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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, March 15, 1861, Image 2

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Stat Reports.)
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Itt Two IqjOlJVmy Pri.
Ho care or expeneehaa bno iparoJ to make the work
Mrfrot tod reliable In a'l mptctl-
It ha now ihe LeglilatWt MttioWt hiving beo n
rovst by nearly th snanl'i on vte' of both Unuaee,
ud va ordered to b. distributed to the following Btat
Bad County officer:
am, Q ,pirIUr,'r.aurei od AiUti r f tt wU
tnlhri'tCour'e Corteof Ommo Plea Huper
lor aod Putloe Q..nrr. Audl'orl ana imuikm
vartoa Oourulueach nou. ty. t Iho Mrmberiol uie
Imll and Huue ol Rente-ntntl.ae nf hii state, and
th vrnr o th .own rat giutofih " ,,
Thle kook. e.tlnS ft if '' ?'
bow la foros.'aod .he euthoriwtl' 001 itroctton of them
no of -ho Now 1..tio l will ho found to be especial
- If saefal ii tbo parformuic of their duiiw, to All
oooTTornbi '- '' "lt blu m"11
JUsTl" Of TIB OBAnw,,
pi fairi An TikU'KflnTPR. inA
'TOT vi- ""ith
Inatwwei aV'jmenvfcflaaafcive bee ami h th
Summation th. puiifc-ati..n of the la-t dltl"ni. by re
i .iBiri and additions and many Important de
etatoni have born given Of the Supreme Court on eon-
IroTOttM polntt H.'4'l r".l tV '
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fiMlthedbf .io noi Mvs'd -f "" ''
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it tht ay vpuMiauiun.
FRIDAY vEVEIlt NO, CtATWtiy, 1361;
The Senatorship.
Tha Rennbllcan of tbe Leelglature rr In
oaocur In UioyiOUM laBVjvenLigand oa.tio
a4 theireaeion "until a late bonr, in an onenc
ca(ul tOrt. toC VoaUaaM X rcandidato for the
United States Senate,. fhey hadapme twtnly-
alne or thirty ballot, bat made tfo nomination
la the beginning, Snggsu d bU eompetlt
or, followed by DgnaiBon, and then, came
Scacncz, Gia'SV, aniathersn rl li 1
' A th balloia progressed, SRuaaa'd strength
waa tested, and found to be ineufficientj and
than hi vote began fcraaowBubfil his friends
withdraw blm. Dbmmson And . Schxnck then
contested tb jJoiirtriritalF'Pr tB
th otberuntil fJkiiHigoa received a vote snffl
lent to nominate ,hinuJiAd ltAnatriieen that
there wtr two morr) tjkilotria'Mtfl'b'Sf i&tn
memberaJallui smbcus. Because of this faot
tb aomlnalipij, was ?!LM'1 aaJTrjudttlentand
tho voting was again renewed.'
Oa tbe 29th ballot DsmneOM BatFeome thirty
five votes, Hoetoh some thirty, and Scbinca;
some fifteen. After thlgballoUbe cancps ad-
joBrne4nn4ltoi Wf-i Te,dy haa oeo
wall pwal4si ba4. iaberhoiUVf "hlch it is
psd4'ii:()I 'irw4.ibft,TinV tl'U'.
Tb D era sera tic msmberg-of the Legislature
met la caooaa laatiighf alao aaAaftereonsnl-
tatloa and Iwmd'tnree of four ballots, uuanl
BBaI,i' noiWUd J4g KBoa,"'or Belmont
oooatyiM bwsopported fotlhf TJVB. Setrafo "b;
Ui LMmojeati stT" " - s
; iijnl :u
rTTha Juurmmi at Ibis ity 1 trcUlBonoy
4 and saandaliiad. , At a'pfayer-meetltig lale
ly held taCwoiwiatsa gentleman irom Col um
bus states) that .be, Va slate of religion hert
la tbwbtef seasoB waa eSuied bj the presence
of the Lgnrtal ABtreQ ' TbC ploBB jaaa made', no
doabt SDealilllreference. W wh it' the'; astraa
I tit whalT the' JaunalY"",
' . -. i .vf
Capital iaJaNbaT tb l two winter Bj in
which a Repftbllcan.'.LegisIature. has had po.
Malonof the 8tteHouse."
Tne Repuylcad "OrgAn' is grieved over Oils
acAndaloua sUttmer-nor tries to -parry' Its
force br alleeble1 attempt at satire. But it
writheB fn"palV while affecting a 'ltugh. ItcW.
not dent ;fhTbAaCBDa(. Tb fact is too
plain nfti iWf fnc L8
lslatnre in which th 'bji heta' ,men?and
Mlmpa'aeibW', navi almost unlimited sway;
is dmbatnjjo ur 0, b?,m"jleV.It mor,
im penetrable" to religiou '.impraaeion than
Sodom AndjGomortkn ' Th Journal affrctd to
sneer-aa-ivtit sraiement'. irbile admitting - ha
troth Tbul'bnly prove it bardneu ofhesrt,
and tb'i i depraved aoipeleMcharacier'of
pilitioalsoaool srx which it belongs' -1. it .
.1 --
ealU -tho degolatioB- of abomination" in rXOti
Surrender of Fort Sumner—Gan. Scott Not Responsible.
' ' apoualbl.
Tlegrapbldiparche and letter-writers con
firm the . report (hat lb evacuation of Frt
8omter ha been determineii'nC by'.the Cabinet
at Wasbiog'on President Boca a a an reloaed to
give op theTorr but left that burnPUtiba: step
to be) ukrrf bjr hiVrall-'ppfittln and' Cotoo-jpiifc.
tlog sbcoeaeor ' This la ' wormwood iod gall to
Ihe radical Repabff oa"vbOi before bit iMug.
nration, mad snob it Wuator about tb "back
booa" of ,,01d,Abe.'ene was going to elevate
"high as Hainan" tb rebels arid traitors 1n th
Bowb, und 'glre inetr Nortbe'riv1 ymptisers
"the benefit af Kentucky bemp." :;
Bat " chang has .corns ' over the spirit of
tbelr an"Xt9)Ab?".?,a WfJpBbtaB Bro
backing down. antl the Republican set tbeir
wlla to wol to fiod fipnJwi fo'.Mnjan; tbam.
On o thi which is nest ' frequently pat
forth, ' 11 thai tk4 Vscuatiprin.ofurii'ter.la,'B
military o0eserty.i They taayr that General
Boon has declared it ss, and thnsjUtempt' to
add) the old; goldjer whh tie responsibility
Bnt this dodge won'f answer tfieir purpose' Gen
eral Scotti hAS imply told Prosideni Liimjoui
and bis CblnetjWbn' hl opinion, was ' naked,
how Urge A force, Bulitary and aaval, woald b
rqulredli,reliifjrce. Fort. Sumter, and the
probable eoiweqti.epces..Tj wbf5trthe;:tteiJipr;Xo
reinforce ltJ , Would lend. . tie- baa toU, iiiem', o
ran tb etirrent eew fbs't It would require a
land forceof tea thcaaatid saea aad all tb dl
posAbt navaT foft B bf ;Hh' fJnlte'cTStaleljj'khd
that It wcu;J''pfbliily CAuae n aagnieBltion
ot th eoe " sf 'st miliKarj strength by re
cruits f-i.j u. L ota or Slave- State, nd lght
place t' f Ft. .kral Csiilf.ln 5dacer, bfcaldv
lighting up lurid flame of civil war. - J
. Thjat rpt eacntatloat of tb old veteraA, who
of course pi -r to know all abc-fat It'.'ftlgtteneif,
.tb Premiuiit v,d fc'fl"Cftbirrrti It was a Soar'
.io wblch. f j ;t, t r ; Old Abe" at Karriaburg
wi A ran peolM or nlghtmora, vT
.iter wd S aoon7" orer, bu" tti effeott of ftf
b e mntrrii urd, result fo tho atu of
tor vi eouuon oi rori oumierv
GMdfkl Bcott li noi to bUme tot thlii -Nel
tKeirtlifX-TottnlitrtJtM' tbrriioBeit wirtet ef
tht Republloon party wlU bold blm reaponitblo
for tbo fright bli ilmpU iUUmoDt of bt bt
believed to bo true bato to the "eeoond WuS
lnrBD. Akd hi Aide laibt FdrJ CUj.-Tb
Republic dr lot Joetity tBeooow tbo Ad
'mlnUtrotloo I UklDg, opoffWie ground of prln
olple or polio; bufUtey pleid 1U p'iUy-
A pleitbAt wTftry poltrooo or rol II, euro to
set up for bit eOwMleo n tuiamy. 1 '' ;
" - ) ' ' -r - ' 1 w ":, ' '
Parallel between Buchanan and Lincoln.
Ooe AfJ,ibblBtV,llIcilfourD',Pub'isheaU
tbo WV'N,'?gUi4 i. tb Bob-UI;
ton Court' PurlD;b lal Frc14entlal 0-
Toast iupjjorteq in c Li-fcTiatTr ticaev, ana
.Mil p4rT ,fl-igr 'lb con.eraily ton.
lt'dieoj 4umed. A iioatoo Rdpub(ioB journal
1 .i. i .n,,.i.ln.l'h.Lli.rl,f tha aattwa Cflliw
btviug n plained Bitterly or tn efer enn-
Clm lO'iniCQ rrecioen inaugural um
i .M.I '. .
been i'ubjt cifcJ b, J, ' cOB8icrbl
,bi portion of tb
Demoorauo preaa, Courier respaah by aj.
log that "if lb Uemocratlo pre ooea aadan
the Iaaugorat with nnreagonabl. aod unbecom "
lne aerecitj, it doe, but repeat th Wagon it
, ,. . . ;V K. ... B.nilhli-.B
haa rooeotlj txuin.. taught by tbe Kepublicaa
ihhtt referring' to tbe eerioas condition of the
nuil mcaaag, ai.d cumuAiiog that docomcnt
witb the inugural addreatof Preeident Lincjih,
the Countr ia " etrnck, not only with the reaem
bianco between tho meaaago ud tb. inaagural.
In' tbe general drift of dixjuesioa and argumen
Ution, bnt with th parked inperiority of the
tneseag In clearnea of reaaonlng and neatness
ot atjle." ..Tbe CowtV prooeod . to draw lb
tb parallel between tbe views aod policy of the
late and the new President, after tbe following
IWUIOU! , , .,, -,'.- '.. t- . '.
i 1 1 L . '
nolblatlB the
Both agree iBueelarlnflhathorata
Mif the Republican uartg to Juitiryortaeuaaadlaio-1
loUon of lbs Unli b: and boto anbaianilalt atBraa thailn
nd bou inbaianilallt fflra tnaiin
na etsrntial way have tha eonauratioaal rlghta of the
goa Jnrn "latas own invaded. Impaired, or aoaangeraa
Bath deny th right of etos-slon. ea diatlagattheA Iroa
tb right of refutation, and bo lb diuent from tbe
doctrine that the Constitution is a mere compact,
nd tha federal ' Government a ' awra voluntary
anociaiion of glatee, to be dissolved at plearar by any
one of the contracting partial.' in regard to tne oouri
and nolle? uf tha Executive, tber IS no substantial atr
ia. enM between their views.'- Both leeoentse the great
eonitHnUonal tact that tha rrealdeat eaa only ezaruta
the lawa. aad not aaaka them, and that If any new powers
are wanted. Con areas moil areata tnem. coin amra
hair intention toexeente the laws, but both With sub
stantially the same qualification, that Ihe attev.pt will
not be mada where KnasbecooM uapomiaie, or wnere
would Wad to aaaaporation, violaaea aad bloadahed.
Both deny tha iigbt ana uie expediency w eoening
Bute; rrestdent uncnanau aireciiy ana eunoraKiy,
bnt fraaldent Lincoln only Impliedly and by In re re nee
.t..,i.ii. ,h.' um. . th.t whtnh . nt indication
epithet In B disparaging sense. It was ta avoid all vto-
lent aolllitowi to gain time, and tkns allow the healed
pustonsof the people to grow cool by-digusioa. Any
thing was preferatle to civil war. ; . . ...,
Having alluded to the vituperation and viru
lence with which Air. Uucjumak' megag wa
assailed by the Republican preag, tb Coarser
juitly remarks, that .'the cantlooa and pacific
policy, which in President JJHQOUt is bailed
fie perfection of prudence, was denounced
President Boobanar as tha pitiable indecision
of helpless incompetency,: which could only
wring its bands In th presence of imminent
danger." . Tbe Courier closes it discourse with
the. following tiuglng application! ,-. .
Jow the moral, tha latproraraawt, of th above
mon, odremad loonrBevublicaaieanteniporaries, la tali
that If they meet with routh treatment at tha hands
th Democra t!! or, they must raboit toK as tha
otlhelr own Hachiag.. Yhey bar aV tb Beoworat
lasMO-whleb tby wUl not b tlow ta larn. for
loog rear, or, al least, during its wools exuueoos,
Republican party has enjoyed the luxury of criticising,
tault-flndine and abating; and they hare made good
of their privileges. Now the table ar tamed; the
pablieaoahaT got to carry oa tb government, and
Democrat are at liberty Is pay off old eoor. Now
Bepublkaa are aothon.and th Democrats erltlo;
BepuMioans giv the entertainment, and tha Democrat
are goeaia: tbe BapahUsanaare tha tarrat, and th Dma
erat r tbe arebaia. "Oene ar like oaof chicken,
thy alwaya ooma home to raoat." ays th proraib; Ke
nablican mut aubmlt with anuanlmliy to the cluck-
lag and clawing of the unclean brood of thetrtrwn hatch'
ng- ,0; r. ,1 ti'i-ma
t ,
Immigration Statistics.
" " "
.oyl r "17. .
Tb cfflolal report of th Secretary of Stat
of: Ihe United State, mad to tho Speaker
ft; Hons of Representatives, nnder date
February 28, 1861, in compliano with an act
Congress of March 3, 1855, shows the number,
places of nativity occupations and age of
pVsseDgers' who barearrlved In the.Unlted
States from foreign countries by sea, during
fin, wa.m .nillnf flMAinhw 31. 1 Rfifl
I . .4t .it Am C AMnaa .t.
number of arrlvale, which in 1855 had fallen
nearly one-half of those of the prevtoug . year
baa been sine . ateadily increaaing, although
they are g till gbort of th arrival in 1857,
otpsty-two tbousani. Of these arrivals the Oer
mans have been in each of tbe past four years,
largely in tbe majority, with lb exception
1860, In which year the eumber of Irtsh imm
grant was only two thousand i than tbe
German . . ,;
, To greater portionvof th immigrants were
between the, ages of fwenty and twenty-fir.
la regard to ocebpariooe, Uborers bad 'the pre
poiideraoce; farmers aod mechanics following
next to numerical imporUnce.r ' : '1
From SepwmberiSO, 1843, to December
lSCOhere arrived m the .United Sutee Irom
abroad 4 386,441 passeogers, of whom 9,645,-
408 were males, and 1.741,033 femal.: .Tliere
fayof 0'iurae, some deduction to be mde from
this total for person merely visiting or pessiag
through thU country ; boj, acceding to the re
turn of i860 of their place of deetloation,
number of. tbi otaas doe not -amount to fir
per Cent of the wbol number of arrival from
foreign countries.
. ..'.a
Radicals Coming Down.
One of tbo' remarkable features 6f t1ia Re
publican eanoug last avlah, or tha nomination
of a candidate for U.t8. Senator,' Was the large
nn.t,.)g i..''.,.i Itr.- TJ -V." o '
Last session, scarcely ten Republican members
could be found who were sufficiently censer
to vote for Hon; powaBtrs Dbxaii, an Ori
ginal, constant, aad very dark colored Repub.
lioap. Now, Mr. 8cnino, whole oi the Corwln
and Ewiog stride of BepuDUct, ;aad iho bag
llcted with that party only a short time, haa
fdproipectTrf being nominated by the Repub
fleas legislator 'for, tJ, S, Senator. :i Jhe Radl
dais aro certainly coming down nicely, and De
lano Is now, altogether too radieal for the Rad
ical of the winter of 1859-60. , Verily, Repub
lioaos do move, io spite of tbe "rugged issne."
" ' ' "
' a
, BTiw Bcsiirerw. An mterprhrinf Indlridnal la Troy
SdrntuK tolurnlab aapiraat for oBic with aignatara
U patitiona at the rat of on dollar a hundred. .,
The employees and expectant of office on th
lii PubUo Work npply tb Legislature,
th instance of he Board, with petitions agslnet
tb sa,l or lease of hes Work on th earn
principle) that the Troy man proposes to furnish'
aspirants for office with signature. r.excet that
in cases where tbeee sigQiture are obtained
the Incumbent of office on th eanals, th Stat
llself pay tbe expense, and where obtained
axpectaats 61 office, they, If guoceiefnl, win
peel to bereimbnreed out of the canal land.
Such being lib tact, there is no areieht whatever
attaobed to the petltloni remonstrating ggaiuat!
I gate or lease oi in canais.
How the Evacuation Takes.
.r0iJv. s : -.t-J :
Tbo regular Whiug(n ootitisponjcu of the
CbiolDnU CommtrtM, 1 hli leiUr of tb.t 13th
inount, .da 9u JnUrwtlDg item "About th
eneot of tbo rumored abauaonmedtor: rori
Sumter.oa tbo KepobUoAM a tbo drlCpl-
Ul." Tho offloo luQtor are. to nan. diippMd
to locklo.ljT ounthlae tl4 Mmlnlltratloo
moy M wibo i I too rouhMrr W power ana
th oaro of wst patronage... To thlg lmneD
and hungry olasa, th pursuit, of poil U par-
mouot to oterjlhrog fat o3, tberror, tb
kioat Tltaf queelion "ar1rough Into lubordl'-
nation to the (hint for omq. , But tb leader
of th "irrepreaiibl oon01o(,"'each a Old Bkn
WDi,taIk right out In meeting, and oonaign
Aommiaira lion tu impiny w i icmun
. i t . .1 A .1 a- - j ILL
, , ,n mim iKiM ba, not orerMUng
lt d : .fB?.. ,
fn, araouuot nth l al qoMiwn. wh'hr btv
' wraMOtorooA afaall Man, orhout Bt. of
e riorlwarHiiluaho( MiobUbairat
hu liuu-lii iju i ton vouwwputwu iri), u-.w turuii
. ... ..... . 1 . 1 a
dtooui oo t an aoi nig oanowaurg but hi Om buhtat
I Ural rev uunaiil T vaa w -
ii., - . in oul dvunviu, bn in tiieaa auoita'a timea be
ajV.TrfaT - S..
aauoobnU)ftrr bora... -n i
offi-aittagMOrllippr,.vakhaacualloof fort
gaibUr .huttli!ti.ahUioicuBr,o, andwuadtquaiijr
follow tbe draiullrtt-.o, run) thr -thing bronnrelded
. i. - - .... . a k... u .kA Ml,,. flikti And
0 ner Bliitaf bwd ai wooully dotornd bg bk.tacioa,
aun aactart tno reang jiaiaiug u ia iwnc ii
ha ximli.ia lailan the Dioat fatal blunder It
naia it anil ad -are t dHaotallft tbo party and
aa well aa abroad . U fa it ttriain, 14
IMttf U ragoltwtf fjMaM: ,Jdi ,, .t .:, ,
The Journal on Fort Sumter.
. Th, jauraaf diseoarae gravely aa tbo que
doc t tho surrender of Fort Sumter. That pa
ptf 4oet pbt Know what to aay or what to do
sboul- t, ,nd i0 lu diequUitionB to relation to
tB- k aji bo) moat alngular thlgga
1. . .aBfj
Thlg BOfnUff It Baa a loog Brtioi OB ine Bur
render 0f (be Fort, from, which W extract tbe
renuor, , lm . i. . . . (
fallowing: , ..-,f . ;.-"
We eonfeM. that If the proposed evacuation had take
place nodar tbo lata Admlautrauon, we snonra oaTtooa
lh mun wlthoo' he.itatim Mr. Buchan
an eould sot hare given no the fort without confirming
tntpkitaiis atraady aroaiad. that h was a eoMpttttor
agaiHOt liia ova government. , The eareer of that ataa
fUlO OiauOOCIl, ao auiiuaicw,v wmiim.
not have eaoaped tbe Indignant oensnre of the American
AdmlniatraUoa. however, the
uu ha ant ralT d neraal. na eannoi aupoca uiaio-
tegrtty or Ihe patriotiim of Mr. Lincoln. We cannot
doubt that If fort Bnmter Is avacnated, tt will be becanal
the poat la unteoablo, or only to be held at taBense
aagrlflc ii to.."-- ' : ' ' ' "' "
la not that rich? If Mr. Bvoranan bad sur
rendered tbe poat,' the Journal would "have
condemned the measure wftbbut hesitation;''
hnt tha anrrender beine made by Mr. LlNoaui,
g )a (hi much frankness, and DO 00 can doubt
... an; ' r .-.-l.'M .illl. .nr.,.
ita truth. The Journal would readily approve
-ca d00g bf - LlUCOLH. and jet eoodema tbe
a.me thinr if don bv BocRANaN! Soch are
the morals of Tjcpnblicsniem. , ,. ,h
Terrific Scramble for Office.
InepeaklDg of tb terrible straggle for offico
I now going on at Washington, the regular cor-
respondent of the Cincinnati OoxeUt, in his let-
J ter of March 13, says: I n; n.,
Thneprfjaants,UirnsidenFsHousaiid thelee
blos of tha Btnala war aU arewdad Saay by aiBea-BeB-
srs, whose nnmbtrs seem raineron in uwnaaa una ai
mlnlahal. In avoat Instanees th contest for tho man;
plaors to vary vigorous Indeed, to so greatan sxteot
ii i..aii. raait abaAonaur two aaada f bwraaiu
v.... MwmtA that tha will aoaolnt whvrthe Ootv
gremional Delegation from tb atetlon from which th ap-
niicani cornea may enwtaw. iim.w, w
Creadini and examining so many racoaniendaaons
-1 Br the mode thus adopted to get rid of trod
ble and avoid responsibility, the Constitutional
power: of appointment will be virtually Barren
dared bv LincoL. and placed to the handg
members of Congress, who will Use It for the
elevation ol tnen men in inotr respeouve tosat
Uie as bars: been their suppls tool la their
eampaigns at home. These will be tha recipi
ents of favor and patronage,' whether their
selection .meets with the approval of tha mass
pf'the party or not. "Thar Is a significance
this thing, which- tend to show that Lircoiji
will not be in fact tbe President, but be mere
tool of tbe corrupt managers of th party,
be used and managed In such a way as to pro
mote their lnterestl.'and not the public welfare.
Postal Affairs—Important Changes.
Hortioolturists and pomologisU will b glad
to learn that by the new postal arrangements
passed at tbe Jaw session or congress, aeeds
cuttings are olaaaed a mailable matter in pack-,
ages, aod ar to be charged with postage at tbe
rate of one cent an ounce when sent nnaer fi
teea hundred miles, and two. Cent anouoo
when sent .over that distance.- lb package
moat pot exceed eight ounces. - ,
The noeteee on letters conveyed In the mall
front any point east of th R-cky Moontaln
any cut or Territory on toe r.cmn coast, ana
from any State or Territory .on the Pacifio coast
to any point east cf,.tbe rnoontajn, baa. been
fixt-dby the recent law at too center Hei ofi
letterg "conveyed by tbe Iathmug rou e have
been' subject to tbe ten cent rate, wbiletbiwe
carried overland between Missouri aod Califor
nia were ouly eubjeel to lb three pent rat. t,
.,Tbe act emoi were the Postmaster (general
to orocure atid lurniab lower gbeeu, with post
age atampe impreeeed tberetm, combining bjoDB
ooth a heet aud an eoveiope t, i a
" Another section rcduirw tbat letter which
have been' advertised ebull be returned to gbe
Poeicfiloe Department, II uuclaimed,two month
after tb date -of the Advertlsemenii except'
cases where letters ere directed to seaport for
persona . on board of designated vessel expect
ed Id ariive; and, also, in , caaea . where letters
are especially marked to be retained lor a loog
er period This provision shortens tbe time
during wbiob dead letter are detained at tbe
offloe ot delivery ebot one month. Tbe un
claimed mouey vbtained from dead letter is
b applied tereajier to promota tne efficiency
a dead letter i moe oy proviaiog lor a more
careinl examination and tbo retqra af a large
aomber lo tba w Ito i. A i,,-;
We obrerve, Alao,,a change In tbe rate
ooetaceon what are technically tailed ehip let
ter tbat is, letters that come by occasional
Backets or vessels, aod not by tbe regular mail
r. . ... i i , , . .
Itoes. gaereioiore, loreuga a taps io toe law,
the Doetaga oa a single letter ot, this kind, de
kirered witbln the port wherethe vessel arrived,
was six cents, while on a similar letter by th
am vessel, to be forwarded tbous tndsof Bailee
further throng h the mails,, tbe postage was but
five cent ' Tbe rat is pow to be flv cents
when delivered t the pott of arrival; and the
ordinary postage, witb two cent added, when
the letter is to be forwarded.
To newspaper publisher ibd their customers
In the interior, tb most : Important section
that which makes it "lawful for persons known
a regular dealers in 'newspapers aad period
icals to reeeiveoy mau seen qnanuties or either
aa they .may require, and to pay the postage
thereon - aa tbey may be received, at tbe eame
ratea as regular subscribers to snob publics
Hons." This' is to giv tbe benefit of the re
duced quarterly ratea to newspaper dealer who,
ot account of tb irregularity ia the n ember of
paper .and periodical they order, Dnd It ln
pogelble to pay postage quarterly la advance;'
. TarrtatharaMtionsenlarg thcotof milt
dble matter, to be paid, for aoeording to th
weigh of tb pacKg,oy including maps, en
sravine. llthoerapha or photographic priBm
ott rollsrg or r paper 'cotAt; books, bound ot
unbound, pnonograpbie i paper ana envelopes;
all of. wbiob -arai tO' ba rated at on oeot an
oanoo for any place within tho Halted Stat
not over 1,600 ac ii, and twa ceot an nno
for; any distance sTer 1,600 mile; prepaid by
poetaga stamp. Th packages must aot exceed
four pound. Cards, blank ar printed, la
paekages weighing at least -ejlght-eanceiri ar
mad RsaiiaDi matter at ,tai lamr rates, pre-
pared m tnsm wyvt o'jX jW Lt eT.
THURSDAY, March 14.
Mr. HARSH, from th oommlue on Cleans,
reported aarenaij to tb ciaimji amea v.
rriac,iqr ctrtai tctwiceg at tn oataera i
natio Aailum. Arreed to.
On motion or Mr. MoCALU-th Beoat e-
oWedlWelf into oommlue of tb Whole, on
tb order of tb day, Mr. Smith la the chair,
and after gome aim apent tbtrein, roa and
renorted back tbo following bill, torn with and
torn without amendment, wMch wrrfwred
a follow: . ,
H B 839 -.Regulating th office of -county
urwejon Judioiary.
H B ; 377. by Mr. HUGHE3-To further
provide for the leolloo of uoervlor of road
and blghwa, Rodg and' Hlghwaja .
; H. B 392 by Mr BALDWIN Tor amend
section Boetjou of tb. act to provide for tb
orpaoiirlon ot oitioa and Incorporated village
Mui ict.l Cornoraliona. J
, ti. B 336 -Supplementary to the act of 1859,
eciieernlug th ornan action of Incorporated
ciuea, eto Muoioipal Corporation.
- Mr. MOORE presented tb remonstrance of
rerguaon, Aodertwu and vu otoera, citiceu oi
Butler Kouotj, againat tb aale or leao of tb
Puhlio Wo' k Laid on tbe uble to be printed
Mr SPR.tGUE. Irom tbe eomaittsaxon E
rollmeut, reported .tbe enrollment of the bill
akiog partial apprOprlatioo lor IBUI.'
Tbe bill waa aigued by th President.
H. B 283 For the relief of Jonathan West
Mr. HARSH. Irom theeommltte on Claimg,
reported aderaelr to tbe claim of Hatch
Liangooo (.ueutrai Dana or umcinnau; lor tne
Interest on tb Canal Bank of Cleveland and
SeDBca County Bnk note. . Aitreed to
Mr JONES. from tb committee on Public
Works, reported bank th claim of Smul
Uovle. withoot reoommendatloo
Tbe report was made anon Joint Resolution
No. 100 Instructing tbe committee oa Finance
to provide lor a special . appropriation for tbe
payment ol 14,366 35, and th interest from the
date of aeveral notes making op tbe amount,
drawn noon a canal contract between Doilei
Co. asd tbe State, for repairs of section No. 3
of tha Fob lie Works."'
Pending a call of tbe Senate, a motion to ad
joara prevailed . . , , .v,a
March 14.
383, by Mr. WINNER For th
relief of Jonathan West, waa read a third time
Mr. STEDMAN explained tbat tba bill waa
to mak good a deed to a piece of land purchas
ed of lb Stat. '
The bill was then passed teas 80, nay 1.
H . B. No. 366, by Mr. BALDWIN Pr
scribing tb fee of county treasurer, wa read
a third time, when ' ' 4 " !
Mr. CONTERSE moved that tba bin be
referred to lb Judiciary Committee, which wa
airreadto.' . ' "
ll. J xoo. ooo, oy nr. r Anion loprovtus
n t nl.1 ... a, .,nn m. ,3.
workg for generaUng gaa for lighting tbe fenl
tentiary and for heatiog water for laundry and
for other purposes, , wa read a tnird ume
when '' '
Mr. CARLISLE! move that the bill be re
ferred to tb committee on tb Penitentiary
Mr. MoCUNE objected to the reference, as It
woald only causa delay. ' If tha bill had merits
ha would (ika it pasasd aow; if sot, it should be
disposed of. ... i i ' " .
Mr. VORIS opposed tb bill, is It wonld open
a new expense, and in the premises, h thought
tb aanulaotnr or gas iu in renitentiary
woald only be a Buisane. -"
' Mr. CARLI3LE withdrew bit motion to refer
though h regarded th bill a the offspring
Interested parties. . n i , i . i i i-ti..
Mr. McCUNE eon tended that there was
economy in tha manufacture of gat by the State
Institutions. .a- ...i-r- v
Mr. VORIS renewed tha motion to refer.
Mr 8COTT. of Warren, objected to the ref
ere nee, aa the effect of the reference would be
about the eame a to vote It down at once.
He waa satiafied that there was eeenomy
tbe maoufaetoreef gas la on i8tato' Instltu
"-Mr. BILLS objected to the reference, as he
granted to eav time, t .,!.' ii
- Mr. ROBINSON laid bertbought th House
Waa suffictently Informed on this tubjeet to vote
now.J He went on to tbow that a great saving
could be made by it. ' , :
Mr. CHASE opposed tb bill, and insisted
that there waa no economy in tbe measurei aod
tbat it wonld be unsafe to tnannfactttre gas
OODVlotB . o t-Vi) t . .'. ' .. I r.'.i . i
Mr. COX supported tbo bill, and referred to
tb advantages of making the gat used, while
it would open a new business for tba employ
ment of tb ooovlata. ..i-MH'
Mr. KRUM regretted that we have coma
bar go littl cotifldeoca la the manager of
oer publio iastiratioas, aa to always suspect
peculation when work was to be committed
tbeir care. He thought it fair to Besoms thai
tbe company aow supplying tb gaa 1 did a at
a profit; and tbi might aeooont for a 'part ot
tb opposition to this bill- If 6(hers can make
It a profit, ha supposed tba Stat could do to,
He hoped therefore that tha bill would o pass
ed " "'' '
" Mr. McCUNE presented a number of faots
ehowlbatlt would b. atl advaotag to tbe
8tate, in tha aavlog of a large assouot of ax
penee, and quoted the report of the Warden of
the Penitentiary lo 1859, and a ttatement of the
Superintendent cf the 8outbern Lunatio Asy-
ioal... . .-' . " f 1 1 . in ll' . i .1- I -i
" Mr ROBINSON gold that since if wag ad
mitted tbat the State baa tbe labor in excess,
without cost, o employ in tbi maaufavture,
and all other laollUie- for it, tbe economy of tbe
tnaaalaoiorai oerulnly mailtest He present
ed a vane y of -facts to prove that tbe' State
would make a very mfenT(aTlog o the coat
ot'the IUh ing oi all our 8aU tntlutoii.
Mr. HILLS drf'eadad abt oill, aodoited tbe
faote eetabliabed by tbe experience of the luoa
tie asylum, showing' that gaa ia made tbereat
a euet far below wbat the 8tate piys for It. The
propositioa baa merits, aod ae are to judg- To
tb argument tbat convlote could not be trusted
with the manufaotare, bo replied tbat tbey 'are
bow employed io varloua ways reqatrlnt the nt
moat lidelity He hoped the bill woulif past, :
' The vole waa tben o.lledeo there'ereuce ol
tbe bill and reaultedWyeaa 18, Bays C4 -';,'''"'
v Mr.' ROBINSON moved tbe previou! ques
tion ;"' " ;:.'.; ;', ,,. ,
'Ui. BROWNE, of. Miami, moved that the
Hous adjiorn, wbioh was disagreed to.
i Tbs prsviont question - waa, sustained! when
tba rot wss called on tha nanaaga of tha bill
which resulted yeas 6J, mays 4a.
i J' J 'J
i "t'.-l filrttu-
FRIDAY, March 15, 1861—10 A. M.
' By Mr. BRECKi From Jlmes Fitdi and
Other, of Cnvaboga exmnty asking fora law re-
straining live stock irom running at large., Ag
. ' . a
riculture. . . -r-v '.ft Trf I3.(ul": '' t-t
Bs Mr. COX: 6. M. Beaton-and 130 oth-
ers, from Trumbull county , praying for amend'
moot of the law for tb prevention or Immoral
praotloes,so aa tofelve magistrates larger dlscrc.
tionarv oower as to th penalty inflicted for it
violation being designed for tbe correction of
certain evils in tbe Uil riacers of Uhio. judi'
8. B.C70 To repeal eerta'la acta therein nam.
ed; Judiciary. .,.-
r 8. B. 274 Relative to transcribing mar
riar.B veeorde la Ferry eoonty. - Mr. Scblelch.
S. B. 271 Supplementary to the act of 1831,
eonoerrilog th pgrtitlon- of j Ral.j.at.
K B. B. -73For th seltlement of iha' llm
fJsbo W.Allen.' Wbol.'
f H. B. 359 Msklng certain toll roads In
Greene county free taropikie. Wbol. ' 1 1 'V
H. B. SB3 dot th reuei of Jonathan west.
Who!. . 'I ' .' av
Tb Senate aaoeded so tb request of tb
Boa for a eommitte )f Cooferwnea relative
ta printing tha report of tbe CommbMlooer of
Stotistios. ' . :-:4
Mr. M0ORE,TrolbaemmitU'onlIu.!ul.
pal Corporation, rmrted in favor of the rM
gfreof it D. N itoa-rTa amend section 14 of
aa act ol 1C7 to BnUiorlx tha Incorporation of
BREWEB. aiowd woommUth blUto
matual inaurano eompatkies. ' Referred to tb i
Judlolarv onmmU ee.Nv f , ' 5 i' K p 7
Mr. FERUUiON, from tb commute on
Currcnoy, acported back H. B.-No 816-FixlDg
oooTootloaal rat ot mtereat at o per cent.
annum, without reoommeudauon. Amend
agreed to t '
Nleot committee, with Inatruotion to oaertT
run aratJ . Lnat veal f . nat a 10. T 1 i :
T.o qoeetlon turning' opoa th pastage of tb
oil ' " - ' V " ...
Mr ORR ODDoaed It. beoauio he did not be
liar th Legislature had a right to fix th ral
ueol money , any mor than It bag tb right to
tt tbo value of labor or property
Mrv p M IT ti declared biaigglf ianbttaotlallf
favor of 1re trade Id moneV.Ji J J ' l ' -
Mr. J0NE3 opposed lb' bill, and moved its
iniiflnlia ..innnamane.!T - r.i : ..-t.'j
Mr. MOORE- waa in favor of cutUogall tb
hrokera down to 6 oer ceut , or eta fixing tb
rate, at a higher Bgure conventionally, no waa
to lavo Of Ire uade in monej, ana o lavorea
tha hill henanae it tea BteD la that i direction
a Mr 0ARF1ELP maiuUined that free trade
in ninnee ia aimulv a Btruiililt) .between Capital
Bud labor, and tout laDor requires me remriuuuu
f a legal rate of lntereat lor its protection.
He waa ooooaed to ohaogiDS to eataonenta rate.
H hnilnwad la waa tbe broker who desire an
oreaae 'of fates of interest, not toe laooroi
tha State
Mr. McCALL was 10 uvor 01 tne preseni
law. But it anv obaune be made, there sbuuio
be but oue rate of lntereat. ' He did not like tbe
diatiuciion between legal and conventional rates.
His experience and observation justified bis
opinion that it was tbe money I eudere, and not
borrowers WOO Becurea savantages iu iraueo.auu
that high ratea biged upon muriages ruin , tne
borrower .
M.-. CUPPY moved to reler tbe bin to a se
lect couioitilea. wttb lntruotios to amend it
go ae to provide that all contracts for a greater
rate or In ereat tbn o per cent snail oe voiu.
Mr HAHHISUN said at every session oi me
LeuLlaiure for 58 rears, an attempt had been
made to Incorporate this relloof barbarism in
tbe laws. He hoped tbU Legislature would lol
low tne example of It predeceors, and reject
Mr CtTPPT was not convinced tbat the rea
sons for abis proviso arejnot sound, andjthattbls
la not good policy. -' The original section embo
dies tba principle. ' Tbe amendment gives it
direct expression. It will enure to tba benefit
oi those who make Injudicious contracts. Men
f small capital and ambitious notions are too
apt to become entangled in improper contracts,
and tnev snouia oe protectea against money
lenders, by restrictions woicn wouia prevent
them irom making such contracts ? .
Mr. MONROE opposed tbe bill and did not
like tbe amendment. He didn't tbinat itwouio
have ther effect described bv the mover.
Tbe amendment was not agred to yeas
nays 33. i
' The question turning upon Mr. JONES' mo
tion to Indefinitely postpone, it was adopted. .
- Those who voted In the amrmatlve were - '
t Messrs. Booar. Collins, Cox. Eason, Foster,
Garfield. Harsh. Jones. Laskey, McCall, Mon
roe, Morse, Orr, Parish, Perrlli, Potts, Ready,
Scblelob, Stanley 19. . 7 . -
i Those who voted in the negative were
Messrs. Breck. Brewer. Cummins. Cuppy
Ferguson, Harrison, Holme, Key, Moore, New
man, rotwin.smitn, sna woite ij. . ,,
Tb Senate took recess., .. .., . ., (
FRIDAY, March 15.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Brush.
Mr. JONE3.of Hamilton, moved that the
rota whereby tb House passed S. B. 141; To
provide for lighting tbe Penitentiary with gas,
be reconsidered.' n .it - a it - m " ft
,, Mr; McCUNE opposed th reconaideratiod.
i Mr. MUSdON wa in favor of ihe motion
reconsider. ... ...
. Mr. SCOTft of Warren, took strong grounds
against the reconsideration.
Mr. ROBINSON opposed the motion, i
Mr. VORIS advocated tba motion to recon
sider. "" ' - ;i ' "i"i'"i ' "
Mr. REES, of Morrow, moved to lay tb mo
tion to reconsider on tb table whicbwa disa
greed to yea 41. naya 51,, ,., :.
Mr. HILLS opposed the reconsideration in
general argument on the merits of the question
Tbe previous question Was demanded and sub-tained-tea
51, nays 33; Li'.-
. Tbo vote was tben called on tb reoonaidera-
tion, wbioh resulted yeaa 61, naye 46.
'A message waa ordered to b sent to the Sen
ate for tbe re-tarn of the bill. " v . " " .-
The following, memorials wer presented and
referred: .
By Mr. CHASE, from Mr-L. Myers aad
other of Stark, against the farther immigration
pf colored people. - ' .. .
v Br Mr. NIGH, from E. Langdon and 108
Others of Lawrence county, for tbe same object
- By Mr.1 WOODS, from tbo Madison Town
ship Farmer' Club, against tb killing of quailg.
. AUo, from David Smith, Esq.. , ol tbe same
county, on the same subject. i t.s i-.: .. -
By Mr BROWNE, ot Putnam, from the An
dltor and Commissioners of Henry county,
an amendment to tbe laws relating to roads.
.. Me. BLAKE SLEE, from N. S. Henry and
other", of Richland county, and John Shaler
aod 34 other, against tbe passage of Senate
BIHSW9..,.. . .
Mr. NIGH, from George Adams, of Law
reaoe City, for the payment of certain claim.
- Mr: M. JONAS, from thirty citixent of Ham
ilton, for au act relating to drains and sewers
' By Mr ROBINSON Tbe claim of Matthew
Mr VORIS, from the Select ommittee
Whom was re'erred tbe subject of tbe time
wbicb ' the Judges ot the Common Pteat '
the State are engaged, made a report on
subject, which waa laid on the tablet and ordertd
to be printed, with tbree hundred copies extra.
Me. CONVERSE offered a resolution, which
Was. accepted, thai the oummluee on Ihe Peai
lautlary be requested to Inquire hetber tbe Gen
Ctal Government hae been ia tbe habit of pa
lug for, mid. q4 atteadaDoe on United State
prisoner ,io , the Ohio- Penitentiary, whether
auon money baa been paid to tbe phyalctan,
what earn, if any, to paid is In the State treasn
ry belonging to Dr. Hamilton, of thie city.
; Then tbe House took a recess. ',' '"
' : : ' - - i
To Parents.
f on who are parenta may bare noticed upon
the beads of your iniaote a humor, accompanied
by a running at the ear. It Would seem as
tb affliction of 'these little Innocents were
oovt with their birtb.' ' Now, much suffering
may be eaved them io after year if thediaeaae
is at once rooted irom tbeir system; Kennedy's
Medical Dl covery will most certainly do
for it bas battled wih tbe 'most formidable
humors, and always come off victorious. . Per
baps your offspring bas inherited this disease
from one or both f iu parents, if so, yoa should
by all mean ase the Diaoovery; and if beaven
should blew you wiihotber childiea, they
be born witboutblotch or blemisb. ,
Holloway's Pills and Ointment.
Z1 DiiTHigiA. In the moat virulent atages
tblg malignant disease or the tbroat, these
medicine 'xperieaoed the moot eneoeseful
suite while thousands edecambed to the vlo
leaoe of this disorder, not a aiogla decease oc
curred among: those who used ibesc remedies.
tbne presenting aa "oasis" of practical experi
ence, 'mid the desert of - death of speculative
theory. The Royal College of Surgeons award
ed tbem tb palm of viotory a tb only anti
dote for this distemper, by introducing them
to tbe new edition ot tbeir pharmacalogia.
Scarlatina. Mumos; 4.0.. thev are equally effl-
eaoious. Sold by atl Druggists, at 25c, 62).
I Pmjwx pr pots
rt '.t ft Tf'fT)'! "
iaaaa. w l'l...i
Night Sweats and Spitting of Blood.
Among tbe numerous advertised medicines
for thee eomplalnte, none can be found so effica
cious as Da. Hall's Balsam, le aubduei
irritation, stops the sweating, aod restores
strength, In a very short gpaoe el time, It
well worth yodr trial.' . '. J ' "
I t.
Oa Thursday evening, tb 4th Inst by ths Bav. Bob-
rtfrretr,hlisen,Mr. AXBZANSJkB D.,f0RBlB
TXB to Miss BLtZABXtH, diaghtae of Mr. Stewart
Pringl. all of f ranklla Ooanty. ' - , . , dkw.'
" SiMolation of Co-pirtncrship. '
utlusdydlwolvstlrymataalwnaent. 'ii"
,of v rv;
TJON, at bar ntldanoaoa Third streat, btwan
nu.il uu anvou a.iww, wh
Tuesday, the 19th day of Mrohl JSCr-f
allher HUtlSEHOLD BaIXtjHE, Bed
ding, Oarpeta. sc , ate. .... " t
Th sals to oommsnee at H o'clock, and will bs mads
iik. HmtfiB. iiaiaaaan. I i r j- r i
wllhoutreaarve., , .... , ' ....
) I f I II . BUOnAlifc -l.l'ItTii.
Aaotlonaar. '
.' J T.
ill! . vf "I'."
Masteir!Coriuiussifjner,a SqJti,
faleliah Vf. PuntlngtoB ''''. ,
l.,j..va.-, Balsby
t;:. .i .(
order of Court. "
ly viarifcui an obdehoItsaLI.
IJ to m diraotcd, from u vioun oi uommon ria
of frapkltn ooaatj, Ohio. I will oSai for ! at ui aoor
of ti Ooart Uoas, la lb sltgof OoUJoibua, on,.. i
Saturday, the 30th day of April, A.' D 1801,
fa.riii tha hours of 10 o'clock; A. U '. arid 4 ptj'ociu t,
M tha Inlloalnu df acrlbed ral tlUU attuata in th Ooun-i
tof Franklin, and out of Ohio, to wit; "lot No 9 of
-KtwUio,. nf nut lot No.' 9S. In the el y of Columbia
Onlo., A'o, a tract of land inaantloa lOvhali-atwlion 13
ai.d 14, TuwnahipO, raoiewi." naipgea ia mi-nmiuui
at the wotr of ta Coin, -bus A dranvilla Plauk Boad
at tbe porlb-eal corner oi a tract tmiunaiu. hi r.j,u,
i.u..a ill, tha centre of amid road n rth79 dtg.ast-IV5
fest.aouth 0 dug. 40 urn we.t parallel w.m emit llu of
aid Wilcox's land, and wift reel tnetamun-, u , oiw to
th north lino ol tract oeivngiog w " uomaa aparna,
thence with nortn una or rprio tana norm otrpeg.
Wiloox' lao'i. th.noo north U den. 40 miu. ea.t with aat
m. feat to it lnte'veoilOD ui vmmt nua vi .'iu
line vf said Wilcox's. 3D iu pnus 10 ui Beginning.
Lot No. 8 appraiaw tilttw,. ila
'Traotm a..; 10 at BSU". i'-ll'' l-'l
, . v . .. i w. BtrviiaB, annn i
Prtntar' fees 4 00. , and Matter Uommlsiioncr.
march lS-01i4tw. r-i.-l', ' ) -".':' l w'.r
1 order th County TnaiUry
n. on
r.n nnlar Nn. til ta li AIIU. lnslu.lve. leaned from
D-cember, 1859, loApril, I860. Also, that t will pay all
outstanding orders lasuea tnt year up to aate.
, , sunn u. . w -. r , i j
March 15, 1801:ltdA3tw Treasurer franklin Co.
JL elnnad.Ohlo, and to Maria Battler, Therein Battler,
Brlglta Sutler, oaep ecnaiar. nnna-sauin,
Phittllui Battler' widow, al tb tows of PUlir, Id
c Tirol. Austria: ; '
Ton are hereby notified that on ths 18th. Dig
nv rigAaat)g. A. It. t-flla Oharle Frledrlcb
Bxeoutor of Joseph Battler, deceaaea. niea in tne rronto
rtnnrtnf franklin oountv. Ohio, a petition, averring that
on tha IxiB day or At rtl jt, sain aoaepn Hum, u
eaaiod. aireed to sill br a written contract to llei Ina
Hiarf.r. .inn. intermarried to and now tbe wife of Mich
i Behnai-ker. certain nremlae. to Wit! part of Block
No. B. Id th elty of Uoiomtnvunio, more luny u
nrthMl In aald Mtttian. for and In conilderatlon of sTn
hundred dollars to b paid by said Beglna Zehoaoier
In fl InsUllmenta, as stipulated in said contract, on th
punctual payment of whtcn aaid Joiepb Sutler agreed to
convey aatd premise to said Beglna Zehoacker In fee
i.nii. bw mnaral warantv deed: that aald Joseph Bat-
ti.r died betora the eomole lon Of said oontraot; that
sine his death said Beglna Zehoackir ha made payment
in .ill nf ihe halanae dua on aald contract to th said ex
ecutor of Joseph nattier, aeoeaaea; euo aaaiog lor au or-
i.. .r h. Pmt.i. tlnnrt anthorlzinir and dlreetlnff
ULI W, M,. ... . " b "
him, as such executor, to oompleta aaid contract, and,
on bthalt of th heirs and devisees of said Joseph Battler,
deoraaed, to ex acuta a deed of conveyance for laid prem
be to s.ld Begin Zehoacker, according to ,the Uim
and stlpulatlsnsot aald contract r .
Tbaapplioaiionthararox. will b for a healing by said
ooort.on thaSthoay of April, all) o'olock A. Al... at
which time, anleai yon bow caos to tb eontrary, an
order will b aiked as prayed for In saldpetltlnn.
' i '' i '' Att'ys for Petitioner. !
: Columbus, Ohio, March 19th, JB01. r '
"mkintw. - y ? ..r . A .-
' ! Master Conimissioner's Sale, ''
Jacob Bllbemagte , ) - ' ' ' .
vs. fale by srdSr of Coart. .
Nlehnlaa Uanrer at al.l ' - - '
to aw directed, from the Coart of Common Pleas,
of franklin Ooanty. Oblo, I will offer for sal, at tbe
door of tb CourtnOea, la tbssity st-wsiammi, on
Monday, the.l5th day bf April, A.D , 1861',
between the honn of 10 o'clock A. aUand 4 o slack P. at
th followln deaoilbed real estate sitoaie In the county
f r.nklta and Btata of Ohio, to WlU In-lot No. tw hun
dred aad thlrtj -four, (231) la tb. elty of Oohimbus,
numbered and designated on tbe Tecoraeq piat oi saia
eiiy- n
, appraised at B4.000. ' ' J ' '.7 A
d. Tr.'HTf PMAN, Bherlf
, march 14.1tdfc4tw ft and Master Oonrminipner.
Printer's fee 1 3.
Dr, ..... aa '
! SheriflTH ' Sale.
- rfainca aucavr anu who a -'
' V. f Common Pleas.
KUas L. HngheSn , ,) - . . ,
D to ae dii-soted, from the Court ot Common Pleat,
f ranklln oounty, Ohio, I will offer for aale, at th door
tea uonn nouaa, in in city oi voiumnua, on
Monday, th 15ib day if April, A. D 1861
batssen the hours nf 1Q o'clock, A.M., and 4 o'clock,
K. at., the following detcrlbea real eiute, sitnat In the
Cnantvof Franklin, and Btata of Ohio, lo-wlt: Lot No.
88 In John and Henry Miller's Addition to ths city
Columbus.. -. Apniaiaaa at saw. . - -
.1,-' a r Q. W. HTTTFMATT, Bherlff,"
mhl4:dltw4. V- 'j 4 By Bb Davis, Deputy.,
ii Printer's fees $3. .......
rJohnC.Work i . , . .
vs. Common Plaas..
James O. McCoy. I - - '-
D to me directed from th Court of Common Pleas
franklin soanty, Ohio,! will Oder for sale at She door
the Ooart tiuuaa in th city at Columbus, oa f,,.fi
Monday, tbe 15ib day of April, A D.,. 861
ketwsen the houra ol 10 o'olock a m and 4 clock p. at
the f.illowlug deaorlbed prnpertj , situate In the county
of franklin and but of .uhlo, to.wit: The Interest
and estatssf Jamei O. McCiy la Inlet No 44B. la
city of Columbus, io said eounty. his estate being ths re
mainder In lee altar the tsnau atlon of the We atal
Isabella MoJ.y, widow of Kobert W McO y,t-eceaed,
and the, tate or aaid Jame 0McTJoy-n said estate be
lug ihe earns wbicb Waa devised ts him b s-td kobsit W.
McCoy lo hi Uat will and 'aswnent. wbleb, 1 of leoqrd
in fraoillaeoanti,Onlo, Probate Court. t 1 I k A;
purid at ,- "'i-"
, .aW.HUffMAN.BharUT.
marehintdfcttw; ..
Frioter's tttt, 4)4 50
Zdgar Manning i
i .-V.;.., Sail by order pf Coart. ' !
ueo vr. Drown etat i
U to me direetsd from the Superior Court T f rauk
lin eounty, Ohio, I will offer tor sal at the door
8aturda th 13th day .of April, ' A. Dj 1861,
at 1 o'clock P M.. th following dsscrlbed Real E.taie,
situate In the count of franklin, and But of Ohio,
wit: Lot No.' SJ, la th town of Uarrisburgh, ia
eoonty. t .c" ; f---'" - ?
Appralied at IJJK,..''" J, Q. W. jnjfFMAS,
Prmtersto BSBO.'t;! ,'ii i
, j For narch ietk, 1801,-
Kow Beady for Bala Everywhere Price Plv
Cent a Copy,--
"STILL WATIR3;n A Brilliant Stoty.
: Tna vHBtP BXCHKBIOVt" A ComeleU Btnrva
- -TBB BINO AND Tim UKGCrAB;" Complete in this
. THB DYINO BOY'S KEQUKBT; by Maria Norris.
, TUB PHIL08ilPH?OIBAmiKO. . xi
LOT B: A Poem. . iUt Drt-v.i,
J LIB BTBaYWBBBB.': -"i i-m .'ww HA
nnai i aroem. . t -1 , i . ,1 , 1 i t f T.-J
WIT AND HUMOR, .. W!.8.T, .!,,,,.
And much other ' Interesting i and Instructive
jteaaing matter. .nt'i',nri"iii i,u-,i.w
I ! - .. .Tgaag: ; ,,.,,'l"n
One copy .....t per annum.
V Irr-SNVT MINER, Pubiubew,
1 1 .ti- :,'j ji hM.U and U Fifth atroat
La. irjv-!"it nexlto,tfifcl.Offl,c,'Pltt';arh) Pt,.
m K. XJENitEDXi General Agent, m .'-.- ,
touekt,!) -n if it v v r.n .. '
K. 1 ditos: Pleats announo tht Bam of
BOHOH 0. WILSON a s oandldata for Township Clark,
subject to ths decision of the Demoeratlo dslagat Oon
vowttom an Blgeii.tw-.'IIABT DBMOORATB.":'"
mhU. . . .
if. r , r , s
Ha.) Eurron WS announce1 U) asm of WlAY J
THOU tr, t.q., as a eandldat for th office of Mayor of
the city oS Oolaaims, snbjct to tb dscltloa of the Dm.
oo ratio Convention. . MANY TOTJtRB. .
1 1
ala. Bnrroa:Pleu announce thsnamsof 8AM0BL
(H0Ust)M m giyididate for fheemee of Oily Mar. ,
shal, sobjeot to th decision of the Dtmoeratle Nominal. '
Ing Convention. . ...
Columbus, MarebliV-' : A..! 'i ' ;J
'Ma. ltDiToa:-! hire been reaaeited. by my friends.
tq annbonos mysaif a a OandMats for ths Mayoralty. ,
at ths ensuing election luljtot to tb declalon of the
uemsoratie .arty. 1 A. 1. BBSTBR. -
laiehg..lt-' ' . iiifl
"'JtWToa 8TaTsji; Plraae announce th name of
JOHN JACOB HUfrHANNasa eand'date for the offloe
f Township Olerk, of Montgoutry Townahip,
Jh5ltf.T!i; ' '..s. SI ANT HBMOCR AT8.
City and Township Dtmtieratio Convention '
The Semoerats of ths elty of Columbus and Montgom
ery Townships, are hereby notified to meet In their re
pwtive Wards aod Towuihips, en Batuiday evening
next1 March 10th, at the following places:
f lraB Ward . .. .. At the Gait Houia. " ,
BaooBcVWar ., f AtUi nCuke Iloaie.
Third Ward. .. - v -' r At tb United Stale Htl. - '
f nrth Ward 1 V At th New Bngland Hooie. " .
Flfih Ward . , .- At th South En.lo Boas. -
TuVoihlp . . At th old Montgamery DtnaS.
The polbj In the Wards will be open from 7 to B o'olock.
and the Township polls front to 6 o'clock. Bald mast
logs will appoint Delegates to the nominating Oonven-'
Mod M follows: ' ';. ,
first Ward ......... '...'mi- : 7 Delegalsg. '
Second " . . . 5 n
Third '-1 ''' ' : '. ' 5 "' ' ": "
fourth" ... . . . .7
ToWMhlp.V?1.. ,. ' '
The Delegate so appointed will meet at th Oily Hall,
cn Monday evening, March 18, and nominate candidates
for City officers, via: .Mayor, Marshal, City BolldMr,
City Olerk, City Treasurer, and two school Director! (ilio. ,
Townihlp ticket, vltr- Three TrotUes, tbree Comubleii
Tovnihlp Clerk, and. Township Treasurer. The Ward
mssUngs will each aomlnat a candidate for Councilman
and Assessor, and th Townahip meeting will nominate a
candidate for Alienor. ''
By order of the City and Towcihlp Ixeeutlvs Commit
PAT SUNN. .! - ' I
'' ' .
1 :T
- For all THROAT an
Ineladlar WHOOFINt
CODOHi and every
Complaint the foreran
ner of, and even actual
The Great NEURAL , "
OlCHKItlKBY andNaUt :
ural VPIA1T., adapted
to every species af Ner
Ti Complalnta, Ner
ran aad Ch rattle
Headache, nheuma
tlsm, Catarrh Tooth
aad Ear Ache, Less af
Sleep, andUowel fons
lalata. ,
i l : '
4 Be rial laities can bs don th abov nretaratlons
but by procuring and reading daaeriptlv pampblets.lS' -be
found with all dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand, formulas and Trial Bottle aant to Phyet
dans, who will find developments In both worthy their
acceptanoe aad approval. . . r' . t
Oorrepoodtoe aollclted from all whs Bteessltle or 1
cariosity prompts to a trial of th abov reliable Bern
die. Vi.ti. .i... . . .
for sale by the usual wholeaal and retail dealer
everywhere. ......
JOHN Ait. IITJNJIEWEI.I.. Proprteta . y
: i. Vo. B Commercial Wharf, Bosun, Vaaa.
Robert Jk Samuel. N. B. Marple, J. B. Cook, J. M
Danlg, O. IMnlg 4k Bong, A. J. Bcbueller t8on, Agent
for Oolumbus, Ohio. myl-dly "'
- BIOFFAT'S 1.1 FE PILLS. " v v
In all eases of oostiveness, dyspepsia, bUUou and lives
affections,- pUss, rheamatlsm, fevers and sgues, obstl,
nat head aches, and all general derangement of htalth
these Pill have Invariably proved aoertaln and speed '
nmsdy. ' A single trial wlU place ths Life Pills beyond "
the reach o 'competition la tbs animation of every pa-entt.?',,,:a-
Dr. Moffat'i Phtanlx Bitters will b found equally f
acaclous la all cases of nervons debiuty, dyspepsia, had
acb, th stckncM Incident ta females In delloat health,
and every kind of weakness of th digestive organs.
far sals by Dr. W. B. MOffAT, 335, Broadway, B. T.
and by all Druggtit. , 7 maySS-dkwly . ;
1 1
The following it an extract from a
letter written by the Bev. J. B. Holms, paster ot th
Plerrepolnt-Btreet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. T.,to
the "Journal and Meeaenfer," Cincinnati, O., and speak
volume fn favor of that world-renowned asdlelaa, Mas.', ' ','.'
Wrnsiaw'g Soomara Bvaur roa Cansaxa TarraiM: -i ..tr- .r
"W are an advsrtUment In your eolumna of Mas
WnsLow's Booran Bvaur. Now ws navsr said a word
ta favor of a patent medicine befor in ear Ufa. bat we ,
reel sompelled to f lo your readers that thl 1 as baa ' ., '
bug-rwa Hava tbisd it, ano a-ow it.ts aa au, rr ", ,'
OLAll. It I probably onaofth most auroaaaful aoedl-; V 1
cinea of the day because It lion olth beat. Andtboa '
ot your reader who bare bable can't do batter than
by igasupply,' , m.i. , oe7:lyaw 7 1
J Wm. A. Batoheior'i Hair Dyel 1 11
;n.;OriglBal and Beet in , tha WotUI
111 others art msr ImltaUons, and should b aroMf
If yoa wUb to sscap rldical. . ' ." . t.
OBAI, BSD 0B BrjBTI HAIB Dyed Instantly to' ' ' ' .
pesuilfal and Nataral Brown er Black, wllaoat Injury to 3
Ualrr Skin.. ; ''Hi.-. J i ' .
awaided to Wm. a. Utohalor since 1839, and over 80,00
application have been mad ts lb Uair of hi patrons,
af hi (arnout dy. 'i.L
WM. A. BATOBBLOB'S BAIB DYB produces a eol
or net to b dlstlngalahat from naturs. and is warranted!
not to lnar In th toast, bowevsr long It may be eontln
ged.'and th ill ffeet f Bad Dyss remedied! the Hal.' -Invigorated
for lift by this aptondid Dye. ' ' ' - " ' .1 t i
Sold In all cities and town of the United Btals,'
Draggiatt and Fancy Ooodl Dealers. ' '-' r U ,t-u
. HjTho Genuine has tha name and address apeoggfesl
plat ngraleg on four (idea of each boa, af WILLIAM ' "
a. uiuuswa, ArMms :
C11ABLBB BAT0BBLOB, ftioprletor,
Bl Barclay itreet, New Tork'. '
... .
I Ta Ceatumptives.
- The Advertiser, having been restored to health la t, lew
wki"by a very simpls remedy, after hayipgi affersdg '
ral years with a sevsr lung gffectloo, and that, dread
diaeass, OonsomptloA (g aiixiouaB)maAknowa tohls
fellow sufferers the mean ot. ear. ,
, Toall who desire It, he will ssod a copy of the areaerff
tion used (free of charge), with tht direction for piepa "
log and aging th sain, which the will Bnd a teat Co
for OoKniamos, Astbiu. BaoacaiTts, fco. ,Ths only ,1 J
objeot of th advertUMf la ssndlng th PMserlptloa a to . ,
Waellt th afflicted, and spread Information which be enn t
elves to bt iBvaloabl, and bt hopes ev.ry Snfferer fill ' y
try his remedy, aa It will eost thaa nothing, aad mar 1
provt Bbkuiing. I , . , , , .. i, ..T'm .iZu'H '
n Parties wishing tht prescription will pleas address. -.i o
;"l , Bav. BDWABD A. WILSON .x.11) It
it ' WlllUmbargh,li(,ivi
,k w1. . , r K,0, 0ontF w KrkP ft. f
i. IT
TTT A V.a.V.1.. " wrTi 'ti ".t- ' "
ii'lj " ' "WAlCAOAT B aUBIZ J , ,
i.Thl gpltndld Bair.if Aa D"aual-UataBtaoi (a fT
effect Beautlfal Blacker Nataral Brown n atalalna
the skin srlulUflng bit Hair nmcaieaUearanir an' "'
tffeel of Bad Dyes, and In vigor ta th hair fot Ilftj. x -Bene
are gennln tmlna signed "W. A. Batchlor.M
Sold tverywber. - -. i -
i ! OUAB. BATOniLOR, Proprietor,
'Jyiawly ? ""' SI Barclay Btrset, Nsw Tork
for lb INSTANT RILIlF-.ioU
and PXBM ANBNT OUBB of th ",T''t
. Sum a . a a - - ' - t 'A
lJUllVawlLlJg BUaajpiaUJlf VIM '"' - --
; u a o a cn i al; c i q a bet i e s ''
Made by O- n. siinuiiae uu.,iui rtawae BtM JM. j.
, rnc i per o"X aant ire oy post.
won b in . At AIL DinaaiiTi.
''Wayt-dMJil . "
ii st ir

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