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- 1 .
Th Adams Express Company placet m dally
under obli((U0M to It for tb. verr iateet paper.
'Hie American E.presa Company ha. our
thanks for Its daily favore In the shape of tbe
very latest eastern papore. -
Notice ts SuBsciniiai. City subscribers to
. ik, ni Rtateeman. who may change their
. vmv m"M " abb
aWallinss or blaoei of business at (bis leasoa
of the liar, are requeued to notify our carrier,
or leave word at oar counttngr-oom, of the
plaoee ! at which they . wish their paper left
Obanou and Ltaiora , -'
' Jdst received, rom boxes of eaeh, at
, Chanoes Yesterday was warm, pleasant,
genial lo the evening a high old wind with a
heaTy ehower of rain. To-day March winds pre
Tall the yoaDgtWaoIoei Spring etraggling with
old, Inarm, lingering Winter. Bat the former
t J Qnnh la tit 1,-f-A.
is aestinea w ue viuwnuu-. "--
versible decree. . .
The variableness ol the weather in our lati
tude Is the eanetant tbemo of complaint. But
these changes are characteristics of all temperate
regions. These constitute, In iact, the great
charm of our climate We would not live where
there was a dull, lifeless uniformity of heat or
oold, or a cheerless, tiresome uniformity of
weather of any sort. We go for frequent changes
from day to day, and If It suite the "Clerk," for
several variations In one day, as salth the poet
"The weather, tla admttted, li not very fay: "
Bat we Mnnst In justice complain o( theweither;
vn. it thiKM rfaiiirlit nft. have la one day.
Eprlni. Autumn, and Bummer, and Winter together.
Boyhood "Would we were a boy again 1
earnestly exclaims the Buffalo Republic. Kind
ling into enthusiasm at the suggestion, the edi
tor goes on: ... , . ., ..
Back to boyhood in a thought I To glorious,
ingenuous boyhood that realm where each was
monarch .10 bis, turn uie true rovauv oi nature.
Bova never chance never alter, men alwaysdo.
The boyt have their same plays, their same
gamea they are ncremtary. wnouoea noire
mainhPT his kit. his hoon. his too. his marbles.
and his bat and ball? .His anxiety for the first
snow, the first ice his sled, and his skates?
Who forgets' the rivalry between tba favorite
coasters ot toe nui cquai in ineir vauuieu
merits to the disputed time and speed of ear
Flora Temple and J'atcnen i iioys i wny now,
whenever men wish to accomplish anything en.
thusiastically, they call themselves "boys 1",
"The boys are going to elect their candidate."
"The boys are going, to raise a flag." Even
Falstaff,ln his day, was ever rating himself with
boys and use those epithets of "gallants, lads,
boys, hearts of gold," in flattery of Prince Hal,
Bardolpa, Polos and Feto. ,
StAOi GaciNwooD. Our citizen will gene
rally "gratified' with the announcement In
another -column that.Tjiicc G aim wood wlH
lecture on "Home and the Homeless," at the
Congregational Church, pa next Tuesday even
ing:' Graor Gaaiwwoop Is a favorite in almost
every tome circle In the land. ' Her writings
have euohanted the hearts of both old and young
wlttt admiratloa and love. She has also won
a wide reputation as a lecturer. Many will re
member with pleasure th gratification they ex
perienced In hearing ber lecture In this city
emtjears ln'ce." .The subject chosen for Mon
day evening is one eminently suited to Iter taste
and. genius, and no one ..should fail to hear
Gbacr GK"wpoP ou 'neb, theme), , :
'Dimicr Cooat JoaoM. The Dlfltript Court
for this county commebcea Its Spring Term for
1861, on Thursday,' May 9 Venire has been
- .i ' ,.11 A.t-M MtMitia Ia oatva ae
usuea xor tne iwiwwiuej , . "
jurors:' ' . - ' - i -.-..-',' ' '
. W' D Ljttbmut, Perry tp.; Moses Davis,
Washington; Joseph Filler, do.; Henrick Brom
ley; Norwiohi J. M., Briggs, Franklin; John
Lisle," Hamilton; Alexander Mooberry, Mont
gomery; Wm". Damlgan, do.; J. F. Neeramer,
do.; 0, Case, do ; James S. White, do; B. C.
Willi, Sharon.'
T MoHiciFAt EutoTioNs. Municipal eleo
tlofia Tot City, Town and Township officer, tike
place' throughout Ohio, on Monday next, the
flrttTday of Aprllr In these elections, the prac
tical working of the great principle of Popular
Sovereignty is most etrikingly exemplified; for,
through thee, the people exercise or may exer
cise the right of managing their own ' affair In
their own way i subject only to the Constitution
ot- the Stat and that of the United States. . ' 1
- i 1 1 ' e r i ' 'i M
Chanoc or Looatiom. B. TacsiiiafDia, Jos-
lice of the Peace and Notary Publio, ha re
moved "nWTpflloe f to Carpenter"' Blook, On the
vest tide of High street. " Entrance at 117 High
street Office up stairs, over Knapp's store, In
Room No. 4. Mr. TaTfaiMamia will give prompt
attention to-collections and other Easiness ec
trnsted to hUXre. l .... -"' : " 1
- u7. Yesterday was Good Friday, a day . kept
by many Christians, In memory of the Savior'
Cruolflxlon. To morrow Is Easter Sunday, also
observed In commemoration of HI resurrection
on the first day of the week. In Catholic coun
trlles, a conimon 'ealutatlon on Eastet morn It
"Christ is risen." y .
'inf..l. Ill.la U nn la- .MIIlMI that the
ivj t-"- -f r-- "
. , . . - . A.j7tn
UORaiLL i ariir, wnita wse oeieosivi u.u.
inorease lareeli We. revenue of the Govern-
. ; - 1 . a . .
ment, BOOS into operation. on Ue,tlra. aay
April AU Fool Day
'liATaisioN.At.'.VThirty-nlne marriage license
were issued, darine; th present month, Maroh,
1861, from the offloeif..the Probate Judge of
Thi O. P.Two jnore eonvlot wet yester
day added to the number In the Penitentiary
one frdm Butler-and 'One from - Montgomery
onntyiermakibj j,he .whole numberin "Ih Ms
on,'-"!.. - ,7 .".r
.r1 "-. c i i i
, i ; 'j
' OIti a .lander case recently iried At kCam.
bridge. ChtrnscT county,. the plaintiff, a Mr,
Cam'sill, recovered-three thousand dollar.
JnagWAswiitVW this1 city,"' was counsel
the plalntff.:-; , ,.
. IT At the regular sales day, at London, Mad
ison county, on Tuesdry next, April 2d, there
will bea Butter Jfairr ' i.
"AU a 04 . . J ' T I ii t ,
!v.ITi' Xati FiaaOur FurnUuie Manufaoto.
IT. WUIUU WA wu viabUrUST, Ulfl
Inst waa Inanrfld for tS.OOO In th H.if. p-i..
loet., was insurea i w aa.uuo in the Uartford
a losnrance Company, which enm hM been paid
li.i, mmr m rt , p r, v tn am u j .
In lull this aay dj tne Agent, a. k. ,eeeon,
Erq.. ".- !'' 5.. TV y.l ' "
K ..a . l kM.i ! ai.i. v I -V it
-x 1 oe prutupunaan auu uumwn n ..u wuiuu
Company adjust it losses, commend It to
atronas-e of tbe citizen of Columbus andvi-
, oinltv. and we recommend thoee who desire,
case of lose, to have their claims speedily
lusted and promptly paid, to eall on H. E.
--Aftn. E,n.2 aha Aient of the Comnanv. in
""Johnson Bulldlae'. and obtain a aoliov.' '
etoltunbus, u. iuaroa una, iom-t biw
. V... IS ir!',,i
BT Sea advertisement of Prof. Milxki's
Hair iBTigoTator In another oolumn
OTWa eongratulatt oar reader upon the
dUoorery of a cure for Rheumatism, Gout and
Nenralgla, and all Mercurial Diseases, which,
ll tVuntnA vlthnnt Iha nu of Internet nadtntnM.
.htnh ..tm. th. mn.tftntlon .nfl .It. tammH
.... - -
rmry renei oniy., in ia ine oo.j u
remedy effecting a perfect cure, and we feel
warranted, from lU recommendation, In ealllng
the attention of th afflicted and those having
Mm Buffering from Rheumatism. Gout or
Neuralgia, or the pernloloua effect of Mercury,
to the advertisement in another column of our
paper, of Dr. Leland' Antl-Rheumatlo Band.
Paor. Wood' Ritoativi Coidial and Bujod
RiNOTAToa Is, without donbt, the best tonlo Cor.
dial In the world. To those who are suffering from
General Debility we would recommend it use.
far while it Is pleasant to the taste, It Is strength.
enlne to the sjetem, and will at once tend to
remove all Imparities of the Blood, and eradi-
cate all trace, of disease. It can be taken by
tne weakest siomaon, wniie tnoee in gooa neann
will at onoe feel Its exhilarating power. We are
confident that after using one bottle of this Cor
dial, none will bo for a day without It. New
York Leader.
CouoHSThe sudden cb. angee of our ell mat
.!???. S B?!7iff!?o;L 1:
It. . . jiJ. ... ....a il.
uu! .
certainly, when taken In the early stages of the
dinetae. reooon bonici M. onoe Da ami to
- .
Brown1 Bronchial Troche$," or Lozenges, let
ioe uoiu. uoukQi or irriumoa ui tae i aro. oe
asa eilfahe. her tnim nMinl.lnn i mnM Ask ,
ki t . a A. i-.ll i ii :7.T.7
UU11U DUtjHB.Ci nuu uiukvio was uuu iucui ci'
. A . I I J A ll t i .
leoiuai lor eieanog sua roggtneoiuK iao
voloe. Bee advertisement, t or sale wholesale
and retail, bv Robert & Samuel. No. 24 North
High street, S. Samuel $ Co., No. 85 South
High street. .-
PiasoNAL. N. Oundersblmer ha just re
turned from the east, where he has purchased
one of the finest assortment of Cloths, Cassi-
m tr tt m .
mere,andVeetIngB of every grade and variety
Su 'Ja ? US rfSa"f.rf. SSiJSl .hU
his enUre stock of first taayV hltt. nb'
him to sell as low as any other establishment
west of the mountains. He has secured the ser
vices of the well known cutter Mr. Robert
Sporting to take charge of the tailoring depart
ment. Those deeirlne the best of material got
ten up In the latest and best style of cut and
workmanship, will do well to call and examine
his stook before purchasing elsewhere.
!. ."? ?. irJ.M?c?pill?.vi,.?A
:;""?, fff!: "
.rr.rwu uu -re , u, a u.
canine: cannot tan 10 oe nun.
cTo-thlu. keot conson balid. at price, to
suit the times.
Remember the olace. No. 129 South High
street, one door North of the Goodale House.
Goon. We met one ot our friends yesterday
Broadway, and were astonished at the change
nis appearance. A lew weexs ago we saw
blm, he was pale, lean and dejected; complain
of weaknesa and debility, having been so
afflicted all summer. Now be appears to be lat,
healthy and strong. We learn he owed his res
toration entirely to McLian' Steeothxnino
IrtBDIAL. . ,
We advise all who are complaining of Gen
eral Debility to try it; it 1 certainly a very
nleaaant remedy. Wa learn that there are tare
quantities of it selling daily. Aforaiw Herald
Nin Point, ow tm Law PouMsIon la said
wno baa possession oi a pecxag oi James ryies
Dietetic Saleratns ha the whole law of bread, I
biscuit, and eake making in her own bands.
Be sore of the right kind. Depot, 345 Wash-
ington Street, New York. Sold by grocers ev
erywhere. i
UTR. ITimrFiTiirz. No.' 1B5 Santh Hlch
Street, ha a very choice assortment of Gold d
' m.,.iJ. t..i- ni. n.
Silver Watches, fine Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
and Plated Ware, at prices to salt the time.
Good Enocoh. roe any one, rich or poor.
Gnernsee'a Blm fires Immediate and nerma
aent relief In all cases where an external reme
dy la applicable. 1 -
. .. - Of ' ' !' .
3NTo-wn,rl3C., ST. T.
Dlrldend jTannstry 1 180 1 5 Per Cent.
A88EI8 -.13,812,550 50.
tmtesnaat Jstnwarr lo 1861
BtUnce. per itstement Jin. let, 1880...:. 15,408,581 30
Beceited for Premiums dur-
Int the Jeer 10 1763.053 55
Beoelved for Intereit during
the year 1800 - 814,014 18 ,
Total recelots for 1860....977.087 74
FitdOlalma by Death, S67.050 00
Ptld Policies turren- ' . ', V
dered 41,111 W . "
Paid telariei, Pott- . . '
age, Texee, ax
chtnn.eto .-31.020 54 - -" -"
Paid Oommltilons to ' ' " '
AeenU 91.325 30
Pild Phjilelant' reea. . 5,008 7S '
Pid AnnnltlM 1,517 00 ' ", '
Paid Dividends dor- . .
lngtbe -ear ...... 100,500 73 505,011 03 411,070 14
Not Balance Jennary lit, 1861
93,811,558 sol
, v :., ..;;-.: ABUTS.- .. ,
dun on hand 98,6981 10
Bond! end Mortfigee on Reel -,
Sttate, worm ooabie ue
nmonnt loaned 3.337.841 68
Premium Notes, on Policies ' '
In foroe,oniyerawuif oper ' '
ent. InUreet 1.S79.864 17
Keel KiUte........ 00.803 87
LoeneonBerlp , 2,031 44
Premiums, notee ana uaen.io
;.ooaneef tranemistion . . 45,313 73
;foUl AtteU... 13,813,558 80
0llBe,,Btatsmnt, and Applications, will be furnished
TsBTo Policies In force, Insuring sA426,038
; MM Polities have been Issued during ths year,
. After a careful calculation of the present value of the
louutaadlng Policies of the Company, and having the I
I.UiJMM MLW.1 In th.MfM tt. H mmIamI
kaSa.lUAla BnmMn nf At Mru,l. nth.
Ziiik.Z,rZ,Z. iZx,r,iZlt,T.tSil
ums paM at toe table rales, to all pollokas for Ufa in force, I
iBWl pr1or to January l.iefiO.payableacoordlogtothel
preetai ruis or tfesvoeesMay.
jutaca ivr ail ainaa oi aiiie uonuuRencirs. x-raspeci i
witbout ctuaue, at the Olaoe or Agenoies ot the Oom-
ai t - a buuxi in riii.n,u.l, rresident.
S 13 L. O. O ROVER, Vice V resident.
BCNJ. 0. MILLER, Secretary.
II. Ha HKKSOie AQent,
e Johncon Bloc.
' March SB, I8B!.: :
it the
Detiylo irJb Oo.
I l to the. South-vest corner of High and Prlend
streets, . , , -
And trill sobtlous to keep en hands I large stock of
V rA r I ITT - CIl AVtf
Th sttsattea ti Merchants sad Sealers (s respectful.
ly invited to eur stock, i , ,, i DUXL1 fc Co
I - . . 7 . . ' , , , , , '
I scald, bruise, cut, er fresh wound of any kind, prevents
1 ,,. from kee stings, waquita bits, sad
1 Aouvmwie Dlaaia. Bturalila, rheumatlaa. an In the
B n.nim.u.in ma Dwu.mil uu. ubniii uu ri, .
I breast, salt rheum, et. When taksa tntemaiiy, it win
I peli.lTly cure eroup In children, and gires imsudiat
, TV I Mil in ma woraa eaav ai u.H uvniuu, bva.uu.ium am
l w . ,v,. vh a..!,.
I bottle. Should be in every kouss. for sale by Drag.
flats and StontkAaMra. . lUTIH BT0NB.
ois prop-wler, Re. pruoet.,jiew gont
ASTHlKWirUJ -,. . , w - .
Wahtb i. a oruti to sell
Paoklwraa of STATION aRY aad JKWULRY. at
price one-third less than eaa be nurchased elsewhere
Call on or addreaa (aUmp ansloesd) i. L. BAILBT, Ho.
lVen it., Boston, aiast. a , . march S8:d.m.
aOLDEIf nidi. iniHTI,
All si see sod oualities: alaa an vol anrna a .
superior make, tor sal by .una ar,.
Iw HO. 89 loath High strest
Highly Important from Cuba and the West Indies
—Revolution in San Domingo!
y . 30Thll Q..kt.f cl,
from Havana, ha arrived.
I Much excitement existed at Havana on the
ubjeot of the annexation of San Domingo to
n '."n tha71sUnd;Th.
I emigrants being Instructed, when the proper
I Nnaln I mMf a Iha mmmtw r Uxnloh
time arrived, to hoist the Spanish flag, and In.
" protection ol Spain. ThUwa done
When th, ., "h . Hft.. th8 t8
1 Blanoa, fully armed, -with a large number of
regular troops, wa dispatched, sailing on tne
1 " ore ,rlBatee will soon loiiow wttn
' A , f "!l j '., -Jim,,, force, of ten thou.
sand men. Is said to be on the way from Spain.
r It Is stated that Haytl will soon show the same
Spain, to aid the metallic circulation of the
Sugar quiet.
From Washington.
Washington. March 2H "-Information from
the Ordninoe department, about cannon sent
from BeiIon. tft Rhmnnif. .hn.. ih nn.
'""'ed for three year ago. . . '
n-eoipiBin treasury, yuuu,uuu. am oaisnce
onhand million five hundred and eighty.
Li.ht k a h... ' s "
via u luuuaauu uuiidibi
f FArflntiw Mnfl.oi Tn(i. -ni
ua ., all
tk. v..i imi. ....
lM .... .r .
Fort Sumter a soon as a veeeel to take Ander
Xl ,u,t ,h .in u.j .i. .!,
V" . ; ; " r " ' '
It Is noaitlvelv denied that anv order hia been
given lor the reinforcement ot tort Fickeos.
The 7Ym' dlsoatoh sava that Judee Burton.
of Kentucky, will decline the Chief Justlceshln
oi Aucotan, ana proDaDiy win obtain a better
appointment. .
Minister Corwin goes to Mexico In the steam
er TeanMgeei fromsNew Orleans. April 15th. .
The WorU'' correspondence says, information
was received yesterdathat the Florida leglsla-
tor. had 'd .k,n .,..
ishable with death, oq conviction, for any one to
accept office nnder the Federal Government who
reside in that State, after collision between
the Federal and Confederate forces.
The Postmaster General has issued orders for
supplying letter paper, to be cut, gummed and
embossed w ith three cent postage stamps, com-
bining in one both! letter-sheet and envelope,
The Tribune', correspondent says the Fort
8amter queltlon ,g gt,n nndetermlned. and will
k......i j ... .
"T Deen "ot to ltnt " tort Fict
From New York.
.Ordben received to g si i the atore
Q1. ,hA? RIeM dJ for sea. It is believed she
New Yoax, Maroh 39. The Poil'i sneolal
dispatch says JohnH. Palfrey has been appoint
ed Postmaster at Boston.
Secretary Chase remitted the forfeiture of the
schooner Kestlees, on payment of all cost, char
ge and expenses. ''
I he opinion is almost universal now that an
extra session of Congress will be called, to con
elder the operation of the new: tariff, and the
state or the Treasury.
Urder bave gone west to confiscate all
goods introduced into the Southern port with
out the payment of the regular United States
It Is now said that Fort Pickens was rein
forced more than a week ago, and that several
ounarea troop were taxeo in irom vessels on
hundred troop were taken in
w. k- k... :n .v.
The Southern Commissioners, however,
doubt the truth of the report, and proXess to
have assuranoes from the Governmentto the
Niw Yok, March 30 Gen. nliramon. who
arrived in the "Quaker City," Is said to be en
nute to Spain, to urge the acquisition of Mexi
co .-.'..
Prluce Alfred left B&rbadoes on the 12th for
St. Vincent.
wui taxe supplies to the uuir squsdron.
The steamer . Star of the West was seen, on
the Jd, within a day's sail of Indlanoia, Texas.
Liavinwostr, March 29. The lower House
of the Kansas Legislature organiced on the 88th,
by the election of A. Upedegraff, (Republican,
8peaker. He 1 understood to favor Parrott and
Lane for senators. 1 .....
Gov1. Robinson' meset.ee Is mainly devoted
to local affairs. He recommends suitable ac
knowledgment by the Legislature for the gene
rous relief given to the needy oltizens of Kan
sas. He recommends that the credit of the State
be used for the relief of her oitisens, If necessary j
say seed has been furnished in abundance lor
planting, and hopes a general call for relief wilt
oon cease.
Ft. Kcaxnit, March 28.h. The Western
Stage, with malls and passengers, and Hinck
ley's Express for Umabajpassed at 4 f . Iu.
DiNVia, March 25. The daily yield of gold
m the mines was very rapidly increasing. The
mill were nearly all getting to work; many of
them with the new gold-saving process. The
population on the Blue River slope has doubled
in the last month. .
- The new road over 8nrvey Range, between
South and Middle forks, is now open for pack
animal, but not for wagon. '
Emigrants irom the elate are beginning to
arrive. Weather very fine-
PrrrsiusoH, March 29. The merchant and
business men or thi city are very generally
standing np firmly against receiving depreciated
corrency, except at
hmk.fl ratea. 1V fta. I
Missouri ana Virginia money is received at 4
per cent, anconnt. 'i ne tanners will not reeeive
it at all, and this kind ot currency Is worthless to
purchase produce from first hands. Tbe indica
tion are that Pittsburgh will be a par point
Many or tbe manuiacturers pay Ibeir bands ex
clusively Jn pay money already. .
Niw Yoax, March 30. Advioea from Mex
ico report that the stage from Mexico to Vera
Crui, containing two Amerleant and live other
passenger , was txaoawi ov a oana oi twenty
robbers, and Lieut. Dick Of the U. B. Army, and
another American, delendea toemseive", Killing
. J A . n m maw An Kf .h A mhh AM Iha K.I.
. . rr, . i. .l , J
latoenca, ine Americans wero train wuunueu
-tl. V
Bostom. March
30.-Tho British ship W.
m .T- - . l
nammon, Horn tew urieaus, tor v,wbs
abandoned on the 16th Inst., In latitude 35,
longitude 65. The crew. 26 in number, were
UV.n fT h. tha Bnlnh hrlc Cvrene. which has
T . " - ,CT ' - i
arrivea nere irom noiieraam. i
Philadelphia, Maroh 29.-The Methodist
Conference adopted the report repealing the new
enapter on Slavery uueneainineaiioiptioea.tue i
last conference: also concurred in the resolution
of the Baltimore conference requesting the
Oreneral Conference to repeal the chapter on I
slavwyr 1
Niw Toik. March 39. The steamship Dan
iel Webster, from Texa. with United States
troops on board, U now pasaing'Long Branch, I
and will Oe np DOUt :ju o cioce mi aicet-
noon. ' , ' " " - ! " " . :Vl t. -
I At .....lim w r, - rn.'.t
j J t !TT7, o , . ' 7 , .
auauvuij. .f
EioBito-D. March 29. Mr. Rive spok 7
hours In favor of the Union . . - v
Watches I Diamonds 1! Silrer ; Ware t! !
and Silver Watches, In great variety.
I am Agent for tbe Assawaa watch uo , ad otn
sell thee excellent Watches at manufacturers' pilots,
either Wholesale o Biitall. ,
Com and oboos from my beautiful display oi pia
aunda and ether rich Jewelr. BHIesnew prices low.
At t Silver ware or sterling quality, A can snow ptw
patterns, vary handsome. , '
auves rieteu nare, xea seita, urna, nailers, uaaiore,
Baakau. Pitchers. Qoblets, Knives. Porks, Spoons, u.
shea x bar a supply ot one aaoi uutiery, rocaei
Knives. Baaora, Ae., and many Vaaoy Goods suoh as
are desired fer presentsat tush prioes as are an Indue-
,enl t the purcnaser. . - wgt. bi.nn, -x
.-.it. - No. 10 Buckeve Block.
mrl ' - - North side Bute House square.
iiaanueaAwvu, 1 r
L 1.&O0 Ihe. MadlaoB. Watt A Co1 pur, uaoheml-
salad Pearl Starch, a superior article, received Uj store
tarsals by jajsiAiaiea ainiiaauA.
Ootxl . auwstmn aiwina;
New York Cattle Market.
total aaonrrs or oattui or au wm, roa iu wb
Aoeordlnf to the report from the teverml laarket.
plaoee In tlMolly, then have bera rteelree Uileweek: ,,
;' Bbeepand ' '
' '. B'ves. Com. Teali. Lambs Bwlne. Total
At Allerton'i. 45 . 317 ' M
Xrownloi'e.... Wl , M , 74 8.473
O'Brien's. 36 ,i 48 63 875
ObsmtwrllB't.. 44
eoldBB'n, Ber. 780
t M
1 1.053
Total ...4,780
. 475 4.930
593 6,701
,f25 17,1
4,539 10,337
T'lpr'e week 4,449
Average No,
rir , 1 1 r.,i
350 343 0,700 7,600 12.9J8
anvM raoM nrnun itatbi
A. f. Allartnn 1c Co.. Prnnrteton of the Weshlnetoo
Drove-ytnu, 44tb-il, report tne uame in urni iron
tne following etatesi
HewTork S90,Iowa JW
Indlene,"-.. .......
Ken toekv....
. 017!
Hew Jeney
. 25S
Mtosouii.. .148
Michigan 805
Virgin U...
............ . t
They lio report Beeves and other Block received by
Ratlroadi, Jto., follows:
Sheep and
Oowe. TetU. Lbe. Bwinet
Erie lUllroad 1.016
Bndeon Hirer Railroad 1,017 ....
Harlem Railroad . 884 45 317 430-
Oamden Jc Amboy B.R. "170 .... ....
HndeonRlTerBoata...' Wi
On foot-. .. -40 ..- . ..,.'
n. J. 0. Ballraad 317 ' .... .... ....
The New York and Erie Hallroad makei the following'
report of traniportat'oa of stock for the week ending
this day:
Beeves 1.834 I Bbeep and Lambs.. 600
Uorees.... 30 Bwlne 3S0
Number repotted forthlt market at Forty-fourth ttreet,
The prieei to-day are quoted ae follow,:
Plret Quality. H'B I Ordinary CX7
Medium .7)4(38 1 Borne extra goad. .....
The general averaite of the market at lets than 8)o.
The moat of Ihe ealee rann from 79Ko. v
The total number of Beeves recelTed Iu the city this
week, 4-780.
This le 171 head more than last week, and 350 head
more than thelarerage of laetyear. Ttie average number
at each Wedneiday market lait year wm 3.9 1, head, while
the number to-day, being 3,609, ehowi 208 head morethan
the average, and 48 head more than this day week
Tuteday,MarchVi. This Is one of the market days
Which drorera will remember. Hen are apt to remember
daye which have eome strongly marked characteristic
This one hat for urovers. It Is a day which they will
call to mind as the one In which they suffered juch- se
vere losees in the Sew-York Cattle market. It Is one ef.
if not the very hardestopenlng day of the whole year.
Hot to much for the low rate at which bullocks are
selling, but that they won't sell at all.
It Is not that there It such an OTtr-supply, since we
ean count only about 3,500 head, but became all the Hir
ers and sellers came Into market this morning under the
Impretslon (hat there mutt be between 4.000 and 5,000
bead of bullocks on sale to-day, and so prices were based
upon that estimate at the start, and ranred nearlr a
cent A pound, net, lower than last Tueiday; scarcely any
thing, except a few choice steers, selling as high as 9
eteta a pouna lor me set weignt oi otet, sinking onst.
and prices generally ranging from 7 to e oante, the ex
tremes being o30o. We don't know when we have teen
fewer cattle told on the forenoon ot Tuesday than to-day;
and taking quality and price, and estimated weights Into
accountjwe tnink tney nare not sola at lower rates during
uie paei winter ana. Autumn. t
Wt&netdau. hatch. 87. This le a still worse dav for
drawers than the opening day.- The rain baa fallen hear!
ly nearly an the beet business part ot tne day, and this
has Interfered wlln business to some extent, and the ar
rival of some scattering lots that nave eome in, making
up the number of of 3,090 head, has also had Its eSeot
npon trade, eo that we think butchers were able to buy
bullocks at 3 or 4 a head lower than the asm quality
told at yesterday. At noon, the nunber of oattle in the
pent was so large that the brokers would hare entirely
despaired of selling out, if It- had not been for the en
couragement of a good many farmers and buyers to sell
to farmers, who were present and ready to take what the
butcbere left, If they eeuld get them at very low ngures
lhat is, at rates equal to about 7 cents a pound for the
net weight of nloe, smooth, thrifty Bteert, wellbmited for
the purposes of the greater.
We think several hundred must have been picked np
In small lota for this purpose, beside a good many pales
of work Oxen. But for this country demand, the beef
market would have been completely overstocked, and all
the cattle could not haws been sold, even atadeductlon
of a full oent a pound from last week's prices. Without
having to notice any particular fine droves, it Is a matter
of general remaik that the average quality of the Bul
locks, is remarkably good, and real tcallawags scarcely to
be foucd. Many of Ihe western Bteers and Oxen, though
of a date of stock whieh, contrasted with fine Durbams,
Devona, Derefords, and their grades, are really coarse in
their appearance, are as fat aa pigs, and there are plenty
of such that won't sell this week at prices equivalent to
cents a pound for th half of home weight, aa Will be
seen more particularly in our account of tales. The
trade oi tne day naa dragged neavlly all day. and new.
at almost night, the cattle are not all told, but probably
win oe, wiiu a.iew exceptions.
There is a large supply, and ae much or mors depres
sion In the Hilch Oow Market, mm there Is ia .Bui-
locks. The Cow merchants say there u no sale, thouth
they offer Oows at 10 a head less than they sold for a
week ago. me staDies eenunly appear over stocked,
and no doubt Oows can be bought at less than (hey cost
ine country in some ases. wniis tne owner naa tnea
hereon expense. It Is supposed that the action of Ins
Legislature to "swill milk" may have hart soma effect
upon the sals of Oows. The range of price of Oows, with
young Calves, ia from (35 to $45. .
Veal calves are also less valuable this week. We think
tood ones can be bad at 8o. S lire weight now as
at7o. last week. None but very extra, smooth, fat Calves
wm command 'o. i n, uvs to-usy.
Becetpti this week, 4,060. . -
Although Ihe receipts this week have not keen large,
the prices have not been as good as the previous week.
by equal to X" fc live weight, and more in some In-
eiAnoes. va y nuay ana Saturday the trade was dull ; a
good many of the Sheep cams forward in bad condition,
owing to the snow storm of Tharsday and Friday. In
fact, some that were designed to arrive by boats on Sat
urday did not reach the city until Monday night or Tats
day morning, having been detained upon short al
lowance in the blockade si the Hudson. The sup
ply on Monday was quite light, and the trale to
dull that the light supply was quits enough.
On Tuesday we found the market a little more
llvelv. but not as it was the nreviona Tuesdaw. A werv
superior lot of 50 fat sheep, fed by Mr. Jurlah Wlnne, of
ear Albany, one of the most noted sheep feeders in the
state, soio at eo. are weunt. . two others were
held at a high figure one a remarkably fat, handsome,
Ions-wool B we. weighed 848 : and a two- tear old Weth
weighed 304 ft . Mr. Wlnne has others at borne still
heavier, we noticed sals of nice, smooth, fine-wool
Lambs dropped In Autumn at 4 85 each. We Judge
they would net about 33 a, arenas. Pelts continue in
demand at Si UKW1 78 eaeh.
Receipts this week 6,825. -
Henry D. Grant. Superintendent of the market, re
ports the price of Hogs to day, j gross weight as foi
Corn-fed Hogs
Distillery-fed Hogs.
This It Ke B lower on oorn-fed Hots, and Iha same
for distillers, and considering ths state of the weather,
and Increased supply, this is remarkable, when all oth
er animals are selling at suoh reduced rates. There
must be a stront? taste for hoi meat aomawhara. . Par-
haps there is an increased demand for lard, near the dote
ox wni. - . 1 i
O. W. Dormta gives prices of Bogs thi week: -
r" Ltve. - TMMrt .
Corn Hogt Prime ..SKa.tSSVe. 7va.ati7Vn.
Cora Bog--Medlum..-.'..SMo.iHo. 'o. ftfe.
uoru nogr iigutsau iat..3HO a.3tt. 7xe,(a7tc.
Btlll uoga ....ej.0,(S5, o WHC
New York Market.
NEW YORK, March. 30.
Sb lower, sales of ,000 bbls at jS tms 30 for superfine
v .v-.-. , r,vv vv v iur euiiernD,
Kate; $i37H9i eeforexireetet. SSftkSjM f, M.
perfins western; 5 37xa5 80 for common to aedlum
!"e ?: 3 ror . snipping brands extra
" a".1," "0Br aw drooping!
sales oi uvu ddib a-w- vUt .
ryb ilocis steady atsssisti(. ' . ..a j.
WHEAT receipts of lie, bushel, market dull and 4
TOi?'g 'Ifi
western. - - --
RYE firm at tsmtttt ' - 6 '
BARLBY steady; sale. of 3,000bush Lake Ehoro at
CORN fl.97B bush; market heavy and about 1c lower:
sales of 40.000 bush at 67U(S09. at the R. H. denat. '
oato auu at j ui i-sio lor western, Canadian and
POKR. quiet ana encaanged; sales or 100 bbls at
fib 70 ror mess, ana is atxaYix 7) for prime.
CUT MEATS stsady. r" ' "'' i; T
LARD in favor of the buyer: Islet of 1.000 Mil, at
oauVa for ears eholea. - - 1
nllTTKBln fair Mlittul at HVaiAiTfnr M-in.
tiatiB. rn. ri.Ia ' . 4 '
WHISKY-llrmer, with more activity; sales Of 1,500
noieat i. i-a.ioo
.lii.i.fl u .M.n v( mici hi nuuii.
arrniDa . - -. - nn lli. , . . r .1
M0LA68B8 oo variation; sales of 200 hhds H
8T00KS rather doll. Money and xthinr.dull
ajtl asaiiius v ui . at T. ao; u. a
OhW.73; 10. ecrlpSlJ.! Uo.VlSIX; Reading fejk:
Mar. lflx; Bud 5J.i Brie WXi H. y. O. 7SXi Pac
nail cox, a. u. nonas lui; u. u, ec u. o.: liuaa
bonds W; de Sid 100; Brie dth O) Ta. (' 76V; Mo.
QiWX Tenn. H; BS ,X. 0. 6'sttl; CoopenstSy.
Cleveland Market.
March 29.
P LOUR there hav been some sales of mixed lots at
om mon range. -
WHBAT-quit:tAi s oars red at 11 04. 1 Whit It
steady at 1 16. . - - j
OATS-dall and nominal at S3 by the car load, 1
CORN-aal vOOO buih from store at Me. '
SEEDS sal 100 bush Clover at It 12C. Tlmofhr
IS quiet at n fa, ..-...;
- HWUWlBeaie ef u beta at UK. sad 13. do
ISO . I ' - " 5.r--a a I
BUTTIB flOleltmlereWbhleCeBtralatlec. , I
- KOOS-eale SO sbia at On, and a small- Ipt at 1-9.
CUBBSB-AStndy at S l-.9 for fair to eommoa
1 Wsstorn aessrve.
Cincinnati Market.
fLOUaV the market sou 11 not sustain the stimulating
news had yesterday, particularly altar to-day's dispatches
were res on 'Change, so that after an effort oa the part
ef holders to get an advanoe in prices, uy touna uwy
eld do no setter than adhere to the old ilgarse $ 450
as 4 60 for superfine- The orders on the market are
light and but little is doing, for shipment ea aooeuntf
ooneigneee. - 1 . "
Wfaeyt that was withdraws on the ttieogth ef the news
yestordaa was offered mors freely to day again, but
there was no demand scarcely for the shipment, and
millers are not free buyers, they being only disposed to
supply their wants from day to day at the surront mar
kit, and not at that sren when fine red Is placed at over
1. The amount ct outness In Wheat u eontlnuallr
small and scarcely at any time for the last four months
has there been anything more tnan asors or join Jig trsoe.
CORN-on the lar steadily commends 33o. ebelled
sails a little mora freely than It has recently ; for prime
sacked 43o has been paid. Suoh whits as to suitable for
saaklDg meal for domeetle use has bund a better market
tnan the mixed.- . ... .
OATS continue to be quoted at 23c. in bald, though
the market Is not free at that figure. .
SrBAkLEY li dragging and Milan again make small
oonoeselons. Prime fall was sold to-day at 65c. from
this figure to 70). may be quoted the range of the mar
ket. Bom; choice samples are held at 75c., but this is In
oases wnere tne artioie u unaer num.
EYE is not offered at the ruling quotation 55c., nor
la it in moch dcaiind. '
WHIBKBY Is steady at tttfo. Oin. Com. March 30,
1 . -, ' ' . '. . ... 1
. - For the "Whiskers" and Hair. ,
The subscribers tike pleasure In annonnclnst o the
Oitlzent of the United States, that they have obtained the
Agency for, and are now enabled to offer to the American
publio. the above jaatly cejtbratfd and world-renowned
article.. Tde - '
Is prepared by Im. 0. P. BBLLINGHAM. in eminent
phy.1c.ftQ of londoo.tnd U warranted to bring oat ft
WllCK Kt OI ...
it' . , .1 '
Whiskers or a Mustache
In from three to tlx weeka. This artkle fa the ,! ...
of the kind used by the French, and in London and Paris
w in uoiTermi use.
It is a beautiful, economical, soothlnr. set atlmulatinr
compound, acting as tr by msgie upon the roots, causing
beautiful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
scalp, it will cure sildhus, and cauie to spring up In
y.mv vi uie ma epoie a nne growtn oi new nair. Ap
plied according to directions, it will turn Ben or Towr
pair dark, and restore gray hair to Its orielnal color.
leaving it toft, smooth, and flexible. The "fionirr" I.
an indispensable article in every gentleman's toilet, and
after one week'e use they would not forany consideration
The subscribers are the only Agents for the article In
(he United States, to whom all orders must be addressed.
Price One Dollar a box for sale by all Druggists and
Dealers; or a box of the "Onguant" (warranted to have
the desired effect) will be sent to any who dealra It, by
iuircv. sccuieij pacaeu, on receipt or price and
i.i V..10. ppij w or auaresa -
nOBACB Ii. BiaSMAN At 00.,
Ct William Street, Haw-York.
NEWARK ;machine TyOIlKS,
ftTnnnfaclnrere of all klnde ef Par
gable and Mtationary Steam En
' sTleiee Saw Mills, Wriat Mills,
LAJfSd BODLXYBeateai B. e 1. BLAND T Beaten!
J. . E. DWALL Beatmlll COLVMBV3
" at CO. Btatentllll -- ;
, Oar Portable Engine and Saw Hill
awarded the first premium of 50 at the Indiana
Pair for I960 over Lane t Bodiey'i on account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy , of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Xnvinewaa awarded at the mi r.ir
first premium of i00.
Our Portable Bngins was awarded Ihe first premium of
100 at the Pair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blandy's Dn
vall's, Columbus Machine Go's., and Bradford Ac Oo'i..
committee of practical Railroad Kngtneera. f ' t
surprise asu terme aaarees -
W1LLARD WARNER, Treasurer,
deeS-dkwlyeob. Newark, Ohio. -
llromtM Hew iort Observer. 11 i. 7
Aa all parties manufaeturlng Bewinr afaohinas are ob
liged lo pay Mr. Howe a license on etch machine sold,
an a so compelled teimaks returns to him, under
oath, as to the number sold, bis books give aeorrectstate-
ment. rrom wis rsiiame source we save obtained tne
following statistics. Of the machines made in the year
l&u, mere were sold,
; By Wheeler s Wilson.......:. .81,305 '
"I. M. Singer (t Co 10,953 .
. ' Srover At Baker ...10.SSO '
Showing the sales of Wheeler a Wilson to be double
those of any otner company." .- - v
warded thi highest preunmns at the- ' 1 ."
, United States Pairs of 1858, 18i9 snd 186W; ' i
' -alaoatthe . . '.! , ,
Ohio State Pairs of 1859 and 1M0;
and at nearly all the County Pairs in the State.
Our prices, at the late reduction, are ow too a any
loot sMcA machine now sold, and but a trine higher than
the Interior two thread chain etlch machine, now
forced upon the market.
The WHBBLBJt at WILSON H A0HINB makes th
Loci Stic the only one which cannot be raveled. It
Aliks oe Both Bioasof th goods, leaving no rdae or
chain on tA 9 under. tiU.
Au maehinee varr anted 3 Vfare, and inttmcUon
given In their use, free of eharge. -
- -' At. vakj,oi uign St., uoiumnss, w.
Wilt 8UMNKB at CO.,
decJ-SawdtofcwBm Pike's Opera House, Cincinnati.
XX TBKS vou eo to New Turk . drive direst to the
v v Conductsdon the '
Oeod Tars, flood Rooms, Prompt Atlendanoa, and Uod-
eratsonarget-- -. (
BINOLK B00MB. (0 CT8. 7$ CIS. and ll PKR SAY. I
- SOnptK ROOMS and PARLORS 11,50 to 3
: ll t - , . 1 f. ..t..i l.
Metis as ordered. This Hotel has all the anbolnhnentt
of the best hotels, a an oat central location, and It heated
throughout by steam. BAMUKL X. MIAD.
marctHMJa, Proprietor.
Hfiir nooa seirt-;..; f. f
'.'He. . soTrrn bioh jitrirt i t'
ttsve Inst received a new make of HOOP. SKIRta
flnUhcd In manner far itrperior te anr et introdocsd
for ,r jt U 11 i .'J a i i ! . ..'i ! '-,.. i
"snh S3."""' ''"'-' - i
' i I r . ij a
riTOTlCEL r7, ,
selves to no Indebted to 4ht - lata firm of DOD-
DR1DOR fc WHITR will please eall and settle their
accounts, and thereby sareeosis. -- i:. .
All notes and accounts remainlni enpald ofl the first
et April will as placed In tha hands ot WM. L. HITL,
4. F., foroolleotlos)
Sarvtvbif Partner.
Strcngthcniiig "Cordial and Blood
The tiree.teet fteaiedy In Tba
i ) . AND THI ' .. '
' l AHA
X W a
aclenliOo and
Vratabla Oompound,
procured by the distil
lation of Boots. Herbs
and Barks, I Yellow
Dock, Blood Hoot,
Sarasparilla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enters into iu
BefOT" TaWn&"e acUve. remedial laKUft
uimnM u.n. -ine en- ... n, . .
principle of each Ingredient is thoroughly extracted by
my new method of diatilliny . produclng.a delicious, ex
bileratlng spirit, and the most IB ALLIBLB remedy for
renovating the dleeaaed system, and reslorlng the sick,
mfferlne- and debilitated 1MVALID to HEALTH and
; . WIU effectually eare
Ohronle or Weranne Debirltv. Diseases Of the Kidneys
and all niiaiafla arliini from a disordered Uver or Stoat
ach. Dranniala. H.nl.m. Iaward Piles. Acidity or sick
ness of the Stomach, Vullneia of Blood to the Head, Dull
iain or swimming In the heart, raik.wion uw nam
rullneaa or Welirht in the gtouach. Sour Eructations
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down, Dnrness
or Yellowness of the Skin and Byea. Night Sweats? In
ward fevera, Pain in the small of las sack, enost or sine.
Sudden Plushes of Heat, Depression of Spirits, frightful
Dreams, Languor, Despondency or any Nervous Disease,
Sores or Blotches on the Skin, and Pever and Ague (oi
Chills and Pever.)
over a ITllllleR ol afottlee
Bare been sold dnrins the last six months, and in no In
staica has It failed In rietne entire eatiefaction. Who,
then, will u (Tor from Weaknesa or Debility when Mo
No lanoiiaffe ean convey an adeauals Idea of the I in ine
diets and almost miraculous change produced by takior
this Cordial in the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or unpaired by sickness, tne relaxed ana unstrung
organisation It restored to Its pristine neaitu ana Tigar.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever cause.
will Snd McLean s Strengthening Cordial a thorouyb
regenerator of the system; and all who may have Injured
themselves by Improper Indulgences, win end in tne uor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
Tet tbe Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign snd speedy euro for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence ol
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof. Palling of the
Womb, Giddiness, Painting and ail uiseases incident to
There t no Histake About it
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. II
will stimulate, strengthen and invigorate you and cause
tne bloom oi neaitn to mount your cneex again .
Bvery bottle la warranted to give satisfaction
If your children are sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean's
Cordial will make them healthy, rat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
Can-now. Beware of Druggists or Dealers who may
try to palm npon yon some Bitter or Baraaparllla trash,
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Avoid such men. Aek for McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothtni else. It Is the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at tbe same time
strengthen the system.
One tablespoonfal taken every morning fasting. Is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever. Yellow
Pever, or any prevalent diseases. It is put up in Urge
Price only 11 per bottle, or 8 bottles for t J. '
1 ' Sols Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLeans Volcanic Oil Liniment,
Principal Denot on ths corner of Third and Pine streets.
Louis. Mo.
' McLean' Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Ths best Liniment In the World. The only safe and
certain oure for Cancers, Piles, Swellings snd Bron
chitis, or Ooltre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of tbe
Muscles, Onrtmio or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
ness of the Joints, contracted Muscles or Llmments
Barache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wound, Presh
Cuts, Ulcers, rever Bores, Dated Breasts More Nipples,
Burns, Scalds, Sore Thoat, or any Inflammation or
.difference how severe, or ho long the disease may
nave existed. sicLean s celebrated Liniment at a eer
by ths
decrepitude and misery
use of this Invalnatls wed-
Will rellavs pain almost tnstantansoaaly, and It wll
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest sores in an incredi
ly short time-
Far Horaee and Other Animals.
McLean s celebrated Liniment Is the only safe and re
liable remedy for Uioenre or Spavin, sung Bon, wind
galls. Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swellings. It
never fail to cure Big Head, Poll Bvtl, Pistuia, Old
running Sores or Sweeny, if properly applied. Por
8prain Bruises, Scratches, Bores or Wounds, Cracked
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Galls It Is an Infallible
remedy. Apply It as directed, and a run It certain In
very Instance.
Then trine no looser with the many worthless Lini
ments offered to you. Obtain a supply of Sr. McLean's
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J.H. KIcLEAN a Sole Proprietor,
1 Corner of Third and Pine Streets, St. Louis, Mo.
Por tale by all druggist.
Por sale by ROBERTS at SAMUBL.
aug2&-dwlr ; Columbus, Ohio.
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
' : ' and
Ths Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's Srst-elars
Olyde-huilt Steamers sail every Sat-
Brday from PORTLAND, carrying th Canadian and
United Stat Mail snd passengers.
Shortest? Cheapest and (Inlckest Con
veyance irom
Hates of X'aRsace to Kuropp,
S30, J66a S80.
Will tall from LIVXRPOOL every Wednesday,
tram uuebeu ejTery Baiiraaf, calling at
LONDONDERRY, tbreceWeon board and land Mails and
Pessenssrs. to and from Ireland and Scotland.
IL r'lhese steamers are built of iron, in water-tiiht
compartments, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
every attention uv paid to tbe comfort and accommoaa-
tlon ot passengers, as my proceed direct to lunuun.
CERT, the gieat risk tnd delay of ealllng at St. John's
filasiow passenger are furnished with nmnassai
tlcxaui t and irom Aionoonoerry.
Return tickets granted at reduced rate.
Certificates Issued for carrytog to and bringing out pas
sengers from all th principal town of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, VjtMs line of steamers, and
leaving Liverpool every week.
Sigh Drafts fa and upward pnjr
aeie in r.ngiana, ireiana, dcoi
lassd or Wale. .
Por passage, apply at the Office. 23 HH OAD
WAY. New York, and 19 WATER ST.,
, BABEL BEASIE, General agents,
Or to- .. J. R. ARMSTRONG,
nolO-lydAw Statesman Office, Columbus, Ohio.
wr.r KNABE & CO..
i !
i I
aa - til
V HUB. 1,9, eoa7M. JEUTAW BTKKT,
, Olfer for uie their celebrated
tf ' nn a am
-it r; , PIANO-FORTES. v-
Detng hlehly veeoamended bv ths rat Professors sad
Musical Amateurs of the country, and -VRJtt:
' N.v- w- !
IHBTKUalBW r . - . .
-J ... S1VBVIAR8.
Ths siost fsstldlena evstomer may rely upon being
pleased In every respeet. '
Terms Hbernl. WM. KNABI A CO.. i
Oolombut, Ohio.
. Hi " Employment. ' ' :
X as, Rttapl Article, will fnrnlsh employment to
a lew boots men o aci as aRenta tor tneir nonas. a
preference will be siven to those who are well acq oai us
ed la the district for which they aiinly .
or wtiicn servwee tney are witling te pay a salary
of frost . 1 -
(600 to $809 per fetr, tad Ixpsasae.
lor farther particular! address
, s. U. ;i t; ' . u r , vj awd J, Xxchangs Place,
Jan30 dW.''"'",'v i;; t , Jersey-City. ST. J
A-i Btreet Basqwss aaa euniMwi vmw- mmim a iwni,
and Taeeelate match, at . f RAIN f
A compound remedy, designcrl to the mo-1
lcu-wuat Mueratmt umc can be made. It is
- exo-act oi rata Barseparilla,
so combined with other substances of still
greater alterative power at to nfford an efllc.
tive antidote for the diseases SarsaporiUa is
reputed to cure. t is believed that such a
remedy is wanted by those who suffer from
Strumous complaints, and that one which will
accomplish their cure mut provo of immense
service to this large class of our afflicted fellow,
cit. ens. How completely this compound will
do it has been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to be found of the following
Scrofula akt Scitonrf.ot;'a Cumpi,ainv,
Eruptions and Ehuitivb Diseases, Ulceus,
Pimple, Blotches, Tumors. Salt Uhbum,
Scald Hbad, Syphilis aud Svi-iiilitio Av
fbctions, Mbhouuial Disease, Ditot-.-v, Nkc
raloia on Tic Douloureux, Drhimtt, Dv-
or St. Anthony's Fiur, und indeed the whole
class of complaints arising from Impuiutv or
This compound will bo found a orent
moter of health, wlien taken in the spring, io
expel the foul humors which foster in the
blood at that season of the year. By the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
are nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
uie endurance or foul eruptions and ulcerous
Sores, throuch which tha avatnn will atrivn tn
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
tins through tho natural channels of the' body
by an olterative medicine. Cleanse out the
Vitiated blood whenever vnn find It.
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruption,
or sores; cleanse it when yon llnd it is ob
structed and sluggish in tho veins ; cleanse it
whenever it is foul, nnd your feelings will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, ond live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep tho
blood healthy, and all is well : but with this
pabulum of lifo disordered, there can bo no
lasting health. Sooner or later eorabthui
must go wrong, ond the great ma?hincry of
life is disordered or overthrown.
Sarsnpnrilla lias, nnd deserves mm.li. tha
reputation of accomplishing those ends. But
the world has been egregiously deceived by
preparations, of it, partly because tho drug
alone 1ms not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because inanv nrcnarntinne.
protending to he concentrated extracts of it,
contain but Utile of the virtue of Sarsapitrilla,
tir any thing else.
Pinintr late Tears the imblin hnve Wii mi..
led by huge bottles, pretending to give a quart
oi ixirnct oi oarsnpiuiiia lor one dollar. Most
of these liavo been fi finds upon the sick, for
they not only conluin little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. . Hence, bitter ami iminftil jisnnnnintmoiir
has followed the use of tlm various extracts of
Saisapuii'.la which flood tho market, until tits
nuuio itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. SliU
wc call this compound Sarsaparillit, und inteud
to supply mich a remedy as shall rescue tha
name from tho load of obloquy which rests
upon it. And wo think we have ground for
believing it ha virtues which arc irresistiMe
by the ordinary i un of the diseases it is intend,
cd to cure. In order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, tho remedy nhoiihl
be judiciously taken according to iliriviii.w mi
the bottle.
BIT. J. C. AVE It & ;.
$1 per Bottle Six Bottles 'far $.1.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
as won fur itself such n rcniinn fur ilio cmo i t'
every variely of Thrift nnd I.unir C..ni,! iit, II, .i
is cntirc-lv uimccc-sarv fur 11:1 l.-l l'P:--,il-,l li...'
evidence of its virttir-t. nlu-ruvi-r it In. l.i
ployed. As it hus luiij; heen ia t-unst.-oit nu
throughout this acniim, we itcc.i not ii i mori limn
assure the people its quality u kept nt t.i tlio best
ever hns been, nutl llu.t it nmy l e rniit-il on lo
for their relief ull it has ever been inuud to dou
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Cosliveneas, JmnuUer, Dycpujuia, htdlgrstton,
VyseUenj, foul Somit,:!., l-:rii'(;te!ne, llmU'ir!u
Pitet, Rheumatism, Knt-iliiwi mitl S;in Uiseatvs,"
Liver Com;tlnin(, Drnpst,; Teller, Tmimis n::d
Salt Metim, Worm, (lout, Xcurnljia, . i
Dinner Pill, ami for Purif.inj t'- Ultotl.
They arc snjrar-ronttil, to Unit ihe most neusi-tn-e
can take llieiu i.-.isanilv, nnd tjicy nr.r tlic"'
aperient in the world for nil the purposes of a
family physic. , , . .
Jrice 25 eents per Vox; riva Uoxoj for $1.00.
Great niimuersorCh-rgyincn, riivsii:i:ius,St.il.-s-.
men, and eminent personages; litivc lent t'uoir
names to certify the tmpnriditel'c J iiscrulncHS of tlintc '
remedies, lint our space here will not permit tlic
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur
nish gratis our Ameiiioan Almanar in wliicli they
given; with also full dcteriptions of the almvc
complaints, nnd the treatment that shonld bo fol
lowed for their cure.
Do not be put oif by unprincipled dealers with
other nroonrationa llinv mnlrn mm m,a a .
Demand Ayeu'h, and tiiko no others. The sick
want the best aid there is for llicin, and thev slmulil
it. , ' . .
AU our remedies are for sale by ' ''-
RODKRT8 St lAMTTIf,. flnlnmh,.
bv Drnrirlsu and Dealers everywhere .
experienced Nuns and Female Physician, presents
w we attention oi mowers, ner
which greatly facilitates the process of teethlne. hy soft
enlnr the rams, rednolnt all Inflammation wll 1 allay '
train ana spasmodic action, and Is
Depend upon it, mothers, It Will (ire rest to yonnelvts
We hare not up and sold this srttcle for over ten yeara.
whst we hare never been able to say sf any other medi
ANCR, TO RfFKOT A CURB, when tlmery aaed. Key
did we know an instance of dieaatlshulion by any sue
nsed It. On the contrary, all are delighted with Its
operations, and speak In terms of commendation of its
magical carets and medical virtues, we speak In this
matter "WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after ten years' expe
almost every Instance where the infant la suffering- from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found In Blteeo or
twenty minutes alter uenyrup is aammisterei.
This valuable preparation Is the prescription of one at
New Bnyland. and hat been need with NRVKR FAIL
Itnotonly relieves the child from pain, out Invigor
ates the stomach anil-bowels, corrects acidity, and gives
tone and energy to the whole system. It will almost in
stantly relieve
emptier nr thi bowels, avb wino couc
and overcome oonTUlslone, which, If not speedily rene.
died, end In deem, we nenere it tne bbbt ane el)K-
K8TKKMKPY IN THH WORLD. In all eases of l)Y8-
arises from teetliins, or from any other eaast. We
would say to every molherwho hts a child enfferice from
anv of the foreffilrg complaints DO NOT LtT YOUR"
aland between yon and oar suffering child, and the re
nei mai win De buks jes, ahbolu l'L.i suaa is
follow the nee of this medicine, it timely meed. Full di
rections for using will accompany ew-h bottle. Nona
genuine unices tne rao-simile or uuauss raaaiaj,
New York, is on the swiakla wrapper . . , .
Bold by all Drunuta throoaboat the woria.
trl-tci pal Office, 13 Cedar Street N.V.
eobTf-dfcvlF. !
TnEroi,l,OWlre:MJSivsiBis wa.isss
made In the the officers of this Rank, January 28lh,
1861, to wit: Wat. A. Purr, Preatdent, and Taowae
MooDia. Oaahler, reeUroed their oOloee. Davis Tavtoa,
Btn.. wt ihen elected President aad W. A. Putt ap
pointed Cashier.
By order ot u,av.iuvi u, .
febS, 1861-dtf. ' W. A. PLATT. Cashier.
HENRY ku:iiu:u, .;
Late of Phalon't IstaMlshmant, M. T.,) Poprlstoro .
the New Yoik fashionable Soaring, Hair Outtins
Bhampooning, Curling and Dressing ealoon, Real Bute
street, over the Poet Office, where saUafartioa will
be given in all tbe vartoae kranehea. Lai) lea aad
Ohlklren't Hair Dressing don In ths best Itylt.
jySl-dll IK ,

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