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It hat now the LegialaUee uiction, haviog been ap-
provoa oy nearly me anirniiio.it Tote r bo La Uauaci,
end iRlir.m St tUatrtrmted to the following State
an1 flminlu nnti'itr.! .. .
Governor. Alt rnev Oeneraf, Supreme Judges. Secre
tary, 0 mptroller. Treasure ud Au.'ltrof Bute, and
to the Pro'mte Cuurtt. Courts of Onmmoa Fleee, Bupet
lor end Police Courts. Auditors, and the Clerks uf the
various Courts tn etch county, to the Mrmbereof the
Nn ana Mouse of Keprearntativee of Hm State, and
the 9oreBre of tfee several Steles of the Union .
Thli book, eontalnln-, me it doee. el) of the Stttatee
now la loroe, ana the aatborltallte construction of them
end of the New Oonetltu'ljo, will he found to be especial
ly netful m the performance of their duties, to til
jrjsnoKs or thr pbaob, -'i v , - . -
' ctrt ornciaa. , ,.:
Inasmuch ae vary many changes have beta made In the
Btstutee tu.ce toe puiitiaaiioa f the le.il edatinuo, tar re
. peal, alteiatioua aid addttlone, and mane LmDortact de
' cialona have Deou g.veuly the Supreme Curt on ean.
Will find thli an invaluable Work. .. M -
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' ' '. "ojres, -
In Strong Law-lllpdlntt. Price 1 10. CU. .
FubHahedhy ' "., . . .. ... , ,, 4 ,-. . ,
Law Fabllshrrt, BookieUere; Bratlonen and Importer,
, Nj. fiS West Fonrth itreet
febl8:d2in:le . .... Cincinnati. O.
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Fill OAT EVENING, MARCH 23, 1861.
Democratic City and Township Ticket.
TThAX 'iUOilAd.
C1TT HAll.nit,
11U.L THOJtttYON. , ; i
cirr TBs.irBttt, ,
; WAL81EIN FAILUQ. . , "
cut ci.u.ir, .
4. JOSES FUNoIOS. ... , :
1 (CITY tOLICITua. : '
TKOnt' BmitlTOEe',
corse:!, '
l Wrd-f. B. KICKLKV.
4th w,jli)iiACB WILLOW.
SihWard Jill. rAL"MNO-. ..
. A!BOUOIta, "
lt Ward A CHB15R9.
r. lid Ward
;. eJt Ward tOUN WBATFR.
Tnwsraii" Tanrmtii,
. ,ELIA3 OAVBIt. .
.'.10a U. KOtaMIXB. '
Towirtnir Tiiutritn, '
. I3AA0 U. MARIWU. i .
: Towemtr cintr,
A. 0. KINO.
ron T m.ta.
. J. P. BSWMX, j , i r.,
John bhow.
1 TowMHir aneitoe.'
The New Tariff—How the Revenue under its
Operation will be Lost to the Goverment.
Tha MoaiLL T.ria' act, pnrcd at tbo last
eesBioa of CuDgres; t:VfB f ffect on Monday
next, the fmt.iUy ot April. Jn view of the
certainty, wbleh lj every day beooming mors
apparent, that nearly tbe entire retenne expect
ed to accrue from duties on iaspottsr will be lost
to the FoJcra.1 Cgvemmcnt, some of the Repub
lican pipers are oiling out lustily far an extra
ression of Congress to repeal this most inju
dicious and odious RepnU'tcao tariff law, It is
pretty generally given np tbat either the collec
tion of the revenue uo'ler the new tariff must
bo euforocd by ths -employment of tbe naval
and military force, which would, brio on the
much dretded evil of civil war, or tbe taseflfact
must be repealed. Unless one of these alterna
' ttves Is resorted to, the Government of the Uni
ted States most go under, and submit to the
humiliating position cf being regarded as a second
. rate AmoriciQ power.
Tbe New York Times, one of the Republican
journal's which Insists upon an immediate repeal
or an euential modification of tbe Morrill tar
Iff adapted to the present exigencies of the time?
thus describes the pro?e?.e by which, tinder Its
operation, the Covroioeot will be cheated eat
of its revenue:
Look for a moment at lha poaiUunif the flowiotU
tn rsrd to goodi In bond. There is a laue amount of
merchandise, reechlnf taralwe thirty or for y millions
of dollars, bow la waeeboueo here, frost whieft, nnder
ordinary eireuBsUncee, a aires assoant of rerenoe can
he relied opon. Hut laetead of daiiee aeeraeief. aay 'JO
per cent., sod realising targe suns to the Treasury, eeeb
Invoice may be reexported an the ptyment- of free
amoantlnx is noa dollar, waloa fe abserbea In etpeoiea,
anddlstrioated tbroaehoat ilw reentry duly fret. The
sserchuidiee, ii the n-it place, may be sent to eoeie for
eirn plaos In thi west Iodiea, lor example which die
charm the bnsd tWeo fir Iti re-exportation. It mar
be then sent to Mew Orleans, under tha neir Confederacy,
ana mere entered ror export 'lion to foreign countries
the United States. The bond given for such purpose Is
aaneeiea on me presentation ol cerlincate. sworn to he
fore a Janice of Ibe Peace, that It bin been placed beyond
the territories ot the IKrefclerato States I Snppoee ear
Government should attempt to seize It. Prima fart.
tbe duties have been paid, imposing upon the United
Btstee the burden or proof, wnirtt is equivalent, in sine'
ty nine cases In a hundred, to throwins it out of Cou't.
in the foregoing pisjage the TVnus only in
dicates the process now tacluaU$ retorted 16 for
tbe purpose : of eradirg Ibe existing revenue
laws, and which "may send Jnlo consumption,
duty-free, all that the South and West can oon
some. That this Is already done to a very treat
extrnt, the foUowlog paragraph from fhe St
Louis KfjitlJicas, nf Hhe 231 Inst., furnhhes
conclusive proof i .,- , ,
Xetry day oaf imptfrUm of anion mtrcanitu
art rtciiug, by way of A'eie Orltant, rent contidtr
obU quantum eoeife. duty frm. The eiode are
landed at the poit of Ntw t rltus no Costom-heuee
notice is taken of them no bonds are executed for ths
payment of dutlee on their srYival thire; and on many
articles tbs saving of one-half the duty, naly, ercnld af
ford ahandaome profit. Ithit thing iit turvmsptr
mnnmt, fAmvitl btnentlrrtrotationinth4cour
vtrudt, and A'tw York will tftr terrlily. Our
merchants haveiapital enough to Juettfy them to making
their pnrchsees in Ku rope, and ihipeing to New Orleans,
and that eity. brcaum of th dlfftnmet la (Ae tarif,
trMidaabbouahtBAseinrt4antAiB York. Wi h
tlieae advantages,. ee shall be ante tn sell cneeper than
any other city luiue valley or ina BUiuiippi
We need only ask the reader to reflect a mo
ment upon the condition the financed of the Gov
eminent will soon he la from Republican leftls
latitn and. Republican administration. !' '
New Ports of Entry in the Interior.
C. G. MiMif(cr.a,8cfri'tr.ry of theTtewury of
the Confederate Sutea.l aa insdrd, Is) pursuance
of sn set of the Congress of those States, passed
February 29, 18G1, a Circular establlshlne Ports
and Places 6f "Entry aol Delivery, located on
the borders of the new Confederacy, and upon
tbe rivers and td'ifiosdV entering the same from
the North. We give a few samples f the sites1
of thee new Ciutori Houiee, that th readgf
raj haee ' jllmpse of thd dompUrtiopei diI
emb rrasmenl Ibat j,r tooa to uiM itt
the li'.herto uOrestrtcti $ to J uutt ammoTei later
eoursij io trade and fom nerc bet Wm th North
and the extreme South: "f
One cf theie Porta ot Entry and Dell Terr la
Norfolkr.lt NelaTi tiBdliig," ou ib MlaaUippt
River; mother U HeiDiodo. od the MIwIuIddI
nd Central Railroad; a third !i Holly BprJogs,
on the MlMlwippi Central Railroad; a fourth
( Eettport, on the Tenneatee River, ant a fifth
ii Corinth, at the croaelnj- of; the Mobile an4
Ohio, and ot the Mf nphis and Charleston Rail-
r0(de.;nnu , , ,n . j L
Tbla line of Custom Houses extendtalong the
who! a Northern border of the Confederate
States, from the Miaalaaippl River eaatward to
the Atlantlo Ooean. It will have a tendency to
foca the Border Slave States to an immediate
decision aa to whether this dividing line shall
ran to the South' or North of them. In tbs
present attitude of the Government at Wash
ington toffsrd iUeia,lt looks as though they
would soon Some to the conclusion to try their
fortune with their . brethren of the Cotton
States. ; v- V ' ; 1 V
UTThe Cinoinnatl Preei, following the lead
of tbe Ohio Slit Jturnal, is nalog iu energy
and ability to writs down the Union. , It de
olares there Is "a universal consciousness of the
weakness of tbs national tenure," from which,
try as we may.weeannot eeoape. Thus, one by
one, the Republican press and. the politicians of
the party are throwing off all disguise, and
showing to the world tbe true mission of that
hateful organisation v It Is to co operate with
the disuniODUts of the South, to overthrow and
forever destroy tbe Government asl Union of
the States. ''.." ' .
THURSDAY, March 28.
4 The amendment of Mr. JONES, to inoraase
tbe contingent fund of the Governor to tlO.UUO
was taken up, end agreed tojbf the' following
' Those who voted in tbe affirmative wrn .
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Booar, Cox, Cuppy,
Garfield, Glass, Harah, Jones, Laskey, McCall,
Monroe, Morse. Parish. Potts. Pntaln. Smiih.
O - jo , . n '
oprague ana oianiej ..i
1 hose who voted in tbe negative were
' Messrs. foster. Holmes. ' Moore. SebTMof,.
White, Ready, Fercnson. Kev. Newm.n and
Absent Messrs. Collins. Cummtna. Flat,.,
usrrieon, urr ana rernii o.
Mr. CUPPY recorded his vote for the fixed
ammunition appropriation.
ibe bill then came no on ita eneroaitment.
when it was read the third time, and
Mr. SCHLEICH said tbe bUt contained
items lor wnicn ne could not vale under an
c:.uuieiiam;cs, out naving record eo bis vote
against tnem wnen tneywtMpOTtfiag, he should
consider himself justified with this explsnation
iwr Tviiiiat luruiaum.
Mr. KEY recorded his vote aealnat the fixed
ammunition amendment, and tben stated his
intention to vote lor the bill, with the same ex
planation given by Mr. Sobleich.
. Mr. risjut.il raised a question whether a two
thirds vote is osscuary to pass the bill, since It
contains some appropriations not anthoriaed he
liw, such as elainis, and an appropriation for
aiauwrry w ana coara oi Agriculture. ' Mr.
Pieber alio said the;bill contained eome things of
wuicn ae uiu not approve, ana ne didn't think
be should be required so vote on them. '
A motion to excuse him was not agreed to.
The CHAIR said if the bill received a msjorl
ty vote be would declare it pasaed, but he desir
ed the Senate to take the responsibility of de
termining tne question. Tbe bill does not seem
to embody anytbioc not authorized bv law. -
Mr. FISHER said he would vote for tbe bill
only because two-thirds seem necessary.
Tbe bill passed yeaa 24. nays C.
Those who voted in the affirmative we&e-
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Bonar, Cos, Cnppy,
Fisher, Foster, Garfield, Glass, Harsh, Jonas,
nry, liaeaey, wcvaii, monroe, morse, I'ariah,
Potts, Potwin, Resdy, SchUich. Smith. Soratrna.
l bose w bo voted in tbe negative- were
Messrs. Eaton, Ferguson, Holmes, Moore, New
man ar.u wntia u. - ' -
- On motion of Mr. SCHLBiCH. tbe bill waa
crdered to be printed in advance of other print
ing. , - 3 . ,
Mr. STANLEY, from tbe Finance commit
tee, recommended the passage ot S. B. 263
Making appropriations for the first quarter of
1662 which, upon being alishtly amended, was
read a third time, and was referred to the com
mittee on Benevolent Institutions, after which
was reported back without amendment and
passed. . . . .
t-Mr. HARSH, from the committee oh Claims,
recommended tbe passage of the House Joint
Resolution authorizing tbe Attorney General to
settle tbe claim of tbe State against Uen, An
drews for $500, 1 Agreed to. ' ' . '
Mr. GARFIELD recommended concurrence
the House amendment to S. B. 193 Re
quiring assessors to collect eertsln social statis
tics.' Agreed to. ,
Mr. STANLEY, from the Finance commit.
tee, recommended the concurrence of the 8enate
House amendment to 8.B. 209 which
amends ths general tax law so that tax pay
ers Bnait do requires, to list tne property which
they owned on the day preceding tbe second
Monday Is April. Aereedto. -
MrrbKLUK., from the committee on Mnclol
Corporations, reported back 11. B. 405
Concerning tbe election of justices and consta
bles, paused 1853, with an amendment prohibit
log application of tbe act to cttiea of tbe first
olass with a population l 80,000. Referred
back to Mr. tercuaon for further amendment.
after which It waa reported back amended so as
limit Ibe bill to tbe city of Cleveland, when
was reno a tbira time ana passed.. , y
Mr. FISHER, from the committee on Be-
nevolest Institutions, recommended thenassaee
8. B. 276-For tbe erection of a new build
ing for the Deaf and Dumb, to cost not exceed-
S9U.U00, only 113.000 of which la aDoronri
ated this year. Mr. FISHER said all tbe eom-
miUce excepting one approve tbe bill. Re
committed with instructions to substitute 110.
for $12,000. Tbe bill was so reported back
pissea. ieuw, nays v. ..
j j v nn
Air. JUH53, from tbe committee on Acrl
culture, recommended concurrence In tbe Sen
an.endmonts to the Djtchand Drainage bill.
Apreed to. ' : . . . . . , '
Mr. Sr EAGL7E, from thecommiUee on En
rollment, reported the enrollment of bills For
relief or J. W. Andrews, and, to pay tbe
oiaitn oi xiitiut sua omiin.
Oa motion of Mr. MOORE, the Anti.Com.
Mnatioo Railroad bill was tsken up. '
Mr. JONE3 moved its Indefinite Dosttione-
ment, tbe bill beiDg oa Its engrossment, .,
Ua appeal of Air. BCiU.fclClI,the snotlon
withdrawn. '. ,tie'v vi ..
Mr. MOOEE said the bill seemed to eonUlo
just and salutsry principles that he could
see bow it could be opposed.' Railroads are
creatures of the 8tate, and it Js tbe duty of
legislature to pass laws for tbeir regulation.
state owes a duty to citizens not involved
these companies, to protect their interests
against corporation combinations. Their tend
ency Is to grasp power, and tnis bill is designed
prevent mat evil. Air. Moore tben proceed
ed to show evlla which had already resulted from
comomatioca, and inflated that it is the do
Of the 8tate to Interfere. . : . W k . .
Mr. CUPPY thought the bill waa tnbuodetJ
ana ne proceeded to make a clear state
ol Its character, lbs anbstance of which
stated by Mr. Moore. Mr. Cuppy then en
Into the ressons why it should neaa. One
tbe evils which it would correct la tbe prac
tice of oo competing line entering lute eombi
oatlon with parts cf another competing line, the
of which are to deprive other line of
ieeitimate trade, by lorclnz them to can-
lower 'rates thac they can afford. The re
cent compact entered iolo between the C. it I.
R. R aad the C. H K 1. R. R., by whoh the
Hamllt in ft i' 'ton Road is deprived of It bueU
n9S from Cin, innati to Itidlsnpali,wag tueuln
ed, Mr. Cupty thought tbe Ower htre exercised
dangerous, and that it ought to be curtailed.
It la a violation of the rights of etttiens.
Mr. FISHER "objected to the second aeotion
of the bill, because it don't extend fax, enough.
The proviso J sefaraaee to freight rata, he
thought, neutraliies the effect of the whole aeo
tion r . v jO M I I r (
Mr. GARFIELD went 1st a genera) argament
against the principles of the bill, as against the
spirit of the. charters under which .companies
have been ortraulxed. , . ... ... ,
Mr. MQORE moved to litrike out section 2
Agreed to." -t i t:i,j.l..i-i , y.
Mr. FERGUSON moved several amendments.
tbe cffeol of which were to rquk all railroad
companies to discharge their common law duty,
io carry nu iteignta Drought to tbe connecting
points of tbe competing routes, without discrtm
inauoa-ta resnsotot roads.
Mr. GARFIELD moved to amend by adding
to section 3, requiring connecting roads to re
ciprocate to ths trunk road like f acilities whioh
tbe latter affords tbe former.
The bill waa finally referred to a select com
mlttee Mr. Cuppy.
. Mr . PARISH offered the following!
Retelved, That the committee on State Build
inga be, and they are hereby Instructed to make
iue louowiog enquiries:
Firtlly. Whether any, and if any, wbat ouan
tlty and quality of atone have been quarried
and removed from the 'stone quarries of the
State, in franklin county, during the year Just
past, (lo this date) without authority of law,
and by whom quarried and removed, and nnder
what pretext r .color of authority, If any, It
weauone. .
Htcomdlg, i Whether the person or -persons
Hiarrylnr and removlnsr the stone, have sold
and delivered any Of them to persons in tbs
city oi Columbus, or elsewhere, and at what
price and consideration tbey were sold, and
whether the 'money or consideration has been
wholly, Or lo part, converted to tbe private nse
oi too person or persons selling the same. "
XktraVv. To whom were such stone and an
and all of them sold and delivered, and at what
price or consideration per perch, or other mea
surement, or mode ol estimation of qaautity and
queury; .
Fourth. WhaS measures have been taken.
or efforts made by tbe Superintendent ot tha
State House, or ether State officer vr officers,
knowing ot tbe depredations, to' prevent the
same, or to brine the offenders to iustiea. and
to protect and guard the public interest in this
respeoi. .. i
Fifthly. Whether said stone quarries, or aay
part thereof,, haia. been leased, and are now
nnder lease frosa the State to any person or
persons, and, what are the terms and conditions
of the lease, if anv i iUt. : ,., .. ..
Sixtkhi.. r Wbetbee the riehts aad interests ac
quired under such lease have been infringed
or violated by tbe person or persons so wrong
fully quarrying and removing said stone; if so,
in what manner and to what extent; and wbat
measures, it any, bay been onrstted bv the of.
fleers of State, having charge of tbe matter, to
defend tbe lessees of the State, and to redress
the wrong, and to protect the public interests. .
Seventhly. Whether any tjfllcer or officers of
the State have been, or are In any way or man
ner connected, or implicated wliR, the person or (
pcreuuo iu wiuugmuy rcuoviog an selling, anu
convening aato stone to private use.
Ketoivea, further, tbat. In making- tbe fore
going enquitles, or any of them, tbe said com
mittee be and are hereby invested with Dower
to tend for persons and papers, and examine
witnesses, or parties concerned, under oath or
affirmation. "'
Adjourned. . ...
y i -i -;.
THURSDAY, March 28,1861.
Mr. HAMILTON offend the following reao.
lntlon: ' ' ' "
WasatAS, It has been ascertained bv astro
nomical examination that the soots on the Son
hsve reduced the light and best of that lumioa
ry about one percent., and as it mast necessa
rily affect the ssrl cultural Interest of the coun
try; therefore, be It -' "
mtomta; mat tne committee on Agriculture
be ssaitested to Investigate the matter and as
certain what legislative action H ie necessary th
adopt to prevent disastrous consequences to
crops, and also that they be empowered to send
'tor persons and papers.
i Mr. BROWNE, ot Miami, moved that tbe
Agent so the World's Fair bs directed to go to
tbe Sun Instead, and make examination.
Mr. McCLUNG surTE-ested that be visit tbe
Moon. I' - '
, The resolution was then laid on tbe table. ' '
"Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, introduced H. B
467 To require railroad companies to pay their
inueoieonees in speeie or. notes ot specie paying
oanaa, wnicu waa reaa tne nrsi time. '
The fbllowin tr memorials were presented
By Mr. PARR Prom John Bsckwlth and 157
others, or retry county, against tbe passage ol
the bill to providefortranicribiag certain reocrds
in Perry county. -'- -... ....... ,
By Mr. CHASE From H. McLaughlin and
55 others, ot Stark county, against tbe fort her
immigration of colored people.'- ,-;
Tbe Tote was taken on the Indefinite post
ponement of H. B. 330 In relation to th Ag
ricultural fund, when It was postponed yeas 52,
nsve 19. -
. On motiea of Mr. WELSH, the House took
up the spesial order for this boor, H. B 71 To
amend the-eot to establish the .Independent
t reasury pending an amendment from a Be
lect committee. " ' ' ''
. Mr. BRUFF movsd to amend by striking out
of the amendment tbe terms, "or its equiva
lent," in auusion so tne note or specie paying
banks, which was agreed to.
Tbe question beins- en the adoption of tha
amendment of tbe committee. - '
Mr. ANDREWS said, he eould safely say, If
n l i ; i j . i . . - . . r ..
jbepuoiioaua wuuiu in a ooay lor tote Dill,
to Afemomis wonia consume no lime In dls
cusstnt; it. ' He would like to have the nolitioal
effect of such a rote, but would deprecate the
euecs npoo ma nuancca oi ine state, ir tbe bill
were passed. Mr. A. said, this is a measure to
strike from tbe statute book tbe entire fisoal svs
tern adopted three year ago, and to substitute
thereto a far worse schema than was ever prac
ticed npon by Brt$Hn, Glide y Co. The plun
ders from the public treasury, prior to tbe adop
tion of the independent treasury raw, were made
because no laws existed against loanloir and
depoeitlng public monies, and its eustodisns
were in the habit ol depositing . it with tbe un-
demanding that it was to boused as loans.
slmplv because law did not, in positive terms,
loroia so aoinfi out now it is nroposed todirtti
tbe 8Ute treasurer for the State, end eounty
eommisflrooer for the counties, to absolutely
loan out, whenever end to whomsoever they
please, taking such security for the ropiymeut
o'iall tbe public monies a their judgment snay di
rect! It was strange, indeed, that at this time.
when tbd independent treasury law is In tbe full
tide of success, proving its provision to be
meritorious beyond the expectation of ita a,
tbors, Ita total annihilation ' should be (ought.
Mr. A. Raid it we apparent to hi mind that
thi bill bad its origin wua those who desired to
peculate npon the nuances of the State. Mr. A
proceeded, at lengths to speak of the benefit of
tne present law reculat ins- the finaneaa. avlth
the fmperfectiont of all ether system that have
oeen trieo.- , -. al ,:a ett)
Mr. WELSH cited the provisions of the sub-
treasury system, wnicb, in lbbV wilt re.
ouire a payment from th 8tat and eoontv
treasuries to , be made in speoie, which will
necessarily require the taxes to b paid In specie
a tning tuat ca conceived it. weald be im
possible for tbe people to do certainly not With
out being shorn to tbe quick by brokers, i This,
said, would be of no benefit to tbe people la
any way, or to any one except tbe office-bolder
and the broker. . If sped is not collected for
tax, b would lik to know what security
mere is in locking up tne notes of banks In tbs
treasury i we must eome to tbe conclusion
that tbe revence eball be collected In gold and
silver, or it soan oe deposited in safe bands un
der proper security. M't is listless to lock it up.
Besides, there 1 not specie enough in tbe Stalti
pay the taxes. . . ,
Mr. FELLOWS said this bill proposed to
Inaugurate a new policy; .and be should vote
sgainst It and speak against it, cjnrincsd tbat
would woik vil and Joss t tbe people. He
opposed t leaving the money at loos ends,
tbe eounty nd Slate treasuries. : He eon
tended that there was enough specie to pay the
taxes. ,Tb present law , doe cot require Ibe
taxes to be paid in specie.) Good notea can be
taken end should be taken. If our bank pay
speoie, the treasurers can draw the speoie of
tnem, ana lueee anuta win ne a Wboiesom test
tbelr capacity to prepc.1, .erveth peopl. asl
banke. Greet losses had been Suffered Ouder
th old system: and w should not think of re
turning to it. Let us try the present system till
we find tbat It 1 not safe, or are sure that we
cin find a be ter one, ;
Mr. BALDWIN moved to amend tbs bill so
as to reckon the percsntsge allowed to treas
urers upon th total sums received or paid, and
no on the separate sntnj of certain 'Classes of
payments, which waa agreed to. ...
Mr- WRIGHT, of Hamilton, moved to amend
the bill by striking out ths third section, which
provides lor depositing the puonc money on se
OUritie. :,: ' . -
- Mr. FLAGG said he had no objections to any
amendments to this bill. H felt like treaties it
alter tbe old doctor's prescription for preparing
cuoumbers, which was to cut them op finely, salt
and pepper, and then throw them out of tbe
window. To cut out this section and tben pass
tbe bill would be cruel. Yet be wouid not re
gret very much to see it done. He examined the
character of the securities proposed in this seo
lion. He said that the eersonal securities provi
ded for would be tbe bonds of Tom, Dick and
Harry; and at foody who knew anytbingof secu
rities knew what they are worth. Pass this, and
you will Invite all tbs money jobbers and brok
era oi th country to control the election of our
eounty treasurers and commissioners, all over
tbe statei and we should find those efflees filled
in the most corrupt manner oonoetv&ble. " Of
specie payment, he said it was a mistake tbat
there was not specie enough In tbe country to
piy the taxes. There was an abundance more
than enough; and ths freqaent fay meats out of
toe treasury so equalise tbe sum tnat there is
really very little diversion of it from the public
nse. ue thought the bill was ill considered, or
at least that It could be improved. He would,
therefore, move that it bereftrred to the com
mittee on Finance, which motion he withdrew,'
to take tbe vote on Mr. Wright's amendment.
, Mr. MoCLUNG moved that the bill and
pending amendment be referred to tbe com
mittee on Finance.
: Mr. V0RI3 moved that they be laid on the
table, which motion was disagreed to yeas 26,
Mr. CONVERSE opposed tbe motion to refer,
and moved that tbe bill be indefinitely postponed.-"
' :. . .
The vote was called on tbe motion to refer.
which resulted yeas 51, nays 31. '
Mr. DEVORE presented a remonstrance of
James Dillan and 87 others, of Perry county,
gaihBt th bill to tranecr.be the record of mar.
riago licenses In Perry county. 1
Mi. SEES, of Franklin, moved that the vote
whereby tbe House passed S. B. 273 For the
payment of the claim of John W, Allen, be re
considered, which motion was laid on the ta
ble, t , :i:. u (,. ' i ' 1
The committee on Finance reported back H.
B. 431 To amend section 42 of the aot regula
ting te duties of oounty auditors, and recom
mended its indefinite postponement, when '
The Mil was referred to Mr.' RUKENBROD
as a select committee. '
The committee on Agriculture reported back
H. B. 433 To amend tbe aot to prevent tbe
spread ol Canada thistles, when '
Tbe bill was referred to a select committee of
five Messrs. Siedman, Carlisle, 1 McClung,
Hngbes and Reid. '''. -
The committee on Railroads reported back
n. B. 380 For tbe preservation of human life,
when tbe bill waa indefinitely postponed. '
' Tbe same committee remrted back H. TV
149 For tbe greater safety of travelling on
railroads, when tbe bill was also postponed.
The committee on Finance reported back S.
B 239 In relation to taxing banks, when the
bill was ordered to be printed, and made tbe
special order fbr'Wednesday, at 8:30 P. M.
Mr. HILLS, from a select com mlttee, reported
by Introducing H. B.468 to amend the general
School Law, which was read the first time. 1 -
Mr. CLAPP, from the select committee to
whom was referred H. B. 96 To provide for a
reform system of forms for wills, deeds, etc , re
ported tbe same back, with an amendment,
which was sgreed to, when the bill waa ordered
to be engrossed and read a third tlm on Wed
nesday next. 1 . . I"
Mr. NOBLE, from the select committee to
whom waa referred B. B. 437 To authorize
tbe sale of certain Western Reserve rchool
lands, reported back the same, with amend
ments, which waete agreed to, when tbebill was
ordered to be tead third time on Wednesday
next, ' . ... .. -
' Tha HouAft then adjourned.
FRIDAY, March 29, 1861.
Prayer by Rer. Mr, Goodwin. -
""IVlr. JONES, by consent, offered the follow
Retlvi, Tbat this General Assembly adjourn
-- . . . . -. , . r . i .nr.
tne ate on raonaay, April loin, 1001.
Mr. PARISH movsd to lay the resolution on
the table, and demanded the yeas and nays. Lost.
Those who voted in the affirmative were
Messrs. Cox, Cuppy, Garfield, McCall, Par
tan, iBtawey o
..Those who voted in the neeatire were
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Bonsr, Eaaoo, Fish
er, Foster, Glass, Harsh, Holm,' Jones. Mon
roe, Moor, Morse, Newman, Pott, Ready,
Smith. 8prague, and White 21. ; ,
Mr. COX thought the Senate had alreadv ta
ken all the. action necessary in the premise.
it u tur iui iiuun hi eay wnen it will oe ready
to adjourn. It is a notorious fact that tbe Sen
ate can soon oloae its business, but . that the
House is, perhaps, nearly a month behind.
That body can amend the resolution already
a . '.I at . l . . . .
agreea to oy tne senate, wneu it is ready to ad
lourn. ' ' . ...I..;.,.
Air. was anxious to adjourn, and
thought the best way to effect it Is to fix a date
certain. . it is tun w had adjourned, and he
wanted to. . , ... , ...
Mr. ORR was willing to adjourn at anv time.
but he didn't think tbl resolution sincere. . We
are not prepared to adjourn. .
Air. KEY did not think tbe Legislature would
be prepared to adjourn at that time. - He there
fore moved le strike out 15th and Insert 22d of
April. ...
Air. JONES excepted to tbe lancruace of Mr
Orr as unparliamentary, and pronounced it die
vrueriy. ,.,.!,.,..,
uu. ukk did not mean to charge the gentle.
man witn insincerity, but ne tnouebt tha reao
lution a humbug. We are nof prepared to ad
journ, and suoh resolutions ar unprofitable.
, tur. o .uii n was io favor pf adjournment
at ine earnest period or lime. . . ,
Air. moukb moved te amend to adjourn on
tne -.n oi July. . ..,.4 . .
ibe lUAIK supposed Mr. Moore stroke rha
Mr. STANLEY did not believe we oon d ad
Journ before tbe 22 J of April.. He was in fa
vor or nxing a day. .. .
Air. rx.Kn.IL.Li tbougbt it doe not facilitate
Dullness 10 ax tbe date or adjournment so long
in advance, jnis snoject is orougnt sp in every
Legislature, sometimes for buncombe, some
times In good faith, and it is not always easv to
decide between them. Many important billa
are pending. The State expect us to disnoaa
tnem. w e must stay 1111 our outines is ac
complished. He thought the resolution should
be tabled. . . ...
Mr. McCALL thought the Senate had better
pass the original resolution, and send it to the
Mouse, which can amend it. if they are not ready
aajtmrn on tne join. ...
Mr KEY'S .amendment was adopted. Yeas
13, nays 12. , . ,
The Question turning on tbe amended resbln
tlon, to adjourn on the 22d of April, tint die, it
agreed to yeas aa , nay iu.
Those who voted In the affirmative were
Messrs. Breck, Brewer,' Bonar, Cox, Eason,
Ferguson, Fisher, Foster, Glass, Holmes, Jones,
Key, Lasksy, Monroe, Mors, Newman, Orr,
rotte, Keady, Bcblelob, smith, sua White 22.
Those who voted In the negative were
'Messrs, Cuoov. Garfield. Harsh. '.McCall.
raoore, rarisb, ferrlll. fotwln. Boragu. Stan
iu. ' ."
The vote on tbe bill yesterday providing for
erection of a new Asylum for the Deat and
avumo wss as loiiowa t - . 1 ; :., -.
. . a e 11 "
lliose who voted in the affirmative were .
Messrs. Breck, Brewer. Bonar. Cox. Corny.
Eaaoo, Ferguson. Fisher. . Foster. Garfield.
Harsh, Holmes, Jonss, Key, Monroe, Moore,
Morse, lNewman, Orr. Parish. Perrill. Potts.
Potwin, Sobleich, Sprsgue. Stanley, and White
VI. .(.....: : : .
Those who voted in the negative were
Messrs. Glass, Laskey, McCall, and Ready
a. ....,-,.' . ,
Mr. 6PRAGUE moved to reconsider the vote
which the Senate sgreed to tbe amendment
tbe Houte to 8. B. No. 269 Amending tbe
rjouenjat rv muyj cwrvnin ajmiesmoe. I
Agreed to. Referred M 1 Ftonnce Committee. - f,
general tax taw, to supply certain emission.
Bv Mr. FERGUSON-Thi clalvir if fstiafi
Rogers, for certain plans.) Referred to oom-
mlttee on Claims, i ii ;4 t
Also, the petition of C. Griffin scd 43 others
of Cinoinnatl, reaaonatratiDg against he'fu-
sage of the street railroad bill, select com-
rnlltaftat. "r
On motion of Air. READY, lb memorial Ol
si-fli'- . tmiMrm u'"ta-i;.t-" "-rejiJt
Ell Nichols, of Cotbeoton, asking tbe Leglsia
tiira In mamArtallxe Conm-aaS tn aot anart textl
tory for th colonisation or free aegroes, ana to
offer them Inducements In tbe premises, wss
referred to the Judiciary committee.
. B. No, 236, by Mr. ORR For the protec
tion of fisheries on Sandusky river.
H. B.321.by Mr. HITCUCOCK-To pro
vide for removing obstructions and Improving
the ofaannels ol rivers, ror tbe purpose oi dram
inn- marsh v or low landa in this State.
Ii. B 4U3. bv Air. JfkKLi Ai a o amend tne isi,
21 and 3d sections of an aot entitled "an aot
reaulrinz annual settlementa by county officers,"
passed March 22, 1850. Swan & Criicbfleld's
Statutes, n. 248.
H.B. 406, by Mr. JACOBS-To amend the
act to amend an aot entitled "an act defining
the powers and duties of Justices of tho.Peace and
Constables In criminal oases," passed March 27,
1837, and the acti amendatory thereto, passed
March 7, 1842.
H. B 424. bv Mr. WRIGHT, of Hamilton
To extend the time for allowing the leasees ot
section 29, in Springfield township, Hamilton
oounty, to surrender tbelr leases and receive
deeds. Schools.
H. B. 435, by Mr. SNYDER To amend an
aot entitled "on act supplementary to an aot de
nning tbe jurisdiction and regulating tne prac
tice of Probate Courts in the oounties of Erie,
Lucas, Richland, Holmes, Montgomery, Dela
ware. Franklin, Scioto and Jefferson," passed
April 12, 1858, aud to extend tbe operation of
said aot to tha counties ot Meigs. Mercer, Au-
glaixe, Lawrence, Harrison, Hnry, Licking,
Belmont, Stark, Ottowa and Williams. Jadi
H. B. 428, by Mr. ANDREWS, on leave-
To amend section one of an act entitled an act
to amend sections fiveand six of an act entitled
"an act reeulating the mode of administering
assignments to trust for the benefit of Credi
tors," passsd April t, looa. juaiciary. r ,
H. B. No. 430,' by Mr. WOOD3, from a se
lect committee To amend seotlons one and two
of an act entitled "an act to prevent tbe killing
of birds aud other game," passed April 10, 1857.
Select committee.
II. B No. 387, by Mr. MONAHAN To re
lieve the lessees, assignees and equitable hold
ers of tbe unsold sohool lands belonging to town
number 3, range 11, in the Ohio Company's
purchase: and to authorize tbe lessees, as
slgnees and equitable bolder of said, lands to
surrender .'their leasts' and. receive ' deeds
H. B. No. 436, from the standing committee
on Agriculture Making appropriations from
certain Agricultural funds lor the year A. D.
1B03. Agriculture.
H. B. No. 345, by Mr. NIGH, from the com
mittee on Corporations other than Municipal
Supplementary to an act to provide for the crea
tion and regulation of incorporated companies
in the State of Ohio, passed May 1, 1852.
H. B. No. 333, by Mr. V UK 13 To amend an
sot entitled "an act to authorize the erection of
town halls," passed February 24, 1848
H. B. No. 409, by Mr. STOUT-Fixlng the
time of holding the courts of common pleas in
Noble county, Ohio. Mr. Ready.
Tbe foregoing were referred to the committee
Of tbe Whole, excepting where otherwise deaig
Mr. CUPPY objected to the reference of the
Bird bill, because it referred to spread eagles.
He thought it ought to go to tbo committee on
Federal Relations.
Mr. SCULE1CH made a similar objection
because woodpeckers are Included. 7 " '
, Mr. STANLEY, from the Select committee,
reported an amendment to House amendments
to S. B. 269 being a merely formal amend
ment; Agreed to.
H. B. 449 Requiring certain purchases for
Benevolent Institutions, exceeding $50, to bo
made by contract.
Mr. PARISH, from the Penitentiary commit
tee to w bom was referred tbe memorial of A.
W. Ayers & Co., contractors for conviot labor,
asking relief upon the contract price for bO
hands, from 48 to' 35 oeht per day, orf account
oi loss by iir in the renitentiary in ict7, and
consequent misfortunes reported in favor oi
the petition, aud by S. B. No. 213: For relief
Of A. W. Ayers A Co." " '
! Mr. PARISH, from tbe same committee re
ported 8. B. No. 289: Supplementary to, and
amending sections 13, 14 and 16, regulating the
unio renitentiary.
.Mr- HOLMES, from tbe Seleot committee to
whom it was referred, reported back S. B. 241;
being tbe Street Railroad bill, together with
certain remonstrances against it, recommend
ing the passage of the bill, with certain amend
ments. . On motion of Mr. KEY, the amendments
were agreed to, and th bill wa laid on th te
ble and ordered to ba
' Mr. CUPPY, from tbe 8aIoct oommlttee lo
whom It was referred, reported bask tha Antl
Combination R. R. bill, with amendments, and
recommended its passage.
': Tbe amendment of Mr. GARFIELD, which
was pending last night, did not appear to be
embodied, and he instituted inquiry about it.
Mr. CUPPY explained that the substance of
it, so far as tbe committee deemed consistent
with tbo principles of tbd bill . were embodied
in it.
Tbe Question recurriog noon enerosament of
tne oiu, it was sgreed to.
mose who voted in the affirmative were
Messrs. Brewer, Cuppy, Eason, Fergu
son; Foster, Holmes, Key, Laskey. McCall.
Moore, Newman, Orr. Pariah. Potwin. 8ohleIch.
Damn, sprague, Stanley and White IU, -
. l nose who voted In th negative were
Messrs. Breck. Cox. Fisher. Garfield. Glass.
Jones, Monroe, Morre, Perrlil, Potts, Ready
11. '' 1 T V."3. '.' M I ! u. '. - t -I
Mr. JONES offered the following amendment
to the bill, vis:
Provided, Tbat tbe provisions of this act
shall tn no way interfere with any lawful obli
gations heretofore entered into by any Railroad
Company. Agreed to.
Tbe bill tbeu passed yeas 21, uijs 9V
Those wbo voted in the affirmative were T.
Meetrs. Brewsr, Cuppy, Eason. Fergu
son, Fisher, Foster, Holmes, Key, Laskey, Mo
Call, Moore, Newman, Orr, Parish, Perrlil, Pot
in, . Schleicb, Smith, Sprague,'' Stanley, and
Whlte-22. -
Those who voted in tbe negative were
Messrs. Breck. Cot. Garfield. Glass. Jones.
Monroe, Morse, Pott and Ready-9.' . .J JK
. Tha PeMlrlantatrrnnl nMln kill.- '" ' "
Mr. MOORE moved that when the Senate
adjourn, it eball adjourn until Tuesdsy A. M
next.- ,
Mr. JONES protested asa oatit. Tha mo.
lutlou was sgreed to. Yeas 17, nays 12.
Ine senate then took a recess.
FRIDAY, March 29, 1861.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Clapp"' " ? : rl
; Mr. HUGHES gave notice that he would en
ser bis protest on the journal against the man
tier of tbe passage of ths bill to pay the. claim
of John W. Allen.' ' ' . - '
Mr. BRUFF moved that the vote whereby tha
House paaaea tne bill lor tbe payment of Bart-
lit tt Smith be reconsidered, that the rota he
aid on tne taoie, and tbat tbe Speaker with
bold Dis signature from lb bill nntil tbe bill
Donnelly disposed of wbloh motion was agreed
Mr. CONVERSE moved that the mntlnn t
reconsider tne vote wbereby tbe House passed
the bill to pay the olaia oi Jo bn Wi Allen h.
taaen irom tne taoie which mo lion waa diaa.
greed to yeas 24, nay 54.
a communication waa received from- 17
Warren Jenkins. Chanlain to tha
reiatiun to a wcea-uay scnooi ror convicts,
which was laid en the table to be printed. 1 '
8. B. 276-For the erection of a building for
Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb, was read
first time.. . . . . t' , i -.r -., . i
The House agreed to the Senate's amend
ments tO H. B. 405 Tr revulata tha minn.r nf
electing Justices of the PaManek In 4lAWlanrl
o,nsya ix.
.v . . -. . . . r. -----? .
a jai ,,,, i . . tana
The S.sat. Mat Retailor! for sfa tf.V
lurnment on tbs 22d of April next, .was taken
up, wben
. Mr; ROBINSON moved fa amend the tame
by substituting the 15th for tbe 22d. j ! ,
,rar. mtyrr moved to lay tne renoiuuon-on
the .tables ferbloh was disagreed to yea 14,
nays er. . . v
Tbe qneetton being on Mr. Koblnson'l amend
ljiwwijaei-Aa.-. nianiii,airi.inim
Mr. s ruUT'oailed lor a division cr thequts.
tton, and the word f Monday the 231," were
trlcken out, when t I ilCC! v vi '
The words "Monday the 15th" i
were inserted
vsas 67. nava 10"-
JUr. SHAW offsred as a rsuostuuie a rseolu
tldn fixtno- the 4th dav ot July next, for the ties
dtt adjournment which was disagreed to yeas
u.nays .too."- ffr" f r I- '
The question being 02 agreeing Id the Reso
tlon,; ' Air. WObDS sold. If ha thousht we could
have an early report on the Resolution, he would
move Its reference to tbe Finance committee.,
Mr. VINCENT said, he was not going to
give any bunoombs vote, nor play the fool with
a question Of this character. - We are not now
prepared to lay what day we can adjourn, Del
therdo we intend to . adjourn until certain
meaaurea of importance are disposed of. ' We
are not to be driven out of. great measures of
vital Interest, by tbe buncombe men of this
House, or by tbe other branch of tbls General
Assembly. I hope there Is pluck enough here
for the emergency, and I , believe I Am, 'right
srhfin I Anunt nn Ift. 1 ' ..ud- . . ' 1
We have 220 bills undisposed of many of
which will, of course, receive little attention;
but there are a few we mnet act on, or all our
session is a failure. He pledged every hear of
his time, in the most diligent work, to effect an
early adjournment. He, In hi condition of
health, of all the member of the House, had
most to lost and fear by remaining In this pois
onous atmosphere. ' But be would not abandon
the interests of tbe State for any personal con
siderations.' .He believed if we worked a effi
ciently as we bad done 'for the last wsekr we
could adjourn on the 15th; but if gentlemen
yes, rctrtnehncnt gentlemen eontiuued to call
ayes and noes on the most .frivolous questions
for delay merely, we can not adjourn within
any reasonable lime. We have not the general
appropriation bill vot in thie house, nor are tbe
Public Works disposed of, either by lease or sp-
propriauuni "r repairs, iuoomis is not yet
distrloted.nor ths Bank or Penitentiary questions
yet scted on in thi .nus.tLit a work day
and night until we cast adjourn t but don't be
voting to adjourn on a day yon well know you
Will nave to back out oi. no favored the rer
trence to tbe Finance committee, a -that would
give- a little time to tee what progress was
made, and enablo ns to fix an early day, and to
actually adjourn on that day. 1
Mr, JNiuii moved tbat tbe vote whereby tbe
House agreed to Mr. Robinson's amendment be
reconsidered, and moved to lay th t motion on
tbe table, on which the yeas and nays were de
nianded, and resulted yeas 10, nays 72.
Mr. BURR said be would be glad to adjourn
on tbe lam, irit couio oe done witn propriety;
otherwise, he felt It to be our duty to remain
and dispose of business with care. The history
of a few days hence would indicate the lime we
csn adjourn. He was for the reference of tbe
resolution. ' t ' '
Mr. HUGHES voted for the fifteenth, be
cause he desired to hsve fixed time to work
to; and he thought, If we wontd work Indus
triouslv. It could bo done.
Mr. ROBINSON said he had moved the
ameudment in good faith, believing tbat tbe
work could be done by tbat time. He felt sure
of tbat, if the House would co operate with the
committees, and not waste the time of tbsUouse
by calling tbe yeas and nays on frivolous mo
tions, as has been done tbie morning. o
Mr. CONVERSE advocated 'the reference,
ar he was aatisfisd the Flnaooe oommlttee eould
Judge most fitly when to adjourn. , r.f
.rar. iitnaesirea -tnis reiercnoe. 'it- was
the proper course, in view of the business now
before the House, tie wisbed to act with ref
erence to what ought to be done, aad give no
votes for home ooosomption.
Mr. 'HITCHCOCK was.' convinced that the
business eould bs brought to a olose by the lfiih,
and be thought the proper way to reach the
close is to fix the day ; he waSjjherefore, opposed
to the reference, , , , , '
Mr. STOUT was also for the refareaoe. 'He
was certain that If tbe 15th were fixed, the
House wonld have to back down from it.
Mr. MONAHAN waa for fixing the day; for
If we leave tbe question unsettled till tbe 15th,
it win De as lar on then as it is do. Lsl us
fix the day snd work to Iu i ' ( i f i t ,
Mr. ANDREWS said, he would say a word
on this subject of adjournment of the Seneral
Assembly, as tbe same Is now presented. It was
not new to him to hear from gentlemen on this
floor, when talking abanl a ) die adjournment,
eomplaiota that too much time was consumed on
discussions, that such shonld be stopped, and
work done without it. He was convinced, from
bis long experience, that no time was lost from
proper dlsoussions. More Injustice Is done to the
Slate from a want of properly understanding
measures before the Legislature, than from
waste ol lims In proper argument. lie could
speak of many other ways of consuming time,
from which be would cow refrain, it was
vety eertain to hi mind, that if the House pass
thelresolutlob as amended we would be obliged to
recede irom it. The many important sod prop
er measures, crowded into the remaining part of
the session, to be acted on, would require all the
time to the date fixed in the resolution.-Tbe
many improper measure and there are many
-the majority, of course, wontd consider from
time, to time Would prolong the session, v ile
thought tbe date shonld be welloonsldered, and
ought by all means to b referred to th Finance
committee, as proposed. - ' - v -. ., .
S B. 259-Tosmend See ,6 of the Home
stead law was read the first time.
Tbe House agreed to the Senate's smend
meot to H. B. 269 To amend the Tax Law
yea; 71, nay 0. . ; .
'1 be speaker laid before the House - tbe
written opinion of the Attorney General on the
passage of tbe Bill lor the payment ofBtrtlit
it Smith, whioh was resd, when
Mr. ROBINSON moved that it be laid apoo tbe
table, wbloh was agreed to. '.
, 8. B. 268 Making in part appropriation
from the General Bevenue for 1862 was read
tbe first time.
A cemmunloatlon was received from th Gov.
ernor, la reply to the resolution of the House
in relation to tbe "LaB9. case," which was laid
on tbe table. ,. , . ,.
A communication waa received from the At.
torney General, giving bis opinion on the pro
posed abandonment of the Miami and Erie ca
nal, north of Swan creek, at Toledo, wbloh was
lain on lbs table to be printed. ... .
. The following memorials were Dresanterl anrl
referred.''" ' ..'; .
By Mr. WINNER, from D. L. Meeker and
outers, or uarke county, against the diseontln
uance of tbe additional judgeship in the 1st sub
airiflinn in mm ai n !- int . . t i i i i
By Mr. STUBB3. from J. H. Foea'and'tha
other membres ol lb bar of Preble county, on
the same sublect.
Bv Mr. HADDOW.from W. R. Pn
bj o.heri. of Washington countr. fa relttlan ta
Um. fxr.-ut. a. f t f .
u7 vrvvfeiuu ui v iiauiiigwa tVOwDluips i
By Mr. JONES, of Hamilton, from John
Oooper and SU others, or Hamilton county, for a
law to protect turnpikes and plank roads sgainst
loss by corporation,, .,"-' , ..-.-j,
-By Mr- REE3, or Frankklln, from Noab
Steele and a 101 others, of Franklin oounty, for
a euueuuiuai ami siringent liquor 1SW. " ' - " -
Also, from Miss Clara Willis.Lvdla Waas.
and 115 ladies of Franklin county, for ths tame
ooject. ."!;" -vV. 7. T. :.- :
By Air. CLAPP. from E. A. Either! anrl 60
others, of Lake oounty, for tbe same object. -
Mr. ROBINSON, from the committea nn
Claims, reported back 8. B. 262 Making tern-
uurary appropriaiions witn an t amendment-
euwu wan Brgw si, WOIO
Air. VUKI3 moved to amend bv arldlnc aonnn
a-t-ut.- ..ti . . .
ur aauieuiuK sua uuiiuibk in tne ranitantiapw.
which was dissgreed to; and afterwards a mntlnn
reconsider entertained, whioh waa eaut
-veae 49: nava 15. 1 1 . . t i , . ' i '-...u
Mr. VORIS' amendment was airmen tn. wh.n
. --...-'.T.
ii.. liii j ... . r ' "-
we uiu wa passed. .' x eas o, nay 14. 12
The House tben adjourned. ' " i
fMr. BRUFF'S amenrlmenl in . m .n.t
House Bill 71, reported veaterdav. waa ti, atelka
u ao moon oi ssotion a as (peolUed What should
b5'?oe,,e ,0 Pye of Uxea. exoept a ap-
" , rw,w'"u'e) paper.j n,
Military Resouress of the South.
"',, ' :" '"-. I
An erroneous Idea ewnmiL .....it. v.
. , . . n - v.w.wiis a, auw
North that tb new Confedarar. In t.nin
military defence, will AlJflaanA StnvTISa rll fli-
culty, in prooarlng a supply of artillery stores
BlUaltlOnS Ol War. lot tha Infimiiat nn nf
Anderson Iron Woiks, near Richmond, VI,-
glnta, are working tbelr lurnaoos night snd day,
casting Dablgren guns and Columbiads of the
beavleht calibre and exquisite finish. Several
ot tben guns and nve ten Inch mortars have
already been forwarded to Charleston, snd, be-
tore this, are in battery, ready to participate In
tbe bombardment of Fort Sumter. The Tre
degar Iron - Works, near Rlohmond, are also ' '
busily employed lo casting hollow shot and shell. ,
several tons nave already seen forwarded to .
Charleston.. Tbe maohlno ehop of the Atlantlo -and
North Carolina Railroad, near Newberu, N', .
U,ba bsen transformed Into a military ens
eal, where several hundred hands ate now em
ployed In altering musket and casting shot snd :
shell. ' -The alterations of the old stylo musket
to the Minnie stjle, compared with a similar
alteration maae in this state, give the supetioti-
ty to the former In ever rrmnent. Th aamnles
of shot recontly exhibited included a slxtj-lour
pounder and a six1 pounder, and a forty pound '
sbejl. t- The railroad company have oflered to --'
eontract with the Confederate States for an iu-
dsnnite supply or both guns and missiles, gusr
ranteslog to do tbe work.equal to any done at tbe
uurui, aw. a ices price, i n ere is a louutiiy
near Petersburg, Virginiaalso escaped in cam-
In g mortars and cannon for Charleston. Only
a day or two ago, a mortar from this foundry,
weighing 6,750 ponnds, was placed in battery '
near Fort Sumter, As for powder, both North
Carolina and Virginia hare numerous mills for
the manufacture of this explosive agent, and
have already sent 300,000 pounds, per contraot, to
South Carolina. After this statement of facts.
who will doubt the ability of tbe South to pro
vide itself with tbe munitions of wart-Mio
Yotk Herald.
Kennedy's Medical Discovery.
Wa have been Perusine. within a lew dam.
one of Kennedy's Circular, not to convince o
tnat nis medioine wa wbat it purported to be,
for we have bad occasion to witness Its magical
effects In curlog the ptrtioular class of disease
lor which it is recommended, viz , humors.
But If we had not this personal acquaintance
with ita virtues, we could not but be convinced
of ita worth, when such men as Erastus II. Doo
little, Eiq, former Proprietor of the Old Elm
Street Stage House, Boston, says, tbat he ha
been cured of a disease thst was harrying him
to bis grave, aud tbe remedy used was Kenne
dy's Medical Discovery, i Tbla Is proof enough '
for ns, snd wo trust that It will prove so Induce
ment to the afflicted to fry if at least,
Holloway's Pills and Ointment.
or th Kionrrs and Uamo
oxnital oroams. In all Internal inflammation
of the Kidneys, bladder, ceo., caused by gravel
or other local irritation, these medicine will
effect a speedy and radical cure. Outol fl
Lhundred cites of persons afflicted with gravel "
sou pruuuuuceu oy eminent members 01 tbe ho
ulty aa 'incurable.' all wbo took these remedies
recovered but ono, and he, despairingof success,
discontinued them after one week's use. Sold
by all Druggists, at 25c, C3o., and $1 per box.
O All should read Prof. Wood's advertise
ment io another column.
-':! W A N T 12 u t
MAN In a Dry Hoods Btois; must spesk the Ing
llah language Also, state where an interview can be bad.
Address, with real name and re erenre.
'-' 3'd. BOX 6S8, Pott Office.
"an entire new etock of Goods In my lins, just purch
ased In Hew Tork at tbe cheapest panic rales.all of which
Lhall sail at tbe smallest pre fits, for Cash. My custom
ers and friends are respectfully Invited to call and exam
ine my Goods and Prices, at I aaa determined to sell as
cheap or cheaper tbaa any other house In the oily ; and
ae I do my own Oattlng, and superintend my own bad
ness, I feel assured, from my long experience la busi
ness, to glvs general satltf action. The finest of work
men are-employed, and all work done strictly to lime and
on short notice, and warranted to St. Strangers visiting
our city would consult their interest by giving me a call
before purchasing elsewhere. r. KofK,
.. Merchant Tailor,
marthMaiy -'r Cor lllih and Town sla. '
Probata Motlos Settlement of Aeeonut.
been filed In the Probate Court of Franklin eounty
Ohio, and will be heard for settlement, oa Wednesday,
the Stth day of April, A. D. 1801 to wit I
Tbe final account of Win. Watts, administrator of
Joseph Watts, dee'd; ths final account of Henry Bougha
guardian of Susan A. Benjamin; the final account of John
Helpmaa, administrator of Oherlev Lether, dee'd; tha
final account of Margaret Btrader (now O'Haira.) lata
guardian or ihe hairs of Levi Strader, dee'd; the final ac
oount of lather Lytic, administratrix of Andrew Lytle,
deed; the flratacocnnt of Nathan Bavla, gnardlan of
MeryO. Bavie; the flirt account of baniel F. Lloville, '
guardian of Linnets O , Sarah F., and Frank Fisher; Ihe
first accounts of lllram Watts, guardian of Martha J.ana
John O. Watts; the first account at Martha Lakena. .
guardian ef Fhtbe Ann, George and Maria J . Lukena.- th 1
first amount of B erne Chittenden, administrator of
William Baker's estate; the second and Anal account ol
Ulltaeeth F. Fisher (now Braymaa) administratrix of I.
A. Fl.her, dee'd; the second account of John Ksger.
tuardlsn of Amanda, Lafayette, Waonlogtoa and Terry
las; ths seoond aeoonnt cf Jacob Heary, executor of
the wllloffrederiek Henry, dee'd; Ibe third account of
John Wagner, one of the exeeutois of the will of A.
winter, deo'd; and the fifth accounts of John J. Nelson,
guardian or Ann Jt. and Kobett J. Kelson.
. . H.B. ALBIBT,
mtrgfrjltfcwlt Probate Judge.
j;.,,. and: .
M " r"5"1'? anai iu name inaicstee, ror, Wulle'en.
U pleasant te the taste. It is revrvlfyl ng, exhlUrat lD
1 'In.. IntlmrallA, atr ...I .1.. ,A .k- Wm
tog. Invigorating and strengthening to the vital
powers, ana. at ina same- time revivifies, iota
rv laniei, and renews ins Blood in all Its purity, and
thus at once restores awe! renders Ae iiKa im. VJ
Lwlauulf.,. -H I.- J. ...... '
- .v Huw, vj uauee. iiisue only
preparauon ever ouereo to tne world, so cheaU
cally and skillfully combined as to bs tbe awt
powerful tonia, and at tbe tame time to perfeotly
taws of natuie. and hanee will tooth Ola v. 1 1
w..pima Mi, aa sw ace iu perieoiacooraanoo VI LH tha
ifowMt-A, and tone up the digestive organs, and M
thus allay all nsrvont and other Irritation. It ltV
peneotly exhilarating, and at the asms time It ul.
composed entirely of vegetables, yet so aombinad H
--. i - uu.wmbu wunfuefllp WIU1-
out producing any injurious eonseaueaeaa. Saoh
s remedy has long been felt to be a desMsratum In
ibe medical world, for ltneede ne medical akin tn
tee that debility follows all attacks of disease, and
proceeds and Indeed lays ths system open to the'
Insidious attacks of man of tha moat ratal, .m-h I
for example, as Ihe following Oon.urnm.nn. i.
kllgetUtn, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite. Falntneu. '
ntrvous irtiuointy, neuralgia Falpitatlon of thel
uaan, meianonoiy, mgat nweau. Languor, Uldnl-,
dbib, neienuou or, as wen ae ralniui obstrncted
too profuse, er too sosnl Atanstmatlon. and v.u.
Itng of lb Womb. These all depeid upea geosral
detiuty. Xhit pare, healthy, tonlo Cordial and
sioos llenovalor It as tare to euro aa tha
its and let. There It no mistake about a. Bull
bis Is not all. If the system Is weakened, we are!
'pen tooiitousaiiaoat.ins liver becomes tomia.
ir worse diseased, the kidneve refuaa ta
their functions, and ws are troubled with seaMIng
and Incontinence of nrlna. ar lnnlnnl.r. a..
charge of the Mum a, pain In ths back, aide and aa.
tween the thouldsrs. exceedlnei liable to atl.htl
-w.i.., wagua, aaia nuuecaea, noon emaciation
jionows, eaa in paiient goes down lo a premature I
grave. But apace will not allow ni ta ennnara,.1
the many Ills to which we are liable In a weakened! V
wuuiiiub vi ui. yvurm. nut we win eay, in thtsl
Oordlal an Bleed Keeovalnr oa have a nariw l
'safe, pleasant and effectual remedy fot loss offj
Appetite, biliousness, Flatnlenee, weak and alek V
Stomach, Languor, Liver Oomplalnt, Chills and
fever, er any Billons attask, Ooeiiveneos, Addlty
f tbe Stomach. Merreaeneaa. Manralala. P.inii..
tlon of the Heart, Depression af Spirits. Boras M ,
Pimples on the Face, or any diktats arising from sAJ
Impure blood, each aa fiorofnla. Erv.in.i-. a ir
.ui.,, vuaiu, uiaicaiiy oi n reaming, and all thatla
olass of diseases sailed female weakaaaa. aaAir
enumerated above. We will also aa iha tr.m!L
lexpoeed to epidemics, change of ollaaate and wat-l
r, wm una it a pleasant, sals and sure remedy JM
and none should ever travel without. Keader-ldj
try it, for we assure yon oa will Had in II a friend
indeed, u well as a friend fn need. Ail persons efl -sedentary
habile will Snd it a oerfeet preventive afl A
u well at cure for tboee ailments to which thiy art
particularly exposed, tience mmisiei-MiuaeniSrM I i, ...
-.. II ., A I.. II.. .1 I .TV'
eooustoBjtd to much outdoor exercise, will find It Fl
W.U.J.. Jll.l.rj KWIIllnllCil . U.V. nilU.l1.DI M
hand; and, above all, mother, or these becoming
snob; will go through that most dangerous period
not only win an
saft and free from the I bona and ailments se prev
alent aaong Ihe female portion of the world. Inl
abort. Ills Indeed a momere cordial. TralLoIri
and yeang; ne longer ran the risk of delay; It Willi
relieve ana prwv iweii empnaitoaiiy a ittttora
Mee Cordial and JIUod Ktnovator.
O.J, WOOD, proprietor, 4 Broadway, New!
sold by ROBnRlS St SAMUKL, Oolitmeut, 6hloJ
sad all good , CiuggltUI . Frlce Oaa D,.ii..
lera. ana I -. nnnvt dii-i, a,, uouia. Ua.:
iyet si . ;. ! marvuto-aaweowly
,- l

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