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The Adams Eipress Company places us daily
uuiter obli(;atious to It lor the very latest papers
.. Iroru the enBlern cities.
The American Express Compauy ban our
thanks lor its daily favors in tbe shape of the
very Ittekt I'nstern papers.
Kirs. As wo.ko to press, we learu that
Metws. Buothiirlin & Halm's Chair and Cab
loot Factory, on the Ciintil, is on fire, and will
probably be consumed.
, Murder of Innocents. Mr9. Gags, In the
lat number of Field Note; says : "The first
" tiling I uotice iu a school is tho physical condl
: tlon of tlio pupils. If they look languid, if they
open their eyes as if they would like to go to
sleep, moving wearily upon their seats In tho
meantime, then I know that tho 'Murdor of In
uocenta' la going on." " .
. . We fear there is much murder of this kind
perpetrated, of which parents, school officers
and sometimes even teachers, tbe Immediate
' neenU In the work, are as unconscious as tbe
' innocent victims themselves. Take fifty or
. sixty .children irom five or six ts ten years of
age, and shut them up, day after day, for six or
seven hour?, in a close, unventilatcd room, wltb
hxte, unornamented walU, tu con over prosy lei'
sous In dirt; books, and forbidden to laugh, talk
or even whirpc-r, and you have a penitentiary
for those who .hive committed no crime a
slaughter bouse of Innocents, in tbe use of which
the sunguioary Herod might have exulted.
Post Oypics Robberies. On Monday night
March 10th, tbe Tost Office at Gallloa was en
tercd by burglars, and all tbe letters, several dol
lirs worth of stamps, and about two dollars in
money, takcu. Tbe burglars entered by a back
window, which was forced open with an axe.
Tbe letters were put in a mail bag, which was
found in the office, and taken to a stable, and
there stripped of the valuables enclosed.
On Tliutsday night, March I3tb, a front whi'
dow of the Post OfUce at Bucjrus was entered,
and eomo money nnd nearly all tbe letters ta
ken out. Koet of tbe letters wero found the
next day, scattered in different parts of the
town, rifled of whatever valuable contents they
On Wednesday iiilit, March 111, the Post
Office at Upper Sandusky was broken open and
robbed. It wus completely strippe l of Its con
tents. Tho. letters were token Into an engine
house and opened. It is said that quite a large
amount of money was obtained by tbe robbers.
Tbcdo rcbbciies of peat offices are becoming
alarmingly frequent. Is there no way of guard
ing against, or putting aj stop to these dep
redations on pviblla and privato property?
Mr- Cox at Wco5ter. Hon S S. Cox, of
this city, delivered bis lecture on "Irish Hu
mor", at Wp03ter, on the 17th Innt. Speaking
of the lecture, the Democrat of that place
si s:
' Th reputation of Mr. Cox was sufficient to tnsure a
elect and Intelligent audience at the Arcadom lust
Monday evening, the occasion or his lecture before the
Library Association. Aaan iutellectual treat, it la Im
possible t.i speak of the lecture in terma sufficiently com
mendatory. The lecturer Is a fluent speaker, of graceful
feature, and presented the various characteristics of
Irlih Humor with a most pleasing and Instructive effect,
creating ol tho subject niaoy a new and lasting Impres
sion in tho mind of the hearer. It was replete with Il
lustrations, reoited true to the rich brogue, of the lrre
pressibe temperament of the Universally happy, rollicking
aona of Erin, whose humor and wit have become prover
bial. TurouRhont Mr. Cox was listened to with oloae
attention, and all unite in pronouncing hie lecture the
beat delivered Ihli leasou lu Wco;tcr.
The Journal of this morning has tbe following
Interesting Item:
"A deaf mm named Taft was run down by a
patwngor tr.uu and killed, on Wednesday morn
log, half a mile north of Greenwich station,
near Cleveland. He uai injured in a similar
way about a ytur ago."
That must have beerf a vicious railroad train
that would twico run a man down, and kill him
oich time!
Coort of Common Pleas. Judge Bates, this
forenoon, sentenced Thomas Davis, Wesley
Davis, And John MuFarland, convicted of as
sault with intent to murder, ot hard labor In the
Penitentiary for four years each: and Oweim
Ulinnon, convicted of grand larceny, to hard
labor In the came institution for two years.
The motion for a new trial In the ease of
fiRAf o.-Grat was overruled.
The State Fair. The people of Dayton have
completed Ibcireontract for the expenses of the
next Ohio State Fair, and the papers are filed in
the office of tho State Board of Agriculture in
this city. So, It la now a "fixed fact" that tbe
State Fair will be held at Dayton, next Septem
ber.' ' ; ' ' - : - '
The O, P Yosterday two new eonviota were
entered at the Penitentiary. ' One was brought
from Williams county, and the other from Pike.
There aro now nitio hundred and sixty prisoners
within tho prUou walls, - -
Nou sir of Innrt "It la estimated," said
Bishop PusctL, In an address on St. Patrick's
Day, "that there arc fifteen millions of Irish
men and women, and their descendants, at this
moment, in Ireland and elsewhere." '
O Tbe Republican City and Township Con
vention will be held at the City Hall' this (Sat
urday) evening. -
Peasonai.. N. Gundersblmer baa just re
turned from tbe east, where he has purchased
one of tho finest assortments of Cloths, Csssl-
meres.anrl Vestingsof every grade and variety
ever offered in this market. He has purchased
his entire stock of first bands, which will enable
biin to sell as low as any other establishment
west of the mountains- - He has secured the ser
vices of the well known cutter Mr. Robert
Sparling to take charge of the tailoring depart
ment. Those desiriuc the best of material got
ten up iu the latest and-beet style of out and
workmanship, will do well to call and examine
nil stock before purchasing elsewhere.
die has also a full and oomolete stock of
OenttHurnishinir coods. all ot which has lust
arrived and aro of the latest patterns. ' Persons
oalling cannot fail to be tuittd .
A large and well selected stock of Ready Made
Clothltig kept constantly on band, at prices to
suit tbe times. r . . ;
Remember the place, No; 129 South High
- street, pue uour xnonu 01 me uoodula House.
v Codqhs. The sudden eh anges of onr climat
are sourees of Pulmonary , Brouoblal and Asth
matlo Affections. Experience havlns Droved
that simple remedies often aot speedily and
certainly, when taken In the early stages of the
disease, reoourse should at once be . had to
"Brawn' Bronchiat.Troche$," or Lozonges, let
the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of tbe Throat be
ever so slight, as by this precaution a more se
rious attack may bo effectually warded off,
Public. Speakers and Singers will find them ef-
footoal lor olcsrlog 1 and strengthening the
voice. See advertisement. For sale wholesale
and retail, by Roberts & Samuel, No. 24 North
Hlch street, S. Samuel V Co., No.- 85 South
High street. ' '
Moeoorro Bites and Bec Btinos. These are
ordinarily very painful, particularly the Bee
Stint. Guernsey's Halm will prevent any swell
log or pain, and von will perceive no bad effects
rronvtbt sting oi tnose insects, iry in
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Malls for New York City, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
ntiaburgh, gteubenvtlle way, Cleveland, ZanesTiu
Newark. Granville. Wathiiiirton Oltv. Baltimore. Phlla'
delphla and New Orleans, close dally (Sundays except
ed) at IU o'clock p. m.
A through mail for New Tork and Cleveland oloses
oany (Sundays excepted; at l o'clock p. m.
C.O.fcO. R. H. way Uall closes dally (Bandaysex-
eented) at 1 otalrmlc n. m.
ventral unto way mail closes dally tsunuaji ccyicuy
at i o ciock p, m.
Cincinnati war Mull oloaea daily (Sundays excepted)
1 o'olork . m.
unicairo. Iluhunu. Delaware, saarion auu iTurLinuv
ton Mall cloaca dally (Sundays excepted) at 1 o'clock
p. m.
Malls forXenla. Snrlncflold, Dayton, Toledo, Cfncln-
nail, imiiinnnniia. Louisville. Ht. Louis, and Detroit
eloaea daiiv (Sundays exoepted) at 7X p.m.
A tlironirh mail to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
Closes dally t&unaaysexcepteoj at i o cioca p. m.
Urbana, riqua, ximn ami union uiiy man cioi'.-s ooiiy
(Sundays exoepted) at la o'clock p. an.
Lancaster, Logan, Nelsouville, Circleville, Chilllcothe
Portsmouth, Washington, 0. II., Athens, Marietta and
lllllsorouih, malls uloso dully (Sundays exoepted) at7X
o'clock p.m.
ast way Mail by National Road to Zaneavllle, closes
daily (Suadays excepted) at 11 o'clock a. m.
Ilarrlsburgh Malls close dally (dundaya excepted) atl
0 olock p. m.
Mt. Vernon Mail, by way of Westonrllleand Sunbury,
closes dally (Sundays excepted) at 1 o'clock p. m.
Dublin mall closes usiij (onnuayi excopteujat i o cuck
an, I
Malls from New York. Boston. Philadelphia. Albany.
Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla, Detroit,
Bpringfield, Cincinnati, Chilllcothe, St. Louis, and all
Southern cities, arrive between the hour! of 9 o clock p
m. and 4 o'clock a. m.
Malls from Indianapolis, Chicago and Dubuque, arrive
as a:w a. m.
Mails from Washington Citv. Baltimore. Wheellag,
Zanesville, Newark, Steubenvllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. 0. 11. R. way Mail, arrive at 'i o'clock p. m.
Way Mail from Cincinnati, arrives at 3 o clock p. in.
Lancaster Mall arrives at 3H o'clock n. m. '
KastWav Mail over the National Uoad. arrives at 11
o clock a.m.
Mt. Vernon way Mall arrives at 11:00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrives at 3 o'clock p. m.
Urbana Way Mail arrives at 8 o'clock p. m
liarrisnurgh Mall arrives at u o clocite. m
Offlce delivery onen every day (except Sunday.) from
7K o'clock a.m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Sundays
0 to u
Rail Road Time Table.
Lrrru Miami St OeLOMBnaSc Xcma It. R.
Accommodation 6.10 A. M.
No. HEX 8.30 P.M.
NightUxpresa S. 43 A.M. .
9.15 P. M.
I 'M P. M
S.4S A. M.
Ouvilaxd, Colonics St Cmomatn R. R.
express and Mall 3.00 P. M.
Ntght Express 3:24 A. M. -
1.40 P.M
1:.10A. U
Central Onto R. R.
Express Train '. 3.00 .. M
Mail Train S.40 P.M.
2 30 A.M.
xO P. M.
PiTTsioaoB, Colonics At CurctmaTi R. R
2.30 P.M
830 P. M
Express Train 3:00A.M.
Mail Train V..4UP.M.
Coi.uHBne St Ikdunapous R. R.
Columbus, Plqua St Indiana R. R.J
Express Train 8:10A.M.
Kxpreae Train 8:45 P.M.
11:10 A.M.
Good We met one of our friends yesterday
on Broadway, and were astonished at the change
in bis appearance. - a lew weens ago we saw
him. be was pale, lean and delected; complain-
ins: of weakness and debility, having beeo so
alUictcd all summer. Now be appears tobelat,
healthy and strong. We learn be owed bis res
toration entirely to McLean's Strengthening
We advise all who are complaining of Gen
eral Debility to try it; It is certainly a very
pleasant remedy. We learn that there are large
quantities of it selling daily. Morning Herald
D"R. KiRKFATRtcK, No. 165 South High
Street, has a very choice assortment of Gold and
Silver Watches, fiao Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
and Plated Ware, at pricos to suit tbe times.
"Fioores woht Lis." Neither will James
Pyle's Dietetio Saleratus. It will give you good
bread, biscuit, cakes, and puddings every time
required . No false pretenses about tbe Dietetic !
Try it and see! Depot, 345 Washington street,
New York. Sold by grocers everywhere.
ST See advertisement of Prof.
Hair Invigorator In another column.
Rail Road Time Table. STATEMENT
Treasury of franklin County, February 58, 1801:
Cash on hand 9110,911 39
To the credit of Infirmary and
Pauper Exponas.... 83,040 P3
To the) credit of Bridge Aocount ll.W'3 29
ueneral Ki penis x.aua its
" . " Chattel lax Col
lected S3 3d
" " " Fines Collected.. 3,00
" " " Peddlers' License 45 011
" " Poor Farm 208 38
" " " Show License.... 17 50
' " " City of Columbus
School Fund.... 13,004 61
" " City of Columbns
" " Montgomery Tp.
3.400 OS
S.HUU 84
: S.156 08
1 ll 48
1 3312 10
1.S83 51
l.WS 7'J
1.413 Trt
857 07
l.OtiO 30
1,044 90
70! 48
902 37
1,400 3a
1,836 79
9.18 81
1,750 22
2,451 98
i u Troro
i m Jefferson
i p,i
i " .' Mlffiln
1 " " " Clinton
' perry
i Aharon
' " " Blendon
' ' " Washington
1 " ' Norwich
' " - PranUIn
' Brown
' " " Prairie
" " " Plcaaant
i Jackson
2 2(15 G2
' ' Moobery District
I t Oroveport School
. 29 32
Dlstrjct 550 07
i . m u Keynoldsburg
School District... 201 31
i u Worthlngton
School District.. 127 07
i . Osrporatloa of
Oroveport 73 27
i .. District Anessora 210 3d
' ' W ester ville
Bchoot District.. 295 40
i u Corporation of 1
Hirrisbnryh...... 19 F9
' ' " Btateof Ohio.... C2.1H9 39
, .. . Treasurer's Fees. 1,828 64
i it ... i. Kxcess of Forfeit
ed Bales 10 08
i it Corporation 0 f
Weatervlll 220 60
' County Debt 6,850 23 .
, it Corporation of
. Worthlngton 78 73
H. W. Andrews Note .... I7 Su
We hereby eertity that the above and foreaolni la a
true Statement of the eonditlon of the Treaaury of
JOHN G. THOMPSON, Treasurer.
arSI dltltwSt , . .., .
For the Whiskers and Hair.
The subscriber take Meaiore In announclna? to the
Oltlsene ol the United 8tates, that they have obtained the
Agency for, and are now enabled toolt'er to the American
publio, the above justly oelebrattd and world-renowned
article, xae . .r , .i :
Is prepared by Da, 0. P. BBLLlNQUABt, an eminent
physician ot J-ondon. and la warranted to bring out a
thlca Hiot... -, ; .
Whiskers or a Mustache
In from three to tut weeks. This artlole It the only one
of the kind used by the I ranch, and la London and Paris
tt Is in universal use.
It is a beautiful, economical, toothing, yet ttlmalatmt
compound, acting at If by magic upon the roots, earning
a beautiful growth of luxuriant hair. - If applied tt the
eralp, it will eura aiumm. and cause to spring np lo
place of the bald spots a fine growth of new hair. Ap-
i awurainf 10 amotions, u will wm asn or towi
ir BAkK. and r.tnr vm hair tn lla nrivlnal Ml or.
leaving It soft, smooth, and flailhla. Tha Kmontirr" la
an Indispensable article In every gentlesnan's toilet, and
111 i,? .V'' wouW not for any eonelderatioo
.x.,fjnM lenlT Agents fortht artteletn
the United States, to wham u ...... l. ..i
Price One DolUrj box for tale by ail Dragglatt aod
veaiert; ore noxoi tne "Onguent" (warranted to have
uieoesireaeuecu win do sent to any who desire it, by
mall (direct), securely packed, on receipt tf nrlot and
oaUge,H.le,Apptytooraddrealv V; , .
: ( t ,i ,Hy0 BiaiHAlt 00.,
narjootrra, ate., . ,v
febSOdttwOm 84 WUlUm Street, Sew-Tork.
Important Cosillrmatlona bp tbe 17 . H.
ftoiiate OMdingai Appointed Consul
Ueneral to Hritlala Amerle i-'lem
I'orwin wimaraws bin liccllna
nun-ana tonurmod as Miniate
io iuexico sewaro'a abetter to tit
noumern f oinniiaaioner flot to
neveiuuenize ;niiiornia and Ore
irwn-'I lie Main Juass ((acktloiL tn be
submitted to Arbitration Fort
"uuiier so no ADaudensd nneedllir
n .. . . . .
m-v. mt ii;kuu siot sip uv saesn
urrtn-no Jietormination for an
lixtru, seaalon of tlontrreae Vargm
i-rLcinuii iraevainK sn norm varo
Una failure to Confirm fiollo
tvnrna Vomailsiloncr el Patent
iieaiR-natlou of Vol. ilarbonr, Si
perisitendent of Harper' Ferry
army-a. tin t.lo-Ut Ifliillou Loan Ad-
vertiaod Carl Hrhursi Nossiiua'ed
or iUinlnter to Portugal fencoa-ble
Aajpect of Affairs, aoutli Action
i its i ana it r I convention- Thirty
five Mail IonclieaIfurnt. Including
vuiuuivsi xii ,u r,i irania i a vuin
Sleep Snutv in New Vork State
, Fort Sumter in a Destitute Condition
Sho Fort to boSnrrendered to
tueaoiitii Ciirolina Autliorltias, oh
neueipi ior tno rropc riw abates
News from tdiiropo t llty-tliron
mrauiiw jvnieu at uarsaw-Hinek
uaooitliu Citudel of Messina arc.
Ac. dec. " ,
Washington News and Gossip.
WasHiNOTow March 2fJ.Th Srn.itA nnntlrm
ed J. W. Nye, Governor of Nevada; Rrjfus
AiDg, Minister to Rome; Brandford R. Wood
Minister to Denmark: Anion Bnrllnonmn. Min
later to Anuria; Eiieha O. Crofhy, Minister to
uuatamaia; J.is. u. rutnnm, Consul to llav-
rrecmna il. Morae. Consul to Loudon: Jus
Anderson, of Ohio. Consul to Ilmliiinr,
Francia H. Moody. Receiver of Publio AIoupv at
Little Rock; Lieut. Hatlsufi; Aietant Ailiu-
tuuv ucuersi, witn raua oi unptaio.
The following Postroaaters were confirmed:
Warren N. lltintlnctoii. (jluai F.,lw,ir,l r.
Daris, Dubuque; Jumoa F. Abrahams, Burling
ton, Iowa; Sidney K. Von Bonnherrt. Piltarniruii.
uavm u. iioBe, Marshal for Indiana; Wm. II.
F. Gurlev, Attornev for Iowa : Georrrn A. Nmiran.
Attorney for Miuucsota: Alex. C. Sanda. M.ir.
snai ior tno souinern JJistrict of Ohio; Herbert
n . iioaiu, jiarsuai ior lowa.
luo followinir nnniinalionn were mr.de for the
territory ol Loiorado; Mr, Gilpin, Governor:
L.ewi8 L. Wella. Seoretarvi Benl. F- Hull, nf
New York, Chief Justice; S. Newton Pettia, of
teuuBjivauia, ana ouaB. L,ce Armour, were
made Associate Judges; Copcland Townscnd,
Marshal; Wm. L. Stouchton.of Michitran. At.
torney; Franda M. Case, ol Ohio. niirtrAvnr
n i ' J
Marbball E. Donnell.of MaW.
tea ior uonsoi to vera Croz.
Joshua R. GiddiiiL'fl. of Ohln.
for Consul General lo British Amcricn.
Thomas Corwin, having withdrawn" his de
clination, was confirmed as Mini t-r to Mexico.
Nw York. March 22. The Fott't Wnjiliin.
ton correspoutlcnce sajs he Sroretary ef the
Treasury bus decided to advertise for an eight
The Araeo brought tllf, flfin In
The Commercial' Waahinortan d
ocnuni nas oeen appointed Marshal,
Mr. Seward has written a letter ta the South.
era Commissioners, reviewing tho entire grounds
of misunderstanding, with a view of restoring
harmony, and cloairir with the ree.nmmpnrl.itin,.
of a National Convention.
The Government has received Information of
plot to revolutionize California and Orronn.
implicating General Johnson and other officers.
1 ne t resident submitted to the Senate the
oposition of the British Govern merit to rrfor
tho San Juao quostion to the arbitration ol some
foreign Government. The committee on For
go Relations recommended Switzerland.
Rumors of the non-evacuation of Fort Sum
ter are SUDDOaed to have been nut Inrararrl fnr
political effect. It is positively certain that tho
fort will be abandoned speedily, and that Fort
Pickens will not bo reinforced. All signs are
lavnrable to a peaceful solution.
Chartered vessels which recently ea'.lcd took
sealed orders.
No determination vet for an titr
I ho proposition of tho British Government
reler tho San Juan atiestion to some fnreirn
Government was submitted by the President to
the Senate. Tho matter wis understood to have
biy n debated in exectitivo session without con
clusion. Senator Nesmith odooscs the nrono-
sition, being unwilling to agree to any plan
Involving the possibility ol giving up the island.
Republican Senators in caucus tonlay resolved
to supersede the present Sergeant-at-Arms and
Assistant Door Keeper by a new election. They
will determine on the candidates to-morrow
Ihere is to determination In Administration
circles rclativo to an extra session of Congress.
According to present indications, tbe nomina
tion of Holloway as Commissioner of Patents
cannot be confirmed. Tbe committee on Patents
not having reported on the subject, his name
will, therefore, probably be withdrawn.
Col. Barbour, Superintendent of Harper's Fer
ry Armory, tendered his resignation to-day.
WaniiNOTOM, March 23. The Charleston
Courier of the 21st Inst., received her.e, says the
assertion t hat tbo term of service of 2G of Ma
jor Anderson's men had nearly expired Is a mis
take. Major Anderson was in daily expecta
tion of receiving orders to evacuate Fort Sumter.
The supply of provisions and fuel was nearly
exhausted. If he is not speedily relieved, he
will be compelled tn burn some gun carriages.
He stated that the Fort would be given np to
tbe South Carolina authorities, alter examina
tion of authorized o dicers and the receipt for
iuo property. iOi. Lay cos Had a long in
erview with Gen. Pickena and Gen. Iicaure-
Missouri Convention.
St. Louis, March 23. Io the Convention this
mowing, a committee of one from each Con.
gretsional district was elected to call the Con
vention together previous to the third Monday
in December, If the publio ezigenciea require it.
Tbe following gentlemen wore elected dele
gates to the Border State Convention t Hamilton
R. Gamble, John B. Henderson. Wm. A. Hall.
James II. Moss, Wm. Douglas, Llttlcbury II en-
oricas, ana wiuiam u, romeroy. j
A resolution was adopted Instructing tbe
President ol the Convention to transmit a certi
fied copy of the proceedings of the Convention
to the President of the Uuited States snd the
Governor of each State. - -
Tbe following from an editorial In the Rrcub-
lican is a very fair resume of the proceedings
of the Convention t ' " '
I The voice of Missouri .has been spoken
through the Couventlon called for that purpose i
that, voice pronounced that further concessions
should be made, with a view to a restoration
of the Union of the States definite
ly. These concessions should havo tbe
Crittenden resolutions for their basis. It
declares, that reunion would be imperiled by
the use of foroe on the part of tbe federal gov
ernment sgaint tho people of the seceded States,
and especially advises that the federal troops be
withdrawn from the States, where collision
threatens; and is firm and steady In Its devotion
to the idea cf reunion. It declares for a nation
al Convention, In thobope that its deliberations
may result In measures that will secure that ob
Tbe same voice consistently pronounced that
there is at present no adequate cause for rotir
log from the Union, snd refuses at this time to
pledge Missouri to secession- even should the
rest of the Border States secede, or no plan of
adjustment will be acceded to br the North.
The Inference may be drawa from the action of
the Convention, that as Missouri is In favor of
every peaceable mode of ad ustment calculated
to eall back the seceded States, and In default of
obtaining such measures, favors steps of bring
ing about a peaceable separation between the
Union and the Southern Confederacy. Also,
ber mind Is in a stato of suspense as to the
question? of reliriog from, tbe Union on tbe
happening ot contingencies which bava been
mentioned. ' ' ,.'-
' Goldsdoro, N. C , March 29. A larger and
enthusiastic Southern Rights Meeting was held
here to-day. The Southern flag' was hoisted
on tbe Court House. About a thousand dele
gate,s were present all lor Immediate secession
ana no compromise w eiaon m, kdweros pre
sided. 8DPecb.es were made bv Hon. W. J
Moses, ot South Carolina, Edward. Ruflla and
General Young. r
AoausTA, March 23. Tbo Montgomery, Ad
etrfiser publishes a long corrected list o( army
and navy appointments,. and nearly all wero
formerly icaerai pincers.
Latest from Europe.
Halifax. March 23. The Royal Mail utoam
shin Canada, from Liverpool March 9th. via
QueecstowD on 10th, arrived here at 8:30 this
morning. , ' '
The Ca nada baa nearly 177,000 In specie
The Bank of Poland refusing to make specie
payment on Russian bonds, military forces had
taken possession of the amount required. '
. It was reported that Prince Napoleon was
about to proceed to Turin, lo negotiate fur the
withdrawal of all the French troops.
Breadstuff quiet but steady. Provision
dull, Coosols cloRPd on Saturday night at 91
(gi. Money yi3Ji tor account.
Advices from Manchester were unfavorable
There was less demand, and tho improved lone
ol Tuesday was partially loot.
Liverpool, Friday, Breadtituffj shady,
rrovistoDS ami;
Londo. FilJav. Cansols DlKfflOl for
money, 9192 for account. -r
H London, Friday. The bullion In the Bank of
England bad decreased 14,uuu pounds. Money
market unobaneed. ,
L'.txrpool. March ' 9th, All Was aulet at
Warsaw, it is stated that tne number ot per
sons killed by the troops there was 53. : -
The blockade of the citadel of. Messina is
oOlcially proclaimed, and hostilities bivo com
menced. ,., . ,
London, 9ih. American securities I C.
shares discount; Krie 27MC528V:
N. Y. C shares 71i' . : . --'-
Liverpool. Frtdnv, Mcsam. W. Nash k Co..
R. S. k Co., and B. A. It Co. report flour quiet,
but steady, at 28(3331 for American; wheat
urm ai lull prices lor fine, and with a nartml
aurance oi (iJJ lor spring red, which was
quoted at lis 2dlls 10J; white at 12i Cd14s
uu, corn nrm,
From New York.
Niw-York, M.irch 22 The foonin? nro
npecii uespatcnes irom wasuingtoui
"Hirald,'' Tho'Ad ministration will
: . I J l i- . .
the Southern Comoiissionvrs in a few data. ata.
ttB'g that H Im no power lo treat with them, and
tney can db regNrriea only ai agents bf dissatis
fied people, but will reler them to the next Con
gress. Dudley Mann, Southern Comtuiosioner
to t.nrope, has arrived. '
'imr." Dr. fix, of the Government Nav.
accompanied by Capt. Ilartstern, viiited Mj.
Aoderson, but the nature of tho mission was
unknown. Tho Seoretarv of the Traur hft0
nuvcruteu ior proposals ior tne eieht million
1 . - .1 !,! 1 . . .
tuau ku-uuj, wuiuu win oear u per cent, luterest,
payable semi-annually, to be reimbursed in
twenty years from the lot of January laat. No
offer will bo received lor an7 fraction of a
thousand, or considered uulessone ner centum
bo deposited subject to the order of the Secre.
tary. Proposals will be received op to noon of
. r. . m
tuoj Ul April. , .:
" !VrW."-CarI Scburz's nomination 'for
Minister to Portocal was sent In trwla.' Th
Southern Commissioners receiver! arlvipaa tn.
diy that affairs looked more peaceable, and that
any Joollision was almost impossible. Mason
aod Hunter have gone to Virginia to urge im
mediate secession. The President's levee was
crowded; all tho foreign Ministers were in at
tendance. Tbe evldenco in the Armstrong
Court Martial caso indicates that thera wan
sufficient force to defend tbo Navy Yard at the
tune oi ita surrender.
"Trioim." Raymond, of the Timrs. will hn
vonsui io rarts. Mr. rormcs has been sppolnt
cd Minister to Equador.
From Philadelphia.
Philadilphu, March 22 Thirty fivo mail
pouches were on the train burnt on tho Penn
sylvauia Central Railroad Wednesday nleht-
mong thera were the St. Louis and Louisvillo
ails ot tne mm, and Cincinnati Toledo. Cnlum
bus and Pittsburgh mails of the 2Uth, lor Han is
nurg, rnuadeiphia and Washington. The Har-
risburg mail was saved. A special scent has
one to secure the remains of tho letters.
men win dc Bcnr, to tno aea letter office.
Virginia Convention.
Richmond, March S3 Io tho Convention to.
day, Mr. Baldwin continued bis remarks, speak
ing mree noure. ne considered tbe reace Uon
lerence propositions an acceptable basis of ad
justment, out inoueht tbe maiorilv recort from
the commttteo on Federal Relations, in some
respects, an Improvement.
The other proceedings were unimportant.
Ntsr Yosk, March 23 The service on tbe
overland JHuttorflcld mail route is about to
cease, in pursuance of the act of Congress. So
, . : 1 3 f,. r' i: r:. i . i i . .
.unto ,ui waiiiuruia, all puiULll, BlUai grj Via
Panama, until the new route via Salt Lake and
riaccrvtllo coca into ooeratlon. oti the firu nf
June. . j
BumLO, March 23. Tho eastern malU have
been delayed by deep snow. No New York
mans this morning.
U. S. Senate—Special Session.
Washington,, March 22. Mr. Hilo offered
resolution to elect a Sereeant-at-nrms. Door.
kecoer, and Assistant. Laid over.
Mr. Powell called up his resolution for paying
lerks of committees of this session the usual
compensation lor sixty davs -
Mr. Trumbull opposed It, considering it a
gratuity, and as reform was needed, lot it begin
nere. i ne resolution was rejected.
Mr. Douglas' resolution came up.
Mr, Bayard concluded bis speech.
Mr. Howe, ot Wis., opooscd Mr. Douzlai'
resolution, because wholly unnecessary, and was
not convinced of the wisdom of giving to the
country the intelligence which It demanded.
We bava an Administration. With it has
been proclaimed an earncat desire and filed pur
pose to maintain tne antnority ot the United
States, and not the authority of this or that
section, merely by peaceful means, if pcacefal
means will suffice. This was tbe settled pur
pose, as he understood.. it, ot the .Administra
tion. Was it not a purpose which demanded tbe
best energies of every one? It seemed to him
that the Senator from Illinois was famishing
eidjto the enemy.' His ((Howe's) party had
dono nothing to create the feverish apprehension
alluded to by the Senator from Illinois. , They
had no purpose to trample on tbe rights of any
tnaiviuuai in any portion ot tne country.1
He objected lo Mr. Douglas' proposition to
amend the Constitution' on tha ground that it
would only be approved by a port ion of the peo
ple, while a constitution, to bo satisfactory, must
receive the assent of tho whole country. We
have such a coustitution now. Why should not
the peoplo be satisfied with It? He gave way
tue execuiivB seiaion. Adjourned.
. - i . . . .
. ' .llrom the New k ork Observer. 1 I ci v' p
As all parties manufacttiiire 8ewlni Machines are on-
Heed lop,y Mr. Howe a license en each machine told.
and are a so compelled to make returns to him, under
oath, at to the number told, hlabooka give a correct state
ment. Prom this reliable mora we have obtained the
following statistics. Of tbe machines made In the year
1W9, there were sold, ' ,
By Wheeler fc Wilson.. ..SI,30S,-. ...
. . .. I. At. Singer 10,(lid 1 .
" Grsver St Baker. . ......... lO.'JWJ , y
Showing the tatra of Wheeler ft Wilson to be doviU
those of any other Company." . ,.:,,,.,; ,,4.
Awarded tht hlghett pretalumt at the "
United States Pairs or 1H58, ld'iV and 18A0;' .liir
; ; ( ! .? also at lh V .
'I Ohio 8tnt rain of 1KB tnd ,IBS9 .-. : '
and at nearly all the County Pain la the Stale. ,J '
Our prices, at Ihe lat reduction,' or St lots ai mi
lock sffrA machine now sold, and but a tiiCe higher than
the interior two (Arena cnam jiicfl jnacaiiHt, ng
forren unon inemnrvet.
The WIIIBLHK St WILFON MACIimi makes lha
Look RTtcnUie only tne which cannot be raveled. It
Is Ai.tn ow Both StDtnof the goods, leaving no rklat or
ahnintmth tiiuar.afo.
AUmacMnt varramea a penra, ontf initrmUoh
riven In tlielr use. fine ol cname.,
" .i itt.n'L: t,.-L M , a
ii. vnaii,c, ii 'a'l vioiuqous, u,
1 ' - WM. 8DMNSR St CO.,
d3 J-itrdlmfcwGui Pike's Opera House, Cincinnati
iV aelvaatobe Indebted to tht late) Arm ef DOU-
DR1D0B At WU1IM Will pleas call . tod settle, their
accounts, and thereby save costs. . , , ...
' All note and aceoanta remaining unpaid oa the first
of April will be placed in fl aandt or WM. L. Hail.,
i. sr., loreoiieciioB. r. n. nuns,
mar7-dfcwtaprl Burvlring Partner.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 23
ILOUR receipts of 1.813 bbli: markets ahade flnner
ana ratner more active: m'snf I3.OU0 bb Is at as 1(1
5 IS for surQno State ; 42 y03 31) tot extra Bute;
IS 10S3 111 for ecreillee Western; 5 ttxSlS 44
common to mi. Hum extra western. Canadian flour
ratner more neanj; aalea or SOU bbls at S3 75.
ai ai.uunaieaavat aiKsaa. in. , ,
WHE AT rfcelnts of 4. 000 bnnh: market mora anrlve
and l2o better; sates or 50,003 bush at St 18 1
for CUieeoHi,ririf : SI 20 fnrrhnlna Nnrih.Ml.m ninh
ueiiverenj aji ascall S!i Tor Milwaukee Club, In store find
delivered: SI 33 Mr winter red Western dellrerad: at
I 50 for white Western. ... .
KYK a olet at S3aU5. : '
UAttLKY-steady, aalaa 1.000 ti;h finn.a.
73o '
COUN-receipt, of 15.4Mliuili: rnarVeta Irlflnhtar:
sales or JO 000 bushels at 67 t;8 for 0,i mixed west
ia In store, and 64$05o for new mixed and (allow Wis.
conslnat It. B. etd-pnt. . ..
uaio nrm at st&jza for Western,' Canadian and
l'OBK-qulet; sales 100 bbls mcs) at $12 3712 73.
BEKs quletand anctaaneedr -j
CTJr M It ATS steady. - -LARD
unchanited; aatesOOObhls at 05810o.
BUTIER in fair reaueit at lliiM ir llhln t,J 1
19c for Htate. ,
on steady at bVSElOc. I '
m.-n i quuc nrm, siieaoi suu oblsat l'XC.
COFFES auction snips ware unite .nlillml nd nrl.
oessdvanced Ha per lb sales 3,C00 bigs Hlontlli'S
hUOAIl? quiet, penllne tbe auction rales.
MOLABHKH dnll, without chance or sales.
STUOKS active and higher: mnnev unrhanvrfl and In
fair demand. B. Vx. rlesal var firm, lull nnnfl
yesterdsy's rates; Chlo. Ic Ch, S8X; Pac. M.SO'i: N.
r. O. 7 Krie 32; IJud. 45; Harl. 15)4; do pfd.
i; lti'ailin441f; Del. L. & W. B3i 111. O. hnVrl.
WX Harl. 1st 100; Mo. O'a BHW: Va.5c: Tenn. 7.1V:
Treasury 10's 103; V. 8. C8, til: coupons U:IX; do Si, 71,
euiipsr.r, f'J. '
Cincinnati Market.
was. - In
neaOy all denartmanla. lint few Irimi rlnna wertt tni:i
In flour such es were, displayed the wenltueas or tbe
mr.rlcet. Supcrflne, of eood aualltv.msv be aunted riull
atS 50. . . . . -i
WHEAT was OITered anarinelr. and Ida atanriivnl .
irnre of til: city millers SI for prime red at was not ac
cepted to any extent; battfcSSo per huih. higher asked.
Prime Kentucky white was taken at$l 12.
CORN Is unvaried, the recelpU ofearbelna; quite
retularly absorbed at 33c. Bheilrd u in n,ui-i
and only the best prime while la In any request.
OATTS arerc In very large receipt to-day, ao that the
markt drairjat20c. ...
II A It Li. r does rot renlllv eommsnd t.ver rj tr
prime fall, tbouuh sellers ceneralle a,lhr tn 7,1.. ih
uskinx DRrjre.
tlKB is Inrotive at 53c: holders do not nrma. .!
ivilisitr was rcdui-ed tn-riavtn H t.la mUh . Cit,
r.araei aitnstngure. un. Cora. March S3.
Cleveland Market.
March 22
ttUUK mirket oulet. bales nf 7S lihl, i
extra at fJ.Oo: 50 do white at S3 7.5.
WHEAT demand lleht. Cit Millet nt .,n.
enqulrinv. The market maybe quoted stead f.ir -ur
load lots, at CI 01: 1.00J bushels from store, sold at
iiA ra,' lus.andutubnihulj Michigan while
CORV Insotlre at 31?.
OATS qnlet at 24j.
HIOHWINE3-salesof7JI)!,lsKt 15c.
IOU S tales at 0 1 210c.
Irlnnufaclnrcrai tf all kinds of ror
table stnd Ntatioiinr jr Ktuam Eit
Kiiics, iw IHUIn, si rial nulla,
. 4cc, Ac.
LASS BODUCTBtatml n.&t. BLASDY Beatcrd
-J: CO. XUaUnlllll
Onr Portable Eugina and Biw Mill
Was awarded ike first premlca of 950 at the Indiana
Slate Fair for l'CO over Lane Atfiodley't on account ot
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Engine was awarded at the same Fair
the first premium of f -JOO.
Our Portable Knglne waa awardrd the Srst premium of
91(10 at the fair tt alemubla. Tenn.. over ii.i'. n.
Tail's, Columbus Machine Co'a.. and Bradford At. rv. .
a committee of practical Railroad Sngineers.
s ur price anu terma aaarese
W1LLARD WARNER, Treasurer,
decS'dfcwlyecls. Newark, Ohio.
Covington Rail-raill Company.
ed with the beat new and Improved machinen to en
orders for rerol ling Railroad Bart at the shortest notice,
the Mill baa the capacity to turn out l-0 tuns a week.
In rerolliog Ruilroad Bars, one-third new iron la added
the old, to make a Rail that will not laminate, and
insure a perfect weld. v
Street Railroad Dart can alio he furnished, of any pat
tern required and new Railroad Bart of differeut length
and sire.
All orders shall receive prempt atd careful attention.
and aa none but tha beat materials will be used, In the
bunds of skillful workmen, the Company hope to give
entire satisfaction to those who may favor it with their
, R DCOIIANAH k fiON, Afentt,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Rirnt to
W. II. Clement, President Little Miami R K.Oov "
John T. Levis, President Covington and Lexineton R.
R. Oo.
Captala McCltlUn, Supertntandent Ohio tnd Missis.
slppi Railroad. -
a. b- li iinmmeaiea, rrrsident Olnclnnttl, ITamlltcn
and Dsyton R. R, Oo. mh!2w3t
Front Street, Between State and Town.
SHOP is still running, and although C
tht pmssure of late yean has set heavily
upon her running teara, she is alill turn-'
tg out those splendid PHOTONS, KO0KAWAT8, and
BUSES and BACKS, - Twenty yrtra steady anannfac
curing haa. given ear work a wlde-sperad reputation
throush the South and Wist. . . ... , .
Wt therefore deem it unnecessary to say any thine; mora
In regard to the quality of onr work. We waaaawr
avtm Vtiiicu. . w caa tell wood Tor Bueuita from
IStat!S0. -
Dealera can he ftarnlsherl with any amount of work al
short notice, and at price lower than can be bought any
wnere in tne nest, eeuonu nana Buggies taken to.es
ohuigefor new work. . - ', .
Ipr'Repalring done neatly and at short notice. Fan
tory on front, between Butt and Town streets, Colum
bus. Ohio. .
Jfjr'AII communications will receive prompt attention,
AUf. 4i-wiy , i ai. at. wjiiiuaaiB 4t (JU
Law Notice.
XJ that he has been sued with other in tbe Superior
Court of Franklin oounty, Ohio, by Oeorge A. Stlch. The
petition asks mat tne roiiowing described real estate, tit
uate In Franklin eounty, Ohio, to wilt in the second sec
tion, secand township and seventeenth range, United
States mllltiry lanrls, beginning la the center ot the State
read from Westervllla to Oalena, oa William Slaughter's
south line; thence east 805 rods and !H) linka to a atone on
II. Dixau's line; thsnoe tooth along aaid line, SO rode and
links to a ttona (wuntti tree, sugar,) S inchetia dia
meter, N. SG deg. R. distance 5K links, and thorn bush
3 Inches in diameter, aouth 68 deg. west 3 links); thence
west VS8 rods to a stone in the centre ot said State road;
thence north 18 deg wee 1 82 rode; thence north 33 rods and
6 links to the place of bes inning, containing one hundred
anditwo acres and 93 S3 IUO rods of ground, iwv be told
for tht pay ment of Fourteen Hundred Dollars whlchjis a
lien there-on. In caes of failure to answer or demurrer
on or before the SOth day (3d Saturdavl of April. A. ID.
lUil, plalntlfl't petition will be taken at true, and tudg-
mrntrenuerctiacconi!i!2iy. . , uau. ui uubvckbis.
Atl'y for plaintiff.
Columbus, Ohio, Feb 19. 1?G1. fablO w6w
, wholesale and Retail Dealer In -
Foreign & Domestic Cigars,"
I ana am asanas ,
. Smoking; & Chewing Tobacco.
Alsoi in best quality of ISUJF'I Svastantly
, ". .... on hand . ' .
JJjCountry Merchtnls art Ihvited to call before par.
Chaslns elsewher. i- .. !.('. ,c .
t .-it' i.
i novfl-wSnv
Bet, Main anj Bycamore, " ' ' . .. ,
XU Street Basqaea aad naauet; also. Rich Trtmmia
and Taasels to mstch, at BAIN
Dr. J. H. McLEA.N'3
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
Tlio Greatest Hemedyin Tiia
ly a actentiHe and
Vegetable Oompound,
procured by the distil
lation of Roots. Herbs
and Barks, Yellow
bock, Blood Root,
Sarsaparilla. Wild
Cherry Bark and Do- .fr
umiuu oilmen inui IIS
Tlcforc Takins.ii ive remedwlftcr Taking.
principle of each Ingredient ia thoroughly extracted
mvnew methl.d at diNtllllnir. Itmriuntnvt.a rfftliHnna
hilerallnf spirit, and the most INCA LLIHLK remedy
iuuvuug iuv aitensea sysurm, anu res:onoe uie
surTerina; and debilitated INVALID lo IIKALTH
... ,. DIAL,,,
Will tSentually curt
Otironlc or Nervous Bfbllilj, dtoMt of tbe EMneys
and all dienscs arlsinx from a disorder.) I irei or Stem
ach, Dyspepsia, Ilearttmrn, luwaril Piles. Acidit , or Sick
ness of the Btomach, Fuilncis of Klnod to tr.e liesd.
pain or swimming in the bead. rati. .tit lfn of the Heart
fullness or Weieht in the StAmnen. Hon, Mrurtallnn.
Choking or sunocaiinir feoliriy when lylnt. down, Dnnesi
ur icnuwocssni uie nam ana Eyes. Ntglit BweaUT
ward fevers. Pain in the small of the back, chest or side.
Hudden Flushes of Uet, Depression of Splrita, frightful
Draubil, Lauauor. Desiiondencv oranv Hertnns hlww
Sores or blovl.-s ou the Okin, and rarer and Aue
viuiia anu rover. )
Over a million of troitlea
Have been sold durina- the last tlx m on tha and In no
stance iina it failcil ui giving entire anilifaotitn. Who,
then. Will snlTerfrom Weakness or Debility when
STllliNOTHENINiJ COKDIAL will cuie yon!
No lanfruare can convey an adequate Idea of the loiroe
diate audalmnst miraeuloua change produced by takios
this Cordial in tbe diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstruns
organization is restored to its pristine health aid vigor.
.TIAHltlbrj tKKNONK,
Or olliert conscious of innbllltv. from htr -.n.
will And McUan t HtrtnKthening Cordial a thoruueb
regenerator of the sy item; and all who may have injured
u'ciaaeivtrs ny improper inuui;encea, will nnd in the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
' lo the l.adica.
McLean's Stenglkciiisg Cordial
Is t aoveielgn and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence
urine or involuntary Discharge thereof, falling cf
Womb, OiddineMS, tainting and all Diseases Incident
Intra Is co Mia talcs About It.
Buffer no longer. Take It accordlnr to Directions.
wlllstimulate, strengthen and Invigorate you and cause
me uioomoi neann to mount your check again,
very bottle la warranted to give tatisuotloB.
rou ciiixmiv.
If your children are sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean's
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
nit a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
Oirnoa. Beware of Drnaylatt or Dealen who may
try to palm upon you some Bitter or Sarsaparilla tnu,
which they can boy cheap, by saylnf It Is just as gooit.
Avoid aurh men. Ask ior McLean's Strengthening Oor
dial, and take nothing else It tt the only remedy thai
will purify the blood thorouchlv and at the same time
strengthen tha system.
One tablespoonful taken ere it momlnr fasting, la
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever, fellow
fever, or any prevalent disease. It la out no In lana
Pne only 91 per bottle, or bottles for 91.
j. u. McLean,
Sole Proprietor of this OorllaL,
Also KcLeWa Volcanic Oil Liniment
Pnc jipal Depot ou .he corner of Ihird and Pin atretta,
t. L'.uia, Mo. . .
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The best Liniirent In the World. The onlv aafe and
certain cure fcr Concert. Piles. Sweliium and Hron.
chilis, or Ooltre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
unifies, unroois or Inflammatory Rheumatism. Silli
ness Of the loiuta. contracted aluaelea r.p 1.lnm.nf.
Barache or Toothache, Bruitcs, Sprains, Wounds, Fresh
Cut. Ulcers, Fevor Bore, Caked Breaett Bore Nipples,
uurm, oius. Dors i noat, or any jiinaoucauon or ri
no difference howaevce, or hov long the disease i
the disease may
have existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment la a oer
lain remedy.
Ihouwuida of human belrura hav heenaaea,! a Ufa
decrepitune aod misery by tho us of this invaluable med
Will relieve tt.a almost InsUntaneouil anl It all
cleanse, puriiy and hel tbe fewest tores In an Icjredl
ly snort unie
For liortca and Oilier Anlmaia.
McLean aeelebrated Liniment la tbe'Anlv amtm .. p.
liable remedv for the cur of Bnavln. Rinir llct.. Wi,t
galls, Bplinta, Cnnatural Biimpa, Nodes or Swellinaa. II
will never fall to cure Big Head, Poll Kvll, Fistula, Old
running Bores or Sweeny, If properly applied. For
Sprains, Braises, Scratches, Korea or Wonnda, (Jrvked
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Galls It It an infallible
remedy. Apply It at directed, and a cure la ccruin In
every insiAnoe.
men trille no longer with the manv w.-.rt'.lm T.tnl.
menu offerer! to sou. Obtain a sunolv of Dr. ai.-f.un'.
vcuomiwi j.inunenu tt will cure you.
J.I1. Sole Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pine BtreeU, St. Louie, ito.
for tale by all druggists.
For said by ROBERTS St BAMTJf L,
aug-Ai-diwly - Oolumbua. Ohio.
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
ra-azs-w york.
The Montreal Oosan Steamahln Comnans'a (ntlii,
run-powered Clyde-built Steamers tail every SiaU
nrdaf from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
united eutos stall and passengers.
Shorlcaf, Cheapcet and Quickest Cor
" reyance iresu
Rtej of Paerftace to Europe,
830. SG8. 8SO.
Will tall from LIVERPOOL every Wednesdar,
and from QITKHKO every satnrdaj. calling
LONDON DERBY, to receive on board and lard Malls and
Passengers, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
. irPTheae Steamers are built of Iron. In water tiijit
rompanmunis, cany eacn an experience!! Burgeon, and
every aiurnuon is pain to tne eom'ort ana accommoea-
tinn or passengers. As thsv nroceed d net to LON DON-
DKRT, the gieat risk and delay of calling it St. John's
ii aToiueu. ...
Olaagow passenctrt are furnished with nta ntasaie
tickets to and from Londonderry.
Keinrn tickets granted at reduced rus.
Certificates issued for earning to and brlnilnwont nat-
sengera from all the rtrinclnal towna of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rules, by this line of tteamers, and
leaving uverpoot every week.
High t Drafts for I and upward pay
able in ICnirland. Ireland, Scot
land or Wales,
For passage, apply at the Offloe. 83 II It O A I)
WAY, Kanr Work, and 10 WATER ST.,
, ' . BABEL ft KEABLE, General igeaU,
nolU-lydAcw Statesman Offlce, Oolumbua, Ohio
! N08. 1, , 5 and 7 N. ITJTAW 8TKKT,
' OITer for aale their cclrhralcj . ,
' .5 '.' . - ..a '- ANOSQARE
- i .... PIANO-KORTE3. ! .
Being bliihly ncoatineiuled by the Aral Protestors snd
Musical Amateurs of thaeountry.and . . .
KVKRV -"..'.. J ,' .!.
. ., . TViZ YKARB.
The moat futidioas euttomer nay rtljr upon btlng
leased In every respect. ,. ,,
I'tnnt liberal . . - , WM . KN AB CO.
ectaSitydw. . , . Columbus, Ohio.
: ':;,,:i'1,.! Employment ;
1 aa Htnple Article), will furnish employment
a lew eauve men to act taenia ror their bouse.
preference will be siven lo those who art well acquaint
ed In tbe district for which they apply. 1
for which services they are willing- te pay a salary
ef frorn , r ' .
$609 to tSOO'ptr wear, and Izpsasts.
" For further parUcnlara address ' r,.
' j -J. W. B. MOBinODBI k CO.
.!-. , ,rj' . , JandS, Ixchsns t lace,
jan dSm, ' ' ' ' ' ' JerseyWjiiy, H. J.
Whit and Black, juat received at
y , BAIaTI.
, vxwi
LKN'8 by
Scrofula, or KIds Evil,
is a constitutional Ainoam, a corruption of tltw
blood, Ly w!ii,h this fluid becomes vitiated,
weak, and poor, lipino- in th nlrraltlnn i. '
pcryndi-s thu w hole body, and may burst out
m Ui.,cnac on liny part of it. No orffan U fret
from Its atfuckx, nor in thera one which it may
hot destroy. Tlio scrofulous taint is variously
caused by mercurial diaease, low living;, dia
ordrred or unhealthy iood, impura air, filth
and lilthy habits, the depressing wie, mnA
above all, by the venereal infection. What
ever he it origin, it ia hereditary in the con-'
stitution, deKceiiding from parents to children
unto the third mid fourth generation ; " indeed,
it seems to ha the rod of Hint who says, "I
V - v!',', t,,e Equities of tlw futhcrs upon
their children.". . , , .
In eireets commence by deposition from tha
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
thu lungs, Jivcr, and internal organs, is termed
tuben lesf in the glands, ' swellings ; 'and" on
the surface, eruptions or sores-. This foul cor.
rttptton, n inth genders in the blood, deorwtaea
the energies of life, so that scrofulous contdtn-
tioni not only suffer from scrofulous mm.
pluints, but they have fur leas power td frith
Ktnnd tho nttiuks of other diseases eotiaa-'
qucmly Tost numbers perish f by i disorders
wiiu-ii, nltlioitgh not scrofulous in thdr nature.
arc sfdl rendered fntal bv thia tnint in tl
PTitem. Most of the conaumntion which da.
cimntcs the humnn family has its origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination t and manv
destructive diseases of the liver, kidntva. brain.
nnd, indeed, of all the organs, Arise from or
nro aggravated by the soma cause. . ,
One quarter of all our people art scrotufoTls j
their persons are invaded by thia lurking in,
fection, ami their health is undermined bv it.
1 o cleunse it from the svstem we mntt nnmia
the blood by on alterative rnediciney and In
vigorate it by liealthjr food and exercise..
Such a medicine we supply ln'I-i
ojiinomid Extract of Sarsaparilla.
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skiu ot our times enn devise for thu every
where prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from the most active remeaials that have
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of tha
system from its destructive consequences.
Hence it should bo employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Envrrirx
and Skix Diseases, St. Anthony's Fieb,
llosn, or Eitvsii-ELAs, Pimplcs, Ppstolis,
Blotches, IUains and Bens, Tumors, Trrrea
and Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Rmowortit,
11 hi: i' MATisM, S v imi ilitic and M ekcVuial Dta
r.AHns, Diiopsv, Dyspepsu, Dbhu.ity, and,
indeed, all Complaints Aitismo ruoM Vitia
ted on Impuue Blood. Tlie popular' belief
in " impurity of the blood " is founded in trwtb,
fur scrofula is a degeneration of tlie bloods lite
particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
rilla ia to purity and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health U unpotsihhj in
contaminated constitutions. -!.-:...
Ague Cuv&
Intermittent Fever, or Fever and Aarua,
Remittent Fever, Chill Fevesv Uuaula
A sue, Periodical Headache, or Bklioua
Headache, and Billon Fever, indeed
ror the whole cln of dtoeaace orlfflnat
Inn; In biliary derttna;mnt, rna4 by
tha Malaria of Mlslasnatte Coantrlc.
We ore enabled here to offer the community a
remedy which, while it cure the above complaints
with certainty, is still perfectly harmless In any
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts
whora these nffiicting disorders prevail. This
"Ci'iiu" cxnela tho miasmatic poison of Fever
and Aorn from the syatem, and prevctitt the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on tlie first ap
proach of its premonitory lymptotnt. It it not only
tlie best remedy ever yet discovered fur Out claw!
of complaints, out also the cheapest. The largo'
quantity we supply for a dollar briiitre it within tho
reach of every body ; and in bilious districts, where
1'evkh and Aoub prevails, every body should
have it and use it freely both for cure ana protec
tion. A great superiority of this remedy over any
other ever uncovered for the speedy and certain -cure
of intermittent is that it contains no Quinine.
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or ,
other injurious eilccts whatever upon the constitu-
tion." Those cured by it are left as healthy at if
they had never had the disease. - -'
k'Acr and A que is not alone the consequence of '
the miasmatic poison. A great variety of duwr-
tiers arise front its irritation, among which are .
Xeurahia, litcumntistn. Gout, Headache, Blind- '
rifts, 'Jonlhache, Earache, Catarrh, Aithma, Pal- "
ji'fiifiVm, Painful Affection of the Spleen, lyfr,:
ii s, Pain in the limccli. Colic, Paralytit and le-'
ranaemcnt of the Xtumach, ajl of which, when
oriiiinutitiir iu this cause, put on the intermittent
type, or breome periodical. This " CtruE " expels
the poison from the blood, and consequently cure
them all alike. It is an invaluable protection tor
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. If taken occa
sinnaljv or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from tbe system, and cannot
accumulate in suflieient quantity to ripen into dis
ease Jienco it ia even more Valuable for protec
tion than cure, bud few will ever suifer from Iiitrv
miktcnt.i if tl.ev avail themselves of, the ptoitctioir'J
tliH rrmrdy afford-'..
Froparcd by Dr. J. C. AYES &, CO., Lowell, Kasa.
And hv Draiylsts tnd Dealer every when
An experieneel Norse and female Fhyalciaa, praaenta
to the attention of nothara, her
whleh Rreatly facilitates the process of teething:, by soft
niny the rant, redacins ail Inflamasatloa will allay J
ALL FAIN tnd spasmodic action, tad it
Depend upon It, mothers, 1 1 will ivt rest te yeumhrta-
We nave put up and told thia article for ever tn year",
what w hav never been able to say of any other merit-.
ANCE, TO EFFECT A CURB, when timely ward. Nev
er uiu we snow an macaco ot aawaiiamenon ay any one
who used It. On the contrary, all an delixhted with tat l
operations, and speak In terma of commendation ef Its
mas ical effecte and medical virtues. W apeak la this
matter "WIIAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten yean' expe
almost every Instance where tht Infaat It tnurirf from
pam and tabtuitlon. relief will be found ia ulussa a
twenty minute after IheSyrup It administered. .. ,
This valnaWe preparation Is the prescription of one of
New Borland, and haa been used with NEVER FA1L
INdeUCOESSIn - ; ' tt vi..ti
It notonly renews the child from pain, rmt tnvlf or- C
ates the stomach and bowels, corrects acidity, and five '
tone and energy to the whole system. It will almost b.-'
ttanlly reliev : . . . a i- .f''.B.'.w
and overoome convulsion, which, M aot (petdlly rerot, I
died, end in death. We believe it tlw BBaT and SUB--
EST RKUEDY IN TUB WORLD, la til cases of DYS
it arise from Uethliif, or from any other mom. W
would aay to avery molherwhehaaaehlMsufferlnsfrom
anyof tlie foregoire complaints IK) NOT LSf YOt'H 3
atand between yea and your eutfortar child, aad th rw" -lief
that will be SUHB-je. ASSOLUTBLY BUHfl-M
follow the ut of thlaeMdMia, tf lissely asWr Sl,-l
nations for uslca will tceoaapany ai-a bottle. Nona
genuine unites the fae -simile ef CURTIS At PERKINS,
NeW York, I oa the eaasM wrapper. f,f
Bold by all Dnifulata thuuhot the world. . X
Principal Of Flo, IS Cedar St reel n.Y.
ett74wlr. ' 4 n
mad lo the theomosrs ef this Bank, Jannanr aMh
lrtBI, ta wit: WH. A. Pistt, Prasideot, and 1mm a
Moodib, Cahler, reeUrned their offion. Davm Tavaea,
Esq., was then elected Prealdeal and Wat. A. Piatt ap
pointed Cashier. '
i ny omer or tne ooaru oi nirtctort. . ,
reb 5, 1801-dlf. W. A. PLATt: CssbleO
m, R.wui.lDi,
fUts ef Phalon's Establishment, W. T.J Pirartstnra.
th New York Vashloaable ShaTinj, Etir Ou;tiu
. Bhampeaalng, Ourltnfand DreeUng Saloon, East Stat
street, ever lb Poet OiBoe, where tatlsfartliia win
be ttva la all the varlou brancbr. Laiiiet as d
Children's Uall D rate In done In the beat ttila,

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