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No oare or expcni has beerrepereJ to make ll work
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- It hn now the Lec-iilative sanction, hsvloe: been ap
proved by Maudy .Ute wiMntSHwe. vote : of lfn Houses,
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Ury, 0 mplrolIer..TreASorer sod Auditor of State, And
to the ProtmM VOIIFO, XtaSrM or onumra r !,,
tor And Falloe Course, Auditory And too Clerks of tin
varloiu Ourtslneaeu eouoty, to the Memtorsof the
Senate rr.id House of jtcnrcseoUtivee of thia State, And
tho Governors of thf several Slates or mo uoioa.-
Thl boo. containing, as It does, all of tho Statutes
DOW la fareei And he authoritative construction of them
And of the New Constitution, wtrtbe roond to ho especlAl
ly neeta kttbs WfTnAMriMr .wires, tall-
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InAWMMki ! wnmt Amwrt hive been made In' the
BUteteo 0tiMhhMrAlkn of tho levt editions, by re
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Two Boval Uo. Tolvma of oxtr Jl7.'t) Bunirti
In Strong bl Binding Prloa $10.00.
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Law PoWiatrtra. BookAellan; SUIIonera and Importara.
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Democratic City and Township Ticket.
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BAJTCtL THOml'dOJ.i,-' .-' '
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latWard-ltAK U0WARD.,
.vw21 vrrt-a. B. RICKLEY.
. jM4e4Ul Wart HORA0 WILSOH
5th Ward-J. U. BIATJKIM
)-n .ii .
0 nr..
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') If , ;r
"t 'lit ward A. CIIEERR. ' V
3d Ward N. H0LMK8.
-ti. 14th Ward JOHN WajATRr).' ' '
' .r"M,A TnwVsnrr tararm,
-1 iCBMAB AVER, ---.k i..VJ I
r i iOHM At. K4BKMIR.
-.Ja fwTrtBrTAinrtrt,
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- Townmr cuatx, ,
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J. P. lMMt, , , .. n .
3 rif-JOHIf tlIlvWH.-';";",.",'r:1 ,:
J'", Tow.xsuir iniiuoa, (
UTWe are indebted to vIIonr.Gxo. . Pooat
for the 12th volume of the ficifid Rill Road
Surveys, aiJ to rlonf .'JA.' boooLas for a
pamphlet copy ol the new tariff law.
- ITTue Journal tUempia to disparage Judge
KcsNOit, in speaking o him la eonnnection with
Johm Snrki "To those acqn sip ted with the
' character and ability of the two men, the re-
marksrthe 'Joun'ar!ll be' amusiD2,.Tbe
former ie eoneeded to be among the lint men in
the State, aud liio latter is known to be a mere
superficial party trickster, and nothing clae.
if1 Tha InaagarAtlon Ball vaa A financial fallnra,
andtha eonitructora wonld havA been mined,' bad boa
tbo aovrnoitnl parchaaed liwir kaildinf to barrAOkA.
Jovrnai.fr ... ,:. t--u . -
The above does not tell well for the Republic
can economy And simplicity of- b on eat Old Abb
Lincoln, the Sail Splitter!' From It we ' infer
tbat the ttciaTSgant Botioos oi - bis friends
were such that a building (of a . temporary
character) wff erected at.t Wiahiugton for the
IuauguratW JBU, so extravagant in design as
to rota the extractors, but for the intervention
of the government, which came to the relief of
the Republican club aqd. took the building or
barracks, od paid for it out of tbe treasury!
Such as appropriation of a ball room is an orig
inal idea whlrthe oewdtnTn!sTraCTon,'aniI has
no precedent; amd sucb an approprlition of the
public money ja sufficient to show that bur new
rulers are not i likely o 'be jjpvernid, by any
Tery'stern rules of economy. i '
Marshal for the Southern District.
The' telegraph brought intelligence on yester
day fternoon that Mr. A. C. Saudi bad receiv
ed the appointment of Marshal of the Southern
Dwrft'rohio.,r:.f:. it '
Mr. Tavlor, of Greenville, was at Washing
ton before' and for a .few days .after the loan
gnration, and. it was thought by bis friends,
when . b left for Ohio, on this day two weeks
go, that he was certain and sure to be the man
for the post. J Ho Wt Washington and repaired
t once to this) city,' to labor ior R. C. Schkncb,
Eiq ,ilar tbe U. 8. Senate, and toiled to effect
that objett but wiLhont succoss. When Schkncb
eipitalated to Bsiistiri among the stipulations
there was ens to the effect that Scrcnck's friends
should be taken care of at Washington, and a
snug pUC (fcrdtideil. for them, by Shiiman, in
Assabah's bosom;, and p totally was it stipu
lated tbat SaiBMAN, should aid TAVLba'to tbe
Marsbkleliip. ' ir
At S-40 p-T yesterday, 'MrA Shcrman left
for WsBhlt)gton eVen before' the General Aw
sembly la" joint ponventien had- estified the
DomiMtioa of tbo Republican caucus." He was
thus prompt In order that the eppointments ar--raoged
hf, In thrf torse trede to bemads,
should at once be attended to; and Mr. Tatlor
snd some other gentlemen who were to be spe
cially provided for, west along with, Mr. Stire"
man on the same train, to receive their commis
sions and 1riatrnct!oui'B, bead-quarters. Tbt
train bad been gone frora, tbe depot about one
hour and twenty minutes, when the news of the
appointment of Sands arrived. Had that sews
been received twenty-four 'hours sooner; It is
doubtful whether' Jomr Eh iceman' wopld have
' received the nomination; and had.TiiLoa te
malned at Washington nd aSUniled to bisown
flair, it U to he presumed that, bs and not
Sands vouU now hare been snluted ts'the Mtr-!
bal of the Southern DitriC " " -i
M' ' i , '''!
The Surrender of the Forts—Its Effect Abroad.
v .
'Tho lutroorjerof Fort SumUr to aecef
tlouiali U BOar'All but ao ACmplilie4, fot.-
OrJeriharo beerieiiied fir lea T,onation, nd
la'da 'r Wo Major Ahdusom will AbodO
tbAt ttronghold, which the RecutlloADl M lond
ry'npplu3e4 nd' toasted him ror potteHing and
It ii oast to ImneluA the effect the Dews of
this larreoder will produce la Europe, la ten
f a
or twelTdje hencev U wilL be telefrrphe4 to
ail thl brloclpitl EufapftiQ oltiea with uoh
aggeratiooe ae 'oatorallj attend a timUar piece
of Intelligeoco. The foreign iournl will lm
mediately be filled with eommeota and lufer
eoeei of a character that will make every Amer
icau abroad bluah for his oatire land. Foreign
era will aee la this eurreader f Sumter pra-
tical aDdJrrefrigabJe proof of the weakpeu and
JncompotCDcr of oar Federal Government to
euataia itself and keep the Union together. The
promulgation oi this Uw of our national al-
lalrs will be lollowed by a pipulur demand, in
the larce commercial and manufacturing na-
tloo,of Europe, for the recogoltloo of the Inde
pendence ad 4 nationality of the Southern Ke
But If European GeTtrnmenoi should hesitate
to)ield totbisdemand, upon tnesurrenaer merw
ly of a single fort, other events will soon tran
spire In this country, which, will change that
btmtancy into a Died determination to consult
their own ioterests and those of their subjects,
ratbw than gir way to any lingering sympathy,
they may feel for the bid Uuited States, whose
independent position and increasing strength
they never ceased to envy. ... , , ,
Th itma" "militarf necessitv." whl-jh has
- '
compelled the surrender of Fort Sumter, will
aloo compel the 'irrender of Fort fiekeoB at
PenacolA.',Ptckfns", like Sumter, is besieged by
the secession forces, and its communication with
the shore may at any moment be cut off, and
the earrlson starved out. Then Its surrender
will be justified on tbo ground of necessity
Fort Taylor; toot at, Key West, must, It a pe
riod nOt very remote, follow the same Inexorable
law of necessity , and thus the secessionists will
obtain command of the entrance into the Gulf
of Mexico.' Then will the Southern Confede
racy have little difficulty in obtaining recog
nition, aud in forming alliances tnenaive and
defensive with European Powers. ; Such, are the
breakers upon which the present policy of the
Republican Administration, in regard to the forts
end other Federal property in the Southern
States, is rapidly and inevitably drifting the ship
of State.
The Armistice.
The Administration papers affect to doubt
that formal armistice baa been sgreed upon
between President Lincoln's Cabinet and the
Southern Commissioners at Washington. But
tbey are compelled to admit, and do admit, tbat
there is a perfect understanding between the
Washington and Montgomery Cabinets, which
is equivalent to regular armistice. - Tbe forts
in the seceding States are not to be reinforced;
no attempt is rto be made to retake tbo federal
property in the "hands of the secessionists; and
no force is to be employed in collecting the rev
enue or enforcing the iederat laws in objecting
States. As long as this implied engagement is
kept in good faith by tba ..Administration at
Washington, its peer t Montgomery "will re
frain from any hostile demonstrations,
' Those very men who so loudly assailed Mr.
Buchanan for having entered, as they alleged,
into an understanding with the secessionists,
that the then existing 'staiu't of affairs' should
not be changed until after the 4th of March,
now commend la Mr. Lincoln tbe very policy
which they charged upon and bitterly denounc
ed in Mr. Buchanan. . ;
.'But let .it be borne distinctly in mind that
though articles for tbe suspension of hostilities,
add for maintaining tbo present ilolui of lbs
army and navy on both sides, may not have
been actually signed, scaled and delivered, the
agreement to that effect is as complete and as
satisfactory to each party, as though it wero en
rolled on parchment and signed by. Abraham
Lincoln, of tbe first part, and JirrissoN Datis,
of the second part, a- a '
Democratic Administrations bar been Re
cused of succumbing to tbo Slave Power. But
this recognition of that power embodied in an
organized rebellion, and this tame submission to
its insolent demand for 'a separate and inde
pendent Government, exceeds in .depth of In
famy anything that tbe most rabid Abolitionist
ever dreamed of charging .upon a Demoeratle
Administration. ' ' - -
The Armistice. A Bad Record.
In the joint convention of the General As
sembly on yesterday afternoon, to elect Uoi
ted States Senator, anJ immediately before the
vote wu taken, Mr Andrbws, of Auglaize, of
fered the following resolution f J I 1. 1
"SttoUtd, TbAt in tho opinion ot this Joint eonvaa
tion. the olectlon of act man to the Sonata of tit United
Btatea, who,belnir ameatker of OonirreM And on of a
committee to eonaider of reined lea for eitatlnf national
difuoultiee, opposed all offer, of eonprontae, would be
aomz vioienot to Ida leeilnra or uie people, ana tens to
compucatecAtiaoAl troable ana fiaetta diMiiuos. .
This resolution .was, by tho vols of every Re
publican member of the joint oonvention, laid on
the table every Democratic -member voting
against tho motion to thus dispose of it. - This
is a very bad record Tor the Republicans,' and
shows conclusively (hat rather than agree to any
fair compromise of our national difficulties,
they would- prefer a permanent separation of
tbe States and s dissolution of ,'lhs Unloni
' Let tbe people of Ohio take notice of this dis
anion vote of the- Republicans of the General
AtsomWrUiiU w UA U!J ? f I
The Armistice. A Bad Record. Fort Pickens.
Veeeala of war hover atont -tnloneint. whoae hnnioni
Ins capacitv, alnbbod with tbat of tba fort, la tkmarfat
noGoaaary to ue aeionae oa ue iaiier-wnim la thae so
situated that It can be reinforced at any time. There
may be eoma question aa to the expediency of reinforcing
Pic Aerie." If nothing more la Bone In that direction, tbe
fort wlH eoon be eo hedged la by hostile batteries, that
Its evaenatloo will become -antlKery oeeeesltv." and
the cause of secession be hit by a stroke of pel icy tbat
W1M 11V lb IHI OBIIlBgV.
The veatel conveying provisions to the fleet at Pensn
00 la haa been eelaed by tbe secession plratee. Of soar
nothing will ke done In the direction ef reeevering the
priae orpaniahlng the freeboolera wba p risked It, and
snne eocetaion win receive anouwriemDie dig la the ribs.
Tbe above paragraphs wo find In ths editorial
columns of the Ohio Stat Journal ot Ma morn
Ing. Tbey sre strange productions to be found
In a Republican paper, the central organ of Jhe
party,- Bat there tbey are, just as tbey appeared
the In Journal: Last night tbe friends of Shis-
eMX had a merry time, SBd thl wine flowed freely-
We presume our co temporary must nays
penned theubovi paragraphs under tho Inspira
tion of ths ceoesion. '
n 1 " , t " -
Ths Washington correspondent of the Bel
tlmoro Amtriean. Idas. Indicates the asnda, r
vacuatinc Fort8amur: "The mode at .
nation Is said to bs confided to Major Andertiotf,
who Is to notify th military authorities of South
Carolina that, on certain day fixed, ho shall
withdraw from Sumter, Jeaving it in possession
of a corporal's guard, merely for the nrotectinn
of the property. Jt will then remain with the
Carolinians as to whether they will leave it
thus tacitly la. Jhsncwseaaion of tbe JJniuJ
States, or demand a mirrendse from the gnaml,.
Uko down tbey American Osr and ran un the
JP-Jmetto, er rathw the seven alsrs." 1
For the Ohio Statesman.
The Ohio State Journal.
Somebody down In Zaneevill bai been call-
log the OAie Sief Jurn, a wicked and un
principled newspaper v' Yea, Mr. Jenraal,
yon have spoktn truly t Mr."W. H, B."(a very
live Republican, and a gentleman oi the
!rsl Uter) has bad the audacity to do that very
thing, withstanding yoprj "lifty mud unfalter
ing ttmtmttm-:" i nave aiwaye thoegol thai
eonsistency -I'M an jodiHpeosable article In a
family, but I 'm forced to the conclusion that
you have lived thus far "without experiencing
its benefits, or you. would not claim (in the face
of jour editorials to toe contrary) tbat your
course has been A cenBenratlve one ' In ay
humble opinion,' you do not practice what you
preach, and l' tit very certain that you do not
agree with, the mniority of your readers In this
community.' x In order to give the readers of tbo
atttttman a sample ot your twaatea conferva" :
tlsm,' I will tjuoto as follows, from your article
headed 9 above: - "While traitors were urging :
concessions to Southern coonplrstora, and cow
ardice was Imploring compromise, we insist
ed steadfastly on the con ner rat ion 'of the Con
stitution as It now is, and tbe execution of the
laws throughout the oountry." ; "
Wbile such .men as uougrtu, vorwin aso
Crittenden wero urtiOK snd imnlorine compro
mise, In order to bring about an amioabie ad
justment pf. our national difficulties, yon ex
hibited your "cloven foot," by denouncing them '
as traitors ana, cowards, it tms u a specimen
oi your 'lofty conservatism," l ean assure you
that It does not unit tbe Republicans of this see
tion of Ohio. In proor or what 1 assert, let
me Inform you that a half dozen' prominent
Republicans of this vicinity have declared, In '
say hearing, during tbe past week, that they
would not subscribe for the Journal, again, un
der any consideration whatever. '.They have be
come utterly disgusted witn tbe course yon nave
been pursuing, and say that they will takejiome
other paper, ur not read the news at all. Tone
late builetque on tbe patriotic and reverential
laiiKuaee used bv that "Old Hero," General
Scott, on tbe occasion of Mr. Lincoln's Inaugural,
has met with that universal condemnation which
it so jnstly deaerves. " In addition to the nbove,'
I will just say, that your' scurrilous attack on
tbe character of the Ex-Preeident is on of tbe
most contemptible articles ever published In
any piper. The whole thing is besealh the dig'
of one claimtbc to be a
Hopewell Township, Muskingum county.
March 18, 1861
Perry County.
Mr. Pass, of Licking, presented tho petition
of C. C. Hood and one thousand three hundred
and forty two other citizens of Perry county,
asking for a law submitting the question of dis
memberment of said Perry county to a vote of
the people, the petition being beaded as fol
lows:' .'.. i ... ' '
Te the HontrubU Itmhtr f the General A'
ttmbly if I As Slate f Ohi: - - J -
We, the undersigned, resident citizens and
voters of Perry county, Ohio, earnestly pray
your Honorable Body to pass an act authorizing
tue voters oi rerry county to use aivote on ait
memberment ot said rerry county ; and we offer
tbe following reasons as a snffioient oanse for
petitioning the General Assembly in this behalf,
and hope they, will be to ali sufficient justification
of the passage of a law to this effect: ; .! - ' i
i'Hrw. rubiio sentiment must De satisnea.i
Snxmdlv.Wm have , already cone tbroueh.
much local strife and tribulation In Perry ooun-
ty, and lodcinc from the present dlssatisracuoo
of tho public mind, we eannot realise the fact
tbat ue ena win ever come. :
TAiraVs i-Questlons of loeai difference and
interest have established geographical lines of
discrimination in our county, and have embit
tered and estranged our people so far from each
other, tbat tbey have no . interest in common,
one with: another, and an never, under tbo
present condition of .things,, bs united as they
once were-, happy and prosperous people in
Perry county; - . -'i -i ,;::" ,v :
FntrtUi amd Uttlw A law of this kind should
bo paieed, If for no other reason, but aa a peace 1
nowure, Dconuee turn Agiutviuai oi igoai najota,
and tbe b aired of our people, will never
while Perry remains to be a county i tberefore,
in duty bound, we, your petit! on era, .will over
pray.. (..! u a.m.,-. ,f.n
Col. MANrrsNNv: --Please publish the above
in tbe VaiJy, Trl-Weekiy and Weekly HI let-
T. B. COX, Jr.
THURSDAY, March 21.
- ' - ArrtkNooN session. 1 ': on ;
" A call of tbo Senate waa demanded, and the
following Senators appeared within the bar,
Messrs. Brack, Brewer ,Bonar, Collins, Cox,
Cummins, Cuppy, Easoo, Ferguson, , Fisher,
Foster, Garfield, Glass, Harsh, Jones, Ksy,
Laskey, McCall,' Monroe, Morse, Newman,
Orr, Parish, PotU,' Potwin, - Ready, Schlelch,
Smith, Spragne and HtanieyJl .
Absent-rMeesrs. Holmes, (excused,) Perrill,
(sick,) Harrison snd Moore. y
- A message wu received from the House an
nouncing its readiness to receive the Senate In
joint convention, to go Into election of a United
States Senator. , .
Oii motion of Mr COX, the Senate proceeded
to the Hall of the House, and alter the election
of Senator, returned to the Senate Chamber. 1
On motion of Mr. GARFIELDr the Senate
resolved itself into committee of the Whole, on
the orders of the day, Mr. Cuppyia the Cbalrj
and after some lime spent therein, rose and re
ported back tbo bills wbicb, wero read a second
time this morning, ss per report,; , t - '
H. B filwas referred to the committee on
Schoont; H. B. W, to Roads and Highways; II,
11. 4W,to committee on bcnooist ,
' ''
, -.'.i .i . 01 t MBBBMBa.'." "m'
A message was received frora tbs'House,; an
nouncing the refusal of the Hou4e to concur in
tbo Senate amendment to H- B. 352, amendinir
sec. 43 of the act of 4840, concerning estates of
deceased persons. " . ' ; ." " '-' 1 " "
i Tbe bill was referred to the Judiciary Com
mittee, ' "
1,, ; IfOBTS fROM COMaliTTlf S. , ,(
Mr. JOKES reported iropj the Jadioisry
Committee, recommendlog itspassige, his joint
resolution relative to Buk taxes, fhicb, at the
request of Mr. Ferguson, was laid on tbe table
until to-morrow. , , . 1 iv.jj-ri jr.f;
! ,S .; : HOj BAniNOS. .
H. B. 405 To amend tba supplementary aot
of loou, concerning tba slecuon ol Juatices.ir-oi
H.B. 291-TJ lease, tbe Public Works -of
unto. 1 u if-: 1 J . u i;-)i . .1 11. 1 .-.
; i ,;;i"' Bitt iirraaxco v.tt. i. ii i f
Mr. COLLINS Introduced 8. B 2t9-Tocre
to the office of Railroad 'OorqmiMloner and
Referee and prescribe tbeir duties, snd to regu
late the operations of railroads." -'
r, ,, .. .ANTI COMBINATION, ILL. , .,'.
,, Jr
Mr. CUPPY from the committee on railroads,
reported back 8. B.JGS --Being th4AnU-eombi-natlon
railroad bill with sundry amendments,
and a recommendation that it pass. Amend
ments agreed to, and tbe amended bill was laid
00 ths table snd ordered (to, be printed in ad
vance of other printing. ., - . , , , 7 ,
Mr. PA RWU introduced S.B.SSO-rTe amend
tho 3d seotion of ths aot . to relievo Distrlot
Courts, and to give greater efficiency to tbo ju
dicial system, of the State, pawed April 12th,
1058., tj,,,-9 ,nrt- ir -u r4 't'Snsr: y :i":
- h rxwALTf torn pbumqocnctV":' : -
- Mr. STANLEY; from be coramltteo on Fl
nance,' fecommerided the Indefinite postpone
ment of H. a. 370 Reducing the venalty on
lands redeem ea irom saio ior taxes. Agreea to
4 1
Jiln;il 'In
! I -, - -- AFTIRNOON art SSION. "
THURSDAY, March 21.
Mr VorIS." the commltteB on the Pen
tentiary, reported back 8, B J5ST provide
for the erection f a new ' Penitentiary, with
sundry Amendments, which were ordered to bo
read a third time to-morroir., , .,
- .Mr. CONV t-RSE presented tho msreorUl of
l?r "".""V .S"l:'"T?!r9na:
i a aktAMAL n . . i r . .
.v T" "o y inaeawa
oxation,,, ,i- ie
The committee on tho Penitentiary reported
tbe resolution relating to the puroiiose of
Bay Island, and recommended its indefi,
nlte postponement, which was sgreed to. t f -j
Mr. DAVIS, from the committee on Manie'U
Corporations, reported back H. B- lb2 Xo
amend tbe - general city and village Incorpora
tion aot, with the pending, amendment of the
Senate, which was agreed. to yeas Tl, oavs 19.
The committee on Schools and School Lands
reported baefcH. B. 413 To extend the time of
payment for oeruin school lauds! id Ottowa
county, when the bill was ordered to be read a
third time to-morrow.
The same committee reported back H. B450,
when it was set for a third reading to morrow.
MriSJUBBS moved that tbe vote whereby
House refused to pass 11. B. 340 Regulat
ing fences, and to provide against trespassing
animals, be reconsidered, which was agreed
when the bill waa relerred to a select com
mittee.. ' ... I I.J J!V .
Mr. SCHIFF. from tbe select committee to
whom was referred H. B- 99 To establish Cor
ryvllle election precinct,' In Hamilton county,
when tbe report and bill" wtre ordered to be
printed.. ' ' ' '
On motion of Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, a
message waa sent to tbo, Senate, Informing
that body that the House Is now ready to receive
them in a joint convention, to elect a United
States Senator. -' . ',';.'.' !, '
Mr. CLAPP offered a resolution providing; for
collection oi speeches of members of this
General Assembly, to be preserved In the State
library, wbicb was laid on the table., . -
The Senators, accompanied by their ouloers,
appeared within the bar of the House, and were
Tbe Convention was then called to order,
when . .w.!(..j ""; -it:
Tbe Roll of the Senate was called, end 30
Senators answered twtbeir names." !':'ty u
Tbe Roll of the Honse was called, and 98
members answered to tbeir names.- -j .r . m
Tbe President of the Convention announced
business of the Convention. ' ;
Mr. CUPPy nominated Hon. John Sherman,
Richland, as candidate for United States Son
ator Mr. CONVERSE nominated Hon. William
Keonon, of Belmont, for tbe same position
when : ; .. l ? I .
Mr. ANDREWS rose snd said, in a matter of
much importance to the country at this time,
baviog so much beating upon national affairs
as.lt will, bo desired to express bis views as to
the proper qualifications of the man to bo elect-
He would not, he said, detain tbe General
Assembly now here by both Houses, by discuss-
tbe points he would make, but would con
tent himself by offering tbo following resolu
tion t J . u j
Heealttd, Tbat lo the opinion of this Joint
convention, tbe election of any man to the Ben'
ate of the United States, who, being; a member of
Congress and one of a committee to consider of
remedies tor existing national difficulties, op
posed all offers ot compromise, would be doing
violence to the feelings of ths people, and tend
to complicate national troubles and hasten dl-
Unlon. ,' ;' i v H'i. j-;m "..i.i-
: Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, moved to lay the
resolution on tbe table, on whlcn tbe yeas and
nays wero -demanded and resulted--yeas 76,
navs 63 'i ':.' -i i .- i- '- f iir M.-i .v.tts
The Convention then proceeded to 1 vote for
enatoi wnen ' ' - - o j 1 1; in :rnj! 1
Mr. Sherman received 76 votes, and Mr.
Eennoa received 63 votes. ' -' S
Mr. Sherman, having received 1 a majorltv
all the votes oast, was declared dnly elect
a oeoator for toe state or odio, tor tbe
term of six vears from the fifth day of Afaroh,
100t,,!j r . ... 'i -.. 1 . rv"' . i.i
On motion of Senator COX, tho Convention
adjourns d,v when, 1 - - i
Un motion of Mr. CARLISLE, tbe House ad
journed. Hi .. 1 ' S I
' 1 .r. . . -.-!') ,1 -I-,. .:,.: -
FRIDAY, A. M., March 22, 1861.
.Prayer by Rev. Mr. Goodwin. i.i .1
'".:r rrmoNSAN m m oriAlb. 'k
By Mr. FISHER From E. Grlswold and it
others of Franklin county, representing that the
public welfare ' would be promoted by th , pay
ment of $1,000,000 of the public debt annually.
and praying for retrenchment generally,' Re-
lerrta to tbe Committee on Retrenchment.
By Mr. KEY From Joseph K. Smith, and
j. L. urown, and many others, of. umcinnatl,
remonstrating against the passage of the Street
Kaiiroaa Din, select uommitteo.'
... ' ,. i . -l HH i!-.T.'
H-B. 405 To amend the snpplementaryaot
or i two, concerning us ei cotton ol aoiuces
Muuoipal lOrporations,T j .unr-m ,h:tv.i
H.B. 201 To lease ths Public Work, of
OhlO. WbOle - r :.! ! l ,1 tiU K'VI (,l
S. B. 277 To amend sections 13 knd IS of
tbe aot concerning wills. , Whole.. '! ,'. ui
Sundry messages ware read. .tr o-t t
The President signed . House bills. 168, 337,
; . n.
Mr. HARRISON, from the Judioiary Com
mittee, recommended the passage of H. B. Kd.
389, to regulate tbe term of office of County
Surveyors, fixing tbe commencement of. tbeir
term of office on ths 1st of January succeeding
their election, and making the term of office
IIimssmi Dill naaaail - '
' Mr. FISHER, from the committee1 on Medi;
eal ColleeeB, recommended the Dassaio of II.
B; 307 For the relief of ths Ohio Medical Cot
lege, authorizing it to fund its debt, and Issue
new bonds bearing 6 percent. Instead of 10 per
. . d:ii .a -- ' . .. - -I
Mr. HARRISON, from the 'Judiciary1 Him
mittee, reported adversely to the memorial .of
Jacob J linn, ana toe petition or members of the
Cincinnati Bar, praying for the passage of an
aot tor tne payment oi tbe paiance or bis salary
S Jadge oi the Court, for w hat would h ave been
tho Unexpired term of tbe Criminal Court Of
Hamilton county, wbicb was abolished pending
bib term, nuu sue Gummuiew asaea 10 DC U1B-
charged from further consideration of the preni-
t.aa ' Anasut n' - " ' -' -
Mr. FERGUSON sUtecl !the" "case, Dd' beid
that the claim should be allowed. He asked a
reference' to ths committee on Claims. Not
sgreed to.' '" ' ,','' ; ; -3,f "
'Mr. SPRAGUE, from the Joint committee on
Enrollment, reported the enrollment of sundry
kill. mr,A nlnt .,nnll - - '
Mr. BRECK, from the Committee 'on Muni
eipat Corporations, recommended In amend
ment and tbe passage of H. B. No. 392 Au
thorizing the fandlng of the floating debt of mU'
nicipal corporations. . Agreed to, find thOitl
rjasted. Yeas 24. navs B ' ' . '
Mr. FERGUSON, from iheVatdeCommlttce,
asaea to no aiscnargea from isrtber considers
tion of memorials Irom Hamilton;' In Boiler
county.' concflmlno- the modaoAlw-tlnn and rfn.
iies of City Marshals, Agreed to- r
iVc- .vT'OaiwV RlflHTS.r;.' ''
" Mr. KEY, from tbo Woman's Rishts Com
mittee, reported back lbs woman's KIgbts bill
with amendments, and recommended Its passge.
Report agreed to, and , the bill was engrossed
and put upon its oasaaga, and after tboroneh
A. . . . . . a a,.. -X. . .
explanations by Mr. Key, it psssed, yeas 27, nays
e' -iv. - '. .. -u , iii a: ov s i;i j hi ,m
. irt . ... . .. i-
rt i dom w novo tea in toe amrmatire were
Messrs. Breck. Brewer. Boost. Collins. Cox.
ueppy, rergusonr 'aisner,! Foster, - usrfield,
MIass, iiarsb, Jones.' Key; Laekevr MqCaU.
Monroe, Moore, Morser Pariah, PoUsr Potwin.
Soblelcb, Smith, Spregfaer1 Stanley and White
27. .
Tkoss who voted la tho netkUve wer--.!.-al
nnsrs. bason and Mswmaa 3. .i fan-ys.o ej
Mr, POTTS, front the committee of Confer-
ence on tbe matter ef prlnllnr. tbo renort of the
vommiMioner. or utatisuos, recommendea. tbat
tbs House reoede Irom its amendment to tha S.
K.ob that aubiect. and that both Houses adopt
aaubstitate autborikiog tho piloting pf 9,000
oopies in Eoglitb snd German, each member to
report to tbe Ulerks tha number desired by each
tne uarman iaoguage, and tbat tbat propor
tion ef copies be stinted in German., Agreed to
t 1 1 BANK TAXIS. i :IM1.'. I Oiili h-
Mr JON E8 called up the lollowtn, And "it
wss adonted: - -' T 'i e 1" :
S. J.R. No. 104. bf Mr. JONES-RelatifO
me collection of bank tales In certain eases.
W turns, Manv of the banks organized nn-
der the act to incorporate the State Bank of Ohio
other banking companies, passed February
1854, claiming tbat no other rate or taxa
tion can be imposed upon them tkan tbat pro
scribed by the 60th seotion' of - said aot, bate
commenced suits to enjoin tbe collection of
taxes imposed by other statutes; and wbereae
s dnstrable that the qaestloq at issue should
settled without Incurring the eipensc- which
prooeedings to obtain an iniunotlon in each ease
mast involve the parties therefore, ' '
Be it Rnoloed 6y las General Aiecmbly of the
State of Ohio, Tbat the Auditor ef vState, tbe
Comptroller and Attorney Generals b" author
ized to enter Into - an-' airrcementi with the said
banks, organized nndor the . aforesaid act, pro
viding that they shi.ll promptly pay tbe taxes
prescribed by the 60th section nf saiuV aotand
agree to pay in addition such sums as will
make the total amouut equal iq tha.impqeed by
tbe general tax law, in case the Supreme Court
oi tne-Unlted Ststes.yin, case pow pending
therein, shall decide that the Stats has Jegal
and Constitutional right to Imposo taxes' upon
the said banks, as provided In said general tax
law; then, and upon such agreement being en
tered into, bo' attempt shall ibe made by the
State to compel any bank being a party to such
agreement to pay any other or greater amount
ot taxes than is imposed by the said 60th seo
tion of the act aboveimentioned nutil it shall
have boen decided by the Supreme Court of the
United States that such other or greater rate ot
taxation may be legally and constitutionally im
posed as albrcMldrT J$ VfV.J 7aI Iil
Those who voted in the affirmative were
Messrs Breck, Brewer, Bouar, Collins, Cox,
Cuppy, Fisher, Garfield, Glass, Harsh, Jones,
Laskey, McCall, Monroe, Moore, Morse.Parlsh,
Potts, Potwin, Smith, Sprague and Stanley 22.
Those who voted in the negative were
Messrs. Easoo, Foster, Newman, Ferguson
and Whlto-f t j 1 0 f, q a 7 1 3 j - ;
Mr. CUPPY called np the Anti-Combination
Railroad bill the question being on its engrors
ment. Mr, Cuppy stated the object of the bill
at length the following being a comprehensive
statement of his remarks: Recess:
FRIDAY, March 22.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Clapp.
Mr. SNYDER, from the select committee to
whom was referred H. B. 405 Relative to the
jurisdiction of the Probate Court in certain
counties reported tbe same back with sundry
amenomenis, wnicn was agreed to; wnen tbe bill
was set for a third reading on Tuesday next. -
A communication was received from tbe Su
perintendent, of tbe Asylum for Idiots, iurnish-j
Ing statistics or tne institution; which was re
ferred to tne ixommittee on Kelorm Schools nua
Asylum for Idiots.
A report wu received from the Treasurer ol
State giving a statement of the, expenditures of
last year, nnaer tbe bead of Canal Fund, wnlcb
was laid on the table to be printed. ctT-.
A report was received frbm the Secretary of
State in relation to the Debates of the Const!
tutional Convention, which was referred to the
Committee on finance.' y.r.zn
The following Senate Bills were read the
first time:
S. B. 273 For the settlement of the claim of
the Marriaee Record of Perrv countv
Tbe Hours agreed to the Senato amendments
toll. B. 324 Concerning- the office ot City
Auditor ot uiev eland yeas by, nays 6
- 8. B. 269 Supplementary to tbe General
Tax Law of 1859, waa read the first time.
-i Mr. HITCHCOCK remarked that aa the bu
slnees and domestio duties of many members
require that tbey should visit their, homes
at least once before the final adjournment, and
in order tbat the attendance, for tbe remaining
part of tbe session, should be ss full as possible,
he, therefore, offered tbe iollowlne:
Mr. HITCHCOCK offered a resolution pro
viding for an adjournment from Friday evening.
March 29, till Tuesday morning, April 2d.
ii nir. b i ic.K.9 - movea to amend by making it
a aintdia adjournment at that time, which was
decided out of order.
- Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, moved to amend
so as to adjourn this evening till Tuesday morn
ing next.
Mr. BROWNE'S amendment was disagreed
to yeas 30, nays 62. k . ., .r-j
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, moved to lay the res
olution on the table, which motion was nega
tived. ' Tbe vote was then oalled on tho resolution,
wbicb resulted yeas b3, nays 27.
Mt. WRIGHT, of Hamilton, offered a reso
lution for a sins di adjournment on the 15th of
April, wcjl,2?r,5e? toJA'rJ?I-"eion
Mr. HERRICK moved that the vote whereby
the House concurred in the Senate Joint Reso
lution 57 concerning a National Constitutional
Convention be reconsidered,
o Mr. STEDMAN advooated the reconsidera
tion. .Mr. S. deprecated any change io. tbe Consti
tution, under whloh this nation! has grown into
greatness ana prosperity, unequalled in . tbe
progress of nations.
-'.The resolution had been pnt through under
the previous question, allowing' no opportunity
to discuss It, and ho wss now compelled to avail
himself of this motion to enter bis solemn pro
tost sgainst any change In the fundamental law
of the land, which was tbejwork of our fathers,
snd handed down to tbeir posterity as a sacred
boon tbat It is our duty to receive and preserve
i Mr. ANDREWS replied that the resolutions
bad been before tbe Legislature almost the
whole of the present session; and, tberefore,
there could be no neceaailj Jor reconsidering
them now.
. Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, recurred to tbe mo
tion be made on Wednesday evenine, offerinc a
preamble, to the Resolutions.- Ho desired the
resolutions to be reconsidered, that the preamble
coeld be prefixed now, or, at least, the expression
of the opinion oi the Houte upon the nreamble
wlf. T'-rr.vr.t t-tv,; 'AVh.l-j
Mr. DICKEY objected to the reconsideration.
and remarked that Resolutions looking toco
sreion bad been passed at what be regarded as
aniinlormal meet log: of -the House, -and be
thought tbe decided expression in favor of these
resolutions, which wero in some degree oonoil
latory, onent now to stana.
n Mr r LAUU opposed the reconildoratlon Jbs-I
cause tba iionsenod acted deliberately when it
pasted the resolutions; and it would doubtless
repeat its former nation now. . -
iftlr. K.KUM advocated tbo reconsideration.
and opposed tbe resolution, In a written argu
ment of some length, contending that there was
o need of any change in the Constitution.
lr. JON AOBRid that Jhoso resolutions abowM
ear that we are ooming together like a nation ol
brothers, proposing to corns together from all
parts,of the nation, as they should do. Unlike
tbe nations of old. wo are a nroirressive nannle:
and it is necessary for us that we should at times
revise our forms of government. This has been
the case frequently In the history of the world.
The Constitution itself provides for ito amend
ment, and there Is propriety in our calling a
Convention to meet the necessities of our finite
Mr; YORI9 demanded the nrevlous auestibn.
which, was sustained yeas 61, naya 4.
; The ones tion turning on the motion to recon
sider, it was disagreed to yea 30, nays 59,
i be House tooit a recess,-- tu
Juod Pliads Priviliob. Mr. Ltocoln's friend
Jndd was quite lucky la getting his appointment
at an early day A Hie is deeply interested In the
Rook Island Bridge difficulty, and was sued
with two others for libel, in tbat they caused tbe
iadlotment of certain parties on a charge of
conspiring to burn . tbo bridge. The action
against Judd uo. is a civil one for tsw.uuu
damages. J. F. Trscey, Superintendent of tbe
R. I. K. K spue -of tbe parties, was arrestee tbt
other day at Rochester, and the other will be
nipped Immediately. Judd , however, laughs at
tho writ, pleading bis diplomatic privilege of
Msmptlon from arrest on civil prooess.i This Is
Riven as a reason why Judd's name was sent to
tbs 8enate directly after those of tbe Cabinet
MlOlSterS. . r-T I r, TTTTT
..Grain at the West. It Is stated that
amocar tbe immense quantities oi grain now in
store at the West destined for shipment to Bu
Mo and Oswego, on tbe opening of nsvlgation,
there is at prcseut stored in tne great ware
houses of StuTges, Buckingham Co., on r (be
Illlnola Central Denot grounds, In Chlcaeo. ths
amount of nearly a milion and a kalf bushels of
grain. Ia warehouse "B" there are 214,585
bushels of soring wheat; 567 ,534 bushels of bar
ley, 7,873 bushel of oats. Total, 801,148 bush
el a. or bV weUhC. 22,673 tons. In warehouse
"AV there Jtronearly 700,000 bushels-of graln,T"
nd thsonantity wilL Iqorease until tee amdnnt
in the othir is reached, unless in a abort, lima
owners comnjepyo j)uhiujj fi. v" iyi"Uvoeoio
' ' .... ..!-' . i...A ...I. l
lbs river J ,Si,r. i' ivt )"'! .wr
.1 i. .11 .14 I J I J
' B-Kentutbr furtiiebedi botir wxtrettew with
their Presidents Abe Lincola and Jeff Davis
both being Kentuokiaua-by-blrthr-It will bo
quite tlm Ciiougn' tot ner io poan oi u.iour
years hencerroosaibV 'B00 Se1 to ou,,r
Kennedy's Medical Discovery.
"NoVM-.'tB. tha hlatnr nf riiT&lclliea. BbC
been discovered that baa hid tbe power to oure
to many different diseases M the one above
mentioned; It Is true tbat Mr. Kennedy trt
discovered the valuable qualities oi tae nero
from hiflh hi medioine la made . but the public
navw-wiade till urthei'lsooTerioSj snd Mr
Kennedy has been surprised to receive unsolic
ited, and from, perfect strangers, communica
tions, ttoting tbat bis discovery had sured
tbem of diseases for which he never thought of
offering lu -Tho proprietor. Jias, always said
that it would, cure -any bwnor on ths laosj-of
ibe earth; sud so U will but this additional tes
timony stamps it as a most-wonderful disoov
rTi.;-IooH. OXUT? V7'ic) -t .0
Kennedy's Medical Discovery. Loss of Sleep.
la thfire Anvlhmir more wearincr to both mlUU
and; body thau'losa of slee'p,, or" 11 any difficulty
or disease can be oftener traced to other than
loss of sleep, then expeyienoe b as lost Its psw
er, Of Sidney SmHhVtrie great English Physiol
ogist, Is not to be relied ,upon.; pf thls Jstlhe
experience of thousands answer, and try the To,
lu Anodyne, and tbev will bflf ready to 'endorse
the remak of one bf tho Irlmdl of the " nrobrle
torn,' who writes, "were the directions to beoovv
sred with sovereigns to purcbnBe,.It.TrQUld not.
be without it." This aiiwiir experience by Its
use, See advertisement, and ,fcijl ror 'riamph
1.,. - f K'.i.U'.iahJJ.JQ
'J,y-f "" n.2 YY 1 vi'l
Kennedy's Medical Discovery. Loss of Sleep. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.
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uire oi i , a
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the "American" fcV U &lT jj; g-OX IM.
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msKU mir.
Kennedy's Medical Discovery. Loss of Sleep. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. STATEMENT
Treasarf ef I raaklln County, februuy 88. JWUi
Cash on hand.... .....'......... .,b-HM0,911 33
To the credit of Infirmary and, ...
Pauper Expen J3,M0 f3
To tbe credit of B rid ire Accounf ll,'3 S9
"i i Oeuerml Kapenae 8,5'ja ! 7tT'f f .1 t
" . M- Chattel Tax Ooi l I 4 ."
! . , lected. , , DS X
u - W p.l Ilnei Collected.'."?'1 ? OS
,. ,.i U, Peddlera llcreae i"' 4S .00
tf-f - Poor farm. 968 38
tt . ghow License.... 17.50
.. ti il (I flu. a. nni.,h,,.
; ;t, ,t
rt v '
V I . V VUIUJU,Mlfi .
Bsbool fund.... la.O'Js bl
:, " City of Oolunbus
uorporAiwn rnnu
3.4C0 Gf?
5,808 B4
SI,1S6;W r ,
-, oi i Aa J-'
" tlontgomary Tp
' Madison
" llamllton
"' Mlulin
" Perry
: BliAroflT I
sit 1.368
V 1.5B6 51
' 1.0S2 71)
1.413 7d -"
. K7 07 -
1,068 W) '
Mi i,s9o
" Blendon
'. ri"W". Waahlngtin'r.ltJ rtWBT) jjs
" " Norwich . " l,4u ,
Franklin . ' - ","!i,830 Tft
' ' ' Brown " W 81 ,
,. k ii Prairie' 1 USO 21
i It i i pieaaanf''' :.4ii 9' ''
. ,'''. j.ckaon-'J Vlt''4, .S1W Ci-'-' '
V "Moobery District 89 W ' Ju-.'. : ,
-'rf'l Ororeport School ''-' 1
( ' - Keynoldaburg I '! i j
-u' ftooiDiatiict..;--ior3i',',i'.11
"Worthlngtone.-r -gr r ,
Bohool Diatriet.i-A 137 k t--
rt OettiorABioa ! if if -
i" fJroveport..i..-.-. - 7S S7
i .r ,0-pistrkt Assessor a-
s-r.v- Weetor v tile-'
B.tinAl TtlatHrl
"!'. OorponttoA 1 of
in pn
Btate et 'Ohlo.l. 09,109 J -5 f)t j
t.'-V TreAsarer'a Peee. 1,848 64-
" Vr "ir$ oeec' tT
f S O Bales. . A 10 09 V-T
i.-.ioorporAilon ef "
1 '. 111- noo (
"i' " " Corporation o-f
A)l0,01l N
S-,vVl !s Rrl..C7H- r-T otlJAASBSno, (.:VJ.,-,i
B. SrAndrewi'MoteiiA.' I? 50 ""
We hereby eertlfy thet the .Above And .forewlnr IS A
true BtAtement of the condition of the Treasury or
-WMii of
JOHN G. THOMPSON, Treasurer.
marSl SUavt .,n.j;, , fr,, ,, m rrwnmit i
Watohes t Siamondilf Silver Ware !!!
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Silver Plated Ware, Tea Betli, Cms, WalteW, Callers,
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erate Obargea.
" kf eall aa ordered. . bu til the pfJoTjj(mmU
of the bfit hotoli. moit ceutrnl location, and ti htitd
.1 t. . I . f. . ....... a . . i .
uirQU;Duuii oj Bimiu. . , P4aiujE.li s. nsjair, u
-T '.IS . - . 0
; ... ' ;;.,. .or- !ja
Stiinulatinf ODgueu
For tat Wbiiken and Hairs - "
i ,i.i i - 111. ft
The subscribers take pleasAre In'abnouielag to the
Oltiiena of the United Btates, thAtUiey heve obtained tbe
Atstxjy for, sail fre now enabled to ofler le the American
public, the above jjuftb etkctirattd epd .wo.n;rnt f net)
article. The mu), -.u icssj
i .-',iirtf a, ii-r.f.
la nnnared kv Da. C P. BKLLWOIIAM, an' eminent
physician of London, and la warranted to bring put a
i 1TTL! I IT a-.L.
i vvmsiers or a Musiacuu
In from three to alt weeka. This article la the only one
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It la in universal aaei ' ".-
It la a beaotlful, economical, soothing, yet atlmnlatlng
compound, acting as If by magic upon Die soots, osusing
A beautiful growlh of luxuriant hair, If applied to the
scalpt.it will euro atuuicM, .and oaure to aprlng np In
place of the bald apote a tat growth of new heir. Ap
plied aoeordhg to Sirwattone, It will turn aas or towv
hair mas:, and restore erav bair to Ita orlirlnal color,
teevlni It soft, smooth, end flexible. ,The -'Oaooajtr" la
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after one week's uae Uie j Jjjuld ot(or ajti wiuMcntieii
The rabaerlbin are the only Aj-enta for the arttole la
the United Btatee, to whose ell orders mult be Addieeaed.
Price One Poller a bos for sole by All Druggists oad
Dealere; or a box of tbe "Onguent" (warranted to have
ths desired effect) will be sent to any wno desire it, by
mall (direct), securer? paeiea. on reoeipw si, priM aeo
poataga.Bl.lS. Apply to oa0iira'. .1 skl-iist
i , i Vk iMI!o'"fy- 'K1
feb2Odt0m t William Btreet,Kew York.
. aaaiaas - , .c.,,..
1 V iflammation and pain, and, beoui tne worst burn,
Scald, bruise, out, er fresh wound of Aay kind, prevents
swelling and pain from bee stings, mosquito bites, And
poisonous plants, neuralgia, . rheumatism, ague In the
brews, sojt rheum, etc r VV'brn teAea internAlly, It will
positively cure croup In children, And girea Immediste
re I let la the worst oase of this terrible compUiuti also,
neoovea boaneneas and sore throttt i fru, sat eeete a
pottle, i Should be In every house, F.r s.t 1t Drug
gists end Storekeepers. , ., , , iftCM ttiONB.
vila ' B,,rwtl' lPrAoest.,lewyoili
fwf MANHOOD. '
BonloAl W6skosss, akxUAl Debility, Nervousness, In.
voluntary Hoilsslons and Impotenoy, resnltlng from
Beir-Abitie, Ito. By Kout. J. Uulvereall, at. D. Bent
nniiei seal. lp a flala envelope, Ito any addrtsa. post
Said. Ion vroelpl of two atsmps, hv Dr. OllAB. J. 0.
XTNe; Ifl Bowery, New York. Post Office Box. No.'
t or alt TllltOAT ttnd
Including "WHOOPING
COUOII, aud. every
Cam plaint the forerun
ner f, and even actual
RKMjtU?. Consumption. it .'
O T ! T 'i f " M C 6 - r v il
aiio ureat nduhais
GlfJ Uinil DV and Nau
aral OPIATKOf adapted
to every apecics of Sera
voue Complaint, Ner
ram and Chronic
Headache, . Hhennia.
tleiu, Cutarrb, Tooth
and Ear Ache, I.oee of
eiieep, and Uoucl Coaia
; .ja na ri.i
-. Ttl ill l-u
tsii .1MT.H.J J
psiaiss . 1
No that Justice can be done thd Aliove preparations '
ous py proeuruig ana nautng aescnpiive pampnieisos
be found with ell dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand. - formulas and Trial Bottles lent to Phyal
clane, who will And development in both worthy their
acceptance and approval. i
Oovreapondenoe solicited from all whose neneailtlee or
ew-loaity praniile to a trial uf the above reliable kene
Vor sale fay Ilia usual wholesale and retail dealer :
everywhere. ., . , .. , .j v.. i ,
JOHN aT,. IMINNKWElL, Proprleto
' J, CHWItST and phabmacrotist, ".
Ho. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass. ' "
BobeiU Sc Bamuel, N. B. Mamie, J. E. Cook, 1. U '
Deulg, 0. Denlj? Ss Bona, A. 1 . Bclmeiler a Bon, Aeents
tat OolUmbtu, Ohio. ' nyl-dly 4
IttOFrAT'S IIli, PlLiLSJ, .
Is all eases ef oostlveneee, dyapepalA, blllloua and liver -'
affections, piles,' rheumatism, fevers and agues, obitl
pats head aches, and all general derangements of health
these Fllu have Invariably proved a certain and speedy -remedy
A single trial Will place ths Ufa P11U beyond
the reach ofrompetlt Ion In , the estimation of every pa-'
(lAnt. CtvAA v ' . . .. . ' i
Dt. Moffat's PhoHlx Bitters will be fonnd equAlly ef ' i
ficadooa UrklloaAeA of nervoos debility, dyspepsia, bead
ache, ths alcknesi Incident to females In delicate health,
and every kind of weakness of the' digestive organs,
for aoHlwftri W'B. MOJFAT.JS, Broadway,!!. T.'
end by all Druggists. - - aayS3-dAwly
, ;;Tlie following, ii an extract from a
letter written by the Rev. 3. B. Holme, paster oi the
Plerrepolnt-Blrest Bepttst Church, Brooklyn, N. T.,t '
the "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, 0. , and speak
Volumes, in favot.of that world-renowned medioine, Ha . (
Wmiii)v'i SooT)iihpBvaoroaCBiiaTiniiiw; ' . ' .'.l
''We see an adverthment In your columns of IIm
Wwilow's SooTsruaa Bvaur., Wow we never said a word)
In fsrvor of a patent medicine before in our life, but we'
feel compelled to aay to your readera that thia la no hae. -bug
wi riAva TatxmT, aso kiow it to bi au, rr
claims. It la probably one of the moat auc-cessrsl aedl
cineiof the day, because It ia one of the beat. And thoae
of your readera who have babka can't do better than -
lay In a supply. ., . . , . . . , ... ort7:lydfcw
Alft-DYE-pHAm DYE.
L. ' Wm. A. Jatohelor'i Ealr Pyel ""' "
"- Jhs Original and Best In On Worldl
i, An others art mere Imitations, and should be avolled . '
If you wish to escape ridicule.
6 a AY, RED OB RTJBTt I1AIB Dyed InitAntly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
balrorBkln. '. - .
awarded to Win. A. Betchelor since 1839, and over M,00
applications have been made to the Hair of bis patroaa
of hla famous dyei
WM. A. BATCBJCLOB'B HAIR DY1 produces a eel
or net to he dlstiuirUhsd rrora nature, and a, warraaesd
not to Injure In the least, however long It may be ton Mi
ned, 'end. the 111 streets of Bad Dyes remedied; tbe Hair i .
In'vlgarAted for life by this splendid Dye. ' '
Bold In sit cities and.. towns of tbe United States-
Drugglats and Fancy Goods Dealers. r
IHpThe Genuine has the name And address upon a steel
plate engraving oa fonr aide of each Box, of WIXLIAkl '
a Jyl3-wly t ,81 BaroUy street, Mew York.
A Z : .
i" a.; to Consumptives. ' "'
The Advertiser, having been restored to health in a few 'il
weeks by Ajrcry simple remedy, after havings Bfferedt .
eral yeers with s severs long affection, And that dreAtT
disease. Consumption Is anxious to make known M his , T
feUow-snffeKmthinveansof cure. J :Jt t::'i;;f- f i J I J J
Toall who desire It, be will send a copy of the prescrlp
Hon lied (free of chArge), with the directions for prepa - y
Ing and mlng the same, which they will And a enaaCc '
for CpsaoMrTioR, Abtiiva,' Baosonms, eke. ' The only
ofject ef the Advertiser In aAndln the PrMewmun u t. - '-
btmdt'tbaafflloUd, and ipread Ui formation which be con-
eetvei to be invalualile, snd be hopes every sufferer will , -, T
try hb remedy, ult wllloat them nothing, and Bay
prove a blesslna. J - .j:. . '
raitles wishing the presoriptloa will please address
TTT a TA1, .
w a, iiatcneior b jxair ATBC
This aplenJId Hair Dye has no eqnsJ-untaatanaoM la ,
effect Beautiful BlAck er. Katural Brcmn no aAalnlng ';i,ii
uie aide or iujuting Uie nsir remcaneenMaaear aa -"'
effect of Bad Dyes, and' Invigorates ths balr for life! " '
Hone are genuine unless slgvd (-W- A. Batchelor." '
boio ererywnere. , . . . . . .... ,,.
. ; w,CBAS.aU'JCllBLOa,Proprletr,.. ...
Jyllwlf nit ?;. .. BltarelAyBtnet,HewT 1 ,!7
- '- it i;
or"ths INSTANT BJitlll 'j,
. sad PBUkfANBNTOnfiMof th :
"'dlstrenlng eomplaint use j", 'Y f
EN DTI -.. it iiKiU i'i ioj n..:'t ;. n
Madejiy 0. B. BBYktOCst" 00 107 Naseaa St M. T. ,
I mw pr vua, avniuee vy pool.
.n ro SALi at all DBoaaisft.' :'.'V;
asaye-dAwlvle ,
1 v
'ft 'X'
.Vol. 1
: For-march ICthj 1801 - -
Kiwi Bedyryor BU Every wiirfPiWf IwV
vsnts a wpy.
n. a
!0KTErSTS: "
j'BTltL WATERS t" "A Brilliant Btory. ' , T f f A
'THIS OII HAP HXOCKBION;" A Complete 9to, '
'THE KINO. AND TJLK BEQQABi" Cciaulete U) thjtv ..
numne- iui.it.. - " . . t. a i tT
i.THB DYINdJtOY'BJtBQUSBT: by MariA Norria.-
insvuriurTne rn wbknt iruun.-' - 1 a
?r?v,.WWflr-0,iW,M''-''1 51 Ttl-sreT
HMPMOxur and aabTunugjWt'sVi " "
WIT AND HUMOR. . -, H,.,, , (tj J
. OTIOE8 0Ftll(W.BO0Kj.1r.J7c;i l ,:.; lo,. : , , 'V.-. J
And much - other . Jptereeting , nd, tagtructivo.'., ' 2
Reading MsttCIU.;, A In -n- -( ,e,r-nti
I . TBtai:"';'"'!1. ''Pf. -L
. " 1 .0.. ! , 1; ; i n..
" per Annum., ft
HUNT tt MINER, Publishers, -f. ; .
1 - 71 and 73 Fifth street, . r. t
next to lnPott4JfEee,IIUbnrgh,Ps'..r' ''
H.lENJIEDye.GfinerAl Agent 1
maronn. VT.I vi.l '. .
Woodbary ' Ocj 1 v-
,TS. :', Yl SUFirwivom., t;,. f; (i .
George w. Allen. '
Il ium, directed from the Superior Court of Franklin
county. Ohio, I will offer for sale, m the town of New A.
bany.M Ine ewae nan or u.. n . ,ii.w iw 01 jiry ,
Motions, levied on as the property of O. W.
Aii.m ..la eommencitis on S ATURni Y. the 30th day ef
March, A- D. W.t l".-,"; .rrrf, - ,T
-Uflti a ivse, eww,-.
I stHHsonevrn greac voriew as - BAIN 0, vmU J
Jsu.Jr 'I'll if t ) S9, Dlk BtreeLj .II

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