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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, March 16, 1861, Image 3

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Tb Adams Express Compnoy places as dally
under obligations to U for the Terjr latest papers
from the eastern Cities. " , :.
tit TlirAiiarloft Expr Company has our
- thank for dally Immi in the euapeof the
very latest eastern papers.
Cftnr of Common, pLiAS-rla tna oase of
the Statb . ;' Bfbaguk, maicieo lor arson, sue
Jury, after' a deliberation of orer twelv hoara,
this motning, readorta a yerdiot of "Wot Guit
it ,,.y.:, t . . w : , , , .t.!r
-. i .
- Tat ito fi x eokoh Tt utk ttt, aemi ao,
tvoq, m which Judge Rankin appeared Tor the
,plwritoffV wis irled .bj; (he Jury, this 'uiorblbg,'
- the defendant being in delimit, on a question oi
i the right at. proptrty la . tw al9v.Trdlol
, forthedefendenf, $250iamag'oi. '',ri' 1 .
The case of the Statb t. THomaB' Davis ijjd
..,,,Wj.r Dans, imitated for an assault 'and bat-
" tery with Intent to murder, upon the persoa of
lr f orn Ktrs RjtAMiT and Tavlob fot the State,
' '"' and 8. W. Aifbanns for" ' the- defendau--waa
takep up thU forenoon,' for trl&I befw'tha Jury.
jaiTandls Bfogreiog.thefoning,",.,1, r .,.r. .
'.. AaaiVAM aT tui 0. P.--The Sheriff bf Clwk
- eountjjast venipg, an-lyed at the Peulteotiary
with thro new contiot. , On of tbem, W.
'-" Nbttib (colored), Is an old offender; sentenced
;,o' Vf? a seven yeajs' term "jtui" passing : counterfeit
-.money, Uo had already seryea out two termi
In the Penitentiary. These, with the present
-tne, will" make 'fifteen years State senrloe
for the old man, who is said to be a good blaeav
r smith, and is, therefore, valuable acquisition
s a "to the' establirtment. t " 4
a yt y r.T - w i' ' 1
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ments'r -
?TTii' j ,
JUna I qua Notics. "What Qod will do with
8eadefrJroty hit Cfovvnmnt,' or ;The Dirlne
way of puttin g down Rebellion."
This Interesting theme will be discussedSua
da f Tuning, (7th inet.,) by, Rer, Thomas Gor
man, in the Unversalist church, Third St. This
publio are invited Servioes at half past seven
TU,o'clock,, w ,-.v -T, ., Ki',.; ...-).;!
O To-toorrow, Sunday; March ,17tb, is
, S.PAUicV,Piy,At St. Patrick' Chnroh
there will be appropriate exercises, and In the
, A.eaenlng, a lecture aod tnuilo by the Choir. On
Monday, the Montgomery boards will celebrate
the anniversary by ajarade, i , , , , .
u. i .i in u rj i
.i5aITJTf6'hundfed oil wells are already bored
and being bored within twenty, miles of Marl
:'t,:fifteeri In tbe7"Bighborhood of, Poproy,
Meigs county, and quite a large' number Id
Athens. Gallia and Lawrence count es.' ' -
.' - , .in i
. ju; f T
''Viiltkii MMnev The primary meetings
, of the PfimijqracyjTH the city and township, take
( place lata evening, to appoint delegates to the
City and Township Convention. n See notice in
'"'"bo enlumh of sOReiat AotlcM. ' i i: "V I
'i .1
tr ty The , Wooster Democrat announces that
w'Bdn! 8.S?Co)iE' wilt lecture" b'erort the Library
AMOcUtlon ofthtl place, on next Monday area'-
::Mgii8r-': l .
4'.n ' "'Iff 'MU 1 111 ,'. vl 1 '(
V - v CTThe Cleveland-PUindtalt state I
tt u,at on
Tuesday. JiV'instai oil weli'afTiltus-
0 We' Wok ''fir and b'amed to the height of one
dnidrtdnd fifty feetrJ
a!tj c CTThe net profit oh 75,000 ntgeena shipped ;
kWW iyiiairit;i tippuin. jiwi uvi acunj
Well as "atriking lio.,(.'i9'e'i'T'.rtr; m'i
.aifTXbP Court of Common Pleas of Cuyahoga
county, yesterday, sentenced three convicts to
i th PeDHentlftrybne'i a burglar, for fire years.
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25 cenl
1-7 1.'f:
UT' Se - advertisement, of .Prof. . Mum's
another column, nf ;; :
.awar ;'i'' ' " ' ''
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fir m 5 J UV, ttJJ O.I fl
. V'a
Arrivals and Departures of Malls.
Malls for New York Olfy, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
PltUburgh, Etcatwnftlle wy. '01teUnlrZanmll,
Newark, OranTllle, Wa.hlnton City,' Baltimore," Phila
delphia and KswOilmui, ! ally (Btudayt eioept
edl at 7k o'clock n. m. t
' a threngb nan for ITsw Tsrk and Olerelaod loffl
oany (BUDdayl excepteJl at I O'clock p.m. I
- O. O. It O.B. Bry MaUcloMf, dallv. (Snndaj
eepted) at 1 o'clock n. m. '
r Central Ohio Way Mall clowi dallv (Sunday' axctt(d)
at 1 o'clook . am. . . T.,.:. ,
OlnolnnatfwayUall oloatt dally (Bnndayi exoaptsd) at
a o ciooa p. x ? , ' 1
Oblcaco. DubOone. elirar. Marlon and Worthlnf
ton atall elotes daily (Bnndays xcepted) at 1 o'clock
Alalia for Tenia. Bnrlnirflald. Sayton. Toledo, Clhcln
nati, Indlanapolia, XouUvllle, St. Loula, and Detroit,
eloaei dally (bundayaeaeeptl)tTK m. - '
1 throaih mall to Xenla, Bprtnirfleld and Cincinnati
eloaea itiiiw I Snnilavi exoeDted) at 1 o clock D. n.
Urlaoa, Plana, Tifflo and Union Olty malt eloaei dally
fO..-j-r ..i .1 TU-llrrk'n m - - V
Lancuter. Loran. Nelaonvllle, OlrcleTllte, Ohllllcothe,
Portamonth, Waiblngton, 0. H.J Athena, Marietta, and
n, wunmgioD, u. ti ; auudi, tunnn snq
ith, mili oIoh dally (Sundmji azoepted) at B
a. J v ..(i I i j . ' i "
r Mall by National Boaff tft Zulerrille, eloias
o'elork p. u
But aray
dallr (eandayi xoenwd) at 11 o'elook a
Marriabaritt Jaalla eloae dally (dundaya excepted) at 1
oVilaokp.m. r ,i .... ' r ..a .
Mt. Vernon Mall, by way ot WeetervlUeand iuabury,
oioaee aaiiy isunoay exoepteoi ai o ciooa p. m.
. DubUn Mall eloaea dally (B.undays axoepted)at 1 o'clock
- -
Malls from New York. Booton. PhlladelDhlw Albany.
Plttabnrgk.Vlevelaod, Dayton, Toledo,, Xenla, Detroit,
gprtcafleld, Cincinnati, Ohllllcothe, St. trolt, and alt
ooBtnern oiiiee, imri between the Honrs oi o'clock p
nk and o'clock a. m. . . '
Nails from Indianapolis, Chicago and j)nbo,qavarrlvs
at 3:40 a.m. ),,.
Mails from Wuhlnaion Gltn Baltimore. Wheellnf.
Zanetvllle. Newark. Btenbenvtlle. Mt. Vernon, and the
V. u.. B. way Hall,amTat o'clock p.m. i
Way Mail from Cincinnati, arrives at 2X o'olock p
Xancaiter Mall arrives at 3K o'clock d. m.
But Way Mail over the National Bond, arrives at 11
eMeae-av - ;.- -n vr-jv
Mt. Vernon way Mall arrives at 11 :00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrives at S o'olock p. m.
TJrbana Way Mall nrrivea at 8 o'clock p. m. ?T
Harrlabarah Mail arrivee at 11 o'olock a. m.
Office delirerv onen every day (exDt Bun day.) from
7X o'elook a. m to 8 o'clock p. m. "Open on Sundays
morntnr, ana rrnm o to o in
Rail Road Rime Table.
LrrTLa Miami t OaLcaaoi It Xtma E. R,
l . - Loavew.T,.h(rr 1 'Arrives.
AoeommodaUstJ S.10 a. Mk.jIi,8.i P. H.
No. SB... 4.30 P.M. -L 430P.M.
BightBipreaa 9.45 A.M. I ,,,,8.45 A. M.
Ouram, Counts GimilrKATi R; t, "
Bxproai and Mail 3 00 P. M, ' ' 1.40 P. M.
Might Bxpreaa..... 3:8S A. M. .. , M.tH,
OomuLOiitoB. B. .. . . '
BzprM Train....'.. .... 3.M . a S 30 A. M.
Mait rain..n.. B. P. ti. - II SO p, M.
PrrriBcaaB, OoLDaus eV Cmcuoc'iTt B. B.
BipratsTratn., 3:00A.M., 8.S0P.M.
Mail Train..... 8.40 P. M. ,, 30 p. M.
OoLcasce tc iKnuaarous B. B. ' Vi I
Oolumbua. Plana t Indiana B. B.l i -A
Expreai Train., i... 8:10 A.M. 11:10 A.M.
Bipnaa Train.,." .8.5P.Mf 8:10P.M.
i.i ;
BEIimCfHAM'B ' '
' i . OltBIl BATED
3 u..
For the Whiskari. and Hair, '
4 .J.:W.
The subscribers take Dleaiun In anaonnelrrir to the
Oitltens ol the United Statu, that they have obtaineil the
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febSOdkwCm fj , 124 William Btreet,NewJork.
N). 1.
Vol. I
r tTTTI 1 A Tk'TTk :
: mVf'. LITEliAilYAPER,
V.-' r fllftlxh" ietlr 1 1861y "A j
Vow. Bead-7r lale XvryhrPrie Plv
. ... .h 4 1..; w-,.7;.,.n I
',t: tl 2!iT U '.' I " .' .1 i . 0"7
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THE DVINO BOrs BEQUEST: by Maria Sorrls
T.(iV. A Vatn. ' . J.l S
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1IE BVEaVWTrtRB.:'.' T'-l J VI" ' '" I
WHAT? APoem. ' ' , , :"''. ',' "
THB MOUTH Of I0ND0!Tv'."lL . ' "' J
' unTtnva n uwnm.:' ' ''''''' 1 ''! i ''
?'.tlil Cft t (ff.'.. I
And pinch bther ; IntervStlD and Instructive
Reading watter,.,, '
t?n.t)7f!T Tl,r0 i:
Ons ecpy.
T eaf per eUaBUKs
v- -'ai ('f Is ' -1 i.l M " i j f . ii "f ;
HUNT MINER. Publishers, .
ifT .Sit atxtto UMPostrOffios.Plttapynli, P.
asaronci n i,-w in jwnii
ifar,, ty ,
WM, KNABE fit CU.i.:.it
'A T
THG1U ft BW hljW.-tf-r
8O0M, JfO. if BAbTIilOMJB aT,
, . i , . . . ,.. ana ''ii,i r
f BTKKlIj j 1
MOB. 1, 1. S and 7 N. IDT AW
XI I :. nffBVrVirmla'rniJifMlirwiirefllii 1 'H
.i '.' s.u 1 ttwrn a wit LfwJt i
ni.'ul fV-h j 'u t .in oi -- .AND BQARE
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mnsioai amavnsses aue coaniry. amy a ;
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I .
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ttt most JasttdlMs oootooaer may rely, nnoa .being
xerms nuersi, . i r f-p,,ijjaes vv
,'cta8;lydw. -,; ; ' Oolambns,jOilo
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"?-K0CR 00 1W Kasoa ,.. I.
1 il '"'"",B,',"'''I
1 CT.a ,Li.l.
U. S. Senate—Special Session.
Washinotom, Ataroh 15. Ia tbe fieaatejMr.
Mason offered tbe following preamble and reso
lutions i i - .-xy ' 1
Wbebias, Tbe presence of a bllltary firoe,
eonoeotrated asd permanently quartered at tbe
eat ef Government, is - a departure from all
former usage o( the Government, ami danim.-
ons td the lights and liberties of th peoples
;jrfcwfeea', That tb President inform the Sen
ate what . -.number of troona of the. armv .r
quartered in this cur. the reefantivenrma th.
serviofc; and )be purpose for ,wblob tbey were
brought here; and further, that nr Inform the
oeoate wnen saia irooDS are to ha wlthrlrn
and, if not -to be Withdrawn, for ' what purpose
thsv ra hraanrl .ri,.. It n vi,'.. 5.
muirano inu (urco, BDO III WUSt SXtCDt. .
Mr. DoUSIai'reeolutlori'ln rnancct iathL fA.
auenalsraavy jards, and ether pnblle property
in th seoeeding States, was then tak'eij tfp:
" Mr .'Douifaa advocated hia rnanintrnn I rr
did aot believe (be poljov of the Administration
was war. , xneconstruoilon- of the1 Inaugural
was disputed by some on hht Side. wh(l th ?..
publicans were silent, neither aajsntindrjor dis-
sentloK lrom bi Interpretation- . Ta polldyof
uo Auuiiuwtrauuu ueiug peace, ne desired to
relieve sue eppreucnsions or tne country by ob
taining a reply to hi resolution, whioh, be be,
Iieved would give quiet and restore good feeling
u.UuB auo uiucreuo eeuiionp or,; tne countrvi
ltte, war, among wbloh were., that h had nn
power to colleot re veer in tire seceding States,
uur cuuiu uo can eat loo militia, nnlcaa It hit tn
act as a pone emitatno td the federal offleers In
cases where tbe laws, were obstructed If he
designed taking the forts, &o.,an army of 950,.
uou uiea womu aeneoesaary, oosungover Z350..
000,000 annually. ,-, ,,,,1 ,..,,54.fT'
ii In ooncluaion.he advocated such amendments
to tbe Comtltution as would Jiold tbe border
8tates and this would secure a tt union of : all
He coDgraiuIated the Republioans that they bad
patriotioallj abandoned the prohibition of -la-very
Id the territories, and admfttorf th.
ouTcivigui, uutinue in mo lormauon ot tbe
governments tor. Wisratto,: Uaootab and Ni
radavT . 't ' o :-iv . i
Mr.. Wilson said Mr. Douelas was a man nf
nitoiy. ae rrcsiaent bad scarcely delivered
bis kind' and generous Inauguralwhen the Sen
ator from Illinois stops forth, unasked, to give
U1B lu,Glu,nM,UU Ul ll.vHUHHl, M Ktl m It Bhnh
llcan side bad undertaken to sanotion or disavow
that interpretation of tbe, Inaugural. He was
not coptent thaj the President and the Cabinet,
which had just taken possession of the Govern
ment and country in rains, should have time
enough to cast about and see what principle and
patriotism require toT be done , but, .he rushed
into this, chamber, and brought In a resolution
asking .'the Administration to declare to the
country what it Intends td do. .The Adminls
traiiou should make knows its- doIIov thmntTh
gentlemen in whom it had confidence. " - i
- wr, uougiss saltbe . could pardoritba petu
lance of the Senator.' who onlv ahnwarl h
hurt," He talked' about istrattiec whn it
that Senator's only purpose to make a oeraonnl
assault on him: -He referred to Mr Wilson as
belonging to tbe wee win of the Republicans.
rar., reseenueq cauca Mr. Uouglas'l atten
tion to the fact, tbat he sald.tbe Senator from
Maine instead of Musechusetts !
, Mr. Douelas said be was mistaken. HA rlM
not refer to tbe 6enator from Maine.. His words
were from whatever quarter they came. ' i i
." Mr Ftssendtn Dlied that bis remarks
nhderatoadAS he (Mr. Fessenden) bad said, .
Mr. 'Douglas Some caonot understand truth,
when It la told.", Courtesy rf quiraa tb 8ebator
to accept tbe explanation. .The Senator attach
e more importauoetQ himseJt than others do
He is reapcta,t)a. la debate,,.- yry wJU H
hould not thluk alluaion was made to bim, at
there were other people than himself. '' " ' f
, Mr. Feesenden thought Douglaa had merely
made a slip otjlhe.toDKU in savinAT the Senator
from Maine. -Ji n j. ." ; -i I'm i
".' Mr. DoueIss When a mak e Correction ', the"
Senator is bound to accept If. You don't admit
it, bkcauae I say the statement is false aad tbe
Senator ought to know it. (SeMatlbn.) i I
. - iiu, at easeuaeu earn me eenator was determ
ined on a. personal quarrel, , He could, not ad:
mit Douglas to be a gentleman, because he had
used nngentlemanly-language; He then Bro-
J - J 1 : I,-. . - - . .1 K . . n r
veuyett iruuivaiiy s igeaia; qi ,rarj UOUglAS, and
showed why tbe resolution ought not wpV).
Tbe tendency and design of Mr. Douglas' sptecb
was to lindnoe the belief thsjf the ennntrv l.
about being plunged into a war by an aot'.et'
the Administration, and to Influence the suspi
cions of the people. He made it a rule in this
chamber to Insult no mao, or use offensive lan
guage. He did not know whether Mr. Douglas
held to-theeodeof Jjonor. , vro a37
MrJ)ougIas said, tbat Mr. Fes'scnden weuld
ba Informed wUen ha made inquiry in tbe prop--erway.
Mr. Fessend replied that Mr. Douslas
courage was well known; but he need not be
(ear(u tbat be would send him a chailergo or
words to tbat effeef.- . 1m J a ... j
Then there was further colloquy.
Mr. Hale said he'recoenltsd a nortlon of the-
oensura of Mr, Douglas as Intended fot himself.
He found already prepared for him a little1
speech, to be found In an old book, 15th chapt l
ter: Absalom said moreover. Oh, that I Were '
made judge in the Iaodr that every man which
hath any suit or oause might come unto me, ana
i would ;dolim justlo.i Laughter. o This
speech he preferred to bis crude ltfeaa , o 1
i Mr. Dongla Tbe quotation ' would have1
great weight. 11 It only showed it was read to
avoid argument and to nuke ; a personal attack
on him) hence he would say come on. make at
tack after attack.' bet your quotations in ad
vance, I am ready to meet you. The Senator
i as i. .. T 7
iruui iuasBavuuis,iea. on in a miseraole pes
sonal attack. ' The 'Senator from Maine fai.'
lowed. Tbe Ssnatot' from New Hamnahira then
came in with what be called a written speeoh.' 1
expect to give mem. soma trouble during this
session.. I now' their schemes, j.' J,dd not mesh
they shall; break up th. Union and. draw th
country Into war. (Applause la Ballerier) ' ..
A Senator suggested the galleries be cleared,
Mr. DouRlaa As tbe calUrle will not ba
quiet, I will say. no-mor. And he abruptly .took
u eoas, ....
ExMuUvf session adjourned.
'' xi(U-1 '-.. ;, .- '!L
From Washington.
WASH'moTofr',' March 15.VThe Southern Com
missiooers do hot eicect an answer for. several
days. ; It i undtitBtood-the i Cabiilet. aoW has
their missiott aader consideration,- Great
weight is attached in politioal circles to tbedea
larationof Feesenden in tbe Senate, that' th
Administration contemulated a noliov of rjean.
and would exercise no authority not strictly in
aeoordahcB with law, and not tllWarapl jtirae
naxi.noeu taaeq jiortQe.cxamiqatiQn pt, tbe ques-
uon in an tot Dearlngs- ;, i tcu ,r-.- r ; " 'v
Geo. : Alexander Lieutenant, and Jss.T. Har-'
tl0D, Strrtwon In the Navvi wre eenflrmed to
uaj.; a, .v. vroeov is pommaicajuiniBier to
I. 1 ,,, a T a, ' . .
uuawaiaia. iioiioway.oi louiana, u appoiniea
tommissioner oj ratenta. - i
Virginia Convention.
RicBitoTis.Maroh ISMtla iha' Convention to
day, Mr. Conrad advocated tbe majority report,
and maintained that. tbere was aleeal rlebt l r
I . L . i , , tn . 1 .-I J
eweaoiun, vuwoau uie puiioy ui virgin nooum
be to make a proper demand tor amendments M1
thev Constitution, i
;lon, -and he believed the
would acctdv) them. ' He said a future report,
wouia 'mtke' these propositions; and htA3
rlonht thov wnulrl ha aaAAntahla tn iha fVinv'n-'iMnnn
uuuus tDcj wuuiu net aooepiauio to me vaunyeu -
.1 ' r 1
lion. ,ilT
' teosToiilW'ch 2G.-FouV 6 orlneste'r fiahiOaT
Teasels, tortbB George's Bts,bv betfn'mlas-'
log several weeis, uu are pruoauiv iobii who
irom thirty to lorty lives. i
ine Methodist church on Harvard street,
Cambridgeport. was destroyed by fir. at i about1
rtflTtlftlTfht sMtwaailaU IHIV titJBiMBterMiaB. lUUli,
L.7T. u t' " , , . v -v---t--v a -V-- W
r HearlV Ode TObl K1 mow TCll TbCtWefcn 10
la'elock b1 thiJmorn,llia.mwUch..ii fcr!
I drifted bv thai Strom? nnih Ittt nJe i mL i
il l K J ' g Pr-t?.e.Kal0-'vJl
' a,laal '
- ADMANrUoK Maaeh- iSfb'e'llwelling
L LB' T.lle. r.l.rt .A,Dtl. t. ikt. aa. a
nuu. as-gMHau vru.v,,,, as rvaiaio, iu su.. ""Vy,
was aestrojeo oy nre last nlgnt. Uiiecnua.gl
T. 1 r..,,.X ! i
BV v A ' " a laiaa . H s vt . lil-tSI, ! ...
years., oia, was arnerj to rjf stni'snv
wa seriously Burjeci,, , jpa wuuie imuy pi
1 aoapd.i n j
I i.'
in. lit
v.s.1 pnej li
l" ArjiUi'i-' vr. '-'. u It r,L Ul
- . fXTr.xKsvsu, I a-i mru i ne wumw vgie,
was 1.611, Ko seoesion,679L- acainst, 783.
Imman lrcnwioo, headed by a band ar)d th
geeeselotV flag, escof ted MrrFryor to the depot,
. . . i- . r I A ' fctu. I '
ne tietts(sjtt n.ivujMii.uu Y'"au
a. ..a , -' . ' 1
dydus'i CJ.cK
From New York.
i mT p . . , . . ' ,. .
i:TL'0,Ftw.,nAtrrA nr W Ibpre'B
illiliiOD Bqttafe'iJotdlbPiUjng, th'tg ajdmlogi, d
stroyed tbe wardrobes and regalias ef Holland's
Paoifio, Cresoent, Benevolent, ' and Arcana
Lodges of Masons, Metropolitan Chapter 'ai
Royal Arch Mason. Coour da Lion and Colum
bia Encamnmentof Knights Templars. Ths
building was entirely destroyed. Total loss.
from 120.000 to J 25 .000. ' ; , III
A Ore occurred in Orange street thismoruine.
on tb premises of the American Hoop Skirt
Com dab y. Susannah Wilson, daughter of the
janitor of the building, jumped to the ground,
are stones, and was killed. Anna irainor was
taken out of tbe building, by a fireman, in, an
insensible state. Her recovery I doubtful, i
Sterling eichange advanced to 6 and 6) per
cent, ror Dangers' Dins. " : -i v .
IRNew Yosa, March 16 The TimesWashlng.
ton correspondent says th Cabinet oame to no
deolslon yesterday on ths proposed evacuation
of tort Sumter, in opposition to wbich some
very strooe areoment were made- I
Redent letters fo?m Major Anderson resent
with Indignation the Insinuations against his dis
position to holq tbeorttorjhft last- extremity,
' Iftaraid flarresDOndencO.l I
' v i'membSr of 'Ae Sg Inii CqJitDoS .'called
On the President to-day, who assured hint AO
vessels would be sent South with hostile Inten
Won, tbat thtre would be nothing done in regard
to tneanutrser the Bourn or sixty nays, ana
that It wabls purpose, to 'reBipre' peaoe .and
preveok tbe shedding of blood. 4iva t ... -'
Dr. Thomas, of Dubuqoei ha been tendered
Hi mlaalnn tn Unrrntm ' I - " '' - li ', , .
j Intelligence from Baltimore says that .be fifat
rasutaaceto edral autnotity win be tbere.
The purpose of the secesaioniets is said to be to
reslBllany Republicans taking possesion of
GoveraoTenBoaices In Baltimore to the last.'
r i ii . r r i 1 1 . .i j ,
insoiiiKeuoo iruoi Bian-a tuu( luerw
exists a pretty strong party in Soutb Carolina
onoosed to ratifvlfle the Montrromcrv Constitu
tion, who will resist It at evarw point. I H
.ThsGovernmentof the seceded Stales htsao
pointed WmL. ITaneey, P.'A. fUut,1JW.
Mann, and Butler King, special Commissioners
to England and France, to obtain a reooenltlon
of tbe iadepeodcaoa of the Confederate States,
ana to1 make sncn commercial srraogemeots as
their Joint interest msy Inspire. ' ' '
Niw Tobk. March,..!.. The Mohawk and
Crusader have gone to the Gulf. The revenue
vessels added to the fleet are intended to aug
ment it to a respectable coast euard. .The Phil.
adelphia will probably ba used, la case of the
evacuation of Fort Samtor, to bring tb garri
son to Old Point Comfort.' " ' .
Counterfeit twos on tbe Bank of Ndrtb Amer
ica of this oity.acd tens on the Farmers' Bank
of Pittsburgh, have mad their appearSbce,; ,
'The Trt'tun says, our Charleston cofresporj
dent .writes to ua that tbe shot fired the other
day atFort Sotuterrf waa' the result of a deltbe;
rate plan to try the temper of Major ' Anderson',
and, that the statement that It' was accidental
is an unbiuBhing Jlie,,,i"7, !,,.'.' ,."'-' I...!1:'
A Washington' despatch to the atme paper
says; Upon the day or MaJ. Anderson' laBt
statement to the War Department, hid. stock of
bread was reduced to fourteen days,' and rice to
about weaty-three. With .the other supplies
on hand, he might maintain himself a month.
.ifif r. 'T
LorjisviLwa, March 16tU. A-laree. Southern
rights meeting - was held fat tbe Coftrt House,
last night, attended with eodsiderable confusion,
ana nnaiiy broke ud in a row.
Lei 1 iler and B. O. Davis, old and womr
nent citiiens, thd latter formerly 'of Boston.
died last night." " 1 . it) - , ,
'.: The Southern Pacific Rail Road Co: asks the
stockholder to take one dollar' worth of new
stock for each share held. v f '
,iJ t Til m . j :
; Fokr: ICaaiiHiri ItmV 15 By (lie Pony Bi-'
press we; hav.s'.fla. rtaoclsco a the 2d
A 'Jchance of venue beitic refused Horace
Smith, who killed NewalL Jan. 1st. both houses
of the Legislature, by more than two-thirds ma
jority, change tbe venue to riaoer .county.
8mith's pUceof residence. The Governor will
veto the bill."4 ..,!, i
Mmtbokst.! March lS.t-ProsIdent DaVta'
veto on the African slavetrade act Objects to
the section authorizing the sale of African to
th highest bidder, as in opposition to the clang
l i.n r r Ltjji : . , - h.
i nv ,wuueiusiya iurumuiuj ejuua trnae.T i nv
vote to pass,, It over the to ,wa 15 yeas, 24
nays, tjoirgress 'adjourns to-morrow, -td.
- ' 'W 1 I
New York Cattle Market.
New York Cattle Market. REPORT.
total aicatrr or 'ciTtx ovxt ttine,' voa Tn wm,
'Aeoordlnf ta.th weports from the' several marxet
plaooa ia tho.oHf, than bars been reoeWed this week:
' Sheep and '
B'ves. Cows, veals, lambs Swine. Total
At Aftcrsea WMABB.-JII Ut -itXaV- I--Browning's-...
119 S9 . 33 S.4M ....
O'Brlon'a.... 3fl'29 r 34 tjtet .X. .,..
Ohamborlln'S.. BI " BS 14 M73 .... I...V
Sunday sales '.. ''.).'. f x. '-".i.
MldM'iBAM.avu r.M, lsl, J ...m .Af
fiwal. 220 oB lHQt 3o7,n B.70818B18
xiprsweesosaai f9jav .!) .6,r, ,0 0,tiii ip,Bt3
Average o,. , - ..h...t...i .J...vi' :
wn,rtyr.i,i 3jo.--3- ,70 't.T.ega' k,9gg
A. U. Allerton t O'.'.jrobrlttors of ths Wuhiscton
Brove-yanJe, 44th-t,,nrt (i CattU-ia,' Market fr on
the following Stales
14A Towa .-
Ueaneotlcut ..
Mew Jersey, ..tt.,.... 10
M-aaaohusstta, ,,... I
MtaToWtlfiwwsawa'Jwawa'W -
Usrhlnn..., .i 43
CeBleWem a tttt use 4 t .F
ObiOu..-a.aaV,,m 565
Indiana. IrOV
Illinois, .an .tiiT.-rrrl,3i
Ken tun ay
Wnmbvr reported forthfts marxet at f otf ty-tourth street
0,521. J ..., JT... . i
The cfo-dayaia,aoed asallows' V i ' .
first qallty.'..v(..Bj(10l OTdtoaayJ..-w. Aa?
Mma-Mt.vwawBsBt aoxae axtsaaeaaiA....10
' Tns gerierkl aTergror"tte marts t st nearly . j
too moatoi ineaaiea range irom 9 to aao.w- "
Prloas per bead Sad vers pounds ol dUTerent welsh r.
will be fonnd In accounts of sales of rend rr drorea
' Total number ef Bterei receive Hi 'tb elry Ats weeg,
afAfe -' '"ei iOiiiis.uwfiut ,i?..i.' ,
mil rs aw nemtr mas inan not wewrt ana j, ro loss than
ths average ef last. year. Th average-number at each
Wednesday market lat rear waa 3.491 head, wklle the
number to dT being fi.Sfil, shew 870 head lee than the
average, and 33 Head less than this day week.
TbssoTaw, March 19. Ws are at length able to report
One saatket entirely satisfactory to drovers, speculators,
and cattle brokers . There tea decided advance In the
price ot bullocks, particularly (hose of first quality, and
trade is more uveiy. man w nave seen It boror this
winter. Tbe advance sf price Span first class and medi
um grades is fully equal to half a cent a pound, and
nothing Ot to kill sells less than iwnta a pound tor the
beer, sinking sAli' aad 'all tho choice bullocks sell at
rates calculated to net HUaj a pound for the
beef, 'with ibeUO teitlroatesj far 4ba. owner. of tho
suppoeed i elhU' ..Beside) ith va4rane f price
pe poaee, lasr isaisu an ea ranee M tna graoxa
the grades of
quant,' m taut anon as sold loot slow at
tow sells quick at 1) cents, and aomestlll higher.
quality,' so tbat suoa as sold Uat Week slow at Hv cents
bow sells quick at 0 cents, and aomestlll hither. The
supply today urvsry HgnWcamtMrtnceafrftdoOhead.
lacladsng a fea -tara bosleoks that oamo inoo. late for
trie market hut Wednaadsr. and vhloh.fer a rarltv.
aeir'aagaeraow snan iuy woum taep u uoy-oa at
ifired Uenretarof ttomarkea. Thar Is onlv a mod
erats proportion ef tho stock of Brat quality, though
there are several very good droves; tno bast from virgin
la, estimated m sn average of X ewt., which are likely
iaaveafaavaneao. -!!. tl lij
WiDnasDir, Marco D, TBe wettheV" rhts tmii
warm and fgrandthernartsr
mariset opened dull, with net over
50 or 600 on sale, and ii
it oontinued fluu an tne rorenooo.
Butcnera. particularly, tnoaat waa ntry waeiesaie. to kill
and sett by tbe qvarter or side, were- quite unwilling to
pay the advance, and Usee were not' retail bete bars
enough la market to absorb even this small number of
M -ki a, the brokers VmM net reotd. from the
rates established Mttrdavvft trade drd awthmn.b
ths nuor ii locks ij-BBir, as targ. . DTO.
Wll avnriwa'nf h.lr a1 -.Tk-,
1 pnanaii grauosor nii cmt a poena 'or ms net weight
1 ,v."k.rr. ..J .. ,K. .. . ".Tl,
hf W oeoiiwa as ine nrsr ciast' wa nearnr an aold at
4Ul.ua wo,, awu aa wo uin iim. nHRHrrinniM
- niore tnaa mat nvance-;irM scxiwiy anytmng. jester
W or tB-day, at lea thuti 8 bent a powndttev ws tblnf
'Wlwtswuvara'gj ntf tvsj,rtWrs''''rtjl 1 ,
WI'D TJTTjen vsnvw ossihi vru ayj uiwn ro svw ail riKwak Will
, brlogabont5nKnawaslarhte.Ow,anunbepough
Vfos at aalh Oo nroaoa, .fceoauae,! In the
1 u "L 1 CWt rCxlf.
J k.mKrhtjustas llktly eataow andaCai
1 VealOalvea. nf aood anallt an In eood demand this
3otncu.bora ,'
There Is no material rhaadyn Hh40nw eaarket Bt Bra
tlee. Common OowswlUi Joung Calves an abnndaat for
ha demand, which kpeears vary limited, at 430 leB&ut
week at 7e. tvJUve weight. And some,ireri,!ld hlghert
the bulki'bovfever', sol y tho.peubeV are at StSOo.. and
- . ,.mv taalSMtMlt( Jt aorivta. bv the
terlem BeaA al Urn IniereaLing variety known as
thtu."bora V sael whieh are full Vi, day old, Uid, sell at
.91 S Mdapwarw f haaA.,,,1, , , , .' , ,.
ittt. ulnars wnsw e "'r iana"PpiyQi waives,, ooin sure
dreased, .-airkrttig by th market boats probably
. ... . ' .t-ti ----t
snaa kwmsb jas aaaaja aaK naan.i. tn anaraaL
r. ' b.'v 7 -
Tb demand eoMlni 'vwrjr good fbf Wsttlsf! Oxea,
and all are takes aunk tbat come In market, at aboal
half etut pound netmor t!r.n the hnn-hers will pav.
lhBtiBi :Bnii 6?rv.i n eiw apur. y;
Lilt!' I r-WJJl I0.9I i-.UK)llYI.'l!a IL1 it
, ((.col
I hear of ill pair acid for Westchester sonnty at foil Be
i w m tot incir ejiiinaicii nvt wriaui or Deer. losis ww
la,n,number at Albany thiaweek, and ws haarof a
tWraed that tlie demand for workers nm woekwiB he
unite heavy, as the auto of the iron ml is sack that pW-
ltisr will soon qcmaono tn earnest In the eonntlea nprth
( Receipts (hi week, i.SjT. -'-.'it - -1 V. I
. 'woi rauori ine maraet ueeiaeunr active lues wtcea. par
ttsaiar'y Bainrday, Monday, and Tuesday. We don't
know When wo havsoeoa It appear mora lively than It
did en Tuesday la Hixin street, wo aonoea pro looa
lota t Bre wool Bhoep, well fatted On of them by-Mr.
Peck of Honery f alia, M. T.. that welshed 10 1ft, asrer-
aeal4ioaio,aay 80b here. eoldetSSX; and anoiher lot
osUmated variously, at Kiefc. 104 tb, and 108ft. sold at
near SilK. The pelts of these on worth SI 63 each
There la no dldlonlty la selllns really first-elaai. fat, fins
wool Sheep at 6o C t, lire wolKht, and the ma kt is
abontae much better for Sheep es U la for kullooks.
Lfrobably the advanee Is the gnateet on Bhoep, notwith-
siaauiine we mcisasm supply, wuico is Kreaif uun oar
Binrea reniesent. lor we near or over l.VUw neaa toiat
dlfXcl from the boats to tho ilasghMr honaea. i
, Th trade In Pelts Is now very active, and tb food
8rioa yiey Mios la one oi tno oansea oi tne aavanes on
ieen. W have one cartons fact la connection wit the
Pelt business. One ISrie establishment has lately pur
chased property and put up building on thajrenx rivir
at Hunt's Briase, wnere u senaa peita to no wasnea, pay.
Ing froiaht oq uiA Hariera cars, it mitea, up ana aown,
and Sods it a profitable operaUon, on account ol tho
nnrilv and abandanoo of water. It Is stated thtt tho
wool brings two cent a pound hlraei" price then heJ
Washed In tn city at a .great expense ror urojon water
New York Market.
thbf"8"110" M' Lbn,h' l an f
t"' S.,.Th
FLOnn-rtcelnts of o.icibbli; market about 5s batter,
witn ralr d'raaui: saiea il.ouu bbls st ES.03V3 1VM
for suparBo state; i BOSS W for extra state, ti Ol
mil ux. for anporflne western. SJ sooaas u for com
mon to median extra western) (S 4Sa5 SS for shipping
brands extra Ronnd Hoop Ohio. Oansitlan flour a shad
betterr sales ot aw bba at 5.Wia5.7.
ityjs Vbouu steady at 3.30si,io.
T-. ' - - : 1 - - . ' - --
Spring; l,onrr,rtn wdsternelub; 191(1,?9 1 2c for
uanaaianctuoai vets train s'ore aoa aeurorea ll
club; tl Sf for white eanada. ' .- oii l I '
jir a yxvun tKKo.-o. , , r i r r 7 i
wul- w. iriaaii, w.,,n, u iw ill iu, n,tu
xpdrt demaond; sales of 50.000 buthat IH66k for bid
IAADII . till W V. , M.I k M tmltU
mixea nesiern in store, ana niwoaa oeuverea: wxui
lot new now western mixed, ma yellow at re st Depot.
quiet ana arm at Sixc&uxi for Wosterh Ca
badian and Btat. i i . S - I
POHK-entst and steady; sales of S25bbli atS10 50a
$10,75 for mess, and $12 50tS13 for prime the latter
icrcnoice. ' . i
BnBI quiet and unchanged.
OUT MBATB dull and decllnlfar. !"! rt !
I A RD steady and quiet sales 175 bbls. at 9XSI0.
BUIISB fair roaueat at Itxatlee for Ohlo 14iaVJD for
State.- i s. i
OHBBBE-steady t8a10o.
WRIbKY-flrmerand demand hirr aalas of lO0 bbls
at !7an8o. ' . '!, , . ii I
COsEKH quiet hut steady; nosalss. i
BUOABB-nra bat dull: Snlea 150 hhda Cnt-a at 4?flB
A10t,A8E3-sales , 800 bbli N. 0 at Sl(S3Sc: market
Steady. , I . , . ,. i
bxuu KB steady but dull. Money and exchange, not h-
new to adrle,with only a moderate badness in both.
nasi 37 j,; Qal. ft Chle. 71; I; 0. scrip 80K; a. V.
0. 7BK: Har' oreferrred 38V; B. 90: Uimn ft Weston
39; 0. T. 39V! 0. C. ft d 85; Td. B. quoted M;
Pao. Hall BOH; Brio 33: Beading 43V; 0.0. ft B. 7s;
0. bondt 88. "Va. 's 78V Mo.B'ibn: Tenn. 74ii N.
. 0. J's 74378; Coupeni iB9X.,;
Cincinnati Market.
ftOTJB there Is not much trade dolne In the msiket.
Purphasee for account of ahlnnlna orient aao made dallv
to a small extent, but tbere Is no movrment in ths trace
tnat gives business any snap or energy. Tho transactions
makiag oontinne to b mainly In the good grates of su
perfine; extras are rompara Ively lower than super; we
quoie the latter at f 4 50(24 SO; the gormer at $4 GS
4 85; family at and choice white at $S 25. . !
WIIBAT was offered to -dy a little more freely, but
sellers demanded usually 2 2i abora th fair Workln
oonditioa of tne market . The business dulng Is mainly
for account of local millers, and they are resolutely set
asalnst psylog over a 1 lor best red, or $1 05 tor prim
Whit ;., ... . .
OOBN ear bad a little more ready market at 33c:
but shelled is very dull and aa,ilv had at 34a fur mixed.
and 35) for prime whife n bulk. - ' , - - I ,
UT8 sell readily at SB ,o Boms of th dealers hold
atS7o. BeluW wall ee aeon a paragraph from a Chicago
paper, stating th amount In store at that point la the
different elevators. It Is very large. I
HARLOT prim fall la mostly held at 72o b a', hav
ers do notoger over 70c, and mostot the aalaa art at
mis figure; Spring ranges fom GO to CSo
BY Is rather more saleable, and 80s. waa obtained
tor a email lot of prime.. .
, CIiOVBB Bit BDbae mads a rapid advance within a
few days. Pmm dragina-at B4 OMM 10. It haa become
vary active at $4 60 and sales are sag) to neve been made
at B4 6594 75.,,- . ...,, .. ..
WHIdKY-Isverv flrmal!3k. n. Bam. Martik
IB- I 1 '
l. ' i OX. I I I
Cleveland Market.
March 15.
' PLOTJRthe markst Is quiet sad unchanged. Th
oily neOeeabl sale was 50 baneli red- double extra at
S3 w
WHf, IT steady, sales 5 ears ltd st Bl 01, anil ear
wnno at i,io. - ' i -
OjBM remains qnlot at 34.,.t, :
OAT8-QuletatSc. a ' 'T:
JHIOHWISar sales of AS bbls at 15c. '
8BSD9 remain setlve. with sales of S5tar Ctomr
. w hi svonso Aimouty as a ov. t
' BL'TTIS small snips are renartad at t he ranae am-
Braced b ourquotatloos. v i
uuaGC-siesMNibblsW. K. stBc. . ' "':' I
PROIT8 small sales of peeled peaches at HXCr ','. .'
XOOS-eales of 3 bbls at 110, and 4 bbls at 11c,
Philadelphia Market.
1 1 rOtrS ' WrrtaTa-aalea f 8.000 red ii tl 2MB
1R8, white tt 33 1 40. Cos firm, sales nf 3.000
bushels no yellow, at 53S37. Coma Bleat 12X 14
whisxt ltISH. ' ' " - '
, i2yWABB: ohio, i.,.,'
"lannfactnrer f all kind f tar
table and- NtattoeaaiT taam Es-
Blaeaaaar intllar WrlatjnUlat
j. -j-vttv acM ettjr V -- f
ZAMC4 SOBLSYBeatml n, db A BLiXD YBtattnl
J. jkJUVAlL Btpltifll COLUJfSViX
KApnnrS, CO. StaUnjtflfl RADIOED
CO. Statmlflll
Ottr fortahla KnKina xt Saw Kill i
. .
Wu swartW.tM first pranltiuf ofi 20 at the Indiana
StaUPaltf 10 over Lane ft Bilfcy's on scoocntof
Price, JighUiesa, lmpiir.irrf conomy or; ;ej
and tQperior charaotef of . lumber sawed.
, Our Stationary Fnglne was awarded at ths earns fair
he first premium t J-A)0. -. ', I
Our Portable KHglne was awirded. the Brat premium of
$1U0 at the Balr at Memphis, Tenn., over Blandy'a Da
veil's, Oolombus Machine Co'a.. and Bradford ft Co's.,
by a committee or practical BSllroad aoglners. I
or nrMeaad terme address 1
, . a a. wiloLABD WARNER, Treasurer.
decVdawlrebls. I r i r ' l '. Newark, Ohio..
I 1 a a a , I ., . i, . 1 1 , .,, . -
-'i,-i. a: vtl.i'w r, . !)d.rii Ii:'1
Kl O'l ... .h S'l!'..'i r hd . iw I H ' i
:it.' -.ai :.'.: "Vi ai r .1 jji
i .-'l..-' -ii, s ,11 :n. t- . .r f'H A vl " hi
t tiTKu. I. J:)-W';.,.Ti. 1 (iJ a;-M-!l'. 1. ! ; kit
'i e-sjlL, -'.'. Tflr-.ia-l. , Q
mo JiisEPII Aa' KClsITLEH. at VI
JL' ManetitOMovand ta Maria Battier, Theresla Battler,
Bririta Battler, Joseph Bohnler. Johaan Battler.
tl Phitsllas Battler's waiow, at tit town .f- filler, In
T " Tirol, Anstrlar " - " f I .
Ton are hereby oqllOed that on the Itth HAV.
Or MAKtltf, A." !'. loeii Charle Pritdrich,
Bxeeatorof Josopb Battler, deeeaoed. Bled la the Probate
Court of franklin county, Ohio, a petlUoa. averrina? that
on th Utb day of At rll, 1853, said Joseph f attter, de-
aaaiuak aeiecd tn' MU a .a WriMaiv' aBSaaaa ,ta tlaalna
- - - . ' I . : . .r"--
Studsn alaca tnssrmarrled toandaow the wtf of : Mich
ael Zehnacker, certain premises. In wit: part of i Block
No. B, In the city of Columbus, Ohio, more fully dea-
Mpifeaa in sal nelltloh. air aad bn oonslderatlAii or hisb
hundred dollars to be paid by aald Beglna tehnaoker
la nveaaatallmeats,' stipulate,! lesoi eoatvaet.on tbe
puaoaual payaseai of whlaaaaid Joseph Battler agreed to
oeovey aald premises to said Begins Zehoaoker to fee
aleaaie, by muoral waraaty deed, that aattt Juaeeh tea.
tlesldbefre tha. eon pie Ion a aald eon treat i tbat
aiaae klanVatii sat siegtnaaVikniakor haa made panent
lamnoriee oaiance oueon eaia contract to to Mia ex
eobVet Jottph Healer, deceased; and ask trig forieaer-
evr or ine sail ruimseuwuii aaiasilsiag aad direcung
bim, as such saasntut, ta caatpmie aald eaajsraoa, and.
on behalt of the belra and devlaeea or said Joospa settler,
deoasad, to execute s dead of eenrey aaoefor said preen.
less to a ild Begins Zeaaawker' aaoordinf to thai tprat
and etloulatleaaar snM aosttract I . -
The anlta'm takarefor will bt for a bearing by said
'-ajeurt,en therjiaoay of April, at 9 o'clock A. M., at
phlen tlate, axless ton show cause is tne mnrrary, aa
order will bs asked as prayed for In said petition.
Uliriliia.l,,;. WABBBN BKESBL,
r, ,...,. Att ys for. Petitioner.
- Oofumbaa, Ohio, March 12tb,JUll .
XV 100 bbls. Cbole Appwt
for ale hr ' ' MoK
Ota tWvAall BrBasfB20
cft..- JOvi:I v.'aajna
Bt N. Blab aareat,
1 k.rt" . aiutil
is ..Taii Vttiv.
('lUtj.altn'Krit .
Ua .
U)r.i.IL lIcLEAN'S
tStf&gthening CordiatHiidC aDlood
rheUreateat.nemedr ln Tisa frrli
0 itrX J'-'-.r I .AJtO TBI i
Jl ly a scientiB and
Vegetable OompouooV
procure by the distil
lation ot Beole. Herbs
and Barks, fellow
Dockr .Blood Boot,
Banaparilla, Wild
Cherry BarK and Dan
delion enters Into 111
Before Taking" aoim 'remediaiirtcr Taking.'
prnolph of each Ingredient ' tharonghl extracted by
my new method of ditUIUng. producing, j delicious, ex
hilarating spirit, and tbe moot INrAI.LIBLB remedy for
renovating the diseased system, and restoring the sick,
suffering and debilitated INVALID to HKALTH and
BTKf, NUTH. , . .
Blc(.Al'a uBTBE!1nTHENIl0 JOU.
i-.X 2, WAf, " ": f
., Will sffoctualfy ear '
onropisor asrvoos uetuity, Diseases or tn BUdneys
and all diseases arlilnr from a disordered Liver or Btosa
ach. Dyspepsia, IQeartbarn, Inward Piles, acidity or Blck-
aesa ot tno Btvmacn.s'uiiucaa or Btooa to ttie Mesa, Dull
lain or swimming to , tn bead, fait nation or tne dean
ruiineai or neigbt In tne Btouacn, Bonr xructation
Choking OKsaffucatlni
feeling whe lying down, Drvnees
orTellowneaaol thegianand Eye. Night Bsreatafln
ward fevers, Pain In the small of tbe back, chest or side
Sudden flushes of Meat,- Depression of Spirits, f rlgbtfot
Draausa, Languor, Despondency orany Nervous Dlsraoa,
Bores or Blotches an in Bkw. and fever and Aims (or
Chills and yerer.V .-, .
"' - Over a tnilllaa af atottlea .
Hare been sold during the last six months, and In no la
stance bat it failed In giving enUr satisfaction.' Who,
then, will suOerfrom Weakaesa or Debility when atc
LBAN'B BTBBNOTlIXltlDia CORDIAL will eur yonl
No language can convey an adequate Idea of the imme
diate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
tbls Uordlal In tbe diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, .whether broken dowa by oxneea, weak by
nature, or Impaired by sickness, the relaxed and omuung
organiutlon Is restored to Its pristine health and vigor.
' - " (HARRIED PEBSONs), '
Or others conscious of inability, from whatever causa.
will find McUane Btrangthcnlng Cordial a tboroath
regenerator of the system; and all who may bare Injnred
themselves by Improper Indulgences, will find In tbe Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy. -. ;
,j " To the ladle. 1
McLcaVa StreogthesiBg Cordial
. 'I') ta a soverelra andaneedveur for
Ohotraoted or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Dlacnarge thereof, falling of the
Worn, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diseases Incident to
Thra Is no Mistake About it.
Buffer no longer. Taks It according to Directions. It
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate yea andeaus
tns bloom of nealta to mount your cneea again .
JCvery bottle I warranted to give satisfaction. ;
( ! '; , FOR' CHILDHE!.. I . j
If your children are sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean's
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and yon will be convinced.
OiDTioa. Beware of Druggists or Dealers who may
try to palm upon yon aotne Bitter or Banaparilla trash,
which they can buy cheap, bysayin It Is Just as good.
avoid such men. Ass ior McLean t Btrenguientng Uor
dlal, and take nothing else It is the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly aad at ths same time
strengthen the ayateaa.
One tableopoonful taken every morning faaung. Is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever. Yellow
rover, or any prevalent dieeases. It Is put up In larg
bottle. - . . .
Prior only tl par bcUle, or B bottles for B 5. j
j. , . , , J.H. MclilAN,
.i. : f. Bole Proprietor of this Cordial.
Also McLean s Volcanic Oil Liniment,
' Prtsdpal Depot on ths ooraer of Third and Pine street,
Bti, Imsi. Mo. - -... v . .. . j .. .
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment. 1
tb Wat UnUecat la th World. Th only saf and
eruus oare for Uancere, Pllea, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paalysta, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Huscloe, Cnrnnlo or Inflammatnry Kheumattem, guff.
neaa ot the Joints, sontracted Uuaeles or Llgaiacnte
Earache or Toothache, Brultes, Sprains, Wounds, fresh
Onto, Ulcers, Pever Bores, Oaked Breast Bore Nipples,
Burnt, Bcakla, Bore Tboat, or any Inflammation or rain,
ne dUferenos how severe, or boa long tb diasoa may
have axlsted. McLean's Celebrated Liniment is a ear
tain remedy. '
Tbouaands of human beings have been saved a Ufa ef
decrepitude and misery by the use of this invaluable mod
el n. '' I
Will rellsva pain altaest Instantaneously, aad It wll
cleanse, purify and heal tb foalest sores in aa tetrad
ljrshort timer .....
fmt Jlarataa amd Other Anlmala .
acLeaa s oelebratcd Liniment Is th only saf ana se
llable remedy for tbe ear of Spavin, King Bone, Wind
galls, Splints. Unnatarel Bumpa, Nodes or Swellings, ft
Will never mil ta euro Big Head, Pell Aril, Fistula, Old
running Bores or Bweeny, If properly applied. I for
Bprahao, Bruises, Bcratebes, Bores or Wounds, Cracked
Heels, Chafe, Saddle or Collar Galls tt Is an Infallible
remedy. ' Apply It as directed, and a cure b) certain ta
every initaaoo. '. it, , ; . , i h i
Tbea trifle no lonrer with tb many worthless Lini
ments offered to yon. Obtain a supply ef Dr. McLean's
celebrated Liniment. It will eur you. ' i ,
r, J. H. JtlcLEANa. Bole Proprtetnr,
' ' Comer of Third and Pin Btreeta, Bt. Louie, Ma.'
' f or sale by all draggiatt. - ...j t
Tor sale by BOBBRTB ft BAMBBL, !
jng3B-dftirjia . . . .. -r, Oolambna, Ohio.
.Liveroole'lontreal, uebeo, r
, ..i: t i ,ii. rand .i.; - t
t -
UNI lil W;
Ths Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's first -close
ruil-powerrd Clyde-hollt Btcamers sail wwerw !
arday from PORTLsVNS, earTyutb Canadian and
United States Mall and passengers.
Skai-teatt Cbeapeat and Q alckeat Oaa
; "' - t-BS eyasuce xraiu .
liatoa pf .rasistMto to Kuzopa.
k . BJ30, saa, sso-.u,., i
Will all from LIVERPOOL every Wed Bead ay.
and from QDBBBO ewevy aatwrday s ealliug at
LONDONDBBBT, tsrseeiva on board and tud Malls and
Painengen. ts an from Iretan aad Bootland
11 These Bteamers are built or iron. In water-Ugtit
compartments, carry seen an experiencen Burgeon, aa
very attention a paid ta tne eom'ovt ana accommoda
tion or passengers, as tneyproceea direct to Luriuun.
DEBT, the gieet risk and delax of saUins tt 6t John's
is avouea . .... . .
ttuugo panaira, are rarnuxisa wita nrrx passagt
ncaeia to ana irom ionaonaerry
Keturn hskeae x ran lea at reduced re too.
Oertiflcates Issued for earrylog to and bringing out pas
sengers tnsn-all tb principal towns of Oreat Britain and
Ireland, at rtdsoed ratto, tythai line ef steamers, and
leaving Liverpool every weea. ,
Sight Drnfta fat tl ad atpwarda py
l aoi uq s-:nwmei, treiaai scet-
-' 4,T7-laa wr Walss. .'
Por naasaee. annlv at tbe Offlce 93 BROAD,
WAT, New York, and 19.WATEH HT.,
aaTriaa, ,r
VA Jj. XthSZii k SZiXLK, eeaaral igtats,
Ot to- ' J. R. ARMSTRONC,
Offlce, Colambna, Ohio.
Covington1 Bail-mill Company.
rd with the best new and Improved marblnerji aa ail
erdarafor nrolllns Railroad Bars at tbe ahorteat notlre.
Bs ths Milt aaa the capacity to loin out lb tnoa a week.
In rerollins Kallroad Bars, on Ultra tiew Iron Is added
to tb eld, tii mate a Sail that, will not laminate, an
lnsnre a perreet weld.
Street kallrea Bar ea alt farnhberl, nf any tat-
tern equina Bad new Utrroad Bart ol IArsni s(Ui
and aiaes.
All ordtrs shall reeelve pnmni and, carefnl atUril Ion,
and at tons bat lbs best materials will be used, In the
bands of skillful workmen-, the tlomnany hope to fire
antirt satisfaction to tbea whs stay fevet It. with Ibtlr
5I?."V0.IalnonA!I a BON, Atenta,-, i
, , Cincinnati, Ohio,
atvtit - -' '
W.TJ. TJlrmrnt,PfrtMot Little Uhual - R.Oo.
John ; IT. f feaittent ovUictoa and Lexington -
Cantata McClellrt, Buperfnttndeat Ohio and Mlatls
tJrpl Railroadr '' ; J ' i.r , . . i'-'t
B. e- li-iiommeawa, rreaiaeBi 'uincunets, Hamilton
and Dayton B. H,
". -'leta-'SrierMtr'si finlo
f i I w V A-sa, a sV-aastA
Kdrar Maautnjf"'
-"I. ...,i:iiw f. ,
Babbyardentt Ooort.
OsexW. Brotnratala
I) to at dlrecttxt from tne.Baerlorourt of frank
lin eonnty. Ohio, I will ofler for tala at the door of
th Ooort Ilonse. In the city of Oolambna, aa
Saturday th lib. day . of April, A. t). 18C1,
att'btlook t M JvbWlowrfir6VtoTtbtd Heal Estate;
aitotta In the eonnty of Vrankllav and Sate of Ohio, t,
wltt - tot Bo. W; ta tb town ef Hamsir(h,la nld
aaantw. .... " ' -'"
' Appratntd at B32S. 8. W.nTJfFMArf,
'T""T''tfehtB'ldanr - " ahertaT..
i.v4FlrriaW',ai3ea; vi r-.t ,
!'..., .rr., 1.--.. rai 1,' aiJI w is If. 1
.WhAl Hi, I . .,-i'. 0r.,yU'tr i
Aycr's Sarsapaiilla
A compound remedy, designed ta be th most -effectual
AUeratirv that can "b .mad. It fat
a concentrated extract oT' rara'BarwipiUalla, '
so combined with other substance of still
Crreatw alterative power as to afford att affec
tive antidote .for tha diseases SartaparillA it-
u J A - . .... -
'4IU"-U kvuv. xr. is believed tbat such, a
remedy i wanted by those who suffer from
Bttrtmous exrmplaint, and tliat one which will
accomplish their cure must prove of immense
service to this Inrge clas of our afflicted tWlow
citizens. , How completely this tompotuul will
do it has bten proven by experiment oa many
of tli wont case to b found rf lh foltovioat
complaints:' i '
8cnorinA amd Scbofdlous Complawts,
Pimples, BiojcitB, aOxoKJt.-SALr 1 .om,
Scald IIbad, Stpiulis and Svi-HiLiTio Ar
OB St. AsTBoif tb Fike, nnd indeed the whole
clas of complaint arising from Imi'urit or .
THB Blood.cs'a. j r Try 'S r j
Thia compound will be found a greet pro
moter of healthy whea taken in tli spring, to
expel the foul humor which foster fat tb
otooa at uuk seasqn pi fjte ywrr tno time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorder -are
nipped ir th bud. ' MultituaV, can, by
the aid of thia remedy, spare th'macl yes from
mo vuuurunca oi ioui erupiiqns aim uuerou
sores, through wlucb ths tvstem will trivi U
d itself of corruptions, it pot assisted to d'u
thia thrAttoh fliA inM,h1.Ai,aMhtfttf f XxaXAv '
by an alterative medicine. Clcona out th -vitinted
blood whenever you find it impurities
bursting through the skin la pimple, eruptions,
or lore ; cleanse it tvhsn yoA tind it ia ob
s true tod and sluggish in the veins cleanse it
whenever it is foul, and your feohngawiU toll
TOU When. Even where nn nnrticnliar AitnrAoir
is Mt, people enjoy botfcr heaUhv and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keen the
blood healthy, and all ia well but with thia
Sabulum of life disordered, there can be no
isting health. Sooner or later sorathina
must go wron?. and ths trrcnt machinery of
life Is disordered or overthrown.
"Sarsaparilla has, and tleserr Much, th
reputation of accomplishing tlie end. But '
the world ha been tgregiously deceived by "
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all tli tutu jthat i claJrntd
for it, hut more because many preparations,
pretending to b condeitfruted extract of it,
contain but little of tho virtue of StfsaparUla,
or any tiling else. - I -a
During late years tlio public Lave beuvi aoi.
led by large bottles, pretending to give a ounrt
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar- V Uot
of these hava been frauds upon the aide, for
they not only contuin little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed the use of tbe various extract of
araparilltt which flood the market, until the
name itself U justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition-and cheat Still
tve call this compound Snranptrrtlla, and intend
to supply such a remedy a shall rear u the
nam from tli load of obloquy -whkavrcsts
upon iu . And wo think we hav ground for
believing it has virtues whicliAro iimiatiblo
by tUc ordinary run of the disease it is intend-'
cd to cure. In order to sccuro tUtir complete
eradication from tlie system, tbe-retiieUy hliould
be judiciously takau according to dirvctions on
the bottle.
Price, t)l par Battle Blx ttaAttaa few t)3.
, Aycr's Cherry Pcctpral
has won for Itwlf stieh a reuovnforHfle cure nf
every variety of Throat uud I,mig ConijJ aiit, tlmt
it is entirely tinnecessnry for ns to recount Ibc
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has been em
ployed. As it has long been in ronatnnt tine
throughout this section, we nccrl itet do Hif than
assure th people it nnnlitr W kept np tn-tlr best
ver has bean, and tint it amy h relied on to
do for their relief ail it has ever been found to do.
fAyer. CathartiCi Pjlls,
. roa mi CUM OT
Cost!eenest, Jrmmliort Digpeftio, Indijrtthu,
Dytenlenj, Rml Mommfr, KryiK!a, Headache,
Pilet, Ithenmatitni, ErUptioiit and fihbi Vineatt,
Liver Complaint, .VrfljHi, "fAlcr, JlrwrrH' and
Salt RlitHm, TTarint, ' Gmit, Sc, t a
Dinner Pill,' mid for riirifyivij ttie-Bleed.- .'
Titer ate tiltrnr-conteal. so thnt' file anraarjaraiai.
tfve can tak them tileaanmlv. ant ahem aa, the
best aperient in tli world for all the yurpoaes of a
Cunily phyaia. - ... .. , ;,,.,.,, M .
Price 25 cents por Box; Tivo boxes or $1.00.
GreatnntaborCTeTirririTl. Plivswiuns. rJtatea-
men, and eminent Tvtonacea, have lanxheir
names to certify tlie unparalleled nsefalanaaf these
remedies, but our spnoe her wiH not poriuit the
insertion ot mem. ill! agentaDclow uatoed rtir
nish gratis our Ameuican AlmaHac in which they
are given ; tvith- also full dencriptidu of tit aUire
complaints, and tha treatment tbat should bs fol-
krwed for their etrrr, - '
Do not be put elf bv ooDrincinled raralors with
other 'preparations they make" mors profit on.
Demand Arm's, and -take no others. The sick
want the beat aid there ia fur them, and thcs-thoulil
All our remedies at fcr aai bVt ,ui
- .... , BIOBIRTS a aUMITKL. Oalnmaaai
ABlbvSni4rrnUudptalrtavrrirfcrj " ,i
novD:lvd UfALW -t-H
: 1 ... CH. UT
T. r I r Tr,T ... T ,
Aa txpertenosd Kan and fault rhrsldaa, ftmnt
t . a us aueatioa ot motnara, aar
which neatly fadlltatea tbenrncea of tea thine, by soft
ening ths rams, reducing all Inflammationj wll I aiay
ALl. raiM and spasmooic action, and m
8CHE TO K07JaATE THE tt()tVEl.B).
Pit tad npea H, eaeitiera, 1 srfu yvt jvattta xaartarvt
Bzusr a to Hiiits to Yom mun.
Wt have not ap andeold this trHHefnr m tea tsars.
aad CAM BAT, IN 0ONIIDBH0B AM tsvLlU, ef It,
what we hare never been able te say el any ether antdl-otnt-MBVBa
ANCB, TO KFIBOT A OCKB, wnaa thMtyaerd. sv
did w know aa Instance or aatanatatrien by any aaa
wbe ated It. Oa tba eoeUrary,-aU araaeiliUsd with las
eparaUont, aad speak la terms of eoanmenalalloa af lai
mas leal eSects and medical tlrtasa. W sptak la ait
Batter "what wa bo anow;" artev tra yeari' txpe
alaott tvary Instance where tbe Infant a eaSerinf froaa
pain and exhaust! na, relref will be foan m af tsea or
twenty mbutteaatay- UvoBxrap to edmlalstarad.
This vaJnable nreparatloa to ths prwirlpttoB ef en ef
the moat BXfaklKNCBDaiid BKILLfl'L NUBSBSIs
MewKntland. and bat beta aaa wUbrJiV i lAUr
INwBUOCBBSrn - -Vi- jlW. .
TltOlin AHD8 bt tASEB.
'' Itneteoly re Usvee tbe child from paint aeU anvlyor.
a tea the stomaeb and bowels, eorreoa acidity, and fivet
tost aa erwrnyte tha whs Is ayatta.t t mili alaratt b .
stantly relieve .tn i
QBJ'.IO IM TCT BO VattSTlTD-tTOro couo
aaq llliajemiif,aa,,,wwEii, pv . ij pniw
died, tad In death. , Wt believe It ths Blot aad BUa
B8T RBMBDT IK TH WORLO, la all eaaea ef 6YS-
It arista fna te thine, or from ens ether anse. We
wot id say a evry meAbarwho haea tttild tailrriBC frna
aoyof thtfortyoliitoomplaiiitt UO NOT Lht TOIIK
tiand batweea yoa and yoar aoflerlnf child, and the re
lief that will bt- Ht' Ba ye. A-BSOLUrBI,! SDSB tt
follow thaaa of tbtoaedicioe, sf Umetyased.. fall -
recuone for aslna will aotompany own wiui. poa
yeaatttvaaluetbe taaajwallt af jUmvraBaUMa,
New Tork, to oa the eatsMe wrapptr.
Sow ay all IrttHiglaa vsstasaeat ID vara .
lrl eipai otntw. is Ciartretlf.T.
wtS7-alkw1y" ' r-vH fi.
itdt ta ta th ofileers of liiia Banit,,anaarr vvtb,
trail, ta Witt Wet. A. raavr, FrMMI, sut Tamata
Vooma. Ca-hltr, rtaixneal their oftoear- lM,vi Tavaoa.
Bsoj., waa ihea electsd rrookkaleod W, A. Purr sp-
polnted Ooshlevi' . - ,-ni ,v -D
By enter of fn Board ef Ilaaetort.
Itb , WflMtf, A-""-- iW, A. H.ATT, Caabtor.
aa a-X-X Mi IKlI t SZ. li. 1 It'Z ,..lt
. . m wm. a mm m m ma m m . .
IW MO. 1 WHITS n? It' from late Inron. m
Btirf.', Ilalf aa4 ftuartorBM. f'.i.e. In stnreandlor
saiatv MuRl' Rfc;. ; ilsaCi..
saar7 ;, na..ti aire.
jt-Zm ..l at J
U.a ffJi!lM Ir.

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