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St. m m m m m "
Tbe Adams Exprea Company plaees us dally
under obligations to It for the very lateat papers
irutn the eastern oitiea. ; - 1
' " :
-. ' . a ,' 1 '
The American Express Company has oar
thanktt for ita daily favors lu the shape of tbe
very Intcvt eastern papers. .
Frbokrio r somki and His Infant Gardens
We hare been kindly furnished by Mias Lower.
FnANKMBtka, Teacher of the Inlant Gardep, at
(..No. 10, East Ricli Street with tbe following eo-
ou'ot of .the celebrated FasDino FaoiaiLand
bis system i - t
This devoted edncitor was born In vlllae
named Oberweissbaob, In Thurtngenj His iather
was ine clergyman or mat . Village, and his
mother died when h was still an infant. When
he was of auffloieot bro, he studied physics at
uernn, ana was called -to be ITolessor ot that
science la the same city. Bat he was so filled
with lore for his race, especially for children,
mat ne resolved to live ana; work only lor edu
caiioo.. . , . .
Two of big friends. Henry Liniretbal and Wil
liam Miudendsrfr, assisted nim la the hard taBk
or establishing an laatitutloa for education in
Keilhau.near RuJolatadt.ln Tburbgen. There
ne worked nun an ma etrengtn ot mind and
; body, pad In all hla own little fortune, and a
larger one of bis m(ej for be cared but little
for bis own comtort, It be could but see his Idea
and his pupils prosper. In educating boys of
eigne ip eighteen years, ne frequently had poplls
aireaay apoueu ny a oareiess education, and soon
experienced that education must begin at an ear
lier and tenderer age. , Ilia true and deep love
tor children had no rest, until bis rich mind con
eeived the idea of the Infant Garden. He now
watched, with the greatest attentiveneaa.chll
dren and even babes. ' Everything be observed
he brought into a system and into- Byatematic
plays lor babes and young children. . He liked
beat to play and busy himself with poor chil
dren, and iu Ibis manner, beside seven hours of
leasons a day, during a oonrae ot tbree months.
be taught his scholars of both sexes. .The writ-
er of tbeeo lines enjoyed the pleasure of know
ing this celebrated educator as early as 1828.
and was often moved by bis affection for the
mue ones, wnton was tne more remarkable, as
be never had children of his own. But he bad
almost a molbeily tenderness for them, for be
felt, perhaps too deeply, the lois of a mother.
He waa often called- fool, but was of too
high a character and too full inspiration to
mind it.' He scarcely made bis living by bia
arduous labor; but it mattered not to him, if be
oouid out uo anything lor bia beloved children.
I now proceed lo give a short description of
my honored teacher's system. He called each
play a gift. Tbe first is the ball, Intended to
teach tbe cbiklron to distinguish colors embrac
ing a hundred different plays with songa.
The second is cube, a roller and a ball, each
of wood, to teach children tbe difference be
tween objects capable of standing firmly, and
those of a perfect and Imperfect motion., The
third is a large cube divided into eight small
ones, to build with. Six hundred different fig
ure, built out of these eight cubes, have al
ready been invented by iulanta. . ,
The fourth gift Is a large cube divided Into
eight flat elata. With these one ean build at
least twelve hundred different figures. Tbe
filth gift consists of twenty-seven cubes, of
which tbree are divided into halves, and three
into quarters. A great many nice and beautiful
things can be built out of them.
.Beside these five gifts, there Is course of
mathematical, drawing on paper ruled with
- crossed lines, many, kinds ot nice paper work,
and a great variety of plays, whioh together are
well adapted for the cultivation of tbe heart,
mind and body of the little ones. I fear It
woud weary the patienoo of the friendly reader
to describe them all, or to say more at this time
about the Infant Gardens, and therefore I close,
Ri roBUCA Waani MarTiNaa. Tbe Republi
cans met, last eveningin the different Wards
of the city, and made the following nominations
for Counrilmen and Assessor and also appoint
ed the following delegates to the Republican
.City and Township Convention, be held at the
City Hall',' ntot Saturday evening: ' ' '
Fint Ward. Councilman L. L. Smith; At
a easor Richard Johnson; Delegates G. Douty,
iF.C.Sowlons, William Weatwater, C. Eld
ridge, 8. Elliott, J. Williams, C. W.CramiJ.
Second tfiiri.-rr.CjuucUman, Luther Donald
son; Assessor, David Mitchell;' Delegates, A.
A. Greer, U. Roberta, J' J. Janney, C. J. Wet
more, G. C. Bcrnham, JrC. Aston.
Third RW.Couneilman, Dr. A. 0. Blair;
Assessor, John Gabriel; Delegates, Henry Mil
Her, Wm. Richards, Silts Field, W. L. Hughes,
HI Eaatalbrook, Dwight Stone, Charles Brey-
togle. : t -' ,," '. ' ' ' ..' -'f
. Fourth Ward Councilman Dr.. 8. Seh
istj Assessor John Rltter; Delegates H. H.
Charlton, S. V. R. Carpenter, J. W. Short, Mar
tin Cntmm, Dn V, 8. Seltzer, G. G. Bradford,
John Ford.
Fifth 'WsVrf. Councilman Moril a. Becker
Assessor None nominated; Delegates James
B. Rusk, Elias Glover, Peter. Ketsler,,' Morits
Becker.. ..i,.1 : ';
Sad BiakAVtMENT. We copy- the following
from the London, Madison county, Democrat, of
yesterday, "the ?lat Inatanti i ,., j :.
Rev. 0. Yf. Fiiiliv, Patiorof the Presbyterian Chorea
at thli laca, arrived her on Monday evening last with
the remains o( his wife and bar alitor, both luring died
lu Illinois, the former on friday, the 15th imt,, and Ike
latter tome six weeks tince. Alt. Finlry came among
. at boot a year ago a happy bride, and during her short
stay here, her amiable uatnre and manifold Tlrluei was
the lore aid tateem of all our rUlzens. Uha bad been
rolling lier father In the West for aome time, anion
Thunday lut, Mr. V. expected r.er return, but recelred
Inaltad a dnpalch to tbe effect that she was dying. Be
. . hastened to Illlnolt, and arrired aboot two hours before
he braetlied her lest. After appropriate funeral erniees
on Taevaayi by Her. Dr. uaioht, air- rimxr remorM
ithe bodies to yranklln eounty, near Oolumbnev for In
terment. Mr. V. hat the ilncere sympathy ofeaoh and
-all our citizens in on meiancboly berearement.
Cot;ftT of Common Pleas, In the case of the
State t. White and others indicted for a riot,
the jury rendered a verdict of acquittal The
Court waV occupied, this' focenooD, fa hearing
notions, and in other mlacellaneoos business.
CTTke Court of Comnibn Flea's fof Madlsori
County will commence ut bprmg term a turn
dDo.oa Tuesday next, the SGth Inst.
Rail Road Time Table.
LittU UtAHi tt OeLCmcsk Xama E. K, - ' 'i"-
" Leaves. . Arrlres
XccommMailon. ...... S.10 A. M.''- 0.15 t. M
Might iiipreas.. ........ 8.45 A. M.i w i 45 A. M-
CumrUND .COLUMDtll fc ClKClHKATt B, Ju
icpteieandMall.. .... .3.00 P.M. -1.40P.M
cMlgktxprew,.W(irfA.3;SS A. U. I IMl.H
' CorraajLOauB. .. jiU .: .'! ji Ju'.l
Bxpreas Train.,.,,', ,.r8.00 K. M , ., 9 30 k
Mall Tram...U.v.l..7 .0 P. U. W)P
VrrrsBoaaH, Oolomboi fc Cnwmwm R- ft.
Express trwin'.l.U'.i.iaoB A. M." 1 .80 P.
Mail Train 40 P. M. P 8UP.
OoLCmwfcIiAJiVoiAt.'.T. K to-;'"! 11
Columbus, trqua at Indiana B. .
, Ekpreet Trsln.."..;t.. .( B:1S A.M. 1M0 A
Express Train :P-M. Y 8:10P,
'" ? ' 1 1 v "i
Foen 4 LiNEliDr. iialUngham's ."Stlmula-
ting DBfunt,', so famous Jtf' London, PArls,
. and other European cities, seems to be gaining
a similar reputation' In thli country. J We find
: that it has became ao indispensable article for
the toilet in jill ouf large cities. Meeara. Horace
, Li Hegeman & Co., of New York, now have
the entire American market confined to them
end we give their advertisement a place In an
. other oolumo. As a sure and safe promoter of
the growth of beard er whiskers,; this artlole
seems! to stand' about" A J. ,' , All our young men
will be gUdto Ieara that this celebrated pre
piratloh is now placed within their reaobat
wonderfully low prices '
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Malls for New York City, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
nuiDurgn, eteubenrllle way, uiereiand, Xaneirwie,
Newark. Oranrllle. Waihlneton Oltr. Baltimore. Phila
delphia and Mew Orleans, close daily (Sundays except
ed) at 7 o'olock p. m. i
A through mail for New York and Cleveland eloees
oaiiy inundayi excepted) at I o'clock p. m. ' '
0. 0. fc 0. R. R. way Mall eloees daily (Sundays ex-
centedt at 1 o'clock n. m.
Central Ohio Way Mail closes dally (Sundays excepted)
at i o ciocx p. m.
Cincinnati way Mail closes daily (Sundays excepted)
I o'clock d. m.
Cbicuo. bubnoue. Delaware. Merlon and Worthing
too Mail closes daily (Sundays excepted) at 1 o'olock
Mails forXenla, Bprlngneiu, vaywn, xoieao, vincin-
nau, Indianapolis, aiouiariiie, pi. a.uu, aou irciruu,
closes dally (Sundays excepted) at7X p. m. 1
A through mail to Xenie, HprlngBeld and ClnclnBatl
Closes daily (Sundays excepted) at 1 o'clock p.m. ..
Urbane, rlqua, xiinn ana union uiiy man closes oaiiy
(Sundays exoepteaj at in o oicex p. m. i
Lancaster. Louan. Nelsonrllle. Clrclerllle, Chllllcothe,
PorUmoutb. Waahinglon. C. U-. Athens. Marietta and
Ullliborouah. mails close daily (Sundays excepted) at7X
o'clock p. m. I
East way Mail by National Boad to Zanesrllle, eloses
aauy (Huodays excepted) at 11 o'clock a. sa.
liarrliliurnh Malls close daily (dundays excepted) at
o'olock d. m. . . .
- Mt. Vernon Mail, br war of Westerrllle and Sunbury,
closes dallr fSundavs excented) at L o'clock o. m.
jJUDiin Mail closes daily (.ounuayi excepiwjai j o ciocs
, ARRIVALS. - .::' .
Malls from New Tork. Boston. PhlladelDhla. Albany,
Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dayton. Toledo. Xenia, Detroit.
Springfield, Cincinnati, Cbilllcothe, St. Louis, and all
Southern cities, arrive between tbe hours of 9 o clock p
. and 4 o clock a. m.
Mails from Indianaoolla. Chlcairo and Dubuoue. arrlre
at 3:40 a.m.
Malls from Washington City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
zanesrllle, Newark, steubenrille, Mt. Vernon, and lue
U. O. K. K. way Mail, arrive at x o'clock p. m.
Way Mail from Cincinnati, arrives at o'clock p, m
Lancaster Mall arrives at o'clock d. m.
East Way Mail over the National Koad. arrives at 11
o clock a.m.
Mt. Vernon way Mall arrives at 11 :00 a. m.
Mail from Dublin arrives at i o'olock p. m.
Urbane Way Mail arrives at 8 o'clock p. m
Ham-iihnroh Mfl aiMrivna at 11 o'clock a. m
nffln rfatlMM .... A., fl.,n4BW fMin
"X 9'clock a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Sundays
irom i), 10 v o ciocx in tne morning, ana rrom o to a in
Pca.aoNAx.N. Gundershimer has lust re
turned from the east, where he has purchased
one of tbe finest assortments of Clotba, Caaei
meres, and Veatings of every grade and variety
ever offered la this market- He baa purcbaaed
his entire stock of first hands, whioh will enable
him to sell as low as any other establishment
weat of the mountains- He has seoured the ser
vices of the well known cutter Mr. Robert
Sporling to take charge of the tailoring depart'
ment. Tboae desiring tbe best of material got
ten op in tbe latest and beet style of cut and
workmanship, will do well to oall and examine
his stock before purchasing elsewhere.
He has also a fall and complete stock of
Gents' furnishing goods, allot which has Just
arrived and are of the latest patterns. . Persons
calling cannot fail to be lulled.
A large and well selected stock ot Ketdy Made
Clothing kept constantly on hand, at prices to
pun me times. ,
Remember the place. No. 139 South High
street, one door North of the Goodale House.
Codohs. The sudden oh anges of our climat
are sources of Pulmonary , Bronchial and Asth
matic AHectioDa. uxpetience having proved
that simple remedies often act speedily and
certainly, when taken Id tbe early stages of the
iseaee, recourse should at once be nad to
Brown' Bronchial Troche," or Lozeoeea, let
tbe Cold, Coaitb, or Irritation of the Throat be
ever so alight, as by this precaution a more se
rious attack may be effectually warded off.
Public Speakers and Sincere will find them ef
fectual for clearing and strengthening the
Voice. See advertisement. For sale wholesale
and retail, by Roberts & Samuel, No. 24 North
High street, S. Samael Sf Co., No. 85 Soath
High street. -
Goon We met one of our friends yesterday
in Broadway, and were astonished at the change
la bis appearance. A lew weeks ago we saw
im, be was pale, lean and dejected; complain
ing of weakness and debility, having been so
afflicted all summer. Now he appears to be fat,
healthy and strong. We learn be owed hia ree
toratlon entirely to McLean's Strengthening
We advise all who are complaining of Gen
eral Debility to try It; it is certainly a very
pleasabt remedy. We learn that then are large
quantities of it selling daily. Morning Herald,
"Fiooais wowt Lai." Neither wilL James
Pile's Dietetic Saleratna.t It will give you good
bread, biscuit, cakes, and puddings every time
required. No false pretenses about tbe Dietetic!
Try It and see ! Depot, 345 Washington street,
New York. ,- Sold by grooera everywhere,' :
Mosqoito Bitm and Bcc Stikos. These are
ordinarily very painful, particularly the Bee
Sting. Guernsey's Balm will prevent any swell
ing or pain, ana you will perceive no baa enecte
from the sting ot those insects. , Try It! , , .
D" R. KntKf ATBicK, No. 1G5 South ' High
Street, has a very choice assortment of Gold and
Silver Watches, fine Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
and Plated Ware, at prices to suit the (imea.
ID" See advertisement of Prof. Miu.ra's
Hair Invigorator in another column.-" ; "
" Ooldmsos, March 18, leci.i
lle auction, on Bnturdar, Marcs 30th, at eleren o'
clock A. M., at the office of the Treasurer of Stale, two
thousand dollars or tne Bonds of tbe Btate or Uhio, draw
log Interest at the rata of six per cent, per an
num, aod payable semi-annually In the City of New
York, and the principal redeemable at the pleasure of the
These Roods were deposited With the Treasurer of tbe
Stale of Ohio for the purpote ot securing; the circulation
of the Barings Baok ot Cincinnati, and they are to be
sold for the purpose of redeeming the same.
marcnrxaiu , . a. r. eiunis, iriai-.,.
I'T 1 "
irrom the New Xork Observer. i :
As all parties aunnfactarlcs Sewlnw Machines are ob.
lied lo pay Air. Ilnwe a license on each machine sold.
and are a so compelled to make returns to him, nnder
oath, u to tne number sold, his books aire aoarreot state
ment. Irom this reliable source we bare obtained the
following statiitics. Of the machines made In the year
una, there were sou, .. .-. ,'.-.
...... By Wheeler Wilson. o .21,305 r. ,
',J-;" I. M.SInrer Co.. ....... ..10.053 m -
" Orover Baker. .. i.lO,lo: ?
Showlns the sales of Wheeler at WUwa tot k dovhU
iDose ot any otner uompany." "
Awanlsd the highest premiums at the 1:" '' '
i- DnHed States Fairs of 1K58, 18i9 and IStO;' ' -,.,
........ ti,0,tthe - - " ' '' '
Ohio Stale Fairs of 1BS9 and IBM;'- ' " "'
and at nearly all the County Iain la tbe Slate.
Our prices. w the late reduction. ar am low a ami
lock ttich saaohlne bow eold, and but a trlle higher than
tne interior nm tnreaa cnam mat maCAHM,- now
fereed upon the market.
The WHKELKK Se WI180N UaOniNB makes the
Lock Stich the only ne which cannot be raveled . It
is Ami on Both Binm of the goods, leaving no ridg or
ckatnonthemdtr.ttde.- ; . c . ,
MlmacMnt warranted 3 ysora, ami tiutrncHon
given In tbelr ute, free of ebsrg. -: - f -
Il.ll WM. BUMSBBfcCO,"
i dtcS SawdAmfcweia Pike's Opera Boose. Cincinnati
X si Staple Arilolov will famish employment to
a few active men to act as agents lor their bouse. 1 A
preferene will be siren to those who am well acquaint
ed In the district for which they apply. i.
rot which services taey are wuiiog to pay a tiiary
or iron . ....... v i . i
teoo .to $800 per year, and Expenses
lor further particulars address ' 1 ." ', ' 1
Ua'V"''; ' W B.MOBKnOUS'SltCO. ,. ;
' lao4s.B(ehaneFlaee,i
Jan3B d3m.f " " v s ' JersoylOlty.'H. J.
I'' ' ' PBICIS BEDUCED 1 . t
' ..i
X. eel-
cone inriehtil an ihu'a.- tinn.
I..JZ.iI9JIi1!,,,tt11 d settle their
ccoantl Acta Wtrehy 9tm tmtt -
e( April will be pleoed in tie haaa of Wat. L. HHYL,
';l',JBIltCi!"' " V PlK- WHITS.
.-v-w.y.. . r ..r ... carvivins Partner,
and Taaeels to match, at ..-BAM..
Tbe National Intellig-eneer Eartteet-
y uppweea to sjoorciaiaT ln asceaea
btittea; for a Ueaeral Uonvtntloat of
all tlae Htates aa tbe oaljr Aleane to
oeaaio ine utepuiea ituasuons, sais
the Halation of tho Mecedlna; (states
to the l'ederal Uorern men lean only
be Cbansjed by tbelr . Volaattary
Hetarsi; tend Otherwise" the - enly
AVay Open la to Acknowledge (their
Independence Many Republican
JLeodure Holdlnsr the tame pln-lans,
bat Others Uppoeed iajor
Anderson 8uepectcd by the Govern-mentaof
fjollaalon with tho 8ece
dera The President Determined to
Call an Extra Soeelen of Jons;resa
Knlrhta of . the Golden' Circle
Mpreadins; keceaaion in California
and Oregon-Presidential Appoint.
mnnte-uonf irmatlena by the senate
llallot in the California Jvealala
tnre for C. S. Senator I'ire at
Uulncy. Cal. HallroadTralae Hnn
off the Track. Two Chllilrrn Killed.
' Man Badly Hart, and flail Be
vroyed aelznre of a Sloop with
Provialona for Peneacola Texeui
matter inter eatlno; t'orelsjn Newa
The I endon 'l imts on our New
-sarifr-Bombardnaent of Clvltella
-oVC.&C. SCO.' J J ' '
... . . y -.n
From Washington.
Washimqton, March 31. It (a said the fail
tire to evacuate Fort Sumter veaterdav was ow
log to technical reasons. It is now said that it
will take place Immediately. " '
r Tbe Senate probably will not adiourn till the
middle ofi next week.. v. i ml
-Senators Mason. Hunter and Lane bavo left
lor home.
Mr. Douelas intends to reply to' Breckinridge's
i ne senate eoDtirmed tieni. U. rarrar as As
Blatant Treasurer at St. Louis. - .' "
Sandereon, of Pennsylvania, has been annoint
ed Chief Clerk of tbe War Department, and
Jno.. Horner doited i states Attorney for In
diana. .
A special dispatch to the Commercial A doer
titer' says tbe National Intelligencer of this
morning nas an editorial or Biz ana a hall col-
uma, entitled "Tbe Past, Present and Future,"
wnlch la eausine sensation in nol It cal ciroles
oere. it reviews tne action or tne seceding
States severally and jointly, and takes positive
grounds aeainat coercion, or i tbe employment
of force in any way to restore the Federal auth
ority. Tbe Intelltatncer'i opinion la that the
existing difficulties can only; be settled by tbe
interposition or a .general convention of tbe
States, and that the relation of the seceding
States to tbe Federal Government can be chang
ed only by tneir voluntary return to tbe Union.
Falling that, the editors see no way open bat to
acknowledge their independence out of the Un
ion. It la said that tuany Republican leaders
have expressed similar opinions, but it is equal
ly true that they are determinedly opposed bv
others. ... 1 ,.i j . i :
Dr. Calloway has been re-appointed Surgeon
at the Marine Hospital at Paducah.t Tbe Sen
ate confirmed Mm. il. Carter, of Ohio, 2d Lieut,
in tbe Marine Corps;: Cornelius F. Bucks, Mar
shal for Minn.; John Lock wood; Postmaster at
Milwaukee; Elias W. Leavenworth, Commis
sioner nnder tbe Convention with New Granada;
Cnarlea W. Davis, of Indiana, Secretary to tbe
Convention I Calvin Huson.of New York, Com
missioner under tbe Convention with Costa Rl-
Cbarles Howe, Collector at Eev West:
Samuel Long, Conaul to Lahalma. -
ine President has nominated Charles L. Wil
son, of 111., Secretary of Legation to London;
W. S. Pennington, of N. J., Secretary of Lega
tion to Paris; John F. Edgar, of Tenn., Consul
to St. Thomas. New York City appointments
are under consideration. .
Franoia Marco has been removed from an Im
portant clerkship in the State Department, and
it. a. uniiton promoted to nil tbe vacancy.
John 8. Smith, of N. Y., baa been appointed to
supply tne post vscatea by the latter.
From New York.
Ntw York. March 21. Tho CommereiaJ'e
Washington dispatch aava: It is resorted that
th' eeceaaioa movement la nnder the Influence
of the ' Koighta of tbe Golden Circle, who are
spreading in California and Oregon, but it ia
inougnt mat tne federal troopa and pincers are
true to tne union there., 'it is reported that the
uaoinec nas the aubjeet under consideration.
! Niw Yoax, March 22. The Herald' Wash.
Ington dispach aaya the inconsistencies between
Anderaon'fll dispatches before and after tbe
Inaugural lead to wblaperlngs In executive
cirolea that tbe Major may .be in complicity
with the Becessioniats. , i
Charles L. Wilson, editor of tbe Chicago
Journal, has been nominated Secretary of Le
gation to London. '; '.
i 1 be f resident bat determined to calf an ex
tra session of Congress. ' .'
Commodore stringham baa been ordered to
teport Immediately to tbe Navy Department.
' i ne tt eram'i waantngton dispatch aays that,
notwithstanding a powerful effort ia being made
to induce the Preaident to make tha New York
appointments, especially the Marshal and Dis
trict Attorney, still they are kept back. There
is a nitcn semewnere. lie intimated pretty
plainly to a gentleman who called to see about
them, that eertain men bad misrepresented
matters, and he had been misled in regard to
certain men who were prominent for positions.
The new xorit appointments win be made to
morrow or next day. Mr. Barney will bo collec
tor. Mr.'Dort, of St. Lawreuce countv, has a
good show for Attorney, of the Northern Dis
trict of New York. 1 (Sen. Nye's nomination as
Governor of . Nevada Territory ia very much
liked... He accepts the position. .. c,.; , r
From New Orleans, Cuba, &c.
New Orlians, March 21. After a' Kveiv de'.
bate, tbe .Convention adopted the permanent
Constitution of the Confederate States yeas
lui.nays i. " -
1 The steamer Cahnwba baa arrived With Ha
vana dates to tbe 17th inet. Sugar dull, at 6U
7 reals. "Molaasea dull.- - Money deprepsed;
sterling exchange $1 10l.l( New York
exchange l3o. premium. M, ,
' frlnoe Alfred bad been beard rrom at Ber
muda, and would arrive at Havana April let.
Grand preparations were being made for bis re
ception. - - A -
1 The yacht Mary Kingaland, from New York,
waa wrecied on the Florida coast, scotl's the
atrioal troupe was rescued by tbe Cahawba, af
ter several daja exposure. Tbe boat and near
ly all the property was lost. . Tbe boat waa val
ued at $4,uuu. ' ,
From Kansas.
AtcHnoHi March 21. The annual confer
ence of the M. E. Cburcb for this State com
menced Its Beealofi this morning, with' Biabop
Morris presiding, and aome extra members Irom
all parts of ths State In attendance. ' '
I Joseph Laframbols, head chief of the Potto
wattomies, with a number of tbe leading men
of the tribe, came In. yesterday With seventeen
teams for supplies from the Relief Society, and
were supplied with corn, flour, bams, meat and
clothing, and with wheal for seed. They claim
the i 600,000 due them .from the government,
for which they bave Instituted aauit. The tribe
numbers 9,700, and tbe head men estimate over
,UUU needing assistance. Uver 30.0UU buabels
of aecdwbeat have becu received and distrib
uted from - this ' oolnt. together with larre
amounts of garden and other seeds. Nearly
juu teama were loaded witn auppiiea or different
descriptions today.. Weather oold and stormy,
and aeaaon backward.- .- ' "--..u,
From California.
Ft. KsANir,' March 81. --The Pony Expreaj,
ith California dates to tbe 9th, paaaed here at
:20 P. M. to-day. . ; & ) ' 1
The Leelalature. In lolnt aeealon.hadone baf.'
lot for U.S. Senator on the 8th Inst,, with the
following result: T. S. Phelps, 23; McDougall,
37 1 Welter, 28; Nugent, 9; Denver 17; Wfaite-
eiuea, o; tioge, a -
! Ibe Kepubiioans are expected to cast their
united atfength ' for'any acceptable vTJnloh
man, wnen aucn a candidate, can, be Drought
forward. M: -i." -:!.. e.
A sertoi of strong Uoloa resolutions passed
the Assembly on the 7th,, ., , t(, ,.. , (,
. A fir at Quinoy,' Plumu eounty, destroyed
property vaiuea ai jju,uuw.'
Cbicaoo. March 31. A freight train on the
Illinois Central Railroad, this morning, wherf
rour mues euioi uiiiman, ran on tne track. . a
man named John Cook waa baelly hurt, and two
Of hi children killed. ..(;
, ''" ' ' '- ' ' tr ' !' :' J ' ' ,'. '
' AtrocsTA, March -21. The aloop Isabella,
Capt. Jones, ladan with proviaiooi for the feet
off Fensaoola was seized last night
SaNnv Hook 33- The Araso fro
Havre, sis Southampton, 6th, passed this point
this morning. 8be reports that the 8 tea at er
City of Baltimore, benoe Feb. JJ, touched, at
Uueenatown on tbe tn mat, on ner way to l,iv
emool. ....... .
, Commerelal advices bv tbe Araeoare Imnoi
una. Tbeadv oea bv the citv oi mitimore
naa causea great activity in we juiverpooi coa
too market. . Sales' Monday and Tuesday 35,-
000 bales, of which 17,000 were taken by spec
ulators and exporters.' "' - - r l " "' 1
Meaara.lJaa. Hewtt & Cd.dot'e an advance
of 6 on nolanda. and 1-16 0u other deecrlo
lions; market closing with tendency still up
ward.'- -
' Advlcea from Manchester 'favorable; an Im
proved tone being observable and Increased de
mand.". There bad been a align aavance ob all
aorta of varna. BreadBtuSs- In Liverpool onlet.
Slight decline on Dour of all kinda. Provialons
quiet,)" Consols olosedi 91K91. Money
9292. , ; .. f
A despatch from LIverDOOl to Southampton
aaya tbe ateamabip Europe sailed from that
port for QueenstowD, on tb 6ta to take the
Auatralaaian'B cargo to New-York. The Min
istry of Holland have resigned. ,; Perfeot tran
quility prevailed at. Warsaw., .The Russian
serf emancipation question is to be settled du
ring Lent. Tbe Denmark and Holnteln ques
tion has elicited tbe interference of. England,
France and Paris, r. .. . !..."
Count Cavour has brought 'under the notice
of the Governments of Europe the necessity of
settling tne uomanqueauoo.v . -. .. . i ,
A despatch from London' says the demand
for discount, in the money market, was Increas
ing.. I. C. ehares have declined.. ' ,,. :
The Ship Conquest, of Mobile, for Liverpool,
is aahoie at Caernarvon bayt probably total
wreck. - ' .-. , . -
The Ocean Guide, from Newport, from Gal
veston, was abandoned at sea Feb, 14th. Crew
aaved. ' .
In the House of CommoDB, on tbe 4th Inatant,
Mr. Henneeav charged Lord John Russell with
deliberately concealing Important desoatcbeB re
lating to tbe trade of Tuscany and Naples, and
reproacuea mm witn a oreacn oi international
law. ,, ...
Sir S. Bowvcr aaid ,tbe colici of ike Forelirn
Am . . . o-
uuce wouia ieaa to warr -
The Time savs the Tariff bill of the United
states establishes protective duties on a moat
extravagant seale, and the result will be an al
most absolute prohibition ot Imports from Eu'
rope, and be more detrimental to the Interests
of America than EuroDe.
reraigny nas authorized tbe eatabliabment of
two new daily papers in Faria.
M. Boiaay made an attack on the alliance
with England in tbe Senate, but It was received
with dissatisfaction.-j : . . : 0 ..
In the Frenob manufacturing diatriots, bust
uese was very oun. ; , , ;
At farls, flour bad advahocd . .
Austria baa sanotioned tha re eatabliahment
or tbe Lleotoral law In Croatia
ITALV.Tbe bombardmentof CIr'iella com
menced on tbe 20th.
Gen. Fergola notified Cialdini that tbe worka
commenced atralnet tbe citadel were a v loUtion
oi tne oonvenlion between H and Gari
baldi, and be would bombard tha cUv. Clalrtl
nl responded that for every inhablunt killed be
wouia order an officer of the sarriaon of tha
viwuai suot, ana mat ne conaiaered fergola a
euei. r . .. ,j i -I . . .
Warraw nreaents a oloomr ennearenr-o
rt , nr. nrnt .... - ' . r1 . ....
urer iuu.uuu attended tne funeral orthoaa kill
ed at the late dlatorbanoe., Troops were kept
In the barracks, and every thing was orderly.
a petition is neing signed lor ine re establish
ment of the Polish Constitution
Popular demoaBtratlorja were continually taken
piece at name. 1 - '
Missouri Convention.
St. Lome, March 22. In convention tnitr.
day, Mr. Henderson, chairman of tbe Com
mittee to whom was referred the communica
tion of tbe Commissioner from Georgia, pre
aented a long report, declaring againat secession
and exhorting Georgia;and other eecedlng Statca
to desist from the revolutionary measures
commenced by them, and unite tbelr voice with
ours In reetortng pesos and cementina- the
Unioo. Id other 'regards the report does not
materially amer irom mat or the committee on
federal relations. '
: Mr. Barch presented a miootity: report, den y-
iug iui iceai neni or secession, nut recotminnr
the right of revolutiooi' that, denlorlno- tha
sectional disregard of duty, we will nol dannaie
of future justice till our complaints shall baVo'
been specifically and unavaiiingly submitted lb
tbe Northern people; that property ia slaves is
constitutional right, and If the federal govern,
ment Impairs that right, tbe eleveholdiog States
ehould be found united in Its defence, and on
lueb events aa may legitimately follow. Miasoutl
wiuanare tne dangers and destiny of her Bis
ter alaro States. , ,",' M , it ,.-,. , -rij
Uotb reports were ordered to be brinted. and
made the special order for tba 3d Monday in
December. ;.. , ., ,', . ,, , .
The resolution providing for an eleotlon bv tbe
convention of 7 delegates to Border State Con
vention was peseed. Adjourned. t ,
Virginia Convention.
Richmond, March 21, Mr. Holcomb conclud
ed bia apeecb, amid Applause. Tha Chair order
ed the galleries cleared, but revoked the order,
at the solicitation ot tW members,, many of
Mr. Baldwin. OI Ancuafa. renlled In a alronr
Union apoecb. , j n ,1.1.-1. s , .1 .
Mr. Carliale offered a Substitute for the re
port, being tbe peace conference 'measures. Re
(erred to tbe Committee of the Whole. . -
Mr. Boyd offered a substitute to the Bret sec
tion' Referred.;-;" ''" .' ;'""""",""
Aseceasloo cauoua was held Ust nlcht. but
do definite aotion was bad. i-.v ..-.i t u ,
' Tbe Legislature baa Agreed to adiourn on tbe
From Texas.
Galveston, March 30. Tbaf Conventidn baa
pasted an ordinance declaring vacant the Gov
ernor' chair, and tbat tbe Secretary "of State
account wr 01s reiusat to appear oerore toe uoq
veotlooaa did ether offioera upon due notifica
tion to take tbe oath of aUsglaooe. Lieut. Got.
Clark wai to'ajaume tbe functions at ones, and
the Secretary of State called) 00 to hand over
the great seal or ofnoe and hia- official records,
The legislature met on the: lath, It Is not
koowo what ttouston will do. ;,,
. pHfiDLFHiA, March SI.Thd ,' mAlI train
the Pennsylvania Central Railroad tan.iot tbe
track last night near Altooaa. . The baggage
oar caught fire, land all the mail matter and the
baggage ot eighty passengers was. destroyed.
im peoseugere lujureu. f
, i 1 lnjs ai ii
I New Obliams, March 21. The Fowbattan
arrived off Pensasola', on the'iPih, from Vera
Ctui, making the fifth war resasb -stationed
there.. '-t.ii.j u :t!U s'i o'n' uiiiii 0.1 m a.
uv'j : -j J. s'i
U. S. Senate—Special Session.
! Waihinotok March Sl-Mr: Donglaa' twso
lutlon was taken op, wheq Mr. Bayard resumed
bia remarks from yesterday In favor of .recog
nising the Independence of, -the Confederate
State..' He dlaeoased the eauaes leading to the
withdrawal of the aeren States, among which
waa tbe formation and success of a lecllooal
party, hostile to slavery, and whose ultimate
purpose waa the extinguishment of alavery by
tbe indirect action of the government.' ' He er.
sued the right of .property In slaves, and the
uty oi protecting auon right. t -m .'-..-.
Wlthont concluding, the senate went into, Ex-
tcutive Seaaienjn
, Adjourned
Covington 7,Rail-mill, PomjJany.;
X e with the beet new and Improved aaaebinery av Bll
orders for rcrolllng Railroad Ha -a at the shorten not Ire,
at ths Mill has the capacity to turn out Ibo tunt a week.
1 Is rerolling Railroad Beve, One lhtrd new Iron la edited
to the eld, to make eMail that Will moi laminate, an
irrnore a perfeet WeKf.l n....i....,n-,
1 Street Ballroad Bars can alto he turftlehf it, of any puf
tern reqnlred aud new Railroad Bar at SlOereol lengths
and sites. ,
j All orders shall receive pnmpl and rafeful attentions
and as none out the beet materials will be need, in the
hand! of skillful workmen, the Company hov' te rive
entire tatli'ecUoa to Ibose who may fever It with their
""' j. ... .., , v . . .
1 . B BUCJIAJAN X IOjT, Afenlt,
'1 ,ui vj . Cincinnati, Ohio.
1 . , ; '''V-kirra TO-l ' , r
! V. H. Clnneht.Tretldent tittle filaml ft. Bf. Oo. ' "
joha ti 4Vta, Preiident po-Ingtoh an Lejrlotop F.,
. Captain MoCllUp, Buperlntn4tpt. 00 ana Hlasla-
Jnnl Rallrned. , .....
a, . L'Uorameilleu, president Cincinnati, Btmlltoa
ana vayton av. . vo. aahixwt
Columbus Retail Market.
Columbus Retail Market. FRIDAY, March 22, 1861.
The following an the retail quotations corrected by
cttee at Reatleux, wholesale and retail grueera, Ho, 34
Bieietaean unuaing;
Wheat....... SO&ilVy O. Sugars; ...6KO,te
Corns' en;
Butter a a,.,
v '...2o'-'3
Mauls do ..,flIOc
HoUsaes gal 4OSU0S
.. 12X15c
Byrup gal 0K73e
Lard S...
...... nxc
Teaf ....fOe.,75o.u0
Veddo tea.,.. Si 00
Tallow S.
. VOilUr
Dried Apples a b..7i(10oi
RioOoSea a .,l2Hlilo
Dried Feaebes... 7.1' 3 00
Jaredo.. SOe
White ateuie S'k..7aai0b Bios S ,
... .
rotatoes s m. ....anav.'ac
Brooms a dos..l O0(l 74
Salt In sack )&atV
Balt Bbl.........,r.tl,75
Hay a ton B7 00
HoaplDox) a.... evvHe
jsees r owi.. f o is
Hems S ft, ' KKc
r lour v n.,,,,,..
White Wheat do S5X 00
Bhoulders 0 ft - Id
Hye Flour a Mil... 4 CO
Bait Pork vewt.r,..7(S7KelOaiHlles,Tallow.la
nooa w oo ra i
Candles, Opal, box. . Hie
Oheesea s. ...... tl9Vio
Maokerel No.lhfl!, SOW
Mackerel Nol o.r 1)01 5
llackerel Nol kits.. 2 75
White Flah per h'f Mil S4 H
While Fish DerorbbllS'2 5a
Apples a ba. ...... imise
u omiuy per bain s i vu
Whisky per. gall. 25&1 OS
Baltins, M tt. Box.... 2 HO
OodFiab s... . 7c
x Layers ....3 ov
Herring M,l 0 001
" Bui tan a a. 12ke
nocawneai nour per 0
Cora Meal Do..,,
Figs a a, Vixmt
3T,d Prunes a h.......B19M
irgs s do.
lllc Turnips ....uxsivc
Dried Beef i. I3Ws Olover Seed.. .14 00X14 tl)
Ilmolhy...,. 00O2 2J , , , m 1 t ,7
FLOtTR sales at former Quotations 14.755 for red.
ana SJ.zatata.iMiior wnite.
WHEAT eaUaat 09o.
COHN Messrs. J. St L. Zetflsr have reeevled. durine
the past week, S,2i4 boikela, and shipped 2,600 bushels
wuincinnau. uorn una at siuc, . .
OATB sales at l5w!Oo. .a 1 I . . '1 1
RYB small aales at 50o. . .
OLOVEttBBED-salea toons house ef S00 buthels. at
93,13. , . ,
.TIUOTIIY BXBD-smallaaIssattl,87.' .! t
UAY-dull at li(6,50.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 22.
A8HI8 oulet and ataadv: salea of S3 bblsat ui S2
i 37.
FLOUS receipts of 3.319 Ibis; market doll and a
shade easier) sales of 8,300 hbls at i OjJ 15 for au
perSne Btate; 5 S093 25 for extra Btate; i 0525 15
for superfine Western; tOSJ 45 for eommoe to me
dian extra Western; 5 50i5 80 fof shipping; breads
extra Bound lloop Ohio. Canadian flour is quiet; sales
of eeo bbla at 15 258 75. , . ' . . . r
BYfl FLODa steady at 13 404 10 for common to
choice superfine. . .
Will AT receipts of 8,950 buih; market dull and less
boo jane 1 teles of 2.700 buah at (1 SO for good Chicago
During; 101 norm-western VI"P, ror red
Btate; $1 46 for fair white Canadian; SI !531 28 for
aiiiwauaee uiub in store.,
KTK oulel at049C5.- " 14
HAKLKY steady, eales 000 bush state at 7375s
CORN recelpta of 1,540 buah; market live aod active
and scarcely so firm; tales of 25.000 bushels at
oecror 01a mixed western In store and delivered; UiX
eie ror new mlxeti and yellow Wieoonttn at K. B. at
OAT J steady, salej 3l335s for western and einadian
FORK quiet and oaelngcd; sales 500 bbli at 16 CI,
meat i aw&mz.
BEKF dull and almost nominal. , , ,'
CUT MBATB steady. if .1
LARD quiet and steady, sales 500 kbit at OSlOo. -BDTTBR
in fair nra 1111 at liKalta lor Ohio na ,1A
19c for Btate.
OHKB8K-eteadyatBaiOe. .
WIII8KY without material change; ailet of 550 bblt at
BTOUbla dull and rather lower. Mone er Ex
change no new feature.; Chic A; R 1 5?l ; C B A Q 7i;
u m. 1 ra; w txun vix ; u u V wr, 1 o scrip eiy, ;
Okl slnkiof fund 70; Pao Mall 88; N T 0 TUX; Erie
31; Hud Ay,; Harl 15; do preferred Ki MO 1 00;
Brie 4th bonds SO; N 0 '82: Mo 0 1 06: 1'cnn 75: IT B
6's, Blj Registered 5XS coupons 3X-
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR is not lu larte rebuest forth lament, thoueh
then are somesmtll sales making for that account. We
buoteiupejfineal t4 50(84 60 the latter Store belne
quite exceptional, and very good brands selling at the
inline raie. ri ces range rrom f 4 oa ror fair extra, to
S3 40 for best quality of anally."
WHEAT It in fair request; Prime red fat II; prime
white at 1 105.91 10. The latter flguro la exceptional.
CORN in the ear float a reidv markat at hut
shelled eontloues very dull.
UATn are dull sod buyers do net efler overxBo.
BARLEY sells a trifle more eatltr aioaa the heevl-
ntat ot the market for the past few d.tya has oauted sel
lers to wllhold their offerings.
Bia is still very sun isb aid hurera do not offer
over55o. , .,
wnif KY Is still kept at 13JCe with a flair market.
PROVIHIONS the market in Bulk Mtat waa rather
the favored article lo-d.ay, and Shoulders were In better
favor, comparatively, than they have been for aome
days, eommandlag 60 moie readily with eonatderable
aaletattbmtneareanASXiSSXoforBides. Thedemaad
ion saeon. sines is aim restricted to Xo, and there
seems to be a little more of an Inclination on the part of
holders to take that figure, though they generally atk
8Xo. Bhouldere command 7c. There were sales
of Lard at 9a In tiercec. .. Meat Pork Is quiet. Tbe aak-
Ing figures 10 73 far oeor.trv. aod 17 for ellr are
eaaiuiauivu wim nnBoraa.-L.iie. Lvm.
Cleveland Market.
March 21
has been very .dull to-day. Mo tales of Flour are re
ported, beyond the otaal small sales te the retail trade.
ee utile ror quotation-
WUBAT In no demand, hnt hald Sraire .t .Mtr
day's figures. City millers are Just new out ef the mar
ket, having a full innply. rf
B 4RLBY sale 190 buthtls orJInerr at 55j.. and 100
buthelifairat54o. ' '
BKEDS eele 50 bnthels Clover af 94 3i, and 100
huiheli Timothy tt t 75. ..
BUTTiB quiet. Light aales choice roll In bbla. at
BiiGB-deellnlng. gale of 19 bblt. at 9 He.
SMOKED MEAT-salea 1,000 ksecuntrv-raredhsms
and shoulders at 9 and 7o.
APl'LBS-eale of Dried Apples at 3c.
), . t HIWABK 0I1I0, . !'VJ
RIanufmclatrero ef all klnals mt Per
table aiatd Miatlvnarr Mieani Ga
glneaf Haw Nilla, Urlat Nllls, '
1 ,a, ..Aa.,Ae..,.C .
US BODLITBeattnt B.M. BZASD YSeaitnl
1 ,- ; .-sv 00- Beaimllll!- ,
! ' 'Our Portsbl0 Ingln Una' Biw Kill
Wu awarded the first premium of (5Q at the Indiana
8'Ate lair for 1"60 over Iae JtBodley'a on aoooustef
Price, ligbtneaa, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of 'lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Begin waa awarded at tha lame Fair
(lie A rat premium of 0200.
I Our Portable engine was awarnts tne nrtl premium of
10U at the Fait at Memphis. Toon., over, Blandj't Du
vall't,Oolambut Machine Co't., and Bradford a Co't.,
by a eommuite 01 preciioai naiiracAJanguieert. , .
i Tor price and temit add rear --- . . AS?...
W ILL ABD WARNER, Treasurer,. 0
I ee5-4wlyeels. Newark, Ohio. -
!te;m. williAms.&.co..,.
Front Street, Between State fkiTows.
BlIOP lit till running, and although
the pressure of lata yeara has set heavily
epou HI I M M UJ 11 ,can. c .mi mm-
kg out those splendid PHAETONS, XOCKAWAYS.ani
BUBKS and BACKS. Twenty yeara steady aeeaufaa
turlng has given our work a wkie-sperad , reputaUun
through the South and West. . - -, . ,
' Ws therefore deetatt unneceaeary lo aay any thing mors
regard tt the quality ef our work. We waaaairr
evrai v iihu. , wa can tell coos lot Beesiaa frost
ll.l, fJ.V. .. - I , .
1 DaalaM eea he farnlahed with an amnnnt At vMrtr ai
short notloe, and at prloes lower than ean he bought any
wnere m uie n rai, dnvh mm Mfgice waaa in ca
ahange for new work. .
i 11 ,"KeDlrio don neatly and at Short noucc. rae
lory on Front, between. Btate and Sown t treats, Colum
bus. Ohio. , , -1
K FAU oormnaalcatkina will rereiva prompt attention.
Aug. Bl Wly ,..! M. WtLMAMB a CO
March 21 NOTICE
pay all outstafdlnf eiders on the Oounty Trraiury,
froa order No. AST lo HOO.Inolmive, araed froa
Deaeber,lBi, teApriL, 1WU. Also, that 1 will pay all
outstanding etdtrs laaaed this yrr up to date. ,
,.i . JOHN tt. TiiOkirSOS, 1,
! afarek Ulil:ltdfc3tw 1 Sraasorar yranklln Oo. '
Whit and Black, Just received at
ngthening Cordial and Blood
The4ireaitest Uenaedy-1st Tbe Uerlsl
" '-AN TBI '
host sixiciora
- A WD '-
1T1S) STRICT-, i
ly a acientlBe and
Vegelabla Oompoond,
. procured by the dlatll-
latlonof Boots. Ilerbs '
'and Barks, Tellow '
Sock, Blood Boot,
Baraaparilla, Wild
V berry Bark and Dan
delion enters into its
If fort Tokinfytire active' remedial After Taking.
principle of each ingrtrflent'is' thoroughly extracted by
ny new method of diiUlling. producing! delicious, ex-
hlleratlng spirit, and the most INFALLIBLE remedy lor
renovatlog the diseased system, and restoring the sick,
aulfering ana ekbllltated INVALID to UK ALTH and
Will efeotually care - M-
Chronic or Nervom Debilltc. Diaeaaea ef tha rM.
. in. a 1 inn. irom K uuDimnj a . . vp. aw miam
mat, vyipepeie. Heartburn, inward Piles,
ilea, Acidity or Sick-
nas ui iue Biomaon. yulineaa or Blood u
pain or swimming in the heed. PalL-tation
rullneasor Weieht In the Btomarh. Ann. S!.nM.,i..
Choking or luflocatiDr feeling whea lying down , Dmets
0 Yellowness of the Skin and Hyes. Might Bweauflb
D-W"' rtum in iu email 01 ue nacx, eneet or tide.
Sodden Flushes of Beat, Depression of Spirito, Frightful
Dreams. Languor. Desnopjrlene or .n ).. nl
Boree or Blotchae on the fllrin. majI v.vji. a !
vuiiis smiu srvwvr . .
Over a nillleia of Hetties
nave been sold during the last six montha. anil In n. i.
suuee nas 11 railed In giving entire satlafaetion. Who,
then, will suffer from Weakoeas or Debility whea Jlo
lban'B btkknotheninu cobdial will cute you?
No Unguage can convey an adequate Idea of the hume
dlate and almott mlraculout change produced by taking
this Cordial In the diseased, debilitated and 7hZZ
Hereout!) item, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
Or others conscious of inability, from whatever
win nna n
regenerator or tne system; aod all who may have injured
r of the system; and all who may have injured
"wwwim ui uuuruDer lnuuurenree. win nna in i,.in.
uibi a rcruuu mm tpeeoy remeay.
T the Ladies.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
' Is a sovereign and speedy cure for
instructed or Difficult Menitruatlon, incontlnenoe of
Orina or InvolunUry Discharge thereof, tailing of the
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting aud all Diseases Incident to
There Is no Kistake About It.
nueer no longer. Take it according te Directions. II
Will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate you andeaust
iu- uioom 01 neaun 10 mount your cneea again.
very bottle la warranted to give satiatacUon.
. t .... f'OU CU1A.DA1EN. '
If your children are sickly, pony, or afflicted, McLean's
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try it, and you will be convinced.
OiCTtoa Beware of Druggists or Dealers who may
7, 5? ? nP0D on aome Bitter or Bar-aperilmtiish,
which they can buy cheap, bysaytn' itltjuatas good.
Avoid such men. Ask lor McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else It is the only remedy that
will purify tha blood thorouehle and at the ,i.
strengthen the system.
One tableepoonful taken e-rerv
certain preventive of Oholera, Chilli and fever. Vii.
fever, or any Brevalent dlaeaaee. It ia net ... 1. !.
bottles. r "
Price only 1 per bottle, or bottles for f 5.
i. B. McLIAN,
Bole Proprietor of this Cordial,
. . Also McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment
rrlsaipal Depot on the oorner of third and Pine streets,
'.. Laa-Ul. If A. .
-' McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Toe best Liniment in the World. The ant. ..r. ..a
eertain cure for Cancers, Piles, Swelling! and firoo
ehltia. or Ooitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
muscles, Unronle or Inflammatory Bheumatlam. Stiff-
Beat of the Joints, contracted Muscles or Ligaments
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, f reth
Cute, Dicers, Fever Bores, Caked Breasts Bore Nipples,
Burns, Scalds, Bora Ihoat. or anv Inflammation or f.i.
no difference how severe, or hoe long the disease mar
v.i.m.mi liinuueii. w m eer
tain remedy.
Thousands of human brings bare been saved a Ufa cl
decrepitude and misery by the rue of thkj Invaluable med
eine. .
Will relieve pain almost InatantanMoalv mA 11 -n
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest sores Id an ineredl
ly abort time.
Far Ilanea auid Other Anintals, "
McLean s eelehrated T.inim.n, u k- . . '
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin, King Bone, Wind
galls. Splints, TJnnatnral Bampe, Nodes or Swellings. It
will never fall to cure Big Bead, Poll Bvll, fistula. Old
running gores or Sweeny, if properly applied, for
Bprains, Bruises, Boratehea, Bores or Wuunde. Cracked
ueeis, unares. Saddle or Collar Galls It la an Infallibls
remedy. Apply it aa directed. &nd At fflft ial e-eHrtraiit im
""y aua uauuefw , m
Then triBe no longer with the many worthless Lini
ments ouered to voo. obtain a innni. nt n. Mri...
scivvraica biaimeDb At Will cure you.
i J - II. MCLEAN, Sole Proprietor,
Corner of Third end Pine Streets, Bt. Uobj, Me
for sals by all druggists,
for tale by . BOBf RTS A ajMTTWT.
aurSt-dAEWly Oolumbua. Ohio
. Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
The Montreal Ocean Bteamahln fl.n... eM
full-powered Clyde-built Staanwra sail every Kstt
rvniMdAstv, carrying uc Uanadlan and
United BUUa Mail and passengers, TT!
Shertesf, Cheapest an Quickest Tea-
vvyaace aroata
Rate of Pauaeno:e to Europe,
- Sao, soo. sao.
W1U sail from LIVERPOOL avery Welnetdav.
n, hnaOl V IVO . j . . ...
...if naiuraaf, railing at
Pataenrere. lo ami from 1 r.l.n.4 nA
IOTheee Steamers are built of Iron, In water-tight
compartments, carry each an experienced Surgeon, and
"-" vwu 10 ine torn ion ana aoconimoea
lion ot pissenrera. Ailh. nMiw-iiMn, 1. 1 , m-i,,,m
DBRy, the gieatritk sad delay of calling at St. John's
-.W.U-1.. I , - I , I .1
Olasgow passeagar era fnrntahed with nn.,
K.l. A knJ fM T 1 1 r" "
. uuinivuu.il,.
neiurn 11c R el r ranted at reduMNl
Oerllncatee istuad foroarrvtnw to -ana hilnn-nn, .
aergars from all the prtactpal towia of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, by this line ef steamers, and
wj u nuuueiva tiina us BAIUNQ rACKBTB,
leaving Liverpool every week.
Sight Draft for t Ktia rtp wards par
. able In Knelaaielt Irelaud. Scol
laaisl er Waiee
f"T.P," CP'V "e Offloe. 83 BtlOAal.
WAV, New
r sera.
and Itt WATEU ar.,
8A8SL BXaBLZ. Oaaaral igentt, t
Or to--,,. J. R. ARMSTRONG.
j nolO-lrdkw Buteuaan Office, Columlms, ObJe.
rilFIK ft KV t.rLa-H
, 1 in
SOS. l.S,SandTN.KntAW
' Offer for tale their celebrated - -J
1 - , ,, . T ANDSQARE
' Being highly recommended by the Brat Pro restart Bad
Hnaloal AamatMraef the toe n try, aad -
VBUtX - . rf ' -- f
I - WAHlLanTCPrOK .f
--'i . .- 1 " - riYSkBAHB.
(The most fastidious caitoaaer any rely apea being
pleased la every reeyeet, 1 1
rermsuterai. Wat, KnABl at GO,
- BBLTZIR Aj WIDSTKO, Ageeta, . 1
eeta9;lyd. . , , , . OeinmUn, Ohio.
lA CHAlSlGE.- "
ahtaed of 1. R, WBAVEH hit entire atnek of Dr.
Booda,atNo. 103 Hlh St., with the view of changing
1 ""i "oui toe um say 01 April, with
out reserve, . - . , ' ..
I Fancy Drea Silks, frlages, Buttons, Trimmings, Aa.
Also tignied Merloot, Da Lelues, Shawls and Cloaks, ,
Eegirdless ef Cost I
rebCCdla .
P. . WOOD."
l,itir at ILL. eat a tsr -1.
VX All Usee and qnaliiitt; alti BOl's' SHIRTS of aunt
auperwrauke, for sale ay bain St BON,
toMB He. 89 South High street
Ajef S jSarSapamlil
r!?,0Ul1.d nnt&r. tieaigned to be the aaee
tue" ueratKM that can b made. It fa
a concentrated extract of Far SueaiwhlU.
.C.ued.11,ith CthOT cTatifi
greater Iteiatije power as to afford an effrr.
uve antidote far the. diae.. i. , .m"""
reputed to cur. It la beliered that such a
remedy is wanted by those who auffTi
Strumous complaints, and that one which will
ccpltsh thdr cur must prove of immense
--- - w 11 u. ciaas or our auueted bllow
citizens. How KMinW.i .1.:. j . ,
.Ia 1. a. v r.v. wv cuuiiNiiua wui
to It has been proven by experiment on tnanw
rni L8t CMC f fonad of the MenfeJ
complainta:-. x U b Jf
EuurTio.vs amd Euvrrtr, Dibeases, Ulcks
ScnVr BloIoum' To. Saw KmeJS;
bcaldIIead, SrpufLis asb s..,...- a-.
PBPais. akD IgBlBlmnw Pi.. '
b . ttl 3 ?,B,,M!tA Ro"
class of complaints arialn front iMPiHtxr or
tub Blood.
This compound win WlSnna t'rhi't
motor of health, when token in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fester in the
blood at that aeaaon at rUm n.i...
ly expulsion of them many rankling- disorder
SesS iiultit4,n,by
.... -w. -iMcujr, spare uternaeives Irani
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sorea, throutrh tvliich t,. :n
na ltSCU Of COrnintinn. tr' iu,, J
this through the natural channoU of dbod
by an alterative mediciue. Cleonao out the
vitiated blood whenever you find iu impurities
bursting through the akin in pimples, eruptions,
or sorea; cleanse it when yon find it b ob
structed and aluee-LiU in tli Wftinm nl rwMm lav
whenever it w CjuI, and your ieeluiira will toll
you when. Even 1,m 1 j- j
f f. le t. 1 I Prtlcular disorder
?8 fult PP1 WIOW better health, and lira
,onger, for cleansing the blood. Keen the
blood healthy, and all ia well l.nt vi,h thi.
1 'I18 d'wrdered or ovortlirown.
Baraaparilla lias, and deserves touch, the
reputation of accomplishing these ende. But
tho world ha been cgrcgiously deceived by
preparation of It, partly because tho drug
nlono has not all the virtue that ia claimed
lor it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaporilla,
or any thing else. , ': - .. .
Dttrinn- lata veara aim ri,l,i;- ! lw,.,
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of Sarsnuarilln f.
of these have been frauds upon tlie sick, for
they not only contuin little, if any, Sawapa-,
rilln, but often no curative propertiea whatev-
cr. Hence, bitter and naiiiful iituinnri.itmBnt
haa followed the use of the various extracts of
Sarsapaiilla which flood tha market, until the
nnmn i f a,1 r ta 4, , ,,.1 w A : j , ,
wc can tins compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply aueh a remedy aa ahall rescue the :
namo from the load of oUoouy which mo
ujjou tt. Ana wo umiK wo have ground fot
bLlicving it haa vii tuca whii li
by the ordinary run of tha duonaoe it ia intan
cd to cure. In order to eeeure tlir.ir mmnW.
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to diiwrion. ,
the bottle. - - t -,
DR. J. c. A YE It it CO.
LGWEI.T,. M1R5 .:
Price, f.1 per Bottle 1 Sis Bottles 'far f3.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself such a renatrn f... l, ...
every variety of Throat nnd Limn r.m , l ,i
it ia entirely unnecessary for ne to ieeour.r 141
evidence of its virtues, wherever it bos bean em
ployed. As it lias long lwcu in constant usa
throughout this acctiou, wo need not do more than
aasuro the people its quality is kept up to tho host
m7cr,"n n "d that it may be relied on to i
do for their relief all it baa over keen found te do
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
POtt TBS CTXIUt Of v ' , '
Coslivateu, Jaimdice, . Vf rpepeia, Indian) IwL"
Dyitnlery, Foul Stomach, Liytipelat, Headache,"
Piles, Rliemnatism, Jwnptiont aiui Slun Viseatet, '
Uver Complaint, Dnpey, Tetter. Tuwort aud'
Salt Menm, Worm, Gout, Xtvrafyi, ae a '
Dinner Pitt, and for Purifying Hit JSUtod.
They are augar-coaled, ao tlmt the most eons!- 1
tive can tike them ilcanntljr, and tlic-rarcthe
beat aperient in tho vrorltl fjr all the purpose, ef a
family physic.
Prioe 25 cenU por Box ; rivo boxes for $1 00 "
Great ntimhcra of Clergymen, riiysiciana,8tntes." '
men, and eminent personages, have lent their 1
namea to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remcdiea, but our apace here wiH not permit-the
insertion of tliem. The Agents below named fur.
rush f?ratiaourAMElilCAN Almanac in which they
are siren ; with alto fnll dmrrintinn. .,f th nn.....
eomplainU, and tiie trcatuicnt that should be fol
lowed for tlicir cure. .
- Do not be nut olf br tinnrininlM JmIm. ta.1.1.
other preparations thev nuk. ....
Demand Ayeii'h. and tako no nth.r. -h. -:..i.'
want the best aid. there k for them, and the should "..
nave it. ' - . - . .':.,,.()
All our remedies are for sale by .
And by Druggfiu and Dealers everywhere
Mns, wnioLow,
Ad eaperienotd Norte and female Physleiaa, f yeseabr :
to the attention of aethers, bar -
which greatly facilitaieg the prece et rae thing, by soft
snlng the rums, reducing all Inflammitlon will alltf .
ALL PAIN andspataodie aotfoa, and or - - -
Depend apea It, mothers, 1 1 will give eatt to mnefvea
asd . . '- . . -
We have put up and sold this article for aver tea years,
and CAN SAT. Ill CON flDKNO BAND IRCIllfofitL.
what we have never been able to ay of any other medl
ANCB. TO EPPKOT A CU&H. whe. tll-.ti u-i
sr did we know an Instance of dlaaatia faction by aay oae
who aeed it. On the contrary, all are delighted with He'
operaUosa, and apeak la terras ef eoaaereAatloa ef la
aagtoal eifeota and medical virtue. We apeak la tha
Better "WHAT WB DO KNOWj" after ttmelrs' eape
almost cvwrylnsUnca where tht Infant tits (taring rraaa
pain and sxhauttloa. relief will be foand in Biteeae
twenty minutes after thegyrap la adaateAerca.
1 ThUvmluahlepRpantlonathepretcrirrfioaeeeneer
the moat IXPEklliNOKDaud BaULLPUL MOBHR ta
(few England, and has been used with tiEVSit lAiL
Ma SUCCESS In . , ,
It not only relieree the ohiU froa pato, not Invigor.
atea theateaach and boweU, oorrecta sclilty, and glrea i
tone and enerjy to the whole aystea. It Will aJaacsUreJr
atantly relieve ,
and venrwceavalslons, which, If not speedily rene-r
aied, end tn death. Wa believe It tha BKttT end 8)r7!
EST BBMBDY IN Till WORLD, In all eaaejeglri
H arises froa teething, or froa any other causa. We
would say to every mother who atea child acuTerlngfrea
Vfr,?ifS!?! eofclalnt-DO NOT IVT 1M B
Hand between ybo and your Buffering child, and the aa
Bef that will be 8UKB yee. AbftOLOtaLg BUHl-te
follow the ase of thUm&dtcloe, If Uaely need, fall ca
rectlons for Uting will acooops"r -h bottUv Rone
gennioe unices the fac simile ef Ot'ElK St tiSjjttf
Bom ay ail irrnggtaa tbnragnotti tta wwrtu, ' ' ',1
PrlwelaalOtfloe, IS Oeslar Street N.r.
ewrPT-dkwly. ' - ' ,. .
' hV'i' y3 1 0 J
aede la the the offleers of this Bank, Jaouary kvOu
IB!, So wit: Wa. A. Putt, PrealdauL ad IhumII
Moobu. Caahier, retlgned their o&iues. David tAsaea.
Beq., was thea elected Pnaideatana Wa. A. I'u.tt ap
pointed Caabier. .
tiy omer or ua tMara 01 Plrcetorc. - -
eb, iBbl-dtf. w. A. PLATT. GaaMer. r
fUte of Phaloa's Ettabllsh-ant, tt. Y.,) mpristere
the New lortt raahionaiia Bhavtaf, Bale tuttine if
Shampoonlng, Curling and Dreering Aaloon, Bat State
street, ewer the Poet Oiftce, where oatiafacUoa will
be f ivea In all the wlous knnebee. Udiai aal
Chliarana Uair Creating; 1 the best etiie,
IP'"01! . , .

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