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OF TO! - ' - ' '
gujxhzzi cur on?o
Of AflENKEAt BATCBf , IN fORCl ATJO. 1, 1800.
wijXKSKt brtfua tsciswix or tbssv-
(Obi... -.y"jfi Vutiiifc 0 and Ohio
' 1 A5 U.EE m MIUS TO SOT 1AV7S,
Ia Two jJSi$ffleYJnQ 10 00.
7. .... m unnMhri been avaead U was km ah WJ
. e. Mlii(ltO- jll IMIMCMl ,e,I i I llU!ii
A. .uua.wrtf tba.e'ltW waotloB, having ea
rand y amriy anantir.ooe vote f, 'froth liaassa,
est w titvW to b duwihuaeilte.vbefeliowug State
--O.wornnr. a ts.rw IW-Hiipi'Mihi rtf. Bect
, k.iuratt) TMmm d Aswlr f "tela, and
niuHc fiMtti af Oahdu Vleaa. Buner
to and Polio Oort.lAadltw And the Clerk of the
.vwtou Oourtlaeah.oui.Ur. to.th. MemKreof the.
vi 9 bud Flon- ot Reniwntstlr of 'hit (tte, and
tut taNwn ofth-eevrl State of the Union. ' 1
This boo, eontalnlng, a It Hoes, all of the State:
MT la forea, and th au lag cUatf e.trlwi o tbe
and f lb New Oonetl UltoB, VUI M foup to k vReclaV
y atful la lb paifonaaeca of their, tudaa, M
voJrlTrlo,,;rr", , ::,
jCBTices or Tnfnoi'"'',nU1"'1
iroWNSHIPfBOTTKr:, -nut ju3 edj
m.aHKftn 1nwNrjUlPeV.ea4' - !
CIT OriUIIIUx ,bnt .
each aa Ttrr meev chanties Ayeraed msffe In the
Btatau eU.ce tha publleatibn ot the (Art editions, by ra
i AitMiinr.fl fend erinittone. and iarrv Important de-.
eisfeBa have bn . given W the Supreme CYurt .on con-
, . 1(, AND BCKES8 W.IT2?Jffi'T
UlAndUili an toraloWa!tCpiia7i,il iil ""J .
fWfoyaJ 8o. TWajaiw af TWiMMni MMdnJ
gauiHi. "' '
t -'a Stronr U BlbdWf.' rrtdtl0" l?
(fl(biha4by . , -a. r. iitl Sr ijjtat lJT
ROBERT; gll,y JtKt te CO-.
UwPabDabcn. Bootiw!)rli Bitl(iean4Ilortr.
" Ko. SS1T! fourth ftt. .
ftblftdS:la ;;,. . " I ClnCliinU. p.
Woom Into Uoited Sut8entorfrimf Otiio, la
film VI WU. lfl.ivn.
oi PaJbttaDftUlrt though, for the blooming of th
aforeaatd Ptinw, Wi" W olpred in tbe
v t.i-.aia.tf9Jki -: ..u.
Cfcod. Wf .! Of Mil !iu r
"1 l f fcf i inm i fr ' if '1 trT .jfil
IT ThWinjllffcrilJfJf of Fort
Samttr rcfloou Bo-cwdit a!peB-iliA(iinruitt
o yttii Twt ttto hU4 tftippij
e(wa OU Abd'Mo Wo " lihbl to
tU.aDi BOt euLuLmj dnaiJUothJP eonciliat
Vtmtlaia, tbil i jiaidci Jf-mpon caffiubidD,
ad with cnnfeaaioD of incapacity l-J ct ot.ber.
wla, U cot worth mfick, and iUeiAUne
'W'trt trie afubr aH Urflori-lOflnfi erii"
haeretarr of Legattoa i. It i ant UMaiy aft(
'i'Cwiui'iJVl tleLop ot,8TO4 irJIl' open cgo
tUrtoMfor-th" rfuwtiaim of Cub. nmil after
Mollcett'riB -IbV Weed:'! InihiV? thfyono
1 tlfy a,iii ha-i'i wailr appiUendi.' . long-!
of tht Cp"oi iho; Aptill-"- 7
I? tkc rtwJaf will fiadla the SkfMwmUiiB
Tenliie;',,y"ioters:''DK ,ctter fron'b' o
Taunt Cam, f Piqaaaoa the subject of die)
tfrictiii th''tate"lor '8f natorlil tod Represen-
;.4lieJarpoe.i Df. boeict a.ih authiar
he"WjaieB;ttrf diiV.,C?bietttof4 -.pr
Tiding fur the apportioomeo el' menbere of the
BeneraJ Aeabtjaud ."iherefof, familiar
trbtr Atf objeeL The proriaion ie ono of no-
aurr8sd,xceUice, and.U failhfullf executed
atfarrivprnuttorrll tht General Auemhly,
Ohi"irr piasirtbleg'..ihat teea assigned, -.rjy
l0meMl of tb Culte Statew e Mori tresif This
aHyal et DaswDcrsra, and Ukt i iraareraLoTsr-
pportu'nltt'tocoacflit' VVbemrror lbs foTina-
3tiaief the BritMhProvtaoea, KewlCdgland,
Jnd jiueh. cjJiW'Jrr(tta (uij,:(!h6oe
'itorlo,'tf a st- ffortbert KegrrvaTqaal
xlty and AboTitioB ConleVoraoa
laitnyt 1 n im I 11 "m !,( I
rtUar talr. Wud .l..;to
oa the,C!acinnatt''Pfo,'tii reply to Cm
'mrtUdt os) tba eanal quMtidnr- Tbt .principal.
T-tdltor of tha Pftt ha had aomt experuroce.'in
yoar past, V.ctW) fnattcrs', andwritetabpnlt
the subject like ensiblt man, and wlA a!rar
frabltneea fork "Republican journal. I
fa Is true, atr tha Pre rtais. that the Cent
wufc'u.1 has hdtooated anfl tiitainea'the Very pof-4
Icy whioh has brought about the present ruinoqs
anod'tSo'n 'of'our' PubHo,,Wk; sod tha. c(-J
Jnrta oLllibX-papei ioikcaive lb LegirtUture
nd lh public,' with.' flew.tt perpetuate the
' Jf j rtiul Tlcl6o4 and Wtrvight management of
thf Statt Wttktf glya it a high tur.k among be
ttoat rotlea dnd rxirrupt coooerntln the L'niOn.
,lflT.:Ii1a,i aani't -"..'.
CP Some of 1 ft -Republicans are- -rejoicing
r-Cottrtj In tJi" oif Goreriiop AUoorriNi
iJ'i'JlWa agalpi, Povernpf Cxs.-jfo'if, tr,'Ooip,
a a great triumph. But tby ba very little
. Jjyijofk tt) birtde Ma&cUtidtfiiititAriag Qbf
amar.pxKmsoii in kiaancoostitutiooat eoonst
rJti;it4f).-he'XoxlUye ;Laoo, la refusing to snr
ttridcy. him on the requiaition of'Govcroor Ma
roBii.Th Court Biaaely decided that It hid
60 antfcfjritjr te ateadam iftd'cbmpef Gov'"
Jkrpcr rrntok to eomly with the quUiiilbn;
hot, t iUe same time, intimated that j waahl
Btr.iirufcubyiiJntlohal dot 10 make tba .eurep.
der apott propor proof. Tba decision 'does' not
xooerai.i our Governor Xrorri ' the violation
" th? f ddty.In' tht ease of tha fugitive Laoc;
The New Hampshire Election.
"Tii' Repubiioan' have ejected thoir ticket
r" EimiBhTre.'Bnt with a majorltj of sever
kavl tiouaaod lea than tba. majority obUined1 for
ft!nc()Lfi at tthe 3Wentlarle"oricc'Tlit
-Ufmccue Is not surpnaing, aince the bad atttlhe'
4ii4iMfu..na.patrngel tlih 8tte-fn, tbair
hand-i,v,Tl?eJarge falillg'erm th Republicanl
,evt!.J8 eriunm'B .11 . m ivwiiuu 11 ihilid place
"la tl? c; J Pfnytd State. Of a till greater r
action in Connecticut and Rhode lalaad, w
.!ticattoXwrT..nhaetur ;.coaxein
thetetectsoni m.uiost states. .
' .riaT,yi.ioJ iaiti lii laameavf a'ffOr.a
TfyfTiThje Fejinbiicaa lcgUlaUMuMS,WM
sessicu ' agald last nigh t? Shi had twenty-one i
affinal , ballots ofa Mpilfdata Tortbo U.p.
. Senate. On the last ballot,' tbevvdte stood thus;
lor ijkNNiion 3, bursMAK vi, cijwg.vr9:Ari4a
lairfl.-and-1101111-; ,-Tbw cauen then- t
Journed until Vi!neiJ,iy evening next. We
,,,,, , t ...
mi--.-, s ft j--...r gcuUumcij. ho
' 4 .il t & m iTj;ri( dfBirrlate lh!at
tn'ito equally e8 rtve a nomlnfttidft'lrdmwii:4tow
- - . ' .' t.-..i. . J.IT" J
r . .'v v.. 4, 't,r ' '.. "'.';"
V- t
) in time fcas come.
n'l.T- 1 tit.
.1 u. . ..j.'
The New Hampshire Election. The Necessity of Collecting the Revenue.
Obloljiijajblnelefficersjjwhp, befor? they.under
irttabMidonineut of Fo-f Snrnlor U'M
kflcesatW.HH Hec ioo f Uto menue
tho port of th-4 f.dod 8Utt ti a gro
Thfreare do two tariffi eithbliahed end
recogn!iedtilwhiririi tfi tefii1y-Ww,4
by all lie people at one country, under one yH
Tba tariff of the CanMef'
ate State. South. U la many rwpeoU 'liwer'ta
t.. ..i -..ntii! vd;fforcnt from, the
tirlff eittiMrBhid at tile Iom ofthi Im eewton
of Coaiirfca. iM the proble wWch tha new
Admlnlitration now t Waablngton naa w
aoTe, ii whether it wlU prooeod to oolltcttbe
rcTanue and custom! under tbii new una ac.
In the aeoeded 8tate, or yield to a atera necee
litj like that which hat compelled Iba eracua.
tlonaforj Bnmtar jf 4 kt
If tbe latter canrae ia adopted, tht reaourcea
of the Gorernment will be dried up, and lit op
rationa eriooled itfererf department. Mcney
l. tha alnewa ol corernmeot In peace at well aa
In war. If be GoTerument of tha Southero
CKdiaevahould be auffered qnUtiy to put Ua
Uriff in operation, for whioh U baa made or It
making all needed preparation, the aiaaeiroua
..mM. io. tha rerauaa Of tue Uolieu
Si.ira ma be hHt loreaeen.' . -
- Railroad Iron, eottoo eoodn, woollen fabrics,
the Tarlons manufaoturea of Iron and, tteel, and
innumerable btber'artiolei of merchandiee irom
England. France and other foreign countries.
bw entered at Souther frieeither, (ree
or a a u rate u. oui-y, hj.ii " ',t
onaattnc veaaelu. in Bteemboata or by rallroaoa,
o . . . ., ...
.it th. R i.t. .till adherlnc to ne on
Onion, whoao GoterbminlE would thu be de-
rut (fori nf million of lerenue. It would be im
ku tn. ih Admlniatration weak and ioei'
ficletfaa it? wnuld then )roTe hafelf to be,-to
check this ttnpendoua ajatem of tmuggliog.-r
How it is to be prerented, li tht great queetiot
nn wihieh' the oracles of the Gorernment at
Wanh'irton are dumb.
it h VeeVaQy greel (bat piaet Jhe outn
at. norta wAatbe closed agaiaaMoreign, uupw
tatlons, or the refennt collected lo tne aeoeaeo
States. Jt is sorlouBlj doubted, and lo many in
i- - . .. aJ
ilienif e-uarlirs strepuonsly denied, banmdcr
Ar.ConstAiMW! ateilia VuV-ior1! iWr
tlnna. the Government has any power
ntiinrit. ( in , time -of r, peaoo witb;",othi
countrleli, to' lay aV embargo on, any ooeStatt
or anv number of States,, while the porti
of other States -''a to Teft open'. 'But tho
temotto close tht ports of tht ConfederaU
c..,. ,,M h' .ttonrlprl with caual. if not
WWKV " .
wUhgrtateriliinoultthaa -tht attempt
eoilaoi (he iwvaaue tnahoSe Sutes. w
Before the inauguration of President Lincolh,
it was universally proclaimed by Republican!
tbaanef the first acts of the newdmlals-
frelwnwiuld be to take flccisivt ewpt tot, col
lecting and wearing the revenue. Th new
Prweident'hlmseli 'seems to ;havt' beod deeply
nenetmted with this idea; for In his memorab
progress through" the country to Waihlngton, be
frequently referred Jt ia his addresses 10 toe
people as one of his flrstduUes, which he meant
to execaie with ipromptltude and fidelity' Hi
pirtirans were loud and incessant in their der
nunclations of tx-Preaident Bochamaw for what
they were pleaaedto wtylt hit cowardly and
traitorous neglect In this respect. ' '
Preetdcnr Ittcap i-b been -dulj IniUlled
theWhite'House lortwo full week,with tbe
Republican eUtasman.SiwAafllor bl JVemler,
and the RTepubllean'-economlsV CBasi, for his
Financier' Yet nothlrg has been done lor en;
forcing the new tariff pr.any United States taV
HTln the seeedVd States, 'nor lias any author!.
UUe inUmalidn'been givenlhat anything wUI
be done. It i probable that President f mcoi
took to manage tht affair of government, were
ma iwmii ta an feasible Dlan for; arecoocUis--
tion and -adjastment 0 existing difficahles,' how
flad that tbey have ondertaktn bigger cort
irari" than they anticipated. I
President LihooW promised in his Inaugural
w.t mi Mbbumtoua strsneera" among the
Southern People.. How, then, in the nam of com
mnn ainaa. Ia be to collect the revenue " There
ara. for instance. In7 Florid a; small at It is,
seven colleclion "diatrlote, and font In Alabama.
At evert port tbero most ba a collector, with an
tor, weiehers. gangers, measurers, etc., ana
naval officer with bia staff of entry clerka. Where
tha men art tb be found .for thorformanet
tnest duties, and how they art to.bt anattin
it and. erotected. art ouation which WUI
ut all tha incenuUy and wisdom ue new jatt
mimstraifon hu at Its command.
r? iA
[From the Cincinnati Press.]
[From the Cincinnati Press.] The Case of the Canals of Ohio.
?! .mttmrn nit
Tbe Cosimereia put the. canal ,qaeslion in a
nutehell,- a roHowat-
I he case of tha canais 01 vnioean do st a tea
tn a few words. The management of our Public
Works) has. long been lfi (be Interest of a com
pany at karpere who bate bead anxious to got
possession of them, .Tbsobject.of tba manage
merit has been id discredit the eanal o that
they could be bad at a bargain. 80 tht people
of Ohio fin on 900 eide-e abowiof that tbelr
canals are worse, thao worthUas ad on the
otbey, an organization of meek faced gentlemen,
ready, magnanimously, to ukt possession of
their tostiy property. 1 i kueuiv ib ao eiauw
rate tUUiey. and musbe defeated, . Pat koneat
men, with common aensaanaoaaioeta sagacity,
into the ; .Hoard . pi fuouo y orxs, and there
arnnld aooo be a rest appreciation of th public
opertjt, ad'tkl9wing oCptxfiu dostead of
ioaaesotheStata," , ,..,.-,. :w :
-This i a refreshing In stance of eandort for
it bapperrshaa daring ail the timrthw eanal
have been becoming discredited by their In
ereaaine datJawoie tha majority of tba man-
stremeat hat boo )oa that whlcb lb Cwmavr't
Nothing in, tue coarse ot tne canau ha ais
credited tbem 10 badly, as. ihe ('requisition ow
before tbe Legislature, lor aooul J1SU.UUU t
pay-saautboriaad debU -inenrrad -for the past
year b) the rery'nvaaagemeat which tba Cmmer
eial iuppWted, and which Is to continue in tbelr
Control.- If this Is for the mtorest of (hampers,
tba transfer of tbe1 canal to private Interest
would teem by tba Ummertw' howiiig to be
sn imperative neeesaiayjr ivj b-mwh3i ji i .j
The paniili ara in Reoublican control: and the
Republican management solely inourred.tbit un-
autbonxed debt, i be immature it about to
refuse (0 pay it Jeilntthat amount dot to
aontraetora and laborers, , Nor. will it dart to
.Xmake tbasppropiiatlons that are required iibr
tht fjresentveaoa ; 1 ne tsoaro) nave re -money
or. tbe Spring repair . 'and iheir expenditures
QUOe JBt seBOB aro rouuiateu. i.di, . jp wil
dead-lock-and praotieal. abandonaenU of; tbe
canals, the gang ol omce-noioera on tna pub lie
works, and the Bowspspfl la tbelr lnUrest.
set up 'i united howl against any proposition
that mM save tbeaMate tram this- toe and tbe
nM frrfit&)SBru!tli.Il !.!. TT
It fq i qrreet state of public morality,1 tbW tht
oatlio who would suck 1150.000 a vear .frdm
JUie. State, to what their appetltqfar. uiiSee,
abotnuaiwm ) ti eirise, aad Heap all man
cartf "rlmTiBration on thsw -who would .relieve
the. State frrmi'the burden, and aave-tb catiils
r?-n j
rfik. XcM jw a, WJ'ii.
.tudattita W.i5e.4a,ae! ndtt,,lii Mart
need tot elp hla)
Nr"ti firtitfniTir he everdnp) noon fha ff.
f! tpHcdbiAiiW o-AMtiCawrw'.AUTfio 3f dtii
(ibdd wbo are in the efflce acc5.:ng;Dnp.wiil
be edified with theatatemeat in our aiieui-Idto
piTdres.nar oeuretary Trasb lltrw tat wraew
(raiaaa tiltt)f reauuig tbm4aavnbly krowsj
lintoiXrt,,y h j,,, gr,, eooBfryW;lirH5.1,iiO-J
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
Districting the State for Senatorial and Representative
Col. IINTr(NNv:-Iii' acooidanca with tht
aeotioa of the lith artlote of tht Conalltn-
tloa of the Dtatevit become the duty of tha
Gorernor. In connection with the Auditor and
Secretary of State, at leait six months prior ii)
the QotdberlRdtVsl if ,1861,2 to aicertalnAha
Ireprk(khtati(ojO,aijdetormlned Jby Jhi
lata eentu. and district the State, for members
of the SeDhte and Hons of Representative), in
Hariog proposed andlntroduced into our Col
stitotloo the fechen; of a aelf-regulating appor
tloipient, I, of course, feel a particular interest
In aeeioz it so carried out aa to nroduct the sat-
Ufaitprj reaults , which were clamed fof it, and
hlcb 1 reel aaeured it la xapable of .produciDg.
The apportionment of the 8iatev was, under.
the old Conttltuhon. a fruitful source of polltl-
oiil t.rlle and mai.iilveriDglD.our legisI&ttT
hails, but tha Intention of the present proriaion
is. to Drerent.anr nartr uaina its temporarr
power to ailranoe lie peculiar poUeal endt.T
An appbrlionroent Wade la itrtot asoordndce
witq, tbe prormions of tne uouatiiuuon w incapa
ble of an j political bias. Sossmuch as It is found
ed entirely on the contingency of the popula-
ton ot ine aaverat . counties. 4 neea not say w
jou, lr, or, the, gentlemen whoae' duty 4tfs to
diatricl tne SUte.or to any out acauainteq who
our8tate au4 it , politkni "hangea, Id erery
county and district, that no posalbje political sa-
ffacltv can make an aoDort onmetit wblcD, coo-
'4.. . . t rr ... i
imuea tnrougn tea years, win suoaerve tne enua
or use of an 1 particular Dirty. . Henoe th e excel -
lence of a schcmeho(,tounded on the politloal com-
Diexion 01 oouniiecana nence, aiso.ino pevmaikj
ol enueavoring, in the coming apporiionmeni, w
follow tpe exact letter 01 tne.. isonatiiuiiou, iu
that dope ca4 claim that their right! bare peq
In tha firnt t
puce, th,e wnoie population 01 iui
rjUte. botn white end colored, is to be taken In
to account, in determining tbe ratio or reptt-
aentatlon,, This 1. a simple abt of justice to
those counties In which a large negro population
has, to a conaiderable extent, exciuaeq a certan
i.JKr Mkii. i.kA... - -' - 1 - - o
' Sreomfiw In order that county nfuulciptliUe
triay be repenented, every county is, aa nearly
as possible, allowed a Separate repreeentation,
b eivinir to those small counties, having only
half the required ratio,' a serrate RepreseOttT
Thtrilv-Tht dsn of section 3". for repre
euting"the fraction which may occur,' above
the required ratio, in tne several sessions 01 toe
decenpial period, secures to every county a foil
representation for its whole population, at the
same time that' tht members gained by thest
fraotione are so specifically allotted to the seve
ral sessions, as not to be obnoxious to the objec
tion whloh properly lie sgalnst ffoerfiry repre
MMtlwo. J'- - - ' " '.-
r FaartAi1 Small counties necessarily K roan
ed together during one' decennial period, If ln
ereasine In'populationi'have their separate rep
reservation 'secured to them, whenever It can be
done1 without leaving those from Whom tbey are
delaobed with a population too small tor a sep
erate Representative. i.iuq ..!
Fifthly If counties deeretae in popelatfon.or
fail to Increase, so e to lose their right- to
separate .repreeebtatioo, then the 6tb -section
nrorideaO for. attacbine -them in such wise aa
to prevent soy political bias from being active
In the arrangement, by ordering tbem to ne attached-ao
tbat county adjoining then having
utlaastnnmber of iobabitaotawJ io.toa Ban'
torlal apportioomant, tbt same ruloa are applied
lo all eaars aa 1n he apportion men I far mem
bers of the low Jlouse.r.;" o.-'i 9 -.:'!! ' i.i. I
1 wUI onlv add tbat I have tbe most entire eon
fijenoein tbe honorable gentleman whose dnty
iM t perform una important Service tor tna
naoDla 1 of our Bute: while tba latter will at-
swredly "view with atifactlon. the operation
tnm poruoa.w on organic taw, wbicu reuevea
the irsgisiatare from the discord, violence and
oceaaiooal disrnplion (Which hare heretofore so
frequently characterised the apportionment, tea
sions. Moreover,-! gives assurance to every
one that the right of- all portions of the Bute
have beer wereiuUy preserved, and any error,
or deviation, ts o easily perceived and so readi'
lv danaotiatrated as to be obvious to tbe Comoro
henaion of anv one capable of nalok a data and
pencil. - and aractialpr the simplest rotes
aritbmetifJ.L 1 1 t-i K-jS : ' ' " '2.'
G. VOLNEY DORSEY. Sad Bereavement in Hon. Wm. Allen's Family.
' We ore bained to leard of'thsterribTVinor
tatitv that bai visiied the family Of our Repre
aenutlva In Conereas. Hon. Wm. Allen,' With
in tne past two months. About tne middle or
January be was called home to attend the lane
ral of a brieht little son:' and within the past
two weeks he has followed to tbelr graves tbt
remains of bis three other children, sadiy,
sorrowfully, with reason almost dethroned, do
the afflicted Barents bear nB under their ssd be
reavement- . Most sincerely" do wt sympsthice
with them. The disease tbat to soon deprived
them of their little family 'circle wu dlptherln.
Celina Standard. March 14.
March 15.
'fhetrotiest of the Housefbat No. 141
Concerning gas In the Penitentiary be rstnrn
ed we acceaeo so. z
HOLMES, from tbe committee to whom
it was referred, recommended the passage with
an amendment of 6. B No, 872-Reiating to
the Boweia and duties a A. the oomtaiaaioner of
Hamilton county. It is the bill autbornlng tbe
levy ol a half mill ia addition te-otber taxes in.
-Hemiltoa-ooanty. Tkeamendment was agreed
to, and tbe bill passedyea x, nays v,
Toe followiof cemmaqication ; was received
by the President of the Senate: ,
1 To twi ScwaTir I hereby reaien Ihe'olllce
Of President ft Umport of tbe Senate. " j
Jlr.'JREWER bad leave of abaence.. . .rJ
'.Thalollowing va presented , by the Frel
dent, viai, ,i,v.u .,-it.u t i .-.' ,
: The undersigned, In respowe to a,-resolution,
of the Senate, passed March 12 b; directing btm
to "report to the natt whether any of hi as
sistant clerkships .neve oeen vacated; 11 ao,Qat
what time sdeh vacancy occurred, and what ad
ditional clerical service, If any, will ha. ,need
td," would rcsptctf ally report 'that Mr. M. L
Morrow, tbe very competent ana attentive nrst
aeaiBtanj cletkj hat determined, upon removing
bis reiideneatrani tbe State?, and lo the neces-
eary prepaiatiba for such removaf, bat been ab
tont sine Friday morning. Ha woali farther.
report tbat tne aeeumutation pt tnatoe aurtng
the last dart of the session will make at , least
one1 additional clerk necessary, wilhia a ew
. -very rwpecnoiry lUDmrrxeo, ; 5
Chief Clerk of the Senate.
Mr. COX xnlaincd -that he htd been deter
red bjr bualneae from present! jg tboolloolng,
hi - - 1
I hertby reshin my altaatioB as FirstTAMlst
Chief Clerk of the Senate. M. L. MORROW.
Mr. HOLMES offered lb.followlDgt .i
Re$olved. That the thanks of the Henateare
kavah iMidored to thd Hon. R.' A. Harrison for
tnaabla and imoartial manner In which be bu
discharged the Julie of President arw lm, of
tbe Senate'! "'"'8 " ' ; '""f ' ' ,.
Mf B1031B.U1). did not llXO to DO put IB
'i.i-I-rr .io.. .i.iin ht m. .tTar. I
rison until it wsi 4ccrtind whether heoould
not be prevailed tpei4rithdrw bi resigna
prevailed tMpet41thd
tiomr mir.r.it :i:t't
I Mr
HOLMES eaid; in 'cowvereetioo 'with
Mfi Harrison, the latter bad expressed e4eire
toFVbdraw,0 because,,' e'did .nQt,fIerHJ tht
plaOOi uV Ii rina! vi'l nl b.i.JiI vi tl; fi-; 1 .
.- l b question recurring open snereeojunoa, i
ynn iiopttfl nnanlmonalya. JSZOL. '
Tbe retgmtiooolMiLii Morrpw, first sssltt
aot,clerke' wyia jwcepteda bating ,Mondav,,
Uarck 11: and upon motioa of M-XOi, the
ehief clerk mk4 suthnrittd, to appoint t fJnrt f sr'(
aiimnt cicraiu pi ;( jnai, M
lia3aate kbaa aiijoorBed. ji h' .niiM j .
FRIDAY, March 15. 1860.
MK fiOBTKSCS, from the
grfrr. rjiiamittee
bia relaung
tbe Publlo Works, reported the aajie back
1th tbe pending amendment,' f - v f.
Tbe question oelni on acKeing to tht amend.
menu , t , i i t I."
Mr, WOODS, Aamanricd k T slOO Of tnt
question -A call of tht Houst M bad, pend-
i . . 'w 1"'
Mr. NIGH from tht Select committee to
whom bad been Mferrad B. B 204. extending
erlmlnal WUdlotlou' to tbe TobaU Court of
floeioy ud Ueauga counties reporiea xeyorao
f to this bill, whea It nassed-teas 89, nay O.i
ur. v am vuluatJiereaareeoittuoaasauiB
the anmrlntMirlent of tha Asylum for Idiots to
report tht whole number of patianta admitted
since me commencement 01 tue iuamuwuu,.i
exDndlture from the State treasury for taon.
year, and what diacagition nas oeen maae or
money received for pay patients; and whether
an nf Ir ,in, nl nn hana..- .
On motion of Mr. ANPKfiWB. this wu isiu
oyer under the rule. .-;.. "','
Mesar. Conyeree, Brnff, and Reea, el roor
row, were appotottd on tnt committee
ferenot on tha matter of difference on s. J. ir
relative to printing tba-ecport of tht Commis-
aionat of Statistloa. ir) j Tta.;p: ia 1. M
. Mf RUKENBSOD, irom the select oosimlU
-tewjntiie hitotia Bohool. made a report do tha
subject,, which was laid on tee table to pe ptiytr
"l A ..5iCuo ih a.-9 etif 01;
The House tesnraed tht considerktion
amanrtniMit In HB. 29lt .1 .o'if t. ' V. riilirin
Mr. ROBINSON explained the cbarecte jtf
tbe amendment, i r n t-r.3tj.a a-i
The vote was then taken on tbt amendment
and reBlted--yeaa63,uayt31cU bymrut b '
7 Several verbal amendment were adopted to
make th bill oniotm to; the previou amend"
ment.t. i. ,rj ' i '.- ...i i o bi-fniot.
Mr. FELLOWS aaid that be was ia favor Ot
tb present propositions, aa amended t to-
the. Public Work directly toue jajompaay; u
that tnaa rare could be properly gaaraeaaaa ne
thooght it would be better Tor the State to taac
tea thousand dollars for All of the Publio Works,
than to do as It bad done, and be at an expense
aPrrnm iOna hnndred to One knndred and fifty
dollars per year tinder State managements tie
stated that an offer bad been made to take the
navlne canals at!20.000 per year, whileitwonld
dost ths Stota $100,Q0 to keep the .balance of
tbe Work in repair. -i 1 ; ,1 jp l-rrr."ib
.:. After dracoaaioo by Messrs. Davis and Cosj-
verss, the amendment was adopted. -.!,.
Mr. STLUHAN moved tbat the Tote wnere
by tb Housragraed to th Cent, amendment b
reoonaldered. a lo i.itri -. r-i; -.n
'.After discussion by Messrs. Htdmn, tier
rick, Welsh aad McClung, the motion to reoon
slde wu lost- Yea 30. nays 60. m, V r ;
, Pendina a call of. the House, tbe S. B 141
Fos.lighting the Penitentiary with gat, wu re
ferred to a select oommtctce or inree inessrs
ciJ a i-.. ..J af... u - . .
i vThe nnestioa bslneon orderine tht bill to be
er proceed, it was- bo oroetM.oi xeas oi, nay
. a y i.
28. V. 1-; .v.. i.i'.m ti ..'if ' : 3i1
r,Th bill was then ordered to be printed at
engrossed, and set or a third reading at .9:30
P. M. on Tburidav next. . . . : j. j ,1 r t i i
On leave, Mr. BROWNE, of Putnam.lntro-
duoed H.B. 429 Toi Authorise tha Commie
aloners . of Henry sDunti ao liulld 1 . bridge
across the i.Maomee liver,. which: wu read the
first timev'. " i vi ..-d Vji ,i
r Mr. WOODS introduoed II. Bi430t To amend
the aot for toe protection of game which wu
read tbe first time. i i-a Ma urr ii ,t.-i j
- ).' ' " 91. T .1 ii7
IN SENATE. SATURDAY, March 16, 1861 —10 A.M.
i The Senate wm oalled to order by Ut,. PAR
ISH the President being abeent,' . r.r .-;
i A call of the Senate wu demanded, and after
Seaatoreeame in, all farther proceedings ondvr
the call were suspended 1 n lo ii;nun odj
The brat thing ia order being -the election of
a President ere tfln. :p h :;im .t - .1 .kit j
Mr. PERK ILL moved toproeeed to tbe elec
tion oi a President jrr Icwtv Adopted, nun I
Mr, READY, nominated. .Uoa. Thomas
Ta.auSI . .kr..l , Jin I r if -Alt' . i.'l I
Mr. NEWMAN nominated Hod. AJ L. Per-
rill -r ?t r 'nl i. . 'i.t " : v . '"rii'T
Mr. JONES .thanked hla friend for the nom-i
Irtatton, but respectfully decllnadu f.'tt t
Mr. HARSU nominated Bon lame Monro.
i The Clark proceeded to oall the roll, and 4be
election resulted loathe election Of .Hon James
Moorot-u ot: covairtf f -J 7'' Si si xjaaij j
.Those who voted J for Mr. Monroe were
Messrs Breck, Bonar, Cox, Cuppy; Fisher,
Harrison, Horsb, Jones, Morse, fariah, rerrill,
Potu. Potwin. Ready. Smith 15.7 riuii'
. Those who voted for Hon A. J PerrUHrere
Messrs, Easoa, Foster, Holmae, KeyV Monroe,
Newman, pcbieiob and w bite . . . j - i. i
iAbnt Brewer, Bonar Colli na, vCnmmta",
Fergusona , GrfieU Class, Leakey, tMcCall,
Moore, Orr eprtgno aad Btaniey ia,i.. i 'O
.;Mr. Soraeue wm excused : n'.-.a ad i-
.Mr,. MONROE was deoUred duly elected.
and Mr. Per rill gracefully sou fled kirn ot tbe
wishes oi tbe Senate, tod . escorted him to tht
President's chair.
i'Mr. MQN ROE cxpreaead bit diffidence apon
the- aaeuBjptioo - of the idutiee ' of j President,
thanking hi friend for tbe compliment, laying
that If thie were . not tha beat aatured. Senate
which ever wsb elected la Ohio,neabjouid doubt
hie abilitj to discharge.hls dotlea jto their saUt-
factioo. lie wae not lamina ,wttn oeuoate
questions pf order, but knew he could rely apon
tbe forbearance of 8ntor, and with thie rli
ance he wa eon tent to. enter npoa tbt discharge
of hit duties. !i: v,;norp Lenci, qlo v
- Mr. HOLMES then BdmbiUtorod. tbe official
oath, and tha Senate-proceeded to business.
By Mr. BONAR, -from W. F. L, Clark and
S ethers or Jruiox eonnty, MKing mat tunsaie-
tlOn- be eiven to mat Istratee la minor" criminal
eaees, : Select cemmlttee. ' ' '3 J J" ,
By Mr. BRECK, from C. B. Flood of Cuya
hoga c eounty, on a claim- tor - jbu1; ,u com
mltteo oa" Claims. 'A-'' - oj i-iai-..' i
X Mri PARISH. from Wirf. Beebe and bth
ere of Huron eoantyi for ai amendment to0 tbe
game law; also, from - Et v Taber and marry
others, n the same 'subject; also,from
Beardsley and many other, on tbejiamesubject.
Stlect Committee. : J ' 5iM" 'f ""
. Br, Mr. FISHER, from' the Committee oa Be"
aerolent JoftitationtjSvB. No 87 (j ; To provide
for the (trectlon of A pw building , fqr , toe Deaf
and Dumb. ai I
Mr. READY' from tho Committee on Moal
dipai oorpcMsaUions, reeooimended theadoptlonof
an am end meat ati d referenee to I Com mitt
too Whole ot 8. B.No. Zafewro antbonxt oit
iee-of the teeooi jelaM to ad -theU doaltcg
debtevii Agreed to.
;;8 i.ai -jt-iiJi'il ram ,
Mr. SCHLEICH. from a Beteet committee,
recommended the pasuge of 8. B. No. 874
Anthorisinf the record or marrugt licensee
Perry county to be tranaeribed. Agreed, to and
the bill pd--yM 2U, aaya U. - jjuil uemn
aaoiariw.., , . . t .L-rt-fU.
Mr. HARSH, from tbe committee on Claims,
fin motion of rVtr.COX, the
Itself into cpmmlttee of the, Whole, on the or
dstif the day. Mr. Potwln In the chair, aad
alter tome time spent therein, rote snd reported
back the following;, puis, tomea wit,naa some
without emendmeiit.tiXf ,..,, , (.......tl,',
. ,U. B, No. 273 For, tbe settlement of the
cla im pf Jno. W. Allen. . Amendment, agreed
tn. and the bill eel referred to Mr. Key... v t
; S. B.2J1 SupplemenUry to the act of 1831,
concerning jJi jwtiUoo, o Kea estatd, JdW
H. B. 2dftrrJror tne itoyer oi jonatnaD west,
Claim. . ' ' k " !
H B. 359 To, make a ceruin wu. roaa
Miami aod BatV townships; id Greene county,
. j mfi rau1aaa M. riaaa Ol"-.
Bl ir rvaia. - ' J J i
Mr. STANLEY had leave to reoord hia Vote
or Mr,., Monrpe M.tb?,.0!Bce.?t p47
reported in favor of the reference of tt 0 me
mortal and claim of Cbsrlet Role, to tberjad
iary committee. Agreeoto. , .yiit
yirVMJXH moved.to. AdjbarttilfonjI.U
P.M. ... ...-, ua". r
Mr. KEY mod to amend by Icsertin Tnee-
a'., p m u.u 1 ": J': . i
Tha nneatlon turned flDOn the adoption Of the
motion as amended, 'i : Adopted. Jea ltv Jayt
SATURDAY, March 16, 1861.
' ' Thd following memorial were pretested 4nd
refcrredr"''' ' !" :-"r.foit .!. ii. nm
By Mr. ANDREWS'; From H. H. Fullertorj
and 3'JO other eitlgein of Ohio, againit tne
1 Irnmiatstlon Of colored peoplo. -
".t! MtJN A W A Ni FromL' 'R 'Prtdea.',"
;.ry Mf. JilOlVAlf ANi r rofJvIj. 'j
... ..-.- - J . 1. ifj . .
Athens eonutv. against the sale Of the Pub I
J 8 i " 1 ) I
ua ma, niw kiuu ui.
rMulMnul If. B. 4ni-Tnmeud,eeotiun45 cf tht Iriaht
aanara.1 aa la7 nf 1RS9 J 1 . i y-v 1
.7. . . ..T "? . l -L J j I for
luiiwu.mg v. .v. . .... , M
ana reierrca: : , . . v- j v -
I n all TrTattiinil h ttma -of navmentl
". .t.- . !.- p.i.j ri..
section i, m vowo.oipj u. r.
belni'scliool lands 10 uttowa eonnty. unto.
Knhoola and School Lands. I
H B. 414 To and lectioas Iwo and flvt
Ol rreeiuent auu f iu 1 reaiueut ui tuv vuiu
1 . . .. . tl L . . I V hh. . .
Ii. B.415 To amend teotion one of an actio
amend the act fur the better regulation of the
Subllo sohoola In cities, towns, etc:, passed reD.
1st. 1849. Sohool and Sohool Lands.
U. B. 416 To amend aa act entitled an act
for the inspection of certain articles therein
enumerated, passed Msroh 9ih, 183L", M unlet
pal tjorporauons
1 1 .nrnriraLinna. ... . - t
r . . - m . .. .i t 4 Ai I
h. b. i i 10 amenu aeouou tuini ut u 1
entitled an aot providing for the puniabment ot
nrlmea. naaaed March 7. 1835. Judiciary,
H. B 418 To repeal the act entitled an "aot
tn authorize the euarantsa of United States
bond " naaaed February 14. 1861. Judlolary
H B. 419 To prevent giving aid' to fugitive
, L' J 1 D'.l.,l.n.':
lavea.--rencnti imiawuua. ,
H. B 420 To amend .the aot entitled "an
aot relating to Juries," pasaea r eoruary s.iooi,
took effeot June 1, 1831. 29 vol. Btat., 9.
Judiciary. V
It. B. 43110 amend section ioriyiwo
of an aot entitled "an aot preaoriblng tbe duties
of county audltore,' passed "Aorll 4, leas. ri
... - i ... i -oh .i -.:oi: .?i t.lf-
ameud an Aot entitled an aot
tn amnndaefttOnfiveof an aot entitled an act to I
provide for tbe semi-annual collection of taxag,
February 14, 18G1.-Judlclary., , ..
H. B. 423 Supplementary to the act pasted
May 3, loan, to provide tor the organization oi i
l,loa and fnnnrrinratad lllaffes Judioiarv;' 1 1
v r . O . I
- H. B. 434-To extend the time ' toy auowing
the leasees of Section 29; In' Sdrineneld town-
ship, Hamilton county, to surrender tneir leases
and receive deeds Mr.. Wright, of Hamilton.
tt. o. 4 10 amend "an aot supplementary
to an act aennmg am jurisuiunuu auu reguianuB
.U . . LJ . t . .-am... .M , H . uiihl.H nil
Pj' r ,.w.. t7int,i.l . nhtm.. Mnntimmer.
Erie, LuCas, Richland. Holmes, Montgomery,
Delaware, Kranklin, Scioto and Jefforson, , paas-
ad Anril 12.4858.eod to extend the . operation
of said act to tbeoounties olMeiget Mercer, An-
glatie, Ltwrenee, Harrison,' .Henry, LlCKing,
Belmont, Stark, Uttowe, ant vy uiiami.-r-mr.
Snder.'rs w,ri f .i -i " .1 '
' H. B. 4ab--MKing appropriations irom cer
tain agricultural funds lor the year A. pl862
Agriounure.. . (jl . i . .., nrrbm ..
H. B. 427 T' nrovide for the creation and
regulation Of Township Agricultnral Societies,
, H B 428 TO amend Section, one qf an act
entiUed an act to amend Sections live Ana SIX 01
an aot entitled "an aot regulating the mode of
administering awlgnments in trust for the ben'
eat oi creditors, ousted April p. ipo, juui'
eierv.l.i...: i ..?ijrn.-i i .e jsi"t y j:(J
S. B. 209 To regulate the sale of railroads
and. thef!07a)n.!i.tl9IlP' t.'ne ' BUr
roaii. I il,t':,w.M.rki ; . -,,'.'',
i 8. B. 229 Te amend section! 313 and 344
of the code of civil nrodedore. ' . ''
, a. a, uu-Titeguiaung, tne . prosentauon oi
claims against the State. - Claims,-1 . n'
S.B. 266 To amend tbe charter of the Cov
ington and 'Cjpcinnatl Bridge Company. Jn-
qiciary- r. ,11 t'i
S. B. 272 Relattno-to tbe power and duties
of -tbt Commissioners , of Hamilton county.
Hamilton County Veiegetion. ! j-i "t i
:. 8. B. No. S44-Rearultln7 the duties of eur
vlylncc partners, Was read a third time and pass
ed yeu 62, nays 1,
; , Mr ,-STOUT moved thai there be two mem
bers added to tbe eeleotoommittee on the Idiotic
Asylum, which gave fine tr some diecasston
among the membora of the committee, In ex
olanttion of tbe action ot the oommlUee. when
tbe minority of tbe committee were given fur
ther time to nake their report . ' - ;
' Mr: CLAPP gave notice of a bill to give tbe
guardianship ol children to the mother ta wid
ewhood. 1 'A - ' ilJ yi)i' i.v(u '.ii.cm 'ualt' j. i :
'- The folfowtfj; bl.Iln were Intrgljdeed anf read
tnenrst.tima, . .. , ,.., . .
a ii. B. 43ia-Tby Mr. J ACOB3 to provide addi
tinnal fee for Probate Judresf"4
1 H. B. 433 by Mr.' REIDTi "amend So.
of the act to prevent tbe spread oruanada tbii
ties. !
H.B. 434-by Mtj STOUT To repeal Sto 23;
of it act therein named.- 1 ' ' ' - 4 i
H. B. 43&-j-by MrCONVfRSicT'' ToprOvide
lor the Davment ot enenii s leee in eertaiu oaaes.
' tt. B. 436-B? Mr. HADDOWj To erect the
township of Muskingum in Washington cennty.
, U. 437-By Mr, VINCENT; To anthorise
tbe salt of certain-Western Keserve school
lands, .ty'.ir - i ' nin ii
H. B 438-By Mr. FELLOWS; Togulate
the constrptrion or tilt ana. coal boats. ' ", ' ; r ,
. 0. B.-439-By Me.. VORIS; To reduoe toe
number of Judges of , tbe Courts of Common
Pleas, ' "icu r-. if'.u i..'i .v.w3 -u." i j
McSCOTf cf ;Warreri, bttsred'at-eSotutioB,
whiob was i adopted,, dereoiina -the AtteraSy
General to examine into tbe nature of,and tike
measure ror the collection ot tne state's inter
eat la Alto prpfia or Income of the, Ohio and
Pennavlvania Canal. 1
-Mr. BROWNE. of Miami, moved that the
House- adjourn tiil-3 o'clock," P. M. on Mon-
OVrKa- 'a- ow i. T-' i.w " a r i. )
'"mV'YORIS taored' to "amc-nd, by Bdjoinlng
tut au A, hi a on iuouuaj, wuiM waa uaagreea
tB iyaMlaiay4B.'.i-.-tif'f si lr i :c i !
Mr. STOUT mrived that two member" e add
ed td the waxmlytef t.tt fklt-wil'ftftitfi.
B. No, 233., i.,jKi er.mtxie.il . '.
Mr. CHASE moved, that the Houss tadjourn
till Monday, at 3 P. M , which was agreed to
"' '-' ' -- v:''- U7
Supreme Court of Ohio.
Hon .'Joilah Scott, Chief Jawtloel BoaMiltoa Satllff,
Boa. wm, v rc(, nan. rrav. x . unouon, ana hob.
ob Brlnkerboff, Judge. -."-"I ,. fiti'ii I .
L. J. CRITCHFIELD. Reporter.
' fSJ
said M. shall l remove if by deA b. Core her hnabaiid,
ahall be oompelens for bar. atany time during her life.
.1 tw..3 ' Hohrf WfMTnrati HenrVA. afDbfr!.
ry.-i lotto for lb recovery oi real properly, ratarved
la IteklnreonshrV"- ' - . l.iU,a.j ,
. namnaaorr It Hli--0:'I "'"a-' l. '
1. Tb eaving of th right weomaaepe SeWAiHoB
Within one year alter non-ems nnaer tne iizui aacnon
of the aot of febraarv IB, 1B31, "fe rh llmlutlon
aotlona," la applicable to caw, arrlalng ander tbe aeeoad
aeeatoa ,pf ihaectef March SI, 1840, "to give additional
Btetiriwln,lll,l,,Ulll8,t-".' ' i
V. h.n. nrlor to the adoplion of th cod of elril aro-
eedare, apartr.baTlDg aaeaultable title to land, brlnge
an aollpn.or ejectment for Ita recovery m th nam
leaaor of tb actlUoue plaintiff of the party holding tbe
Ujml title, and from whom hla eqnltabla title la derived.
and la noa-aalted; and, pendiog tbe action of ejectment,
procured from tba leaaor ai ua piatnun in uiai action
enn.annce.of the letal till to bimael. be may . within
oee year after auca non.ault,,conunenca.nevotliB
bit own. aama nnuar uie cuuv, aiuiuuKu, unknecu uie uai
i ii.. nAnm.nramfnt of the t6 aciloo. tba llmltalian
preaorlbed by the terms of the aeoend aaction of aald act
ef lo9may hate; expired. , Tb ,. aarlag ol tht act
favor of tba plelntUI in the Mtclaaaj, ylf, Mi
J Haymaker r. Haymaker. i?. 8L Hi, led f aid
T.....1 iO.HL K. ACi. folium J aod aoDrovad.
. rfudgmeM lor piamtiu. anv caa reioaaoeq .av iiainet
hiuL wiih lea lo dofesdaat lo Droaiodla that Court
toiler bo acf (or ,b;W, pt pecupybg claimanty
Mo. IIS'.' Wmu &. b'Tlt ai.' v.Mary Dali.J irrbr
to Muaklngnm Common rieaa. neaervea id aiuaingqm
..iWMJi tBllaW!fiA -ii eU.9:-!l) I'i i't'
1 That tb entry of an aleotlon by a widow lath fro
Btaa'Oottrt to take Bbder thewlllef Bbrdeeeaaed baa band
seed not ahow ormaalrhat tbe Judge had explain
ed to bar tb ptinamocs af in wUkykaa aad that, tn tb
abeeaee of avermaotor pirooi touw eouirary, auca
iu.umi arill haDraanmad. I
8. That aaeleairon formally mad, and entered upon
th Journal at her loitanoe cannot aftervarda, and
wlthlo a year from tha probate, be act. aside by her
pleaenre. :-l'- l
3. Th probate judge haa n authority to oanoei
AWalan rrtlaailr aaade and entered upon bi Journal
for no alleged mlitake of the party ao electing, as to the
Eroieloneoaeneof,o tne wiu. Jt.-. .hi
a' nh aiMtinn. ahan mad and recorded, ean be ra-
eaudooly on peUUon to tbe Court of Common S ia,
rv.. . v.d.. .nrtltvlflrlatlltlaa.. '1 . ,
umor vvun U.IIU, ,bu,io.i-i ;
Jndomant or Mualrlniuav uommon Kicaa rerBjaeo,
nibeJdgeatof the probate ext of tbat eounty
TtlWCfoir i- Eu' iVI'tr
Ub at .1
Beaerve. IBWatrkn'tJtVsrt If rt coBatj.
i.- ., 4 .. ;...! , J l'ii-i .
i.:7. VSaat ST Inlanuary.' m, was .nUtled to
fund aa a lrratee of her father. Before the fund wa re-
altaed, M.i Bi and Hi nnlt ka aa agreeavenl to ptae tb
fad ia taw bof H. aa traces, wttb eireenoae.rai,
t loan the earn and pay th Interest to M. for her sole
and separate oeeMma, " wneneTr oiwier ana earn m.
.th.l.iA Mi. .hall die. It ahall be tb dnty of th aaid
II, toaoUaot the Interest a aforesaid., and pay tbaam
either to tb said if living, of to her children and
legal nprveentalivee la the event er ner oaceaaa, ana in
three years from th dealt of tithes party, ai aforesaid,
ih. .M t. .h.ll eallmtand nar over In the same man
na. il,. nrlnnlnal earn: nrovlilnt. BPTCrtheless, ff "tha
. Is tltas r
""-'nt pproprUtloa of aatd monay or any part tbart-11-uf-Lw.
'"" h" J"1"! n the aatd U iball haid Mid 000-
mi... nui in, agreement aia not nit, ma wilt a
to dlipoaa of tha fund durum th life of heneWand
lapbi'ipniiDomoa. preMiibaa.
rinllrilnll.ntaiNo. tiu and tha Judgment ii ifflnBBd.-
after th. tatalnatlan of U., HfetteA'JJudgmnt rt
pasaed Tt 5!tl)7Jau5"e,'?'" " 1
Ho. 383.' Michael Oaibarry v. The State of Ohlo.-
" ' 'nai in. iroatea o r.iaa tno,iuBa
B nonant of Her children, lo tha ontliit.nur aotot
o oaul oeioro bar huiband nina ftey lalluro ti
AO. ixo.. Jonn unaDman atal.
f farnclr D. farlah
y -v..
Th x... .ot,,,,,,! b the onttmetlJn of tha tame
No. 109. Cheitor 0. MuiTlilt t. Tbe Ooiumbui and
Toudo B. n company. , .
tfMrr1 j.
Tho DialDtlff.ao tmploye of tha defendant, ni ia'
nlovnt br tha month to rander tarrlpa imnUr oa t!e
road Id tbe otp city of tnggageynnr, connuotor tf
paaatngar truia,and jruvtl tralna, at U' u tiai a aod
niawa aiona tna roaa aaoiraotea. wmnnwiw iuo w
. and iika nhini ol a nrnl train tha next day at that
place, tooK aua.ga on tba train (or F ,Atut saued by ft
to 1'., ana on tnamomina; of niuenui reiuram, v
tba aama Iraln, toward V., a Uke charge of tba travel
train aa directed- BttJrarilvlDgatK., by theoareleii-
neia , ol toe eeryantawperatinc in t aaeaengei train,
uriwn rrora tna oar ana luj
ured; and brought bia
antlan analtjit Iba aoiAbanv fordamaaaa.: t' V1 j . i
....... ... -
nVj.r r ,.7- - i
to p., e, u,, pUNaar train, waa,w ba regard-
ad asanaatpieyeaaf taa deittodaota. , i.j ,,.
-.Miii ibaibiaduuea bams, lit-uiat ei UM .aarTanw
one rating the train, to proraoU tba aolioe boalnraa ol tb
muroaa company apon tueir roaa, we piainua u v uy
raaariM aa aneataa wllft tbfnt tu. in, aama.ooinmoa
Sulfy -i .-ij.ln. .. . '-',-- ; In .ft,.-h,
J. rlhatila relation of fellow-eaivant. la lb anw
ployaaa oparatlnff tb train, toUtlwl tb plaiatia obii
to tba ezerolta on their part ot ordhutm caret, and aot
Ift.t teuraominartt care due to a oommon Dauenirer.
No 1x3. Philip O. and lieabatu. .BaSlek by their
tuardlana, . John tobari ' jHfrof to tb VUtrlot
Oonrtoi Blchlaod eoaDty. A j J'T-irisq
Wh. a teTauoi er.if amol land, holdln. undr
on, for farming parptaee, nnaer an acrameni wuu m.
.n.h ..r..m.nt r.nnn. . hind an llifimt Tema D-
der manaa to. emitlethe tenant to ran a.
writ of error' t tn uourt oi tjommon rieaa oi muni
gomery eonnty.
tj tVtT fl.al.J). 'W u f t It S A
, ,ht Mdim to erroj W4i 3clei for ,r, i, fcW-!
i,hiiim and In ntterlna aod oaarlna a forae i'oraer
far th delivery of a pittoi with a load.'' of tb tenor
follfvlni:, ,-:tj h- r-ir?T vf.'i.
' ' "Dittbic. 8pt.l4, '0.
Ken. taagdbn k, BT0-6tnU:-Lct the bearer hay
on or your tmaueit, win loaa, ana cnarge to me.
... .. ..... ... - .... .. . n. . rt.UUlD.UI. ,
Held That tbli writing Ii not, per aa, an order for
,h, of , pltM t other gooda of nykind.
And thatextrinalo proof oouii tb be reoeived to git it a
charaoter and meaning not apparent oa lie face; tha in
dastmant eontalning bo taueado, or etatement of facta
tending to gir it a meaning not dlaclojed by Ita tarmi..
IIO Jai. LllcnnnniiiraeyanajraiDirayT. oun
D. Wllion et aU Reaarvid In . the Ulatrict Court of,
Harriaon eonnty.
H. died allBout .laium April lSlW.inilaod oVanel-1
tate of inheritance, acquired ny mm nj puronam, -wuku
he devlMd by will to bia wife My, wlra died intttat4 and
WtAuf taaiM, April S3, lt-d. Vpoti lba Unh.o( M,
th. ..t.t r.a fllmimad bv the hrothen and aiatera el 11..
nnder tba Brat taction of the amended aot ot lt47..iagnla-i
ting deroenti ai an aooaatral eatate, and by the orotnera
and aiatera of M., under tba aeoond aectlon of laid aot as
aneeiate wmcnaio not come to m. irom any anceavor
On petlUon filed by th brother and aiatera of H i who
were In poaaeailon of tbe landi,to be quieted .to their,
title and potaeiilon. Held
j , Aunt , vnuruu.. Ill W Ill. Pli.lim u
from her huiKnd ia to be determined by the act of Ib3 J,
in force at berdeoeaaa, -and hot by the act of 1857, In
force at tbe death of M., and nnder which the descent
frem ner l to be oasi.
a. That nnder the law of 1853. th relation ef encs
tor and heir between H. P. and M. oonld not arlae. and
that the aetata of which ah was aelzed at her dealb was
not ana which "eama to Air from any ancestor."
Judgment for plaintlfrs, quleUpg litem In the title sac)
posaeaalon of aaid eatate. -i a "WW oti vij. (
no. ivu. eamnoi v.- naiuitiu-v. in, duwwuui..
Error to tb Common Pleat Oourt of Cuyahoga county!
Beaerved lo th Ulatrlot 9oart of that eonnty , oT j
Tha act or clandestinely abstracUni from Ua uloa of
tha court a subpoena for witness, and aubstilutlng anouv
er aukpoana la lie place, and procuring a falae return to
be maileoDoa tbe latter, and wIJi intent .todefreuda par.
i. liti.aatln aaldaoart. audio wboae oaae auohaubDOOna
laaued, doea not come within ellher or the clause of tbe
first section of the aot or feb. St, 1834, "declaratory of
the law concerning contempts of court," bat doei com
within tb provkuuns or Ui second section er said aft.
. uagl9Ul reverse.. w -, . y ; j
t Nn. 1.11. Tluiinu TTallam . Wm. .Wli'
I? Error tb
nitlca of lb
A. llnHrt nl flllnlnn .Mtntv.: F. 4
' Where tb parties, on an appeal fritn a Justice
,. Rv mm anna, a B . - a a
Peace, proceed to trial before a Jury npoa tbe transorlpt
of tbe Justice, without pleadloaa, aad, bo objection beiDi
taken, there Is verdiet and judgment, the Judgment
will not be reversed on error fur auon Irregularity. A
ohaise of the court, found among tb papers, endorse!!
by the Judge aa tbe charge given by him la the eaa to
tbe Jury but forming part of no bill of exceptions, will
not be leaaraea a a part or tue reeoiui . i
i.j .m..1 . r . . . '- J.-,.T r
' Bo 1SJ. ' James Thotirpion'V.' The etty of H$un Ve-
non. Bir-r-Va-tbe Majr'aOonrtfaad city.
r PtrOwrion. Hrln That the ordinance of a Munr-
elpaUarporatlon prohibiting the Bale of pure Ohio win,
els. tsar, and older, to be rank "here sold, and prohibit
ing the aale of luch Uqnora In less quantity than onk
gallon, li roil; because inconalstent with and against
Hit policy of tbegenaaalatatutB of May 1.154, I'topr-
videagauut the evusresuituig irom tna ai oi tnuuucav
Ung liquor In the Slat otOlilp,' U
Judga.at reveraed- V. .x aJ.U.1
Na further renort will be made In the followlnr eaiiA
on tb li.-nerai uoo-eu . s. ,
No. 7V. -Cbarlee B . Kelkgat at. V- Jaoob Elsnn Ad-
mlnlatrartrr. e'O'.' wrror b the Superior Otrurt of da
Clnnatl. JudgmiBtamrmedr .
. Bo. 184. Jacob Wolf v. The Btat of Ohio.. .Kescrvi
leHichlani)eauA." Judmebt talrmed. M ' I.J
So. 130.! Ikomulticttolaetl. Th Bci r I'd
eitlon of Tflnflior Tdwoshlp, Morgan eonnty.'
Perempwry wrltot maiidamuwaiAad.id default of
answer -, -r '."'. , tp -7 "t '
N. 13. Jacob Shaw v. Mary tucaaetaU FMUbntb
perfect and quiet title. Beaerved In Dark county. Sat-
ere forrompminaBtquleung ntrer ,
Mo. 139. llugh O. Ulbeoo v.. -Andrew O, TJ. ColteS-
au. atrror u..ta,vitncai wan ,01 arown ooanty.
Judrmeut reverted fpf want of JuliUlctJ.dn and appeal
dlrmlmd. " - -"l 0.'I.:ialaj i.T l'.i !
Me. 38l.'JamiMoOoTdvv Tbe Btateiif Ohio. Errca-
to th Common flee of Onen duUBty. Judgment re-
Vra1. - T? TL I rrI3' H. ' '7 I
No. 39. NlcholaaOler v. Tn Btat of Obis. Errot
to ti Common f leas of Luoa oounty. Judgment
vstartr J ---- '-' i
No 136. Henry Harrington V. Th Stal of Ohio.
Writ of error allowed, and est "Orderea to be taken oat
efti .'.- HeaI Tl ik . 2
. No. 157. Ferdinand Peterson vt The Btal of Obio.-l-
w"rltf rror allowed. ;t a 'f V-"1'-
!! 1J. Aotaai a. Weodobtt vHoX. Knawk
Leave (ranted to docket reserved case.
No. I5H. ' fleorge F . Callrwror et airvrtTieT Talnet
vill k Dadsoa &. B.Co. 1 Motlosi toieinjutafcas No.
103 on theaeneral Socket. Granted. - 1
I Is, ISO. Augustas-Mf Thompson ,vv Traly
Wood eousty, iilotloBfca kafeeariBg and leavttofiie
petition in error- uranted.
.- Adjourn on 111 Thurediy jBotwtnB at 10 sVloekV
Night Sweats and Spitting of Blood.
Among tbe numerous advertised medicines
for these Mmr1a1tttr,'tione'aQte found so effica.
clous m Da. Hall's Balsam.' It snbdues the
irritationi Itope h tweatlnfr," ftatore the
StTeuKU), ULa.TcrT euura.yuauc.ui. tunc. i. in
weU worth your trJalmiV' -f ov"
0nWedDeaday', Maroal3th,at the resides? 4f Ui
bride's farhrlNe.,177 Smith stiret, Olnainaafl, by th
Brr..' iv. 'Tourlee, Mr. BBNBVIU.B W. KEIM,
OH . THE tatla INSX.a-.OHt HI4JI1
LAOB VB1L. Tb finder will be aaltably rewarded by
leaving It aB BS avwaaaaa iaiiu...i
mhldltd .....
i. Job Crlnttng Office, located lo-ooeei she wealthlcat
mineral and agricultural, eountle In. the Btat of
Missouri, with iiilroed an other .taclll ties, aad
os th highway of travel to California, Pike'
Peat and all tb Western Territories, , la a pteae
aatiy altualed aad ihriilug cobs ty aeat, and extenairely
patronlaed, will bediaooaed of foi tba low sum of $1900
4ve SuBdrtd dwa, npe band red on 4he first of Janu
ary next, and the balance In January fotlewlrif, With to
tenet.,' -.The maierlSl' i all nearly new, aad ilWll r
ortad. 1 ike office pays about a.v-u year., lie paper
la Democratic would pay equally waii tnuepeodci Br
oeeuralt-iiith omoial . orgaa ,ef. the unly, .; No
Charge for good wiW. Title guaranteed. '-4-'
1 Jtfltor Jf,rM,.OetetowpVfeJttlaOo.,Mu
JPVvi?. " '1 v,4!f.jVi.' m .!;' i-AT
ini'lil " ,'J I"". 'I ,)'.V' -W"tV..u:i!Ji.,l!
gi;limiin. 11 Qhnfnfra ' Kln -hidmuo Im
tl nam esre
' ,l''.l.i.').A .wi'ii llsw ba-.lnMir
muurv aa uo.i ... '
f ueoig w aoiaa.
nT"!TIHTllr Of ' wwETaf Fla rA.
1 1 to me directed from (he Bnneriur Court of franklin
eeunty.Vhlv, 1 will offer Toy sale, la' wis towd of New AI
bany, at the stole ream of, O.W JvkUen, a lot of Dry
flnnda and notions, levwa on a. tne proneny ni u, w.
Allen; sale eowimeneine oh BATUBDAY, thslOth day of
u.t.h . k: ex. jmbi. at 10 S'etoek A. M. s
march 16:10td By Ed. Kara. P.p'tyJ
n .1 .T... rkM.-W SB . !
...u.v. ,-rY,r (.(
Diisolatioii of Co-pturtneriiJiip,
rfttiK riRitt op jr.', it.' n.ttiTit: v co.
A; hthlsdudbHolvadhrBUtaal.boriactit.'
,fcb:41aeui .Kit t athr&MyJ&m
.Jjn:iim g: or! .t-.'rcq
jMr. XoiToa: f leaaa announes th aaua of
KQhOE 0. WILSON aa a candidate (or Townablp Clerk,
abject ts lbs decision of tb Democratic deleirate Con-
Hon, and oblige WANT DIMOOttAT. -
Ala. Kditob: We announce tb aama of W8AV -
tllbat SS, Esq a eandldal for th office of Major of
be olty of Colombni, lubject to tha decUloa cf th Dem
ooratlo Convention. MANY VOTERS. ..
Ua. XonocPbai announe tha nameof BAUtSLt
TUtPB0B aaa'aaidldafafor ttieoffloi of City alar
hal, aubjeot to tha deoltlon of th Demooratte Nomina'.-
ngCoAentlB.:i:w .'L! v : ' f ! !tl
Oolambua, March 12.
11 ' i i ' j ii i ii rn . i i
Ma. -furrow I have bora requatted. by say frlanJ.
tsabMntyair u , Caodtdat for th Mayoralty.
th en.Qlng lUon, tubjeoelo th declilonof th
yatnaoratlo party. u ,t" A. 1. BESTBtt.
March 8- . ......... , ,.
Sorrva etlVlaau, Pieaa aanonno th name at
JOUN JAOOB HOFfMAWMaaa aandldat for tho office
of TovnthlpClerlc, of Montgomery Townahlp. : hi
Bih3:tf. uu i MANV DEM0CBAT8.
'City and Township Dcmocrette Convtntlen,
"0 M . .a. .trw , . i i ii i :...i." i . ... .-
The Demoerata of tho city of Oiluntrae and Uontgom
a)J T6lrn9hlpa, are hereby notified to fnaet la Ihslr r.
apactlve .Ward and Tewnempa, oa (aturday (yenlny
otxt, March lOlhi kt the following plaoe'
Wi ' ' ' 1 At IM Qalt Houae
BMondWant . .
At th Bcukeje Uoiu.
. . i -I I .
Third Wai4 ,,t r.,.
t th United BUte Hotel. .
fourth War ' ..
At th New England Host.
fifiK Ward'' v.' ': AffJi South Xogln Ooui
township , , at tha old MoolrocneTr Hooae,
lb polla ln tba Ward will biepea fnmytoOoVlock.
and the Townihlp poll from 4 ta fl. o'clock. ' Said meet'
lnga will appoint Delegatea to tb nominating Oonvaa
tlori a follOWIV '-' vn-ve.... r .t
; 7 Dalegatee.
.' 5 .
: . B 1 ' ii
-7 "'' ., '
'., 1. r. 1
12 -r... ,
Seoood ': t ., . ,-.
Third ! vi-mi .
fllh v'!, j,
Townahlp y; .
TbePelegatei ao appointed will meet atlb Cltr lie
en Monday BTOniag, March 18, and nomlnaU Candida tat
fc w .
, Cf'if'eeWf Tl- ""for, Marahal, CJtv Solicitor,
vity uiera, uuy 1 reaiurer, and two school Dlraotora:alie
TownsklpncVt,Vls:'Thre Trasteas, three CenaUhles,
TawnaJalp Olerk, and Townahlp Treasurer. The Wrd
meetings will each Bominat a candidate for Councilman
and Assessor, and th Townahlp meeting will nominate a
'catulUatcfof AsiesW. '
By order ef rh City and Townahlp Xxecwtlv Commit
too. T.' ' ' ' "'. . ED. T.IVINO8T0N." 1 . .
..ll(l"i U0!ii' 7;:
JOHN BIDI.12MAN, 1 - 1
FAT PUNN. ' v.
.ifiavjni nnwTiAi.T. r v"
ALL, 1
W. j
nnTTri rr .
1 for ai THROAT and
COtOH, wild every
Complaint the f ore rent
ner ofy mnd even airtnnl
CONSdiriPTlON. , ,5
.:; rr:-i
-Tate Orant NECKAle
V-3 L
IU HKlviuny and Nat
ural OPIATK, adapted
te every apecleeof ner
vane Complaints Ner
waue and Clironie
Headache, tahenmaa
Slam, datarrh, Tootle
and Ear Ache, Loa of
Sleep, aadafowel Com
plaints. , -
No real Initios can be don th above tire titrations
but by procuring and reading descriptive pampblets.lt
ee loans with all dealer, or will be sent by Proprietor
oa demand. Formulae and Trial Bottle teal to f hysi
dans, whff will find developments nbolh worthy their
aeceataaoAd approval.-
vorre.ponaDce aouonea uvea au
curiosity prompts to a trial of, the 1
dle. 1 T, !- ., t ! ,
' or wale b' the asuxl wholeiale
uorrespondenee aoueKed Grata au whoa necessities or
above reliable Heme
sal and retail dealer
everywhere. ..:
juiii a.. usjHHWl,l,r Froprleto 1
'it Vtk 9 rjoamsrelai Wharf, Boaloa, Kl
Boberta k Samuel, U. B. Mantle, J. B. Cook, J. M
Denig, fi. Denlg St Bona, A. J. Bchueller at Bon, Agenta
for Columbus, Ohio. . .- myl-dly
"I mi 1 . . 1, . 1,, 0
' lJacscJcsUrmedarDaU,bllllosaBd lire
affection, plica, rheumatism; fever ind aguca, obrtl
nat bead aches, and all general derangement of health
the lll.brl Irivaitably roy ed a aortaln aai ipeidy
remedy v A single trial will place the Life Pill bsyocd
was reach ofoompetltlca la the estlmatloa of avery'pa
tlent. -r , j iv --y
Br. Moffat's Pheenta Blttrri wHl W fcand qnally ef
eaokjis la Sllease ot nervous, dobiUty, dyapepaia, bead
ache, th slcknea Incident to females In delicate health,
n;very kind ot weaknes ot th dlgaativ prgans.
for sals by Br, W, H, MOf f AT. 33S, Broadway, N. T.
wd ey all Bragglat. W ' mayJ-4fcwU
- ' '
11 1 . .1
.. The, following; aa Mteact from a
letter written by th Rev. J,""fl. Bohna, paster et the
Plirrspolnt-Street Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. T.,ta
the"Joumal and Measerjr,TCIeIenatl,0.,andspaka
volumes In ftvor of that world renowned medicine, Mae,
Wiaaaow'S Bootwim Svae ton OBtusaaXTaVmaS:
"We see n ' tdvertisment In your ooranrrra: of Ma
Wrm urn's Bootbih Brxo. 1 Now w never sal da wont
in lavor oft patent medicine before In ear lit. btwe
feel eompelled to lay to your readers that tblaia no bom
bug wa havs raian rr, ana K.ovr it to aa au rr
oiiats.. It la piohably one of the neat arsfal medt
sine of the day, because tt ia on ot th beat, and these
of your readers why bay babka can't d.a better tbaa
laylnawpply." - ls cifr:ljaw
-ha ;
niX ,
1 us.
t -rig-.
, Ji' AS
X4 Tiki
1 ..tuir.l.l.
J :
Mlltt.' iACnfl tVILI. SELL AV AUC
TION, at her residence, on Third street, bstweea
Bleb and friend streets, on . .1, ...tirtvcl
,KTtidayi,tle lStb day o( Mrcbaa8Cl,
ding, Carpets, ate. lao.-. -
baa. Manlcal Instrument.
Tb sal taesmmenoe at X o'clock, and will k aad
witnout reserve.
11 VI 1 .4 t aiAoctlonaa.
WHEN yoa go to New Tortr, drive afreet tf'tBV'f
bboadwaY,' Cobseb of hOt)bton mm"
w., ,7vr vr wp
Good Fare, Good Tloims, Prompt Altudan, aad Mod
rat C bargee.. , ;-Mi n) f jn,fl ,,.
iBTOTtBTLOtftia It CTB. WOTS, aad tl PUB DAT.
: ' t.n-i.-. i n j: i f ita
Meals aa ardered. Tbii Hotel has all tbe appointments
of the best hotels', a most central location, and Is bsated
throughout by ateeaV.. jiff 8AMCUSLI. MBAD,
'1 t'y,iitTO ,i-Tw,ia "l '1 1 ,,.(,, ,'ra ,-,, .' '
,.,,v,;,;,.1;0f . f. ;'
Y 3 J J t eT-d ,U
AllerltftatthOtnc of h SUUttma will fc
prompflyallarinedlo". W" Jaulf-tf
uiin" "t " ... m nn r
. ... .. a kiAJ,
bo .'Ir:'rplwy4a4;K','v -
a few aotire mesTto aot aa agcift for their house.' A
preference till be given to those who are well acquaint
ed in the UtrUHMwMoh tbey ,pIvaT Itfrr
for which services they are willing to pay a tela ry
of from', if j. L jC 1 ' I TOKyr
: $eod;;,(f ;:Paan
for further par tlraltuiaddreM ; -, , -t
tyii eyrt '-tyf MOBMOPBj It GOV. - '
rn iff, y-ri4,EtiB"Pio,
'Jaask4I fa4 U - .m.t JerawyiOlty, W, .
TV Whit and Mix. K, lust 1
.(.!!l!t itilltfaOf .t-T;

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