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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, March 25, 1861, Image 2

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(Contained UvlW!n,ty-ale volejiwefthe Ohi enA Ohio
CI AX.:Jt-8lat Report?-- '
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. He ear erepenie bu been'irreT to mike (he work
serf ret ml reliable la all Beapesti.
It ami now the Leglilatlve .aanotlon, hiving beta. ep
nwd by nearly-kb ananimoa! vote of both Housei,
and wai entered 4a la rfistrtbatod te -the following Btte
4mtMk Attorney Aemnr, flnprem Jndfrei, Secre
tary, Comptroller, tmnm and Auditor of State,. and
to the Probate Court, Courts of Common Pleas, Buper
luidtHa Qoarta. Auditor, and the Olerkt of the
various Conrta in each county, to the .Member! o the
Beam ta aaall nn! ot Representatives of lliil State, and
tha aimrnera of th several State! of the Union.
Xbia beokv- eon4alnlnv.es tt doea.all of the Statutes
bow In tone, and the authoritative coDft ruction of them
and of the Meweamtlrnttea, will be found to be eipeciai-
ly ueeful In toe performano af Weir duties, to an
. .fOWKSIlIPTKUSTKBo, . --.;,.. tai .lT
Inaasaoh at very many ohangss haw bees made In the
Rtatate ioeu ukUeattan tne tail edition!, by re
peaL aluiaUoe.e4 aAdlUoeo, a4 atany taportmt de
aialons have been given by the Supreme Court on con
troverted points, au . 7 c Ustn ,r.-
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Will Bod this as. nwralBabla Work.
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EO. W. BIANYUfcHNYt Editor.
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Tffor, aAtnuVI t4 anda in lyTVl TX VOIQQK
oa ths day qf publication.
Democratic City and Township Ticket.
.:'- Matna. !l t ,a -
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i-txrvj m t- "'-'tirr 'am, '
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' anucrroa. ' . ..v
lit Ward JBAhiK H9WAM)..
St Ward 8. 8. KICKLKY.
aj Bar-.j inOTlTJ ItiUDIfD
aWa T Bill itMS I n O Ml A I" P. n ,
.HT5 ta Warr-4lOBA0B WTfOff. '
lllv.Wul. II . KIITIHIflll - '
lit Ward A CllEKItS. .,,
- :nf ! Ward HOBB MlIXElf ,
Htrnif l WaroVN. HOLMES. " '
..fdifc WartIOHN WKAVBR. '
JOilM M. EBNBR.' ' ' ''
A. 0. KUIO.
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). V. RKMMY, ,.
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The Leasing of the Canals.
. . ..1 f ". A .
We'Aare been furnished with the copy of I lie StaUt
man la which the Enquirer ii tnken to talk far protetb
tee wat net the pauate of the bill now before the Leiii-
latnre far dupoiing of tbe eanali. That paper atatei
that we last teuton, urjed this very meaaure on tbe
Lafielatare. We nweA the leauof toe email. : We do
ao ret, e we think tile State Treuury and the people
will be the witna hr Hi bat- then Ii a ribt way aad a
wroof way of doiof uinei.. We think by leeeiaseach
eanal Mvarate'y the Treuury will receive the more
froai then. Why not dlapoie of them lepamtely to tha
ki(-beat Mder, where there will lie a chance for cam peti
tion I Noiuipiciop of diihoneity can attach I luck a
rmiHiny, whK-h tan not bepiedicated oi the meuure
bow sclera tbe leyislatura. ' If we deeired party capi
tal, we wauld be Heurd to have this Bepublican Lef
latara aa frrte a law the bill now before It; but we want
the lnteravt ot the State protected In ao ery Important
a Butter. That li all. Cffii
nci'inurt ZitQuirtr of '
efoy. t li- V
In reply to the above, we hare tojay (hat the
Enquirer did not" -confine itself - last Session to
the mew proposition to lease the canals j but it
nrged upon the Legislature tbe absolute necessi
ty of accepting tha direct bid of Ncnin, MitLra
and Roajataotn Nothing eW was rsafiafactory
to that faper,. . The propos'iUon of . Nootw,'
Millbb and Roimsow was to take.the whole of
the canals, good, bad or' worse, and fhe ,Man-
mee Road, apd pay $20,000 per year for them
ail. Tha proposition of EviknT,rMiDBiar,
Jr. Co. is the same, except, as to the son to be
paid par annum.' ,1a assailing the proposition of
this session,. and condemning 'the members of
tha General Assembly for voting for it, the En
gulrerlt gailty of the-grosHrBttnconalatcncy and
dnolicitv. t .w '..ja v.js
As to leasing theVanak separately", there is
not a practical man in the State who would net
ooodemalt.'Thegood And the bad Should go
together; and Besides', 9 would be suicidal to the
business on the Ohio, Canal, as wall as to that
oo its tributaries, to sever them and pat them
in different hands. ' looumerablo- diffioultie
would grow out of such an act. " Norv would tt
da to place. tha. Miami and Erie indifferent
bands worn toe Ohio; cad that ttx judge it tehat
tk$ Enquirer and that onfy.
A vary large majority in the House tas some
to tha aooelaaioB tbat ft ii the duty of the Gen
eral Assembly to dispose of the canals before
the adjournment, If ibat can be done . '' ,, -. . ,
The bill of Mr. -Woom for leasing the canals,
as originally introduced, provided for a public
letting to tha highest Mdde and we presume
tbe measure would hare passed tha House In
that ehape, but for he;lact which was disclosed
sthasesalon progressed, that a very Urge debt
bad ben contracted dtfrfng the last year, over
and above tii t evenue, which was due, and
ths claimants Or their assTgua were'appetlingjo
tha Legialatare far 'appropriations to pay them
the amount.' ., .j
Tha last session had provided that In addition
to the cao J. revenues the sum of $2,000 per
month tnlcht be (ufced. from tbe general revenue
to support the Publla Works"; but the Board did
aot confine Itself .to tbidaw, bot in addition to
expending the'swouni of tie canal tolls and the
$24,000 general reveoue, they ran in debt nearly
$200,000 besiia, ',6a cooalderalion ea this state
of things, aad upon - cpnrTiUfttion , amorig" mem
bers of the Uoase, wt .are informed that very
many of tha taoet able; thoughtful and discreet
members cam to the eoncluMdn that ths Legis
lature would not be justified Ju contlnaiog from
session to eeesiooxtoiiaake- rhews' extravagant
appropriations from the general reyeoua to sun-
port the canals, If it were possible to bave'tliern
kept for th Tolls aud other cmal revenues.
To provide for a pnblic letting, as tho .Ba
eairrr cfi'l Tr, wi ciiiiclcl to aaaAagt the
whole c,..Urpriiie.i.-Frr" if that wre dinci,' tbcf
IVeglelature must, make spproFiations -for the
hole year, depending o( count on the coutln-
cencv of lattice: and vita the known hoililltt
or the Board to th leasing oi the oaoalt, and the to
tliat mint be gtren t the membere
in the conducting of ny publio letting, ttwaa
believed that, hevIoK the apnroprlationi at their
command in the real that the leaelng failed,
the Board would not be likely, under the circum-1
tanoee, to exert Itself to effect a leaae. I i
Tha Etouirtr would aeea now to confide
mora In the Integrity of the Board than In tha
members of the General Assembly, who, it
thinks, will taint the ascites by passing an aot
directing the Board to enter into a lease with
parties who have made a direct proposition to
the Legislature for the canals.
We confess the point la too fine for nt to see
, A. B .makes a proposition to the Legtala-
tare to take theaa canals and nay Into the trees
ury an annual rent for them; pay It In adyanoe,
and keep the works in good repair, so., and to
receive the revenue and nothing mora for his
labor. The State agents have been consuming
the revenues and some $100,000 a year of the
taxes drawn from tha people,: for each, of tbe
last fire years, to keep up these worka. This
burden A. B. proposes to relieve the tax payers
from, by a proposition made in the face of day
to the representatives of tbe people. That prop-
OJition is before the legislature for more than
one month, and any other individual or, com
pany had an opportunity to make a proposition
on tbe same subjeot to the Legislature. Daring
this time the Enquirer is silent. But at soon as
one branch passes the bill directing the Board
to enter into a lease with Eviarrr, MtDtiav
it Co., then the JSsflwrer displays IU ylrtnous
indignation, scent, fraud and corruption w
tne aistance, ana warns memDers oi ineir oan-
ger tf they should Tote for a law which, In the
nekt ten years, will save to the State more than
one million of dollars! The anxiety of the
gairer lor the interests ot toe state, ana lis ais-
piay oi virtue, are too transparent, ine puono
will appreciate botn at their true value.
' As to ihe annual rent offered ' by Etmitt,
Midbisy & Co., many of the best canal men
think it too much. When the proposition was
first made, we thought it too little; and that a
higher annual rent should be received; but on
examination of the question, and on consulta
tion with canal men, we have changed our opin
i .1. ! . .1... ir -,L . A:er
iuu uuuujjyiuv Ttfu.ti uuivrq uiua.uiuoTvjuuy,
the door is open to all, and parties can bid what
they please.,
Tbe imnortant thins; to look at.
Aoe miporiaui tuiug to ibob. at,
however, Is not so much the petty rent for any
earn that may be paid mast be so regarded,
when the cost of the property leased Is taken
Into view as tha character and qualifications of
tbe men who obtain the lease, to faithfully ful
T fill its stioulatlons. The canal men of Ohio
i. nn tnn..n r ,W. hmm.! ,t..t mb v-.r.-
the General Assembly, and if approved by them,
the Legislature need not fear the captions con
duct of. the Cincinnati .Enquirer or. any , other
The Southern Confederacy and Foreign Governments.
' meats. '- ,
A short"'' time since, -when it was annonBced
that tbe Provisional Government of the Con
federate States was .about to send a Commis
sion to the principal European !- Courts, for
the purpose of obtaining a recognition of tbe
independent existence of- that Government, and
of forming commercial 'treaties, tbe Adminis
tration papers ridiculed the schema as Quixotic,
and predicted that the Commissioners, if they
went abroad, would go on a fool's errand.
,- But since tbe Administration has given up Fort
suruter, and contemplates the surrender of oth
er Forts on tbe gulf coast; since it has entered
into negotiations and agreed upon an armistice
with the representatives of the Provisional Gov
ernment, and since it hss admitted that tbe
Federal Government, under its present adminis
trators, canoot collect its revenue in Southern
ports or enforce. its revenue Jtwa, and will, by
the operation of the tariff of the Southern Con
federacy, be robbed of nearly or quite half of
its legitimate revenue arising front duties on
foreign imports, (he tone of these) same Admin
istration journals has undergone a sudden and
decided change, and they bow Inform the coon-
try that it is quite probable that soma of the
great powers of Europe stay take it into their
beads that Jt will be to their interest to recog
nize the secession organization as a dt facte
government, and enter Into treaties with it. ,
Tha most ultra .Republican journal --those
that most scornfully derided tbe secessionists for
thinking of sending a Commission to Europe,
are now moat thoronghly convinced that they
will obtain a recognition there. This Is now
presented as an argument why tha Government
at . Washington should enter into formal
cognition of the Government at Montgomery.
It was said by these loyal Republican editors
loyal loathe Administration! but . Ails to ' tha
Union when tha idea of ; surrendering Fort
Sumter was first seriously entertained at Wash
ington, that its surrender would be a terrible
dig at secession under the fifth rib, and if fol
lowed np by the surrender of Forts Pickens and
Taylor, and the withdrawal of the fleet from
Penstdola,' secessl6n"woald be "crushed out"
to all whtoh the Journal pf this city ..suggests,
sneeringly it may be, but very significantly.
nevertheless, in view of the foreign rumors that
France and Spain will recognize Jhe Independ
ence 'of the Southern Confederaey:.' VWouId it
not be a master stroke of policy for the United
States to anticlpato these governments, and for
ever crushnt secession by acknowledging tbe
Independence of war; ootton brethren t" ;7 T T
xneee things may nave .been said witk an
hQedatton of jesting; bat they are taming eat
to be rather serious jokes- j Secession is to be
"crushed" out" by measures calculated to drive
foreign governments, and eventually the one at
present located at Washington, into a fall and
formal acknowledgment of the independence of
the Confederate States. ' 8a ripea apace tbe
dark plots of both Northern and Southern die-
The Recognition of the Southern Confederacy.
Our 'Government seem determined to get
ahead of foreign powers jn- the precognition
Of the Provisional, Government of , the, Con
federate buws.f. la fast, tbe Administration
at . Washington las already '. taken aeveral
steps which amount to such recognition, if any
thing can. - '
;:Is! the first place, It has 'Surrendered Fort
Sumter. This is an acknowledgment that the
uuuuiem oraDizaiioa; a power , in last, wits
which jtbe Tederal Government, .Is' nnspie.to
Iff" the next pfaoe, it ,Ja stated by the friends
of the Administration, and hot contradicted',
that, pan infermmt agreement has been arrived
at bet'weefl the' Secretary, of Iftite and lliel
Southern Commissioners, in aarsaaaceof which
aggressive measuref on either side will be jr
fralned .rom until Abe Federal Government
shall have settled npon a defiuitollrie'of mlW."
LTbis is entering Into a contract ee ' treaty with
Messrs. Foksyth, 6a awroao and Roman, at the
representatives a sfe fuel gorerninent, which
has W ability ' to JnlfiU the treaty stipulations
eutorcBinw oy itsgommissioBer.
Thitdly, Mr. Skwabd, the Secretary of State
which he diecniset tbe propriety of the Be
dieeretioo eselon moyement, tod nrgee the expediency of
lubmlttlng bo mattere io oootrowony to the
declilon of National ConrentionJ Thli ll a
Washington, baa addressed aa . diplo'
maUo letter to these Sonthern Cofflmlaalooert,
farther acknowledgment of the plenary powert
reeted In the Commiialcmwre by the President
and Cabinet at' Montgomery, fq inter Into and
conclude neeotiauoni with the President and
Cabinet at Washington.
Thus, tha American people hare presented
before their eyes the specUcle of two separate
and independent Governments, reoognliing each
other's .existence, And negotiating with each
other in what was, and of right still la, ths
United States of America. But this Is only the
beginning of tbe end. ,.Tha and will be, If tbe
nreeent policy of the Administration Is carried
oat, the full and final acknowledgment of tha
Independence ol the Southern umieoeracy v ,fl
Candidates in Cincinnati.
Tha Demooratic and Union Convention, held
last Saturday. In Cincinnati, with remarkable
unity and harmony, made the following yery ao
ceptable nominations for olty offloew, to be elect
ed next Monday, all of which will doubtless be
rallfled fcy Bjor,ty ,,f lhe peopies j
Mayor Capt. Gioaas Patch- City Solioltor
Thomas C. Wki; TreMurer-JacxsoB N. No-
slb; Auditor Gsoioi SraoaHom; Cml En
gineer Thomas J. Pito; Police Jadge Jamis
SayyiN,' Prosecuting . Attorney ft- JOMisi
Commiseloner Thomas Tiibbobj Trnstos of
w.tM.toivrk MicHtiL EcEMTi Director of
Inflrmar,L; L.'AaMirraoNO) Market-Master
I TCH4in AsHoaarrj JusUoes of the Peaoa-
WlLlUK Chidsiv, and Thomas MoLaib
ij.nnMiB-n Convention, on the 5X)th,
LomtMttd - Bmjamib' Egoustob, I Esq.. for
M WD9 deciined; and tbe Republican Ex-
..,. committee, on Saturday evening, nom
. . r;. p Wiutrioir. Ecn. : l
I luntvit viw - -- 1
Candidates in Cincinnati. OHIO LEGISLATURE.
SATURDAY, March 23.
oi.; ii :c... ArrcaHdoR saesiON.
A call Of the House was oidered, when 53
mamhpni answered to their names, and pro-
miM dupensed with, wnen
NirsH fr,A tha fnllnwino- reaolutia
Mr. NIGH offered tbe follow ine resolution,
Mnh waa laid on the table to bo printed!
Ketolttd, ly IA General Anembly of thi State
fOhi$, Tbat tbe loiiowing protmsea amena
m.ntj. to the Constitution of the United States,
adopted by tbe late Peace Congress, held at tbe
City of Washington, be. and the same are here
by approved, as a basis for tbe settlement of tbe
nnhannv differences now exlstlag between the
f Tnlnnf
Sec. 1. In all the present territory of the
fTuuf Htata. north of the nsraiiei or tnirty-
six degrees thirty minutes nor in latitude, invol
untary servitude, except as a punishment for
crimes, shall be prohibited. Iu all tbe present
territory south of that line, the status ot per
sons held to involuntary service or labor, ts it
now exists, shall not be changed, nor shall any
law hatiaasedbv Coneress or the Territorial
Legislature to hinder or prevent tbe taking of
such persons from any of the States of this Un
ion to said Territory, nor impair any rights aris
ing from said relation, out tns same snau do
subjeot to tbe judicial cognisance of the Federal
courts, according to tbe course of common law.
When any Territory, north or south of said
line, within sncb boundary as Congress ' may
iweaoribe. shall contain population equal to that
rennlred for a member of Congress,- it shall, II
Its form of government be republican, be ad
mitted into the Union on equal footing with the
original States, with or without involuntary
servitude, as the Constitution of such State
mav nrovide. I.r .
8eo. 9.. No territory shall be acquired by the
United States except by discovery, ana for na
val and eommeroial stations, depots and transit
routes, without the concurrence of a majority of
ail the Senators from the States wbioh allow
involuntary servitude, and a majority of all the
Senators from tne tsiaies wnicn prouiou we re
lation. Nor shall territory be acquired by treaty,
unlees tbe votes of a majority ot Senators from
each of the States, hereinbefore mentioned, be
cast as a part of the two-thirds majority neces
sary for tbe ratification of such treaty. '.:!.
- See. 3. Neither tbe Constitution, nor any
amendment thereof, shall be oonstrned to give
fVinPTMa tha nower to retrnlate, abolish, er con
trol, within any State or Territory of tha United
States, the relation established and recognised
bv tbe laws thereof touohint persona held to
labor or involuntary service therein, nor inter
fere with or l aboiian . involuntary servwo
in the District of Columbia, t without the
consent of Maryland, or without the consent
of the owners, or making the owners who
do not consent. lust ; compensation ; nor
power to interfere with or prohibit the Repre
sentatives from other States from bringing with
them to tha District of Colombia, from retain
ing and taking away persons so bold to labor or
service; nor the power to interfere with, or abol
ish, Involuntary service in places under the ex
clusive jurisdiction of the United States, within
those States and Territories where tbe same is
established or recognized; nor tbe power to pro
hibit the removal or transportation of persona
held to labor or involuntary service in any State
or Territory of the United States, to any ether
State or Territory tnereor, waere it is establish
ed or recognized by law, usage aad right. Da
ring tbe transportation by aea or river, the right
of touching at ports, shores, landings, and land
ing in case of distress, shalj exist, but not ths
right oi transit mroogDjany bum or Territory,
if aid traffic be against the laws thereof; nor
shall Congress have tbe power to eathorist any
higher rate of taxation onpersons bald to labor
or service than on land. The bringing into tbe
District of Columbia ef persons held to labor or
service for sale, or placing them in depots to be
afterwards transferred to other places for sals as
merchsbdiee, shall be prohibited. t r -
r Bee, 4. The third paragraph of tbe second
section of tbe fourth article of tbe Constitution
shall not be construed to prevent any States, by
BDoroDriate leeislation. add throusa the action
of judicial and ministerial oflcers, from enforo-
Ine the delivery oi fugitives irosa labor to per
sons to whom such service er labor Is due. ..
Sec i 5. . The Jordan slave trade la hereby
forever prohibited, and, it shall be the duty of
Congress to pass laws to prevent tne importa
tion of slaves, coolies, ana persons neid to ser
vice or labor, into the United States and Terti
torles, from places beyond the limits thereof, ,
See. o. The first, tolra.Aaa nit seotlonn,
toe-ether with this section and .these amend
ments, and the third paragraph of the second
section of the first article of the Constitution,
and the third paragraph of tbe second section
of the fourth article thereof Jshalllnot be amend
ed or abolished without tbe consent. of nil the
States.,. , .:'..',?,: . -. r.i IJ.i
8m. 7. Conrreaa shall nrovide bv law that
the United States shall pay tbe owner full val
ue for bis fugitive from labor in , cases where
the Marshal or other officers, whose duty It is
to arrest such fugitive, waa prevented from do
ing so by violence, intimidation -mobs or riot
ous assemblages, or wbsn, after arrest, such
fugitive was rescued by like violence or In
timidation, and the owner thereof deprived of
the same; and Congress shall provide a law
tor securing to the citizens of .each Stato tbe
privileges and immunities to the citizens of each
.State tbe privileges and immunities of , the eitii
sens or tbe several states. ... .
Oo motion of Mr. CONVERSE, H. B. 403-r
For the further protection of orchards, c-r
waa referred to a select committee of three,
The Judiciary committee reported back S. B.
256 Td - authorize 'Assessors to administer
eaths in oortaln eases', when tbe bin was set for
third reading on Wednesday next. ,
. The same committee reported back II. B 428
To amend tbe law regulating assignments for
the benefit of creditors and r commended that
Mas. .-":-',: .. ',
Mr. VORIS explained that the bill provided
for a private sale by tbe assigoee, under tbedi,
rectioa of the Probate Court. , 1
Mr. BALDWIN movsd to amend by limiting
the ,flale to One-balf of the appraised value,
wuico was uiaKr wi. , . , 1.1
The bill was then set for
Tuesday next. .
i third reading op
The sameoommlttee reported back ii. B. 439
To Increase the feis of Probata Judges in
oertalo oases, when tbe bill waa laid on the ta
ble. -.- .( , , -i ;a t I f
The same committee reported back II. B.' 420
Relating to Juries teoommending that the
bill be Indefinitely postponed, when the bill and
report were laid oo the table." - i. w
I be finance committee reported back H. B.
363 To amend the tax law of 1859 when the
waa set fora third reading on? Tuesday
The same committee renorted bsok IL B.
320 Fixing the salary of county treasurers
when the bill was set for a third reading on
Wednesdav next. ; iji; A i .
Tbe Jadioiary committee reported back H. B.
407-Relative to costs before justices of ths peace
and recommended its indefinite postponement;
Mr. VINCENT moved that the bill be laid
on the table, which motion was agreed to.
The same eommitteereported back tt. a. uo
10 provide for tbe security, oi coats oeiore
lostices or tbe neaoe recommending an amend
ment, and its engrossmsnt and passage, when
the amendment was agreed to, and the bill set
for a third readlns-on Tuesday next. -
. The same committee reported back H. B, 323
to encourage tire oompaues erltn an amena;
Willi w inn
Mr. COX mevid'thai the number of Hook ani
Ladder companies be limited to SO members,
which waa withdrawn, when the committee's
amendment Was agreed to, ana , . .
i ne Din was then passed yeaa oo, nays v.
Tbe same eommlttae renorted back H. B. 369
To encourage fire companies; whloh was laid
on the table. . '
The sameoommlttee reported baok II. B. 66
To prescribe tbe fees of County Treasurers;
when the bill was set for a third reading on
Wednesday aext. - - - "
The same committee reported back H. B. 409
Fixing the times of holding ths oourts in No
ble county; when it was set for a third reading
on Wednesday next,
The committee on Fees and Salaries reported
baok H. B. 401 To regulate the fees of County
Clerks, etc, amended with anew bill, which was
sgreed to,wben the bill was set for a third read
log on Thursday next '
The eommlttae on Claims reported npon tbe
olaim of John Patrick, adversely to the claim,
when tbe report Was laid on the table.
Tbe committee on fees and Salaries reported
back II. B. 314 Concerning tbe compensation
of tbe members of the General Assembly, wUb
out recommendation.
Mr. FLAGG said be did not exactly like the
bill, and boped It could be referred and amend
ed. He would like to see It amended to as to
provide for an annual salary.' '. . ' ' ' "'
Mr. ANDREWS suggested 4 few satirloal
1 Mr. KRUMeaid be snonosed It was tha In
tention of this House to reduce tbe expenses of
tbe government. To meet this end, he intro
duced the bill, as well as to dispatch business In
a reasonable time. He was not particularly
anxious about this bill, but waa not prepared to
vote for tne amendment offered.
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, moved that the bill
ne amended so as to nrovide that the oamnenRa-
tion of members shall be f 500 per annum, and
tbe usual mileage. '
Mr. McCLUNG opposed the bill .and the
amendment. - . "
Mr. BURR favored the Amendment of Mr
Browne, and suggested that the sum per annum
be fixed at $400. .J-;:;
i ne out was inen reierrea to tne select com
mittee to whom wss referred H. B. 445. . "'
. Tbe Judiciary committee reported H.'B. 457
To provide for the purchase of Swan &
Critobfield's Statutes for Juitloes of tbe Pace,
MnK Ik. Am, tin.. : -J .,
Mr. WRIGHT, from tbe select committee to.
whom was referred H. B. 424 Relating to
school lands in Springfield township, Hamilton
county, reported the asms back, when the bill
was ordered to be read a third time on Tuesday
next.' ' L - .'"'. ,-
Mr. VORI3, frotn the select committee to
whom was referred H.' B. 442 To amen sec
tion 1 of the act of 1851, relating to County
Commissioners, reported the same back, whea
the bill was set for a third reading on Wednes
dav next;' - - ' 1
Mr. HERRICK.from the select committee to
whom wae referred H. B. 336 To authorize eg
ricnltoral societies to draw from ths county ag
rlcnltural fond, reported tbe same back with ao
Mr. McCLUNG. sannoslna that this bill was
designed te pat all agricultural societies on as
equal footing, (though It only proposed to re
dace the allowance to county societies,) object
ed toil on the ground that it would stimulate
rival societies. He would not object to taking
away ine entire eonnry tuna; nut ne wouia not
iiKB to i osier anytninr eaioaiatea to promote a
rivalry tbat wilt finally destroy all the egrlcul
taral societies" 1 '
The bill was then referred to the committee
on Agriculture. ' "' "'".',
Mr. CLAPP offered a resolution, directing the
ssamDeroet tnis noose to furnisn tneotate Li
brarian with their printed speeches for binding,
which waa laid on the table. - .---
Mr. ANDREWS Introduced H. B. 458-To
prevent frauds on railroads, which wta read the
arsttime. -
Sundry bills were plseed anon ' the Calender
lot next wetK, wnea
The House then adjourned. .,
i:. i .
; tit .
In ths report yesterday, the remarks of Mr
Hitchcock, on the motion to adjourn over on the
:wtn instant, to April 2d, were not Clearly Stat
ad: iiiM -.-.. '
Mr. HITCHCOCK remarked that at this late
period of the season, every gontleman would
see tbe propriety of a foil attendance npon the
sessions of the House, from tbe number ex
cused on yesterday, and tbe manifestation of a
disposition bv gentlemen to leave for tbeir homes
toe last of mis week, and from tbe ract that
many gentlemen bad expressed a desire to be at
borne on the first Monday of April, be feared
the House would be thin, if not without a quo
ram, both now sad then.- ' "' ' ' ' ' '
, . To prevent this result; while he would be
ready and desired to remain here every bonr
until tbe final adjournment, he offered for adop
tion a resolution for an adjournment from Fri
day the 20th of March until Tuesday thel2d of
Audi. "," ' - ' "
MONDAY, March 25, 1861.
' . Praver bv Rev. Mr. Goodwin. ' ' 1'.
Mr. SPRAGUE presented the remonstrance
of J. W. Smith, H. H. Adams, and 45 other
citizens of Washington county, sgalnst the sals
ee lease or the rubiio works, which was refer
red to the committee on Publlo Works, .i'
Mr. FISHER presented tbt memorial of A. W.
Ayree,of Cotnmbns, relative to convlot labor,
which was referred to tbe committee ort Peni-
f Mr. STANLEY presented the remonstrance
of the members ef tbe Bar of Jackson county,
against the passsge Of S, B. No, 270, which waa
it The following bills' , were read a second time,
and rererrea tome comnuttee o ine rvnoie : ,
H. B. No. 313 T sell the stock owned by
the State In the Pennsylvania aad OUlo Caoa.
Comnanv. r : ..' . i . .' t. ..
i tt. a. no. ais to relieve sureties oi execu
tors and administrators, , "u ' , , . '"'
H. B. No- 450 Further defining the duties of
Boards 'of Education for Incorporated towns.
villages and independent sonooi aisinots, . . .
U.B No. 429 Supplementarv to an not entl
tied "an act to authorize tbe Commissioners of
Henrv county to build a bridge across tbe Man-
ee river, -passea April aio, icji. :, .. , ,
i. 8. B. No. 278 To emend the first seolion of
. . a. . A 11 I liL i,r. '
the "act for the protection of fish," passed April
i' 8. B. No. 280 To amend ' the' third section
of "an act to relieve District Courts, and to give
greater efficiency to tbe judicial system, o f the
.... i ....i a.ii is) lur.a ' '
i 8. B. No. 271 To create tbe offices of Rail
road Commissioner and Referees, aud prescribe
their duties, and to regulate, the Operations ol
railreads. V .'. W- .' i .
The following bill was read a second time, and
referred to the standinE oommitte on Schools and
Srjboel Lands t , ,' i
U.B. No. 413 To extend the time of pay-
meat of section 16, In tbe townships of Erie and
Clay, being school lands In Ottowa county, Ohio.
iiTbe following message and aeoompanyiug
doeBmenta were received from tbe Goveroori4C.
COLUMBUS, March 22, 1861.
Te the tegieUture of OftteI transmit to yon
herewith a communication from tba President
of tha United Statet. aooomDanled br an au
thenticated copy of a joint resolution to amend
tbt constitution of th United States, adopted, '
by Congress, nnd approved On Ul6 2fl ofjtfarth,
WASHINGTON, March 16, 1861.
2s Hi ExtxlUney, fi, Ovvifntr thifitate ef
(JAM, UeMmOtwW
Siaiivl Urauaaut ethentloated oopy of At
joint resolution to amend the Constitution of
tbf united Statss, adopted by Congrtes, ana
approved, o the 2d tof Msroh, l861,by James
Buchanan. I have the honor to be,
:i.;wvUr tjxcelieney's obedient servtnti
By the President; . .( i -- U u ' .;u
WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.
Resolved, By the Senate and Home of Repre
unftitee ef the United Statte ef America in
Cen$ree Aettmbled, That tbe following article
be nronosed to (the Legislatures of i the several
8tates as an amendment to tbe Constitution of
tbe United States, whloh, when ratified by
three-fourths of said Legislatures, shall be val
id, to all intents and purposes, as part of the
said Constitution, vizi
i Aaticlb A'lII. No amendment shall be made
to the Constitution which will authorize or givs
to Congress the , power to abolish or Interfere,
within Any State, with the domestio institutions
thereof, including that of persons bald to labor
or service by the laws of said State.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
Vice President of the United States.
And President of the Senate.
Approved March 2, 1861.
Mr. SPRAGUE, on leave, presented a new
bill: - '
8. B. No. 285 To authorise tbe establish
ment, by County Commissioners, of Homes for
Pauper Youth, which was read the first time,
Mr, UKK.Trom the select committeeohtbat
subject, reported the following bill for the pro-
tection oi nsneries in tne sanansky river:
t Section 1. Be it enacted bu the General Atern-
blu ef the State of Ohio, That each and every
owner ot a dam osjdams in existence at tbe pas
stge of this act on ths Sandusky river within
tbe counties of .bsndusky, seneev Wyandot
and Crawford, be, and hereby Is, required to at-
uon, on or dsi ore tnearst day of JNovember,
one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, to
eacn and every dam to owned by him, a slope
suitable for the passsge of fish in said stream
over such dam j and that each and every person
wbo shall, after tbe passsge of this act, erect i
dam or dams on said stream, within the conn
ties aforesaid, shall be required tto attach to
ssch dam, at ths time the same is erected, such
aslope. m It hereinbefore .provided--far; -and
each owners of dams at aforesaid shall,' at all
times, keep up, and In good repair, suoh slope
or slopes as ere herein required to be erected
' : Section 3. Tbat each alope provided for b
tne first section of this act shall be formed by
extending tbe same four feet In length for every
foot of tbe dam in height, and at least twenty
teet in widtn. . T ., n t y T
. section 3. 1 bat any person or parsons tailing
to comply with tbe provisions of tbis aot, shall
be subject to a penalty of not more than two
hundred dollars, nor less than twenty dollars.
and costs of salt, to be recovered In a civil ao
tion in the name of the State of Ohio, npon tbe
complaint of any resident Inhabitant of either of
the counties mentioned in tbis set, before sny
Court ofoomoetent iurisdiction: and all sums
so recovered shall be applied to the uie of Com
mon Schools within tbe county where tbe action
may be brought.
,, miction 4. That li any owner of any dam
shall suffer, or permit, any trap, or other ob
struction, to remain In the slope or slopes before
mentioned, to tne nindranoeof tbe free passage
of fish, he shall be taken and deemed to have
violated tbe provisions of this act.
- Section 5. Tbat it shall hereafter be the du
ty of the prosecuting attorney of the several
counties bsrein bofore mentioned, to prosecute,
within his own oountv, any violation of this act,
after having notice of such violation, by the af
fidavit of a legal voter of the county in whloh
suoh dam is situated t and if anf nroSecutine at
torney sballneglect or refuse to discharge his
duties under this set for a longer period than six
months alter naving received tbe required no
tice, he shall forfeit and pay for every such ne
gleet or refusal, not more than fifty nor less than
twenty dollars for tbe nss of common schools of
said county, to be recovered by civil notion in
the name of tbe State of Ohio, before any Jus
tice of the Peace having jariadiotion Of the case.
.: Siotton 6. Tbat the act entitled "an act to
improve the fisheries on tbe Sandusky river
within the counties of Seneca and Sandusky,"
passed March 10, 1843, aad-the act hmeodatory
thereto, passed March 10, 1845, be and tbe
same are hereby repealed.
. Section 7. This act to take effect from and
after tbe first day of November, eighteen hun
dred and sixty-one.
; , Mr. STANLEY, from the committee on Fi
nance, to whom was referred Senate Joint Reso
lution No. 106 Relative to the payment of the
heirs of tbe late John C. Wright, reported the
following resolution as a substitute for the orig
inal resolution:
Rtooloed, iy the General Anemlly of the State
of Ohio, That the Auditor of State is hereby
directed to allow the assignee or representa
tives of the late Hon. John C. Wright, the same
number of days attendance as a member of ths
Pesos Conference, as is or has been allowed to
the other members of tbe same , ; ; u . i ,
I, On tbe passage of whloh the yeas and nays
were demanded, and resulted yeas 18, navs 2.
Mr. LASKEY presented the memorial of Wm.
Rook, 8en., asking for relief for damages oc
casioned bv the construction of tbe Wabash and
Erie Canal and Western Reserve and Maumee
Road, which was referred to the committee on
Claims. .. . : nff'.ifA ttfor
- Mr. HARSH, from ths majority of tbe stand,
log committee on Claims, reported adversely
to the claim of Charles B. Flood, and asked to
ba discharged from tbe further consideration of
tha subject.
., Mr. BREWER, from the minority of tbe same
committee, reported favorably to saidclalm.and
cited several, eases to justify lt,a iia ux-.-y
.The committee were discharged from the
further consideration of the subject.
- The Senate then went into oommittee of the
Whole, Mr. .Cuppy in the Chair, and resumed
the consideration of tha general appropriation
bill.. Pending the consideration of said bill,
tbe committee rose and asked leave to sit sgain.
. Mr. PARISH, from that committee on tbe
Penitentiary, reported back the memorial of A.
W. Ayres, which waa laid on the table, and or
dered to be printed.
,.The Senate then took a recces, J, . .'JCXlJ
MONDAY, March 25.
i c Prayer by Rev. Mr. Clapp.
; ''On1 motion of Mr. NIGH, H. B. 3GG Relat
ing to tbe feeeof county Treasurerswas set
for a third readlni td-morrow, instead of Wad.
nesdey next.
m mm vretiite w.
- On motion oi Mr. akum, ii. u. SJOa the
same subject wu set for a third reading at the
asms time. "
Me. CHASE presented the petition of James
Cook, Edward Clark and Henry D. Cook, rep
resenting wu.wunonosmjrj, r t. y .ft t fail.
rvau WWu;.
Mr1. GAMBLE offered tbe following Resolu
tion, which was adoptedt
Rttelixd. 1 bat tbe Uovernoe be reauestad to
transmit to tbis Uouie a copy ol tbe decision of
the bupreme Court of the United States In the
Lacro ease, or sucn emciai notification of said
decisloautnty btmhhpoiisea; A. 4. all'
The following bills were read a second time
and referred, as follows:
H. B. 447 To amend section three of "an
act further to prevent tbe taking of nsnrlout In
tereet on tbe part of banks, and to prsvent
confession of jadgmeats on warrants of attorney
In favor of banks." Judiciary. , . ,
' P. B. 449-ReguIatlbg Certain" purchases "for
tbe Benevolent Institutions or this Bute. Be
nevolent Institutions.
H. B. 41 To; tepee! aa act thereto naaed.
Select oommittee of five.
8. B. SoBapplewjenUry to the aot for the
assessment and taxatlea -of all property In tts
State.i Of thewboiti j.;, nni.l 'Bj r
' 8. B. 373 Providing for tlis settlement of
the claim of Md W. Atleu? .Claims. h"
8. B.274 Relatlnr to thetranaoriblnp-of the
marriage records oi the. county of Perry, "Se
lect committee of oae.'' .':,' f,
'The following bijlseri lutroduded aid read
(he first times, - , i ,..','
' H, B. 49-bv Mr. SCOTT, pf ' WatfefhTi
ameud the act regulating the sale -of poiaonsr ;
' If. B. 4.UlBy Mr. SCOTT, of Warren-To
abolish the ol&ce of Suptriatendent of the State
lioute. . i
J The Jadioiary Committee reported baok R. B,
422-e-Concsrning the 'penalty) oa delinquent
Taxes recommending that it was not neoese&ry,
ana tokt it oe inaennltely postponed; wnica was
agreeo.o. yi x
' A communication was received from tbe Aud
itor of -State, relating to the Publlo Works,
hrhleh was ordered to be printed. ' --"?--
Mr. VUK13, Itom tne select eommlttae to
whom was referred bis : resolution prohibiting
the further introduction of bills exoedt from
standing committees, reported tba samo back,
and reeomaMnded its adoption, when
Mr. hkvm moved tp amend tne same. y
Including resolutions.1 -' ''
1 Mr. K. was not in favor of the resolution; but
if adonted, he would Include resolutions. .G S
i Mr. ANDREWS opposed the resolution- It
was his right to Introduce any bill tbat bis con
stituent may require of him. i M r't . . i -
Messrs., iJ&XiUWJiXS. and NIGH concurred,
with "Mr. Andrews.' ' T , ; t
Mr. VORIS defended the 1 resolution. On the
ground tbat It would save time, by limiting the
number Of bills' at a late day of the session.
Mr. DEy ORE objected tbat the resolution
would unjustly curtail tbe rights of Kepreaen
tativea and their oonetttnents." " - ' .- ' '
Mr. WELSH said that be thoUebt it a matter
of lndifferenee whether the resolution passed or
not, as the House had tho matter nudes Jtawn
Mr. Krum'a amendment was disscreed to.
m, .. . . ..... "...
ine vote . was men taien on tne resolution,
which resulted yeas 23, naf a 41 .'
Betore;tbe vote was declared Mr. BALDWIN
enquired if this resolution would require ell
amenamenit to come irom a standing . joommit-
The House then took k recess.
Lynch Law in Nebraska—Two Men Hung.
, Two men, named James Bouve and John Her,
were recently arrested near Denver, Nebraska,
for forcibly entering tbe house of G. Taylor,
seising and -tying a blred man, and compelling
mil, lajiur, ii ine jieru ut tier me, w oaau
over to then about $1,001) 'worth of jewelry,
watches and silver ware , The villains then
tnrew Mrs. T. down, tied Bet hands and threat
ened to plunge a bowie knife to her heart. . Mr.
Taylor was aot at; borne, bat the outrage ere-
j - , . .. ...
ateu iniense inuignatioa among me citizens,
who held a large meeting and called for summa
ry vengeance. Her, after his arrest', confessed
bis guilt and implicated Bouve. The latter pro
tested bis Innocence, then partially admitted bis
guilt, sad again (altogether denied lt,jbb.t gave
information of ad Organized band of thieves all
along tbe route from the Missouri 'river to the
Rocky mountains: ' ". ' 'u ' -'- " :
By theconfession of Her, about $400 worth of
stolen property waa recovered. The prisoners
were committed to jail, but at three o'clock
mbrning or two after, tome two hundred. and
fifty men, disguised in various wsys, and well
armed, surrounded the jail and .burst, into
Bouve's cell. A rope waa thrown over bis
head, and he was drawn from the cell into the
ball. -The ,'rbpe was then thrown over one of
the Joists, and tbe prisoner drawn up. As tbe
rope began to tiebten. be easDed..vHold on.
want to talk.'. , He was then lowered, snd fire
minutes -given-him in which to reveal the
whereabouts jof , the ttolen money, "He finally
said ne gave it to bis cousin, giving name, so
Refusing to respond' further, time wss given
him ; to pray, which he did,c snd 'waa then
drawn np again, and bis soul launched into eter
nity; i " ' '. - ' ' ' ,'
Bouye was a fine, intelligent InokioK. man,
only twenty-four years -old.-"Hir parents re
side in, Ohio- . The ciltUem generally jbltiy, tbe
action of tbe vigilance committee, for the rea
son, tbat It baa been Impossible to have'isulpnfs
punished through, -the eouree of.ihe law; snd
even in convicted, there is bo secure place in
IXhb PsisiriiNT"B Lirtisj Dak'oJia.0 fl.e
New York Commercial (Rep ) annoupees.sui i
ously thai Mr. Lincoln's' life' is - in ' danger
office seekers are killing Jtim. Qo his way to
tbe seat ef government, rumors were, rife of the
existence orsecret conspiracies against his life;
but it never itemed to enter the heads of Re
publicans that the greatest danger to be appre
hended arose ) from shoals of office seekers.
"The effects of these worrying Importunities,
says the . Commercial, "have already made
themselves manifest on Mr. Lincoln; snd fears
are entertained that,' unless relief is obtained,
be ' may sink under these, assaults, like Presi
dents Harrison and Taylor." . -r ttr - -
: aw 1 1 ' ' -I ' ' '
Sr. Patiiok's Dav iw New Yoax-The oele
oration of St. Patrick's day, on Monday, was
characterized by great spirit. Tbe military pa
rade was unusually nue; indeed, it was, said to
sxcel any previous deinonatratioa-v.It.Wa joy
fully witnessed by crowds-throughout the line
of march expectant crowds' so often disappoint
ed with 'ths proferblal showers of St. Patrick's
dayj C The celebration by the Friendly 8onstf
St. Patrick, at the Astor Honse, was unusually
spirited,- and characterized by a strong Union
sentiment. Interesting speeches Were made by
many gentlemen, Including Jesse T. Brady,
Esq.. and Mr. Russell, 'the Crimean corresnon
dent of. the London Times. ' " "'
Pbaibib "CaicBBBto at' Wasbinoton. The
astonlsbed hatkmen in Waebingtod say the Re
publicans are singular chaps, for they are all
walkers. Thsy walk te the White House, they
walk to the Capitol, they walk. to the Navy
Yard, they walk to Georgetown, they walk the
avenue all day, and then . walk to a ball, and
walk homeand take another, walk after they get
there, to straighten their legs before going to
bed. ; Such chapS are good for tbe shoemakers,
but a poor set for the baexmen, One. of these
prairie chickens, they say, can walk down Any
back in Washington...,,-: .;. " ' '
Loss of Sleep.
Is there anything more wearing to both mind
and body than loss of sleep, or it any difficulty
or disease can be oftener traced to other than
loss of sleep,! then experience has lost its pow
er, or Sidney Smith, the great English Physiol
ogist, is not to be relied upon. Of this, let the
experience of thousands answer, snd try the To
la Anodyne, and they will be ready to endorse
the remak of one of the friends of the ' proprie
tors, Who writes, "were tbe directions to be cov
ered with sovereigns to purchase," I would not
be without It." This all Will experience by its
use. I bee advertisement, and call tor pamph
lets. .. t. l-.v- . .( -:..
fiEw advertisements;
Board Wanted, ....
ast of' n it ri Us n I nobth of
Town Btreet, for a man and hli wife., who will nay
not over B8,00 per week, and for a lady and young child
who Would pay S5.WU per weeK.'Art leait two good
roomi wanted with fire and lights, another boarder pre
ferred, In soma quiet and reepeetable location. Address
with real nam and full particulars, .; - ' ' -
Bai!:xtd a. w.( oolumbns P. O. ,:
j -(Joumal copy twlos.) t -ll hii
Darid A.Tither's' Estate
i.v the undersigned has thla diy been appointed by the
Probata Court of Franklin oountv. Ohio. Administrator
da bonie ncn of th aitate of DavM A. Irlibor, 1st -ef
Truro towninip, in said eounty, deoeaied. Dated .this
Q.U J. U. W A T lull '
,11 U1J H, HMIM1, A. J. , , .. .
aurabSS.'ditw3w JOnN WRIdHT.
. i ;'y 7ii" il'
Ll ,Y -a- t .li.lei staj usyx
No. si. sotjiri biafl MRii5TJ.';bi''y-
Hire I nit fwwlVed' a'ne; Wke of'H06prfiftlfeT
flnlihed In a manner fat superior ts any jftt Introduosa
' "1 J. ' ! ll 'I Ml m "I PUIIW.W 1M1AI BUI
ai oei H-i wnue una nem ass
b While Checked of superior auallly. For sal by
mh?3- r -f-to Bouthbighti
. I Home for if imi?
1 rH8T Cf,A8!V DtTEdlillf O HOt'SE,
4 V. Cornrr of lllgh sad Long." Inquire of -
muvj-uj " " m" . y. a. BILBYr
NT tOiAlNttl.ACaA MLHSlua
Btreet naeaaes and
qtes and Mantle; also, Blob. Trimmia
nateb. at BAIN .
and TueeU to SMteh, at
FOR KENT A Brick Mouiw, on 0y itroet,.
-ightBooms. IrplytoBM.'Mllli, orat! I
Uw "Amerloan" te ' . A, fjp.:.f liii
jubt pnnLianKD. oh thb natdbb. treat-
Seminal Weakneia, Sexual Debility, Nerveawesa, In
voluntary E million! aod Jmpotenoy, reraltlng from
Beif-abuie, Ao. Dy Bobt. J. Oulverwell, M. I. Bent
ander leal, In a plala envelope, to any addreai, poit
am. on reoelpt if two iiampa, ny nr. uiiab. 4. u.
I.INB. 187 Bowerr. New York.. Prat Office Box. No.:
4,50. mirtl:3mdtw .
f or alt TIIROAV nsisl
Lima coiapi,AiNTii
Including WHOOPING
COVOU, and every
Complaint the forerun
ner f, and. even actual .
HTflnri WELL'S
nTS' rea REVHALe
Oiu mkivikdy ana Nat
pral opia-i k, adapted
to every-apecleswf Ner- '
vans Oenaplatnta, Ner
and. Ctaranio
Headache, Hkeiima.
M"mt, aJatarrh, Xaotta
and Ear Ache, Laws of
Bleep, and Uewel Cam.
plaint.. ,
; fl'i
: He real jnitlcs can be done ths above preparations
but by procuring and reading descriptive pampblele.t
be found with all dealer!, or Kill be lent by Proprietor
on demand.' Formula! and Trial Bottles lent to Pbyil
olani, who will Snd developments In both worthy their
aeoeptanoe and approval. !
Oorreipondence solleited from all whose necenltles or
curioiily prompt! te a trial of th above reliable Bern
diei. ... , , , ..
Vor aato by the niual wholesale and retail dealer
ereiywher. ,,),, , ., ....
JOHN Ij. nTmiVEWELL, Proprlcto
No. 9 Commerelal Wharf, Boston, Kass.
Kbbarts tc Samuel, N. B. Mirple, j; B. Cook, t. H
penlg, O. Oenlc at Bona, A. J. Bchoelier A Bon, Amenta
for Oolumbui, Ohio. - myl-dly
! .! , ffIOf'FAT'8 g,iri FILLS. " ,
In all eaaes of ooitlveness, dyipepsla, billions and liver
affections, plies, rbenaallim, revsrs and agnee, ebsti :
natabaaeV ashes, and all rraeral deranremenU or health
these Fill! have Invariably proved asertaln IDd ipeed;
seatedy. " A ilng-l trial will plan tbe Life Pills beyond
the reach efeompetltton In the estlmaUon or every pa- .
t'i ) Vf -t - '; . ''
pr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will be found equally ef
Aeiotoas In all cues ef nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
acts, tbe slfkneas Incident to temalas In delicate health,
and every kind of weakness of th dlgeitlve organs,
for BalbyDr.W,3.U0rrAT,333, Broadway, N. Y.
and by all DroggtsU. aaySS-dawly
,Thd, fwing- it. an eztraot from at
letter written by the KeV.' J. B. Holm, paster of the
Plerrepolnt-Btreet Baptlat Church, Brooklyn, N. T.,to. .
tho'Oournal and Maienger," OlnelonaU, 0., and speak
volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Una .
WmiLow'i BSoTBiBo Bracy'roa Obulbbbr TnrratMK
"We see an advertliment In yonr eolnmns of BrkA -Wibilow'i
BooTHUia Bvbub. Now we neverwAldn wowt -Idtavor
of a patent edicine befor In our life, bat we
feel compelled tony to yonr readers that this lane ham
ctuim.- It U probably one of th moif surotaifal medi
cine! of the day, because It Is ene of th belt. And thoie
or your readers who have babies can't do belter than
ay ina supply. 7 oS7:Iydetw
' lor th INBTANT BBLlIf
' dlrtrenlng complaint a
MidebyO. B. BBYMO0B k CO., 107 Hasaa St., V. T
Pries $1 per boi sent free by post.
Watches ! Diamonds !! Silver Ware!!!
; and Silver Watches, In great variety.
, I am Agent 'or the AaciieiK Watch Oo , aad) can -all
thee excellent Watches at minufMluura' eiioai, )
either Wholenle or Betall.
Come and choose troa my beantHSl dlipar of BU
mondi and other rich Jewelry . Styleanew prieM low.
As to Silver War of sterling quality, 1 can show new
patterns, very handiom .
Silver Plated Ware, Tea Belti.TTra. Waiter, Cailon, '
Bukeu, Pitchers, UobleU, Knives, lorki, Bpoom, Ato.
Tben I have a lupply of fin Table Cutlery, Pocket
Knives, Baiors, Ao., and many ITaucy Good inoh as
ar deilred o presents at suoh prlcei u are an lnduee
meat to th purchaser. . WM. BLYNN,
I No, 10 Buckeye Block, '
marSl .. . North aide State Hiuie square - -
(HKS yos go to New Tork , drive direct te. tk
t, M L , - HSOftIAfl UOSJSK .
J oL.' : - ' Conducted on th .. ; "
r.4oM tare, deed Roomi. Promnt AltanduM. anA MaJ. -
erate Charges.
BltfQLE BOOktg U OZS. 75 0TB. and 1 PBK DAY:--,
ji'jj DODBIiI BOOMS and PARLORS $1,50 to $3.
Meals ai ordered. This Hotel has all the ippointmenti
of the best hotels, a moit central location, and Is heated
throughout by steam. ( , ; BAUUXL 1. MB AD,
march0d3m .. , Proprietor.
N. 1..
For nmrch ' 10th; isoia" s "' ' ":Z
How, Beady for Bale Evsrywhert-iPriee Five
wait a copy,;1;
f'BTILL WATBRB;" A Brilliant Blory. -il'THB
CHEAP BXCtTKSION;" A Complete Story. '
- "IBB KIK9 AKD TUB BKQaAR;" Complete In this '
TBBBYINOBOY'BRKQUBST: by Maria Norrte.'r '. -TBI
LOVBt APoem. - !.-v ' !,-(
LIfB BVBBYWHBRW.''-'"' ' '
i'WHATl A Poem, i ? , i. .:. -. ' Z-
iR.?5.i,48T1NQ8! B""lL-fIBH ROPB-MAKBRBi
Aud much other Interesting and Instructive ,
, -ReadiDg Matter.! j, u fj..h
I Tram!
onoory.A.na;...4 .v
f i per Snnum.
nUNT ANEPubiidiers, ,
e - 71' and 73 nnh streot.
. nektte'thePpst-Omos.PlttsbttrBh.Pa
ito a: KENNED JT; General Agent. ic,
nuuohB. , 1 ! v - ' 'xt I'
' ' Uolombos, Mareh IB, IbOl.t
4,1 UV.
8AIS 01 OHIO BTATK IT0CIfl. : .uv-.J.t.-n
11 aucU, a l.turday, Mlreh Both, u eleroa e'-J rJ f
olock A. M.. at tbe offloe of th Treaiurer ef State, two
thousand dollars of the Bonda of lha Hi.i. rnkin .
Ib bterert at th aW of six percent, pes an-"'"!
w .i. iwr win. pp an
i, and payable seail-anneelly h-the City of Mew
k, and th principal redveaaabl at thepleuuraof the
er 'in, auu
Btat. I
Theek Bondi were deposited with ths Treasurer of? tha !H ) t
State of Ohio for the purpoee of securing tbe circulation '
of th Saving Bank of Cincinnati, and they are te be ' ' '
sold for th purpose of redeeming the same. '- ' '
marohl:dlO ' i yi j. jp. STONE, 4,1" ''
TE Moves a n n vn wvivwm
1 .rl (lg
U n.muon M(' Pln, and heali the worst barn, , ,
fit . a ""i V ren mauDi o' "OF kind, prevents ,(;
swelling and.paiB. irom be stings, moeqnllo bites, aad
pouoaous plant!, neunlirli. .h,,nn.n. in ,.
bnait, salt rheum, etc. , When taken Internally, It will
positively cur croup .In children, and give Immediate
relief in the wontctM of thu urrthla oomuliit .
removes hoaneneu aud aaia UiraaU. Prim, ua " ,'
bottle. . Should be in every house. For isle by Draa. .
gisUantBtoreketyers.i.. . - IRYIN SiONB, - 1
-sole Proprietor, Ne. J Sprees st New York ..
ocMdkwlyia' -. J . ' ' -
t t
D.Tj, Woodbnry;Oo-l' .Et.Z'Aif
George W. Alleai,
r onperior voart.
v.l'.L if O TT J '
to me dirccteil frnm tha Banerlnr Unart M Inntin - u , 1
eounty, Ohio, I will offer for mo, la th town of New AI-j i ' iu '1
iHinn .1. lha lltf. mam I l W -.1, - . . a i , . V ...
Soodi aadtioUoaa, levlrd onae the nrnperivof l). W., , r.""
Allen; isle oommrnciDg on BATCHDAY, tlie iuih J of 7, A
Marcb.A. D. 1BI1U , 111 oVWlr A. M .... -. i ' . i A t
March, A. ISelwt 1 p'elook A. M. .
I J I .i . ' ' U, W. KUPFMAN, 81
Siaroh 16:10td
By Ed. Davii, Dip't.
Pilatei'fvf, 13,50.
ll f'a'j i
:vi: -'.i

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