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Ha cere er expense has been srtsted to make the work
ilbM now tha Legislative 000110 M'1'. Pt? P"-";
KtT.i bi neurit mo unanimous voir m
ad Ouontyatncere;. ., . - ; -.;'
fervor.. Attorney fjenerei; Supremo Judges. Secre
tary. 0 tvptralltr.Tnuanr and Aamior m gw,
talus Proimte Courlv Courts of 0mmon Pleas, Boper
tor and Polloo frr. Andliers, nod the Gierke the
Wia CoorWtaoeeaBtrv-toJ "'"""""f 2
4 MM Baiireeentatrsao of i Me
v. y tt.. iMimgl the Union. 1
Ihta book, wi.Ul.lm,, M It dose. All of the Statutes
new is Ton, Afiu ut anuioriM".. wf ,
and of th New Oone tllulloB, will hi found to bo Mlrrcial
tr neefulin th performance of their dutrei, to all
W ...fr-wu- . or TOWN3HlP8,anf1 "' 1
ntrel' CITY OfrlOKBS. !-
wailln. . .m'NBPTPTRIIM'KKS.
,umucii very manj changes have bees mode la the
lialulee since the puhlicallon of thelatt editions, by re-
ai. .1 Minions and addition!, and many Important do
olalons haws hern given by the Supreme Court on con-
A((D bCb1NI39 MEN OfNERAtLTf, ;
Will iof till ao'lnralnablo Work. 4 ' -n
Tu o3l ImJ mm of. tntr SintUm JTmOrtd
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lav Pabt'ahen. Bookrrlifn; BUtloten'anrl Importera.
UBlPSinnr KULEB, FablUhan
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Tfdk eWl Aflfded y 7H'AX TA' O'CLOCK
Democratic City and Township Ticket.
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'WrtiKcnuni, ur,,,', ' '""
httot' ?latWitH-HANH HOWAftDi - 1
nJtJw' xe W Wl..i..KtiJKIiY. ' I e;i
lo-imt "M Waidr-WOalAH UAKHKR. I rut vt
41U Wanl-HOKiOll W1I.SOM. v-
' JrWr -:IAliJiw. ., itc a
-eBoora koa srfvrt. aaaneoeia, ' -r bi. v
".rMo3tAjt Waay-A. !HRERS. r - I .:..
- 1M Ward VBIT KibHNi!il:n'' M-iM
4.h Ward-IOHN WKAVKt, . ..... ..
Townamr THatnini, j
!ttrw nenir run r
c. Kntu.;- '
?U 't fe-ei- l ata;IIIV,.j n,
OI . if 0 WUM BU0V.fl. I v. r - - ...
Mwwla w-c me) Menu aeneamt,'
m c i . WlbUAkt KMUX. '
The Public Works.
The "otll W Teintf th? Tob1io Wbr of thia
SUU pd the HoiMavoA.jeBterdajr, Ij a ote
el nere ituavlvD 4o oae Tbh U in importaat
mare and thoulil it fte ihe SesAte, will be
reJfdT,-'mOrJ M-TReodfcAs'f; theeWnt
flej-SaAeialJxi The- aasury will bere
llertd from farther; drafts, af on 'Cud thoee
Btgiinf the eaoU nd neing Wkter prif ilegee
thereoo, M well ei the buaiaeea men Alccg the
line otwirPoblio Works, will ood exptrleoee
the beoeflie of the 'jreform jWhtch puet xenU
t root the proposed chuge in cenel mtoigemeDt:
tniti " i e ' i-' '
(tTTo iret Ith the SouUiero CommlMiOD
er leto MkLOwledge the goreramcfct of the
Coofederete Stotes, eod admit that secession ie
k Conetttutiooal mode o( diesolatipn. -To ben
do Fort Saater It U yield to the demende Of
the P rorieioaal' fJoTeroment 'td Acknowledge
lie eathorlly. Theee tblnge faeTe.been done by
tf Lincout'f edminiatretfon. In leee than three
w"i fteri t, lnAognratloai't We' ehell oot
eommeot n -tbm- eieoe the beer annonnce
Bewt of the &et 14 ihf&cltol to aitODih and
eetatiod the whole'lsnd;'' We ihb'uld tiot like to
be Republican. ,,.m
The Public Works. The City and Township Nominations.
The erne en honeet Pemoeracy if! the city
tad townohip iboold at once organize in all the
Toting district! . Wi'.h.'unuuat ontnirjiiy and
kenaony) the Conrerttlon of Monday evoning
onioated a ticket for the'tnpport of the party.
The ticket U composed u( men who are capable
and qrult&ad to discharge thedutiet of the sev
eral eieeeend li aiade op of eound DemooraU,
who go for the unity and Integrity ol the party.
The. varlotM eandidatee are well worthy of the
eopport of the Democratic electors of the fcity
sd teWDhip,"and etery honorable effort ihould
be made t elect thi ticket by large majorities.
Letthe ward of the city, and the township,
be organized at once.'!' The enemies of the party
will tue erery means to divide and distract the
Democracy-ifit the watchword be V Union And
taarmuc;, and the ticket, the whole ticket, and
othjcg bat the ticket."; In--..
The Democrats of the city aod township hare
lbeab.uiy.to elect their cflieers, snd they owe
" It te ftemseJycs to 3o io'. ' " " ''ir ' '
Mr. Carlisle's Resolutions.
The r'.'jolutlonsintroduvedsometlmesince by
Kr.CAKi-l, of FaltfieM county, calling upon
ue?tra of, ruDUfl .weias, aim ut Auditor,
Comrtfol!or and Treaporer of State, for certain'
luLtiuaUou la rsUtioa te the ferenuee and It"
peoditnrM on the FuMid Works, and the Iran:
f ottwU from the Gcperal Reeuue to the
Caual fV4 bs'.expcoded on the canals, wtich,
on their Introdrjctioy, were Referred to the cent
Ut o Public Works, afief sleeping A long
'lime la 'that tmmittec, were yesU!idj report
ed b"V ta'ti;7Tiii)a an'!' passed- The Infor
ssation mi;lit for by the resolutions of Mr.
CaiumLb is iin;" ivd, an t I fact absolutely
" necessary to e proper uudorBtandiogof the eon
dltloa or tu'e'Cusnces of the Pu'.'IWorksj and
if i eatisfactoryand intUigeutreponse If gir
en to the ciHxthe.ln(ormtlonwiILP8..y
bie7 " izzzi: ;.f . .' ,
p??tM fie lcnowledjje conMit fr be obtain
ed, - it. C.u.,rfiJi will iio rendered a food
ear ii to the State and !ie tmM.Z:7l
.ft .t " '
The Fort Sumter Complication.
It appears, acooramg to ine jywkim ev sua
lagtctD corrrspoi.JoDCi, tht the qaeeiloa of the
erscuation of Fort Sumter how.resU exbluslrely
with the President. How loog it will, take him
to oome to a decision is not Intimated. All the
memberi of the CaUuel, It Is stated, hare, wlli
a single exception, approved the military Judg
ment or General Soovr.end yielded to the jrrlth
drawal of Maj. Andihoh's eommand, ae a
aeoNeltv whloh e.nnot be arolded.-'
I Buthougn tne veoinei are idus auouet uuu-
Imons; the President every day encounters treen
difflcultlea and Is rexed by new complications.
Ho may bare madeuphje mind as most of bis
Cabinet bare made up their minds, that the
withdrawal of Malar AwnxaaoN aod bis troops
ban unavoidable (beoeeslty; but 'the question
that doubtless perplexes blot how ,1s, la what
manner and under what circumstances that
withdrawal is to be accomplished. Ia order to
be sure of sn abandonment ol the Fort without
molestation, it would seem to be neoeseary to
recognise in some way the revolutionary govern
sent of tne South, end negotiate with it for the
safety of Ahdiason and his men till tbey ere
out of the territory and the waters over which
that government claims jurisdiction. The Idea
or negotiating with thoee whom the organs of
his party have steadily denounced ae rebels and
traitors is not very palatable to "Old Abe."
In the mean time, all sorts of rumors are
afloat to soare bim and increase his nervous
anxiety , One of these rumors is that General
ScitjiiOAsn, who commands the secession for
ces at Charleston, will refuse tr permit Andes-
son and bis band to depirt except as prisoners
of war. Ba this as it may, we have good Re
publican authority for the statement that Pres
ident LinC)lr and hit Cab Inet are folly satis
fled that General BiAuaioaso will not consent
tj the entrance into Charleston harbor of any
vessel or vsssels for the purpose of carrying
awsy M'Jor Andisson's command, or to their
withdrawal by land, uulese upon express stipula
tions, not only against every thlog like a surprise
or rare, but for the abandonment of the
fort and Its armaments in as sound, complete
and undamaged condition as they now are.
Tbi -is a most humiliating position for the
new ' Administration to be placed in, after all
the bluster its friends have made obout holding
on to the forte already in poeeeeelon of Federal
troops, snd repossessing those seised by the
Cotton Confederacy. ,. But bow will President
Lincoln' act in Ibis emergency? Will he enter
iuto negotiation with the Commander in chief
of the secession ermy at Charleston T This he
cannot do without en Implied acknowledgment
that the authority under which General Bkao
axQAftD acts U at least an Independent govern
ment it futio, if not of right. Mr. Lincoln will
doubtless hesitate 'long ! before he wilt bring
himself to this conclusion to make this humilie
tingackrjoirjedgment , . X ',T i 1 ' '
SiLcc-tlie foregoing paragraphs were written,
a dispatch has been received announcing the
f.u:t that the Administration ' has succumbed
to the secessionists, by entering Int.) negotiations
with the Commissioners of the Southern Con
federacy for an armistice of ten daye, which the
latter have magnanimously granted, and orders
have accordingly been issued to Major An oca
son for the immediate evaoualion of Fort Sum
ter. It is th,uaj that) be! Admioiatration of
party whiofl refused to yield to any concession
or compromise for the eake ot preserving the
Union, is yielding to, and entering into nego
tiations with the secessionists, with the ulti
mate design of destroying the Union. .!
Carl Schurg and the Sardinian Mission.
i -(5 Ti' ;.' T
-Caoj. Scoots bee not been nominated by Mr.
Lincoln as Minister ' to Vicroa EatAMOu'a
Court, bat GawAa P. Maosm,' of yefmoot, has
been." The Journal of yesterday morning thus
Attempted to console itself and Its German Re
publican liende for an expected disappointment
In the non nomination of tbe fiery radical,
8ciroz:"J ,J "';'" ' ' " 5 '
! While; Mfi. I.iooblo nd hi Cabinet entertain the
t lad licit lecKnre for Carl fichuii, be will prooably not
e aeot to Sardinia, for tbe reaaon that It aaiglit be eon
ilraed ae an enkind act br Victor Knuuiacl, ainee the re
latione of gardioJaand Wots ia toe ooantrj from wbiok
Mr. Bchurt iaa political exita are of a very delicate
(haneter. . The preeenc of loeb a repraeontaUre froea
tbe United Biatea Bight aeriouilj complicate lite affaire
f Sardinia. . . . - ......
! Such are tbe JaunuTt reasons in justifica
tion of President Lincolw fur not nominating
Schdix.. But bear bow the New York7Xoae
regards these apologies or excuses to the Ger
man Republicans. That paper of Monday too
this subject said: ?. .,-,. ,- - t-... : ,j
How could our aendlng a Minieler to Sardinia whs
ae diftattsful ta he King otPraiatabo aeeoantod "an
nntriendlf act" br Victor Amannell It he reeponiible
ftr oar elioioel Ie he ' m arraigned offender aerainat
the pubiiJ law ot Korspo, whoee enToje are reoeired at
ecaicly an or tneaeepouo uoaru-to he frighuoed at
oar (ending him a Sentao-born republican ae oar np
teeeoutirel . '
! We kvrk evldenos sad faota that Prsesla hai ventured
to meddle witb oar choice of Atlnliter to Oardinta; hat If
tie ha, her preaampuon anon la recetre the atroogost
and prompteet robake, nnlem we give It np that we are
ae a nation under fooaend nuj be kicked by seeond-rate
Powere wl)h perfect ianli7; . , w j t
' - ' ' ' " ' ;
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
The Senatorship—A Glance at the Record.
t 2t ' r- f v " f '"' " ' 'i 1
The opposition' to tbe Kepablicana In the
present Legialatore ere eo hopelessly la the mi
nority, that they may be regarded by some as
occupjtog sbont the position," towards the pres
ent Senatorial contest, of tbe gentleman who
could shed no tear because he was out of bis
own parish.., As old habit, howeverof regard
,ing Senators as the representative of tbe whole
people, and not solely of a party, excite oar
cariosity as to who shall be cnoeea, and what line
of policy shall be indicated by the choice.
There am plenty tif candidates 9 t'etesent aU
sbaoke ef opinion and policy A- Bat what coarse
of action do th Republicans of Ohio wish to
annouuce"and initiate TThereJ Are- oaly two
open the conciliatory policy of Seward, or tbe
War policy of the nncompromisiog. j if they
snare toe desire expressed by Mr. Llneola and
Mr. Seeard, that the country may become, re
united and prosperous if -tbey want to retain
the Border States, and ultimatelv all. bv a
course As toncillatory a possible, 'consistent
with preserving tbe .government; they will, of
course, select a man wso la not committed as
among the Uncompromising and ultra men of
tbe party, and who especially le no pereooallv
distasteful to those States. If they don't Wont
conciliation, tbey will elect a man who repreA
seats: the "rugged ' issue. , Men representing
both policies have been mentioned. ,8berman
end Deonison represent the.uooompromlsiog,
nonconclllation class. The Legislature bad pro
posed to eecd lo the Washington Peace Confer
encea set of CommUgionerRilo favor of rea-
aooRoie Toniproiiiie. ior. ueonuon eiisnged
them, sol beaded tbe list with Gov. Clue, who
was oppnscd to it, end voted against it, Whea
the death of Judge Wright made a vacancy, Gov.
Dennison filled te with C, P. Woloott, the most
ultra public man iu the Bute (unless Giddiugs
oontests the diirr-),,'. Of eoiirse he voted agaiunt
compromiee, as lia w eut to Wssliington to
do-i-end be end Cliwe were the only ones who
didlso vote .from Olio. .Beside this. Go.
Dennison is specially obooiious toonrcieter
loyal States of Kentucky and Tennessee), on ae-'
oeunt of bis extradition drclMnns.,. tils elt-c
'ion will be a repudiation of the cot.cilii.tory
policy of Lincoln and Seward. ...,,,.. , ,
The same ma; be eald of Sherman. He Is
solhclently obnoxions to tne uoutn to have been
voted aralnst la Solid column for alpht wei kg
for Speaker, and no one who has read the in
sulting and iiiliamuiAtory language of tbe Help
'j ..' It. jti ,(.ii- .ii ''-l-'l
er book ean wonrf r that the man who endorsee
it abouU be bated bf them. I d not refer to
bis mere reoomn.eodalion of it as aioamDebra
document,' for which be wae attacked In Geo
grese (for this might be apologised for ae a
mere indiscretion, ir n naa nos read it,) bat
to hie deliberate declaration in Philadelphia
alterwerd, that tad read it, end, though he
found in It much to commend and much to cen
sure, did ntirtgrtt kminf tndoried it. ' - -. r 1
t (The 'other oandidstes named ere . Messrs.
Sonenck.Btantoa and Delanoall more ov leee ob
ieetioaable, of course, ae being all Republicans,
at belonging, it ia understood,, to the more mod.
erate and eonaerTatlve wing ol the pacy. Who
will get it is the great question. The great fli'ht
comes off to-nlgbt, and the reenlt ot it will b a
long etrsw by wblob to tell how th political
wind blows, end what interpretation is to be nut
upon the somewhat obscure of Ihe Ad-
TUESDAY, March 19. 1861—3 P.M.
By Mr. PARISH, from T. Filshugh and oth
are, of Smdasky, praying an amendment to tbe
law la refereaoe to catching fish with seines In
Lake Erie, Ae. Referred lo Seleot commu
te - 1 - " at 1 - - 1 . v
i , By Mr. POTTS, from M. B. Casey and many
others, ol Guernsey county, asking the paeeage
of a law for tbe redemption of the botes end
oertlBoates of the Seuooa County Bank.' Select
committee. . -1 .
Br Mr. READY, from Ell Nichols and oth
ers, of Coshocton county, praying the Legisla
ture to memorialise Representatives sad dene
tore in Congress to provide for tbe colonisation
lo some other country of tne tree colored popu
lation of Ihe United State.' - Laid 00 th table
to be printed. ,
By Mr. - LASKEY, from C. Cone and 96
other, of Laoaa county, esklngjcbsnge in tbe
gsme law.!, select committee ,
S- B No! 276 To provide for tbe erection
of a net pudding lor Ibe deaf and dumb. , Mr.
White. : .'. ;. ;;;. .:. ,. .,, .
By Mr. READY, 8. B. No. 277-To amend
sections 13 and 15, aonoeroing wills. '
Mr. JONES offered the following joint reio
lutimir vis:
JfS. t R. Ho, 104, by Mr. J0NE3 Relative
to the collection of bank taxes In certain oases.
Whbsbas, Many of the banks organised un
der tbe aot to Incorporate tbe Bute Bsnk of
Ohio and other banking companies, passed Feb
ruary 24, 1854, claiming that no other rate of
taxation ean be imposed upon tbem inan mat
prescribed by tbe 60th section of said act, have
commenced suits to enjoin tbe collection of
taxes Imposed by other statute and where
as, It ie desirable that tbe question at Issue
should be settled without lucurring the ex-
nanuA whlph rwnnAit!nire In obtain an Inlunrtlnn
in each base mast involve the, partita there-!
lore, ' '
- Bt it RrserW Ay (Ae 0R(re( Autmbly 0 lAs
Slate of Ohio, That the Auditor or State, the
Comptroller and the Attorney General, beau
tborized. to enter lnte au agreement with the
said banks, organised under ibe aforesaid act J
pniTlUiOg mil tony auaii prumpuj paj tu wa-
es prescribed by the 60th section of said Act, and
agree to pay ta addltioo euoh sums as WiB
make the total amount eqaal to that Imposed
by the general tax law, In case the Suprenle
Court of the United States, la cases now nend-
iog thereic, shall decide that tbe State W A
legal and eonetitutlonal tight to Impose taxes
upon the said banks, as provided la eald general
tea law, then, and npen such agreement being
entered into, no attempt shall be made by the
State to compel any bank being a party to suoh
arreemenl to dav anv other or greater amount
of taxes than Is Imposed by tbe said 60 ih sec
tion of tbe act above mentioned, until It snail
have been decided by the 8apreme Court of the
United States that such other er creater rate of
taxation may be legally end constitutionally lm-
poeea as atorcsaia. . " -
Referred to the Judiciary committee.
H.J. R. No. 11 Relative to the Ohio aod
Pennsylvania Canal Company, wae referred to
tbe Judiciary committee.
S. B. No. 344 -"Relative lo tbe duties of sur
viving rertnere,'a amended by tbe House, was
referred to tbe Judiciary committee.
' The following communication waa received
from the Governor, via: - 1 . u: .
COLUMBUS, March 19, 1861.
To th SewefS of Oktoi .
I herewith submit the following appoint
ments for tbe consideration of tbe Senate,
vis: .'..'-' .a' v. ' 'n ,.'... 11
Wo. A. Moore, of Msnsdeld, as the Register
of the Virginia Military School Lands, for the
term ol two years, from aad after the 31st dsy
Of February, 1861. ' ' ;
Herman CaoBeld, Of Madison, as a Director
Of the Asylum for ths Edaeation of Idiots, for
tbe term of three years, from tbe 31st of April,
1861. - 1 -- ' -
, John Grelner, of Columbus, as Director of
the Aeylaet far the Edocation of the Blldd, foe
the term ef three years, from April 21,1861.
Jemes H. Coulter, of Colambas, as a Direc
tor of tbe Asylum for the Education ol tbe Deaf
aad Dambi for the term of. three years, from
April SI, 1861.- - -. " ;l " '.
Edward D. Mansfield, of Cincinnati, as Com
missioner of Statistics, for the term of three
COLUMBUS, O., March 16, 1891.
71 the Seaets ef Okio
I transmit to y oar body tbe fo'loe-Ine? appolat
meats as Trustees of tbe. Medical College of
Umo, tor tne term 01 ten yetrs, rrora end ar
tee the first day of January, 1861, far your con
sideration, vix: ' ' '
Fiameo Ball, Rufus Kinaf, Wm ' Mmnt, M.
D. Israels. Dodee, M D . Aaron F. Perry,
William M. Dicksoo,George W. Holmes, Henry
E. Spencer, Thomas Uberlock, and Aaron B-
mil v. iisuMiuni wuu.i.
COLUMBUS, March 19, 1861.
To Vm LnUUtur of Okiot ,, :';!) ''" tC
, I transmit to yon herewith a copy of a defter
received by me from th Hon Salmon P. Chase,
eammanicatmg tbe (actor biarestgoation ot ino
WASHINGTON, March 6, 1861.
! Sir: Will yoa bare tbe goodness to make
known to tbe General Assembly my resigna
tion of tbe office of Senator of th United States
from th Stat of Ohio, of which I shall Imme
diately notify th President of th Seoat. i
! It would be far more eoneoaant witb my wiebe
to remain at th poet to which th people of
Ublo, tbrongb tbe enteral Assembly, saw st to
call aiev ; Deeply indebted to their geoaroaity for
repeated mark ol coccdencs; proiewndiy grate
ful for the Indulgent consideration with which
my endeavors to promot their inter eate bar
ever beo regarded by tbem, 11 Is impoesibi for
me to prefer any other service to theirs. ' ' '
Bat th President has thought fit to call me
to another sphere of doty, more laborious, more
ardooua. ead fuller far ol perplexioc reeponsl
billtie.: 1 hav oeaghl to avoid it, and would
now fladlv decline It if I oiebt.t , I find it, how
ever, Impossible tods' ro, without eeeming to
sbrins: fioot care and labor tor tne common
good, which cannot be honorably shinned. : I
shall accept, tberelore, these new duties; great
ly distrusting my own abilities, (bat humbly
invoking Divine aid and guidance. rrY.t ,' -I
i I shall hop that my decision will meet the
approval or lb General Assembly and people of
Ublo, and shall greatly rejoice M, by eooetant ap
plication of my best power ia th service ( lb
whole country 1 1 snail. oceea in contributing
anythlne- loi that eernmoa welfare ia wUluA
L Ohio baa so Interest hardly ioferier to that of
any otl(er of tbe !at of tbs VauftJ t
, -j. I base the honor to be T7.f
jai cJ. iis,.(i eu withery greet respect, ix,.
i " Yw truly, ' :
L . To hi Eielleaey,s t j' v
! :": VVltUAM UlWHIfON, ,;('r,-. r;"i:li S
(',.) H titivernor ot Ohio. i )1.'-"it j
Oa motion: of 11r. .COr,th foregoing" wae
oraerea to ae ipreaawpoa tbem lout. : ?.
Aaiqnrned.i .', e 1 tM.WX'A .hot .?i.-l
,l'.0,C,i.l -'Jt ,t(vl9-.l oi ; V f !'.
TUESDAY, March 19.
The House Drocaedod to oonalder the enecial
order of the hour. - v " v-v',,j
H- B. No. aairby Mr. WOODS-To provide
for leaeloa theVinhlln wnrka of the State, nmmtd.
dedao as toleate to specified parties. The bill
wo roaa a tmrB ume. r- r r rr -r .
' A few verbal hmendmentt ete tnaie to the
blUJ i IV J.V.r ;.i If ,i
Mr. BALDWIW moved to amend so as to
make tho -consideration of the leas thirty
thousand Instead df ten thoassnd dollars, alto
to pay the proceed of tbe leas Intel the sinking
fund, which was agreed to. ' " ' ' 1 '
Aleo to Umlt tbetaaxlmum rate of tolls to the
toll sheet of 1860. , . I
Mr. SCOTT, of Ueffereon. obleoted to this
amendment, as it wald reduce the Income of
me ouosis so vow tnsi tney woitta no a pay,, ana
therefor the canals Would not Ae leased to any
05. ) y.n 1 ud'lv-RT-
Mr, WOODS also iopoeed (i; becaos It would
have th effeot tonestralise the whole effort to
make the lease Of thAse public works, or would
place tbem In Irreepofaslblenands. ... ,.!
Mr. ANDREWS 'stored toe amendment. He
said, that in making a bargain, as In this ease,
Ihe Stat was not ta aicept any proposition
made. Th retec fixed y the toll sheet ot 1860
were said lo be well adjusted. """
Th amendmeat wasuilsagrecd to. M .''' .!
Mr. BALDWIN alsotnoved to amend by iim
itlcg all tolls to on dollar per ton foe any die
tance, wbioh amendment was disagreed W.l,
Also, to require the) lessees to pay tbe State
for repair now In prsgrfess, which waa agreed
lo yee 46, nays 37 I :.?
Mr. BALDWIN Siovejd farther to amend by
requiring tbe lessees to pair alt expenses of arbi
tration or trials on iontratte, etc, wbioh we
sgreedto. ''- I . f"
Tbe question then turn on the first amehd
ment ot Mr. Baldwin, whih Mr. Devor moved
to emend to twenty thousand, which wee ae
eepted by tbe mner. ; f K-mii
Mr. -BROWNjG, of Miimt, advocated tht's
ameadment. Ife would tnr this price,' and see
if II would cot ibe oooepteq by some other par-
Iv.lf nottbUoee. . I -v -vb
Mr. HUGHES ssld be viae in favor of leas
ing th oanalsj but bs was riot for leasing them
toi nothing. He was therefore for the amend
ment. f ... .-?, u .i I ... .-..;
Mr. DEVpRE was for thfe Amendment. He'
was for the late; but If they oould not be sold,
he wanted as much foe, the ease of th oanale
ae be eoulifget; and if tbey re worth anything
at all, the must be Worth tt s rum.' a ' - ' :. .
Mr. FELLOWS objected 0 the smendment.
Hewaotejd to go straight for' ard and adopl this
measurel which in a practica one, and perhaps
tbe Oolyfcne that maybe aval ible. " ;'.!
Mr. HILLS sopported- th amendment at
least hsf would have a bargali made that would
release tbe State from furthe 1 burdens. :'' '.'
, MrJmYERS spoke agalna ; the amepdment,
aod hi did not thluk ble cuty would be dis
charged till h voted for tt s bill es th aly
one pkely to be passed.1 ' " 1 " " ';'
MjTDEVORE further dtt inded the amend
meat, end said be understood that (20.000 per
antrum could be obtained for Ihe canala, ' :-
VORI3 demanded therprevhros question;
Was sustained. 4
llvUion of the questidb was demanded,
th Hons refneed to Strike out 10,000
on nmi -i.h, k. tJilA - t -i.;
at 120,000 might be inMrfed yeas
81 io th amendment waa last:
"i "J
The vol we tben called od tbe nessage of the
bill, wblon resulted yeas oil nays va. Bo the
bill wae passed. , J ' 1
Mr. WOODS moved lo late from Ibe table
the motion to reconsider th vote wberebv the
Hons lied Wednesday, tbe stun Inst., for tne
reading of H. B. 285 To pay certain outstand
ing checks, wbiob was agreed to yea ip, nays
37; 1 1 !,..','. 1 ..
' Tbe vote wu then called on the reconsiders'
lion, and resulted yeas 42, nay 34. . '
Tbe bill wa then set for. a .third tending on
Thursday next. . t - ., .,
Mr. ROB1NSOH offered a resolution direct
ing that nor farther contracts for repair or
new stracturee of tbe canals, shall b made by
the Board of Publio Works, nu.il further ap
nropriatloDS. ' 4 ', v . ., . ' : ,,
Mr. YORI3 moved to amend by striking out
Mr. VORIS then moved that the House ad
journ, which was disagreed to yeas 18, nays
: Mr. VORIS demsnded a 'call gf, the House,
woenea memoer answerea to tneir names, ana
further proeeedinre were dlpeosed wltn
Mr. BALDWIN demauded the previous
question. -
Mr.' BKUwnrj, or Miami, demanded a call
of th House, When; 88 memberi answered to
their names. V , . .
Mr. W 0003 moved that all farther proceed
lag under th call be dispensed with, which
was agreed to yesi 3J, nays 19..
Mr. BROWNE moved that the resolution be
laid on the tabus, .which was disagreed to -
nr. buu rr, 01 w arren, moved tnit tue
House sdjoarn, which was disagreed ' to yeas
SO. nana 59' ' -." I" '' 1
Tb resolution wu men adopted yea o'J,
osye is.-., " :, ';;'. . ;
'The Hons then adiourned " : . .'"
: ,'.-yjj .j ... ....id K ;. m t.iivi
WEDNESDAY, March 20, 1861.
By Mr. POTTSi Frem W. H F. toufeety,
and others, of.-. Guernsey county, praying for
tbe redemption of the note and certificate of
tbe Seneca tsounty Hank. Special committee.
By Mr. FERGUSON! From George Carlisle
and hi e triers, 01 Cincinnati, protesting against
tne paeeage 01 u Direct uaiiroaa btit. opeelal
committee. .rii-.-ctJ
By Mr. POTWIN; From M, Sheppard and
many others, aad A. J. Howard and many oth
ers, of Muskingum connt. iwoUMtlna? 1 oval net
the sale or lease of the Publi Works.! Commit
tee on fubiic works. . . - ,., T,, .f)j ,
By Mr. BREWER. Front John W. Jolly'and
50 otbere, of Richland county, praying for
law prohibiting Probate Judge from . making
out account for the settlemeut of the eetetef of
deceased persons, wards over whom gnto
dian bar been annoWed.ec... Judiciarv. .
j Mr. LASKEY presented tbe following m-
1 ,Tbe undersigned eitixens of the Stat of Ohio
make to the LegUlator tbe tbllowiogDroposb-
boa for lease of. ths.Pablio Work oi otbe
states, 1 -.' ,. 1. t' "-.ri 1 ,fu
1 1st. We will leas of th State of Ohio, for
the term often years, the Public Work, 00a
sisting of th Miami and Erl Canals Ohio
ianai, waibonding . Canal, Hocking : Canal,
Sandy and Beaver Canal, Masklngum Improve
ment aad Western Reserve and MauntetRoad,
snd ail tbe Bide Cute, Feeders, Reservoirs, Lock
Houses, Collectors' Offices, Wei Re Lock and
lease of surplus water connected with tbe Mm
or appertaining thereto, ioge'.het tith all land
and fixtures oeoed by tbe Stat ia aonaectloa
with th publio works, with the right to hav
and lease all additional surplus waters, . aad tb
right to collect and receive foe nor own proper
rtse and benefit, all tolls, fines, water rent and
revenuje arising from said public work and the
ose of eaid publio works, for ths aforesaid term
of ten .years, commenting rathe 15th day of
AVAT t Oi'i '- m m 1
narco, iooi, .uinamg lonrsoiree to eoiiect no
higher rates of toll on sAjd sanais and Mdskln
gum improvement, than those prescribed by the
Board of publio works in th toll sheet adopted
by tbem . in March, 1, and th ratee o
charged 00 Kid road. ,..,.( j , . f,,.-,,,
, fid. , The State tbsllcVh us by leglsletlo
or otherwise with all necessary power to protect
as io th roll control 0 tbs. public! work aud
agairat soy Interference therewith by Any other
party r parties, and for the collection of ell
revenacs, Ac, as ablr enqmcreted, and far
taklnc pojsesaloo of and eondemnlne all matcri..
all necessary for th protection aad repair of
nam puuuo woras, osc. 1 ine ntaia sbaiii fuisu
sll existing convrscr for new stroctare and re
pairs, and complete end deliver lo asl free from
Incumbrance, the lewistown Reservoir, and af
ter their completion wewlll front, time to time,
make such repeirj, end rebuild sdeh structnee,
whether tbey be locks. saaedoets. tiams. or-oth-
er stroetures, belonging to tbe said nublio works.
woea tnessmesnau Cneceery,nd under the
direction of th Hoard of Publio Work. Pro
vided, boweve, that la ih rebuilding 'of. all
such structured, th plans and maWeiels for the
new etructurei or work shall not bs mor ex
e . rt l . W "
pensive than those need Iq tb original construc
tion of tbe Aod w will at all tlmM.when
tb easoo will permit, and when ttm water is
not out of said canals and improvement for re
pairs, or new constructions, er when s- tJ wort
are not ohatruotsd by ice, or by reason', of '""
breach Id sora structure of said works. - r c r
.'.casuAlty, Hon account of (carcsty o'w..,
keep the sate in food snd proper rendition and
repair, as M& t oeivt i by ti. id at the ior
matlon of this lease, deliver oji' said pnblle
works to the Sti 'eof Ohio in Ukn good condi
tion as when tak n in iossc don bv us. 1 i ij
3d. We will tkke of. thetate U Tutorials'
provided, ana noats, scows, tools, implements,
Ao now owned aid nssd by, th tate loa the
repair of said publio works, and pay for ths
earn within tea trays ften appraisement each
plc4 4s three (udieJorii, flifllatirestod meo, (to
be appointed br.tbbVBeerd- 0' Pablid Works,
aad the undersigned. JolntlOehall say they ars
worth npon actual view aod Appraisement of tbe
sArieil provided that at Ibe'termlnAtion of the
lease, the State shall yn Jlke manner, receive
from us th materlalsi tools, Ac, on hand at
that time, th valueXof which (hall be de
termined ae herein bsf. spsolfied.
4th. For the faithful performance on oar part
of all the stipulations contained in this proposi
tion, in cue the Stati sham aocept It on their
part, w will,' at -tb time 01 the execution of
the lease', execute ay bond of five or more sood
and sufficient surenes to tbe aoceptance of the
Board of Publio Works, In tbe personal sum of
on hundred and twenty fir thousand dollars,
aod pay the Stat the sum of onediundred and
twenty-five thousand dollars. Twelve thousand
five hundred dollars at tbe Urn th leas Is ex
ecu ted and delivered, and twelve thoasand fire
hundred dolIAri annually thereafter, until the
same shall be paid.
. , , A.J. TAYLOR,
' ' A. V. RICE,
,T. G, ALLEN.-.
,. v ov
Laid 6n the table.' ' 4 - ' u
On motion of Mr. , the Senate re
solved itself Into Committee of the Whole, on
the orders of th day, Mr. Cox in th chair,
and after some time spent therein, rose and re
ported back S. B. No376 Providing for anew
out latng for tne near, ana damn,
Oa motion, the bill waa engrossed for third
reading to-morrow.
S. B No. 258 To authorise cities of tbe sec
ond class to fund their floating debts. JndiclAry,
Mr. KEY, from the Seleot Committee to
whom was referred 8. B. No. 273 For th re
lief of Johow. Allen, recommended it pass
.'.:'' Attt JU&.-U - .- a '-
Mr. KEY Advocated the bill at length, when
the question recurring, it dpaese yess 24, nays
On motion of Mr: GARFIELD, the "Senate
went Into Executive Session, and after some
time spent therein, the offiolal nominations made
yesterday by Governor Dennison (see Senate
reporywere conurmea 1 . U U i J ' 1
The Senate 'then took a recess.
WEDNESDAY, March 20, 1860.
Prayer by Hon. Mr. McCune. of Huron.
Mr. COOVER presented the memorial oftha
Commissioners of Montgomery ,for Authority to
levy a tax to ootid a ondge across the Miami.
Mr. BROWNE, of Putnam, nresented tha nut.
TpXarn T.""l,.M .
"t4 fM, phD ot he pt0Per ma of
a person named.
: -1 r T". . , , a. r . 1 . . .
Wh r.ii.i- u:i. .1 . ..
auv wuuwjug mile wcrn reau a secona time
ndnfwrcdt 1 - -v' : '
H. B. 431 To amend section forty-five of an
act for th assessment and taxation of property
in this State, and for levying taxes thereon ac
cording to Its true value in money, passed April
5, 1859. Judiciary. "
H. B. 432 To provide additional fees for
probate judges, and providing the manner of
paving the same. Judiciary.
H. B. 433 To amend section one of an act
entitled "enact to prevent the Introduction and
spreading or Uanada thistles," passed March 6
1844. Agrionlture.
H. B. 434 To repeal section twenty-three of
an act tcerein pamea.a oonoois and School
H. B. 439 To diminish th number of com
mon picas judges, and alter certain judicial
districts therein named. HThe Select committee
reporting the bill. - - r" r
H. B. No. 7; by Mr. BROWNE To amend
the act entitled "enact fixing; the rate of In
terest," passed January 12, 1824, waa read the
third time, when .""
Mr. NOBLE moved to amend the bill eo as to
provide tbst Interest and principal shall be for
feited. If more than ten per cent is charged
which motion was lost veae 24 -Vjsts 67.'
Mr. MYERS moved to amend by striking out
the section providing for a forfeiture of excess
ive interest, wbiob was disagreed to yeas 13,
nays 11. .nn. r v.,-
Mr. BALDWIN moved that the bill be amend
ed by striking out ten per cent., and inserting
cigui per cent.
A division Of the question wad ' called for
The House then refused to strike out yeas 28.
nays 57.
Mr. DAVIS moved that the bill be indefinite
ly postponed, which motion waa disagreed to
yeas oj, nays oor
The vote was then called on the passage of
the bill, wbioh resulted yeas 47, navs 45.
'; As it requires 53 votes to pose a bill, tbis bill
istiea to pass.
; H. B. No. Clj by Jtfr.'MONAHAN-Supple
mentary to an aot to encourage teachers' insti
tutes, passed February 8, 1847. and the several
thereto, was read a third time,
! Mr. MONAHAn1 explained the provisions of
th bill, that it allowed the union of two coun
nan . . . .r.,. t ,
ties to hold Teachers' Institutes.
1 Mr. STEDMAN , further t explained th
Mr. HILLS objected lo the bill; becanse it
wonid act as a new end additional mean ol
drawing money from tbaTreaajiryisr :i sx t
j The vote wae called oa the passage of the
bill and resulted yeas 51 nay 36.
I nr. miUHUUUK moved that tbe vote
whereby the House refused to pass the bill be
reconsidered, which was agreed to yeas 50,
Bays 35.
! Tb vote wa again called on the passage of
toe out, wnicn reeni tea yess 00, pay 33 jJ
I H. B. 305-To prevent bankers, brokers, snd
Other persona, from receiving or caving ont tha
ootee or issue of specie-paying bank at a lee
rat toan par, was msae(th ispeciallot(ler for
to morrow at 2:30 P.Tw.
j H. B. No. 397 1 by Mr. MYERS To author
ize the Commissioners of Clermont and Hamil
ton counties to purchase bridg therein named .
Tas read a third time, wben
Messrs. Mrias, Dbvobb snd Scott, of War
rea, explained and advocated tb bill, after
which ii was -peseod' -veen 76.-nava &rrn-f
U. B. 307 To enable the Medical College of
umo 10 pay tie present maeDteaness Dy issuing
bonds at a lower rate of interest, waa read a
third time, wben -r-w T,t- .
Mr. FLAGQ explained that the bill waa In.
tended, as expressed in the title, to enable the
College to renew It bond and mortgage on its
own property,.,, :f ... rrrrt ''-'
I Mr. rUJ 1 iv ot W Arrto, and Air; JONES, of
Hamilton, lartner explained aad advocated the
passage or tbe bill.
'ine vote was called, and resulted veaa 87.
1 H. B. 340 To amend tb act to regulate
enotosuree ana proviaing against trespassing
auimami in it to a lomt Aim, fnrailH t
, i Mr. FELLOWS obiected to the bill. He re
garded its passage Ilk a man' setting a trap
nun putung aia own neea into it. unaer It,
every farmer along -a ' railroad track fenced
with a fence not much over walet high, will not
only lose ble ttook.bnt be liable-lor all tbe
damages to life or (irnb by any acoidcqt caused
ue nopeaooman wouia esreiesaiy vet tor it.
, ! The vote was tben called on tbe passage of
toe Dili, wnion resulted yea aa, nay do,
1 Mr. 8TUBBS ear notice of a bill to amnnd
th Temperance Law of 1354
I Mr. McSCHOOLER introduced H. B. 447-
To amend section three of th aot to prevent
the taking of utrjltons interest, parsed April 6.
r859-whTch was read Ihe first time. '
Mr. SCOTT, of Jefferson, introduoed H R
448 Further defining the dutlee of Count
Treasurer alioh-waseead th first and aae-
5nd times, and referred to the.cemrultteeon th
odioiary;1'" ' .
: a . mar wnn A n . a . . a . - . . .
., , mr. VI.B.BC lniroanced ri. U. I3 Keg-
uiaung eeriaiu purcuasn tor tne lisnevnieut In
Agricultural ftinds .or tbe ear 1&62 when Jt
was set for a thirif reading to morrow.
.'. Mfi sICOTTfrOBl Ibe CnmmlrtM nn TtAnni
feci IM'Jtuc,.Ttlorted.- back . S," U. i3.1
Farther . oreaotibin tha dutie of.,Towrmirna
1 t 1
Asseseora, when th bill wa amended so nt :
sutnuons ,01 e Bipve wnion wo read th Jlrst
tlrne , ' nA'.'Mni .HTI.ifi
h1"1? r,wt1 1
e. n.v-;mhiie Bpprrmriat ons from certain I
frrqilre Ihe return to b made on the first Mov
tday In . May, when the. bill was set for A third
day I Q.May, when tbabtli was set for 4 third
reaiiing to mprrow. p? t," ' (m1
i The House then took a recess. ir). i
The following Item was omitted (a yesterday
morning's report 1 - v t, i.
JUr. BROWNE, of MIsm .rendrted back Irom
th Committee en Publio Works. Honse Reso
luUon No. 221 -by Mr. CARLISLE Relating
to tbe expenditures on tbe Public Works when
the resolution ;Wsaaojtoav . y j j
Loss of Sleep.
Id-thirls aovthloff more wearing to both mind
and body than loss of sleep, or It any diffloulty
or dUease can be ofteset . traced to other than
toss 01 sieep, men experience nan iub no
er. or Sldnev Smith, the treat English Physiol
ogist, la not to be relied upon Of ths, let the
experience' of thousands answer, snd'try the To
Id Anbdyne, and tbey will be ready to endorse
tne reman ot on ot we irienas 01 tne proprie
tore, wb writes, "werethe directions to be oov-
ere( with sovereigns to purchase, I would not
oe wimout it. . 1 nis nit wi 1 experience oy its
Se advertisement, .and, pall for pamph-
letet yo,i fit.
U " LtT.i n.ij m trie ,-it
.if I . -,: ..-iv F,
T7ln KENV-A Brtck Houeo, on Gay street,
X' eight Booms. : Apply to b
M. Mill,, ;or at
Ihe "American'1
8. S- OQX,;
tufaSO d;r.
V y 1 '". ,i f, . t y . olcbui, March 18, lttil.
lie auction, on Batnrday, ktarch 30th, at elerea 0'-
olock A. M ., at the offloo of the Treasurer of Bute, two
thoueand dollars of the Bonds of ths Btato or Ohio, -draw
lng Interest at the rata of six per ecnt. per an
num, ana pajame nmi-annuauy rn ino uiiy-01 new
York, and the principal redeemable j. tha pleasure of Ihe
BUto. "M l ; ' :i - r-r irr.ji ', i
These Bonds were deposited with til Trsunrer or tne
State of Ohio for tbe Dnrvoso of seonring the circulation
of the Barings Bank of Cinolnnall, and they are to be
sold for Ihe purpoee or redeeming tie same. ,
marcniwaiv -J J,-.r.ivB,1r,
WHEN you go to New Tork, drive direct to the
ri.'ullui Oonduetrf on the 1 ' "
Good Pore, Good Booms, Prompt Attendance, and Atod-
erate Charges. .r-.n.t; '; 1-
r ; ; DOUBLE BOOMS and PABLO KS 1,50 to S3
Heals as ordered. Tbis Hotel has all th appointments
of the best hotels, a most central location, and Is heated
throughout by steam. . . flAMUKL. E. 1BAU.
starcuSdta . ' Proprietor.
i QklfPc Cnl
IJUCllll a . U1C, t , ,. f, j j
D. T. Woodbury At Co.) ' '.C 'j '
,--! vs. . : i Superior Court.
George W. Allen.- J
II in me dlreciot from the SuDerior Court of Franklin
oounty, Ohio, I will offer for sale, In the town of New Al
bany, at Uie store room of. G. W. Allen, a lot of Dry
floods and Notions, levied on as the property of 0 W.
Allen; sale commencing on SATURDAY, the SOih dsy of
March, A.'D. 18B1, at TO o'clock A. M. J ' ' ,',
. . - 0- W HUFFMAN, Sherltf, -' "
.march lfjrIOIoT M.T&&- EAT". Pcp'tlfL
.rtiaiereiooB, r -. t if
2V. Job Printing Office, located In one of the wealthleat
mineral and agricultural counties In the-State of
Missouri, with railroad- and oth;r facilities,- and
on tne highway j ot travel' to i OalUornia, Pike's
Peak and all the Western Territories, in a pleas
antly situated aad Urrtarlng county seat, -and extensively
patronized, will be disposed of for the jow snm of 130O
five hundred down, five bundreu on Die first of Janu
ary nest, and the balance In January following, with in
terest. The material is all nearly new, and is Well as
sorted. The ottoe pays about B3 010 a year. The paper
la Democettlc would pat equally sreil. independent or
neutral; Is the official erran of the ' county, Ato. No
cnarge lor rooa win. xnie gaaranteea.
irfFor further parucuura address
M'BM-1 ft. 'I
I B: WcEWBir," '
.... , alitor ,, fleorgetewn, Pett(f CO.
marchieatd " , ; '
No. I
run sr,
frii X ..'. V i :U i'J.l Vol. 1
J J Ak A iLA JUAV, l'...J--i"f
rox-iriarcm leya, I801,
Now Ready For Sal Everywhere Price Five
; mi ti : iCOSTESTS: -
; ""WILL WATERS;" A Brllilan't Stoi'y. '.' '
'TH OH B AP BXCUKBION :" A Oomeltte Story.
i "IBB EINQ AND TUB BK9GAB;" Oosnpletc in this
; TUB DYING BOY'S RKQUK8T: by Maria N orris.
THB PHILOB0P8Y0IBATaiNa..ia E:-lliA:.1
, UrVB":BVEPR7wflERll. '
' 'WHAT? A Poms.-!. - r.as- ,'t w ( .V ItT
I WIT AND HUMOR. ' - r'.
1 ... i:i .
i'J j-iu- t
Ard much other. Interesting
nd Inetructiv
Reeding Matters
ue copy.. 4 w.Vi w. im.r, ...i, ft per SnBuo.
' HUNT A MINER, Publlebertf ,'t
tf'wjtl and 73 Fifth etreet. H
f" nextto tbePost-OfBce, Plttsbur,n!Ps'.
R. KENNEDY, General Agent"' r
march eCUXXQ-j OtX-.UXX
NOS. 1, S, an 7 H. BUTAW ST:
,11-!, .m'"'-' ANDHQARE
Being highly recommended by the first Professors snd
Musical Amateursnf the eoantry, an n I 1 ! I j
I Hi:. O.A f I I -HO
The most fastidious oustoaserr
rely po being
oleeeed in ever resnect.
. Terms noerai. ,' wa. anana a ct 1 .
SELTZEB a WEBSTER. Axentf,. - ,t'
etM;lydw.iii Ua,-, Colutnbua, Ohloi ti
XV flammation and Min.andhmla the warat hnm
scald,iniise,a, er Treh wound of any kftid, prevent
swelling ana pain iron Me stings, mosquito bites, and
wiaonoBs plants, neuralgia, rheumatism, ague In ths
roast, salt rbeum, etc. When taken internally. It will
positively euro croup In children, and fires Immediate
relief in the worst ease of this terrible complaint; also,
removes hoarseness and sore throat. -Trice. S3 oeataa
noma enoaid be lu every itouse. 'for enie in Drue.
HW saw otureseepvrs lafin Divna,
1 rwierroprtetrrtq.jBprtttesv.JlcwYo
tr v- I
el res to be Indebted to the late firm of 1IDO-
DKlDua a WHITB will please call and settle their
accounts, ana tnerooy save costs. T
All soles and seousnt remaining inrM.llda W first
or nprit win dc piacoslta (hshandi of WW. 1.. ttavir,
r.. lorconeciion, F.rt. wiit,
mar7dfclairl f'jt4' ? Bufivlng Partner.
. do
ji I, Moarnlng do .j
1 1 p.od.;..3:.n 'I:
I Uiw,1 riln
ladies' linen PockBt-Handk'fj. '
sa kerchiers,TC-ywMefaeaia'Hi-( 11
ia, Toywweneaw 'ii.i. i '. i. i
ered Linen llandk's all prices., . .,,,,'
IStllchedaadplaia So; do. '. I
ids ifc.o mrored riorders.' "1 '
I zmbromerea LI
hlulr hunl.r. '..' -11
smmt style cross stitched.
HelfinMit HlkUA.1 Am. 11 nrf,M
Coaaprisioe the snost Seleot assortment In the clir and
at lowest prices, i.i'' u :. . bai f - iN,
fcl l r"re'-J No.' S Son I it ) ntreet.
""-" "v. M -oil 1 1.1V il.
UtioaMdaa Aul f "i lltTS of sans
inerlor aia)s, (or sale br ' ' BAlJf At SON,
For an TllltOAT and
Inclndlnr WHOOPING
COTJOII, sand svsry
Gemplalnt the f orerwn
ner of, and even actjaal
u - ' 1
The Crent NEIJtl Al.
ural 0PIATK1 adapted
to every epeoiee 01 rer .
vans Complaints Ner
won and Chronic
Headache, it lie mil a
ttsm, Cietarrh, Tooth ,
and Ear Ache, Loae ef
Sleep and Bowel Com.
plaints. ,
7J'x'ivv '.
No real fuitico ean bi dnna tha ahove nrenaratlons
bat by procarinffand reading descriptive pamphlets.
found with all dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand., formulai and Trial Bottles sent to Physi
dans, who will find development In both worthy their
aoceptanoe and approval.
Oorreapondeooe solicited from all whose necessities or
curiosity prompts to a trial of the above reliable Bone
dies. ;. , 1 - .,
. For rale fay ths uiutl wholesale and retail dealer .
everywhere. . . . .
JOHN t. nillVNEWElL, Proprlet '
i . -1 1 r. OHBMIBT ANO rBABMACBtmST, . :
' So. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass.
aobsrts It Samuel, N. B. Marpls, J. B. 0ook,J. U
Denlr, O. Deolg Ac Sons, A. J. Bchueller k. Bon, Aftent
for Oolnmbns, Ohio. , i - myl-dly
In all oases of eostlrenoss, dyspepsia, billions and liver
affeotlons, piles, rheumatism, fevers and agues, obstl
oat head aobes, and all general derangements of health
then Pills hAv Invariably proved aoertaln and speedy
remedy. A single trial will plaos tie Life puis beyond
Um reach 0 'competition In the estimation of every pa
Oent. ' ' Dr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will bs found equally at
Seaolous la alloases of norvoas debility, dyspepsia, bead
ache, the sickness Incident to females In delicate health,
and every Vind of weakness of the digestive organs,
fp'r salekyDr.W.B.MOrrAT.SJS, Broadway, H. I.
and by all Druggists. suyra-dkwlr '
" The following is an extract from a
letter written by the Bar. J. S. Holme, paster ot lbs
Plerrapotnt-Strset Baptist Ohoroh, Brooklyn, H. T.,te
the 'odmal and MesBenger,' Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
volumes In favor of thtt world-renowned mcdlotne, Mrs .
Wixilow's BooTRtse Sranr roa CaUDatw Tacranai
We ere an advertlsnent In your eolnmns of Mrs
Wlmtow's Bootbins Svaor. Now we never saida word
In favor of a patent medicine before In our Ills, bat we
feel compelled to say to your readers that this Is ao baa
bug ws navi Tairn it, axo know it eo si au. it
claims. It Is probably one of the most sareessfal medi
cines of Ihe day, because It Is on of the beat. And those
of yeur roadera who have babies can't do bettor than
lay In a supply." 1, oc7:lydfcw
Wm. A. Eatchelpr's Hair Dye!
Th Original and ' Beet In the Worldl
- All others arc mere unitatkms, and should be avoided
Ifyou wish to escape ridicule. , '
GRAY, BED OB BUST! HAIR Dyed Instantly to s
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
HatrorSkln ' -1 ' ' ' ' ' r
awaidsd to Wat. A. Batchetor since 1830, and over 80,00 -applications
have been made to the Hair of his patrons
of his famous dyei '
WM A. BAIOBMLOB'S HAIR DYB produces a cot'
or not to be distinguished from nature, and is warranted
not to Injure In the least, however long It may be contin
ued, and the 111 effects of Bad Dyes remedied; the Hair
invigorated for life by this splendid Dye,
Sold In all1 cities and towns of the United States
Druggists aad Fancy Goods Dealers. -
ILfThe Genuine has ths name and address upon a stsel
plate engraving oa four sides of each box, of WILLIAM
OllARbtts BATORKLOR, Fioprietor,"
JyW-wiV - 1 Barclay street, New York. .
r, H'T i ;'i T t3onun)HTee. , ,
Th Advertiser, baring been restored to health in a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after havlngf uffereds
oral years with a severs lung affection, and that dread
disease. Consumption Is anxious to make known to his
fcllow-snffererS the means of ear. - '.. "- 1.
Toall who desire It, he will send a copy of Ibeprescrlj
tion used (free of charge), with the directions for ptepa
lng and using the same, which they will find a rcss Co
for OoxstiarrtoH, Asthka, Baoncnrrui, Ae. The only
object of the advertiser hi sending the Prescription Is te
benefit the sffiieted, snd spread Informs tloa which he con
ceives to be Invaluable, and be hopes every sufferer will
try his remedy, as K will cost them nothing, and Day
prove a Messing. ! : ,,., , ., , ,,,,
Parties wishing the prescription will pleaee address
," - - Bar. EDWARD A. WILSON, v 1
A '.::-.""... " - Wllllamsbargb, 1
. v ''".a' Ktns Oounty, New York.
oct3:wly ,v..uVl.-J?i.,. L
W7'A. Batchelor'si lair Dye!
"H. A
i IhUspUmdldHsJrDyehMnoeqaal InsUntaneoosln
effect Beautiful Black er -Natural Brevo-o staining
th skin oriujuilng tas Hair rcmomatneBosar an
effect of Bad Dyes, and tnrlgorates the hair for life.
None are genu tas tin lees signed uyr Aa Batohetor.
Sold everywWe. y. 4
CHA8. BATCHELOR, Proprietor,
JylAwly : .! Bl Barclay Stmt, New Ton.
I ,
ADVBRT1BBMENT. H'..;'.r ?l!5.: ij
For; the INSTANT BBtriJf
.', and PX&MANENI OUBJ of ta . '.i
dlitrosslng complaint use m i
"EN IT S '
Made by 0- B. BBYMOCB 00., 107 Hassas Bt.'.N. T."
rrlo l per ox; seat free bj post.- 1
eave-dwtis , -i .1 " '. ).:.i.r 7. I
pb' YOU ant'a MUSTACHET "
T t T T T t ri T m mm ,
,.;,,, iBAJUAsAJSUAAM B-. ,'.,.it v,V
.'(I At
i !.-.:-. :n ' 'i
StimnlatiDg OBgncnt,
" "i I f r r
For tb Whiskers and 'Hair.
. A $ , 1" . f
Tbe inbMrlberf ttk blfltunM In swi
OitiBSBS of the United Btatea. that the han ohi.lnl th
Agency for, and are now enabled to offer to the American ,
publio, the above Justly celebrated and World-renowned 1
article. The . .m.. jf. , m, .i . ..v-J
I r jnlT'!fl ve-(tji
I " .t,i t-H Ii aerl rfl
t D re w red by Da. 0. P. BELLINGHAM. an aariaon
physician, of London, and bjwafranled to bring outs.
tbteksstef' F ; r
Wniskera or a Mnstache '
ia from three to sl weeks. This a'rttale. Is tha anl ana
of the kind used by the French, snd in London snd Paris
11 n in noire real aae.
jit is a beaaurul, eoonomloal, soothing, yet ttlmnlatlng .
compound, acting as If by maglo upon the rouu, eanrlng
beautiful jrrowth of luxnriant hair. If applied to the"
scalp, it will core aiutxras, and cause to spring up la
place of tha hnld spots a fine growth of new hair. Ab. r
plied according to directions, U will turn nsn ob Towt
hair bark, and restore gray hair to tta ri,ioal color,
leaving It soft. Smooth, and flexible. Too "OnooKa-r" la -an
Indispensable article In every gontleman's tot 1st, and
after one week's Bsc they would nut for any consideration
bewlthoutlt. T . . -i . .. . . -,,,.
iThc snbecrlbersere ths only Agent for the article In
the United Btatea, to whom all orders must be addressed.
Price One Dollar a box for sals by all Druggists and '
Dealers; ora box of the "Onguent" (warranted to hare
the desired effect) will-be sent to any who. desire It, by
mail (direct), securely packed, on receipt ef prloe.an)
postage, 1.18.. Apply to or address
- ;--IlOBACllIIMBMAN 0(nr-
Y ii J J BBeift1Tt.,fvl -
teKiUdanum . g William Street. New York
rpiIE 8
X alia
Stanlo Ariiclta. will furnish emplovmoni to.
few aotlre men to set as agents for their house. A .
preference will be gives to those who arc well acnuaint- - -
In the district for whkh they avply.' t
For which service tlwy ar wilUag to nay ?ala ry; .
from " - f f
$000 to $800' per year, aad Sxponses,
For further partteCsrs address
, . h w. .. .... '.xr. n. HCMIL
mobehoubb s jDo,
iid.iI .Band S, Bxchansc Place,
Jar,!) din
- ' ' "rsoyKlHyyK. J,
r v
TXriUfU trSAN'Il.K tJAHAtltt, liuiMU
WW U.l.lt.njt niak l.ltlMMrM.trjL; '. .1 . T...
I and Black, Jost reoeived at"
LE tr.-BAIN'B.
Jt egant aiixions, io great yartety at BAIN'S,
ctS.iT'v-.i, v ., y Mo. SO.Hlghstreet'r

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