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(Contained m twenty-. velum of Ik Ohl and Ohle
Ino tariRtscBi to prior law, 1
au - fot.4M,rfxiiy wiint. won -
U Two Royal 0r?.YflwM?. Pc $19 (JQ-l
Ko ear or exponas has been uml to ask lhe work
arfMitaad reliable in all vwaoaea. p.; I i i ....
It has now lhe LoglaUUT nutlon, having been, P-
rovM by nearly ut nnanimoos Tote or oom uouaoa,
and wu ordered to h diltrUraUd to tb foliowiJH Butt
4 Onnnta Aftimrt.:
Orrvmot Attorney Camera t, Bsprr-a. Jadget. Seere
tarr, Ounpttoller, Treaearer end Auditor o( BUM, and
loth Probata Count, Court, of Common Pleas, Boper
Lnr and Poltaa fjoa.ta. AauaUor. aad to Olorkf at tat
various Coarta taeach eoaaty. t th Memberaot 41m
Senate aad Boom of Rwreeeotativee of ihia aiaU, and
th Oonnan ni th. nnnl gUUl of tht UolOD. -
This book, containing, aa It does, all of the Statute
bow In font, and in authoritative oonitractloa of them
and of tha New Oonstltalloa, win oe rouna to ne eipcciu;
ly useful Id the porforaano of their dunei, 10 an -OOOTTT
Oft tOIRS, " ' ' " , ,
jrjariong of TmirAn, ' v,-r
-. TOWNSHIP TRUSTEES, . ;rj... .-.
to .1 OLIRKB Of TOWNSHIPS, aad " "
... CITT OFFICERS.' - .'
Inaonncn M vry many changes hare been made In the
Statute, line the publication of the last edition!, by re
- neaL alterallona and addition, aad many important d-
oialon, hare beta give by tha Supreme Oonrt on con-
trovortcs pwritt, all , . .
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. ' " " v " '
'Will and1 Oris an rnvalnabl Work;
. TVo oyai 60, , Volume tf over nineteen Umdrti
- . .o.'i: -rot,"' : '
In Strong Law Binding. Price 110.00.
Publlabedby ' " :,i " 1
taw Pabllakan. BookMllent Btatlontn and IapeKen,
':,,"";J ".'"Ha'. 85 Weit fourth itreet.
fcblftdSai.li1 Cincinnati, 0
OBO. W. 1W AltTI-El WT Editor.
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UotU kmndtd by TWJCM YX O'ULOCf
n aw day 0 pwHi&nioiu
DtmooraUfl City And Township Ticket.
, ... WBAV TUuMAS. 1 p
citt Mami.. ,
" ' SiMTJKL TUOMl'iOK. "' J 4
. cttt TRuanaat, ; i -
t, ... WALSTEIN fAlLINQ.. , , ....
... city cumK, ,.
.. , J. JONES fUNoION. ;, . .
cttt antierrea.
) -. . moot, antRTOte, ''!'
' 1st Ward IBANK HOWARD.
Sd Ward S. . KICKLET. -.
, . 3d Wm josiah barbkr.
' , , . 4th Wanl UOKACB WILSON,
i .,-. . Jib Ward-J. U. 8CACHIN9.
. J t lat Want A CHBER3
. . Ward II OS B A MILLSB.
. . . 3d Ward M. HOLY It A.
4'h Ward IOIIN WKAVieP.
, ... 5th Ward WBfiDILIS ELIGIR.
:...,-, TCwnnir nmm,
a. -
,k ' TOWMHIP TKCAtrtCR, . i
.. ; I8AAO U. AtABBOW , ..: ,
, A. 0. B.INQ.
: c " OowrrABi.rw. ; ; "
:.. t; J. p. KBMMY.
I .. Towirraiy aemeoa, -ail
BaaaaBaaaaBBaaiBiaaBBViiaaaB) '
CT There are two vacancies in the Ohio dele
gation in lhe V 8. House Of Representatives, to
be filled by special electionf-thst canned by the
Appointment And acceptance of Mr. Coawiii, of
the 7th District, as Minister to Mexico, end that
occasioned ty the election of Mr. Sheaham, (l
the 13th District, to the United States Senato
Nullification, Secession—Concession, Coercion.
Some ultra Republican papeis,wben oom
menttog on the course of Mr. Bocbaiian, during
the interval between Abe Presidential - election
nod the 4th of March 1861, with reference to
the rebellion in the Cotton States, were in the
Jwmtmt hatha m.4 l Arklvavti i ika f anr A h at1 nAr at
Jacasou in the Chair of Stste. ."O thAt Jacs
on were now President," quoth these ftepuhll
01 n oracles. . It was very true hat Gen. Jack
on wu not President; , And in our opinion
equally true thAt Mr. Bochanan did not fill the
full measure of President, if we take Old
Hickory as the standard. From the days of
JimuoH to the present time, we have bad
but one Auduw Jacksou in the White House,
nd it is not probable we shall have Another
very soon . Such 'm en do not often eppeir..
White denouncing Bochan an, (which we think
wu quite ungrateful on the part of tha Repub
licans) tbe moat Ardent Irrepressible told us
that they bedjust elected a second Jacemm, and
thAt hones Old An Lmcaia, the Rail Splitter,
would, very soon After his inauguration, rebuke
treason by hanging the traitors. ; Ho would
teach South Carolina a lesson, they said, and, by
hit bold and courageous policy, crush out rebel
lion In the South in double quick time. He
would do as Jackson did on a former occasion,
when Booth Carolina rebelled Against the lawa
of Congress, and with equal success. He would
overthrow secession with the same promptitude
that Jackson did. Nullification! ' Thus did Our
Republican oracles blaster, brag And bloviate
but they bnve ceased to do so Any longer.'
The Illinois Rail Splitter hat been in tha
White Hotue nearly four weeks, surrounded by
the Cnasei, BaWaabj, Cameaoni, And all the
chief men of the Republican sobool, And in thAt
time, he nns bis Advisers have demonstrated to
tha world that hey are all destitute pf capacity;
that they have no reverence for tha Union or
veneration for the Constitution) that tha laws
may, foralltbey ears, be trampled underfoot
with impunity. In faot,1nstead of checking the
rebellion in the Booth, tw ti AktlArawletai marl
vj htV vuuvuitjgc
and promoted It; And, to All Appearance, the Ad
ministration is, now pursuing a polioy which
will result In tba permanent dissolution of the
Union, and the formation of two or more con
faderaciee. ' Instead of Lincoln being a second
Jackson, be turns out to be a most transparent
humbug, wholly destitute ot any of the Exsca
tive qualities er the administrative talent so
necessary in the character of a President. ; .
Gen'. Jackson Was a nun I whose soul wits filled
with a horning love for his country. Ha met
all tha assaults upon the Integrity of the Union
with patriotic, energetle line of policy, and in
that Una be never; wavered. Whether on the field
of battle, in a territory full of traitors, or In
tba Execntira Chair, ha was prompt to resist
any demonstrations Against the Union of the
8tAtes, and ready At All timet to lay a hoavy
band Upon traitors." r,","
With such ohatActeristlcl.hewunevertheleu
always ready lo teif 'the complaints of ever
parson or section, And to treat them with due
aonsldorstipo Thus, while he promptly put
the Army and Navy both In motion to resist
tb ii 'nU'of nulliBoAtloa In 8oatl Ctolin, h
prgl upon Coogreai auah ' a modlSottloi of
thUflffib though tjujtio MdtqaltT
quired) Md 2 fiaallr, through - tht . UI . of Mrs
ClatI oompromU bill, the oobMoalonl wbioh
Geo. Jaoiion inggestcd wen jietded, aod-the
rdbelliea wu peioeably pat down.
But General Jaokson nevr tampered with
the Nullifiert be never Admitted the right of
eceaglon, or in ny wy ncoiirged thow who
adTocated it, and were he President to day, we
should tee s dUforeot it&te of th Inge from thAt
which now exists. The eentiment which "Old
Hickory" ottered on the 8th of Januiry, 1832, in
the tout he lent from the White Houeo to the
Demooratlo oelebrAtion At Brown's Hotel
"The FederAl Union: It must be preeerved
would be taken np, nod echoed And re-echoed
through nil pU of the Und, North And South
East And West, until-lt would nerve the heerti
of All pitrlote. And eruih oat tha plane And de
signs of all traitors in every quarter of the Union.
Bat the "second" Jaoiion Is a humbug, a
counterfeit, A man 'without force f chAracteror
fixed principles, And deplorably deficient In true
oourage; And hence everything is going to de
struction under the Administration of AssaHaM
Lincoln, the Rail Splitter end Union Splitter
The Constitution of the Confederate States.
On the 8th of February, 1861, the Congress
of the Confederate States, sitting at Moutgom
ery, Alablma, nnanimonaly Adopted the "Con
stitution of the Provisional Government of the
Confederate States of America," which is In
the main a copy of the Federal Constitution of
the United States. The' preamble to this Pro
visional Constitution declares that it is to con
tinue in foroe for one year from the loaugnra
tion of the President, or until a permanent
Constitution or Confederation between the
States of South Carolina Georgia, Florid
Alabama, Mississippi And Louisiana, shall be
put In operation, whichsoever shall first occur.
The Montgomery Congress has since adopt
ed a Permanent Coostitntion, under the title o
the "Constitution of the Confederate States of
America." The ratification of the Conven
tions ot five States is made suffloient for the
establishment of Ibis Constitution, between the
States so ratlfy'ino- the same. When five
States have thus ratified the Permanent Constl
tution, the Congress under the Provisional Con
stitution is to prescribe the time for tba eleo
tion of President and Vice President and for
members of Congress, and to prescribe generally
for carrying the new government Into effect i un
der the Permanent Constitution. -
.'This Constitution is, in all essential respects,
similar to the Constitution of tue United States.
But the Congress which adopted the former had
the advantage of experience, u to the opera
tion of the Federal Constitution, And have,
therefore, made some deviations from the
latter, which are generally admitted to be, In
some particulars, decided Improvements. We
shall specify some af these change, and leave
our readers to judge of their relative merits.
' The first inquiry naturally will be, what pro
vltinns does the Confederate Constitution make
in regard to slavery and the slave trade t It
provides that the citizens ot each State shall
have the right of transit and sojjurn in any
State of the Confederacy, with their slaves And
other property, And thAt the light of properly to
said slaves ihill not be thereby impaired,.. The
clause relating to fugitives from service is sim
ilar to that in tha United Statea Constitution,
except that the phrua "No slave or other per
soa held to service or labor In sny State or Ter
ritory," is used. "'
The Constitution provides that in all the Ter
ritory belonging to the Confederacy, the insti
tution of negro slavery, as it now exists in the
Confederate State, shall be recognized And pro
tected by Congress end ths Territorial Govern
ment; and that the inhabitants of . the several
Confederate States and Territories shall Lave
the right to take any slaves lawfully held by
them Into any oi the Territories.
The importation of negroes of the African
race, from any foreign country, except the slave
holding States and Territories of the United
States, it forbidden; and Con great it nqulred,lo
past such laws as shall effectually prevent the
same. Congress hat, however, power to prohibit
the introduction of slaves from any State or Ter
ritory not belonging to the Confederacy.
New States (either , slaveboldlng or free)
may be Admitted Into the Confederacy, by a vote
of two-thirds of the whole House of Represen
tatives, and two thirds of tha Senate, tba Sen
Ate voting by States. ' ; .
Some of the provisions wbbh Are claimed to
he Improvement upon oar Federal Constitution
are the following : f ' 1
That Congress shall not appropriate money
except by a two-thirds vote, onless It is asked
by some responsible head of department and is
estimated for; that no claims shall ba voted for,
unlees a judicial decision Is first had to establish
their Justice; that no extra compensation shall
be allowed for service rendered; that the Presi
dent has the power to veto any single item in
an appropriation Dill, and that every law or reso-
ration having the force of law shall relate to
bntone subject, which shall bs expressed In the
title. ....
All bounties to sustain particular branches of
businett are prohibited, and duties upon impor
tations for the purpose of protection are not al
lowed.'-In providing for a postal service, the
Constitution requires that it thalt be self-sus
taining After ths first day of March, 1863. Con
great is prohibited from Appropriating money for
internal improvements to - promote commerce,
except to furnish lights, beacons, &o.'; and to
Improve harbors. This latter provision will
leave such projects as a Paaifio Railroad lo ba
undertaken, if undertaken at all, by private en
terprise. , ... f ,..
Tha reader will be satisfied, we think, upon
comparing the Coostitntion of the Confederate
States with our own Federal Constitution, that
the former can Justly lay elaim to superiority
in soma important respects." In soma few par
ticulars, it may be open to objection. Bat there
does really seem to be nothing 1st either which
should prevent an Immediate re-onion and re-
storatlon of harmony noder one General Gov
ernment, as heretofore. Wa close with tha fol
lowing extract from aa artiols lo tba Philadel
phia Ltdgtr, cammentlns; npon tbe two Consti
la the mala, the ohaniret ntfmtei art laproTemcnts
poo tbe United Sutee Oonelttutloo, which probably the
people of the latter Oorarnment would never be able to
eenre la their oranU law, throutb tbe forme aeeeorlbad
. .. vuu..,.u,u. nlgir, aoomproaaua ai some
lature day may be preaented, which will Include the ap
pro vnntaiOD of both- VonatttnUoet. and tha two
Mtlouiatmlr, tenBowtargoteranewand Improved OoB
illtut on, ta-h aa rtp,lt,c baa luntaMd at neeamry
to onion ant fraternity; . . - i , .7
I ' m -
'-Tba United States Army la ll 'rebellion!
la other words, It hu been satisfactorily aa
cerUined at ths War Depaftmnt( through tbe
officer In command of tht several posts at
which the army la distributed, that tha rank and
file refuse to ba amploytd In cannonading, fast'
Udlng And bAyoneting their tellow countrymen.
They declare that they were tnliited to fight
Indians, Mexicans, British. French. Bn.nU,,.
or any other enemies of tha country who might
present themselves, but not to fight the Aror-
ICnt. So tha hnainaaa nt anmlnii U . .
lock, for the coodund sufficient reason that -m.
ercivet", are not .forthcoming. If.
Y, a
The Constitution of the Confederate States. OHIO LEGISLATURE.
MONDAY, March 25.
Upon a 'call of (the lanatA, SI Senators an
swered, i U; I 1 t r ' ,
On motion of Mr. STANLEY, the Senate re
solved Itself Into commute of the Whole, on
tha orders of the day. Mr. Smith In tba chair,
and after tome time spent therein, rose and re
ported back tha geofcral appropriation bill and
bad leave to tit again- - - -
Mr, PARISH moved to strike out the appro-'
nriation for Superintendent oftbe State House,
on toe groona tnat that n a supernumerary oi-
fice-and he advocated tha abolition or tnat of
fice, aa an economical msasar.- The 1 motion
wu disonseed at length,- and was Anally cur
ried the word Janitor being (osertednsteadof
Superintendent.'! , mi,....j ' -. . .. Jfi.
Mr. Mot; ALL, moved to strike out iiwu l or
the salary of this office nd lutart $600, but
Afterwards withdrew it. v 1
Sundry other amendmentA were made, and the
bill wat mad the special order of the day at 11
o'elock to-morrow morning. .-
President MUNKOE signed sundry Joint net-
olntlons and bills, lo wit: ' . -
H B 290-Amsndlng sections 33 and 35 of the
road act. - - - m
II B. 301 Amending the ioepsotion act of
1831. , , i ........... ,. '.. . . .,n
H. B 359 To make a free road of a toll road
in Green townablo. ' ' ' '
S. B.204-Definliir tba Jurisdiction of the
Probata Courts of Shelby and Geauea counties
. 8, B. 240 To taabl purchasers of land in
tha Scioto Salt Reserve, in Sacksoo county, to
obtain deeds. vft '-'
8. B. 244-Kegulatlog duties of surviving
partners. . '
S. B. 261 Providing for the collection of cer
tain taxes.. .I I. . ...
S B 263 ReculatloK the prosecution of
claims against the State.
8. J. R Concerninr a National Convention
8. J. R. No. 102 For the preservation of
Census Returns, Ate.
8. J. R. No. 105 Concerning election oi
United State Senator.'
H. B. No. 323 To enoouraje the organize
ttohot rire uompaniee.. . . .
H J R. N. 115 Relative to a joint com
mittee on the Publio Works, was referred to the
committee ou Public Woiks. -
H J R.N 418 Relative to the claim of
E. P. Grant ' Laid on tbe table. '
Adjourned. " '
MONDAY, March 25
Mr. DICKEY, from the select committee to
whom waa tsferred II B. 302 To amend the
laws regulation chattel mortgages, reported tbo
same with amendments, wbloh wore agreed to,
when tbe bill was set for a third reading on
Thursday next . . -
I Mr. McCUNE, from tha select committee
to whom wss referred S. B. 78 To amend the
laws relating to ditches, reported tbe same back
with an amendment, which wu agreed to, when
tbe bill wu set lor a third reading oo Wednes
day next i
Tbe Judioiary oommlttee reported back H.
Br 396 Supplementary to tbe juslices'oade, and
recommended its iodefiuita postponement, which
motion wat agreed to.
Tbe committee on Claims made a report on
the claim of the State against S W. Andrews,
lata Quartermaster General, for tha sale of old
arms, and recommended that the Attorney Gen
eral be Instrutted to settle with him for $500,
which was agreed to.
Mr. SLUSSER, from tbe select committee to
whom wat relerred H. B.221, reported theaamo
back, when the bill wu ordered to be printed.
Mr. DICKEY offered tbe following resolution
of amendment to the constitution, which wu
ordered lo be printed:
Wbiabas, The Supreme Court of tbs Stats of
Oblo nu heretofore decided that all male per
sons oi the ace of twenty-one years, bains res
idents of the State , of Ohio, and having mora
white than black blood in tbeir veins, are, under
our present Constitution, electors, and thereby
eligible to office, Ao therefor,- -Btit
Retired, 6y (At General Attmblj tf tht
Situ tf Ohio, It tbe earn shall be agreed to by
three fifths of the members elected to each
Hons, that it ba and is hereby proposed to tbe
electors of tbe Bute of Oblo to vote on the see
ond Tuesday of October, A. D. 1861, npon tbe
aooroval or reiectlon ' ot the following amend
moot as a substitute for section one of article
five of the Constitution, viz:
' StowioN 1. Every white male citizen of ths
United States, of tha age of twenty one year,
who shall have been a resident of tht State one
year next preceding tbe election, and of tha
oaunty, township, or ward In which ha resides,
sueh term - u may be provided by law, shall
have ths qualification of an elector and ba en
titled to vote. at all elections; PrtmM, that no
person having any admixture of African blood
shall bs considered a wnita male sitizen within
tba meaning of this section.
Mr. ANDREWS, from the oommlttee on Fi
nance, reported back II . V. No. 403 -In relation
to tbe annual settlement of oounty officers, when
the bill wu ordered to be read a third time tomorrow.'-
" J ' , '
Mr. ANDREWS, from tha select committee
to whom wat referred II. B. No. To reduce
tha number of common oleaa iudee in tha Stat.
recommended its naAtAsei Mr. Andrews, on bit
own part, protesting agaiost-the disoontiouanos
of a Judgeship in the 1st . sub-division of tbe
second district, and tha alteration of ths 3d dis
trict. . - . . . - - I
Mr. HUGHES movsd to amend by axoepting
the additional judgeship in tba tub-dittrlot in
cluding Butler county. - - . .
On motion of Mr.SLUSSER.the resolution
directing membere to- deposit copies of their
speeches with ths Slat Librarlao, wu taken
from tba table, when the resolution wu lost
yeas 30, nays 43 . . , ,u
On motion of Mr. VINCENT, lbs resolution
directing a committee to examine into tbe man
ner in wbloh tha pnblle money hu been expend
ed onthe Publio Works during the put year,
wat taken from tbe table, and after being amen
ded so as to require tba committee to report
previous to tbe sine iit adjournment of ths Leg-1
islature, It was adopted. '
Mr. STOUT offered a' resolution directing
ths appointment of a committee, with power to
send for persons and papers, to examine; Into
tba matter and report whether any of tha Di
rectors of tba Penitentiary are interested In
contracts. ' - ' :-' ' - ' "
Oa motion of Mr MU330N, tha resolution
relating to tba purchase of a atatue of Simon
Keotott waa taken iron tha table aad referred
lo tbe committee on Publio Buildings..-.
fl R fAnAMnln. tha t .kla A It. kill
ilea of married women was read tbs first time
8. J. K lUt-RelAtlve to the collection of
bank taxes, in certain eases, wu referred to tha
committee on Finance.'
8 J. R 106-Relatlve to the payment of tha
lata John C. Wright, u react Commissioner,
was adopted yeas 71, nays 4.
. H.. B. To provida for tha payment' it
tba funded debts of municipal corporations with
tba Senate's amendments, wat taken up, when
siAf n w ,. .a. a
mr. DALiwiii opposed tae amendment.
Tbe ' amendment wat disagreed to vest 14.
nays51. " ' ---
. A communication-was "received "from tbs
Comptroller of the Treasury, in answer to -i
resolution of inquiry from ths House, In rale
tion to the expenditure of tha canal fund, wbioh
wa oruerea io do printed. , , ...
Mr. 8TOUT presented a letter from the
Treasurer or Noble oounty, la. relation to the
taxing of oil wells, which was referred to the
committee on Finance.
I Mr. WOOD Introduced II. B 4C1 To oro.
viae I or awing oiactmraa in uttowa county,
wmon wu reao toe nrsi urns. , . , . ,
The Judiciary committee reported back II. B
321-Relatlve to the opening of tbe water courses,
amended by a new bill, when lbs substitute wu
agreed lo, and tha bill ordered to ba read a third
time to-morrow. , . . -t .
On motion of Mr. CHASE, the rannrt im iK.
cUlaxofE. P Grant was uken np, when .
i Mr. CHASE referred lo tba clroumsteooes
nnder wbloh tbs claim arose, and suggested that
the subject be referred to the Board of Public
, Mr. DA V IS noted that the renort and resold
tion bs referred to Ue committed on Publio
Works. - X - -
Mr. KRUM said that, as this was only a qoet -:
tion whsthsr tba Stata Is liable to an Individual
for damages from their negleot to keep the cunal
In older, h moved thAt the subject be referred
to tha Judlalary committee. ! V ' t t
Mr. cua explained tbe obligation ottne tiute
to pay this clajtn, and objected to a further ref
erence of the subject. '
Mr. SLUSSER objected to tht frequent ref
erence"of inbjeota from one committee to An
other, this delaying business. . r.
i Tbe motion of Mr, DAVIS was fllsagretd to.
' The resolution' referring the subject1 to tbe
Board of Publio Works waa then adopted.
- On motion of Mr. CONVERSE, tha resolu
tion for the admission of James Kehoe Into
tbe Institution for the Blind, was taken froiA the
table. " '..-. - - .t . . v v
Mr. RUKENBR0D oppoied the Adoption oH
the resolution, on the ground tbat tba oase was
not such An one as deserved further extension
of time In he Blind Asylum. ; The young man
In questloo had Already received the benefit of
A full course of study in tbs Institution he hat
a gooo trade, and bat been onerea a oouar per
day for hla services, at broom making, which ba
refused to : aecept he la now twenty-two or
three yeart of age, and Is not, at bat been sta
ted, dependent oo the labor of bis irienas lor tup
port, tit therefore onnoted a change in the gen
eral mis of tha Asylum In this case, also,: for
the retson that there was notiroom to accommo
date blm, except only at tbe expense oi otners
who are deserving of tbe advantages of the In
stitution, and who should be there. . Should the
Legislature admit tba young man Kehoe, he
1 A , I f . . . ' . U . .
wuuiu aieo aaa ror me somiasiuu vi uuo ui mo
constituents, educated at tbe same Asylumand
whose claims are just as great as are those of
the young man now seeking admission, contrary
to rules and Justice. He hoped the resolution
would not pass, or any like It, until the legis
laturs saw fit to enlarge the capacities of the
Asylum to such an exteut that all tbe blind of
the 8tate might be received and ctrcd for. '
1 Mr. ANDREWS thouehtthe applicant was a
proper subject for admission Into the Asylnm,
and he hoped the charity of the State wonld be
exercised In this small mutter. " '
' Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, opposed the resolu
tion, and quoted tne report of the committee
oo Benevolent Institutions' on this ease, lu
wbloh the same facta are stated as those men
tioned by Mr Rukenbrod.
Mr. WOOD advocited the resolution, At It
was a small Affair, and several cases of those
now In tbe institution are parallel to this
one. ' ". '
Mr. McCUNE opposed the rerolatlon, And
referred to tbe law governing the Instltutiou, to
show tbat the request of Keboe ought to bt
granted. - " -Mr.
CONVERSE said the report wat crrone
out In some of its statements, In reference to
this young man, that might affect hit character,
which, be laid,- wu good and fleiervine.
The vote wat then called on tbe resolution,
which resulted yeu 32, nays 47.
Mr. VORIS offered a resolution thatbereaftcr
when this House adjourns, It shall be tilt nine
o'clock A. M. of the next secular day; when
Mr.- STOUT gave notice tbat he wonld dis:
eats it.
Ths Home then adjourned. ' ' ' -: 19
TUESDAY, March 26, 1861—10 A. M.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Goodwin.
(Tbe Message from the Governor transmit
tlog the communication irom tbe President of
tbe United States, concerning a National Con
veotion, on yesterday, wu, on motion of Mr,
ORR, laid upen the table and ordered to be
printed.) :, i i
H. B. No. 323 To encourage tbe organist
Uooof Fire Companies. . -
Mr- PARISH bad leave to introduce S. B. No.
287: To abolish tbe office of Superintendent of
the State House, and to amend tbelaw of 1861,
concerning tbe completion of tbe State House.
Tbe bill provides for tbe appointment of
Janitor of the Stata House, with the powers
now vested In tha Superintendent oi the State
House, at a salary of $800 per annum to bold
offiee for two years. , , , . ' ,
Mr. BREWER, from the select committee
to whom wu referred H. B. 121 for the relief
of Mount Pleasant Boarding School, - recom
mending its passage.
Mr. BREWER presented an elaboratejrepbrt,
setting lorth tbe facts upon which the bill
based, in detail. : Hoe bill Is to relieve the in
stitution from the payment of certain taxes un
der tha lawa exempting property for educa
tional purposes from taxation. Tba eabjeotwas
thoroughly disoussed lut winter, and the bill
wu relerred to Mr. Brewer to inveatlgate tbe
subject. -i. ".)
A motion to read tbe bill a third time was
lost. . ' .-
On motion of Mr. STANLEY, tbo special
order, being the General Appropriation bill, was
taken np. lhe amendments in tbe committee
of tbs Whole were taken np seriatim. '
A motion to appropriate $300 luBtead of $800
to compensate the Attorney General's clerk, was
debated at length and prevailed by tbe follow
ing vote, via: i . ... : ,
i nose w no. votea in tne aiurmative were
Messrs. Breck. Brewer, Bonar, Fisher, Glass
Harsh, Jones, McCall, Moore, Morse, Newman
Orr. Parish, Ready, Scblcicb. Smith and Stan
ley 17.
' Those who voted In the negative were Messrs,
Collins, Cox, Cuppy, Foster, Garfield, Holmes,
Key, Lukey, Monroe and White 10
; Absent Messrs. Cummins, Eison, Ferguson,
Harrison, PerriU, Potts, Potwin and Spragne.
Mr. COX moved to strikeout 1300. and insert
,Vuu. Agreed to yeas 17, nays 13.
.Tba Finance oommlttee reported an amend
mcnt to suiks out ths appropriation or $2,000
for tba Superintendent and Janitor of tbe State
House, and insert $800 for the Janitor, which
wu agreed to by the committee of tbe Whole
yesterday, and came up tbla morning for action
Alr tvbx opposed tbe amendment, end mot
ed to amend iteo as to retain the Superintendent.
and nay blm $600, and tba Janitor 1800 1 - .i
fending tba; question, tba Senate took a re
cess, r-' Lit '-S ..l . m.i n i
TUESDAY, March 26, 1861.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Clapp' ,
Mr. NIGH presented tbe memorial of W
W.Dmlth and 21 others of I.iwrenro nnnntv.
agaiuut mo juriuer immigraiion, ot colored peo;
t . .t I .. . r ' .
P'- -. . . - - . . v v.
The followlnc bills wera read a aeoond time
and referred as follows t
H- B 452; To authorize the townsliln trustees
to examine the books, vouchers and moneys iff
oetowDanip treasury, rinance.
H. B. 403; by Mr. MoULUNu. on leave:
To require tbe county commissioners of Miami
county to Institute proceedings lu qut tenrranlt
against turnpike, plank-road and other road
oompaois. la certain. eases.. Judiciary,.
it. B. 4o4; by Mr. FELLOWS To amend
tb act entitled "an aot defining the Dowers
and prescribing tba duties ot the lijard of Pub
lio Works," passed and took effeot March21;h,
1860. 57 vol., Stat., 73 , Public Works. ..
H. B 455 To amend tbe first and third see
tioos of an act providing against ths evil result
log from tbe sale of intoxicating llnuors lu tbe
btateorOhio, pissed May Ij.1854. Temper-
ca. .'".-.,;, . (.
'.-'H- B. 456 To provida for the payment o1
the State debt. Finance. . . .
II. B, 320; bj Mr. KRUM To regulate and
limit the fees and salaries of county treasurers;
wsnreao a mira time, wnen
Mr. KRUM explained tbe object of the bill,
that it was to reduce tha fees' of county treas
urers to what will ba a proper standard. He
was satisfied that tbe fees coonty treasurers
bow rtceivs constitute an annual salary nearly
aonoie mat oi almost any otner pursuit in Die
II compared the economy of pit men t bv sala
ries snd fees, showing that ; an annual salary Is
mors certainly economical, and mors In accord
ance with ths spirit of our Institutions, than
nMmf.nl h faM anil Ut nr, J aA hw ftiA P.nnati'
tion. He considered tbe relative security of
faithfulness under the two systems, to show that
ao better attention to buslneu was ensured by
.i . it . 3 r-
scw uau vsiaiin. ui DTeienieo a list oi coun
ties, with tbs salaries proposed under bis bill.
and the Income of treasurers nnder the present
system - " ... '' '
Mr HUGHE3 moved that the bill be Uid on
the table whlob was agreed to '. ' " ' '
Mr ANURiSWo moved that the bill be taken
from tba table, and that it tnd II. B. 3CC Pre
torlbiogiha fees of county treasurers be re-
t X . - . i. . I . . . V7: L ' '
lorrwta m ma woiuii on riDsnue. . .
JI.B. 3C3 To amend sections 6.32 and 31
of tha act sntitiad "aa act for the ase;emotit
and taxation of property," passed April 5, WJi
wu laid on the table.
H. B.381: By Mr, CLAPPTo preverri thi,
use of campbent hs a buruinj; fluid wat read.a
third time; when,- ? J . vl f .?
Oo motion ot . Mr. i LAliU, It ;was amendud
by striking out tbs provision nukin.gvkt .man
slaughter to tell, camphene, when death1 shall
result. f
Mr. FL A OOOToTatesj lhe"Bssar-of tbe
bill, and pointed out tbe rsrloua consennences of
.ma pctiiKiviL tuoagiH n was nanocosasry
to pass tuch a bill, at the good tense of the
community would regulate the mattery and he
thought we might with, saloty rjiy upon .the Inr
troductlon of coal hud rock oil for its final' ex
titration. ' -
The vote wat then called on the passage of
tbe bill, whibb resulted yeas 32, nays 48.
H. B. 321-By Mr! IHTCHCOCK To pro
vide for removing obstruction! aud improving
tha channels of rivers for tbe purpose ol drain
ing marshy ot tow landsjn this State was read
a third time, when ta i'.i i .ai.ii
Mr. HITCHCOCK stated tbe object of the
bill, which is to provide lor the Improvement of
a large amount of swamp lands on the Cuyahoga
River. ' -. '" ' .
I Mr.STEDMAN explained that the draining
of this land might Injuriously afleot the water
nower at the village of Hiram, in Portase coun
ty, though lie was not able to state exactly About
it.-'il v
; Mr. VINCENT moved that the bill be hid
oo tbe table, which motion was disaerccd to
, Mr. VINCENT objected to the bill, A8 It had
been changed trom a general to a local measure
since it wao Introduced.
Mr. BLAKESLEE explained the circum
stances connected with the locality', fo favor of
tbe bill.
Mr. ROBINSON explained that though the
bill is changed to a local, its general features,
so far as respects Iheadjoinitogo0untry,had been
Mr. STEDMAN ' moved thtt tbo bill be
referred to a select committeo of one
Mr. CLArP advocated ths bill, As, from his
knowledge of the locality, he was certain, it
would promote tbe health ot a large portion oi
the oountrv. -
Mr, HILLS eugvstcd that tbe eommittoe do
made no ot the Representatives ot -summit, rr
tage, Cuyahoga aud geauga oouotiea
Mr. KUiUXSun- -moved tne previous ques
tion, which wat sustained, when
Tbe vote wu called on the passage jot the
bill, which reulted yeas 65, nays 16.
II. B. No. 401 (Br Mr. Hills To amend "on
set entitled an aot to regulate the fees of clerks
of tbe courts of common pleas, passed May 1st,
1854, and to repeal section six of said act was
read a third time, when
Mr. McCLUNG explained that the bill was
to renulre the county officers to pay for all
blanks and stationery Uiel in cases yctte they
have speoifie tees. .'-.
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, opposed the bill
as it would afford no material saving, while
would materially disturb the public business
' Mr HUGHES moved that the Hohso takes
recces, which was agreed to.
Mr. HILLS said the law At the present time
does not provide for the furnishing of blanks to
county officers except tho Cleric, and only sta
tionery fcr that office, that a great abuse had
grown np, bv which blanks are supplied, tbat he
would cut on oy tnis out. .,
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, said that as the bill
had been changed since it was first introduced
he moved that . It be laid on tbe table and
. The Houie then took a resets.
- Thk "Load3" or Great Britain. The roll
of the Lords of Great Britain shows that there
are 30 spiritual lords and 427. temporal lords.
reconing Lord Auckland among -tho former as
Bishop of Bath and Wells. The spiritual lords
are 26 English prelates and 4 Irish, the Irish
prelates on the roll this session being the Arch
bishop of Dublin and the Bishops of Down.Ossoi
ry and Coak. Of the temporal lords, three are
of the blood royal, the Prince of Wales, tbe
Duke of Cumberland (King ol Hanover,)and the
Duke ol Cambridge. Then follow 20 dukes, 22
marquises, 131 earls, 18 viscounts, and 223 ba.
rons. Asaieninc all such neers to the rank Am
title by whiub'tboy, are oommunly'kbown, and
speaking popularly, tbe temporal lords are,
prince, a king, 27 dukes, 35 marquises, 170 earls
31 viscounts, and lb2 barons, 1 he whole cum
berin tbe House, therefore, is 4-; a geuera
tion ago it was not 4UU.
A Weiohtv Decison. The Supreme Court
Uallioroia (Judges field, Uope and 1 italdwin
has affirmed tbo judgment of tbe Court below,
whereby it waa established that the owner ot
land in California, under a patent from the
United States, owns Alt' thai grows npon or
burled within that land owns trom the centre
of gravity to the top ol the highest tree the
same as in our older btates. in IsoJ tbat sam
Court decided tbat the mioerals- embedded In
such lands belonged to the State, by virtue
pnanisb Mexioan law and tbe principle of fcmi
oent Domain. That decision is now completely
reversed, by a nnanimous decision rendered on
tho 15th nit., and the right of the owner of the
ouii hi iue luiuerain uuuu&iuu tuereia in ueciarcd
absolute. Tbe parties litigant were Moore
against Shaw, and Fremont against Flower, and
the point may now be considered settled. Neu
i ark Tnpune, ,;vT ) J .' -i 7,.-'c
1 "
'. .
Tit fob Tat. At St. Paul, recently, a Rev.
Mr. Fi?k declared "that John Brown was a sec
ond Jesus Christ." . Some sensible men assem
bled to consider certain political matters con
cerning tbe domostio relations of Minnesota,
and in view of the above adopted the following:
. Whereas, The Rev.' Mr. Fiek, of St. Paul,
has declared from tbe pulpit, "that John Brown
was a second Jesus Christ;" therefore,
j4 Retoh'd, That Mr. Fisk, tins madehira,elf
second DttUam'i ait: prbvid'eflrhbwevefoth'
log herein contained Is intended to slender tbe
original ags, by intimating that Mr, Fisk is his
lineal descendant. - ,, ....
,i Loss of Faopeaty ano Son In law. A mer
chabt in New York, who had become badly in
volved, concluded to .convey real .eattte and
stocks to one of hit clerks, who had Elicited
bit daughter's hand in marriage some months
before, and whose suit he indignantly refused,
tits resolution .being taken, .be "explained mat
ters" to the astonished clerk, who readily fell in
with his employer's plans. The property was
soon transferred; the merchant failed, "losing
everything but hla honor;" and the clerk im
mediately sold the rear estate and stocks for
whit cash he could get and fled to Cuba, leav
ing tbe merchent to mourn over the depravity
of human nature. r r -
A Dilemma Old Abe's administration is just
n In a most woful fix. If coercion is attempt-
ed toward the seceded Stater, tbe Border slave
States will go out of the Union, and the country
will be lost.. If a paciflo policy is adopted, the
Chicago platform will go to pieoes. and the
BUci Republican, Partj will Jje irokenIqto
fragment. )Tbt President' position may how
be, likened to an imoxicatea individual, who
was one very cold night holding on to a spile In
tba edge ot tne dock, ana wno thus moralized:
"If I bold on here," said he, "I shall certainly
freeze to death, and if I let go I shall fall in the
Water and bs drowned "
A Gunt in Embryo--
Journal save that Mr. George Howard and lady.
of thai place, are in possession of a prize In the
nature of a mammoth -baby.- Its age is six
months, and It weighs sixty one pounds, Mr.
Howard Is a saddle snd harness maker, of
BDrinitfield. and lives on Adams street. Nei
ther fad nor bis wife are above lhe oiediioketat
ore. i bis child is, witbont doubt, tbe largest,
taking its age into consideration, that has been
on record. It Is said that Its strength Is fully In
proportion to Its stature it lifts and throws the
chairs around as easily as a boy or bve years
' wTbe Montgomery t, eorrespondent of --the
Columbus Timet write that tbe daw bill nro-
vines lor lour commanuers, tour captains, and
F 3 , .
lour nuosrea marines ; am taat the lour cdm
rnaoderships will be, do doubt, given to Com.
modoret Rousseau, of Louisiana, and Tatnall.
of Georgia: and Captains Randolph, of Ala
bama, atid ingraham, of ' South Carolina. He
also adds that tb president-Intends keeping in
position itia present poscmAstets tbratrgbotit the
Cotifederat States, who bavs discharged all
their dntiM ' ' "' JJt-l -.mmU eil.i-e Jft
.,, I : r If-If ... .1 - -I , ta.i); ji-..
, i- j . 1 . ' , 1 . t .t n;t
"The Wasbiepton dispaUihea say the great
est trouble of tlia Administration with the army
! that the commanders do hot know wbotolrnAt.
Tfaodsmdref th troops ''say that they Will nM
fight againat AmericBn.- They did not enljatj
foi that purpose, and will not do It. Tht ao-J
tborl ties have plenty of evidence of this.
Minor News Items.
; V-Tbere are now no Cadets 'at Wts
feom the leOodod Statet. i
West Point
iam the leooded States. ' ,f V !
' -MJreek'-eolns have been -found in England,
withld a thor period supposed to -bave been
brought there by the Romans.
Trie Bjnk of England ros"rjC3,159b5Jt
$10,000 last year, VTl f,r6rje,v This U less
than the average.',. It I ,tl f 'C ,i j
Sir Arthur Cotton, ah eminent engineer In
India, says that to produce oo .ton in that ooun
try successfully will require irrigation by means
jpanal oommunloatiOB wilh.rivors.. J'
Martin Van Buren la the only Individual
who has filled the, four highest positions under
the American Government. He has been U. S.
Senator, Socretary of State, Vice President and
President.' .! i i, 1 1 it -ihi-, .'f
During the? three months ending February
20, tho Adams Express Compauy conveyed to
the Uuited States Mint atfh ladelobia. S&.4UU,-
000 Conner cents, to be exchanged fortheniokel
ones. Ut tun amount, $lviuu,uuu were sent
- I. . r - . . . . A n..n .
irom iiostoo and tne cast.
U6on o'nf itreat Northwestern lakes In 1860i
no less than in .vessels were wrecked, ana. oe
tween throe, and fouf hundred Uvea were lost
Foe six years the aggregate losses, as reported
bvl tbe Board of Underwriters, were;$ll,2b2,
618, and nearly two thousand lives. . . 1 1 j
The last csnsus'Of .thi 'several. provinces
give, the following' results for the kingdom of
Itnlv: Piedmont, 3,815.637 .Inhabitants: Sar
dinia,' 673.1 10; Lombardy, 2.771,647; Modena,
oW.UMi farms, aud,704; Tuscany, 1,7 VK.aJB;
ex-States of the Cburch, 1,060,360; Naples,
6,843,355; Slcllfy 2 231 ,020-total, . 21, 092,020
inhabitanislii 'i iu i--i' 'i
Secretary tbaSe' has our most cordial sym
pathies Oof correspondent announces thirty
two butlielt at hla proportion of appllcatioof). np
to Ibis writing, tnd theory it "still they oomeJ'
At this rate the Treasury bmiutng win soon De
full,: and .be. will have to , secure outside
storage room; Citt. OaitUt.
Gaowuno. The -Democrats! in ths Repub
llcan runks say thoy don't get their share ol tbe
Washington crumbs.1 JThe Now : York ' fof
(exDem. and now Rep) as ifjii. dudgeon
thus sums up; Ex Whigs 22, ex Demoorata 4
A WosoAaroL Paoaaxsa. Tbe Melbourne
Herald states . tbat in less 'than a quarter of a
eentury Australia has increased from a popula
tion of 170 to 530,000 persons; and In ten years
bos exported ju.uyu.uuu ounces ot gold-,, , ,
Mrs.- Galoes la receiving a great man at
tentions in Washington since the decision in her
favor. Though depending upon tbe pension
given her by Coo cress for ber bui-band sorvi
ces, and now becoming a millionaire, her great
est toy Is that, by this decision, she Is recognized
As the only legitimate child of Daniel Clark, and
the attempt to place a bar sinister upon ner
escutcheon has failed.
An American and a Mexioan, havinCr got
into an affray In a gambling saloon in Monterey
thev drew tbelr knives, when several ot tbe na
tiveS rushed np to help their ountryman, where
upon the American attacked tho whole ot tbem
killed two, seriously wounded three others, and
then found himself alcne in his glory, all the test
of tbe Mexicans gamblers, epeotatort and. all,
having Ued from tne saloon. . . . .
SaLa-aiks or Fobiion. Ministers. The tola
ries of the minister to London and Paris aie
$17,500 each; to Madrid, Berlin, Vienna, St.
Petersburg, Pekin, Turin, Mexico and Rio Ja
neiro, $12,000; to Santiago and Lima, $10,000;
to all other oourts, $7,500; Tbe console at, Lon
don and Liverpool have aialaiy'or $7,000;
Rio Janeiro, Havana aud Havre, $6,000; rtti
Calcutta, Paris and Japan, $5,00,0; at Hong
Kong, Alexandria, Foo-chow, Vera Cruz, Pana
ma, and Callao,: $3,500; Glasgow,-Frankfort,
Constantinople! Tripoli, Tangier,' Amoy, Ning
po, Lahaina and Valparaiso, 3,000. : : ,t,- , ; ,
i .
The Colombia (S. C.) Guardian denies the
assertions of .tho letter purporting to have been
written by Judgo Robert Lyon, of Abbeville,
S. C , which' originally appeared In tbe Wsco
(Texas) Gatetlt, , It says that there Is no Judge
Robert Lyon in South Carolina. The letter,
will be recollected, asserted that the secession
movement bid proved ruinous to South Caroli
na, pecuniarily, and that a regular stampede
pinutcr was laaing piace. , , , :
7 i I' '
Loss of Sleep.
It there anything mora' wsaring to both mind
and body than loss of sleep, or If. any difficulty
or disease can be oftener traced to other than
lo89;of sleep, then experience has lost its pow
er, or Siduey Smith, the great English Physiol
ogist, is not to be relUdT npon. Of this; let the
experience of thousands answer, and try the To
lu Anodyne, and they will be ready to endorse
toe remeK ot- one oi tue mends, oi me- proprie
tors, wno writea, "wereine directions to be eov
ered with sovereigns to pprchaae, I would not
be without it." i This ail will eipo-.ionce by Itt
nse.j eee advertisement, and call lor pamph
1018, r , t-
At Oloveland, March 20th, TaOHAg LOUQII, son
8. B. and Sarah R.' Jackson, aged 1 year and 1R diyi.
At H. B.Uigh'i, In Brown tp., on Monday, March 25tb
at 0 b 'clock P. M., ALBBBT 0., oldertsSA cf Jonh O
and jratiNii TnoHrrox, aged 3years andSmonlhs..
Th funeral will take place on -Wedneiday, th 27th
Initant, at 3 o'clock P. ,11.. from lhe residence ol the pa
reDti, corner of Thlid and Monhd streets.'' ll
j Board Wanted, : :
JJi Town Street, for atuan and his wife, whs will na.
not over $R,00 per week, and for a lady and yonng child
who would .pay tJ5,00 per? wbtk.) ., At least two food
roonu wanted with Bra and llghla. ho other boarder, pre
ferred. In soma quiet and reapeotable location. Addreis
Willi real name and mil particular,, ,
atiSi:3td K. W., Columbus P. 0.
', (Journal copy twice.)
j David A. Fisher's Estate '
Xl Ithe nndcnlgned has this day been annointed by the
Probate Court of Franklin county, Ohio, Administrator
d Aon no of the eatata of David A. Fiiher, late
Truio town,hlp,ln said county, deceaied. Dated this
uth day of March, A. V 11-01.
march35:dltw3wl VCll ! -.1. t J0n WXIflHT,
I' i..
i .-i i
Have last received a new miVe of. HOOP SKIRTS
Untitled In' a manner he superior lij any yet ' introduces
Canton Mattings.
J -4 4 fl-4.
A4, fl-4, " While and Hed
t White th Kited of superior quality. For sal by
DAtn as pun. '
No. 39 Sooth High st,
ho House for Renft k s
J. X corner ot High and Long. Jtnqulre of
mh21-d3t. . .1 1 , ; J. H. RIXXY.
EOIl HEftT-A Brick Doom, eh Oayatreet,
-eight Boom,. Apply to S. M. Mllli, or at trif
tlaa.r.e''l , ... .... B.;8, COjf.. IM
h B: A change;;,
HAVino, ON TltF. nth INST.i PVHm
cbaeed of B. R. WBAVBH hit entire etock of Dry
Ooodi.at No. 103 High Bt., with ths view of changing
my location, i wm hu until ths Brat day afAprll, with
ent fweJ-lU U (Ui ? , ,'iJ i,i l t
Fancy Drees Silks, FrihgeS, Buttons, rlmalngs,Ao.
AlaoFlguied Merinos, De Lainee, Shawls and Cloaks,
i EegarflleM of Costl,7C "
' felfiflJlm .f-O-JOs) tl -iiJ.P. 9.1t00n.
aelvea to ha Indebted to th lata Arm ni mil
DH1DOB a W II1TB will please call and settle their
accosnt. and tberaby say eoiti,,- I
All notes and accoute remainlsf np1d on the Brat
of April will benlaoad In thsaandi of WM.I..HSIVL.
J. p., for collection.. b-,n P.N. Willi ,
snar7-dwtaptl, j M ,i .. inrvlvlng Partner.
AM Btrett Basques and alaotlea; alio. Rleh Trlmmia
and Taneli to match, at
or Seminal Wealcneai, Sexual Debility, Mervouinefa, In
volunUry. Emissions aed Impoleney, reiultlnf from
Bilf-alrtlle, iap lly Rolit. J. OulVerwell, Af. D. Bent
under Sal ia a plain envelope, Ao any aildremi, poet
paid, on receipt of two ilampa, by Ir. C1IA8. J. O.
Kl.lNB, Vil Bowery, new iorn. roitumce vox. No.
w '
Mr alt TIIKOA I' itnd
Including- WHOUPINdi
OOTJGlIa sand every
sjomplalut tlio forerun
ner of, and even nctnl
BEMED(Y,. eornsiifiPTioiv.
Tit ret NEUIIAIa
GICHI:rnt;iY and Nat
ural OPIATE, adapted
to every apecles of rer
vous C'nmnlalnUt Ner,
tsui and Ohrenlc
Headache, Hlionma, .
itam, Catarrh, Tooth
and Car Ache, f.oae of
Sleep, andHowrl t'om,
No real Justice can be done the aliove irepanition
but by procuring and reading descriptive pamphlet!.;
be found with all dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand. Formulas and Trial pottles lent to thyal
clana, who will And development In both worthy their
acceptance and apprornl.
uormpondence solicited rromaii whose necessities or
enrloiiry prompt, to a trial of the above reliable Berne
dlea. i i . ...
for sale by lhe uiuil wholesale and retail dealer
everywhere. ,..-,',.
No. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Kan
Robert a Samuel. N. B. Mamie. J. R. Cook. J. Af
Denlit, G. Denlt; Ac Bom, A. J. Bchneller As Sou, Airents
tor polajnbua, Ohio. v, . myl-dly
In All caie of eostlvenoN, dyipepiia, billlous and Uvel
affectlona, plies, rheumatlim, fevers and agnes, obstl -nate
head aches, snd all general derangement! of health
these Fllli have Invariably proved a certain and ipeedy
remedy. A tingle trial will blaos the Lire Pilli beyobd
the reach o'fcompellHon lo the eitlmatlon of every p-
tient, . . , x .
Sr. Moffari Phcnnlx Bilters will be found equally tf
Icacleus hi altcases of nervoas debility, dyipepsla, head
scl-j, the ilckoees Incident to' females In dejicale health,
and svrry kind ot weakness of the djgeitlv organs. '
lor Sale by Dr. W. B. MOFIAT, Broadway, N. T. .
andbyallDrosgUta,'' , may23-dtwly
Aim auiiuwiug i an exuack irom
letter written by ths Dev. 3. 8. Uolme, pseter oi ths
Plirrepolnt-Street Baptiit Church, Brooklyn, H. V.,to
the 'Journal and WeMenger," Cincinnati, 0., and speaki
volnmet In favor of that world-renowned medielns, line
WmiLow's gooTBuis Bianr roa CHiura TmBwa:. ,.
"We lee an advertlnnent In yonr column, of Mai
WmiLow'a SooTniMs Syrup. Now we never said a word
in favor of a patent medicine before In our Ills, but we
feel compelled to lay to your reader! that this is no bum
bug wt Hive Tiura it, aim kiow it to aa iu it
claims. It is probably on of th moat auceetaful medi
cines of the day, became It is one of the belt. And Ihoae
of your readers who have babies can't do better than
TWm. r.ii. i. - - t r .
lay in a supply.'; . . ocV7:jydw
) and PERMANENT OUItK of th
. distressing; complaint aw
Hade by O. B. BBTatOUB At CO., 107 Raaaa Bt., R. T.
Price I per boa-; sent fro by poet.
aayS-dawlyls - -
Watches! Diamonds!! Silver Ware!!!
and Silver Watchei, In great variety.
I am Agent for the Amaiea WAicn Oo , and cin
sell the, excellent Watches at manufacturer,' piicef,
.I.I...IVL.I I n-i-t.
Come and choose from my beautiful dliplay of Dla
monde and other rich Jewelry. Btykanew prleee low.
Aa to Silver Ware of iterling quality, I can ahow new
patterns, very handiome
Silver Plated Ware, Tea Bette.TJmi. Walters, Caslori,
BjikeU, Pltohora, Oobleti, Knives, Forks, Spoone, Ate
Then I have lupplyof fine Table Cutlery, Pocket
Knivei, Baaors, Ac, and many Fancy Ooode such aa
ar dealred for preienti at luch price, aa are an Induce
ment to lhe purchaser. WM. BLYNN,
.... ax., in ii t t, i i.
marSl North ltd Bute House aquare.
WBEH you go to New York , drive direct to the
t Condoctsdon Ihs
. Good Fare, Good Room,, Prompt Attendance, and Mod-
aratA flh,rM..
-----. i i 3.. I . ,
- DOnpLB ROOMS and PAHL0R8 $1,50 to BJ.
' ' .- ' ' ' 1 . . t
Meali ss ordered. Tbil Hotel hu all the appointment!
of the beit hotel,, a moat central location, and la heated
throaghout by a team. BAMUBL X. MBAD.
marchaV13m . .V'"I V ., n .Proprietor.';
. ..Vol.
Far march, loth,. 1801,
TT T . T. m i m- .
now ouy ror oai Avarywntrt wise Five
' "... Cenl CVT.
,. ; CONTESTS: '7 '
"STILL WATERS;" A Brilliant Stoiy.
"TIIH OH RAP BXCUK8ION;" A Complete Story. -1
(tumber . . ,
:, TBB DYING BOY'S RKQUE8T: by Maria Norrls. '
LOVE: A Poem.
Villi .Ana O TT- H I, n nM TnwA.. . . "-y.
unvuun dvivbud ur LunvUH VAOTH ABOUT
vniHoUuvubK 1,01103 01 ,0D1H A?RI0A'
Atd -mn'ctr other ' Interestintr and Inntrnnttwa
One copy... , $2 pet innnn,(
.-. nu i at miotic, Publishers, .
. . ' ' next to thePoit-Offlcs, Plttiburgh, Pa;
, buhh b 1 , ueuerai Agtoi. , .. .
o Tpnwrnv n . , . .
asrch8r-i '" ?.!. ' - .'." t ; -. ,i
' .'-; Coioanua, March 18, IfcjOl. (
ei Tcra? aA ict ' - a m m. . ,
lie anctlon, on Baturdu. March 3oth.
clock A. AI., at th affloeof tht Treasniwrof Stata. m-
Ihooaand dollars of the Bonds of tha 8tu ai Ohi
ng Interest at th rat of six per oent. per an-
rv-u" wuii-aunuany in tne uiqr or ew
Yon, aad the pilnclpal redeemabl at tae oleaMra of ih
State. ..,...,
Tbtee Bonds were denaalted with tha TrH.nM. Af
Stale of Ohio for the purpote of eecorlng the circulatlDn
tit (It Ra.in.. Dk . n..i . I I.i
ssld for the purpose of redeeming ths aarae. r
arenii,.9iu , , , A. Jr. BIONB, Trtat. ' '
L flammaUon and pain, and heal the worst bam,
id, brulae.cut. or freah wonmi .n. nj . "Vfl
swelling and pain from.be stings, mo.qulto bite! bdA '
poiaonous plaats. neuralgia. ,k' ..i! .? .7.r
. "" . nnen taken Interna y. It will
poeiuyely cure croup Inolilldren.and gives himlat
relief in the worst ess of thU tabwimpWnTalao.
remOTOi DOArMIieU mnrl tanrw Ihonal. Pu uc
1 . .. . ' 1 . , p. u
bottls. i Blu-nld be In every hotu." For uirb, DrwV
filU and Btorekeeper. IRVIN BTONB.
oit4dkw lyU ,t'' " Vork ' ' " '
Til I tl AN -e
T, Woodbury At Co.)"' 1 ' ' is1'. '
U O Superior Court. r' j ,,
Oeorire W. Allen. 1 .'-.
Bl V,J?TS ot,L " rr. pa.
torn directed from tb SDnerlae Court nr .
oounty, Ohio, I will offer for eale, la the town ot Nw AI. ,
oeny,a.uie note room of li. W. Altan,a lot of Dryi,.
Ooodi and KoUona, lerlad en aa tho property of O. W
A Hun - mlm mmhm,.!.. n UlNUniV .l 4.1 . .
March, A. D. lcHil,et 1" o'eltK-H A. M.
. 1 . .1 '.. . uuffman, Bherilf, 7
march 1:10td ' -' By Id. Davia, DepV- 1
Printer ' fee, $3,-r0.

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