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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, March 19, 1861, Image 2

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(Contained la Iwentynin To'umM of tlje i Ohio Bnd Ohio
t V.Ii ' i B'1 JUpprtoif l.O ff
lforTexpeneehBbeen'ireiedt mak lb work
perfect aud Mlubto i all respect. . I--'
it hat do the Legls lattr swollen beeo- ap
proved or nearly the unanimous rote of both Iloutes,
aa fuwteml W t diatribe, tad to tbt fbUowlnf Stat
d County oBieera: - ,--
tioYeruor; AiuirnT flnmr, S upreme Judge. Secre
tary, Cplrr-aiac, Treanorar and auditor of Stat. end
la th Proiwl Court, Ooortt of Common Pleae, Super
' lor an folio Courta, Aedllore, and tb Clerk f the
Varies Onnnm In a eoanty, to h Members f tn
aaat awl fame, at Reroentetlv of -ihl state, ana
.i-.a ... iiiMial iliauaortha Union. '
Thi book,: containing, at It don, nil of tho Statute
, Bow In forot, and the autholUaUro oonttraetton or ma
and of tho Now Constitution, wall h found to be tapeclal
ly aatfal In Uw performanosof their duties, to all "
. COtWYCmOKRH,- . - - ,5-v'n .? - edT
, ,V , JCi! lOKH 0 TUB PBA01, , - :V
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IL, CLhk, Of Tow N8UIPS,aa4 .vvn.-
VV,.' CliX OW0ll&V,,i.-, .
' ' ' InatmucV at -wry many changes hare been made In the
mtat ttaoa in punucauoa ui wviai. vui.nru., v .--..
peal, alteration and addition, and many Important de-
nam bare nan girvei 07 we Bnyrovv vn vm wu
tioerMl point. all .--. . .1 . (
aUNKKSa. MBRCIIAWTs"-" " '" -.
' Will find thh) an Inralnable Woik., . ,.., , '
, ..JVo fovtl 8to.' rWrn Hundred
Paget, .4
'ti. InttMaf hrflnr-frlotlO.ti',,'i:,
PublllbedbJ ,t c ,, ,i ..,., ..'.: w .r
La Pabfehert, Bookiellen: RUtlonon and Importert.
'' " -Kb 5t Weil ffourtli atreet," .
BUrTPBnrr iniXZS,' PnblUhare. : J
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Democratic City and Township Ticket.
"!JW 4i .utlt . tvJ ' '' Vj.-vJ i'
alaroa... t,t.(,,5
0C,-lt,, 4 i- elTf MaBSWat,.. f.J II,:, Jt .tj
f Jv,tliaWJi MtMf0i. tin. ,.!..:
.a t. .-si tnjrrr Tarrinmaw aJ,tl '" '- f
S-M-rrtt a aVmLsrBIN lULltHi.-. .H '.I
Mil U i,-mm -.-tnt ," ''-' '' r '' "' 7
o T-.wflON49 t. fUHcTOIf - -':-"'
rp,uira nrt I.IN4
ft xin iw 11 I
aoMuit. DiaauTom, ,
aiVMi t ' ftiaLINQ LOVIHO
!ijri .1 u ltt.. .
UtWard-fBANK I10WAR0 V.
. !M WarJ-8. B. RICKLKV. .
tra.i4j na 4ta Ward-llOBACB WILOH.''
-r-JiJ' Sih Waed-". H. BraPKINQ."'"
;""il tU VifdiTr'HT.f R. t '"
" a;"" .M WaroV-VItT KlERrfHH.-' !
.v'WiiM WardM. HOIMRS. ' T,,-"Itr"
4h Wanr-JOBH WBAVB. wU-e-ntfU'rtia
eru V!...on.arr,wwmn, TBP!mTt, " : ' 1 ,r 1
ELIAS CAVER, -iAi. n.i1
01EO 1 Wwwtwtr wrasraaa, JOJ1:'03
tl.lll It UIHUAW
- tvw prnir luik.
A. C. KINU. ' ' , i.
u el laatrua. x i. - -1 nri
ai v. i WAtTR L. TUltKCB, , ,
Towmwir uaniN, - -.
Democratic City and Township Convention.
TTle Dsmoeratle City and Township Conren
tloa aaaemblad Wat night at the City Hall, and
proceeded to nominate candidates for the spring
laotioe). - The Coarentioa waa full and harmo
nious. Jta proceedingi will be found else hre
it otrf . eoiomn. ;; The ticket nominated il I
good oea, and should reaslra the support of er
, try Democratic roter la tbe city of Colambus
and tb tovaahip af Montgomery, Tba- noml
aatleo. made Saturday rrenlrg last, for
eouncllmen and Assessor! Tin tba gereral wards
of tht city, are alao good ones. -t';
' '' Let there be a rigoroos oanraaa and a nailed
sort for the ticket, the whole ticket, and noth
ing bet the ticket, and a victory will ba certain.
The Democracy of. the different wards and of
tba township should at once organize and labor
with diligence for the success of tb nominees.
Fairly and honorably nomInated,and well quail;
led tor tb discharge of tb datlea of the office,
for which they bar been respectively nominated,
all the candidates should receive tna nndivided
support of tb Demooratlo electors. -.Go to work,
Democrats, resolved to win the day, and elect
'UokeW - .
. .... ' '- -".-' . .
CTThe eonteet for " tba1 Republican caucus
nomination for U.'S. Senatot , 1 carried en
With great energy,' and from present indication
there will ba a rigoroos and determined strug
gle oa to morrow arening in the Hall of the
House." Mr , Shbksun arrLred hare la the af
ternoon train of .yeisterdsy, to lake charge of
UaevalntorU--oot being aatis34rwe aup
pose, with the management of "bU Trlebds thug
fl, "He wag, wa learn, actiraly at -work da
ring the afternoon and arening. Got. Dcnm
aoa'a friaod are aald to be firm and unyielding,
aaaMr.$cuwcv. hag a body of supporters of the
ml bard-shell kind.'' Unless gome adjustment
ba mad by which one of thee gentlemen shall
abandon the contest, we do not see any proba?
blUty of nominating either of them.-Lik
the KiiVwoy CaU, tbey will destroy each oth
er" Other gentlemen are an hand ready to take
th nomination, and U Is probabl that some
. on lot now regarded as a candidate will ulti
mately ba selected. 'Wa obterra' among tba
TulUirg at the Amerlcin the name of the rent
rnbUTnona Ewlnd Wa presume his buiuV
aaag U la the upi'ema Court, sbi! not In the
Keputillcan naucua.,-. But.it would be a very
easy way of ( disposing' of ibia rexed question
for aU tl aspirant' to ' withdraw, and let the
daoeui ten let him ah unahlmoui nomination
' - i.j ... . . "t,
Lincoln Alarmed.
' The indication ara'snch af to induce the
epinlon among the, knowing ones about the Fed
erait Capital, that Preaident Lincoln is in
n.. a ) a. I1 1 I . 1 a 1
atate oi painiui aiarm ana conatant appreften-
aloo aboft t Tuls personai safety. The news of a
beliigurmt character Irom the South, the af
leged r&Uing of ' trooj-g, ' and4 eontemplated
march on Wallngton, all disturb himt He
does Dot repose on a bed of roses, and baring
shown a weskuees la the back at Harrisburg,
hie opponents now koow the poibt In his char
acter which Is most mln-nble. How different
the eharoo'er of tht fiery Davis! We hope
I ......t I.iscolm iuy niit sga'm use hi .mitt-
Ury cloak and Scotch ir " '7"l 1 "
The Peril to Washington City.
The Cingtanatl Conurea(of ytiterfay nor
tig, () Jiti iuKt., bajj two eolomned loader
upon the po-nibili;lea atid the probabUUlet of
attneky upon, a0d; the eipiuro tf, tVuhlD((oa
City, by the combloed army of th Southern
Confederacy antler the lead of it military ohlef
tola, JirriuoN Davii. The Comawrcie! ihowe
ho lntlmatelt the Southern Cabinet U acqaalptr
d wllh eTerj thiDK that trawplree In the CabW
net at Waehlnetou, and tow easy t would ba
for the Seeeaaloo otiBiplrators, by a little a Wil
ful mancqprctl04j.itbUa.tba Republic Admin
istration is aileep or baiy la tnrowing ernmiw
to tba hungry horde of office-leekeri, to aelza
and hold tho approaohes to Waablngi'on, and
compel Aiiaram Linooln to fly North with
greater apeed and aecrecy than be fled 8outh,
on the' memorable twenty-third of February,
leClr That a conipiricy aiiaU to get poaseialon
of the Federal Capital, the CemmeretaJ uoder
takea to prof e, and maket out a pretty fair H
Mt faet$ owe.
That there la at present any Imminent dan
ger of aac& catastrophe aa tba Csmrreiei ap
prebenda, wedo not believe; but whether the In
cipient conspiracy which may exist aball be
come formidable or not, depend upon tba exist
log Administration a Washington. We are the
advoeatea of peace and prudence, but not of pn
illanlmity and cowardice. While President
Lincol and bis Cabinet are discussing and
hesitating what to do, and debatiog what where
and when to strike, the conspiracy, which Re-
publlonn' editor as he of tho Cemawr ela( see.
like a horrid spectre to t he distance, may be
ripening, and mty suddenly disclose Itself aa a
frightful reality, like the fiery eruption, In soma
Calm summer craning, of an unsuspected but
long-alumberiog rolcano. , - -, 1 , ' 1
The seeesaioo moreaientbia gone too far and
has assumed too formidable dimensions, to be re
garded a day longer with a real or seeming In
difference. It must be quickly checked, either by
foice or by cocciliatloo ; else worse consequences
may soon follow than eran tba capture of Wain
jngtou aud the breaking up of the Gorernment
The New Constitution Granted in Austria.
It is admitted by the moat prejudiced against
Austria that ahe is making progress in liberal
idea. The Emperor baa granted a new Con
stittrfion, which provides for popular representa
tion in a ft 'ci.rwl or National Pongresa, and
In Provincial Diet or local legislatures. Tbe
heads of the new Constitution are thus glren in
the London papers:
The representation of the Intplr will ratala tb
of Heiclisrath. v. Ib Reicaaraih will tonsitt f
Cham cars.
Tbt Upper Houss will be composed of hereditary mem
ber. and of other perrons nominated for life.
The Lower liooae will eootiat of 3il members, who
will b elected by pKVioob.1 Diet. ;'-.,:-
Tba Reicbtratb will htet lbs tight of legista'lon and
of initiative. "
IU sittings will bs public.
A olilhecomesa law whta It has plated both Bouses
snd bat been sanctioned by the Kmpeior.
The Reicbtratb It to ti th amount of the budget, to
legislate in all matten of taxation, to mtnage public
loant and th national debt, to audit the Htate balance
iheet, and superintend th affairs of tb Bank.
xneiettoration ot ine former uonititulioot or Hun
gary, Croatia, Blavoula, and Transylvania within the
limits ot tbt diploma of tho !Mth of October , Idol), Is de
creed. ' "
for the other provinces liberal stalules, with re
presentation of Uie Interuta of the people, wll be
glren. -
To towns the repreaaatatlon will he at the rate of five
per cent, of the population. In rural districts II will be
below are per cent.
Tbe t rorincial Diets are to legislate for their respect
ive provinces, U hart auloootnf , tbe rlghtsf laillativi
and publicity.
Tht PtotjjcIiI Diets are to meet on the Oth, and the
Bekhtralb on tb trr of AprU., y tt ,'C?
It la prediolod bj tb Ltsilea - Tiaut, ika M
there ahould be no revolt in Hungary before
the meeting of tbe Prevtnotal Diet, the peace
of Europe will not be disturbed during the pree
ent year. Gabisaloi will not attack Venetia,
unices Hungary is prepared to take Austria on
the flAnk,and in the earn event Prusala is vir
tually pledged to remaid neutral. By the con
cessions tbe Austrian Government is making to
the people, it is taking the most effectual way
to preserve the integrity of the Empire.
National Bankruptcy.
National bankruptcy atarea ni In tbe face.
Not only tho new President, but it II to be fear
ed that erery member of the Cabinet la un
equal to hie position. Tbe revenue cannot be
collected at the South, and yet do step are ta
ken for calling an extra session of Congrese, or
otherwise remedying the eril. , Deprived of the
revenue from imports at the Southern porta, the
Federal Government must inevitably become
bankrupt,. . . .. ,, ... . ,
it will be impossible to collect th revenue on
ships stationed at the months of Sonthera riv
ers and harbors, for two reasons: First, it will
require a larger naval force than can be spared
for that eervioej and aecondly, the new tariff get
give the Importer, before paying the duties, the
right to warehouse hit goods for any time not
exceeding three year, and tbia warehousing ean-
not be done in floating custom bouies.
Either the law must be changed by the action
Of Congress, or gome more effective meana de
vised lor collecting the revenue than stationing
vessel! along the coast; or the Government will
soon find ltaelf in the crippled condition of what
il technically called "a lame duck,? in the money
market. Without money or credit, it must
soon be prostrated, and (all an easy prey to fao
tloniata and dnuaionieta..., ,,
I r.:--.:. .
Republican Economy.
, The Presidential party which accompanied
Honest Old Abe Livoaut to. Washington wa at
Albany, New York, one day, on Its Journey to
the White House. The President and bis trav
eling companions were tbe guests of tbe State of
New York daring their gqjonm at the capital or
that State.- - Tbe following la the bill ol the Del
avan House, at which they tarried:
DELAVAN HOUSE Albany Feb. 28 1861.
Th State of Now fork, To T. Ron tit It Bon, Dr.
To gaeits baring no bairare. billi will ba h,uid
dally.r . . . " ' r
ror -one' otyl Board, Honi A. Xlncolu and "'1
tuile, Inclading parlors, rooms, dinner and
bretkatt innarlor kt an
Wines and, llqaon......,-.... . . 00
Begar ..-.,....) ..s. a, ill W
Telegraph i 13
congreee water.. !..........., J so
Bggage..........irt..w.'.w. ...,.,', ;4b7
Carriage. tana
Sundry broke, article, Mores, chairs, Be 150 00
oti f' iMiw oe
That is an astonishing bill for honest Old Abb
the Rafl-splittef god a few companions, for one
day' feed, drink and lodging at th Delavan
House. Some of the Item are quite suggest
ive; 357Yor 'winse antl liquors, and 1SU for
broken articles, stores, chairs, die, Tbeblll
average aooai 5u m day ror each one or tbe
eompanyi It I well the National Treasury la
xp'-yr.if this ba a sample of Republioaa eoon-
i' ! --il
irTae New York Tfmt$, in commenting on
the Ohio and Kentucky .'ease, alter atating the
rwintamadoby the Supreme ' Court In tbe d
ciaion,gaya:.Jl' 'U-. i 'j''.'o'i, '., ..
' It only BBW-Temalos to be seen xbstbe'r or not,"of his
own mere motion, and simply aa an act of eomlty, Oo.
DemncoK will surrender Dm detidtitted slavo-ttraler,
or. In a spirit of pluck and deSance, bid Gov. ifcOorria
eome and fete trim. V, .ball probably know the -lo-citlon
after th (Boretiorthlp to- Mr. Oatae gmatm
hat been adjuatrd. ,mMBZUmaI'
' ' i- ' m - ,J:r
. Wr5. W. H. Russell, the veil known correa
pondent of tb London Times, Is comiog te this
country to describe men and tilings at ihe pre
ent juncture. "i '
The New Tariff.
In the Joanctal and commercial aitlole of the
New York lraW of tljeiqth of March, the
following language la feted in referenoe to tba
ne Republican tariff jast enacted by Congress,
and called the Mokbili. tariff: V-J , i
Vakrl tndhmalloa ataloH tba 'now tariff InnraaaM aa
It btcoiara mora wldalj andoratood. It soonu Inorediblo
that, with tfeolr oyoa poa, and at suoa a erlsla, man not
aupootod tf lanaer ihould bars enacted to Infamous,
tuueaioo ana mtai a aoaaar. . Tb tart aoatnera
Oomminlonora who. It la said, an about to b despatch
ed to franc and Xngland aa ropmontatlTe of th
Sonthera eonfederarr, need no other weapon than this
tariff to ear 17 their point. . for, notwithstanding th
hostility of th people of Karop to tlarory. It oannot b
xpectd that Utay will carry tbolr ahtlpathy o far as to
naflrot eommeralal and material considerations altogeth
er. And when they era foreed so ehoon bttweoa a nation
whlok ahat oat their good, and a nation whleh not only
admits them at a nominal duty, bat whtoh enjoys a mo
nopoly of th raw material on whleh foreira aaannfao
tares depend. It will nted rery hsroto adherens Indeed
to in nu-irry principle t prernt notn r ranee ana
Bngland at ones taking th goatbera old la oar dlopnt.
Whateror sympathy the North onlojed in Baropoatlb
commencement of lbs quarrel, this tariff will probably
destroy. W ta'erer dlalike the leoemlonlsti hsd sronied
la aarop br their ro-elTr aontlmMt, their unv
eioas and liberal commercial policy will now STae.
ThlssUt of thlugs It the frnlt of th narrow, (rasping,
arartcioa polloy of genstors Cameron and Bimmons,
and th ramp of tb old protectionist party. Tb letter
of renator uameron, in wnica n noaata was to last aoi
f bit Senatorial career arat to rote for taxina lh peo-
pit of th country at huge. In order to bo I Id up facto
ries in renntiirania. ana in saccotaiai tuoru 01 nu1
tor glmaons to compel rery oontamerof wood screws
to nurchue exclatlralr of tb American Wood Berew
Company of frorldenc. B. I , ai fair instances of th
wisdom, Uteemanihlp and patriotism which bar now
prostrated tho North, at the Tory Urn abor alt others
vbao moil ttrangut was needed. - , - - "
Representatives in the Next Congress Yet to be
Tb States which hare yet to elect V. 8
Representatirea for the 37th Congress, the num
ber they are entitled to, and tbe day of elec
tion, (omitting the seceded States,) a as fol
lows: ?: ': ' I .':
X?.iln. 4ction hay.
Hhode Island... ..-....
- S
April 1.
Hty S3..
Aug. 1.
orth Carolina.
..-. a.
Ban hi.
Of the Representatives now elected, tie Re
publicans have 103, and the Demoorata S3. Of
these to be elected 55 the Republican may
get 7. end tbe Opposition 49..' la that cam the
next House will have 110 Republioana and 103
Opposition- The Republican majority will not
be Inconveniently large. ' ",' ' J ';
COLUMBUS, O., March 19, 1861.
Emtob -
stanoes compel me to withdraw my name ag
candidate for Assessor in the Second Ward.
So far as my Democratic friends areoonoerned
I hope tbey will admit tbe justice ol this course,
and Iasidrethem f will support the ticket, and
nothing bat the ticket, of the Democracy. ,
Departure of Five Vessels on a Secret Government
Expedition—Speculations in Regard.
to their Movements.
According to the "tforW," a Republican
ourual. there were oa Tburadav. at the aaaran
tine, nve government -vessels, witn provisions.
arma and troops on board, destined on some se
eret eovernmeot expedition. Tbe vessels are
the Empire City, Star of the West, Crusader,
Mohawk, and ttioresnip supply, iney an sail
ed yesterday, and the World thus speculates as
to the object or tne expedition, ana tne proDa
bilitv or their soon being tallowed by others:
Tb present movements of these vessels la
enveloped in the most profound mystery: and
bo one In the navy-yam win give the aiigbtest
lo ba their A ttaatlon. One rosorttir waa In
formed br the beat authority "that there were
not ten persona ia the eonntry who knew any
thing In regard to their destination, or their
future movements." v .t. v- "
. Rumor aayg that the Crusader ia to proceed
to Charleston, and, entering tne narnor nnder
aflsgef trooa, ebewili take on board Major
Andarsoa and the troops nnder bis command.
Another haa it that, after taking oa' board the
federal troop, the Sooth Carolina authorities
will ba notified that tbe fort baa been evacuated,
and at the expiration ol twenty-four bonra' no
tice, la at tbe disposition of the South Carotin,
iana. ' Bat :previona to the departure of the
troops a glow match will be applied to the mag
azine and the fort blown np, ao that it will ba
of no service to the secessionist. In the Interval
the ahip with the troops will bave paased out
over the bar and be safely at sea, and out of
tbe reach of the gang of the numerous batteries
which command the entrance to the harbor.
Tbia latter rumor to, however, ae Improbable
a itls absurd.' : i . L
There la oe donbt eome truth id tbe report
that Major Anderson and bia command will be
removed la a Government vessel i but more
credence ia attached to tbe rumor that these
eteamero will call with the Empire City and
Star of the West, and that after they bave re
ceived the United State troops on board wblcb
are now la Texae. all the vessels will proceed
to reinforce Tort Pickens and th other fort on
the golf coast. As these forte do not belong to
any particular State, nor were tbey built for
tbe protection of particular localities, the Gov
ernment intend holding them for tbe protection
or tbe guir trade, and consequently tney win
do their best to reinforce them aad retain a val
uable strategical key to the gulf. " 'A '
Whatever nay be tbe dostlnatlon of these
veesels, It baa been ao eeeratly planned that
there are none but tbe planners ia the secret,
and ao confidential eon ferae bave had anything
to de with the propoaed mavemeote; bencenotb
log bat time will reveal tbe object and soceess
of the operation, i r ' ' -
Fall of an Ancient Tower.
-k On th Slit of Febreary, th anclenl tower of
the Cathedral, 'at Chichester, Eogland, fell. It
waa built in tbe Tear 1300, and th epire, which
waa added ia 1400, waa raised to a heightof 874
feet. Symptoms of yielding were discovered
some time ago, and examinations snowed them
to be quite eerioue. On the 14th cracks and
erevleea appeared in the pier, add on Sunday
the 17th, after services, sixty Workmen Were set
to work to otreogthea the tower, and labored
night and day, thai effort being quickened by
a eale which made tbe tower totter, until ate
quarter peat one on tbe ettemooo f the 21st,
when the workmen were all ordered out ol tb
cathedral, aad a quarter of an hoar later the
tower and epire tell to tbe floor wltb but little
sots, forming; a maae of near ait thousand ton
of ruin In the centre ot the church, and oarrying
with it abont twenty feet In length of tbe Bare,
and ae atnoh of the transept aad eholr. "The
tpir at it fall," eaya --an eywltee, "at first
inclined slightly to the Boalawet,and then sank
tentlv into tbe centre or tne Daiiding - m ap
pearanoe of the fall waa that of a large chip
quietly but rapidly foundering at ea.M - Fortu
nately to ona waa Injured by tbia astrophe,
bat tb people or Ubicnegter ere locpnsoiani
arer their architectural lo." '
.1 M !
i '! ;
Tabbm ' Abac:. On of the ridloutous ml
bap which will sometimes befall soldier, be
fell a whole) file of tbe snugly attired military
of New Orleans on tbe day or tbe i wigga re
eeptloa 1 Tbey were drawn np along tbe street
la front of a building in course of construction,
and close in their rear wae a long mortar bed,
two feet deep, witn that plastic composition
ready for the workmen J Tbe space between the
files for tlie passage of tne carriage feeing
rather narrow, tbe 'officer ordered bia men to
take a step back. They did so, and about
twenty feet of "soger" instantaneously disap
peared from eight baoktrards; the front file, In
close order r preventing tbe rear rank from re
covering themselves wben their heel (tumbled
aratnit tbe mortar bed They were submerged,
aad every eoldieref them bad bis pretty uni
form spoiled .Tbey took cabs and abeqnatnta
ted tnstanter. ;--' ' -
Cen Wade, bid Ben; Senator from Ohio,
couldn't exert directly bis outraged feelings
when be heard of tbe contemplated surrender
of Fort Samtcr. He aaid be had nerer believed
in the doctrine of total depravity, but he waa
ecmfng to thru faith; If tie bad looked ia tbe
glass oiucb, he would bava been a convert te
tbe doctrine before this time lAmuvillt Dtm.
THURSDAY, March 18.
Prayer by Hon. Mr. Clapp.of Lake..';- -
On leare. the following bills were Introduced
ana reaa toe nret umet - ' i! !'!' ,
H.B. 34ti.i,w Mr. BROWNE, of Miami Tb
authorize the trustee of Newbnrg township, in
Miami county, to ane lor certain moneya. -H.
B. 341. bv Mr. BLAK.E3LEE.--To amend
tbe goto relating to the Incorporation, o( cities
and villager. ' 1 " '
a. a 3S4, by Mr. THOMPSON, of Parry
To amend eection one of tbe aot to amend the
lawa regulating the dutlee of county commis
sioners . . r- '. r
H. B. 343. bv Mr. WOODS To amend eee-
uon 9 or too aot to amend tna aot ror me semi
annual parment of taxes, t -
ti. u. 943, by Mr. REID supplementary to
tba cltv and village Incorporating aot.
H. B. 145, by Mr. PATTERSON-Flxtog tbe
eompeoaatioo of tbe member or tne - uenerai
Aaaembly.-', . ..' - i ...,.' ,i nv:
i tut. BALDWIN offered tbe roiiowtns resoia
tion, wblob waa adonted: iijii'-r 7 -
KMvlwd. That tba Auditor of State be re-
qneated to prooore from tbe Treasurer of t rank
nn eonnty, a oopy of tbe County Auditor' ac
count for the oast rear, ending Maroh, 1861;
ana mat tna Auditor or Bute be requested to
eommunioate to Ibis House a copy ot : aald ac
count at bis earliest oonrenlenee. -: -
Mr. BROWNE, of MlamU mored that H. B.
No. 7 To fix the rate of Interest oa oontraot
at 10 per eent , whiea was agreed to yaas 36,
nay 10, wnen tbe bill was get lor a third read'
In on Wednesday next. . - --..i T
. A call of the House waa demanded, when ,bt
members answered to their names. -, -y
Mr. SCOTT, of Warreo. efferd resolution,
which waa adonted. that tbe eommlttee oa Pub
llo Buildings be Instructed to enquire Into tbe
propriety of oontinulog tbe office of State House
Umm lesion er. i : . . .
Mr. SCOTT also offered a resolution, whlok
waa adonted: That tbe committee on tbe
Penitentiary be Instructed to enquire into and
teport upon tbe expediency of increasing tb
Dumotr oi tbe Lnrectore ot tbe fenitentiary
Mr. uuui r, of War. en, moved-thai two
more membere be added to the eelect commit
tee to whom waa referred 8. B. 141 To pro
via or maxing gaa in tne renltentiary.
On tbia motioo the veas and nava ware de
minded, and reeulted yeaa 37, naya 87 1 when
Messrs. Soott. of Warren, and Robinson were
appointed on aaid eommitlee. .. .i
uomeuoaot Mr. yukis, a committee of
three, consisting of Measra, Voris, Slnsser and
Reid, waa appointed to oonfer with the Colum
bus Gaa Company, and see If any practical re-
ouction can oa oouioaq in tne price of gag oou
sumea Dy me Diai. , .. ,, ..,
On motion of Mr. REE3. of Morrow. H B
71 Rilatiog to Teachera' Institutes, waa taken
from the table and get for a third : reading on
weaoesaay next. . : ,. : ;,.,,..,!
On motion, tbe House Bdjosrped, c , , n-
it-.': '.- .i. t'X
TUESDAY, March 19, 1861.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Clapp. , ? ' , i . v
Tbe following memorial wag presented
referred: '" .-'a- '.
' By Mr.CHASE From William McKIm and
60 otbere of Stark county, against the further
Immigrktion of colored people.
Tbe following bills were read a second time
and referred j..-'-i--- '' '
II. B. 429 To amend Section two of an aot
ntitled "an aot to authorlxe the oomminioner
of Henry eonnty to bnild a bridge across tba
Maumee river," paased April la, 1857. Judi
ciary " h -..- ' .. r- "
U. B. 4 Jo To amend eectlongoneand two
aa act entitled "an aot to prevent the killing
bird and other game," paased April 10, 1857.
Agriculture. ' - i' ' ' ....... , ' '
a. U. 3i To provide for the letting of
repair of ibePabllo Works by contract. Pub-
110 wort. - -' ,t - .j
Mr. u amble introduced H. B.' 440-To
provide for delivering ap fugitives from Justice
which wae read the first time. 3 v'
- A call bf the Honse waa bad, wben 79 an
swered to their names. ''' "
' Tbe committee on Schools and School Lands
reported back H. B. 400 Relative to the sal
of eection 16, Delhi township, Hamilton county,
when tba bill waa read a third and paased yeae
77, nays . v ' ' - -
Mr. 8LUSSER moved that the Honse resolu
tion, relative to the kinda of students in the
Asylum for Idlota, and the receipts for paylpa
tienta, be taken from tbe table, which was agreed
to. when the resolution was adopted.' ' . '
Mr. MUSSON offered the following resolu
tion, wnicn wae oroerea to oe printed: - -
Rettlvti, bf At General Atitmbtf tf tht
tf Ohit, That the Gorernor is hereby authorised
to appoint a commission 6f one or more per
sons, to complete a oontract with J. J, A. Ward,
Esq.. for a marble or bronie statue of General
Simon Kenton.; Said atatue to be of life size,!
ana, as far aa possible, a trutbtor representa
tion of tbe great pioneer; and when completed,
to be placed in tbe rotunda of tbe State House.
Tbe statue to be completed within fire year,
and to ooat not more than fire tbonsand dollars
and no appropriation of money ahall be made
for this purpose until the atatue ia ready for de
livery; provided that payment thereof shall not,
In any event, be requested nntll tbe expiration
of fire years, unless said statue la sooner com
pleted. - V , J '
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, offered a resolution
of enquiry as to the. (apply of "Constitutional
Debates," er where a (apply could be pur
Chased; wbioh was adopted.
Mr. CARLISE, from the select committee
whom waa referred H- B. 340 Prescribing
standard of fences, with an amendment, when
Mr. WOODS moved that the bity be referred
to the committee on Agriculture , 1
This proposed amendment makes the' mini
mum height of a board or atone fence, 4 feet,
and a railfence 5 feet., r', . . ., , ' ...
, Mr. KRUM objected to the etandard fixed,
and mored to amend by fixing jtbe etandard
rail fences at four feet alx inches. ,
The motion to refer to the committee on Ag
riculture waa disagreed to. '. , . .. .
Mr. 8TUBB3 moved to amend ao aa to fix
height of atone fence at four feet, board fence
at 4j feet, and rait fence at 5 feet. ,
' Tbe bill waa amended verbally, when
Stedman eppoaed the amendment, contending
that tbe standard! fixed were the proper onea.
' Mr. KRUM objected to the amendment
Mr. Stubbs, a it would tubject farmer to
unnecessary expense for field fences, while
ornamental fence around door yards would
pnt-lawed. ' . ... , ,
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, demanded the
previous question, which waa not sustained.
Mr. HUGHES moved to lay the whole sub
Ject on the table. .. .. . n ; ',(.. Vr-
Mr. CARLISLE explained that the fences
generally In one were much nearer the stand
ard fixed in tbe bill than would be generally
antmoaed. and held that (he bill waa right.
Mr. SCOTT, of Jefferson, , supported 'the
amendment of Mr. Stubbs.' ., . ,", ;.V;'
Mr. SEARS supported the bill aa reported.
ana opposed tne amenament. , ..h
Mr. McCLUNG concurred In this view.
Mr. HILLS aald that a board fence had better
be leas than over four feet, . , , . : ,
Mr. Stubbs' amendment wai disagreed to.
Tbe amendment of Mr. Krnm waa disagreed
The bill wag then ie4 for a third reading on to
morrow. "j j .. ..; .-',.1
- Tbe select committee tor whom waa referred
II. B-307 To provide for tbe payment of
Board ol the Ohio Medical College reported
game bsck with ao amendment, which waa
agreed to, whn tha, bill waa set for a third read
ing tomorrow. 1
Mr. STOUT from the select eommlttee
whom was referred S. B. 2C1 --To provide
rtain tsxea In Noble eoautv reported th
tame back, when tbe bill waa paeeed jca
Mr. CARLISLE presented tbe memorial
Wm.EwIng and otbere of Fairfield county,
improvement or tbe Hocking -oanai. ....
. Mr. VAN VORIS presented tbe memorial
of citlsena of Muskingum county agalnat
passage of S. B. 809 Relating to the consolida
tion of Railroads. . ' '',;
On motion of Mr. ROSS, the petition el
sephCabtewa referred to th oommltteeon
Claim. .' , , . '. ,. '.. r.
On motion of Mr RUKENBROO. a reio.
lution wa adopted Inauiring Into the expedien
cy of abolishing . the oniuee of Trustee and
Treasurer of School Section Sixteen,, !,. 1.
The election In New Hampshire presents
large Demooratlo ealo- v Tba felrtol aara
the Republioana 'Vav Mr. Lincoln- 9.0U0
majority over all opposition 10 November; and
now, when there waa every personal and party
motive for tbem to presont a strong and lupos
Ing array in hla aupport, tbey bave been able to
rally but 3,500 majority. Tbti fact la algolfl
cant; it should ba a warning to them, and a sign
of promise to the gallant Democracy who have
se nobly struggled lor the ceaoe of the eonntry,
tbe welfare of the people, the galvation of th
glorious union or our fathers." -
The Washington correspondent of tbe New York
Time aays: Mr. W. Beach Lawrence, of New
York, recently walked np to Senator Seward,
who waa conversing with Mr. Linooln, at bis
parlor door, and addressing him, eald: "Sir, we
of New York look to yon lor tbe galvation of
tbe country.. Yea, Mr. Sdward, you can and
ongnt to do It." "Mr. Lawrence," replied sen
ator Seward, "allow me to Introduce von to Mr,
Linooln, tbe Preaidant elect or the United
States." Mr. Lawrence bowed, smiled and
sloped. .
The crneltr to white Deonle In Eneland. who
are bo unfortunate aa to be "lervanta," i well
known. Tb European Times gives an account
of a girl at Kidderminster, who waa terribly
abuaed by bar "master and mistress." Tbey
stinted her In food, horse-whipped her, beat ber
with a buckle strap, and repeatedly struck her
witn tne niaakiead Drusb. Kicking waa an ev
ery day occurrence- When the girl returned to
the workhoaee ahe was In a wretched state;
there waa a large bole In bar bead, and In places
tbe hair bad been torn on, ' There, ye negro
pntiantnropigta, la a case lor yoal, ;v
ETA heart-rending calamity occurred a few
days ago at 81ns Sing, N. Y. Mr. Mara had
returned from tbe cemetery after having burled
bis wile, taking home wltb Dim hie onlv child
which he bad left with one of tbe neighbors until
he returned from the funeral.' About 12
o'clock the following morning, hla honse waa
discovered to ba on fire, and before ensinee ar
rived the building waa consumed. In tbe mine
were fonnd tbe remaina of Mr. Mara, but those
ol big daughter could not be dlaoovered -1
- -. . -.a
Tub BamsH Abmt. Last rear the number
of Boldieratoi all kinda in the aervioe of Queen
Victoria waa 888.854. This rear there will be
819,773, or abont 16,000 less than In 1860. The
reduction takes plaoo In the Eaat India aervioe
alone, tbe other branch remaining anbstan ti al
ly aa before.' 'An embodied militia for bomb
service, amounting to 15,900 men. will no long
cr be retained on an active footing.'-' The reen
ter fore to be retained in the British hlandi
this year will be abont 148,000.
Sicbssiom or a Rivia. Tbe Ne Orleans
Dtlu aajs the communication between the Red
river and the MiBeiseitml Is beins" e-radnallr tout
off. The former is taking Itself off to tbe Gull
br war or Aiohaiaiavaintoaerwlok'a Bar. Un
lose something la done to prevent the Red river
from seceding, New Orleans will lose a large
amount oi valuable traffio. A company is talk
ed of to keep the channel open. It la thought
it win ooat a.wv.uuu' - 1 "
... . - ... ,,!
'. .Am Aij.ranrj fiariMni.n.-An atvtAnaiva awtn
die I (aid to have eome to light In New York
witbina dayor two." Tbe story runs that
all-know cfflaial holrlln.- a Suit nilln..
entrusted wltb 30,000 or $10,000 by certain par
ties, a few weeka ago, to engineer through
the Legislature of New York certain contraeta,
but that instead of using tbe cash to grease tbe
machine and secure the contracts, be put It In
to sis own pocket, ana aecempea lor parts as
yet unknown.
- - .3 t ' ' ' ' m ' ' ' '
Honaota or mt Cm or Lonboh. A late
number of' the LondonliIuilrafrrfiYcioibaaa
niatura of tha distribution of aono to tha famiah
ing poor of that metropolis. 1 There are more
misery and want In tbe heart of the richest coun
try In tbe world than on any. other portion of
tbe earth a aurlaoe.: i p.ri i " -. . .. s.t.
Loss of Sleep.
Is there anything more wearing to both mind
and body than losa or sleep, or It any difficulty
or disease eaa be of toner traced to other than
loss of sleep, then experience baa lost ite pow
er; or sidnev smith, tbe great fJnel so fhvsiol
ogist, ia not to be relied upon. Of this, let the
exoerieoce of thousand! answer, and try tbe To
la Anodyne, and tbey will be ready to endorse
the remak of fiM of tba f rienda of tbe proprie
tors, wbo writes, "were the directions to be cov
ered with sovereigns to purchase, I would not
be without it.' This all will experience by its
use. See advertisement, and call for pamph
lets. .. , .,.,,
i L
' v t . b 1 v v OowMoa, March 18, lb.)
He auction, oa Btturday, March 30th, at eleven
clock A. M., at the office of the Traarartr of State,
thousand dollar or-tht Bonds ol th bum or Ohio, draw
Ing Interest at th rate' cf alx per eent. per an
num, aad payable seml-annnally In th City of N.w
Tort, and the principal redeemable at tbe pleasure of
aute. .- - - .
These Bonds wen deposited With the Treasurer of
f tat of Ohio for the purpose of securing tb circulation
of th gsvlngs Bank of Cincinnati, and they er to
told ror tne purpoee or redeeming tne tame.
merchlfrdlO . . ' A, P. BTOHK, Trtot.'
c.-- i i . t' i i. ' ---4-
XV Job Printing Office, located In one of tb wealthiest
mineral and agricultural counties in th, State ef
Missouri, with railroad and other, faciiltl, aad
on the highway t ot - trarel to California, Pike's
reaa ana ait in rottern Ttmton, Hi a pteat
antlr situated aad thriving county teat, and atentieelr
patronised, will be disposed of for lb low sua of a 1300
nr aunareaaown, nr nunarea oa inenrst or Janu
ary next, and the balance In January following, with In
tenet. Th material rt all nesrly new. and la we II Ba
soned. 'Thtoffloarmyt about $3,6X0 a year, fhepaper
It Democratic would pay equally well Independent or
neutral; Is the 'official organ ot the county, , e, , Ho
onsrge tor gooa win. xuie gaarannea. -TOT
or further partkuUrsaddret
DB.J. B. MctWBrT,
Editor Pre, Oeergclowo, PtttU 0., Mo.
'-oiafehlgStd.,.. i-,.; '.D.'iJo'i- '.. -i .
Jo'' '!",': ;,TRAYELLEn8l;;,,'...;.':;.
WBBH you r soWew Vork-, drive- dlrentie th
. -J miTHaVlklAN UOU3B
ConducUdoa tbt
zr -in-'
m fl.. ;.- . .".i.i.-. -J " 1
il :
:l (:
; 333 TJ H 0 1? B3 AN 1? Xi A T"
i Good far, Good Booms, Preapt Attendance, and Mod
rate Charge-. r-. .'i.-.- i nl au n '
jt.-'-J; DO0BL1 ROOMS and PARLORS 1,50 to 3,
" VrnH tt ordered. This Hotel has alt the' appointments
of tbe best note la, a meet central location, and IS boated
througbout by steam. L
aarch9d3m - '.
BAnujtl. a. BIHAD.
1 : ". " i Proprietor.,
Shcriffti : Sale.
-T- r
. T. Woodbury Co. 1 i , ,; '
, T. f - ; -5
' Ctorg W. Allen.
superior vouri. ,,1 '-j
to me directed from the Superior Court of franklin
county. Ohio. I will offer for sale, in the town of New Al
bany.at the torroocar O. W. Allea.B lot of Dry
floods and Notion, levied on ae the property or U. w.
Allen; tale commercing on SATURDAY, the 30th dty of
Mtrcb.A. . leul.al iu o ciock A . m
a. W
HUfVMAN, Bheriff.
By lid. Davit, Drp'ly
arch lerlOtd "N
Printer's fees, tS.SO.
BammaUon and pain, and boa I Uie worst barn.
taM,brule,eat, r froth wound of any kind, prevents
swelling and pat a from be aUngs, Biotquilo bile, and
poiaonoo plants, neuralirla, rheumatism, agu la th
b re ait, salt rheum. lo. .When taken Internally, It will
potitlvtly cur croup In children, and giva Immetllate
relief lath worst cat of this terrible eomplalntl alto.
remove hoarsenee and tor throat. Price, US eealt a
bottle. Should be in every noaa , Tor wie r Drug
gists and Storekeeper. - ' IRV1N BTONH,
Bole Proprietor, 5o, I Spruo St., New York
oettdAwlvl ' -
ia. selves tone Indebted te th bte firm of 1H)U-
DHIDUB A. WIIITB will pleat call andsettte tlicir
aoooonU, and threby save cost. ;
All not and aoooanl remaining ua;iiv -on th first
f Aorll will be placed lata Bu of Wtf. L. HBV1
J.P., tnr coltectiua.,,, ,. ,- -.. Hlc.vj
,saar"-dfcwUprl .( BarvivUig PirtusrJ.jj
' i "
-.-aw; my. nm. . mjB:
:;k Barlnj Irrested its ehdy "'
LnoiLi. ot its.
, .7 -. (
I ..
- U tn)w ttrjrud to necuU in th
) 1 ' ' . '' .a ' O I i! A, ifc
I flit, w - i . iHi-'j it .i.'IM : . iHt'M
i'. ;. ' ' i 'i i;i -I ,';' n-Jri V.'i 1
U It
r;i - .:;..!( ;a , "IWl
!.' . i - it aj-'i.r t -i i.t.o;
Ct Ai i
I .K
. . DRAY. RECirPTfl, '
DBAfTS, ; ;
v labels; cabds,
'i)e tlr ;i If
j: ifii . i j in ,.. - tjt f i;in j;
And (very description of
I .1 VI.
ttrpii phess' piiiTiNci, f y'
j ,;0 ; J I:- ; I j .(.-.:! ,,...!' i'.viU
-4 .H W
1 .-. 1 It,
Equal to any Establishment in the State, and upon
1 1 i-C
terms which will compare favorably with th
' I leading Eastern Printing Houses.
f r
1 TT . . ' jj- .,.'.4.
Havina every iPaoility to Rid JTa
I ,f hi : ! . '
. ik tbe raoDi'CTiow of
I 'u :
t t.-l
ii H
3 ;.f
.'III i(.lf. .- t '..
J snow. CARDS,- j
tin K-l 1 .L'.:U '4 tiid ') . I 4l .'.l!Ual .'
W offer our service to all who may desire that elan
V ' -. i l ' l-!t : ' I V A
' TT T 'f wart
, W. - .4. 1 1 . n
- r j
1 il
1 We hare emrnected with our EstaUishami a U
r-i lis r cxcii'i
..m-.;:':' .'-i-M-.,! ,-;;' !'.
'-r-z,'- i-;;.t'-r.'.7.::VJL
. ' 4 ' lj ' I v- f .j. i
.7 7; ,.ir i t :ki-.,rf i
. : Tl l t .S. '.l f.r).rt
c:.j an r
Am tub Meet "? : f I
p w is
,. k. a
' 1 i w I
j 1
, i
id mtivv:
.-V..ef . K kk- Ha -
l .,"- H
( I '1 1 tn":
.1! M09T Tr.A'J
nil i iJi. vv c rl ti
U.'tL wsia
4KB TH Morr '
li:--roJ .t.Mjl .-Hl.ai .
-1 -JS ZJ3 "fi'J
.yi. O O T
In this City, and we may add,
low I
. . ,.! ,i wl ii.i'nrial.'.K tl
Arnnuag gionae in tne west. -
oii'J U.: i al Wjf .f it gitsl xtin tit
i it 18 tt 6.- t l'iA l!liaa vM
,wi- i "-1
lilt Jl I t 4.1 , ( ,
in " eJJ '.x;.--fc ti- i -til ? IA i '.',!
' M '"V'.'""? ' ,.. ... , PBOlTtTETOR.
- - ' '
... i nut. j,a,aaaa7a.atiTAW axa,ai, it, i
'" Offer for sal their eelrated !';"''
rR A nu
iff a a A"lAKU-rUtHIW. - i
Belna hlohlv mtm.mmJ.J h. th. Ant PrnAiiiM. ini
rnatkal Amateurs ol the ooantry, and
KVBRY - - u
j y WARRANTED Wjl-'.
TB Boat taetidioaa eastern oh 1 udob Uiaa
pleated to (Very respect, ' f "M ,
aermeiiaerai. ., WRiIVtuauv.
'eet9S;lydv. ; ' . . i, i . t.,i.,nVo, Obw,-
AIUIk-i ai uualitii-u ai.i i,j y H:ItT of sarn
. . . . jiaaiLct. k. i'.
superior make, We aale by htlXSt lioX,
.-.:-i v .Vf Wo. XV Bom mgn irn.
u I I I 3.
f or all TIIUOAT and
Including; WltOOPINn
OOfJOHs sand srsry
Cantplalnt the f orernn
nar ef , atnd. even actual
The' Oreat NEUHAt.
OI HKinHlt and Nat.
ural OPIATK, adapted
ta every apeclea at Nor
tu Cotuplalnt. Her.
ran and flironl
Iteadacbe, ubennia -liaiu,
atarrb, Tootb
and Ear Ache, I.aaa af
Sleep, and Bowel Com
rrrtT tt'
No real IntUoa .
by proouringaad reading deecriutlve Bamphleta.ti
lOUlUl With all daalara. sill ha mn k PrnnriKlA.
demand. Formulas and Trial Bottlea aant to Pbval
elans, who will And developments In both worthy their
aoceptane and approral.- , , .
vorresponueDos solicited from all whose necessities or
cnrlotlly prompU to a trial of tb above reliable Seme
aire.. , . - r.
for rale br IB usual whnl...i i.ii 4.i.
JOHN L. HCNNEWELL. Proorleto '
, Wrr - ai ii arwrt at .
1 -tP. vommerciat wuaxi, AtoatOB, Kaaa.
Robarta At Bamnel. M. B. kfarDm. J. B. fUnlr. 1. u
Denig, O. fienig At Sons, A. i. Bchueller A Boa, Agents
uoianwaa, unio. ,;ii; : -i -
-.';. jnorrAT'a lifk pills.
la all cat of ooettvnese, dyspepsia, unions and liver
affections, piles, rhenmatlta, fever and ague, ahat)
Bate head aches, and all general derangements of health
the Pills bave Invariably proved a certain and speedy
rsawdy. A tingle trial will place tb Lift Pills beyobd
reach ofoompettrlon in the estimation of every pa
tient.. , .. , ..... .
Dr. Moffat's PhcsnJx Bitters will be found quail (
taacioui fat all ease of nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, the alckaats Incident to females Indelicate health,
and every kind of weakneas ef th digeetlve organs,
for kale by Dr. W. B. HOff AT, S3S, Broadway, N. 1.
and by all Druggist. . Bay33-dAwU .-
Tbe following li aa extract from a
Utter written by th Ber. 7." S. Holms, paster tl th
Plerrepolnt-Street Baptlit Church, Brooklyn, M. T.,to
the "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
rolume In, favor of that world renownsd medlolne, Mae
Wmsiow's Bootfiko Svacr roa Chiltrbi Timtm:
"W as B -adrortltment In wonr anlnmna or Mat
WiMiow'a Sooruis fraiir. How we never aald a word
In farar ota patent mtdlcjoe before In our lire, butw
fl compelled to say to your reader that thlt it no hum
cLata. It is probably on of lh most turceufnl medi
einea of the day, because it Is on of the best. And tho
or your readers who bar babit cau't do better thtn
lay In a supply." ooii7:1ydAw
' i Wm. A, BRtoholor's Hair Dye! ' i
The Original and Best In th WorldT
All others ar mere Imitations, and should be avoided
If yoa with tottcap rldlcul. - . ...
GRAY, BID OR RUBTY DAIR Dyed Instantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
BalrorSUn.' '
a. w . rt . i : . i , ,ma . o a
awaraea 10 rr s A pawaeior sine i04u, aua orr eu,uo
applioatiens have been mad to th Hair of hbj patrons
of his famous dye. ; -
WM. A. BATCHBLOft'S HAIR DYB prodaceaaool
r aot to be dittlngulshvd front natcre, and te warranted
aot to Injure In tha lestt, however long It may be eontln
eed, and th 111 Sect of Bad Dyes remedied; th Hall
Invigorated for life by this splendid Dye. '
Bold in all cities and towns ot tb United States
Druggist and fancy Goods Dealers.
UjTbe Genuine has the nam and address upon a steel
plate engraving oa lour tide of each box, of WILLIAM
Diiuusuin, Aaaress
0HARLC8 BATOBELOR, Proprietor,
JytS-wlV - 01 Barclay street, slew York.
T ceaeuawmiivee.
j Th Adrlrtlter, having been restored te health in a lew
weeks by a very simple remedy, after havings nfferedt ' -sral
years Wltb a sever lang affection, and that dread
dteca, ConsumptionIs anxious to make known to hi
fellow-saBerers the means of ear.
Toallwhodeslr It, ht will sand a eopy ofJlwprasorl
tion used (free of charge), wltb tb directions for prep
Ing and using th same, which they will Hod a scat Cu .
for Comrtmmoa, Astrba. Bbokchitii, fco. Th only
object of th advertiser In sending tbe Prescription I te
bene! the afflicted, and spread Information which he con
ceives to be Invaluable, and h hopes erery sufferer will
try hi rmdy, at It will eoat them nothing, and may
prore a blessing.
I Parties wishing th prescription will pleas arldrt
- ' Bar. BDVYABD A. WILSON, - v .
j. . -- : - Wllllarosburgh.
. ' Kbig County, Now York.
oct3:w1y ....
. 1 W. At Batohelor'i Hair Dye! n
This splendid Hair Dy hat no equal Instantaneous ht
neoauiai siaca or stanrai Brown no sutinug
the sklarU(Juilng tits Hair remedies tne aot ur aa
effect of Bad Dyes, and Invigorates th hair for life.
Hon ar genuine unlet signed "W. A. Batchelor."
Bold everywhere- A . , , r
CIU8. BATCnELOR, Proprietor, '
Jyiawly .61 Barclay Street, New Tort.
-.' for th INSTANT RBLIIf
. dittraatlcg somplalnt as. , j
- . .EN DTS '
Mad by 0. B. 6BYM0CR A CO., 107 Haasaa St-, V. I..'
n - . Prtoa ft per box; seat free by pott.. -,.
ayO-dAwlyl-' - i . .
,.' ;r . CBLBBRATED :
.VI i
For, tht Whiskers and Hair.
'-- . . . A. .... . . .
Th subscriber take" pleasure In anoounclng to the
Cltlten ol the Dotted State, that tbey bar obtained th
Agency for, and are bow enabled to offer to th American
pubiio, th abor Justly celebrated and world-renowned
arttcl., Th .- - - - -
I) -!..', Vv l l.iw rt r'Ofcl
Is prepared by Da. 0
P. BELLINGBAM, an eminent
physician of London, and 1 warranted to bring put a
"""".'ft .'f.it'i tU'J-f t.-.i
Whiskers or a Mnstache,
In from three to sli weeks. This arilol Is th only on
of th kind used by the Trench, and In London and Parte
it la In unlrerttl use. . . , i ,:.
It tt a beautiful, economloal, soothlDg, yet ttlmolatlng
oompound.tcUng aa If by Bugle upon Hit root, causing
a beautiful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
ecalp, It will eur Btumm, and cause to spring ap la
place of the bald spots a fin growth of now hair. Ap
plied aoaordlng to directions, It will turn an or towt
hair Baseband restore gray hair te tie original eolorr
leaving It toft, smooth, and flexible. Tbe "OMatimrr" I
a Indispensable article In erery gentleman 't toilet, and
after one week's on tbey would net for any consideration
bewltboatlU ... . , ... . : . ..
Th subscribers sr the only Agents for th article In
the United States, te whom ail orders mast be addressed.
Price On Dollar a box for Bate by all Praggitte and
Dealer; ora box of the "Onguent" (warranted to htre
the deelred effect) will b tent to anrwlio dnlnt It. be
mall (direct), securely packed, on receipt af price and
postage, ai.M. Apply tooraUdress ., u ,
- -i.
t DBDooirrs, A.
St wnitam gtreet, New-York.
Employment. rV''
stBscninEt bkalino in
A (kStanl) Article, will nirnirbeoiploymint to
a few Bctlv men to act a agent for their boo. A
preference will be glren to thoee who ar well acu,uaint
ed In the d It trie t fur which UiJ iply
for whlchiervlcottbeyar willing to psy a salary
of from," -. i ,A " '" ' - '' '"'' '
e00 to $300 per rear,; aaa ' Xipiniis.
;r farthr perOoaUBi addrets -:' n .JVi
n ' ;ri..W; B. MORBH0USE CO. ' -l
,. .(Jii'itU i'lV, land. Exchange Place;,' 1
Jan? flfrafT'-T'T """Wiry. W. J.
WIHU iTIAN l lvIi at-aet.AtjJc.ti, Atul ia
White and Siak, Just reoaived al ,. ' , ;
i gaptBlbbev,lB great Variety at BAIM'S,
el,,ivi -i . v ? ! i W'gh tlreeLi-

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