telegrapbio dispatches so far reoeived indi
cats tbe success of tbe Republican ticket
Connecticut will hold her State election 00
Monday. April 1. . Tbe principal officers to
be voted for tiro's Governor, Lieutenant Gov
ernor, &iortary of State, Controller, Treasu
rer. and (our Representatives in Congress.' ' The
present Governor; Buckingham, Is the Eepubll
isiti clndidato'fbr re 'election. The four Repub
lican members of the last Congress from Con
oeoticut are also candidates for re-election
The opposition caadidate . for. Governor
Jamu C. Looms.. , ; -u .- ; . u: r?'.i'
Rhode Island will bold ber State cleetion on
Wednesday, April 3 J. The principal officers
to be chosen' are a Governor, Lieutenant Gov
ernor, Attorney General, Secretary of Elate,
Treasurer, and two Representatives in Congress
Tbe Conservative candidate for Governor, Is
William SrsAQUE, the present' incumbsnt of
that office., Tbe Republican candidate for Gov
ernor ii Jams F. Smith. : A. Paskcb, the pres
ent State Treasurer! ii a candidate for're-flec-0on,
00 both the Cooiervative and Republican
tickets, i Both the Republican members of tbe
last Congress from Rhode Island,' Messrs. Rob
ino! sod BtAVTonarc candidates for re-ilec-tion,
and are opposed by Messrs. Baowan and
Horrm, the Conservative candidates,' Greclkv
regrets to see the latter in his "present com pa-
The Spring State Elections. A Radical's Opinion of the Literature of President
Lincoln's Inaugural.
Tbe following extraot from an article In the
New York AntUStavtr Standard, of last week,
on "President Lincoln's Inaugural," will show
tbe view that radical sheet takes of that docn
mental a literary production: ' ,, a
Last Monday was the most unlucky day In the life ot
Abraham Lincoln, tkaa far. 1 More anlneky daya may be
ia atocs fur him, very likely; bat up te this present
lime, a more untoward one cn nardly Dave ooeurred in
the fifty years he has lired. II has spoken, and thus dis
solved the spell which his wis silence had thrown
round his reputation. Having shown himself possess
ed, In so singular a measure, 0 that rarest of talents, Id
1 his countiy at least, the sift of holding on' tonga, h
had created the opinion in men'a minda,that he bad some
thlfur Io any worth hearing, whenever the time should
coin for oinin: his mown. It was generally Believed
that his Inauzurai Address woald M honorably
distinguished from thosefof his predeceseora to spirit
and In ntterano. The Hour haa come and gone;
bat th Atua waa aot eo Indent for It. TKt tpeechuxi
mid vsilk tkt acsturntd toward th tioulK andvilk
both hue bowed down Man tho idol it itortkipt, at
km bten all of thot delivered from th torn viae
for th taet quarter of a century. It Uonly ditttn-
futMea from luat ttv m rawMsawat or tit oonwiuKioii
and the rilenttt otti rhetoric. It la lacky for Air.
Lincoln that it waa sot th Vonttitution of th CngUsa
Uugnag and th Laws of English Grammar that be
was called upon to twear to enpport aod enforce. For
ha would have been forsworn on th spot before all the
people. . It was a paltry malice Id Mr. Seward, thoagh
pertiapa a nataral one hi his clrenmstanees, to allow a
Stat Paper ao discreditable to his succratfal competi
tor to go larlh to tbe world. He Anew, whoa ha scad It
orer, that h would hav whipped th youngest scholar
na aver naa lor ancn a composition. . -
. Tbia. howerer, la the least of th faults of the Inango-
ral. Weconid hare wished that a pnbll document
which baa been mora ImpatlMtly waited fcr, and will ba
mora eagerly read. In lorop than aDy th country baa
ever produced, had hot been so flagrantly lllitarat.
The Mayoralty.
Ma. Editoa: Ia ft paragraph in the "Jour
nal" of this morning, there It t fling at me For
supporting 'Mr. Fremont in 1856.' All that I
have to say to these "oincompoops'!, (as Grel-
ner of the Oatette calls them) is, that I was well
acquainted with Mr. Buchanan's political his
tory, snd, consistently, I could not support bim.
I bad never considered bim ft Democrat, and
Mr. Fremont bad been raised ia the-strictest
Democratio iailb. Besides, J was for Dooglas
and Popular Sovereignty,-and Mr. Buchanan
wai not fa 1656 a friend of that great doctrine.
Under these clroumstanose I noted, believing
that if Mr. Fremont were elected in '56, not only
would the. Union be saved, but the Democratic
party also. Bat as this was my sin, according
to the "Journal," I am bappy to to Inform, them
that they till know, where to find me hereaf
ter and may tbe "Lord have, mercy on their
poor souls." , Yoprs Truly,
March 14. A. E. SENTER.
The Secession Flag.
A desert ption of the Secession flag been
published. A representation of tbe flag before os
certainly shows ft pretty conceit. The upper
and lower sections, composinx toe VBr" part.
are red; tbe middle section white, while a blue
nmon, containing seven stars In circle, reach,
es from the top to tbe lower red. . Tbie flag pos
sesses an heraldic significance probably not
comprehended bv the uninitiated. - Tbe bine
union signifies firmness, constancy, iai thiol
ness; the white, putlty and peace; and red is
emblematic of war. With the seven stars hi blue,
this fisg can be read as follows: Blue Seven
States bave entered into a covenant of Good
Faith. White To promote tbe , general wel
fare in time of peace. Red To provide a com
mon defense in time of war... To assist tbe
reader to interpret the flan more fully, we
would state that in engraving heraldic devices
It is rateable to make the portions delineating:
blue in horizontal lines, sad red in perpendicular
w-Ey,i ; ; , ,h IV, , -.1, j-
Charles Sumner and his Father.
On the 4th of July, 1803, diaries P.' Sumner.
father of the present Senator from MasRaeho
setts delivered aq eration before tbev Tonne;
KepuDiicans or boston, in wniob occurs tbe 101
lowln passage! ,. , -' ' t
"There is indeed no diversity- of interest
between- the people of (be North and tbe peo
ple of the South: and they art ma friend ta
tilhrf, sp tndeator re ttimulale and emUtter
the ant againel the other,. What U tbe sons of
Massachusetts rank high on the roll of revolrr
ttonary fame? Tbe wisdom aod heroism for
which they bave been distinguished will never
permit them to indulge in Inglorious boast. The
luuepeuuvuvw uuertj we possess ere too
result of joint counsels snd joint efforts of
common dangers, soiTerlags, and successes,' end
God lotbid that those who bave : any motive of
sympathy and interest (0 act In coooert should
ever become the prey.of party bickerings among
tbonolre," ..i ..' m t
i . -a 1 j
I ,"i
1 iJC'1,11 .'.
WEDNESDAY, March 13.
Mr. KE IT'S resolution for a Nalibnal Con
vention, pending at recess, wttf taken fioia the
tnblo. . , . v v t
Mri ItAR-Sal ald be did Bol know when be
had bead so much At loss' to know what st
his duty to bis country. While be lully ac
knowledged this who) subject belonged to tbe
people as the rightful sovereigns ot tbe nation.
bs could not yet satisfy himself that tbe prss
deeirtj the calling of tbir convention, but rather
It was the politicians who wanted It, with tbo
hope of getting soma political advantage.
Mr. HAKSH said bo waa satisfied with tne
Constitution aa it is, and believed bis constit
uents were satisfied with It. . He did not under
stand Mr. Lincoln to recommend the calling of
a conventionbat rat ber, in case any emeoa-
ments were to be made to the present Conatitu
tlon, tboy should originate with tbo people.
In Twins? acainst this resolution, be did not
mean to be understood ks opposing tho d min
istration, not was be unrrieudly. to any 'adjust-:
ment for pence.. He was In favor of the Union,
and friendly relations with every section, but not
believing any good results would lollow worn
such a convention, if palled, but the reverts, his
iudement was . unfavorable) to the resolution
Sincerely boring that whatever was done would
result In osmsutlng In bonds of affoctloo and
interests tms -now; distracted country, be was
yet constrained sole agaiont tho - proposi-
tlon. -. '- i.v . li-.'V a.u 'iifl . .'
Mr. PARISH replied fo th argument .of
sir. Monroe, taBingibegenerai.groondtnattne
whole tendency .of oompromisae and amend
ments to the Constitution is against tbe rights
and interests of Ireedom, sua destined to pro
mote slavery. All tbe various propositions made
pending tbe present crisis look to concessions to
slavery,, and nothing else Is to be expected from
a Natioual Convention for amendment of tbo
Constitution. ' ... , ,1 ,
Mr. MoCALL would rote for tbo resolution
If be bad read the news of tbe day, some of the
political friends of the Senator from Erie have
not been friendly to tbe Coiistitution.Tbis waa
one ot tbe difficulties, umler wnleh we are now
laborine. Tbev tad objected to judicial decls
Ions upon the Constitution. Now, why notbave
a convention to amend tbe Constitution, so that
we may settle this question definitely.. The
differences between tbe sections of. tbe country
seem to require a conference upon them, and
where no evil can be done, much good may bo
accomplished by a convention. For tbe Southern
States who have already seceded, there is a ne
cessity that convention should be bsld in or
der to let them go, because aa Involuntary union
W t'j those States is an impossibility. Ha believ-
el a convention desirable, and be wonld there
fore vote for the resolutions., : . 1 ,
The question ret urring -upon tbe resolutions,
they were agreed to..- , .. ; . : .1
Those who voted. In tbo affirmative were
Messrs. Breck. Brewer. Collins. Cox, Cummins,
Eason, Ferguson, Foster, Garfield, Glass, Har
rison, Holmes, Jones, Key, Latkey, MoCall,
Monroe, Newman, Urr, rerrill, rotwio, Keady,
Schleicb, Smith, Spraguo and White 28. .
Those who voted io the negative were Messrs.
Bonar. Harsh, Morse, Parish and Stanley 5.
Absent Meserp. Cuppy, Fiaher, .Mocre and
Potts 4 , , , ,. 1 u ; - '
II.' E 392 To: amend, section 91 of tbe aot
of May 3d 1853, concerning Incorporated vlllag
OS, dtO ' : ' it ! '
1 Ii, B. 363 RegulaUng tbe offiee of oonnty
Tbo bills signed by the Speaker of the House
this morning were signed by the President, vix:
H. B. 271, H. B S83, H. B. 313. S. B 35,3. B
183, S.B. 246, S B, 251,8. J. R. 100.
' Mr. FERGUSON bad leave to record hU
rots against S. B. No. 266. ' . . t ,
Od motion of Mr. COLLINS, S.B. No,
being tbe railroad capitalization bills was taken
from tbe table. , .1 , t b
nr. Bttcvv moved to emend tbe first sec
tion eo as to reqaire that claims against reorran
ized companies for damaees arisinc from tha
qegleot or misconduct of its agents, wbioh have
been rendered to final judgment, shall be paid
in money or bonds of tbe re organized company,
Mr, BREWER moved an amendment to sea-
tlos five, so ss to exempt stockholders in tbe re
organised companies from Individual liability.
LOSt. ' ' ...)
Tbe question turning upon tbe passsge ef the
bill, Mr. ORR moved to amend too bill so aa
make tbe re organised companies responsible
lor construction aeots or tne rosa. .Lost.
The question recurring upon the bill, it. pujed
yeas aj, nays iu. :..,,. mr
'loose wno votea in tne auimative were
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Collins, Cox, Fiaher,
uarneia, Harrison, Jones, i.ascey, AloUall,
Monroe, I Moore, Morse, Newman. Orr. Pariah.
Ferrill, Potwln, Schlslch, Smith, Sprasue. Staa
, . . .in . . . nn .
eieyana vvnite o. ,., ( ,
Those who voted in tbe negative were Messrs.
Bonar, Cummins, Eason, Ferguson, Foster,
uiass, uarsn, ooimes, ivsy ana tteady IV .
" By Mr, SCHLEICHj S. B. 274-ReItIng
tbe transcribing of the marriage records of the
countvoi rerre. ... .1 w
By Mr. VVHITEs 8. B. 275-Providlbg for
tne sale oi ine ruouo wotks oi Ubio.. ' -'
Mr. WHITE was erroneously recorded ves
terday in favor of the resolutions recognising the
independence of Hsyti end Liberia. He
absent when the vote was taken . - "
Adjourned.. civ h j v .. . ul d --
vThe 'committee-en Retrenchment reported
adversely to tbe proposition to- dispense with
theefflceof county Infirmary Direoton J V'
Mr.' MTERS, ham tne select committS
whom was referred II. B. 237 To authorise
the Commissioners oi Hamilton and Clermont
oonnties to purchsse tbe Bridge over tbe Little
Miami at Milford reported the same beok)
when It was set for a third reading, on Thure
day, March filst. . .
" Mr. BLAKESLEE, from tbe select commit
tee to whom was referred H. B. 252 To reg
ulate freight taiiff on railroads reported tbe
same back, and recommended its: passage ,
Mr. BLAKESLEE supported ths bill in
written ergnment, embracing variety of facts
and statistics connected with the trade In
freights and Its relation to tbe general business
of the country, as well aa the effect upon our Pub
lie Works; welch be contended was Injarious
both the private interests of indi vidusls and tbe
Public Works of the State, -' '' --
Mr. HERRICK moved ' thai the further
consideration of tbe bill be deterred till Wed.
nesday next. , ii i 'i 1 ' 3 1 '
Mr. BRUFF sBOved that tbe bill be rafer
red to tne committee bn Railroads and Tornw
pikes, v -v. ;.. i. - -
t Mr. ANDREWS moved that the bill be 'raw
committed to tbe committee reporting. ' ' . '
' The bill was then postponed till Wednesday
On motion of Mf. BALDWIN,' H. 8,' 366'
Prescribing tbe feee ot County Treasurers, was
taken from tbe table and set for a third reading
toMnomwv: a. t -' ' "
Mr. DEVORE moved that U. B 305-Rel si
ting to tbe receiving tbe iHues of spscls paying
banks, be set for third reading to-morrow. .
On motion of Ms. JONAS, of Hamilton, H,
B. 90 To amend tbe general tax law, was taken
from tbe table end referred to a select commit
tee of live Mr. Jonas end others. ' '
Mr- WOODS moved thst H. B. 385-lUfaking
appropriations lor the payment ' of certain out
standing checks for repairs on the canals, be
taken from tbe tablet which ' was sereed to
yess SO, nays 35., ; . "'
Ibe uouse tkea disagreed to the amendment
of tbe committee, except tbe -last, which Is
protest yess 43, nays 44.
Mr. nuuos, xoovea mat tbe vote wherebv
the House refused to adopt the amendments of
inecommtMera trw leconaiuea-aa.
Mr. HUGHES demsnded tbe yess Snd nave.
which resulted-r-yeaa 37, says 60; ',-- ,
Tbe auesuon .then beittr on reobst derat on
Mr. WOODS said Be oped lb amendments
would be reconsidered end ' adotrtert. hn ha
wae willing tbe bill should be laid on the table,
that SAsmbers might have time to consider tbe
bill more fully. ; ..,r l i - ' v
MrllUUrJKS boned that tbov aouM not be
adopted,, mod that tbe bill alito would fall; and
he therefore demanded the yens eny nay. He
was In favor of the Public- Works, but be re
garded this si a bi 11 to sofa) the state of Ohio in
fJfl 1 . . 4 WOt, 1.5 '.-
y, '.r.vrJ T""3
tf0 . -
violation of law. As long as be kept bis seat,
all bis votes should be oast against such, bills,
Mr. VORIS supported tbe bill. It would only
be an aot of justice to those who bave dims work
in coon latth. and we should oavj tbe nut to pay
them. - The expenditure sm sprfhg was ths re
sult, In' ft crest meeaurs. of our own lfCutlatlon
teat year, which failed to mate tne proper ap-
TWnrtsia tlfinsa inm m m 1st
r Mft VINCENT urg td UeiIoplion"oT1he
amendmenta. aa tha arai'adaalanjfl lot laborers
on tbe canals, aa well aa tbif contractor.. He had
nobieoUon to nroteatlns; a(A.bst the Aooropria
tlon, but be thought we bad better pass the
i Mr. WOODS renlisd to Mr. Hushesand ex
plained that the bill of last session was to "en
able the Auditor and Treasurer to balance tholr
books." Tbie is merely to pay men for work
honestly done, whloh, it is true, is not provided
for by law, bit who have become the creditors
of the State without any violation ,tof law on
their Dart. '
Mr. KUBiNSUn aastred, mat tne suojeoi
should be nostponed for ft short time for further
coda! deration. " -
Mr. BALDWIN said these amendments were
merely designed to niaoe the claim a of laborers
upon tbe same footing with those of contractors
to which, ssreiv. na mAn can oDieot.i v
! Mr. HILLS objected to thsamendmenls. He
said there was no certainty that ft solitary dollar
of these claims waa ewinc to laborers..
Mr. VINCENT said ths t inance committee
had not reported tbe bill without consideration.
It waa based neon exact data, every item of which
was rurnisbed by the Board or rablio. woraa.
Mr. BRUFF would vote for tbe reconsldere
tlon, though these claims did appear to.be the
resultof contracts noantboriied by .law con
tracts that tbe cUlmauta ought to have known
better than to make.
Mr. DEVORE objected to tbe reconsiders
tlon, because the contract bad been made In
violation of law and lurainst tbe Constitution
mr. rLAn is waa Mr- tna reconaiosrauou
However tbe House might dislike to psy such
claims, the common sense of luetics In ths pub
lic mind will not allow these laborers to go un
paid.! We may refuse to pay them bow, but no
man doubta mat tbey will do paid, ii always
bas been done In all such eises: and tbe public
sense of justice will prevail, and we might as
writ pay tbem first as last. , , .. , i,
Mr. HILLS took different view of the mat
tor. There had been so much said about poor
liborers, he me rot to move to Strike, out labor
ers aod Insert orphans. ; .. ;..,r.-- v.
Mr. FLAGG nrted a vote udod tbe amend
ments. He wanted them adopted, so that he
could vote sfralnstthe whole (bintr Ine lump-
Mr. McCLUNQ demanded the pravions
Question, which wae instalned, when the vote
wss reconsidered veas 60. navs 30.
Mr. ROBINSON moved that the bill and
pending amendments be laid npon tbe table,
which motion was disagreed to. '- -'
Mr. MYERS suggested that tbe claims of
laborers be sst spart from tbe other claims. -Mr.
HILLS moved that the bill be referred
to the committee on Claims, with Instructions
te Inquire into the details of the facts' '
Mr- STEDMAN suggested the Impossibility
of ascertaining the information eongbl by snob
referenoe. : v t'-' t ' .'U!-W1
oTte previous Question was moved and sus
tained, when tbe amendments frees agreed to
yeas 04, nav fa. j. j'-' " ;i-i-i
i Tbe protest of Mr. ANDREWS was then
agreed to yeas 49, nays 30.
Tbe bill wss then ordered to be eogrossed,
snd set for ft third reading on Wednesday, tbe
27th of March. -
. The committee ,on Finance) resorted back
B. 250 Makint; partial appronrlatlons. when
the bill was ordered to be read i, fhlrd tifflf to
morrow. "
Mr. McCLUNG offered ft resolution limiting
11 speeches to fire minutes, which was laid over
for disoosslsn. i. ' '' -,'-
Mr. CARLISLE offered tesolutlpa provid
ing lor ft tins ii adjournment on the 25th
March Inst., which was laid over for discussion.
Tbe House tbsn adjourned
THURSDAY, March 14, 1861—10 A. M.
Prayer by Rev. Dr. Bonte.
Mr. ORE presented the petition of William
C. Ranlck.and 63 others, cltltens of Wyandot
county, O.,asklog for the passage of a law for
protection of fisheries In tbe Sandusky river.
Keterrea to judiciary committee.
By Mr. COLLINS: from Wm. Cane. T.
Handy, aod 76 other eitlsene, of Ctryaboga
county, Tor an amendment to tbe game la.
Asferred to Messrs. Orr, Parish end Collins.
Mr. FISHER had leave to record bis vote
favor oi Mr. Key 'a resolutions for a National
Mr CUPPY bad leave to record bis vote
the Railroad Capitaiixation bill. .
H. B. No. 316. by Mr. VINCENTFlxinr.
the rate oi interest and repealing a certain
therein named. Currency. - l
H. B. No. 377,by Mr. HUGHES To farther
provide for the election of soperrlaois, of roads
and highways, wnoie. : ;.,; ij-u
H. B. No. 389Begulatlng the office efcoun
tvsurvevor. - Whole.
H. B. No. 392, by Mr. BALDWIN
amend, section ninety-one of tbe set to provide
for tbe erganitstlon of cities acd Incorporated
nusgea. rvntjie. , ,. , , .... f.
TH.fi. No. 359 To snAble the oeoole ef Mi
ami and' Bath Townships, in Greene county,
make tbe Yellow Springs end Fairfield tuxn-
)ia,i rowi iry ruiv, ... .,.-. u i it
Mr. KEY, from tbe Judiciary Committee, re
ported an amendment te H.B. 3tl--Amendlc
the Inspeotloe bill of 1831, with ss amendment
and iseosaaaetidetloo that tbe bill pass. Agreed
to, and tbe bill passed yeu 23, nays 0.' , ,
It requires tbe name ef the manufacturer and
net weight of tbe contents to be marked on ths
box tbe bin sppiying only to eosp tad eandles
Mr. BREWER, from tbe committee
Claims, reported In favor of allowing; the olaim
of. Samuel Rodebaugh, for-etorage for State
arms In 1656, with recommendation that an ap
propriation oe provided in ine general sppropria
tion bill. - Arreed to."--'. "" ; ' ., . ,vi ., , ,
, Also, In' faror of the balance due on tbe claim
of Reynolds, Kile es Talent , for gas pipe
tbe Southern Lunatic Asylum,' furnished
18U, amounting to 29.ia, it greed to. -. i
Mr. rose to inquire into matter
personal to tumseti. 1 He diaeoversd by the
morning papers that Mr: McCall bad arralffu-
d his friends aa being opposed to the Conatitu-
iiooj ai na naa neare is ne woatd nave re-
Dlied i j. instantly.' a II was' not ".en..". fT
was m favor of. m1ntalnlng 'tbe Coostituliou.
He desired torne explanauon Irota Mr. Mo
Call, i . . ... i -r At iv . ' i- iM -
a tit. MoCALL desired know' wbatqet'Mr.
Parish thought the Fugitive Slave Law oonstitn
tlonaf. r i- !-
' Mr. PARISH I bave to great a reeard
tha constitution to believe that that sjioostroaity,
ine regmve Biaveiw,isin narnwny with
Mr. MoCALL Do yoat eonsider the Dred
Boot! decision ooustltutlonalT ; .
-Mr. PARISH It I in conflict with the Con
stltution. It Is not even construction, but
eeveerstoe or tbe tyonsUtnuon. 1 sq not friend-
iy tv tucu a) oficiaioii, . , , ;n i : : t .u iv
- Mr. MoCALL My charge, therefore, holds
a - A j i .. i ..... .... ...
good. I maintained thst there were differences
or opinion respecting; me tvonsututionrwbich
make amendments necessary. Ths position ss-
snmed by tbe gentleman establishes my point.
. On motion of Mr. PARISH, the Senate re
solved Itself Into committee or the Whole,
(he orders of tbe day, Mr. McCall in the chair,
autl alter some time spent therein, rose and re
ported back tbe following bills, some with end
some without smendmeat, Tin ..
. 8. B. Ne. 368 Making appropriations,
part, of the general revenue for-the year 1863.
Referred to the Finance committee. '
. S. B. 5269 Supplementary to tbe aot for the
assessment and taxation of all property in tbe
State end for levying taxes 1 hereon according
tq its true value In money, peeeed April 6, 1859.
Same reference.
- S. B. SCO Making partial appropriations for
.$61, with House amendments, was relerred to
(he Penitentiary committee,. f r
', Mr. SPRAGUE. from tbe committee on F.n.
rollmeot, reported tbe enrollment ,of eandry
bills.- ',4f' ". ' i - t- .i.' .:.-'.
Mr. PARISH reported back, from the Peni
tentiary oomsiluee, 8. B. SCO, (as above) with
a recommendation that the Senate agree to tbe
uonse amenumenk . Agreed io-'
Tbe Senate took a recess. '
' '.
Prayer by . Iisv, ou. Airuan; &
Senate Bill 203 To rectilate the sale of
Railroads, and ths reorganization of the same
waa read the first time, when' -, '' - i
Mr. CARLISLE moved that the constitutional
el rule be suspeodod, end the bill be read a sec
ond time now, wnicn motion was disagreed to.
' B..B. 206 To amend tbe charter of the Cov-'
lngtonani Clnolnoatl Bridge Company-mfrAi
read tbf lrst time, wun.. ; ' . j I f
HU.'HUuttta moved that tbe constitutional
rule be suspended and the bill real a second
time now, whloh motion waa disagreed to. -The
Senate Joint Resoiulioo, reeonusen,ding
tbe calf of ft Natioftal Convention, wss read,
when r t '1" n it i -!, r
Mr. C0NVEB3H demitndei. '. ft, ' call of tbe
7 w. . .1 , . - 1. ct B OCft
t By consent, tne iiuuso tooa. uua.a. uw-r
Making partial appropriations lor the year 1861;
i After some lnaulrles relatintr to the item of
a'nnronriation for the eularf ement of the Peni
tentiary, it was, on mot,ioaof Mr, VINCENT,
stricken out: I ' "' .",".', ..,
, Mr. BALDWIN Wdbe desired to make ft'
sbggestlon-'thst : (bfe bill be' committed to the
oommittee on Finance with;, instructions to re.
port a PsoTtBt to that part ol tbe bill making
appropriation!" for tbo payment of the per diem
ot members of the Legislature, so 'as to say
"that the appropriation Is made In. order that
the board bills of the members may be paid, aod
that honest, washerwomen may not be obeated
out of their lust dues; .but, that weoffm
preferl against the contracting oi debts, and the
inourrlng or liabilities beyond tne specino ap
propriations made by law, as in violation of tbe
Constitution and laws of the State, and at set
ting ft dangerous example to tbe officers and
arenta of tbe State for like expenditures." ,
am 111, un, sua Hogiuuiuaj vt eui inaiimi
i J ..... .K- L. I r .1.1. ..lutnn
nsrtlal aoDrODriatlon lor this purpose Was
made, which had been exhausted more tbsn
two weeks since. , , .
We bave. therefore, been Koine on from day
to day, incurring ft liability of six or eight buu
drcd dollars to pay the expenses of this legisla
ture, and our expensee now exceed tne appro
priations at least , fifteen thousand dollars. If
tne theory oi gentlemen was true, wniou .iney
would apply to the members of the Board of,
Publio Works, in tbe protest which this House
adopted yesterday, then we have been violating
the Constitution and laws for the past two weeks.
He hoped that gentlemen would be as ready to .
apply the rule to themselves aa to othsrs. .
Here mr. jSAfcuirv m waa oauea ngnar,
when be renntked that he bad said all he de
sired i his only object In tbe suggestion was to
present, in a ridiculous . wsy, tne action oi inn
House in their protest yesterday, and he there
lore withdrew bis suggestion.
Toe bill 'wss then passed ysas 88, nays 9.
AU further proceedings under .tbs call wore
dispensed with. "
Mr. HITCHCOCK moved that the resolution
for calling a National Convention be referred
to the Committee on Federal Relations.
, Mr. ANDREWS opposed tbie reference, ss
be thought tbs question wss very plain one,
that eooid be acted npon witnont reference. -Mr.
BROWNE, of Miami, favored tbe refer
ence. because the snbiect Is one of Importance,
tbat reanlres deliberation, and which we have
not tbe time now to d issues, and there is no
hurry about It. as Coneress Is not In session
. Air. i3iiAft.fc3i.Lt, nopea tne reference wouia
be made, since tbe question is oneol thentmost
importance.-,' - r - -it u..:'Jri:i:nv r.
Mr. DEVORE said tbat the same question as
is Involved In this resolution bd been, In some
shape-, before the Home ever since It convened;!
and tney were certainty prepared to aot npon it.
i Mr., FLAGG reminded the. House that, be
presented similar resolution on the second dsy
of the session, which was so referred; and it
had slumbered in the drawer of that committee
everainoe. He was not for the refeeence.
Mr, VINCENT supported the reference fhat
proper time might be token or consideration.'
The resolution waa then referred yeas 65,
nays 36V r. nVi t.-t"' x-- -'
Tbe House agreed to the Senate's amend
ment to H.B. 301 To emend tbe Inspection
laws; yeas 63, nsys 13. . . . P - . r
, The Senate Joint Resolution, fixing the 26th
dsy of March Inst, es tbe day of siaj atis. -'
Mr. ANDREWS moved to amend the same
bv flxlna? the 18th aa thedav. " '
Mr. SCOTT,' of Jefferson,' moved that tbe
resolution and pending amendment be laid on
the table, which waa agreed to yeas 43, nsys
37, '- . ; v- i -11 ,'('
Mr. WOODS moved' (hat the vote by which
the House set Wednesday, the S7tb, ss the day
for third reading of H. B. 395 Making appro
priatlons for outstanding checks be reconsidered,
and that tbe motion to reconsider be laid on
tbe tablet whloh motion was agreed to.
S. B. 229-To ameud seotions 313 and 314 of
the code ef civil procedure wae read the first
time. ... .' ....
' S. B. regulating tbe presentation ol claims
against the state, was read tbe first time.
Also, S. B. 337 Supplementary to the act for
opening roads and highways. ,
-Also, 8. B. 371 Making appropriations for
tha Kink-In Fnnrl. - " :''
The House concurred In the Senate's amend
ment to H. B. 290 Relating to roade and
highways yeas 61, nays 7.-v :.
-I The House Insisted on Its amendment to
S. J. R. 1Q1 Relating to, printing the report
ot tne commissioner ot otatutios, and naked
committee of conference. . : .
1 Tbe Senate joint resolution 38 Relating to
uayti and Liberia, was reterrea to tne oommlt-
tee on federal Relations. ' ; . :
H. B. 182 Amending the city incorporation
not, witn toe oeoate's amenomeats, was refer
red to the committee on Municipal Corpora
lions . : . . .: .- "a r
S.B. 231 To provide for the letting of the
Publio iWorks for repairs by contract,'- - was
read the first time. y ; s u- '' -
A special report of tbe Bosrd of Public Wotks,
relative to repairs On the Miami end Erie oa
oaIs, was ordered to be printed. ? - . i
A report waa reoeived from the' Attorney
uenerai, relating to toe claim or the state on
the late Quarter Mailer. General. Andrews,
Which was referred to the committee on Claims
Tbo following memorials were presented and
referred.- ' a .,;.'., -
By Mr. REE3,.of Morrow, from John An
drews and SU others of Morrow county, and H.
Crabbe and 40 others of the earns county, for a
hospital for the Incurable Insane j ' ' I i 1 ri i
By Mr. OGLE J from C. B. Cobb and 23
Others of Ross county, against the further In
migration of negroes.
By Mr. WHITE, from James Csntwell and
70 others of Hardin county, tbat lbs floating
debt of ths F. W. It P. Railroad shall be paid
on ft transfer of their franchises. ; , ; I ' , .
Tbe following bills were read a second ' tlms
andreferred: ,, v , .
, H.B.No. 374," By Mr. CLAPP-To relieve
Junes rrom tbe necessity Of a unanimous verdict,
juaiciary. .... .- t ...-..-. - l
". H. B. No. 375, by Mr. ANDREWS To re
lieve sureties of executors aod sdmlnlstrators
Judiciary. ., . -, ,.i
H. B. No. 412, by Mr. THOMPSON, of Par
ry Giving special Jurisdiction to tbe probate
coura ei rerrv county, judiciary.
S. B No. 256 To amend tbe act entitled "n
act to provide for the eleotion of Township As
sessors.and to prescribe their duties,',' passed
nprn m, icw. nnioiary. -
S. B. No. 2C1 To provide for the collection
Of certain Uxee therein specified. Member
repressntint Noble eouoty.', u I-"?".
O. ii. No. ab3 Making apptopfiatlons for pur.
see therein nAmed. b'inanoe.
poses therein named." binauoe.
' Tbe House th,ep took a recess.
a 4 O it - . '.'
"Ti - 1 1
BaauAtrr SrAmiiANSHir. The members of
Congress who tinkered up the new Tariff Bill
most ba model statesmen There are Borne sec
liens, it is said, which abound In fla contradic
tions of other seotions and others strain so ob
scure in their phraseology and meaning thst
even tne roitsqeipnia lawyers' win ne puttied
to know that thev mean. A sunDlementar
aot.ouftht to bave been passed with the mean
ing explained. The (resident, it Is ssld, hesi
tated lone before be put his name to tbe bill.
not beln able to understand or comprehend II,
ouly tleldine at last to tbe Imnsrinniai nt ttia
Pennsylvsniaos, who considered ths case one of
those In which delay Is nothing, If not dancer-
ous. (i .Tii;-'- fj)jC v''iiv.-.
r j . . . --
'"'WidrALi.DaoNK and fe'koKiNsioaB Posnt.
At large dinner party given on Thursday night
at WashiflKton, Wisfall essavsd to mske
rpeeob, sad alluded to Mr. Breckinridge's defeat
for President In rather uncomplimentary man
ner, the despatches to the Cincinnati papers
state; ' His only excuse was his condition, end
Mr. Breckinridge wittily replied tbat hie defeat
wae no special wonder when ha came to look
..!tuVsll . .leniBdi'U.firt;
Oreeley feels disgusted at Seward, for the . -
remark that "freedom is always In ths Union.1'
- ,Mi,. ,,ii, h.-u rra in
reelrry thinks not; think heMsnot free M
travsl South i that ha would be mistreated If bo
attempted it. It may be thut Greoley wofald notj
be safe in the South. Tbef police would keep
an eye on bim if they saw. him about a planta
tion, K he bas not stolen negroes himself, be
constantly enoouragee jthose whAdowHevfta
nounced that this wss not the time to write the
tlmbewafter he wedld jo honored? as a snar
tyr. Now, how do we know that Greoley might
not take It Into bis crazy bead to be martyr
some time In future ages, aud conclude to Imi
tate Jobn'Browo for that purpose! BUH Preclsy
Is in ihe Union, and be is free: there is plenty
of room foe bin tosostter himself nbouljex-
taaalvalv ' -'
Greele Is for sticking" to principle, or the
platform, and " hating tkt fsses to Oodl " All
verv well: but wbv didn't he tro to St. Louis to
lecture and leave the issut to GodT Why doesn't
he eomO South, preach universal freedom, and
leave tbe Issue to God Why doesn't be let
slavery alone, and let' God mauage it hie own
way, ; Alter all," the philosopher doesn't t-jet
God too fsr. He Is an-ald God mlcht leave the
Issue to him, or him Jo. the a-fLtnitviU
Master Comnussib'ner
' Jaoob 8ilbsrnale 'v VD'T
vs. J 1 8ls by order of Court.
Tt-..t.. V. L- -1
X to me directed, from th Court of Common Plesa.
of Iranklia County. Ohm, I-wiU' ofer for sale, at tha
Soor of the Court-uonae, la the oitf of Columbus, on
Monday, tbe 15th 'day of April, A. D., 1861
between the hora of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. U
th followlna desorlbed real estate altuate In the oonnty of
Vnnkl n and 8 tat of Ohio, ta w U In.lot no, two nun
dred andthirts-foar. (S3) IS tha- cltv of Columbus, ai
numbered and designated on, Ibe recorded plat t said
appraised at if .vuu.-r t
O.'W. H0riMAlt.BlL6rltr, '
. and Maatei Oommlssloner.
march 14 :ltd4tltw:
Printer's Fee 3. '
Jamas Tacksr and w a 'r ' ! H A J
re. Common fleas.
SUasL. Hugh.., u,J ti, , tjti iir " list
13 to m dlreoUd, from th Coort of Common Pleat, of
Franklin oonnty, Ohio. I will offer for aale, at th door oi
tha Court House, In th city or Columbus, on
Monday, the 15th day'sf April, 'A, D 18G1,
bstvsen the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'olock
P. M.i the following descrtbad real eitate, altuate in the
Oonntvof IrADklln. and Stat of Ohio. to-Wtt: ' Lot Ho.
36 la John and Ilenry Miller's Addition to th city of
Oolumhu. Appiaised at (200. '
0. w. null HAHi unenn,
mhH:dltwtw. ' By Kd. Davis, Deputy.
Printer's feel 3. . :.... , ,., v ... t . , " .-v
Sheriffs Sale.,:
Joha 0. Work
vs. - - -
Common Pleat.
Junes 0. McCoy. '
to m directed from the Oonrt of Common Pleeaef
franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for sals at the door of
ths uonrt House In the uy of Oolambna, oa
Monday, the 15th day of April, A.D., 1861,
bet wan th hoar ef Id ociock a. m. and 4 o'clock d. m.'.
tha following dewrlbfd property, situate ta the county
oi rranaun, ana nute oi unto, to wit: ne interest
and estate of Junes 0. MoOoy to lnlot Ai, In th
eity of Oolambus, ia aaldoouoiy, his estate being the re
aaaioder In fr after Ihe termination of Ihe life estate of
Isaliella McOoy, wldow'of Robert W. McCoy, Saoeaaed,
ana toe estate rsi4ameu. Mcuoy in aaia esiat ne
fng th aama which wa davlcad to him by nid Kotiert W.
AlcOoy la hi las will and reatameDt, whlchla sr record
in franklin ooanty, Ohio, Probata Court. W-JU
Appraised at 8,e0S.
, 0. W. HtJfPMAN, Shorilf, , .
. marohlS:ltdA4tw. K, f . By la. Davsi, Deputy. ';
Prmtcr'a fees, 4 504 1' i. .. .. ki $
Edgar Moaning ' -.
j vs. . J Slehyorderof Cosrt. J
00. W. Brown t al. ) ; ,i !. ,. ,'
to me directed from the Superior Oonrt of Frank-
Ud ooanty, Ohio, I will cTr for -sale at the door of
the Court Uouse, la. the city of Columbus, oa
Saturday tbe 13th day ,xf Apftl,; A.. D.;:i86f,
at 1 o'clock P.M.T th following described Baal EsUte,
situate in the county of franklin, and Stat of Ohio, to
wltl Lot Ms. S3, ID the town ot Harrlibargh.ln said
conniy i r i ' t.' I ? ' 1 ' '
Appraised at 3J5. 0. W. HUPP MAN,
marchU-ltdmStw. Sheriff,
Printer's fee 3 00. ; ; . . 4 ;.
rrtO JOSEPH Am ICntLEH, at Cln
X. olnnaU.Ohlo, and to Maria Battler, Thcrasia Battler,
- Brlglta Sattlar, Joseph. eoboler, Johaun Battler,
'. PhiUllns Battler' widow, at th town of PUlsr, In
11T9IV. AUI,I ,. . ..
Yoa are hereby notified that on the'lSth DAY
OF "lAKajtfy A. O. ISOl, Charles Prledrlch,
Bxeeator of Joseph Battler, dceaed, filed In the Probata
Oonrtof rrank.ln ooanty, Ohlo.a petlUon, averring that
oa th 12th day of April, 1853, said Joseph Battler, do-
ceasea, agreea to sen oy a written con tract io lteilna
Binder, sine Intermarried to and now Ihe wife of Alien
ee! Zennaokar, oerlaln nremlaea, to wit: part of Block
No. S, In Ihe olty of Columbus, Ohio, more fully des
orlbed la said petition, for aod Io consideration of seven
hundred dollsra to ba paid by said Beglna Zehnacker
In Bv Installments, a stipulated to sail contract, oa th
puaotual payment of whicu aaid Joseph Battler a;red M
sonny said premiaee to aaid Beglna Zehnacker In fee
simple, by eeneral waranty deed; that said Joseoh Bat
tler died before th completion of said contract; that
sines his death said Begina Zehnacker has made payment
id iuii oi ine oaiaDee uueoo aaiu contract to taa said ex
ecutor of Joseph Battler, deceased; and asklne for an or.
aer of the aaid Probate Court authorising and directing
him, aa anch executor, to complete said contract, and,
n behalf ot th heirs and dertsees of said Joseph Battler,
deosaasd, I unseat a dead of conveyance for said nrem.
an to aild Rcgina Zehnacker, according to Ibe terms
aaa supniationsoi said contract- t- '.a
- Th application therefor will be for a hearing by 'laid
oonrt, on the 8th day of April, at 9 o'clock A. at., at
wnico ume, unieaa yoa anow cause to tn contrary, an
vnnrniuw asaeu as prayon ror lnsaiapeuiinn.
t ; Att'js for Petitioner.
Oolambus, Ohio, Mrth 12Uj, 18SU '
mhlS-3tw. . ..-,
a: j.
a.............. ,... j..MTa J
i 1
-Z-). For. ITInrclA lethy jjscis
How Beady Vor Sale Evsrywhsrsf-Pries Ffvs
. "STTLIi WATERS;" A BrHltont StotV.
"TUB KXNO AND IliB BK6QAK;", Complete in this
I TAB DTINOBOrsilEQUBSTi by Maria Norrls
LOVK- a Pwm. -
Lirit BVBRYWHBBB. T "if c t ,Ai'I.'3
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Anl much other Interrstlnj end Inatruotjve
Qdji oopy.ifi...,.s..'
. ...,, ... . . .....
93 pat Annum,
HUNT 4 MINER, Pnbllahert,-1 V
l . w ao W .tVBl n Fifth street,
4 .t
1 :,;
. : . ns to IhoPoiWfflee, Pittsburgh, P,
, , it- AtNKux . uenerai Agcw.uin iDL
march 8. .
... .
; iS0i,jETHir,a;
Ol I OIX' 0l
I lAiiu am. 1101 nay nvu iAiAiwu m )f
t?m n bt n sm ea a snsTrffrvi www at war ,
W Mii wiuomtmuBW uw t rt,k,. V
AttztiibAU watches;
manufactured try X. HOWARD t 00,. Boston, v....
Thee Watcbe ar far sapeilor Io anything ever oaTered
w ine pooira, Bvrvwior. wuii uie exciuilrs agency.
I can sell them at prices to suit (he times. I have iuat
reoeived a large Stock of 1
staaaraomred by APPUSTON, TJtACY. a CO I also, a
tint AesOrtmsntof . j t-.,.:e ex.. n cuts i
1. toH4ttlW.Pstranhprioa.a!v,
Jan23 ; ,r.:i:t Udiil'?2 rTr.J, 8ATA0I,
tj r r 1 it f T n m n ri s
rii bVlAL HU 1 1LC3.
i-- ,
, ,
Boivoat-Pleaa annotfhoa tha a am of
6I0BOK 0. WILSON as s eandldat for Townahln Clerk.
subjtot te th decision of lbs Semooratlo dalesat Con-
vennonsun Wk.- ,."X DBIC00BATI. .
aa - - r".
W.( tniTOul W announso tte name ol aVKA V ,
raOM U, Eq aa a eaodklate Cor tha office ef kayof of
olty of Oolumbna, subject to the decision of th Po
eeratie Convsnllon. - il AHl VOTERS
mhl3 IP6l- y ' - ; , . ( V
Vs. BniToa: Pleas annoUne thsnamsof BAMUIL
THOaJPgONssa OAndldAtefor thaoffle of Olty Uar
hal, sohjaoUs lis deotslra f th Democrtlls Nomlnat-'
(Jolampaa, tfaroh . A y , ' v y . , A ,VJ
V.i Bnt-roA:-! har been renoMted, by my frlsad.
to Announce myaslf u a Candidate for the Mayoralty,
at th eaawldt SlecUen. suWcrl in The itmiaini. r it,.
Democratic party., .-, , , ; utKal.
March 8. - . .... .,
IniToft ffVA-ratif aa PIraae announce tha nam of
JOB JACOB HUFf M ANN aa, candidate forth, offlc
of Township Clark, of Montgomry Township.
Oltjr'ftBd Tbwnsblp Dsmoeratle Convention. . -ThaDsmooriits'of
th city of Oolumboi and Montrom- '
trf Townships, are hereby notified to meat In their re- '
ipsotlve Wards and Townsldps, on Saturday eraclng
next, March 19th, at th following places: '
flratWard, -. . At the Gait Don.
Second Ward . v . . At the Bcukeye Ifouis. ;' . 1
Third Watd ; At me Vnitsd fllataa HosaL .
fourth Ward , - At ths New Bngland Boas. '
Flflh Ward . . .( At th South Entln Uouse. ":i
Towttahlp " ' . At th old Montgomery House.' .
,Th polU In the Wards will ba open from rto 9 o'olook.
aod th Township polls from 4 to 6 o'clock. Said mast ''
Ings will appoint Delegates' to the nominating Oonrn-. a
Mod as follovs: , ..... , .
ttrst Wart. 1 ; .' ,
eeond ' i ' I ' '. :
ThlrdV.,.,..,:. .
fourth a.M-.-:mj.-. i on
iifih - ;--. -M .v., .,
Township ,V! 4 1 tv-i
7 Deteftates.
auKsiegates so appointed will maet at th Olty 011,
tn Monday area tog, March IB, and nominate candidates
for City olSoera, via: Mayor, Marshal, Olty Solicitor,
City Clerk, City Treasurer, and two School Dlrectors;lso,
Township ticket, yltii, Three Trustees, three Constable,
Townshln Clsrk. and Tnn.l,ln -vM..n... iri..
- ' r JHB n.i. .
nnaetlnri Will each nominate a oandliala for (Vonwin..
and Aaieaaor, and the Township meeting will nominate a
candidate for Asiesaor.L i .. ". ......
By order of tha Olty and Township BzwaUv Commit-
e. " . . : i ID. IIVINOSTON, 1
. i JAOOB I. WIN ANB. J i ,!
For slU THROAT and - -LiSJNO
Includlrae; WHOOPING
coooHi and every '
Complsrint the forerun
ner of stntl even actual -consirjiriPTion
i -; - -
1 w ,,- i
The Oreat NETJHAI .
taral OPIATE, adapsett '
to every apeclee o( Ner
wane Complaints, ner
vous ana Chronic
Headache, Khrinma.
Slant, Catarrh, Tooth
and Ear Actio, Lose of
Sileep, and Bowel Coaa
' i no real justtc can be done th abov preparations
but by procuring and reading dewrlptlr pampblUA .,
be found with all dealer, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand, formula and Trial Bottles seat to Phytl '
clans, who will find development la both worthy their
acceptance and approral. . . -
Correspondence solicited from all who necessities ot !
curiosity prompts So a trial of the above reliable Berne
die. , , . .
lor rale by ths nsnal Wholesale and retail dealer
JOHN I.. HCNNBVEU, Proprleto
3f f ttrXATlBT ASTD PHABJIACfTmaT, ' ' -
I ' Xo. 9 Commsrelsi Wharf, Boston, Mass.
- Boberts as Saaael, N. B. Marpl, J. a. Cook, t. M
Denlg, O. Denlg St Bona, A. J. Bchueller At Bon, Agant :
for Columbus, Ohio. . myl-aly ,
j (flOfFAT'U L.ISTE PI LUte . , -
la all ease ef eostrreness, dyspepsia, UlUoas snd liver
affeotiona, pile, rhetunaltam, fertrs and agtus, ebaU . .
nat head aches, and all general Serangemrats ef haalta U .'i
Uieas PI1U have Invariably proved S certain and speedy -remedy.
1 siagl trial will plan lb LIS puis Beyosd -tbs
roach ofeempaUtloa in Um eethnation r rrery pa
(lent. . .-ji-i -. - ,
Dr. Uoffat's PhcsnU Elttsrs will ba found equally sf i
Bcaotoua In all cases of nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, th sickness Incident to females In delicate health,
and svary kind of weakness of th digestive organs,
for sal by Dr. fr. B. MOW AT, XB, Broadway, K. I.
and by all Druggists. maySX-dfcwly
Tht) followinp; ia aa extract from t:h '
letter written by the Rev. J. B. Holm, paster ol th
Plerrepolnt Btreet Baptist Qauicb, Brooklyn, M. T.,to
th7ouraalandMaaroger,"CliidniU,0.,aadsraka -volumes
la favor of that world-renowned Stcdlotne, Ma .'
WnaLoWS BooTBme Bratrr voa eirruxni Ttmnn: ' 11 ' '
"Wesesan adrertlsment In your oolumn ef Ma'"''".-.
Wmstow' Eoornmo Braor. Now w nerer said a word ". I
In favor of a patent medicine before in oar llf. but w
fsl compelled to say to your readers that this Is no hum
b WS BAVI TRIED , Sjn tlOW IT TO M 1U. T '
?J",,:.tIt!,p'ota,1n0',h ssoat worevairal medl- li
clnes of the Oay, because il is on of th bert. And those
of yoar itadera who hav babie can't do better thaw -' t
lay Ina aupply." ..!..! ti. .ieW:lfw
TTn. A. latohelor' Hair Dye!
The Original and Best In the '"World! '
7 An others sr mare Imitation a, and should be avoid
Ifyonwlshioaeoape ridkmbx, : . ; 1
ORAY, BBD OB BUSTY HAIB Dyed Instantly to a
beautiful aad Natural Brown or Black, wtthont Injury te "
HalrdrSkln. ... . , , ,
awarded to Wm. A. Batch lor since 1839, and over 80,00
applications have been mado to th Hair of hm patrons
ef bts famous dyi ' ',.:n
J WM. A. BATOHKLOB'f HAIR DTI produoss ool t . '
r not to b dlstlngrrlahed front Datura, and Is warranted
not to Injur In th least, however long It may te son tin
ned, aad th 111 tract of Bad Dyes raraedied; th Hair
Invigorated for llf by tide splendid Dye. j t , 4 ,...
1 Bold In all ettits and towns ef th UnlUI Biases. u
Drnggtsta and Panoy Goods Dealers, , Jt ? . . -,n. r : r. ti ca A-m s
IDTha Oenoinehaatha naa and address vpoa s stack a
plateeriKrarlng oa four side of ach tear, at WILIJAlIu W
AaBASOHELOB, Addrea -..7 . 77 . i
JylSf-wly '.Y.i.
I - fJHAALAlB BATOHBLOB, Pioprtotor, ' - '
.. i . t . ei jwsaiay street, new xora. T "
.OWl.i- I,
Ta Ceneuanntl'rew. ' - .'',
Th Advertiser, having been restored to health to a few1 7
weeks hy s vary simple remedy, after havings uffered.
sral years with a vra lung affaatlon, and that dread'
otaea, OonsomptleaM aezloaa te mat known to his
fellow-sufferers the means of Wrtf T 'J
j f oaU who deslr ft, h will eend a copy of tte prwcrly
tlon used (free of charge), with th direction for prepa .-j
ln and aaiag ah aasw, which they win And snas 00
for Coavcamon, Asthma, Baoitewrns, aVn The only
object a( lb adrsrttssrta sending th Presorlptloa is to (H t
benefit the afflicted, and spread InformaUon which baooui !
Selves to be Invaluable, and b hopa evary sufferer wUl ' T
try hi rady, as tt Wiir cost them nothing, and mar ' ''J "
prov a blessing. ..... -. -y ,
Parti wishing th prescription will please addrsej ""'' fyr
oatwh! WIIIIamsbarBh,'
'est.., ' .-w?jrB.'
- ''
iV()W. ABateHelort
This Splendid Hair Dy ha nMtaal-msWfanona In
su-ttuVBeentifal Black or Natural Brown-no stttatoO iP"
Cm Sktainlarlnth Hair -mm.i..i.., ..
effect of Bad Dyes, aad Invlgoratea ths hair for llf'' ,!
Hons an staulne aalcas stcnad :., A. aiWil . ,:
Bold everywhere. iz-l:n
' OHAf . BATOHBLOB, Proprietor:
IPl&Wly .n Barclay Straet, KivYM.
HAviwa, oj jn 9th ifinT.", rrn- .!
Chased of B. H. WIiVluM..:iM.i.k.f t ' 1 .
Kd..tNo.l03HUhSt.. with th view ef changing ? .' '
mr ineaiion, i. WUI WUUntU th drat day of April, wllki
"-",-.. ....I .VI 11.11
AT nnT .i7nT n a ant
. " " , - v - w,- i Avwewrfs a s isuwu i irarw, .
AIM ITifarea Morinoi, D Uiam, fftao4 it?--v mt, irtst
11 Utii I t . a . . . .
r. ,i , i?rciosi 'cr cost I -
lv tta.it

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