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i i..l M ! .a '
Retort or thi Ga Comittb, -The Stand
Committee on Gb, in response to a resolution
atjof the City Council, Instructing them to ascer
v., tain the prios paid for gu at thii tfme la Clo
- oinnatii Clereland and Zanesvllle, oa latt Moo
u'' day evening reported to the .council at followSi
.J' In tha oily of Cincinnati the amount nald, for gas la
tha oltjr lunps up to Nor. 1, 1860, was BI760, under the
;. .usual arrangement of sot lighting the lamp an light
mguia. . At ton uau a new oontraot wit nam, wnereoy
It was agreed that each publlo lamp should be irgbted
each and every nliht durlne- tha veer, (rout dark In tba
runlog until daylight In tha morning, for tlx aum of
B28 per annum, Including lighting:, extinguishing and
ordinary repairs. The price paid by prlrate eonsumers
-of gas la 12 50 per 1000 feat, and) a per eent. dlecount
thereon for payment with la 4 day from th laat of each
. month. . , . ....... .
In the city of Zanesvllle the amount paid for publlo
lamps to the Oa Co. la BIS per annnm, and tha amount
i paid by private consumer la $3,50 par 101)0 feet.
Jin uiereiand, since ine year loao, uo price or me puu-
llo lamps has been 17,50 per annum, Including lighting.
- extinguishing, ate. , and the price now paid by prlrate I
SMIUIiailblll.MlptrlWMttet. 1 ' .
Ui.der.the olty ordloanoo providing for luhtlng;the
olty of Columbus wllh gas, paised May 14, 1850, it pro
Tided that tile Oaa Co. shall, during the eontinuance of
wis oraioanoe, lurniia gaa or not leas man the average
apeclflo gravity, and at not exceeding the average price
iov puono ana private uses, respectively, oi ooal gaa fur
aiahd by the incorporated Ooal Oas Companies of the
following oiUct, to wll: Cincinnati, Cleveland and Ease
"!!. .
Under tha ensraUon of the rale oraserlbed by this or-
dloance, the price which the cltlaena of Columbus are I
' now properly onargeable wun, as determined by the ave
rage of the three cities above named, for gaa consumed
by lbtmr would be fl MX per 1000 feet, not dednotlng
(aeauoouni anoweu in umcinnau rorpaymeniwitnin
' nrs days, ir tne discount is taken into consideration,
the price -would be further reduced to 2 70 per 10OC
feet. The oommittee would report further that It la un
derstood that no rent for meters ia charged In the
city or uieveiaod, and that this fact ought to still fur
ther diminish the amount chargeable for gas In this olty.
The question as to whether the matter of dlsoount and
rent of metere ought to enter Into-the computation of
tna average amounito oe paid to me uaa uo., ia not ad
mitted by them. Under these circumstances, the eom
mittee would recommend that they ba authorised to ad-
Jwat the amount properly chargeable to the city and taJ
private consumers wiin tne uaa uo., ana that ir they
cannot make auch adjustment, they be authorised under
me oin Motion of tne act regulating Oaa Companies, Sic.,
to appoint one arbitrator in accordance wllh tha provis
ions ot aald section, who snail make a final determine.
lion oi tne question In dispute.
Mespeotfully submitted, ' ' i
r-ev ft . ' C. P. L. BUTLER,
Cits- and Township Elcetion. The follow
ing is a list .of the officers for this City and
Township, 1o be filled at the municipal eleotron
on Monday, April 1, with the names of the in
City. Mayor Lorenzo ; English ; Marshal-
John Ba Coffrotb; City Bolicltor James B.
Wilcox; Clerk Joseph Dowdall; Treasurer
William Armstrong; School Directors John
Greiner, James 11, Smith;. Counoilmen--lt
Ward, Samuel E. Ogden' 2d Ward, JaUther
Donaldson; 31 Ward, C.i P. L. Butler; 4th
Ward, Joseph it. Riley;. 5th' Ward," James H.
Stauriog. - Each Ward will also elect one As
Tut-nrAp. Trustees Elias Gaver, Alexan
der Mooberry, Adam Stephens; Constables
iraE. Mulford. JamcB 'Taylor, Joslah Holt;
Clerk Harry Drew; TreasurerWilliam Mc-
Djnaldv A Township "Assessor is also to be
oieotea. . i ., i tn
American Edition. New York: LEONARD SCOTT &
Co., 79 Fulton street.
The present number of this BtorlTog Review
presents tbe following Table of Contents, which
indicates a rich and varied entertainment, em
bracing Literature, Science and Politics t
1. India Convalescent; S; Shelley and his
Beceut Biographers; 3. Large Farms and the
Peasantry of , the Sooitish Lowlands; 4. Lord
Dundonald; 5. Modern Neoromancv: 6. Eoorl
fleerlngaiid Engineers; 7. Tha Political Press
French, British, and German; 8. Home Bal
lads and Poems; 9. Hessey'a Bampton Lecture;
10. Dr. Carly le 'a Autobiography; 11., Lord
Palmerston and our Foreign Policy."
Pries $3 a year; Blackwood's Magazine and
manna m.t Wa Ma.aAa Asm It nHaa. .e at.. I
vww nitu wu v iooui ytAioay IfJUtUbCr V4 hUW
' . I
Coost Of Common Plkas. Tba arguments of
counsel iutbe case of the State v. SraaaoB
were commenced last evening. Mr. Rsamit
i or tneprosacation opened In an able and effec
tlve speech. Ho was followed by Judge Rankin
gument at ooon to-day. , Tbo osbo. excited con.
luwauia uitcrcakai am wo mier iroin ins lartre
crowd of listening spectators in its Courtroom
to-day, while Judge Rankin wat addressing the
J" . ..i.iJa..
VT The Woodefleld, Monroe County, Spirit
aaya that acquaintances, on meeting ia that vl
oinity, do not astute each other with "How do
you do?" etc; but the 'uniform salutation is,
"Have you (truck ila yet?"
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.1 ,t; ,r;.:;ti.'. , .. . .1. ,
tjCtABOlher oil paper has been started. It is I
published at Warren, Trumbull county, and
called the Ntcc Oil Commercial. ' ' ", - "!
1 1 m 11 1 11 111 t. tTR n I
CaiuoHi. Th e sudden chaneea of our cllmat I
are aources Of P ulmonarv. Bronchial and Asth-
matlo Affection.. Experience having proved
that simple remedies often aot speedily audi
certainly, wnen taken in tba early stages or tbe
disease,.. reeoorsa should at once ba had
BrWe Brcktal Tralaa .., ra l.t
.. nu -a-....i. rja-.il- i. a" . 1
iuv win, urirnMtion ot ma I uroat 00
ever so slight, as by this precaution a more se
rious attack may be effeotually warded off,
Publlo Speakers and Singers will find them ef
fectual tor: eleaxiog : and strengthening tba
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aa McLsan's BTsinoTAmo Cobdial and Blood
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ment. will .eure any aore,Seo the advertise-
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BT Sea advertisement of Prof.
Hair Iavigcrator In another column.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails. DEPARTURES.
n Halls for Mew York City, Bolton, Albany, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, Bteubenvtll way, Clereland, Zaauvlllo,
Newark, Granville, Washington Olty, Baltimore, Bhllv
delphla and New Orleans, oloae dally (Sundays excepted)
at 7 o'oloek p. m. 1...': 1 ,
A through mall for New Tork and Cleveland oloeee
oauy inunaaya excepted) at 1 o'clock p. m. .".
0. O.0. R. K. way HaUcloaea dally (Sundays eg.
oapted) at 1 o'eleck m. ,.
Central Ohio Way Mill cloeea dally (SuBdeiB excepttd)
at 1 o'clock d. at. i
Cincinnati way Hall oloses dally (Bundayt exoepted) at
i v oiiK p. m. .
uniago, Dubuque, Delaware, marion ana worthing
MalleforXonla, tpriniffleld, Peyton, Toledo. Clncln.
natl. IndmnaiMlla, Loubrrllle, 8t. Louli, and Detroit.
cloeea daily (Bundaya exoepted) at7K p. m. ' '
A ttrouta mall 19 ienia, Hprlngneld andClnolnnaU
aiaeea daily (Bundaya exoepted) at 1 o'olock o. m
uroana, riqua, Timn and union uuy mall cloeea daily
iDVBoive wnpwu; ai tf o'oiock p
ion Mali eloaea dail (Bundaya exeepted) at 1 o'olock
u,m. - -. r .
7 i7:. .r rrr:'"'".V"
....... . fu.,,,..,,,,.
Uaoaaler, Logan, NelaonTllle, OlreleTllle, Chlllkotne,
, U. U., Atoena, Uarletta aod
dl, (BondayapUKl, .,7
a ' MlU National Boad to ZanaarlUe, eloaea
daily (Bundaya excepted) at 11 o'clock a. m.
Mt. Ternon Mall, by way of Wealenrllle and Sunbury,
oloaea dally (Bundaya excepted) at 1 o'clock p. m.
,iutilB Mali oloaea dally(Bundayf exeeptod)at 1 o'clock
P. m.
Mailt from IndlananoluL ObleaffA and Tlnhnnna. arrive
- Mailt from Washlntrtnn fllt- Balllmnr. wiili
Zanearille, Newark, Bteubenville, Mt, Tarnoa, and the
u. n. n. way aiaii, arrive at UK o'clock p. m. ' '
nay mwi irom Cincinnati, arrives at V)i o'clock p. m
Lancutor Mall arrive at a'alnck n. n,
Bast Way Mall over ibe National kaad. arrleMaill
l'.b . '
Mkv Ternon way Mall arrives at 11:00 a. m.
Mail from Dnblln arrlTea at 9 O'olock p.m. !
C rbana Way MaU arrlvee at 8 o'clock p. . '. I
uirruaurgh Mall arrives at 11 o'olock a. m
Bnrinrtlid. oKSa. oflnlUS'to t.-.S' .'h
Nuuwrn cuiea, arrive between tha houra of o'clock p.
,,9ffi,c delivery open every day (except Sunday,) from
TH o'olook a. m. to 8 o'clock p.m. Open on Bundayt
m. (inaaaa RH...
from 7X to 0 o'olock in the mo'rnlng. and from I toTin
Rail Road Time Table.
Aoootnmodatlon.. S.10 A. M.
No. 9Bx 9.30P.M.
Right Bxpreaa 9.43 A.M.
Bxpress and Mall...... .3.00 P.M. ,,
Might Ixpreas.F,-,.....3:U A. M.
Bxpnsa Train... 3.00 K. K
Mail Train... 9.40 P. M.
PiTTtacaoa, Ooldsibos b CixcutRATi B. B
Ixpreaa Train 3:00 A.M.
Mall Train.,... ....S. 40 P.M.
Ooioaatta b Imrutupoin B. B.
luoiumbua, Plqua b Indiana B. B.J ' "
Bxpress Train 8:10 A.M.
Bxpress Train 9:45 P.M.
B.13P. M.
2 30P. M.
9.4S A. M.
1.40 P. M.
l:MA. M,
9 30 A.M.
9 B0 P.M.
;- t .
9.30P. M.
9:90 P. M.
11:10 A.M.
mannfactnrere ef all kinds el For
aaawiei mxta nuiiionairy steam Kit'
tjtaea. Maw ITillla, Urlil nulla,
cVc, aVx.
L AA'll 0: BObLXTBtatml U. t F. ELAJTD TBeatttU
XACimm CO. Btatmltlt BRAD10RD ..
o GO. Beattnlltll . . -
0or FortaUo Eoglaa and law Kill "'
Wu awarded the first premium of 'fS0 at tha Indiana
State fair for 1500 aver Lane b Bodley's on aocount of
Prioa, lightness, simplicity, economy , of fuel
and superior charaoter of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Enrlne waa awarded at tha auia Fair
the first premium of 1200.
Our Portable Bnglne waa awardtd the first premium of
iuv ai we aair at jaemnnia. xenn.. over HLanrtv'a rin.
t.ii m. uuiomoua maonine uo s., anu uraaioru Ac Vox.
by a committee of practical Railroad Kngiaeera. ..
xorpnee ana terms aauresa
m m WUiIiABD WARNBR, Treasurer,
decS-dbwlyeott. . Newark;, Ohio.
1 ' L l(
no YOTT- Want a ninsTtrnp.1 1 1
For tha WMikeri and Hair.
The nbscrlbers take nleainre In annonnrln. to the
Oltlsens of the United Btatrt, that they have obtained. tos
Aeencv fop. and are now anlail bi nffa, in h. a
Pttk"i J bo J"" eelebrattd and world-renowned
hick set of
is prepared by Da. 0. P. BBLtlWGHAM, an eminent
pnysioiau 01 London, ana la warranred -to bring' out a
Whiskers or a Mnstaciie
In from three to ill weeks.. This artl'nla la tha Aiilv an.
of the kind used by the Breach, and la London and Paris
It Is in universal use.
. It It a beautiful, aoonomlaal. annthlnar. t allnnlalln.
npoundtaoUns aa If by maglo upon the room, causing
TpT UtK .AAmifflS;
El,.!. P?J" D?",.ni' a aair.-Aa-
hair WABK. and Mat.M mw kal.b, la. i .
leaving it soft, smooth, and aexiwe. The "Onaoawr" b
?. """WanaaWo article in every gentleman's toilet, and
aKtiT'T I"irMn!!t
The subscribers sre the only Agents for tha article to
U1U0IM1 Btw. w "' an orders must be addressed,
tokAi???f11,rJ.t),:r:',r,1,.!,u ruggtots aad
anv who daalr It. hw
mall (direct), securely packed, on. receipt ot price aad
postage, 1. 18.. Apply to or address ; ., ,.. , .
1 BKCaoitTS, Ate..
' febSMA.w6m . ''J n. 84 William Htreet. Bew-Tork.
IXTTZL?. 'J ?" n "ongaant ' twarranted to.have
r:.r: v
i ABH .W.vJ'fU
''' u' ' will sttend to tha J
v?ot in-
bills ; nr , irm&: cmr.
All ordani left at the Office' of thennoA will ba
promptly attended to. : . Janll-tf
Bmployment.' f ;
rTITB RTrnejCRIRRHR. ITKll.llin 1
J. eatrleArtlCla Will furnish employment to
aw aotive men to act as ' agents for their house. A
inraico win no given to those who are well acquaint
ed in the dlatrlot fn.whlh ,h...r,.i. . -
a,tJJIBi0Orvloaa they are willing to pay a atUry
tWO to $800 "pi, year, and Xpflt
lor further particulars addrea' " . 1
: ; , ' B. BfOKBHOCBB: k CO.' 'V
'aad a, Bxchaags Plaoe,
"JerteylOltp, K. i
' T)f TlT4dW a- tfM a a .
j amaviaiaia va. vu-i aXSneMIUp, y,
rrmu riBin o j. n., itiitu co.
X iaU day dissolved by mutual oonsent.
.wa ai.. i' 5- WWH.
From Washington.
Wabhinotoh, March 13. The DrinalDal effi.
erf of the iteamer Water YVIteh, at Fbiladel-,
pnia, Detained rot apeoiai lorylce, are Lieut.
Lommandiug juonokendorff, and Llentenanta J.
hi JUavls, Cusbman, aodEaatmao, and A. O.
neea, Master. - . i
, - . ' 7..
j oa iieam a innn-nr.o I'hiuo uatiii nrr
Washington Navj Yard, with her oflioera and
I nnnll.. I j
1 Workmen are anmnd In nnttlna- In tha ma-
0b nnrv nf tho P.na.nnl. .hlnh sill nni h
ready for oea for two or three months-r .
ltfrk rfrih. rfP..i;.Z h..h.:n .,J
I:'. "Tl"-', . ".r:'t,r" rX:T"r
fwmbvu , AsiauuraiuK wiora; lu tun f , at aopart
o the Chief Clerkship. ' ,
, , . Mr i . .t. .
.""....nM bVW. .!.( V ll.VUM , PR, kUAb
ment, in plaoe of John Potta. who Is" Dromoted
to the Chlnf r.larkahln .i '
"ft ' f ... .1 t
Of subscriptions derlrad in that city toward tba
establishment of a steamship line between
"vpool and Charleaton, hara reached S
amonnt .nAJTa.:
of tha Company, and tba commencement of she
wore: contract. a ' 'i
Petcrsburir. (Va ) voted tn-'dav to lnatrnnt tta
delegates to the oonvonUon to vote for seoessioa.'
" be kept open to orro-v when
tha secessionists exoeet to increaaa their m.
joniy. a no seceaslonlStB are . Daradins tha
i ins lounaT ntr rnnnamni. nni vwa mtda t i
day: Jno. Z. Goodrich. Collector at Bnalnn ,
tir a.o,.ii.j ...r.v aS" !
it. uiuuiBiiauu, x Assistant rostmaster
as Brigadier General, vice TwiBBS. in accord
.nn-i.W tl,. ..j..-f- " v .
' .Z V -BB-.' -"wan-
.Vl 'M "ulf .raw OI promotion James
General; Dawitt C. Llttleioha. Consul to Liver.
pool; Wm. H. Veaey, Consul to Aix La Cha-
Lucius G . Forbes, Postmaster at Beliot,
Wlsoonsin: J J. Speed. Postmaster atLonia.
ville; Geo. Harrington, Assistant Secretary of
lbe free dent to-dav nominated CaL Snn
n, . " . . ' --
.awaras. tjomm sa oner or the i.anit nrfina.
r .
cx-voBKressmau spinner. Treasurer of thn I
TTnlr R,, . T.I.-; T.iu.. r -a,. :
vaitvi, w.raa, ajicu. aaaaiaua aur prumotlOQ to I
oeeunv tha rank nf Aaalatam Allnt.na I
The resolutions introduced hv Mr. Ilnnl..
a- j.- a; l . i . , .'J . !
m-uy seeien, Dy DOtaininir reDlT. to omoiall
disclose the faot that there is no adequate power
under existing laws to retake and bold Southern
forts now in possession of the aeoeded States;
to show that proceedings therein would inTolre
large additional military force and a treat ex
penditure of monev; and that, therefore, tha
question of war must necessarily be postponed
sin iuo next session oi congress. ' 1
Commissioners Forsyth and Crawford hava
rcoeived sucb assurances from high sources of
tne pacinc intentions of (bo administration in
reference to the Southern forts, thai thavarin
l . m , , . . '
uiaxB no omoiai aemana at1 present, nendlno-
auuveuiouw at auaier, ana win remain quiet.
It is said their instructions oontemnlatn rfia.
regard of forms and etiquette lu the attainment
oi results.
A SDecial mesaenctr left hara vnatairrla fr.
a ... . - - .v.
aty aa au wvg ' ......
Tbe number of office seekers is larpelv in
creased. The examinations for clerkships are
to be verv rield. . ,
It Is reported that Mr. Corwin baa declined
tne Mexican Mission. '
[World's Correspondence.]
A despatch from the South received to-night
from a reliable source eava that a meaaa,no.a.
....aJ ll....L T I . - V. T . . ?
luiuuatu tkMeiacOa it. to.aav. nearine
a-anal-kaa i . L. - . 1 . . . a M .
iiniawun arum mo uoTeromeDl 10 Mai, AO'
dcrson.i '
Gen. Scott Is reported to have aald th cirri
son of Fort Sumter will be out on Mondav.
.Mr. Holloway, former membor of Congress
from Indiana, it is understood, 'has been tender
ed the Commleaionership of Patents. Mr. Dale,
tbe new Commissioner of Indian Affairs, assum
ed the position today. He has made several
changes in his office. D. K- Carter, a former
memDer oi Congress irom Cleveland, O., has
peen appointea uovernor of iNebraska.
Washington,' March 14 -.Gen. Brare has as
l a a . . . ... Cn . . .
auiuru cuiumana oi tne lorccs or tne Liorueder
ate 8tates at Pensacola. -
The Charleston Courier states that tha hatto.
ries bearing on the ship channel are of the hea
viest kind, and that they are now In a high state
wi vrvpuuuun, boo ready tor any iorca tnat may
bs sent against them. It believes tha reinforce
ment of fort Sumter an impossibility. It est!
mates that there are 3,000 highly disciplined
iuujb iu uia various loruncations.
The Courier also state, that official Informa
tion will soon be received that the S15.000.000
loan of tbe Confederate States hs. been taken
at a premium probably or 5 percent. '
Nkw Yobk, March 14. The Times' Wash
ington dispatch says: Casaius M. Clay has ao
cepted the Spanish Mission. It is said that
Corwin wlil accept the Mexican Mission, if bis
neaitn win aamit. it is said liiadings is nomi
Dated Consul General at Montreal. .
The Herald's, dispatch saysi H. Befrlen, of
new lor, is appointed Chief Clerk n tha N
vy Department., . . , i ? r
Tbe same dispatch also says: 'Advices from
Montgomery state that PrMirlont n.vla h.. ...
ceived most ominous oommunloatlons from his
friends at Washington, respecting tha intention
of the Administration to blockade the Southern
porta and attempt to colleot revenue. His Cab
inet, it is said, thereon resolved, as soon as a
vessel was stopped outside of a Southern fort,
to put 50,000 trooosln motion for Weahintrtnn-
believing that the people of the Border States
win rally to assist them, ,. ;
Nxw York, March 14. The Etna h as arrir-
ad. JNo newa or tbe Australasian .
Livir-ool, January 27, The Etna brines
. ... . Tl I .a A, a . a u
dates irom ljiverpooioi tne x'u, ana queens
town or tnewtn.
The slave trade was debated In the House of
Commons, upon resolutions o&ered bv Mr. Cane.
declaring tbo efforts to suppress it hitherto inef-
leotuai, anu pointing to tbe Introduction of free
labor into tbe West Indies as tbe most efficient
means. " "
Lords John Russell and Palmerston stronelv
deprecated the policy of America, in prevent
ing search and permitting tha prostitution of its
Mr. Buckstone feared the Southern ooniedera.
tion would revive the slave trade, and hoped tha
Government would never recognize it without
express stipulation against it, -' ' .
; ine resolutions were finally withdrawn. , ,,
Caot PtkB. Of the ahio Gm. Parkhlll. araa
killed by the crew, shortly alter leaving
Liverpool for Charleston. Tbe mate was also
severely injured. The ship returned, and tbe
crew were arrested. No details.
The weavers of Blaokboro had Da.rt.al1r re
sumed work.. . .-i . j- p. i
M. Thouvenal officially assured the Amerloan.
Minister at Paris, that no delegate from any ae
oeded State bad been received by tba Emperor
or himself. , A oommittee of tba Senate had
adopted a project at an address in - response toe)
tbe timperor's speech, folly endorsing the Em
peror's policy, and lauding bis protection to the
Tbe Bourse, on tbe 2Gtb. was droODlotr: 68f.
5o, ; r. a : it .l:-v--i. -a . ' - I ' ' - i
The Italian Sonate, bjrTote' of 129 to 2,
adopted the project of a law conferring the title
of King of Italy on Victor Emanuel 'and hlB
successors. . .i-i.mw;iA m-. . .; :
The assertion is repeated that a Picdmontess
brigade would soon enter Rome, and that the
Komans ware secretly preparing to receive Vic
tor Emanuel. ' 1
The Emperor of Austria had slttned the new
Constitution. The Diet, which is eomuoaed
af an Upper and Lower House, bag the right of
legislation, me uungartan uonstitutlon
mains intact;1'' ' ';' ,Y"
A serious insurreotionbroke out In SnttarnU.
mm , .
I he India and China mailt were received. A
prlrada letter reports that the rebels had taken
Wassung, and bad commenced a general mas
sacre, When the - French Interfered on the score
of humanity, r. ?li . 3 ..;.; i
LiviarooL BaiiDSTtJyys.Rlchard Spsnoa k
o., Wakefield, Nash fe Co.. and others.
Flour dull and 6d chtanerr for extra Stat 2R
Wheat quoted at lata rates red 11a ldl2i 9d;
white 1215s. Coru Ju moderate demand and
slight Improvement; mixed 36s 9d3?B: yellow
S738s; white 3839s. Beef and Pork con
tinue dull. Bioon dull and offered at 50s for
long middles and Cumberland., Cot Meats
without buyers. Choose dull and partially low
er Lard alow at 65 57s. Tallow aniet:
Batchers' Asso'n 56s for fine) North American
57. (id. Sugar qulot. Coffee steady, Rica1
nothing doing. ' Ashes quiet; pot. 25
London ALiTrTS.--Wheat firm and good,
but dull for inferior.' floor from 6d to Is
cheaper. Sugar dull. Corn 6dla lower
Tea quiet. Beef steady. Tallow 69 6d for
Y. C, LlnaeedOil 2u 3d. .Bootch DitC
Gen. Klanka. in conference with demaorati
in Turin, icoke aealnat any rerolntionarT at
tempU in Hungary rtepresentlng the country
An iniurcent bod, numberine 5.000. aunnort.
d by Al.nteu.griu.; - pillaged ind ,e. flra
thoity of iBebor. ftr klllioff o?er fifty Mo-
l , . " . . ' ,
aammeuan., including aerm i women. : -y.
ra.il, TueadayTha flfoate, .. that tha
I Tlfl T) .. i . l , j 1
I "iauuu ui luiutiers uau Diunnuni a manaimania
in tB oontolnina: alluaiona ofleuaiva tcrl
Um IMnnimnt r tha KmnHMit an b.l. i.
disturb tha oonacience of citizens. The matter
I UBI Den Submittal to in. UOUncll 01 ctatr. whir h
is charged to decida In all cases of abuse, i
It is expected that tba Arabia, for New Yark.
Rtr,.A. mnnA t.lr. (mm 900 (inn ,rlh
I im ' ; v mw,-
. ine nnanciat ensa a vn"iuopie was
I ln....mr , anH MauMM fallnraMi I
I .J '.. . ...... . -. - - . u.
000 l apwl.
The flnaUC
" ,,11"' " U " IT
r Wednasday.--Tbj
dress was read to tha Corp.
e' proiect of an art.
fnrriaf' I.A..IaTAi: J .
It aoproTes tha course of tha EnToeror. and 7,L
00 ilom in tha future; being ooovine
u iu do wm aiway. ow guinea oy toe same
principle, and tba same . feelincs, without
,0'". hlnwelf to be digorted by the lojustlce
! .,
has been
An ipjUumioa-.hu be.granUd .g.io'st'per.
hrb' kaced" ' ' '
The k-on-caaed frigata Black Prince 1
"y maocarai
vwivuhikcus iu Ajvuuuut iiuiuKraunmr nnran ni i
tha Kingdom of Hungary purporting to ba ia. f
anaul h. (Tnunik a ka,d.aiL..". ..Va "i'-t
iz: """s " oi
" " . .. ,7 . . - T Lt"
"wnu "UUB . " common, py 10
Kingdom, it is said tbe issue contemnlated
150,000,000 florins. Three thousand per
ppelle; at n"e bean- aagagad-ra- the manufacture,
and the notes wre oa the sve of delivery. The
Austrian Govwament called on the foreign" of -the
flea to i Interfere, buf Lord Russell declined-
Application was men maae to the Uitv Courts.
iuovuurca ivstes aooiiiion Dili bad naaaed
a seoona readme in ; tne commons b is ma-
, ,. - I
Ji"y i. '-'i i , i- . P I
, j.aa.r . . I
aiamroances ooourroa at Warsaw on tha 2llth.
Tha rvnll.. Ir,...f.,.,4 T
, , , fi . ... .
The Panal Goeernmant waa nran.Ina . l,i.t. I
moot to tha effect that all resoonsiblllt fne tha
I. . . . i; i,u w 1 . I
a itnni ns wnu aaauuiouu. i
The French are about to occupy a portion of
the provinoe of Frosinone. ..,. .
An oooident on tba Casserta Railroad killed
nine n wounded eleven. ' j ;. . .;
uarainai orunneui is dead. . . . x . -Tbe
inhabitant, of Vitetbo had petitioned tha
Italian Parliament ' for annexation to the King
dom of Italy. L, .'
Tba Etna brings 11,065,000 in .pecia. ',.
LiviarooL, Feb. 38 - Breadstuff dosed dull
but steady; Provisions dull.
Lonnoit. Thursday. 23th P. M Hnniita nu.
ed to-day at 9lXal for money and account.
a meeuog oi tne Dang directors to day was
adjourned without having made further
any al
teration in tba rate of discount. American
securities remain without, quotable change.
From Texas.
-v.h, n.ia ntreuttHl SucpUOllC
ng, and he favors a new Con-
eh changes in the State con-
be necessary.. . Ha oonosea
New ORLIANSffafa'Jt'oa. March 11 (1.
Houston refused to recoeniis tha convention anrl
considers that its fanotiona terminated in sub
mitting tne secession ordinance to tbe people.
He tells the convention be and tha Lmri a1a1.ii pa.
which meets on the 18th, will attend to themihlir-
ijutjaiiuuj now arising
rention to make such
2 , t "JDe,Decessary...Ha opposes
v. . j
The Convention, in reDlv. DasaAd an nrrlin.no.
claiming full power., and promising to eonsum-.
mate the connection ot Texas with tbe Confed-
erate Slates, and notifies tba Bute of this eourse.
Convention Will require all officers to take
r. la ..111 M. I I. .1. k. a t .: .
i ,, T , "V1 m Pa " Houston B
uiave, u tun latter mioses 10 take the Oath. It
is also reported that Gov. Houston ia niain.
troops on bis own account. 1,500 fex,au troops
are at and near Brownsville. ' ,
Braios, March 6. Arrangements are made
for tbe Federal troops to leave as soon as trans
portation is provided. . " . .
. The Convention haa rjaaaaal an a!r..nn. a. I
continue the custom house officers en duty until
DUUCIBCUCU U W Sa UH CI UtBaaB ltnwoniviatl Asa BaaBI Ala.
ivriaiiVUW VlurvjtUIIICUIt
U. S. Senate—Special Session.
rv ASHIROTOIf, Maron 1J Mr. Dnnolaa aT. I
w rcBuiution caning on toe Secretary of War I
for information as to tha forte In th. A
aa-a . aa-.a , . .v.aa,
71 1::. 1 ""ceasary to re occupy thaaama,
ifUBi iurLB win uh npaiHRari ia, that nna.. i
wv. .
Messrs. Wilson and Mason ohiMilne- tb aw..
II . J , .an
uiuiiun im over;'
Mr. Fessendcn offered a ro.nlnllnn Hl.-iU-
the Secretary Of the Senate to atrik. frnm ttZ
1 1 t .a n ... -
roii oi we senate tha names of Senators from
the seoeded States who have declared that they
a ptR MA Inwifwakaa - ai a. I
are no longer members of tha Sanata.
The Senate went Into Executive session, and
lut-wara aujournea.;:! . a '-;. i!i : i ; i
. tt 1 -eel i 'i ' 1' m o!
Atchison, Kansas." March' 13 Th R"B1fr
Liommittee nave received, to-day, over 5,000
bushels of seed wheat, half of it being pur
chased with the'ffew York appropriation, and
the other half fronj .Wisconsin. About an
equal amoupt had been previously received
from varioug sources. One thousand bushels
were shipped to day for Leavenworth, for die
nibution Leaven'worth .X.Z.
. The demand for potatoes, for seed Is very
51 .j--I tauaa tuciv is ubarccij qj on oaou. I
Tbe SUDDlV Of OrOViaionS Ori hanrl la
small, and the receipts lately have been light,
although, the applications are more numerous
and pressing than ever. .o.-,.. a
v V ' ' ' I . r 'I'." MM i t
Niw, York, Maron 14-Oan. Di bad a rmB.
io reeeption at the City Hall at rinnn taurla '
Mayor Wood delivered the address of , wel
TheschSonw Restless of great E IT a,hn,
was "seiaed 'yesterdav. for trading' ?o tn
porta without a register. She sailed ireta Phil-
her coasting license, and anniied to tha r.nU.n.
tor for a register, which tbe Collector would not
furnish, statins: that be ceased to ba a United
States officer. ' Tha Capuin entered his protest,
countersigned by tbe Spanish consul, and went
to Havana thence coming ta this port with a
cargo. . f
Wilmot Elected U. S. Senator from Pennsylvania.
a - 4,
Tanlal 0 s I
jHarrisbdro. March 13.-ThiRVnnhli.n W
islativewuour, to night. twmlnateJpavIdWa'lTaa,,t,,e
mot lor Senator. ,.n . . .i,. J
W. ..,... . s ., t i i j- ,r .. I
Pa March HJWmi 'Davlit I
WllmOt was elected United StatM' KMiat in-
day, la place af Mr. Can.eroa (He raoeivad 86
senatorial an ill Representative vote. ' ; Hon .
Wm. H. WelflB reoeiVed S Senatorial nit 99
avcjjrcscuvativw votes, scattering,?.
a.. : 1-Kaiafi"
MoNTOMiikf March 13 The tariff la nnK.
lished and aoea Into od era tion on th fat f
May. Compared with-tbe aot of-the-United
States, most ol tbe 30 pet cent, duties are re
duced to 95; the greater portion of 24 and 19
to la; there is a large 10 per cent, efchedule
and smoll free list. ' ' , t .n &
The Alabama Convention ratified the Derma
nent constitiltion b 87 Jo 5l ' r,k
Jere Clametis ia appointed- Major General of
ine Aiaoama Array." tiai-a .i','-....u ,i,
BurFALO, March, 13. Tha New York Central
Railroad Company, in anticloatlon of the onen.
ing of tbe canals, have reduced the rates of
ireignt on nour to ou cents pea barrels and on I
grain to 3U.nta p. 100 pouads, from Buffalo ,
' (, ... I
" 1 '"
Concord. N. H.. March 13. LIB town. i,;..
. (R.Pl ' Governo.r;' 26,065; cF.rk
lueai.j ai,oo; scattering iua. Toe Kepubll-
Democrats 50
eans have elected IIS, and the
m.Amhfra nf thn T.ee-lnlatnFA '
' Richmond," March 13In thai Convention
Mr. Trier spoke strongly apatnst tbe Peace
propositions, and without coaoiuding, he oa-
ventlon adjourned- , . - . : o a-aos ,
I.- I . ' M I .... ,.
1 NaxroLE, March l3.-Tbe war Steamer Pooa
houtas, from Vera Cms, arrived last evening, f
I -.'.'. a
' For ths INSTANT BiLIlf
and PIEM ANENT CtJRl of U)
dlstroaslng eompuint as 4;
Itsdby0. B. SBTMOTJB 4t ea, 107 Iftaeau St., B. TV
Price fl par hox sent frc .
New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 14.
-reeelpti of bbli; m.rkrt no Important
AhairiM maildma A lift LL1. . . ru. n. . . .. r
STf.&r.'?.!:.4 "!. oj lorauparnne at.te
H.?o CntdiD flour duA tuidanchaoMdiiMiM
Af dllUl wtklm t m. 1r.4 - 1
"nvi! r.TmirirT"-'"-..... . t
WHiAi-e.rD7rjf"5 a'a l'CW.i i ' Li
mm, uiarBck uia
nminn axnort damuui! jnnnii v,...h .
,',lB, fof Ohicagi Spring; i,9iai,2S for Mil. club; 1.30 far
weuem; ai.ou l.vunei iHIU Canadian
1 hii ylottr. , auariu "r
I BABLKV-aule(at70AHik. . 1
. C-'pia of la.iisebuih; market a ahade firmer;
"L"0i"'-8?.'' -ix.d We.t.m,
,uu "; wwworor new do at railroad
i uvpu..
OATS more actlra at 322i34n fn watn,
land States . '..
PO KK-4nll and unchanged ; aalea of 100 kbit at U 75
17 for men, and 919 SO for prime.
Hit Eg dull and unchanged. ; ,- " aT i
. CUT MKATB-qulet. ...- I
uiinu eteaay; aaiea or 8D0 bbla at XJ10)4o...-
ulr nwt loaMe "" m
r wtUBKt-tteady and nnchangad; sales of soo bbui at
I . " ' '
ilJJM' ,' ,,.,ll..a,I,P,lllMr1' .
BTOORS-d'uTi In5 kiavy u7s if m. : money'and ex.
enangewlthout new featurea 0 at B 1 58 W . M at M Mi:
X.7.JJv " wt H; uh ia; Del at Hud
H ' MXidoquotedat35:HarllnK;
clTZ fti&&&t$& S
V bonus Vt: at 8 1st
: Ton75; Vt, 78)i;
C fl & e74: Reriatnr.
tquu io uboii nua in
?r "Xi iM6's67X
Afr w's JlXi o W'a 103K:
ineredB7:da eouni,n.ffl-na'.
Cincinnati Market.
lalLOUB there la a fair market, thou fc ft .i. .
xeauyioHersaitne qoouiionaaa 50 to SMforaupe
I flne - The high grades are but little snu.fct Cn. . . .
r "aiaAl was eirered mora freal tA.H. mt aii
or prime nea. rntKt 10 enoloe White Mn..a frrm ai an
13,, ail wa-a ... r v.w
wa ia, ia. oaainesa uoing it mosui sonnnad in ih. i..
cal teade.
wo quote ar oom steady at 3V. . h.ii
bIahI mt aai j ...
"T.-.-.." " "nii.
UAXB are Ukenat6Wa. bnt Ih. m.rW' I. I...H-.
Pri. .,i .......:' arr:-.-r '"r;-"'."'
-"r.,"'; S.'? " ie. Holders
BVB Is dull at 59c
ZfJ8"-11" to" at 13Ko.-G.ri. Con
Philadelphia Market.
. , . .
I ota.i -an " . '" ""
wu,le uoaw dull, sales o
BtSSM, L7- "-. Pa-" 50,
a avow a . it UIUI10WJ01.A,
7BEN you CO to New Tork . drive direct to th.
U ' SiaiTHMOIiVAM unnsE.
Conduction the - ,
Good Tare. Good Booms. Praiani an-..i.nu ... u.a
erato Charges. '
BIltGUC ROOMS 50 CT8.'?5 CTB. and tl PER DAY.
, . . . D0OBLB BOOMS and PARLORS $1,50 to 83.
ihpT.C.,,. 71 .71 .1..tlon' and la hotted
oAaiuaiiajfi. aiBADa
I ft .
tOVingtOn Rail-mill Company,
rpms) COiriPANT IS now Pkepar
1 dwUhthi.t J. ZZ?r
X i with the best m ImproWmrneryt;
,:,'. -aiiiww aaare a. tne snortest notice.
u.tn alii has the capacity to turn out 180 tuna a
toU,"! u zKZ win nouin.1't.,,,efl
a perfect w" id. ' lwnln,te
18trt ai'road Bare can alto be furnished, of any nat
The JjtIjEiulr.1anHw Railroad Bars of different lengths
I nanila nf il rH .a- .. . . - -
, ,i 7"BD company nope to give
ln.im ".uro may lavor 11 mm tneir
B BUCHANAN te BON, Agents,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
atrat to
Clement. Pretldent Little Miami R. B.Oo.
'John X. L.evis, President Covington and lexlngton B
tte JO V i ; ;
fVi1" McClalatm, Superintendent Ohio and Mlu!.
alppl Railroad.
andDwUa?mt?co. Pre''ldecl Clnc'lD',atl' ?;mi!'on
E. M. -WILLIAMS & CO.. ,
Front Street, Between State and Town
TMI K Ol.n 111 nui .mi
.XT nau"K and although
the pressure of Ute years has set heavily
upon ner runnloa aaara. aha. la aim , -,
j out those epiendid Phjetohb bockawats. .d
ritinui a i.hkht'b BUianrun nnna . .r
through the South and Wmt. W1U"1H reputauon
.we,M'.0,e'' naoosaarytoaByanythlna'ra
d re ram rn thai miatUrm. . "
avnty vuk
m t0 50'
naalara ataai
We therefore deem it una
aMiavaeKa- IT ota Bar 11 anon a'aa nnaaiM
li to 1450. . . , " "J
Dealers can be fnmlahril vith ... . a .a a. .
short notice, and at prices lower than can be bought any
where in tha West. Second hand Buinriee taka. i
cnangefor new work.
. IC?"Re pal ring done neatly and at short aotkw. Fao
Ohio0"1' between Bute Townatroeta,0olna
0AII eommunlcaUont will receive prompt attention,
Aug. 31-wly H. M. WILLIAaiB at GOT
Court of Common fleas, franklin County, Ohio.
JohnBfawet al.
VZWK mif.K
aale.at the doorof we Court Houaa; in tha citj ot c"
'""u, v.iv, winosai ui uuuri et ju o oioos, a. at.
and 8 o'elook, P. M., ; . ,
On Thursday, tha 11th day of April, 1861,
tba following described reaf estate, situate In Jackson
Township, franklin eounty, Ohio, and in Virginia Mili
tary Survey, Mo . 8115, bounded as follows: Beginning at a
take and two bur oaks, sou theatt corner to lot M o. 1 1, In 4.
B. Bmead's suivey, No. tllS, running thence west seven-
aj'uT poica in a ausa aaa mreo white oaks, thenoe
north 10 degrees west MX poles to two white oaks and
black oak, tbence east 73 poles to a stake near three
LU" S.?"
ti .mtt ,-.: !:
Tarna 01 ' one-third in hand, x in one and K 'la tiro
H. 0. M0BLB, Att.
O. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
Master- Commissioner's
0 at tarns Swan's Bxecutont t
va. t a A S Buptrior Court. 4
HaldamondOraryetal. )
f a va v wreaks va Br 1ajuiBa"
lin oounty,OhU,IwIH offer for sale at the doci of tha
itaodyof April, A, oi.
between tne noura or 10 o'olock A M.andS o'olock P.
HARRissoko,' nni r.kiin .n,iH.t.rfnhin ..h-.h.iS "r.
wltt lot Mo. 180, to be divided hyaline, toneetn .'h.
Um 91 tj'if,' si,,4et ' narthweet oom-
ao'rSand uX rotrnowird., 8
reetona Una naralKl withtnaa ..d n U LZ
lot; thenoe eaatwardly 30 fees on a lina senllel with th.
north and south lines of tba lot; thenoe northwardly IB
feet on a lina parallel with the oast and wast Hoes of the
lot; thenoe eaatwardly on a line parallel with the north
and south line of the lot, ta tbe seat line thaNf. .
Appreistd at for tha North part, e.0l o. ; g J.
i uo a or uie aoutn part, eo.soo.
a. w. Hurrsiajt, shaHtr,
i . ... -ana Master Oommlssloter.
Printer's fees, $1 50. . , , marciil-dlta.w4w
Law Notice.
that he has been sued with others In tbo Superior
Oeart of Franklin eounty, Ohio, by Qeorgo A. Slich. tha
petition aiki that tbe following described real estate, ait
uate la Franklin oounty, Ohio, to wit: in the second sec
tion, second townthlp and seventeenth range. United
States mllit.ry lamis, beginning in the eenler of th. tiau
mad from Weetorville to Oalena, on William Slaug'iter'a
irTVv. TJr rtooeon
n. . 7 ZS.
" " -r- W aajPaaa- w JJ ISUSSV SMIU UmTff QwAMi
pinchet In diameter, south 6g dog. west 3 links); thence
west S88 rods to a stone In theoentre of said Rtata m.
sndttwo acres and 93SB100 rods of ground, toil be Mid
for tbe pay moat of fourteen Hundred Dollars whlchlis a
lien fherwon. tn cast of failure to anawar or d.a,
oner before the SOth day (3d Saturday) of April, A. ID.
1801, plaintlB'a petition will be taken aa true, and iudg
meatnttMitdjecoanUDgiy. GEO. 8. OONTBR8B.
Oolumhut, Ohio, Teh IB, 1811 .
Att'y for nlaintUT.
, reblBwdW
. 1, , , Wholesale and Betail Dealer la .
Foreign , & Domestic Cigars,
;;; ; 1 .. awb am saim . .; .
Smoking ft Chewing' Tobacco.
Also, the best ".uallty of KRUTM eonsuntly
; , . e baaS. ;,
1 JnrOoaatiy Merchants art Invited to call before pur
chasing lsewhr.': . ,
Bet. Main aad Sycamore,
' , Dr. J. n. HcLEAN'S
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
Tba Uraateat Benaaalr tat Tbe Warlal
host Bsucioxra
It a acientiSo and
vegetable Compound,
Procured by tba distit-
ition of Boots. Uerha
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Barsaparllla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enters Into IU
More Takin&tu active' nmodial After Taking.
principle of each Innedlent Is thoroughly aztraeted be
aoy new method of dtsUlling. produoingijt delicioua, ex-
aaiiDrawng spirit, anu tne moat iNVALlilBLa remedy for
renovatine- the diaaaaed avstana. and ratnrina thm atir
n'Terlng and debilitated INVALID to HKALTII and
' 01 Ala
Will affeotoally ears
iavaa ooiiplaimi, dtbpbpbia, jadndiob
Ohronte or Nervous Debility, lilaeasea of tha Kidneys
and all diseases arising from a disorders! Liver or Btom
aeh, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Piles, Acidity or Btck
neas of tbe Stomach, Fullness of Blood to the Head, Dull
pain or swimming In the head. Palliation of the Heart
Pullnesa or Weight in the Stomach, Boor Bra stations
Chokhig or suffocating feeling when lying down, Drvneas
or Yellowness of the Bkln and' Byes. Night Bweatsfln
ward levers, Pain in tha small of Um back, cheat or tide
Budden Flushes of Heat, Depression of Spirits, frightful
Dreams, Languor, Despondency or any Hervoua Disease,
Bores or Blotches on the Bkln, and Fever and Ana (ot
Chills and Pever.)
Over a million ! ttaittlea
Have been sold durlnw the laat rlr montha mi i.
stance has it failed in giving entire satisfaction. Who.
tnen, Wlil Buffer from WralrnaM nr TlaKllta ku aa.
n i -n " " - ' -V wiavMSIW IU(a VI UIV UXJIUrT
dlate and almost mlraoalous change produced by takloe
this Cordial in tha diseased, debilitated and .h..Ji
wm. waieiaer oroten aown by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrunt
organ liatlon is restored to its pristine health aod vigor.
Or others conscloua of lnaH1lt. h.m .v.....
will find McLean s Strengthening Cordial thorourh
.cScw..wa ui uie aysunn; anu all wno may hire injured
themselves by Improper indulgences, will find In the Cor
av. wu. uu rvvuj tvmvcj.
To tbe Ladles.
McLean's StreBgthenijig Cordial
' ' Is a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed orDlfflcnlt Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Dlaohargo thereof. Falling of the
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Dlaeasea Incident to
vaaaSs U.-B1 a ,
' ' There Is noXlitake About It.
ouner no lontrer. Take It aceardlnv Tilriu. i
wiilstimulate, strengthen and InvlgoraU you and oauae
qiwuiuui ueaiia to mount your cneek again .
mmij ddiub u warrantea to give aatisuctlca,
IfSTOttr Children are drlrtw. nnnw. n-avTlut u.t
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robaat. Dclsv
tint mAmant m la al m t .
- vaaa, va j ia,sUtU JVH WU1 BQ CUDTlDCVa.
OaVlTTtOR i-Bmn af T)rn tny-Isrrai a IsamI... e.1..
rrar wv.1v. - -aTl." T .7"v V
Zt 17.1 arvwDoivicrorcftnapajiiiatraio.
which they can boy cheap, braavinc It la inatu mrA.
l.mrl ai..). .mm. a.ia a. r !.. .. D .
... lur aacijcaB s Dtrenaineninr nor.
dlaL and take nothlscelae. It ia thai ani .k..
Will purify the blood thnmnirMv .mt th. u....
One tableapooniul taken ever mnml-. h.H.. i. .
certain prevenUve of Oholera, Chills and Fever, fellow
Fever, or any prevalent diaeaaa. It f- n.i n i. t .
toMe,. -- -r -.ii.
Price only II per bottle, or 6 bottles for 5.
Bole Proprietor of this Cordial.
Alan 2I.T.r,. vh.ni. n.i T ,in.
PrtESloal DenoroVth;:.: i-'i S,"
8U LoUil. Mo; " a.a.u...
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The best Liniment In tha World. Tha only aafe and
Mrtain on re for Cancers, Piles, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Muscles, Cnronlo or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
ness of the joints, oontracted Muscles or Ligaments
Baracha or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, Freeh
Cuts, Uloere, Fever Bores, Caked Breasts SoraNipplea,
Burns, Bcalds, Sore Thoat, or any InSammaUon or Pain,
nodiffereno how eevera, or how long tbe disease may
have existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment ia a ecr
tain remedy.
Thousands of human beings hara been saved a Ufa of
deorepltado and misery by the use of this Invaluable mod
sine. OIL
VIII relievo sain almost inhaiii...nnai. ..a ,
anaa. pnrity and host the foulest Krsq in an incredl
J IllUll .LUlDe
For Horsee andOtber Anlmala.
KcLeaa aealebratAil T.lnbnrn. I. ..i. ...
liable remedy for theenra of Rnav;n ntn. nn.. a-;a
galls. Bollnta. Unnatural Rrtmni nmm n. ., r.
.... ..... u sun, aig neau, rou ami, ristuls. Old
running Bores or Sweeny, if properly applied. Pot
Bp," Bfuiaee. Scratches, Bore or Wounds, Oraelrod
aieeia, voaiaSa BailUle or Dollar flal'.a It la .n i.r.iiiki.
..iMvaajr. aupu it u uireeieu- ana a enra I. n.r,.i. i.
uiaiami.. . .
Then trifle no longer with tha many worth lees Lint
Kai onerea to rou. Ohlaln a mml, of n. aa-r .
.'.. ai,aiiaucua- at will cure YOU.
J . II . RIcIaE AN Sola Proprietor,
1 Corner of Third and Pine Streets, St. Louis, Ho.
ror aai by all druggists,
augSo-datwly Oolambu, Ohio.
j Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
' -"'" and "
Tha Hontreal Ooaan Staamahln ri,nn.... .i
fall-powered Olyde-built Steamers sail every Mala
nrutey irom ruB.iL.aND, earrylnf th Canadian and
uaiuo oiaaea mail ana passengers.
Shortest, Cheapest and Qnlckcat Catti
cianct irtm
Rates of Pamsage to Europe.
., S30, 860. sao.
Will tail from UVBBPOOL every Wedneeaay,
ana irom vubmku every Baturdav.eallln.t
rnHTimiTiE.Dv a a . . ' ! r?"!"a at
Va.a.Va.waa.., ,w imn uo dobiu anu lano SLtils and
Passengers, to and from Ireland aod Boot land.
iirinese B learner are built of imn in ..,i.t
"y"'" v.ia raiia. an upeneawea Burgeon, and
every attention is paid to the comfort and aceoromoda-
P'aMDgers. Aa they proceed direct to LONDON
DKBX, tha gteat risk and dalav af nallin. .id, .i.k..
Glasgow paarcngera are rornlthed with raawpensagw
ttckete to and from Londonderry.
eteiuro uoaeia granted at redueM rate.
Oertifleates tamed tor oarrvine ta and hrlnrtnr mil n.
aengart from all the principal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rata, by this Une of steamers, and
leaving Liverpool every weekr , , ...
Sight Drafts fet l and pwarda pay
able In Knalantl, ireiaadt Scat
land r Wales.
Pot pasejge, arply ft the OBIe. S3 BROAD.
WAY, New tork, and 19 WAIEH ST..
laiverpeel, '
BABEL 82 ABLE, General Ageats,
Otto-1" J. R. ARMSTRONG,
nolO-lydAw Statesman Oflloa, Columbus, Ohio.
THEIR N feW HU IBS. aw,,,,
ISO BALTOtOBS ST. ,f .-Haia, .1
'i -v- ' T I at I ai
a- MA. t a m a . a. . a a
j nvg.i,.Ham.auitW B1ASI,
,) Otfer for tale their oelebrated
Belna htahlv recommended hv thm nrst rwfaaifM ..A
Hntical Amateurs of the conntrr. and
KYKBT ' . . ,
rrvs tears.
Th most fiilldlons rustosiar may rely upon being
pleased In every respect.
Terms llheral . " WM. EN ABB a 00.
' BBLTZBR at WBBSTBB, Agents, . S
ectWilydw. Columbus, Ohio.
mad in the th officers of this Bank, January Mth,
1B61, to wit) Wa. A. Pianr, Presldemt, aad Tnoaas
Moosw, Oathisr, resigned their office. Davis TaTtoa
Bsq., waa Ih sleeted Prealdent and Wa. A. narr ap
pointed Cashier.
By order of ths Board of Directors. ' '
.fsbS, 1801-dlf. . W. A. PLATT, Cashier.
XX. selves to be Indebbva ta th lat flrat ot
a nf linn.
DB1DQB at WBITB mill pleas call and settle tw.
acooonm, aaa wereny ear cost.
All not and account remaining unpaid on tbe flnt
of April will be placed ta th bands ot WM. L. HBY.L,
J.. P., for colleoilon, P.N. WHITa,
ajatV-dawtapr Burvlring Partner.
A compouad remedy, designed to be the most
elfectual .rftterartM.that can be made. It is
a concentrated extract of Part tiamparilla,
so ccrobincdwiUa other aubatanoea of stal
greater alteraUve power as to afford aa effec
tive antidote fnr the diaeaaM R,nDr,ii. i.
reputed to cure. It is 'believed tJiat such a
remedy is wanted by those who suffer- from
Dimmoua compuunu, ana that one which will
accomplish their cure must provo of immense
service to tliia large class of our afflicted fellow
citizens. How completely this compound will
? I1 teen ProTen DT eatperiment oa nan
or the worst cases to be found of the followina:
Pimpws. Blotches, Tenons, Saw IUBro.
fectionb, Mbiicubial DisiAac, Uuorsr, Nbc
KALOU on Tie Douloubevx, Dbhilitt, Bts
on St. AwTHOKt's Fiua. and itulnwl th i,i
class of comnlaints aridnaT finm
at vaeasa VII
tna Blood.
This compound will be found a STrSl TWA.
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul htmors which fester in the
blood at that season of the year. By the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
are nipped in tha tiiiil. Mnlfin.H.a. k.
the aid of tliia remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will arrive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to'do '
tlus throuch the natural rlmnn.i. n .i..ij.
br.n elteratire medicine. Cloahso outtha
vitiated blood whenever you find it impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores: cleanse it whan
tructed and luirvrish in t)iA Vmna olnnnataw at
whenever it is foul, and vour feolinira will nii
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health,, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
Eabulum of life disordered, there can bo so
isting health. Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
liie is disordered or overthrown. j
Saraapurilla has, and deserves much, the
reputauon of accomplishing these ends. But
the world has been egregiously deceivgd by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alono has not all the virtue that is claimed
ltt ,nore because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla.
or any tiling else.
During late years the puhlic havo been mi
lecl by large bottles, pretending to give a quoit '
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. loc
of these have been frauds tlie
upon sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, Saraapa
nlla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter mid painful disappomtmcni
has followed the use of the various extract of
Sarsnpnrillit which flood tho market, until tha
name itself in justly despised, and hai liecoms
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
we call this compound fearsaparilla, and intcad
to supply such n rcm-xly as shall rereuc the
name from tho lo.id of obloouv wliich rrsts
upon it. And we think we have ground for
bcl'.cvinir it lias virtuoa wliich m-n ir.;.t!i.i-
' ataviHnttuiv
vy Ine orduiorv r.m of the
cd to cure. In ordor to spriiro. thr.;,
cmtlicRtion fruni the nystcrn, tho remedy bIioii!
bo judiciously taken nceordins- tn .lim.n,.
Die bottle. - - '
PnCPARED 8T , " ,"
DR. J. C. AYEIl & CO.
LOWET.T.. Tut A fis
Price, lpcrBottIt Six Bottles f or J3.
Aver's Cherry Pectoral ;
has Won for iuclf such n rnmtrn f.,r ..... :
every variety of llu-out and Lung CornvJiiit, iliht
It is entirc.y unnccwuury for us to recount tlie
evidence of its virtues, wherover it has Iwca cm
ployed. Aa it has hug boon i,i cotiataut iw .
throughout tlua scrjon, re need tiotdo moro tlmn -
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
FOB THE errnE ne
CojfiVewM, Jaundice, Dwcpsia, I.utiaest;
Dyientciy, Fcul Slomnch, E.ysipth,, JtcaHxiu,
I ties, Rlmimatisiii. Eruption, and Hliii liitemn.
Liver Complaint, Vm;v, .Tetter, Tioaor, c.i1
Salt Rheum, Wormt, Caul, Xe,:-at,w , '.. ',1
Dtnner PiU, and for Par.'fauufthe Iilaod.
They are augnr-cnalH. in' tht the most itel--
nve can take tliern iilcasniitlv, mul thn are tiwe aa
best aperient m tiio wodd for .ill Uis ptin-OMa ef (il
futuily physic.
Price 25 cents par Box'; Tivj baxU for V,u
Great ntimbors of Clergyiueii, Phv-iriiin sfRtairi.
men, ana eminent pcrsoiiantM, hive lent their .
names to certify tho unimralleled mcfulnw of rhne -remedies,
but our space hero will tint
insertion of them. The Arrmitj knlmj , .1 a.
, . p-ivi uiiun sita.nvu jiti
nlsh pratisour Ameuicasi Aimaxac iu which tliei
are given; with also full descriptions of th -ir
comDlalnts. and tliA tM..,mai, i.... i a..k -
, ... ' -.a....a.a,, .,.v 3111'UIU UC ni-
loured for their cure. . ,f , - .
In not be nut off hr iiiihnnPirUl Ja...l . :.-
other preparations they make mora- pie.ii on .'.
liemand Atek's. and take no nthor. u:.t.
want the best aid there ia for them, and tuer alrtHQa
have it. , . . .
All our remedies arc for sale by
ROBERTS Ac Imrtt. !!.,.
n,,JJ pmgglsta aad Dealers everywhere. .
y'r''., il
1 k
An experienced Nurse and female Phyakiaa. ailaanll
,. a,lll.. al . ' 1
w mm .Hwuua vt aaoMrsra, new . , ,
sreatiy raciiiotta tn proees
eaing the gum, reducing all iraOaa
ALL PAIN and spasmodic acUon, at
of teethlna-. bvaoft-
inflaatln . will allay
STTDK Wn V w ' . '
awaaavuua.aira HBSaS HUWBU. In
Depend upon It, mothers, It will give rest to youraclve
and -
what we have never been ahla tn a., mi an. .,v -..i?
aaa. va., a jaiaaiUT Ji UUal, WHO timely UMd. NCT- t
er did we know an inttar.ee of diaaaUsfaaUon by any one -
who used It. On th contrary, all are delighted with ila '
operaUont, and speak tn terms of ootomaiadaUoai of la
magical eSects and medical virtues. We speak an this
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten years' expo-
rianra 1VD pr.a-raia arra. ..nr. ......... . . .. . .
.7,. V. r. rLr vyJ "fi'inra fvaiiia -a
PULILLktBNT Of Wfl A1LWB sirs riiir ana r. )
almoat every inatanc where Uie Infant la suffering from '
pain and exhaustion, relief will ba feaad ia S'leea or
vwcul, mmnies alter tneByruy ta admintatred.
Th la valuable pnmaration is Ih prescription of on oV " a
New Bngland. and has been used with MBTKB f AIW V,
It not only reUare the child frontaia, tnat in vigor-a
ate th stomach aad bowels, eorrecta acidity, aod gives
ton and energy to the whole srstam. It will li. u-'
tantly relieve
flRaP.io nr rax iowxls. ahb vat it ccTtti i ft
and orercoawoonvulsions, which, U aotspMdily rem."
led, end in death We bellev It th BKbT and BUR.
BNTBBY and DIABRUtBA in nntintcu aL.IL.
arises from teething, or from any other eaue. We ' "
would my ta (very tuthr wbe hut obiid (tjrering from 1 9
K?.,-VhJilI.,'lajlr? eoU'Plalntt DO NOT hmT Jot)
"and between you and your suffering child, and th r-'i
,. aaia. will or BVB.M ytt, ABULUKLt DUBB to
follow the ate of this medicine, if flatly and. tall .
rectiont tor uilng will acooaopany each bottle. Nona .
genuine unltss th fao-daile of UlTBlISet PBBKIMB, ' A
New fork. It on tbe oauld wrapper. 4 X
Bold by all Druggml Urroagaeat th world.
rrliclpalOfricas 13 Cetfar BtraetN.T.
. Mt!7-dtw1y. '- ' . -
! ft fit
lyttlTA. ft A&iit I Wlililj ft laai I
' HBW HO. 1 WHITB K8H, from Lake Huron, la
Bb. Half ana Quart! Bbl. PcaM.,, 135
. S. Morta. fcvih treet.
aw umim.uub mil li.iu. .ii'i an 1 luawim a... -
acald, bruise, cut, or fresh wound of any kind, preventa
swelling and pain from be ttlon. moantittA hH... ..a
poiaonoua plant, neuralida, rurnmallain, aru in th .
oreaat, salt rbeum, ore. M brn taken lute mail, u will j,
PMitively cr oroap Inobildren.eo ,,r.e Uuwi. ..
rallrttnlh. MnlMia nl a. ia,. . . '1' a
. . . wuiuit guflpiaig, a.w. 1 y
remove hoarseness and sore throat, Price, 'Ji caataa
bottle. Bboald be In ovary hout. lor ale b inm, .
giata and Storekeepers. IKVII BTDNB, , . .. ,.
edfcw.vl n,,ritT 1 rrc.t.,lew York ' 1 '

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