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.. 7
Th A.lnm. Eires Coronao. Dlaoes ui daily
under obligations to urorine wj latest paper
g'f jrom the eastern cities. , ;. . ' -
i ni. ' 4 ' 7. .If.- rvmn.r,. k.d
' The American 4 Express Company has
.1.. . JL r. i ri.ii. for. in the than of
very latest eastern papers. - ; -
'J "r-T r '
jrT and owniw umoobtio uowvintiob.
- i no delegate to too wty .no .ownsnip
It i. L. J Ifl.
Democratlo Convention for the nomination of
candidates to be Toted for at the municipal
eleotlon, on the firat Monday la April next, met
hnt evening, March 18, at the City Hall, and
organized by appointing Thomas Abnolb, Chair
man, John M. Poor, Secretary, and F. Uowaio,
Assistant Secretary. - ' ' i i
On calling the roll of delegates elected, they
were found, with one or two exceptions, to be
all present. ' On motion, it was ordered that the
i members present should cast the full rote of
o, tbeir reaoeotlv delegation, f ' - .
On motion of C. A. Wagner,1 the following
resolution was adopted: , ". " '
Rttolved. That each delegate proposing the Dime of
.SOT-iS.: m tK
ana. .1 1 1. 1. . I I ..... . 1. . l I
j.wuuugiy aoiiie oj tne dcowon or mil Convention, and
vvruiauy eupport lie nominee, .
Townthip Truttett The following persons
were named for Township TrusteesA. Moo
berry, E. Gaver, J. M. Kcerner, P. Corzellus,
Geo, Rlordan, Wm. Aston, G. Desmer
Alexander Mooberry and Ella Gaver were
nominated for Township Trustees, on the first
' ballot.' ' '' ' ' ' - ;r -'
. uatne nun pauot, Jonn M. KcBrnor was
nominated for Township Trustee. . T:
, , Tklp Trnturtr.Oa motion of C. A.
Wagner, Captain Isaao II. Marrow wa nomina
ted for township Treasurer, by acclamation.
11 Toumhp CUrlt. M. Slmonton, Geo. C. Wil
aoo, A. C. King, and J.J. Hoffman, were nomed
for this officer' On the second ballot, A. C
King wa nominated for Township Clerk.
ConiiabU$s-L. 0. Kelly, John Brown, J. H
i .Bpeed, A. P. .Tilmmer, J. P. Remmy, D. H
Mooney, T. J. MoCamlsb, F. Breder, J. H.
V ! Wood, W. L. Turner, and S. Worthlngton,
"were named for Constables. On the first ballot,
Walter L, Turner, J. P. Remmr and JobD I
orawn wero ueoiareu ino aominees tor Loneia-1
The meeting then resolved Itself into a City
Convention, fur tbe nomination of candidates
for lb several City office! . . .
Mayor WrayTbome and A. E. S enter
' werf named for this office. - On the first ballot,
Wray Tboma wa announced as tbe candidate
'for Mayor.
City Mauhal Samuel Thompson wa nom-l
a . 'I
lDBiea lor tfiarsnai DT acclamation. I
... m. ... . ... .1
Hated for this Office by acclamation. . I
. -j unun. luu ,
ii j'unBtoi were named. Two ballotingBoc'ocf
were bad, which resulted In the selection of J,
J Fuuston a the candidate for City Qlerk.
: Ciiy Solicit-rW, W. Ilea and Francl Col
lin wer named for this office. Francis Collins
.was declared the nominee on the first ballot.
School Director, Dr. 8. Loving and Otto
) Dreel', wire nominated, by acclamation, for
School Directors. -
. Crafroi CammiUtt.Oa motloo, tb Obale p
pointed the following persons to constitute a
f Township and City Central Committee for tbe I
eMUintf jean,; ' V. ' - I
. . . .. .... l
' John W. Thompsoni Third Ward D. W.
Brooks t Fourth Ward 8. O. Footer: Fifth I
Ward John Rceder; Township Jo hn'M. Pugb.
On motion. It was ordered that theprooeed-
logs be published in the Democratlo paper of 1
th City,' and tbe Convention thereupon ad-
journed. ;J, , '
CooMcif. . FaoonoiMo. Th City
, held Its regular meetlag last evening.
' The Pol loo Committee made a report in the
ease of Garrett Fox, asking for pay for services
' rendered while under suspension, that he was
: off duty 8 nights during tbe time he asks for
pay report adopted.
The same Committee reported adversely to
the claim of Joseph Hollenback . for services
rendered for working th chain-gang.1 -
Th Committee on Sewerage and Drainage
offered the following resolutioat - ' ,
. Kitolvtd, That the City Civil Engineer be and It
' hereby directed to contract. In the name of th city of
Oolnmbua, with Uriah Lathrop, for the txoavatlon of
tne spring etreei eewer, irom iron, wnmiiinniii
th. im ceoti oer cubio vard and with Wm. Voe-I
winkle tor the brick work of the earn, at to rate of t$,73 1
per thousand brick. , ',,..'
Laid 00 the table '. 1 ,t , I
M. Ril flnut an ordlhanrn In orarlej end I
gott the .outh .id. of Gay .treet between
. i L i, i . . . . ...
Bank alley and Water (treet, and grade th
" road wav of Gav street from Bank alley to W.
ter street, and tbe road-way of Water
.1 . ....: n, .. n .v.
irom uay , Btreet 10 .im aiiey v n-cau tuo utm,
tlmOod coder suspension of the rules, was
v , r ad tne seoond time by it title. . - I
u. dm.. (r.,i ,1,. A,n.in' ...niniinn I
which wa adopted:
L !J?J". y XS-' 'Zr..
n . ... . n i, .l . . ... aiu
"joaeph Kidiway, jr.," end that th steam fir Incise
. aUtloned on Third atreet, be and la hereby name! Bn-
J amui Blake," and that the standing committee on lire
V-Q motlbn of Mr' BitriMUn ordinano to'
.', prevent the eVectlon of wooden building within
Certain limits prescriDeo, wa saxen ap ana pas-
Mr. Donaldson presented an ordinance to as
sess a special tat upon the real estate bounding
' on the weit sido of 8lxth street from Oakto
Broad, whloh was "read the first time, and under
, ' a BUPpeDBlon of the rules, was read th 7 seoond
third Um Wd 'pMe,"'vV.'".'. ! ''
fllll V" " IV ii iwiH a a a i i u.f,i j
Fbankun Countt Taxis. The total amount
'of taxes collected on the Duplicate for Deeem
''' "bsr.'lSGO, la $167,433 33 3. 'Thl amount I
apportioned a follow: !' !
State DeMofBlnVng fond.. '.iv.i ....$37,729 W 1
Oanaral KaTsnoa Fund for ausnort ot State
U.P39 08 4
Btata Common Sohool Vund.... 81,61)) 04 0
CX" 4 Library ' I J f ' do........ kH 48 1
TotarBtate Taxei.... 03,511 47 B
fan.,;....,.. ......... $1193
Oeanty Debt. .fi..,r. .,,.,,..,.., H.103 44
, Jioflrmary and Pauper.. 8,103 44 5
OletrWt Aeeori..i...,w..... a J '. 859 83
Townahlp Road Tax. w.. 9,373 09 8
Townehlp Tax...... 8 638 OS 1
MowaabiD Bub-Dtitrlot and Bchoot-Uoiu. .
Tax... Jl,88 M t
City Pavln Tax ...........vi...,. 8178 8
..) !0liynd-lo"raXax.u. ........ .84,717 01 8
County Taxeiv.u.... ...,.''.... aio.wi 8S 7
' 8:ate ' MfiVl 47
Mill, r? i l-i.i kit ! r.t ..'.-.-. ,' : It 107,433 33
' " Thd total ' amo'ttn. of taxe in the December
Duplicate for I860, Is $389,391 '00 4.
.AaaivAL at tmi 0. P. Sheriff CtawroaD,
- of Cuyahoga county, brought yesterday six con
vicU to the Penitentiary. Betid these, bt
i brought two youthful offenders on fourtesu
the other eighteen year of age both de
tlned for the Reform School Farm neat Lna
ter, from which they mad .heir escape a ihor
lm lined, , -.:'.
..; Comt of Common Puu. In the cue of th
Stats v. Tuomu and Wuui Davis, Indicted
for to assault with intent to murder, the Jury
reodered e verdict of "Gdiltt," u to both de
fendant. . The defendant' counsel made ap
plioatlon to the Court to commote the tentence
of Wislit Davis Jo consideration of hli youth
I L . L ! ' . . ..
Doing, a was auegea, oniy aoous evenieen
I yo ui age, to coniiaemeut on too neiorm
I Sohool Frm, near Laaeaeter. ; V
V "he Jury wert oat UiIb forenoon on the case
I .
of the Stati t. Smoox, and the probability was
. oat iney woum bos oa aoie to agree npon a
rerdiot. ;,..,, , ,
M Th- Court Wer- -wrae-ed to.dav. at noon. In
w J .f r '
I trvlng the case of the Stat t. Glmnow, Indict
ei for robbery.
"Qoino! Going!! Goni!!!" W. R. Km ha
removed from his late place of bnslnet on
Town itreet, and has opened, in a more conve
nient and eligible looatloo, an Auction Room
on State street between the Post Offloe and
High Btreet.
Merchant, business men generally, and all
I parsons who have property to dispose of at pub
I1'0 ' will And It to their interest to call up
on Mr. kcnt at bis new Auction Room. lie
has acquired a reputation for promptitude, fi
delity and succee ln;hls line, which 1b well de
served, and entitle bim to the natronaeeof
PnbHo. Giv Mr. Kent a call, if you hare
or think you have any thing which you should
sell at Auotion, and avail yourself of the bene
fit of his skill and experience. "
Foist a Lin.! Dr. Belllngbam's "Stimula
ting Onguent," so famous in London,' Paris,
Md other European cities, seems to bo gaining
a similar reputation In this country. Wc find
that it baa become an Indispensable article for
the toilet in all our large cities. Messrs. Horace
L. Hegeman & Co., of New York,' now have
the entire American market confined to them,
and we give their advertisement a place in an
other column. . As a sure and safe promoter of
the growth of beard or whiskers, thisartlole
seem to stand about A 1. All our young men
will be glad to learn that this celebrated pre
paration is now placed within their reach at a
wonderfully low price
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Ifalli for New York OU. Bolton. Albany. Buffalo.
PltUborgh, Htoubenrllle way. Olereland, Zaneeville,
Newark, UranTllle, Waiblngton Oltr, Baltimore, Pblla-
ed) at 7K o'oiock p. m
A through mall for New York and (Here land loei
dally (Sundays excepteaj at i o'cioct p.m.
u. v.mv. a. H. way fuueioaes daily (BunaayaoX'
eepted) at 1 o'clock p. m.
ventral umaway nan ciosei aaiiy (Bunaayi excepttai
at 1 o'clock p. m.
Oinolnnatl way Mall dotes dally (Bundays excepted) at
o clock p. m. -Chicago.
Dubuque, DeUware, Marlon and Worthing'
ion Mall eloeea dally (Sundays excepted) at 1 o'clock
m. i i . ... ; ' -
nana ror Aenia. Bpnngneia. vayton, xoieao, uincin
nail. Indiananolia. LouiiTllle. 8t. Loalf. and Detroit.
elM d" (Bundaya excepted) at7x p. m.
eloeea daily (Bundayeexeented) at 1 o'clock n. m
TT.k.. Din... 11.101. ...I ITnln. illtv Mt.ll nlnu. J. lis
Lancaater, Logan, Nalaonville, Olrcieyille, Chllllcothe,
Hiinhoroato. mminoioM aaii (sanciuiiaxceoteai at am
Kaat way Mail bv National Road to Zanesville. eloaei
dally (8undaya excepted) at 11 o'clock a. m.
Harrieburgn Mailt dote uatly (sundaie excepted) at 1
o'oiock p. m.
Mt. Vernon Mall, bv Way of Weetervllle and Bunbury,
eloees dally (Bundaya excepted) at 1 e'elock p. m.
Dublin Mall clotee saiiy(Bunuayi excepwajat i o ciocx
. I.
Malls from New York. Boston, Philadelphia, Albany,
Plttabunrh. Cleveland. Dayton, Toledo. Xenia, Detroit,
Springfield, Cincinnati, ChllliooUw, Bt. Louia, and all
nouuiern eitiea, arrive Between me noun oi o ciock p
Mai la from Indianapolii, Chicago ana Dubuque, arrive
1:40 a.m.
Zu - w uewmrk, Bteubenvtlle, Ut. Vernon, and the
f. B-K. way Mill, arrive at SX o'clock p.m. f
Mails from Wathingtoa City, BaltUnore, Wheeling,
way Hall from uincinnau, amvee ai xta o cioca p. a
Lancaater Mall arrivea at 3 it o'clock D. m
Hut Way Mail over the NaUonai Koad, arrive at 11
o'clock a. m. i ' i : ' ' .'
Mt. Vernon way Mall arrives at 11 :uo a. m. s
Mall from Dublin arrtveo at S o'clock p.m. ! .
Urbana Way Wail arrives at 8 o'clock p.m.
Barriaborgh Mail arrives at 1 1 o'clock a. m.
n.R j.iimh .mm ....I. Amm fMMnt fln.mn I ffflm
o'clock a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Bundayi
ana irom iniiu
Rail Road Time Table.
Lima Mum t Oeionace tt Xdoa K. Ri
Leavee... .
9.15 P. H.
2.30 P. M.
8.4S A. M.
' Aesommodatlen....... 6.10 A. M. .
No. 8Kx 8.30 P.M.
Night JSxpreee.. 1.43 A. M.
CtcvBLAirn, OolcKbos c CincwiuTl R. X. ;
Bxpreaa and MaU.v.....3.00 P. M..
Night Ixpreaa ....3;SU A. M.
1.40 P.M.
1:.WA. M.
OBmutOBiaR. B.' : . ..1 v . ,. :'. ,
Ixpreea Train 3.00 . H .,
9.30 A. M.
S'SOr. M.
1 1
8.30 P.M.
8:80 t. M.
Mail I rain.. 8.40 P.M.
f rmaciea, Oolohscs at Cwcuouti B. B
Ixorees Train.... 3:00A.M.
Mail Train..... .4UP. M.
OotoHBos tt IiroiANATCua B. B. - J .
Columbus, Pique a Indiana . n.j . , .
Ixvreas Train............' 8:10A.M. 11:10 A.M.
Bxpreaa Train S:4i P.M. 8.10P.M.
UetSpurllng to take charge of the tailoring depart.
mnnt. Those deairlss th best of material eot.
v ,
Pibjonal. N. Gundenhlmer ba iust re
tamed from the east, where he ba purchased
0Dt 0f the finest assortment of Cloths, Ctssi-
mare . and Vestlnw of verv grade and variety
aver offered id this market.v H ha pnrobased
him to tell a low as any other establishment
wma 0f th mountain. He hu ecured the eer-
vioee of tha well known outter Mr. Robert
- - - .- Ultmt - . hMt .f ont-nd
Workmansbtp, will do well to eall and examine
bis stock beiore purcnasing eisewnere. - ;
. H ha also a full and complete stock of
I ... , I, 1,1. . .
GnU' furnishing goods, all o which has Just
arrived and are of the latest pattern. Persons
nalllnn- cannot fail to b tuitid.
A large and well selected stock ol Ready Made
Clothlns kept constantly on band, ' at prioes to
u tkAltnim - ' i .J. -'
RlZTiSi place,' No. l29 South' High
ttr on door North of the Qoodale House. ,
CoooH..-Th mdden change, of our ollmat
ara i0Urce of Fulmooary , Bronobtal and Aetn
matlo Affections. Experlenoe having proved
that simple remedies often aot speedily and
certainly, when taken in th early stage Of the
disease, recourse should at one ba had to
Breton' BroncAfai TVecAts," or Loienge. le
the Cold. Con.-h. or Irritation of tbe Throat be
ever io slight, as by thta precaution a more se
rious ba
attack maybe effeotually warded off,
Publio Speakers and Hinger win nna tuem ei-
fectnal for clearing ' nod Btrenethenlng ! tbe
voioe. See advertisement. For salewholesale
and retail, by Robert &. Samuel, No. 94 North
High -street, Samuel cjr, vo., no. w aouvn
High street. . . -., , , ... v , rsi
6ood.-W met one of our friend yesterday
on Broadway, and were astonished at the change
In his appearance. . a lew weeks ago we saw
him, he was pale, lean and dejected) complain
ing of weakness and debility, having been so
afflicted all summer. Now he appear to be fat,
healthy and strong.- We learnt owed hi res
toration entirely to MoLxan'b Btrinothknino
Cordial. ' - J ' i
We advise all who are complaining of Oen
.l Dflhilitv to trv It: It la certainly a verv
pleasant remedy. We learn that there are urge
quantities or u selling aaiiy. morning nrrmia.
. , ... i 1 - .
Mosonrro Brris and Bic ifriNo.--Thee are
ordinarily very painful, particularly the Uee
anno-. Ouamsev's Balm will prevent any (well-
- o-.-r - , , -, . -.
log Of pain, ana vou will parueivs uu u.u cuwie
Irom toe Sling Ol inuie idbouvi. , t rj iti
X m. m m e
' ID" E. ,KiRATRiotvNo. ,l South High
Streetha a very choice assortment of Oold and
8llvr TTatches, fin Jewelry, Clocks,;, Silver
and Plated Ware, at price to lult tha times
Ot 8e adrortlMmont of -Prof.' MiLtxa'i
tlalr wvlgorator in another oolumq. . 1
1T8W RO. 1 WHtTl ttPIt. fWin,' T..W H,n.. In
BM,.'. Half and Ooartor Bbl. Park. in mi. -a f
i sai By menKK8TISAUX,
. " "-I Ml... ...n..
U. S. Senate—Special Session.
WAHmaToi. March 1B.-Th. ar,t..u
David Wilmot were presented. , He was .iter
tS! f.l9 V"-, ', t .
Th Joint resolution of the LeslaUtiiM rt
ri .mnJ lf?" If.0 . 1 ConTenon
nu.?dMe?beprint.edu !
Air. UOUelaS' resolution mum takan nn mA
Me. BreciclnrldM sk."" . " T" ,T
Mr. Brecklnridpe said. In th hrfloent
.iM. 7 " wo ouunwj, we oenaw
; ?X d.i.'?tn withonl, PreM,n opin-
Ion on the existinct state of aflAlrs. and rlvln
FL MCn f . 8 40 i,h?i"iblla 'PPre-
mo.i?J'nf?ifllll0,l Mef,ed,il'llf?"
meanloe of the InanenraL Ha was rYea tn nan.
r -j ..j . ' 77'. .7
,l""Bea. 00 " enorw
are for harmonv and the nrarnttnn r.f
bloodshed; but th. po icy which the President
It Is hU duty to pursue, must result In
rTJ. idi5!!d:,.Th!
r . , -o--. 7 ' r
fn .n; .SePT dentd,Mi 00?1!!e'
i 7hnleXi8t6Ce .f. "O"" Confede-
li tL.-1! 1,,.Pr0?eediDB9u",d
act. in the seceding State, either Insurrection-
ary or revolutionary, and that it Is hi DUrnOSe.
f2 MtSLSt .b . PTN ?u6nf0r0.ttw,
.?ithw SutM'iD0ludio8 ',those which have
ts. inf;. ... i i . " .1. . . J" '
? 1freBl8Itabl1e' th' t0
ever extent toroe or invasion 1 necessary to
OOllent dlltlM nn Immrf. mn' m.ln..ln n .
and occunvtheforta. form wnnM h
bv construine it to ba hia nnntltntinni rtnt.
tto true, the President hu ainUfled hi deelar.
atibn by saying 'the course here Indicated will
be followed, unless current event and expert-
enoe shall show modification or change to be
proper) and la every case and exigency, mv best
diacrfition will h ' TM-nit. m.Jt .1.
cumstances aotually existing, and with a view
n ino oeaceiai solution or. our, nitinnal iMnh.
les, and tbe restoration of fraternal mnthi
and affection." ; , . ri
Ue, Urecklnrldge, took his Inaugural to mean
that he will not undertake to execnta tha li
to bold the forts and other daces within tha
withdrawing States, excepting where clrcum-
stanoessbow his ability to do so, and that he
.in hui uuurjrMiv .u jurco .noaa iunctinna. ruii
cause It would be Irritating, and make the hopes
yc.uciu. euiuwua mwo uouotiui. "i nen tbe
policy wouiaDe .natwbicn would prevent irrita-
ThePresidenconoeivedit to be his duty to
uiu, Huweoaouu ocqupy ue iorw,ana collect
TZa fi bHe'timpU
tneroKb.Vum x
oalitieal.hntmilltarvr.aonn. Nn k T-
ooinion of the admini.ttlr,n th. fnVtV,M
Irritate the public mind and i7emiii:un7
narmony aouotiui, but because tbe military
naval power doe not exist to nenetrata to
. . . -
tuai poini. m . . . .
Unlesa tha rmrnr.it. nf th.PpMMant
force, so far aa wa necessary, be won Id, If his
ooieot was tmreiv conciliation, withdraw th.
troops for political and not military reasons.
nen no tnougnt ne was justined in construing
i".5i.iniwu uuiiiug x rtmiuent will I
hold the fort and other daces within theCon.
federate States, and collect duties on imrjorts to
extent of bis power, and if there ia any
inodifioation.it will be bB0.n.fhiin.Mi!t
not because he would be willinsr to with-
draw the troops for the purpose of producing
conciliation and peace in the cublio mind.
1 ne onaraoter of tbe Cabinet was not auch as
induce the belief that force would not be used,
i.very memoer, except one, is understood to ta
vor coercion, if it become necessary to redae.
South to subjugation. - Th very organiza
tion of the Senate, and ooinion cautlonalv ex
pressed by the Republicans here, show that
purpose is to maintain the authority of the
Federal Government over the withdrawing
State by force, if necessary. In the formation
the atandiug committee, there was scarcely
chairman ofanvone ntbem whose known
opinion was not in favor of this policy.
ine country should not be dtcetved. What
meant by peace and conciliation? How wa
to be maintained? He desired to know it as
sincerely aa be desired the nnlon of all tbe
State. He bad seen no measore of practical
policy which tends to produce tbe result. We
in constant daneer of collision and blood
For the sake of tbe political and material
interest ot tbe oountry, and tbe support of its
credit and its general prosperity, let a estab
lish some leading principle. ; :
From Washington.
Vashinoton, March 18. The President to
nominated to th Senate Charles Francis
Adams, or Mass., a Minister to England;
George P. Marsh, of Vt , Minister to Sardinia:
Jamea Watson Webb, of New-York, Minister to
Turkey; W. L. Dayton, of N. J., Minister to
trance, rne last named Minister wa con
firmed; the rule requiring it to be referred
having been suspended, aa Mr. Dayton was
formerly a - member of the Senate, and his
character, therefore, sufficiently known without
formal investigation. This 1 th usual cour
in suchcasea. The Senate alio confirmed
w. Trumbull a Receiver or rubiio Money
Omaha, N. Tuond Ex Congressman Wm.
Howard, Postmaster of Detroit, Miohlean.
S. Thaver, of New-York, wa nominated
Consul General to Egypt, and Patrick J. Di
vine a Consul at Cork. Dr. Locke, of Ind.,
been appointed Chief of the Agricultural
Bureau in the Patent Offloe. ' . .
Washington, March 19. Detroit, Chicago
Portland have been constituted exohange
for tbe French as well as the British
to be conveyed vlalPortland and Llvernool,
River Da Laupe and Liverpool, to take ef-
tbe first oi April next. Tbe Western
Postmasters will accordingly send letter for
Franc to the Post Offices of the oltie .first
above mentioned, instead of to New York. 1
Wm. H. Russell, the founder of the Pony Ex-
press,)hB concluded a contract with the Overland
Company transferred by the last Congress
the central route, to run the Mail and Pony
Express irom tbe Missouri river, connecting
the Overland Company at Salt Lake city.
The accounts of the oenaus marshals, in tbe
Confederal State have not yet been settled, a
latter withheld the1 publio revenue Irom
whloh tha Government desires to make the pay
ment."- '1' ; , .""l.v", . ... - i
The State Department ia about tranaforring
the several States a notification ot the pas
by Congresa of the following proposed
amendment to tbe Uonstltution, whlob Bbail be.
coma valid when ratified by three-fourths of the
legislature, viz : a o. amendment ebail Da
marl, in th. Cnnatltntlnn tohinh wilt anthnrtza
give to Congress the power to1 abolish or in
lener, wituin aov Dtate, wun me aomestio
Institutions thereof, including that of persons
held to labor or service by tbe law of said
State. .' - 'i " -.-.:.... t
New York, March 19. The Wotld't Wash'
ington correspondent tates, opinion ls univer
sal that there will b an extra session of Con
gress. -ir ' --'-j vl"-. 1 il 1 c. .., it'll . I .
uorj tioman," Boutbern commissioner! has
arrived. ya '
It is mmortd that Major Andrrcon andcom-
mand have been ordered to Newport, Ky I la "
Geo. urtutt, Tor 'ntteeu year chief cierx in
Auditor' office, ba resigned, and goes to
Montgomery.' - t-'i " ".---i ; j , ,.
Tba irtOKite Bay tho war Deoartmeni nas
received s, deepatoh from Major Anderson, en
dorsed by all tbe other officers of rort Sumter,
saying tbe Fort cannot be. rein-forced .without
2U,i)0l) men." , ...
The Timet lay the reason for tha resignation
Engineer Archibald was an offer of the
same poet in tha Confederate State, ana tbe
girt of a tarnished house. j
ftsw.Yoai, March 19.-Th 7-' Wash-
Ington dlspatoh sayst The indication' from
Texai are that there Will be an armed collision
between the. friends of Houston and the Seoes.
tionist. Kanv advocate keeping the Federal
troops is that State, to oo-ope;ate with and pro.
tect the Unionists. Th seiaur of a vessel with
nil. ho... for lieht.hooie at Galvaton. 1 Ann.
sldertdmost dastardly and oowardlv.t f it Waa
fleeted by on Sherman with a to-oalled VigiH
ancoCornjniUtce .V',;;. ' ; "'H
Fire at Freeport, III.
FactroAT, Ill.,March 13 The livery (table ol
S. T.Taylor wa destroyed by fire this morning.
Ten valuable horse were burned. Loss from
$25,000 to $30,000; no Insurance. Tho origin
ot too Bro il npknown, . ,.. 1
From the South.
" R10HMONO, Maroh 18,-The subject of equal
presslona 1 1 t . .,' a .- ...t..j . . 1 7
Convention, tq-day between Eastern and West
sayB em members? ' " '
A communication ni the Maryland ComX
-mm. .
nioNTaoMCRT, marca io. rne tariff bill r-
Jiorted last week was not pagtd. It will be up
or aotlon vhen Congress meet again. '4. ;
The Commissioner to Europe, Hon. Wm. L
V A I f 1 n t. p. .
, ;Z!.a: 'u?-?"" w
- : and will sail from thence to Havana. t iSSSi
Ef!1In wWch that port on the
1 07.E ..... a.i. vu ",w
' Aooosta, Ga., Moh 18.-The Florida Con-
wmlon will re assemble In April. j ,
Two persons have been arrested for burning
.l. . 1 r . L .. . .ft
;u"w" P'y oenwg
I n 11...L 10 mi.
day learns from a despatch received by a mer-
oantile bouse here that the proper officers at the
u.... it.... h...i.ia.j
th" bipa fwm the seceded States will be ad-
mittedonthe .arne footing a those carrying
u- v-j t a. ' '
uid icucim uk. .
miDwuneni ou mo buuicuh ui a Burner Otaiei0n
ferenoe was referred and ordered to be printed.
r The report of the committee on Federal Re-
lon.wa taken up, and Mr. Randolph mado
. Mech. Before concluding the Cnwntinn
I rlinnn
- S. Loms. March 19,-MaJ. Wright occupied
the entire time of the Conveniion ,4terdai 'B I
' flve hours' Pech In favor of the majority report
of the Committee on Federal Relations.
St. Loon, March 19, Dan'l G. Taylor wa
unanimously nominated for Major, yeiterdav,
bf Convention of Democrats and Bell-Everett
I meJ . " ' '
' u"om were adopted declaring that they
, , rC0Bnlz,8 9 'Uo ln approaching mu-
r'r le1c,tjon ,er than Republicanism and
AnURePubcaoIsm. We challenge the Repub-
oan party in tbi citv on that ieBue. and that in
J ? g out "didater we require no other
'" uuucdt, tnuuuiuiy, nueiuv
the oion, and opposition to the Republican
P8"' The ticket is . called the Anti-Repub-
uuu " v
From California.
Ft. Kiabnct, March 19. The Pony Expresr,
with California date to the 6tb Inst., passed here
uk 11 an laai niont. rirtth hnnauAr,.. r . ..
tore had agreed to go Into joint convention on
n sin lost., lor tut cieotion of u. 8, Senator
No caucus nominations would prevlouBlv be
aiaui vv bdj nanji ...... ,,.
.1 ' " ' ' ' 'V .Y(
Election of U. S. Senator in Missouri.
ssslts mho ws? ?rud
wubd ballot. The vote was as follows: whole
1umDer 01 -"T . A oe 73;
J0DDI!0.n c "'P"a. glishaa.
Bank Statement.
uiaroa to. increase in loans,
$95,169; Increase In sneoie. 226 90S: irnvrnaa.
. . . . ..... .
L". d,8 f 1.818,331 deorease in circulation,
No. a
Vol. l
. . h i U,TTn .
- ; . i . . . . ' jrAXi
For Nat'ch ietb, 1801
5 ow Beady-Por Bale Every where-Prie Flv
Cent a Copy.
"STILL WATERR." a Tlrilll... o... . .' '
'".JUS S? AP "X0UK8I0N;" A Complete Btory.
"IBB KINO AND TUB BKOrtaR " n,ni... ,,m.
number . , .' 7r
J no raiiAiBUFUX Of BATUINO. ,
LOVE: A Puna. . . i '
I Lit B IVBRYWHEttE. ' t . i ' '
nun run iN 1KH VAHWin, .on..... aA
SHLLw?v'Si!8H AIR! 0N1 DR0p AT A TIME)
nnr2Tvi8JN?T8i 8H,t-t-W8H R0PB-MAKER8;
And much other Intereating' and Instructive
' Reading Matter. , '
0u copy.
....42 per annum.
HUNT & MINER, Pubilehers, jS..'
.... ) 71 and 73 Pifth: street,
next to the Pott-Offlce. Plttabnrgh, Pa.
1 R. KENNED If, General Agent. t i
march 8.
' .II t "
lVlMter .Comiiiissioner's Sale. '
Gnrtavus twan'alxecntoraj ,- " 1 ," j
,. " .v.. Bnperior Court. - i ", l
Ilaldamond Crtry et al.1 ) - , , -!
U me directed from the Superior Court of Irank
11a eonnry, Oblo, I will offer for tale at th door of the
Court llonee, in the city of Oolumbnt, on .
Tuesday, the 2od day of April, A. D. 1861,
between the hours of 10 o'clock A M.andl o'clock P.
li.,the following deacrlbed real aaaU.eltuale In the conn
ty of franklin, and State of Ohio, and oity of Oolumbut ,ilo
Wit: lot No. 180. tobedlTldedbra Una t.h..m nn lha
front line of the lot, 31 feet south of the uorthweet corn
er; thence eastward ly 27 feet on a line parallel with the
' auuiu uuei oi ine ict; nenos northwardly x
feet on a line parallel with the eaat and weft lines ot the
lot; thenot eattwardly 30 feet on a line parallel with the
north and south lines of the iotj Ihenoo northwardly 12
feet on a line parallel with the eaat and weat line of the
lot; thenoe eattwardly on a line parallel with the north
and ecntb tinea of the lot, to tho eaat line thereof. ; . . -
Appraised at for the North part, t.OUO. - , -i 1 .
-d lor tbe South part, (6,500. " '. '
' I a - ft i .0 -. ., tt. W. HUFIfMAN, Bheriff,
' - n o a -.; and Muter OommiMiooer.
Printer's feet, 4 SO. marclil-dlMtwtw
Master : Commissioner's Sale.
Peletiah W. Hnntlngton') .,' I
- v. ,.t Sale by order. of Court.
Henry W. DoremoaetaUJ.
X) to m directed, front the Court of Common Pleat
or rranaitn county, Ohio. I will offer fos tale at th door
of the Court House, in th city of Oolnmbua, on '
Saturday, the SOth day o April, 'A., D. 1861,
between th hoar of 10 o'clock, A. H and 4 o'clock, P.
M., thefollowingdeacrlbed realMtataaitnateln the Ooun-
lyof Franklin, and Stat of Ohio, to wit: Lot No. 2 of
turaivuion ot out lot- ho. ss, in tbe city of Colambut.
Ohio. ? A Ito, tract of land in section 10, hair-aeetion 13
and 14, TownthipS, range22. Refugee landt; beginning
at the centre of the Oolumbut A Granvill Plank Road
at the' north-cart corner of a tract belonging to Wilcox,
thence with the centra of said road north 70, deg. tatt 125
feet, mate 0 deg. 40 mln . weit parallel with eaat line of
laid Wlloox'i land, and 123 X feet therefrom, 40 poles to
tne norm tine ot trace Belonging to inomat Sparrow,
thence with north line Of Bparrow'a land north 80 deg.
weit 1X3 M 'feet to Its Intersection ot eaet line, of atld
Wlloox'i land, thence north 0 deg. 40 mln. out with eait
nneoiaaia nueox'e, ao 4-iupoiei to me Beginning, e
Lot No. t appraioed at 1.000.'. "
Tract In tec 10 at 5011. "" 1
. t O. W. HUf HAN, Bberllf
Printer' feet S.OO.i and Matter Oommiatioer.
marchl5-dll4tw. .I ).'.cvn . I
'il fi ft ' S ! V .
1 3
John 0. Work
l ' n "r 1 05
JiibmO. McCoy,
.y -.- .- i-, .eI,t:ft'.9
to mt directed from the Oourt ot Common Cleaa or
Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for aale at the door of
,.. ii.,.M tn ik.u. C.I...I...
Monday, the ,15th day of ;Aprll,s,A. D.,' 18C1,1
between the hour' of 10 o'clock mt and 4 o'clock p.m.,)
the fallowing deacrlbed property, aituate in the ouanty
of Franklin, and Btate of Ohio, to wit: Thelniaraat
and eitate ot Jamee . Bcooy i inlet Bo. 448, h the
.LT.";. 'SSJIZ tl .i- TS" Vf J
mainder in fee alter th termination of the life eitate of i
laaneiia mcuoyr wiuow or Konert n . uouoy, deoeaaed,
and the estate of aald Jajtes 0. McOoy laaald estate be
ing the same which wa deviled to bim by tald Robert W.
McCoy in hit laat will and leatament, which li.of record
in Franklin county, Olito Probate Court. , ' j
-,, . . 0, HUFFMAN, Sherlf,
aarohn:ltuft4tW. c:W.Br Btv Dit, Depity.
VPtintex'ifeefcMWo y, .v., .,.(
; vj-, lafliei' linen Pocket-Handk'ft... J
A 1 kerehlefe, vry wide hunt.
. HAkuL4.HJ 1 U . L. . .11. ..
. ..IBIUluti.m m..nii mil prKlQt..S oWi
Hemmed Btllched and plain do, do,,, j ,,o
.v- do 1 ikoiij mi .eoKred bordeua.; ifte ; i
Mourning day. .) .black kordart i ... , ,
u.t .do',! uo w ii newityleeroaaiutched.i
j.i Pino Apple do newpattoma. . , '
- Ml,ie,' Plain and Hemmed Stitched do all prices.
Oomprtolog th meet select attortonnt In the city and
al loweit price,. -i . .... i - . BAIN SON,
' feb94 y : No. W loath High Btmta
New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 19.
ri.OUB reotlpU 4.070 tbli. Market dull, but price
viuoui nuierui cflADff : Mlt Doll at s aucia is
for Hptrllne Bute, 5 85 for extra Bute, 05(SS
IS for inperfln Wtitern, 5 41 fof cinnoi tome
diamexn MMtern.tnd 55U6aa60 foratalDDinc bnndi
tn avbdu iioopunio. r
I B JIAU K td t 3 SIM4 HI. I
WIIAT reeelnti of I4 8U8 hnah: mtrket rule, firm
wlthfilr export demand; Mlee of 80,000 buib at tl.10
0 1 ill for oomraon to prim Chicago Spring; fL,'1.25
lor Mil. club; l Slfortwloter red western; 1 44 140
iviwuiHwawrn i ' - i
4 KYK-qolet t63a;65. ' . J'i
BABLGY ateadi and anchanxed..
COBN reoeiota of 8 00 hn.h- m.,w.l .m lltur'
30,000 buih at 0 H 08 for old mixed Weitern la itere and
HBii.orwi vitgjo i new do. .
OATe-eteadjr at 33J4X for Weitern. Oiinadlan
and Bute. .
POBK-qnlet and steady; talerof SO bbla at lfl 00
ur men, ui mjis wwm Vj (or priate
BF.KC quiet and boarr.
OUTHBATS-iteady. . -
19cfor8Ute. ,
Ji T " owaoyaioigniie.. -r
( WHiaKY-dull. and prices without material onangt;
sIeiof400bbUatl7X(l7Xe; ebieflT the inatde prloM.
COIgia-.niu.h.nii. k.....i.. auuhu u...
fln.DIu .... . . n. i
COfEKB unohunmll hnnllnn fi Sttik bmrm H.nl..
old at 12180; tbe balance of the offering, 1,700 bagi
vu ifriYstlV ivrllUle , -, . :.l - . I
UaAB3-Qrin bill Hull- uIh "fill hhla fltiKa t 4V
WpiARBES tteadr and in Mr demand: no ealti.
BTO0K8 dull and nther lnw.r. IfntiM ! nlntv
dull and a drag at 5 and 0 per cent on call. Ohio . It
1 0UIU AIU-UI:G at T; S4V l (1 At f OH- T fl an.ln
80Jf, M B K, do. quoted 30; M 0 57Ji. Bar pref. 3BX
j.r a,, nrsuiog u x; ran nu; u kunjiH: 4
no Knu 10; i u ibI iiansi.joe4H; Unmb7X;
Macon fc Weit 95: Har lit bnnda K07'. do. 9d R.1. HJU:
9618, do. 3d ; Mo 6 a06W: tVa 78: Oblo. of '00.
i t: Treai'r 12'i 103: TT a H'a. nf CR n7 10. Hn. of
o i, wye. toaponi 89J, do 6'e 03. - " ' .,
Cincinnati Market.
FLOPR There waa a better feelln In eor market to-
aay, ana tupernne waa in good request at 4 Ml, with
aaiea to aiarfer extent man for eeveral days nltherto.
WHEAT irai very iparlngly offered; acaroely any
red In the market. There waa not much activity 1 1 the
replica,, nor were ouyere mapoeea w mate any chanies
In their price,.
fVkHV tn th. av U., I . .uaM ........ 04. l.. 1
, ' -- mwmj w.i.ci a. .jc., .mi
.i p' eaauionai comoi me operation
Or anelliniri 33c ryklno. ahAii, .hnnl thm h... A... .1...
uujcn.ro wmmdk to oner indeed there If no demand
except irom aiiilllerf.
oats wer in better receipt to-day, but atill com
nana xuo.
BARLEY WBB very Still at TOM fn atrlntlsnrlna
fall. ' "
BYE I, In active, and 5ftn, le th best figure offered
for prime. Balea were made at that fie una to a liberal
Cin, Com.
Cin, Com. March 190
Cleveland Market.
March 18.
change in price. The only aale of coniequenca waa
lot of SO bbla red double extra ar 15.00.
WHEAT Iteady. with a a-ood demaml. ' KaVa .f -1 ....
rcu a, Ol.in; ouu DUSn 00 at aatne: J eara arhlla am ...!.
i.io,anaoiu ouan momgan red rrom dock at BI.03.
1 . ao . . . .1 ........ . .. . v)
w o aicaujr, witn nie 01 1 oar at Xfc.
CORN aale of 1 car on track at 34c i ; :
BARLEY talea of JOObeahatSOo !
SEEDS nlea of 130 bneh Oloyer at lt25, ll I
HIOHWINE8 tale, of 25 hhli at life )
HAM8 A BHOCLDBR8 ealm nf Uim lha .nra...
uMHi. a. iuo, auu nnii iok oi nnouiaera at bo. .
uiu-aaiea or 12 kegi and 10 bbla at 90.
BOOS tales of 14 bbla at 10c, and 15 bbla at lOjfo
BUTTER talea of 1200 lba at 1214o
i,.t. NSWABK OHIO, ;
rrinnn facto rer t( all kind of For
table and Nsatianaxrr Mteam En
Rlne. Haw ftllllo, uriit Mills, '
ft. ... , j-Ae -. t p.-. '
LASS A BODLXYBtatmt IT. tt 1. BLAND YBtatttil
CO. Btaimll III
. Our PorUhl login and Saw Kill '
awarded th tint premium of 50 at the Indiana
Fair for 160 over Lane fc Bodies 'a on account of
Price, lightness, simplicity,' economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber saved. .
Onr Stationary Kngine wu awarded at th came Fair
firat premium of HOO. I
Onr Portable Engine was awarded the fint nremlum r
100 at the fair at Uemphla, Tenn., over Blandy'a Du
vall'a, Oolumbu Machine Oo'a.. and Bradford At GnV.
ommlttee of practical Railroad Engineers. , i .-, .
eor price ana termi aaureea I .
W1LLARD WARNER, Treeturer,
decS-dfcwljeole. . , . - i Newark, Ohio.
- ...
from th New ork Observer. 1 "I
Ai all parUea manufacturing Sewing' Machines are ob
liged lopty Mr. Howeallcenae on each machine oold.
ar a to compelled to make return to him, ardor
oath, aa to the number sold, hia book, gtre a cornetitate-
mem. rrom into renanie source we nave obtained the
following itatlitict. . Of the machine! mad in the fear
1859, there were Sold, ....
. By Wheeler tt Wllion 91,305 :
" I. M. Singer. Co.......... .10.053 j
arovetdk Baker I0,80 ! iK
Showing th tales of Wheeler at Wilton to be dovbio
those of any other Company." i , .-
Awarded th highest prealumet the '
United State Fain ot lb5B, im and 1S0O;
. slaoat th ,
- Ohio State Fain of 1859 and 186; I
and at nearly all th County Fairs In th Stat.
Onr prices, at the late reduction, an at low at any
iocc fitf meenvne now eoio. ana out a time nigner than
Interior two throaa eAow tncA mocAtfM, now
forced upon the market- r 1
The WHIBIiEB 4c WILSON MA0HIN1 naket th
Lock Btich the only ne whloh cannot be raveled . It
Auk on Both Srnmof th gooila, leaving no rldgt or
ehainonl tmder tid. . .v. ' ,
All macMtut icavanttd 3 ytart, and ittrxtio
given io tneir nae, rree ot onart. ' '
H, CRARY, SI High tt.. Oolnmbua, 0.
dec3-Sawd3mtw6n Pike's Opera Home, Cincinnati
Covington 'Rail-mill Company.
ed with the beat new arid improved machinery to fill
ordere for rerolllng Railroad Bart at the ihorteat notice,
th Mill hat th capacity to torn out 180 Inns week.
In rerolling Railroad Ban, one-third new Iron ia added
the- old, to make a Rail that will aot laminate, and
Intar a perfect weld, v J e; r c , y i
Street Railroad Bare can alto be fu'ralihed, of any pat
tern requiredand ew Railroad Bar, of different length!
uu aiaoa. .
All orden thall receive prompt and careful attention.
and aa none but the beat material! will be- nted, ln the
hand ol ikilirut workmen, th Uompany hope te give
e tatlifactlon to those who may favor It with, ih
..... R BUOnANAN ft SON. Agents.
. , j it. Oincionall, Ohio.
r.f 'I i',.-ntnox to-" i
W.H. Clement, President Little Miami R. R.O.
John T. Lull, Preaident Covington and Lexington K.
;V,t,i0 McOleli.n. Sunertntendent Ohio A M!l..
Slnpi Railroad. - ' " l -.Ti iZ I-
S. B- li'Hommedlea, Presldeht Cincinnati, Hamilton
and vaytoo it. tt. uo.
Master, CppimissionerXale.
Jacob Bllbarnagl . i
va. J BaW by order of Court. Jrih
Nicholas Mauter t al, -. ' i t -
Xj to me directed, froaa the Oourt of Common Plea,
franklin Ooonty. Ohio, I will offer for sale, at th
door of the Coart-Honea, in the city ot Oolanliu, on
Monday, the 15th day of April," A. D.j 1861.
tietweea the hoar of 10 o'clock A.M. tnd 4 o'oiock P. If ..
the followiot deaetieed real tetateaitaatetnthooonntyof
Frinklln and nun oiunio. to wit: ln.ot tics two kaa
dred and thirty-four, (231) In the city of Oolambut, aa
numbered and deoignaied On th recorded plat of laid
nlly, i .-T . ' ,1 v 1
Af prattrf 4,000. . I .
vs v i h a. w. BoifMABT, nru; .
anarch 14;lldfc4tW 1,. nod Matter OoDiiaioer.
. Printer's 3. il '
il v . k x A. mi
1. 1
iiiDr.J. H. IIcLEMI'S
Strengtlieaiiiig Cordial and ' Bleed
,i PimiriEiL
I ( !
The Oreateet Jfemedyln Tbe tVorlaV
I. ' ' arncm ' TtTTTrrn-na .
' A WD i
o (ABDUL ,,J
1 selentlao and
" VegcUhto Oomponnd,
prooured kr tbe diitll-
ition of Xooti, Herhe
and Barka, - Yellow
Dock, Blood Root,
Barnparllla, Wild
UheriT Bark and Dan
delinn enters into 1U
MMnnnallirm Tha
liCIOre TaKing.Ura active remedial
principle of each ingredient Is thoroughly extracted bj
hlieratlng apirlUand tbe moet IMFALUBL1 remede for
. , . .. . . . . . '
itowubj ui inn ayiim, ana reeionng trie lick.
auSerlng and debiliUted INVALID to HJSALTH and
-. . . . :
Will effectually ear '
Ohronle or Nervoni Debility, Dleeaae of the lumm
and all diieaees ariilnr from a dlaordered Ll or atnm
acn, utpepeia, aearumrn, Inward Piles, Aoldil, or Sick-
neeoftheBton.ach,Fullneesr Blood to tbe Head, DaU
palnorfwlmminirin tbe head, Pah.4atioa of the Heart
nk w " mi HMDivsiwii, Bvr anveutuone
"""" Kmu grmgaown , urmoei
bob or thebkinand Bye. Night Bweaufln
a. Pain in the email of tbe bac. ht iiJ?
sudden rinahee or Beat, Deureeeion of BplrlU. Frluhtnl
HTa'raz' ""ponjeney or any nervoni Dleeaae,
Soree or Bloichea on tbe Skin, and lam l-.TTi
Oailli and Fever.)
Over m. million of Mottle
Have been sold dnrint- th laat alx mantha. and In in.
stance naa it railed ln (riving entire aatlafaetion. Who,
then, will Buffer from Weakneee or Debility when Mo-
iiBAfl tj BirinnuriiJSfUHti vukuial will core yon?
No lanciuure can convey an adeanate lla nf tha k..
dlate and almost miracuiouj change produced by taklne
V, I . II. 1 1 . . . : 1 1 . . . r . . . . . I
uita uuruiai in wie aiseaeea, neouiiaied
vu.uiai iu uiv aiBeaero, aeoiuiaiea ana snattered
nervone eyilem, whether broken down byexoees. weak by
- .' . .1 1 ii . 1 .. . . '
nature, or impaired by ilckneie, the relaxed and nnetrunt
organlaatlon ( reatored to iuTpriitine health and vigor.
Or other, eoneclona of Inability, from whatever fan.
will find McLean a Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator ot tbe ayatem; and all who may have Injured
To the Ladle.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Itaaoveralgnandrpeedycnrsfor 1
Obetrncted or Difficult Henttruation, Incontinence of
urine or Involuntary Ditoharg thereof, Palling of the
norno, uiaameat, yamung and all Dlaeaeet tacident to
remaiei. ... . a
Thr 1 noHistak About it,-;
Buffer no longer. Take it aecordlnt- to Direction,. It
wtllatlmulate, atrengtnen and Invigorate yon and canoe
tne Dioom ot neaitn to mount your cneek again . .
rory noma ia warnntea 10 give tatiaiacuon.
If sour children are aicklv. nnn. or afflicted. Mi-Tan'a
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robiut. Delay
Hjuuioufc, ,ij 11, ou yon win do convtneea. 1
UACTtOV.-Ttewani nf Tlvnovlata A Tl.ol.ra .k. .
w u.l
which thej
aim upon you tome Bitter or Sareanarilla train.
way can Buyenean. oy aavini It ta luat aa roeal.
Avoid tuch men. Aakfor McLeaa'a Btrenttheninc Cor
dial, and take nothing elae. It it th only remedy that
win vant uio niooa tnorougniy ana at tne earns time
strengthen the ayttem.
One lableapoonlul taken (very morning faatin. la a
uv.umu uniiouuv, oi unoicm, vauia ana e-eyer, xeuow
Fever, or any prevalent diaeatei. . It ia out nn in lam
Price only II per bottle, or I bottle for 5.
i Sole Proprietor of thla Cordial, ' ,
Alao McLean'a Voleanie Oil I.lnlmrni.
Prlndnai Detiot on the corner of Third and Pine atraaita.
Louis. Mo. , ,,;.,..
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Th bett Llnterat In the World. Th only safe and
certain cure for Cancen, Pllea, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralytit, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Muaclea, Cnronio or Inflammatory Rheumatitai. Stiff-
neat of the Joints, contracted Muacle or Ligaments
Earache or Toothache, Bruieea, Sprains, Wonnda, Freeh
Outa, Uleera, Fever Sons, Caked B route Sore Nioolea.
Burnt, Scaldt, Son Thoat, or any InnaaunaUon or Pain,
notiiDenmce now severe, or no lour
uito exnim. acMan a oeiemaied LI
Liniment k
Tbounnda or human beings hay been saved life of
daorepitade and misery by th ue of thl invaluable mod-
Will rellev pain almost htetantaneoualy, and H wll
oleanae, purify and heal the foulest tore la an lneradl
abort time. .
Cor Huiet and Other Anlraal.
McLean t oelebrated Llnnaent I th only aaf and re
liable remedy for the cure of Snaytn. Rine Bona. WinA.
galll, Splinta, Cnnatunl Bumpe, Nodeior SwelHnga. It
Haw iwi mi euro nig xteaa, rou avtl, sietui. Old
running Bores or Sweeny, if properly applied. .For
Spraini, Brnitea, Be ratchet, Bore or Wonnda, Cracked
Eeela, Ohafea, Saddle or Collar Gal It It it an Infallible
remedy. Apply it directed, and a ears ta eertaia ia
ervry inimnoe.
Then trifle no longer with th many worth leas Lint
menu offered to yon. Obtain a iuddIi of Dr. McLean'a
wreorawa tiinunenfe it will cur yon.
j, aja McLEAN a Sol Proprietor, '
Corner of Third and Pin Streets, Bt. Louit, Mo,
tot tale by sll drnggitbi. -For
tale by ROBERTS ft SAMUEL,
angao-dfcwly - . - Colombo, Ohio
. TO AND fUOn , I -
Montreal, Quebec,
' 'i and. .'.- ' i, ;
7 IM XJ W: YORK. , .
Th Montreal Ocean Steamahin Comnanw' DnUlui
Clyde-built Bteamera tall every Mat
rdar from PORTLAND, carrying th Canadian and
United States Mall and panengert, ' '
,. BOHEMIAN, ' ; , . ANOLO-SAX&N, i
Sbwrteat, Cbeapeat and Quickest Con
i . .i . ..i ., vsyanc iria . - , ,
, , Ha tea of PaaectKe to Europe,. '
-:.. a S30.860.S80. I
Mil from LIVERPOOL every WeidntaAav.
from QUBHK0 every tiatarday, eallingat
Lunuunuiwii, to receive on Doard and land Mailt an
Paeirntera. to and from Ireland and Hmilanrf. i
irplbeee Steamer are built of iron, in water-tlrht
uuiMu-iuicnu, vmnw eacn an exnenencea unui. and
oyery attention ta pain to tne comfort and ccommoda.
of nmengeri. Aa they nroceed direct to LON DON.
DSRT, the gieat riik tad delay of Sailing at Bt. John's
Glaigow passenger ar furnished with ntaa-pataag
ticket! to and from Londonderry, i .
Return Uckele granted at reduced ratee.
Certificate! iemied for earrylny to and brlneinerout naa-
tengera from all the principal townt of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, by thla line of tteaaera, and
earing MTerpooi oyery weoa. I c '
Sight Draft far i and upward par
i j t. J wWale. -
Kor vuitge, apply at the Offloe. 23 flKOAD.
WAV, New Vorkr and 19 WATER ST.,
ii 8ABEU A 8AIUuC 6Bral igratt,' '
Orto- ... J. RARMSTRONC.
nolO-ldkw if Stateimao Office, Columons, Ohio1. '
CALL AT no.' is; norTii nioti ST.,
tnd examine our new stake of "-.1:t ,
manufactured by K. UOWARB aV CO 1, Boiton, Uaa.
Thete Watchee are far eaperlor to onythlnK ever offered
tbe publie, beretoror. Haviot; thoexclatlve afency,
can nil them at price, to mit the time.. I have laat
received a large ttoek of a 1 , . t;. , j
manafacUred by AFPLKTON, TRACY, ft CO ; also,
nnaeioronntot-I - ,. ; ;
In Gold and Slluef Caies, at Panic price.
jaats !-.) s i.i.s, a ,. n. j, Iataoi.
HATING, Olt TIIF ftttt I1V8T., PI'B.
ohated of K. R. WKAVlKbli entire ttock of Dry
Ooode. at No. 103 Uieh St., . with the view of changing
leeation, I will tell aatil the r,l day f April, with
out reserve, . , i , ., - , .
faoejDreat Silts, Frlngft, Buttons, Trimming, ft.
Alto k'iguied Urinoe, le Lalnea, Shawl, and Cloaks,
tl?Zegrdl6tt it Cost!; A
tvUbd'ta .. '"' : . ' P.. T. WOOD, j.
. ' iMfi it Vi 4i J ' 1
A ComnnnnJ .T.ii i f . j . .' .
ftWnii T, 7 "'7CU': "watgnea to De the moot
effectual AUtrativ that can be made. It it
c."?.tr1 "tract of Par. rkraaparilla,
so combined with nrW i
tive antidote for tha u.JL":?.
reputed to cure. It twZ. r.?"!"1" "
remedy i. wanted by those who .uffc, Tom
Strumous complaints, and that one whieh wiU
accompli ah their cur must prow ol immense
aerrice to tliis large class of our afflicted follow.
Citizen. How mmnlafnt IM. i ...
.. . proren oy experiment
or the worst cases to be found of th :
on nniv
of th following
ouoFotJ ,Ai,i ScnoruiScljCuii'tajiirs
I T,, .,...- T, " fc.UiU' lUtllfTS,
BAlor on Tin T)nn.m.... A" -
I wa, VVUWUUJ1DI. IJBlirr lir.. T.
I ,,. . Trn ,, '
I OB Sr. AjfTnONta Fin, and indeed tha tthnla
. i- . . ... . wm. wiiuia
Kuuipuunn arising irora Imi-umt o
TH JiLOOD. ' ' !
This compound will be found
moter of health, whea taken in th spring, to
expel the foul humors which fester in tha
Wood at tlmt season of the year. 4 By the timc-
ly expulsion of them ninr nnllin. A.ZT'.
JL. , , ,1,7?, T ?lS rdf
Jr ft v Multitudes con, ty
r j tHvuyt npure uiem set re ron
uw euuunmce Ot foul emnrinna a.,, I ,.1a...
aorpe tnrnnl. l,t k ".t . rn ' .7.
?re?' t?I0ngh Whloh til BTstcrn Will Hrrive tu
" o corruption, if not niatj-d 1,1 An
inrougn 1110 natural channel of rim livl i
V- .. ... v"a"nf, Ol trie bOOV
vitiated blood whenever you find its impuritio
bursting through the skin in pimple. eruptions,
or tores; cleanse it when to flnrl u 1. k
tructed and sluczUh in tlia
whenever it is foul, and your feclirigs will tell
you when. . Even where no particular disorder .
is felt, people enjoy better health, and liv
longer, for cleansing the blood. Kerr th
hlnnrl lirwltl.t. ,1 Xn j. 1 , . , . .7 I.
Ik 1 1 T'r j- J but With this
uiaoruereo, mere can DO no
, 8J DT , 0r ,atCT . omet"nS
,f f? wonrT. and th great machinery Oi
"e - disordered or overthrown.
th world ha been aTOBioulr deoeived hv
--r .. . v.u,..,.,D,u8 uich mu. uui
preparations pf it, pnrtly because the drug
alone has riot all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because manv rtmnamtinna
pretending to bo concentrated extracts of it,
contain but littlo o( the virtue of SarsaparUla,
or any thing else. .. r .
Uurintt late Years the tmbllc 3u.v-n.1i uon in in.
led by lurge bottles, pretending to give, a quart
of Extract of Sarsnparilla for one dollar, Uo.t
of these have been frauds upon,' tlirf aicV, iur
they not only contain little, .id any, Saraapa.
rilla, but often no curative propertio whatov-
cr. Ilcnco, bitter and palufut iuappointment
has followed tho us of the vnriout extracts of
Sarsaparilln which flood thd tnayket, until th
nam itself is justly despised, and ha become
synonymous with imposition and cheat? Still
we call thi compound Sarsnparilla, andlh tend -to
supply such a remedy aa shall rescue tbe
name from the load of obloquy which- rests
upon it. And wo think w have ground for
believing it has virtue which are irresistible
by the ordinnrt rim of the discastftrti ftttond.
d to cure In order to e!urBtliiai:kmplcte
ernclication from tlie.s- stem, the remedy U.mild
be judiciotuly tukca aecordui'ir 'to -direction on
the bottle. . .: '
- niKPAiiED nr y.
Price, ft per Dottl t Six Bottle tt 03.
Ayer's Chry "Pectoral
has won for itself auch rotiotrn fur ilia etire .f
every variety of Xhrout and Xuug Cimipl.iint, Dint
is entirely uiinccawury for tt Ur rrooant tlic
ovidenc of its virtue, -wherever it hi kcn em
ployed. As it ha Iuiih boon iu conttaut use
througliout thia section, wc need not do mora than
weuio the people Its qu ility is kept up to the beet
ever has been, and that if may be relied on to
do for their relief all it lina ever lie found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Costivencu, Jaundice, Ityapemq, iittlyesttoH,
Dytentery, J'oul SlomHch, iiriHipcla, Headache,
Piles, IVieunuUum, Ernplioiu ami Skin Diteaxn,
Liver Complaint, Dropsy, . Tetter," T,Lmori i,m4
Salt Rhcvm, Worms. Gouf. Xeu-almn. n.
Dinner Pill, and for Purifying the Wood.
They are sugar-coaled, r.o thai the mosr icnai
ttve can take them pleasantly, and tlicyato tbe
nsa, aviioiii in in? norui tot oil tne ntirpoae of a
family phytic, 4, . ,.. ,:jnimv
Prle 25 eenU per Hot; five box for .1.03.
men, and eminent personageshave 'lent their
names to certify the rrnpemllclcd aseAilneweAliciie
remedies, but our spa bet will Jtot prrait the
insertion of them. The Airpntu hvlnor n:im.H f..r.
nUh gratis our American Almanac in which they
Riven ; with also full descrintiona of tho ..l.v-
complainta, and th treatment thatahould be fol
lowed for their cure.
Do not be nut offlltf unnrincmlrl Ia-i1.,m ;,i.
other preparation. they malt. mora, nrofil on.
Demand Ayeii's, and take 110 others.. The mck
want the bett aid there ia for llio... n..4 Ti.nv.i.n..u
have it. i f - ' .1 !J.wrt8rt
All our retnedie are for aale by U i!- i I
BOBIItTB It lAMTTWT. Ootnmhaai
by Druffylita and Dealers mrywhor. -ov8:lyd,twtw
eipcrlenoed Hun and female Thyilcian, preaentt
' HIWHinilulll BOHWn,Br ,s.a
Which heatly facllltete the procee of toethtnr. by oft-
enlng the rums, reducinr all lnflnimtlon will allay
la and tpasnrodio action, and I '
Depend npoa It, aether. It Will Kvereetto vonralrai
T.:i...f iK a . .,
We hay put ap and sold this article for ovor taa
what we have never been tble to any of any otber aaedl-Ino-HIVIR
mub, w KrvsuT lUUtl, wneai Uaeiy utd. Key.
did w know an instance of dlnattafaettoa by any aa
who used IL On th contrary, all are delighted with U
operation, and (peak in term mt aeaanttloa of Its
magical effecta and medical virtoe . We speak ia thl
matter "WHAT W DO KNOW;" after ten yeart' nrpe-
neuoe, mu ri.B.uuH uim ItBrUTATIOr, roil TUB
Imoat every IntttM where the Infant I tunering from
pain ana exnansttoru relief will te roan tn niteeat or
twenty mlnnte after theBy rup la admin istcred,
"Thla valuable preparation It the preeerlptUin of en of
meat KXflHIENCKDand 8KJL.Firi, MDatg ia
New Kngland. and hat been oaed with MAVXft taUL
ISasnCCBfi8laS "'' I ..-St
It net only rolievee tbeehildfreaa patn, mt htylroe.
akM the ttomach and bowela, eorreot acidity, and niye
ton and energy to tbf Whole system, :;.It WiU raot ka
tbutly rellev f , ; j.
ge;p:ig nr ths sowxis', Asa wind cclkj
nd veroem eonyulilona, which, if not t)edlly ran,
died, end ln death. We hallava tt tha rhut ..jc ara.
BST RBMBDY 1 TBI WORLD, In all-v , ofy.
SSTSKV and DlARRUOtA 1H CillLIkji, whMher
trite from teethtn. or tram an other nam. Ua
Would say t vry mothttwha htehM mifirring tnm '
tnyor Uieraeegoirgoonplainle DO MOT Mr ?Ot'
(ttnd between you tnd your eutrortnf -)'it ,h r.
net mat win ue euatv yee. AtifULVit.Lt tunmto
follow tha aeo of UtiiaMdioina, If HaMly awttv" tall
rectlon for aaing will aecompany earh bottle. Moat
fetlnaBleealiaaHiriUef CD&I1, fAitXIit,
new York, I en the oatunte wrapper.
Sold by all Drogpriele throughout th World. .'
PrinclpalOffU". 13 Cear t !!;. T.
7-dfcwlr. -'.'-1 ' "' I'wH
:x.TA.e;?..ioilLi.vlil1... !
ciTY-SASs of, coin: 73,
TiiEroLi.owino cuAitr;.- tvrbb
made n the IheoflSoerlof thta ink, iiith.
mi. to Wit: Wa. A. PUTT, l'r.-.l.i,.,r!. Xmm..
Moonn, Cashier, mlmrd their eu . i.i Tartoa,
sq., wa llieo elected rresi Jent ami H'H. A. Fltt ap
pointed CMhier. 1 -By
enter of tb Board ( tHtoctera.
b J, IWMtf. W. A. PLUTT C-hSoT.
(Late of Pbalon't WtHIhmeot, l. T.,) P( tefo
th New York en,iilonalle Bharir, Butt tt.'.fmf
Bhampoonlng, CurllDgar!d Drewi-n Mv, r.,t gmf
(treat, over tho Poet OIHse, wnra tki,. ., .. v,n
be sivea In all th wtoa bcanche. l,iu and
Children' Hair Dressing doaa ta the beet ttM. -
)yt-lr . . -

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