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of ACSlLFWWJOBCa! 1T8. 1,1860-
Hen. Joseph R, Gwac,
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(OMtulfeedla lU-i.leS amea.uf luaOhio and urmi
Btst Repurta.)
nVI-KANDIiH j.TriirTVniFEr.B.F.Sq,
In Two Ryl 8vo. VoIOmi'. Pilce$10 00.
f J, ifsn
Ho off or ewpeaae has rafon Span J tor make Ida rti.
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Prow nre.n ti n'J'l,";i
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..,u. nnurta ii awh aimntr. ti Ui Memberant the
tVxnta ant Home ot 01
indwi.onfarca 'to hj duiribttted loth. fo,0winn bi.w
-A nnra .fV... . , A
fl.irrii. Attoroer 0Beral, S"prm ja, 8Mre-
G,!o.ptreHr.Tre.-r ana J kestmr rf Stat;, wd
to uw rmhtt. coana. uouru 01 TJ.
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Thu book, ontimo, ao.t,ioi
nowlnforc-'.andHveai.thcli. r"?L,e.?
and of ins NoirgoDatuaiioii, win no nm....
1 naefal In the prformance of their dntlet,
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r mn-uanT'.ilfuroTl'a'a
5Sw!iriioa ...l '
.t-i'V nvtioiiits.
tloii Of them
Ito be special-
Inatmuch u verv nan? cbantea have bea made ia tha
gtatntea ilnoe the puMioalton ol Wt latl enitiooa, nj
ni aiia.iluui and ulililiool. and nan important da-
claiona have beta Riven by Ilia Supreme Court on co-
troreitd tniota.all . . . . - ?
Will And ttU aa tnvalaabl Work.
3VooyJ 8r. To'vnn of ottSlncttc numSrci
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In Strong taw Binding,
Pnbliahed ay. ' ' ' "
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tawFabUehera. Bookaellera; Blallonen and Importers,
No 53 Wet fonnh itreet.
; ii . -Cincinnati. 0.
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Tiolf, mumidl 'handed in fo TW&LVJi 0'iLOJK
oa MS any qjnumuuivn s j
Democratic City and Township Ticket.
'J ,.T ..ft
a i,
C MaVCl,
,t WBAlf llluMAa. ,
- CtTT M.R'BiU
nt-t nta.ernnt.
mr ctxa'w,
FBANCU conia. .
tcnmi, viRatToaii, , . , .,
Cl.UKCIUtl", j t-
21 Warden. S. MCK1.KY. . ,
, 3d Waid JOSItH UAHRKB. "
1 4th Ward UORAOW WIU'OH.
;h Ward-J. U. BrACKISQ-' . ;
, AHtJJOR.. . ,
! it Ward-A PIIERR'. , 4
!!d Ward UOSEA JULl,Kn. ,
' 3d Wart ' ; . ...
4h ward-ronN wkAYt:.-' " 1
1-owmnr Turwms, ' ' '" '
AtXANDMt MOOBF.rtt.V. ' r .
' Crowwiatr ntiiirtra. C 3
'tow irxair cues.
A, C. KINO. "
- : . . a
. J. P. EEMMY, .. ,
Tnwwenrr Aatawnar
' WILLIAM K.N0i." t ,
Democratic City and Township Ticket. Taking it Easily
.-ai Assembly nojournca on jenur-
day untit Tue day afternoon. We (suppose
members ifeltciuatrain'cd to be at their respective
voting phecs eti Monday next, tij Vote for
supper tbe ticket, end thus diccharge
diitUse as good citueds. As there does .not
pear to be any Burry la doing np the business
the session, the members may be excused
going home to vote at the' Spring election.
is t commendable lpatan;o of .'ilillgcnce cn
partof oorlaw-makerii.' ; ' -
S7 We notice that J. L. Collins has
re-sppointed Ssperintendent pf IutlUn Affair
New Mexico. IIow was t this brought about?
Oread, the late delegate, and CoLLiNs are
cronies, and our neighbor of the Columbus
sifts f-ave is veeentlv "'quite biography
OmorCa",.h' now .Inform us "bow Collins
got re-appointed by a Republican .'Administra
tion, and what he IhtnVa" bf the "appointment
We are curious to know , and hope Gov. Gacmxa
will cnllcb'ten nt' on the subject.' ITe has
. . ' 4' . .1
knowledge or Air. uoluns as tost gentleman
was a resident, of . tbo .Territory . while
Gaiiitxa was one pf .jtg dignitaries
v ' 'v ... - - - 4
The Election on Monday.
The Jturntt of this 'Borning calls upon
Bepublieans ef tbe City and Township to
to the support their, party aominationa
Monday, next. Tbe nrjreet ' call' tbat
maVcs upon Repultlioics to ypto fortbe coml
- nees of the party, en be applied witb
, force to Democrats.1. We hope oar Democratic
fellow citizens will take note of it, and act
; oonjiogiy.. Let every Democrat do- his duty
next Monday,, by votiug the ticket, aod laboring
for iW success. Let the euittd strmth of
. Democracy be polled 4or the whole ticket,
there can be no question about the result. -at
D" We are told by the Journal of this morn
ing that ajwsr between tbe United States
tbe Southern Confederacy is to "bejprecipitatcd,
not at Fort Sumter or Foit Pickens, but in
southwestern ttrritories." That MoriTaciifar
and his men wHJ lead off In "ibis irrepressibls
oooflict, which can hardly fti pf becoming
, eral, aud of involving the two Republics "fn
struggle "T It is to be observed that the south
western' teiritortee belong to the Cherokee,
Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole
all of whom, except the tribe last named,
, have regularly organised governments,
the Ir legislative, executive and judicial depart-
i fey their,1 common, school systems,. .Jto
ind thai the boundaries of their respective
territories, are,, dt fin od, - And, .known. Tiey
own Vie lands, aot holding tltem by f.ho 'origN
nallodian title, tM by deed , of ccaskhi
tbo. Uri ited Sia'tea, hsvldg putcbasea and paid
fair consideration .for them. If, JtfoirrooMxar
and bis merivor any other outlaws,' inteud
precipitate a war in I tore -territories, with
view of dispossessing the Indiana, It, will be
act which will involve the United States in
bigb crime, aoless speedy and .(fCcienl steps
iaken to put it down - The , J" rW Appears
understand the plot; ami It ii to be presumed
tbat tbe' authorities t WasMugton aeBot'.Ig
Boreut of tbe designe of AforiTooMirar and
ment And It remains to bo seen whether they,
tetd (0 nil k stand rnciurage tiiem or not.
Shall the Border Slave States be Retained in
the Union?
Several Status have formally dissolved their
connf ciiou.wUh the .Federal Ualun. ...Tbtt i
tilt Union ineSTa (hoi StaUs; but tbejr re
evidently iu a small minority, front lb dis
position manifested by the leaders ot the secos-
slon wavoment to. tbo Cotton State and bj tbe
lamiora r,r fiomihitoa.it nartv I
-vuni;! v, UB UUfV WUUIIU.U x .
t h.w...i. t. 1. ..' . ... ...t.A iW Wtit
1 ;"""'?" p-r; v. j c 1 - I
feiiAMari.l ....Mr.. . I k vnaria at lAftflC ICar
yar s to come, If at all, for a reconstruction ol
ItbeUulon. Tbe seven States tbat bar goo
out will urobablr remain ont. We bare got,
i "
then, to lock this fact boldly in the ace and ac
cept It, unpleasant, embarrassing and destruat-
(t6 as it miy seem. v
A diartolutlon of the Union, temporary, if
not perpetual, so fsr aa -seven States are con-
e'ereed, is beginning to be looked upon as lnevit-
will be eomnelled to acknowledge formally, as
u h.. .i..h. jn(t i...;-. tha lndenen-
r-l,"KU' " ul'uu,u8 " ut""
aha. Tda ajrl H .n.,hllim .lnl rfver tl
l rifMif.fi. 'TX n.irati
wb ipom ofxnUatlon; the more moderate
mea ol that oartv thick the AdmlnistraUon
I 1 '
if nan i vosi n nnne laiMM m inn iniiHiieua
" "-".r' - . 7' . .v.
aeoce ot toe bouthern Uonlederuoy; ana me
m ,., ,. J,.a. ..t .11
lug Federal Administration or the new Republl
I . a n i - A
can iongresj so restore tne seceaei ounea w
I tn. LJiiinn
Seven.' Sutes having :gooe out, -tlicre aie
tweiity-seveu yet left nominally, if not really, in
the Union. Of these twenty-seven States, eight
I iru nlhrnhnlrlmrr. .nrl .t nhw nanallv SDoken
I Ol r
MDUUO wl luo Duuneru vuuicuvruuj ,
idea Ufaat taking hold of men's minds of all
parties that nothing will be doae by the eVist-
of as the Border Slave States. 1 hese states,
es, we ircquoatiy aemonstrsiea aunng toe pea-1
Uc'ncy ot t j49, pre,(lentlal election, have
L.. , ...
1 fl' v. -O
North than the more Southern States that hare
seceded. Still In these Border States, tbe Union
sentiment is strong, and a majority of the people
iu most, if aot in (It of them, would gladly re
main in. the Uuited.States.lf they could do so
witb a reasonable assurance of safety to their
persons, their property and their Institutions.
After LincolVs election, and after the seces
sion movemont in the extreme South bad be-
cnn. thn Union men In the Border Slave States
looked nxiou8ly to Congress in tbe hope that
. ,. , ,
t wonld do something for the adjustment
our national dlmculties, so that they could with
safetv and honor still abide in the Unlen. When
tD;g h0pe failed tbem, they turned their eyes
Peace Conference aeeemblcd at Washing
Some of their lenders went so far as
. .I..,.., .1.; t -, r
promise tnat u we propositions u. .uia veuiev
ence were not satisfactory, or, if satisfactory,
were not acceded to Dy tbe norm oeiors tne in-
auguration or a.iiicoiji, uey would advocate
separaUon from the Union., . J : , .
- The propositions of the Peace Conference
..,hv,a r rnee. .ri4. rm h. i.
positiou of Republican members,' could
command tumcisnt totes to make them of any
avail." The rejection of, these propositions
as was to be expected, tbe secession
feeling ia the Border States." Subsequent
events, ebce Lincoln's inauguration, especially
the InefUclent, do nothing course of big Admin-
' It
Utratlon. have tendl .till further to augment
this feeling, till it is now questionable whether
in several of tbe Border States there Is not
msjorlty of the people In' favor of immediate
1 r v
i I - . -.- i-i -r
, it seems now quite certain mat ir tneoomi-l
nant nart In tha North, sneakinff and aettne-1
through, the Adminlsuatien Wk
maintains its present ludifference to, and disre
card of. tbe urgent appeals of tbe Border States
for reasonable protection and guarantees,
-til iLhrrlnin the Southern fofcrWac,.
r :j: . 7 .
or, throwing themselves upon their independent
State sovereignty, assume and maintain an
i,A r r..iaann. ii. an1 dafienn. M. tha
n . nru . hi .v 11
cral Government. What will then follow
ic.to . u. -"-"b'"1
too sad A thought to dwell npon-
If anything ii going to be done to retain
Border Slave States in the Union.lt must be
quickly.! 'This is the last hope to which,
Union men, we can now cling. , Shall we
this ruthlessly torn sway I,., From Eastern
ginia, from North Carolina, Aikaneas and
Northern Slave States, the news comet
Union men are'beglnnlng to' give op tbe
long cherished, tbat emoe reasonable concessions
rould be made, and to ; openly advooato'eecee-
tion. it is lor me people in tne xxortn to
whether those States (ball be retained In
Dnlon.' If tbey remain, the; will be, since
... ' m . ' . . . :. .1 4 "
piave states nave aeceaeo, in a amau minoniy,
Thertrts therefore, a more argent reason
their rights should be guaranteed. From
present Administration otblne; la to beex
pected. But tbe people of tbe North can, If
will only arouse cto its Importance, take
action as wlirconvicce the "Border 'States
that, if, they remain loyal -to tbe Union
they' shall' have all tbe guarantees they can
reasonably aek If this is not done, We see no
thing that can save tbe eouatry from general
(anarchy and ruin. i Ii tbe Border States separate
from the Union,' lb ere will be for a time no one
can tell how: long an end of everything like
settled government, and as a consequence, not
vcrsal disaster and bankrnptey.'
A "Special" Letter from Washington.
The Cincinnati CommereUt of Thursday last
contains an extraordinary letter from Washing
ton, dated tbe 26 :h Msrob. W make the
following eitrsct from It, which will snfiiolently
attruet the attention of onr readers without any
suecial comments from ui:
WASHINGTON, March 26, 1861
dians, witb
Peace peace at any' prlot," Is now rapidly bnonv
ina the kevsute of all who valawaoltan
ciplea whoare ready to tacrine bpnor, eentiateacy.
proaue son pteugea w wurei lateieew, aou wiu aur,
mlt to treaaen, aebelllon, whokaalo robbery ef public
property, piracy at aeaena open iniana watere and
Uwleeinaia and auareby if e rally, rather than tha en
forcement of the lawa of the na. oo at tbe exponas ot
bloodshed, joeir narrow aeinannen ana nitnaeoward-
Ice prevents them front perceiving that their vary peace
nollor will. In the end, entail woree evil noon them
lau aha eeeiieivno tfcey aow seek to avoid, mard-
leraofall the dieulee of wladoai.snd all the Imtincta of
manhood. They oattoot are that lie adoption la eqatva-
lent taotTerlnfa Dtemiua for all the lull v. wkkedneM
Land crioui that haaatalked through tlie South during trio
lait fire month mat " win aeiiroy ine very rounaa-
tion of zovernment and aorlely, 11 at It Will forever sia
credit KeiMblicao Inalltutlons in Ih eye of the civlliied
world, and that, witn tne preceaentoi in preveiienoo of
tne lAcutiono miouriry uver lue aawiui majority, e
labliiked aeenrity frvm civil dlacord and atrif will be
forever ianpoailble. f.v , f - T i
Th cop of humiliation aerved np by Ih eotton lords
to tbe law abiding people of the Middle and Northern
matte, baa bran gradually ninsgaiao aovemner laat
and every patriot In th land will acknowledge that it e
time to hurl it in atnanoa at ine ict or u reticle an
traitor lhelefli. -Hut It be eenfeeeeit. that th
number nf llpeprepnnf toempty ft totte dregi I Aadly
iacreailnr. It la dltguallpw mortifying sickening, in
deed, to wllneta the alea lota of backbone the eon
etanl ralaution ot ui. tbe oontlnwed eir-tultlAc
tion that la new going on In 'till nogodly ellyi Men,
tltSewra"wiM and olamofen. en we no, aoout
hipping the foalhara traitors Inlo snbaalMlos," and
baniiiri lb entire revolntionary Junta, bow talkSMtk-
lyand aoliry of "mllilary weeetilir" ( -Southern
bieihren" of "peaoeabl aolqlion," at., etc. And
why all Una worda-failng, en.liiog and .eewlsgf
ine expianatloa eajy. aoet ar ue mooth
herutihave atnee atlainrd to place at the public nurr,
and tlie fnr of being dliturted h tbdr oujoymrnt of It
eivory eonieete, hae of ataddewmartetbeaall eiioa-i
f re. Taia to any efSc koMer ot war yea Will ean
lh -very marrow ef Ma bones to triable at the preapect
of dlituibed Sorerament Bneteti empty traateriee
and Irregular salarle, etc., ete. And In this retpeet, It
noweenn, thereto perfect liken'! between tbe Son Ih
ernanil Northern politiclane Th formtr r aeoea
tUmitU and the latter totrtUmittt only vnul thtygat
into itffic. i'oK, haviag ril thrir vi$h, mm
onmittyfor ptac snWsta, at rttrnt dtxolovmenlt tlUm.
on both tidet, Tb frorthern pUennen will certainly
not go Into war, noletadrtven Into It by aggrenlon, and
the eeceitioo leader, after having and eoaiforlabie prr
vidon for themielveg and friend, will not make war. un
let their poaeeealen of n ahar of the epolie tbey lw-
lly aelaed npon ihonld beconleated
FRIDAY, March 29, 1861.
Tbe President here signed H. Bf 405-Rela
tins- to ioatioes of the neace. - '
.1 ... . .u.
B. 0. Jios luaaiuE appropriations or luw
navment of a bill for tiaae and naDs. ae amend-
. ' ' - 1Q
M DV ine nouse, was agreoo. to yeas it,
navS U,
.- ... . i v . - i .1
trustee of tbe Oblo Medical Col-
. con,mu,1il,atlon was received from
lenor, appointiog Geo. B. Hoi Hater, Esq
eam. at Cincinnati, for ten vears from January
1,1861.' The nomination was unanimously con-1
firmed "
On motion of Mr. PARISH, his resolution
ooncerniDg the State Stoce quarry was taken np
and agreed to. "' i ' '
Mr. SPKAGTjfi, from the committee ou En-
.. .... . 1 1 . -
roument, reportea tne euro iraeui 01 euour,
I DUIS. ... - . .
I oa motion or Mr. a iiflt-t. i , me peoaw
I . . I i . . . . f .V - XITI I-
reSOlTBU useil luio oommi.w- m vu. v -.. y-
the orders of the day, Mr. Stanley tn tbe Cbair,
. . . . . v ,
I nd arter some lime spent inereio.roHe ...
I ported back the following bills, some witn, ana
...l,ln. im.nHm.nwhih were referred
I third reading next Tuesday.
I O"
poriea oaca aa iuiiuwiuk uiuo, wwb wiw, .uu
some without amendmniwhich were referred
slock owned by the State in tbe Pennsylvania
and Ohio Canal Com paoy. Public Works oom
mlltee.' - ,- c
I first
r.nrtii and to tive wttt taBeuci to the lu
didel system or tbe state," passed adtu i,
a n 078 hM. PARmR Tu amend the
8. '.f.'J.Z. r ,Z :l!L!t
ih rJed ilp'll 6, 19 Enroteed for
erlrfirnextPTudav . ..
2807 by Mr. PARISH-To amend the
an.ct.oHreUeve Di.tr.oth?
1 1658. Amended and referred to tbeJudioiary
oommlttee. '
b.. B. 284 -To repeal the Cincinnati Pars
aot. The bill was read a intra time ana passeu
I Teas 22. nays 0
I Ins-Mend independent school district
U- B. 429.y Mr. BROWNE, of
, Sum) ementary to en act entitled an act t au-
of f. Vf JLmMaMn of Henry ooenty,
I DDiM a bridge aorosa tbe Manmee river, passed
I April 15, 1B57., Roads and Highways
6. B 261. bv Mr. uurri to eoeoietne
tnwn eounsil of tbe Incorporated village ol Mi
amisbureh, to approprkte money ia a certain
a therein named. Municipal Corporations.
II. B. 375. by Air. ANUK.e,w--ioreiieve
eriMties of exscntort and administrators. Ju
n R UQ Further defining: tbe duties
a. " j. i nMti.. fne inMrme.rd una. vll-
- -
8. B 221. bv Select Committee To amend
section eight of an ael providing lor recording,
" -", "dl"iBT ,7. Toum.
tol h....t Aoumhl and tha I a are end nublio
1 . d k..i,iik .mitn.i,L
nooume. "T" ".
Mm ii iEra to. ana eue uiii pvaerw.
of h Ml)ta Mi National Road Plank road
a Company. Jodieiary. . -,r
i H. B 323, by Mr COX-To encourage
organiaaupn oi nre wmpao.w. ..u...yp
I Adjourned, . , v -
jinn w. .arwcu .nw u. wit, .... .
,, v. r...r . odd anric c. ..li.r
- ... . n . n.
An Ex-Empress dies in Philadelphia.
creased, 9
A few dajsago, Madame Haute de Yturbide,
widow of tbe former Emperor of Mexioo, died
ia Philadelphia, where she has resided for many
years on a pension grasted her by tbe govern
ment. The Bullthn says: ' ,
The ead affiicliom that bas thus befallen
( ,1 1 - A . J. V.n.M. Mi.ll.lA
Si bTroV'ca e of b r nim.
I Dnd. . lie waa the great man of tbe best days
a I of Mexico. He was tbe author of bar aepara-
tion from Spam, .end the Mexicsn people,
I the first flush of their gratitude, fairly
I .... i-i , , i ,
.- i npon blm tne crown, wnicn ua naa aesigneo,
u the famous "Plan of lguala," ror a
nrlnoe- lie Was Droolaimed Emperor with
-Jj-.; J-g-
I profXered crown; and It iwa only after
Conerees had voted for blm by vote of 77
they 1 15, that he accepted It. . In tbe followlog month,
Congress voted unanlmonsly for making
' ' I k. man haraiite.rv in tna tamuv ot torrjin
-nd .fuw he was eolemoly crowned. ,
at-1 But the fickle and faithless Mexican
F.it. I did not stand by tbe monarch tbey bad chosen.
I Tbe military leaders, that have been tbe
we I1"" mrJt h.n tt conspire against
i uovernmeoa. ; a uivh w a arvea, ia wiiiuu
. .
ta AnnA soon became a prominent leader against
tha Emperor. A renublio was proclaimed,
en tbe 20th of Mar oh, 1823, after a turbulent
relen of leas than one year, x turbide abdicated
Permission was granted to him to leave
country, and a pensioB of 125,000 a year
allowed him. He went with bis family to
but returned in 1824 to Mexioo, where, In
meantime, be bad been proscribed as a traitor,
though be did not know the fact. Gen.
tbe Governor pf Tamaullpas, pretending friend'
shin, betrayed bin, to tbe Congress of that
and be was immediately arretted, and, without
a trial, waa sentenced to death. X he sentence
was carried into effect at Padiua, July
1824. less than a week from tbe time of
landing- on tbe eoeet, and before an appeal
be made to tbe General Government at Mexioo.
He died like a bero, addressing some
words to the soldiers, and himself adjusting
bandage over bis eyes belore be waa shot.
I co bas never bad a braver man or a purer
tnot In her Uovernmeot. , , , t ,, ;, ..
[From the National Intelligencer.]
To the Worthy Gentlemen who Transmit Sensation
Telegrams and Write Sensation Paragraphs
from Washington to the New York
' In your laudable effortsgentlemen, to minis
ter to tbe public appetite for sensation news, we
venture respeotruiiy to pray you not to repeat
tbe injustice or escribing to government tune
tionsriee, bign or low, the damaging reaponsibii
Ity of oar poor thoughts ot writings especially
to spare from any such imputatiop the honorable
Secretary of State and bis distinguished Chief.
For, although tbe former It reputed to be one of
tbe most agreeable of men, (in private,) aa be Ii
confessedly one of most amiable, and tbe
latter known to be tbe most genial of eompwoiont,
aa he it the most delightful and Tnoet irre
pressible" of ratwafeurs, yet, gcntlsmen, In
their vindication, we -are obliged to Confess
that ire have not had the happiness to see
either of these distinguished personages since
tbelr entrance upon office, nor had tbe honor of
any communication from eithtrof tbent.eoafideri
tisl or open, direst or Indirect, oral- o written,
And we feel it, gentlemen, to be so sctnoleesof
bamanity to tbem than of Justice, te olear tfeeir
akirtt from any "complicity" with oar bumble
selves teeing that tbey have already about as
mush trouble on tbelr bands as tbe smartest
moo going couid well manage. lo a word, gee
tiemen, we beg yoe to believe that there la oo
inspiration or the npreteoatng eaitonaie or tne
jVeoeawl luMUotnttr outside OI the rusty Old
building! at the corner of 7th And D street
And, genfUoMi, ae alight recompense if It
be one 'tor your loroearanoe ia miure, we win
let vou Into a secret, whlob Is tblsi tbat, with
some exceptions perhaps tn the days of Mr. Mad
ison, down to tbe comparatively recent period
ainee which we hate Had tbe advantage or our
present able and aosomplished colleague, bo
hand than' are been Dermltted to dictate
or ladile political editorials for this journal, save
tbat wise ana Just ana now one bow moulder
ing la the grave, and the feeble one bow pen
ning tble patagrapb.1" '
et -.
LaTtrr' rkoM Jrw. Prlvste letters have
been received hs this elty from Mr. Harris, our
Minister at Teddo; dsted ss late as tbe JUth of
December. Tbe health of Mr. tlarrie has been
entirety restored, and he was tn active perform
aoee ef tts offietal duties. - He tepreeente'tbe
feellnge of tbe OoverBmentsnd people or Japaa
to-be) Iwtbe blchest degree favorable to tbls
eouniry. Mr. Ilarrle differs essentially from the
opinions of recent letter-writere from Japan, ia
regaid 4o tbe propectire Importance of ft
Americta trade.t -There Is reason to believe
we may expect large Importationt of teas aba
silks from there daring tbe present yean Tbe
Kmbassadore irae visiiea toe vniteo niaiee naa
All resumed their offldal employments, and
were .loud and loeere to- tbeie eokeowlsdg
mentt for tbe boner and kiudoeee ebewm tbem
while In the United states tf. 7- Tnbunt,
mi n., U 1. .tail u
Rev tr Alkca. for mord than forty, years
pastor of the FirsA Presbyterian Cburck' At
Cleveland, Ohio, has resigned bis charge. Age
and conaequent infirmities have led to this step,
The Baltimore M. E. Conference—The Protest.
The followlDe is tha ttrotest Dreeented by w ,
minority of the Baltimore Conferenoe atgtau
ton, Va., against the action of that body in
adopting tne report severing Its relations wun
the General Coafereaoe. I ' by about
aVIa t
winy snemoen t , , ...
we, tbe undersigned, mSmbers ot tne iJ.iu
mors Annual Conference, dilferlog With axas
joritv of oar brethren in regard to the mode of
obtaimoe relief from the evils wbloU nave been
entailed noon us bv lbs setlon ot the late Gen
eral Conference kpon ' the subject of slavery,'
protest against the course wblch tbey' have
idopted -jssusa: rrstsaBKiaassKar i-v- -s.r. -
1st. Bcoause it Is an appeal to revolution lor
redress, before the .constitutional means havo
been triedmuch leas exhausted. . .
'2d. Beoauee it shapes our course without
I einsuiiaiion witb other non concurring uonier
ences, all of whom have stromr claims noon our
fraternity, and some In slave, territory will be
I materially afTected, and probably prejudiced. In
tbelr interesU thereby. , . , ... -
i o i n , . i . . i'
uu.ojapse inoraci js oouo auuuuuu,
I WlbUlO Sue DOBOm Ol IWO OtSlSS WOlCn are DOW
the eustodians ol . the federal Onion, and will
,trentben the hadds ef nolitidal secessionists.
. . - .. . . . .
I .UT M .UW UU "I n"y
on, -..,., nh,unri- : ; "
Pllt t . . ,. ,lninJ' is-r rnm
aWMvawsu ui wis a iuuud va w"iu'a " w
I Ana troublea alona In whioh we differ from our
. . w , ",Mt .0.i.t th'Nw
.ethren:. e, too, protest against the'ttew
We protest against the continuance I
subject of elaverv as a Question of learie J
In tbe general councils of the ehuroh. I
Aod we ask a call of an extra eeBsiod of tne
General Conference ih 1863, and an expression
by the Annual Conferenoe of their approval or
D7 n" unuai uonierenoe or ineir approval tir
diPP"val of tbe terms of relief wblcb onr
circumstance, demandi and assure our people
b,'.,heWM.?f . lhftl r"PM Md h'?
?ur i , , " conierences, e.peciajiy
slon shall be controlled, whether it be further I
aaaerrtf la tine 1 .Jl.i. T. PU.iai. 1
negotiation or immediate separation.. In Chris
tian hope that these assnranees ' will bring
rest- In the churches against the present year.
we are, Sic.
[From the Montreal (Canada) Herald.]
How We Appear to People Abroad.
Mr. Lincoln is Justifying Mr. Buchanan
latter professed to be powerless; (he former
scknowledges tbe tame tniug by acts." The first
Executive proceeding of the new President is to
give up tbe fortress, lor tbe retention of which,
oj ! -'--, .jr nuuor-
""h, was lauaea to wb ssies from, one end of the
n.! . ,K nth.. Vnl I nt rnlllllt.. ...
I vl,uu , j . luiiiivtu ...
all mat maor Anuerson stcompusnen.: it may
be said that resistance at this point would but
sacrifice the lives of brave men without result,
may be so. A resistance of fifty or eixty
men sgainst thousands was, perhaps, not justi-
fleb dy tbe laws ot wsr. Yef there have
oeen men woo, in sucu.. cases,
themselves bound to hold out
ana 11 tne extreme point of
I to tbe last;
uouor uiu uui rniuiri iuii, ieaa, it teems to
" us that everv nolitlcsl reason comnelled a r-
I : - . .. . . -. : -
i i . . . . . , , . , -
fusal to surrender uutll au aotual attack, l The
, I anfthnrlrw-nf tha V an.ral mt.timMl I, ........
- y ? " ' ' " - "kf-'
w ui, in ue urrcuuerni wiw r on oomwr.
has been wielded by bands too weak, ftr the
task.andnoidingnow Mmslnsbol separation,
ss pesoefnlly at possible. The Southern Con-
federacy, under present circumstances,' will
pruoauiy pi enuuirituu uj oiuer govern
meats, tor npon wnai pretense oao these reluse,
tho government' at WSshiheton caDnot
venture even to treat tne ooutbern Ambassa-
dors as traitors, but makes n armistice witb
than, aliw ! it ThA AAWAIirrf AllfWSSSi T.nanln'a alea.
uuviao v- -.-w ajiuwiu d viov.
ilea. thftlM. a tna nltiaa I SW4 SW avrl I & aAlnlln. tk..-I
1VU lUUIViaev ajv Wiuot s ia uiaTuicaiivj BVlUwlUU wll mil
reconstruction of the United States, as two
separate coolederacies one slave, the other
free. Perhaps nothing could to the long run be
better for tbe cause of humanity. Ia the mean
time, Mr. Lincoln aba hit government Appear
like imbeciles, beneatn contempt
The Way Charlestonians Treat their Yankee
. i
The steamer Massschuserta, Csotaia Same
son, from Charleston 8. C-, 16th)instant, arrived
here tbls forenoon, with H.UJJ bales cotton, lor
ty six tierces rioe and thirty packaged merchan
dise, and seven passengers. Among- the pas
sengers were three gentlemen of leisure,, wko
went from bere in ber for tbo express purpose
"seeing witn ineir own eyes ana ncaring wun
thatenarn aara" tna oraat oammntlon-or tha flra.
- -. . -. .
esters. Ibey state tbat when .tbey went to
u.l i k.ld rU.uh,. ikf n.i, it ..J
."v, '--"I
npsn every occasion warn mey were introaucea
todlstingui6he4 ciUiens. they Invalably eooke
of themselves aa Boetontans, yet their reception
was all tbat tbey couio nave desired. Tbey
were not dogred, as they bad reason td annre-
hend from tbe tenor of tbe news received bere,
nor did any one ask them Impertinent questions.
There was pleaty of soldiering, marching and
counter marching, but tbey saw.no rowdyism.
Politicians spoke freely to them . about the
fairs of the country, but expressed co regret
about secession i oo the contrary) the' people
teemed determined to hare nothing more to
with the United,, ?t4tes.-rr5i). TrawWrr,
Have 31. ii- i4 - 1 . "5 1 tt
' Much wat made by the Republican frets
ring; the late campaign out of the curious coincidence
In tbe fact tbat the first ay liable of Lin
eoln'a name and tbe laat of Hemlln'o waa
aame. Somephllologisthse been looking up
meaning or the syllable, "iio,". whlob it com
mon to both names; sndbe finds tbat it means
"yield." It is another CUrlOUS fact tbat tbe
Syllable Of the President's given name 'la
aa a . - .D ....
same as the nrst or the- vice free dent's sur-
Th.a ..ll.hl. la v.h.m
"-" "" . . .u.
accepted aa tbe progenitor of tbe Oegro trace.
Patting the ayliablea together whlob thus OOCUr
.a . . . .V
in both Lincoln's and Hamlln'a names, we have
"lm" "nam," or "yieta tne negro," or ."negro.
yield. . is not tms a coincidence or most hope
rai portent.' " - v'
iU t . i ai 0., -lin
' 'MMiLLtititM RgVivto. Tbroogh many psrts
of Canada tbe excitement la rerereoce to tbe
ef tbe world Is being again revived,, and new
prophets of the Miller school are springing
wno assoms to nave aiecoverea tnst tne
vlour'e second eppesranoe on tbe earth will pot.
.lively take place la 1668. Quite a remarkable
lecture upon tbe eubjeethae recently been de
livered by the Rev. Mr Baiter, tbe Episcopal
elergymaa of Owandags CW. The reverend
gentleman brought up quite a aeries of data
defend hla theory, end mentioned no leas than
thirteen different ebrooologioal periods whose
termini, according to the revelation, would
brought to an end in 1 808, Mr. B. also ad vane-,
td the idea that Christ wonld come la 18C3, aod
r stain in bit judgment teat between beavca aud
earth, while the one hundred . and forty-four
thousand were sealed, when be would gaio de
scend, and the seventh aeal of the revelation
would be opened, and the Millennium begin. .He
said we were at the last period of time allotted
the sixth seal, and described Louis Napoleon
the anti-Christ, referred to Iu the RevelatioQa,
as setting np himself In domlotpn.ever the
whole earth.. ,,n .Js:-iji,ii) e !; iii.t ct yaw
-V i i aaii l I i fi i.V
Loeoise iw ma Barrtta Navr-A return baa
been made public of persona flogged In tbe Brit
Ish Navy in tbe year 1659.- Tbe total number
of persons flogged waa 851,. and 30,329 laabee
were inflicted. Tbe highest numbsr of lashes
given was fifty, while sit. marks the lowest
The Brunswick hae the unfortunate distinction
of supplying the hlgbeetreture, vix: iJM lasb.
es, wbiob were supplied to thirty men. 1 The
Liffey ranked next to the Brunswick tweotv-4
seven men having, on. board ber, received wa4
Isshes, and the Bpy.AWretched little brlgantiae,
wuhionly forty-five men, actually showd that,
bse commander -punished more than twenty-five
per cent of hla crew; .The offenses wf which
eorseamsd are chiefly guilty ere it appears,
draokenneM, iesuberdinatlon, u disobedience,
theft, and desertion.' In one case, eo board
Boacawen, we are told lhat the punishment Waa
Iclleted for tbe use of obscene language on duty
sad., in Ahe Uornet. 'eighty-four Jaebs were
given between two vn for erongglipg epirite
loss the ship. . In si instaneeawsaakiog false
charge" brought the oulpiite, to tbe gangway.
1 i. j- i in ii., m i ' a i i i ii l
.Senator Wilson, spesklng of his belief that
Liooold will stand firm If bv the Cbloago plat
iorm.aeks; Whs eegbt e saaa to forske hie
principles 7" ''When tiny are s," wriiee tbe
N York Dnbenk ' ' Hi-i i-
. . - . ' , . r ....
HIV n i - an a i j -ilrl-j
WTte Vie President of the United- tatea,
th hat Foetmastet Oeneral, the present Sscre-.b
tsryof the Interior, and tbe present BeoreMry
of War, were all printers.
Hamlin-Lin-coln. The Fast of The Passover.
This Interesting Jewish festival, commemo
rative of the exodus of, the4vaelite frora
Egypt, when the dotrojiog angel, Who slew all
the flis'i-born of the Egyptians, passed over tbe
Louies or .Uie. Hebrews wilbout entering wiem,
was Inaugurated last evening. 1 be feast con
tinues a week, but thei Jews out of Palestine
extended it to eight days, according to tbe An
cient custom, by wnicn tne Hanbeonm sent two
men to observe tbe first aoDearanoe or an new
moon, who immediately gave notice of It to tbe.
chief "of "the" council.' ' Fof leaf of error,Jthey
kept two days of the festival one was called
vthe dav or tbe new moon not vet seen." ana
the other "the day of the new. moon making its
first appearances' so that the first two days or
the Passover, and the last two days also, are
saored both from labor and business. During
the eight days of the feast the Jews eat nnleav J
ened bread, and It is not allowed them to bevel
in their custody any leaven or Dread leavened.
According to the Jewish reckoning, yesterday
was tbe anniversary of Christ's , death. Tbls
event Is commemorated' In Christian oiurcbet
on the Friday of tbls week, whlob, however,
they do not claim to be tbe anniversary day
Ltuiitillt Jourjial, Msrob 25.
" p ii in i i i i tt JL i -
x Fawfiy Fair baa these squibs
Fsom ooa Southksn GcoosarHV Sou(A Car
eiina A vast, empire, bounded on tbe North by
the Arctio Ocean, East by Fort Sumter, South
bv tbe Tortugas, and Went by the Paoiflo. The
nonnlation Is Illimitable, tbe productions lnoil
eulable.ite resources Insxhauatible. .The dsOt
nie are'baopv because the bolter half of them
selves are slaves. Its chivalry awes the world
by valiant deeds; its navy defies the battle and
T i--4 A
A dinner was lately, given
Sir Artbur Uotton, luet
where be bas done tbe state
iromotlon fcanaUng for
er valiant aeeas; its m
(be breeze,
! London to Colonel
r,ved from Iudla w
tbe DUrnoe of Irrigation. "
. - T V
'"The moral to be deduced from this is, tbat
English Cotton is superior to American Cotton;
Inasmuch at ine tormer promotes irrigation,
while the latter la only productive of irritation.
Arms roa Virginia, The Commissioners ap
pointed by Caroline county, Virginia; to pur
obese arms, have, bought la New York $8,000
worth of rifles end osiblues with saber bayonet,
which were distributed; on Monday to tbe.voly
nnteer cornoanies of that countv, who have nnl
formed themselves.' . These arms will kill At a
distance of one thousand yards.
iD9 retersourg (tij jnieuiocnorr or tncm
has the followlne warlike item t
.1 j" U..J.J I I J
i vine inousnDU eignt uunureu aco ui punuw.
welohins SS.bOO Dounda; 120 ten-inch shells,
111,686 pound; 152 nine Inch da., 13.162pouoda;
go mortar shells, 5,340 pounds, and COColumbl
Thst .a. -elrhine 3.000 pounds, arrived by tbe
Richmond freight yesterday, and were convejsd
to tbe Southern depot.; Ae to what disposition
woniaiwiiibsmadeof them as cs.s let to De learned,
Fort Sumter has been evacuated, but Fort Pick
n. .in't
rtAnnriBn.tniaavvn Pn.nr.an SnviarinNTv
vv..m. v..in -
'a .i n ... .. . w.ahini.mn. and in
I . . rt . . , i . t
1 attendance at tno iapitoi aunng tun ceremoum
"of Mr. Lincoln's Inauguration, tells Tie tbat
I the President eleot commenced bis ad-
dregg(atall individual, wrapped it, a shawl,
UDOri tn. nUtforra In such a position that
D9 hid the orator from the view of a portion of
the assembly v. The . Senator from Illinois was
Dear by, and to lim One of the sovereigns call
when .a. i,.,.i.. ,.n iht flin iih thn ahewl
,n .itjn.i Th. n.mnnratinnhiaftiin trraea.
fullv yielded to this decided display ol popular
I J J. ... . a . . ; .
norereleniTtioa wua maoa gooa Miure airccwa
. . ' .
the shawl wearer to a leas conspicuous piece.
N. H. Statet-nan.
a "J i i Tn 1 1 smi
Reaction in Fcnnstlvamia. A number of
town elections have been held recently in Penn
sylvsnis, and a Philadelphia paper says tbe
Democracy have swept every vestige ef Repub
licanism before tbem. In the city of Reading,
where the opponents of Democracy have been
ruling ror years, tbo uemocraiie mayor is elect
ed bv a majority of 644, and, the entire Council
. . . - . . . V .. , L
with three or lour exceptione. in uarrisourg,
Norrlstown, and West Chester, tbe victory
been equally great.
Tbe failure of Messrs. Abbott, extensive
distillers at Sidney. Shelby oounty, Ohio, ia
nounced, with liabilities amounting to JiM.uuu
mu. .n. 1, i., ..m .iu ha ..
I fl ' ... - .,
- i rti.aotrnna on manv oi tne farmers ot toe but-
a ...,, ...'. h ,h. .... i,.i.
n1""'"! vwuuy, -7 - n-y
ind0bted. The assets of tbe concern, it
, . . null
"tted r only P'PVWt 0T.'i
Charles Franols Adams is the sixth cltixen
of Massachusetts who bas beeu selected
American; Alitristerj At Jbej (Courit fit
' Msj. Y elver ton has resigned his commia
tion in the British army. Tbe trial would
resulted in bis dismissal; to bo determined
anticipate it.
Supreme Court of Ohio.
WEDNESDAY, March 26, 1861.
Hon.'osiaa Scott, Chief Juetlee; Hon. Milton
Bon. Win. V . Peok, lion. Win. I . Unoiion, ana lion.
00b BrlnkerhoU, Jttdgei. ,
L. J. CRITCHFIELD, Reporter.
No 13T. The Dayton a Warren Kallroad Ocmpanyv,
Bngh Marahall; In error. Heatrrtd In Dlatrlot Oonrt
Preble County,
, OnoLBOll J
1. xnerroraiuaon.nnar in aaawi jutn apni
last 1 lied lurladlctlon. to be ezerclied in the cue, and tn
tbeaode, proecrlbeJ In the id; and that Court cannot,
I M lt.a ST Aa aatf UaaniKel Aaaaa -- J - -
,V"nTI7'. yTT'",.V'r7!
1. mioeneciiuaioraer, aeiuriicuouoIe,orpro
u aeedlna mod not anlhonaeo try tne act.
I 9. In a prooeedlni nnder the act of 30th April,
mnecertaln the amount of compenaaUon lobe paid to
a ... j.f hmkhIw aAHakt tn hA BnHSlnialAfl Ia I hat
I r--i --- - -j - '
1651, to provW for eompenaatlon to owners of
cuy taken ror uie or eorporattooa, naa a tpootai ana
f a corporation, inch corporation ia tb actor, and
dieoontinae lha proceeding at any lime, at least,
tbaauDmlMlon of tn inquiry to ui jury.
' Judgment of th Oonrt of Common Pleas and of
PfobataOonttreverMd, and lb proceeding") prevro
bat Oonrt dirmlncd forwantof lurladlctlon.
i So. 3Td. The BUto of Ohloixrel. William Bellowa
V. TheOlty Counoilof tatclty of Cincinnati. Motion
for peremptory mandamna.
, Bamiranorr,- J. tf; i1"'
An ordinanc ot th elty 01 Clbcltnatl, paaied In
of tb twelfth aeetlon of th aot of March 3,
"relatln to cltlea of tb drat claia," o . (8 8.
'Mat. 1,554) providing for tha appointment 0( an lnipec-
tor and aaaier or weigaa ana nieeiuree oy in ci:y
llcltor froa among penoni deilgnated by tha board ot
Soera of tb ohambar of commerce, la a valid ordinanc;
and when anch lninector and eealer u aaly appointed
acoordano with th provtilont of auoh ordinanc,
tbaaaanAn Hiaara-aa.inaiir 0unoih. ior ntvtr aweerrt.
ance. au ofllelai bond Inall raapa-wnohJeetlonAith
city council have no dlKretlon lilt, and nail accept
Peremptory mandamus swarf!. Ftcx J., being
aent, did not all In thla caaa. , v
Ho, Jimes Wllaon a co t. amy uarkatow St
Error to th Dlatrlot Court of Warren county.
, PacZ J. .
. neld
1 1. Ths dlacretlon ordj parity conecdaJ t roantet,
purine their owa onlor la tne production or proof,
uiat lie relevancy la made manlfeat during the luveatiga
Hon, mail be llmltad to caae where the fact tubaequent-
ly to be mad relevaut Is ilaclf aitabllabr.d hy competent
S. Whert hearaay 4atlnscir ohjecled to,
permitted to go to th Jury, tb lodgment will b
nnlea It manifetUv appear lhat Ita admliilon
eould not hav prejadicad the parly agalnat whom It
onered. . - -- . - ... .
S. In dettrmlrrlne the oueitlon whether inch tsatlmo-
nyoould or eould not have prejndloed the party, th oonrt
ehould notniurp th province of the jury, ny weigning
the other teatimony or determining th credibility
SOect of coomntlnf proot- f,, ) i.
j Judgment revcraod, and cause remanded.
1 Mo. 103. George Callander and othen v. Th Falnee-
vtll and Hndaou Railroad Company. Ia Error.
erved In the Dlatrlot Court of Cuyahoga eonnty.
Btmirr, n yj X' ' . J.U '
The defendahta. as a corporation nnder the act of
3d. IBM), betns auediln Cmahora county, and rvicof
aummona made by leaving a copy at their principal nua-
inea omce In bake county, wner tn otucor oi ine oom
pany realde, on motion of a member of th company
diiaolv the petition for canie that th company wai
eorporallon, owing to Ih defects of the ceiliflcat
which II ornantaed. Hold-
lit. That the lollowlnt- deicrlptloa. or Hit rod:.."Ts
dommeno et ome paint to b beraaftar delgnatd
th townihlp of fjudaon, la th county of Summit, peia
tng thronrh tb county of Portag or Cuyahoga,
through tha oountle of Oeaura and Lake, to terminal
at earn Mint t bs dedguated lo to townihlp of Palnu
vl lie In tne county of Lake," th earn having been
and aaopy- thereof given by the Secretary
State, and th company having orpanlitd and acted
uoderit, did -Bert reader tht eertlncate void forttQuer'."
talnty, -... T-r'- -5 r"vr 'f f-U
SI. That sfle r havlnfc Srgaulted arjdactM aa a corpora
tion and entered Into tbtotraet on which It waa and
lueh eerporatton, tb eompuy and Uw naeaatar tberaut
War aatormed to dattr their eomavmla axleteae).
ta.,.Thaeaaaaf then! laaatl.ailaaaaVOhloltollrtaAi
tfoapany w. BnlMvaatM H.-zOo,, OM Slat
porta UTS, rvrarreU to and eereaenlert wpoo iw :
tfuajraieaja nrarani.aDU caaereaiaauwi.
no. 11. iwearg w. u,,w v, iiartnrie, mu avi,,n
and oUVra.--lteTeraed Jnthe Slitrlct CowrVe "jaltot
sacwunw. . .. . , ..-,!, an 1 In
, Imrr n. J. leifl ' . r
I That a eertlAcat of denoall limed by Unklni eVm-
pany lot 4,OU0 In eurr.uoy. payabl lo Ilka funda, to
order thereon of th dpoaiiorVwlta Intortot. I a nego-
liable promiaaory not,allbough tht Una ovrrsnsy
friardad at he ttmt and Dlac ot the traniacUoa as fa
Sludtsf 4h hank bills of inndr irjcle-pujlog banks
oumue oi uit suta oi unio, M won m mom w auo
km obarutpr wllhln tha State., i '." 'i'i V .
' woeni inca perutioaM was netouaieo, two aavaaioiT
Hi data, to a part reootvlnc It In sood faith, for a valu
able ooMldaration, It will not bo renarded aa avtrdna, at
tha time. ' A reaionable time ntiit have olapaed for tha
purnojJ.flT ?''Iob be rots It wljl bojf ardi a ore
Tha aialniM. In snoh eue. eu anfoKa rarmentof tha
aote bj the maker, and the letter U,iorefore,not Habit
to an attaoDios oreuiwr i fim uetoaitor anaer me iwu
action of tbe eode;
- lttnT. AlllottaDproved and followed
ot Wood eonnty. , Krror tb tbe Oomnoa Pleai of Wood
ooanty - , w I
Baiemnorr J.
Whereas the owner of a tract of land was, In .strict
annfnrmlla .llh I ha nrnvlalntia ot the. act of March Mi
Kit, (1. a. 0.M3,) "for loeauog. Mtabllahiog. and
eona traotine dltfihea. drmlne. anil atereoaraeaf, aaeeaa-
ed the ium of 5.bJ, for theoeeti and aspooaeiof tht
looatton and eonltrnolton of adltehar drain, and oom-
menoed pnoeedlote In the OoaaBon Pleas to enjoin the
oo Mention of auoh ajaeeament.. on the around that said
act waa dnoouatUullonal. Held that an-lnluncllon
was rightly, tefuaed; tha Court, a now advlaed, being
nnable taaea Ibitaaldact oontllota wlttbe,Conit)tutlon
judgment afflmied. . . . . .. , . .
No. .6. i ktarx D. Saunders el. ai. v Nlivanmr,
Oirynne at at. , la Chancery I lUeervcd lu ptltrlot
ot auaumvv .-fee, , it;i.uw T.
OHOUOl J. . , , ,1 i.,....,. , ..
1. Where an entry was made on a military warrant, In
the Btate of Virginia, the lend inrveyed and patent ob
tained from tbe State of Virginia, the land being within
the then llulta of Virginia, and now la the Stele of Kenr
uoay, me noioer oi ma warrant naa no rignt, on ine
ground of an Interfering clnlm, to make an entry In the
Virginia Military Land Dletrlet In Ohio.. The act of
Oongreaaof Hay 13th, 1F00, which confer! upon the Bur
vevor of that diatrlotiwwer to act In certain oaiea of In
terferlne' alaima. li limited to elaima tn land In hla Die-1
(riot, and doea not extend to Interfering olaleii to, land
granted by the mate of Virginia, and lying la that
Bui. ! ' , , " ' .
Th proviso sf the act oi;00Direa of 1807, conllnnsd
by aubaequent ro-enaoimenti, which prohibits the loca
tion of military warrant oa land previoualy surveyed,
extenda to aurveya, however Invalid, It nude In good
fniih, on a aubilitlng warrant which might hare been
available t aniialn aaurvey, but does not extend to a
lurvey lupported hy no valid warrant, and made without
authority- Theoaaeof Blubalefleld v.lUoggafS OhloSt-,
oiled ana aittingniinea.
Decree for eomnlelnanta. ri !
RrT anil flrt-rr.ira J.J. AUianled:-1" - ' - 1 I 1
No. 137. M. At A. iK-.ArraitroSg v. William 11.
Ilarviy. Krror to Supreme Court of tb elty of Oln-
einnati. ,-. ..,,,.. . ..
PackJ. Held-" ' Ji"
1. That tb Judgment and finding of a Juitloe of the
Peaoa tn favor af tha alalmanfe and hi Order for Its res
toration to Ih claimant, mad In a trial of th right of
property levied la execution leaned upon a Judgment of
another Janice, u not conctiunt or tin right of prop'
erfylnaatd claimant, fn-n enbeeqSMt action for III
wrongful caption and oonvwreloni brought by th claim.
ant agaiuit Ih plaintiff In exeoution and Ui oonatabl
who, in diiregarjl of luch order, had aold th property on
txeontlon. i'- ' 1 ! . ' , ' i , i
8. Tbat the provisions of th Cod for trialiofth
right to property lelaed In execution do not apply to
elaureaby aeonatabl on execution lieued npon Judg
ments of Juitloe of lbs Pcac; which ar to be regulated
hy section! lui, iia ana ua, ol tne act preiaribiug us
Jurlidlction and procedure of Juitloe of lha Peace, to 1.
8. fc 0. B. 8. 709. -,.a
Jadgment, at general and special terms ravened, and
Judgment entered npon verdlot for th pi alntiSl in er
ror. No. 1. Martin Whit v. Colnmbns W. Kent
Error to tha Superior Court ot franklin eonntv.
Scott O.J. Held Tbat under the provision of the
act af Hay 1, 186a, "to provide for the orgaalaatlon of
cltlee and Inoorporated villaie." th city eouooil of tb
elty of Oolnmbaa naa authority to paaa an ordinancepro
hibltinr aalaiat auction, npon tb atreeta, alien, id
waln.and public ground, of laid city - Bnoh ordinnc
neither clearly uoreaeoHeule ner In realralnt of Uade
Bald city oonncll may lawfully authorize publlo offloer
of the city, to arrcit, .upon view, and wltltaut warrant,
any pevaon in Ih aot ot violating th erdlnano of th
ally, made for lb prrvaUon of good order and public
convenience. ' ' ' '
No. 161. Joseph Smith v. William 8. Bart ram. Error
to tnenuinoi uouxtoi yrooacouniy. j e..
ra-Lvnam, . , , .
Xheatatutes of another Btats,"ani alas any Deculiar
oonatroolloa wntcn in vourt ot aucn mat may hav
plaeed noon U,ea, where they am la-4)uatlaa,4nthe
Uonrt or tnia Btate, mutt n proved uy ridenc aa n al
ien or fact; ana u aucn lutut e given in, evldenc. bnl
no evidence of aueh peculiar conatructton b given, tha
Court of the otei will lit Ih atatut snoh sonatina,
tioa a ma j be authorised by tlie aettled Conitrnot on
elmllar atatataaln iniaeiat tienoe, Woer thssutuU
of limitation of Pennwlvanla, eontaininw tha nhraaa
"oeyona wae given m vriaapee, out no eviaenee
wis given a to the conitrnctlon of that phraa by the
Uoorta of rsnneyrvania, a was not error, tn tcvordane
with the aettlea interpreutton oi mat phraa In the atat
ntea or limitation oi tnia autre, to noid It meaning to
equivalent to -nemna in umiu et th Btate.". Jrurrm-
ham v. Sort, 11 0, R. , 255. Baron de Horde' t com.
a . b av. ix nui vm j t - . -
"o.' j c
Judgacat amrmed. -y
Ho. 143. Jaoob T. Bonlry, anrvlvor ete.. v. Samuel
wtieon. error to ineuiattiol uonrt of Atbans oounty,
Jiiilamant afTirmait.
Ho. Mt. Jona 4. societal, t. Jonathan Nealy. Er
ror to tn uatiltt vgurt
error diimiaeed.
Do. IW. atohart McGregor,
id Laxlnatoi Ralln
th Auperior Oonrt f OlsclnnalL, , Dimlaae4, for
oi proeecuuon. . .
no. loi. rartey u. iiou et ai, V. alien Folov. Error
toth Piitrlot Court Lucaa county. , JudgmenA
. f . . i ' I I r. i . U li it
Mo. 159. Barney P. Horal v. Leonard H. flhanln.
erred tn Erie oonnry. - Bemnrrer to aniwer overruled,
ana laarnmnrnraerenaant.' - '
No. lot. Alvln Kile v. C 0. Patne'a Kiaeutnra at
Error to theDlatrtot Oonrt of Oeautaesunt. Jadraieat
3irmca. -,tt , f
Mo. S3S. Qebharl. Brother Ac Co. v Lwla Vueaman
etai. Brror to in inpenor uonrt of Montaomerv conn
ty. Judgment on qneetlon ot Ilea reverted and cue
mandrd. De"ided by eaat of Thomaa v. Haermu.
rfwljZTi. pV...!..
of Wsod county. ... Pttidoa
" .
uoTingionanu baxiDgwanaiiroaa vampany. - Error
tha Auu.la, Cart . otainn.ii. iiiT.ii.A '...!
No, 164. Xltaabtth TTiherby Ae, v. Mllo Thornton
etal." Leaverranted to file netltlen In error.
ho. 105. Edward Nevene v. The Stale of Ohio,. Motion
(nrwni oi error overruled.
Ho. loo. J. H. Bunnetal. v. Jet Uanhall. Leave
granted lo si netitlea In rrer.r - i
No. 107. Jacob Carty v. Aaron Tenatemachfr. Lear
to aw petition In error granted.
No. 168. John A. Bettlg v. Uriah U. Peak. Hotli
to SI petition In error overruled. '
Mo. 170. Pamnel Archer and wife v. John f . Orov
ai. Motion for leave to ale pamlea In error ovtrraltd.
jaojonrnea until Tnuraday morning at 1 o'clock
tT AU should read rrof. Wood's advertise
ment in soother column. " ,' ',' ,
Thla aemlngj Maerh 30, BABRY XWIHO, aon ef V.
twiao ana suuarrn aiuta: ag,uire)-rars.' a
" , Friandi ar nqueated to attend hi funeral t 5. P. If ,
to) morrow, from thsraaUeacs of Ih parenta. No. Sfti
Ssnlh Third itreet. i . . . a ,
On Thnndiy, March S8lh' St jh reiid
parenta. ClmtoirrllU, ay the Bev.
vX)ORT,alloffranllneuBty. ' 1,
!"May their furor be bright M th pifasct.
And Uitlr vows become, sacred with age.'
!tidne of thfsrloa's
I. A.T-aaooa, Mr-r
I ,-"-iI .m-.'ti - e'lir-ic.'-
! v "Home and th Homeleii,'
, ..... .O...JI. ..
At ths OongregatlosstOharohsa Broad slsrel, on
to eommenc. -Its ' ' . U Ix 11 '"
' Ticket! W emits!' to- tr -liai at Xno Book Mode and
son of Ih Hotel!. ' - march30
I' Ben j amis. Britton'i itate
the underalrtxvt waa, an the lith day of March. ISBl'i
appointed by th frobat Court of Franklin County,
Ohio, Bxecutorof th will of Benjamin Britten, doa
ed, late of Morwloh Townihlp, tn aald eonntv, - .1 -
, .j - .... -j- ... a, buitu aairruw. t
March 30th, A. B. 186l.-dltw3u
-io W& W T ED!
f. - ...
Jtl AN In a Dry Ooodi Btor; mnat apeak th Eng
liih languaa. Alo,ilU where an Intorvlew can be bad.
Addreaa, with real name and reference, .
mhi!S Sid.- r n rr i ir 1 1 BOX 59i Poet Oflosr ;
I ... ,n,r .. Irf . 1. i, li.n i ,ii
"t.-ji o.FIRST
; Q?mm ofjhe
spmgmb mam tjoods
versed. was
der la
corded of
u 1 1
I f IX lJ.kll . .. fca, ... - .
- a , ..-.-Hii,aDwlmniH.r
1' rinrite4 to oall Immedlauly and settl tb laa, a
th' ar now nod needy and drain to bullrl npagaln and
put ear men work. BKOTHE ALIM, HALM At CO,
was Cslumbns, March ss, 18Sl-e3t
u 9 4.44 it
' AGAIN OrrElt 'TJf Ilsst PrBLIC
an antra ntoe f froode to arv Itnaluat purch-
aaed in Hew tork'at th cheapeat panic ratet.all of which
lahall ell at tb emalloet nrona, for uaen. ny eueoa,
aa and frknd ar raauaclullx Invited to call and exam-
Ina mi aaodi and Pi Lea, a 1 am dattmrlned lo Mil aa
heap oreheaptr th aup other koua Is -tha any; and
aa I do my own Cutting, and superintend my own onli
ne,, I feil aaeurad, front my Auag'- xparlans labart
nee, to give genral aallefactlon., Th flnt of wra
men ar employed, and all wrk dons strictly to time and
oa ehort nolle, and wurranled to St.- Stranger! visiting
par elty weald ceaaaltthek iatcjejt by giving me a call
beor pariuaaln a eiaeanere, 1 m,- ( r. uuhm
' .e- 'i i-r.,a : e'.- l a"'J Merchant
j'i rt t
Cor. Utrh and Town ata.
'.TbiToa BiATaaaixi Pleaae announoe the same of
JOSIPB LUBT ss s oandldaU for Aaaeaaor in thi thlrV
warde.WewillbstttDpsrtsdb .. .-..wt..
or Bemlnal Weakneaa, Sexual Debility, Nervonniees.In ,
volnntar SmlMloDS and Impotency, reiultlng from
eeifaDaie, etc By Root. J. uuiverweu, n.u. sent
under aeei, in a plain envelop, to any ad lreii.poa t
iu. on reoetpt or two etampe, nr ir. utian. u .
UNB. 127 Bowarr. Haw York. PoitOffloe Box. Nj
4,588. , ,,,, ., ,. mt'21;3mtlk .
, i
; cough v
' t.7 ' . . . ;
I iyatHiviav
no real loitlce can be dons tha above nreDarat on
but by procuring and reading deicrlptlve pamphleta.!
ror sail THROAT and ;
COUUII, stud every
Complaint the forerun
ner of, and even actual
n-1 1 .i
The Groat NECK AI."
Olt HkniiDY and Nat
ural OPIATE, adapted
to ewerw epeclea af Ner
vsus Cennplalnte, Ner
toub and Chronic
Headache, ithenmn.
tlnm. Catarrh, Tooth
and Ear Ache I.eaa ml
Mleept and Bowel Cam.
Armed. Re.
Rd real jnatlc can be done tha above preparation! '
mtby procunnsand readlna deacrictlve camnbleta.t
b found with all dealers, or will be lent by Proprietor
on demand. Formulae and Trial Battle aent to Pbyil '
clana, who will find development in both worthy their
acceptance and approval. , .
Oorreapondenc nllclted tVom all whoie neceiiltle or '
curloilty prompt to trial of tha above reliable Buna
Hot sals by Ih naual wholeeala and retail dealer
n Bo. 9 Commercial wharf, Boston, Kasa. .
Robert! At Samuel. N.' B. Mamie. J. K. Cook. J. M'
Denlg, 9. Denljr A Sons, A. J. Schneller Bon, Agents'
for Oolnmbui, Ohio. . ,' myl-dly
I norPATIS lilFK Pli.Ma-.---.r--
In all cat f aoitlveneee.dyipepila, Mllloat and live
alTeotlons, piles, rhenmallam, fevers and sgnea, obeli
nate head ache, and all general derangement of hetOth,
thea Filh hav invariably provod a certain and aped
remedy. A single trial will plao th Life Pllli yoil
th reach sfeompetlllon IA ths Mtlmatlon of every p
ant.r - - - - "
Sr. Moffat's Phoeulx Bitters will be found sqatily ef
flcadoui In all cues of nerrous debility, dyapiyeia, head,
sofas, ths tlckneas incident to female In delbato hiMtb,
and every kind of weaknea f tba'digeatlv organ,
for sals by Sr. W. B. MOFFAT, 33 Broadway, V. T .
and by all Brnggist. . - mayioVdAwly ' '
The following' ia an extract from a
letter written by ta Bay. J. g. Bobna, palter Oi the.
Plerrepolnt-Street BapHaf Ohurch, Brooklyn,!. I., to
the "Jopmal and Meaaenger," Cincinnati, 0., anj aprak ,
volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Mas -r-
WirarLow'a Boontmo Btkcf roa CniuBi Ttrrmxa:
"We aee an advtrtltmait In roar ooVnmn of Mat
Wiwilow's Booraia Svaur. Now we never aald a word
In favor of a patent atalieln baton in onr III, butwa -fel
eompolled to say to your readera that thiaiano hum
bog wsnAvnTanw it, aaa ow r to a au. it
OLama. It Is probably on of th moat turectifut medl
Ine of Ik day, because It 1 on of the beit. And tho '
of your reader who bar table can't do better than
lay me mppiy.' '. otM7:iydw
" - AND
fetboo nENOVAToa
l : . -
Bl Is precisely what Ha name indloatea, far, while
bleaaant to th tat. It la rtvivlfyl eg, lihilarat-
rt,lna. InvurnratiBC and alranathanlna ia tha vital
powers, ana at Ibe same time levivinea, lain
Ivlitatea, and renewa the Blood In all Ha purity, and
in 1 Kthu at one rtitore and ruder' the lywVmt an
tn rUgM. attaott of dteeate. It kith. nly
I Inranoral inn V a. iTaa rent tn Ikaa mwnmA avra ahani I
to it, - r , , . r . T J 7, . .
powerful tonic and t th earn Ume eo perfectly
. , ... . .. . I . I -.il .. . I
. iiuapivu w, ,u wn in pvrieuiacgoruance W1UJ UH
hal law ol nature, and bene will aooiA Maieani-af
afomacA, and ton np th digeatlr organs, and,
linue aiiey an ntrvon ana tnr Irnmuon. - it l
J perfectly txhllarating, and at the earn tun It It
W 'compoaed eetlraly of vegetable, yet o eemblnad
, ' aa ta nroduea the mnat thornnah tnntit anM,t. arlth.
lout producing any Injarloaa aonaequenee. Such
. reaeny nas long seen fell too a dldratnm In
tb medical world, for It neede no medical illll to
lie taatdeWllty follows alt attaoka of dliea. and
oroeaed and Indeed lava tha erarem onen to tha
O iniidloui attack! of many of the moat fatal, inch,
for example, aa th following: ConiumpMoo, la
llMatinn. Tto.nan.la. T.nu .f inufll. V.l..tn
li.nnn. T.takilllv V.n mT(. X. 1.1.'..,.. .Vw,
Cj Heart, Melancholy, Might Bweata, Languor, fllddt-
m ' neia, retention or, aa well at Valnful obetracted
ff th.
too profnee. or too icmt Manatrnatlon. and Fall
Ins of ths Womb. Thea all derjend noon renaral
.debility. Thla pure, healthy, tonic Cordial and!
oiooa iwnovator i a inr t car ae tbe inn lo
ria and aet. There li no mlatak about It. Bm
inta ia not all. utn syatem to weakened, w arrl
ipen to hiiioui stuck, th liver become torrid
r wore diaaaaed, tb kid neve refua to oerfom,
their funettona, and we ar troubled with acaldlngi
ana incontinence a - anno, or involuntary ata
charge ot the aame, pain In th back, ilda and be
tween th ahonldera, xeedlngly liable to ilhjht
soldi, oonghi, and If WDChecked, ooa emadatlor
viiuwi, .uu .u. !..,. 1, ,m avwn to a premature ia.
grave. Bnt ipac will not allow ns to enumerate f
tn many Ilia to which we are liable In a weakenedi W
condition 01 tne ayiiem. Put w will In thu
Cordial and Blood Renovator yon hav a perfect
tare, plenum ana enectual remedy for leas crl
Appolit, villouinie. yutnleoce, weak and slot
Stomach, Languor, Liver Complaint, Chltlaand
Fever, or any Billon attack, Coatlveneaa, Aoldlt)
if th Stomach, Mervoaanaaa. Nenralaia. Palnlta-
tlon of th Heart, Sepreailon of BDirit. Bore.
Plmplei on theFaea, or any dlnaa arlalng from
Impur blood, mch II Scrofula. Bmtnalaa. Bran
shltr. Soagav, dlAMulty of Breathlnr. and all than,
oiaia 01 uiaaaave eatiea lemai weaaneas, anal
enumarated above. We will a 10 ta th traveler!
expoeed to epidemic!, change of ollmat and wat4
er, win una 11 a pieaent,eBt and anr remedy,
ana now anauia ever travel wiuionu jitadar.
try It. for w nature y on you will And In It a f rlend
Indeed, aiwellaaafrlend In need. All peraonsof
Mdantary kebil will lad it a perfect prerenUveol
ta well aa cure for thoae ailment to which they are
particularly expoeed. Hence mlnliteri,atadenta,at
torneys, literary gentlemen ,nd ladlea who are noi'
aocuitomed to much outdoor exerclie, will find II
to ineir advantage 10 atep a uottl constantly on
nana: ana, aoove an, motners, or tnaaa baeomlna
inch; will go through that moat dangeroaa period
aot only wth all their accuitomed atrenglh, but
ear and ire from tb thouaand ailment eo prev
alentaaoag Uie female nartioa af la worleV U
ihort, It la indeed a motaere cordial. . Try It, old
and young: no longer run the ink of daley; It will
relieve and prove ftaelf amnhatleallv a PnHnrn.
uve umuu ana jtuna aeneralor,
U. i. WOOB . nrewrlstav. 44 Bmadwav. Nan
LTork, and lit Market Street. St. Lanla. Mo.: and
old by ROBERTS A SAMUEL, Colombo, Ohio. :
and all good DruggliU: Price On Dollar'
per Settle.. u i. t maixh28-dAwaowly
1 r. I
.-..jJi..-Je' '.We- .
A '
Eheumatlsm, 1 Gont': and7 Eeuraigia,
4 1 ,?5F''AK A BUWOTMfoit'i'i'rr.'ia'r.
. All Mercurial Diseasos.
' ItltatienvsntermTamnraaiand. rmM
icated compound, to be worn arc and th WaUt, without
Injury to tha moat delicate Beraonai no chania In hablta .
of) living Is required, and It entirely remove! the tils-1
eaa from th ayilnn, Without producing tha Injurious,
eOeota arlalnf from ths nee of powerful Internal medi
cine, which weaken and deetroy the conitltullon, and,
give temporary rel ief only. By thla treatment, th med
icinal properties contained la the Band com in contest
with lha.biood and reach th dliea, tbiough the porta
of th akin, effecting In every butanes a perfect car,
and reitorlngtb parts afflicted to. a healihy condition.
This Band ta alao a moet powerful ASTt-MucvauL mrent,
snd will entirely relieve th svttam from tha
aoti of Mercury. . Moderate caas ara eurrd In a few
9ya, and w ar eonitan tly receiving teetlmontals ofit
SIBoacy In Aggravated caae of long atanding.
' Paiosi,00. tobahadofSragglita gonerallyTorerir
bs Mntby mall or expraaa. with full direction for uia.
10 any part 01 in, country, direct from th Principal.
Otto, i.l.i, .
. "V, . i
r. tnn r .
. 1 jiu. nuv seuauwaii new xsraf .. j
' -0. SMITH dr. CO.rSoIe Proprietors.
II. .Deecrlptlv Circular Sent Free. 9
Jj" Afettts Wanted Everywhere.
mhlW-lyltorlitprjAw J . "' ,' ", '-
, " ADVBBTlBBMBlfT J .Spirit 'ft
far ths INSTANT BJUEA ' -
and PERMANINt 0TJ1UI ef th
dUtreailng complaint sts
SfSdeiryO. B. CBTMOUB It 00., 107 Nssssa SUK- tVi
I ' rno t per 001 w irae ny poal. ... - 7
rOB SALA Af ALL S0flaiStt

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