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.She (Ohto Statomn
7 V.. ' t ' ..
Tie Adam Exprese Company pleoea na dally
urnler oblixatioua to II tor me very ch"
Irom tbe eaeicra citioe. ;l .
The Aruerluan Express Company baa our
tbuuku for its daily favore lu the ewape of the
vert lateel eastern papers..
Notioi to SoDiORiata City subscribers to
the Daily Statesman, who may change their
dwellings or places of business at thia season
of the year, are requested to notify our carriers,
or leare word al our countlngr-oom, of the
places at which they wish their papers left
thereafter. ' -
Council ParraciDiNos. The Council held
regular session last evening. - ' ' ;l
A petition for an alarm bell to notify the
Fire Department ot the locality of fires, wae re
fetred to the Committee on that Department
Mr. Riley offered a resolution, which was
adapted, directing the City Clerk not to issue
any orders on the City Treasurer, alter Satur
day, the 4th Inst, ' ..' .
On motion of Mr, Comstock, a resolution was
adopted, directing the Civil Engineer to enter
into a contract with John G. Bicxil for paving
the nnpaved sldowalks on the east side of Sixth
street, from Town to Rich etreet, at the rate of
twenty cents per cubic yard for excavating, and
$7 SO per thouaind brick for paving. 7 .
Mr. Comstock also offered the following res
olution, which was adopted:
Resolved, That the Chief Engineer of the Fire
Department cause to be made an estimate of
the cost and expense of constructing water
works, on the following plan, for the purpose of
supplying the publio oleums with water lor me
purpose of extinguishing fires in the oity of Co-
1st The exoense of erecting a stone column
or tower, on the city lot, on State street, be
tween Htch and Front streets, aatd tower to be
elevated to the h eighth of twenty feet above
High street, on Mouud street.
21 The cost of a wrought iron tank on the
top of the same, 0! aufllcient capacity to hold
5,000 barrels of water. .
3d The cost of a pomp of sufficient capacity
to fill said tank, and the annual expense of fill
ing tbo same. The cose of main pipe from said
lot to High street and thence north and aontb,
from North street to Mound, specifying the kind
and size of pipe.
4th The cost of pipe east from High to Fifth
street on North, Long, Gay, Broad, State,
Town, Riob, Friend and Mound streets, speci
flog the size and kind of pipe, cost of connec
tion, cocks, &e 1 Sto. . . 1 .
On motion ot Mr. Dotmr, a, resolution was
adopted, authorizing the committee on Way
and Means to borrow five thousand dollars for
four months, at a rate of interest not exceeding
six per cent per annum. '
The memorial of Gioxos 8. Hodokiss was pre
aented, asking the Council to appoint the Or
phan's Home or some other (lace, where loat
children might be t aken care of till called (or by
the parents or guardians. Referred to Presi
dent . Donaldson, - ,
Places were designated for holding the, elec
tions on (be Arst day of April. '
Mr. Morixta offered the following resolution,
which was Adopted: '
Resolved, That in the absence' of our col
league, Mr. James Stauring, owing to affliction
io his family the decease of bis aged and esti
mable mother that the Council, in respect and
sympathy, do adjourn to Saturday evening next.
Adpumed. ,
Oreidc This Is the name of a new metalllo
alloy used extensively as a substitute for gold.
Stores for the sale of it b.tve sprung into exist
ence all over the country, and newspapers con
tain flaming advertisements of "full set of
Jewalry for only one dollar, being the stock of
a large manufacturer," or "merchant," "who
is obliged to dispose of bis stock on account of
the panic." ' , 7' '
" Oreide la a French discovery, and is manu
factured to a large extent in Waterbury, Con
necticnt. Its component parts consist of pure
copper, zinc or tin, magnesia, sal ammoniac,
quick-lime and tartur of commerce. The fine
ness of grain In thia alloy gives to those objects
of art composed of It a delicacy and a purity
of detail that cannot be obtained from bronze.
, The alloy .ii essentially duotile, malloable and
durable, and can be oast, rolled, drawn, stamp
ed, chased, beaten into powder or leaves, or
treated In any other way the artisan may de
lire. r ; '.
The discovery of this metallic alloy may be
placed among the wonderful achievements of
modern Invention., .Ita use will bavo a tenden
cy to place within the reach of all,' the nsefnl,
ornamental, and higher prod nets of ait.' It la
said by some that none but the best judges can
tell It from gold, while others assert that It re
quires practical, chemical tests to decide with
an'ycertainty between the genuine artlole and
pure gold.' . 1 Jj ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '' ' ' 7
ET Miss FaaMKiNHiao, a pupil of the cele
brated Faotsxx, at Mr. Hitl's Seminary, on
next Thursday evening, at seven o'clock) will
give, in the English language, explanations,
and, with the aid of several of her Infant pupils,
illustrations of the system practised with so muoh
euccess in .the Infant Gardens, Parents and
all ladies And gentlenten who feel an Interest in
the correct trainiog'and healthy development of
the infant mind and body, are earnestly Invited
to be present. There will be no charge for, ad'
mlttatce, as the objeot is solely to awaken an
interest In the great FaoiHis system. Should
Thursday evening be rainy, or otherwise Tery
unpleasant, the proposed interview will be defer-
, red nntll next Toosday evening .
.ii. m '
Escape or Convicts. Two- prisoners escaped
from the Penitentiary about five o'clock, yes
terday morning. They are Frank B. Gonrair,
eentenoed in Montgomery oounty, for tryee
years, for'forgery, and Cbalij E. Hates sen
. tenced In Hamilton county, for three years, for
grand larceny. ' Early la the morning, before
the guards were placed upon the wall,, the fere
ma.oLH0Li., Brows 4 .Co, brought these Jo
convicts out of their cells, for the, purpose of
having tbem clean the boilers. Tbey took ad'
vantage of the early h,our and the inattention of
- the foreman to procure a ladder and escape over
the wallit ;;i ; I "7.77,1 ;.;. J
PtACi a or HoLDiNo mr. Oitt- Eticnowa.
The City Council has designated the following
as the places for holding the Elections on Mot
diy, the first day of Aprilti , t, t f ,
Flrei War North Engine Home. 1
rtietnd Ward Bnckeye House.1;,,' l'r '
Third Ward United Statea Hoftl.,
'JtoiA. Wri New England House.-
Fifth Ward South Engine House.
Fis.-Tbe dwelling-house of Mr Faxizia, on
Sullivan's Hill, about a mile south-west of the
oity, on the Harriaburg turnpike, was consumed
by fire last evening.. The building, which was
a double log-bouse, was reduced to ashes 1 bat
most of the movable property,- In . H waa wed.
OMn EsorraH. For any one. rich or poor.
nnn'a Balm rives Immediate and pera
anl rallnf in aUCSM WDSre an external reme
" f
4j li applicable.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Malls (or New York 017, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, gteubenvtll war, Cleveland, Zanesvllle,
Newark, OranTllle. Waihlof ton Oity, Baltimore, Phila
delphia and Maw Orleans, close dally (Sundays sxoept
ed) at 7X o'clock p. m. .
A through null for New York and Glare land elosas
oauy (Hnndaysaxcepted) at 1 o'oloek p, m.
0. 0.4c 0. R. K. way Mailoloaes dally (Sundays ex
cepted) at 1 o'clock p. m.
Central Ohio Way Mall closes dally (Sundays anepbd)
at 1 o'clock p. m.
Olnoinnatl way Mall closes dally (Sundays excepted) at
1 o'oloek p. m.
Chicago, Dubuque, Delaware, Marlon and Worthing
ton Mall closes daily (Sundays azoepted) at 1 o'clock
p, m.
Malli forXenla. BDrlnifleld. Dayton. Toledo, Cincin
nati. Indlininolle. LouUvllle, St. Louis, and Detroit,
cloees dally (Sundays exoepted) at 7 p. m.
A thromh mail to Xenia, Bprlnrfleld and Cincinnati
cloies daily (Sundays exoepted) at 1 o'oloek p. m.
Urbana, K iqua, limn and union oity man closes daily
(Hundays axoepteaj at v4 0 ciooa p m.
Lanoaater. Loran. Nelaonrlllo. Olrclevilla, Chllllcothe,
Portimouth, Waiblngton, 0. H , Athens, Marietta and
Illllborou,h, malls close daily (Sundays excepted) at7X
o'oloek p.m.
i Cast way Mall by National Boad to Zanesvllle, oloses
oaiiy (Bundays excepted) at 11 o'clock a. m.
Ilariiiburgh Mails cloaa daily (dundsys exceptej) t 1
o oioek p.m.
Mt. Vernon Mall, by way of Westervllle and Bunbury
closet dallv (Sundars exceoted) at 1 o'clock D. m.
Dublin Mail closss dally(8undays excepted)at 1 o'clock
p. aa,
Malls from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Albany,
rlttabunh. OlerelMiri. Duvtnn. Toledo. Xenix. Detroit.
Springfield, Cincinnati, Ohilllcothe, St. Louis, and all
southern cities, arrive between the hours of S o'clock p
a. and 4 o'oloek a. m.
Mails from Indiwinolla. Ohlcaro and Dubnaue. arrive
at a;vs . m.
Mails from Washington Oity, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zanesvllle, Newark, Bteubenrillo, Mt. Vernon, and the
u. u. B. K. way ilalU arrive at ilX o'clock p. m.
Way Mail from Cincinnati, arrives at iH. o'clock p. m
Lancaster Mail arrives at o'clock n. m.
But Way Mail over tha NaUonal Boad. arrives at 11
Mt. Vernon way Mall arrives at 11 :00 a. m.
Mail from Dublin arrives at S o'clock p.m.
Urbana Way Mail arrives at 8 o'clock p.m.
Barrlabuiah Mall arrlvea at 11 o'clock a. m.
o'clock a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Sundays
from 7X to 0 o clock in tha morning, and from S to S In
Rail Road Time Table.
LrtTLS Mum fc Ooluwics k. Xmt. B. B.
9.15 P. M.
2 30 P. M.
8.45 A.M.
1.40 P.M.
l:.A. M.
Accommodation....... 6.10 A. M,
No. 8 Ex 8.30 P.M.
Night Express 8.45 A.M.
Kxpress and Mall.. ..... 3.00 P. M.
Night Bxpress 3:25 A. M.
OxktralOhio B. B.
Express Train 3.00 K. M
Mail Train 8.40 t. U.
8 30 A. M.
8 20 P, M.
Pittsburgh, Columbus Cihcihhati B. B.
Bxpress Train.
Mail Train
3:00 A.M.
8.40 P.M.
8.30 P. M
3:80 P. M.
OoicMBua ac ItroUKAroLis B. B.
IColumbus, Ptqua a Indiana B. R.
Express Train 8:10 A.M.
v Bxpress Train 3:45 P.M.
11:10 A.M.
Personal. -N. Gundersblmer has just re
turned from the east, where he has purchased
one of the finest assortments of Cloths, Cassl-
meres , and Veatingsof every grade and variety
ever offered In this market. He has purchased
his entire stock of first bands, which will enable
him to eell as low as any other establishment
west of the mountains. He has secured the ser
vices of the well known cutter Mr. Robert
Spurling to take charge of the tailoring depart
ment. Those desiring the best of material got
ten np in the latest and best style of cnt and
workmanship, will do well to call and examine
his stock before purchasing elsewhere.
tie has also a full and complete stock or
wentswurmsning - gooaa, an oi wmcn naejust
dZPSg" Per90D8
v a e si . ' a i 1 a t I
ai . j ii i . j . L i n . mf , i
inTi ih.timi. " i""-"
suit tbe times.
Remember the place, No. 129 South High
, XT" .U f iL. r 1. 1 ir..- I
..tec., uwr uri,ii vi iu. "
ComjHS. The sudden ch anges of our cllmat
are sources of Pulmonary , Bronchial and Asth-
matio Aflectiona. Experience baving proved
that simple remedies often act speedily and
certainly, when taken in the early stages or tbe
disease, recourse should at once ne cad to
"Brovm'i Bronchial Trochf," or Lozenges, let
the Cold, Couib, or Irritation of tbe Throat be
ever so slight, as by this precaution a more se
rious attack may be effectually warded off,
Public Speakers and Singers will una mem ef
fectual for clearing and strengthening the
voice. See advertisement. For sale wholesale
and retail, by Roberta Sc. Samuel, No. 24 North
High street, a. Samuel uo., no. oa soutn
High street.
Good We met one of our friends yesterday
on Broadway, and were astonished at the change
in nis appearance, a tew weexs ago we saw
him, he was pale, lean and dejected; complain-
log of weakness and debility, having been so
ifiioted all summer. Mow be appears to be lat,
healthy and strong. We learn he owed bis res-
toratlon entirely to Mclean 'a strmothrnino
Cordial. . '
We advise all who are complaining of Gen-
eral Debility to try it; it is certainly a very I
nleasant remedy. We learn that there are large
quantities of it selling daily. Morning Herald
ID R. KiRsrATRicK, No, 165 South High
Street, bae a very choloe assortment of Gold and
Silver Watches, floe Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
and Plated Ware, at prices to suit the limes. :.k
ILT see advertisement or rroi. miLLia s
Hair Invlgorator In another column.
Fox the WMiken and Hair.
Tha subscribers take 1) eainra in announcing wina
...... . ...I
dltissns oi tha Vnlted Statea. that thej nave obtained the
AtAej for, and ara bow anablad to offor to tho Aaerican
nublio, tha abort Jmtly eslsbratcd and world-renowned
articis. w
ta nrtnaTed bT Da. O. r. BbLLlCiOHAM, an emineni
. . , ... ..j i. t. k.tti. ..I.
L,w-Tr ". -a -
: -h v w
Whiskers fir a MllStafJlC
.1 i '
f tha kind Hd b th. French, and in London and Paris
It If ID tanlTtraal ntMe
. . . . - '
. Itli abeaUfaL omomiflU.floo
wmponna.MiiDRM u ny magic u poo wm roow, cnoiing
Kaaaniirni imwin at mmriani itniv. ir eirtrtiisMi m iru
scalp, it will core aiumm, and eauie to epring up in
Place or ice Data spots a nne arowin oi new nair. Ap
plied according to directions, U will turn bid or towv
balr bark, and restore gray neirto its original color,
leavlDi It soft, smooth, and flexible. The "UNaonrr" la
an Indispensable article In every gentleman's toilet, snd
after one week's use they would not for an oonekleration
The aubecrlbera are tha only Agents ror tne article in
the United Statea. to whom all ordors must ba addressed.
. ESS?. "LV7,"'
mini, .i.w.vi u.. "a -
ih rinaiixi atTasti will ba aent to anvwno aesira lu dvi
mail (direot), secarely packed, on reoelpt et prloa and
postage, f 1. 10. ppiy n or aaarepj .
'' DROeaisn, Sto., '
febSOdwCm 34 William Street, Hew-York.
i 1 Wholesale and Ketall Dealer in . :
Foreign & Domestic Cigars,
"'7 ARB R1BT RRAirae 7
' Smoking-& CLeuirj Tobacco
Also,' the best quRllty ef tSVTTB eonstantly
. en nana.
TXJOoTintrjr Merchants are invited to call before pur
ehastni elsewhere.
' i Bet. Hahand Syoamore. " -
BerRl-wha ' ' O.
I. ,i i i ... I m
ioi.nEi nii,i. sninTa.
Uf All siaes and qualities; als BOYS STTTRTB of
' annerloraaako. for sals few BAIN At BON.
' t , Ifo. lonth High street
Intereatins; Ilekate In the TJ. 8. Senate
AnoiUer Lara; Batch ! Jonfir
anaaione Df tia senate; al, of Ap-polnimenli
br ttse President rrob.
able forfeiture of a steameblp and
,rsn aanow wrseana vol. Lainon'1
viskio rorsBumter lviaj. Anderson
tvlll nrabablr Kvietuata tha I'mt
To-morrow Civil. War Apprebend-
" naa aiassisa-ine sea
ceealou (ineatlon In Virginia Tom
Corwln to leave New Orleans for
Mexico on lTIonday next Attempt to
ov aa now isrk u ana 11. aa.. tar.
ter not Appointed Oovernor of 'Ne-
oraota, but Oomoromlsod for a Ku
ropean Secretary ablp O.OOO Honied
iroons at rensanoia ane
Con-federate Government Preasr
Ing; for Kmergencles Republican
ffliall ARents Obnoxious la Virginia
Convention to be bold In Arizona
Territory-Affairs in jnexlco-dcc,
Ac,, ice.
From Washington.
Washington, March 25. Confirmations: J.
R. Giddioes, Consul General to the British
American Provinces; W. H. Panel, Consul to
Vera Cruz; J. Breton, Consul to Southampton.
minister corwln leaves WewJUrleans, April Itt,
for Mexico.
. Washington. March 25. The Senate to dav
confirmed N. L. Stoughton, from Mich., Attor
ney, and B. F. Hall, from New York. Chiflf
justice or uolorado; B. N. Pettis, Associate;
Charles Dickey, Marshal for Michigan; e. Con
gressman Duell, Indian agent; M. C. Leech,
Iteeister Ot too Land Ulllnn At Traversa C t.v.
Miob., and Reuben Goodrich, Receiver at the
same place; J. M. Peterson, Register, and E
lieleavor, Receiver at Detroit: S.W. Brown.
Receiver at Van Couver: S. W. Pare. Recister
and Receiver at Ionia, Mich ; F. Eriggs, Re
ceiver, ana u. u. kodipsou, Kegister. at Sagi
naw; S. M. Case. SiU'vevor General of Cnlnrn.
do; J.A.Burbank, Agent or the Sao and Fox
ana xowa Indians ; w . tiillpin, Governor of Col
orado; L. L. Weldsey, of Colorado; Joshua
K. tiiddlDES
Tbe following confirmations were made for
Lieutenants In the armv- W . n. Wlllinmn. T
P. Baker. Charles Tomnkina. S. S. Elder. A
Sheridan, Sereeant H. P. Pi erce.
1 ne following are before the Senate i H. Bar-
ny, Collector of New York; W. P. Kellogg,
Chief Justice, William Millegan, Associate, tor
Nebraska; George Turner, Chief Justice, and
Horatio Johns, Associate, 0. M. Mott, Associ
ate, D. Bailer, Marshal, and B. Banker, At
torney all for Nevada. W. H. Frv. Secretarv
of Legation at Turin: J. Leslie. Consul to Li
ons; vv, n. carpenter, (Jonsul to rooobow; W.
P. Morgan,ConsuI at Niogpo; C. Van Horne.Con.
sul to Marseilles; R. C. Parsons, Consul to Rio
Janeiro; m. Howard, Consul to Messina; R.
W. Schufflold, Consul to Havana: T. B. Law.
reoce, Consul to Florence.
Col. Lamon. despatched to Fort Sum tor. will.
according to despatchei received to night, return
on Wednesday.
It is not probable that the Renubl cana will
again attempt the election of Serreint at.Arms
ana f oor-aeeper.
Washington, March SC. Intelligence re
ceived to day from Montgomery states that by
the first of April there would be concentrated
JT-. I O
at Pensacola 5,000 troops from the Confederate
States. Ihis sudden movement of troops in that
direotion was made upon tbe statement that a
AarnSAnMn t - Jt L - a A' TVT tr.'l
miuitiivDuicui uau uchi Bent irom new XOrK
for Fort Pickens. The Montgomery govern
ment deem It advisable to be fully prepared for
"J wuiwicm;r
Tnere & t tfe , d f
eight mi.?lonr advertised for bj Secretary
vnase win ue inaen at lair rates.
The Post Master General is experiencing
some trouble from the new. mail scents in
virini. Tk. i .1 .i, .i.....
' r"77" u"8.. ZZ-'Za" 7
w .w .uu iwNici. W kUS UU1UVKT MKOUIS 11
thev attemnt to An their dnl. anrf m, h.. 1.
ready resigned, and the other is expected to
throw np his commission.
Several Virginia Republicans have presented
taemseives lor ine vacancies, and will serve at
all hazards. - If the people interrupt them, the
niaus are imeiy to De cut on .
From New York.
Nkw Yonx, March 26.--The Timet' corres
pondence says : Messrs. Hedges, of Vt., Hard
ing, or renna., and 1 neater, of Ohio, were
nominated for tbe Board of Appeals on Patent
Cases, provided by the new patent law.
Several gentlemen arrived here from Texas
within a day or two. One of them states that
in conversation with Gov. Houston, a few days
since, he stated that civil war In Texas was in
evitable, and Alabama would soon ba involved
in the same dilemma aa Texas now Is. The
Southern Commissioners are troubled . by tbe
recent news from Texas.
The following nominations of Indian agents
have been sent to the Senate: TbosJ. Galbraitb,
Sioux Agent, at Yellow Medicine: T. K. Stan-
trd, Receiver of Land Office at Sunrise, Min
Inesota; I. M. Stlckey, Reelster of the Land
Office at Sunrise, Minnesota: Stephen Miller,
Receiver, and P. C McClure. Register, of the
Land Offioe, St. Cloud; Re v. J. Akerns, Re
eeiver at St. Peters. Minnesota: F. A. Reas.
Receiver at Hambleton, Minnesota; H. W.
Halley, Receiver at Chatfield, Minnesota; Lieut.
f'iS""' -V""
Li E ebb, of Wisconsin, Chippewa agent at
Lake Superior; Luke Marvin, Receiver, and
Sindney Luce. Register, at Portland, Minnesota.
President has received several annlicationa from
Louisiana for cadetsmps at West folnt
Tbe Virginia secessionists are beginning to
despair or passing a direot ordinance ot eeces
sion, and are ursine tne adoption or tbe Ar
kansas plan, to submit to tbe people tbe ones
tion of secession or co-operation. Tbe Union
men are confident that secession wonld be voted
down by a large majority, but they are .nnwill
ing to Involve tbe State in the bitter contest
wbicb wonld result , and tbereiore oppose suoh
The Herald' correspondence says, among the
nominations to-day were H. Winter Davis, of
Maryland, as Minister to Russia, and Richard
Hildretb, the historian, as uonsul to Tripoli
Tbe nomination of Wm. Pennington, Jr., as
Secretary to raris, will probably be rejected;
the main ohjeotion being that he cannot epeak
Secretarv Chase has appointed L. E. Chit
tenden, of Vermont, Register of Ibe U. S.
- . . . ... t... j. u.i r
. 8 suioum in uuaies uuuub u""Ki"S
to the Chickasaw Indians, now in tne U. a.
Treasury, la 1$1,318,2S1. This tribe is located
In the Indian Territorv south of Kansas.
Alvln Sanndera. of Iowa, has been antviinted
was effected between the parties, to-dav: and
ai-. r.irter la tn have a fnreiffn miiuinn ner.
. . fj- r
napg secretary ot Legation to Knssia
' TfiA TVsfiMeeA TstaK tnrrfn viitAaTrr1ania
a uu aw swsw rsw w v esDuauK. wwu wa a vovvuuvuvv
says the claims of American citizens against
P.hllA VtttVA Keen VAfArrerf in thft ArhftrAtinn nf
Belgium. UaieO lUSUing 18 tnelr principal
a. 'I'K1 aalaaasaa ta BtA aeanAii nr,l nw
CUUuoci. iuib rviviuuuo is hup roaauu eDBoigucu
Mr. SADford'fl deD&rtare for
tQnQ rje Baj8 on BftturdftT D6lt
r w
St. Lodib, Maroh 25. Tbe Unconditional
Union Convention, tc.day, nominated Jno. How
for Mayor.
Resolutions were adopted, deolarini tbe pres
ent depressed financial condition of the country
to be the result of the disunion movement, and in
favor of a continuation of tbe present economi-
cal svstem of the city administration
i. .- t.i j: a. n ......
a eueuiai umu-.tu u jji.i ""
the passage of the Metropolitan Polloe Bill, by
the House, by 60 against 32, and has doubtless
already reoeived the signature ot the uovernor
New York, March 25. The Steam-ship
Bienville, from New Orleans, li under surveil
lance by Custom Howe authorities, for an al
leged violation of tbe revenne law, abe not
having a proper elearance. The cargo is valued
at UUU.uuu, tne least portion ot it coming iroro
New Orleans under tbe coastwise act. it ca
the vessel are liable to forfeiture. The vessel
Is not officially seized, but the Collector bas the
matter under consideration, and will probably
give bis decision to-morrow.
New Orleans. March 25. The steamer Ar
izona, from Braros, has arrived, with $276,000
in specie. ,
Gov. Owens, or Arizona, in repiy to ine rex-
aa Commissioners, appointed to confer with
New Mexico and Arizona ror the formation or
Confederacy! writes them, to be present at a
Convention in Mesilla on the 15th of April,
to consider the present crisis.
Mexican Affairs.
New Orlians, March v 2B. The steamer
Tennessee bis arrived, with Vera Crux dates
to the 21st lost. . , . . . '.,
The Macedonian was at Saiirlflolo'g.
The Drincioal road to the Capital swarmed
with bands of robber. Capt. Oldham, of the
British steamer Valorous, was severely woond
ed by robbers, while returning from the city of
The constitutional Bovernment was maklne
slow progress.'' .
uor. eeamera is dead.
Rumors had reached the Caoital that a party
01 nilibustera baa lavaded Lower caniornia
It was also reported that a movement was
progressing for the separation ot a number of
tbe border States, ana their erection into the
Sierra Madre Republic
Mr. Salignv tbe French Minister had present
ed nis credentials and waa lormairj received
Attempt to Rob a Bank.
Niw York. March 25. An attempt to rob
the New York Eiohanee Bank was discovered
this moruicg. Some weeks since, burglars'
Hired the cellar adjoining, and nave since exca
vated seventy feet to tbo Banit sale, 1 De? only
succeeded In getting one tnousana dollars in a
tin box on the safe, when they were disturbed In
their work, and escaped. There were nearlv
half a million of funds and securities in the safe.
A man named Harmon Roberts was arrested on
suspicion. ' ...
Niw York, March 26 The parties supposed
to be implicated in the robbery of the Mew
York Exchange Bank, are two well known
English burglars, who were arrested about two
months ago in this vicinity, but subsequently
aiscnarged on a habeat core.
Virginia Convention.
Richmond, March 25, Mr. Bruce continued
his speech, showing that Morrill's tariff is rule
ous to Virginia, and favored the presenting of
an ultimatum to tue norm, witn tne alternative
that Virginia will secede if it is rejected.
On tbe question of inserting Carlisle's sub.
etitute in the report of tbe committee, Mr. Wise
desired to speak, but was physically unable.
r . -j . i i j .1 1 . .
utuupiru vuu miuuie gruuuu, endeavoring 10
reconcile tne nnstiie sections ; I ne debate con
tinned till recess without a vote
Baltimore, March 25. Tbe Methodist Con
ference adjourned on Saturday to Staunton,
Va , after tbe adoption of a plan of separation
from tbe Northern church the Bishoo of New
York in tbe chair but afterward declared the
action void 45 declined votlne. and 35 were
Charlcston, March 25. Col. Lamon had an
interview this mornine with Governor Pickens
ana uenerai Beauregard, and left, in company
wun uoi. uuryea, lor rort Sumter. The opin
ion prevails that Mai. Anderson will evacuate
Wednesday, this week.
PiTTsnuROH, March 25. Merchants and bust
noss men generally are receivine Missouri cur
rency at ourrent rates below par, which to day
per cent, discount. -
U. S. Senate—Special Session.
Washington, March 25. On motion of Mr.
Hale, bis resolution for tbe election of Ser
geant-at-Arms and Door-keeper was laid over
tor tne present.
On motion of Mr. Powell, it was resolved that
the President be requested to communicate to
the Senate, if not incompatible with tho public
interest, tbe dispatches from Major Anderson
tbe War Department, during the time he has
been in command ot Fort Sumter.
Mr. Howe resumed his speech in oooosition to
Mr. Douglas' resolution, calling for intormation
relative to Southern forte, 4c .
He showed the difficulties of nrocurine
amendments to the Constitution, which Douglas
advocated as a remedy for the troubles, and
argued that the recognition of tbe seceded
States wonld not produce peace, and the issue
between loyal citizens and those who defy tbe
authorities of the government. He said the
Unionists in tbe seceded states were borne down
tyranny Irom which they ought to be reliev
He asked uougias to unite wltb him and
Republicans in a declaration that while we
not intend to make war, we do not intend
war shall be made on ns.
Mr. Douglas said if tbe War Department was
not in possession of the Information this resolu
tion calls for, no barm could result from such
answer. He apprehended that this Informa
tion would tend to allay publio excitement.
supposed there was no danger as to Fort
Sumter, but desired to know whether Fort Pick-'
wouia do nciu merely ior irriiauou, ' '
He wanted to find ont whether we are to have
peace or war. ue oeiievea tne policy to be
peace. The threat to collect tbe revenue and
blockade tbe ports without legal authority was a
threat to violate the Constitution. Was It wise
delude the people Into the belief that tbe Ad
ministration was going to do what the Constitu
tion does not permit. ' :. ..';'.
Mr. Howe said tbe senator Insisting on sum
moning the people to- provide means for getting
revenue, and summons the Government to
abandon the revenue. ''
Mr. Douglas replied that he endeavored, du
ring the last session,-when--tbe Republicans
were rushing through a bill to destroy the reve
nue, to prevent it; but tbey would not listen to
warning, and he apprehended that an extra
session would be called to undo part of what
was recklessly and unwillingly done.
It seemed Impossible lor tbe Republicans to
make speeches without impugning his motives,
assailing his oharaoter. .
Mr. Howe said be bad opposed the , amend
ments he (Douglas) proposed, with a view of in
suring safety and equality, and restoring peace,
unity and fraternity to tbe whole country.
Mr. Llarfc, interrupting, said ne was one who
chose to stand by tbe Constitution aa it is. be
lieving It better than entertaining compromise.
Mr. Douglas No doubt the Senator enter
tains that opinion, even if disunion was the in
evitable consequence, and would prefer war to
amendments to tbe Constitution. - . .
Mr. Clark said he could judge of the amend
ments only when proposed, and deprecated
Mr. Douglas Yet when the question of war
or amendments was proposed, be understood
Mr. Clark to be against all compromises
Mr. Clark distinctly believed be could stand
on the -Constitution hotter than anything else,
and avoid war by taking that position. Tbe
time was not far distant when the lawa would
be enforced all over tbe Union, without the use
of the bayonet
Mr. Douglas Still, no one denies that seven
States have expelled federal authority.
Mr. Clark inquired whether the Postoffloe
Department did not-' run mails through those
Mr. Douglas believed tbey did, but with the
consent of those States, but letters might be
opened without punishment.
Mr. Clark inquired if the revenne couldn't be
collected on shipboard, it congress ciotnea tbe
the President with cower. ' " '
Mr. Douglas supposed they could, but he had
been speaking ot laws as tbey are., tie regard
ed this as an admission mat toe Jiepnoiicans
did not mean to collect revenue until tbe, laws
wre chaneed.
Mr. Clark wished Mr. Douglas to take the
admission as including nobody bat himself.
Mr. Douglas thought the admission to clear
that he might include all tbe itepuDiicana in it,
and said the triumph of the Republicans had
brought disunion, and uod only knew what eon
aannnncea were to erow out of it. .
Mr. Howe aiked Whether he understood that
the election of Llnooln insteady of somebody
else had caused a dissolution or tbe union.
Mr. Douglas said it be bad succeeded
rlfatlnp the Republicans,' thereby rendering
certain that that polioy wouldn't be oarrled out,
the Southern people would nave rested in secu
rity, and tbe Union .would not have been die
solved, i .j .
Mr. Howe Inaoired what polioy t
Mr. Douglas replied, sectional polioy, beoanse
the Republicans - ma Re war on slavery as
BTat nolitloal and moral evil.
Mr. Howe denied tnai tne nepuoucans were
Seoiiuuai punj. . i .. ,
.1 1 . ' ' ' I . lT.li.1
Mr. Douglas said ine ncpuoucan party
hasad on hostility to slavery. He replied to Mi
Breckinridge's argument, that under tbe law
it now stands, as to every territory witnont ex
eention. a man can remove thither with
slave property on equal terms with other prop
erty. Tbe KepuoiiOBDH, iu organising govern
mania for Nevada. Colorado and Daoorab, a
the last session, did what they bad not done
19 vears before, and did wnat tbey roe so long
bad abused mm t,iur. auugiw; sor warning
cot the majority, The only motive be had
being President eras to carry out thitf principle.
He gave the Republloana oredit for adopting it
after defeating him. The Senator from Penn
sylvania ( Ur. tWilmot) bad anlved here in
time to see tne Republicans repudiate the Wit
mot proviso, reject the corner-stone of the lent
pie, ana come op to non-intervention and popu
iar sovereignty.
Mr. Howe, in the course ef the debate, wish
ed' to know if Mr. Douglas' principle would
have saved the Union, and If the Republicans
nave auoptea mem.wny was there not peace?
Mr. Douglas replied, because the Republi
cans would not acknowledge It. and keel tha
people In tbe dark.
Mr. Breckinridge wished to reolv to Mr
Donglsj, but the Senate went Into Executive
session, and adjourned. It ;7
New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 26.
FLODR-recelpt. of 2 804 bbls. Market So. better and
more active; ealea of 18,000 bbls at (5,809530 fbriuper
Boa State; t5 3045.40 for extra Butt,: a5 SMkai S5 for
aaperon wwern) e -WX35,50 for common to aiedium
extra western; $S,0mfi$ for shlpplog brrnds extra
Bound Hoop Ohio. 1 Canada Dour firmer; Bales of 050
Rib riiOUH steadr at 4X4.10 far rnmmnn tn
WHS1AT reoelnts of 9 fiU bnih. Maricut i iti...
bnt exportdemand is checked by an advance In freiihte:
sales of 40 000 bosh, at SI. 19 for common ta chol.
priDx ei.n miiiouro ciud delivered; II '7(s)l.:i0 In
lore sna aenverea.
HYS firmer 6 100 bush. ...
BABLEY--eteady; sale of 450 both. Canadian at 70a.
CORN Receipts 3 iOObmheli. Miikati ihuie Arm..-
sales 60,000 buhels at 676Ho for old mixed Weitern
in store, ana delivered at cwseoe, and C5o for new mix
ad Weitern at Bait-road denot - -
OATS-qulet at J3335o for Western, Canadian, and
POBK flnnerformeM; sales 1.000 bbls at tlC 75 for
urn. ana B is ao fltu it lor prune.
BESK dull snd unchanged.
IABD stead: ealea 175 bbla. at Oiftin. .
BUTTEH In falrreanutat llioUn fr ftMn li
CIIBKBK iteadvatSSllOc forenmrnnn tn n,lm.
- . -i - uv... wv
..iv. ....
COFFER qnlet- and without change; sales 829 ban
BUUAH.O quiet but eteadv! aalm hlula Pnliaik.
anl H Wl I I, . .a. . '
muiiAnBKB doll and knn
BTOOK8 dull and rather h.v. H,i..
. . ,. ... .. '
..wiminiiignan B'eriiDt axenann verjr nrm,
with moderate bunineas, at lOSaiOS. Bankers' Bllla
... v. oo: uariem ioj, do. pref. 41 K ; Erie 3SI
Pao. MalltW; N. Y. 0.79; Del.it Hud. S0 Bad iiji
uai. at ume. 73K: Bead n UK: III. c. anrin (n- n
As Q 74: M. S. 2d bond. U7: HiH. !M Kn. aa An i.i
ira; nrie convertible bonds, or '71.011 Tenn. VtlO'C
II UU. " It. u I r". . r . . . . . ... ' - -
pens 93). ; U. 8, 6', of 81, 95.
IV. nl n U. Jl VM. II. II. M . -hi mi.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR rcmatnBTarvflnll. ami M ,K i.
had, and offering with some freedom. We leave onota
tions aa thirwere, 14 SO for Superfine, t4 Hi to 14 80
tor Extra, and 5 00 to 5 40 for Ftnllr to Extra White
WHEAT was verv anarlne'r nffrri. D.,.
main as heretofore onoted. and mlllflra npnf.a In !.
mors adverse lo paving over 1 1 for Bed, 1 05 and 1 10
ui nuiw. doub n n u Aeniueit m um .1 k.
side figure to-day.
ine table or Imports and Exports ahnws large falling
off ia both recelpta and shipments of Wheat, mainlv to
be traced to the light crop of last season in Ken
tncliy. CORN -tells reailltv on tha r .1 11. .i ik. i.
ucyu., aiieiica remains as ami as heretofore. The ship
ments of corn Ihls aeaaou have heen III 7o .v. ...i..i
S0.501 last i ci ion. -s
OATS are qniis dull, snd to-day dropped a cent,
leaving off at !Me; receipts of the day were large.
BARLEY lg a trifle firmer, and 70n ..k-. r.
J"Jm" . though dealers are averts to paying over
RYE It tteidyatSJo.
WHI8KY dropped to 13)c for low proof, and la dull
wie uv raie. vin. com. Biarcn'JO.
Cleveland Market.
March 25.
FLOUB tells Itesdllv. to the extent nf (ha lnn.1 A.
mand at the range quoted in our tabls. Sales a re 30 bbls
a a. wniis si j ana ou ran ax red at 13,00.
r tin ai quiet, unlet or 1 car red at II 01.
CORN quiet, at 34o. .
OATS dull, at 84c.
HAHLE1 eale of 1 ear ordinary atS6o.
SEEDS sales of SO buih Clover at KIK. Tinih.
remains qniet at $2 75.
BUTTER no transactions of omseqnsnce snd no
ohange in prices.
'UHisiSBK aaleof 1000 lbs W. R. at 8X9c. Prime
namnnrgn 11 qooiea at XS1U0.
Arrms eale or a bbls dried spplesat 3uo.
EGG8 market weak. Ralea r.nM.t&i nis iiu-
Shlppers offoring the inilde flinre.
H A4I8 SHOULDERS aalee of lOAOnannrfa ennntr.
oared llama at Da. and 1000lhaaan,nn.ii,. ii,..m.
POTATOES-ahippars are puine 30s farnrima Ua
OILS Carbon ell haa declined tn Uffifin-. l.nh.nt
and Whale ollt are ao lower.
Philadelphia Market.
Vr.ona milal. annnrHnn A lQ 1 VJur .
changed, sales 3.000 bath red at 9128(31 30. Conn
on jyant, tales 1,000 bath sew southern at 80c, old 8a.Sc-
iabo iooyxo-
j . , , i, NEWARK OHIO,' 1 'j '. t
IQannfacturcr of all kinds of For
table and siatloaarr steam i-;n- .
Klnes, Maw Itlllle, Wrist mills,
' eVc.e oVCa
IJLKZ BODltYBtatenl E. dt I. BLAND Y Beaten!
7 C CO. StaUnllllt
Our Portable Bogine and Saw Mill
Was awarded Iks first premium of 150 at the Indiana
State Fair for lc80 over Lane c Bodley's on. aoooontof
Price, liehtneas, simplicity, economy of fnel
and superior charaoter of lumber sawed.
Oar Stationary Engine was awarded at the same Fair
the first nrsmium of B200. .
uar rortaoia angina waa awaruca tne nret premium oi
100 at the Fair at Memphis, Tenn.. over Blandy'a Da-
VBIl S, voiumooa nacuiue uv a ., ana fiiwiura w a.,
by a commute of practical Railroad Engineers.
For price ana terms aaaress
nil, .DT. VIB.B -
decS dkwlyeolt. , ; Newark, Ohio.
1 IV.
1 1 1
. ' '''.'.VTFromthsNewiorkObservet.l
As all nartles manufacturles Sewing Machines are ob
Hied lo nav Mr. Howe a license on ssch machine sold.
and ar a to oompalled to make re turns to him, andcr
oath, as to th number sold, nis books give a correct stat-
t. From this reliable source w have obtained th
following statutios. Of the machines mad In th year
1SS9, there were sold, . . - ,,.,-
By Wheeler fc Wilson .Sl.ttS
I. M. Singer. Co.. 10,f3
" Orover a Baker ...,H),sao
Showing the sales of Wheeler fc Wilson to k double
those oi any other uotapany. :j. .....
Awarded th highest premiom-t th
. United Btatea Fairs of im, 18i snd 1800;
- c alee at abe "
Ohio Brat Fairs of 1899 and li
and at nearly all th County Fairs In th State.
Oar prices, at tha late reduotlon, arm a lot OS amy
lock Itie machine now sola, ana vat a uine ntgnsr wan
th interior two thread eam SHcA fRooAww, now
formed noon the market.
Tnoa: Sticb the onl v ne which cannot be raveled . It
la Aukb on Both Sross of th food, leaving fie rdg or
ehainonOe under tid.
All maoMneo aranted S years, emdl tnttrnfUon
flva la ttMW as, ire oi cnart
,7 ' 'V&&xZ
fecS-fcwdtaJcwSia ME'i0praBoas,0u!ctoiiatl.
I 7 " Dr. J. IT. MfT.T A Wfl w
DireugmeDiDg lordial and . Blood
Tbe Ureateet HsmsdylnTbe World
' 'AND THE '
AND - - fj
ever taken.
ly a soieotiao and
Vegatafcla OompoaBd,
proenred by the distil
lation of Roots, Herbs
add Barks, Yellow
Uock, lllood Root,
Saraaparilla, W I I d
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion- enters into iu
Before Takn&'r senve' remedial Iftcr Taking.
principle of each Ingredient It thoroughly extracted by
ay new method of distilling, proilucingi.a delicious, ex
hiierallng tpirit, aud the moat INFALLIBLE remeily foi
nnnvaunK ine oiaeateu tvetn. and reaiortnr the alek
snUering end debiliuted INVALID to HEALTH and
'; DIAL , ' " ,
Will effectually oare ,, .
OhronlcorNorvoniDd ililv. Dlieaeee if the Kldnm
and all diwuet arising from a diaordereJ l iver or Btom
aoh, DytpcniiA. ITeHrtl.arn. luward Pilea. Acl.lltv or Kick.
neas oi tne ntomacli, rullneta of Blood to the Head, Poll
pain or swimming In tne head. FalL.tatlon of tho Heart
Fullness or Weight In the Stomach, Bour EructAllnna
Ohoklne or tuffocatlnir feelini when lvlnrdnwn. Iirvnnn
or Yellowaeaaof the Skin and Evet. Nl.ht gwaaufln
ward rovere. Pain in the small of the back, cheat or aide.
Sudden Flushes of Heat, Depretiion of Spirit, Frightful
Dreams, Laniranr. Detnomlencv oranv Kervoua Diwut.
Bores or Blotches on the Bkiu, and Vever aud Agne (ut
vuniaana rever.j
Over a million of stottlea
Ilave been told during the laat tlx months, and In no In
stance tut it failed in giving entire satisfaction. Who.
then, will auirerfrom Weakoeta or Dehility when Wo-
ubaii o B-incnuiuaniNU UUHIM AU will enia you 7
i No lancnaze can convev an adeonala Idea of II. Imma
diate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
this Cordial in the dlaeaaed, debilitated and shattered
nervous atttem, whether broken down bvexceaa. weak i
nature, or impaired by alckneti, the relaxed and nnetrnng
.(...nun ip roswircu 10 lie pritiine neauoana vigor.
Or others contclont of Inability, from whatever cauae.
will find McLeans Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of the ayttem; and all who may bava Injured
themselves by improper indulgences, will find in the Cor
dial a certain and tpeedy remedy.
' To the liudioa.
McLean's Strengthening I lordial
It a sovereign and speedy care for -
Obstructed orDlfllcalt Menstruation, incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof. Falling of the
Womb, Giddlnen, Fainting and all Diseases Incident to
There is ne Mistake About It.
Sutler no louger. Take It according to Directions. It
Will stimulate, eirengthen and Invigorate you and caaes
ine ninomoi neann to mount your cheek arain.
every bottle u warranted to give aatUfaction
run cuiiiDUKN.
If your children are aicklv. nnnv.orafllti-tfd. M,
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robutt. belay
act a moment, try it, aud you will be coDvlotpd.
Oaotioh. Beware of Drnnlita or Tlealeni wfcn n,.,.
try to palm upon you some Bitter or Sarsaparilla treat .
hlch thev can buvchean. hvaavin. itu imt., ..t
Avoid inch men. Atk tor IdcLean'a Htmruthmin n..
dial, and take nothing else. It ia tha only remedy that
Will purity the blood thoronehlv and at the um
strengthen the system.
one laMeepoonrul taken every moraine faitlmr la
certain preventive of Otwlera, Chilli and Fever, Yellow
Fever, or any prevalent diteaaea. Itianat n in
bottles. r
Price only 1 per bottle, or 0 bottles for !5.
Sole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Alto McLean1! Volcrnic Oil Liniment.
Prlnrtnal Denot on thnnmtr irThini nA Pin
B 1 i
McLean's Volwinic Oil Liniment.
f ha best' Liniment In tha World. Tho only safe and
certain cure for Cancers, Piles, Swellings snd Bron
chitis, or Ooltro, Parslytit, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Muscles, Chronto or InllSmmatory Rheumatism, Stiff
ncss of the joints, contracted Muscles or Ligaments
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Woanda, Fresh
Cuts, Ulcers, Fever Sores, Caked Breasts Sore Nipples,
Barns, ScaliU, Bore Thoat, or any Innammation or Pain,
nodlderenoe how severe, or ho long tbe disease may
have exltted. McLean's Celebrated Liniment is a car
tain remeily.
Thousands of human beings havs been saved a life of
deorepituds and misery by the nea of thia invaluable med
eine. -
Will relieve pain almost tnitantaneonsly, and It wU
oleanee, purify and heal tha foulest sorct in an incredl
ly short tuns.
t : a?o Horees aaia Other Animal..
M,clen lerated Llnhnent la the only ears and re
liable remedy for the care of Spavin, Ring Bone, Wind
galls. Splints, Unnatural Damps, Nodes or Swellings. It
will never fail to euro Big Head, Poll Evil, Flttula, Old
running Bores or Sweeny, if properly applied. For
Sprains, Bruises, Scratches, Bores or Wounds, Cracked
Heels, Ohafes, Buddie or Cellar Galls it ta an infallible
remedy. Apply it aa directed, and a cure Is certain in
every instance.
Then trifle no longer with tha manv worth lo T.lnl.
stents offered to you. Obtain a tupply of Dr. McLean's
ovicuraicu uimment. it will curs you.
1 H. JTIcLlJAIV, Bole Proprietor,
' Oornsr of Third sad Pine Streets, St. Louis, lie;
For sals by all druggiets.
Forsalo by . ROBERTS SAMTJ1L, " '
augse-dtwly Oolumbos, Ohio.
i T 1C i -v J
juiverpooi, Montreal, yucbdc, .
' ' 1 ' 7. and. :'
3aa3v7 xonix.
Ths Montreal Ocean Rteamaliin n...i. a.
full-powered Clyde-hailt Steamer sail averr Sal.
S?a?.'romJ;0,?T,'llI)' arrjinf the Oanadlan and
unueu piawa oiau ana passengers, ,
' NnRWlflTill .. tMMIIIimTM.M
I BOHEMIAN ' : . SSSfaVSf""."'
Shortest, Cheapest and Qalcbcvt Con-
. vcyunco irom
Rate of Fatteage to Europe,
S30, SCO, SSO.
Will sail from LIVERPOOL even W.nnr.dav.
Jl?.,0880 eT,y Satnrday,ealllngat
iivnuui'un.fti, io receive on board and land Alalia and
Passengers, to and from Ireland nd (wn.nrt.
! uj-rneao c learners ar built of Iron, in water-tight
compartments, carry esch an experienced Surgeon, and
a.iemiuu u paid to too com'ort and accommoda
tion oi paatenirers. as thev nroceed dlrct tn I ON rtnM.
DEBT, the gieat ritk snd delay of-oalllng at Bt. John's
I. a.uiucu. 9
' Olatgow passengers srs furnished with run parage
w.i. w aim inim UODUOIlQorry. ,
neiurn tiosets granted at reduced rates.
CertiBcates istned for oarrvini to and brinelnff nnt naa.
sengrrs from all the principal towns of Great Britain and
""BU-i ilju'j iico, vy una line ei eteamere, ana
ia, ing utrvrpooi every weea. .
8'ITB raf ta for i and npwarde pay
mnngiunu, ireiaaa, SCO!
... land ar Wales.
For passam. annl at tha Afflm. HROin.
WAY, New Work, and 19 WaTKK ST.,
' SABKti at SXABIK, General I gen ti.
Or to- " J. R. ARMSTRONC.
nolO-lydaw Btatesman Office, Columbus; Ohio.
abb 114 1
N0S. 1, 3, S and 7 N. EOT AW 6TEET,
Offer for sal their celebrated
' ' f ' ANDSQARE
Betnt hishly recommended by tha first Professors and
Musical Amateurs of the country, and- ' -EVKBT
.' ' i ,. FIVE TE ARB.
Th mott fastidious cnttomer may rely anon belne
pleated in every respect. : ' '
Terms liberal. - ' WM. KIT ABB It CO.
eetW;lyw. , Oolomboa, Ohio.
Employment. '
A St Staple Article, willfurnlth employment to
a rew active men to set ss agents tor their boute. A
prsfertno will be given to those who ar well acquaint
ed in the district for which thev snnlv.
ror wmcn services iney art willing ta pay a saiarj
oi irom '
(600 io $800 per year, and Izpenie.
For further partlcnlart address ' j ' ',
. 7'. .i ; . .1 W."B. MOREHOUSE k 60.
'. i.,.,:. j: , 3,ndJ, Eichanie Place, !
an3(H3m., , . . - Jeraey'Olty. N. J.'
Whit and Black, Just received at
ScroMa, or King's Evil, ,
js a conatitniio.utl distase, a corruption of fU i
blood, by wl.ich Uiia iluij bocoinea vitiated,
weak, and poor. Heine ia the circulation, it
pervades the whole body, and may burst out
lii disease on ftny part of it, , No organ U free
from its attacks, nor is there one which it may
not destroy. The scrofulous taint ia ariouly
caused by mercurial disease, low living, dis
ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
and lilthy babits, the depressing vicee, andr
abovo nil, by tbe venereal infection. Whau
ever be its origin, it is hereditary in the con
stitution, descending from parents to children'0
unto the third and fourth generation ; " indeed,
it seems to be the rod of Him who Bays, "I
v -'.'m1. the "i'iea of the father upon."'
their children." - ,; , .Jl. .4."
Iu effocta commence by deposiUon from tbe
blood of corrupt or ulccroue matter, which, in
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, ia termed
tubercles; in the glands, swellings; and 0,
the surface, eruptions or tores.. This foul eori 1
ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses
the energies of life, to that tcrofuloui conttitu.
tions not only tuffer from acrofulona com
plaints, but they have fcr lest power to with,
stand the attacks of other diseases; conse
quently vast numbers 'perish ' by disorders
which, although not scrofulous in their nature,
ore still rendered fetal by this taint in the
system. Most of the consumption which de
cimntea the human family has its origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination; and many
destructive discuses of the liver, kidneys, braini
and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or
are aggravated by the same cause. . t
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous j "
thoir persons are invaded by thlt lurking iff.'. -fiction,
and their health ia underminarl r, tt '
To rleanso it from the system we must renovate i
ine mooci oy an alterative medicine, and in
vigorate it by healthy food and exercise.
Much a medicine we supply in "
AYE It'S "
Compound Extract 0 Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of our times con devise for thia every
where nrevailinsand fntnl mnlailv. Tr ! t-am -
blned from tha moat active remedials that have
Decn discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the
svstem from its destructive consequences.
Hence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Ervptitb
ond Ski Diseases, St. Anthony's Firb,
Rose, or Erysipelas, Pimpi.es, Pustules,
Blotches, Llains and Boils, Tumors, Tetter
and 5jalt KiiEux. Scald Head. ItiNowonu.
lliinuMATiBM, Syphilitio and Mercurial L)is
EAsrs, Dropsy. Dyspepsia. Dehility. and. -
indeed, all Complaints arisino prom Vitia
ted or I.MPunB Blood. The popular belief
in " impurity of the blood " is founded in truth. .
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The
particular purpose and virtue of tliis Sarsapa
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid, -without
which sound health is impossible in
contaminated constitutions. . .
Ague Cure,
roa the speedy cube or.
Intermittent Fever, or Fever and Ague,
Remittent Fever, Chill Fever, lliimli
Ague, Periodical Heartache, or Billons
Ilexlnrhe, and Billons Fever. iad.rH
for the whole class of disease orls;inat-
"H in uuiury derangement, canned ujr
tho Malaria of Miasmatic Countries. .
Wc arc enabled here to offer the community a
remedy which, while it cures the aborc complaints
with certainty, is still perfectly harmless in any
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts
where theso afflicting disorders prevail. This
"Ci'rb" expels the miasmatic poison of Fever '
and Aoue from the system, and prevents the dn- '
vclopmcnt of the disease, if taken on the first ap
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only
the best remedy ever yet discovered for this class
of complaints, but also tho cheapest. The large
quantity we supply for a dollar brings it within the
reach of every body ; and in bilious districts, where
Fever and Aoub prevails, every body should ,
have it nnd use it freely both for cure and protec
tion. A irreat sunoriontv of this remedv over anv
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contains do Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no qninism or
other injurious eliecta whatever upon the constitu
tion.. Those cured by it ara left a healthy as if. .
they had never had the disease.
I ever and Ague is not alone the consequence of i
the miasmatic, poison. A great variety of disor
ders arise from its irritation, among which are
Xeuralain, Rheumatism, Gout, Heatache, Blind
ness, 'Joothache, Earache, Catarrh, Asthma, Val
fitation, Painful Affection of the Spleen, llttrr'
ics, Pain in the Bowels, Colic, Paralysis and le
rangement of the Stomach, all of which, when
originating in this cause, put on the intermittent
time, or become periodical. This " Conn " expels"
the poison from the blood, and consequently cures
them all alike. It is an invaluable protection to
immigrants nnd persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from ths system, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen irtio ilia- .
ease. Hence it is even more valuable for proteri-
tion than cure, and tew will ever suffer from inter
mittent'! if they avail themselves of the nnitection
this remedy affords. ; , ; i ' i :",
Prepared by Dr.J.C. AYEB&C0., LowelJ, Kau.
ROBERTS it gAMTJKl, Oolumbos
Aid bv Vrnrrltts and Dealers everywhere.
In txjve rlert eed Norse and Female Phyiteiftt.. picMots
to we iHenuoD 01 mouiere, ner
which rreatlj facilitates- the process of teethlnr. by soft
ening the rums, reducing: all Inflammation will allay.
all tvaiN and spaamodlo scuon, and is . i
Depend upon It, mothers, 1 1 will give rest t yoannlve .
and r;-. -.i
We have rat an and sold this article for over tan .
what we have never been able to mj ot any other me.ll-.
ANCB, IO lirFKCT A CUHH, whea time It aaed. Kev
er did we know an lnttanoa of diaaatlttaation by any on
who ntsd it. On th contrary, all ar delighted with ita
operations, and speak in terms of oommwidaUoa its
magical effects and medical vlrtaes. W ittak la this
matter "WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after ten years' exne-
almost every Instance where the infant is sauering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found la fifteen or
twenty minutes after tti8yrup is sdmialslrdr t
Thia valuable n reparation la the oreMrlntloa tfaaa j
New England, and hat been ased with NBVER FAIL
INa8UC0B8ln f ,
Itnotooly relieves th ehlld from pain, mt invigr. .
ates Ihe stomach and bowels, oorreots acidity, and glvea.
ton and energy to the whole system. It will alaost in
stantly ralisva . d " - ti V
and overcome convulsions, which. It aot epvedlty m).
died, end In death. We believe It th BBsT and SUR
11 anaca irom teeming, or irom any other emus. We
would tay to every molherwho he ehlld tuarlng from '
anyof the foregolrg complaints DO NOT LKT YOl'R
stand between you and your suffering ehlld, and that, re ,
iwi lH Will W DU JBB, A D eil,v-p
follow th ut of thUmadlelae, if timely ated. lull' at-
reotiont ror utmg will accominy eacn eottie. rone
genuin unless th fae-auutls of CURU8 FJSBKINIU.
hew York, is on the outside wrapper.
sold by au vruggtais tarMoou tne woria.
Principal Office, it Ce4r Street W.l-
AetTT-daiwIy. '
mad In th th effloers f this Baak, January SUtfe,
Ittl. to wit: Wh. A. Platt, President, and tseait
Hoodib, Caahlsr, retlgned their office. Davis Tavioa,
Rtq., wa then ejected President and Wa. A. Platt ap
pointed Cashier. .. ,
By order 01 in uoara ei Directors.
febS, tHtil-dlf. ' W. A. PLATT, Oartikw.
flats of Potion's Kttabllthment, If. Y.,) Pioprlefore
the New York' Faahioaatil Shaving, llalr Cutting
Bbampoonlng, Ourllngand Droning saloon, Knat nlal
street, over th Post Omco, wher saUtfaotiow will
be given In all th various branche. Ladle aa d
Children's Uair Dressing do a la the beat style.
Jyl-dly. v

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