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f i ii r, i i i
k ' ... ' '
'lie Adams Express Company places u dally
' unttit Obligation to U tor the rery latt paper
iin the eastern cltiee. ? -. .4 . , ' i
The Jlmerloan uxproHf vouipauy u ur
thankH for Jt dally favor In the ibape of the
very lateeaetern paper." i '
AnjouHHhT of Covet.--The Court of Com
mon PJeai will adjourn on Monday next, the
25th ImtJ ft .. ' . '-
"--- m
Hi BTThe Jackton Standard is urging the pro
priety of building a new Court House la that
County. '"'!-"r'' ""-""
' ' ' " ' b-
RtLiaiob9 Festival. Next Sunday. ; March
24.1a Palm Sunday. The Sunday' following,
Much 3lat, is Easter Sunday; ' Next Tuesday,
March 36, Is the 15;hday of the Jewish month
Nle en, and the "Bcgiohlng of the Paetow." '
ID Yesterday, March 30, was, eocording to
the reckoning of astronomers, the beginning of
Spring in the Northern hemisphere. It appear
ed.aa tdoes to-day, more like the setting in of
winter than the opening up or spring,
-. ' 11 J"w?amwmaimmjaw: 1
Anotheb LiD? VioToaioui as a Candidate
net iriiiiH.eaAi m rcwui mniuuu iui m vmhh
ter In St. Clalrsfille, Mrs. J. A. RamaoB WM
tie successful candidate..: She beat two gentle
men who were her opponents, receiving as many
votes as both of them. ''' ' .''
"The Advocate or Peace" Is published at
Rn.liri' Mua ' b the' American Peace Society,
It Is issued monthly, or it double number Is two
months,"makinir a volume In two years, at $1
for that length oi time. . Tb articles are brief,
and generally strikingly appropriate in the pres.
ent revolutionary oondition of our country.
A Discoveet, The Cleveland Hertli of last
evening lajeti, i sJJ'.il '
When John Sweeney (who, when convicted of burglary
lately. Moved -all bystanders to pity by nil affecting
noi cli) arrive at Columbus, on Monday, in chart of
Marsh! Orswv It wa feuod that the Warden oi in rem
tenttary wai much better acquainted with him than even
the win he leitnero. ira niiw v,w
ballet wonndi on bweeney's body, received while at
.,..,,. fmm the Penitentiary about a year
since, lie It said by the prison offlcsrs to be one of the
molt desperate rogues ever eooflned In Columbus, and
thrre was little loy among the turnkey! when be was
committed to their keeping forthree year.
CooaT or Common Pls'. Yesterday after
noon, in the case or the State t. Maetim Fin
MEEArf , Indicted for robbery, the prosecution
called only a witness or two, when the ease was
submitted to the Jury, who returned a verdict of
"Not Qullty.V. " r
In the case of the State v. John MoFaeland,
Indicted Tor an awault upon Mrs. liiaamo with
latent' to murder,' the Jury i" this morning, r
turoe4 a verdict of "Guilty."' His counsel, Mr.
Chittenprn, filed motion for a new trial. '
The Court were occupied at noon, to day, in
the trial of the case of the State v. White and
others, Indicted (or riot. ' "'
Tuiu ATs.i-The pioturo of Whites' by
Mathews has jaat arrived from New York, and
is now on exhibition at the rooms of the State
Board of Agriculture In the State House. This
picture at the time of lte completion elicited the
following criticism from the New York JBeenlny
Paw WTO iaThrre' fTrmoe. Mr. Mathewe, the por
trait DAinter, ie enangtd at hit Btudlo, In the Appleton
ldin"poo a llt?-ilied,hIMenitth portrait of tor,.
M Web.r,?rderd for .he Mercantile Library of San
Vrleco. It repainted from a dagnerreo type taken a
horttlme prevtone to Mr. Webtter death, and will b
the only portrait represents thla pertwnlar poeiUon,
affotdlng anoblafront view of the faos and brow. In
opylng from a typs, Mr. Mathews la enabled to eolleot
and reproduoe with fidelity the eharaoteiistlcs of the fea
tures, while his peiaonal temembranee of bis sn)eot ss
sUU him In Investing hit portrait with that life-Use vig
or andeolor that daguerreotype I. There ta no Ideal
Itlnc of the faoe, not a wrinkle is suppressed, not on of
thoM routh traits which gavs such a titan la Majesty to
tb featares of Webster Is disregarded. . f he astpw brow
aad deep sunken eye are delineated with exoellent ef
fect, and promlei,when flnUhed, to be one of the very hett
portraits of Webster that will be left to poateilty. Th
irtlst la deserving of especial praii In sucoeedlni so
well, when b had to oopy from a daguerraotyp. iottead
of the original lubjeot. , ;..-
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Halls for New York City, Boston, Albany, Buflkl.
PltUborgh, fteulwnvtlle way. Cleveland, Znsvi ,
Nwark. OranvlIU, Wathlngton City, Balilmor. Phila
delphia and New Orleans, close dally (Sundays xcep-
ittIotghBSlPfor,New Tort and Clewlandelosei
dally (Sundays ekcepted) at 1 o'olock p. m. .
0. 0. 0. R. K. way Uallolose dally (Sunday I
eepted) at 1 o'clock p. ra. . ...
Central Ohio Way hail clotesdjlly (Sundays xcepttd)
'ne'ntfway Mall close dally (onndayW!epted) at
1 oolock p. B. . '
Chicago, Dubuque, Delaware, Marlon and Worthing
ton Mail elosea dally tundays MoepUd) at 1 o'olock
'"Ma'tU for Xenla, 'BpTlngneld', Dayton, Tolrto, Clnoto.
naiL Indianapolle, LoaUrllle, Bl. Louis, aed Detroit,
close dally (Sunday excepted) at TH. P
A through malt to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati I
eloees daily (Sunday excepted) ai i o eioca p. m. I
Urban, f iqua, i'linn aau y dhm viV . v-
(Sundays excepted) at 7)g o elocK p. m. I
Uneaster, Logan, Melsonvlll, Cirolvlllj QEIlIlcetne, I
Wortamouth, Washington, O. Athens. ""' " I
Blllborouh, malMsios aaiiy viun.ej'"j - -n i
'clock p.m. . . . . .
cast way aiaii ny mm mumt '-- -.-i
j. 1 1 a-a.anirlul 11 n'nlnrk m. m
UftUW loauwijt w.vav. .. - v- ----- - .
iUrrUbuniH MaLU oIom .UUy ((fundayv cicepttJ) t 1
kit. VtrnoD Mail by ww'of WeatfrrUle nd Runbury,
. . .11. fll..wa iVMintJrt ftl 1 (iVlaMk It. aBe
Dublin Mail closes dally(undys xeepstd)at 1 o oloc
ir.ii. rmtit Wa Vnrk. Boaton. Philadelphia. Albany.
Pittsburgh, Cleveland,, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla, Detroit.
Rnrinrfleld. Cincinnati. Cbllllcothe. St. Leula, and all
Southern cities, arrive betwu th hours of o elock p-
llall from IndlanapollSfChlcago and Dubuque, arrive
u juVlii Wuihlnirtnri Ittv. feelUmor. - Wheeling,
Zaneenile, Newark, Bteubnwtll) Ut. Vernon, sad lb
0. O. R. R. way Mall, arrive at 8H o'clock p.m. ,
Way Hall from Cincinnati, arrive at M o'clock p. B.
Lancaster If all arrive at 3K 'lock p. sa. .
East Way. Mall over th National Road, arrives at 11
e'cioek am. , ,
Mt. Vernon way Hall arrive at 11 ;00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrives afS o'clock p. m.
TJrbana Way Mall arrives at 8 o'clock p. !
nmMih Mall airlVMi at 11 o'clock a. aa.!
nffiM iiiiinn arjen ever dav (exeent Sunday.) from
7 Si 'eloek a. m. to 8 o'loak . .Open en Sundays
la the morning, and from le 0 la
Rail Road Time Table.
Leave. Arrive
A)oommdllorlV.ik.W.10 A. Jfr1 " ?, J'
an. 9.30P.M. t. 3 301. M.
m.ht Emnit ... ... 8.4 A.M.. k 1 8.43 A. M.
m rfninwane a-f!rmlntTfB. It.'
. "XAires and Ha 1.......3. r. n. - i.wr..
n litubi Hnfaa..i..k....3:25 A. U .l:J0A, M
CMTaal.OMoB. Tl". ''' "TIli imi l..'v JJ0
XxnrSM Train. 7. 3.00 K.U t 30 A. H.
- Mall Train.. 8.40 P.M. irKWlf. M
. Pmasoien, Ooiowac s Cim-isatTl B. B
-'' mTesTrlri..;..i.XJ..ilnOA:M. I I.WP.M
. . U.HII.U a in n u O'OA d as.
' fioiiiirtA;InoiAkaroisRia.I p,;,!"JI.'!"
, 0lumbus,Vlqua k Indiana B. R.
TOrMTnlnH4.7...W::10-A.M. 11:10 A. M
, KurtM Tr4in 8:4SP.M.' f y B;1P.,M.
' Q ,,11.1. I I p ii n ; ..
TToem .LmElrT-PrBelUngbAm'i j'SUmnl
iiDg'ODBBeBtJ'-'iO fattOTs In vLondorv Pari,
aiid other European cUiee, seem tb be gaining
that U ha beoame an Indispensable article for
th toilet ! alj ent large cities, Meeere.Horaoe
hi. Ueeeman & Cool New - York, Dew hare
.h antir American pjarkei oohfined to taenia
r - ' 1 ' ' 1
' and we give their advTti.enient a plac In art.
' other column.
m . aB At I- if 1
the ETOWtn OI peara on wuisaers. r ini unci
f ...w. fo und about A XI AH our vonnn men
will lad ' to lesm; that thi celebrated pre-
paratlou 1 now placed wikbio their roach at
wouflorfuUv low price.
. - 7.1
Peebomax N. Oundersblmer has just returned
from the east, where be ha purchased
one of the finest assortment of Cloths, Caaalmere
, and Vesting of every grade and variety
ever offered In thi market. He ha purobeaed
hi entire stock of first band, wbioh will enable
him to cell ae low u any other establishment
'ft of th mountain. He baa aeenred the r
vice of the well known eutter Mr. Robert
Sparling to take charge of the tailoring depart
ment. Those desiring the beet of material got
ten up In the latest and best style of cut and
workmanship, will do well to call and examine
bis stock before purchasing elsewhere. ,. ' i '
He bae also a full ana complete itock of
Gents' furnlshioc eoods, allot which ha juit
arrived and are of the latest pattern. Persons
calling cannot fail to be tuiltd.
A large and well (elected etock of Reidy Mad
Clothlug kept constantly on hand, at prioea to
eult the time. . , , . . ,
Remember the place, No. 139 South High
street, one aoor fJortb of the Uoodale House.
Loss of Sleep.
! Il there anything more wearing to both mind
and body than loss of sleep, or it any diffloulty
or Disease oan D ottener tracea to otner tnan
lot of deep, then experience has lost its pow
er, or Sidney Smith, the great English Physiol
ogist, I not to be relied upon. Of this, let the
experience of thousands answer, and try the To
lu Anodyne, and tbey will be ready to endorse
the remak of one of the friend of the proprie
tors, woo writes, "were the directions to be eov.
ered with sovereigns to purchase, I would Dot
be without It." This all will experience by Its
use. Bee 'advertisement, and eall for pamph
lets. . ' :. i.;
Cooohs. To e sudden oh an sea of onr olimat
are source of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Aath-
matio Affection. - experience naving provea
eertalnly, when taken in the early stage of the
disease, recourse shoo id at onoe be had to
"Br men' Bronchial Trochei," or Lozenges, let
the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be
ever so slight, as by this preoantlon m more se
rious attack may be effectually warded off.
mono BpeaKers ana singers win una tnem er
feotual for clearing : and strenethenlnir tbe
voice. Bee advertisement. For sale wholesale
and retail, by Roberts & Samuel, No. 24 North
HIch street. S. Samuel Co.. No. 85 South
street. .. .-.-j. .. i
Good We met one of our friends vesterdav
on Broadway, and were astonished at tbe change
in nis appearance. A lew week ago we saw
him, he was pale, lean and dejected) complain
log of weakness and debility, having been so
afflicted alt summer. Now he appears to be fat,
healthy and etrons. We learn he owed his res
toration entirely to McLean's Steesothenino
UOBOIAL. .- '.;.! .' . I: is .-.
Ws advise all who are oomnlalnlns' of Gen
erai veouity to try it; it is oertainly a very
pleasant remedy. We learn that there are lartre
f TV .. . " . . " " -
quantities of it selling daily. Morning, Herald,
MoiQOTTO Bites and Bee Stinos These are
ordinarily very painful, particularly the Bee
Bting. Guernsey's Balm will prevent any swell
ing or pain, and yoa will perceive no bad effects
irom toe sting or tnoie insects. Try it: , ,,
DR. Kiekfateick, No. 165 South High
Street, has a very choice assortment of Gold and
Silver .Watches, fine Jewelry, Clocks,' Silver
aad Plated Ware, at prices to enit the time.
ET See advertisement of Prof. Miixra's
Hair Invigorator In another column. . ,
CoLomus, March 18, 1861.
lie auction, on Saturday. March 30th. at eleven o'
clock A. M., at the offioeof the Treasurer of Bute, two
thousand dollar of the Bond of th But of Ohio, draw-
lag Interact at th rata of six per cent, per an
num, and payable semi-annually la the City of New
York, and the principal redeemable at tb pleasure of th
BUM. i- r
These Bond wen denostted with the Treasurer of th
Btate of Ohio for the purpose of securinc the clroulaUon
of the Savings Bank of Oinolnnatl, and they aro to be
sold for the purpose of redeeming th same.
saarcDiu:iu . . . A. r. bxvhb, jfrwia.
Stimiiltitiug Ougueut,
For the Whiskers and Hair.'
Th subscriber take pleasure In announelnc to the
Oltlsen ol th United Btatee, that they have obtained th
Agency for, and are now enabled to offer to the Amerloan
publlo, ths abov justly celebrated and world-renowned
article. Th , ..... , .. ... .,,,,,,.,(
Is prepared by Sa. 0. F. BKLtlNQIlAM, an eminent
physlolau of London, and Is warranted to bring out a
thick set of -
Whiskers or a Mnstache .
I from three to lis weeks This article la the onlv on
of th kind uasd by th French, and In London and Paris
II I In universal use.
It Is a beautiful, conomlcal, soothing, yet stimulating
oempound, acting as If by msgie upon the roots, causing
abeautitul growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
amlp W,-J, ean IiLDK ud Ml. t0 aprtn( up
piae of th bald spots a fine growth of new hair. Ap-
pllta aoeordloE to directions. It will turn ant or towt
hair Daac.and restor gray hair to It oilslnal oolor,
leaving It soft, naooth, and flexible. Th "OnoDawT" Is
ae lndlipenaable article in very gentleman's toilet, and
alter on week's u they would not for en consideration
in ubsoriDr are tn eniy Agent for th article in
th United State, to whom all order must be sddreaaed
Prlre One Dollar a box for sale brail Drurelita and
Dealer; or a box of tb "Onguent" (warranted to have
the desired effeot) will be sent to any who deilre It, by
mall (direct), securely peeked, on receipt f prkw aad
postag, tl-18. , Apply to r address . mm . i r.-.
I i h. ; J '. 1 1' HORAOS I.. HEOBMAW Be flrt -
4 -.1 it : ,
, . Baoeoitn, a. .
84 William Btret,IewTork.
from tb New 1 ork Observer.l
As all nartles manufaeturlea Bewln Machines are oh-
red lo nav Mr. Unws a llnenie aa eaih machine eeld.
and ar a so compelled to make returns to him, under
oath, a to th number sold, his books rlveeoorreot ettte
ent. trom this reliable source we have obtained th
roiiowini itauauc. ut th machine mad la th year
,QK11 . 1 ..... . . r
VMVf uHn wvrv eutu,
i bj vrneewv at wuson..Jt.s.....SI,3t
..., . - I. M. Blngerai Qo.... ...... 10.9S3
i ( , t wmw m neer...t.....i.m,eov
Bhawfntf the ealee of Wheeler- Ac WHiam aa a AwV.
Bos of any other company . -I vi ' ,;
Awarded the hlsbest prsmlam t th I ' ! il 1 '
. r,, United BkvtVslrf 1668 aad )S00;! Ii''.
n nu also at the t u-s- tj
Ohio Btat lair of land lrjoej. ...,. i .
. and at aearly all th county fairs in in state. ,ia
Our price, at th late reduction, art at low' at awv
lock tticA machine now cold, and but a trine higher than
interior km lurtaa eaowe nca macMntt, now
reed upon th market.. .
I Th WBB1LBB fc WltBOlf MACHftll makes the
Iiook Ttc the only e ne which eannot be raveled . It
b Attn o BerwiirnaM the roods, leavine no rtagttr
rvsn in tneir use, rree oi snare. - -
It. uuAltx,ei inn i.t coinmm, v,
mMI -jo r,,,, ...,, i WM. SUMNEB a 00., ' ' '
deJ.9wdnwom Pike's Opera noss,OlnctonaU.'
I TjacrfiowpESj ahd prevekti in
I ..1 flvmrRkLin sal A a, 1. av.. A l.
ie.i tr,iViuXi
- I f . . . a. . 7
nai, eai. rneam, me. talt,n toternally. It will
5!tMf," ".
I thll irVrttildl MMHM.t. .Iea
wr J t. eta
ltteai Btorairaepawi irvTn"toI, "
- a p--.,r..iiPi vffaves.ftWew sorK?'
-at w-w iy . if.- l v m. t a
If Hwetile nwwenaentet be madeky
saw AiaiBiiraiin j urmsaiiw
bw - the s.nete-.Tlie laaiclmen ta
ed N Danger of Cwillatwn aC t ort
Plckona frweldoaalal Nwaalaatlwae
-Oivemmmtal 6qnwbblia Teiai-Iks
leather Tariff atelnsr Vitiora
ously pat In Operation :uae) pre-
pairlnar Exaeats ttaa Nwrttiarm 'kr-
If I Seceeetwo UrellmaBca m.m J-p
rwttwn Heaolntlwm ratased ky Am
kstnaaia liCg-lalatdre, and me Pewple
i Vote (kreoa-nrtUr Hib;bm
tteue in the A rear i Ma tracuail
f Frtsnmtr bf Saturday Pael-tlweiy
wrdrcd-lf a Betntorcement of
ft'ort Flckone dco.ieVe.e accy j j
Washington News and Gossip.
Maroh 20-Much
manifested respecting the action of the Admin
istration relative to affair South, and various
rumor prevaili but information derived from
an authentio source warrant the assertion that
whatever movements may be in progree involve'
coming oi a noetlle character, un tne con
trary, they are in the direction of peace. , Tbey
generally agree, however, that the military
fai'ti In tbe Onlf fort now held by tbe Federal
uovernment will be preserved. ; j
Tbe Senate confirmed Q. F. Adam a Min
ister to England Geo. P. Marsh, Minister to
Strdinlai Jamee Wateon Webb, Minister to
Turkeyj Baniord to Belgium;. Divine, Consul
at Cork) Green Clay. Secretary of Legation to
Spaing Wm. 8. Thayer, Consul General to
Egypt; FrancI Green, Postmaster i at Nile,
Michigan t Henrv Sbomo. Postmaster at Fre
mont, Obiot John B. Defreea. Superintendent of
Publlo Printine. , He will Immediately organ
ise a new Government Boreas. 1.-W, Nye, of
atw Xork, Governor of Nevada. ' I . f t
! ' Tbe two indiotment asainat Gov Floyd, In
th Court here, were dissmlsed a untenable.
Tbe first wa a eonsplraoy to- defraud the Gov
eminent, . Tbe Distrlot Attorney stated in open
court that there is no evidence to sustain the
charge, and with the leave of the Court, would
nter a np prosroui. The (eoondwa malfeea
nee in office in issuing acceptances. Tbe act
of 1857 prohibits prosecution where the party
indicated bis testified before Congress touch
lug tbe matter eharged. This has been Judi
cially deolded to be not a srlvUeso. of w!t
pees, but a mandate of law, and the oaee would
have come to an abrupt termination on the fact
being; submitted In advance to tbe Court by
counsels. , Both side of the Ini'O'.ment were or
dered to be quashed, as tbey could not be main
The Commissioner of the Confederate States
will wait leisurely for the aotion of the Gov-
vernment. . Great efforts are makine br distin
guished gentlemen to effeot a peaceful solution
ox tne soutnern complication. -; r - ice .-:. ;
I I ne uovernment at Montgomery btvo do ap
prehensions of a collision at Fort Pickens. Ilia
aid the accounts published are gross exaggera
tion of the true condition of affair there. The
Commissioner have information that the best
feeling exist between the Federal authorise
and tbe offioer in command of th Confederate
troop , and no danger of collision wai apprebend-
W ABRiNOTON, March SO.Thoma J. Dryer,
Of Oregon, ha been appointed Commissioner to
the Sandwich. Islands; James 0, . Putnam, of
Mew York, Consul to Havre: Rufu Kins-, edl
tor of the Milwaukee Stntintl, Consul to Home.
New Yobb, March 20. Tbe - Gmmereief
Washington despatch says ex-Governor Bout
well declines the Treasury Comptrollershlp. .
Air. Beward and tbe New Vork senators beld
a consultation on the appointment to-day. "
i Large quantities of cotton are arriving; at
Alexandria, via Memphis, going North.
Tbe Put R. II. Dana i urged for Dis
trict Attorney of Massachusetts.
Tbe President baa sent tbe foilowme nomlna
tdons to the Senate : Burlingame, Minister to
Austria: B. R. Wood, Minister to Denmark i H.
S. Sanford, Minister to Belgium; Freeman II
Morse, Consul to London. . . s
From New York.
New Yosk, March 31. The Htrald't Wsah-
irjeton correspondence savst Wm. Irvlnir ha
been nominated Gov .-of Dacotab. - Mr. fneer.
soii.iormeny oi iwaaeacnuBeus, i pressed tor
Secretary of Mew Mexico.' .'i i ' is-.
I be Massachusetts delegation bas aereed to
meet at noaton, April 4Uib, to settle appoint
T. Bieelow Lawrence sroo a Searetarv of
Legation to England.'' CoT. Nelson, of Indiana,
will be nominated Minister to Brazil. ;
The Southern Commissioners have positive
sauranees from the Government that no rein
forcement of the fort will be permitted for th
present, and the present status is to remain.
i be l noune say Lieut, biemmer is to be
promoted. , .,
No order bas yet been sent for tho evacuation
of Fort Sumter.
The Treasury Department 1 prenarinz In
structions to Collectors for tbe execution of the
new tariff. -,
Dispatches from Major Anderson av formid
able batteries have been erected in tbe rear of
Fort Sumter, which Is It weakest point. v
A JNew Urleang dispatch to tbe I'rtbum says
advices from Montgomery announce arrange
ment made with commissioner at Washington
to await tbe withdrawing of federal troops be
fore opening negotiations.
' Tbo World'i Washington correspondent states
that Captain Frasier, 9th Infantry, and Lieu
tenant Bannon, 3d Infantry, have resigned.'
i It 1 positively known that orders were issued
tome day since for tbe evacuation of Fort Sum
ter, which will be done by Saturday. T r
A petition, signed oy from i.uuu to a.uuu per
sons, for the immediate removal of Postmaster
Capen, of Boston. . - -i m
Tbe Administration ha not ordered tb re
inforcement of Fort Picken. ,
Mr. Bayard will conclude hi loeeob'bv offer
fnga resolution authorising a treaty with the
Confederate State. , ' ' "
The rumcr that the President Is about to issue
proclamation on the state of the Union is no-
true. " ' " -
Latest from Texas.
Galveston, March 19. Gov- Honaton and
the Secretary of State refused to' appear on the
16th before the Convention, when summoned,
after one notice, to take the oath . The other
State officer took the oath. - : ,v
Lieut. Clark was to assume the Governor'
power on the 16th. It wa not known what
Uonaton would do. - 1 ' ,v
Tbe Convention is rapidly mtuterinB defen
sive force to protect th frontier.
i i no Indian are present in large number on
tbe Western borders.. . . ' . - r -.j u
Ford is organizine a military foroo to protect
the Rio Grande. - ..'...v.- - " -
The Convention ha passed an ordinance con
tinuing In the State Government the offioer
who tak tbe oath, 1 ti ;-... .? -.-. a
NashVillb, TenDrikaron 20 Great excite
ment followed tb rejection of tbe secession or
dinance at Little Rock, Arkansas. , A Comoro
mis was maae mat tne people snoaid vote on
tbo first Monday is August for oo. operation or
seoeesion. Delegate are to be sent to the Bor
der State Convention, and report on the ra-as-
sembllng of the Convention on the 3d Monday
in AUgUSt. . -.' r-u.y, .) v
- -s t n , r
Indunola, March 16. It I stated that Lieut.
William baa resigned; " ";' " f" '"'.'"'
i Col. Bonneville, of the Third Infantry, late In
eommapd at Fort Clark, .has arrived, bound for
St. Louie. Twoeompanies are here from San
Antonio., Xleut." Washington, of, tho United
States Army, remains to aot a Quartet Master
and Commissary until tb federal troop have
an ten me oiaie.
LooUvill; March Z0.Yia' MmMthia
Arkansas Convention adjourned, after paegiDg
a secession ordinance and co-operation resolu
tions for stbmieelon to a popolar vote; Aeon-
cUlatorV spirit wa roanireste by botfr 1part!e1
: Fort Smith, (Ark.,1 Maroh 20. Thirty nine
gun were fired In thie olty last night in hon
or of the vote In the Convention against seces
sion. J, There, I greet fjotolog among Union
Fbankpoet, Kv., Maroh 20. Tha Leclala
tare r-s8mbled end. aajoarned over until to-
morrow, i to allow tho nee of ths ball to tbo
Southern Rights Mass ConTentiori no t8 Be-.
100. tt.tttn-H'i it.Ttiai.. !
, T'JiTA '. a ii 1, ii i ilSH?C
i New OBLEAwa, Maroh SOf. Go fl. TwigM de
ollne a brigadier Generalship In th Cnieder
at army, oaaoooont of feeble bealth.
Missouri Convention.
St. Locis, Maroh 21.Id the Convention
yesterday th 3d retoIutJoa was adopted, yea 6a
nav 4 " ' ? ,u 1
. . Mr. Gamble offered a ubtltuU fof the 4th
reaolutlon, slightly altering tbe phraseology,
WOICU WAS taoptM tea ((, Dav
... ' mwT . n
taoptM tea ((, nav . an em
resolution, relative to coerolon, was then taken
up. Mr. Poanell offered a a substitute that It
le neoeeaary for the preservation of peace that
tbe rreeldenl withdraw tne military rorce irom
tb seceded States, andabstain, from collecting
tbe revenue, '.m .-.i m i . i
Mr. Hall offered an amendment to the effeot
that tb Convention 1 hot sufficiently acquainted
with th position tif tho federal troops In the
South to make such a request, and earnestly
entreating the Federal Government to abstain
from any act calculated to bring about colli
sion. .-, ; -. ru.v i .;
-Mr. Shaokleford offered a aubstituU to th
amendment that it la the opinion of this Conven
tion, that tbe eherished dealr to preserve tbe
country from civil war, and restore iraternai
feelings, would be greatly promoted by the with
drawal of tha Federal .troop from such forts
within tb seceded State where there is danger
of hostile collision i and we recommend that
toliov. - Th substitute wa 'adopted, and th
resolution as. amended, ; passed -aye 89,
nays 6. " .a. i-
Tb sixth resolution, providing for an adjourn
ment till December, was adopted. ' -:
Several amendment wr offered to th ser
enth resolution, pending;, which th Convention
adjourned; ''
Richmond. March 30-t-Io the Convention.
Mr. Holcomb, of Albemarle, (made an eloqnent
peech for a withdrawal from th Union. Res
olution relative to taxation were eonsldered,
and pending a motion to table tbemtbCon
ventlon adlourned.' ' ' .' ,.',;.
Mr. Carlisle will offer an amendment to tbe
report of the committee ton Federal Relations,
embodying the Franklin substitute entire. "'
mmm '',U rt
Chableston, Marob SO. Memmlnger, Sec
retary of tbe Treasury, has taken measure to
prevent tbe introduction of goods by inroad
routes. Officers will bo stationed at all the
Railroad connections to enforce the tariff regu
lations. . Tbe same precaution are to be taken
prevent smuggling on the uoast line.
- i , ... tj i..
. BorraLo, March 21 It ba been snowing
here sine yesterday afternoon. . It la now
snowing In New York city.-
H In
U. S. Senate—Special Session.
Washington' March 20. Mr. Hale offered a
resolution, .which lies over,, that the Senate
will adjourn on Saturday next at 1 P. M.. etne
tie. f ' :! .i i 'i , u r. - i j
Tbe Senate then considered the resolution of
Mr. Douglas, calling for Information relative to
tbe forts, arsenals, navy yards, and other public
property In the seceded States. ' '
Mr. Bayard said he had at all time endeav
ored so to gnard his course that no word from
bis lips tbould bave a tendency to menace and
foster alienation and separation- between the
different portions of the Confederacy. He con
ceived reunion to bo impracticable, and there
remained but one of two ooursee to pursue, vis:
war with a view to subjection, or. the acknow
edgment of their Independence a a seperate
nationality.'- r - '.', -
Mr. Bayard Indicated a pronoeltion he Intend
d to offer, authorising the President to conclude
treaty with tb confederate State, acknowl
edging their independence as a separate nation:
otherwise the other alternative, civil war, would
occur, which should be averted. He argued that
act of secession 1 a breach of contract, and
such actual revolutibn, but at the same time
la a revolution inaugurated by tbe people
themselves collectively, and you cannot meet It
except by war or peaoelul negotiations.
executive session.. Adjourned. j - '
New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 21.
ILODIU-recelpU of 1,370 bbli; market without Im
portent change', salee of 7.800 bblaat S tl5 IS for
superftn Itatet (5 Hi for extra elate) (5 109
IS for superftn Wee tern; J HWS 4S forwmmon to
medium extra Westsrn; 3 00(33 00 for ihlpplna brands
extra Bound Boon Ohio. - Canadian- flour aulet and
sieaaj, iee oi Jiu neis ai kkso 13.
Kka ruCH stcadjrat 3 & 10.
WHEAT recelDli of S.1M Imib: market all.filU In
favor ofaellere, with fair export demand: raleo ef 34,000
kushattjl 18(91 80 for Chicago Sprinr; IH for Mil
waukee Club; 1 43(31 30 forwblte Western.
BABLEY iuietand unchanged "
CORN receipts of 1,434 bush; market aulet but firm
with fair export demand; sales 31 CO 000 bnshels at 67(
for old mixed western In stor aad dellvindiOsH
WMofor new mixed and jellow. . ,
OAI8 firmer, sales 3Sa for western and Canadian
state. . ,,. .. ,,- . . . -, .
PORK quiet and uaohanred: sales SObbla BIS 62
meutia 30aiS73. ,
BBEE-dull.. . ' ' JO - ' - .'"j;
OUT atlAIS Stead vend nnrhanired: uW El M, .(
oaio,. : "
BUTTER in fair KQUest St lOaiio for Ohio, and 14
19c for Btat.. P .. v : ; . ,. ,lT . ,
C H B B SB ateady at &310c.
WHISKY shads firmer, sales of 600 bblsat VX
BTOOK quit dull and little Irreinlar: monee
abundant aad offered at 46 pr eent. on eclli 8. x
chanre In moderate demand and very Arm at 1U6X3IU9:
ssB.1 67m. O. 67. M-B. I6X; O.esT. M;
th. 78; Beadlor 43K; Sri 30KS Del. 8. c W.
bonds 100 do Sd 04: C.- Ac T.- elnklni fnnda 77W:
stall 83; N. Y. 0. 78; 0. B. At Q 72; M. 8.
slnklnr funds 8X: Mo 6's 08: Ta. fl'e78: T.nn. 74V:
00, 98; Treasury 108, 103tf; do JSIXj D. 8.8's61;
Beglstered 03; do ooupons Vl V. 8. fi's 74: oou
pons 8X- t i i n a f t i .-
lo - I fl K
Cincinnati Market.
GROOIRlKS-lh market I auotad Mouiet bat Srm."
the lait quotaUone.
FLOUB there was a slack beilnees to-diy. Price
remain a riven yesterday, with fair efferinr, but no par
Uonlsr preetur to cell. ' - '
wbkat was offered to only moderate extent.
Prime red rules at (1; and whit at B103O1 10 Efforts
mad to r1 rather better flrure for red, but millers
stana os aianytaieg abov th asuree quoted. -
OOBN In th ear I steidy, at 33o. - -Shelled b still
duller, aad nle were mad at 33 1-Qe, In bulk for
mixea. ... t;i ..
OATS eraln drarat 87c SW belnr tha keel t.nn
that buyers ar willing to pay for sulk. '. '- '-
BABLEY will sail putty readily what time b had
tb purehaee monev, but for cash It is dull and will
command 70 forth neat. ft: I
a Ik I very heavv, and under th In (1 aeons ef lane
reoelpts. rag at 47c. bales wsr mad at a lower
flgnre. ,;i .. v - .1 r.t A iii,'js
wmnax-ru quoted still at iak but net sellv.
,'. Com. ' .' -.'
Via. Com.--'
Cleveland Market.
Cleveland Market. March 20
ILOtJ B-The 'market Continues' diill hnl Wttbant
viivchuiv vuauge in prices. 1 . '.'
1" Hi-ucnanged. Bales S nis whit at tl 1,
sales of red.reporied, v rr -' p.'1' 1 , ' - -
OATB dull Sal at54c.;-1' ' -V.I'A ViJ i-
H2JK?'.,.to4.hrior1ar 60c.,. J-rlo Is
worth SOftlM. . - -,c. r .
HlUHWINBB-ssleSof lOOhbtlsf IJc. -i' '
H0O8 a few light sales st S 69 1 V '
B 108 steady. Bate ef bblsat 10,(
BUTTER quiet Mlee 9 bhla ehnlite Mil .t iRa
BBBD8 sals 30 bush clover at 4 It 1-8. Timothy
Steadyat7S. u
FOTATOBB-deellnlng, shippers ar bnylng prime
It t ' - '. 'I : . 4
Cleveland Market. March 20 Philadelphia Market.
TLona unlet; sales of 9,000.bbls suparfla at (3(33,0
Wbsat wdvaneed S(S3c sales 1,000 bush, red at Bi6
1 39, whit 1 60. Coan-edvsnced 3, sale 14.000
bush 803COC. Jw Joajt-,17, 50,...,Wxas
steadyat 18(918 Ig..,..,, ...,..., .,., ,
TJEtr you go to kw York", drive dlreot'i th ' J
aiuiAMSUISBjs ssusjse,
Condneud on th . t ..i.i-. i
Good Par, Good Rooms. Prompt Attendance. nAuA.
Srals Charges. i i",.s. :.lj ,r1,i,
8IN0LB BOOMS SO CTB.'?J OTi'.aad tl PBR DAY.' ;
DOtJBlJ dbliaa ABt0krj tl.Wte'lS,
Meal it ordered:' This itofelWeli thj'appolnimente
of the best hotels, a most central location, and is healed
march 9d3.
I I -
l. .1 M v -rtV r,, Proprietor,
i..r ,WIlsale and BeaU Dealer la I...
Foreign & Donicstio Cigarg,
.-'"'.V. '.. aVswawaiw.,,,,.,, , tnim
Smoking; & Chawing Tobacco,""
Also, th beat quafity 'or'NT;rP'a p"suat5y
uj si aaaa. X il i
; 'D0oJtry Merchants are Invited te'eat) Wrote far
chasing elsewhere. T, i'r ,1VS ;Ve "t.
ii at NO; 4 EAST THIRD 8TKKET, ' "r,r
1 .. I": Syeam, -
aortl-wem aNONNAlXO-
- S 8 -23 H
ii;4s!;v'3 AJ, ISM
Sj'-rgj:.', fcu'iS
s e g r a
f hji a . i . , 1 u . ,
J7t INVITI ATTBUTIOK to om of th most ex
traordinary cures by my .
, !-Ti ' f '1 . . r . i -
.They are at home, and any en who ha doubts caa ln
qulr of th person who havs been cured by.lt i .
ATTEND TO YOUR COLDS A ease of Are years'
tending cured by DB. KXYBEK'B PEUTOBAL BYBUP.
VI - ' PrrrsscaoH, Jan. II, I860.
9k. Krrnti: My wlf ha been afflicted with a bad
cough end difficulty of breathing, for five or six years,
which , for several years back, had gradually Inercaied in
violence. The complaint has been hereditary, and she
had been treated by several physician without any re
lief. In this state of her case, I procured sou of your
Pectoral Couih 8yrup. Ibooaht. th first time, a lift v
cant bottls, which relieved br very much ; I then called
and sot a dollar bottle, which cured her entirely, and
ah has now no trace of th former d Larue, except weak
oeee. I would also slat that I used the medicine my
self to a cold and sough. The medicine cured m by lak
in en dm : 1 express my entire sallnacuon with th
medicine, and you ar at liberty to publish thi If ou
desire to do so, - . , . . WM. WILBON,
t . ' S - 4 Alderman fifth Ward.
. . t. . PrrTsrtoH, Wot. 18, 1838.'
Da. Ksrir: Although not aa advocate of Patent
Medicines, in general, It affords me pleasure Indescrlba
bl to reeommsod your Pectoral Syrup. As a medicine
It I well worthy the attention of any person who mar in
any manner bs afflicted with soughs, oolda and hoarseness
of any hind, and for th peculiar qualification for re
moving all that disagreeable enatla attending a -
vcrwooia. i t t i. i; ' ' i . . -
I have been, more or less. In mv life, affected with the
eevemt of sold and hoarssness. At time my throat
would become so oloeed ss to prevent my sneaklnr above
a whisper, and by taking a few doses of th abov Byrup
ii wouia niHTf no vnuivif
In neommendins thi medicine. I must unhesltatlnil
ay that It la th best remedy I ever found, purporting to
cureth abov, nor should any family bo without ihli
remeoy loruiseaees so prevalent.
,, if. yours, most respectfully, I
Cashier Ollisens' Deposit Bank.
'T-.-il :' 8TensDrviLLB,0., Marck 14, 183B
I havs used Dr. Keyser's Couxh Svruo for a bad eonih
or several years standing, and can cheerfully say It Is
in Dell medicine lor me same mat I nave ever then.
, - . j w.puioa.
BYBUP. Da. Krrsxa Dear tlr. Excuse th delavof
my acknowledgiag the excelleDce of your Pectoral Cough
Syrup sooner. I tak great pleasure In laying that It is
an you ssy ii i Jt snoccea ia nout cm 0 my eouA
and th worst on I wa ever afflioted with: I have not
used more than one-half of t h bottle, and I oan and do
wish that all who an afflicted would live it as fair a trial
a I hav don, and they will be proud to say, "It Is no
quacx meawine." a wouia not inner another such so
attack for any consideration, or at any ooet. I am con
fident I can breath mora freely than I er--r did. I shall
always acknowledg a debt of gratitude for inventing
excellent a remedy. Yoa art ai liberty to us my name
in this regard, as you think proper Jt. F. PRaTT, ,
aieesenger uommoa Uouneil, Pittsburgh, Pa.'
Plttaburgh, May 11,1830.
N. V I am no stranger to m fellow-cltiaena. and -
Who entertain doubts eea consult me pereonelly. w
j , v , f ,'
i Prmacnaa, April 84, 1837.
READ TUB TRUTH Da. Kanraaa: I bar a daugh
ter who ha taken several medicine for bad sough,
Without benefit among them Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
I purchased from you a bottle of your PECTO&AL
8YRUP, and before she had used half a bottle she was
relieved. The second bolt! cured her entirely of her
tough, i. ' - - JOHN D AKIN,
I Robinson street, Allcrbeny.
i - -..-. t
I ' ' ' ' " ' 1 PirrssoaoH, December, 31, 1853.
tYRUPI live la Peebles township, Alleshenr eountr.
I had a coughing and spitting, which eommenoed aoout
th 4th of February last, and continued eight months. 1
employed the best physician in ths country, and my
tough continued unabated until early In October. At
that time I was advised to try your PECTORAL COUQH
lYRUP.which ldid, and altar I hid taken one bottle I
Was entirely free from the eooakln and snlttlne. I had
despaired of ever getting well, and I ihlnk It should bs
Known mat mis valuable reaedr will do for others what
It hae done inmy ease. , JOHN 0. LITTLB,
Witness B. M. Kaaa. Peebles townhlp.
" - J
' PaTTO Tr., April 14, 1857.
A WONDKRIUL CURB. some Uma in. an old
neighbor of nine wa very HI, with a bad eough which
every one ouppoaea to pe oonsumption. U is relatives
told m that he had taken every remedy they heard of
without benefit; hi brother cam to see him die. and all
were confirmed In the belief that heeouldnot live. I
aad about tbe third of a bottle of your Pectoral Syrup,
which I gave htm, and It enUrely cured him, to the aston
ishment of all. What makes the cass mora remarkable,
I th extreme kg of th man, he being aboutetghtyyears
old. I hav n doubt th Peotoral saved his life.
- . J011MN' GINNIS.
TILLB. Please tend me another supply of your valu
abl "Pectoral Byrop." - Aunesi vsrybody around us
ha the cold and ar inquiring for "Dr. Keyser's Pectoral
Syrup.' We hav sold sixteen bottles lest week, and are
Bow entirely put. Mr. A. Alter and Mr. P. Maher, both
of Blalrsvlils, Pa., tell us they would not be without It
In their families. In fact, all who us It once want It
again. Yours, raspeotfully,
January 30, 1800. " ' . . .
PECTORAL BYBUP. I had been troubled with aenneh
and cold tor several week o bad was It that Icon Id not
sleep. 1 had the advice and prescriptions from three of
tb best physicians In tbscity. whom loouMnam, but do
not do so. I finally procured a bottle of your Peotoral
Byrup, which cured me entirely. - Blgned, . .
J. W. BlMuNTOIf,
B3SLiberty street, Pittsburgh, Pa , Jan B, 1800.'
'STOP THArOOTJamria." 'How can I da lt? "Ob
to Keyser's on Wood street and get a bottle of his Cough
Pectoial, and If that don't cure you. your case must bs
desperate indeed.". This leaspeclmenof ths oolloquy
one bears aimoat every day In eold eatchiDg periods of
th year. And we can, from aotual xnerlmnt. cheer
fully concur in the adviser' admonlUon aa abv for wt
nav uiea tne -reotorai.- in a moat stubborn cue. with
ntiresuocess. Near two weeks ago we went to Pittsburgh,
with onsof the most distressing, oontrarr. mnllih. nn.
subduabls sough w ever xprlnod sine our advent
upon this munden aphera. W oougbsd steadily and
laboriously for on whol week. In honee of tlrlnn it mL
but It wes no go. la fact It seemed rather to have Im
proved by prune, and to bar acquired strenrth.DOten
ey and iitm-tUUiji by ths operation. - la thle siege of
lb sieve, w oouihed our way to Kerser'a. 140 Wood BL
procured a fifty cent bottl of th -,Peciotali took It
aooorutog m uirecnone, anainiorty-ignt Hoars we were
master of ths field, the enemy having atraondltionallv
surrendered, after a brief but unequal eonflict wtth so
formidable an adversary a aeyser's amou "Cough
reciorai. jromnw, wijipr, iw. is, ioi,
DR. KEYSBR'B PBOTORAfj SYRUP ta n'renared aid
old by Dr GEORQB B. KEYBKR, 140 Wood Street,
Ipf Bold In Columbus by ROBERTS a SAMUEL.
if :ii I - ' ' -' j ( a , ,
t . . ..J 4. O
Prepared and old by :( Jf(
1 . ) a i: t i A ,
i'-, t -. .....
"Price, 85 cent.
140 Wood It, Pittsburgh, Pa.
JO Bold In Columbus by ROBERTS at SAMUEL.
octli7:8tawdm. i : 1 t l. i . (
1 i f-.-- A
r t.l-
X Btapl Avtlelae wUl famish employment to
a lew eauTv men so was a agon lot tnetr aone. . A
preference will be given to those who are will aoqaaiafe
cd In th district lor which thev ennlv.
i For which servwee they a re willing to pay a salary
Vi .. . -
$600 to 800 psr' year.'and-'tpen.ii.;-
lor further particulars address i.- .u . i
.fc.tsT'o, 3an4 S,'jtchanj Place,
Jah3Qd3mJ JerseytOlty, BT. J.
. ladiei' linen Pocket-Handk'fj.
kwrehlefe, very wide hens. j ,
Embroidered Linen Handk's all price.
Hemmed Btltched and plain do, do. JU f t
do do oolored border. . - - .
Monrnlof do black border -
do de t " new etyleeross stitched.
Pine Apple do v neirpatterne.
Mlii' Plain and lTemmed Btltebed do all prices.
! OonHiiislnr tb aioat (sleet sortasnt in the etrr and
t lowest prioes.' ' BAIN at BON, .
f febSH ' . . V. SD Sooth Blrh Street.
i LL'pEKsoKfg kturo wiHtV inrn.
A selves to be Indebted to th lata tin. r nun.
DIUDOB a WHtTB wlllpleaHeaU and settle their
ceounts,aoaui(rbyBavoosts. , ' , .-.....
All notes and account ressalnlnt nnpsld" en (Tie first
oa apiu win MptaoMtut tlx Bands of WM. L. BSYL
J. P.. for eolleoilon. r.s.rnif,
P. N. WHIT a.
tarrlvlBi Partner.
U J. IL McLEAN'3 ,7
Strengthening Cordial tnd .Blood
pixciiPiEn. - '
rtaeUreateat Htmedy la Tk ivarla.
host rmiaous
' ' AND '' fl
i DEnoHTruii
ly (dentin and
Vegetable Oompound,
Cooured by th distil
Uon of Boot. Herbs
and Barka, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
B&rsaparilla, Tile
Oharry Bark and Dan
delloo snter Into Its
More Taklns""11 ,remdtaiAfttr Taking.
principle of each Ingredient 1 thoroughly extracted by
my aew method of distilling, prodncingja delicious, ex
hilarating spirit, and tha moat INIALLIBLB remedy for
renovatinr the diseased system, and restoring tbe sick,
(offering end debilitated INVALID te HEALTH and
1. .l.i. .. :i. DIAL :
." ' "' ' ; ' WIU ffectually ear
Oh ran le or Nsrroas Dsbllltr. Diseases ef the Kidney
and all diseases arlsln frors a disordered LWes-nr 8 torn
sea, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Pile. Acidity or Biek-
of tn Btomaen, ruiine or bioou so we noao, vuu
pain or swimming in tbe head. Pall. Nation of th Heart
fullness or Weight In the Stomach, Boor Eructations
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down, Drrns
or Yellowness of the Bkln and Eyes. Night Bweatsf la
ward levers, Pain In the small of the back, eht or aid.
Budden Plushes of Heat, Depression of Spirit, frightful
Dream, Languor, Despondency or any llsrrou Disc,
Sore or Blotches on tb Skin, and Fever and Aruo (oi
Chills and lever.)
Over a milllea of Hettlee
Have been sold during tha last six months, and In no la-
stance has II failed In riving entire satisfaction. Who,
then, will suffer from Weakness or Debility when MC
Mo language can convey an adequate Idea or the Imme
diate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
thi Cordial In th diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by exoees, weak by
nature, or Impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation Is restored to Its pristine health and vigor.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatevsr causa
will find McLean Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of tbe system; and all who aay hav Injured
themselves by Improper Indulgences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
: To the Ladies.
McLeali'u Strengthening
Is a sovereign and speedy curs for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
TJrln or Involuntary Discharge thereof, Vailing of th
Womb, Giddiness, Painting and all Disease incident to
Ther 1 no Klatake About It.
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. It
will sllmulste, strengthen and Invigorate you and cause
bloom of health to mount your cheek again .
Mvcry bottl 1 warranted to glvs satisfaction.
If your children ar sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean's
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, aud you will be convinced.
0 actios. Beware of Druggists or Dealer who may
try to palm npon you soms Bitter or Banaparilla trash,
which they can buy cheap, by taylnf It il Just a good.
Avoid inch men. Ask lor McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and tak nothing slse It I th only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at th same time
Strengthen the system.
One tablerpoonful taken evrry morning fasting. Is a
certain preventive of Oholera, Chills md fever, Yellow
fever, or any prevalent diseases. It Is put op In large
Prior only tl per bottle, or 6 bottle forts
3. H. McLBAM,
Bole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLean a Volcanic Oil Liniment
Prtn dpal Depot on tl 3 corner of 'ihlrd and Pin streets,
It. Ltuts. Mo.- ' . ,
' , McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniiucnt.
the beat Liniment la the World. Th only afs and
certain our for Cancer, Pile, Swelling and Bren
ehitia, or Ooitr, Parentis, Neuralgia, Weakness of th
Muacie, (Juronlo or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Btiff
aea of the Joints, contracted Uuseie or Ligament
Baraehe or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, fresh
Outs, Ulcers, fever Sores, Caked Breast Bors Nipples,
Bam, Bcalde, Bore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Palm,
difference how severe, or how long the disease may
hare existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment lo a cer
tain remedy.
Thousands of human beings have been aavod a lift of
decrepitude and misery by the use of this invaluable med-
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, and It wll
leans, purify and heal th foulest lore in an Incredl
ly snort urn.
Far Horoe and Otber Animal.
McLean celebrated Liniment I th onlv aafa and re
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin, Ring Bone, Wind
gall, Bpllnte, Unnatural Bump. Nodes or Swelling. It
will never fall t our Big Head, Poll Evil, fistula, Old
running Sore or Sweeny, If properly applied, for
npraina, bruises, rMratcne. Bore or Wound, Oneked
lieele. Chafe, Baddl or Collar Galls It kt an Infallible
remedy. Apply it a directed, and a cur is certain In
(very instance.
Then trifle no lonrer with th many worth lea Lint-
ment offered to yoa. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean'
aieoraiea Ltnimeni. it will cur yoa.
'J. II. mcIE AN, Bole Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pin Street, 81. Louie, Me.
for aal by all druggists,
tor sal by - BOBBRTS a BiMTTBt,
angSe-dawly Columbus, Ohio.
Liyerpool, Montreal, Quebec,
1 . . . ' . i ' and . r T
The Montreal Ocean BteamahlD OamnanT' flntlasa
foII-poweredClyde-bolII Steamer sail everr Mat.
rdar from PORTLAND, oairvinethe Canadian and
yniteu niaws vail ana passenger. .
Sharteit, Cbeapeat and Qalckcat Coa
TCfaoce iram ,
, Hates of Passage) to Shxrope.
S3o, sea. $eo.
Will sail from LIVERPOOL arery Wedneedar
and from QUBHEO ewerw Katurday, calling at
uiaiiuavsist, to receive on board and lac d Alalia end
Passengers, to and from Inland and Scotland.
II fines steamer ar built of Iron. In watar-tlefct
compartments, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
every attention, is paia n in eom'ort ana sooommoea
tion of piseeogers. As thsy proceed direct to LON DON-
BKI, ue gieat risk and delay of eel lu at St. John's
aTotucq i . . . ... ,
Obueow nassenesra era fnmfoheA with van msmm
sicaeia 10 ana irom lionaonaerry.
Return Meters (rented at reduced rites.
OertlSeates issued for earrrine to and brinvlnr out naa-
engors from all th principal towns of Great Britain aad
ireiana.aireuucea rates, bytnis line ef teamere, and
leaving idvcrpooi every weoa.
Sight Draft la X, and wpvward paw-
blela Kngland, Irelaad. (
' , land ar WaUee.
For passage, apply at the Office. 23 RKOAIU
WAY, New Vara, end 18 WaTEH ST.,
Llwerpaal, - - ' - r .
. .... ... BABEt ft CUBLX, fiuaral iweau,
Otto- '..-. j. R. ARMSTRONC
aolO-lydAw Statssman Offlcs, Oolumbaa, Ohl.
AT TIIE1K NEW Hkl.T.H-,,.. mmm
H00M,J10. 1W BALTZMOHi iT.,lZ J
N08. 1.S.J "d7N.EUTAW.8TE)TT
' ' Offer for sale llrtlr telebiited ' '
Vi X ' " - AND SQARE
J4v -" - PIANO-TORTE3.
BwlnE highly retoanwnded by the Ant Profeeeors and
M osteal A b ft tears of the oouotry, aad - ..
INBTBDHBNT Vi k. t 1 ' ., . v .
w"'"1 . .i . PIVB VBABS.
Th aost fastidious oustotnor saayrely npea be ins
ple.ed in every respect,, ,
TCrsssiiMrai. . w. asaMBEQ.
astellydw.' ....!. . . Oolumbaa. Ohio.
KtH-iu I-.
' . I1
" vw . mm. .M.Mi.uunnnimioi ary
Oood. at No. 103 Hlph St., with th view of ehsnging
F mwmw, nivia ttntu we nrsi say oi ApriH wttn-
out sueerve, ""i ' i (. . .
Faoejr Dress Bilk, Iringe. BuUima, Trimming, ae.
Alio flguied Merino, D Lalnes, enawlsaad Cloak,
I Eegttdleu cf . Cost ! - 1
' IwHMdlas-n - i. , -. tv P. T
rivLDtidl HIS.L, BSilitre.
VT All sites and aoalltiee; also B0V81 STITRTB of sans
tA A.
v'ii m
eupennr mats, rot an y bain a BON.
feMS Re. M Sou Ik Big street.
A compound remedT, deairned to be U net
efieetnal Altamtit that caa b made. It fci
a concentrated extract, of Fan aUrsaiiarUla.
so combined with ether substance of et3
greater alteretiv power as to afford art ffltc-
tire Baudot for th disease fcuraapaila u
reputed to cure. It b believed that mch a
remedT fa wentct hw etiAu n .
- j w uv Miner. aTOnij ,
Strumou eornplaints, and that on which will i
accomplish their cur must prow of immense
aenrice to thi larg clans of our afflicted fellow-:H
eitirens. How completely this compound will
do it ha been proren by experiment oa aaart
or ft worst cases to be found of tb foUowfc r
compkintti v . j.r ZL
Eruptions and Ehcm it Disease, Vuba.
Pimples, Blotches, Towobs, Salt Umbvx,
Scald Head, Srmrxt awd YMiti.tTio Ap r
Pectioks, IIebcorul Diseasb, Daarsr,
RALoiA ob Tio DoifLoonstn, Dbuiliti, Dr
pepiia and Indiobstion, EavsipBtAt, Bass
ob St. Anthony Fire, and indeed the wbola
das of complaint arising' from ' IvvuajTr j .
thb Blood. , , ..t f
4 This compound wUl bef fe'und a gn-at pi.7
moter of health, when taken in tli jrpring, to
expel the foul humor which fester la th
blood at that season of the year; By tJaatua.
ly expulsion of them -many rankling disorder
are nipped in th bud. Multitudd can, If
the aid of this remedy, spore them selves trma
th endurance of foul eruptions and ukexauA
ore, through which th system will strisa to '
rid itself of corruption, if not assisted to do
thi through the natural channel of tin' bet?
by an alterative medicine. Cleans out tht ' -vitiated
blood whenever yoa And itaimpuritic .
bursting tlirough the skin in pimplee, eruptions,
or (ores ; cleanse it when you find it U ob
structed and sluggish in th veins cleanse it
whenever it is foul, and your feeling will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
la felt, people enjoy better health, and lire
longer, for cleansing the blood. Kara the
blood healthy, and all i well : but-wii thi
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no
lasting health. Sooner or later 1 'aomeUuns
must go wrong, and th great machinery
life is disordered or overthrown.
Sorsaparilla has, and deserve much, tha
reputation of accomplishing these end. ' But '
the world has been gregioualy deceived by
preparations of it, partly because tli Sru
alone has not all th virtue that i claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated .extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of 8arsaparilla,
or any thing else. "-;. ix.t, i
During lato years the public have been mis
led by largo bottles, pretending to give a Quart,,
of Extract of Sarsnparilla for one dollar. Bloat '
of these lutvo been frauda upon the sick, for
ther not onlv contain littlp. if mv. Sarenna.
rilla, but often no curative proportio whatcv-'
cr. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed tho use of the various extract of
Sarsapniilln which flood th market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and lias become '
Bjiiunjuiuu9 wuii unuyuuuu luiu cjiesc aim
wc call this compound Sarsaparilla, and Intend
to supply such a remedy as (hall rescue the
name from the load of obloquy which rests "
upon it. Ana wc tiuuk wo Lave ground for
believing it has virtue which arc irresWtiWa
by the ordinary run of the disease k ie intend' '
cd to euro. In order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, the remedy atoiUd
be judiciously taken according to directions on
tli bottle. , -v. r ..-re
rnCPABBD BT - O J1 i
I DR. J. C. A YE It A CO,.
Prloc, $1 pew Dottle t Six BatUae taw 3.
: Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won fur iltclf such rt renown fur tlio euro of
every variety of Tbrout nnd Lting Couipliiiiit, that"
it is entirely unnecessary fur u to rcoouirt lb 1
evidence of it virtues, wuerevcr It ha been em
ployed. As it lias lung been in eousunt ne
throughout this section, ire need ut du inoro than
assura the people its nuulily is kept up to tlio best .
it ever ha been, mid tluit it ntay be refaed en ar
do for their relief oil it liiu ever been found to do.
, Ayer's Cathartic Pills, ...
. roil Tps cirits oir ' " , r
Costitenett, Jaumlicr, Dyspepsia,- Indigestion, "
Dysentery, Foul Heuiml, Erysipelas, lleaduelr, '
Piles, Rietwialisiu, Eruptions aud Sluu JJiifnsrs, .
Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Teller,, Tumors and
Salt Ithcum, Worn;, Goal,' Xeiimlgia ns a
Dinner Pill, and for I'urifjiujt fie Dlood, "
They arc ugaroateil, ao Hint tbe moat (rnsl
tiv can take them plraaautlv, and they are IM ,f
best aperient in the world fw till the purpose of a-.-j
family physic
Prie 85 cents per lex; five boxes for tLW. ,-
Great number of Clcrgymco, rhysiciuns, Sutrs-" T
men, and eminent personages, have lent tlir-ir'
names to certify tho unparalleled iisefuluxxaotliesa
remedies, but our apace here will not permit tho
insertion of them. Tlie Agents below named fur-l
nish prati our Auruican Alu axac in which they
are given ; with also full description of the snore
complaint, and the treatment that eboulu be fol
lowed for their cure. . .
Do not be tmt off kv nnDrineinlerl Jnlm kUli 'jL
other preparations they make mora profit .
Demand ArEu'e, nnd take no others. Vlie irk
want the best aid there is for thorn, and they aii'i!d ff
have it. - -. - -. i J
All our remedies arc for sale by f
And by Drurrtsts and Dealers everywber
Bovl)-.lyd,twa.w ,
' MRS,' wnrcLow.
An experienced Man ud Vernal Pbrstelaa, ansaats''
to the attention e ssetcers, bar
which rreatly faellltatea th sisew f bxthlna. by oft-, .
nlng th russs, reducing all InflsaimsMon wll 1 aJl&r
ALL PAIN and spaModie sotiea, ao4 a - ' v.. ..J
Depend upon It, tbtra, It will gtv rest t yMrsalrw
and , .. . , r.
W have put ap and sold thi arttet tor ewer tea year,
what we har never been abl t say of any ether ai1-.
Afftva, tu arrcuT A vutnu, when UsMly aaed. Jiev
r did we know an instance of dlasatlataetlon by any mm
wno useu u. v.i in eonirary. ail ar OeUg hted with Ha
operations, and (peak ta Ureas I . t,
Bus leal effects and medical vtrtnes. W speak la thi
matter "WHAT W DO KNOW;" after In yar'rpe
almost every Instance wbere the Infant I sufferinc froas
pain and Bhaaation, relief will be found la Stteen or
twenty minute afur theByrop I wlmlnlslared - -
Thla valnaW prepare tloa I the praserlntkra f eewwf
New Borland, and has beta used with MBVAa lAUf'
Itnotonly relieves tbe child froaa pain, sat hrrletna 1
ates lb stomach and bowel, correct acidity, and iN"
(on aad nriry lo tb whole system. Jt wlL slanst ln
stantly relieve ""
and vreome eonvuMon, whloh. If aot rreedlly rm
died, end In death.' We believe H the BExI and e i tt.i
BMT BEUEDX IN THB WORLD, ta all ease if Via.
It arises from teethluK, er froas any ether aause. W
w voiuevwuoaasaerjiiiianoeriof rma
anyof the fbreroiee oumplalnt DO NOT lT t'-naj
tndbetweenyouandyouraeerlne;ehiiit.arid the re-
nei uuiwui oe sua-lee. AUHOi.ui'Ai.1 UhE 4m
follow theue of thi SMdtetm.B' timely awed. Bull aj.
notion for using will accompany ear bottle. Nn
renulne nks tb facsimile of tiuUTIB a PBBZlaa,
New fork, Is on th ouUI4e wrapper.
Bold by alt Druggists inroagoout id woHv "i f 1
Prl oclaal Office, is Oeaar Street H.TtJ
eetrT-aatwIw. 1 " : '
rpiiEFoi.Lov-iia criAttGr tTrlt
I mad In th tb office re of thle Uahh. . ....
1H81, So wit! W. A. PiT-r,Preideut, aid 'ivsmtm
Hooma, Oaler, resirnee their ofuoes. Dav in Tavsah,
Esq., wa then elected President aad Wm. a. fun aa.
pointed Oaahier. "
Br ortier or in soar H pireetor. .
fcbS, WUl-dlf. W. A. Ptiff, rie. ;
., , , . JIENaf KfE'IKI.EIs.
flat f Vbaloa's BstahlUbmeet, If. T.J tmrm
th New Vork PmMoiMu.ie ehavtritr, ," ;!f . ,
Sbampoonlng, Curling and Dremlng aalwn, 1 . B.. ..
street, ever th Post toe, where aatiafn. (.0 Wi,i
be given tn all the various branch.. Lo. nd
Clj'.Urea'S Gait Dressing oa la UM beet aUi.

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