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The Adams Exprwf Company places ns dally
f tinder obligations to It for the Tery latest papers
' from the eaBtern cities.
lr, ,1 ' "W
The American Express Company bai our
thnuks lor Its dally favors In tbe eUapeofthe
Tery latest eastern papers.
Notioi to Soaioaistas. City tubioilbert to
the Daily Statttmn, who may change (heir
dwellings or places of business at this season
of tbe year, are requested to notify our oarrierB,
or leare word at our countlngr-oom, or tne
places at which they wish their papers left
, thereafter. , ..'
i . Dsitructivb Fisc A lire broke out; about
V-. tiiVeft o'elnnk nn Satiirrla afternoon. ' the 23d
lost., In tho extooslve Chair and Cabinet Mand
. factory of Messrs. Bothu & Ham, situate
i in the southwest part of the elty, neat- the canal.
1 Owing to a strong west wind, the building was
enveloped In flames before the fire engines could
be brought to bear upon It. - i , -
-The Are Is supposed to bare originated from
a spark blown from the mouth of tbe furnace
hulMlhtr ' nanft tnrv nrermrlnp cam-husks for
VM..H.&V - - I 1 a . . "
... All-J lt. I.
' flammable matter, wnion iea me nerce names,
' and in a very short time, the rough lumber,
furniture, ohalrs, veneering, 4o., whtch they
contained, were reduced to ashes. Alargequan
t, nf rtnardd anil other lumber, oiled on the
east Side or tne ounaing, caugut nro, um tuo
steam engine poured such a copious stream of
water upon tbe burning mass, that tbe greater
put of it was sated. A stable, about two hun
dred yards north of the burning building, caught
fire, and was soon . enveloped in flames." As
there were several old buildings In the Immedi
ate vicinity of the stable, It was feared that the
whole soathero part of the city would be con
sumed. Bat a steam fire engine was promptly
on hand, and arrested tbe course of the devour
ing element. i t '
Both tbe steam fire engines and tne band en
gine were on the ground, and performed effect
ive service. Much praise Is due to the entire
fire department for the activity and energy die.
played at th Is critical juncture, in saving a large
portion of our city from threatened destruc
tion. Messrs. BaoTHisiin & Halm's loss is vari
ously estimated at from ten to fifteen thousand
dollars;' They were insured to the amount of
five thousand dollars in tbe Hartford Insurance
Company, and of three thousand in another In
surance Company. Five years ago last winter,
tbe same' gentlemen met with' a similar1 loss, by
tbe conflagration of a like establishment,located
on or near the same spot.', ' '-!."
1 i " s
Am old Citizkn Gout. Dr.JJoHN Hamm, of
ZtnesvlUe,. died on. Friday last. He was in
tbe 84th xear of bis sge. Dr. Hamm emigrated
from New Jeraoy to Ohio in loUrj, and after a
brief residence at St. Clalrsvllle, settled at
Zinesville.1 la all the relations of life, John
Hamm was an exemplary man and good citizen;
and he was, without wavering, a Democrat of the
Old Suhool, a true disciple of Thomas Jr.rrr.a-
' SON. : - "5 1 ) V ') . - tf .
Dr. Hamm was the U. 3. Marshal of Ohio un
der the administration of Madison; be was a
Representative and Senator in the State Legis
lature, and was sent by General Jacuon as
Minister to Chile. . In all bis publlo duties be
acquitted himself with great ability and Jntea
rity. On his return from Chile, his friends in
tbe Muskingum valley Urged blm for nomination
for Governor, and he received a flattering sup
pert In the convention, which, however, confer
red the honor on Eli Baldwin, Dr. Hamm was
not after' that time a candidate for any pub
llo position ; but he was faithful and ardent in the
support of bis political principles np to the
bourof bis death.' Y'
We have' known Dr. Hamm intimately for
some twenty-Sve years, and realize of a troth
that a good man has fallen.
RarosucAN Candidates f on City and Town
sHir ' Ornoias. The Republican ' City . and
Township Convention met at the City Hall, on
Saturday evening, the 33d Inst., and made the
following nominations for Township Officers :
Trutteet Adam Stevens, J. Deemer and Chas.
Eldrldge J Treasurer Win. McDonald ; Cirri
Gamaliel Soott ; Coaifafcie James Taylor,
JosiehS. Holt 'and Daniel Morris; Anettor
Capt. Nathaniel Merlon. . '' V
The following nominations were made for
City Officer'! -. '
Mayer Lorenzo English j Treasurer Wil
liam Armstrong ; Clerk Robert Hume j SoUe
Uor James A. Wiloox; School Director John
W. Andrews and John Greineri ATarsAal
John Whltsell.., v .-. V "...' . 7
- The old Republican City Coir.mlttee was re
appointed, and consists of F, C. Sessions, Geo
W. Heyl, Charles Breyfogle, A. E. Hanes, M.
M. Powers and Nathaniel Merion. ,;
ii 'j i
Thi Cosmopolitan Akt Jooenal for March
begins the fifth volume of that neat quarterly.
. Tbe frontispiece in this number Is an exquisite
steel engraving, entitled" 'Filial Solioltude."
' Tbe pages are, as usual, adorned with illustra
tions of ar ticles, both in prose and verse. There
is a portrait of Chaslcs C. Lcland, the editor
of Vtniif ,Fir. acoompanted with a lively
sketch of bis life and writings. There is also
portrait o( Miss Looisa Landie, and knlnter
estlng outline of ber progress as an artist..
Tothose who delight to trace the progress of
the fine arts, and desire a handsome and enter
talnlng periodical for the study or the centre
iable, the CotmaptUUn Art Journal may be
cheerfully ro6mmebdedi 'The' prlc Is two
dollars a year, or fifty oents a number. Ad
lres C. L. Dmsir, Actuary, Cosmopolitan Art
Association", 518 Broadway, New York. .; .:
EifoaiALXiiANbB. HaNaTMiLiia'Kq
laUwdlWr and proprietor of the Darke County
Democrat, has been appointed Clerk of the Court
of Common Fleas of that county , In place of Dr
Wat. C. PemavuLD, decMr, In consequence ol
this appointment, Mr. Millxb has disposed of
the Danterat to Messrs L..B, Paica and Gio.
D . Fassas, by whom It will hereafter be conduct
. ed. The Democrat has' been published, under
the control of lis Ute editor, for nearly six years.
It has been a success, andhas exerted bene
ficial Influence upon the politics of Drke coun
ty. We wish it continued success. both pecu
niarily and politically, under tbe guidanoe of
thenew publishers.- " J1 '
I. ! III.., I-Wl ' , 'I X.rtT. I
"CooaT or .Common Flias. Among other
business transacted In Court, thld forenoon, a
cjmmltteeof members of tbe Bar was appoint
ed to draft a rule prescribing Monday of eaoh
week as the day lor bearing motions, and di
recting the Clerk to keep a Motion Docket, .
Goai ENOoait. For an 6ne. rl oh or poor
Guernsey' Balm gives Immediate and perma.
ent "relief in all cases where an external reme
y is applicable.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Ualli for Hew York 0tjt Boston, AlbanW BulWo,
FitUbargh, etcabMrrllla wtr. Cleveland, !Cdmt1II,
Newark. GnnTllla. Wuhlnilon fllt. luiumon. Pnlla-
delphla and Mew Orleans. oIom dally (Bundjl except
ed) at 7 o'clock p. m.
A through mall for Maw Tork and Cleveland cloeee
0AU7 ujunaye excepted) at 1 o'clook p.m.. . '
0. 0. 0. R. It. way tUUeloeoa dally (Bandaysex-
Central Ohio Way Mall cloMidtlly (Sundays excepted)
At 1 o'ftloflb n. m.
Cincinnati n. Mill sloiu dally CBunaayi exoepteai i
J o ciocx p. m.
Chicago, Dubuqoe, Delawtro, Marion anil Worthing
ton Mali eloeea dally (Sandays excepted) at 1 o'clock
p. BA. '
Malta for Xenla. BprtngSeld, Dtyton. Toledo, Clndn
nail. Indianapolis, Lontivllle. Bl- Lonla, and Detroit,
Clowe dally (Sundays oxoepted) t7H p. i
A throsgh mall to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
aloeet dally (Sundays excepted) at 1 o'olock p.m.
Urbaoa, rtqtta, Timn and union uiiy mau oioees ouiy
(Bnadaya exeopted) at 7K o'olock p. m.
Lancaster. Logan. Neleonvllle, OlrcleTllle, Ohlllloothe
Portamonth, Waihington, 0. H-, Athens, Marietta and
Iiilliboroaib. mallicloM dalli (Bandars excepted) at7M
o'olock d. m. )
Baet way Mall by National Road to Zaneirllle, eloass
any (enndays exeeptM) at iio'ciocaa. n. ' i
Harrlebargb Mails close dally (Sundays excepted) all
ooiocip.m. i
Mt. Vernon Mall, by way of Weeterrllle and Banbury,
Oloees dallv (Sandara axcenlMl) at 1 o'clock D. m.
DubUa Mall clows daily(8andays exoeplcd)at 1 o'cloek
. I
i AkSJVALS, ' .1
mmin iron, new xorx, soeion. rmiaueipnia, aiv,
Fittabargh, Olereland, Dayton, Toledo, Zenia, Detroit,
Bpringfleld, Cincinnati. OhilUoolha. 8t. Louis, and all
Boathem eltlet, arrire between the hours of So clock f.
m. and 4 o'clock a. m. .1
Malls from IndlanaDolls. Ohloan and Dubuque, arrive
a w a. m. . ' 1
Malls from Waahlntton Oltv. Baltimore. Wheeling,
ZanesTllle, Newark, Bteubenrllle, Mt. Vernon, and tho
u. v. . n. way jnaii, arrive at ux o'clock p. m.
Way Mail from Cincinnati, arrirea at 8M o'olock f,
Lancaitor Mall arrirea at 2U o'alock d. m. ,
last Way Mail over tho National Koad. arrives at 11
o ciooa a. m.
Mt. Vernon way Mall arrives at 11 :00 a. m..
Mall from Dublin arrives at 8 o'olock p. m.
Urbana Way MallarriTOS at 8 o'olock p.m.
Iltrriiburgh Mall arrive at 11 o'olock a. m.
Office dellven onen ever da (axceot Bandav.l from
7X o'olock a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. . Open on Hundaya
from 7)4 to 8 o'clock la lb morning, and from S to S In
Rail Road Time Table.
Lima Hun fc OeuJMicefc Inn B. R. .
Leaves, "
AooomaodaUon.t S.10 A. M. ; '
Me. Bx S.9SP.M.- '
Mlhltipraa. 9. Ad A.M.
0.1S P. M,
3 SOP. M.
1.46 A. M.
Oiavaun, Qoumaoi at OiaeunrATi E. E. '
Irprem and Mall 3.00 P. M. .
Might Jxpres. .3:85 A. M.
1.40 P.M.
I: JO A. M
OBrnuLOaioB. B. ''
xpraw Train.. 3.00 4. M
MaU Train. S.40 P. M. '
30 A. M.
9.30 P.M.
PrrrnsaaB, Golomius k. Omcuoiati B. B
xnree Train ,M 3:00 A. M. -
Mail Ira In .8,40 P.M.
8:80 P. M.
Ooiokin a IanuwaroLmB. B.
LOolurabua, Piqua a Indiana B. B.J
Ixpraa Train... 8:10A.M.
IiDreat Train S:4P.M,
11:10 A.M.
Pmsohal. N. Oundershlmer baa lust re
turned from the east, where be has purchased
one of the finest assortments of Cloths, Case),
meres, end Veetings of every grade and variety
ever offered in this market. He has purchased
bis entire stock of first hands, which will enable
blm to sell as low as any other establishment
west of the mountains. He has secured the aas
vices of the well known cutter Mr. Robert
Spurllng to take cbarge of the tailoring depart
ment. Those desiring the beat of material got
ten np in the latest and best style of out and
workmanship, will do well to call and examine
his stock before purchasing elsewhere. .
He has also a fall and comDleta stock of
Gents' furnishing goods, all ot which basjnst
arrivea ana are ot tbe latest patterns. . Persons
ailing cannot tan to be wM.
A large and well selected stock of Readv Made
Clothing kept constantly on hand, at prioes to
euit the times.
Remember the place. No. 129 South High
street, one door North of the Goodale House.
Cooohs. The sudden oh anees of onr climat
are sources of Pulmonary , Bronchial and Asth
matio Affections. Experience having proved
tbat simple remedies often not speedily and
certainly, when taken in the early stages of the
disease, recourse should at once be bad to
Brnm't Bronchial Trochti." or Loxentree. let
the Cold, Conith, or Irritation of the Throat be
ever so slight, as by this precaution a more se
rious attack may be effectually warded off.
habile Sneakers and Singers will find them ef
fectual for clearing and Strengthening tbe
volo. See advertisement, for sale wholesale
and retail, ty Roberta & Samuel, No. 24 North
HiRb. street, b. Bauueid- uo., no. ea south
High street. - - -t
Good. We met one of our friends yesterday
on Broadway, and were astonished at the change
in his appearance. ' a lew weecs ago we saw
blm, he was pale, lean and dejected; complain
Ins; of weakness and debility, having been so
afflicted all summer. Now be appears to be fat,
healthy and strong. We learn be owed his res
toration entirely to McLkan's Stehothininq
Cosdial. '
We advise all who are complaining; of Gen
eral Debility to try it; it Is certainly a rery
pleasant remedy. We leam that there are large
quantities of it selling daily j Morning Herald
PR. KiairATTucx, No. 165 South High
Street, has a Tery choice assortment of Gold snd
Silver Watches, fine Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
and Plated Ware, at prices to suit tbe times. .
VT See advertisement of Prof. Millib's
Hair In vigor tor In anothertolomn. ,
Stimnlatiiig Ongnent,
' For the Whiskers and Hair.
Ttia (nbaerfbsr tak cleainre In announclns to the
OUlaene of th United State, tbat they have obtained th
Agency for, and are sow enabled to offer to th American
public, tb abov jojtly oelebrattd and world-renowned
artNr. ise
1 .
Is prepared try Da. 0.' F. BELLINGTtAM, an eminent
phyelciaa of London, and I warranted to bring out a
uucawtoi. Ul, a -trit'- 1 i(
Whiskers or a Mnstache
In frogs Ihr to tlx weeks. ' This article Is the only On
of the kind need by th trench, and In London and Paris
tt la ! 1 nan. .
111 a beautiful, economical, oothloit, yet sttmnlattng
eomponnd,aollng as If by magi upon th root, causing
abeaatlful growth of luxuriant hair. , If applied to the
ecalp, It will ear aauiiim, and oauie to ipring op In
place of th bald ipou a fin growth of new hair. Ap-
nuea aoeoramg 10 amotions, it wm turn rb or towv
are. and rntor gray hair to In orlilnal 00 lor.
leaving it soft, smooth, and sxilo.- tb -OmoDrr" 1
n lndlepniabl article la vry gantleman'a toilet, and
altar one week's a tbey Won 1U not Soranyotnalderation
bswlthoatlt, . ', . "
Th (nbscrlbers are the only Atenta for the article In
the United States, to whom all order mail be add rested.
Prlc On Dollar a box for sal by all Dntirgiets and
Dealers; arabtxof the "Onguent" (warranted to hav
th deaired eSot) will b tent to any wto detlr It, by
mall (direct), securely packed, on receipt of prlc and
postage, f 1.10, appiy 10 or aoarosa . . ,
j , , , . B0BA01 1. BKQIV.AN k CO .':
94 William gtret,Hew-Torkr.
Ainu, 1
JUL ohaaed of 1. R. WIAV1H his entire (took of Dry
O'rods, at Mo. 103 High St., with t vktw of onaoging
my location, I will 11 until the first day of April, with
out reserve, ., ja, , r . , ,., . ., r 1:
v.d. nuns, m rinffrs, xtn.uma, xriuuniiiTB. v
A)to Flgand Marino, j)e Lalnei, BUaWliand CloaVt,
- r 1. . . . a.
' j -v , t Hejardlosi 9.1
Cost I .
. aem 10 D inaeuica u, the ku .r iuu.
DRlDtil HWHITsI will plea (all ad. aeUl taU
aooonnte. and thereby av coat. . .
' AllBoMa and acoount rrmalnlng nrH onlbeflrtt
M A I ! L- - , A 1 A ft. a - - - -
t Apm win o piaoaa in ip nana 01 wm. I,. llSiL,
J. F.,foroollaoiloa. F.N.WHITa.
aur7-dltwtprl lurvlring Partner.
Tbe Klwht mniiss lreaiarv Loan
J lie rreaiaent ureatlF l'allwuaa kw
Office Seeker Coafirraattane f
Nanslnatlvaia Th Ewacaatlom f
wars Mnnater JLleas. Slammer says
be aauat t tbandto rra Plck
enii and 'a jrialorlty ( the Cab
lnea In Favor al Ita Kvumallan
SSeary VVlmter Davie rNainlnated
irainiaierioaauaaia seisnre oili67,
(JOO CannterfeK Nate, laelndlne;
0OO0O unalg-ned en tMe:Sisita Bsna
f Obi Aieora-lsMNtateCenTentlan
' Aiiairiia lexne-nreiB uaieiDuri,
' 111. Heath mt (lemueiere Wllklm-aon
JJeata of Hon. St. W. Scraaton
Capt. eo. nmtcliISasalnated far
mayor ol sjlnclaaall V,. H. Senate
Proceedlaae Farther Forelsrn
News The Condition ol Kaaiai-
New Mexican Items Ac, VeacVc
From Washington.
Washington. March 22. The Secretary of
the Treasurv has advertised for nroDOsals to the
Sd of April for eight million dollars of tbe stock
of the United States, to be Issued under ihe act
or f ebruary. This sum will be sufficient for the
wants oi tne Treasury during tbe present fiscal
Tf. - f r. ..- t .
Ivol. Dudley Mann, now In Washington, is
about starting to Europe on business connected
with the consummation of bis great eastern
a learner enterprise. - '1
i ne:rasident has been so beset with office seek
ers as to be able to ride out onlv once ainoe
coming into ouico. lie is receiving no visitors
wnatever to-day, either or friendship or on bus!
ness. . . .' ( i
The Senate to day confirmed the following
nominations i i i c i.
James M. Bureess. Postmaster of Janesvllle.
Wisconsin; Archibald W. Campbell, Postmas-i
ter of Wheeling, V,j Albert Todd, Postmaster
or Lexington, Kentucky; William D. Spauld-
inr, collector at XMiaearai James K.. McDowell.
of Kansas, United States Marshal of tbat State;
Wm. L. Day ton, jr., of New Jersey, Assistant
Secretary of Legation at Paris; Charles L
Wilson, of Illinois, Secretary of Legation to
Londom John T. Edear. of Tena.. Consul at
St. Thomas: John Harra. Dnlted States Distriot
Attorney for Indiana. - , . iM
in addition to tbe above, a number of land
officers and srmy promotions were confirmed,
inoiuaing that oi L,ieutenant-c;oioDel Lee, to be
Colonel in place ot Sumner.
Niw YotK, March 24. The Jlerald'i Wash
ington dispatch says the President has issued or
ders to Major Jtderson to put his command in
readiness to ev7 )ate Fort Sumter Major An
derson to ealutetila flag and embark in the war
steamer dispatched there for that purpose.
No opposition will be made by the Charleston
The Cabinet is said to have considered. Satnr-
day, dispatches received from Lieut. Slemmer,
who states that,unless supplied with provisions
soon, be will have to abandon Fort Pickens.
Gen; Braee, In command of the Confederate
forces at Pickens, notified the Lieut, that sup
plies oannot be landed at tbe Fort, unless by a
permit from Jeff- Davis. The Brooklyn, St.
Louis, Sabine and Wyandotte are off Fort Pick
ens. . , . . jr -.
The Administration has dispatched a messen
ger to Richmond to confer in regard to the Su
preme Court Judgeship, i
Henry Winter Davis' nomination as Minis
ter to Russia will be . sent to the Senate on
Kemovals In civil service will be nume
rous. , .-.:' ii- ' ' -I y '
Wm. Javne. of Illinois, Is nominated Govern
or of Daootah. . .
The Charleston Courier of Fridavsavs: Her
geant Fox arrived to, visit, and report, to the
Administration, tbe condition of Sumter. He
was permitted to go thither, accompanied by
Capt. Harsteln. ,- .-.i ' .
Tbe Courier also notices ths arrival of es
Congreasman Holmes, who says Seward desired
him to say to the people of Charleston be was
for a peaceful settlement, and would do every
thing in his power ,for an amicable correspon
dence. Also, tbat Gen. Scott gave similar
assurances, and tbe President favors such policy
and tbat the majority of the Cabinet desire the
evacuation of Pickens as wsll as Sumter.' '( ,
Washington, March 24. Detective Keese,
of Washington, has seized end retains, by order
or the court, bogus and counterfeit notes on 27
I u. oe nun. . i i-. ji
Vu K. , " wu''"uui '-,p ui,
to. The larger packagea contain the follow-
ing: $30,000 counterfeits on tbe Bank of Au
gusta, Me.; $60,000 unsigned counterfeits on tbe
State Bank of Ohio. The dies were of one and
ten dollars, and two and a half dollars.
Niw Yew, March S4.The Herald's Wash!
lngton correspondence says: It Is believed the
programme ot the Administration in regard to
the evacuation ol Fort Sumter has been altered
since tbe departure of Col. Lamon. It is cow
reported that the evacuation Is to be condition
al. Col. Lamon is to examine the stock of
provisions, and if the supply Is insufficient to
maintain the troops now there, be will deliver
the President's order to Maj. Anderson to evac
uate the Fort. .
It is said that the Government has received
advices tbat Texas has sent Commissioners to
New Mexico, Arizona, Sonora, and Chiohua-
hua, to induce the people thereof to join the
Southern - Confederacy! and the mission it is
Said, is regarded favorably.
Dispatches from tort Pickens state that tbe
garrison is short of provisions, and can bold
out but a short time. None but official com
munication is permitted at Pensacola, and the
squadron can neither reinforce the fort nor fur
nish supplies., Appearances indicate that the
Government, before long, will be compelled to
abandon Fort Piokena to the secessionists. ' '
Niw Yosi, March 25th. Tbe Herald dis
patch says Dr. Lleb, of Illinois, has been nom
inated Marshal of Daootah; J. Blgelow Law
rence, of Boston, is to be Consul General to
Florence. . -,- ..on'.
The TVmes correspondence says the nomina
tion of Drver, of Oregon, as Commissioner to
the Sandwich Islands , will be rejected. Chanuoey
Jj. Clappf it is understood, will bs Secretary of
iiegauon 10. Austria, jonn nuicmnson, 01
Minnesota, was nominated secretary, and a. r.
Willisoo, of Pennsylvania, Chief Justice, of Da
cotab; 8. 'V. Hoxie,of Minnesota, Surroyor
General of Neradai Mr. Hill., of I Michigan,
Surveyor of Dacotab; Aaron .Goodrich, of Min
neeota, Secretary of Legation to Belgium. " !
i I have just received la dispatch from a gen
tleman in Charleston, who visited Fort Sumter
this morning. ' He states that he saw Ma. An
derson taking an Inventory of everything pre
paratory to evacuating the Fort. He is, It
seems, allowed to exercise bis awn judgment as
to the method of leaving. t-n- ' '
The Herald' 0 Washington correspondence
save Surgeon John L. Fox. of tbe U. S. Nvy,
reached here to-day from Fort3umter, having
been sent there by tbe Administration on Mon
day last. He viaited Malor Anderson os Thurs
day, In company with Capt. Harsteln, of South
. 1 . Mi .. i. vt .
varimuay. a im. kWlli iua.w ut repvre , nr-ww
TOW.). . -, nt- 'it -.a ,.n.-. ' ' M "
i Washington, March- 25. Benjamin T. Tsher-
wood, of New York, has been appointed c.nei.
neer-ln-Chlef in tbe Navy, eies Archibald, re
signed. .' -''' 't "
. The Cabinet u m session to-aay on appoint
ments to fill vacancies, wbiob it is necessary for
the Senate to act upon previous to ite adjourn.
ment, which will take place on weanesoay
From Texas.
i Galviston, March 22. Tbe Legislature met
on the 18th Inst., when the House and Senate
took the oath of allegiance to the new Govern
ment. a few members under protest
1 Gov. Houston and tho Secretary of State re
tired, and surrendered tbe arobievs
1 Gov. Houston las issued an
pie, denouncing tbelConvenlion
' Tbe latter to-day passed a Substitute to
Army bill, raising only one mounted regiment.
..ILi' .klla.l
appeal 10 tnepeo-
-.i sa-
Georgia State Convention.
Aoqovta, Maroh 24." ,The State Convention,
which adjoarned on Saturday night, adopted
State Constitution, to be ratified or rejected
tbe people at tbe next July election. - v
Tbere IB notning new irom Montgomery.
It is generally believed that Major Anderson
evacuated Fort Sumter on Wednesday last. .,,
, Tbe troops 01 the south are oonpenualing
Pensaeola. - r:-.r y .0 - .
.. . " ' r' . ' " ':
1 Cincinnati, Maroh 83. The Democratic
Union Convention 'this afternoon , nominated
Capt. George Hatch for Mayor,, ,n . -,r,W
i . i-
Soanton, Pa., March 24,-Hon. O. W, Scat
ton died here this morning.
The Condition of Kansas.
23. and Price the
special committee of the Kansas oonferenee of
the M. E. Church,' to whom was referred the
qmestlon of the drouth end destitution In Kan
sas, made the following report, wnicn was unan
imously adopted. Tbey eayi We have been
careful to ealn all the information neoesserv to
th formation of a oorreot opinion from ministers
representing an parts ot tne onto, ana declare,
firotly, that in October last there were not pro
visions enough in tbe State, nor means enough
to proonre them, to preserve more than one-halt
of the people from starvation ; oeeondly, notwith
standing all the aid that has been afforded us,
tbe most of onr population have had but little
for their snstenance, ezoept corn bread, with a
little meat, part of tbe time; thirdly, from
all accounts, we have no donbt tbat the various
statements of facts in regard to our condition,
made by Messrs. Pomeroy, Maher and Hyatt,
have been nromnted bv the purest motives. and
are substantially correct, and tbat we tender
them our special thanks; fourthly,' we have
reason), to . believe that ail counter-statements,
emanating from the press or other soutess, have
been made in ignorance of the (acts, or through
some Interested 'motives i', fifthly, that in our
judgment the donations of our friends in tbe
c.ast hare In almost every instance reached their
destined objects; $txthly, we. desire, in this
formal manner, to express our beart-felt thanks
to alt-tour kind donors, and assure them that
their (combined liberality baa saved tbs lives of
thousands, and prevented an untold, amount of
suffering; teeeniAy, it is now eeveral months
till harvest, and we have but little in store, and
we pray our friends not to stay their band till
we shall be. able, to realize something from our
own resources.: " - '" ..(' i -.
SIsmed bv Messrs.' Brooks. Moore. Tennv.
norn, Btuxeman, and rauison, Committee.
Further Foreign News by the Canada.
Tbe London Timet, in reviewing Jeff. Davis'
inaugural, says It never read a publio document
so aiincuic to analyze and interpret 1
It was reported that tbe Irish Archbishop
vuuen was w ne oreatea uaraioaw
.Tne Austrian Oaoette says Francis II. ban de
termined to stay id Rome so long a the Pope
remains mere." - .
The Spanish mlnlstrv have nronounoed In
favor of the temporal power of the Pope, and
repudiate tbe idea ot , transferring the Papacy
to Jerusalem.', ;l
Tuikit. Tbe Porte bad sent an answer to the
last Russian note, la which it denies all right of
foreign interference in international affairs.
Tbe Turkish fleet, with six months provisions
on board, was about to cruise off tbe Coast of
Dalmatian 1 ' - -
In Ihe bonse of Lords. Lord Woodhouse said
it was true that Russia had sent a , dispatch to
the French government, approvierof tbe French
occupation in Syria, and intimating that Russia
wouia, ii necessary, support tbe sending or an
increased force. i
A meeting; ol Hungarian and Polish notabil
ities is said to bare been held at the Palais
Royal. J!,
Italy. The Sicilian Intend celebrattnir
Garibaldi's saints day by a general holiday.
Russia. It is reported that the Emnoror'a
brother wonld shortly visit Warsawi : Tbe gar
rison of Warsaw was being nightly lucreased,
bat the impression ' was that peace would be
preserved. ;. ' ' ' '
From New Mexico.
Indspindincc March 25. New Mexican
mails, with dates of the Uth Inst ',, has arriv
ed only 13 days out. v7
Uapt. uolloway, Ueut. Boyce and Lieut. Kel
, of the United States Army, came through as
passengers. . ., ...
ueut. Kelly nag resigned his commission, snd
s ea route for Louisiana, to loin the Southern
Confederacy.. ... . ,. ;
Cast. Holloway reports an ' abundance of
stores for the army in New Mexico, with 'the
exception of flour, Wbicb is very scarce'. , ,.
There is great scarcity of provisions among
the people of New Mexico, and some suffering
is anticipated. i n,'j .-
Colonel boring, who takes command of tbe
Department ol New Mexico, was at Fort Wise.
and getting along well.
The cause of tbe failure of tbe mail last
Tuesday was owing to not having been started
irom santa re on tne 4th Inst. - The probabil
ity is that hereafter this mail will ran promptly
mA Mab Ih. Man.f H -U 1 1 't
nuiw, an uuuusuw ui
gtock, coin, &c , baa been sent out on tbe road,
Th iHi.n. n. .h. 7. ... .11
Va H wHwwaav sv awaa a ppvSBA aauwxTa (
friendly; bat no confidence is placed In them,
and an attack from them at anv time would not
surprise any one. , The road is in fine condition,
and crass on tbe Arkansas verv good. Tbe re
port from tbe Ban -Juan mines is by no means
flattering. Other mines bave been discovered,
but none that will justify working. '
Galksbdso, III., March 23 A fire this morn
ing has done considerable damage to the boarding-house
of A. Q. Reed,, and destroyed seven
adjoining buildings. Lass $ui,uuu to f l'J.OUO.
Insured for $5,000. , .
I .
Kosfolk, Va., March 24. Commodore Wil
kinson died to daj. . ' j
U. S Senate—Special Session
Wabrinoton, March 23. A letter was re
ceived from the Vice President, In which he
stated tbat it was bis .Intention to be absent
during tbe remainder of tbe session, and in or
der to afford an opportunity lor the Senate to
elect a President pro fern., he deemed It
necessary' that this fact should be made
known. -. M i -4ic' 1.1 v .-- .,
On motion of Mr. Hale; Mr. Footo was bnan-
imously chosen Vice President pro fern, , ,
; Mr.Foote, on being condnoted tolhecbair,
made a few pertinent remarks.' '...''' . '
Un morion or Mr; Wilson, a committee was
appointed to communicate the election of Mr.
Footelto V ice f resident uamiin. -
Mr. Wade presented tbe credentials of John
Sherman, ol Obio, elected In place of Salmon P.
Cbase. " , ,..,.,,.,' ,
Mr .Shermsn - wss, .qualified, and took bis
seat.. .-i r 't 1-1 .rii1-o..u tti.-i : f. .. , '
Mr. Hale moved to take np his resolution of
the election ot officers; agreed to 2S against 18,
1 Messrs. Bright and DrecKinridge spoke In fa
vor of postponement, on acooilnv of the small
attendance and other reasons.4 1 ".."''. .
Mr. Breckinridge said if the , resolatlod Is
carried Into effeot, theoffioers would be distrib
uted as tbe reward for partisan services. " It was
a flagitious and mischievous system, and would
ultimately break down any' administration on
earth. .' .. ia t.kt: m .!...
Mr. Hale,witu due respcci, said tbe Senator
was not justified In tbe Inference' that there
would bs a general sweep. For one, be would
be very sorry to see this done, but It would not
be strange if the list or subordinates should re
quire a little examination or. supervision.
Abuses may have, crept If sor ne looped
they wonld be oorreuted, snd , the. iailhlul aub
ordinates let alone. -,- n; 1 . ,,t u- i iis-i
I Mr. Bright opposed thbresolutioni " -"
I Mr.lFoasenden did not desire to make a gene
ral change of officers, r Tbe most of tbem were
acceptable; a few might be removed. - I'"','
, i Mr. .iviingman opposed a new election, re
marking tbat he neither now,. nor beietofore,
knew the political opiuloua of any of the subor
dinates. Many person 'vow here Want foreign
missions.' If theycoqld pot get (.hese.tbej want
to be Sergeanta-Arms-. . ;; )'.(,. , .i
Mr. Douglas said political proscription Wee to
be praotloed for the first time In the Senate, to
tne Duoiio injury ana aemoranxavion. ,ae nao
hoped tbe Senate would be spared? the degrade-.
tlon Drougnt upon otner-Drancnee ortne uov
ernment, " T.fK'fWfTIffT'VJ l"j: L.
i Mr. Nesmith recognized the doctrine "to tbe
Flotors belong tbe spoils." Considering; theet-i
, enoleJ of tge eonntry, he would turn the id-:.:i..h.-s1
oral bavonetsgelns tbe effloeeekere. .
' M. Powell moved to take np Mr. Hale's res
olution heretofore offered,' providing for the ad
journment of .the, Senate, ia a'ie, to day. -
was evident toe majority, luawiau. ui vraneacting
the business of an executive Session; for which
they were convened, go Into a miserable scram
ble for thesnoile. ) The Republicans, for the
first time, were attempting to bring the contest
lor place into the Senate Chamber lie looked
on these things aa despicable enough to destroy
any government on earth. He would not lend
hia nresence to such degrading work. - ' '
' Mr. Trumbull replied tbat the Senator eons-
plained they did not transact ouaiaess, ' but bow
nnuM thfiv when be and his friends were con
tinually making dilatory motions, and calling
for the yeas and nays, to. waste time. -u
jsjaiasasssa,ii 1 , 'I aaaasataa.- 1. .,isnia
T All tlaes and qualities; also BOYS' 8HTBT8 of
superior auk, for sal by BAIN A BON,
km , 9. South High (trawt.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 25.
ABnEg-eKady and anehangtd; eale 10 bbl at 3 15
MtwJ Jiiorpou, ana w- ;ii ror pearl. : -
rLOUR Beoelpie 1,000 bole. Market a shade a better;
ale 13,000 bUli at ti UtaiS SO for eupeiSn Btate, S Ui
9 SO for ex.ra 8UU, S 15 SO for saperfln Weet
ern, SJ SH S 45 for common to medium extra Weetern,
and ti 8.11S3 65 for ihlDDlnr brands extra Bonnd Boon
Ohio. Canada Soar a tWe Aratmr; sales 450 bbli at
S3 3036 7.V
BTH rLOUR-leadr at $3 4034 10.
- WHBai Heealpt S.4U0 boebele. Market lo. better,
with a fair export demand; sales 40,000 boehels at tlM
latl3forUhioa(oeprinlnler anS delivered, tlS7
S 1 US for Milwaukee Olub In atora and delivered, SI 32
for Winter red Weetern delivered, and (1 4S1 50 for
whit Weetern.
KYB-qulot at 6365o . , -iBABLK-orceandflrmat7380ij.
- r ' i ' '
OOBN Reoelpt 10,354 bflihel. Market aboat lo bet
ter, aales 50,000 buahele at7(ai69j for old mixed Weet
ern In iter and delivered, 63S65e for new do at Bail
road depot. ...,!...
- OATS steady at 3335c for Weatera, Canadian,' and
Slate. i .' - - -
FORK a little maraatMilw! uln lOOhhle at S16 503
tie 62 for meat, and f iq 501! 79 for prima. , .
rmi vncoanirea. , r . , I , ' : ; i .
CUT MEATS quiet. V ' , "
LARD steady; aalre 50 bbl. at 99103. '
BUTTER in fair nmil t llkmu. fnr Ohio, and 14
tM for States . . . ..
CHKSHE-eteady at S3 lOo for common to prime.
WHISKV eoaroelyaonrm; salee 500 bbU. at 170. j
STOCKS moderately active and better, claelni atroni:
money and txchann nothing nw. demand and vain re
main unchanged; Ch.At R. I. 58; Oh. B. Jr. Q. 73K;
0. At Toledo 30; Gal. Ac Oh. TiH: III. C. sorln ttSi M.
17M do Quoted 39: M. O. SHVT! Headtnir 44V: Krla
32; N. t. 0. 70; Faa. M. 86; Oumbd. 7; (ial.fc
Oh. let bonds 08; 0. B.ftQ. B. R. Spare 09X: O.St
Toledo bonds 70; U. 8. o'e 61; Regletered 95 K; do
coupon, Vi; Treaeury 13 per. (A; Tenn. 6'75;
a. 10. UI .7'ID K,
Cincinnati Market.
.FLOUR Thtmirket aiaumed na new featar to-day.
Boldere do not prees their stock freely, and the old quo
tation are eonatquently maintained.
WHIAT is very Arm, there being bat little on the
maiket, and reoelpt very liht.Millera do not offer over
nor red, ana ei kxi 10 for whit though 833oi
per buhl hither is aeked.
OOBN remains unchanged; 33c. for ear Is easily had,
whilit ebelled le doll at lhat figure. . . , . . i
. O ATS-r still In Uir rcept and very s0w f sal at
B4RLBT-W quoUat C870o for prime tail, with a
dnll market. T
RTKliatilfl better, and wtvdrance th figure tq
wiwr UUBUVI .... j ... . )
. WHIBKy we quoted yesterday at 13o. That wa
to Bgure for high proof; 13 anould havbeen the tit
an for low. Th market stands at th earn figures today,
with a fair demand. (An. Oon, March 25,
. .- '
Cleveland Market.
March 23.
dull; sales of 87 white wheat double ex
tra at S 5 50. '
WHIAT In bettor demand; sale of 4 ears red and
iju Duaneisao. at u, and soars whit at SI IS.
OOBN eale of 1000 buihela from atora at 14,. -
HIQHrTINES alta of 50 bhla .till. vk km.
a..io. t - r . .i
liAHD-saleof 13kegitt0c.
APPLIS eale of 50 bbla dried apples at 3c.
BOOS th market ii fully supplied and ta tndny
Is downward. Salee of 37 bbls al 97Kc; small Iota at
10c; and a few bbls, heavy packed for shipmeu, at So.
BUTTaR dull, with light sale. Central In bbl. at
IIAM8 at SHOULDERS aalAa of 1000 nnniA. i,.i.
cured Hams and Shoulder at 0 and 7o. ... ,
Philadelphia Market.
Flour dull, 5 00 for superfine. Wbcat dull, tales
10,000 bush red tli5Al 30. Whit 1 400B110. Ooaaw
buoyant, eaiee U.WO bush new vellow at 60b. Cnniw;
rio 12914c Mem Pork 1785. Liito 111I . Wm
iv-lnll 1818 1-9.
V nfirr.ar.ri. uuio, -
ITIaiiii facia re vs of all kinds ! Por
table ana stationary- Steam Ga
(inca, Matw mills, urlat Dlllls,
'.t Ac, Arc. ; j
LAKE BODLSTBeatml H. tt I. BLAST) TBeahnl
" '' CO. Btatentltll . '
Onr Portable Engine and Saw Kill
Was awarded the first premium of (50 at the Indiana
State Fair for l'OO over Ian It Bodley's on account of
Prlcer. lightness,. simplicity, eoonomy.of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed. v
Our Stationary Xnrln was awarded at the earn Fair
th flrat premium of S'2O0. , 1 1 ,
Our Portable Kngine wat awarded the Ant premium of
$100 at the Fair at Mempht. Tenn.. over Blandv'a Dn-
vall's. Oolnmbai Machine Co't., and Bradford at Go's.,
by a aomaitte of practical Railroad Engineer . ' .
wot price ana lermt aaaren
decS-dftWlyeott. J Newark, Ohio.
From tb New 1 ork Observer. v 'r .-,;.-
Asallpartie manoficturtnt Sewlnt Machine are ok-
llged lopay Mr. Bow a license on each mechtn seld,
and r a so compelled to mak return to him, ander
oath, as to th number fold, hi books give a correct state
ment. From this reliable ton roe we have obtained th
following statistic. Of th machines made la the year
lt, iner wrw aoiu,
I By Wheeler A Wilson... ...... '.Sl,3ltf
1 . a. at. singer at uo lo.uoj
i t flvmav Sr Itakju. ..MOUft
I Bhpwiog Ihe galas of Wheeler At WlUon to be douUs
those or any oilier uompany."
: Awarded tne highest prem!um-t the' yu ' 1 -,: '
- Coiled Bute Fair of 1858,1559 and 180; a
. ; - also a, the : . , !
Ohio Btat Fairs of 1859 and 19M;
, and at nearly all th County Fairs in th Stan).
Our prices, at Ihe lata reduction, are at ton at any
(OCC anas macnin now sons, ana qui nine nignr loan
th Ulterior wo nreoa enaisi hc MCVHfM,
tr .m r nnnn I Via mark,.
Th WBtKLBB A WTLSOS Ii AOTiTOl makes the
Lock Sncn the only on which cannot be raveled. It
laALiaaouBoTwSinnof th roods, leavina no rda or
, All maciine varranua 3 yean, aiul instruction
given In their use, tree ot cnaree. . .
B. CRAB?, 81 High St., Oolubu70.
.l ' Hi WM.SnatMlBACO .
d cJ 2awd3mtw0m , Pike's Opera ilooa. Cincinnati
1 . ...
. D Wholaaal and Retail Deeltr In j C ,
Foreign & " Domestic ' Cigars
1 .-
Smokios; ft Chewing Tobacco.
Also, the best quality of torum sonstahtly
1 on nanu. , -
CjConntry Merohaota are Invited to call bsfor par
chasing eltewher. ' ' 1
1 . 1 Bet, Ualaand Syeasaor,
ladies' Linen Pocket-Handk'fs.
AX kerohief, vry wide hem.
Xmbroidered LlnM Uanrtk s all pneos.
Hemmed Btitcbedaad plain do, do,
4 l.iv
.do. ' d , i-,1 tolored border,
afnuMiaw J- Meek aerdara -
do do I '''nwtywcroatiUtohdV-tV
Pin Apple do ' ' aewpaltem. -.-I."
Mlise,' PUin and Hemmed 8titehd d all priest,
Oemprlsln tne Beit select assortssertt Hi th elty tad
at lowest prise. '"i 1 ' " BAIH BON,
lebSM . . - " " " - wo. th sosrb Higa streets
,e - - 1 -, ;
KBW BO. 1 WHIT1 tTBH. frost Lake Boron,
Bbl., Half and Quarter Bbl. Paekag, In etor and
al bv BCAitatiBtiiAUA,
piAtT St, North Hlih (trt,
Strengthening Cardial and Blood
TheClreatest Heiacrln Tbo World)
; . AND TBI '
ly a sciantln and
Vegelabi Oomponnd,
firocnred by the dleUl
atlon of Boots. Herb
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot
Saraaparllla, Wild
Cherry Bark ana Dan
delion enters Into it
Before TaklDS'ire, active wmedliiaUenHKlIlg.
mnn.t nn Tlu An. ... . . .
principle of each Ingredient I thoroughly extracted by
my new method of dutilling. producing. dellclon. e
hlleratlng spirit, and th moat INFALMBLI remedy for
renovating the diseased system, and restoring th lick,
offering and debilitated INVALID lo BKALTH and
J.; ;, ' . ' Will eflocluallf ear '
Ohrente er Nerrons Debility, Dlseaae of th Kidney
and all dlseaae arising from disorder! l rrer or Btoaa
aoh, Dyspepsia, Heartbarn, Inward Pile, Acidity or Sick
ne of the Stomach, Fullness of Blood to tb Head, Dull
pain or swimming In the head, Pali-.tation of the Heart
Fullness or Wright In the Stomach, Soar Kruetatlone
Ohoking or suffocating fetllng when lying down, Dnrnea
or Yellowness of the Skin and Kye, Night Bweatafln
ward Fevers, Pain In the email of the baok, chest or sid.
Sadden Flushes of Ileal, Depression of BplrlU, Frightful
Dreams, Languor, Despondency or any Nervou Dlseaae,
Sore or Blotches on the Skin, and Fever and Afiue (01
Ohillsand Fever.)
- Over a irillllon ol Atottles '
Bav ben sold daring th last sli aontha, and In no In
stance has It failed in giving aullre atitfaclion . Who,
tnen. will tuner rrom weakoes or Debility when ale
No language can convey an adequal Idea of the bum
diat and almost miraculous change produced by taking
this Cordial In th diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervou system, whether broken down by ezcen, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation is restored to Its pristine health and vigor.
Or others eonsdons of InaWllty, from whatever ran,
will Ind HcLaaa Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of th system; and all who may hare injured
themselves by Improper Indulgences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.-.
. . .. To tbe Ladle.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
' " fi a sovereign and speedy ear for
Obstructed or DllBcalt Menstruation, Inconttneac of
Crin or Involuntary Discharge thereof, Falling of th
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diseases Incident to
1 '.JJ
TherS U ne Kistake About It
Suffer no longer. Tak it according to Directions. It
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate you and causa
ta bloom or health to mount yoar cnk again.
Bvtrj bottla I warranted lo gtv aaUalacUon.
If your children an sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean 't
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
Oaenoa. Bawar of Draavlttior Dealer who ma
try to palm upon you aom Bitter or Bsrsaperllla trear,
which they sen buy cheap, by sarin, it Is justs good.
voia acn man. Atk 101 AicLean a Btrenitneninr Uor
dial, and take nothing else It is th only remedy that
will purify the blood thorouablv and at th aame time
trenguen we aystem.
Une tablespoonml taken (very morning fas Una. I a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and Fever, Yellow
raver, or any prevalent disease, it la cut no Id lam
bottles. -
Prior only SI per bottle, or S bottle for 15.
. , , i.ll. MoLBAJf,
' Sol Proprietor ot this Cordial,
-' Also McLean1 Volcanie Oil Liniment.
Principal Depot on the corner of Third and Pine streets,
Bl. Loiita. Mo. ,
' ' McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Th best Liniment in lb World. The only safe and
oertain our for Cancers. Pile. Swelllnn and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakoes of th
Muscles, Cnroui or Inflammatory IlheumaUam, Stiff
ness1 of the joint, contracted Muscle or Ligament
Baraeh or Toothache, Bruise, Sprain, Wound, Fresh
Out, TJkwr, Fever Sore, Caked B reset Bore Nipple,
Barns, Bcelds, Bore Tboat, or any Inflammation or Fain,
no difference bow wvese, or ho long the disease may
nav ex 1, ;ea, ncuu i ueieDratea Liniment 1 a ear
tain remedy
decrepitude and misery by the use of this in valuable med-
Will -rallev pain almost Instantaneoutly, and It wil
clean, purify and heal tb foulest (ore lu as inoredl
ly short time.
For Horses and Other Animals
McLean I celebrated Liniment I th onlv safe and re
liable remedy for the our ot Spavin. Bin Bon. Wind
gall, Splints, Unnatural Bump, Node or Swelling. II
will never tall to eon Big Head, Foil Ivtl, Fistula, Old
running Sore or Sweeny, if properly applied. For
Sprains, Bruise. Bcratchea, Bore or Wounds. Onckad
ueeu, unatM, eaaai oruoiiar uans 11 a an Infallible
remedy. Apply It as directed, and a car I oertain In
every instance.
Then trifle no lonirar with th auny worth lets Llnl-
ment offered to vou. ' Obtain a annul of Dr. McLean',
eienrateo iiinunent. it win our you.
J H. ITlcLEAN, Bole Proprietor,
Oorner of Third and Pin Btnata. St. Lonla. Ma.
For sal by all druggist.
For sal by ( BOBKBTS a SAM01L,
auiWkwly - Colombo. Ohio
Liverpool,1 Montreal, Quebec,
The Montreal Ocean Steamship Cowmanv's Srst -class
fnll-noweredOlyde-bullt Steaaaer tall verr Mata
rdatw from PORTLAND, arryut- tb Canadian and
unita bbu atn ana paasengtr,
OUUBflllAn, anuLVDAAUIl,
Shortest, Cbeapeat andQaickettCsn
1 . . , vejanc trout
Ratea of Paseattce to Europe,
: v , vii , 30, 6J, $80.
Will sail from LIVERPOOL ewerr f ediatesdsir.
and from QUERBO every Hatarday, exiling at
bun uva vma&x . 10 raoaiv on noara ana ioa Mails ana
Peascnirere, to and from Ireland and Scotland
irrThes Steamer ar built of Iron. In water-tlrht
oompartmenta, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
very attention 1 paia iq tne oomrort aa accommoda
tion or patMnger. At ttMy prooeed direct to LONDON-
DKRT, th gieat risk and delay of calling at St. John's
Glasgow passengers ar furnished with ran passage
octet to ana from -ijonaonaTry t ; iW.tt.
Kelura tleuis granted at reduced rate.' - 1 '
Oertiftcate issued for carrying to and bringing out pu-
cnger from all th principal town of Qreal Britain and
ireiana, atrenucaa rate, nytni nn 01 steamer, ana
teaviug uverpoot every weaa. - .
Slg-ht nraf ts far I and wpward pay-
I Die id r.ngiaua, ireiano, scot-
1 naaa ar waiei
. 1 n.
Tor paatare," pply -at th-(Mffce.J 23 RROADe
iw Karh, ana 19 WATIIK ST.,
1 BABEL nXABLZ, Osoaral igents,
Or to- J. R. ARMSTRONG "
nolO-lydAw: i. SUttsmaa Offlca, Colambat, Ohio.
at thkih new suss.,:!-.
Offer for sal their eelebrated
Belnr hlshry receaaMBdeS by Mm first rrofeasori anl
MailcaT A mau art of Abeocantry, and
KVK&T v c - i.l T''l
.aiinwasir 1 " ' " '. ,'.
.--1 . - ...' riVE TEARS
Tb aoet faatidloai cmstosaer ay rely snoa balsa
please m every rpoa.' .- 4
T rat literal. r -WM. XNAB1 00.
' 8HLTZ1R a WBBSTBE, Aflenta,
,socW;lydw. . . i - Ooinaba, Ohls,
Ji aStaple Article, will furulthsnipiovnieol
a row aouvs men to act a agenu ror their boose,
prefarene will b jtlvtn to thoee who an well aoiualnt
d In th district for which Ihey tnolv. ".
: ror wnion services uity art willing to pay salary
4ea.. ..v , 1 ..,, ,1 j , 1. . .. . ... .
600 to.SiSOO per year, as a (zpsam.
For farther particular addrta ;
v., aim : w.;B. mobsuousb a ob.m ,:i
JtodS, lichtar
Jera.yTOIty. il. J.
Kv 1
Wblt and Hlaat, jatt race, red at
Scrqfiila: or Kings EviL
is a constitutional disease, a corruption of tbe
blood, by which thi fluid beeomee vitiated,
weak, and poor. Being in the circulation, it
pervadea the whole bodr, and maw burst out
m disease on any part of it. No organ is free
from its attacks, nor is there one which it sner
not destroy. The scrofulous taint ia variously
caused by mercurial diteaae, low living, dis
ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
and filthy habit, the depressing vices, and,
above all, by the rencreal infection. What
ever be its origin, it is hereditary in the con
stitution, descending " from parents to chiMxen
unto the tlurd and fourth generation ; " indeed,
it seems to be the rod of Him who says, "I
will yiait the Iniquities of the fathers upon
their children.
Its effects commence by deposition from the
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lungs, liver, and internal organa, is termed
tubercles; in the glands, sweliinm; and on
the surface, eruptions or sores. Ilia foul cor
ruption, which genders in the blood, rlrpis awssisj
the energies of life, so that scrofulous eonttUu.
tions not only suffer from scrofuloua earn.
plaints, but they have far lees power to with-
(ant! tne attacks 01 outer diseases; conse
quently vast numbers perish br disorders
which, although not scrofulous in their nature.
are still rendered fetal by this taint ia the
system. Most of the consumption which de
cimates the human family has its origin directly
in this scrofuloua contamination; and tnanr
destrucve diseases of the liver, kidney, brain, '
and, indeed, of all the orsrana. arias from ar
are aggravated by the aame cause. . "M V! '
une quarter of all our Deonle are tttrofulnna
their persons are invaded bv this lurkine? ia.
faction, and their health Is undermined by it.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
the blood by an alterative medicine, and in
vigorate it by healthy food and exercise.
nuch a medicine we supply in
Compound Extract of Sarsacarilia,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
stein 01 our tunes can devise for this
where 1
e prevailine and fatal rnaladv. It la ettn.
btned I
i from the most active remedutls that have
been discovered for the expurgation of thia foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the
system from its destructive consequences.
Hence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such aa Eaomva
and Skin Disbasbs, St. Anthony's Fias,
Rose, or Erysipelas, Pimplbs, Pustvlbs,
Blotches, Blains and Boils, Tdmors, Tsttib
snd Salt Rhkvx, Scald Head, Rinowobm,
It 11 p. 1 u ATiHM , Stph ilitic and MtRconLAX Dis- -
eases, Dropst. Dyspepsia, Debility, andL
indeed, all Complaints arising pro Vitia
ted or lurune Blood. The popular belief
in " impwity of tho blood " ia founded in truth, '
fur scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The
particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health is impossible in
contaminated constitutions. ; u-.v
Ague Oare,
for rnc SPEEDY CURS or
-, . T
Intermittent Fewer, erFtver saHrati
Remittent Fewer, Chill Fever, Dmata
Agae, Periodical Headache, ar BUloa s
Headache, and Bllloas Favor, ladocd
ror tbewhele cla af dlac artrlaat
Intr in biliary deraagemtat, caaaed by
the Malaria of Miaauati Coaatrie.
Yv arc enabled here to offer tho community a
remedy which, while it cures the above complaint
with certainty, i (till perfectly harra lot in any
qunntity. Huch a remedy ia invaluable in Aiatrirt
where theso afllicting disorders prevail, , Thi
"Ct'ltu" expels the iniumatic poison of Fbvke
and AotiF. from the aystem, and prcvont the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on tbe first ap.
proaeh of it premonitory ayrnptom. ItinotooIy
tho best remedy ever yet discovered fur thi elaa
of complaint, but also the cheapest. The large
quantity we supply for a dollar bring it within the
reach of every body ; and in bilious aUtrieta, where
Fetrii and Aohr prevails, every body should .
hare it and use it freely both for cure and protec
tion. A irreat superiority of thi remedy over any '
other ever discovered for the ipeedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contain no Quinina A
or mineral, consequently it produce no quinism of j
other injurious eflccts whatever upon the oonttitu- ,
tion. Those cured bv it are left as healthv a if
they had never had the disease. . . -f
x cm unu Ague 1 uus aame inv conactrnenee of
the miasmatic poison. A great variety of disor--n .
ders arise fiom its irritation, among ahich are
NeuraMa. Rheumatism, Gout, Headache, Blind- ,
rim, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Asthma, I'aU ';
filiation, Painful Affection of the Spleen, Hysirr- "
ice, Pain in the Bomb, Colt; Paralyrie and De.
rangement of thi Stomach, all of which when
originating In this cause, put on the intermittent
type, or become periodical. Thi " Curb " expel
the poison from the blood, and consequently cures""
them all alike. It ia an invaluable protectioa to
Immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will bo excreted from the system, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen iitto dis
ease. Hence it 1 even more valuable forproteo -1
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from IntcsJ j
mittcnta if they avail themselve of the protection
tins Tcmcuy aiiorun. . j
Prepared by Dr. 3. C. AYES V CO., Lowell, Xasa
BOBIRTB It 8AMTJ11, Ooltuab,
And by Drarrlatnand Dealers evrywhr.
An experlenetd Nnra and Tettal niyilcta, srasaasi '
to tn attenUoa ot aoUart, kar
which neatly facilitate tb proee af teethls;, ay soft-' 1
nlng the rans, redacirf all Inflamaalloa- 111 allay
ALL PAIN andapataodieaettoa, and I ,, n
Depend Upos It, aothsra, It all rlv rest to yoamlvas
We bav pat ap and sold thi krtlele for ver ta year. -and
what have never been able to sty sf any ether
ancb, TunrrnuT a uuus, n tuneiy sd.
r did we know an Instance f daaatlefeetton by any sm
whoatedlU On th oontrary , all are dellfhted with It
oparaUona, and ptk la term of ooinnnilalloa f ia
aagloal Rect and aiedloal vtrtne. We apeak la tkl
aatter 'WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after tn years' nw
almoat every tnatue wbr th inraat b) (aoetinf troia
pain ana axnauuen. relief will M lesna u aileea er
twnty Btnate aittr uwnyrup is aasauiutami.
Thi valaable prapararlea In preserlntlon ef ne f
Mew Borland, and be IMS seed With NBVBB BAIL- 3
. TMWaJsarivs) r ajjtnKs. , r
It natenly relieve tn ehlld treat pain, taat brvijror. .
eta the aloasaoh and bowew, eorreoM acidity, and aire
ten tjd nray to th whole aysstsa 1 11 will altaoai aa
ftantly relisv
6BiP:KO II TEX 10WHJ3. ISO WINi toid I
and eve room eonvuUlons, which, rf aot tpdlly re-
died, nd In death. W bellev It th BBST and Sl'S
BbT KlalBDT IW TBI WORLD, In all easa fIlV .
BNTBB.T and DIABBHIBA la OniLDkAAl, whether
It arises froaa teothlnf, er f roai any other eaaa. W
Would say ta (sen aotbar wsa ha a hlM talferuif from-
any of th fortroln eoBplalnt DO MOT LKT Voi d.
rKSJUDiuaa sua tub rnujvuivttvr vrnaiti
stand between yoa and yoar aaSeriny ehlld, and Ilia- -)
lif that WHI be BCBAr yea, abiwutsu suss s
follow th aw of thisdllii,tf Uaely need, falw.
ractloaafor sin will aeeosgpany art bottle, Nfn .
tenaln anlaas to facalBll f CDB.TIS PBkKlhSs.T
Mew York, I on th atsW Wrapper. . . A.
Bold by allDrwrlathishattaswwrlil.
Prl aclpal Office, IS Csaar Street rt.t.
''oett?rwiy. - 1 -;;
PHILADELPHIA, March 25. Notice,
THErOa.I WINO TH !OFfl Tr ??
Bad in the tb eflleer of tin Bank, Jsnoary tuut,
1rl, to wit: W. A. Piatt, Preaideat, and Tawatas
UoosiB, Oathltr, returned tneir oniot. Davis Tavua,
Bsq., waa tlien elaitod fraaident and 1TB. A. Pu,n au-..
polnledOaahier. ...... .-ft r-
- By orner o, me aara 01 I'irecior. . w
teks, todl-dtf. W. A. PLATT, Cashier.
fbf of Phaloa's Kftabllshaanl. T. T.J MpHiors
th Mew Xork FssUuiiakl Shavlnf, Hair Ouid
BhaBpoonln, Ourllne; and Dreasum saloon, Brt t.'
treat, over lb Poet Olfio. whr aU.'-wii. ),i
be clvva ta all th vartows keaaeiw. lilies eat
OhlWraa Baa DrMftnf Vaa la tbaj katt siia,

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