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'MONDAY EVErf INO. MARCH 18, 1861.
tTTht Democratic City and Township Con-
jvemioa willasttmbU this evening, at Ihe'CUy
Hall, to nomtaatt candidates for city and town
ahlo officers be supported by the Democricy
at tbt sorin election. Let the Convention we
loot ticket of true, "reliable and competent
mts, men wbo at all timet stand truly and firm
ly by the creed and faith of tbt party'! and' who
ore) qualified lot the posrs to which they aspire,
and then let all Democrat go to work to sustain
thflfiomlaaUioo. and viotcs-y will orowa our ef-
. .. 1 !.. .
CT Hon. Saaroti Qllowat wasoalledsud
tltsly to w'ssbington on Saturday ostensibly to
' ktlo Jo GaaNiM get tbt Colambut Poetoffice,
b'ut.Aa fact, to leg lor nlmaelf." A copy ot tb,e
CorimbaJ OawsN of May 4, 1860, containing a,
tcaadaloos articls against. Wiluam H Sewaed,
Utttrt prepavatloa jof which , Gallowit wm en-
xactd, would bo an appropriate channel 01 in-
tvoaotioa to tbe State Department for Gsllo-
WACatmBi, Co., tloee tbey are now look
beg a Be-wea for poaiiloos. r . -'
Y a. Ttio Democratic mEmbers of the General
Aseembly should hereafter be careful to consult
the Cincinnati Enquirer before tbey determine
the coarse tbey will pursue on any particular
qotatioo. 1 eUmarkAOte for lta political Integri
ty, the soundness of its viewe, and its superior
wlsdont, tbt Democrats in tbe legishture would
lis- well tooontaU tbt Efuirtr. before they act.
By to doing, t world of trouble would be avoid
tJ, and tbt members relieved from the mortifl
'a lion of a pubUio rebuke, such as the Eqirtr
r 'lave them on SaturdaJ. ' " "
Eomt ntwspapert, like individuals wt meet oc
casionally, carry an extra amount of imperti-
4tsnt Msuranoa, about with tbem. Among this
"class the Cagairrr stands A number one. ' "
fTTbc papers say that Gov. Gasinee, of ihe
Colambut OaseUt, U candidate for Governor
f New Mexico, and likely to be . appointed.
Wt do not know what onr county auditor and
two of the commissioners will do for a Demo
.cratlo organ, sbtuld Geeinee leave the Ottttt
He hat palmed that be hat meived their pat-
rMaxt because of , nit Vtiottej and they
Java not denied .tbe toft, imp arhment., Now
ht is after an appointment as Governor of New
Mexico, and it a lusty, bellowing Republican of
Ibt 8ewaid stripe! That "Is the shortest turn
-ebineb has made, and proves conclusively bow
.devoid bt is of principle. ' lie was outspoken
and energetlo' for Chase before tbe Chicago
Convention, and on the aih of. May last, made
violent attack on Gov". Sewaed, because be
waa la favor of negro tuffrage! , Nov ba aeekt
'an office that It connected with the State De
'paruuent, and nobody U like Sewaed. Some
; fjileud ot Sewaed should tend him tht Colum
' but Gattttt of Mtj 4, 18GD, so that theBecre
"Ury of Bute could sec what manner of man
thin GaEtNtn lb.- Of a truth he is a beauty.' ;
-aV-'W. . ' --1 J - '
Xfrrr Tj Tie Stattnumot Wednesdtp even leg
, s?s "the annual expeaesa for the aopport of our
ity goTerament have run u with great rapidity, until
aher have reached the enormoui lot of IStl.OUO;'' and
j el. loud ly for a reform in the matter. . Me, tht true
facte In tiie cms are three: The rata of taxation for
several yoers pat has been fee aWWeeuMe dollar valo
. aiu.B, and if theaawuotef taxes eoileetedbavelncra
' ad, tt I, oeoauee the taxable properly (ha city has ba
owem'ira Taluabla.
, (Jca cue Stiilttmon tat nothing else to growl abontT
Wt copy the abont from th Columbus O-
astUot tht 15thlnsUnt. That paper is a rare
specimen) of political Integrity jtnd wonderful in
tcU'gence, and wltbal it is the organ of the prce
nt city government. It doet not deny that tbe
; expense of onr ally art annually tomt $50,000,
but aXUrmt that, tht rata of taxation has for sev
tnljeart past been uniform, aod therefore,
if the s mount of taxes collected have increased,
' it U because tLs tsxableproperty ot the city
has become more valuable.1' ' Just so, and here
in we hnvt the OatiWt Idea of government
" aU&arcl flh. tThat paper and Its party have
.,.BO cr'n'"n bou economy v It would bit shock
ed at tbe bars suggestion of a reduction ft the
rate, a-i would howl if It were proposed to levy
fWfic'.!!j or thre mills on tbe dollar valua
' t'.on, lor city purposes, instead of are mills. '
'i Cur "t bis Its bands la the public Ofib
throu'a Uecity treiisury, and It will ol coarse
f 0 titu.! aoy reduction of taxes. . To obtain
Its own share of tUe spoils, U must defend the
plunder eystem but tbe people demand a de
crease of tbdir titrm, unices tomt better reason
nnteelveti r-"i i.t It tUarn tht Gtettt hat of-
1 "." .. i Hi tr. .1 1 r. '1 ;:n f. th
i fu&siiM w.il "growl" - tvlout the Uxcv iUy,
t?'?-.;'yan4B..vt,uiJ;;la rcfjrm is h i I i all
4tjrtment, If thai be poaslblt.
The Embarrassment of the Administration.
The uext parple.NlDE tctioal quesilpa wnion
(jie bw A!ajlu)ttailbM J del i bow
to exeouU tb new tariff law, wblob gc lno
oparaUo 4 ooupU of wetk.l'l fM
th lutricate quaatioot which rU M 10 id
construction to bo gWan to different parUof tho
tot, the President and Cabinet r met who o
vat nnaalnd. end erbpei nnoWbU problem
" i k " nm.i. 1
of bo to oolleat ibeerenuo nnaer ,
tjawtion caooi bebirked-U betob met
face to fae end enawered In i very brief period,
bV';tbe 'AdoilnUtratlon'.in InBict IMbng
ttigma upoo JUelf nd dUgraio nd rain upon
the country. ' -:iir...j;.
Bat whf'tTthi AdmlnlstraUon pUctd In thli
frlghtfu! Uemm, from wblch'lt bardlf
potaiblo for -tbo uosi onumBtato aUteeman
hip to extricate it without uo a thorough and
radical change in ita policy at would annihilate
it as a Republic Administration? It li sim
ply bue its supporters hate strenuously re
fdsed, both In Congress and out of it, to agree
to any ferine 'for the settlement of Jur great
national coutrorersy; which would bare ren
dered the advent of the new Government a
harbinger of peace and union. Were it not tor
this, all honest and patriotic men would reel a
strong sympathy for the embarrassments of those
no in. power at Washington but at it is, they
and their followers and ejcopbanto bare pre
pared the way for curses instead of bletucgs.
Ths Administration, it is said, will not coerce;
it will agree to no compromise; what, then, will
it dot It cannot collect the revenue, or execute
the Federal laws lo a large portion of tbt Union.
It will, from present appearances, do nothing,
but suffer the Union and the country to go to
destruction, together;' The people may rise In
wraihood burl it from power, after it ins com
pleted its work of ruin and desolation. Thefu-
ture is fesTful to contemplate. - .
Address of the French Senate.
"The Committee of the French Senate adopt-
a I . JJ.aaa aantw A IrlA ARM
ed tbe project of an address in reply to the open
log speech of the Emperor, which wssresd on
tbe 25th of February, and set for discussion on
the 23th. ' The address congratulates the Empe
ror upon his foreign policy, and says: , ; i r,
'T wa.Ar.aa te ihe affair, of Italy, two Interests
which the Bnperer wlehed to reconcile bare eluhed
aneimt each other. The liberty of Italy Is In conflict
with the Conit of Borne. Your Uajesiy's Omrnment
his done ererylhiDK to arrest this conn ot; and all equi
table meane have been opened. Yoo bare only hesius
ted before the employment at frm.? A ';
. ;Tbe address pronounces id favor of non inter
vention in Italian affairs, but adds:
"Italy should not eg! late Europe by the eierdee of
her liberty, and should remember the Oatholio worll
has Intnuiei to her the Bead of tr e Church, the hlgbett
representative of moral force. .But our moit steadfast
hope is Id your tutelary hand and filial affection for tbe
holy cause which your Majeety will not confound with
the cauie of intripnei which assumes Its gulte. The
Benaiedoes not hesitate So elre its most entire adhesion
to all the acta of the OovernmeLt. As retards ths future,
we shell continue to place our confidence in the monarch
who shelters the Papacy beneath the PrenoWflut, who
hasaMi,ted it in alt ita trials, and has commuted hi
eelf the moetvixilan tend faithfol tentinel ot Borne and
Ihe Pontifical Ooreixment. ' ..
' That portion of the foregoing address which
alludes to Iba sheltering of tbe Papacy under
the French iie. Is deeolf tieniflcant. t The
Italians who favor tbe project of a "United
Italy" Bate repeatedly announced to the world
that Rome muss bs tbe capital of the new King
dom. This, of course, curies with it the ne
cessity of supplanting the Pope's civil jurisdio
tioo, even in the city of ,Rome itself, by the
sovereignty of Victoe Emamoil. - If Napoleon
determines to protect the temporalities of the
Pope, it will be peceisar to retain tbe French
garrison at Rome,' and probably to strengthen
it with a greater numerical force. In that case
It lsdimeult to set how a collision can be avoid
ed, for it seems to be resolved on by hit adher
ents that VicToa Emanuel shall be crowned at
Rome King of Italy '. ""
The Peace Policy of the Administration.
The evacuation of. Fort Sumter is dwelt
upon as conclusive evidence that the Republi
can Administration designs to pursue a peace
policy, and BOt one of coercion. But the evac
nation it justified solely on tbe ground of "mil
itary neoesaity," plainly intimating that where
no suchpecessitj exists, tbe opposite course will
be pursued. ' . . :'. ' " '
Admitting, however, that tbe Administration
does intend to pursue a peace policy, as it is
called, what will It avail? It will not save the
Union, or prevent the country from belog in
volved in bankruptcy and ruin. , It will not
bring back into the Union the Btatea that hare
gont out, or 'prevent others from going out.
Nothing could be more contemptible in the eyes
of even Union men at the South than ai Admin
letratioa that has neither tbe epirit to sustain
Itself by adhering to the principles by which it
obtained power, nor - the manliness to propose
honorable terms for tbe adjustment of onr na
tlonal controversy. v ' 1 1
Certain States bavt placed themselves In an
attitude of defiance end resistance, and have or-
gan.'rod an Independent -government. Suppose
the Administration meekly says to tbem 'We
have no terms of reconciliation to offer we will
aeree to none but we won't Debt you: we are
opposed to coercion;' we want peace, and not
war." What does this amount to but a virtu si
and practical acknowledgment of tbe right of
secession and of the independence of the Con
federate States? , Where will this boasted peace
policy without compromise end, but in tbe total
and final destruction of the Americu Union?
Not Tariff High School but a High Tariff
Considering . the difficulties and intricacies
which beset Mr. Secretary Chase, in preparing
the instructions and arranging tht schedules for
the execution of tbt new tariff law, which takes
effect on the first of April; and especially, in
view of tbe;fitot, that the appointees of the Ad
ministration at toe 'cuatom bouses and porta of
entry will be raw and - Inexperienced in tbe
duties they will be called upon to discharge, the
New York HtrtU thinks that Secretary Chase,
after be has filled tbe pleoes in bis gift, will be
compelled to establish a bureau of Instruction
a sort of adult school for custom house offloials,
wherein tbe meaning of tbe new law csn be ex
plained in a series of easy leraont.t Tht Hertld
nominate the illustrious Moeeill for prinolpal
of the new school, provided, always, that be an
derstanda Jibe mraniog ol hit owd bill. We
second tbe nomination, and hope that the Sec
retary of the Treasury will not neglect to profit
by the hint. Tit may relieve him from some of
bis Boat perplexing embarrassments.'' t
What in their Name!
- Oar late fellow-eltizme of tbt United States,
and former countrymen, now of the seven leeede
ed States, having become, (aooordlng to yio
aii) foreigners to us, by their withdrawal and
organization of a new Confederacy, we art at a
toss to know wbat to call them m wt have not
teen or heard of 'their taking a new name onto
themselves, by whioh they, are to be known
among tbe nationalities of the earth. ' We hope
this question will be "agitated" tad decided be
fore the adjournment of tbe Congress at Mont
poroery; It would never do to have a whole
people witlouV a name; nd if honest Old Ab
LiMcoLabat decided to let tbem go to the dogs.
they should have a name, and wbat shall it bt?
Count Cavour's Speech.
The Senate of the Italian rarliameot tiUing
at Turin bat passed, by vote of 139 to 9, tbt
project of a lair granting the title of King of
Italy to YicTon Ejuiwti. and bis descendants.
Previous to the ttklng of the vote, Count C
voCa toad, in, i sitting of th4 Senate, the follow
ing. explanation, relative to tbt projector giving
the title of King of Italy to Viotob Emsnuil:
' VlnnnM 8HiTiri: The mtrrelou, even's of the
lad two reare have, throaah a sariea of unexpected sue
saas, aaNfflblet In one Bute towel all the aeatterel
neeibere of the natioa. f To prwolpeUUee so
ah. Annlh(. anil altsn muluallv hoetlle thrOUffB
diTerfeney of view, aod political roiiocili, has at leorth
aaeoeeded Betty o( governmeot ea the solid beets ol the
national mamrchy. the Kiogdom of Iulj la new a
faet.. This fast we must affirm betore the IUlian people
and turope. Bj the order of B's llejeety, and Bpon the
mAin nf th fiAunnll aI sfinlitar. I heTO the honor.
then, to present to the Benito measures by whloh the
Kint.oar aaraet aevetelm, takee for himself and his
uidsMaor the title of the Kla of Itelv.
v.iihfol Internretirof the national will, alresdy aiaa
Ifeeled In a tbonstnd ways. Parliament, on the solemn
day of the Royal ,HUn, with the enthaiium of fra
iniUinl affMtlan. amlnted Vlolor Bounoel the seeend
Klni of Italr. The Senate will be hippy to be Bret to
(Its a prompt sanation to the wltbes of svery Italian,
end to salnte with anew title the noble dynasty, born In
Italy, lllaitrlooebyeiebteenturieiof floryand vlrtae,
for which has been neerred by Dlrlne Providence the
honor of avenging; mliforlunee, cloalnf wonnds and ter-
n(naHA h m Af Ttall&a rilrtalnna. Be TOUT vote.
mi.ii.rimi. vna will nut an and to the reoolleetlons of
provincial jealousies, and yon will writs the drat jags of
a new national history. . . .
So far at accounts reach us, great unanimity
seems to prevail in the oounoilt of the new
Italian government. The only oocerialnty that
seems to throw a gloom over the I'uture, is the
perplexing queetioo What should be done with
the PoneT The current of opinion in tnis
country, where, perhaps, with some, "the wlsb
la father to the thouibt." is that ' Napoleon
will shortly withdraw the French troops from
Rome, and leave the new Italian government to
deal with the 'patrimony of St. Peter' as it sees
fit. But from the proposed address of the French
Senate to the Emperor, which we print else
where in this paper, there would seem to be
tomt doubt whether France ' will suddenly re
llcqufah the guardianship of the Holy Father.
At all events, the proposed oronauon ol Vio
toe Emandel at Rome will be likely to ttir up
Internal strife in Italy, if it doet net involve a
u..neiAMa wlfh AH AP lililM ifiV Pt Ml TV. V Tt. - .
controversy with one or more foreign powers.
The people of Virginia must now reallu the humllallni
and alarming fact that they are lieing under Black Re
publican rule: the rule of men whs "eon Id as soon sea a
conflagration sweep over tbe land, or an earthquake sink
it," as to protect the elaytholder in bis right ot property
Blfllmand Enimirer. 1 - . '
H.ri 1 ha Meeded Btatea remained In ths Union, ths
Ramhikan Executive would have been powerless.
With both Hoosee of Congress and the Judiciary polltl
.n. Annnaed to him. na measure of his could have been
adoDted wilheat their eanetion.. War would sot have
threatened the country; buiineu wonld not have keen
paralysed; there would have bien no Interruption of com
merce; ths Cotton Statu wonld not here been burdened
with taxes and high rates of postage, with diminished
mail riutintua? naiiher would we have received the humil
iating sympathies ol foreign powers. I' Kwrwittf
Commerce. . '
Tbe above extract , from tbe Richmond' a
CBirer,- with the comments of the Journal 0
Gmrmeyer, is very suggestive. Both of, these
journals struggled with all their energy to bring
about the very . eUto of aUairs which is de
plored by tbem, but which is attributed now by
tbe Journal tf Cemmttee to tbe conduct of the
seceding' States. '. Tbe nltras of tbe South are
I just as bad as tbe Abolitionists of tho North.
Wt know of bo amerence. 1 ney art anxe on
turbers of the publio peace, and enemie t of the
Union. , ' ' ' ;' ' "
[From the Washington correspondence of the New York.]
The Case of Carl Schurz.
lit. Seward's unexpected objection to the ap
rjolntment of foreign born citizens to diplomatic
poets in curope is iiaeiy ui uavv eeriuua wnnw
anencet. Tbt different asplranta of German
birth art said to be determined to make Schurx's
appointment to Sardinia a teat question, and are
prepared to withdraw from the field in a body in
case of bis discomfiture, and bring tbe matter
before tbelr countrymen throughout the North
at tbe earliest possible opportanity. Tbey art
evidentlv resolved to bold the new Administra
tion to lis promises and pledges, and will not
submit to anv oroscriptive line of policy.
It is thought bv manv that Mr. Seward't un
friendly atiitude towards the German leaders
will seriously affect the spring elections in the
Northwestern cities, In nearly all of wbicn tbe
Germans bold tbe balance of power.
Tbe President is known not to share Mr,
Seward't Tiewt on the tubjeot. Ha informed
several of the aspirants, within the last two
davs. that he was anxious for a perfect equality
ol rights in lbs distribution of office; that the
objections raised bv tbe Secretary of State had
never occurred to him, but that, as the appoint
ment came within tbe department or air Rew
ard, he was yet obliged to refer tbe matter to
him for ultimate decision. ' ' 1 '
The fact baa been made known to the Presi
dent that Carl Sebum exaoted pay in hard cash,
at the time, for all bis speeches in the late cam
paign, and that his assumption now that be is
to be again paid with a first class European
miasion - is considered by leading Republicans
as impudent, in bed taste end selfish. -
a ' -J
Release of Sherman M. Booth.
1 Many of our readers are familiar with tht
case of Sherman M Booth, who was convicted
some years ago, before tbe Federal Court of
Wisconsin, for a violation of the Fugitive Slave
Law. tie was sentenced to be imprisoned one
month and pay a fine of one thousand dollars,
and ttand committed until the fine wat paid
Almost immediately the prisoner was taken from
the hands of the Marshal, by a writ of Aefceas
evrput, issued by tbe Supreme' Court of Wit
consin. Subsequently tbit exalted tribunal dis
charged blm from, the custody of tbe Federal
oficera. " ' '' ' '
Tbe ease was taken to tbe Supreme Court,
and under the decision of that Conrt Booth waa
re-arrested by tbe Marshal aod lodged in Jail.
After having been in prison for some time be
escaped, and for several months dodged round
the State, but was eventually captured and
again put in ptiwo. 'The prisoner could not
nav tbe floe, and be having renresented tbi
fact and prayed executive clemency,' and his
prayer having been supported by the represent
atives of various parties, President Buchanan,
on tbe second of March, issued a proclamation
naderlnff his release
' Booth had in all been ten months to prison,
and the President took tbe ground that to keep
a man wbo could not nay bis line in tall until
be did ' pay it, wonld' amount to perpetual Im
prisonment, and, therefore, be released mm.
i hit la tbe end ot the great uaom esse, wnicu
has so long agitated political and judicial cir
cles in Wisconsin. . ' . " V. '
The Defaulting Republican State Treasurer of
The Lansing correspondent of the Detroit
Fret Pret$, under date of the 9th Inst., sayst '
1 The formal finding of tbe Board of State Au
ditor! la their settlement with McKinoeywas
to day completed and eigned, a copy of which Is
hereto enneied. 'Tbere is now no longer any
doubt that McKlnnsy it a defaulter. He is not
only tt default In the turn of $55,360 90, but
bt bat actually stolen from tbe treasury the
forther turn of $26,380 30, bring the amount be
it known to have received during bit tern of
office which be bat utterly railed to enter on tne
books of his offloe, making the total sum of
$81,641 SO. This is tbe amount in wblob be It
a-nswa to be a defaulter. The sum ef $26,360
30 oame etjually to tbe knowledge of the Board.
How much more of a almllar character be may
have -stolen, which has not yet been discov
ered, ie Of course unknown. It may be ma
ny thousands of dollars, and it may be but; a
triiie.' ' - ' " '
.1 "
1 When the census of 10 was taken, tbere
were lo the United States 7,475 miles of com
petent railway id operation. Tbe year 1861
dtwns upon ui with no lest than 31,179 miles
We have thus mote, than quadrupled the total
Astonishing aa it may seem, the terrible panio
and bankruptcy of 1557, with tbe earful disss
tcrs sod ruin to wide spread, and long stagna
tion thereon, produced ho in' predion sufiielent
to prevent our railway procrrt-a, for slues that
panio we have buiit and put ia ojiwatlon 6,789
mile of railroad. ' '
The Great Gaines Case—Decision of the Supreme
Court of the United States in Favor
of Mrs. General Gaines—The Point at Issue
and the Decision.
WASHINGTON, March 14. 1861.
This important cause waa decided by the Uni
ted States Supreme-Court to dayr Involving
as It doet the -title to a vast amount 01 property
. ' w . 1 I .1 ...1. (1 1-
10 Lisuisiana ane eisewuaro, we ui suae uc"
fur tome tears Baat a matter of great public no
toriety and Interest. It it known that ber pre
tensions as heir at-Iaw of Daniel Clark, after
long litigation, were disposed of adversely to
ber in 1852, by tbe decision reported la 19 How
ard. Since then sbe has caused me last win 01
Clark to be probated in the Supreme Court of
Louisiana. By this will be acknowledged ber
to be bis "legitimate and only daughter," con
stituted her bis "universal legatee,", and de
vised to ber bis whole estate. This will was
made tbe basis of a suit In the United States
Circuit Court at New Orleans, in - wblob she
claimed the real property belonging' to Clark's
succession, la response to sue sun ine uereua-
anta made several objections, soms of a mere
technical, and others of a substantial character.
But tbt east may bt said to rest upon tour pun-
nlnal nointa.tDwit: I : "" m ti;-n.- -.
- X . .1 !( ,0.1.
1. Uelanuanta sol uo tno uooieiuu la itu
Howard as ret judical; or authority of tht
thing decided.' -o . ::.,- . ..J
a. Thev denv that the ia the legitimate ohild
of Clark, or that he ever acknowledged ber at
snob. nj.' - : i. . ;; 1 swdi
3. Tbey deny that Clark . ever made a valid
will in her favor. . , -1 ! '
r 4. That in ease all tbe other derenoea ate
untenable, the statute of limitations (proscrip
tion) has barred all right ot recovery. 1 , . .
. Uoon these uanes the names wens ra trial in
the Circuit Court. The complainant's bill was
dismissed, and she appealed. 1 . .
. The case In the Bnoreme uourt was luuv ois
oussed on both side), orally and by printed
hriefa. and with airaal ability and ekiil. as was
admitted by all wbo beard ine argument. .t
was opened by Mr. Perin, of New Orleans, on
tha 13th oi rabruarv.on Denan ot rare, uatneat
it was eontinned on the 14th by Mr. Janln, also
of New Orleans, on behalf of that city, and
olosed on tbe tame day for tbt complaint oy
Mr. Caleb Cnshlng, of Massachusetts,, -i :jc
. Aitmr tha moat attentive and mature coosld,
cration, the Conrt has decided all of the objeoj
tinna aarainat tha defendants, reversed tbe de
cree of the Circuit Court, aod aent tbt cast
back for tht Purpose of taking an account of tht
rents and profile which will be realized by de
fendants, received ny mem since to uaw vi
their possession. .- - .. ..j - . -n
Associate Justice Wayne, in announcing ths
decision In tbe case of Mrs. Gaines, said it was
of lone standing and heretofore of doubtful re
sult. The record covered three thousand pages.
and at least eight of the ten points bad been
ruled by tbe Court with regard to It.) At last
it bad beeu Drougnt 10 a conclusion-., ibd uo-
oi.inn i area, thai she was tha on Iv legitimate
ebild of Daniel Clark and bie universal legatee
under bit last will, and, tt auon, en
titled lo all tbe property, real and personal, ot
whioh Mr. Clark died noesesseo; ana ineaeisna
ant. Hennlne. havine uurobeaed certain property,
with full notice ot tbt noiuiy 01 ine uue nnuer
whioh he held, tbt It entitled to recover imme
diate MMseesion of it. with the rents and profits.
Tbe Conrt said meatnree wouia h once do aaien
to enforce tbe decreet and Justloe wayneeaid,
in conclusion, the future writer of tbe history
of jurisprudence would be obliged to register
this celebrated ease as tbe most remarkable. -.
From the nature of tbe controversy, tho posi
tion of the defendants, and tha obstinaoy with
whiuh tbey have contested tbe claims of Mrs.
Gaines, ths matter may now well bt considered
at finally and coooluaiveiy seined, unless pun
Uo information tt very, mnca as iauii, mrs.
Gaines is undoubtedly the richest woman on
side of tbe Atlantic, and, u. weaitn could
give it, ought to be tbe happiest., .., ,
[From the Philadelphia Ledger.]
The Postage Stamp Business—Twenty-Five Millions
of Dollars' Worth of Stamps in Five
Tha Postage Stamo Aeencv,' which was loca
in this city in 1B05, by the Honorable James
Campbell, wbo was then rosimasier-usoerai,
and alwavt attentive to ine iniereais 01 ois na
tive citv. tt a matter or tome importance. , ine
immense number ot sumps that art .now osed,
tht constant and regular increase ol tbe con
sumption, under all tbe depressions or business
that we nave qaa since sue agency was esuo
llsbed, show that cheap and convenient mail er
racgemeuts are appreciated by the people.
All Dostase stamps for all Postoffices ia tht
United Slates and Territories art manufactured
in this city by Messrs. Toppan, Carpenter it
Co. under a contract with tht Poetoffice De
partment. The contract affords steady employ.
ment and good wages for about thirty bands.
one third of whom are women. Ae tht present
oreWaw rxpires in June next, it ia hoped that
itoea to wucn the interest of our city in tbe
g)vernmeni of fhe country has been confided,
will not negleot this important matter and oanse
loes ol this uoor to our operatives. 1 i ne oust
nets oi tbis sgencv naa irom tne orgiuning
been conducted by Mr. Jesse Johnson and two
e,eistants, Mr. Edwin Lamasure aod Samuel
L irand, to tbe entire satisfaction of tbe De
oartmeota at Washington. .
It ia tbe duty of tbe agent to tee that all par
celt of stamps are properly put np, and to direct
tbem. and to have each parcel registered at tbe
Philadelphia fost umce. it involves the mailing
and registering of about sixty thousand paroels
per rear, and it will be seen by the following
table of stamps sent, that during tbe year 1860
the amount reached the enormous sum of over
two hundred and twenty-three millions, and in
monev value over six millions or dollas.
The following table abowt the number and
value 01 etamps sent Irom tne agency since i ana
ary 1st, 1BUU: . .. ., 1,. ., ; -:
Tear. ao. 01 a limp,. . .
1850 : H8 895.87U
1857. 188.4M.940 ' 1 '
IBM.... 180S74.1M i w i
lnJ9 ....,....ti5li43:lp , ,..
iseo..... save?. .
Oath value.
4,V07,07 70
! -5,041 4V3 10
59 831 00
, 618 JiO 85
'J Total. .........,25,fl74,0 ': , ' -
The incressa in the number of stamps In four
Tears (from the first, after the passage of the
law requiring prepayment 07 stamps; amount.
ed to O.aiW.uou stamps, ana tne increase in
their money value, adding to the receipts oi tbe
TtanaptmaiiS Hnrintr that narlnd of font veara. I
them of $1,951213 l: . ' A
The Kentucky and Ohio Mandamus Case.
1 1 I : 1,A ! 0
Chief Justice Tsney delivered the opinion In
the matter of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
against the Governor of Ohio, Denniaon, de
ciding it waa a case of original Jurisdiction,
and ia effect one state against another; and,
therefore, tbe Conrt bat jurisdiction under the
Constitution. It ia a catt to compel tbt Gov
ernor ot Ohio, by mandamus, to turrender a
fueitlve from initice from Kentucky. " f
Tha rnnre aava tnai sua namnntiina Nr.atA
bat a right to have every inch lugitivt
delivered npi that the State ot Ohio bat no
tight to enter into tne question aa to whether
tbe act ot womb us fugitive lianas eoeusea
it criminal or not In Ohio, , provided that
it wat a crime in Kentucky, and it it tbt
doty of tbe Governor of Ohio to deliver up, up
oo anv wooer oroofe that tht act charged la a
crime by tbe lawe 01 jLeniucay; tnat tne act 01
Congress of 1793 determines what evidence is
to be submitted to -the State of Ohio; that the
duty of the Governor Is ministerial merely, like
that of a eh er iff or marshal, and appeals to his
good faith in the discharge of a 'constitutional
dutv. for tbe reason that Congress cannot im
pose any federal dcty en the oOioers of a 8tate;
aod that where tuoh officers are called upon by
ao act '.Congress to perform such duty, be oon
oeives to be but eood sense and good faith on
their part to do so. And on .these grounds the
1- i r A ' ' J ' V,
luauuainue w reiuacu. f .i;,,,-,,
AAa' T mnif w iif Lcce. -A teoest "Eat
lish paper informs nt that at tbe marriage of
" r ei a AS tr ( 1 I A la Ml. as Ifataeu la A
tna Tountr tiarioi ijiduuiuwivu wiw .ait7.u
. . .a a .1 J - a. J a. AV at? I O
jewelry worn ny tne onaecoef upwarueu,
nna. and eonslated ef a handsome' bead-orna-
mat of dlanunds. and E diamond necklace.
Me. Hone, it Is said, trivet tht Conntese Of Lin
oin 6.000 a vear oln-money, and the nte ol
an Irish eetate.- " V f";
' - l
' Taw Nawta Avna New TlSifTOEIKS-Css
raa's and Artfare Spanish words. .Colored
meant- colored, generally reddish, and is tbe
ram, riven to several rivers In America. A-
anamna aa white at enow. : , Daeetuk it an
i . ti. nanlna la nrnhfthle plven In
Mr. Schoolcraft great work oe tin A Wtnon
A Huge Lincoln Celebration.
Our rall-tpllttliiB cotemporarios ovor tht way
ar in aataciea, th,. nih. dev.- at tl'.e manner
the Inauguration ol the "Prince of Iiaila" wat
celebrated by tht Mist Nanolet of Onondaga
Hill. Tbey tell us that flags were flung to tbe
breeae oaunoa roared and .hills "'and Tallcyl
smelted like a second edition of Topbet during
the entire day. ..'The Brat spring birdt- were
All' frightened away by) this bluster, and tbe
owls were startled irom tbelr day slumoert, ana
loft their retreatt in tht hollow trees in tbe nt-
. 1 am Thlimli ka nBl, iku Ilk, n anir."
number two, and yet It waa not baif ae humllia
t off aa Lincoln's "shirt tall" UlKbt irom Bain
mora to Washington. Bat the joke of
Ibt day's sport' remains to be told. Oat
Datriotio individual, fired s with eothuslam,
actuallv lumned nbon tbe lop of -the oan'
nnn: an that be mlsht feeUtbe sensation at
.... . 1 1 it ti. ..1 J
the "darned tblng Darxea. ne waa wiu hi
come-down by the man who officiated to ram
hnma tha nartrlds-ei but indlgnantlv refused,
whan tha nrdar its olven to"iet 'er rip," ana
the did rip! Our patriotlo bero round blmseit
flying through the air with the velocity of a
duck Dal, ana lanuea id emou puumw u
mnoh to his own surprise ana ine autrm 01 me
o-tinnra His faoo was badly pitted with
nneMer. his head considerably jarred, and we
. .' . t ., j i.t. ....
ra tniii tnai ins uruiu ui uuv u, uibhi.
hadlw ah altered and nermanently inlured. It is
a great wonder that his bead was not blown off.
m? - L... . It, ,1. tha arnrat
gins! But
tha Rflnnhllean naDers dIsv "dummy" about
matter, and Lincoln says, "nobody is hurt there
is nothing that hurts anjoqqyr'foyroci K
Y ) Courur or Union.
An Oweee'e Rioht to the Soil Fsomtiho om
Smix-re Judee Mellon decided on Wednesday
that parties owning gronnd fronting on streets
or alleys, are entitled to soil to tha middle there
of, and that a oity or borough has no other than
a right ot way therein, ana toon oiner acta u
on them as msv be neoessary to keep tbem
tr- that a citv or borauch can no exoavate
i.. aina. wral.aand or other material there
in; for. the purpose bf making merchandise of
it, nor authorise any one 10 uo so; auu iu. ,u
owner of a lot or alley oan sustain an action of
trespass against any .one entering into the street
or alley In front oi mm, oeiween vnv uw w
hia int and tha middle of the street, for the pur
nose of taking out material, or for disposing
tbereor to otnert. unaeriuii aecismu, u yu
in tha o.onnf r.hne. Hllnner and David Graham
v. Samuel llood, rendered a verdict of $100.
Tha anthnritioa of Manchester gave defendant
the privilege to remove sand from the street
fronting plaintiff's property, in that borough,
and a suit for trespass being brought, it result
ed at above ttated. filfjouro AVtreeica.
n i i aaw. i i 1 "
Tm SntEEEDEE lit1 Texas: The Ban Auto
nln f Texas! Herald of tbt 23d ultimo aayi that
tbe following ie a litt oi the property given np
totheStatebyuen. TWiggst - -
I.eOO mules, valued at $50 each...,. got 000
500 wafltons, do ..140 do f -v,
850 hones, , do . , ISO do ..v -.
. AOO harneie. , do . 50 , da
Tools, wagon materials, Iron, nails, boras and
mule hoaa.....(i..--.
Corn (atlhlspost) .v.... ,
Oommiiaarv stores
Ordinance stores
. ' . , oan anA
Total. .. i,,w
Exclusive of publio buildings, to which tbe
Federal Government baa a title. Much of the
property Is estimated at the original cost, Its
value in Texas being much greater, and worth
to tbe State at least a million and a half of dol
.UI ,-. ., . , . i. .aa ' ia'l ..10 J
Mm. Patteemn's Catjtiow. An Incident In
149 0O0
ii ooo
7 &u
150 000
75 000
400 000
connection with the Bonaparte-Patterson trial
hat excited tome remark in Peril Mme. Pat
terson, coming to r ranee, did not bring with
her all the papers which sustained her case, for
tbey migbt bo stolen. . Home sue leu ne
bind) while those she brought she baa sewed
Into garments which' never quitted her person.
This indirect Imputation upon the honor of ber
opponent and tbe French police, -excited a sen
timent or indignation wnics naa iouuu expres
sion in various ways. Even her lawyer, K.
Berryer, spoke of tbe apprehensions or hit clients
as illuBorv and ill founded, while the defence
made nee of tbe tact to throw douot upon me
authenticity of the certified duplicates present
ed to the conrt. :. ,,T-,
United States Mint. Tbe deposits of gold
st the United States Mint from all sources
for tha month of February, amounted to 15.244
Bin, and from silver to i&J,3ti. me total
of gold and silver deposited, $5,398,177. Cop
per cents received in exchange ior cents oi toe
new issue. tlS 795. Tbe cold ooinage in the
same time was $4,438,016. . Tbe silver coinage
was $iai,uuu. conn eoioed.r jia.uou. - ioui
number of oieces coined, 8956,153. Tht total
coinage at the mint in tbe months of January
andrebruerv was sia.ui.eio. ; . ..
, 'Is
fx. fob Printing Office, located In one of the Wealthiest
mineral ana agncuitnrat countiee in ine state
Missouri, with lallroad and other ftclllties, Bed
00 the highway of travel to California, Pike
Peak and all tbe weetern Territories. In a pleas
antly iliuated and thriving eonnty seat, and exteneively
patronised, will be dtioooed el to, tbe low sum of f 13UB
five Bun tred down. Bra hundred an the flrrt of Jana-
ary next, and the balance in Janaary following, with In
tern, Tha material is ail nearly new, ana M well ee-
eorted. The ofllce pays about tVOiv a year. Theeiper
te Uemocratto would pay equallf well Independent or
neutral; la the official orraa of the eonnty, eto. Mo
charge foe good will.-Title guaranteed. - -
ir'ror further paruewars sddreea - - '
Editor Press, Georgetown, Pettis Oe., Mo
marehl6Std -
! ' ' -- ' ' i
il oh i
TION, at ber mhtsnee, on Third street, between
Blob and friend streets, en ,. . - t- u.ic .,..1 -n,
Tuesdsy.'the 19th day of March, 1861,' '
ding, Oarpeta, Oca., tte.- -a. , u-,. 1
Alio. Hurarual laatrnaMnta.', i (I , ri'i ; -
The sale to commence at DM 'clock, and will be made
Without reeerre. -n ,1 .- - .
,-, ... - : ' 1. -J . MIOliAEa I.UNT2, '
maivhU:3td , 'nr.-- 1 .i . Auctioneer.
i j, -i j ,1 I-, - ! OF
.1.,- ir-. .' . w. 41"
.t, - a .,. 1. . . ,
W8" c Vmi Valasift 1 am iisK
t'8 i5" ' - "5 '
;; -CoaductrdoB Ihe '
E TJ' B O t,E A N PLAN .
Oeod Para, Good Rooms, Proa.pt Attendance, and Mod
srate Charges., , ia': .l .11 )..-. ' 1 V i-w
BIHQLK R00M8 SO 0TS. 75 0TB. sad $1 PUB DAT,
i -4 . li:'. I -,-,!... 4' .
Meal, as ordered. This Hotel has all the appointments
of the beat hotele, a most central location, aod Is heated
throughout by steam, j
itrai itmnaviuDe qq iv nci
. ; ,; i n Shcriirs Salcv
D. T. Woodbury k Co.)
1,1 .a. vs. - v. 1 pupsrlor Court,
Oeorge W. Allen. .
Jj to me directed from the Superior Court ot Franklin
eeanlv. Ohio.' I will offer tor eele, m the town of Hew At
binr.at theetorertximof Q. W.Allen, a lot of Pry
onuim u.1 NntUina. levied on ae the nrooortv of O, W
Allen; rale commencing on S ATUHD AY, the 30th day of
March, A,, p, Itfvl, at 10 o'clock a . M . .
' , i -, 6. W Bherlff.
ai.rch ltl:lOi WBy Xd. Batis, epty.
Printer's fees, ti.M. ,
? ,ptor, He. 1 htViSSuk
li, flanimatlou And pain, and heals ths worst bom,
scald. brniM.euti or freeh wound of Boy kind, prevents
ewelllng and pain from bee stinre, moioult bttee, and
peleomius plant, aeuralrla, rheumallim, ague In the
breaet, salt rbeaa, eto. When taken Internally, It will
poeitlvely euro croup Inoblldren, and gtres Immediate
NMI n in. Vim 1MB' gi uiiifnihwwwpiwb,, mtmit
remove hoaraeneas and fore throat. ' Price, (8 eeata a
rthonidbeinevery nouee. -ror ei ny Drug.
. A A SAG" 3 ' 3 ViO T
Having Increased Ui already
fl ti til I-',! J- iffftt ' , '
, , . .. .((!t U,V
1) !! - . ., !.,.,!, ..j, . ., ,y ,.,
v,,, ; Ia full) prepared to execute In Ihe ; .
ifi r:
'AND IN '' ' 1 'Vt ' .'!.
'X Ji-.-Tl ihVOl'i'J
J,yHijrKT : STVLK8, .
' '.J -...l.'lv .It.lt I I1 ,
BEIBPS.l'l f-l.l""J.
Bill? TIXAD8, , 'i
....... A 7
r : ...
;", LEQAL BLAKKg,' :
' ' - 1 'I L
ar A r 1 .t i
, And every description of ,
' i . l 'i ' I i i I . I
' ' .'. ..
Equal to any Establishment In the Stats, and 'upon
. ; .: ' .. .; 'a-J
tenna wucn wm compare lavoraoiy wttn ins
leading Eastern Printing Houses.
Sfta 1
ttaviug ,' every , aioiliiy ip aid XJe
"4 '!.
in xaE.raoDOCitoN or,..-
t . i e
lit i .
'ua- Alfp , '
i .:', rV . K.. i
snow .cAnm, , ,
' i . 'i ' I ? f;
We offer our sertlccs to all wad may deiiro that class
H 1 -
- i .: - i i ,'-r; i il 't :'r; i
ivi alritliu h'jt iljUd
We have cenneoted with our Sstabllahmcnt a
itu . . i. .1 I -..'... 1 i, t .1
' From Which W produce the'
. rruat.i-r.i.
Z'lxxesait .
' f.al'i i i
-f?' .i ei rj"""fj
I'.t BUS 1
f I J T
-IT I Vv'i
IT JK.e.
i j;
-ks t ab Lis h mVn t 4
Wf. Ill'
Il I f-
U admitted
t :t 1 n 1
,;., 1 f v )S
a.n vi .uv j. -i.n i7i
...-.ua '
lv.T.r.T:3s: 1 1 r.rjo fin '
1 niMf7 'aw'tns Rosr'
O'-i ,4tXi J '. I-V I, ' , .1M.-.J
. ,,"..',i.;'itl
,r.I 3 W.-.JH
,! V:..-aiii M '
In this City
5' 'l.'I,
and we may add.
i jET"f:'i" i'-. S -ir
Piinttng JIosAeo'ta tft West.
s,'..' v li,,tt,nT.i" -' rv ,dw tot'U
i - i , -., i u v' - niCIIARBV- KBVINS,
I" CA-.:'.:
.. . . . , , , - , "1 . . S-, .4.1.
A T Tit Kill N EAT IE?l-,
,'i -If
mm:, il
-l-1 1
SOB: t.ltandTlf.'ltrjTAW'BT
il Offer fbrsal their oeltbrated
- r jy .s Tin . va ANOSQARE
rlArtO-f uB.Tt.3.
Being highly recommended by th first Professors and
MorilerJ Amateurs of ttw oountry, and ,. . ,
xvbrt ' t
WBTRUMKWt.l! "'-'" c i t-
The ssotrt fastidious eastomsr may rel apoa Jxetng
pleeeed In BVevy reepeot. 1 ,
cTermellnl WM. ICHAER CO.J '
BKLIiJt.kWHBta51l,ig''. - ..,!
r eelSoilyilw. , o.'l"nh. OhW.
t.nn ua.ii a,,i,-.-
tec and quellUew; aia stu t BfTlJTJ ffTaam
ink, for a by . BAI it 4 iON, l
tt,BwthHlfh street
C .J BJ'tf 1ISU t.A.liSJ AlOtlr
Ha. Iditoe: Pleue announce A. 0. KIKOss a can
didate for Townihlp Oletk, lubjeot to ths deeleloa of the
DamMralie Convention. MANY DEMOCRATS.
Ma." ""KiMToa: Pleats annouuoe. thi hams or -
QBOaai 0. WILB0S as s csndldate for Township Clerk,
subject to1 tha decision of ths Democratic delejale Con
wntlodT and oblige BANT SBMOORATb.
mhll. -----
M. Editor: We announce the name of n BAY '
TQOMAS, Ssq u t osndldnte for the office of Vsior of '
tha oil of Oolumbni, subject to the deelilon of the l)em
ooratlo Convention. , 4 ....... MAST V0TK8.
Ma. BorroaiI'leaie announce thenameof BAMUBL
IfnOMPSONaea candidate for the office of City Mar
shal, subject to tha decision of the Deinocratle ttomlnst-
Ing Convention. -- -
Columbus, March 12. ' - '-'- 1
ME. EniToa: I havs been rsquetUd. bv mv friends,
to announce mjreelf as a Candidate for tha Mayoralty,'
at the ensuing election, suhjeot to ths decision of the.
I Demoeretlc party,
March 8.
' Inrroa BtatkshaS : Please announce tha name of
JOHN JACOB HOF'MANN as a candidate for the ofllcp
l ot Township Clerk, of Montgomery Township. . ,
t: il u . .. I ,.
f oral! TIIHOAT nu
lacludlnff WIIOOPINO
COUGH, and every
Complaint the forerun
ner of , and even actus I
- .,'. .
The Great Ft milt A L
GIU ItKratvDY and Nat.
nral OPIA'I E, adapted
te every epeolee f Ner
vsus Cemplainta, Nsr
voue and Chronic
Headache, - Hliennaa
tlaiu, Catarrh, '1'ootls
and Ear Ache I.eae of
Bleep, and Uowcl Com
Mo' real Juitlca can'ba dona tha ahnra nranaratlnna
but by procanoK and reading deacrlptlve aamphlete.'.i
be rouna wlin all dealers, or will be eent by pronrletor
on demand. ' Formulae and Trial Bottlee aent to Phvat
oitns, who will And developments In both worth their
acceptance and approval. ,, r . .
uorreeponuence solicited rrom all whose necess ties or
earloilty prompts to a trial of ths above reliable Heme
dice. - -
lor tale bv IhS asual wholeaile and eatatl daalae-
everywhere. - . . . , .
" 5d. 0 Commsrelal Wharf, Boston, Vase. '
Roberto St Samuel, N. B. Marple, J
J. rkhuel
Denli, O. Dents' . Bone, A.
tor Columbus, Ohio, j,
R. Cook. J. II
huelloraSoo, Agente
In all eases of eostivsnees, dyspepsia, bullous and llvei
affections, piles, rbenmaUsm, fevers and agnss, obeli
nate head aches, and all general derangements of health
these Pills have lavajtably proved a certain and speedy
remedy. A tingle trial will place ths Lite Pills beyord
the reach ofcompetltlon In the eatlnatloa of every pa
Dr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will be found equally ef
cactous In aUcases of nervous debility, dyspepela, head
ache, tht sickness Incident to females In delicate health,
and every kind ef weakness ef the digestive organs.
Por sale by Sr. W. B. MOFFAT, 33S, Broadway, N. T.
and by all Prarttate. maySS-dawly
The following it an eztraot from a
letter written by tbe Rev. J. 8, Ilolme, paster ol ths
Plerrepolnt-Btreet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. T.,to
the "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, O., and speake
volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Mae
WmsLOWt Soothim Bracr roa Caiuiazx Tbtthiko: ,
"We see an edvertlsment ia your columns of Mm
Wixslow's Boornwa Braur. Now we never said a word
lo favor of a patent medicine before In our lire, but we
feel compelled lo say to your readers that this is no bum
bur ws navi mm it, and khow it to bb all it
claims. It Is probably one of ths most surcesSrut medt
clnea of the day, because It la one of ths beet. And Ihoee
of your readers who have babies can't do better than
lay la a euppiy. " , . .. ,. eefujaatw
Wmi A. Batchelor s Hair Dye! r.
The Original and Best la : the Worldl
All ethers are mere Imitations, and should bf avoided
If you wish to sscaps rldUsnle.
ORAT, RED OR BUST! IUIR Dyed Instantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown er Black, without injury to,
awarded to Wm. A. Batche lor since 1830, and over 80,00
applications have been mad to ths Hair of his patrons
Of hi famone dyet- , j ft , v'-'It'-'T
WM. A. BATCUELOR'B DAIR DTR produces a ool
or not to bt dlsttngslshad from nature, and Is warranted
not to injur In the least, however long It may be eontin
ned, aod th 111 effect ot Bad Dyes remedied; th Hair
Invigorated for lit by thi splendid By:
gold la all eltits and towns of th United State
Drnggtsts and Psney Good Dealers.' ' ' ' '
JTTTht Genuine has th nam and address upon a steel
plate engraving on four side of each box, of WILLIAM
. HA lutinwii, Ainms " -
jgl2wly . , .91 Bantayalrt,tlwKark.
The Advertiser, having been restored to health la a few
week by a very Staple remedy, after having, offered,
rat years with a severe long afftetloa, and that dread
disease, Consumption U anxious to make known to hi
fcllow sufferers the means of curs. , ' ,
To all who denr It, he will send a copy of lb preociii
tien used (free of charge), with th directions for prep
big and using th sun, which ther will Snd a snae Co
for CoKspwmoii, Asthwa, BaowaiTts, e. ' The only
objeot of th adrertlter in seadlng the Prescription js to
benedt tbs afflicted, and spread Information whleb hteon
octree to bo Invalnabl, and he hopee, evtry sufferer will
try bit remedy, as It wlll cost them nothing, and may
pro Ye bleating. .....
Parties wiiblng Ih preserlptlon will pleaee tddrees
V.., ... .Riv. EDWARD A. WILSOM,
. ...... '.,. r.. Klnp County, New York.
ootSwIy 1
" ' W. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
J This splendid flair Dye has no equal Instantaneous In
effect Beautiful Black er Natural Brown no staining
tlM skin r injuring tit Hair reaomeaoManear an
effect of "Bid Dyet, end . Invigorate th hair for Ufa.
Hon are genuine Unless signed "W. A- Batehelor."
Bold wrywher. - .'.. .t.. w. .
. ., , , CTJAS. BATOHeXOR, Proprietor,
Jyltwly ". ' ' 81 Barclay Street, Hew Tors.
, yor me lugianr timuimm
( ( dlstmelng eomplalnt use
Had by 0. B. SEYMOUR tt CO., 107 Waaea tA M. T.
. Pries al Pr benti. aaat frw by peat.
rua naiiar x , a u u vaueeiiie.
BaajO-dfcwlfla - i- ... . v ,
' a
will attend te ths ' ' h'i x
BILLS; m jmnTtt.
V"! I II i
. All orders left at th Offlc of
promptly attended to L
the STafeewoft will be
C Cf"u1-tf
T?w t1 tvrrrn ant', A
The airnsciainestai, deahno in
ts Vtmale Article, will fnrnlah employment to
a few aoUve men t act a agenta for their hone. A
preference will be given to thoe who are well acquaint
ed In the district for which thej apply. ,
For which semoes tney are wining to pay a salary
of f rota :r a . i '.r !-., v
fSOO. to $300 ter year, wad Izptnses.
' for fnrtlter psrtlcurar address ' " 't't,;.i .
,,.ii rt j. n ubuuub at CO.
t and S, liehante Plan,
Win k iAre-rt.K uAHAuun, atwAu
White aod Week, Jt recelrett al
yW . . ,. WAIWBa
Bgaot aUbbea,la great varletv at BAIN'b,
wctd Wo. , High aires U

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